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LochriUNVf w Orleans aja Te im B'j
aad ttiar May I 1WW. ptmsnr trains en
thii road will run at lollowi:
" fAbl MAlL'i
4:30 p.m
:39 p.m
10:13 p.m
1 :00 a.a
2:44 a.m
6:25 a.m
6:14 a.m
:S0 a.m
T:21 a.m
4:07 a.m
1:13 a.m
11:16 p.m
1:35 p.m
7 rftl p.m
B:(A) p.m
..land .C..
Stokjbarf ..... w..
lih.L.. F-.
Vaton Renre......
Jew Orleans-...."
:00 a.iu
i With Ii 11dm entering Momrhli.
-Witb M. 1K.W. R. R. lor Helena.
O For ttreenvilla end Huntlnfton, and all
Arkansae pointi.
-WithV. A M. tnd V.. S. k P. Railroads,
' -With N.i J. AO. R.R. for JNateh.s and
Jaokion. ,
' For Pointi oa th. Branch.
-With iteatn.ri lor Bayon Sara.
" --With railroad! diverting for Florida,
Texai and CoattlpolnU.
J AS. M. KD WARDS, V. P.andO. M.
A. J.KNAPP. ft. P. A.
Maalealppl in TraaMiM.-Tralni
xaova ai follow! : NewOrleaoi nail arrival
aaily at t:26a.m. leave dally at 6:00 p.m.
wMrt Newaaad Hlmalaalnpl Vrl-
ayv-Traini mori ai followi i Fait 'In
Imtn at a.m. I bt. Loutl fait Una
mi at 5:80 p.m. t Fait Una arrival at 1 :30
p.m.ibt. Louil fait Una arrival at 9 :0ft a.m.
LAalavllle aatl Ha.hwllle Traini
riova ai followi: Fait mail arrival daily at
:1(S a.m.: laavai at 10:10 p.m.i mail leave!
ally at 10:10 a.m.) arrival at 4:00 p.m.
Brownivlll asooinmoiatlom laavai daily
eapt Bandar, at 6:00 p.m. I arrival daily,
aaeapl Bunder, at 8:50 a.m. (itandardtlma).
eaapbl aad LlltU Kock.-Tralni
la ova ai followi (central standard time):
No. 1 laavai daily at 4:20' p.m, i arrival at
tiMp.m. So. 8 laavai at 6:65 a.m. t arrival
tSiMa.m- No. 6 (frei(ht) leavoi Honeffeld
dally (aio.pt bandar) at 6:00. a.m.i arrival
at 7 :10 p.m.
tawir Bata-(Kaaaa Ct ij, Sprlrr
id aaa xmpnia) iraim leave m. arm
, depot at followi: Hi
a. Kiniu Cltr ex
rati, laavai at 10:46
a.m. t rio. a, aaniaa
Ity expreii, arrival at 30 p.m. No. A
KanlM uny mall, leaveaaaniu" p.iu.i ..
Kaniai City mail, arrival at 8.-46 a.m. No.
LSULouli and Chicaao eirrei. laavai at
irOO p.m.t Na. 1, St. Louie and Chicato.i
btmi, arrival at 8:46 a.m. Ia affaot Bunday,
April 18, im.
For Ulttuvppi: Fair weather; nearly
tiaiionary temperature; wind Rifling to
For Louitiana and Texat: Fair
weather; tiaiionary temperature', north
erly windt.
For Arkantai: Fair weather; touth
erlywindt; tlightly warmer.
For Tenneinet and Kentucky: Fair,
ilightly warmer weather; loutheatterly
wfaJl, beooming loutherly.
eUMroloa;lral Heport.
Mitfraie, T., flonterabor 1, ISM.
Bar. Ther. Wind. Wilier
J0.19L' 80.0 NW Olear.
'I0J65 81 0 KK. oiear.'"
ZO.Uo C"6 N.E.' Clear!"
7:00 a.m
11:00 a.m
8:00 p.m
7:00 p.m
10:00 p.m
Tlaximum temperature, 81.0,
Minimum temperature, 00 0.
Osone.ll am., 2.
Balnlall, O0O
fa In Uattaa Kaa-laa.
Siohal Sbrviub. TJ. S.Abmt, 1
September 1,1880 -5 p.m.
Division of telHKraina and reports (or
iha benefit ot commnrce and aerlcnl
tare. Cotton regiou bulletin (or the
twenty-(onrhoara odinu August 31st,
at 6 a'elnnk p.m.
TOOT. ? g 9 ? B .
Mamplils..... 82 00 .01
Hashvillo 78 Cti .00
Grand Junction... 81 55 .00
Corinth hi 62 .00
Trwoumbia 82 63 .00
Decatur .. 84 60 .00
rJcoltuboro.. 82 50 .00 ,
Hernando 80 63 .00
flaWwTUIe ........... 82 60 .00
Grenada...... 82 60 .00
OoviDRton 81 53 .03
Dyeraburg 81 64 .00
ArlinRton. 82 52 .00
Brownsville......... 85 55 .00
Milan 82 I 61 I .00
Paria.M ........ 80 40 ,0i)
Bolivar-. 82 53 .00
Holly 6prlngg 81 50 .00
Oxiord 82 67 .00
Buma..... ... 1553 1008 .00
Meana 82 63 .(X)
. B B r
83 63 .00
84 64 .00
8!) 63 .
