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The People ItecoTerlnr From Their
Fright and Pre parlnf to Be
Bnme Bnoloesi.
THE 0,1'iKE.
The Most AUrmlig Feature i,t the
Present Condition of
Chabuston, 8. C, September 3.
There ia no special change in the Bit
nation this morning, bat as there were
only two trhotks, and very light ones,
during the night there ia a little more
coDtli'Hnce than yesterday. The eym-
futbtt c rrtlcles in newspapers and of
ers cf aid from different quarters ar
a great encouragement to the stricken
people if Charleston. The most argent
need now ii for the-early repair of the
injured t ui dinps, to aa to make tbom
hal.iUble. High winds and heavy
rain would bring many shattered
buildirgs 10 tbe ground and injure the
bnndredH of residences which have
defective roofs. It would be of great
eervice if a corps f government en
gineers could be font here at once to
ex imine hous e id other Imildines
and determine which of them can be
rafely occupied or allowed ti stand.
The lo al architects have their hands
more than full. The Pnsiden; bfs
autroriaed the Sacre'ary of War to
' tend here 100 tento.but mire than that
nnmbfrare meied. It is reported
thai there was a severe shock a', bum
merviile this morning, but the repiit
is not yet autbentiratsd. Many rep
resentatives of leading joii'no's are
here to write up end phonograph ttie
' city.
Rudely Irop-ovlrvd tente, construct
ed principally of bed clothitgr, are to
1)9 teen everywhere. Few pwrtotis
have as yet slept ictlo i", and the
houses are deserted, as if p'ngae
a'ricktn. Thonsands cave slept with
.nothing but the canopy of beaven
above them. Aft r the parks and
equal es wete filled last night, the In
habitant mspent'el overcoats, bed
quilts, ttc , frain fences over the side
walks, and thus passed ths night.
Many enjoyt d repose aoder open um
brella, the bandies of which weie
stuck ia tbe ground. Tbe more aris
tocratic people camped in t'-elr own
yaida. The colorei peop'e say they
will not return to their homei until at
least another night baa pamed, and
they may be s?ea tsking their coffee
ana eating their dry bread betid tbe
plaoa where they slept. On the whole,
however, it may b said that ennfl
dence ia rtturaing, and should there
not be a revis'tttion of tbe earth
quake, Charleston will bs in ber nsual
bustle of business wltbia forty-eikht
hour, although inconveoience and
delay will bs experienced for months
to cjme.
Tbia morning ths Newt and Courier
announces ia double leaded bead
lines that Charleston Is ready for busi
, ness, despite the eaitbqnake and its
rsvigts; that "the warehouse! give
ample accoiuniodatoiiH, the warves
are in excellent ciindition, ti e coin
presses are fully np to their w.n It.'aml
the merchants anl factors tioduntrd
by misfortune, have girded up their
loins anew for the brittle of om
merclal life." Cootlnuiig, it cays:
"Charleston, we say, is as wo'l able as
ever to transact any business that can
be obtained, and is as ready as ever
to give customer! from every part of
the country the commercial facilities
they require, and the attention and
good faith tbey have a right to expect.
Let it not be imagined for a moment
that Charleston ia sitting in her ashes
bewailing tbe loss of millions. Tbe full
conscionsner s cf tbe less is here. It is
nndeutood fal.y that far more than ths
earnings of a twelve moctli are swept
away ia loss than a minute. 1UH for
ail this, and because of this Charleston
is only the more determined to main
la'n the commercial position it has
won, and U foitunatoly so situated ss
ti ba able a well as ready to deal
successfully with eveiy department of
trade and every branch of builness."
An appeal is made to the C.ty Coun
cil for monetary assistance in the form
of an appropriation, bat tbe Newt and
Courier admonishes those who extend
aid to confine themselves in doing so
ti people in circumstances) or condi
tions rendering them unab'e now to
help tberxs'lves. Veiy little has been
accomplished np to this writing to re
lieve the city of its appearance of des
olation. sctNis or BUI.
