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ply to an article which appeared in ui
Memphis Avalanche en the fchh of August,
criticising imy attitude in respect to 'tie
rt - . i ......... 1 nnk iiihad a card IB
which I .ub.tanti.lly Haled in anee-er tj
the solicitation at friend that I was not a
1 1 r rt that T would DOt
embarrass mv Irit-uU; nor obtrude myiolf
on the ccuncils of the Demoeratio party. oui
would make ti e canvas, it J believed the
wilh W8! general for me to do o. Mnce
then I have been vury genenlty requested
from al parts of the d-.striot to boome a
i:j i i i....r,.r.. annoance my
cantkacy, aubject to the aotion ot the Deni-
ocratic CuDTentior. )SIAn pATTKKFoy .
a uiiivn new STOREHOUSE At Sur-
A ronnded Uill, Arkansas, the best cotton
region in that 6tate, eishy-five mile, from
kl.mi.hii and fif'v mi e lro Little Kock,
on the M. and L. R. R. R. Apply to
aim. aev.r.l 6took Ranche. in Grand
Praise. Arkaneas.
ato .mnnroe street.
DESIRABLE Rooms, lurnished or unlur
c i'hed. .ingle or in suite, with board, at
72 Madison street. ;
Q SICE ROOMS-With ft witho-.it board.
ft 153 flUAMB 91.
00!S AND IIOAUD-Nwwty furnished
rooms, w'th 1. at a wnrKet s'rcei.
nltal'TIPITf. Irnnt rooms, urn or ea
XJ suite, furnished or unlurnidird. with or
without boud: otborrnoius, It't-lufi Couitst.
nOiVS With or without hos-il: term.
X renomb!o. lw SHUiMt.VH.
R" OOMS One large trotit room with bal
conv and ono large brick room with
i then aa good as
can be found in the oil;.
75 union st.
umi.hid room
, mth or without
.1 board, at Uf ( ourt street.
lAKD-WUh scellent !.,,,
K MGL rtoouis.
) wi-V .-r with.
tnrritched or unfurnished.
! bnird, at 1"7 Madi'on t.
T-vwni sinilff :r(.'hiiritston avonne: do-
I J inn a first clafs .recr:piloti and drug
buin's(. (jood rotrons for selling. Apply
nt'-'il Linden itrot.
One Diuirg-room Set,
' One Kttehem Het,
TJUPPIES TJy MJntirs Mark " ont of
JT Moloinb'a "Katie." Icr price aud ex
tended t-edigren. addroM
TUOH. ORarLTi. Bonds. Tenn.
CEDAK "ENCINt I'OSTS-For sale by
V. R. LAKivIN, Lamirsvilln. Ala.
TvUKV-Wl.h home end
five acres lor
I J rent, with all n nvcnii'no lor dairying
w. u
N I.HN. Bas atenue.
OKSE AMI WAtiON-LiKht p-ing
fiugon, with norseanu harness.
Apply at nit m aireer.
BOARblNOHOUSE-Di.ing a rood busi
ness, oeotrally lo-nted: will sell ohaap
on acc-mnt o( bod hointh. M. v., this omce.
1-lFTlir. Ot!flf?KltV
V bo'Bg a first-olan business, In one of
the h.r lofutiona In tbia citv: aood reasons
given for eellirtr. Value of stock about threo
thousand dollar. Addrei LOl,
Care Let'er Carrier ro. 10.
V. ho lor. tested to 160 ltn.
XJ water piessure
will sell chean Apply
T-rnTirt. ami 1. IV FRY STABLE Also
Xl mill ann gin, two-story building, tfitl
PO-borse engine and (-oiler, at BatesTlili
Miss. Addresi J. L. FLETCHER,
Batesvillo, Nii'S.
nn, fhornnshiireit Rnnnina Horse: fee
120. One Trotting Horse: lee, JIO. OneJer
... P. ,11. f.. ' .sii Foa SiL 30 Horses.
Mileh Cow.. Y, be.sd Butcher Cattle. Pea
cocks and NawiouidUnd Pups. Horses on
pasture. 13 per month ; Texas horses, 10c per
day. Telophone JOSEPH BURN BY. SW.
TTPRI8HT PIANO-Oood aa bow, choap
J lor cash; or will exchange tor board.
Arties. l -VI. A ppeai npiow.
WnWInston atreet; 8
. rooms; large yard and stable; $4U per
montn. rosses.-jou iinmr'r.w'.
M. L. SELUEN, 287 Main t.
bourden wanted.
Table first mass.
TWO pleasar.t furnished oe unfurnished
rooms on Washington s'reet.'No. HI, bet.
Third nnd Fourth. No children in family.
rnn LARGE HOOMS-In OHd-Fellowi
X, Hall. Apply to MA KCIJ JONES.
at2?; Second street.
at72 Court itreet.
FROM Sept. lf.tr. Cottage No. 26 Wright
avenue, near Gecraia street. Apply to
J. W. H AMfTON. W, Mamson it.
0OM Front bed- rnim, nicely furnished.
Price ?. at 7B jtnuen street-
STORY HOlHK Ten room, corner Ala
bama st. and Thornton avenue App'y
JA-4. Mri.ajylAtta.-vi nooeson ei.
pg Al)A's mi noom on grouna iiuor,
U" suitable for office or store-room: good
locit'on for drug store. Furnished rooms.
n. n a
Ctn'f It' ,il R.r.mna.
It, D. r.ftAUJi. la riiBilisoTi si.
"DOOM Nicely tutnlshtd front room, good
X locality, at w Court tret.
TTtt ViJANTI nawle furnished rooms. bth-
J ro' m, etc. Inquire at 116 Court itreet.
HOTT AGE Nn. 4?2 t'onrt street extended.
J At'p'y at 218 Mam street.
OTDRKHOUISF Occupied by Dcgnan &
kJ Co.. No. 2u7 Main streot, " Lee Block.
Inquire at No. 4 Mi.ouraeK Jr
RKSID KNCE-Frrtm Oct. 1st, elegant brick
residence, o. 108 Washington st. For
terms apple tn f?o. 718 Main street.
QTOREHOVSES-The three new firjt-clasj
kJ Storehouses on rni"v sireet, next si
of the Uayoso Motel. n", miiiun.
Apply to CCAP.KlNQ'fON MAbON,
,v ' Madison street.
ONE 10 ACRE LOT Situated on Kerr av
enue: good house, six rooms, ituble,
fine cistern, nl w!lfanrod Call at
A. K. SLOAN'S. 221 Mam at..
TTOTEL-The Stonewall Hotel and Fall-
in road Eating Houe at Grand Junct on,
Tenn. Apnlf to J. S Day. Keceiyer. Nos.
