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feffltorlltaJrew Orleawi aa4 TmmH'j
Hi attar Mil 1. 1886, peiienrer train! aa
.Li. M. J a.a fnlfnwll
:3 p.m
10 :M p.m
1:00 e.u
S:44 a.a
6:3 a.m
6:14 a.m
yule i mi
Sal and....
:M e.m
7:21 .
4:07 km
1:13 a.m
11:16 p.m
8:36 D.m
etoa lUnfe,,,....Q..
7:51 p. m
6:00 p.m
lew uneaai.ijT...... -
9:ffl .m
wtv .it Unix entarint Hemnhli.
nr:.u u kV W.R R- tnr UtllBL
T For Greenville end Huntington, and all
. ArkniMPOinu.
i-With V. M. ana Vo o. r. m.
. -With N., J. AC. R. E. lot aetohea and
Jaekeon. , .
-Tot Point oa tho Breneh.
nriik .... (at Rftfon Harm.
-With railroadi diveraini for Florida,
Texal and UoutlnoiDU.
JAB. M. KDW ABI8. V. P. and 0. M.
A. J.1LMAPP, Q. P. A.
Itaelealppl an Twbui Train!
on u lollowii HewOrleani nail arrival
daily at sa.m., leavei oanyaio;uu p.m.
BiewaortBJewaaad Hlaalaalnpl Val
or. Treini dot aa followi i Fait line
leavei at 10:00 a.m.! bt. Loull fMt lino
m.U'.aOp.B.; Fait line arrival at 1:30
pVm. ; 6U Loull fait lino arrival at :l)6 a.m.
lOTlarllle and Haahvllle Tralsi
Piove aa follow! t Fait mall arrival daily at
iWa.m.t leavei at 10:10 p.m. i mall leavei
dally at 10:10 a.m. arrives at 1:00
Brownivllle aooommoiatiom leavei da y
aioept Bunday, at 6:00 p.m. (arrival dally.
MoeptSandei, at 1:60 a.m. (itaadard timo).
emphla and Utile Book.-Tralai
move ai followi (oentral itendard timeli
fco.l leavei daily at 4:20' p.m.. arrival at
StM p.m. o. 3 leavei at S:55 a.m.! arrive!
at8:M a.m. No. 6 (freight) Ihi HopeSeld
Sally (.io.pt Bandar) at 6 :00. a.m. , arrive!
4 7:10 p.m.
ealf BMl-(BuaM dty,Sprln
iM and MemphU) Trelm leeveM. and
J. dopot ai followi: No. 4, Kaniai City ex
JrwiriiaTMat 10:45 ajn.: No. 3. K.niai
City expreu, arrival at 30 p.m. no. ,
tuiu City mail, leavee a6:00 p.m. I No.ll,
E.n.u Clt mall, arrive at 8:i a.m. no,
BSOTO M follow! I
Through extireil Uitii
daily at u:up-i
Mall ana aipr.il ibim
BomorTlMi aooommoda.
dally at 10:00 a m
HOB , , ,
rrkn.k ..omii arr fMdlllT lt5:2S
a.'cw Wall and aipr.ii arrival dally at 1C :0
a.m. Hom.rrll I. aooommoauuB kuih
daily, aio.pt Snnday. at 8:30 a.m.
a.hii. HirinlualiMni aud Allan
u.ii. Knrinii Ronta Train! mova ai
follnwc No.llesrai Mamphii dally at8:46
. m aiwaa mw ll nil w nnrinai aai. u iiao ai ill
.rrim at Uolly Bprlnn at 6:68 p.m.:
i m. , ....... r a
I i.um IIoll Bnrinn daily
Uavu Holly I
Dprini. urwt wiw
1:18 a.m. I o,
6'lo.T.i Mamphii daily at 7:16 p.m., arrival
k aralvaa ml Mam tin IB m.L 1 1 I in m,. i
unii. M...ln.a t 1115 D.m.i No.61aavaa
Holly Bprinai dally at 8)16 a.m., arrival at
Mjmphlt at Mils a.m.
For Mutittippi and Lauitiona: Fair
iveather: stationary Umperalurt; touVy
easterly vindt.
For Tei as: Fair weatlier in tin in
terior, local rains on the eoatt; nearly
stationary temieralure', viinds generally
For Arkansas. Tennessee and Ken
tucky: Generally fair weather; no de
tided change in temperature; soutlieast-
erly winds, becoming southerly.
