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JThe re5!e Still Yerj fierrou ul
Coafldenre Greatly Impaired by
Friday Night's Shocks.
Contributions of Money Still Tour
ing la From New York
Sensational Scenes.
Charlsstok, 8. O., September 4
The Aw and Courier today publishes
the following in regard to the recent
earthquakes: There can be no doubt
that the recent wrthquakea had their
origin in I he islands of the Mediterra
nean and in Greece and Italy. On
Angmt 2'.th waa reported the occur
rence ot a destructive earthquake
throughout Greece and Italy: that
there had been two eruptions of Ve
suvius, and that the volcano waa still
eiy ac ive. Thee eruptions gave
vent to the internal commotion which
bad produced the quakinfrof the earth
in that vicinitr, but the shccks being
communica'ed to the earth have trav
eled in var'ous directions, in pome
with mora violence than in otheis, rs
they were felt the name day through
out l',gyp but doing little daniao.
The shocks B' em to have extf mlrd
westward with more rapidity and vol
ume than in any other direction, the
vibrations cl the partic'ea of
the earth's surface being tram -mitted
under the aea at
the rats of about 109 milfs an hour,
occupying about aeventv-two hr-urs tu
traveling a dutsncs of CSliO miles be
fore reaching the wes:ern shores f
the Atlant'c, traveling, rs it did,
aim og'. due weft. One of the first
poinis on the plioro line which it
could reach was the coast ol South
Caralina, but ioa restbat it wai felt
aloog the entire ccast ss far as Bston,
and spread ic osa the cootinent with
diruiuMiing fmce aathe variou, more
aolid and rocky portions of the sur
face retarded tbe .vibrations, uot'l it
seems to bsvs been almost entirely
stopped by friction in the Northwest
ern Elates. The rewon why the
ahrcks were mora v o'eat In the vi
cinity of Charleston and Buutmervl la
is there is more of a soft, yielding na
ture in the sopeifk'ial uppir stra'a
which conducted tbe vibrations, and
the forward movement of tbe earib
waves meeting with leas resistance
than from the hud substinces far her
in tbe interior were more rapid
and jerky, and (hook the
surface with more violence. Tbe pres
ence of tbe innumerable fitsurea ob
servable in the city and country as far
as Bummervllle aod bryond is ac
counted for by tbis same aoft material
ieldiog rapidly to the prcs nre of the
earth waves which pushed np tbe
tbin cru t and squeezed out, ai it were,
the water and eaud subject to tbe
Itretsare. The blue sand and the yel
ow sand thus ejected are found in the
upper stra'a, and that it came f on
. near tbe surface la proven by the fact
that no mirl is fonnd In it and that it
begin l a' Iron s'xty-five to ninety ft et
below the surh.ee and extendi to near
Jy 1100 feet deep. To show s'.lll more
conclusive' that tbe wave motions
wore confined to a very limited depth
beneath tbe snr'aoe, it is only neces
sary to state that none tf tbe shallow,
or 400 ftet artesian walls are at all af
fected, nor is there any change no ice
able in the How or quality of
the water from tbe two doep aiteslaa
wells, as would have bosu tbe ewe
if the cause of tbe eartbqutke had
been local or deep rested. This state
ment of the cominun'catioa ot land
waves to enormous dis ances is fully
verified by the observations ef pre
vious eaithqnakf s tince end even bo
fore tbe Christian era. Tbe absence
of a tidal wava prv conclusively
that the came of the disturbance wai
coc lined to tbe land, and the jerky
motion rommonicated to verst-ls as
reported by their officers wai (aimed
by tbe verticil v brations intermediate
between tbe aold forward ttanFin s
and tbe slower backward joiks.
last mom's SHOCK
has greatly iaipiired conilionce. The
eligbust iio'b-, such as the jar of a
door, will empty any house ot its in
habiting. '
It is very diflku't (o deliver tele
grams, hi few people can be found it
their naml places.
At 5 o'clock this rroming the West
ern Uni' n Onuipauy euccerdad in
clearing up busintfls with nil cities for
tbe tire, time sices the eaTtlquike,
The earthquake shuck last nlgiit
caufltd jrcat alarm on exeunt of the
shattered condition of the nerves of
the people. Thoje po'su i who hid
ventured back under ttuir roofa hur
ried into the s'.rtet, which pretexted
for a few minutes as mgical an aprear
ance as on Tuesday nlntit. Itut little
actual harm wa done by the abeck.
