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! 1
Cotton Quiet ani Unchanged Mid
dling, 9eNo Sales Yes
terday. Morey in good deinan-l at 8 per
cent. Locl SJcuritiss are steady and
tending upward.
In Ihe cotton market there 19 little
doing. The clo;e yesterday was qniet ;
middlirg, c; fates, none. At New
York yesterday spots closed tteady,
middling, 9 S-lOs. Futu:es barely
Steady; September, 9.05(a.C6o. A
leading New York cit'-on circular
Eays: A sort 01 ury m prevailed ait
dv ia the absence of dr.ct demand
and the market sV.tltd tff 4 to
pointi under tbe Ju-tber epillkg of
long cDlton. There appeared to be
'uo energy or rerupetative power on
the bull Bide, and t jo final rates were
the lowest, wi:h tone b.rjly steady,
L!.verp:ol eppeirj to be simply a re
flex 0! tin tos'tion here."
At New Orhtni spots were dull
middling. SI:: fr.turei quiet and
steady; September, S Wt8.70c.
At L:vrpool spots ware steady, fair
demand; m'tddlin;? 5J1; futures easy;
Sep'ember, 5 5 f4d.
In the general maiket hog products
are Ann aad hhhtr; clear rib sides
bacon, 7 Jo ; clear lib tides pork, 6jc.
Other articles unchanged.
Eighteen brls anole?, 292 pkgs bnt
l-iUO rts begging, 102 pkg-t bacon, 1057
pkg l oo's a.d hhow, 500 bu corn,
329 ck coffee, 3-G skscotton seed, 113
pkg dry good?. 17 pkgs eggs, 140
bales bav, 2G hd live stock. 300 pkgs
Jad. 40.000 ft lumer.1 pkgs liquors.
5 brU meal, 3.0J bu oais, 00 brls
onions, 55 brls potatoes. 1 caee pork
sides, 100 brls perk, 195 brls sugar,
100 pkgs tobacco, 30 fks ihetse, 50
kgs 1 nils.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange vesterday
Whett received. 548 bu: withdrawn.
none; in store, 7G03 bu. Corn received,
nons; withdrawn, 24i8. bu; in store,
5213 bu. Oats raeeivod, 14,812 bu;
withdrawn, 498 bu; in store, 114,'
S32 bu."
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.,
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
The Clearing House report is as fol
Thursday, September 2d, $162,
090 e2 ; thus far tbis week, $619 050 81 ;
same litr e las; wst k, $131,768 51; cor
responding time in I8S0, 452,010 29;
corresponding time in 1884, $410,
55499. BALANCES.
Thursday, September 2d, .$71,703 57 ;
thus far this wfek, $270,532 48; same
time last wtek, $104,175 77; corr
spondirg time in 1835, 150,494 00;
corresprnding time in 1884, $110,
605 40.
New York sight on all points, rar
buying, i protntnm selling; New
England demand, i discount buying:
New England sight, J discount; New
Orleans, 1 discount baying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce .14H bid, 149 asked
First National 150 bid, 155 asked
German Bank 195,bid, 200 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantere..t50 bid, 163 asked
Mercantile Bank....l33 bid, 137 aaked
Blan City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 asked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Phoenix 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... aaked
Vanderbilt. .. 25 bid, 26 aaked
Arlington. 30 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
M. and O. R.R.shares.,30 bid, ... asked
M. & T. R.R. ehrs 45 bid, 50 asked
M. A O. consols, 7s... 119 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. lit m. 8S...105 bid, ... asked
Miss.&T.R.R. c,A- -HI bid, 113 asked
Mi38.&T.R.Rc,H..101J bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. 1 HO bid, 93 asked
Tenm wts. ser. E to J..83 bid, 85 asked
Shelbv Co. 6s... 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6?, 97 bid, 98 asked
Tax. Dist. J 101 bid, 105 asked
Mem. Gad bonds 1U4 bid, ... asked
Moiii. Water bonds 97 bid, ... asked
Hanau'er Oil Works bid, 65 asked
Am. Cot Oil.trnst', 40 bid, 47 aked
Pionedt Gotten Mills 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.Stor.Com.Co..l02 bid, 103 asked
Mem. Gas sto, k 75 bid, 80 asked
New York, September 2. Money
on cill qu'ot, ringing fiotn 2 to 7 per
cen., closing at 0 per cut. bid. Prime
mercantile paper 4?5 percent. Ste'-
ling exchngn qnieMbnt steady at 481 i
for sixty (Soy bills and 484 for dtinandL
Binds Government bonds have
been dull aud rather heavy. Bute
bondj have bten dull and stedy.
Railroad Innli. have been dull and
generally hwovy. The buiinets show
no improvement the sales for Ihe day
he'ng $705,000. Ihe tialing was ut
terly without feature, although the
market was generally heavy.! Final
piices generally showed fract'onal
We", while important changes are
few in number. Faciflc sixes of 1898
lost 2j, at 110. The recent disburse
ments by tbe government oa corpo n
tlor.s was felt 10 tbe money market to
ddy, the rate being ha!d remarkably
steady at 57 per ceat. The sterling
exchange rite was held at a shads
above the impriing point.-
Stocks There was very little news
of a character to effVct values.
There was a "jet'er feeling through
out the day, although there wf-s
some effort' ts depress the coal
stocks, but it had litt'e or no eflect.
There was heavy buying in Jersey
Central, and it and New Yo k ard
Ne Eog'and were the features of the
morning hour?. A circular from Chi
cago bearing the name of Mr. Armour
was published a the afternoon, which
was interpieted as a bull argument,
and considerable covering of shorts in
the grangeis followed. New Jerssy
Central was reasonably btrong in the
early morning. London bought tome
New York Ceitnl, but the price ad
vanced too rapidly and operations in
that direction were checked. For the
li st, time this w.ek opening prices
were decidedly itroug, a tvances lang
kg from J to j per cent. gtnhraUy,
while Pa.-itic Mill ai up i and Louis
ville and Nu'hvillo down i. There was
mors activity in the early iradingthan
at any tim durint tbe piesent de-piet-siun
in bOfintpw, but it soon died
a nay and the cs-al dullness succeed
ed. Pricrs were flm and Jersey Cen
tral d. cidedly troog, but the" early
giir.s wore afterward lo.t, and at nooa
priciB weie not materially d tie rent
from tbe opening. A slrongor tore
tli-n prevailed, lasting until about 2
o'clock p.m , by wnlch lime fractioral
advances had ben eetabl shed. There
were slight rtevsiuns from the b4
figarrs in hd Ut hour, and the mar
ket clos- d rather he.vy. Tne t tal
day's businees was 101,414 shares.
