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Bnwla and Austria Belleied to Be
. Acting- la Coacf rt-Oeaeral ,
Foreign Notes.
Lohdou, September 1. The Vienna
Premdenblatt, crmtr enting on the
North German Gautie't apparent insin
uation that an understanding eiis a
between Austria and Russia regarding
their respective spheres in the
Balkan, asserts emphatically that
sncb an impression is erroneous. Both
tbe UazttU't and the Fremdrnblali't
nicies have caused sense tun. D
Windthorst. the German Chrical
leader, thinks i hat Fiince Bismarck is
doing all in hia power to destroy Lis
reputation as a grtat statesman.
Tbe Standard' $ Berlin correspondent
eajsthat in a conversation yea'erday
Piincs Bismarck ta d: "I iul.y believe
in peace."
advicm raoM bona
aty that M. Ka'arelcfT and Metropol
itan Olemtnt have fUd from that city.
Kara vek CPs action during the revolu
tion was suspicious, . lie a lowed
Prince Alexander's partisans to be ar
rested by Zankxfl and to remain ia
prison, and I.i'ed to disarm all the
3ldiere implicated in the conep racj.
M. NeklioncLfl, secretary tj the Ku
eisn Embers: ? at Constantinople, has
bren appointed Russian Charge d'af
faires bere in place of M. 15 gdanuff,
who baa been recalled. B gJanoff organic-
d a kneeling demonstra ion be
fore the Consulate at Sl fia to pray for
tbe Crir's protection, and it is report
ed that there is proof that he said to
Zankoff two days before the (evolu
tion, "Your professions of fealty t
Russia are all very well, but we now
want acU."
Altxaadvr'e Koalornlloa Fail At
Vinna, September 1. A rumor is
current that tno powers have reeled
tolurky ttint they accept a fail ar
oompli, hot add that in the interest of
European peace bis ro'.urn was unde
sirable. rreparaltoM Ulva Ihe Prince a
loyal Welcome.
Pom.Suptamber 1. Col. Mutkuroff
and bis tio: ps arrived bere today and
received an enthusiastic welcome. The
city ia calm, reparations are being
made for a joyful welcome to Prince
Alexander. The arrest ol plot ers con
tinues. A court martial is being
formed, and will dral with too c n-
' spirators si early as poesible. The
Minintiy continues to i t at Tirnovn
The King oi Konmenia has wiitten to
. Alexander congratulating him upoa
his return.
Aleaaadrr Ialetvlewcd.
Paris, September 1. Tue Journal
AttDtbat publishes an interview wi h
Prince Alexander of Heeso, fathtr of
Prince Alexander of Bulgaria, in which
be declares that BuKa ia wmid reti-t
any a tempt nn the pirt ol Russia to
occupy the cruntry, and save that the
hostilities which would foil 'W wou d
compromise the pacillo relations exitt
ing between the three empires.
Jleiandar Again at II U Capital.
Sofia, September 1. Pince Alexin
der hat atnved at Elena, hetaean
Tiinova and Sofia. His journey to
Elena was marked by a series of pom
lar ovations similar to those reported
yesterday nloug the route fromSys
tova to Tirnova.
Dyaiu ill Cuirass In tlmerlrk,
ljMKaic'K,Si pU)U)ber 1. Mm. Hayes,
a widow, was yts'eiday evlrted hy her
landlady,' Mrs. Uyan. Last night an
iron tube filled wlih txplotiven, con
nected with a 1 glued fine, waa thrown
into the rts.duce of one of Mis.
Byan'a sons. Tbe (use wi.s quern-had
before an explot-ion could occur, and
no damage was done.
Franco aad Ilia Vatican.
Paris. September 1. The Pope has
accepted France's proposition that
Mons. Agliardi, recently appointed by
tbe Vatican Papal Nuncio at Pekiu,
instead of going to China as nuncio,
proceed thither to study conjointly
with representatives of France and
China the conditions for the eventual
re-establishment of a nuncioshtp in
atlll In trance.
London, SepUmibrr 1. Tbe report
Of the arrival of Sir Charlis Dilke in
Canada is declared to ha untrue. It
is said that he ia still in Frame.
Attack an NuMlrra at Ariuaab.
Aeuagu, Ihklami), Septembor 1 A
body of civilians today attacked a
Tarty of soldiers bslonginir to the
Irish Fusiliers for wing "diaoyai"
expressions, aud compelled them to
eekeheU:r in thair barracks.
Aaalrty at Mrlfaal.
Bilpast, bepUmiter 1. The police
bave resumed liot duty along the
Shankbill toad. Crowds have Bem
bled in diflereut paits of the city. No
disorders l ave yet taken place today,
butconai.ierati'o ai'xiety ia felt as to
the outcome of the nUht.
