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TOBT. Telegraphic communication bas
been opened with Charleston, ooJ the
news more than confirms tbe wo st
ear. The city i" "ins, loiost
yery boose lein damaged beyond
renair: from fifty to one hundred lives
hare been lost, and tb.oneai.cls rt-n-dcrvd
homeless. The work tf years
bas been nndons In a moment, end
thebeautifulcitybythe ee pr s-nts
a scene of ruin and deetruction unpre
cedented la the history of the cauo
trr. As ret there is vo attarl
so (Taring among the aorvivor.',
and there has been no appeal for aid.
Rnt where ther has been each a
grestoei there mast be correpo; d
log wast. We should not' wait fjr
tha appeal ti bs made, but shout 1 at
otc tike mtasaua for the relief of
the sufferers by this greit disaster.
As Mr m; his has been remeuibeiei iu
the honr of her distress, s j now should
abet ke the initi ite incorniu;i tithe
aid (Iter sister city in the time rf
Ler nred.
Wi.ea Germany Ind France uedcr
t t it si acklc J ill own p 5W.tr. Gir
msny knows tint Fiaocs onlyawai
cppiriuuity to pounce upon it wi'h
a scar ol nve-Jga. This kuowledg
compel) it io support a large array,
and 10 keep cltar Of foreign complies
tions. Tuough one of the sigaors of
the lljrlin treaty Bottling the affairs
of the Balkan principaMtie?, that of
Bulgaria among them, Bismarck's Ber
lin organ doolares that the klduap
ping of Alexander is a matter in which
Gemauy bas neither concern nor in
terest. What does this msan? It
in an that France and Russia bavt
buen drawing together of la e, and
that if a dispute tbould arise between
Germany and Russia France would
jolu Russia in making war upon Ger
many. That was a s gnmcant para
raDh from the North German Gazelle
that was published in ths Ari'BAb yea
terdsy in a Berlin telegram. It siid
"It is not worth while to keep a single
German soldier under armi on ac
oomnt of Bulgaria. The necessity for
German armaments is dne ti France.
Every French newspaper," the QateUe
says, "p-OTU that France is making
rapid preparations to fight, and that
financial sacrifices are being msdo to
raise tbe efficiency of ber army. Ger
many must always keep her eyes
fiaed upon Frst cp." The reader win
keeps this io mind will be better able
to understand the moves that appear
l kely to be made on the European
On Tuesday the Board of Elucation
etfctsd lor tbe next session nearly one
hundred teachers, and of this large
number it will bs seen that nearly all
were women. Indeed, one of the moit
notable characteristics of our eity
school system In the United States is
the overwhelming preponderance of
women teachers. So great is this pre
ponderance that the cities where male
teachers are employed in eleraentay
ohools, iu any other capacity than as
principals or as teachers oi special
sub j acts, such aa German, for example,
may be reckoned tbe exceptions. In
the high schools, tbe proportion cf
male teachers is much larger thsn in
the elementary grades. In tbe mixed
bigh schools, especially in the larger
ctties, tbe number of male teach
rs is, perhaps, nearly equal to that
of the female teachers. Where tbe
high schools are unmixed, those for
boys are taught by male ttachers,
while the schools for girls are taught
mostly by female teachers under the
din ction of a male princ'pa'. In the
largo.-1 cities, Baltimore, Boston,
Brooklyn, Chicago, Cincinnati, New
Orleans, New Yrrk, Philadelphia, San
Fiaocisco and St. Louis, there are 11,
154 female teachers and only 1170 male
teacher. Id the c't'es of Columbus,
().; Indianapolis, Kansas City, Little
Rwk, Memphis, Milwaukee, Newark,
PitUburg, Fortlard, Mo.; Finland,
Ore; Piovidencs, Niw Haven, Cleve
land and Denver there aie 2700 fema'o
tearheisaud only 203 male teachers.
Memphis is rrtditod with fifty-seven
female tea- bets end eight male teiacb-
wr. It will be icen frcm tbo-efig-tJ-es
that the avenge proportion
of rxale tcacheis to fiuia'e t cach
ets h one to ton. ins aver
age of other c ties w uld be about the
amis, rhi'adelphta bos the lowest
prui orllon cf male teacher?, but tbe
male teachers employed ate actually
engrgid in teaching; each one of
thise except the high school teachers
teiug confined t the cate and in
struct ir n of tbe upper class of a boys'
grammar ith ol, and having lupervi-
ion over a very limited number if
lower cla'ee!. Tie ni xt lowett propor
tion is found in Chicago. Id that city
thire ate, in fee', in tbe elemental y
echcols no ocale teachers piopetlyeo
railed. The men reckoned ss teach
s are, in rosli'y, eupervising princ!