New York and New England fur
nished 14,050 and Bt. Paul 13,971. Tne
net result of the day's bnaineesis an
a.tvnce for almoBt everything on the
active list, Erie preferred being up 1 ,
Delaware and Hudson 1, and otheis
(motional amounts.
ThetotaUales of stocks today were
101,414 sLarrr, including Deiawart-,
Lackawanna and V8trn, 77,307;
Lakr S110 e, 41V); Louisville aad
NieLvi Ip, 4.0,1 Nor hxesUrn, 6118;
New Jercey Cebtral, 9X)S; Si. Pant,
13,971; 8t. Paul aud Omaha, 3500;
Westera Union, 3110.
U. 8. 3i!. 100M. 4. noun. 13.
Vil, coup, M4. PaoiUo 6 01 18, 125?4-
La. utami
L'ent. 1'nc
I, 4i, VK. MionH. 6, MO1!
liti,l! l'4. Don. AB.a.llM,12).
leniKlW.lt8.o('. Er tenonas. 115.
M.K.iT.,ien 6s.H4'-4:Nortb. I'ao. 1U,115.
North. Pao. 2d9,l(K'i.N. Western eon.,
N.Went. deb. 5, KfiS.St.L.S.K.Oon.M, W
St. Paul, con., 2. 8r.P.,0. it P. Uls,Vl.
T.P. land griinti.Dit'vT.P. R.O. ex oou. (ti'l.
tl. P. Inu. 114. Weat Shore, lul.
Tenn., lot'uit.ia'..Tenn. 6b, eel'uit, 1U0.
lenn. i, aet'uit, 78.
AiUra Expreag, HO. Murrlji B.,oft"d.,138.
AlleKheny Con., .
ISaBhville A V..
N.J. Central, M.
Nor. It Wy pfd.,4S.
Nortnurn Pao.,
Northern P. ii(d.,6Ji.
CAN. W.,
C. N.W., I)td.,t421.
N. V.Cantral, 1!4.
Alton At. 11., 25.
A4 T. H.J'fd.. H".
American Ex., V. ',
11. C! K. k h., 7.1.
Canada Pao., 64 S.
Canada Sim., 44.
Central Paoifio, 42'-i
Cheeaiieake iO,
0. AO.,ltpfil, 15.
C. & O., 2d Did., lJ.
C. A A., 141.
CIA, ptd., 155.
C..B. AQ-.U-iVi.
C, St. L. & N. O., -
CSt.L.AP., i:t.
C, St. L. & P. p. ,23.
C.,8. AC. 27.
C.A C. 57.
iM. x. u. x 01. 1j..'.''v
N.Y. C.ASt.L..D..2uS
Ohia Central, .
Ohio A Mi., ZJ?-H.
O. A Mi.,ptd., Stft.
Ontario A Wast.. l'.t.
Oregon Nut.,
Oregon Trana.. :)1.
Oreon Imp.,22'i.
Pacifio Mail, S'J-i.
Panama, 98. ,
Peoria. D. A E..'i
uei., i a y., ii'i. fittnnurir. :ni.
Den. A Kio (., S- Pullman P. O., 132.
Erie, 31". Reading. 25.
Brie pfa., 74W. Hoc a Island, 125.
Kaat Tenn., 5?b. St. L. A i. P.. !.
East Tenn. ptd. U. St. L. A 8. F.,p.,5!
Fort Wayne, 147S- St.L.A8.F..lat p.U2J'
Hannibal A St Jo.,- C. M. A St. P., fcl. '
U. A St. Jo., pfd.,- C. M. A St.'P.,p.l20?i.
Harlem. 2:)0.
tit. 1'., M.a M., Ui.
Ht. P. A Omaha, 4.
Pt.PanlAO.pfd., l(Wri.
Ten. Coal A Iron ,54.
Texaa Paoifio, Uii
Union Paoifio, 55?,'.
U. ti. Kxpreu- 62.
W.,St. L. A P., l'.lli.
W.,xt. L. AP.,p.,3J
W. A F. Kx.,125.
W.U. Tel., 66.
Colorado Coal, 28.
llotneatake. It.
Hnuiton A T., ?:
Illinoia Cen., Kt'v
Ind., B. A W.. 16.
Kansaa A T.. 32.
Lake K. A W., 11.
Laks Shore, tvri.
Loa. A Kah., 44.
Lon. AN. A., bi'i.
M. A C. firat pi ,-.
M. A C. pfd.. -.
.Mem. A Char., 3i.
Mich. Cen.. Tit
Min. A St. L.. 19'.
iron Oliver, lSj.
Min. A St. L.nfcl.fli.Ontario. 27.
Missouri PioiUo.li'JU. Quicksilver, KV.
Mohile A Ohio, 15Ii ,0.uicki!ilver,ptd, 22.
M.L. S. A W.,61. South Paoifio. -.
Al. L.S.AW.,ifd,87. Sutro.7.
Loxdon, September 2. 4p m. Con-
so t 100 15-lb for money ana 101 l-ii
fonho aciount. United States bonds,
4i, 129.
Tbe boll, on in the llv-k of England
incressfd JC127.000 duticg tbe
past wetk. Tbe iir -port oa of tbe
Bank of Eogland reserve ti liability
wh:ch last week was 43 11-16 per cent
is no w 44 per ceLt.
Pabis, September 2. Tbree per cen.
rent, 831 17 Jo for the account. J be
weekly eta'ement of tae Bmk of
Frat.ce th iws a decrease of 3.2i5,000
Iran ci gold and 500,000 francs silver.
Chicaoo, 111., September 2. As
soc ated bank clearings, $14,460,000.
New York. September 2. Ex
changee, 195,851,590; balances, f 0,525,
660. changes, $12,753,992 ; balances, $1,519,
703. Baltimore, Md., September 2.
C earings, $2,546,8S4 ; balances, $388,-
PniLADKLPHiA, Pa., September 2.
Clearings $9,613,272 ; balances, $ 1,735,-
St. Louis, Mo., September 2. Bank
clearings, $3,639,849 ; balaacos, $704,-
The local cotton market opened
qniet, and close 1 quiet; middling, 9c.
Sales, none.
Yesterdav. Wednesdav.
Ordinary 7
(jood Ordinary.... 8
Low Middling 8
Middling 9
Good Middling.... 9
Middling Fair 10
Fair... Nom.
MauFHia, September !
, 186.
8tock Sept. 1, 1880 4,009
Received to-day 29
Received.previously... '21
Shipped today.