Aa the eye takes in the length of a
street it ia met by heaps of debris of
eve y pcsiiblo dtscilption bricks,
s'one, plastering1, lath, shingles, lum
ber, and household and ollice furnl
t aie. and all kinds of building mate
rial in a ma;a. Whole fronts or sides
of buildings have ialla out, leaving
the furoiahlngs In some Instances in
tac. A two story brick building on
State atreet. between lire a I and Oiial
ruers, present! aa interesting appear
ance of tbia description. The lower
floor ia uasd for merchandise: tbe no
per fl'oras a residence The whole
trout tell oat, leaving tbe interior ex
posed to view. The pic urt s and mir
rots n-e on the walla, and tbe chairs
remain as they were left by the fleeing
iamily. The bads are unt inched, the
gat turned on, and the view of the
a tore room ia as it was when the first
shock came. Evidently the owner has
not ga'ned courage to watunt bis re
of tbe preeent condition of affair rests
ia tbe snaky conoTion oi tbe botld
Inn. iMne-tenths oi the urick atrac
tnrcs are cracked through and through
and threaten to tumble. The'Chlni'
neya that have not actually fallen are
bidly careened and would fall II
touched. A reporter who haa lust
made a tour of that pottion of the citv
most diaarously damrged, slates that
the s roc urea damage! are tnottly
fifty yean and more of as. Not a
tingle sabstaot al building wis seen
which had snffoed materially from
the sheck. Un'il some time thai
have elapsed and confidence ssll
have been fully restored most of the
shjattsnd buildings will not b en
tered, aa a shock at this time would be
moe dieaa'rous than all of those
which have already leen eiperif n;ed,
and tbe buildings could easily be
absk-n to atoms. An examinalioa of
tbe materUl fm the wiecked atrac
turei sbowa them to have
all b en f ull. The Charleston
and one or two cf
leading hotels have
ncelva eaeeta. althouah
tbe other
began to
but a small
portion of their houses are ia a condl
lion to be occupief. loqnirtes con'
tinue to pour lo from iriends ot
the country concerning the loss of
life. The search for tna dead U pro
rrwaioff, bat it if believed that a' I the
bodiee bate been found. Tbls morn
ing the employee cf the Southern
Telegraph Company returned to th
eommodioni main office cn Brd
itreot, cleared np their delay d work,
and resumed lervlce.
"Chief Facta r the Eartbqnakr."
Washington. Keptembar Z.Trvt.
Powell received by cable today a re
quest from Secretary Topley, of the
BritiHh Association for tbe Advance
ment of Science, "to wire cl uf ft
of the earthquake." The following
waa sent in reply: Topley, Britisu
Association, Birmingham, Konland:
Kartbqnake mo:t severe on record in
United Statrs, and affected greatest
area. Origlaalorg line of post quat
ernaiy, dislocation on ea-t ro flacks
of Appalacbans, especially where it
croa e central North Crolina. Nlight
premonitory shocks felt n tbe Ca o
lin as for several dys, moderatily
severe shock oocnrihijr nar Charlet
ton August 27 and 28. The principtl
shocks caut-ing great dmtructinn in
Char'eston originated in central N r h
Carolina AiiRUit 81, 9:50 p.m., 75' h
meridian time. Thence the thocks
spread wih great rapidity in all direc
tions witn velocity nrying loa
twenty-five to sixty miltB per m'nut.1
over 000,000 iqune miles, one-quaner
of United States, embracing twenty
eht Statts, from toe Gulf
of Mexico to the g'et lak-a
and Southern New England, and
from tbe Atlant c Beii'ioarJ to
the Centril Miesis.-ippi Valley. In
the Carolinas it was accompanied by
landslides, crevassee, and great de
8' ruction ol property, llilf r.f Charles
ton is in ruln, and m re than f jny
lives loet. No eea wave has baen yuc
reportod. A stcjrd moderately t
vereehkwai fit at Churlesion st
8:15 o'clock a.m.. September 1, and
minor shocks followed at increisibg
intervale, 'the principal Bluett was
felt over this vat area wi hin fifteen
minutoi, and may be rjcaidel a, some
of the prior i rial points on a "al tf
inten.iiy of five, ai fo lowe : It deigh
4, at 9:50 o'ulocK, p.m.; Charle-tton 0,
at 9:51; Cedar Kee, Fla., 2, at 10:05;
Knoxville 3, at 9:55; Mnmpbie 4, at
9:55; St. Lmis2, at 10: Milwaukee 3,
at 10:08; 1'iUabu g 3, at 10; Albany 2,
at 10; KurirgfMd. Mais, 1, at 10;
New York 2, at 9:63. powsll.
