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T ADY'S BREAST PIN-With am.tnyst
1J it. Liberal reward or its r-tara vo v.
Ji. Beattie, at B. Loaenttem X Bros.
1 AnthonyNetheriand, Hernando road.
Wad n a aollar with tba nam "Thomai
Gregory" on it. Tiie finder will ba liberally
rewarded on retnrnins her to ntiioe ei
W. B. U AT ES. tt.ti Front street
-KMfRKnilM ROOK On Saturday ar-
l I ' ' . . , , . I .11
XT4- lernoon, Aug.
An lirh A r ward Will - 1
r its dahvei T l
T. V. NEKI.,
i n Dim iuTBP( "
ter bitch " Florence' known by most
WemphiF uportsmen, nd miwrnr sine July
isth. tn Aim VKfinAaLreBL. ina rec--i- r.
s j)VANT.
ljuakv "",YVf Monro, .traat.
i nv a v. W lTllTU n
. w vt Ti - ...-aaa.h.il ne anfnv-
D11KAI)1.II I.uuuii a..-.-..-- - - j -
nishod, single or ia suite, with board, It
TM.di.nn street.
. Vi NTna RO0M3 With pr without board.
' 133 AIlAMfl nr.
"DOOMS AND BOARD Newly furnished
XV room'."" ."""""""
w-kwiTiTiirnT. front rooms. linele or ea
X suite, furnished or on.urnulied, .with or
"ritVout bo,rd; otherroouis. 104-10) fouitit.
nOWMS With or withoot board: termi
XV reasonable 140 MADlfON ST.
-r-inriitQ (i.a Ium fi-r.ppp. l-pintn with ha
kw"?? .ri-" -,.:.r"L..L-". r.i.
J ) (jnilj UU UUO IKINQ U-H-tl KrVIU nnu
' ImtK" drK8.nn-rcftTi, and ether, svi.ood aa
.-.aa. .ouua.aia.ou,. o
"DOOM Furnished rnooi.with or withoul
jLt Dt.ara, at iiv i;onri sireer..
-p- - ik :j r ur : . u 1 1 .... . -Ann.
5 NICK Kooma, turnisheitor unfurnished,
with or without hoard, at 1S7 Madison at.
bmiii'm. Oood raaionifor sailing. Apply
att3 Linden ttrtet. .
On Diniri-room Set,
One Kitchen Set,
t.U - . : e L. ..... a, nmnm.
' Hath'i Mark " out of
X M0 JnniD
Italia." For once and ex-
tended padmree. addrrn
I W. R. LA tt It 1. Iiirainaviiia.
. I T 11 1' TtTl.U Vai... anil I., lAMI Iflf
X) rent, wi'h all P"nvenienca lor dairyinx.
W. n. nKI,')!. pin npuupi
0RSE AND WAGON-U.ht (print
wagon, with hnreann na'naaa.
Apply at oo iTiiiiu ,iibpi.
',11 ncs, oentrally located : will rail cheap
n aesoont of bad health. M. u. , tnt ntnee.
A i ni u u ivv uii . t
the belt location! in tbia city s aood reaaom
iven for pellirg. Value of itook abnnt three
tboaiana aouarr. Aaure-a
Care Lttier Carrier No. 10.
T-,nTiBDWLn t Va1. taitaii In lfif) lha.
JD water pressure, will fell rh.an Apply
at or K KK o UIW..
ttatim avt T IVUDV CT i TH IT A ' an
mill ani gin, tao-itorr buildinr, witl
iO-horte engine
liiss. Addresi
boiler, at Batesrille
L. I LUTCliltK,
Batetril'e, Miss.
TTTAAnT iwu CTn117 VIP M. Tn th Bind
laj iUBni, Biuu'i.""- -
r r ... II . ... e n lln. la.
aey Bull: fee, 12.50 For Si.i-30 Horses,
3 Milch Cows, 15 bead Butcher Cattle, Pea-
L. . .-j V . (.. . 4 1 n ,1 Puna. Horaaa on
aaitnre. 15 per month ! Texas horrea, 10c per
jay. Telephone JOSKPH IiU KNEY. 85'i.
TTPR1GHT PIANO-Oood as new, ehear
KJ lor casa; or will eicnanreior ""!
Addraas r,.w, nri'rnn
mtrr - i a I.. I .V .1 nm ,inn-nt.h.i1
A. rooms on Washington street. No. Ill, bet.
Intra ana f onrin. no cnimron m iawi
mWO LAROE ROOMS-Tn Odd Fellowl
X Hall. Apply to MA CUMJO.VKS.
at gW'-ii Second street.
at 72 Court street.
-a ,n i . r c . iah r.tm.. Na OA Wriaht
avanuo. near Gaoraia slreet- . Apply to
J. W. HAMi-TON. iv,i Madison at.
ROOM Front bed- room, nicely fu-nished.
Price $-. at 78 Linden strtet.
O-BT0RY HOIISK-Ten room, corner Ala-
tU bamast. and 'i nornmn avenue
. S( Rnhcson St.
KU ADAW8 Br Koom on grouna noor,
U O suitable for office or lore-roorn j good
location tor arug sinre. r u.hiiuou
ROOM Nicely furnished front room, good
locality, at 6Con-t 'ireet.
Tni.KdANTI newly furnished rooms, bath-
xLi room, etc. Inquire at 116 Cnnrt atreet.
COTTAGE No. 402 Court street extended.
Apply at 218 Main tret.
"DOOMS Two rerr desirable front rooms,
J.V fnrnl-hed, at Hi Madison sireai.
-.TnBffHnnSrf OcdUliiad
lU.n.n Mr
O Co., No. 2U7 Main street.
' Lee Block.
.nqu.r. av . a """" jjjf g LKK, Jn,
nuTTviKuin 17 A l. .l.aan. hrittk
raiidanne. " o. 108 Washington it. For
terms ipplr to Nn.lW Main street.
STOREHOUSBS-The three new first-class
Storehouses on Shelhr street, next nnrih
at th. UaVOSO IIOIOI. lerma inaiswi.
awn . 5' Madison street.
,noi)M-Larce well furnished front bod-
XV room, at . liinann aireei,.
r- ..... 1 . . .
..n.aa ..ma IfAO, U ... . I . rn Karr.Vi
enuei goud house, six rooms, itable,
Ineoistern, ana well fenced Call at
' A. K. BLOAN'ti. 221 Main st.
'm-wtmwrr rrt. . a? . a 1 1 tJntal anil TtalU
tl road Eating House at Grand Junction,
Tenn. AppIt to J. 8 Day. Receiver, Nos.
3t'i0 and Sii'i Front street, Memphis, lenn
Pnat.aaltin alvan lla'i mediAtel V.
TSJO. 168 MAIN'PTREET-Opposite the
I V )-i . ti II....: Ma n
O-l UOUri Ili'UFB. iiraviua --
and one on Poplar street render! toil ptop
a J - - 1 - . L I - ri.il
ar L J Terr o.ir.ii"Oa van uu
JAMES LEE. Ja., No 4 Madison it.