Hhipped previously.-..
Home consumption to
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
M. and C. P.. R 11
M.&T. R. R.. 7
K. C , S. & M. R. R 2
M., 8. A B. R. R 2
Steamers - 2
Wagons and other sources. 5
Total ; ' 9
Export. ,
Thus far this week ' C49
Thus far last week V94
Since September 1st 211
New York snnts opened steaJy, and
clood quiet. Midd ing,9 3 16c. Sales,
626 bales. Quotations were as follows:
Yesterdav. Wednesday.
rdinary 6 916
Good ordinary. 7 15-16
Low middling. 8J
Middling.. 9 3-16
Good middling 9
Middling fair.10
Fair 101
6 0-16
7 15-16
9 310
New York futures opened dull, and
closed barely steady. Bales, 56,200
oaies. xue closing quotations were
September...9.05ra 9.0S
October 9 05 9.00
November. ..9.0S(4 9.0tl
December ...9.11(4 9.12
January 9 19fi 9.20
Wed need ay,
9.0ti(3 9 09
9.09 4 9 10
. 9.12rtk 9.13
9.15(4 9.16
9 24$ 9.25
February 9 27(-4 9.28
9 32uiv
9.3")(4 9.36
9.44(4 9 45
9 62 9.63
9 60a 9.01
,9 08;A 9 69
9 40(4 9.41
June ....
July ....
9.49(.i) 9.50
9 5SM 9.59
9 0.5(4 O.titi
9.72(o 9.73
The NewOr'eins spot market opmod
dull, and clcssd dull; middling, 8c
Sales, 50 baloi. Quotations were as
Ordinary 7
Good ordinary 7J
Low midddng. ,. 8 7-16
Middling -...Hi
Good middlinir...9i
The New Orisans futare
8 7-10
opened dull and closed quiet and
steady, balet, 15,800 balbd. Qaot
tions were as lollowa:
Yesterday. WelnesdsT.
September.. 8 09 8.70 8 69(4 8.70
UctODer....!. .01'( 8 03 8.05(4 0tl
Novomber- 8G:' 8.63 8.OV4 8.66
December - 8 06(4 8 67 8I9'4 8.70
Jannary 8.7fi 8 77 8 79(4 8 80
February... 8.87(4 88.8 ' 8.90(4 8 91
March 8 98(4 8 99 9 01K4 9.01
April . 9 OSim 9.0!) 9 11 9.12
May ! S(4 11.19 921 m 9.2 1
Jutie I.2S(4 t.30 9.8ir4 9 33
July 9.3S4 9.40
lone. Prices Rec. Stuck.
Galvesron quiot 9 1,009 10,731)
N Orleans, null. 81 210 10,785
Mobile.... nom'l 8j 111 2 878
Sivannah. quiet. 8j) l,0t7 6,8'U
Caarfuton 4,718
Vfilm'ton. nom'l. 9 2 170
Norfolk lull. 9 11 2,Si2
Laltimore dull. 9310 8.140
New York quiet. 9 106,091
Boston quiet. 95 1
Phllad'a... uull. 81 4,767
St. Louis... qiiit. 8J 34 9,898
Augusta ... quiet 28
Receipts at ports, tbis day, 1880..3 2,sl
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885... 4,919
1886. 1885. iaM.
R'ts U. S.
p'rUOdaya 18,502 24,222 11,297
Ex. Gr. Br 13 1,23 -2.49!) 8,778
Stick 103.9J8 136,258 110,040
R'ts SapM 0,073 18,903 10 OKI
For'gn Ex, 0,709 4,658 14,186
Iucroase in receipts tbis year,.. 10,890
At noon: Liverpool spnu wer
skeady, fair demand. Sales, 10,000
hales, of which American 8500 balo.
H-ceipte, 1000 bale, of which Angli
can nQue.
doting quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4 3101; good ordinary, 4
9161; low middling, 4d; gojd mid
dling 5Jd; middling uplands, 5d;
middling Orleans, 5 3 16 J.
The price are given in pence and 64(u,
thu: 4 63 meam 4 63 64d; ami 5 01
mrani 5 l-64d.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were
Btady; SeptembBr, 6 OOd; Septera-ber-Octiber,
5 02d; October-Novem-ber,4
63d ; Noveuiber-Dacember,4 6 Jd ;
Ddcember-Jannary, 4 62d; fanuary
Ffbruary, 4 63d; February- J arch.
5 Old; March-April, 5 03; April-May,
At 2 p.m, : Liverpool f ututes were
dull; Keptembsi, 6 00;l, buytrs; Sep
tember October, 5 02d, bayeri; Oitj-ber-November,
4 63d. buyers; No-Vbmber-Decemoer,
4 62d, buytr.: D.-
ceml-er-January, 4 62d, buyers; Janu-
sry-iebruiry, 4 63 J, value; JJebrua-y-March,
6 Old, 8illrr; Marct-Apnl,
5 03d, sellers; Apiil-Mty, 5 05d, value.
At 4 pm: Liverpool latins were
easy; r-eptember, 5 05J, buyers; iSep
tember October, 6 Old, buyers; Octo
ber-iNovember, 4 02d, fellers; .November-December.
4 61d, buyeis; Decem
ber-January, 4 61d, buyers ; Jaauary-
ftttmiary, 4 620, value; rbruary-
Marcti.l 'd, valus: March-April, 5 02d,
value; April-May, 5 04d, buyers.
The following quotations are the of
ficial quotations of the Merchants'
Future Oral-.
Ths following is the record of bids
and offers at tha Call Beard of tbe
Merchants Exchange yesterday :
Com No, 2. white. Boot, 4 tic bid,
45c aeked ; September, 43c bid. No.
2 spot, 41c bid; Septembe, 41c bid;
Novembi-r, 43c atked ; year, 43c asked.
Oattr No. 2, white, September, 34c
tsked; October, 34c asked. No. 2,
sp A, 31c wtied ; Sdptember, 30c asked ;
October, 31c .asked; November, 30c
Wteat No. 2, red winter, spot,
75c bid; September, 76o bid, 78o
aued; October, 76o bid; November,
76b bid.
Uorameal Spot, $2 30 asked ; Sep
tember, $2 30 asked; October,, $2 30
asked; November, $2 25 asked.
Bran Spot, $10 50 bid; 8-ptember,
$12 25 asked; October, $12 50 asked.
Cobnmbal Standard, $2 40; ptjorl,
$3 50; roller, $2 60.
Hay Choice, fronl etore, 75803;
car load from levee or depot, $13 60
14; prime, from store, 70T47oc; car
load from levee or depot, $13; prairie,
from store, 50c; car load from levee
or depot, 8 509.