Two uo'enitnted hnuses are reported
to have fallen, together with a pert of
the coping ol the Charleston Ilotsl.
The vibra ii u dnring tbe shock was
not especially great, but the moaning
and howling boumI was snllic'.ently
alaiming. Gradually the people had
come U tbe ron viction that the sho:ks
were at an end, and the disappoint
ment wa agou'zing. Tbe senralinn
today ia the fulling of flnvtcri of peb
bles in the lower parr of the city. Tbe
first fall was at 7 :3J o'clock this morn
ing and tbe second at aoout 11 o'clock.
They appeared to fa'l In a slanting
directiou from stnth to nortb. There
are morsels of Hint among them and
all are plainly abiaided and worn by
the action of the watsr. 8 me few
have sharp fractures aid have evident
ly been lecnily broken. The fact of
tbe fall ia voucbid by several trust
worthy pstsoiis. Tbe bnik of t he Dab
bles fell in and around tbe Sew$ and
Courier office.
The bar or barber of Charlt s'on baa
rot b en affected bv the earihauske,
Soundings taken on Wedniedav abow
seventeen and one-ha'f fret of wa er
iu the south channel, one hour boloie
high water and in Pumpkin Hill chan
nel, alitten and one-half feet of water.
There isabsolateiy no at teriaration.
There is no troth in the report that
the bridges across Ashley Hiver have
laiien. .
Coatrlbnllaaia for ftaOVrers SHU
four-law im.
Nw York. Per tsmlrer 4 The N'ew
York Co-ton Exchange today rent
. toMHJlo tbeUcarleetonsunerers. Uon-
tiilmtinna still continue to coins in.
Tbe following telegrams have parted
between the acting Mayor of Charles
ton and President Nirvin Green of
tbe Western Ution Tele&raph Com
pany: Ktw Yoa. 8fvtmber S,
To tlia I'uyor ul' lk car ot C'LitiU.ton,
8. C:
Movement J here by tbe Clramb?r of
Commerce and other organisations to
taUe fuads for the relief ol Charleston
sufferers, end I am aaked extent of
snflerins and what amonnt and what
I forms of relief are required. Fieaae
auviee me now u answer, abj uirw
sages yon may wish to send on this
subject will be lor wai aea ireeover
the lines of this comeanv.
N0EV1N OREEN, Pretldant.
CaAaLaarox, 8. C, 8pteoibr 4, 1SH.
Norrln UrMn,PnaidDt Wetrn Union Tal
frik UoiniiaDy, New York:
Damage very great. Any money
contributions will be thankfully re
ceived. Wa. E. BAUER, Mayor pro Urn.
' A snb'crlption litt baa been opened
at the Manhafan Club in aid of the
Charleston sufferers. Tbe toUl amonnt
of subsctiptiou nceived at tbe Cotton
Exchange to aid tbe Charleston 'ut
ter rs is 15028; at tbe Petroleum Ex
change, $U0O.
A special from Charleston, S. C, to
the New York Timn snys: In addi
tion to the material losses there are
sentimestat loeaes which are beyond
all estimate. The Charlestoniaa sets
great f tore by tbe hooee in which he
was born, witb all of its assocat onr.
Today an Episcopalidn larty, whose
husband is certainly rulnea by tbe
cataat'ophe, said, "I could read it all
if St. Michae s hed been spared. My
grand parents were ho h baptized and
married there, and witbin its walls I,
to, was marritd." Tbis feeling for
old St. Michaels is qu te general, even
among these who are not Episcopa
liaup. The old building was a pait of
tbe family trad tions of the State, and
as such was claimed by everybody.
The great dieadrowis the approach
of the equinr-x In tbiee weeks the
equa'or will bala- ee the nun aud we
will .be in the midst of the great
ttirm era. The equinoctial gales
have always been dieaHrous
in Cbarleatou. Ia fact, lest year's
disaster wes bo great as to attract na
tional attention. It ia estimated that
every home in the city has bad its
foundation shaken by the ea tbquake.