Prof. Powell 1ms already rrceiveJ
about 100 reports from observers In
various directions respecting tbe earth
qnake, end several hundred more are
expected. Their subsUnire is to be
recorded upon mapB, which when com
pleted aie expected t) show with a
close app oach to ab oln accuracy
the points of origin, culminntion and
greatest intens ty aud tbe direction of
tne se eral eaith roovemeute, as well
aa the boundary line of tbe a dec ed
The first pa-ssngers coming north
from Charlts'cn, S. C, ar ived this
morning. Tbey were unable to leave
Cbarlestin until yeetsrday morning on
account of tbe interruption in nilrc ad
ommuniiatioD. Thomas H. Toteon,
of Ba t' more, one of tbe pa sengers,
gave a repor.er sn account of his ex
perience. '
"I waa (tipping at tbe Charlestan
Hotel," he said. "I was In my room,
which was on tbe third floor. "When
I lit my tai I beard noise and sup
posed I had bioken tomethine, but
could find nothing broken, I wentti
place my hat on a bureau, and just
than the shock cam. I would have
fallen if I had not thrown my hands
out and clung to the wludow. It
seemed s though the hotel was lifted
cp aud swung backward and forwerd
a distance of fifteen or twenty inches
at each vibration. At the first shock
the lights in the house all went out.
Then the plasterlug bepan to full. It
lusnea oa my mioa that I soouia en
deavor to get ont of the honse, and I
got out into tbe corridor and groped
my way, lu utter darkness.
Other people in the hou'e weie
likewise groping tbiir way out
The air was tilled with p'aetor
duet. All around was a t .nr. We r tar
ing and moaning eonnd, and the din
was hightenedbv tbe fulling of tim
bers. I found the front door
ot the bouBe closed, a fort
unate thing for ma, ss it saved my
life. It took me a moment to find the
knob, and ss I was looking for it tus
of brick fell down from the upper part
-t.l.-V , A . J T
oi me nuuee in irnnt oi tne ooor. i
ran out throutth the heaps of fallen
bricks, and Ml twice in get'ing to the
mlddlo ol tbe street. 1 bore 1 rmu n-
ed, terror stricken. Two shocks came
after I reached the middle of the street,
mint one se von tnic ires after the
first, and another more violent nine
minutes later, the three shocks
occurring within sixteen minutes.
I remained In front of the hotel until
1 o clock. I was so unnerved that I
could scarcely stand. As it became
quieter I went on tbett-eet to an open
Bpace and rema'ced there until 3
o clock, Thon we bad another slight
shock. At 3 o clock I went to the bU
Ury park and fitind it crowd
ed, several thousands rf ' ter
tilled people caving assembled
tbere. There I remained dnring th
remainder of tbe night. At 6 o'clock
another taint shock was felt. At day
light I. like others, felt mote encour
aged, and I moved around to tee what
destruction had been doue. I found
at the bat' cry front some of the most
rostly booses in the city cracked from
the ground to the ton. and rome por
tions of the buildings were destroyed
completely. All of tbe Cnariestoa
residences are built with porches in
t ont, many having substantial pillar,
sad thess porches were all thrown
down. There was not a house in
Charleston that had i a chimney
standing. The terror among the peo
ple during the night was in,tenas.
Tbey riiBhed throtisu the streets lrai
ticiliy. calling on Gad to have mercy
on them. People who, perhaps, never
prayed before thn pr.yed aloud.
Then to this was added tha ahrleki ot
the woanded and the lamenatIona of
thoee who had loet friends. Here and
tbere par. Us with lights were looking
through ths rains for missing people.
Tbe greatest horror and confusion
regoid everywhere. Tha people,
whn tbe shock came. ran. men,
women and children, out into the
streets ia thi ir night clotLlng. and r
ma ned in that way during the night,
noddled together ia the street. None
wt nld venture bick into tbe house.."
Mr. Toltont aid that ha thouobtthe
published es'imate cf damage was
too low, and that three-fourtis ot ths
city woo d have to be rebuilt. The
ptople killed wers killed while letv
ingthtir houses by the fillirg debris
All who could leave t"e city were
leaving ytwdv. Mr. P. T. Bonnell
left Charleston yesterday on tbe lint
outward train. There were five care
pa:ked with refugees For the firs
two mi oi the train moved very slow
ly. Toe rails were twicted. As the
train went along the people in the rar
noticed another shock. This further
twitted tbe rails. It was, however,
possible to proceed s'owly. The pen
pis are at work digging in tha rains
plated it will be Impoea b e to tell or
even guars any way a.cnrate'y at tbe
inmbr of caaualtiea.
Have the reports of tbe disaster
been exaggerated 7"
"Not a hit ol It, It won d be im
possible to pat into words any dejerip-
tion of tbe disaster and its effects. My
wife and I spent two nights on the
commons, ss did thousands ot other
people. To dep:ct the dreadful scene
would ba beyend any man's power.
There is not one house in ton tbat will
n t have to be tebnilt- There wes a
peculiar difference in the maicer fn
wnlcn DricK and frame buildings went
nnder. Thawa'laof tbe brick build
lags ewayd and fell over, while the
bu ldingsi built o! wood limply col
"were tbere any peculiar conditioss
proceeding the shock ? '
"ies; it became torritr'y not bdoiu
weoty minutes before the sock. It
was a peculiar scorching neat that I
never feit before. I saw people on
tbe streets taking off their coa's and
vests as they walked aloug. Then
there was a rambling no bp. It was
like a train of cars pursing under a
tunnel on the toD of wh ch one Btend".