The rivers will remain nearly stationary.
Meleoroloaloal Boport.
Miaraia. Tmn.. September 3, 1886.
7:00 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
3:00 p.m.
82 0
7:00 p.m.
Maximum temperature, 84.0.
Minimum temperature, G7.0.
(Hone, 11 a m,, 2.
Rainfall, 0M.
la tha Vntlua Kaalan.
Siohal Scsvici, U. H.Abiit,
8eptomber4, 1880 5 p.m.
Division of telegrams and reports for
the benefit of commerce and agricul
ture. Cotton region bulletin for the
twenty-four hoars ending September
4th. at 5 o'clock p.m.
Bt. Loan ana vniW r-..
mm.m at
irrrfveV.t ?45 ZZTuVent Bunday.
""il8- - rharleatoa-Train.
84 I 07 I .00
Haehvllie 82 61 .00
Grand Junction... 87 64 .00
Corinth 88 50 .00
Tuacumbla 84 63 .00
Decatur 84 54 .00
8 rattsboro.. ......... 88 64 .00
Hernando-........ 84 61 .00
BateeviU 85 63 .00
G ranada 85 68 .00
Covington.......... 86 04 .00
Dersburg. ......... 02 60 .00
Arlington 92 01 .00
Brownsville,...-.?. 87 05 .00
Milan... 87 03 .00
Paris., aaa I 85 49 .00
Bolivar-. 84 02 .00
Holly Springs 83 04 .00
Otford 87 65 .00
Sams. - 1028 1150 .00
Means - 80 00 .00
. g B p
Wilmington 79 58 .00
Charlesiou 83 00 .00
Augoata - 79 58 .00
(Savannah 86 64 .00
Atlanta. 79 69 .00
Montgomery 83 00 .09
Mobile 80 01 .01
Hew Orleans. 90 07 .01 .
Galveston 92 71 .02
Vi'.ksburg 89, 00 .
Litsle Rock 90 06 .00
Memphis 80 00 .00
Bams 1022 750 .02
Mean 85 0 62 0 .
' T Cliloat
bar 71k.
Parlies from Memphis wishing to
avail themselves of this very cheap
and delightful excursion can go via the
Memnhis, Birmingham and Atlantio
and-join the excursion at Hol:v
Spriiigr. Kate: Holly Springs to Chi
cago and return, jio. urtiyino.Mem
iihis and Charleston and join tbe ex'
camion at Grand Junction; r.te,$9 50,
'Chiciso and return. Or via the Louis
ville and NaBhvilleand join the excur
ainn at Milan : rate. $8 60. Or via the
Chesapeake. Ohio and Soutbweotcrn
nil fnin the excursion at Fallon:
rate, $7 50. Ticket good to return at
nlaaanra nn renolar trains for twenty
days. Excursion leaves Holly Springs
ar 1 :15 . m.. Grand Junction at 2:39
m . Milanat5t.m.. Martin at 6 p
m. andEoltont:30 p. m. Tickets
for rale by Tegular ticket agnta of tbe
-iiiinn'a Central Kailroad. For further
information addrees V. L. Collins,
manaeerof excursion, Milan
Tena. T .
. vsnifnrd. Jeweler. 294 Main, M
Uctta ordera from tke country.
e( KnlUxl lomralaa to do
yvur riaaBHiama;.
5fout2rmBn-le Malford,
IX .1
Kaonl Pitches the Greatest Gam
f His Life Presentation
f Medals.
The Memphis baseball season went--ont
yestsiday inablt-.ee of glory. The
only Knonff was in the box and he
pitched the grealest tram ol his life.
The first six men who went to the bat
were retired on strikes, not one of
them succeeding in tapping ine oau
even for so much us a foul tip, and
during the entire game- only one of
tbe Charlestons succeeding in getting
a hit, while sixteen men retired on
ttrikea. Bull! van. on the other band,
who occupied the box - lor
Charleston, wis not as etlectiye
usual, and give nay in
tbe third inning to Holacher. lne
change was not fortunate. Before the
substitution of Ilolacher for Sullivan
Qiaham got in a single, Bneea got nw
base on ballr, advancing Graham to
second, McSorley sent the sphere to
left held and uranam scored,
going to tbiid. .Andrews tben faced
5V. nit.v.Br and Knllivan retired to
short, Ilolacher going into the box.