82 59 .00
85 01 -.01
81 60 .00
85 00 .00
(10 60 .03
84 75 .
84 67 .00
82 63 ,(10
1:'.'2 I (1ST)
S3 0 1 02 0 .00
WllminRton ,
New Orleans..
Galveston ......
Little Rock....
Salafall la t'oMou HHt
KuUIbk Augatl 87,
for Mock
, 0 01
flmithville. N.
Charleston, S.
0 30
0 57
3 2(i
Angasta, fca
Jackflonville, Fla
Cedar Kys, Fla
Atlanta, Ua
PenracoU, Fla
Mobile, A!n
Montgnnery, Ala
Vicksburg, Misv
New Oiluacs, La.......
Bhreveport, La
Fort Smith, Ark
Little Rock, Ark
Galveston, Tex
Palestine, Tex .
Chattanooga, Tenn
Knoxville, Tenn
Memphis, Tcnu..
Nashville, Tenn
Looisvillo, Ky
IudimrpolU, Ind
Cincinnati, O
Coltnibui, O...
Pittabn'g, Pa
Cairo, 111.
, 0 22
, 0 09
2 06
0 76
4anBratlwa Weekly Ralafall.
The following la the taiafa'l in the
Cotton belt region ;
Aug. 2H,
8r3. Ami. 2T, '8S
k. Jnehn.
South Atlantic S:ates....i.92 0 61
Kast Gulf 8 a e? 0 39 0 05
Went Gnlf Blatvs .0.49 0.34
Ohio Valley and Tenn ... 1 .09 0.88
.Average for Dist 0.97 0.69
For Tennessee alone the weekly
Amount lafor
Chattanooga, 0.02 ' 1.48
Knoxville OHO 0.09
ifmriDBis 0.90
Naebville 0 01 2.05
Average for Tenn 0.23 1.13
Order MiiuliorU flatle Medals.
Ootton picker are at work.
The eatthqnake was the talk o(
the town. Every man bad an experi
ence to relate. Few were encountered
who did not (oel it.
Ox.riah Dicken, the 'darky shot
by Deputy Sheriff Maddon, h the
livelier kind ol a corpse, lie broke
out o( the case at tb hospital Tues
day night.
The (earing up of the tracks on
Broadway it looked npon as a bold
thing ((jr Trefcident Iladdon to do,
considering the doubt as to the owner
ship of tlio atrert.
Judge Ellntt yesterday ordered the
Clerk to notify ail attorneys baviua
papera in tax casf s to return the BBroe
by October 1st, or show cause why the
same are not returned.
Marriage llcenaea were issued tob
tudiy to Dowell Mi Kinnie and Miss
Jvlna Adam", Madism Bowles and
Mis Ion Chriilian, JovphusCor and
Nesiio Newell, O. D. Smith and Mim
Gertie A. I-ee, W. C. Uall and Mies
May A. Bolton.
Chief Cleiry rfturned yfsterday
from Providence, R. I., where be at
tended the convention of Fire Chiefs
f-om all over the United States and
Canada. lie expressed biinsoll as de
lighted and very much edified by his
trip. Those he met were well posted
about Memphis, and everybody bad a
good word to say of tbe city. The
Chief wm anxious to have the next
convention held here, but Atlanta,
Oa., secured tbe prizs.
Chlof Cleary owes it to h!m?elf to
investigate the report of wilful ob
struction of publio travel at the cor
ner of Main and Bnale atreeta yester
day. It ii atitMl that a docen cars
woio piled up in a bunch by some of
tbe firemen, who threw a loop of boio
over the traik, the cialorn cap and en
gine both being on the ent side cf if,
and kept it there long afier 4he fi e,
which was a Ir fling one, bad died out,
despite the loud murmuiing of pas
sengers and drivers.
The Suodav School Convention of
the Memphis District i of in ees
sion. Tonight the Kev. Dr. Jonf s, of
the Curoborland church will preach
the annual rormrn to the convention,
beginning at 8:30 o'clock; and FridBy
nlxht an entertainment will be givea
at tbe church for the plbaaure of dele
oafea and for the benefli of tbe church.
All are cordially invited to atlend the
BAalnnq. boainnins at 0 a.m. The
Rev. E. V. Mosoley is presiding elder
of the district, and the Kev. J'r. v. u
Phillips is paator of Collins Chapel.
Peabody lintel Stand,
Uajoso Hotel Stand.
riirr 1'aliice. 810 Main Slreet.
Headquarters for Hoiace R. Kelley &
Co's floe Key, West cigars. The trade
supplied at New York prices. Cigars
by the box a specialty.