This rumbling and toar was followed
by the shocks and the terrible sway-
inn movemen'e, end then tbe falling
of walls. On Wednesday all you could
get to eat was some cinu'-d gioua. ah
the stores were closed aud all tbe
hotels. N's one wyu'd go into tbe
hoines to cook." ;- '
In leaving Charleston Mr. Bonnell
noticed on both sides of the track ev'
denccs of volcanic eruption''. Phos
phate, colored red and blue, and wat r
had neen lo-cea np.
Col. K. M. Batcht ldor. dr pot qnar-
termattor, has been ordced to Cbarli s
tonio if sue and distribute tents to the
homeless and to render such aid as it
may be in the power of the depart
ment to extend.
The following dispatch was received
by cable today from Queon Victoria:
Tl . . . . . . c . 1. 9 iaua
1 o tha President of the Un Ud otaiei :
I d-eire to express mv Drifound
sympathy with tbe suQorers by the
lute earthquakes, any await, wirn anx
iety further intelligence, which I hope
may show the effects to have been less
disastrous tban reported.
inn yuistiN.
Enrlhiitbc lu California.
Gbhmant iWN, Gal , September 8.
Two heavy slocks cf esrtfcque, fol
lowing ee ch other In rapid succession,
were leit here at midnight.
' F.artbqhakea,
To tha Editors ol Tha Appeal i
The pecnl ar and deep impression
experienced by the writer of t'ie Newt
and Cwtv.t la similar to that which Is
always experienced by all who e first
experience of an earthquake Is given,
and is accoanted for by Humboldt in
h:s Comot, pgeB 213-10, vnlnmn 1,
in this way. It is not the r suit of a
recollection of those fearful pictures of
devastation preent-d to oar i negina
tinn by the historical narratives of
the as', but is rather due to the sad
den revelation of the delosive nature
of the inherent faitb, by which we bad
clung to a belief in the immobility ol
the solid parts cf te earth. We are
axoBtomoi from early childhoid to
draw a csntrast between the mobility
of water and the immohilitv of the
s il npon which we tiesd. We may
flee from tbe eruption ri a volcano, or
a falling house, etc., bat wherever we
go daring an eartbquaie mat soot is
tbe f jcos of destruction. This feeling
is confirmed by the evidence of oor
sense. Animals are similarly
nffec'ed, teptcially dogs and
swine, and tbe crocodiles ot the
Orinoco leave tbe river and nee to the
forests. Tbe moat destructive earth
quakes are moa'ly cotifined to near
tne seacoast, wither they arise ironr
the wear and tear of the action of the
ocean npon the cruet ol the earth a'
or near tbe intersection of the land
and water, causing the crust cf the
euHb to become thinner a', that point,
and tnereby u-etroyirg i he equi
librium. I am unab'e to say. Tue prot
est number of lives that have ever been
loet was in A. D. 620, at Antioch. dur
ing the Feaet of the Ascension, when
it ib estimated by uinbons that aso.ooo
persons perished, in la.-i, tn Uaia-
bria, whan .the city of Meseina, in
Siciiy, was destroyed, 100,000 Uvea
were lost. J'.arthouikes are not only
able to elevate ami deprets whole die
trials above and below their ancient
fn. ir,.t.,. TT1. HlnA
(God's Wall), after tho earthquake of
Catch, in 1819, eBt of the del' a of the
Indus, which nptiaval was ebou', II
my memory serves me correctly, four
feet and remains to this diy ; and
in Chili in 1822, when the
country botween the Andes and
the const was elevated from
two t leaven feet and the bottom of
tbe fa ilk ocean for hundreds of miles
was at tbe same time eleva'ed. The
area (land) raised has been estimated
at 100,000 square roller. In Java, in
1772, when Papandayang, then one of
the loftiest of tbe volcanoes of the
region, waa in action, an area rud
denly sunk, inoludingthe mountain, of
from fifteen miles long to six miles
broad, but various suba'a-sce. hot
water at Cat'ns in 1818, steam at New
Madrid In 1812, mud and amoks at
Meeeioa in $J1, Irrepressible ga-e?,
which injured the flocks grazing in the
Andes. Plato said the gods tent
earthquakes as a punishment for
man 'a wickedness. This condiion of
man (spoken of in tne beginning of
the artiole) ia not of long duration,
and wben a aeriea cf faint shocks suc
ceed one another the inhabitants ol
the country soon lore every tMce of
fear, la L'mi long habit and the
prevalent opinion tint dangerous
shocks are only to be aDprehetidd
two or three times in the course of a
century they are regarded with scrce-
Iv more attention than a bail storm in
the tompora e a nes. Humboldt,
after experiencing a few shocks, car
ried on nis sclent no pursuits wilhont
regarding them. Such ia the f roe of
baiit. or custom upon which the com
mon law ia louoded. c tikkn.