Andrews tapped ina Dan lor iw ur-,
Sneed and McSorley scoring. Broogh-
ton knocked out a eingie, suvbuciuk
Andrews to third. Black then went
to the bat, BroDRbton stole tec
r,,i .ml A Tidrav a ecored on
uuu v. ,
wild pitch, tfrougtiton Koing
to third and scoring on iwacaa
twobaggor. Hneed, wno ran ior iiaca,
stole third and from Ihere stole to tbe
home pUte, while Crowley, who bad
replaced 1 lines behind the bat, held
tha Hall. Fuaaelbach made a doable,
got to third on a wild pitch, but was
lelt tnera, aiaDning kuiuK "
Ilolacher and Knout? on a fly to Mc-
aIoaf After the tlltn inning utne
raUvri. and Mr. U9il li.in
riilnA advanced into the neid
TT .13 . M I . , .
and the players were called to
the grand Btnd and presem-ju
with the prise medals ouerea eany in
the sisaeon. Sneed got away with two,
ana fnr the best battinn average, the
other for tbe best record of bases
stolen. Andrews was awarded tbe
medilforthe beat general average.
n,l faithful Oal Brounhton ait
nna "for faithful work behind
tha hat and in the field.'
Mr. Etheridge's presentation speechei
were exceedingly felicitous and
rinllvared with a urace of wanner pe
culiarly his own. After tbe presenta
tion play was resumed, uratiam re
tirrrl nn iflrto that walking well
Gil I man. Sneed lifted the ball over
right field fence for the second time
thin wank, and made the circuit of tbe
bases, a "bigger man than Grant ' by
a large majority. MaSorley touched
the sphere gently for a siog'e. and
then Andrews, with thoughts of tbe
onlri medal iuit received spurring bim
on with the desire to eclipss ai pre
vloua records. steDPed lip to the oat
Something big was expected and it
came. Whack went the bat, and
away sailed the ball in the direction of
lelt center field. Mc Aleer raced after,
ami ihen stood still in blank amaze
mcnt as he saw the ball clear tbe
fence and strike the roof of a
building about fifty fast be
yond it. It was a marvelous
hit, the longest ever made on
the grounds, and possibly the longest
ever made on a Sjuthern diamoud.
Altar tbe sixth inning tbe Charles
tons bad e-Knouff of it and
wanted Sneed to agree to call the
f:ame, but as thsre was still a good
igbt he insisted on playing two more
innings which were played, and after
the eighth inning the game was called.
To attempt to do justice to the
pleasure and satisfaction of tbe audi
ence would be idle, especially that
portion of it where beauty arrayed
white muslin held undisputed
and it must be admitted, noisy sway.
Tbe ladies' itand was packed to its u
most capacity, and the way tbey did
clap their hands and give way to other
empnniio aemoneirauuua ui uoiiku"
when man after man sawed vainly at
Knonff a deceptive carves was a sight
nlnaaant to see. It was (pectaole
tbat added much to the enjoyment of
the game, which was rather too one
aided to be thoroughly enjoyable.
official scona.
Graham, o.f...- 6
2 3 10 0
Soeed. r.f
3 3 1 0 0 0
McHorley, 3d D.
Andrews, 1st b..
Broughton, c
Black, l.f
Fusielbach, as.
5 2 2 2 0 1
4 2 3 10 0 1
5 1 2 10 6 0
4 1 10 0 0
4 0 2 1 1 1
Manning, 2b.
4 12 0 10
Knoufl. p 4 0 0 0 2 0
Total 38 12 15 24 10 3
CHADI.BXTON. A.B. B. B.H, P 0. A, I.
Kappell. 3d b.... 4 0 0 1 2 2
Crowley, r.f. Ac. 3 0 0 4 3 0
liinfs. ovr.i 3 o u u u u
Poweli, lb 3 0 0 7 1 0
Broinan, 2d b 3 0 0 5 4 0
Oilman, c.f 3 0 0 2 0 0
McAlei'r.U 3 0 1 1 U U
Sullivan, n A.s... 3 0 0 2 0 1
liolacher. f.i.iVp. 3 0 u u v
ToUL 28 0 1 24 10 3
Memphie 1 0 6 1 0 3 1 12
Charleston 00000000 0
Summary: Earned runs Mempnis,
4. Home runs Snoed, 1; Amlraws,
1. Two base hita-McSorley, B ack
nd Fofnelbach. Taswd balls Brouh-
too.l; liines, 1; Crowley, 2. Wild
pitches Sullivan, 1: Ilolacher, 2.