H0U6E No. 87 Court street, from Septem
ber 1st. Arply to J. W. Bailey, at I
.jjay, uorion as paney a, nij-.Tna rmnt nrpg,.
Tl OUSKS-On and near Walker arenne,
I 1 iamn.a .... ... iaaa. frnm th. I
1st September, several houses. Irom two tn
iht rooms, in good repair. Apply at 36
Union itreet. JOS. LENOW.
C HOICK OFFlUlts ttn recona itn'y, oc
cupied for many years by Pr J. W. Nel-
T... a : AAMtawllnina anrl Main t P i t
UUl 1CU VI H V rui Ifl iri.iunnu'i i. .. , vv.ne
ai. hi. Kt.ir(riIN'll.H(l(lMH above.
Also, CHOICE OFFICE on second-story
Id Cotton Exchanse, corner Madison and
xront itreeis. Appiy ai K?'u,'rVnn
DmiRABLE ROOMS-Snltahle for Hiht
hjousejeepingj N.eor. Seo'nd and Market
Inn Kv.h.n.a Ttnildina. ainala or In
juites, on very reasonable te'ms. Building
heated throughout by steam, mentor run
ning .rem basement to atne. Applyto
HENRY HOTTER. Secretary.
TVl'BW 8-ROOM HOUSE-No. 112 Jones av.
, mil. Aiao, iwu new nouiea, anuia aiue
Poplar, esst ol 1'uulsp, will be finished by
1., fiaaat.n.h.. lanla I. S f1 II L" I V
aw,w.w.,i m),!! . w wa v. a a a. a a- ,
S'iit Front street.
QTORKBOUKK-From it Bentember, one
loar-itory Main si reel storehouse.
1 AHI3H KTORK Irir.t Bnnr and ..II...
XJ with side and rear entrances, Nns. 8f3
and 306 Main street. Possession October 1st,
or sooner, if required-
, juices aais Diurs-iuvuii, i,u. o. nnrjui.u
Rooms for light housekeeping, No. 378 Pop
lar street, over drug stce. A plyto
OA Madlann .,...4
, lirtyOV DOllllU- lUUUi IUw WlMWw i HJI U1B
tnoaerat.. P'l. Mo(,OWAa. A
TT0USE No." 102 Robinson street, 6 roous,
1 , ,n gooa repair, inwi olPiqru pfaaar.
VvERi A SN EKD. S10 Se-ond st.
OFFICk". The desirao.e (root offices on
second floor of 42 Mad'son street, adjoinj
ing Cotton Exchange. MENKENJt ;0. .
"LpURN Ifi H ED ROO MS-A 1 68 Monroe it.,
X' one square irom reaoouy ni.
Tr tillCTT rl aaa.a
XT Apply at 817 Madison atreet.
jvvo- POPLAR ST.
T500MS-A suit of looms in Maionic Teiu
XV yle. Apply U BU.Oil5-S.
TDOOMS-rurnished, single or en suite, a
XV 138 Madison at. BefKeaaM required.
Absolutely Pure.
rvt. 'M'-T-Jiei. A Barrel i
h..il. alraa-lh and "whnla..ilnaLu- Mora
eoonomical tbun tue ordinarr kihii, '
cannot ba aoM In fotupatition w:.n j
maltitnrte ol low teit, tuort weigni aiun or
p'nopbtie powdere. Huid only tnCnai. RolaL
ration in thnt Sute, aiib jr-fire milen l'r.oai
Wemiini ana ar mi oh irom i.ima nuoii
on the M. and L. K. U. R. Aii''y to
rto. 11 ADAMS bT.. Meniihl . lenn.
Tan. ui'.ril Kin.k ItanrhM in tir&nd
Prnine. Arkn.
TNF0RMATI0N Wanfad of .he where-
X about! ul iuelia ami mit J. fenu.
. w. alUl l, Appeal omoo.
IIKTRRNS Bnilt and renaired and war-
KJ ranted. Inventor or the Sanitary Port.
land Cement fnmp. Cnntraeior ami nrica-
lavor. TelophnneWR. TilOS. Cf;BBIN8.
Tl 0RSE From Bea'e a'reot. on Satnr-
II ln. Antriiat Vlilh. n li.h anrral horse.
white in (ace. A liberal rerd forbia re
turn to MRS. D. H A ACK, 128 gealo.
"10W One medium eit cow, licht cream
I mlnp. wiita hnrna. i hita f aca. It lonnd.
call at2I2 Front nraet.
BAY MARE MULK Frm C. F. Smith,
Horn Late Landing, one bay mare mule,
about eight years old, nttean nanainign;
nana recently Irimuied. Bring to F. A.
Jonas A To. 'a alahle and ha rewarded.
pply at 2a
220 Second street.
QKKVANt-A good dining-iuo
yj ojalo or lema e. Appirai
AN A So. 1 Solicitor and Collector. Ad
dress, with reference, B. J., thiioffloe.
VTCRSB A good and reliable nurse, white
I Al iv aAinrad. la attend to foisi children.
Liberal wages aid good home. Apply at
Captain Jcseim Lenow s resiuenoe, nwaer
iph Lenow's residence
arenue, near
f-pO B0RR0W-
Nine hundnd dollars, on good real es-
X Nine bar
tate. Addresi
ii. j,, inisouioe.
00D COOK-Well recommended.
vt7() Mnlharra atreet.
LUMuER AND LOfiS-Walnut, Poplar.
Gam and Oak Lumber and Logs wanted
lAv.Tr.nrl .nrl I7...i.rn Irada. Knot cash liaid.
(a MnFlna l.iimh.P I In. I(
Chicaro. It est Court street. Ma ui.hu.
T9 8TAVEMAKERS-The American Stave
Co. of Nw York are prepared tn contract
with suitable parties Inr the makint of a
I n I Ui.. and llnmailiflKlnV.1.
Apply to IHeini'Uis Agenoy Auier.cau ou"
OOUK-AHO, '0ln"ior hoaseaork.
f i At Oill I ninn atreet
rpcTsfLL EVlRYBOOY-Oneof thecele-
X braled Pino feluiino va;irassoa. van
h. aenn at 29. !i Second street.
O to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING KSTAbl.lSMMI.3li navmg a-,er.
9CBU1AL.TJ aa mwi. p.u.uit "
ing. Can be handled alone or in conncijuoD
I ,,k .th.a ,n,l, Address THE WM. B.
I " " . . . t "n 1 11,11) I. un
PS MAN FH. 1.11.. nMilll'ai "
A N Al BOOKKUKPER desir-s a situation
aCX in a nnt cla
A liharal aa ary
a able t.) fill ihe bill.
Hiarhe-trecommendmio's Add. 27. Apped,
4 OKK Ol any kind by a hoy 1:1 years ol
VV .m. anv.mia trt dn anVLOinc 10 oeiD a
lick molner; g"on reiarencea. :
1. M , no. II p-nw
IjXPRRIENCEn Stl l KT vi AK tenAprtlr
XU at once to LUMJ aiuun. o cuirnao
tory, 313 Mam street.