8le Agouti.
Jkrbt Rodimsoh and family, of Mis
eissippi, are at tbe Gayoso 11 o tel.
Gilmir R. Banks, of Montgnmery,
Ala., is stopping at the Gayoro line
John L. Oockb and wife have taken
rooms for the wiuUr at the Gayoto
W. A. Pkroy, Jr., has gone to Pass
Christian. Miss., to be absent four
J. I). M ti.is and wife and Mrs. Kline,
of tlrkebu'g, Mies, a'e stopping at
tbe Gay os ) Hotel.
Mix Moyskd, the leading merchant
of Areola, Mlae., was in the city yes
terday making extensive purcna os.
J. F. Walk kb, who has been for tbe
natt ten veara confidential man at
Cloth & KettmanV, will be associated
with Mr. Giloo't Rttices lutuiancn
office in 1 u'ure, where he will glad to
seo his Iriond.
Tin New York Saratogian savs:
"Col. U. A. Montgomery, ho 'oftloi'
ated ai one of the jiuhes at the Sara
t"ga Asaoriittlou's track yrstsrday, in
president oi tbe new Meoipb'S Jockey
Jimoa Thomas J. Fbkkman pasf
through the city lait night on his way
to Dallas, Tex., which be will make
his home in the future. His logion ot
warm friends all over the State will
read this announcement with the
-eatBt reirret
T. T. K AVAnAfirl and family left Tues
day night for Donver, Col., at which
placathey expect to locate permanent
ly. Mr. Kavanagh has been connected
with tho Memphis press fr many
years, and ra'riee with him their beat
WIMltS 10 enccets nuu iuuojiuhiv
in his new homa,
Dr. C. D. Smith, (or'moriy of New
York, and Mien Bo.tio A. an ac
complished young lady of this c ty,
were marilra at 8:110 o'clock la:t even
tng at Vne re;tidenco of the bride's
mother. 2119 Union Btroet, the Rev.
FVner Bloomer t llici tirg. The proi-
ents wora numeruus and Deanu ui,
and a weddiug (tipper was muon en-
oyed by tbe nif rry company.
A Tried Bemedy lor Illllooaafaa,
Thoio who lufor Irom d'uordor or lnio
tlon ol tha liver will never (at the upper
and of the anruty organ 10 Inns ai they ure
uoh Irrational remedial hlua pill.ealo
mel and podophyllin. But Irom tna iriej
nd popular medio re, Ilui'ettor I Momach
Bitten, they may expect relief wltn aear-
tiilntvof obtalnlnilt. The influence ot tha
Bitten upoA '.he great oilitirrfland it direct,
powerful and ipeedily felt. Tha reliot af
forded li not ipanodio, but complete and
permanent. The aallnwntM of tha ikln,
nrr.d annearace oi iDe uinauv, iumi.
ion, oopHvone, iieauaciie, nausea, p-mo
krmivh iha rt.At liil. and itioulder in laot.
.rt.intti.nititJtnl nf tit. nhntinit. 0"IU-
plaint are eni rely aru pvoinpnv rim
a fiouraeot thii lDentiwebla uiadifline, in be-
halt of which leitiiuony ii oomtantly ania-
nntit.1 I nun every auartar. ana iroiu an
olaaiel of meiety.
is bimovbo bt tua n. a or ooooasihb
And it stimulates and promote the
vrnwth of the hair.
harneti a lavoring tmrsnn mrm iu.
MaUord. Jeweler. 294 Main.
UclU orders from tha country.
All member of P nson'a Regiment
fFirat MiBjiiaiDDl Cavarv) are re-
aueeted to meet at Grenada. Miss.,
beptember 13.
J.B. KIMi,
And othari.
To Our CuNtoiucrs.
We have jutt received a large line
of B iiipiei uf piare goods from to
groat tailoilnn bona ol
and onr comprehensive and libtf
irna'antee enables the cuB'Otner
oider fr.nn an cgont without riak of
any soit, and asii cannot cost the cua-
tJtner anyttrng whatever, if be is not
eat ailed wi h tha clothing liia money
will ba ie'uniel at onre I rices ex
tron'elv low 'or fi-t c'a-s wotk.
TUOS. HAS HOI. I'll A CO., Aaents,
2u. 1j West Court itreel.
Fawlkea Lombard.
The weddinn of Mr. J. M. Fowlkes,
of this city, and Mies Annie O. Lom
bard, of Mississippi, which occurred
Taesday afternoon, may be properly
described as one ot tbe leading social
events of the year.
Dir. fowlkes, accompanion oy
Messrs. J. E. Brasley, W. II. Carroll.
