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Tha SuntJi and East-No Serlong
Damage Kforted iBveaUg-at-ing
the riieiiomenoD.
lirlCUL TO THI AfrlAL.l
Lcla, Mim., September . On W.
nivht about 0:30 o'clock Lain wa
iven a t od ahakina op by earth
qnake. Tbe aliotk listed about ball a
minute and caueed tbe qneenawa'a
and cbaDdeliar in tbe atore L.ndeley
&. Arnold to jingle and oscilla'a, and
tbe liou'o to awing to and iro as
thouch it were mine to leave the
fonodatioo. Tbe chando'ier in Ibe
oflica oyer tbe bookkeeper desk had
to be held by Mr. Steele to keep it tn
place. It was also felt on the planta
tion nf Wm. Uewart on Moon Lake.
Nr. O.J. Mosre, W. B. 1'almer and
AVni. Robioeon wrre iu tbe store and
plainly felt tbe abook; in fact one of
tbo Rentiomen pn Hant auggiwted tbat
prayer b resorted to, another aog--8td
a co;1bcIiot
Ureal Uinaitol Tbe.
Savansah, Ga., September 1 Tbe
earthquake is the tiiiio of tbe Loir.
Efor;e to ren-h Ol a-lston have ben
made from all tio'nta ami have failed.
At Itheeth shock waa inoio tevert ly
felt tban in the city. Tno people on
the island rmhed from their hanus lo
tbe hrach. Tbe cscillutlon Uoied for
several minuter. The lantarn leDsei
io the linbthoHse were broken and
the machinery of tbe lamp Ws diRr
ran.cd. The keep r hurrlod up the
tower and ss soon as pnwhle arrang
ed a lemporary liplit, wbich will nuve
to answor until the lighthouse supply
reaches here. Tbe people on tbe beach
ran miueratiu triuimr, not knowing
where to go and fearing that every
moment a tidal wave would rttBli over
th:n. Toe wat-r waa igiUted and
the avfS rxe high on the bacb.
Tho hous-s on the beach swayed too
and Iro and shook ra if tbey would fall
to pieces. A to'ephone tniyjsage t ) the
Ktu-t from Tybea Htation at 4 o'clock
this morning stated tbat tbe people
weie s:ill gathered on tbe beach.
The Wlldeat Kaellemrnt at A'lanla.
Atlanta, Ga., September 1. This
city was tbrown into a a ate of the
wildest excitnnont laat n'ght by the
earthquake. The ahocka were accom
panied by aiuntbling noise and fol
lowed one another in quick succession.
At tbe first shock the people, but few
of whom bad retire J, were fright
ened, but did not know to what to at
tribute their strange eeneo'lon, but in
almost every instauce thought it was
caused by something running about!
tueir nouses, iiaiore iuoy unu ume
to consider the matter a second and
moca severer thoek was fait, windows
being ratted and bric-a-brac orna
ment! falling from their position.
From every part of the city the people
rushed wildly from their bouses into
tbe streets. Several ledges and public
meetings wore ia session, and those
present rushed poll uiell into tbe
street. The scene at negro churches
was one of confusion ; negroes fell on
their knees and began it pray, declar
ing tV at the judgment day was at
hand. It it reported that several
ladies fainted ind sick persons wera
hurriedly taken from thoir bid.
The chimneys of several build
ings smashed through the housee,
in several instances with considerable
damage. Specials to the Cotutitulim
from all parts of Georgia show tbat the
shock was goneral in tbe S'ate and the
8juth. but no eorloua damage is re
ported. The poiple, however, have
never been so generally frightened.
After the tlr.-t suock a perfect stam
pede occurred among the printers of
the ComtitiUion c flic, all rushing to
the ttroets from the top of a six story
building. They were with dilliculty
persuaUtd to n turn to woik. To add
to the confusion the elcctiic lights in
the building went .out oo account of
tbe -engineer suddenly stopping the
engine, thinking the Bunking was
caused by something wring about his
machinery. Keporia from all neigh
boring towns in UtO'gU and Alabama
shorn tbat tbey felt tbe shock, aud are
telegraphing bore to find out what the
extent of it was.
Q.nl Kevere al Jarhnoiiiille, Fin.
Jackkonvii.lk, Fi,a , September 1.
The earthquake shock lait night was
quite tevore here and was felt as far
south as Bartw. It commenced at
9:'J7 o'clock, sun time, and lasted
-thirty seconds.