fair, ach having a laige number of
rlaistaai.d (etchers undir hisdirec
tlon and saparvision. , In Cincinnati
the pioport on of male teachers is
about B'X times ss gnat as that ot
' Philadelphia and Chicago. This
; is the rerult cf tbe policy
; of roplryirg, to tome extect,
vna'e isi!s'ants in the elementary
eebco's Th!s is the case in the other
targe I'itiea where the proportion la
. comrsrative'y high, namely, Milwau
kt, New York, t-t. Louis snd Beaton
la Milwiukee there are several male
principals of ptimary school?; as well
aa eome tut ordinate male teachers of
tl strict ichro's, and, in addition,
number of special male teachers of tbe
Ge'niau language, and hence tbe nigh
rtio of male teachers ss compared
i h other cities. In acme cases Ja-
dlr aie employed aa principals oi
Urge mixed schools composed of
grammar and primary grades. In
Cleveland the experiment was made
several years ago of placing all the el-
emewsry echcols in charge of lemaie
principals, three or fonr general super-
visinii male piimipals bein smpioyea
to visit (he schools at short intervals
to give aBsis'ance where needed in the
difcipline and manfgement. lne
women have given entire satisfaction
i a jrincialff. Women bave nearly
fcpplsUed men ta educators
in the primary public Bfhoolr.
Tuis is as it should
he. Women are coming to the front
in aU tl e vocations cf life for which
i key have an aptitude and "teaching
the ycung idea how to shoot" seems
to be their peculiar mis:on. So many
women wculd not be employed in tbe
pub'le ichools if it bad not been saiir
tattori'y demonstrated that they are
tbe equal of rr.en, asd etill they are
denied the same pay for the same
work. This is unjust; yes it is
sbaxeful, disgraceful to our leg.ela
t:rs wb.5 ara robning wornon of half
tijeir earnings for tbe simple rea on
hit thoy ara women. With tbe
biigand and pirte rciirljt makes right,
and bc-canse man bas tbe powe', be
su jeots wimen to sn injustice, a
degradation which if applied to him-
eif lie rtionfs by elrikui', anareuy anu
Thrt Hon. J. A. Manson bas with
drawn from the race lor Congress.
Hiacard meklngthe announcement is
straightforward and manly. It is lile
the man. With H.rdeman county at
his beck be could lmve made himpelf
fult in tbe convention. His friends
thero bave been warm and cordial in
his euppoit, atd will regret tbe action
be his soen proper to take. In Shelby,
arid, hdeed, all over tbe S;at, ho is
well known and highly regarded. As
Spwker of tbe la t House of Repre
sentatives be made sn envlame repu
tation, end tbe interfs's of this district
would bs safe in bis bands were ha
choaen aa its Representative in Con
Complatata Aaalnat ma Hallreada
Abueea Wlili-b Should WBem
looaaaarosDaaca or raa irniL.I
Akkansis City, Ark , Aftg. SO.
BHinir from Clover Hill. Miss., and
having frequently noticed the in
terrst vou take in tbe general people,
I deem it proper to call the general
ueooln's attention to a few facts.
Mntciallv thou) who contemplate leav
ins Tennessee or Mississippi and
comint- t J Arkansas. Ia addition to
this do I propose to call the attention
of the Rilr iaii Commissioners of the
8 ats of Missis ippl. The lswsof M s
siM'nol sav that 3 cents per m lo
hall he charsed. and. if I am properly
informed, tbe'e ate three Ojmmis-
slontrs who draw a salary and whtes
dutv it is to enforce this law. II 1 am
comet In my premise what conclu
sion am I to draw T From L'land to
Huntington, opposite this city, is con
sidered twenty-two miles, anl for this
rli?a van dsv ninety cents: for the
nrlvileas oi crossing the river
vou rav SO cnta. whl h makes it coat
the passenger juot $1 40 to ride twenty-
two miles. 1 simply state iaci1, ana
whils I do nit wit-h to injure the rat:
road, I do wish that such a medium as
the Appkal wculd call the atteottoa
of the public to such an outrage.
Most certain y some one is to blame,
and it Is tinn to find on who he is.