JtiO and 302 Front street, Memphis, lenn.
Possession given iiumodiately.
XTC-71( MA IN"M itEET-Opposite the
N ii-...-r tinn.a tlnvinir a from on Ma n
rd cne on Poplar meet renders this prop
erty very de'trsriie. . i an on
JAMES LEE. Ja.. No 4 Madison gt.
1 !. ii ntarrtn bHl nv f, ,rn-.T r ritnv pi - uw. i
---T-AiTcE,rin nnrl near Walker avenge.
XX on Elrawood streetcar line, fron the
1st September, several nou, ir... i.u ..
eight rooms, in good repair. Apnly at SO
Union g reet.
i j j ,
CHOICE OFFICES-On rgcono gtj. o.
copied for many year, by Dr J. w. al
aon. Dentist, cornrrlinion and Mntn i streets.
1 i ... .. n.ki. Bl.PFPINU ROOMS above.
Also! CHOICE OFFICE on second-story
old Cotton Excbong e, corner Maitison and
Front .treats. Ppl j at
DEsIRABLE ROOMS-Snitable for light
housekeeiiir-r.N.eor. Seo'nd and Market
"T-'irnr o ttlKlM HOUKK No. 112 Jones nr-
JN enue. Also, two new houses, aonth side
Pnnlsr. east ol I onian, will be. finished by
l.t Kanteuiber. Apply to C. c. Hll,l,
36!' Front street.
b four-story Main urect stnrehouje.
y- , ..U k'llllll.HlC
From 1 t Semeniber, one
"T ARGK MUM-tir noor auu oonjr.
I . .1,1. and rear entranoes, Nos. 31 S
.nd 30o Main street. Possession Ootoberlst,
cr.ooner. it retired. .
E for Tight ho"k.ro,,iDg,AIJ.ply7"oI,OP"
lir street, over iUu"1? Iflltlil tit"
R. B.
OCT niruirH .vv.
fiRONT AND REAR Orr -rron.
trMM flOIWQTUUUt g " -
oTsK No. 1''2 Robinnn street. rooms,
ER.? A fJN KKD, 3ro5o".i
FfIcKs The desira,e Iront otfices on
cond floor oi a l"m w in j i o
itnn Exchange. MbNKhJK-
Ing Cotton
itURNlsHED ROOMa-Av"' ....
one square from Peapouy
OL'BE Of sevea rojms.
A "Tt at 217 Madison street.
-poVMb-ai 2S3 POPLAR ST.
TTJOOMS-FarnisheJi single or en suite, at
R 136 di.cn .t. Aefer.nce. requited.
Absolutely Pure.
ThU Bowder nvtr tfioiu A marvel !
BritT.itrenBth and wbolciomanata. Wore
m r, m al ih.n tiia Arfltimr; kinds and
I vvvuv-..- . --- .rrr . L ..
Ainnnt t. loll in fiomoeiuicn w;,u .ui
aan tttm At loft tft-t. rn-. WBlaf Ql MIUU" VI
XNFOR.MA TION-Wartnd of the
abouts tf Kuella and MnyJ. fr"00,"...
(ISTERSS Built and repaired and war
I j ,.nuit Tnvninp n' thn Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick-
lvr. Telephone . i imr.. i;''p"..
HOKSE-FroralJ'U;e;o slreet, on ijatur-rf-...
Ani.iii ;mh. a linht sorrel horse,
hite in lace. A literal rewaru inrnia re
turn to MliS, 1). it AAClv, iaioaio.
-One mdium f ire cow, light cream
Colo-, wide horns. hite lace, II louna
call at212 Front street.
BAY MARE MULR-Prnm C. F. Smith,
Horn LaSeLsndinc, onebsy mareniule,
.bout eight years old, fifteen hands h.thi
nana rocenwy triuiiucu. unng i c .
Jore k Co.'s stfil.le md Im rewarded.
POCKET UOOK-With a?3(KI check on in
state Sa'ional Hank, and some loose
ohanae Finder will be rewarded by return
log same to WI7 r-heltir St.. corner uunw.
T ADY'S BRKAST PIN-With amethyft
I sot. Lii-eral reward 'or its r tarn to 1
M. Be.ittle, at 11. Lo-ecteio A Urns.
N TIU'RSDAY NIUHT rrom the tnrm
oi Anthony elllerllln(, uernanuoroau
Had on a colUr wiih the name "Thomas
UrMnr," on it. The finder will be liberally
rewarded on reinrninir her to onice oi
IV . a. u A t r.a. mi rront eireet.
m FWllH AMIIiV 1IOIIU On (Saturday at-
lYJL t'ernonn, Aug. Hth. A reward will bt
paid lor its delivery at this ofliee. or to
1 v . n c r. I., . UUP U O u . ..im-
r-i KT I'ER Retnrn my lemon and white set
O ter bitch "Florence," known by most
Memphis sportsmen, and missing since J ui
hub, to 4U8 Vancestreet, and rec-ir; reward
W AN I El).
O EXPBRIENCED Tobacco and Cigar men
to travel in Tennessee ana mississippi
i,,.t ha nf staailv habits and brina unexcep
tionable refereneei. Apply after depterober
6th. LKE & LKWli
IADIKS to wtrk for me. local or traveling
J inmathinear.titeiy new: 'or ladies only
St daily easily made; nn phorp, no rainting
particulars tree. m a. u. .i , j.
rpo SELL EVMRYBODY-Oneottheceie-
I brated Pino fsltnlno mattresses, van
be seen a f ger.r.rt .t.eet.
Aprilv at ?2fl See-
fid street.
h!.VANT-A goid rtining-r-.om tervan
male pr lemale- Aprivat
"VTUR8E A good and reliable nurse, white
X'l or coiorea, lo aiiena to young cunumu,
T..l.arnl wu u-B ami BOOll hOIUO. APPIV B
C iii tain Joseph Lenow's residence. Walker
avenue, near Klmwood.
mn nnpuriw
X Nine hundrtd dollars, on good real ea
tate. AdJress
B. J., this office.
si nnn pnnv Wall raeommended.
Of at 70 Mulberry street.
' s i:lniu AKTi t.OdS Walnut. Ponla
I J li...n mnA Oak T.nmhnr lllll LoffS WaQted
Ua.nnri, V.a.l er n ,r-d a. Snot cash Paid.
Send particulars to Morton Lumber Co. of
t-htcago, lit w est uouri street, piniuyui,.
m"8T A V EM A K E US The A merican Stave
X Co. of Ntw York are prepared tr contract
with suitatiie parties lor ine iuaum
imw mtuniiiv r.r Pina and Domestic btaves
Applv to Memphis Agency American Stave
tjo., 1 lourt, sireei.