Walls have beon 'rent, chimneys and
s eeples sra off their iqtiate.and tbere
is nothing plumb about toe city. If
an eqirnoC'ii' gala of usual eeve'ity
should strike the c'ly before consider
able repir cas be made, nearly every
home in the city would be blown
down. The gale comes sometimes as
late 88 tbe fl ret week in October, but
last year it camn in the laH week in
August. Ic will tbua be seen that tbe
city is In imminent danger at any
moment. This would cnuie such a
ciasbing of timber, biick and mo-tar,
as was never before heard of. The
temperature bai changed sas to warn
the people that the etorm is at band.
The efTtc; of a week's ator.ii snd pelt
ing rains ucon the boost lees
woman and children would be appall
ing. While ymir coirtspoudent
writer, six ladies are reported
to be dying in the tents from flight.
The eflbit made earlier in tbe dy ti
clear away the debiis has hen Boan
doned.and people are settling backjinto
tbe me.'anrholly of yesteidjy. Two
aldermen of eaoh a aid, with th-ee
cit ejus thereof, have been appointed
tt condemn nnssfe build nga. Mr.
Bradley, cbei.man of the committee,
bas en ered upon bis dutbs. lis
knows not what to do, wbeie to bejin
or wbeie to s'.op. It is freely declared
that If a Are bed swept ths city it
would have born tM-irable, for in
that rase the insurance would have
he'ped to repair the waste pUcrs.Nigbt
has settled around tbe city. The air
is ccol and the glocm of the lee', three
days a till prevails.
A special from Charleston, H. C. to
the New York Swn says: The attempt
at repairing, s arled yesterday, citisod
a tarribis rue la the price ot labor.
Mifons get JO a day ; negro laborers
gat 50 cei.ts an hour, and hands are dif
ticnlt to get ateven tbes9 price B.
One of ilia vety touching inoiden's
of Tuosday hes not yet found Ha way
into print. Chr'e;tju has a Inrae
Oathel c population. Aftor the firet
andrevore ahont they immediately
rushed for tt.olr churoht 8, where the
blif sed sacramout la a ways kept, aud
be'ore which fs a porpttuul light. A
pr.eet euia touay tiat as eoounsi-e
felt tbe bho k be ruehed for tho yird.
In the st'eets were gathered thonsanda
of Catholics who wanted t enter tbe
chnroh. Ha clieed and lrcked the
Iron gHes, k eplrg the crowd
from entering tbe churcb, which
he feared niiitht fall at any
moment. Whin be openeJ tbe
church that the multitude mlg'it
lonk npon the tabernacle where lerts
the Holy Ghost, inr-tarty all fell
on the r kmes and begAU piaying.
Doonicg his costock he went out
amon his pecple, who began to
gather In prcnt numbere, and wbo hi
leg on their knets before him, made
tliHir con'o'sions. lie gve absolutiou
to each, paninga-tiongtheiu and hear
ing as many individual confesslors as
pirsihtei. Tbe priest eajs that nearly,
if not all, the other print of the chy
did as ha had done. Toero have beeu
many hirtha since the fiiat ebock.
No lets than ten are already reported.
Tfiia morning a lady was ttkoa to
Waihlnttoo Square iu the rgmies of
motberhcod, and soon theteaf er she
was the nintW ol emil'ng twins, (he
resting evy, although a hundrad pur
ple mitiHKa-d it. Yesterday it waa
but lttle talked if thst a biby was
bjru therein tbe morning in the pres
ence of a hundred persjnf. Three
are earthquake timi a, and s c'tl deli
cacirt are r,ot over strictly observed,
alttiough ths utmrst reapct and
deference ib shown in every in'tance.
1'r.if. J. G. Wrti e, of the United
Sates Geo! gicil fcurvey, rrriv.d here
this mornitg from Wes.iinntm. "I
anB," be cnid to your crrriiepondent,
"to esceitain the origin of the esith
quake. Tbe eflVct is of li tie moment
to b ience. Tbe origin is of great in
ter, et to the enlire scientific woild.
Peopla want ti know the con Jition of
ear m nnder whlih enhquskea occur.
It seems to be a settling of tbe earth."
"Wcat do you think ot the state
ment that tbere w.s an atmosphere
d'B orhnnce as the time of tbe first
shock V
"I lake no stock In such a report
It waa iraauinarion.ot course. There
would be naturally a irar, deal of
smoke and dust in such a commt Uon
as that crea'od by tbe earthquake, and
with a temllio shaking wonld produce
a sensation which would very nat
urally be taken f-ratmospbaiiceuec'.".