In addition, to the above, I truthfully
av lo the emigrants of A abaroa or
any other BoultjeaHetn mate, you can
oulv check your baggngo from Lolaiid
to liuntu gton. and y u cannot, trom
Leland even, buy a ticket ti Little
lin k. There ia a skinning bus nes
somewhere, which should re looked
after. If you are goimr West, go to
Memphis, and from there you wi l at
lout hive the advantage of taking
choice he. ween the Memphis anil
Little Roik road or thii undesirable
rjute. You ara all rlirht. so long as
voa are witn the Lwiaville, New Or
leana and Texas roa 1. but when they
d op vou at L'land, the swindliag
truly begins. If you wish to be juHt
auiumpariia!, you will puouan.tm.
Whnl Una Hoa iSeeoropllalied
Uurluc the P Tear.
larsciiL to tbb arpail.t
Grrnada. Mibs, September 1.
Grei.ada takes the bores in bigh
i) r liea for cotton, earthquake, Rood
iro s and a g- neril boom. The first
bile of new co'ton was received hers
tody, at d sold fur 15 cents per pound
10 J. win AUO.
The shock of sn earthquake was
felt here distinctly on Tuesday night
about 0 oclock. Houaea trembled.
walls were cracked, and our people
Grenada bas built more ruuetnotial
routes aud n ado more general iui
provemonta ttiia year than any town
in Hie blat.
RepoiU indicate an avtrate crofe,
com exci llent and cotton vt-rv rood
The Merchants Bank ot Urenada
opens on tbe 16th instant.
uur niereli.nts are receiving large
a floe tna la flattering. You cau put
Urarada uown as being on a big and
subsiaul ai boom.
La!o irformation reports throe ne
groes as being nung tn Ln-re county.
near McNntt, by both whites and
blacks, for attempted rape.
Ihe Horrible Death of Employe
rthe Buvkvl raetory.
laraom to tbs arraiL.t
Nashvills Tins., September 1.
u iatn jtii-rson, colored, employed
in the bucket factory of l'rewit
opurr a. uo., was putting a pelt on
rapidly revolving wheel this after
noon. The bolt snapped and Jcller
son was caught in it and thrown into
tho macbioery. He was cot in two,
had tls neck brokn, and his entrails
were Bpattored all over the floor.
- ana nine aa Lrafhrr
Boston, Mass., September 1. Tho
aunual convent on of the National
iannera'and Hide and Leather Deal
ets' Association onened bore th
morning. Jamrs K. Mconey, of Chi
cgn, presuiru. Aitr the various
commutes were apprinted themtet-
irgiooa a rerors until tnis sttarnr-on
ltiis alternoons secaion will ha rip
voted to the reading ami discu'sion ot
papers, which will bs continued '.o
n: or row.
Contlnnrd Fram lira Par.
Lvnch was deeperately hurt in front
of his son's store on Meeting street ;
stone o( ereat weitcbt iell on nim
nd broke one of his logs if not both.
1I was taken to a ii'aieof safety in
what was thought to be a dying con
11 ion. Walter UutTy was with blm.
Dr. Chase informed a reporter that
he bad been called away to attend to
the persons who bad been injnrd at
tt-e bouse of Mrs. Lozaru, at No. 64
Hazel Ft roe t. No particulars could bs
had. A colored woman in an nncon
bj.oub condition was found in front of
be market in Meeting street, while a
D"li emsn raid he bad seen two dead
bodies in King (tree', south of B'oad.
I) r. liule t i oforuied a reporter that tbere
were in tbe city park, at tne corner
of Wentworth and Meeting streets, no
leas than twelve wounded persons.
who bad already received profoseional
attention. Among them was a young
girl, whose log was broken. A col
ored tran, named Chcs. Rivers, living
at 39 K ng street, was struck by a fall
ing wall, neur the corner of King
treet anil isattery, and bis left leg waa
broken below tbe kaee. His wif,
Sarah Rivera, was airo hadly wounded
at the same time. Moee Brown, col-
red, was b-idly wonnded on King
street by fulling biicbs. One of tbe
soi s ot Mrs. J. ss. uoDineon, on
Coning ptreet. near Cannon, is re
ported to havo beeu badly burt by the
falling of a piazza.
was that of Mr. R Alexander, a young
cbomiHt, who was crushed to death at
a boarding house on Meeting street.