Deplorable Mt- or Affaire In Al
geria. ALQiejw, September 1. The pull
tary condition of Ae rials dep o a
ble. There is apparently an utter ab
asnceof dircip'ine atneng tkelroop.
Duels take ula ie almost daily between
soldiers auu c tHctis, aad even between
rival companies of chaB'eurs snd
Zouaves. The native a ildiers attack
foreigners on the tlinhust provoca
tion. TbeC'nat'a New lltle.
London, September 1 It is rumored
that tbe Csir haa abandoned hisintea
tion of going to Samara, and is to be
crowned Empe.or if Atiia aod will as
sume the title ol Ukaw.
Blacnaalaa; Tarir Fiilnre Paltry.
Lokdin, September 1. The disil
dent Liberals are making srrange
ments to hold a meeting to ttiai u-s
their future policy. Cowm iners L
and 12 ir sell are urging te .ant fanners
and glebe pun ha1 ers to prepare as
early as possible evidence which they
wish to submit to the commi-s.on ou
Irish rents.
Christiana aaaaawretf in Thlnn.
Shakoiiaj, Sep'enibsr 1. Advicts
from Ching Too Foo, tbe chief city of
tbe I'rovmie ol hechnen, state that
tbe natives ot tbe ejs'.ern part of that
Prov me and thtee cf Northern Co
chin Chic a, bave riten agalnit the
Cnriatuns ana are mastacreimr ttiHoi
and destroyirg their property. Th-s
active perjecutK n m attnuuttd to tbe
imprud' nee of i.o Engliah and Amer
ican mifs:ooario. In Cochin Chioa
alone n'ty Chriftans have been
killed, their 1 otihta bu ntd, and their
farms de troyed. la reibuin a gen
eral nmsacre of Cbr stiins is renorted
to be in rogrees nd tbey are killed
wherever found. 1'. U taid tt.at whole
Til ages occujijd by Chriatians have
been destroyed and that all lands oc
cupied by the profartors of that faith
are being devastated. Tbe Apostolic
Vicar's residenco in Sechuan has been
bnrned to the ground. Not s piece of
furniture, nor a book, nor s paper was
saved. The foreign Consols barely
escaped from Seehuen wi'h their lives.
Mo efforts bad been made uo to tbe
latest reports to quell the disorders,
aod so far as now known it continues
Gcrmanj and France.
' Pabis, S. ptember 1. The RfpMique
Franeaue reprodnces Wittinu. om-mi-nt,
today, the article from the North
German GaztUr, eta ingthat 'Ueroiauy
must always keep her eyes on
France," because "Fiance is making
rapid preparations to Atbt," etc. The
attic e has cauaed exiitement in the
French press and among French diplo
mat. Le Matin says tbe ertie'e shows that
Prince B smarck, having b en doped
by Rousia, is now trying to revenge
himtelf on Kronen.
Trasic Elding or a Long Harried
Kboktjk, Ia , September 1. Yester
day morning Frank Like eht and
ki led bis wile, and then himself, at
Lagrange, Me. Umii a year ago Lake
and wife resided on a farm, a mi e
south of Lagrange. At tbe date named
ha left Lome and did not put in an
appearance again till thr.e days aio.
B-fre leaving home Lake aud his
wife failed to agree, and numtroos
brawls and family fights were the re
sult. On returnii K home the family
feud was renamed, and Lake ended It
for a time by driving bis wife from
tbe houieetead and us thelter. The
eon gave Mrs. Likj a home, but this
QIU not. iuuiu nor jiruioc iuu. xuri;
yea erday morning L-kecame totiwn
and ra'led at bis eon'r, as t uugh on
a fiieudiy visit. He appeared t be
in an afTible mood and ws cheery in
couverention, snd spoke pleasantly to
all pmeons in the honso, ii cutting
his wife. Suddenly, the puiport of
his v'tit was rnsdo known by ttie act
of drawing a revolver, which w.s dis
charged, tbe bullet striking the wif
ia the face. Three tbts ia all were
fired. Lake then placed tbe revolver
to his own heart, pulled the trigger,
and fell a corpse They had been
married alnut thirty years.
Shipped Out ta Keep From Hup
narilns II le Child.
laraouL to ths arraii.t
Holly Spbimos. Mifs , September 1.
Calvin Leeton was anestad near
Waterf ird, M its , a few days ago, upon
the 0' mpiaint of bis c usio, Mist
Anna Ili l, chr,ing that he seduced
her some time last fall under promise
of marriage, and that oa Anguat 3d
she gave b nh t) s child, the issue of
their unlawful inte course; tha' be
refosed 1 1 many her as proaiis d Us
put her in charge of a negro, agreeing
to ree her properly tar. d (or, aud then
('eeerted ber, and but for the negro
she would bave died in her confine
ment. Tbe case waa set for today and
sho appeare l in court wi h ber child,
but Lect in could n t bs f uod, having
left for pans unknown instead of ap
pearing aa he agwed.