41 rent Mamnae Ml Lnuajley.
n.NiiLiv, 8. C , September 1 Tho
eheck hurst the mill dams here and
Sims thousand fed of riiltoai Hack
wers deetroyed. Telegraph wires
were a's i destroyed. No trains are
irunr.ing. The Wett ra Uuion bas
tatted hand cars frjinSammerville to
restora commuiiicit'oa. Gient uam
S Ib repotted at Sumine viile. Tho
raihoad is badly broken on b ,t!i sides
vt llranchville.
Jirllrr Tralu Marled I'roni KavaM
Savannah, Ua., Sert-iiibsr 1.--A
re lei trt.i.1 uis been dispatched to
Citirnleeton from this city ti render
sssiBtsrue ti the au fit rem aadtore-
1 nil the rai'road.
o DUiliM'l NkKicha Hi Aiisiiola
Aloi'dTA, Ha., September 1. Two
tila iiKt hUotkstif rarthqUKkewere !elt I
Una iiioruiiiit Ht 7:")0 Riid H:'J0 o'clock,
ftiy tune. The exjiteimnt has sorao
what sal.si, lid. A number of housts
l avo biei r po-ted to the Bre rarden
as in danger, an 1 f 'oui all V"'' of tho
c:iy anil m ronrding r,e gUbLi nood
ve ins reports of r null dmiMge by the
Oiks, bu h as tti fhlli. g of chitu
neyr, pa:t n o! wll mi ashing o(
-r, ck-iy, eti In the railway e t:c -lient
at 1 anil-y 1' .nd, t n ni'les from
AugiiK'a, fie li iman waaki led. An
otbm S 'Ulh C)ait:iQa raiirra l train is
in tbe ditch U Ho se crm k, f tur miles
f 'Otn th c t v, and the nr. man ki led.
T..e 1 itter ia a ft i k iriin and is now
cntpld ely nodHr wa er. Toe Rtack
hail tsoilie l w th the f s eption of four
iiorFetf. iheliici(8 broke toe dami
at Langler "d llath'a c eek, and the
rilrou tra.ks are whed away.
Trrilble Nliork at luliuubl. U. t".
(Whiiua, S. U., Sopteiub.r 1.-At
U:i8 o'clock laat Dight this city as
vi iu-d 1 t rrilds earthquake. Tlie
fi s twishoiks were teaifu . Build
ings bwaci from s d 1 1 tide and the
eaiti iomi aid fell like the waves of
i be i c an. People ruaried madly from
their houses into the streets. Some
ep ang from the windows and were
injured. The ixp necce of thote in
baildiLgiat the tiunol the fi-st shock
ivi thit of beinc rtkul es if in a ship
at ea. Many of the most eub'tantial
l.nilitinM wr shaken to their foanda-
nd the walla cracked and
sprung. Five mi utiles after the first
am i-k the second eame. and ten min
uses later a third. Oiber shocks fol
lowed until 1:05 a n ., when tbe e'ehth
ho.k at id t, and this lasted lor
minute and a half. At 4 o'clock this
morning the ninth shock came, and at
V:3U ana 10:2U tne city wrs again
made to tremble. Very litt'e Bleep
was bad by any of the inhabitants of
Columbia last night. Tbe negroes
thought the end of tbe world bad
come, and they had prayer meetings
on tbe street cornets.
Tbe ainatilar f flTrel at iarinnat
CmriNMATr. O . September 1. A
tinirnlftr effort of la t DlL'tit's earth
quake was Ibe vtry general ffding of
d xr-intBS that it ciusrd. ntneptopio
ont of ten imagined they were sick,
and ruanv did nrt know till this morn
ing that the disturbance was in Mother
Ktttb. An operator in me mmum
irnlon office receivina from Wa-hing-
ton felt s clr, and told tbe operat'ir tu
bold on, he was sick. "We've Jutt
bad a ehock cf ear hqnake her-,
(aid Washington, and tuea the Oil -rionati
operaior knew what had hap
pened. There was a decided differ
ence in tbe eeveri'y of tbe shock ia
different buildings and in different
par s of tbe city. Many people did
not observe it at all. The largest
building in the city snd one ot the
alrjrgeBt tbe government build ng
rocked violently, with three eihtinct
vibration". Tne large clock was
topped and miriois were b'oken.