K. A. Speed. Hugh L. Brinkley, Thos.
(iraham, 11. F. Robinson, 1. W. Johc
eon, Judge W Biker and wife, Mies
Jennie Munon and others, left thecity
late Monday evening on tbe steam
er James Le, landing at Ma-
lones at 1:30 o'clock p.m. the
day following. Thence they were
d'tven in carriages, three miles, to
Lombard piece, where a royal wel
come was ex'euded the f a-ty by the
hrnthnr of tbe bride. Ins most
elaborate preparation had beon made,
the mini-ion dacorattd wuh a pro
fusion of flowers of every vaiiety. At
2:30 o'clock the coremonjawas per
formed by tbe Rv. George l'attera n
of Grace Church, Memphs. Tbe
newlv married pair dopaitud imme
diately Bfteraarda for the East, where
they will make an extensive wedding
The oroom. who for many vearaer-
ioyed an enviable reputation as a bus
lot ss man and who wes appointed
postmaster by President Uieveianu
last summer, is one of tbe most pop
ular men in the city.
The bride ii a lovely nrunette, oi
medium height, exceedingly graceful
and with auindfifluable charm of man
ner which made her a favorite in
Memphis society last season. The
Appeal extends lis warmeai congri-
Ci-ohino ptices of October options
... . . , t. i- .irtQK
at uimairo yesteioay : i wk, fiuw
Lard. 10 77. Clear rib Hd- s, w.
Corn, 43.-. Wheat, 78JC. Oate,2Jc.
VmiTOBSon 'change ycBterday: E.
B. Hammond and L. B. Jolintou.
Howia'os, Mifs; 8 O Humphreys and
B. E. Humphreys, of Oak Lawn; S. F.
Phillips, Deer Creek.
Mihhkb Bova'e and Anna Patrrraon,
City of Mexico; Misi Madge Tucker,
city;R. G. Musgrove, Helena, Ark
Tub Call Board of the Metcbanta'
Ernhanoa resnmed its sessions yester
day. Toe biddine was limited and
languid. Two cr of white corn
nhanned hands at 45c. Tbe bidi and
oilers were a) follows: BidsoMlJc
per bushel for rash No, 2 corn, or lor
September and October delivery, with
none offering under 43c; alao offe'lnps
of vear delivery at 42Jc For white
n.fa t(ln nraa hiil piuh and 32o for Set)'
tember, with none offering under 33jo
and otlenngs ol Ucti Der at .S.5JC wun
nob da For tlie year 31c wes bid and
none offerei,. For No. 2 mixed oats
31 Jo rash was asked and 30c asked for
October with no bids. For cash Nn. 2
red winter wboat 70a was bid and 78n
asked, and 75c was bid for October and
the year with no offering; November,
however, ollered at 70 wun no lasers,
Cornmeal offered for cath and Septem
bar at $2 31 per barrel with no takers,
To Chicago
oa TneMlnjr,
ber 71b.
Parties from Mempb's wishing to
avail themnelves of this very cheap
and delightful excursion can goviathw
Memnhis. Birmiugham and Atlantic
and ioin the excursion at Hd
Knrinu. Rate: Hollv Springa to On
cano and return, $10. Or by the M -m
nhia and Charbfltou nnd i nn the ex
ciusion at Grand Junction ; rite, $9 50,
0'iicaiio and return. Or vi the Louis
ville and Nashville and ioin the excur
ainn at Mi'an: rate. S8 60. Or via the
CheBpoko, Ohio and South wet-rn
and ioin the excursion at Fulton;
rate, $7 50. Tickets good to return at
nleanure on rozu ar trains lor twenty
di.ys. Excuision leavs Holly Spring
atl:15n m . Grand Junction at 2:30
d. m. . M ian at 5 n.m.. Martin at 6 p
m. and Fulton at 0:30 p. m. Tickoli
fur rale bv regular ticket aennls of the
Illinois Central Railroad. For further
information address U. L. Collins,
general manager of excursion, Milan,
Dr. C. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, Mo. 61 Monroe Btreet.
P. M. Stani ky, funeral director and
emba'iner, 65 Madison street.
Hut card of Goidbatim Bro?., who'e
sale dea O'B in jenns clothing.
Wakthu-Th lionow. $'J0C0 on im
proved el'y pionrrty, !ur two to Ave
ears, auuivbbj., nna umcc
G. W. M u.i.KB A Co., Patent Anbestrs
Fi e Proof Loofcra. I'or UnrHiiiiity,
ntitled by n no. l-netl on notl, tin,
Iron, f It and (travel rooti. Xo. oo
Manisou B'teot,
Th flrt-t hnlo of new crop from
Lonoke county, Ark., was received
yeetordy by Merare. I Hard Collin,
andehipped by the enterprislt g flim
of Edmonton M. and M. Company,
Many mottets sro unab o to nurse
their rhildran. In such ctes the hcHt
S'ibjtituto to be fciind is Melliu's
Kn a. iTonand alter Liob a 8 Icrmtiii',
which h s proved to cor:eaiond phys
oloical y with mothero milk.