We Cantloa All Asalaat Them.
The unmeceilenied tuccct sand merit
i f Kly'a C eam Balm a real cure for
cata rh, bay fever aud co d in the
hea l has induced many advrn'U'Brs
to p'a e catarrh mod'eines hearing
some reeemblance In appea'ance. style
or name upon the market, in order to
trade upon the reputation of Ely'a
Cream Balm. Don't be deceived. Buy
only Ely'a Cream B Ira. Manv In
your immediate locality will test fy in
hghist commendation of it. A Dar-
tee is applied into each no tril; no
p.tiu ; agrieaoie tt ns. I'r'cuoOo.
nuetilna i be lMurman titration.
N( Ynr. RnlmSnr 1 t a
meeilng of the Em grant C.iininlf
eionrrs held th a alierooon at Castle
Garden at whit h were present Com
mi'sionera Stair, Stepherson, Forrest
and Brunn, the app'iration ot the Bal
timore and Ohio company to sell
tickets to immigrants in CasileGardon
was grantd. There was s me opposi
tion by the other companies, as it was
consiilered only fair that the Baltimore
and Oh o should j la the pool, but
hut th s the commisBioncrs though a
private matter which concerned the
companies inter-sted only. The Mor-
mou qu a ion wss not uiscuaeea, out
WSt intimnted to thn pnmin!altor
by E. J. llait, the Mormon anent at
mm cny, mat ne wouiu nung the mat
ter before t ie courts. There are only
flfiv Mormona nnw at Wr,l'. tainn.t
the remuiuder having lei , for the Wewt.
Tub Voltaic Bai.t Co., Manshall,
Mieh., ofler toaend their Celobratod
Voltaic Bui.ts and Eleetrlo Amli-
anet s on thirty dnys' trial to any man
afllleted with NervoiiB Debi ity, Loss of
vitrtltty, Manhood, etc. Illus ralod
pamphlet in sealed envelope with full
particulars, mailed free. Write them
at, once
Yellow Fever al New Orleans.
Naw OiiMANN, La., Keptemoer I,
The loliowing ia ih ollleial finding of
Ih uotntmttoi of phynciinHiini'iiruig
into tio i ase of gickn' ss lu te Ubt
week. Theui derdg iedhavo made a
thor ugh exa i ina ion of the sveu
conva'escei.t ptus ins ai d aiBo of the
patient n iw i 1, and have obtainod
clmica; Uitcrlee of the two persons
who died on Sunday, August t)tb.
The mm of the evidence ii dicatea
yel on fever aa the caii'e of illiiesr.
The above Is eigned by Don or.s Joseph
Holt and Lumen F. Sali m ,n, roapeo
t vely preside nt aud secretary of the
Ltiii Hiar.a State Boaid of Health, and
br Dr. T. Scale, health cttlcer at
Hcoli'e Kraalvlttn.
Of pare Cod Liver 01, with Hypo
phnsplii ea, ia a mos' taluabla remedy
f ir oonanmpt on, scrofula, wasting dis
eases of ct ildien, olds a id chronio
coughs, and in all coalitions where
there in a loss of fl h, a lack of norve
power and a general debility of the
Got Ilia Divorce.
Niw 'York, September 1. Judge
Peter, of the Supreme Court, has
erann d an alwo u e divorce to Edwin
Mayo, the actor, from his wife, Jennie,
to wliom he was mair ed February 18
18o3. lt.ey st ptated in August, im.
Mr. Mayo clitrges his wife with in
fidel ty. She did not appear to defend
the tuit.
m .
Tu khk's cne tojth-wash, the ladies'
B.!oved hy belleo o'er every "waeu"
beside ;
Oje tletit tries there is lupremely
A saeet-r, bt-tteronn than all the reat ;
Atd you will fiud in every land the
That COZODONr's ils old, familiar
Jackson District on tbe First Ballet
Over Barksdale by Tery De
cided Majority.
laramiLTOTsa arraiL.I
Jackson, Mihs., Hi ptember 1. The
nominating Congressional Convention
was called to order pro in ply at 12
oclojk today, with full delegations
fiom eveiy rounty in the district.
Tbe contest commenced at once
fierce and heavy, on the' temporary
organizition. W. C. WiikintoD, a
Hooker delegate, waa elected tempo
rary chairman, and L. F. Chiles aud
E. L. Muitm secretaries, by a vote of
14 to 13.
1 be Clarksdale de.egates contested
every inch of ground, and were de
feated on all preliminary questions by
the same vote as above.