lis hid Hist bougnt a small steam
pleasure yacht, and took his first snd
lant trip in it last evening, mr. nam
mon4, a brother of Mr. Iaac Ham
mond is tliouirbt to be fatally wound
ed, both his bips snd legs beiug brok
en, and a'ao his left arm. He said to
Mr. Puulnot, that he did not
ki.osf whether he lumped from the
three story window on Brtad street O'
was thrown. He crawled Horn trie side
walk to tbe m'ddla of the road, and ou
beirg removed uttered tho moat heart
rending shrieks. A colored woman
on Boausin street was killed. Isabella
Howard, of Ravens Cou't. was serious
ly injured. Mr. He dt, of Cha'mers
street, is seriously injured. It is reported-
thst one of the factory gir's
living at tbe boarding Mouse at tne
corner of America and Blake atreeti
was killed. A colored woman living
in the'yard of Capt Small's house, in
Bull street, was instantly killed, and a
colored woman was killed a'so i I . t
.t ee'. Tbe bonse ot Mrs. Annie
Torek, on Second street, foil in and
wounded ber, it is tbougbt Mtaiiy. A
voung girl named Jessen was also in.
jnrmi at the same place. Upon bei g
taken home sb commenced bleeding
internally, it is tbougbt abe wilt die.
Miss Mamie l 'aimer, res deuce 17 Joi n
street, received dangerous internal in-
junes by a iaiuog emmney. Mr.
Ainuee uomnson wrs tinea by me
falling of a pissza. .Julia Small, a col
ored infant, was killed. Lavinia
Jacobs, coloredjof Chalmers strcet,waa
killed. Mr. J. U. hrcnardson, living at
12 Friend street, was seriously injured
in tbe head by h's house falling upon
him. Hit condition is very critical.
His colored servant was dangerously
lint) nan a pal r$ ViOV li m1a Kalna Ksnlron
I, j l A A Vf o ' T V i ai uv (a ui tja vviua xj ' wai u.
Mr. Edmund Lively of Richmond, Vs.,
who boards at uuo i utn street in tnat
o'tv. wm walking in front cf the city
ha-pttal when tbe side oi anoiseieii
on him and badly injured bim. He
crawled from under the debris and
Haw some men at the store at the cor
ner of Maayck and Queen s. reels whom
he supposed to have been killed, as he
left them Iviag on the sidewalk. He
staggared on as far ti tbe city hall
park and tbere leu completely over
11:45 P. If. Repeated earthquake
shocks oi a mud cbaracter nave been
heard and fa t within the last honr,
pasjing t) tbe west of tbe city, and it
is now repotted that a severe shock
shook down several bouses.
Owing to the demoralized condition
of everything here it is impocsibls to
give correct tacts further than this:
The number of casualties has not vet
beeo ascertained, probably from thirty
to lorty Killed and over lUUiDtured
The loes ti property will probably
reacn ,uut,uuu or tiu.tuu.uuu. inree
fourths of the buildings in tbe city
will bave to be rebuilt. Tbere was
very little shipping in port, snd none
of it was injured. he distuibanres
bave not all affected the water in tbe
b arbor, although it is evident that all
the shocks came from a southeas erly
direction and therefore from the sea
Tbere are no sigos of a tidal wave as
11:60 P.M. Another shock has just
occurred, rattier mure severe tban
since last night at 9:65, knocking
down ssverai bouses.
As the night wore on the sesrch for
the dead and wounded continued,
stretchers were improvised out of
abutters, boards and loose planks, and
tbe dead wore conveyed to the open
spaces. Washington Park was speed
ily filled with improvised stretchers,
on which the dead and wounded were
? laced. Dctora Manning, Simons
'. O. DtS'ai-rre, McDaw, Rawne
and others were out and rendered all
tbe asaistancein their power, A large
tire at the corner of Vandorhort and
King streets started after tbe earth-
?uakA shock end was burning fiercely
about two hours when at lnt
three streams could be directc J against
it, hut this being found unavail n;
auotner urain wst opened anu anotni i
stream put on. At least ten home :
were on fire snd all were completely
burned. The fire still advanced and
it appeared as if the whole block would
be burned down unless sufficient
water could, be given. Fire Depart
ment Chief O'Ncil pressed into sei
vice eve ry negro that could be found.
either to cat wood or to hold the horses
broke out on tbe southeast corner of
George and St. rhillip streets and two
two elory houses were completely
destroyed. Tne corner bouse belong
ed to Lieut. Heidt, of tbe police force
and tbe other a as occupied by Miss
Julia Wellington. Tbe ore burned
for about an hour before the arrival of
fire engine, such was tbe demand for
tbem all over the city, fortunately,
however, there wks little wind bio
log and the neighboring bouses, al
motit all of which are built
of wood, were kept from
catching by means of buckets of
water. It waa U o'clock before tbe
first engine arrived. A number of
bands sraisled the firemen in stretch'
Ing the hose, snd with one stream of
water the tire was kept from spread
ing until tbe arrival of another en
sine, when tbe fire was graduoliy enb
riu 'd. Tbe two ttorv huildlng at No.