ITt VERY BODY To call and see tho eeie;
kr.i.d i,.n. iilairrovant. at 177 Third
tireat. near Poplar. -
'I 0D W II IT K WOMAN-To cook and do
IT eaneral hou.awork: must Have rocom
mendntione. Apply at. 70 Mulhcr-y street.
A WOMAN OF StNSK-Ensr.y ana re
O.ipsotability (or our business in her lo
.na- ii.i... .Uni aji n.c iMnnth. Parma
nent position. Re.erences exchanged. K.J
JllllN.S:n. Maaaaer. 10 uarciaa i .
13ARTY With IK to take the ego uive
I ...ana in Mamnh s of a business paying
60 percent, net prom
A Idr-aa.
AUKNT. this office.
- a- 1 , a . I.1IQ
, FtiATaERR-Hiahetit csh
IU' U preepaidbr MABAY,
, twempnis.
nirriivii,..iu , fhila That. I Will
next thirty dan lor 1 60. aonw
243 Main areet
"LD GOLD A Kl LVltR For !"";
akaa-a U I ll.KIIH "f. .IBW" tir, I r -
A flnanlfla far all diseases pe
culiar to women, moh as Pain
ful, tuppressed, or irregular
Menstruation. Louoorrhuia, or
If talr.n dnriri.th. CHANGE
OF LIFE, great suffering and
danger will be avoided.
Bend for our book, "Message to Woman,"
mailed free. .
UTRttHfiTHKSaCO. Kit., li IvVeffUrn a-1 -Tilsnne
iheri la 09 vi lftirg nf htinihm mbont th
On itirr ooatrBf
Bar ft ana lew) elrculr g
Ta'rw yowl am
Pennyroyal Pills.
Sale and always Reliable. Bewarool wo-ils.
imiiatinns. innisnensania -
a- your Drnsglal lor I'tolchswUir'a
Knarli "and take no other, or inclose it
(stamps) to ns for particulars mr atria by
a. IMa-aa Mall Map. PA1AM. I Bl-
rlaemlnr I lirmUal ., .
AH I X Siadlasss sr, Phllssslsi.,
TKA Wit supplied by tjto.C.UOOIWL9
(" . . . -
w (laiaaniei ALaTsssava. w"-1-"' -.
Young & Brotlier,
Booksollers and Stationers,
318 91isi St- JrlemphiB,Teni
Lacroix's Mineral Colors,
Artists' r.laterials,
lad It Wasn't Hemphli That. Did
the FatlDC, Either A Ihange
of Diet Totlaj.
Ttv KnnnKino litfa in tha fiftK Innlna
tbe Charle6t".Da maile five rana, giving
,i.a - . i .. n ; iua.i n. v. ; ..v, . n
lliuui a, wiuuiu irjavu tvuivis aaa siiniu-
tained to tha tjnd. Tbe Incjilt played
-ii I ha, lnnaAlv araal h timalv aa i ,11 ro afl.
aigted tbe viakord in piliug op ruoa
II P. a.u m umajiug ,11111a, cuiifauv.
here and tbete by brilliant flashes of
ood fielding on tbe part of tbe Sjuth
CaroliniarjR, Gilman, McAleer, Crow
ley and Phillips carrying off the h on
ers. On the Memphis aide the play
ing was decidedly poor, Graham,
Manning and knonfl alone coming up
lh. al.paa... 'I'lia latin. Jiotin.
gniahed hiroself by making two hits, a
result attributed by many ot Ihe andi
ence to tbe eflecta of the ta-tbqnake.
Marr Pbillipa taptnred tbe grand
stand, aa he always doea here. Bo h
tn tbe diamond and at the bat he
looms up ia great Ehap, ar-d
can got mora vota here inr
jj p'jie in nut yeat's than any
man in 'he Je.'gtio. "That's
the man Memphis' ffanla next yew,"
was beard from a hundred lipp, every
lima ha r.AmA in tliA hat.
'Plan Knr.'Arina tnilnv will A avnnnfT
and BiOiighton and Kulavan and Mo-
Vey, aua it Knouu arm uota not
(r.-ublo him, tha viaitora itiil do the
faaning act.
MEMPH18. I B. R. B.H. P.O. A. K.
Graham, c. f.... 6 0 1 2 0 0
Breed, n.a 5 0 2 1 5 1
Mt'iSorley, ou b.. o l l l i s
Andrews. 1st b. 5 1 2 10 0 1
Broughlon, l.f.... 3 1 0 0 0 1
Klack, V 4 O U W Z U
Fii8;tiibicli, c .... 4 0 15 10
Maiin ng, 2d b... 3 0 1 4 3 0
Knouff, r.f 4 0 2 1 0 0
Total 38 3 9 24 13 5
B.H. P O.
Kappell, 3d b.... 4
Pnlllip?,.a 5
Crowlev. r.f.A lb 4
8u lirao, lb Sc r.f. 5
Broinan, 2it b.... 5
Gilman, c. f. 4
lliots, r 4
McA eer.l.f 3
Holacher, p 4
34 11 11
27 10 4
Memohia 01200000
Obarleaton..... 11006121
Summary: Earned runs Memphis,
2: Charleston, 6. Home run rtn.-
lips. Two base hits Andrews, llol-
acber. nines, raaaeu diuis r un-
. . , . a 1 1 1 p.
bach, . riret oase on dbiih dj
Black, 3; Holacher, 1. Struck out
By Black, 3 ; Holacher, 2. Umpire
Manning. C
Bawaanstb Win the rirsit .of Six
tisusei A rem jsswiatiiaw.
IgnoiAL vo thi ArriAL.l
Nasuvillb. Tbhk.. 8eptmber 1.
Savannah won yesterday's game
through the nnmeroes errors ot the
local team, an oi woicu were yhj
ccet'y. Dundon pitched a fair game
for Nashville; much better indeed
than did Sbreve lor the visitors.
Tbe latker wis batted hard and
often aad at critical moments. The
red caps, however, became ratt.ed
in the flth inning and allowed ineir
....-,.1. in u nta firn rnnH. which
could not be overcome, although the
a orna team aatnerea i'buu voiremor
and made a desperate effoit in the lat-
i.. ae nf tha llama Marr BDiieired
to bn considerably off in right, mofflng
two niee,irn:cn cosi neavuy. xuoBBaut.
TKavarthcalpftN marked bv many
brilliant playa, the locals carrying off
the nooore in mis respect. j-oiu u.
tinguiahed himself br making a beau-
e.S.,1 amn nl -arhiaaino. Dl-.itindar in
a 1UI n aia p v a m pp-.. n r-
the Utter part of the game, ard
throwing the batter out at
first. Tha ball waa going like
rd left when, by a
. ; . ,: ,; wa...
hard ruo ne caugn. n, iamog
the ground in the effort lie quickly
a. aajt himiaK anrl MATlt it BaUarelV
, l. V, 'ill" " a iu . v. .. - - a
intn iVRrinn'a hands. Marr and
8i hellbarae aleo mde a double piay,
which flioted mochlapplaose. ioat.tr
rtha.tha.pn nmnlrnl In rflft (litWatiff AC
V Liaiaai. i.t.ia. uiaf.ivii
tion ot both teams, the locals coming
in lor some very rana oeciBiuun. duuao
bv inninirs :
Nashville 1 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0-4
8a van Lab.... 0 0 2 0 6 0 O l b
Cmiriin Tarn KaaA hitfl Beard. 1 '.