The report of tbe Committee on Cre
dentials unanimously recommended
the seating of the Ilooktr delegates
from the contested counties of Lincoln
and Claiborne, which repoit was adopt
ed. This action gave Hooker nineteen
delegates ti thirteen for Maj. Barks-
The temporary organization was then
declared permanent, ai d the nomina
tion was tbeD proceeded with.
Dr. Byroo Lemly of Jackson, placed
in nomination the Hon. C. E. Hooker
of Hinds, which was seconded in an
eloquent speech from Dr. Lockwood of
Uop au.
Mr. T. A. White of Rinkin. placed
in nomination the Hon. E. Bsrksdale
of Hinds, which was seconded by Bobt.
l'ovto 1 of Mad a m.
On a call of the countiea the vole
rem I ted in nineteen vot s for Hooker
and tbir eeo fir Barksdale.
Oa mot on of Mr. White the nomi
nation wa9mada uoanimous.
The announcement of the result
was received with vociferous and pro
lunged applausi.
A coruui ttee was sppo'n'ed to wait
opin CjI. II ioker and inf jrm him of
tiia nomination, and invite bim to ad
dress the convention, whii h he did in
a stirring address of sime thirty min
utes, acceptit g the nomination.
By inviU loo. of the convention the
Hon. E. Baiks 'a'e apparid and de
livertd a patriotic speech announcing
nis true loyalty to tne party, ana now
ing and accepting with grace and dig'
ni y the dic es of the convention and
returned stainless and unsullied the
banner of thn party heretofore intrust
ed.tohim. His speech was received
with great enthusiasm.
Mr. A. J. M Liurin, ot Rankin,
oflVred the following resolution, which
was ad p'ed!
Retolved, That we oppote all tariff
legislation ex opt a tarilt for revenue
only; that we favor tne unlimited
coinage of gold and nlver; that we in
dorse the adminis ration cf President
The following Executive Committee
was apnointed (or the district at large:
D. P. Por'er of Hinds. chairman: Geo.
Handy of Madison. A. J. McLsuiin cf
Ruikin. W. C. Wi kinsm of Copiah.
For the counties For Hinds county.
G. M. Lewis; for Rankin, Pat Henry;
I r Uopiab, W. Li. Mitche l; lor tjimu
svo, A. L. May; lor Claiborne, E. P.
liripcoo; lor Llucoln, tiiram Caesidy ;
lor i-rankiia, J. J. rr .uy.
ths rtrra DjsTtitT convention.
A tulegiam from the Democratic
Congreasionat Convention for the
Fifth D.etrict, now in session at For
est satts: "Fewell delegates from
Wavne and CUik tested. Committee
wot king on Newion contest."
The S ate B ard of Commissioners
of Eeotion met here ytateidayand
appoint d the fol owing County Coin
miaaiojeis of Election:
Alcorn Ootintv John A. Dilworth.
Goo. Cox, U. D. Wiuttn.
Amite George A. McGehee, J, II.
Jones, Peter Kobinton.
A'lala lloury t, Adams. J. Gwln.
J. W.Quaiktj. i
Ben ou G. H. Harrison. C O.
Spencer, W ash McKie.
Caihoun K. A. Bulley. L. Pate. J.
G. Uyn.
CUihorne Jno. 0. Walkins, 1. M.
Kea, A. M. Adlijon.
Covington J. M. Edmonson. Law
rence McCalium, N. W. Tanrietitll.
Des to E. B. Gwyu, T. A. DoJeon.
Simon McMillan.
Franklin II. 0. Butler. R. K. Soott.
Warren James.
Harrison W. T. Walthall. Jo. R.
Davis, W. P. Locker.
Holmes J. G. Alexander. L. A.
Powers, J. J. Jolmson.
lsnaouena E. . ecu dder. James T.
Qrauilmg, J as. Will. amp.
Iitawainha Jama O. Priddy, Eli
Phillips, John J. Walker.
Jasper-R. E. ltackley, Daniel O.
Flinu, A. B. Ooit n.
Jonts J. L. Welborn, E. M. Devall,
Samuel I'nebt
Lafayette J. T. AYood, J. W.
Lnckio, Wash Porter.
Lauderdale J. K. Mitchell, R. M.
Hou tin, J. K. Smith.
lAwrence A. E. Wea'hereby, Z. P.
Jreties, Wnflrld Sco t
Lee Q E. Sykes, L. G. BogRan,
Clin'nn C. Joner.
Leflori J. L Davidson, George W.
Amo:d, Lake Wi kj.
Montgomery G. A. Spiny, W. B.
Saiindois, John H. Vaogl.tin.
Pontotoo O. D. Fouta ne, Richard
Lil'y, Samnel Duncan.
Pano a W. F. Carter, George W.
Dtatii, Cago Palleniine.