jttz .j. x a a ' k.i
frrnuwtollhstHM rmrA SnlHfy.rHrwt n
Hrllhruln. lr. IMfU'l nkln Vnwdrr contains
to A n, mom i urn in . '"l''i-"- i-r. ' " ; -iunM
VsalUk, Uomm, lc arw ailHtoaiT
The? Appetite
jlay be' Increased, the Dlgeatlve orga.
strengthened, and ths Bowels regulated,
y taking Aycr'a Tilla. Tneae Pills are
purely vegetable in tbclr composition,
rhey contain nclier calomel nor any other
iangcroua drug, and may be taken with
perfect safety by persona of all ages.
I wns a great sufferer from DyipeP"'
and Constipation. I bad no appetite,
became prontly debilitated, and waacoo
Slant ly aUlicted with Headache and Dlzzl
nem. I comulted our family doctor, who
prescribed for me, at various time, with
out affording more tban temporary relief.
I finally commenced taking Ayer'e rilla.
In a short time my digestion aud appetite
Biv bowels were regulated, and, by the
Hme I finished two boxes of these I'illa my
tendency to headnchci bud disappeared,
and t become atrong and well. Darius
M. Logau, Wlhnlagton, Del.
I was tronblo for over a venr, with
Lo9S ot Appetite, mid Gi'iiernl Debility.
I commenced tnklug Ayor's Pills, and, be
fore finishing half a box of this medicine,
my appetite and strength were restored.
C. O. Clark, Daubury , Conn.
Ayor's Tills are the best medicine
known to me for regulating the bowels,
and for all diseases caused by a disordered
Stomach and Liver. I aiiflvred for over
three yenra with Jleadnche, Indigestion,
and Constipation. I lunl no appetite, and
was weak und nervous most o' the UifC
three boxes of Ayor's rills, and, e' Vtt
lunie tinio dittlnrr nivself, I was cow
plitely cured. Jfy dfgestive organs are
now in good order, and I nm In perfect
health. rhlllpLoekwood,Topeka,Kans.
Ayor's Tills have benefited ire wonder
fully. For months I tnjUVred iTom Indi
gestion and Ileadnebo, was resllr'ss at
olnht, and had a bad timte In my mouth
svery morning. After taking ono box of
Ayer's Pllla, all these troubles disap-peai-cd.
my food digested well, and my
sleep was rcfresbitur. Henry C. llem
veuway, Bovkport, Mess.
I was cured of fee POee by the ne of
AVer's Pllla. Tbey not only relieved me
f Unit painful dijordor, but gave me In
creased vigor, and restored my bealta.
John Lazarus, 8t. Jouu, V, B.
Aysrb Ma,''
President of tbe Great LOUISVlLr.3 C0U-KIER-JOURN
AL CO., tells Oat
ha knows "f
Winters mith's Ghill Cure.
0i ncaor ths Cot's;it-JorjnnAL,
, Lr.oaviLLi, Kr.
Dr. Winds mith,Eirl an a rule I have
obserred for manyyears, the value of your
rnumilr promptini me to say, to reply to
your rorrtiait, what I know of your Chill
Cure. The irate aiurnni of its eAWoy
I had, and tne good reiulu (Its effuoti I
had obeorred on Mr. K. W. u.e-e4iU), who,
for more than ttfteea yesrs.thad been fore
man of my oSoa, ladnoed ass! to'teit It in
my lamtiy. iae rasaiu naveeeen entirety
siaoiory. lae arst eae..u or w
tears' atatalac. Is wbieh 1 beiieTe every
nown remedy haa keso trtsd with tempo
rary rellet the ehllle returning periodieslly
ana with seeaiinrly inerewed severity.
Your eure broke them at onoe, and there has
been do recurrence of them for more than
six months The other ease was ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies i bat the ohills would return at Id-
tervals until your medioine was used, since
whioh time, now several months, they hare
entirely dlsepneared. From the opportu
nity I hare had to judge, I do not hesitate to
express my belief that your Chill Cure 1st
valuable ipeoiAo, ana performs all you
promise lor it. ttoapeniiuiiy,
ARTHUR PETR& i CO., Aten'-. Louis-
vine. KT. .