"How do you account for tbe
abaence ol a tidal wava ?"
"By tbe fact that tbe movement was
from west to east, thus carrjicg lta
wave out to sea. Had the movement
been in tbe opposite direction there
wnuld c'oubtlees bave been a heavy
tidal wave to land. As it was there
was nothing but the rebonnd or re
lapee ol the ontwirJ tid.l wave. This
rebonnd was caught by tha broad
sboals for over UK) m lea along tha At
lant c. In this region there Is a shonl
of rand half a mile in width. This
would break a tremendous tidal wave,
but hardly sa heavy as the one which
wei t to te wi en the heaviest shock
cme on Tutsd y night. Tidal waves
are likely to came at any time in this
regi n f iom this aetrlicg r f th earib,
snd tbere is danger of submeruoo. Iu
New Jersey whole forests have been
sank beneath tbe water along tbe
coast, and small trees are yet growing
beneath it at this time."
. Tonlgbt tha city ia quiet, bnt tbe
people are yet Bleeping out, not that
tney fear another disastrous shock,
but because their booses are unsafe
from Tuesday's shock. The giv.
ernment tents are expected tonight
and the people will have more com
fortable quarters. Although it is no w
impoeeib e to make any approach to
accurate money estimate of the prop
erty destroyed, itbe omes plainer with
every day's developments that tbe
blow Is one from which the city will
not recover ia many a year. Although
but few buildings were aotolutely
leveled to tbe ground, it is not rx
tiavanatt ti eay tbat fully two-thirds
of all there are here will bave to be
either torn down and entirely rebuilt
or so nearly to that the difference in
cost will be but trifling. The very
heart ot the city feems to be utterly
shattered and wrecked. It looks as
though it bad been literal y riddled
and honeycombed by bombshells from
a hundred batteries. Lofty cbU'cn
spires hanging in air by me ra shreds
oi masonry, great ma'sive porticos
with tottering idllais broken snd all
askew and trembling benetth their
burdens atevery iar. whole blocks with
the fronts shaved cliaolv down and
lying sprawling in untigbtly heaps
of brick aod murUr in the ftret
below w th the farniahed looms which
si recently were shelter aod home,
row all bare to the light of day, bint
and broken pilicgt and awning rods,
lamp posts twisted into all cone ivab e
shapes and ttanding in all poesib'e
angles that is all that is left of what
a week ago was one of tbe most pic
taresque and beautiful of Southern
cit es. Tbe railway trains era all now
making regular tripe, but fjr seven
teen miles befoie reaching tbo ciiy
the efTact ot tbe earth's recent convul
sion are perceptib'e. Tbere are rents
and fl inure along the tr ick through
which a wet. muddy Band bas billed
and heaped Itself up in little hi locks.
Tbe ri s aod ties have been bt-nt and
twhtod and moved about until tbe
rvork of repotted repairs baa given
the road b:d tbe appea-ance cf being
newly constructed, aod the trains
crawl slowly alonir, creeping timidly
over creaking bridge and now and
then coming to a dead s op to make
cure that all is safe before t h; m.
DfTecla of lh Karlliqiiaie at Sea
lilgbmouiea jkllcStd.
Washington, Pcptember 4. Tho
llydrogrjpbio Office bas received a
letter Irom Capt. Leo ' Vorgel, nf the
steamer Citv cf Palatka, briefly des
cribing the effects tf beearthquks at
ses. He bad just leftCoarles on and
was abont twelve kJles off (be harbor
of Poi t Royal, in eiaht and one-half
fathom, where te "experienced a
terrible rambling sensation," wb ch
lasted one and one-ba f minutes.
There bad been quite a heavy sea
from ths routhean, but when the
rambling began the wave motion
ceased and the waters remained a per
fect ca'm until the rumbling cane to
an end, when tbe awell was again
rraoifeted. Ths wind was soathesat
aud light, weather cloudy, barometer
30.01, thermometer 80. Ths ten;r.
tion, Capt. Vo-gil rays, resent b1cd
tbat up n a ship rerajneg a pebb'y
bet Offl. The ship's vibrations were
very great.
The Lighthouse Board has received
a report from Charleston ti the effect
that the main tower of the Harris
Ielsr.d light is crocked near the thi'd
landing irom tbe ground, and that tbe
floor in the wat. broom, upon which
the lens rests, is lomewhac loosened.