Fimtbaseon balls-Off Sullivan, 2;
Holacher, 1. Struck out KnoulT, 16;
Sullivan, lj liolacher, 1. Double
plays Holacher, Broenan and Tow
ell. Umpire Marrltt.
A Mngalnc Match at Ifaabvlile.
lariouL TO TBI ArraiL.1
Nabii villi, Tenn., September 4
There was a si u aging exhibition at
tbe park this afternoon, which was
immensely enjoyed bv tbe five or six
hundred people present. All tbe
boys had on their baiting clothes and
the way they pounded the little round
thing would make Detroit's "big four"
tarn eresn with envv. Saunders dis
tinguished himself by making a hit
every time be went to the bat three
singles and a triple, three of the hits
scoring four runs The visitors took
1 ' - 11- Yv . , 1
very aiuuiy 10 I'UDiion a curves auu
drops, pounding the ball all over . the
lot, and winnire tbe trame bv a score
of 10 to 9. Outside of Sanndert' bat.
ting, beautiful catches bv Sowdera and
Hotaling and marvelous etopi by
Heard and Walsh were the features.
The score by inning etands:
Nashville 1 4001030 09
Savanrab 1 0 0 0 0 2 6 0 110
Earned rnns Savannah. 2: ash'
vllle,3. Two bae bita Hotallrg.
Fields. Miller, J. Moriarity and Saw
ders. Three bass bits Sawders. First
ban on bills bv Moriarity, 1. First
base on being hit Moriaritv, 1. Fi'st
baie on being hit bv pitcher bv Mori
arity, 2; Dundon, 1. Struck out By
Dondon, 2; Moriarity, 6. Pnsaed balls
Snhellbaee, 1; Arundel. 2. W ''d
pitches Moriarity, 1. Umpire Golds'
Scorer Cheatham. Tin te One
nd forty -firs ruinntea.
Tin Barbere and Barkaanen r nine
will 1 pla; a name at tha Ialand Grove
Park; diamond Sunday afteroooi t.
Tbt i following is tha order in which
tbscl aba finished: Atlanta 1, 6 avan
nah i Nashville 3, Memphi 4,
Cbarla lton 5, Macon 6.
HiMBi had a finger split in the firft
inning a nd gave way to Crowley, 'o
officiated behind the bat in gn
style. H is throwing to second ii n 5t
Burpaaeeii by any catcher who ha
bown hei e this season.
Kwoi'ir Brougbton and Andrews
will finish t.ne season with Syracuse.
Sneed and B.'ack remain here. Phelan
is sick and h.w no fixed plans. Gra
ham, Mcorlay, Manning and Fossel
bach will probably wind up tbe sea
ion in Arkansiis, eilher with the Hot
Springs Clnb, or against it in Joe
white team, known aa tbe Memphis
Owa of tha pleasing episodes of yes
terday's game, witnessed only by a
few in the near neighborhood ol the
spot where it occurred, was the fol
lowing : a uuie nu, say i years oi
age, eat in tbe grand stand, the center
1 . . , 1 1 a .
OI a group oi young jauie, an araent
champions of the Memphis nine.
Whether in a sport of mischief or in
spired by a love of fair play is not
known to toe writer, Dm me yonog
ladv. alone in all that sea of muslin
and loveliness, had the pluck to stand
np for Charleston, and never had wan
dering knight m fairer lady. Her
roguish black eyea, that fa'rly
gleamed with the spirit of fun,
tbe pore tint oi ner ovai lace,
and the rows of pearls thtt her
merry laugh diecloeed made her
enthusiasm for a loet cause all the
more fascinating. Her fidelity with
stood the jeering taunts of har asso
ciates as it became more and more evi
dent tbat Charleston would sailer de
teat. But Bbe, this merry little black
eyed witch, remained steadfast to the
end, and never wavered in her loyalty.
II tbe Charleston tnjs couiu nave
ssen how fair a well w'sher they bad
on the grand stand they would have
broken their bfctt in tbe eflort to win,
and, failing In that, their hearts.
The baseball season is at an end.
All city employes were paid off
y enter day.
Tha Germania Turnverein will
give an entertainment at their ball this
Mrs. II. II. McLeod adopted a
child named Lola Portwood, in the
Probate Court, yesterday.
The Toboctran starts today at 2
o'clock, ahd will doubtless draw big
crowds afternoon and evening.