KmniM at Si. Airue, Af(lmV Will
lie re-uttifd on Alnniia v, the dtu oi
September. As an incentive 13 me
iiiilu-trv ol the pupils, a hsntiainie
sold watch nre ent-d bv Mr.Tiylo' as
the 'Mgia Uufliii Memoilal P re
in nm" wi t be awarded lo uie young
lady boordor v.hu, having attained her
Imiitienin Vtar. uai exceneu m "
chcol duties aud requtrementsi
aj a ta Mnllfxlaa t l.aaumaralao for
nar riawnia "-a
Fin Waled reiiainag at Halford'
at Bulled laaaaaialaa da
jaar llamtiiia:
I vicaSBCBO, rjepwmoer i. mik"-
r. . 1 , XT ! ..V. 1
uepaneo: ueue raempuiB, ov. imuu
Port Kada and barges, Mew urieans.
CiitciNMATt, September 1. Night
River 7 feet 2 inches on the pause and
stationary. Weather clear and cool,
Departed: Buckeye btate, Memphlu.
8t. Lome, September 1. Night
River fallen 3 10 feet, and stands 0 feet
on the gauge. Weather clear and cool.
No arnvala ot regular packets. De
parted : Annie P. (silver, New Orleans.
Louisville, September 1. Night-
River rising, wit h 5 feet 7 incites u
il canal and 3 feet 8 inches on tb
fall. Buainesa dull. Weather clear
and pleasant.
Cairo, September 1. Night Rivet
10 feet 2 inches on the gauge ana lati
ino. Weather clear and cool. Arrived
Unrr Lonrev and barges. New Or
leans, 3 p.m. , No dopartuies of regu
lar packets
Solid Silverware at 51 nl ford'
Tbe Hear aiavoea.
Ratal, 12 M to 84 par day, according to loca
tion of roomi.
D Mil'er, Ark W Ct Bampton, Ohio
T rJ bum, Jenn W liiTlon, Mo
B F XU'.in.i, Mlsi W II Scrui', lann
W B MolnUnh, lean J J Murle, lonn
ELBinith, Teun J KobinionAf. Mill
L J Kuttman, Mo WUPrili, Ohio
Mme 1) Miloi. Misi Mr. h Kline, Mill
K DaviiAb. Mini 8 Kullitan. Mini
8 8 inMti.iuier. Ilhla Mr. A It (Jnodlmr.Tenn
K b lounluiuJlw,Ark W E WoodrutJ 40, Arx
W brinulii. Tnnn
OMt hileiaw, Ma
r o Lieunn,
W K Jcnkinl. N V
U A Injtram Aw, 111
filrn J Ltiocke, "lenn
A lllutheothul. Mo
J 1) vtila". iin
J W Hdin. Tenn
T B Handle, Mm
C V (iuriey. Mm
B C hiine, Mill
8 0 Uudcfuth, Mm
..... L ...
l.rwiin Una, Mo
S(l Mumhall, Mo
F (1 Chow, Ky
U K Pane, Mill
li K Hunki. Ala
J V Plana, Mill
li h Hurley, Mill
A Mil I. Tenn
J M White lenn
llr V, H MT1I MI..1 li uy.i.h. Kv
A N Cook.-lnn J II Willard. USA
i 11 Wa ion.wAo.MUit) H Foote, Mini
n j Williams, Mo
A li I arellAMl. KV
W ofolev. Turin
L J Woodson, Tenn
E A Itailcy, MUl
J L W.rie, Ark
W F Ui l. Ark
LBNutfer, Mo
11 L Donald.nn, Ind
Win Wood, Ky
R 1 Hunt, Ala
C E Bimnion, Ala
E A Uavenr, Mm
b J Bturtevant, Ark
ft A Boyd. La
J B Hoiiiiri, Tenn
II J Kinney. Tenn
j I Aikew, Mid
II N Monroe, Ark
J K Moore, Mo
II i It ike, lnd
M Kecrt. Mill
T J Biearla. Ky
8B Williami, Ala
I. u uteir .ry, Mm
L B McC'arty, Ark
KGTurnbull, Ark
i ii i i
u J3 tjui-.B, ua
Jo Uavil, 111
K B Himpion. Ill
a li Mowilliami, aio
avaaioa'a Hotel.
W. H. BIN8HAM Mmioaa.
European plan. Unlaraed and refurniihad.
rnoaa aoooraing to me ana loca
tion of roomi.