Hotaling, 1; Marr. 1. First base on
balU By 8hreve, 1. Struck outBy
7, hv Dnndnn. 2. Passed
v'iia,hoMV,.aa r Wild Ditches
UOI," awiaianaaaii, ' " ' .
ltir fihreve. 2: bv Dandon. 1. Double
nlnVB Beard. Bittman and O'Brien,
it,... .pppt Mnhcllhaaa. TTmD re Cheat
ham. Rnornr McClellun, TilOe Cf
gjme TwHafcou'd.
A llmclj BusseatloB.
To the Editor! of the Appeal I
MBMpms. Tsnn.. September 1. Ihe
telearaph brings ns information of
great loss ot life and property in
Ubarieeion Dy trie recent eartcqauxe,
and I woald suggest to tbe manage
ment of the Memphis Baseball Club
that they designate Saturday next, it
being a aay during woica one ui uieu
Lamia vnmpj will hn nlavod. SA a dtv
to devote their total receipts to the re
lief of such unfortunates as may need
same aad whose misfortunes may have
been caused by tbe aforesaid earth
auake. I believe all traneportation
. a 1 . : 1 1 I mna.aa
tines entering tue cuy win ud mun
than anllinoi trt aivn Bnnh TOnnd triD
baJ.a. pp.'.wD P." ' ' " -
rates as will secure a large attendance
Irom tne cnaritaoiy mcuoea iroui mo
territory immediately surronndingour
city, and would further suggest that
they be called upon by the proper
parties and necessary arrangements be
made toward accomplishing the re
sult desired. Keepectf ollv,
UAOH. allVL, la AOA.
Blrbjr Haoehod at.
Sr. Louis, Mo., September I. Bos
ton batted Klrby out of the box to
day, and won the game as they
plesaseo. ine maroons ueiueu ua.nj,
and were unable to hit Stwnmeyer
pffactivelv. Glasscock and McKinnon
only being able to gauge him. The
game waa auu ana uuiuipsi. t-ug.
About 2000 people were present.
Cxhll took Kirby's place in the
fourth inning, and was not hit hard.
The score: St. Louis, 3; Boston, 12.
p.. raaSt Tnnin itt Rnatnn. 1.
r-airuBiA i a-'.. '
Two base hits Glasscock 2, Poorman
2, Wise, Nesh and Johnston. Home
run McKinnon. Total bases on hits
ue linia 11-. Ttostin. 17. Left on
bases St. Louis, 5 ; Boston, 4, Struck
out By Kirby, 3; by Cabill, 1; by
Ktemmeyer, 6. Stolen bases Glass
cock, Crane and NaBh. Bases on
called balls-Off Kirby, 1; off Cahill,
2; off Siemmeyer, 1. Wild pitches
Kit by, 1; Cahill, 3. Time 1:55.
Umpire Grace Pierce.
Tho How TorUa Defeat at Detroit.
Dbtboit, Mich., September 1. Had
New York bunched aoma god' plays
as Weil as uiay UIU moitunn luutty iutj
Kme would have teaulted differently,
owever, Welch ia chiefly to blame,
aa five of tbe eignt uot'oi's wno
reached the first on called ball scored.
Th Tittitors aecured but one bit in five
innlnirs. Theu they earned all their
. . . a Lu - : i 1
runs WHO nouu., biukio imu n
home mn ia the aixth. four sin 1 s in
the seventh and a circle ami homo
run in tie ninth. Duron's hi's were
scattered, and it wia only by iiibls c f
bases on bars ana uiepoor paying oi
the vii-itura that they won. Thomp
ain mde one of big rharatt-ritic
phenomenal running ea'cheo. core
naatriit Tl- New York. 7. Earned
runs Detioit, 2; New York, 7 llome
ru'H Eing, uonner ami js,.-nae.'.
Two hit e lite Hardy, Eichaniaon
urrl O'Rimke. Ltft on bases De
troit, 6: New York, 8. Patue l ba Is-
' - arptmi ' 1 1 11' 1 1 A
KaiDg, 1. niia piicnp-g-H eicn, z.
Fust ba e on baila Off Baldwin, 2;
off We:ch, 8. Firt-t base oa t-rrora
De roit, 3; ew ork,L', btruck oat
Dettoit, 2; Sew Yoik, 4. Double
niuvdinrer (unimistedl. Bias hita
Delro t, 11; New York, 11. Errora
Detroit, 4; ew xora, ii. umpire
ThMlualiers Demoli.h Ihe Cowboys
Kansas City. Mo., (September 1.
The Cowboys piBVtd a mi:erablo game
today, and t'ie fn;llit g scored o'.even
runs wnh'Ut earning inn of them.
Score: Kan-ns City, 2; PhiUtlelphia,
11. Etrned runt. Krinsas Uily, 2.
Iloma ruug Daily and Kogarty. Two
base hit? Cos cV, Ridf .rd and My
. Tirne bH9 hits Wood and
Bawett, Pasafld b ills Kingo, 1; Cu
aiek, 1. First baie
on bills OU
Wbituev, 1 ; Dally, l. Firtt bssa on
MT3IS Kaneas C ty, 1 ; Philadelphia,
5. Struck out By Whitney, 2; Daily,
4. Double plays .Myers and Mt
Queoiy. S'olen bases Andrew", 2.
Flies ciUght-Katisas City. 9; Puila
delpbia, 11. Umpira Fulnitr.
Crane !' Bnls!
Cuicago, III., September 1. The
Chicago wro given the game by
fourteen mail l'1 to
bass on balls. His errors wore boir-
b e, and bis pitching wai hit freely
when hit at a 1. In the field both the
nine? plaved creditably. Score
Chicigo, 15; Wa.shlngtou, 2. Sum
m.r- Hnmn itinH Flvun. Farrell
iiraaa haaa liit Anson. Two base
hita Farrell, Plefler, Williamson,
Kna i,n balls-ChiceKO. 14; Wash-
la.nn 1 IBBqill biilrl HaVO. 3
Wild pitches -Orane, 6. Struck out
2: Wpashinirton. 3. Base
h,,. IMiinaor, II! WaHDIDS'On. I
Errors Chicago, a; WasJiinKtoD, 20.
Ump ra Quet.
Fltlkburx va. Louisville.
Praaraannnn. Pa.. Rentember 1. After
winning tan etraight gamos tho Pitts
l.arl tn the Loniavilles
this aiternoona Tbe game was marked
ho lirrht h.ttinu and mlseraoie naiainir
on tlie part of the home nine, while
fha vlaitnrn nlaveJ atror.civ at all
.-a.-.--- P . " '
nnpia ArtAndance. 4UUU. scare
Plltsonrg, 1; Linisvdl, 5. Earned
l:.,nhr,.n 1 I .nniai'illla. 1. Two
rUbB A IHDUUi., a , ...... , ' -
ban hits Carroll, Kerins, Browning,
Wolf. First bass on Dana vu uaivio,
l;off Rameey, 4. Baas hits Pitts
hnro. 4 : Loniavllle. 0. Errors Pitts-
bmg, 6; Louibville, 1. Umpire
Pnuexllnx Overworked Kllroy.