In the Chancery Court, yesterday,
proceedings for divoroe were begun by
Armiateau against uibbib juudbuu, vav
ored. '
Delesates to tbt. State Central La
har Union can oblaia tickets at the
corner of Mad icon and Main at f 9 35
for the round trip.
There was but one Chancery sale
yesterday, the lot at tha intersection of
Alabama si reet ana jonnson avenue,
to Thomas Conws." for f 545,
Geortre Maitin. a rouitaboat, was
arrt ted by Officer Dallas Lee yester
day for brutally beating a coiorea wo
man named Rachel Cotton on Causey
The steamer Enquirer will ran to
Island Grove Park Sunday every hour
from 10 o'clock a m. until 10 o'clock
p.m. The ioand trip will cost you but
15 cents.
The well at the Courthou-e has
been finished and will be in operation
bv the time the court meets in Octo
ber. It is 300 feet deep. A pipe will
be laid to the jail.
"No. the bunting which hangs on
the eatcs is not in honor of any special
eveut," (aid Ssrgt. Rogers yesterday,
"but just to celebrate the general
boom and prosperity of the city."
JSelfy'i JTsiona, by Braughton j Her
Week's Amusements, by tbe Duchess,
and A Wicked Girl, by Mary Cecil Hay,
all new and in cheap form at Mans-
lord s. Open unul 1 o clock today,
licenses to marry were Issued yes
terday ti Henry Mitchell and Aman
da Myers, J. W. Gamble and Ma'y A.
Foster, J. K. Bennett and Mrs. . E.
Pitta. J. W. Sanders and Alice M.
Jones, Ell Pruden and Nicy Wallace.
Marshal Yancy could have done
nothing more likely to give estiefac
tiin to those who have business in hit
ofllce than the reappointment of Mr.
O. L. Taliaferro as his depntv. Mr.
Ta'iaferro has the business at his fin
gers ends, and his numerous friends
will be glad to hear that he is to be
President Hadden completed his
preparations last night for his depart
ure for the great Wet-t. Herr Memter
handed him a flask of cgnao for his
satchel, and he deposited it in his
pocit-t with tne remark that a lew
Shallenberger's pills would be all that
would be necereary to complete his
outfit. "I am going out to Salt Lake,"
he remarked, "and if I like it I'll have
it taken into the limit) of the Taxing
District. I waot to investisate the
workings of this plurality of wives
business, you know."
The Mechanics' Pavings Bank,
with a capital of $100,000. opened ita
doors to tho public during the coarse
of Ihe past week. It will do a general
banking bull nets, including the buy
ing and selling if stocks and bonds
and local recuritiea of every descrip
tion, the negotiation of loans and deal-
ina in fore'gn exchange. Interest will
be allowed on all deposits, from (1 up
ward. Tbe officers of tbe bank are:
Wm. Katzenberger, president;;!, Kat-
tsnberger, cashier, and M. H. Kat
aenberger, vice president, all gentle
men of recognized business capaoity
of a high order, couplfd with the
strictest integrity ana fair dealing.
Their banking establishment, No. 7
Madison street, is one of the neatest
and most tastefully arranged in tbe
city, and will doubtless meet with
liberal patronage.
Abont 4 o'clock yesterday morn
ing Mrs. Rogers, who resides in the
Stillman block, on Fourth street, near
Court, was aronsed by some one
knocking on the door and calling her
by name. When she opened it a
bundle was deposited at her feet by a
veiled woman, who immediately
walked away with a man who waited
on tbe pavement. Mrs. Rogers picked
np tbe package and at once discov
ered that aba bad a new baby added
to her already large troop, bhe sum
moned her husband and they worried
about the youngster Ihe balance of the
night and half tbe day yestorday,
when, the Incident becoming known.
a regular procession of applicants for
tbe iaby appsared. Mr. Rogers pro-
Eossd that tney should draw straws,
at bis wife finally gave it to Mrs.
McKey, who lives in Chelsea. She
haa no children, and proposrs to
adopt it aa her own and educate it.
It is a very fine airl, .about ten days
did, and was wrapped in an old black
shawl and dressed in well worn calico,
iiias Mabth a Tatn mad returned
F. Laviomb left
L let night for
J. LA BrjTLia hat
gone to SL Louis
sua returned from
family have re
Be, of Vicksburg,
is visiting friends
sdale, Misf., ig
J Hotel.
and Cl icago.
an EaeteA trip.;
W. N. Bhowk and
turned fro n Dakota.