Cape Uorrnin light atd tower have
bsea seen since tbe earthquake and
are euppesed to be nil right. Tbe lens
at the Bulls Bay lighthouse bas been
thrown oil its pedestal.
A corions tfltet cf tbe esnhquaki
has been discovered at tbe Signal Of
fice. Tue tolf registering wind vane
shows a hnrizintal mark preroding
and sub eijuent to tbe shaking, denot
ing a mild, steady, almost invariable
bteiae; but for tbe thirty or foty sec
onds of tbe meet violent shaking the
maiks indicate tbat the pencil point
was moved np and down tie paper
many times snd wi;h great rapidity.
An exoltina'ion of this phenomena is
difficult to roach. Tbis is the only in
s'.iuiont at tbe B gnal Office which
seems to have boeu affected by tbe
earthquake, r-omo anx;e y is felt with
rogerd to the poRfible effect of tbe
eerttqnake at the Bermude-s. Iho
ia'ande lie directly in what ia now sup
posed to have been tbe pnth cf the
mnst violent agitation, and their phys
ical fea'nres are euch as tl warrant
the fear that they may bave experi
enced a severe diea.tir.
In reepmsq to an applica'.ioa from
the authorities at Charleston, IS. C,
I.iout. F. V. Abboit, c f the Coirs of
E gineers, now btitiooed there, bas
been tnstrnc ed to cjisult with the
Mayor and render such rs'leUnce In
tbe examir ation of build ngs and
otherwisrt ea may be in his power, and
(apt. B xby, of the Engineer Corps,
lias beea ordered from Wilmingt n,
N. 0., to Cbailettm, for similar duty.
Tte War Depanmeut has B"nt about
100 tents to Char'eston, and this ex
hands the supply on hand. Requests
hsve today been received for about
500 more, but the department is un
able to comply.
tiActinif Postmaster General Steven
rou today received a telegram from
tho pes master at Charleston sta'iog
that mail connections and delivery
bad b en deliyd thirty en hours on
account ol the csrtrqnaks, but that
now everything was wo.king uninter
ruptedly. Dispatch ee received at the Light
house Bjresa from Obnr e to S'ate
that ths ofllce ot the Lighthouse In
spector thera is badly wrecked, lhe
Tybte acd e-imona ligtiihoaees are
badly cracked but not a uloosly dam
aged. Toe Ctiarleeton l'ghihuu-e is
aUo cracked aid tbe lecse somewhat
- . I . 1
All O. K.aS Aasnsta.
Washisgto, September 4. The
following d B.iatch was received here
this morn ng from the manager of the
Auau ta (Ga.) ofllne of tbe Western
Ur.ion Telegraph Company :
Augusta, Ga., September 4. All of
our wires O. K. tbis morning. Busi
ness extremely heavy. The suork la-t
night haa upset everything again and
we all feel mors or less nervous. Had
bat little sleep or re at since tbe Slst.
light quake Near s1libnrar.
FmsBuaa, Pa., 8ep'embe 4. A
sliaht earthqiuke ih.ckwas felt at
Sewicktey, P twelve miles west of
this cty latt night at 11:05 o'clock,
K stem ttinderd t me. The shock
was not perc-p'ible in this city. '
A, IHntlart Mha-k as t craaton. Pa.
Soranton, Ta., Se'tember4. A dis
tinct shuck of earthquake waa felt in
tbis city ai 11:05 o'cUck laat evening.
NlUbS Vlbratloaa a Nataaaab, Ua.
Havannaha ,S-p'emter4. Since
lest nitihi's stuck tliubt vibrn ions
bave been fe.t ia tho upper stories of
tbe Morning AVtot bnildiog s'most eoa
tinnonsly. Tbe intervals between
them varied only ten minutes at the
most, while there waa a senerai stam
pede at the first shock... Tbe edi tonal
and typographical forces nevertheless
returned to their posts and a' nek to
them. Tbe building is tbe largest and
higbett In the city. .
Slight ShHk at Laaa Lastlint;, Ark.
tcoaaasrosDaaci or ths ArrSAL.I
Luxa Landibq, Ark., September 1.