SALESMEN In every State In tne ii ion
to represent a PAINT MANUFACTLR
ran it'xTA kT.IKll M KNT having several
SrgouLTiga thataro popular and easy soil
Ing. "-an be nanaiea aiono or in
...... l.Llr.., THK WM.
L'. m; ..nbn un
PRICF M AJMlirt. VK.. ssiiliauam "
WORK-01 any kind by a boy 13 years .
are: anxious to da anything to help
sick mother ; goo;i reterences. auui.'.
T. m , riO. II lrnWPB BlICCL
Hi atoncetoLOKBii MOOK'S bhirtla
tory, 313 Main street
IjVERYBODY To call and theee.i
brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Thi
street, near Poplar.
t nnii u ii iTM WOMAN To cook and
VT general housework; must have recom
mendatmns Apply at 711 Mulberry street,
bKNSB Kner.y and re
siuotability (or our business i in nr i
cality. Salary about $00 per naontn. rerui
nent position. iteierencs jitmui.j.
JUUNtiCN, Manoger, 16 Barclay St.. N.
P" ARTY With 1100 to take the exo u;
agency in Memphii of a business payr
60 porcent. net profit. A treys
nn r, t . ... .p
1 (i ( i LBS.
l'i.'THHHH Hi. heft cas
1 jy 'V pne
iee paid hrGABAY, Memphis.
IjtVKKYr-OKV TO Kdun-insi i win
next thirty dan tor II 50. OAW
243 Main sreet.
A SILVKit-Forrash irex
V J ehani
MMI.FOH O. ,Tew er. vi n
Positive Cure for Piles.
For sale by all drogglsts. ,
DR. 1). 8. J0USOa
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
lEstablished In 1800.',
1 R.J0HNS0N I. acknowledged by all par
XJ tie. interested M by far the most uo-
....fill nhnnieian In tha treal nietl tof private
or secret diseases. Quick, per nianent cure.
tuaranteed in every case, male or female..
.n, mm, ..r ii.iiArrhRi and bruhili.
oured In a fw day. without the use of mer-
oury, enange ot aiet or nmu . u
business. Secondary 6ypbili.. the last veg
i;...r.HI,i.J wlihn-itiha use ol mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short a
U..fT.-. t l.nr,anr- OT loMI Ol
aexual rowers restor e to free vigor in a few
weeks. Victim, of self -abuse andexoessivj
...... fm ...armatorrbea a n cl
los.of physical and menUl nower, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular attsn
tion paid to the Disease, of Women, ana
...... n ,.., u ; ! .. .nrl nld sores eu red
without the use 4f caustic or the kniie. All
consultation, .trictly eonfidential. Ma'"
eine. sent by express to ail part of the
awWorkingmen enred at half thi n.nal
rate.. Office hoars from 8 o clock a.m. to
o tlt.kp.m. D. b. JVlitbon, ,i.
Bat Lingering That's the Sort of
runlshnieut the tirand Maud
tiot Yesterday.
Knonfl' was unable tu pitch vestar-
day and t-nefrt went into the bos,
wheie he eiaid until the fif'h, wbon
the'Ctmriejton hoys made it so bet for
im tnM he cracelully withdiew in
favor 0( Minnintr. who fluisbed the
garuei" holding tLe visitor down to
tatee Dita. xaep ayiogct uietuowna
was dev iddly ofl, McSorley and Fas-
Btluach pilirg np five error between
tbem, an 01 ttietn costly, i tie epi-cwors
were heat tily dieki ted at this
playing ot the home t.int, but Bit
tne Bamo turonsn to witness tne
ilmirabie work of the Charlestons.
Tne feature r f the game Wrs the mae
niticent fielding of McAleer, who mads
two phenomenal catccea in one m
niDg. One of them a long fly a -
nirst to center u.ia lem:e irom
Andrews's bat, that looked like a
home ran, broueht down the crnd
stand. McAleer r. n a rave witu the
ball and beating it to the point where
ititlltnrned ajd troopea it in. It
wai adinifi-uly done nothing floor
has ever been teen here, and the o jly
fitch that approuches it is one made
by torrders sun jwhere nor tlies-inio
BpoK Tae fit ldtog cf (he Ubarlustot.s
yeBtordi.y was penetl, Darting inm-
Ioj ry rtiillir8 ol two not grounuerg,
wi'ith are di-nbtftil e:rorj.
Knouffwi 1 pitch today if his arm
will rormltu. otlierire Black, or pre-
s-ibly O'lveary, may be induced to da
the twirling act.
It. B.H. r.O. A. B
2 3 2 0 0
2 2 12 0
1114 3
0 3 11 1 0
0 2 3 0 0
0 110 0
1 2 0 3 2
0 0 4 2 0
0 110 0
6 15 24 12 5
. B. BH.PO. A. B.
2 3 2 3 0
0 114 2
1 3 0 0 0
0 1 12 0 0
4 2 2 2 0
3 12 10
3 3 3 1 0
0 14 0 0
14 1(1 27 12 2
Graham, c. f 5
Snced, p. & 2b... 5
McKorley, 3d b.. 6
Andrews, lat b... o
Broughton, c 4
Black, l.t a
Fuswllitcb, 8.8... 6
Manning, 2b A p 4
Ashe, r.f 3
Total .
Kappell, 3d b.... 5
Pnlllii..".s 5
rroley, r.f....... 4
Powell, lb 0
Bronan, 21 b
Gilman.c. f ' 4
Hinie, c 6
McAleer. l.f 5
Suilivan, p 5
Memphis 200100003
Charleston 11406102 14
Summary: Earned tuns Memphis,
6 : Charleston. 5. Home run Mneed.
Two brae hits Fosselbach, Hines
and Me A ef-r. Pasied balls Brongti-
ton, 1. Wild p.tches Sneed, 1 j Sul
livan, 1. Firt base on balls By
Sneed, 2; Sullivan, 1. Struck out By
Kneed, 1; .Sullivan, 2. Pouble plays
Fu a lbach, Manning ana Andrews, i ;
Fusselbach, Sneed and Andrews, lj
Andrews acd McSjrley, 1. Umpire
A Claod ttskme t KuhTlIle.
uriuiAL to rai apfiil.1
Nabhvillb. Tn.. September 2.
The home biyg played ball today.