GutMaA andwi
are at the A ?ayo-o Ho
Mist Kat i Trades
and relativeel in Brow;
F. M. ScorA of Eos
stopping at th e Gsyos
Mr. GebbsbA of Ger
.-'ast evenine. f New 1
bor & Mette, left
48 North Court
JoKL Fob n ta A il No.
bU et, has rttun
ed fro n -dewYork.
SliiTia TV.t,,. son
and Geonrle
Slat iton ara vUitii
orth Alabama.
Cot. Ben IUm
and wife
tmne d from Middit
Tei tneaaee yester
J. M. WiN8i-ru
1 8. M. Cotter, of
Hew Orleans, are eU,
oso Hotel.
opu ig ai me Uay-
Henry Marc, c f 3
ew cirieana, n(f
jnaa. Maine, of 1; aw
jayoBO Hotel.
Jacob Goijxjiei th, oi
I. G'oldsmith A
Bros., left for iiW , East
to cay goods
lor both their ha
Mas. A. Fusa
d danghters
have returnack
borne al
ter spending
several weeks It
i Chicago.
A. D. Sloamii
son, of Sunflow
stopping at the
inn Mira AV. T. R ,b?rt
er LandiaAi Miss , are
Gsyoeo Ho i,
Miss Jxssib
the city after
with her frieni
Loko has I starned to
spending 8 few days
I, Miss E'.eano r uigbee,
Mrs.C.O. B
dntingtoh, a'tt ir several
weeks absenc
tamed and ia
e at the seashoro, has re
stopping at Oil la bt&.
t on.
Gilbert R
ainb is giving spectral at-
ten' ion now
to insurance of cotton
untry stores. See his
gins and c
Frakk I
Jlliott, formerly of this
city, but ne
w in the employ of tbe
Texas and i
iL Louis, is in town on a
John O.
Hook, president ol the State
Central I ,
abor Union, has gone to
to preside over a meeting of
tbat bod
Ma. an
' d Mrr. Charles Dnntzs have
from a pleasant visit to his
parents 1 ,
n Germany, to the delinht of
friends fi
I a ..." w I
' Jia relations.
Mr. 1 1 iOuis Kahn. of Kahn
& Frei
berg, le ft last night tor Saratoga and
tbe & 1 1, where be will purchase a
large 11 ne of fall goods.
D. 0 . Jinkims, a banker of Aber
deen, Misr., was in tbe city yesterday,
retnn ing home from a prospecting
tour i o Leavenworth, Kas.
Mnf a Ida Gregory has entered the
insui ute at Columbia, lean., as a
studil jnt in its advanced departments
oi in stature and science.
Ti i Rev. R. A. Yenablo, pastor of
the First Baptist Chnrch, has returned
tot' ue city and will occupy his pulpit
mo rn.'ng sod night as usual,
lilts. Sau'uil Watson, accomnanied
bj Iier oiau.thter, Mis' May, left ye
trrd ay for A irs. m. tt,. uiarK s select
prhool for rOung ladiee, lccitad near
Nashville. .
Tax Rev. N. M. Long has returntd
from his sumi uer vacatiou, spent in
the mountiins f Maryland, and will
preach fits mo. 'iin and evening at
bt'angnis Chore o.
Mies- Pbarl St 'albs, who spent last
winter vfs tirg th e family of Mr. li.
M. Maaaflnlrt. waB married to Mr.
Harry G. Moore, at her home ia Lin
coln, II)., on tha Zil lsiont.
W. N. Bhown. the Veteran cotton
factor, is still at No. 200 Front street,
prepared to make liberal advancasad
to sell cotton ior an win uring. ue
is one of tho snbetantial fae'ers.
Parties wanting to purchase jewel
ry, watches or diamonds will find it
to their interest by calling an Mr.
Bach, at No. 40 Monroe street, where
all responsible people can buy on easy
weekly or monthly payments.
Attention is directed lo the card of
S E. Ridgely, the leading tailor of tbe
South. His house, No. 38 Madison
street, haa an immerse stock of supe
rior cloths.and these who cat and maake
them into suits are noted for their
Messrs. Toof, McGowan & Co. re
ceived, on Satnrdav morning, the first
bale of cotton of the new crop from
Gibson county, Tenn. It was con
signed to them by O. O. Gentry, of
Trenton, This firm also received five
bales, same date, from Col. J. W. El
more, from their Edgefield plantation
in Coahoma county, Miss.