087 King street, on the west side, be
tween Vanderhort and Warren streets,
and occupied by Sch'aderea Bros, as a
fruit store, caught fire during the oon-
vulsion and was burned to tbe ground.
The fir extended before the arrival
of the engines to the two story wood
en building on the north side occu
pied as a c othiog otcre by T. L. Miotz,
and to the two ttory brick house ou
the south side occupied by ur. w. ii
Bull, the dentist snd Mrs. E. Meyera.
The two wooden bui'dit g a e totally
destroyed: the brick bu Idmga were
partially desttoyed. At 1:30 o'clock
A derman Rogeis had succeeded in
getting two st eams cf water to play
on the flames, and there was
no danger of the fire spreadiog.
Tbe loss and insurance con d
not be a ceraino'l. Ooe of the
first Gres that broke out waa that
which was caused by an overturned
lamp ou Blake suewr. About four
houses at the corner of St, George and
ti'. Philip streets were burned in the
early morning. Most of the fires in
different paits of the city were sub
dued by 1 o'clock, sve the one on
King street near Broad, wMch con
tinued to barn bri kly. There was
but one engine available. Fortunately
the wat-r mains were not itjurid,
and there was an abundant
snpply of water, ODly tbe means
of conducting it to the fire
were wanting. There was no wind
blowing, from 10 p.m. till nearly 3
o'clock a.m., by which time ttie the
bad been got unai r control, anu un
gor oi a dipaetrout confl igralion wa
rparod to tho n'gbt ot horror. At
that hour every park, sqmie or vacant
lot in tbe city was occupied Ly pcoplo.
lr is ia!e lo say tht the, whole cf
CharletUn Tjavaed the night oat ol
In many cases shattered homes were
revisited and the children and womeo
were provided with clo hiog aad cov
ering. That infinite mercy wnicu
seems . to be meied out to a s ncK-su
peop'e so tern ored the wind Bnd
wentht r that thn Iriirh'ened and house
less pec pie were spared many discom
fort nnd natdihipe. ine uobu were,
laid iu the open air. Tbe wounded
arara nrnvliirtrt with tomoora'V pallel
in the lawns or on the street a'.u
five iv one waited patiently for the
coming dawn which would at leaat
lighten the horrors ol toe occasion a
the lowest e timbti tne loss wn o
double that caused by the Augu.tcy
ck-ne last year
SnmnttTiiU iJraoaf Oeatrojed.
Columbia. S. 0.. Ssptember 1.
Summetvilio, tvrtnty-two miles from
Charleston, was niar'y destroyed by
e-irtbouake lost citrlit. The pusteneet
train from this place to Charleston
was thrown from the track nesr
Summervide las', night, and the en
atneer and br.man were nmcd.
Ths DBSienners on the wrerked
tr.in. ineludiiisr the ttleg-apb com
panv's liciemon. Lav not reachei
Xor. Tbere were sixteen di-tinct
shocks from the earthquake here la t
night and uo to 6 o'clock this morn
ing. The fir.-t shock was fea'ful, and
bouies were ebaken as though made
of n: teb,,ard. It eeemed tbat every
thing moat t mule. The rumbling ii.
tbe f rth w'l loud and borriiyin? in
the extreme. Clo;ks stopped, bulla
were rung and dum.ga done to B.m
boildiui,.', rrincipaliy by t-ppbng
cbimney?. Two rooms in the Uov
ernr's mansion were wrecked. Thore
were numberj of cases of nervous pros
ration and doctors were in d'-mand
to compose tbe frightened people
One lady was prematurely delivered
by tbe shock. Two shocks were felt
to is morning, one at B:au ociock ar-a
another about an hour later. Tb-
tremor of tbe earth made one feel
while walking like a man just off a set.
voyage, Imparting a staggering gait.
Three Dtatluei Wavea mt Helena,
IsraoiiL to Taa irriiL.I
Hblbma, Ark , September 1. Last
night at 0 o'clock intense excitement
was temporarily caused in Helena dj
an eattLquake ol unuBuai violence.
fhere were three distinct waves, tbe
force of each wave gradually dimin
ishing and its course being from east
to west.