Their' work, both in the field and at
the hit. w hlnhly creditable, and
bore unmistakable evidence of their
abil.ty on the diamond. The battery
work 01 (Saunders ana ocnenuBme was
enperb, Nashville's "amateur" keep
ing Hotaling's lads suesiing all ttie
time. John Mommy aia tne i-wiri-inir
lor the vikiior. and did it well,
allowing hut flva sca'terine hits. The
Grays etoied the winning run in the
ninto. inning after one man was out.
The work of the visitors was not np to
that of Wtdnteday, ei'.her at the bat
or in the field, although they played a
steady, fctrong game, bcore Dy innings
Nashville 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1-2
Savanrah 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Summary : Two bane bits Hotaling,
1; Miller. 1: Marr. 1. First base on
balls By Moriarity, 2. Sttuck out
Rv Mrriaritv. 5: Saundern, 6,
Tassed balls Arundel, 2. Wild
Ditcbes-Saunders, 2. Triple play
If illery, Bdtman and O'Brien. Scoter
McClellnn. Time cf game One
hour and fifty minutes.
Detroit Defeala New Tork.
Tirtroit. Mioh.. fc'entember 2. Um
pire Powers watt away "ofl" in his de
cision; loday but the home club
nnnnded cut a victory anyway. A
inffle. two put Mite and a close do
t i ion gave New York one run in tbe
first, and a Date on cans a passeu uu
and a wild nltch uave another in the
fifth. Two singles, two put outa and a
low throw to ttiira Dy f.wiog gave ua-
r.iit two in tha second. In tue sixth
B.outhers went tj first on called balls
and scored on a trinle by Rjwe, who
in turn crcsvd the pla e on Thomp
son's hit. Thompjoa reacDea tnira
nn hia hit. but was called out by
Powers on cla'm of tbe ttotiiamites
that he had not touched second ba-e.
Dunlap was at bat, and not having
hpard the decision, asked Powers to
exp'ain and was fined If 10. Ho spoke
to -anion, and Powers flnfd him $ 10
more. Danlao then atd: "i was
neakine to this man." wherenpoa
Powers nnea mm jo mora, uiaaiuK
n n all. Tha crowd raid ciose at
tention to tbeereoe and when tbe
fine was announced the umpire was
roundly biased. Four runs were scori d
hi Dutrnit in t lie emntn on eriots oy
Gerhardt and Katerbrook, two singles
and Ganzers triple.
Bflttoit 02000204 -8
New York 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-2
Earntdrune Detroit.3; New York,
i Tarn han bits Connor. Three
haae hits Riwo. Gr.zl. Paieed
Vialls-Ganzel.l. Wild pitches Coo
way.l. First base on fans etroii, i ;
New York. 4. First base on errors
rutrnit. 1: New York. 1. Struck oat
De roit. 2: New York, 2. Double
plays Kowe, Bronthers andGanr.jl;
Thnmnsna ana Rowe: Gerhardt, Ward
and Connors, ae nits unroii, i ,.
NuW York. . xrroi ieiroit, o;new
York, 4. Umpire Power,
Anaon Nave the Oasne.
Chicaoo, III., September 2. The
"Wizard" Shaw came very near de
feating Chicago by his work in tbe
i,or. hot the lai-t inning was what
saved the home team. Anton, with a
nlnndid three bagger, brought two
runs, which won the game, with but
one man out. Byn made some fine
oaii-hae. Ilardie. the new man.
brought in a ron in the eighth, and
did wall behind the bat. Carroll was
the only heavy batter of the visit irs,
making two heme ron'. S,-ore
Chicago, 6; Washington, 4. Sum
marv: Earned tuns Chicago, 1;
Washington, 2. Home runs Carroll,
2. Three base hit Anton. 1. Two
base hit GilUgan, 1. Btsee on balls
Chicaeo. 2: Washington, 2. Passed
balla Hardie, 1; Gill gan, 2. Wild
pitch Flvnn. 1. Struck out Chi
rapo. 3: Vaauinglon, 3. Baa hits
Chicago, 7; Wgstiirg'on, 3 Krror
Cnicago, 4 ; Vaehingtan, 12. Umpire
Quest. . '.
Btaroona t'hatw I'p
Ibe Beaio
St. Louis. September 2. The Ma
roons braced up and played btautifu'lv
today, donning Bo-t ri in a pretti'y
contested game ol t-n innings, iiealy
p tched in trreat form and was splen
didly supported, beiiu espec ally ef
fective at critirat pc inU ol the gAtne.
Ra ibmrn s rack (out nine men, but
whs hit hard, especially by Ulaseoock.
The latter'e general all around work
was the bet f-wtnie of the game.
Nash covert d third in his ueaal bril
liantmanuer: Ttietcore: St. Loaiti, 5;
Bo;too, 3; Karned ini.B-8t. Lon's, 1;
To ba-o bile Ulascock 2, Crane 1,
Sutton 1. Total banes on lit
St. Lmis, 11; Bo.'ton, 7. Ieft on
baeec St. Louis, 0; Benton, 1. Struck
out Bv Healy, 3; by Radbourn, 1).
Donb o' play", Ulafwcock, Ctane and
Mi Kinnon. S:olen l)as Wise. Ivad-
lionrnr. Bmes on called balls Off
lltftley. 2; oft Radhonin, 1. Pasted
balls, My are 1. Wild pitches none.
Time 1 :55. Umpire Grace Pierce.
TheCowboyaSlaiiKtilcr the Qunkera
Ka nas Oity,5Io. September 2-Kan-sas
City defeated Philadelphia today
m wr at was probably the mott evenly
contested gini8ti"hre this eann.
The ecore w titd f ,wr times, nud the
game finally woo by Weitlnuiii'ssin.ie
in the nit-th iniiing, which binught in
two runs. The laitina wu terrific,
both eides hitting fietly. Ca?ey, for
the vi-it'irs, whs knocked cut in tnroe
innirc. tea hi.fl. With a total of eiah
teen bue btire mscui on n,s iwnveiy
In ihkt time. BastiRU nluved a luiter-
ble gme at Bctontl base. Biiody'a
cat ol-id a for the home team was su
perb. Hcore by mninfis:
Kansas City 1 1 4 0 2 0 1 1 2-12
Phi ade pa a 4 a a u l l o o tu
Karnea runt- tvaiisas vjity, o; rim
rlfilnhial 5. Il'-ms run Met) ier
To base bit Kadfoid, 2; Bust, an, 2;
MrOnarv. lit lie. JtTLritrty. i;ieiut-ntt.