Sjntt JaniFs A. Ware, J. E. Hun
ter, James II. Owen.
Simpson A. G. B?rry, jr., T. L.
Mendenball, J. P. B own.
Sm.th J. J. Slinrboiough, J. M.
Currie, J. W. Bryant.
Tate-Elward L. Wecms, James
Womatk.Zaoh P. Smdh.
Tinpah A. N. Clayton, W.T. Smith,
E. W. Oorit.
Union W. A. Stocks, T. A. Hitt, L.
Washington F. L. Bates, Theodore
Pohl, Peter Mitchell.
Wayne-D. M. Taylor, B. 8. Ramey,
William Yeoman.
Webs'er Samnel L. Cook, James F.
Endy, J. W. Holland.
The remaining counties were pissed,
there baing no applications nor recom
mendations thereficm. Appointments
will be made as soon as proper names
are fnrntehed.
Ileal Estate and l'er.tat Acfiit,
OH MAP1S0N BTREET-Rwolal atten-
lion aia to Urn iina or all buik
tain, anil Willi ovor V0 jcr' aiiwrionca,
oiirrertnK and imtiwiwftin aawTaniiiCil.
4 and BO Beale Bi., Memphla, Tenn
A Common Cold
la often the beginning of serious affco
tiona of tha Throat, Bronchial Tuhca,
and Lungs. Therefore, tbe. Importance of
early and effective treatment cannot be
overestimated. Ayer'a Cherry Tectorni
may always be relied upon for the speedy
cure of a Cold or Cougb.
Last January I via attacked with a
severe Cold, which, by nnijlect and fre
quent expoaurea, becunio worse, finally
settling on my lungs. A terrible cough
scon followed, accompanied by paiiu in
he cheat, from which I dutfrrcd Intt iiHt ly.
Aftar trying; various remedies, without
obtaining - relief, I commenced taking
Ayer'a Cherry I'cctorul, aud was
Speedily Cured.
I am satisfied lhat thin remedy saved my
life. Juo. Webster, l'awlucket, K. I.
I contracted a severe cold, which sud
denly doveloped Into Pneumonia, present
ing; dangeroua and obstinute symptom.
My phyniclun at once oruVred the use of
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral. Ills lnatructiour
were followed, and the result was a rapid
and permanent cure if. E. SinipsoUj
Bogera Prairie, Texas.
Twoycara ago I suffered from a aevere
Cold which aettled on my Lungs. I con
sulted varioua phyaiciiins, and took the
mcdiclnea they prescribed, hut received
only temporary relief. A friend induced
me to try Ayer'a Cherrv Pectoral. After
taking- two bottlca ot thin medicine I waa
cured. Since then I have given the Tec
toral to my children, and couaidur it
The Best Remedy
for Colda, Coughs, nml all Throat and
Lunj? diseases, ever used In my family.
Robert Vanderpool, lleudvillc, Pa.
Some time ago I took a alight Cold,
which, being neglected, grew worse, and
settled on my lungs. 1 had a hacking
cough, and was very weak. Those who
knew me best considered my life to be
lu great danger. I continued to suffer
until I commenced using Ayer'a Cherry
Pectoral. Less than one bottle of this val
uable medicine cured me, and I fed that
I owe the preservation of my life to its
curative powers. Mrs. Ann Lockwood,
Akrou, New York.
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral is considered,
here, the one great remedy for all diseases
of the throat and luns, and is more
In demand than any other medicine of ita
close. J. F. Roberta, Magnolia, Ark.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Praparad by Dr. 3. 0. A yr Co., Lowell, M mi.
oli by lirugglsu. 1'rica $1; six botUes, A
Forty Tears a Sufferer from
FOR FOltTT TEARS I bar been a vle
tim to 0ATARK1I threa-fourttts of tbe time
a sufferer from EX0UUCIaTIN(4 PAINS
TRILS. Tba discharges were so offensive
that 1 hesitate to mention it,rxcept lor the
good It may do some other suGerer. I have
spent a young fortune from my earninvs
during my forty years of 'uttering to obtain
relief from tha dootors. I have tried patent
medicines every one I eould learn of trora
the four corners of tha earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (57 years of aire) have met
with a remedy that has cured me entirely
made me a new man. I weifrhod 12H pounds,
and now weigh 146. I used thirteen bottles
of the medicine, and the only regret I have
is, that being in the humble wa'ks of lile I
may not have influence to prevail on all ca
tarrh sufferers to use what has cured me
tiulnn'g Pioneer Blood Roncwer.
" No. 267 Saoond street, Macoa. Oa."
" Mr. Henry Chaves, the writer of tha
above, formerly of Crawford eaunty, bow of
Macon, (la., merits tba eontdtnee of ail in
terested in oatarrh. W. A. Hi FF,
"Ex-Mayor of Maoon."
tiolnn'g Pioneer Blood Kenevrer.