Ookn From store,white,53c ; mixed,
52:, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 48c; in sacks. 52c; mixed, in
bnlk, 46c: in sacks, 49 3.
Oats From store,white, 40c ; mixed,
37c; lrom levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 35c; in Backs 37 Jo mixed, in
bulk, 32 Jc: in sacks, 35c.
Bban From stwe, 758Jc; from
levee or depot, $13.
Floor Fiotn store, No. 3, $3; fam
ily. $3 50; cboi.e, $375(44; fancy, $4(4
4 25 ; extra fancy, $4 304 50 ; patents,
$5(45 50.
Bbans Navy. $2 ; medium, $1 50(4
1 75: common, $2 25; Gorman millet,
$1 20(41 40.
Ricb Louisiana, 4(4-w; Carolina,
Oath sal In half-barrels, $33 25 j
from store.
Cbackbbs Soda, extra,. 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4c; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 c; ginger snaps, extra,
6c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6n; its
sorted lumbles; 9o. ;
Cbackbd Whbat In half-barrela,
$4 2) from store.
Homiky and Qbitb From etore,
$3 153 25.
Kansas City, Mo., September 2.
Wheat s eady; No. 2, red, eash, 631c
bid, Outober, 64 jc bid ; November, 65 Jo
bid ; 001c ssked. Corn steady ; No. 2,
cash, 31 c bid, 32Jc aked; October,
34c; November, 36e b;d, 36b asked.
Oats nominal, 25c b d, 255c asked,
cash. .
St. Louis, Mo., September 2. Flour
fl-m: XXX, $2 302 40; family,
$2 65C2 65; choice, $3 103 26;
fancy, $3 4503.55; extra fancy,
$3 70(43 85; paten's, $4 204 60.
Wheat fairly active and highr. The
market opened firm and rnied steady
to the chse, finishing fijc higher
than Tebterday; no. 2 red, cash,
77(4778; September, 77i77Jc,
doing at 77', nominal; October,
yjfaotc, ciowng at itjc; November,
81J(482j, cloaing at 81Jc. Corn dull
a-id eFsy, closing c lower than yes'er
day;No 2, mixtt, cash, 37Ki37o;
September, 37c: October, 33(43!Jo,
cosiogat S(c ; Nr-vcmbrtr, 49j(440ic,
cbM'ioir at 401c Oats firmer, tcToiinK
K&ic higher than yestrda ; No. 2,
mixed. cah, 24J2(ic; September,
25c bid: October, 2ti,ii; November,
27. Ryeeisy, 60 Barley veryjdull ;
one rale of Iowa at 6Jc. llav fairly
active, bnt rosy: pmiiia, $89 75;
timothy. $ 0,il3 51. Flaxseed steady,
fl 06. Bran firm, 48o. Corn meal
ay, $2 10. Rnceipta Flour, 2000
brls; wheat, 78,000 bu; corn, 28,
000 bu; oat-, 35,iki0 bu; rye. 5JO0
tu; barlev, 90(X) bu. Shipments
Flour, 6,000 brU; wheat, 8000 bu;
corn, 11,000 bu; oats, 8.XX) bu; rye,
nonn; barUy, noua.
Afternoon Board. Wheat firm and c
higtier. Cora c better. Oats sUady
and unchangd.
Chicago, III., September 2. There
was fair a t ivity and greater strength
stiown in whet today. Tue market
started at 77jo fjr October, which
irovetl the lowt-Bt of theseftiioo, and
rj8e Headiiv on gojd buyini; to 78Jc
but broke eff ag:nn to 78jc and closed
a. 78 7-16a on tbe regular bcatd. ' lu
the afternoou the tone wai again
f-trnng and tun la'ost tiid price was
78 9-16. Tbe aluence of Irost repoits
atd c in'inu'd res rceipts iiinsed an
eaty feling in corn, but the market
kept within a narrow rauce and closed
al out ihn fame as yosierday. Oats
sh'iwtd 1 t'.le change. Itour tteady
and uurhuoceil. wheat stronger,
etos'ng Ji) ni(:ner tuaii ysterday
JMIes ringed: hoptetnlier, 7o(iv7(i
clowd at 76o; October, 772Cii-78
closed at 78 7-lic: November, 7tt 15-16
(4Mir, cMS'd a-.s'nc; May, 87S 1I881:
flos'd et b'iz; No. 2 spring, 701(4
6c; No. 2 led, 78 Jc. Corn quiet
and midtrataly seady; casli,4ij(4
41o; beptembsr, 41(113,;, cloitd at
41 3-16c; October, 42;(4t3e, closed at
4ile; November. 43J(ji)44i closed at
44Jc; May, 4(l.Sc. closed at 47Jo
Oata stady ; rash, 25jc; September,
L'0SW6,r, ctCSId St L')!c: Uctohor,
27.l(r.7 7-16c, c osed at 27c; May
32j(n3 Ac, cl wed at 32. Rye steady;
Nn. 2, 4!) . u.irley Heady: Ho. 2, 681
(.i)oAf!. j. .axsefd Ktoady; iNo 1. $110,
K.-c ipts Flour, utKHi hr s; wheat, 65.-
00,) bu; corn, 370,000 bu; oats, 241,
000 bu; rye, 4tXK) bu; barley, 60,000
bu. Shipments t. our, ll.OOt) brls
wheat. 60.000 bu; corn, 35(i.0i)0 bu
r's, 195,000 bu; rye, 10,000 bu;
bar ey. 12,000 bu.
Ahenwon Board heat nrmr; Oo-
t ib r. 78 fjorn steady ; U.itoher,
42 15 16". Oats steady; October,
17 6-16c
Bcttbb Butterine, 12c; cream'
ery, ion: dairy, lb(a(lc; country
butter, iMttHue. .
Uubkss f line Hats. 84c. nominal;
New Yo'k factory, 9c, nominal ; full
cream, lie; xouug America, I3(4i4c.
IIoO j?KODDCT8 Mens pork, $11;
sugar cn-ed ruins, 13J(4l 4c; breakfast
bacon, 8j(410c; clear rib sides bacon.
7Jc; bneen shouldets, 7c; bulk
pork, clear sid, 71c; clear rib side,
Otn ; shoulder j, Oic ; long clear, Oic.
Lard Tierces, 71c; half-barrels and
kegs, 7 Jc ; choice keit'e, 8Jc.
Fbksu Mkatb No. 1 beef, 7c; Mut
ton, 7c; hind quarters of beef, 8 Jo;
lambs, $2 50C43 60.