In the large aix and f even etory flats
in the city the vibrations were (evere.
Di-hs were thrown from cuplKWos
and snides fell from mantels, while
chandeliers wore agitated as if by a
B'rcng wind. Probb'y twenty or
thirty moetingB of lod; s and soci;
tios wore broken op wituouta moti .n
tiedjoora. At tbe old Armoiy duiiu
ing. on Cjnrt street, the pla ttr r,n the
ceiling was broken. The moe'. d( cid d
shock was folt in CJjmminsvine, in
the northern pat of the c ty. llre
lights were put out, and bottlos broken
in drug aloree.
Throughout tbe Mate, aispaicnes
indicate that the shock waa general
and that it ominvd almcit at tbe
Biime instant. At Ham 1 on, toarders
in hotels ran from Ihnir rooms in
fright and wal's were sid t) sway ene
and shall inches. At Canton, O., four
Blocks wore observed, the motion be
ing from north to south. Halt inn
pi)U'ac9 was in tne ii'eeis filing vi
the stiange experience for a 'ong time
irfter the .event. Mt. vornon, v.,
thought the undnlations were from
eait to west. At NewcomsrBtown
glassware ra ted distinctly. At Denl
Br.n a meeting broke up in a pjnic.
Co.houtin felt two shocks. The tame
Btorv cinies from neiily every town
In Ohio. People were fnghtuned,
hut no actual damage was done. At
Oatlettabtirg and At.h'and, Ky.,aid
Uuntingiop, W. Vs., the shock was
more severe. People rushed out of
their bouses with children screaming,
the swaying motion Beem'ng to indi
cate that the houses wre falling.
Tbe Effect fa Illinois.
Br. Louis, Mo , September 1. Dis
patches from interior towns adjacent
to this city are coming in giving brief
accounts of ths earthquake last niiilit.
At MurpbynbDro, III., the shock was
quite severe. Brick walls shook, glass
ware clinked and hanging lamps were
set swinging like pendulums. Doirs
vibrated as if shaken by unseen hands.
Tbe tire bell on the cou-thoute kept
up a rapid fire alarm for more than a
minute. The Foiesters' Lodge, assem
bled in the aocond st try in the canter
of a brick blcck, f e t bo violent a rack
ing that, in utter confusion, the mom
hers, forgetting !o remove their lega is,'
and wltnouc nate, lusnea uown imo
the streets. A birkeeper suddenly felt
like he was'diunk, and clung to his
bar counter. Suspended limps swung
east and west. Some pooplo were at
fectad with grest naueoa. There were
two distinct shcck, lasting suout a
rainu'e. At Decatur, It'., tne shock
in frtlt mine Hfeniiblv. It raltltd and
shook ai tides in dwellings and swayed
business buildings slightly norih lo
sontb. At oue hotel the proprietor
got his lantern and songh1: the cellar
U aee if tbe fcunda'ioua were crum
bling. Occupants of looms ran out
into the attests. No damage, but some
'right. ,
At tireenvilie, in.,uiere were uveiy
Bho. ks st intervals of about half a
minnte, and buildings were rocxed
under their action, bat no damage was
At JaekHonville. III., bulldmss v.-
hratnl from east to west, tsblts and
other articles tipped, and people were
gieatly lrigntened.
The Bhoeh at Ylckahiirg-.
Vi xsnuBo, Mis..Soptember 1. The
City Council was iu sersioo, and tbe
City Hal), a frail building, conttrm ted
on high brick pillars, under which is
the city market, was mads to rock io
that the boaul adjourned suddenly and
unceremoniously. The shock ws al o
felt in o'.her p aces throughout the city.
Anticipated at Hew fork.