Cures all Blood and Skin Diseases, Rheuma
tism, Horolula, Old bores. A perfect Spring
If not in yoor market, it will be forwarded
nnreoeiptof price. Small bottles, ti, large,
tl 75.
Essay on Blood aad Skin Diseases mailed
Maeoa, Weoralw.
A" to
WetatieUennlneArllrltt Thxeri-eitl
pnpularily of "Wilbur's Comionnd ol Cod
Liver Oil and Lime" bs induced some un
principled nrrsons to attempt to nalin oil a
simple article of their own manufacture;
but anv person who is suflerinc limn Coughs,
Colds or Consumption should, be care'ul
whtre they purchase this article, the re
sults of its use are t best 'eromuiendH lions,
and the prop-iotor has amnio eviiteoceon
file of ita irreit success in nulinonary coin
plainti. The l'l'onhate of Lime possesses a
molt marvelous hruling power, as combined
wilh tbe pure Cod-Liver Oil bv Dr. Wilbnr
It is presprilwd by the medical fa.-u'ty. Sold
by A. 11. WiLaoa, Chemist, Boston, aai
Otto Scliwill&Co.'s
Removed to 308 Front St.,
Between Monro and Madison, Nearly
(Vnn a l'uitnRice
r for . a "
aas...sW - iM
ThAnniw urfr. ..Kaii. (or Mather's
milk. Invaluable fa cholera Infnntum
end Teathlng. A pr.1iB.td7ood rur Dv-
Pentloa. Oonaumptlvsis, Convalacnt.
rnwt iutrin In all Waatlnaf Dlaeneea.
laoqiilrM no cooking. Our Koi.lc. Tha Car
and rtadlngj ot Infants, mailed tr.
LMJUBHIt, OOUUALB a CO.. Boetoo. Ma.
Ornrs M Karma (Ita I.innT CouriXT,)
BY order or the Uosrd ol Directors of tha
Memphis Has Liaht Company, made
July ti, lasn, a meeting 01 the sloe' holders ol
said company e called to t-e held jib Mon
day, Uciotiar 4. 1KH0, at the oltlce of tbe com
pany, in Memphis, al U m to consider and
act unon a contract ms'le hy ihe Board ot
Directors with Taslng Ulitrlct ol t-hlby
rounty, a copy ol which eont-aot has been
sent by null to each stockholder In lunher
purm 'ftce of said order of the lloatd, notice
ol 'aij nurting in herehy given tothe stock
holders o saiil company, and they are earn
emlv miursled to he presant, or send pruxiea
with iheir insiru'-tmns ai to the voting of
their shirk n pun ih's proposition to acoept
or reject said roni raci.
.Kisr.rrt crtAii,
Rrcretary of Memphis Usi Liabl Co,
5ep!euibr 1, ISmiJ.
Sit - r m . m .
SEPTEMBER 2. 1886.
3T- 8EMMBQ &s CO.
BiMler Car Warks s MannfaGt'ir n
Biinkley, Ark-
Doors, Sash, Bllais, Dressed Floorlnir, CeUlnir, Weather-Boardinr,
Cypres HhlugleH, lAths, Etc.
jarour laeilltlas are ansnrpassed by any
We miki tb
g. 124 Jetf eraon Street
MLDBBOSorCom,niis. F.
Kan. S56 and 358 Front Street-
Or ocers & Cotton Factors,
No. 30a Main Street, GayeMo niock.
WholesaleGrocers, CotFactors
Wholesale Grocers
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers.
Mo. SOO Front .reet, t WennIii, Tmn-,
M. JONES. President.
W. D. r. SAW RIB,
iaoaura la
v 36 38 aud 40
y. m. joNaq. jt?o. k. ftPtun. t. r. ptbrh. ko. arnolti. wp. ?. rawrtb.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
OTo. 11 TTwton Btroot. r ; IffempliUe Te;
L. i'. MULUNtf. ot lata J. R, tiodwia Co. J AS. IONtf. lata al J. W. CaldwaU Cc
Cotton Factors &Commission Merchants
No. 1 Howard's Cow, Cor. Front and Union, Hemiihis.
Hf aatBfitctnrcra ef
sawmill In the South for il ingorders promptly.
WbolosaU Buildmi iMoial faAtura. OrWA
Memphis. Tennesief
Mannlaeturer'a Agenta tor
Dnnlcl I'rnu C utluu Gius,
Manufacturers of
rratt lli Iln'lrr lnn,Petl.
en asHt tita Kepaira-ra,
m to 104 Poplar St., Moiiiphls
rPratt Berolving Head dins nne
qualed. btnek now complete. Prices
reduced. Correpondenot ana order
olicited. Old dins Kei ai-ed in Kirsl
laps' rile . All work guaran'eed.