Thiei besa bi Rase t. l'aissad D.tim
Clemepta, 4. Wild pbcht Wnd
tnan, 1: Foitnty, 1. l irst baae on
bille Oil' Weioman, 2. Fir.t base on
errors Kantas City, 4; Philadelphia,
3. Struck ont-ivantai u.iy, i.
Phi adelnr l. 7. l.elt on ba3fS-Kan
sas City, 9 ; Philadelphia, 13. Umpire
The Uets Have Unt On
to Hart at
FmLAnvLPHiA. Pa.. S, utember 2.
The Athletics. Bierbauer excepted,
could do nothing with Mays this af
ternoon, whilri. on tbe other hand,
llait was pounded in a lively iasmon
bv the Mete The home team aiso
nlaved a slouchy eame in the firild
Niore: Atoletina.2: Metropolitans, 11.
Earned rune Metropolitans. 4. iwo
base hits O'Btien, Bierbauer, Orr an 1
Re D&ch laer. Three base n t ifcuip
achlager. Paesed balls O'Brien, 3;
Reipachiager.a. wtia piicnee-uArc,
3: Mavs. 1. First base on nan
Athletics. -. MeiroDonians, am
hita-Atkleticii. 4: Metropolian", 10,
Errors-Athletics, 7; Me ropolitans, 3.
Umpire Valentine.
Baltimore Trlea an Amateur.
TUttimorb. Md SeDtembtr 2
Houseman, a local amateur pitcher,
wm tried atrainst tne tsrooKiyn team
todav and did fairly wvll. The home
nlnh .Vil the heat buttina. but the Vie
Itnra wete m re euccesalul in bunch
ing the r bita , and won the game in
llm fifth Inninff.
Baltimoiee. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0-2
Brooklyn.- 01002000 03
Karn d runs srooaivn. i.. mu
base hits McClellan, Smith, colt.
Pnflil ha la Dolau. 1: l'eoples i
Wild pilches Houseman, z; porter j.
Bate bite Biltimore, iu: Brooaiyu, i.
Baltimore. 4: Brooklyn, 3.
Umpite Carlin.
PKtabnra Aaaln Vlclorloni.
PiTTenLBo, Pa., September 2. The
closing game of the championship
series between the Pitt-burg andLou
iHvilla c ubs was played here today
and resulted in a victoiy lor the home
i..k fv-o imi una c ran and ex-
cicse ana ex-
till,-. .
citing np till the eighth Inning, when
the visitors became rattled and ai-
lowed the Pittaburgs toncore four runs
on three hita, f'-ur errors snd two
tiansed balls. The a tendmce wjs
Pittebu'g 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 4 0-0
Louisville 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0-2
bEy sZnioBjl
t.a afcMCT C
w -a i T).ll.. l -1'itri
halla Oninn. 6: Cook. 2. First baa
on balls-Off Morris, 3; off llecker,
1. F rat baa on errors Pittsburg", i.
Strurk out By Morris, 3; by llocker,
2. im h la Pittsburg-.- ; J-iiuis
ville.6. KtroiH Pittsburg, l;Ljoi-
ville, 7. Umpire Walsh.
H4WEII ll-t. NO I KS.
Brosnah made a couple of wonder
ful pickups yesterday.
Hot Spbimok Daily Neva: Brady, the
Memphis pitcher, is a daisy,
Ritii.ivam inn ta ereat pi cher, but
with the (Jharieston c ub behind him,
even Alex Voss would loom up
PtiixrvAM was hit hard yesterday,
hnt mceived such perfect support that
thtee baggers were c.n verted into
It is irmtifvin. to remember that
eunn sthnnH Charleston boAt us four
straits the cannot beat na for fourth
Snbri) made his maiden home run
yeetsrdav. it has ccst liim many gray
hairs trying io put. mo uau ovr.i iui
Tun more we ece of Kap'pel tbe
more aoxious we become to see him
t lay with Memphis next year. JJ.t o
Phillips, ditto McAleer.
Thkkb will be no charge lor ladies
today or tomorrow, and they will
donbt'ess crowd the grand stand to
see the best fielding nine intheLtngue
play ball. This does not refer to
W thoncht Pellz the b?st lett
fie der in tae Southern Le-Agae before
Charleeton came here, but in our
opinion McAleer tops tbem all. If
ha ronld hit tbe ball like Parcell or
Stearns or Sneed be could dictate his
terms to any club in the country.
Hot Sprikos Daily Newt: Gold
emitb. the Memphis boys' pitcher, in a
"daisy." lie baa a strong arm ana a
swilt delivery, tout it takes inn too
long to get tbe ball ready to deliver,
and the crowd would often yell "play
ball" while be was "fixing" the tpbere.
Nabiivillk American. 2d: Norman
Leslie Baker, the "Mikado," was given
an honorable release and yesterday
signed a contract with tbe Rochester,
Eastern league, uiud, at jaou pr
month for tbe rest of the season. a
knr la nndonbtedlv the finest pitcber
in the Southern League, and bai done
much brilliant work for the lcals. If
be bad not received the unfortunate
injury to bis pitching hand, Nashville
won Id now be in tbe lead for tbe pen
nant. Ha 'will, undoubtedly, in tbe
near future, prove a strong rival for the
greatest pitchers to the country,
The Eant Tennessee System CrosBlng
the River The Broadway Wran
glc-Rail Notes.
It has leaked ont thst the KaneM
City, Springfield and Memphis Rail
road tJompany, whica ny tne purcnare
of the Mtmphis, Bitmingham & At
lantic now has a through line' from
Kansas City to Birmingham, will es
Ublieh its headquartets here, and will
build its stops at this point The ad
vantage lo the company ii apparent,
and tue booefit to Mumping is plain.
The otliceis of tbo company
are very reticent. SuponnU mfent
Sullivao, wlen approached yesterday,
declined to e ay what wctald le done.
Gen. Nettl.ton, wbo was here last
Monday, will rrtntn in a day or two,
and u til then the plan for working
the line from Memphis to binning
ham will not be divulged. It is
doubtful, in fact, if the details have
yet beon decided upon.
Kant TetiBcaac-e Croaainw the Klver.
There is more in the announcement
of the E.st Tennoaeeo, lrgiuia and
Georgia people that they inend to
build wett ol ttie winsiniipi l man
niott Mempbia poop e are rady to be
lieve. Tha organization of Ihtt woit
ern company hits a'ready been tlfectfd
and big blnoks of slock subBcrlrtnl lo'.