J J Harty, Mill OA Boliek, Ark
U T hoiltn, Tenn X ounaon, Ar
J L MoKeo, Tenn J C U McKinney, Mill
L N llolmo. Mill J M Compton, Ky
8EMoore,Ua Mim I. Moore, (la
NBfrioa, Ark o r Judd, Mm
WHtephtn.tia J K Mullini,wA2e,Ark
OW Hill, Tenn E J Low.nttein, Mill
8 D Morrow, I enn J H Evani. Tenn
J F Kiepuer, Ky J I. Peter Aw, Ark
i U Atkmi.wAn.MiiiMisaK Hobertv, Mill
J N Meriwether, Mill L Madding.wdto.Ark
TC Jones, Ark WP8emple, Ky
A Knrr, Tenn J W Driver. Ark
J A Omherg. Tenn CT Soott, wiiio, Tex
F A Dettr, Mo u j Deck nam, mm
P H Lawry. Mm A k waaiey, mm
Mi J vt aillev. Mini J K Feranion. Mo
W 8 8cntt. Ark L B McD'arland. Tenn
.1 ilmhiirir. Tnnn K (J Musirrove. La
0 W i'rira, Mim T V Ramsey, jr, Mill
llin.rrii. Mlu 7, hiihln. Ark
Mn McBonald, Tonn Mm N Lowrey. Tenn
Mr. m K.inv. Tin! mum vounni a. renn
B L tto.noe. ArK n u iawion, am
Mil II blnisar, Min Mi.e lloralen, Mill
Mill Kobinion. Mui J V Urcen, lena
It U Bnraion, Mm
F K IiclTry, Mo
T E Mount, Mill
W KDedman. Ky
B llUKhei. Tenn
J E B ake, Mini
(I W J.ihnson.Tenn
W P Taylor. Mii
C FDcd arm, Tenn
1) .Jones, l'a
II F Weed, NY
W ( hamberline, Ky
B K Lombard, Mill
J E Phillips, lenn
u Li uoiiiua, lenn
W M Klein, Mm
W K Smith, Ark
M B Porter, La
W H Elkin.Tenn
JO Rands, Ark
0 W V, ynn, Tenn
K G Mutiroi, La
HUL ffertv Af. Ia
D L Chnmborline, Ky
UW Hill.Ky
11 Mfilraan, lenn
W F Eiubrey, Tenn.
Peabotly Hotel.
Kates i 60 and 13 per day, accorJinc to
lia, and looation of roum Speoial
rate! niade.
WAKvani, Ky R Bailey, Tenn
A Miildora, Ky BT 8mith, Mill
J CraiKhead A w, Ark M T Keilt y, Mo
Mra A M l'airy, Tenn W l.uwr.noe. Tenn
F A Dicki, Mill WKOrane, Ky
J W Popo, Ark P 1) KiiRlieh, Ark
T. T) .lm,.. (la Mm B Kcllr. N O
Mr. .1 k.ht.Io.. Mill Mri A E Perkini. Mini
J T Cleveland, Ark Mini B McUorkle, Ark
J K Keavei. Tenn i A Man-on, lenn
C It Jones, Tenn JUKoMor. Misi
0 0 Eitell, Tenn JCNcely, Ky
II K Caldwell, Ky J W Allen, i.a
P T Grilliu, Misi UPearle. Mm
(I 0 Haruei, Tex D B M.rshail, N Y
BAIlnioll.P J A Ward, Tenn
J Mendnlion, Tenn A Adler, Tenn
LA Scarborough, 'ionnO 11 Inaercon, Tenn
.1 U Manguin, Mo T J Learv. N Y
J Moby, Mini F I Mo by. Mill
J W Allison, Tenn M Frnk, Misi
a A ilornlth. T.a II C MnlJall. La
A j Moltnn, Mill b 0 Iluinnhreys. Mill
B K Iluinpbreyi, Mm Leo lliiimltun. Mm
A H Newman. Mill A K lturit, M
J D Berry, Mill J M UoO, Mist
T I) Price, Mm O II Blum, Mill
D B Nowman, Misi H U Butler, Misi
W J Loughman, Mill P 0 Thompson, Mill
J M 8esiioni, Misi RJFren.Misi
Z T Chaplin, Mill J A Smiley, Misi
J Kle-n, Misa W M (Jonuuny, Miei
M c llr dcs. La T P Knikht, Miss
J P Cooper, Misi Mips J Hunrr, Mies
V ii LMQuinn, Mill H 11 Davis, Misi
E Mnllory, Mi?i S K Phillips, M is
T II Johnson, Mill M u y, u
h II Johnson, Mm
J T Chaney, La
D II llarrol, La
W P Kompla, Ky
Jule Hirncb.Tenn
A V llooa. Ohio
E B Hiuuinond, Mill
J h Chancy, La
E C F eminr, Tenn
F A Mayo, Tana
R G Moore, Ky
A B llerben, Tenn
L White. Kv
A 8 n . inerflold. Mo
G P Shoneberirar
E W Parker. Mo
r.NY F Richter, N Y
k t t ui nr. n r
T J freeman. Tenn
E F Mlllor, Misi
N B Prieo, Ark
N W Biptist, Tenn
MrsT J Fieeman.Tenn
K J scanlan. Ark
J II McDonald, Tenn
W 8 Moore, Tenn
W Wintan. Tonn
W Lawrenoo, lein
E S Taylor, Man.