Veierlnarj Specifics
Cute Dliossee of
Horses, Cattle, Sheep
dogs, noGs, poultky,
Tn nan tnv Amn QO VMIM llV Fnimfrfl-
Stackbroedcrs, Horse It. U., Aa.
Uaod by U. 8. Covornmcnt.
Mounted on Rollers Book Hilled Free.
Humphreys' Mrd. Co., 100 Fulton Bt.. N. T.'
In uo M jtsntfi. Tho only 'ircpsftil remedy for
Nervous Debility, vital Weakness,
ami I'roKlrstlon, rrnm'iivcr-work nr other oanw
81 iMrial,ro visit snd arg vial powder, for SA
SciLI) Iiy OHltomsTS, orsftit i.ntp!iMt oil raofiptof
pnoe. ILpkr7'lnl"'.. lue luilu HI., k. .
rimsBDBa pa.
vounteneiie are meue in ot. uvun, aiu.
l M a L. M I
i tati i.i vi s.
8I0K Headache.
Hos :-ns to two trornls.
ttrnnlii l'e OscHiaoJ Bti.il In
wslnl pke t inejejid ov Bo
t.uulco Slt told In
Crab Orchard Water Ce., Prap'ra.
A book of 100 para
l haa haut. IMnK lAf
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vertlsiuc. the adwrtiier who wants to. ind
one dollar. nds Ib:1 ,the inforinetioB he iw
uuires, while loiBhim, who will tnyeat one
hucdred thneiad:dollrs inr.adTertisirir. a
aoheiue ts lodieeted which will meet his
erery realrtment, or oaa be made to do .0
l iiv.-i .11 arrlrnl kI hv Anrra
SDondeoee. One hundred and. fifty-three
editions hare been leeued. Beul, postpstd,
In .n HHrlor ten MM. ATMiy to UK.U,
VKRTIBINO BURKAl'-lHpraeeet. (Print
1 at Hnnse Hotline . New Tor.
Electric Belt Free
aws ia J la .exft Attfailtt ftMtilfl wll
X for the next sixty days ie away, free
of ehirie. in eaoh oounty in Ihe II. 8. a lim
ited number ot our """" ---
sreimla BeiepaiMr7 KelU. Priee loi a
poeitWe and unfalllna euro for Nervous D
btlity, Varieoeel Ssaissloye. Iassmtoaey,
U. r00.O lUwara jald tf eTwrf Belt we
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O raslr
33. J. 8EMME8 tSa CO.
Iliimkley, Ark., Sfauurarturera of
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Dreaaed Flourlwr, Cellinrr, Weathcr BoardlBt;,
C'jprcHB Hhlngles, Laths, Kic
srOur faoilltles art i unsorpused by any sawmill in the South for 11 ma orders promptly,
rioorina, (eilini. Sidlnr, btoc ' Lumber and Cypress Shinnies a sperjlaltv : also. Framlna
Lumber of all dimensioni. We make the Wholeiale Businest a special feature. Orders
solloiled and promptly filled.
Hm,'l2t JeiTeraon Street Memphis. Tennesae$
SLEDGE BEOS., of Como, KUe. F.
Hon. 818 and 358 Front Street .
Gr ocers & Cotton Factors.
No. S03 Main Street, Gay Block.
UrlManr STEWaVBT, Haw OrlaarM.
SIEH, mi & CO.,
WholesaleGrocers, Cot F actoia
1! M IQ0
Li till HrrLnaui w u
Wholesale Grocers
Lir 1
Folier.f bornton Ik Co
Cotton Factors, Vliolesalo Grocers,
No. 80G Front Mtreet. t VIemphU, TewzL
M. JOSBS. President.
IW. D. t. SAW RIB,
iinr.Mun te
30 39 aol 40
ao TDirnn
Cotton Factors, Uliolesalo Grocers,
Ni. 11 Union Street, t t STemphU, Term,
U.I. MULLINS.ot l.uJ.E.tfodwln A Co. J AS. YON 81. 1 al JOaldwall A 0.
Cotton Factors Commission Oerchanb
No. 1 Dowini'i Eow, Cor. Front wd Culoa, KenpUfl.
'Msnulaotarer'sJAgents lor
Daniel Pratt Cotton Gins,
Manufacturers of
Pratt Eclipse Moilrr agiaaat. Feed
re aud tjilu aivpnlrere,
09 to 101 rojilnr St., Metuphla.
avPratt Revolvlng-Hesd (jins nne
qunlod. Mock now complete. Prioet
reduced. Cnrreiundoro una orden
olicitod . Old (iins Repaired in First
Inssdrde. All work auarnntee'l.