Caaamt Panto at Brownsville,
laraoiALTO tbs ArraiL.t
Brownbvilli, Tbnk., September 1. -A
shock of earthquake was felt here
lsot night about 9 o'clock and created
cousicierablo excitement. The per
formance of tbe "Mikado" was in
progress at the opera house by OU'
home talent. A perfect panic followed
ihe shock. Tbe crowd ru-hed for tue
doo-e and crowded down the stabs
into tbe street. No one was hurt, and
quiet was soon res'ored. It was
thought tbat tbe shock was sufficient
to beak the window panes, bnt it
seems tbat people broke the windows
out to got on tbe awning shed, over
the stores on to tho building.
Felt at Holly Spring, Via.
Holly Spsings, Miss., September 1.
Tbe earchquake was felt here laat
No Damage at Jarkion, Hlia.
I (araouL to ths appbal.I
Jackson, Mice., September 1. It Is
claimed by many parties that a per
ceptible shock of an earthquake was
felt in various portions of this city
about 8 o'click last night Brick
houses shook and swinging lamps
swayed to and fro when neither wind
nor breeze waa perceptible.
Colombo, HIm., Badly Sihnkea Vp
laraoiAL to tbb appbal.!
Oolombus, Ming., September 1.
This section was visited by quite a
ssvere earthquake last night at 9
o'clock which caused considerable ex
citement (hough the damage was very
slight, some crockery and glassware
being shaken from shelves and broken
and mauv clocks stopped by tbe
shaking. Theshock last-d for nearly
a minnte aud mauy people ran Jroin
their houses fearing the buildmgS'were
goirg to fall.
H-la4 bjr Canadian Cralaer Coder
Ibe riter Laai.
Halifax, N. 8., September 1. The
cruiser Houlette seised the American
schooner Highland Light, (or fiehing
within the three mile limit, off tbe
east point of Prince Edward's Island.
This ia tbe first actual seizure made
for fishing.
Quite m
Sariawa AeoiUeKS sa
Creed rajCor.
laraoui. to thb arraAL.I
TiKK BLUrF, Ark., September 1.
Yesterday Col. Creed Taylor, a promi
nent planter, berame dizay, and in at
tammincr to ssise a railins fell and
hroka his thinh. lie was the first
Kl,ri(T nl thia conntT. He is in his
strew um. and maintains bis visor of
mind and is Quite active In body. He
is a cousin of ien. Zichary Taylor.
Snbs3crlb for the "Appeal"
Announcement That fellow Fever
Prevails at Biloxl Statement
oV tbe Physicians.
Nxw Oblkanb. La.. September 1.
Graat exci'ement waa treated today
all along tt e lake shore when it he
me kuown that Ds. Holt. Salomon
and Sca'es bad declared the casea of
fever at Biloxi to be yellow jever. At
B loxi a panic prevailed, and
hundreds of persons came to
this city by traia tonight.
Tbey Bay they do not fear yellow
f-jver, but are not willing to tufler
tbe inconveniences of quarantine.
Ocean Springs and Bay t. Louis have
already established quarantine againet
Biloxi. Tbere is a dineience ol opin
ion even among physicians as
to ths cbaracter of the fever pre
vailing at Biloxi. Yesterday a circular
was distributed in Biloxi, copies oi
which were tent to this city, dec'arisg
that tbe fever prevailing tbere wee
not yellow fever. Tlvs circuit r
was signed by two well known
and reputable pbyeicians c f this
c ty now at Bi'oxi, one of wh' m
has sent a clHpa'eb. to tue
Picayune, in which he snys
"By request ot Ii s. Vernon and May-
bin. the attending phyticians, I vis
ited loday sev-rai caaes of fever a'.
l'o nt Cadet, near tbe sbtiiiip fiitory.
1 fjnnd up and xb iot nine
persons, five adnbs and f jur children,
alio were presumed to bsvo bfd
'he yellow fevor. One child, eged 4
years, was taken sick this mcrninu
with tymptoms of ordinary aalariul
fever. None of tbe nine coovalei ceuia
presented any masked symptoms i f
yellow fever. The di. ease lasted from
eight ti for y-eight bours,the paMems
recovering without relapse or accident,
one woman recovering in four hours.
Thefe were two d-jnths Sunday in
delicate, sickly worn, n, who preaentcd
the same r-rrupu ms and refusoi to
take either purgatives or quinine in
a jffiQcitntd. m From all mis I ccn
. ur in the op nion of the Bttendiug
physicians that had stae is malarial
fever, and believe tbat a ouaran ii e
agai st Biloxi would bi ridiculouB and
Brighten Beach Kac'S,
Pbiohtoij BBAcn, N. Y Sept mber
1. Krai Race. Tiiree aumters of a
mile. Bullona won by two kngths;
Hannibal tecond, AimsiroCg tin
Time 1 :2').