Mr. Casjy A. ileon, tbo ctiiil orgi-
neer of the company, has been in the
city two or tl.reednys making up an
engitnoiing paityand employed four
or rive who nave Deen at wort
ou ihe extevB'ou to Tupelo.but wt.ose
crvices are no lo-'ger rquu-f d. lney
huve taken the tio:d, and nrd now
natively ergagd in making a survey,
the iiiHinutioim tioirg, it is eaio, to
build 2)0 milt s of road at once. It is
prteuiiied that they will fol ow the
line of the Memphis and Little Kirk
it distance of f-iny milee, bu Id an In
dependent line thence to bjarcy, aiui
then on in a noithwes'O'ly dire t on
toB 'tnepo'nt on tha St. L iuis and
Pan Fiancisci. Tbo At'an'a Coimfidi
fion ci.ntaiDs the following, wh ca biti
a b aring on tho subjeof : .
It iakmwntbar the K at Tennes
se, Yiiginla and Georgia conirols tho
Meni)ibis and L'har et:n rnuoau.anu
it is believed that it is infbientUl In
the management of tbe Memphis a-.d
Lit-le Bock railroad. A tew c aya ag'
at Little Kick, the Ettt Tenneo-,
Virginia and Georgia filed an applies-
t on for a charter to build a railroad
from that cilv to K.nnnH Ultv. The
new road will give the Fst Tennes
see, virmuia ana ueors'a vetieru
connections that no complications
arising from rect.nt changes, in the
radioed world can iiiuriously a fleet.
Tbeie are reasons io believe that
the road from Littlo Rock to Kansas
City was mggested by the building of
the road from KaDsaa City to Birming
ham and tho toion of the Central by
the Liuiaville and Nashville. Those
two things compelled the Kiat Tonn
esse, Virginia and Georgia to protect
its Wee tern connections.
The HrsMMlway Nqitabble.
The fiaht for ilia posseeBinn ot
Broadway crows interesting. In the
Police Court ye s erday morning Pres
ident Hadden imposed a tine of fiOou
James McNamara, the foreman of the
iranir which hud the track, and an em
nlove of tbe Kans,ts City, Springflold
i , . I n l,nl.n.J Pnmnanii
HUH iUCUipu a IWHiuiu wyi,,Jn,ij
In paving sentence President Had
den said :
Our aws on this sub t are very
anvero. and thev will be catried ont to
the letter. It appears that about
throe months nan a number of reputit
ble and reeponsible citizans obtained
a charier for a belt road, beginning at
Fifth street and parsing around the
city. Eagineet Humpureys prospected
the line on Broadway. and it wa a'ter.
wards located by tbe Taxing Ulstuct
Engineer. Tbe company was granted
a tight of way by the Legislative
Council and surveyed tbe line and
1 ilmve down DOita II raurx 11. now
- r - . . ,
come tne Atneas vuy p-opie an
make use oi the survey oi me jmh.
Line, and (tick down their pegs with
out tbe nermirwion of the District En
gineer, and In viom ion oi our laws,
It was uot only a violation oi tne law.
but plain usurpation ot tbe ngbts o
tbe Belt Lino, and we had the usurp
ing track torn up. This my seem
hi Ta rather bold act on our part, but it
is not half ao bold u i the th.
I I V; a UJ V1J AflUOOD Vlfj vuiu (' J i
We have given the campiny tweniv
four hours in which to remove its
rails and other debii, and if the com
Dinv doesn't do it we will No corpo
ration shall tear nn a street without a
perm t while I am tbe head of this
Later In the dav the Kanaas City.
rnrioafleltl and Memphis Railroad
Comnanv obtained a writ enjoining
the city anthotiiies from Interfering
with them in the cons ruction oi inei
There was an "ominousners" In the
air yesterday evening. All the rail
roads are stirred up. They all want
some of the chicken pie. The Mom
phis and Charleston Railroad Com
nanv. ilia Union Belt Line, and th
attorneys of the Iron Mountain and
tbe Louisville ana nasnvnie are re
norted aa bavlni; Dot their heads to
gother with view to c rtumventing
the Kansas City Company in its pur
pose to appropriate at a ngni oi way
what the city insists to be a sweet,
That B'oudway must be given np t
tbe railKMda is a uvegone conclusion,
bet it is not itt all likely that any oce
company will be a'lowed to monopo.
lize u without protest.
St. I.oula, Arknnana ana Tstss.
The gauge of the St. Lmie, Arkan
sas arid Texas will in cnangeu w
standaid. tle work being completed
October loth or 16 h. .Seventy engine?,
1500 cart and 2 0 tracks lor oia cars
have been ordered, while new locomo
tives will also b added. The latter
will hi stored on ten miles of newsme
track la d at Blid's Point for the pur
pose. The roadbed hai been made
wide', ties all laid down, and only a
few btirigej and treaties remain to be
changed Twenty-five to thirty-live
cars of etyel rails are boing fcrwardea
from Bird's Point du ly, and are laid
down as rapidly at tbey arrive.
German Evaoarellcal Synod.
Biipr-Ato N Y . Sent. 2. The clos
ing ol the German Evangilical Synod
was held tuis morning, ine iioaru ui
Education wa. authorized to take
steps toward en'ariing the libraries oi
the various educational Institution",
The Board ' reported tbtt rteinhtna
College, in B-rbo, Germany, bad ff-
lerait t i nnen the In Bill 111 on Dine
atudentt for the ministry, who would
be educat ed gratuitously before being
iwnt to thla country to fill vacancits tn
the churcbet. In ritorn for this oflur
an annual donation of $250 was vo'el
ths college. New ulea and regua
tions were also adopted for the better
government of tbe thtological semina
ries at Eden, Mo., and tlmburet, 1H-.
and the Board of Education was em
powered to fill the vacancy ctnsed by
tbe death of Prof. C. Kureinan, oi tbe
Eden Seminary. Tbe following others
were elected for the ensuing term:
Preaidotit of the General Synod, Rev.
J. Z inmerman, Burlington, la., re
elected ; vice president, Rev. J. Grne
nert, Wabash, Ind. ; secretary, Kev. O.
Child, Bnf'alo, ri-elected; treasurer,
Rov. P. H Goehl, f-t Charles, Mo.
A NOTOatlOI .H til KtiLAK t Al GUT
ui thk rtn.nr,
WhoMaaea Hlch Flail at HiaLcxtir.
Intr llone-lle 'nlraaca
Ilia Uuilt.
The epolhe made a brilliant catch
yesterday a'ternoon and auntber nt -torious
thief luxuriates behind the
About three weeks sgj Vienna s gun
store on Main street was b-oken open
and robbed of four flue revolver, the
burglar biiitg a bole through the
door, thrua ing bis hand through and
(lidirg bai k the lnl'.
f j t. Saturday niiiht A. B. MuUoi'a
jewelry etore, N"o. 12J Boale street, wgs
robbed of about loveitj-five watcht-s
and a plain gold ling, the whole value
of the li,t being about $1000.