J. N. Mulford, the jeweler, is ex
pected to return in a few days from an
extended trip among the mannfac
torersof New York, Newark, N. J.,
Providence, R. I., and other Eastern
cities, where he has been looking after
the interests of bis customers by per
sonally investigating everything that
is new and stylish in the jewelry line.
Nfplambcr Ia tha Month
k vim
If you wish to avail yonreelf of one
of the cheapest and most attractive
excursions on record and a visit to the
greatest city on earth take the Collins
excursion to Chicago on next Tuesday,
September 7th, over tho Illinois Cen
tral railroad. People from stations on
the connecting roads can proenre
tickets and join this excursion at Ful
ton, Martin, Milan, Jackson, Grand
Junction, Holly Springs or Grenada.
See rates, etc., in another colnmn.
Solid Silverware Bt Mnlford'a
1 ants MiMle to Order.
We have recoived a stock of fall and
winter cassimeres, worsteds, etc., and
are prepared to make pants to order at
lees figures than merchant tailors. We
make a SDecialtv of this line of busi
ness, and can guarantee yon a saving
OI twenty-nva per cent, uur stoca
and prices are open for inspection.
Call and examine for yourself. Fit
and style the beet.
A. MKXTKR A SON, 214 Main llreet.
Order MMnllord Made WedBla.1
All members of Pinson's Regiment
(First Mississippi Cavalry) are re
quested to meet at Grenada, Miss.,
September 13.
J. 1). KINO,
And other!.
410 00 ta Kansas VAll and Rctnra.
On September 14th the Gulf road
will sell round trip Kansas City tick
ets at $10, good for six days. This
will give Memphiana an opportunity
to visit this great city of the West at a
small cost. Tbe Interstate Fair and
EipoMtion will be in progress, from
the 13th to the 18th. For tickets and
Bleeping berths call on R. n. bllis,
Ticket Agent. SI Mmlinon itreit.
Pine Watch repairing at Malford'
lAXEB C BELL, president.
Wo. 290 and
- 1 J"M . oodbab.
no. 21H Nl kin
a-C nr.ll ..4 w;... c...7. .
i.nn.t .imnl.7r j
W PeroaP'tnora tbaa any houce
iJittmai i
anyiionia. Ulv ua .ll
We Fallln Line for the
First Full Month.
Some Seasonable Sugges
tions for Memphis
The Summer, according to the
Almanao, has ended, and it is time
now to think of something else than
how to escape the summer heat.
Fall, with its change of climate and
change of clothing, is coming.
For the change of clothing which
is now necessary, the Misfit Clothing
Parlors, No. 262 Seoond street, has
long been preparing. We have not
been idle during the hot months, and
the result of our activity is that we
are now better able than ever to offer
great bargains to our customers.
Our field has been extended and we
will be able to offer larger assort
ments and still lower prices.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors are
now oiienng a hne tail stock. It
you need Clothing be sure to call and
inspect it. You may not need an en
tire suit. A coat or a pair of pants
may bo necessary to pieoe out your
fall attire. Well, we have prepared
for just such emergencies. We have
New Fall Surta,.
Haadaoaaa Drcaa Bnlta,
Good Every Bay Malta,
Call and Veata,.
A Fine Una mt Panta,
Faata tow Dreaa or Work.
All our Clothing is offered at
prioes whicb do not represent the
actual first cost of the goods. By
buying from us you- get the finest
Clothing in the world for muoh less
than its aotaal value.
Clothing Parlors
262 Second Street,
Opp. Court Square, Memphis, Tenn.
ar Remember, all alteration! to Inaura a
perfect fit, dona free of chirgi by a flrtt
olaii tailor.
Deviled i'raba, Bhrlnap,
Salmon, Frcah Can Mackerel, ,
Hardlnca, IiObatera,
Brook Tront, Oyatcra,
Mackerel In Tomato Vataap,
Sweat Starred Plcklea,
Boar Pleklea by thaaal. and Injara,
Pickled Onloaa, Hot Bellab,
Vf ooater Sauce, Tomato t'alenp,
t'apera, Maatard, Carry Powder,
Salad Dreaalns, Ollvea, Ollva Oil,
Cream Vheeae, Celery Sauea,
Celery Bait, Kle,, Kte.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
a 18 Bfaia St., Memphis, Tent
Lacroix'8 Mineral Colors.