Second fiace. One milo aud an
aighth. MarmaduKe won hy a bead;
Harry Rue sell second, Bt Blizzird
third. Time 2:0 'i. Certificates pa d
163 60.
Tfti'rd J?ooe. Sven furloegs. Frank
Ward won by three -quarters of a
length; Pasba seond, George Angua
third. Time-l:S2. Ceitificates pa:d
$68 20.
Fourth Race. One mi'e. Okoloca
won by a halt length ; Nons'nee sc
r.nd. Hot Box third. Time 1:52.
C?rtifintfs paid st'algbt, $-425 10; for
plo-e, J'J4 uu lir ison enw.
ryui Kaee.KJue vane, warienow
won by ban a leretn; unanticieer
second, Bob May third. Time 1:60
SucthBace btoeplecliase. Mile and
half. Tennessee won by one length ;
Bill Davis second, Eusnbtook tbird.
Time 3:10.
Brooklyn Jockey CTlabRaeee.
GnAvaeKNP, N. Y., S-ptembtr 1.
Bro-'klvn Juckey Clnb course.
lint Race. Oa mi e and one-eighth.
Millie on hy tbrea f nitha of a
length ; Frankie B. Eecond, O. Fallon
th rd. Time 2:00
Second Rare F r two vesr olds; six
furlonjru. Bedlord won by sixlengtha;
Daly Oak second, ThiiftltBJ third.
Time l:19f.
Thirds Race tot tbre year oiub
anff UKWotd; one mile aid ont
q. arte'. E kwood won by two lengths;
Ba ii um second, Dewdrop third. Time
2:13J '
Fourth Race.t'ir two year oiac,
eeven loriongs. cnnemara won oj
three lengths; Brasie June second,
Mofr-se tbird. Time 1:32.
Fifth Race.Oce mi'e. Lucky H.
won by twi lengths; Bonnie 8. tec
and, Tornado thir '. Timer 1 :45J.
Sixth Race boven-eighthsot a mile.
IxirJ Lrne won by'alenath and a
Prima Donna second, Calera
Time 1:31 J.
lltKNAXDO, MlStl.
HaJ. T. C. norkery Nerlonsly, If Mot
falal'7, liiurel.
Isfioui. to tub ArraAL.I
HbrnaiIdo, M ss.. September 1.
Early tMs morring an tho home if
Shei iff T C. Dncktry occurred quite a
se'ioas misfonuu9. Idaj. Dockery ha
acquired a large herd ot catt'e of tbe
Jor.-ey atrain, and while out in the
field seeing after them this morning
was attacked by a Jersey bull four
Tenrs old, U sced by hia horus to a dis
Unca of twentT-five feet, and severely,
if net fatally, injured. Dr. Jones wes
called to his bedside immediately. At
tho time oi this writing the doctor has
not returned His sou, who came ft r
the physician, repotted bis father un
conscious, and it ia greatly feared the
injuries received are fatal.
Our coroner and ranger died last
spring, leaving vacant th-t cftVe. and
onthedea h of tne Sheriff, Desoto
couoiy would be without a Sheriff
until an elf c ion could be ordered,
and as Maj. D ckery's place as offl
cer, neighbor, citizm encl friend conld
not easily bs supplied, everyone de
sires bis speedy recovery.
Later. Dr Jones has returned and
ssys the injuiiea received by Maj.
Dockety may be Berion-s but not
necessarily fatal.
Pablle Debt Riaaenaeait.
Wasbimotok, September 1. The foP
lowing is a recapitulation oi ine aeoi
atatement iaxned to day for the month
of Auguat: Total debt principal, tl,
737,395,537 78; interest, $10,990,668 69;
total. tl,748,392,106 47 ; less crhIi items
avnilnhlo for reduction of the debt,
$193,087,964 70; less reserve held for
redemption of United States notes,
$100 000,000-12937,684; total debt,
leee available cash items, $1,454,704,
141 77; net cash in the Treasury, $7
527,561 24 ; debt, less cash in the Treaa
nry Pentemher 1, 1880, $1,378,176,
680 53 : de-lit l-sa rash in the Treasury
August 1, 1886. $1,380,087,279 f6; de
creaee of debt during the month, $10,
Lcsdborq'b perfume. Edenis
LnnrlhnrVn TMtrfuma. Alpine V lolet,
Lnndhors'a nerfume. Lily of the
Vail at.