Baltimobb. Md, beptember 1.
Kilry was batted lreely by the
T.. Ulppr, Ium tnrlav. whilA til 8 CHrVfS
of Hark ins were too much for Balti-
a ) 1 L.1 PV P aa pa,atu . j -- , -
anrl tha, viaitnrfl won Dv a slow
aaaa.4 tihUimA UimA. Wlltch WBS Onlf
relieved by the h'ssing and jeering
brought forth by Uariin s poor aueuipi
at umpiiiag. He tMd nnt, however,
discriminate much in favor of either
!.ih RapfiraRaltimore. 5: Brooklyn,
v. aa aa .jv-a.v - . . - -
in Vmma-t vnna Kaitimpre. li
n.'aaralrl Ptl R Twfl blBB bltf Mt
Clellau, Smith, McTammany, Phillips,
3. lASed ba.ls ruimer, o; uiua, j
First base on balls Off Kilroy, 4; off
na.kina ft Raisn hits Baltimore, 8;
Brnoklvn. 12. Errors Baltimore, 4;
a i a VP ! flaa-llp.
Braoxiyn, a. tmpirs-vaniu,
Tho Cyclone's Consloneol affeellve.
V. . ...... T a fataanlornhAV 1
1 UIlAUKL.rni&, a ""I- -'
ThsAthlet ci played all round tha
p. r i I : a I , . ! p. r. T V n ll nnrfl
oietropoiiuAiiB, uo.u.-n j , -
and frequently ,ana nrnuuiRustcs r.i,iA
.i.;, onH th Miller wis entirely
tnn mntih for the vluitors. There was
inma nrettv flolding on both tides.
" r . . .... a,ra-a lllp.,,. O
niiuivi j,iapii r - , -
Karnarl rims Athlotics. 3. Two base-
UnA aaa . P ti I HP llB n- nm lUUUHIUI.Di
hi, n'Rpiopi Three haaa h'.t. Mill!
gan. Passed balls-RobiriBon, 2; Keip
..i.u... i Wilal nitnhnR Miller. 1
Di.mi haa. ,iPl liallo AthlntlCS. 3 Met
ropolitans, 3. Bsae blts-Athlet cs,
11; Metropolians, 6. Errors Athlet
irs. 1; Neapolitans, 6. Umpire-
LotiiRviLi-a has signed Chambe
I xl-, Mahh refused an offer f om
I LooiaYille and goe 'M Syracuse.
w : V. : sinned with the Odh-
kosh Wes-ern League. BJ"y 0 Brion
goes to St. Paul.
Manages Goldsby Is snffering 'r jm
pnal.ria It la rnmorfid that he in
tends to floe Providence.
Sporting Lift: The two Tennessee
clubs, Memphis and Nashvil e, alone
coma out of tbe Southern muddle with
clean handf. They are deserving of a
place in a better organizition.
Thbrb is every indication that
laTh..:lta paplll at.rtn hnRfihall nt tha
AlatauVlliO' Pi I' a p.aa.r -
close of this season and devote all her
energy and enthusiasm next year to
competing for tbe croquet champion
Nasbvillb Tnion: The Dritori wants
to see the presidency come to Tennes-
lee next year. It matt ts little to us
whether it be CapUOArnoa or tjol.
John Morrow. Either one would con
duct the league on strict business prln-
CliaUAOB Skbkd was Iniorviewed
the other day and hinted at the fo'
lowing nine: Andrews. 1st b; Ksppel,
2d; Billy O'Brien, 3d; Beard, b.s.;
Sneed.r. f.; Sowder, c. f.,and Pbelao,
1. f., with Baker and Knouff as pitch
ers. We move to amend as follows ;
Andrews, 1st b; Beard, 2d; Kappel,
3d; Phillips, s. s. ; Sneed, r. I.; Sow
ders, 1. f , and Graham, c. f. Baker
and Schellbase and Knouff and
Broughton for batteries.
Ta Aha. nh.plA.tpan nlnli nntlld all rilfc
the ball like Phillips, and had Knonff
and Baker trrpircners, tuey wonin db
world beaters. Their in and out field
is second to none. Some of Oilman's
catches yesterday were unusually
tirillUnt. and McAleer took in every-
Ahavai- AVior p.. rpia-a aloncr Hrr,!ipftn
UilU ,1)1.1 Vaaaaw w.vuaa,.
made some remarkable pick nps, and
Crowley's one hand stop at first base
r.1 a hlirh thrown ball bv KaDoel. was
what biseball cranks are apt to de
nominate aa a "laian." ro single out
every good plsy made won'd counume
.papa ppinih tirriA. It la an Hlp.if nt to re-
a)PV auaava- ' " -
mark that those who go out to see tbe
0'ar.es.tona play can safnly calculate
on witnessing nrai ciasi exniu.uuu
of fielding.
Two Policemen Decapitated Klrbj's
Koad lJoomlng Big Ixcnraloa
General Kail News.
President Hadden and the railroads
are at it again. The rumpus about
tbe aUroatiway ngtii oi way nas reen
renew eu. I'resuieni na.io.en r.inti
that it is a raviaed i dition of the
'B osdway ateal," but ciutains the
old version of sheol, whilu tbe Kaneta
f'lt- (Vmninf thinks its hr.niitArv
rights are being trampled upon. Trie
fflompu 8,M-iina ana orunswiex rau
anuil thv, nuh Newman Krli. re-eivrr.
ctaimod some time igo that its charter,
desteoded from the old Lagrange
Oc'tnp iny, gave it a rght ot way ovr
Broad way.cuing an a proof the fact that
it waa exactly 100 Let wide. The Mem
phis, B. roil nit. haul ant Atlantic ret up
the eft'oe cldim, ami, now the Kanras
Oily, Memphis and Birmingham
puts in tbe Biino plea. Pretident
IT.t.l.i. i.paailA. tha aPlattn anil t.ilk na
ilSUUDU vwpuing ..i" viiMa, -" " -
the bread ground that a railroad com
pany abailutoly owning a hundred
acr.B in the heirt of the city mos" first
apply for and obtain the grade and a
permit bufore it can lay a trjck. Sev
eral days igo a force of bund, under
Foreman MciS dinars, wno isempioyea
bv the Kansas City conipiny, began
laying a irack on the siiU'hudo of
Broadway, compio'oiy appropriuurg
all thnt waa left of it. He ktpt at wcrx
stoadilv until the brldgo over the
bayou between llayburn avenue acd
Main street waa reacimo. xo vuin
point tha city limit! extecd.