Dafly'a Enropeau Hotel,
Corner of AUtcl and Main ilreett. Roomi,
Wo, 76o and 81 per day: American nan,
ii per day.
trlv.t-rtl.sa Restaurant in tha Ilotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 yearn withPoabody Ilotel)
J Milnl. Toxaa
J FNill. Kv
C Urickey, iunn
A Martin, Tonn
R DCarmlne. Ark
N W S ifford Si w.Tenn
A W Me, Misi
J S Mnrki k w, Tenn
W A J hnion, Tann
Van Hook, lenn
M Marks, Tnnn
Thomson. Ky
K M Jones, Tenn
I) 1, Heath, Va
R R Millar. Tonn
W P Uall, Tenn
Stevens, lonn
K ti' mines. Tenn
lUrroll A w. Ark
Crowe. Tenn
o Mns. Ark
W W (ioodwin, Tenn
V J Koith, Ark
E H Taylor Mass
C F Wright, lenn
B MnOuno. II i
A Munn, Tenn
WDDoaring. Tni
J 11 l.ont ty, Mo
.1 C lLMoKiiiney.Miil L N.llnlmas, .Misi
riiir, .mi,, ... -----
lmveuinii, nio ;"-"""
VV Smith. Mo
iV Lttwi. Mu
F Caldwell Mo
I. Ilnfii-,1. Va
R M Roberts, Ark
W Webb, Tenn
11 P Warren. Miss
R R H hndus, La .
A M King. Ark
Mra Lvuch, AM
M C l'rmoii, Ohio
W II Adams. Mo
W N Tata. Kv
W N Sloven' on, Tenn
E L Williins, Ark
C M Adams, Mo
L Ponr.y, lud
R R Williams. N Y
U M Copo, Ohio
HT Alexander, H C
J L Ilirdy, Mii ii.
A liruitRist'H Story.
Mr. Isaac O. Chapman, drnggist,
Newburg, N. Y wn es
have ueea u m my uwu muiiij wi
rnaritt VCtttrfl! in fact, always have a
bottle in the medicine closot ready for
fonocram Bangles Mnlford.
. ..4 in aifiaa. am a-
Uarawara, t.lMirl Bella mm ia-
' i.. ii.i.i. .nd KasidaBcai.Saa
MaTa alr, al.taaala, Ta-a. KlMtrle
nnnli-alwayi oa hand. Rapairla aeaUy
Frank Schumann,
Imoortar and Daalar la
e.u. riablaa Taraia and S porta-
anea'a Saaallaa. aar Bpaoial atUntloa
.iv.n to MANUFACTURING and Bl-
U Malu 8t Memphis, Tens
mmm wmm wmm mm
aat manner. I have reoomm-nded it ih' JkMiwii w w akaw,.
in a groat many esses of whooping
L"..?v.biir. tha hauniest enacts. 1 -
JAMES O. BELL, PrMldcnt.
Nob. 290 and 292 SECOND STREET, MEMPHIS, TENU" '
- SPECIiL PRICES k Railroad
No. 319 MAIN
ararOnr Fall and Winter Stock of eiMlTw AHI
l. no complete, and wa invi a Iha Mercnnn
houia here, and perhapi mora than any house
tha trad. Wa I'ill carrv a large line ot
liUman X Coa Ltdi.i' Kid, (ioat and Cal',
anyhmre. Hive ni a rn ;
Between & Betwixt
Too Early for the Fall Too
Late for Summer.
Hints How to Save Money.
It Ii between letioni In tha elothing
trade. Tha demand lor lummer goods ii
now over, and 'luyeri are not yet thinking
of fall goods. .
Xha Misfit Cloth in a Parlori, 203 Second
treot, do not believe la dull leaiom. Goodi
can alwayi ba ipld, provided prlcei are
placed low enough. Tha way to do businesi
ii to do It. If trad ii dull lorce It. Tbat'i
bat we now propose doing. Of eoune we
till have gordi on- band which wa do no
care to carry over. Now wa propose to lell
these koodi. HowT Why, by idling them
much lower than they eoit ni.
Medium-Weight Suiti-Juit the Thlngi
for Fall Wear.
Ligbt-WeUht Suits Below Colt.
Fin Medium Weight Panti earriad from
tba Spring.
Heavy-We'ght Panti for Winter Waar
at Balf Winter Pricei.
A General Clearing Sale.
Wa intend to (ell all our prcrtnt itock be
fore our Fall Goodi arrive. Now ii tha
chance to secure great bariiini. It will piy
you to itock bp now with '.he Suits and Pant
you may not need until the fall. Fall will
loon be here, and whit you can lava now
ill ha a luckainvei' ment.
SI'F.i lL. NO I H K-Oddj and Endi of
Suits, and Odd Coats and Vesti, at remarka
bly low pricei.
Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Second Street,
Opimalle Conrt Sqoare Metnphla.
aa-Open F.Tealuga nuill 7 Batnr-
nrlny a. II II.
aa-AU alteration! to insure a perfect fit.
done Iree of ch'rce.
Oevlled Traba, Bhrlma,
Nnlniou, rreata Can Mackerel,
Sardine, l obaiera.
Rrooh Troul, Oyalera, j
nacberel lu loraalo t'ntaop,
Sweet stlntled rich lea.