. MUBFLT, Besideat Partaer.
Memphis. Tens.
& Cotton Factors,
Latest Novelties in Footwear
W. L. Donglas t3.(X) Calt Shoei
la Button, Lace and Congress.
r Illustrated Catalogue and Prine- Lb
Mailed Free on apnlinaiton wa
1 S
' I. F. PETERS. Vlea-Prasldaai.
Peeretarj and Treaaurer.
Pelcrs'at Sawrla.)
Jeflerwon Street.
Cliristian Brothers'
For Board, Tuition, etc, sea catalogue, or
'"BROTHER MAUB ELI A N. President.
Clara Conway Institute.
' Wit t. sit:PKN
Monday, October 4, 1886. .
Enrollment L.-t Term, 322.
ASCUOOL for the drreloputent of vigor
ous, though u , r.oMe womanhood
This result is reached ny breadth and
thoroughness of instruotinn snd liie awaken
ing of patient, eanet endnavor. A new
and eomtuodioui boarding denurlinent b
juntbeen couiideted.
'Ibe department ot dressmaking and mil
hnerr is added lor the I rst time.
in te absonoeof the Princ pel. who is in
Kurope f . r the suiumrr, eiit ilognes will ba
furni-hedon applicauou to Mrs. K. P. Mor
ton, m Adams siret t, ir the will be found
at any of tha city boos store-.
rs. Bowles' School
Opens Sept. 14, at 155 Alauig St.
QPECIAL advantages for young ladies In
English J ours.. Win, German, French.
Music snd Elooution.
Thorough instruction b modern methods
is offered to boys and girls Irou primary -classes
through grammar oouibq.
St. Agues Female Academy,
TDIS Institution is delightfully (i'usted
in a retired and hi-aUnv part of the city
of Memphis, commxn'lirg ths advantage of
town and country. Tbe rmir surrounuinga
breathe an air ot pem-tl I oluion, whioh
ever eierts so pnwertui an influence over ths
moral, physiol and in'el r-(ual li e. The"
course of study euitirace ihe various
br inches of a solid a. id useful education.
In the regular Knglirh ro'irre, the pupils oa -entering
are ranked cc rding to their pro
fioienoy in Ur hng aiihy.tiruiun ar and Arith
metic. 1'a'tirnlar s'leMinii is siven to Sa
cred and I'rotane II tnry. Khetorio and
oinp nilion. I.siin and 1'ren-h en er into
the regnlar curse. A pniiiuu ot time is al
lowed to each pupil f r t'l 'in and Ornamen
tal Needlework, -hell. Flowers, eto. 'lerras, .
per Session, payable haif-y aiy. invariably
ia advance. Ym boar i and tuition in all
branches taught in the hii he't schools. -Plain
Sewing, Markiniu'tc , li.d, Bedding.
BtaHonery and Washing, flOn and $125, ao
eoiding to the age nr Ha ol the pupil.
Special terms ahen scvird members ot tha -same
lamil attend tie sen I. Mo allow
ance is made lor parti:.! .-ihsence or with
drawal belore the eiinratiou ot tha te m,ez
oeptin cases oi seriou or protruoted illness.
KxTasa Uerman, Italian, etc. each 81 2 ; -Music
on Piano and use ot irs ruinent, t-iO;
Drawing and Water Coli.rs, 10; Oil Paint--inr.t.t);
Kmbroiiteryami On.a ' enUl Work,
410; Useof Library, 12: Vupil Musie in class, .
$; Private Lessons, l-'. Board per month
dur ng vacation, if .rent at 'be Academy,
wash ng, eio., 115. Medicine and physician's -teea
will form estra rharnea Terms tor day
pupils, $!, t4, 15 or per month. For fur
ther particulars apply tn the
WILL rennen 6epi. 13, m. Located in
a healthful and d"ight,ul auburn, ac
cessible by car lines to and imui all parts of
o ty. Instruction thrr. ugh, snd accordinar
to the most approved e iu- r p' 1 methods.
Superior and trained i e.-iuliste in ihe va
rio s Departments ol Muric, rtr'. Elocution.
Modern Lani-unaes, Scierrei Classics and
Primary Teaobiog.
For further pxrtiru'ars applv ts
Memphis. Teen.
Tbe Slat Anneal Soion Opens Hep .
iriulirr 10, Issa.