Nsw York, September I. ThoBe
who have livrd in countries subject to
earthquakes Btate tbat the atmospher
ic cmdi ions here have been such tbat
in these countries the Inhabitants
won'd have known that an earthquiko
was imperiling. Mt. Thomas K. Tal
tavall, cf the Atsocialed l'rese, haa
apent a number of yia-s in Spain aud
Poitutia . Hurlng the pist few days
be lus fieqm-ntly reirarkl to your
oorreepondunt that "an earthquake
was coming." Hi nave ashia reason
frr thinking thus ths ptcaliar steady
appouatice of the my and the long
continued drouth. He s'atesthtt in
Spiin tt.me dry spells and misty,
leaden mornings alwnys prectded
UbMrnllna Mail by tbe Mlgual
Mm lee Ollicerl. '
Wa(-uisoton, September 1. Ma)
Powell, director of the United Statts
Ueol.-gTl Survey, was interviewed
by a rrporler ot the Astociatsd Press
today an 1 made tbe following state
uient. The earthqnaks w.s well ol
eervel by M'. W. J. McGee, of tbe
Geooviial Survey, in tte third and
nppir ttory of a brick bouse, No. 1424
lorcoren sneet. After the culmina
tion of the first ehock ths phenomena
wers tiuieJ. A rough sujEtttute for a
eeii-tnoacore waa Piiprovieed out of a
tumbler ol wa'er placed on a stand in
the center o' the room and tbe high
head board of the beia'efd served as
a a rule reumometer. iiieto.iaw-
inu is the rec ti:
Tune nf culmiralion of the first
shock, (75th meridian), 9:34) o'clock.
lhua'ion of ri rat ehock, (eatimated;
1 :20.
Time of termination of ths same,
Time of termination ot slight trem
ore. 10:00.
Seve al (light tremors (ollowod but
were not timed.
Time of recommencement of con
tin no ng tremors. 10:08.
lime of culmination of the second
shock. 10:091.
Duration of second sho;k, about
30 sconde.
lime of termicatinn cf second ssr
ie e f tremors. 10.13.
Dlreoion ol Vibration (As indi
cated by the improvised seismo
scope.) , The borir.on'Hl direction was
from X, 80, l:. lo E. : tbat is, very
little nnr'h of eas' ; bnt there was sn I
indeteriniiiSte vrriical coooptnentin
the undulaiion very perceptible !n the
motions of liquids and of articles of
furniture. - Itjughly, the npward im
puhe in each vibration appeared to
be a third or a half of the lateral im
pulse. Tbe Rate of Vibration This wfs
measured on the high swinging heid
beard of a bedrtfad tduiinz ths second
st ock and found to be 115 io 120 per
Amplitude of Vibration During
tbe tecond fhock the heid board,
eiuht feet and a half high, swung
through an arc of fiom oceha!f to
three-quar'eis of an inch. I was
ettimated that Ihe amplitude of oscil
lation during tbe eir ier ehock was
twice or three times as great. Dnring
1885 there were recorded ths fol ow
irg eartbqiakea io the United States
and Canada: Canadian Provinces, 8;
New Englaod, 6; At antic 8ttes, 9;
MiesiBtippi Vallev, 3; Paiifio slope,
34; total 59. During thi twelve
years, 1872-83. there have been rt
ccrdfd in the United States and Can
ada 364 earthquakes, distributed as
ful owe: Atlantic slope. 147; Miasis
ippi Vallev, C; Paiifio slop, 151.
From this imt ii appears th-tinthe
entire area ea'tbquakxs occur on an
averaite of once ia taelve d aye, and
or ca in a month n tho Atlantic slope.
Many of ihrie disturbances ae, how
ever, tn alight as to be unperceivad by
the majority of the people; and it
should be dbserved tbat the I b; is
moie crinplets io the dfnsely popu
lat -d and more frtquwly shaken
Athn.ic slope than in eithr the lei
do in shbken M sd-flippi Valley or the
epirely p pu ated Pacific s'0j.e.
phcf. mkndkmhall,
of the 8 eual S rvice, who has made a
stndv ofearthqnakes for many years,
and has felt the stock of a numbr of
teveie oi es in Japan, Bays that of lar;t
niiiht, while not epe da ly levcre.wae,
ne v rthel: ib, tbe wori-t h over exper
ienced io thia country. He expresses
surpiise at the wide extent of the
piitn imenon, snd thinks it likely that
when the reports are a 1 in it wnl be
f mnd that tne area affuctod is Urr
thnnttiatnf any pievicui earthquake
of which there is a recir.l. Upon a
gb bt tm inches iu d auietcr, he siy,
oue ci usually cover tha area of an
eartl:qiake, even a severa ooe, with
the end of his little finger, but this
ooe seems to have ailootei bait a con
tinent, and ws doa't know how much
Prof. Caoen. the w. athor prophet of
this city, predittei in the R)ublican
eevoial ciuya ago tbat ' awful and ter
rific earthquake shocks would b re
ported abiut this date. ' Ho says it is
pojsib'e that tbere will be onoiier
about 2 o clock torn 31 row morning.