Lrst week ttiu watchmnu a the
Kansas City Jiuclion emit wo.il to
police headiiinrton ibnt ho bad pur
(.hnaed for $1 f0 a flue f.ittj-fmir cali
ber Smith ic Weston pistol wr.rili flfi,
ndJliat he believed it to luvi been
stolen, llaguva nu uoeura:e des.rlp-
tion of the da ky Irom whom he
bought it. It proved to be one of the
pietols stolen from V,euna.
iwo or laree cays S'rca a party w no
hnunht a gol l ring f r a mere iritis
uleii noiihVd the police and it wni rec
ognized as tho property of Mr. Muller.
Tho description ol the darky irom
whom it bad been obtninoi tallied ex
actly with tint given by tie pun baser
of tbe pistol.
Chief Davis put bis men at woik,
detailing several of them to watch lo
calities which tho thief wai tuppoted
to hannt.
Ali'te alter 1 o'clorit Yftieruay
fiemoon Ca.t O llavr uhh wrh b;s
csnal lock. He diecovered the n amp
anilinir on tno coiner ta vmui-v ui i
vanca si eets, ana suvemnu uinmu
him in a 't iurely way. Ho was prob
ably recokiilzol, however, and the
dtrlty t.ok t) Lis heel. Capt.
O'Haver fo'lowed, chasing his man
nearly a mile, lhey Bourned up and
dowubavk ftlUy.', over tall loutxe,
aero s hi ck yards and th ongh houses
. . 1 I . 1 ... I
until ill' y were botn pre-ty wen ex
hauster. Ddlceiivo Pryde, wlio had
been wa't hirg another corner not far
off, joined in the pnrauit, acd Chief
(J eaty, of the Fire Depar.nienr, wis
not far lnhind. At last they Cornered
the fucrlr.iva in an alley, O'Haver clos
ing in on him at ono end and Pryde
at the other. Tho fellow, when lie
realized the ntuation, wanted in
among a group of darkies and took a
seat, think rg, porbaps, that when tho
ofllceie tame up, bieathltM ss they
were, thty would have some amicuiiy
in picking him out, and ha might
have atiOtbor showing. In this, how
evsr, he was mistaken. He was recog-
n zed wl.noui u nicuiiy, huhoiii, eu
nniatlv in arrest, and w as soon alter-
ward loairea in tae oiauoa nuuro.
' , . . , .-..! 1 T
Verv luile ilillloulty w.s expert
enced in making the pump work to
the sattrdnctlon of tbo police. Tbe ne
o-rn nai l bin name was Charlie Y ill-
am b, thtt he boarded at Mre. Ran
tlolph'e, on Second ttree', jutt above
Beale, and that he had a va.ise full of
plunib r in bis room there, it was Be
nnrarl hv tlllcers and fonnd to contain
sixty-live of Muller's watches and tbe
remaining three nf Vienna's pistols.
WillUn s said he had sold one ol tho
watches to the cook cf the steamer
ilhln n,l that he vavo his "kid. '
v i J 11?. 111.. Bt..V. f.1 tl,a
DCgro uoy uauii-iu imv, cigjuv u ...w
watch s yesterday morning to tell.
lie i'ivh a full deeotiption of tbo boy
tlBiii-ai ihedhim as being about 14
years o'd, bright ginger cake c jlor and
earn he wore a uibcr his iup, Kr
wnnUn shirt, laced with blue cord
striped gray coat, small gray checked
pants ana iinunnon paitui iomci ,uw
inaricrfld laced b1io, cariled a b o'-
: . ... i.i. .i .
black s dox ana vieuuu uiwi
train time. Snch a boy tried to sell a
second haod watch at No. 2 engine
honae yestmlny. ,
Yil mini RitvB bo watched Muller
for several days last week and
finally cDlnting ine reivicesoi tne
hnv. had hioa accrete himself in the
: .... - . i i ,i.
.turn lut.fl SAtnrdav evening. He hid
indnr tbe counter and at a eignai
hum the outside opened the door and
admitted him. He put the watches
in a pillow slip and they made their
without difliculty.
According to the account Williams
glvm of himself, he is a most notorious
ui'onndrel. He enTS tils home is in
Philadelphia, but tbe supr.ly of crooks
there wasgroatur tnan tne acmnno,
ami lie concluded to exp'ore the Sunny
Knn'h. On Ida way down he stoles
line watch at Cincinnati, selling it f or
half its value to a pnrty whose ad
dress be gave Chief Davis. He eays
he ameared the watch, which bad
handtu-imelv ieweledcaeo.all over with
mud, bj that he might pretend, if it
should be discovered on nn person,
thn ho had oi iked it up in the guHer,
Williams claim that be was tho tool
of the follow who perpe ra'ed the re
cent big diamond robbery in aw
York, ti e leader, wbo appropriated
the lion's share of the swag, gang i
Florida, where be cut so wide a swath
l. nnenlnir un a b'tt tobacco store
that Pinkerton'a men mado an easy
rey of him. He w.s ai-o arristou
bat turned State's evidence ami
escaped. The cause of his atrest.be
sy, was his fool nil tfl'irtto fella
diamond crescent worth $300, on the
train mar Columbui, Ky., lor ..
Among his othor plcaiantnea was
the larceney of $3000 from a snfelo a
.New York oflloe, while the proprietor
was locking the other way. Ho pur
chase! a showy diamond pin With $250
of the money and took a receipt for it,
A detective arrested him on tuapicion,
hnt ha waa nhln to nr ,ve that he had
paid for the pin, and as it could not. no
proven where be ttole thev money, he
was allowed to go.
He calir.a io cava Known 10m
Adams int.mately, and siys he is a
r-oulur ineak thief and pickpocket,
A dame, it will be reinemoereu, rooueu
Win. Oulnn's 1 11 of $300 while em-
nloved there Hjveral months agJ and
fled to BufLtlo, where he was arretted,
brought buck here and sentenced to
three years in the penitentiary,
William", so the storv Boas, wai arre t
ed with Vdama once at Cleveland, O.,
on suspicion of having rommitted a
rob Dery in Now York. Their photo
graphs were taken and sen; there, but
notliing cime of it, and as thy wete
innocent they were discharged.
The prisoner is an crJinary yollow
negro, about 30 yoara old, slender, and
dress'd as hundreds of his c'ass are.
He is the most talkative thief the
police have gilled in their net in many
a day.
to -atle-sre 1 tmarslae fat
long riasnblas at tsaa-rituam.