M. N0KFLEET, Besldcnt Fartaer.
Memphis Tenn.
aUDKBW D. QWTHTIB; Hams-fkli
& Cotton Fliers,
Latest Novelties ia Footwear
W. L. Donglaa 13.00 Call Shoe.
Ia Button, Laoe and Oonareaa.
mw Dlnstrated Catalorne and Price- Lh
Mailed free on application.-
, I- Tj TZni
FeoreUry and Treasurer.
PetererA Bawrla,)
THE jhaqiJ0Ua BBASD"
Jefleraon Street.
Christian Brotliors'1
MONDAY, SEPT 6.1886.
For Board, Tuition, etc, lee catalogue, or -
Pplj '-.-j r a TTOPT TAW Tl I J a
Clara Conway Institute.
Monday October 4, 1886..
Enrollruent La-t Terra, 322.
A SCHOOL for the develnpment of vtror
ons, thoughia1, noble womanhood.
TLl. .. ' . 1 ...HkJ k. li.na.ltll miA .
ALUS niBUll IB iT.vunu vy ...uauvu huu
thorongbness of instruction and the awaken-
Inr ot patient, earreri endeavor, a new '
nil .nmmnilinnl hn&rititlff fllirtmenl h
just been completed.
ine aepartment oi a-eas uiaS'Da suuuu'
liner; is added for ttie f-rst time.
ju tbe abvenee of the Prircipvl who is in
Euroe f:r the suuiner, cat'liKues will be
furni.'hed on application to Mrs. fc). P. Mor
ton, 223 Adnms slre't.or tliey will be found
st any nf th pity hooa str-ey.
Fairs. Bowles' School
Opens Sept. 11, at 155 AvfariH St.
SPECIAL adrnntaees fu- jonne lsdies In
Enalifh ' ou', Latin, Qerman, French,
Mnnio snd Eloruti. n.
Thorough instruction b tuoderii methods
Is offered to boys and girls iroia primury
claoeH tbr uh sramuisr couiro.
St. Agnes Female Academy,
THIS Institution is ileli.htfully situated'
in a retired and henltby part cf the city
of Memphis, cotDmsnilina tns oiivnn'nire of
town and country. Tboentlre sbrroumlinKS
bruathe an ar ot ponostul ,'fclu-ion, which
evereierts so pnwerlul an influence over the
mural, pbytio.l and inteliottuiil li e. lb
course of study embraces the ynriona
brsnches of a solid aud ussful education.
In the regular English courr-e, the pupils on
entering are ranked according to their pro
fioiency in On hog aphy, Gram war and Arith
metic. Particulur attention is tiven to Sa
cred and Profane 11 is tor v. Rhetorio and
Composition. Latin and Frenth enter into
the regular courre. A portion ot time is al
lowed to each pupil for Plain and Ornamen
tal NeedleworK, trhell. Flowers, eto. Terms
per tression, payable half-yeaily, invariably
In advance. For board and tuition in all
branches taught in tbe hishe't schools.
Plain fciewtn-r, Marking.etc . D d, Bedding,
Stationery and WushiLg, and 8125. ac
cording to the age or clsss of the pupil.
Special terms ehen several members o the
same tamily attend tbe scbu. 1. Mo allow
ance Is made lor partial sbsence or with
drawal before the eipiration of the te m, ex
cept in cafes oi serious or protrae'.ed f liners,
r iTais Uerman, Italian, etc., each (12;
Music on Piano od use of ins'rument, f SOl
Drawing and Water Colors, (10. Oil Paint
ing, 120; Embroidery and Ornamental Work,
110; Useol Lihrary, 12; Vocnl Muio in class,
i; Private Lessons, 115. Board per month
dur'ng vacation, if spent st the Academy,
wash ng, eic.,tl5. Medicine and physician,
tees will form estra rhamea Terms for day
pupils, 13, (4, to or to per month. For fur
ther particulars apply to tbe
WILL reopen Bent. 13. 1H86. Located ia
a healthful and delightful suburb, ac
cessible by ear lines to and from all parts of
eity. Instruction thorough, and according;
to the most approved eduoatior al methods.
Superior and trained specialises in the va
rious Departments ot Music, Art, Elocution.
Modern Languages, Soience, Classics ana
Primary Teaching.
For further irticu'ars apply t
aUStiMOLUK B. MAKt?litL. Prta.,
Memphis. Teen.
Deshler Female Institute
UoitrdlBsr tstitS sihjt erbonl Cor Tonus;
Eaalra, Tusrnutbls, AInbnnnrs.