ISonr I'lt'Kie dj liie anu iijan,
INrkled Onion, Hoi Rellah,
Wooaler 8ne, lonialo t'alaop,
t'apera, Haalnrtl, Cnrry Powder,
Naiad Dreaklua, Olive, Olive Oil,
, Cream 4 Ueese, Celery Haaee,
Celery Sail, Ke , Eic.
J. F. U0LST & BI10.
Funt3ral Directors,
A FULL and complete atoek of Wood end
Metallic Jam and Casketa. vtoia-uov-
n.k.L.aad Rnti.l Robaa alwarl 0
hind. aar.Ordan bv talaaravh promptly
n u,
Guns, Ammnnltlon, Flsblnt; Tackle
and Kane-Kail Hoooa.
wnm.imi.i mn retail.
t9 Mala tlrml, (Aompbta, Taau
HaaafaotBxint and Rapalrlns ol uaai
Br elalty.
Boiler Works.
SBEl A McC A BT1IY, Propr's,
140, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
W in tha Koath, and tha oniy
Bailor and Howl-iron Worn .:
a..MM.M.MMa -1 v. ..l nle iron.
werk af Try ueirlptla. Bpaclal
attention alvea to plaaUilon work.
' XT C L
' T E N I
E 9
And jj H
R n
I aXLaJ O an)
ua: "1 liave I mmmm
E. Fa
ant levee (Wrartprs for Wagon,
BeTAnijiania nmaeo.i
H.l. 1. CLAatK. E. i. U AKIt I KOTOW .
MHOKJ-tHelarxeit in Ihii marka. and
visit ni iiemnn In o-iil and -i imme the .a
.on hoi iheiib-o rive-, i. turh.'ient evidence
l'4 M-M l E J iOIt innluai at 'be cl
beiidei a larta vaneij of other tuakci. Our
11 fil . I.
Have attained, has Induced nnprinclpled mannracturen to place on the market abas
imitation. Waher.bvcautioniliepubliethat.il Genuine Ciiarroi will bear A. KEU Seal
on each box. and our Fnotory Mumber, SOU, Sl Ikialrlrl, s V,
The only all long Havana filler oiiar on tb market for S cents.
. GriaO. 3tr. IjIBS t3 CO.,
Factory SUO, 3d District, X. Y.
MOON & JOYNER, Wholesale Agents,
aorlEBMS Caah, or easy Monthly Installment!. Wtlte lor 111 nitraUi Catalorn."
ISJo. BOO IVlAlxx St., 3Vtorti'Plii. r5xaxx.
a. 1U Union Street, Nativllli. I Wo. 1100 Olive Mret, SB. I.aaiaC
Wholesale Dealers
Sole Agenn for the following
MAXOSKranich & Bach, Gabler, and Wheelock.
OKOANSi CJough &. Warren, and Smith American.
Write for Cttalogue-. Ao.22I and
1,000 liacs ew Croo (Seanou Kio oflce.
S.OOO kcRs Iron and Meel Katla-liest brands.
1,000 l.itrrcU Itcfiiiod Sngar-all Rrades.
1M liarreN IVew CVor, (ea$ton If1), Hice.
1,500 pku. L.eal and Uefined I.ard.
150 tierces auvaHMcd II a ins.
lOO boxes ItrcxklMKi, llacon.
1,000 bass fcl.o, Powder and Caps,
li OOO Ixixes C'auued oods. Sardine. Oysters, fcte.
1.MM iixs. pure ew Cream Cliecse-Miver "aJ'",;
1,000 bajH lia.d.picked Virgiulaand lennessce FcaniiU.
Ivlanuraetiirers of the celebrated brands of SIL
VER MOON and ACtf rill
importers OI OrIgu jrruaaa, ,
Italsins, Wots, i:te. , ,
Nos. 281 anil 2S6 Main Street, : Memphis, Temu
Old Kland, TVn.fllTninn Sf.a Moniplns.
all! la tbe Market,
aa oataf
Speer's Cotton Gin
Inulins from Mulberry to St. Martin Streets.
1 v
tar Inaurance and Sacks free. . ..
sir The Largest and only Complete Gin in tne city.
-Best Yield. Beat Sample
Goldbaum Bros
UlAnnntclurers nnd Ifliolcssac Dealers in
No. 3 44 Main Street- Mempnis, lenn.
KEYER, Bec'y and rreaa.
Scraper and Cnrt llurnes?. "J-
one of the are-it o he found In any markt;
me The Tact Iliac we e I more than any other
tbat rnr koo sn.t orVen are iRlis aotory to
ebr.it;.! Ucu. Hockr . :a Uo tti, Krinnendorf,
Eastern 1111 'e tO"d ornot i'C eurn"'c1 b
j...,. ( It - eT.
aud rubliliers,
e- M ioe- ra.
Firit-CUu Iniru runts;
P1ANI) rOh. f :o TPB
Second Mrcot, Mcnipbis.
1'ure S"tk uanay,
v .,.,mnu flranirea.
Willi a mil aawortv
New aael

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