A Vigorous Cunvans of the lounty
to Be Made Work in the
As the Appeal predictjd ye-t'rday,
the ILn. Josiah Patterson is an an
nounced candidate fr Congress, lie
published tho following card yester
day :
To the Democrat, of the Tenth Congrs.
liunal District:
In reply to nn article which ap
pearnd in the Memphis Avalanche on
tbe 20th of Angutt, criticising my at
titude io tespeit to tha Congressional
canvass, I published a card in which I
mliftantiaily s'ated, in answer to the
suliciuitiors cf friends, that I was not
a candidate for Conginsi, and that I
wonld not embarrass my friends r ob
trude myself on the councils of the
Democratic party, but would make the
canvass if I believed the wieh wis
general for me to do eo.
Since then I have besn very gen
erally ruiuested from all patU of the
diftii',tto bi come a candidate, and I
therefore announce my candidacy, sub
ject to the fctlon nf tho Democratic
convnitior. j mah pattekson.
About 4 n'c. yesterday evming
an A itkai, iepor.er ntet Co!. Pa ter
ton ou tho corner of M ain and Mad
boa r-troete. Ti o Colonel lot ked
much nr ta like himelf than ho nail
firHtv.tral diys. lie was rcsetteiy
'vVell, they will know where ti
find me now," ho reuiarkod.
' This ullii r reminds me of the daya
of my boyhood," 'lie continued "if
the great fuu we used to have roking
b'mws with n little spit aid nitidon
tie eid down iu boles iu -the ground
and cryicg
Docillo bug, doodle bug. come tut of your
If you d ,'i't I'll beat you as black as a caal."
"I nm out now." concluded the C.I-
nnfl, laughing, ''ami lo; them belt mi
! tbey ciii.
Tho 'ayingt f wirte was te ively g
no un all dav M's cr.lny. Ihty were
not Bt it h d on pons, but urdir
gioiiml, io iliA nnat approved idens.
Iu tt e Sevocth a d, whirs to'. Pa'.
terson reiiJae, tin war will be espe
cial warm, cud a fight will b'ho b)
noda in Pjcmnd d.btiict. ti e l.u -
teenth. Amirg o Lcr tjirg?, t'-.e ad
vinibiiity of adoptirg ibe ruijorfy
nilewai larg ly d'scoesat', but ihire
teinis tiboa geiininl disposition to
wu't u-ltil tl o tonVBiitiOJ mstniNoi,
which will be in atout two week?, 1 1
tet le that impottant qiits ioj.
Ctl. PattetHOO, it is said, will mako
a vigorous cmvans oi iiardemin, i p
ton and Favette conn'ies. Titdou h.s
already electod a Pbu'an delegntlor,
and it'iieaid that tbe appointment of
Dr. Yancey as Unit id a aies Martbal,
together with Manson's withdrawal.
will give rayette to i aiterson. ino
Hometvile Falcon ami AVwr.'fr teems
to think otherwise, however, it had
tbe following In its last itsoe:
"To the Gorgretsman irom tins u s-
trlct is referred matter of vital Im
port nc affecting the weliare of many
tbonstrds living upon tbe banks of
the turbid "Father of waters." The
intelligence of the d it, t riot desires a
man compel it t to repiesent the vast
complex and varied interests demand
ing his at'entlon, and tbe index finger
of tbe publio p'alnly points to James
Pbe'an, m the most available
man of those who have pronounced
themtelvis ss candidates. He is a
young man. v'gjioae, firm and tal
ented, and If nominated would carry
the banner of victory nobly ints the
ranks of the enemy, and piatt it
firmly npon their ramptrts."
Haglalrale and Coaetablea.
Tbe Coun'y Court situation is be
coming a trilU mixed. Judge Ga'lo-
wav. of the Probate Goort, holds a
commission as magistrnto of tbe
Eighte nth Distiict, and County Ulerk
Quigley of the Fifth Distiio'. Tbe
former bas not yet decided to resign,
and the lattor will do so during the
Histse-ssion ot the court, in October.
Neither ran resign until tbe court
meets, and if they did so at ence their
soata would rduiain vacant, as a certain
legil form bes ti be gine through
with before their successors cm do
elected. In tbo Fifth District these
spoken of tosticctod Justice 1 ugley
are John J. Barry and Joe F.ynn. M.
T. Garvin will not te a ctndidate, as
bo I na taken an important position in
tboollireof 'he County Cleik. Jus
tice Powell 1ns moved Into Justice
Ouiptny s nllice and ful'on heir
to the Police Conrt businee!.
Tbe balance of it will be
very lean picking for tha magistrate
us well as for toe constable. Consta
ble Garvin, who was le-eht'tfd An
gtitt 5th, has vacated h;s titles, and
there will doiiht'ees be a number of
applicants. No names are mcn
tionod. Tbe recent death of V. P.
Gallina bIhj makes the eltct:oaof a
constable in his diatrlct necuKary.
Maasoa and Pal tenon.
To the Editor, of tha Appeal!
Bolivar, Tbnm., September 1. Ai a
good deal has been wiltten about the
Congressional race, I want to write a
word from Hardeman county.
In Bo, War there is a good dial of
talk about Col. Patterson. I do not
know if be is a candidate, as he siys
he will not try and get the nomina
tion. But I want to say this coonty is
for Maneonand wants hlra nominated.
He will not get out of the race while
(there Is a chance for him. If Patter-
tou's friends think to get any ni Mtn-
son's friends by their talk ol Aianson
having ao show, they ate mitigaeo.
Phelan made a cioie ana loiung can
vas) of this county. He is regarded
hire as a capable, honett, frank and
determined man. He las treated
Manson fairly and kindly. If Manion
is not nominated, ss we think be will
be, then 1 know that a big fraction of
the delegates will vote for him in spite
of Pattereon and his little crowd.
Patterson's friends luve made bim no
favorite of Macson'e friends but Phe
laa hai. hariiiman demccbat.
Phelan Pint, Last and All (he Time
Tu the Editor, of tha Appeal :
Faybttb Coukty, Tbhn., Snteniber
1, 18801 see Mr. Harris has with
drawn fiom the race for Coogrest.
tupposethis leavet the fi.ldto Mf;
Mannon and Mr. Pnelan.
I wish to sty to. Mr. Phelan a u isnov
through the distiict, nit to be uneaaj,
his friends in Fayette are in earnest
and they intend to come down to thi
convention io force. Pnelan first, !at
and all the time. ntsTRtcr o. 6.
Ltjudbobq's perfume, Edenis
Lnndborg's perftime, Alpine lo et.
Lnndborg's perfume, Lily of the
Lundborg'i perfnaia, Mirchal Nil

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