A OTH ANNUAL SFSSiON onens Wednea-i-L
day. Sent. 1, 1W. Full Faculty of ex
perienced ana aceoinuliihed teachers. Char
tered institution. First-clsss ia all its ap-
fiointments. Board, including fuel and
ights, tuition in entire Literary Depart
ment, emTso ing Ancient and Modern Lan
guages, with Music, will be furnished the
entire year for fcHOin advance: the above,
with Art, (225. Catalogues, containing full
particulars, rent on spplioition.
N a. fUHlRNQt, A.M.. Prinoipal. .
School oflanguages
ISH. Instruction in elsss or piivatc
bylenons. For term-, addre'S
LEN LANDSBKRiJ, Oayoro Hotel.
A CLASSICAL 8CH00L of high grade for
Boys and Uirls. English Course, Latin.
Greek, Musia and Art thoroughly taught;
Book keeping also. Boys fifed tor college.
For catalogues address tbe Principal,
R. K. OuEW. Snmevlle. 'fenn.
St Mary's School.
No. S32 Poiilrtr Nlreet,
A HOARDING and DaySobool for Vonnf
Lsdies and Children, under tbe charge
of tho bisters ot St. Mary, of the English
Church. Nuruber of pupils limited to 1(10.
Next school lerm h-irlns kshmhIht VBth.
For Boys and Yonng Men. Send for oMnlogoe
JOHN R. SAMP.SON. A.M.. Principal.
Rrv. FTIUAR WOODS. Ph. P.. Associat..
Tulane University of Louisiana.
(Formerly. 1M7-19M, tbe Universi'y of
ITS advantages for practical iostructi'B to
diseases ot the South west are unrivaled,
as the low secures It supero undant materi
als from the greet Charity Uosiiitnl with its
700 beds, and 2(1.000 patients annually. Stu
dent, have no hosp tal-fees to par and spe
cial instruction is daily given at the bedside)
ot the sick, as in no other institution, tor
catalogue or information, a.idross
Prof. 8. K. CUAILLK. M. O., Dean.
P. 0. Drawer ?til. New Or ua.ru, La.
Bartlett Normal School
AND TKA1N19W inbtiiu ij Foacuin
SEXES A school noted lor its progres
sive methods and its trorough, honest audi
practical instiuotion, Cour e oj study ar
ranged te meet tbe demands of the times.
Degrees conferred, tuition ebntm. bosrd fiom
. - i 'I tA .. . mn.lh Innaltnfl nllt&.Mnt.
11 UI .UW llllru L.I . n .
seheol well equipped. Stadents received
any time. Firet Term o)ns August 8s.
reeona lertn, uctoor nuui.-,
Memphis Female Seminary,
MEN. EMMA C. 1 SJt'HER. PrlnrSpal,
Mpteusarr BO, 1"6.
Best educational anvantaees afforded to p
pils. Location M7 Lindwn street.
emphis Institute,
WITH experienced assistants in all de
partments, will begin ia sixth year
On September IS, ISStt.
at No. 174 Hernando street, formerly Grace.
Choreh. Boja prepared for either Bnstnesst
or College. Discipline firm and strict; in
struction thorough and modern in methods.
Modern Languages a special feature.
For terms,to, address or call on
136 Hernando street, Memphis. Teen.
PETER8BURO, VA. The Twent y-iewa
Annual Session ot tb s School for Boya
begins the first Monday In October. Thor
ough prepsrations for U.oive sity or Vir
ginia, lesding Engineering bcbpols ana
United Htatea Military and Nav-1 Acade
mies; highly recommended bv acuity or
University ot Virginia; tu1 1 staff of instruct
ors; situation healthful. Early application
advised, a number of hoardo-e is atnctl
limited. For catalogue sdclrws
w. MOBDON MoCAUK. Head Master.
sy ! B I a.T umiveknsVt
eabvlllr, Tessas, lborouirn instruction
in distinct ccursea ol ( ivil. Mechanical snd
Mining Engineering (Annu-1 luitipn fM),
and in Mnnaal Techno ogj 'Free). Full
Faculty. Kiienslv. equipuients and facili
ties! n uranghting-tooms, labor; t.r es, shop,
and field practloe. Entrance Ex ruination
Rot 14. IS and 16. For oirrulxrs addresa
ALL persons ar hereby warned not
purchase Certifioate No.OOt.r fn share!
Maeonie Temple Stock, Issued I o R. W. bhed
ten. April 11, 1874. a" it has been lost or mia
aid. aad I have arp led tor a duplicate.
B. B. BHtLION, Administrator
Chirleaton aos ia different part
lor boons, ana until that work la com'

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