For catalogue or spnci 'l information, ap
ply to atellevue f. , Ta
W. R. A mm t. Prtwrlpnl.
Deshler Female Institute
tfonrllna: aiirt lia-y ini iw Vodsis;
ltiiillrM, Tuaenii.li'H, Alntoama,
i OT1I ANNUALS "N n .ns Wcdnes
l Z day. Sent. 1, 188-. Ku I KKCully of ex
perienced and accomp-lhed teai-hers. Char
tered institut'on. Firai epifs in all its ap
pointments. Board, n c.u in- fuel and
lights, tuition in erlire Literary Depart
ment, emnrae ing Anriunt nnl .Modern Lan
gunges, with Mus'C. wil be furnished tha
entire year for $2 Din aiivai co: the above,
with Art, t'liH. Cata'oguev ntaining full
particulars, sent nn i.ppn" iiinn.
N . V LoU H NOV A VI., Principal.
School of La nonages
ISH. Instruction in dss or private
by lessons. For term , H.f'dr s
LK''N LANUSUkKt). Ilayoso Hotel.
A CLASSICAL SCHOOL of high grade for
lioya and Hirl. Knlih Ci urss, Latin,
flreek. Musio and Art thorniiiihly taught;
Bok keeping also. Bors fii ed lor coilee.
For oatatosues address the Prinripal,
K. F. CHEW, ,-ou.e-vlle. Tenn.
St. Mary's School.
Bio. 303 Poilr Ktrtwt,
AKOs KDINt and Day Sohocl for Youns
. Ladies and Child-en. under tbe charge
of the Sisters ol St. Mti, o: Ihe English
Ohurch. Number of pupi-s limited to 1110.
Neit school irm heginr w- .-iler a9ri.
For Bys and Young Man. t-eiid nroatalogua
JOHM K. HAMPTON. A .v.. 'rineipal.
Bay. FPU A It WOODS. Ph. I'.. Associote.
nKnti'Ai, BtraatitKm
Tulane University oi" Louisiana.
I Formerly, 1M7-1K8I, ;he Universily of
Louisiana I
ITS advantages lor praoi a t structirn in
diseases ol theSouthe-t ii'e unrivaled,
as the law secures it tu, e' 1 ir dant inuteri
slsirom tbe great Cbari y Mnspital with ita
7iK) beds, and 2,0ti0 a:i nts annually. Stu
dent have no hnsp lal-fecs 10 pav and spe
cial instruction is daily given t the bedside
oltbesick, as in no other institution. For
outalogue r information, address
Prof. 8. K. C11A1LLK, M. I)., Dean,
P. 0. Drawer '.61. New Or pans. La.
Bartlett Normal School
Attn TRAINING INr.fl 1 1! IB roa BOTH
SEX liS A school ni.ted lnr its progres
sive methods and its ti orotigb, honest and
prsotical instiuotion. Cour e o: study ar
ranged ta meet the dm.mds '! the timet.
Degrees conlerred, tuiiioo cheap, board fiom
$1 to 1 12 SO per month . loi-ution pleasant,
lehool well equipped, fctdtnta received
any time. Firnt Term opf us Aogust .V.ttl.
Second Term, October aM. Address
WmiUAKDT A MKUHAKDT, . H arilett.Tono
Memphis Female Seminary.
SIRS. EMMA C. 1 VVsaKR. rlnclpalJ
aeplewlier MO, lsse.
Bestedncatinnal sivantate affnrded to ptr
pils. Location 870 Linden treet.
Hemphis Institute,
W1TI1 eiperienced assistants In all de
partments, will begin its siith year
On September 18S6,
at No. 174 Hernando street, formerly flraea
Church. Boys prepared lor either Business
or College. Discipline firm aiidstnct ! in
ttrnction thorough and mrdern in methods.
Modern Langusges aspeeial feainra.
1M Hernando n-e-t. Memphis, Tenn.
PETF.RSBHRO, VA. The Ta.nty-second
Annual Session of this hrhool for Boys
begins tha first Monday in OeU.ber. Thor
ough preparations for llnive sity of Vir
ginia, leading Engineering Schools and
I nited Htatea Military and
mies: highly rerommend- d by Faculty of
U niversi'y ot Virginia ; la t staff of instruci
ors; sitaation h.althfu . harly application
advised, as aamher ol bimide a ia strictl
limited. For ratslosae artili ea
W. HOB DON MflCAl.K. I. ad Master.
-Br.aaiaHKISllWay IsKS" A tTHIsT,
STeahvlllr, Tran. Thon uch instraetinn
in distinct courses ol ; ivil. Mich.nical and
M'nins Kngine.nnn (Annu I 1 1 nitinn ).
snd in Manual Techno ngy Freel. Full
Faealty. Ksteniive .auipments and lacili
tiesin dranahtiag-rooius. l.nort. r es, sh"r
and 6eld practice, l-.ntraiioe Ki niin.itioua
SDt 14. 15 and 1". For oir. ulurs sddres
Pt.H, a WJLS WILLA!H61ij,UM4tt

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