St. Louis. Mo., September 2. Pro
visions excltwl and higher. Fo'k
htrine. 10 75(411. Lard fliin. 10 7-5.
Bulk nieits generally higher; loose
lo'B long clear, $t 00; short rib',
$6 60: short char, $6 80; boxed lots
long clear, $4 50(46 62; short ribs,
$0 75; shoit clear, $7. Bacon strong;
long e'ear, $6 90(;!)U 9o; short nl),
$6 871(46 95: fhort clear, $7 20fi)7 25.
Hams firmer, 1213Jc. Butter fairly
active and firm: cremery, 20(423o;
dairy, 100180. Egi?s firm, lll(412c.
Chicago, III., Septembor 2. Mess
pork active and strong, cloetd 10(425c
hiirhw; ctsb, $10 25, Uctobir, flO 12j
(nitO 40. rlrMPil at 10 35(7610 37 : No
vember, 1010 20, closed at $10 17
10 20. Lard firm, 1001 2c h'gher;
cash $7 471; Septembor, $7 32(47 50,
c'.ojed at $7 47 ; October, $0 800 90,
closed at $6 856 67. Short rib sides
loose active, Bhorts cover, ng freely,
advancing prices 20(i)25,j; cash, $0 6J,
Boxed meats steadv: dry enlted
fhouldorj, $5 75(45 87; short clear
sides, $6 6(K41 65.. Butter steady;
crfamerv, 1622c; dairy, IL'100.
Egzs, 12'c
Afternoon Board. Tork strong; Oc
tober, $10 42. Lard firm; Keptemher,
$7 75; October, $6 8-5 3)6 87 J.
Coffbi Common.Ollciordinary,
1010c; prime Rio, ll(412c; choice
to fancy, 12(413c; old government,
2425c; Ceylon, 1822c.
Soap Chapman's Hope soap, un
wrapped, 4(441c per pound.
Salt $1 25 per barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 45(41 60; coarse, $1 151 20; pock
eta, bleached, 2,'47c; car-loads from
levee or depot, 6c cheaper.
Candibs -Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 89.
Cahdlbb-FuII weight, 9410c.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices perdos
en: Pineapples, SI 35(41 65; peaches,
,2-lb. standard, $1 351 55; seconds,
$1 10(41 15; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
$1 25(41 35; 31b, $1 151 30; straw
berries, $1 35(41 40: raspberries,
$1 151 25; blackberries. $1(4
1 15; greougagoa, $1 60(41 75;
pears, $22 25: plnms, $1 60(4
1 70 ; asparagus, $2 60(44 ; green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $1 65(a)16); cove
eystors, full weight, Mb. $1(41 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75(4
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, l-lb,
65c ; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 50
5 75 ; Eagle,$7 517 75 ; Daisy, $4 75.
Molassks Louisiana, common to
fair, 1825o; prime to choice, 2835o ;
syrup, 24(440c; common to fair, 20(4
25c; prime to choice, 30(433c ; centra
ngal, fancy, 3234o.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 274
"Rf nthr rrarlns and stvles. 35(x,85c.
Rnnft Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per casa; K. a., $9 50
10 25.
Sboab Pure white, 6!(41i; off
white, 6,(46c; yellow clariOed, 6(4
64';; open kettle, 6(5)01 c; refined A,
6(36cj rranulated.' 6(47c; pow
dered, 7ir'4c;cut mai. j'aiBc.
' Powdbb Kegs, f i : bait kegs, l To :
quarter kegs, $1 '25.
IlAVAKA.Scptembsr 2. Sugar quiet ;
1900 bags of centrifugal. poTarixatinn
96 degrees, were Bold today at $2 48
gold per quintal.
NbwYork, September 2. Coffee
spot fair Rio firm, 10s; options fairly
active and higher; sales, 44,500 ba?;
September 8.85(49c; October 8.95;
November, 8.80;n8 90c; December,
8.80(48.900 ; January, 8 85(48.9i)c ;
February, 8 868 90c; March-April,
8.95o. Sugar unchanged and dull ; re
fined qniet; C, 4i(45c; extra C, 6t4
6Sc; white extra O, 5 7-165 916c;
yellow, 4 (44c; off A, 6c, mould A.
6c; standard A, 6c; confectioners
A, 6 1516c; cut leaf and crushed, 0,?;
cabas, CJc. Molasstis quiet and steady.
mm utuj; ran inquiry.
Applbs Apples, $1 50'42 25; from
levee or depot, $1 60(41 75; dried ap
dles, 2(43c per pound from store.
Dried peaches, 2J(43c from store.
Vscx-tablcs Onions, $3 from
etor. Cabbage,$2 50; per head, 10c;
$1 75 from levee or depot tier crste;
Garlic. 40(600 per 100. Turnipe, 60c
per bushel.
Fhcit Oranges, LoniMarn naml
nal, $6. Lemons, $7 50(48 per,
box. Bansnati, $1(42 per bunch.
Oocoannts, $5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7o; Tenneaste, farmer's stock.
3(44o; roasted, 2c higher; shelled,
lOo. Almonds, 18(,i):0c.
Rairins Londoa layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $276; California, ; Imperial,
$3 50(44.
Picklxs In Jars, pints, 95c; qnartr,
$1 50; half-gallons, t'l 75; gallonr,
$3 75; lo'ee, barrels,$6 50; half-barrels,
IS 75; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
btv'i 'barrels, $H.
Potatobh New, $1 26(41 75; North
em stock, $2.
OmiR New ork. $6 50 per barrel
and $3 75 per half-barrel ; Vinegar, 10
per gallon.
x'kcans Texas, 809100 tor small to
medium, 10414c for large; Arkansas,
Fisn Mackerel, half-barrels, No, 1,
$4 10(45; No. 2. $3 263 50; No. 3,
2 76(43; 10-lb kit. No. 1, 80o; No. 2,
70j; lo-th, o. d, 50c. Dry herrings,
lamilv, 30: per box.
Walnuts French, 12o; Naples,15c ;
urenob es, l-v ritlierts, 12c.
roui.Titv Chickens, $1(42 25; old
hens, $2(43.
GaMB Game fi.ih. ll12o.