President tiadaoa nouceu mat, inuy
bad driven pks and hauled iron
and rai's this Ride of the lite, and
np.lilla.al (lliif HrtVlA tfl icfltrUCt 111 S
iii. n to keen a t-harn lookout and
l.ai fir. atiin mnniHLt tho CjU
s ruction of a tta.k weat of the btyou
, ... a. . .
was cotnmenceu. i.e gava urn re
quired directions, the order being
r.ad every oay at, ron tu.
..i;,.aa,.,n,, nn tlm lmat. nnroar to have
pa;d no attnition t. it, aud jestetday
evening rreeiueni iiauaeu uiacuvcr. u
that 800 feetcf trck hat ic ually
heeu laid inside of the cit limits.
ti ha.l tha (iireninn. MeNamara.
,1 anil in t.hn Police Loait ves-
terdav morning continued his case
until today. Patrolmen Jacknon,
Wilson and kernan were suspended,
-.aaitaaPlt'la, CVBnlnff thft CommtB-
IUU JCTJaWlMia; vpw .aa, -
-;p.. hnld a montirir and tried them
Jackson was able to prove that he had
ball a day s itaveoi nusem o, auu w
caped. The CommlsBionersSwere not
etirely satisfied, nowever, una uueu
bimtaD, it seems ne voox wm
over the ground yisterday, and in the
face of the tact that 800 foot of
track lay under his feet, tcported
by telephone to headquarters
thnt "nn trunk had been laid.
all reports to the contrary notwith
.i..ji.. t Wll nn nmi Kernaa
p VcalA VAA AJ ISj s ' mm.
were d amirsod from the force. Presi
dent Hadden followed up his attack
by having the entire track torn op by
the city force, auu men warn, in
order to Buper,ntendent Bulivan W
clear away the dtbns. He ays it
must be done, or there will ba Jar re
arrests for obstructing the pubdc high
way. While be admits that Broad
way most eventually be given entirely
up to tbe;raiiroaua, ne oouamuiu
no one or two lines shall appropriate
it all.
The Memphis, Uoatwia - Weatera.
Tho Meraphlc, Kansas and western
looks like a go. Mayor Willis, ot
Ohemvale, wr.tes President Kiruy,
nnder date of August S!Uth, as follows:
A A ..... aalaaalliain hnlal if, AllT Slkt.V SH
AIUU1 pj iviv. a i-' a. uw.u -j '
the 25th we carried the bonds for your
road wttnont opposing vote. a. w-
.iin,u! 1 la In do. we could
have CAtrled tue bonds for if jO.OOO in-
Btead of ihe tfai,wo youa."
The following telegram was re
ceived from President Klrby yeatsr-
j .
WaLWNOTON, Kas., Beptemnor l
v.iaa..lt- lUnnsmntv voted S125.000
connty bonds by 2Oj0 majority tn ,aid
of tbeMempnis, xkanais da woewsru
srstem. This, with $125,000 voted by
iiiaa ...iipii. inind. 'iftth. ririn.a lha
a. u ia ia ay huqu'. - p
total aid voted in Kawai over $500,000
Tha Ills; Kxeuralosi.
The Memphis and Lit: le Rock Riil
road has Jubi sent over its ronte the
largest excursion it ever had. It num
bered 1353, and of this number 850
went to the Iron Mountain, 2tt0 to the
L-ttle Rock and Fort Scott, 100 to the
Texas and St. Louie, 40 to the Bates
vile and Brink ley, 83 local and 70 ti
Little Hock. On account of tbe recent
change of gauge they werq handloi
without crowding. Tbey bail from
North Carolina, Vl-gUla. Georgia,
Mississippi and Kentucky. Capt.
Franklin is l.ollant over the result,
and has a, right to be.
Sun rmi.la.lve Bight.
T-).t,lo,t T A T w,n nf iha Mobile
and Northwestern railroad, writes the
railroad editor oi the Armmili)!
tows: In yonr issne o! today's date TOO
say the "Illinois Central railroad have1
Jeclded to build a branoh into Helena
at ontM, That they prefer the Ynoo
route to a road from Hardis but that
the former has an obstacle in the way
oflthe Mobile and Northwestern,
which now extends to Clarksdale and
which has the right ol way irom Jones-
n sat n Y at vein mtv." PIb-o do me
the favor to corroct this mistake. The
Mobile and Northwestern Hanrosu
Company doos not own any exolmive
riaht of way from Jonwtown to Ynoo
city and, as far aa I know, is not in
tbe way ol any other road cuiiuin a
lice wherever thay see proper. From
my knowledge of the officials of the
Illinois Gentrai road tney win onuu m
tin nf snail whnrn ther want to aud
not consult anybody esle.
Tha rtnllina ninniMlon to ChicSSO
promises to b tbe next big thing.
Injunctions will probably be tne
next phase of the Broadway fracas.
Th nrosnecta f r the building Ol
Ihe Memphis, K.nsis and Western
arn eood. Kansas has voted $500,000
of bonds.
riant. J. Tt. Franklin, whose foitwas
Injured S)me time ago, got jodgtmnt
attinat the Accident Insurance Com
pany of North America yesterday
before Jost'ce Coleman. The case
was appealed.
Aaslanee, for the HesselH of Creditor!.
Nw Yobk, September 1. Lock-
.. X Mn ipaln.tp rlualora in III 110.
at No. 276 Pearl Btroet, assigned today
tor tne oeneiii oi creunors, uvu"r
R. Ball. -
Nhot by IIU Blster-ln-a w.
T.n, IT- Ampi.at. SI. Kirk
UVUIDlllia. - a i , f, " -
Thornaa, a well known young mau of
Paris, Ky., was supposed to have been
loot oy tne acctunMi nittuuarno u. u.o
pla-ol while getting Into a bu.gy Mon
day. Hs died today, and it now de-
-elope that he waa aho by hia sitter-In-law,
Mrs. Robert Hunt, who con
cealed hertelf in the house and fired
lliatAnph Iha wrirt rtw Mhaa l.in,a that
IlllVUgu av rt iMv... a vu. .ipiun au.a
Thomas had insulted her, but did not
S'ate in worn manner, one gave ner
self ud and confessed tha shootinir
iter Iborava's death.
fVbone Danghler Ihe Former
Bala la llavo loauKeil
A anawalal fnlpnram frnm Parla CTpi 1
to tho St. L'u's AVptiWiciin, dated An
a nv.a. - I . I .. .1 ; . ..
gost JUL11, ftivtso lue lui.vaiiug aui.-uuu,
of a tragedy in which Joseph P.
Rivers, formerly of Sornerville, feno.,
was mortally wounded :
About 3 o clock tins auoixoon a
meat doolorahle tragedy was enacted
in this city, which resulted in the
moital wounding of Joseph P. Kivers,
rf Honey Grove, by Oipt. A. D.
B ooksj, a prominent c tixt-n of this
city. The otign ot the diincuity
makfS It necessary to go oacx aoout
three year, when, young Rivers came
,,f nirrt and left h'S family in
K.imerville, Tenn., and came
Wett iu search ol adventure ana
.I.1.HP. Havmu ( iinr'a, in l'Aria he
drifted ber., aud so in found ant ance
into tne D.Bt Biceiy ii too nn-.