Artists' Materials,
Importer! and dealer! In ane, Amaaei-
nltlM end rtaalac Tackle, Batlatera'
Hardware, l.liwlrl. Bteila and An-
naaeiatora for Hotel! aad Ke.ideacei.aaa
Mala street, Menaphta, Tea. Kleotril
f nppliei alwaji oa hand, RapalrM neatly
t.zr- u r' um id. m.ronanti viiitma Mimnhi. ... j . .cr
anil oarry a ana In. nr i:nTua.Hi nc
ACo.'i Ladiai Kid. float ..J n-i, h-.u.. . ,XT.TT,.!
a. Give ui a mil. ' " vaniiy ol
arness. Collars,
Railroad ani ievee Cocfractora for YTarfon, Scraper and Cart Harness. -W
wn. a., tLABK. r. M. iiiKaivaTav
kTKI RT urunniti
. " "
" " w.-tha lariest in thi. aark.. and
noo'li oi thiohln ... A..V.;'"":i"
uffleient .ridenc
ineladinc tbi
otb.r uak.1.
PAID UP CAPITAL, : : : : $10$0'0O
To tie Ma
iiTIiu- or ,vMi.i,d"cecl Principled mannfartareri to p'Aeeea the aiarVet abtr
i n ih ,.W.,-wbrIlutl0Vb EubH? th,t Cirrnll bear BE)lte5
0 nn.!CB box,,..nd V ftowry Number, , Diatrtcl, M. Y.
Xbi only all long Havana flll.r'eiiar on tha market for B eenti.
OHO. P. XiXXIS kt CO.,
Factory 300, 3d District, AT. Y.
100H & JOYHEB, Wholesale Ancnts,.
W-TERlkLB Oasb, or aiuy Monthly Installment!.. Write for Elaitratad Catalatoa.-m
O- 3ESL- HOUCB: fi9 oo.-,
sole AGEsrrs Fon the southwest,
110,809 3VCm1xx Ot., IVIezxirlle. Tazxzx.
o. 1U Bnlen Street, Nashville. Bo. 1KIO Olive Street, St. IrftaBX
" ' Bg
Wholesale Dealeraand' Publishers)
Sole Agent! for the following
PIANOS Kranich &. Bacb,. GAbleand Wheelock.
OllOANS Clouah & Warren, and Smith American.
Write for Catalogues. Aog.221 and
1,000 baffs KeH Crop (Season 1880), Rio Coffee.
3,000 kKg Iron and Ntcel Nails best brands.
1,000 barrels lteOned StiBar all grade.
100 barrf Is New (Jrop (xeaaon :t80), Kice.
1,500 pkgs. Leal and KefJued I.artl.
ISO tierces anvaHNod Hams.
lOO boxes llreakfaNi JBacon.
1,000 bags ehoi,lowder-anl Caps,
lit OOO boxes Canned Uootls, Sardines, l)jHtcs,Ki.
1,000 bxs. pure New Cream Cheese Miter mtoou lira) atR.
1,000 bags haudepicked Virginia and Tennessee Feat ants.
Mann fivet nrers of the celebrated brands of SIL
VER MOON aud Jttfc.MtlU Pure Stick Candy, and Raking
IiunorJcrs or ForeIc
Raisins, Nuls, Etc
Nos. 284 and 28G Main Street, i Memphis, Tenn.
w)SmU tm tka markaa
aaea. i
Speer's Cotton Gin
Uuling from Mulberry
tir Insurance and Sacks free.
Kir The .Largest and only Complete. Gin in the city.
tar Ben. -Vield. Best Sample.
Oig ars and Tobacco
273 Main Street. Opp, Court
F. METER, dec'y and itoaa.
ottaaf Ih. ln..,H. k- ...
"l. " aoi wat wa laii more (nan any other
.rr - rjrr ."".-'
air aoarf. and aHnu aaa a.ti.i a a
ei'ebraM Ueo. Hooker Calf Boots. Kripomdorl.
Our Eastern marfa iood cannot he anrnnaeeil hr
wiihiimah iifii.pi'T.
Fint'Cliu IhitrnmenU;
22.t SeeMid 8 1 reetvMem nh is. .
Fruits. Leutons. On jrdr.es.
wllk a rnll aaeara..
to St. Martin Streets
Sa,nare, 9Icinphls, Tenu.

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