Etuis Strong at 15c
I1 c.r loid lots: riime crude cot'.on
seed oil, Vtio; otl' crude cotton s-)ed
oil, 22(423c; priinn mrnmer yallow
cotton efol oil, 35(a)36c: oil sum
mer yellow c tton Btwd oil, 3l(432c;
niiui-rs' Hummers yel'ow cotton wed
oil, .32(S)3."ic; prime mniiuer wh to cot
ton icil o.l, 3")c; choice croking yel
low co'tin feed oil, 37c; prime co:'ton
sped moil, $15; od co.tou seed meal,
IIidks Dry flint, 12(iM0c; dry
salt, 10(irtl2c; greeusalt,71(48c; green,
6(46e; deerskins, 15(417c. Beeswax
dull at 20()21c; billow, 3(43c.
Coal Oil Primo white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Clbvkland, 0., September 2. retro
louin quiet s. w.', 110, 7Jc.
Pittsburg, Pa., September 2. Petro
leum ttuil, but steady; opened at
61 o, advanced c, tbea dropped back
to Olfc at 1 o'clock p.m. Production
of the Washington lie' J, 14,601 bar
rels a day.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 50(45; redistilled goods from
85c ro tl 50, according to proof; rye,
$1 7506.
BAoniNa Jute. 2 Ibi, 8JC; 1 lbs,
7fc; 1 lbs, 7c Flax, 8 lbs, 7c.
Tibs-$1 1(1(41 15.
Nails Common, $2 20(42 25; steel
$2 35(42 40.
Cattlb Choice to txfta corn fed,
900 to 1050 lbs, none received; giod,
none recoived; choice grass cattle, 31(4
3c;good, 2j(KJlc; fair to medium,
2(ti2c; seal awairs, 1(a) Jc.
lloos Choice,41(i944o; good,3j(a4c;
common, 3(431c.
Bhkbp Uholce, 3l(i34c ; medium, i'l
(43c; common, $1(41 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4j(oj4Jc.
ot. ixi i' is, heptemDer z. 1iiib:
Receiptii, 1160; shipments, 1100.
Market active; giod natives, firm;
ranao cattle, a Bhade essier; good to
choice shipping, $4 30(44 75; common
tofair,!r3toa4 20; butcher steer.', $3 2.r
(44; cows and heifer, fl 2.V435;
'J ex. s and Indian?, $2 2U-3 50. Hogs
Ktctipty, 2400: Shipment, none;
market active and 5c lower, llutiber
aud li!6t heavv, $t iK)('i5 10; mixed
packing, $4 35(44 85; light, $110(4
4 OJ. fchepr-lttM!eipfcj, 2060; ship-
nienls, 15(H). Market active and
etronner, at $2 25('l 25.
" Kansas CiTY,Mo.,Soptember 2. Thi
Live Ntock Indicator reports: Cattle
Koceipts, 2299 brad: shipments, 1480
htud; choke corn led steady ; others
wtak and slow; good to choice, $3 90
(44 tO; common 10 medium, J.1 30(4
3 80; stock erf, $2 30(42 75; feedois,
2 80(43 30; cows.$l 60C42 75; grjss
rarge a on, $2 30(43 25. IIous-Re-
ceipts, 3441 head ; shipments, 024 head ;
ma'ket weak and bo lower, except for
good pigs, which are stronger; good
to choice, $4 65(44 80; common to
medium, $4 10(44 55; gretMers and
nig, aou(!!4. Kheep liecetpta,
lirai: shmments. nono: market
steady ; good to choice, $2 4K43; com
mon to medium, $1 50(42 26.
Chicago, III., September 2. The
Drover' Journal reports : Cattle Re
ceipts, 11,500 head; shipments, 30J0
toi(i ; 1 rime firw : common weak but
Btnady: slilnpiiig steors, 9'jO to
loot) HH. S.ibXajb W. BUxtkerB and
(onlers, $2(3 50; cows, bulls and
mixed, $1 353; bulk, $22 60
through Texas cattle, $2 254$m;
A ettero racgerH. vorv (lull: cows, na-
tiv-f ami hall breeds, $2 50(43 60; cows,
$2 50(42 75. Hogs Receipts, 17,000
bead ; thipmonts. 2o()0 head ; market
ttroner; rough and mixed. $4(44 85;
packing and shipping, il WHt.: IU:
light, $3 75(.44 85;ekit,s, 2 40(43 60.
Shet-p Receipts, 4000 head; ship
ments, none; market slow; common,
15(420 1 lower; ua ivee, $2i'aj4; 'i'exans
$1 76(42 25; lambs, $-1(45.
Nkw York:, September 2. In the
jobbing deparn ent of trade there has
been a iargi bit-inei in progress with
ie demand of awents mor moderate,
SB of season-ble staploi and specia'ties
prodU' tioo is fo ld ama 1 end deliv-
edes on ord rs a-e supo'yirg chief
wants, thonvh a l.r.e misoellsneoui
Nqiifnt is prment.
Akk yam Mtniter for Mm OrltrlmU 83 Hhoe.
- lliiwarenf linlbithtna, ,q
Sase Geonlns anleaa beating thlaHtamB.
Made In Dutton, Coiurraoa nnd Ukw. Htu Calf
1 uneiMlKminwin
MUy,CanfoHand Arvtar-
tavwe. apomuiwuii u. w
ttawlll bring you luffinna-
1I)D nOWWBrniiu. niiuw u.
u late or iwniwj.
- fL
t moans wu.,
41 Lincoln hi
This ados) atanls blvher In themrtrmattrm of
Wtarm IMn any otui-r In tno wuri.i. iiinu.
anda wlxa waaclt WU1 Mdl lou tlu roawn IT yoa
aali them.
WMIll LU to aell ihb CHILI'
IB LB " Introduction by ha-. J 11. V a
oent, D.D. On arent haa anlsj S In a tow:
of 7 paoplai ona 73 in artllaie, of 71M oa:
saw aaantaO In ludayti onK two neoal-
linwNkn enaiO In 8 daya al two diffaroc
Umoi.Bapariann aotneraMarr. AldrMi
CA8MILL at CO. '.L't'rl.
IS DsMrboia itraal Cblcaio.
1 1 u
i , m n hi
Si .1 A -
H . ,)". sfc V
Frlan Polnt.....Jiais Lai, 5 p.m.
Vlckiburg I). H. Pokii.l,6 p.m.
Oaeola...-......Coaana4, 5 p.m.
St. Louii tii.n Miaraia, 8 p.m.
Whits River Ai.skkta No. 3, 5 p.m.
Ai rival. Kate Adams, Aikaness
Citv; Oaio, Cmcinujitt.
Departures.- Kate Adams, Arkansts
City; t'liic, ttiniinnati.
koala Due Down. Caohoma and 1)
R. Powell.
Boat lhte ('p. James Le, Alberta,
ISO. .1, P.ii rcsierand rVflio MunpLu,
Krrrlpta Ymtvrdiijr.