Among those families where Rivors
was a visitor was that ol Oapt. Brooks,
and time aeveioptu an ergsKenieiu
between tue oiotet uunwiw-r, lunn
Wlllia ,,! Villi II IT KiVtHH. After B
shortwhile the enKwgement wan br, km
1 Ki
Tennessee, lis soon reuppeared iu
Texes as a drnuunur from a
Naehvillo houre. Ha attompteu to re
new his visit to "Brooke's houaehold,
but did not. nieet aith any ncourngc
luent. About thtee months ago ha
opened a taloon in Honey Orove, and
while he protpeied in hia biwintss be
was unable to regain the recotfiiiiion
which he ardeuily desired. Having
msny friends in this city ho was in
tho habit of frequ'iit'y oeuilng here.
Ho came yesterday, intending to re
turn today.
This morning he met the young
lady on the s reet and attempted to
walk wl'h lo', but the dec lueJ to
recogn ae hiin. t-'martipg under tbe
tting of Ue ramti', he went to a
saloon, aid on a uotehead 01 the
house wioto tho young lidyanote,
which was handed her before ehe left
the street. What the o intents of ihe
note were is not genera'ly known, at
those who know decline to ta!k, but
ia ainntiiinrml hv the vounir ladv
nanqvipiip.." j . " , o '
lnaulting, as it wiw bv her father, to
whom ehe immeoiaieiy gave v.
CaDt. Broo.s at once bjurui. um
Rivers and demanded an apology.
Yonng Rivers denied that he bad
written anything insultitg, but a.' reed
it ia .ii.nl I ha. art innal,l,,rAd hv a diB-
II lb nilwu l a a 7 7a ' a
Interested paty t make the amend
honorable. ir. iiookb who onuesnu s
tlm rlialniereBted party, and thia after
A ... and (la nt. Rrnoka were
UvJvjaa p.a .... 1 .
staudintr in front of Mnrphy s drug
store talking about me maiwr, mn
walked up and remarked: "OanL
Brooks thinks I have written an in
sulting lt-tt r, but I do not thlBkso.
Tothistapr. uroois repneu; ie,
T -.! .1, iiianltlnip "
A IS'IVIH ..iDiiniiifti
As siv.n ib this was ntterea mver-
Btruck Brooks a blow in the uca wnu
ki. i a Th.n ilia llrino commenced
II1D H?l(. at-piM,.-..
i. ..... .ll.ia Tlm intnrvnl between
the nrat sod seconu boo b was su unoi
that epfttatora disagree is 10 wnonrea
a s Un. f aliar olint wan (lre.d until
eiaht hid been exchaoged. Doriog
Ai.i. n,n. dm Txiliiivat nvi'ltisment ex
isted among tbe spectators. Yonng
Kivers, aft-r theshooting, wolked into
Murphy's drog s'ore and exclaimed
to Robert Dickinson: "Oh, Bob, thnt
i,i ..riinilrol fmfitrrinir to Policeman
Hunt) h-s held me uniil I am shot to
death." . , , ,
Dr. Hooks Immcdia'oly examined
......... iriirs.'a wnnniln and found
that be was shot twice, one ball going
in from the light side and passing
i-ip. li,.. ..nit- ni th Htninach. thronuh
U.U inoiw.ai; -- p - . .
the body and out just above the left
a . I al. al - .nlfl.lpin tha Vlipllt
PIP, ana me ovuor luvoiinn '
ald nf that small of the back and
InltTnftha hlaihler.
HJUaiUK l 1 "a paa-aa.-.j "
Capt. Brooke Immediately surrendered
hlmsell to tue ollicors. uaier wiu
plaint for B'sault to murdor waa filed
....int. him. lie waived ex-
. . . . -.1 lli-.l AA
anlna'.ou aua wan nuiuunu
bail in tbe turn oi .w
for his aDnearance Jiiday. Young
Hivata Is now about 24 years of ago
and ia exceedingly handsome, ta 1,
athlfltin and of fine pUvBKine. tyap.
Brooks is a man of perhaps 50 yeara
vears ol sue, ratner low, ouv cuihhi;--
ly built. Strange to say,
I. .1 .11 thrtntrh h
borned with powdor, and byHtaudera
aver that shots were firtd at him with
what they considered ucauiy aim.
.rom Alonsr tho I loo ol tha Lonla
ylllr, New OrleHDa and J"
The rotunda of tbe Peabody Ilote.1
nnsfnted a lively tcene last nlaht. a
l.n.i tie ft v of mertibanta from the
sooth hating Just arrived on an ex
cursion by way ot tne i,ouisviiie, new
Orleans and Texas railroad. Their
presence In the city is due to the en
terprise of the leading business firms,
the affair being engineered by Mr.
Fred Anderson and Mr. W. A. l!.ver-
man. The .nests were regisiorea as
James Klein, Vlcksburg, Miss.
W. M. Uormany, Centervllle, Mils.
M. C. Bridges, Norwood, La.
T. P. Kniat,PortOibson, Miss.
K. T. Phillips, Deer Creek, Miss.
L.Il. Johnson, liarrlstnn, Miss.
J. T. Chanes, W'ilsnn, La.
B. II. Hammond. Ilarriston, MiH.
J. K. Chancy, Wilson, La.
D. 11. liowell, Wilson, La.
A. A.farruth, Wilson, ha.
II. 0. McCall, Wilson, I.a.
A. J. Melton, Melton, Miss.
Hi 0. Horapkreys, l'ort (libstin, Miss.
1). B. Ilumpbrevs, Port l.ibson, Mm.
Lee Hamilton, Port Gibson, Miss.
A. li. Mewwan, Port Ulbson, Mus.
j. 1. Ilorry, Hamburg, Miss.
A, n.a Jiurneii, rur jinruu, a.,...
J. M. or, Hamburg, Miss.
T. P. Prloe, Hamburg, Miss.
C. H. Ilium, Nittayuma, Mill.
Sen Pearl, Anguilla. Miss.
. B. Newman, McNnir, Miss.
II. O. Butlor, Meadville. Miss.
W. J. Lau.hman, Knoiville, Mill.
J'. 6. Thompson. Knoxvllle, Miss.
. M. Sessions, V'llker.on oounty, Mill.
H. J. Kaon, Centra sille, Miss.
'I. T. Charoplin, Centrevllle. Miss.
J. A, Smiley, Oentreville, Miss.
Exruraloa lo
Nelmbr 7th.
If you evert xp 'ct to visit Chicago,
with Its thopssnds of curiosities, local
attraotione, amuaemetits, mysteries
and wonders, now is your time. Buy
your tickets at ones and avail yourself
of thiavory cheap and deligh'ful ex
enrsion; and, beside, September is
certainly the mrst desirable and at
ttactive month of tbe year to make
thia trip. See rates and further par
ticulars In another j'olnmn.
Satacribf) for tuts "AppeaL'
Phelsn Uishaken General Swiff
Ing of Corners at tbe Courthouse
Political Notes.