When the shock camo toniuht Mr.
Capo was in ths lltpublxcan oflico
writ ng his predictions itriomo row.
As soon as the building began to
shake, the editors, r-porte'S snd com
positors on tbe Republican and the
Potl, wbich are in the same building,
all ran tu', but Mr. Capon re
mained at h's dark in bliesful ig
norance of the fact that his prediction
had been fulfilled. Mr. savenon
Brown, chief clerk of the Statu Depart
ment, waa in Alhangh's Opera House
when the stampede occurred, and it is
probrbly due to his presence of mind
that oo lives were lost. When the
panic look possosaion of the g tileries
Mr. Brown atocd up in bis box and
ttpu'ed to the people to keep tbe r
s ats', and by his cooluots prevented
the occupants oi ins tower pan oi toe
honsef om toll ) wing tbe example of
the people above.
Mr. breen, Col. Casty's arsisfant in
charge of tbo Washiniiton monument,
has aeen makirg ecientlfln observa
tions of the ttructure, cr, in ttcnni?ai
nhrafe. "levellntt" it today, with a
view to noting any change of pesitlon.
This procedure is undertaken on the
first day of every month, but that of
today has attracted more than usual
ttent oo, becau o of the defire to
know wt ether tne earinquaKe auecitu
thh structure. The observation proves
that the shaking had not tbe slightest
effect cn tbe monument.
Pi-jf. Wm. J. McGhee, oi the ijac
lojjical 8uvey. leaves tonight for
Cnaile'ton. 8 C . to make a scientific
study of the effrc s of the earthquake
at wnar now appears to have been the
center of the disturbance.
What Prof. Davia Hay.
Philadelphia, Pa., September 1.
Prof. Wm. F. D.vis, of Harvard Col
lege, who is at present via titg friends
in this city, this morning, in talking
with an Associa'ed Press agent upon
the subject cf last night's earthquake,
said that, in order to gather full and
uniform record ol the earinquaae,
observers in all parts of tbe country
should wr.te out acswers to the qtifs
tlons given bnlow, and thus, furnish a
bam for learning all that can now be
learned about tbe shocks. The re
ports ehould Vie mailed p-oroptly to
the nearest S;gnal Service olliee, or to
the Uni ed States Geological Survey,
Washington, 1. 0. Toe Piofefsor
hoped that persons who have any
defini'e reports to make, especially in
regard to the time of the shocks and
the damage they produced, will not
neglect to send in a statement in tho
belief tht there will be plenty of re
port without theirs.
1. Was an earthquake folt at your
plaie Tuesday evening, Auieuot 31st,
about 10 o'eb ek. It ia desirable that
neiaons livimr within or near tho
rsgiou slftiken, but who did not foel
tbe ehock al hough awaksat the tima,
should renoit this negative obierva-
tio, bo that the bounda y oi uie
shock my bs determined. In all cases
it should be stated whether ths ob
ssrver was out of dicrj, in a house, on
what in what position, etc.
2. V bat wts the time and duration
of the several Blocks ' The answer
to this que tion Bnould state rarefuhy
iow tht tuns ana duration wbtb oe
teruuned. whether esMmatsu or on
served by clock or wstcn, the error of
the timepiecs should b determines
lv companion wi'.n correct railroad
time and repotted in detail ; state
whether railroad or local time is uied.
S. IVrciil.e the character anil inten
sily of ths several shocks, In tbe order
ot ineir occurence.
4. D.Bcribs I he eflects ol theshonks
In shaking or damaging buildings, d s
tuiblng fnrn ture rr pictures, ringing
bid s, stopping c ocks, eta. Also, (tie
effects produced on men and animals.
5. State Low far your repon is iroiu
memory and how far from recotu made
at the time, how f,ir from your own
ohaerva'ions and bow far from hear-
lay. IjC'. the repot t is concise ana
lie n e.
t). Give B'Ktiatui?, occupAtlon and
ptBtollics adres.
Macaelle Nlarui at Hovbeatev, H. V
Koi-BEBTia, N. Y., S.'pt-?niler 1. A
niesnetic storm nts been ragtng a
the morning. The sway ing ol heavy
ma net c needles for the detection
earth curren's was very areat at
o'clock a.m. At tho beitinniiia cf th
observations a heavy neadlo nine
inches long swung an ineh and a half
to the west ot the magnetic meridian
at intervals. A neadlo two and a half
feet lorg was deflected live inches
toaard t ie west.
r i
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ri ti
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OfficelS) ISi lnn Street, Jn emphia, icnn
. . Itriinnill (U acrat)
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tion, Paintina, .to. No motarianiim. UttU
a ntT W n. HORToa,
Lata of 9. a. If A Son. Lat. of Mmbtm
360-362 Trout Street Memuhla Tenn.