Kate Adams 2 bales co ton, 220 sks
seed ana v.i pigs Knruims.
Ohio 150 bns Hour, 140 brls oil, 605
kegs sails, 111 pkgs fumiiure, H'OO
pkgj tundries.
run kk MovKattNTs.
Tub D. R. Powell. Cant. George W.
Vickers, will pii-s d iwn this evening
at 6 0 clock lor Nicksburg aud tbe
Thb Conhnmn, Capt. Henry Copper,
is the patktt tins eenii g ft 5 o'clock
for Osceola and the tinner bends.
Wm. Siuithf r is in her cilice.
Tubs Belle Mempl is. tJap'. Geo
Biker, is the Anchor Line packet tbi
evening nf 0 0 'cut k lor u.uro and rt.
Louies. Al Simr n is lit r clerk.
Tiik Alborta, No. 3, Cjp'. A. B,
Smith, is tbe packet tomorrow ove
nirg et 5 o'clock, for Vi i e river. H.
C. Wilson has change of her 1 lllce.
TiiKJamos Lee, Cnpt. Tho. Clog
gelt, is the packet this evm rw at 5
o'ekcc for Ileluns, Friars Point and
all May landirgs. Will Darragh is in
her otilce.
Buniniss qu:ut,
Wbatusb clear and warm.
Tub riyr here is on a s and, with 8
feet 4 tentlis on tbo gauge.
Kk'i Kii'Ts by river ycs'.erday, 2 ba'co
of cotton iul 2.0 sacks cf s od.
Piwit Monr Hamitom lolt on the
Kate AdauiB hut evening to !o.,k at
tha river.
For Sai.k Tho Btermer Frmldie
RobirH-ui. For pui tlcilais Inqniio of
II. V. Jab'no, on beard said boat
Tub 01. i arrived yojtertUv morn
ing from Ci uc' n rati with 2000 pat k
ngtscf f e:ght, and re'.urcej lott even
ing w.th a light tiip.
Thb Kale Adams ariive 1 yes i rdy
morning dom Arhaiiaas City with 2
bales of cotton 220 sat kacf tod mid 49
packages of sundries, and returned last
tviulng with a got d t ip.
Ofkici Signal Sbkvicb, U. 8. A., 1
MBurnis, S ptember 2, 1 p.m.
Tbe following observations are taken
at all BUtioriB named at 75 meridian
time, which is oue hour faster than
Water. Cliango.
Rise Fall
Feot. lOtlis lOtlis lOthi
Cairo....- 0 0 3
Chattanooga ... It 3 1
Cincinnati. Oaaatl I I 1 O
Davenport 3 2
Dubuque 4 4 1
Fort Smith 2 5
Keokuk 2 2 5 .
Helena 10 2 1 '
La CrosHO 0 7 2
Leaven worth... fl 7 1
Little Rock 2 H 1
Louisville 5 2 2
Memphis) 8 4
Nashville 7 7 10
New Orleans... 2 0 1
Omaha 8
Pittsburg 2 8 20
St. liouis 5 0 1
St. Paul 2 1
Shreveport 6 3
Vickshiirg. ...... 8 3
Iatitr .! Feat and tan thi of a loot
above loro of gaum
Cairo, 41) feet.
Cinoinnali, 60.
Chattanonra, 33 loot.
Davenport, IS.
Helena, .
Leavenworth, 20
Louiiville, tiiS.
New Orleans, 13.3.
Pittsburg. 24.
(it. Paul. 7.
Viokaburs, 41.
Yankton. 124.
Keokuk, 14. .
La Crosse, 24.
Little Hock. 1H.
Nashville, 4U.
Omaha, 18.
Ht. Louis, :t2.
Bhrevenort, 28.
Pitthiidbs, Septomber 2. Noon-
River 0 Inches on the gauge and sta
tionary. Weather clear and warm.
Wbbblino, W. Va., September 2.
Noon River 2 lout 4 inches on the
gauge and rising. Weather cloudy and
Lorjisviu.B, September 2. Noon
River 6 feet 4 inches in the canal and 3
feet 2 inches on tbe falls and falling,
lluslness good. Weather clear and
Cairo, September 2. Noon River
10 leet on the gauge and tailing.
Weather clear and pleasant. Arrived :
City of New Orleans, New Orleans, 10
a.m. ; D. R. Powell, St. Louis, 11 a.m.
No departures of regu'ar packets. .
J. F. HOLST & 1M0.
(fll'CCkSHORS TO 6
Ca. A. !CT-.bt
Funeral Directors,
AFOLL and eomplate itock of Wood and
Metallio Oaaes and Caakata, Oloth-Cov-erad
Caskets and Bur al Kobai alwayi on
hand. aar.Ordan by talocraph promptly
6 1., i
, OF
No. .Vol, K. D. Chancery Conrt of Bhelby
rounty. (Stata ot tenneiaeo vi. baiah
Morrinon et al.
BY virtue of an lnterlneutory deoree for
ale entered In tbo above oauae on tho
Kih day ol beoainber, 1HS5. M. 11. 60, pan
1 will sell at publieauotion, to tbo high
est bidder, in lront of tho Clerk and Maa
ter't office, courthouse ol bhelby oonnty,
Memphis. Tennessee, on
Matarilny, Hrptt uiber 95, 1HS,
within legal h.od'i, tbo followlnf described
property, aituated in Shelby oounty, Tet-nessee-
N. ,lot6l, frnntlna 21' i feet on tha east
aide ul Chirkaaaw atreihya depth of 14S
Let. laid lot beina 71 ' feat anuth of Win
chaster ttreet. Hold at property of tho un
known lelrs of J. A. Ilstkelt.
Part of country lot 62H, fronting 37 feet or.
the north aide of Auction atroat.liy a depth
of Wi feet. Sild ai property of barah Mor
rison and otbera.
Lot 170, fronting 37'4 feet on tho oast side
ot Main street, by UH foot deep, 71', leet
north of Auotion street.
Terms ol Bale On a orodit of lix months,
note bearing Interest, with aeeurlty, re
quired; lien retained! redemption barred.
TbiiJ7th day of August, ISHrt.
H. I. McUOWBLL. Clerk and Maater.
Tiy ft. F. Celaman.tlopatyC. andM.
1. U. A C. W. IWlskill. lulloiton.
Bit. l.oala unif Nw urlrans Aus-nur
I.lnss IT.N. Mnil-CAIKO BT. LOLilrJ.
Bells Memphis, 3
o. Baker- ..muter.aflExS,
mil lear tne Meatnr JTKlUAi, btyX.