There is a feeling among politicisns
in r-helby that tbe "devil is about to
break loose In Gesrgia." Seta'or
Hir.iB returned Monday evening and
in twenty-four honrs there waa an
earthquake, 'ihe supsrttitlons in the
backwoods districts are insisting upon
connecting one with tbe other. II
they are correct there ought to ba an
other upheaval oi the crubt of old
Mother Earth in the next few hours.
Hardly had the Governor shaken tha
du-t of travel from bis garments when
the D stiict was (tart led bv a card
from .Mr. J. M. Harris, the Senator's
nephew, announcing that he bad up
on matuie consideration and for bus
iness rsafoiiB declined to make any
further contest for the Democratic
Cor giessional nomination.
Yesterday Mr. J. A. Manson, who
entntml tlm llflii aahnrt lime aoo with
iiardema:i co in'y at his back, arrived
In the city arid took a survey of this
n. vttnn nf tl.n flalil. Tha raalllt VIS A
deteinilnatim to withdraw, which he
dots in tne lo towi s enru:
Mimi'F. , T.HN., August H, IKt6.
To the Editors of the Appeal :
I dtsire, through your columns, to
annouiire to the Democracy ot tlm
Tenth Cosgretsiunsl District, t1 lit I
aru no lonuer a tandldato for ucn-
gress. While that king my friends in
the district for tholr encouregemaut, I
dejire to tav that thia action is solely
due.to my dfeira to suhstrve wtat I
regard aa t':e beat lnloients oi 'no
Domccratic purty. j. a. manson.
The fiaht. takmi it Altogether, la
shaping itiolf, or is leing shtiH'l
much more rapidly tnaa tueoiutsi
voter had any right to expect. As
tho nia'ier Hands at thia writing,
there Is but ono aspirant for tha nom
ination, Mr. James Pholan. Hetaid
'nat night when informed of the aith
drswal of Mr. Manson, that he was in
to s ay and no tol . CAl eaiicquaita
could shake li m In his dehrininatiot.
to r.prts nt the Tenth tn tbe next
Tha Indication ar, however, that
there will ba more tbau one gladiator
in the Demnera'lc ampniintaiwr. a.
repiesspt-t vetf the Appeal wab in-
s. ...i.i.t la t i Ijlit ami ia nhla lo statO
tith c ntidftice, that the Hon Jonah
Patterson will aunounce n.u-B u aa
candidate witbla t' e next twenty-foor
hou s. .
Andthers is no te'sm lor Bfymg
tbat a third man still not en'er tha
flna it tha TInn. CaSeV YoOnil'B
right baud bowere said yeeurday that
n . . ,, . I ... a i allla
ne was in oany toroaiuu'uaiiuu n
him, and that he was deliberating but
had not yet made up his mind aheiher
to bs a candidate thia time or not.
The pew nrrlvala will have their bands
full, as the convtntion meets In about
two weeks.
Demoernile All Over.
v..i..,l.a am an event (ill tklV at
AIDVQIii- .ap - . at.
the Cour house, and it is now, for tbe
first tims ia many a long year. Demo
cratio from cellar to garret. Judge
Dubose of the unminai uoun, juuge
Kites of the Circuit Court, Judt-e
Galloway of the Probate Couii, Judge
Ellett of the unancery tvooit, uu
Attorney General Peters,01ek Echloss
of the Circuit Conrt and Cierk Qalg-
ley of theOonnty uouriwereau awora
in. Sheriff Cannon and Trustee Har
ris succeed themselves. Tbe former
has not yet loiutoed, but is expected
'llr.!..,. Tr.arlartn all, I ncl make h'a
Jll-KIO.SS iaaaapw.. " a 7
appeirance at bis office yesterday, but
. '. a 1 .1 m a nli -i - Ih.pa
Uol. mercer nmu uuwu , it
l,h hia pi.nol aaav irraM all UBV. llta
will probably take charge today, nd
Will nBVB on rvaoiraa.ii. ... -
Btrkkllne, of Germantown.
Iu tbe Oounty Clerk's office M. T.
Garvin was placed in charge ot one
wing, and T. B. urensnaw oi mo ouier
i.. ha inroA'P. No other chanerea
are likely to be made at present.
In the U:rcuitUieiaaoiui;wiu- d.
rr rr1ln.pin anil (. J. Camobell
A . AUUHlMPlwa. - - - , -r .
will continue to preside at their desks
asuaual. , , . . ,
Nobotly knowa bow the force ol
Sher.ff Cannon is to ba managed, but
it is believed there will be some
Cl'ln the Trustee's oflke the old force
will continue to hold the fort.
Attorney General Petors has secured
the services of Mr. J. J. Dupree, who
bai consented tj vBsist hitn I f tha
prtwout a-, le at) A wissr choice Jould
not have be ea made. .
There s the usual speeoh mtklog
when the swinging ' .corDer8J,
plf.ee yesterday but nothing worthy ot
i. :.l -..I.
usici:iai Hvv-i
I'ollllrnl rtilnl-rs.
Two bcsoui friends of the Hop.
Caeey Youug-"Ue will." "He won't."
Nothino his been heard irom the
Surveyorship ma'.ter. M'. Uwa
hnhlB the folt
Enimiis the Hon. J, M. Harris may
r-vrf, but he couldn't count his solid
frianu cn u" ""g0' n 'Of Dy B
long jomp.
rKwunsNi IlAnCaK eipacta to do at
Salt Lake when the Congressional
Convention meets. He thinks that
would be better than to stay and take
a trip up Halt livtr.
bas not yet completed his bind, but it
' 1.1 1 . It, J ... I.,..
IB expeoteo tnat ue win uu nu iw.j.
m. r ii Vrasmsn was In tbe cit
city yisterday to tnrn over hia office to
his succeesor.
Tn altnatinn In annUhnll Senator
tT.ap.!. vntnvnnil Momlsv. Mr. J. M.
Harris withdrew Monday nigbt, Mr.
. . 1 a 1 A l"ll
j. A. jnaaonreurea jeomruaj suuvui.
Josish Patterton will announce him
self tomorrow. Mr. Pbelan declares
he did not feel tha earthquake.
It was an error to give tha data ci
the Legislative Convention for Sep
tember 15th. The Congressional Con
vention meets Baptembsr ilia ana att
Legislative Convention September !.1d.
On the 14th Intt. primaries witlhe
held to eltx t delegates to both.
Thb earthquake did it.
Constipation, the curse of our st deu-
tary life, Dyspepsia, our national aia-
ivi. and KUeumaiiHui. wuitu tuui?
s.nm il .inmanh and from the BUd-
UIU Bi .1 uiw". - - . H.
den changes in our c imate, are I"1-''
curbed oy taxing one ur vwu " :
reth'a Pills every night for a month. fK 1
Persons ate now living enjoying th , i i
moat vigorous health, who have taken
one of these Pil's a night for ovsi t,
thirty years. Chronic diseases art (
cored by lakina from two to four of '
Brandreth'a Pills evety night for a
month. They purge amy the old,
diseased body. This you replacs with
new and healthy flesh prepared by aa ;
invigorated digestion from simple,
healihfoHood. j
Sino for catalogne of the Memphisu
Ho'piial Medical College before at-?
tendiog lectures elsewhere.

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