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Kn.li.h mudi.1. Fr.ach. O.ruinn, Vooai Muaio to Claaa,
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Pitcher's Castoria.
Am convinced, aftnr Untinr It, that ToNOAT.nm
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niaUiua.WAirEJi Cuum, M. D., 8t. Luuia, Mia.
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O. B. ObTRAMDKB, it. 1). FlubVXf, IB.
JTave nmd TONOALnnt tn N(nralffla and Inttmv
tttatajo KiwnaiatiBni, with th Try Uwt rtalt,
J. N. PaoK. K D . VaudCToootlB.
FHHJE UNB IM1IJ..A II l-BK rnvrriji.
ir. b. doan.
and Cotton Factors
Street, Memphis, Tenn.
W.3I. WlLKERSJO,TIee'rresIat.
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f . : . llniiinni.
Grimnda (U mull Capaolout
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matructmn. Ut aJvaniaitM in music, t-iui"
Annunl fcion bevini M02H1A1, Btvi. ,
lat. of Bail.y A CoTlatot
A Horton.
Chickasaw Ironworks
S.ennJ S 'nfAmmltla. Tent
WWa. a aaaaj r ;
f iMiivivrrTDVoa i un JV & f.EKS IN
uirlHf, Boilers, Kawiullls,
. a. mar ill
Rradlord Corn and l neaa a"
Cotton Press, Cotton iS
Manning, Pnlleys
NPMUL WOTICK-W. ar. rrerar.dto Ml ord.n
oa bori aotio., for tn. eai.crai.a ""-v : "k .
Wnaiht '- Pallax. W earr in 0T
Handrad Aaaartad . .. .
HnA f"T Oetalfrn. ard ?Tlw-Hrt.
And Commission Merchants,
260 and 262 Front Nt., Memphis, Tenn.
UtoJ. T. LaFrad. A Co.
No. 304 Front street, : Memphis, Tenn.
aca-navina retired from the Saddlery and Haraoaa bnirinena and opened an oflloe above,
a. ar. ple.d to announce tnoor friend? and ih. rnblio nenerally that, w.ara now prepared
to aerve thm in nor now capacity. Returning thaoka f' tht ory liberal patronaa. x
tend.d u in the old lino, we trim to m.nt andraoaiv. a hre o ' rnaj faura in th. new.
LArRAUri, MctirlAlli A t.U.
Lsiugstafl Building,
322 and 324 Main Street
E D, wm & CO.
Doom, Sssli, Blinds, Yf oldiaga,
Frames, Bracket', Scroll-Work, ltougn and Dressed
Lumber, Shingle, Laths, Water Tanks.
All kinds of Wood Work .Executed at Short Xoticc.
Nos. 157 to 173 Washington street, Memphis. Tenn.
25(and 258 Front
S. H.
And Commission Merchants,
No. 3C7 Front Slreet, : Memphis. Toniu
ijilliiii Facislbolesale Grocers
2tt Front Mr?rt,
v. R.
Lat. oi Commerce, Misi
Lata oi Coffeeyill.. Mil.
ply, mmm & hobsom
Cotton Factors, and
324 Eront Street. Memphis. Tenn.
5o.a:lf Troni Strft.
office-No. 2&s main street.
i V FRANK W. A.OABE. M. SAVIN. , vjrr V '
a r. xari,T. Prwiawit. iMnnw,viwrrwi. w nnwarr.
Mftdison St. (Desoto Bank BnildiiigU
S. 11. 1 i;ysrOMB.PreaM. JQS.BRI TE. Y.-PrM. J.S. IU!C0M1VWT
Cotton Factors and Cemmission Merchants,
. No. 3H Front Street, Corner ot Monroe, Memphis, 1 enn.
Lata with J. 1- LaPrad. AC
all kinds of Door and Window
street Memphis Tenn.
Oimoslt Cwstona llonwr.
Lata- of lirooki, Ntclr A to.
Commission Merchants,
Tor. 1'nioii. .th.iiipiiiw. un.

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