Lundborg's perfume, Marchal Nile
ALL ptnoni aro fcrbr m4 '
pnrohai, lorii ttf t No. 90 l.r n iharai
Mawnio Tempi. Block. inad to R. W. bbol
ton, April U, 1H74. a tt baa bn lyat or aU
atd, aad I b an Ud lor dapl"-
S. &. bUiSLION, AdminliUator.
Steam Engines, Boilers,
Hardware & Cutlery
nn snes u
IVhUh W hUWlDT Kill. PIll.FMAN.
ar Dminaita roaoived in inmi of $1 aud
-"vvUbo'ttod ell loct Invortroent Bond und Hucurilla noiierAlly, par tiwi,
trusliea, and, in neaial, tucmi any iinaueUl banin,si ruuiriu taloasdrctpootibw
n trau t. .
. w. ;..n. Jf.n. u .. .a .i.;inn,.f .um. nn itll nurtR of Europe.
awT Wt baveaoonimo.iioua Vult lor tuo doyoiit 01 vainatalai, which ia at tho Mrrisa e
our cuatomori, trrti or tuaa.
I. P. HAUUEN, President. EWI). 0LISMI I , ViccvPresldeet
4WK HtTIMN. rflbier.
m ew tjotton v
Nos. 201 and 203 Madison
F,ST 1 urnnnl and Hamiilr Gnrante
Si 1 . n n .1- 1 1 1 r,. n ln....l .Ml. in
pi ction. Wo n tba "itrin Uulatlrr'
oods &
Buggies, Wagons and Harness,
l.ABOipit OTIVR.
Steam tlifiu 4. MAtLiuery of kl DwlptlMB.
W. A. SHITII, Proprlii7 Tfl? V sQ I X sfll
at. O.
.0. FEARCE & Co
Cstton Factors & Commission ulerch'is,
(Mmn Wawhentiv-yoi.M aad 9 Vnloa tra.t.
WM. KATZEJi BERQEB, President.
KiTZRXB'RKER rnahiar.
V ... -
N s
o t
1 ' ' t
Bcors, Sash, Blinds, Eloldiiig. Lumber
Lath aad Skinglee, Flooring, Cefllmi and Cedar PcggX
Corner Adams and Second Sts.
YV MAMBL.K. Wear, prepared to l'arniih new work Iroui latem deilni on hoit not ico
In every respect and to (iro entire latiifaction.
We lolioit your patronag-e and r.quest tbat jou oall, examine our itook, prloei, etc.,
376-378-380-382-38486 Second street, eoHth ot Gayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingling
IdlaicJLatba, Cedar Poeta aad Pleketa.
8. o. Toor
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayrei Block)
Sew and Latest Styles Stock. Rei
Type, Sew Machinery.
Prices as low aa anywhere, NorU
r East.
Increased facilities for doing all
kinds Lithographing.
F.Wl). CJOl.PSMl'JU,
upward, and iotereit allowed on iniut Semi-
Street, Memphis Tenn.
flood al(i1itii, and rnmittnn'e! prnmpt.
'i'rai.kit. anil nt l4in
and nnloada I wm.w cotton. Ciiion, atrial.
harm lurnmnea on i.
J3L T MjAmJL Vlil Jfm
IV. A. Su.HU'.j I'aI. Separator.
AflENT .
Eagle Eclipse HhIIt Wins,
Plain 10 Inch Gin, and
Price at Faotorr. SIOO and UO.
aer All kinds of Sim Repaired. Special
Discount to the Irade.'nM
It a I unci 8:i t'ruc M . M-fnihl, Tans
: : : : $100,000
Notice to Contractor.
Ornna Board lor Lbtrb CnMHiHSioaaRB)
Claribua;., Coauova Couxty, Mies., V
August si, law. I
SBaLKDPKOPO.SALSwIU be received at
thin offie. up to 12 m. Tneeday, Sept. 14,
Wu for tbe fol omog leree work: About
l.tW'.CKO yard, alone tbe Iront ol the Yaioo
Mii'li'lt lelt, t enn Dintriot.
Profile! and iperiRoittion, can be Men,
and otber inforniat'on had concoinina tba
above work, at tbe i ffice of T. U. llahney.
Chief Knmneer, 41 Madiion itreet, Mein
phiK, Tenn.
Hondi In one. fourth amount of oontraot
will be required, name! of bondsmen to ac
company bida A iureit ot Srercent. re
quired. Payment, made monthly, resorr
ina SO percent.
Bid. muat be add'aiMd to he undcralRned
and iadoraed " Propoatli." The right to
reject any and a 1 bide ia reserved. Tha
work will ke let in taction! of one mile or
By order ot tha Board.
a. R. PAOK, Secretary.

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