3J,at 8 p.mj For tteigbtor riaanaae appli
C L. Hir.r.. Vrt. A t STiiHM.Hnn't.
For Helena, Terrene, Arkaniaa City, liroen
ville and Vickiburn steamer
I. IS. lo we 11 53,
Vioken maater, 5ftuayai
Will leave th Elevator FH1DAY, ISit.
M, at p.m. For treigbt or paara appl)
f- ' Hai.i. Pas. Af't. AD ST.-HM. '.
Ho, for Cincinnati Exposition
Memphis nnd Cincinnati Packet Co
For Cairo, KranTille, Louisville and Cin- '
einnali lb elegant iteauier
Kiickeyo Ntutoj
II. J. Vinftin maia
Win inn JlONDAK, hpt. 6th. at 5 p.m.
fCi lre!?hL.0''. W"B Pl'ly to C. 13. KUS.
bu LU ' T A-' la "adiaun at. Tola-
For Osceola. Ilalea Point, CarutheriTtlla,
(Jay.iso and Tii.tonille-Ib niw ttearoor
W. P. Hall master B.O. MitKMST.
. Jr.'v.' above, and all way point.
rnrireiyn nr passaae appiyon hoard
i i r LINK.
Navs..,.isiM,l'rsiia a-turn ftuu ai-s.isaa
nun roroln Furko loniuny,
Vorllalrna. Mlandnle, Vriart Point and all
W LaniHim-Btaamar
.fumes Jee, c'-5
1. II. Oooi-ar, i ;nr .J. W. Suiitna,..iiiera
'r '"'" aui- n avery MOoV.
WKDN SbBAl aal HiPAl'. at 6 o'clock.
tor Randolph, Folton, Osceola aad Wat
itaaainai staamer
I'oalioma, a'C.U
K. T. Clnet... master I IMatt Kliu.ies flerh
Leaves Kvorv MONDAY. W KuN k'Sm I
and KItlllAV at A p.m. The boats (t ibil
lint reserve the r'ibl to pan all liui.lmal
the oipinln may ilnetn unsate, t lllce, No. 4
nllillinn SI. .1 A VI I, K K. .1 II , -II l.'t.
The St. Francis Klver Trausportisiiea
Co.'lFina KU.-W heel U. B. Alatl SleMval
0. K. Joplin. mastet,
at 6 o'eloek, for Marianaa, tha Cnt-OIT, aai
tnur mediate landinuson t-t. Franela rlr.
Tha rui'tam reserve, the ril'bt to pun al
landinas he doauis unrafe. JAN. T.KK. J.
Ntin.l-.il.i, lias. jn 4 tl..inn st
Mcnii.lilH aud VIckuDurg Tucket Con
iMiiy L. ft. Mall Line.
For tlelana, (tonmirdia, Terrenaand Arkaa.
las uity Ihe eleant paiaanaar ituamer .
M. K. Cheek... maater I W. 0. BlauKr...neil
Leavel Memtihla
p.m., reiervina thenabt to pai all laniiiDal
tbo oatitam may deem unsale. For Kenviai
Intoriuatloa apply at odlra, No, 4 MaJUoB
treat. R. WALWOHTH. Aaent,
.IliMV nR, P.ss'r refit. Telrinn
i 4lrn,n. 1)ln J'..
Str. R. L COBB,
c ii. rviuiiu.MS uiaiipri 'TwTT war
V T) Uiau
Loavoi Weuu bis tSvery TUKMUA V , at p. a
II. 0.1.OWK, Aaent,
OSlffo. No, Madtaon t. Telephone No. a.
ilomphlscV White Hirer rkt.Co
for t'lnrxuilon, Isevalta lllafl,, neat
Arc, Augusta, beamy, Newport, Jaokion
port, Uatesville and all Way Landing!,
NIK. 4'1111'UAMAW, p '
F. 0. l'ostul master, XliuC3J
Will leave KVEHY WEDNUSl
IbDAY at 6 p.m.
Albert B. .Smith masters
IV leava KVKKi HA11HUA1 at 5 d.i
i at 6 p.m.
Ihrougb ratal given to all points. Freigbl
consigned to tho Memphis and Whit Kivor
Packet Co., at Memphis or Terrene, will bo
forwarded promptly, for general Informa
tion apply at oinco, Ho.
lo. 8M adlson St., orl
H. O. LOWK. Ag't.
t'aii I eiephone .
Is an acjuoona elnlloia ot tho eoW
able matter In a aalnoral artk
found In Choctaw county, A law,
Boar Iho lamoua llladon mineral
prlnga. Thla ciutb had groat lo
cal celebrity no " ICogera' Karlh."
from lb name of tho diocoverar '
ot tho bed or mine, now owned by
tho Acid Iron IJarth 4'onipnny, of
noblle, Ala.
For Dyappala,all derangement
f tho Dlgcetlre Organ and th
Eilver, Khln Islaeaoea, Cnlo, II urn a,
Bcaldaj and Hrnlaea, A4JIO IHO.1
K A It I II Is a apeclflo. Ilheutnaw
tlam and oilier chronic dlsjeaaos
ylold to II curative power wlthw
at tall.
Inllrely Iraa from Alcohol or any drug what-
aver, ACI0 IRON EARTH fully doaorvei Ihe
words ssnbraoed In III trademark, "RATURI'I
PWH REMEDY." Ie free pamphlet, 18 k
had of all Druggists.
At WlmleHiile lr Van Tleet A fs.
And Iron Roofing.
fire. Wind, Water aad 1 tahtalasr
prnor. Suitable for all binds of buildings.
For prices and estimates at factory rates
oall on or address
13S k 440 Main it., and 21 A 23 Mulberry it..
TTaadnnartera lor Iron Fanocs and Creatine .
Galvanised Iron Cornice. Tin Hrafa A Stove. '
la.ajr aiatHai. nun. rnua
lllgheal nedleatl Aalhorltlea,
Sole Agents for Memphis,
Electric Belt Free
TO Introduce It and obtain agents wewll
for th neat sixty days five away, fro
of charge, in each oonnty in the U. 3. a lira
lted number ot our Herman Kleolro tlal .
vauMi suapeoaory xseats. rriow on; a,
positive and unfailing cur for Narvoas 0
bility, Varieoc!, basisslont, IsBpotanoj,
to. I
oto. rtsJ.UI) ruwarl paia is vrr awsia wo
maauiaotira dees
oa srtuernso
a niiini
carraal. Aia-eai at
oac k.LKC-
W. IBoa U7V.
rooklja, M
I 9 t

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