A slight shock of earthquake was
felt here at about 9:10 o'clock p ro.
yes'erday. Kitting in a racking chair
reading at tbat time, I fa t three suc
cessive waves of motion, which at tbe
moment I supposed was a dizzinas of
the bead, and gett:ng uptosbaksoff
tbeatttck my wife j net then entered
tbe room, a-king what cansed the
house to abake, and pointed to the
chandelier swinging in tbe parlor. - It
then struck ma what was the trne
ca nse of the motion, and I noted
the time ol its occurrence tbat jou
may compare i witb a like motion in
other localit ee, and so determine tbe
velocity and perhaps tbe direction of
the seiHmio wave. Tbere was no recur
rence of ths motion.
Thekpllt lalhe Ranks of the Oyer
Dyersbnrg (Teen ) UatfUe: The peo
ple of Dyer cotin'y and tbe members
of tbe present Legislature will ham
with astonishment and regret tbat tbe
lion. II. L. Fowlkes las become Bn
indep indent candidatn fur R'preaent
ativa against the regular' nominee cf
bis party, as pu- forth by a du y ac
credited c invention, cilled in proper
manner by the Djmocrot c Executive
Oomuoittee cf Dytr Ooun'y. Last
Wednesday night, after tha Demo
cratic Convention had finished its 1s
bois. a small meeting was very infor
mally cslled at the cnurthouss in the
interettof Hon. II. L. Fuwlker, who
had regulcrly announced himself in
tbis paper as a candidate for Kepre
ssntaiive, "tubjfet to the action
of a Democratic Conv nt oo." Tbe
meeting,which didn't bell fill tie court
room, placd Dr. T. J. Rica in tbe
cba raad ansed Mr. W. E. Bill to
eerva as secrtary, but tba; gentleman
declined, and tbe "mass meeting" just
jogged along without aoy secretary.
Lawyer T. E. Richordion was master
of ceremonies and made a'l tbe no
tions, while Capt. Bill DeB rry seo
ended them all. Dr. Rice participated
in tbe Democratic Convention all day,
voting his delegation for or againet
every man and measure brougut be
fore it By it be was appointed a del
ega'e t tbe nominate Coagreeeional
Couvention at Brownbville.and elected
a member of c ur county Democratic
Executive Committee. As Dr. T. J.
Rice has bolted that convention snd
thereby rcdla'ed its ait on, he has
no business on tbe Executive Com
mittee, and is not entitled to. a seat in
the Brownsville convention. His
place in b th bodies should be imme
diately filled, by tbe proper authorty.
with a loyal Democrat from bis dis
trict. Let ju tlce ba done.
Col. Richardson is an experienced
and accoanpjisbed bolter. He bolted
from Gov. Bats and trained wi'h tbe
Farz 11 m;n; end tben te went down
to Memphis and bolted into tbe politi
cal arena by running for the Legis'a
ture on the sky blue ticket, while a
cit'sen of Dyer county.
Any mm may with prop iety vote
for Capt. Fowlkts on personal groom's,
for tbere is not a better cit'z-n nor a
mors kindly neighbor in thee unty.
But as a Democrat no man, wbo hon
ors p rry loyal y or ores for tho sue
cees of his party, can consistently vote
f or him. J he Denvcratic party ot
Dyer county hss been more than kind
ti him. "Twics have DomocraMc
Conventions nominated aod elected
him to tbe Lgi ilalure ,in the most com
plimen'ary manner. 1 hey bave made
him what hs is, but the creatu'e can
never become grettar than tbe cteatr,
and nomaabas g-eater caosa to ba
profonndly grateful to conventions
than has Cap;. Doc Fowlkes. Is this
his return? TheDmociatc psrlyof
Dyer connty Is still boss aud f iats no
evil results of a haudful cf biitie,
however murrh it may regret their
f .liy. Capt, Fowlkes is no- a bigger
man than his party. The Richaidson
and R ce combination, the funny play
thing of the hour, is a failure that can
do no barm or go ?d to any one. Like
old Joe MaUhews's poetaga etamo,
'the blamed thirg won't stick!' Ic
put Capt. T. C. Buchanen on its Kiec
U'ive Committee, at d be says he will
not have anything to do with it 'and
tha rhip siilf d on.'
It is hoped by bis beet friends that
Cpt. Fowlkes will listen to wisr
counel and withdraw from a forlorn
rar e that can bring him nothing but
disaster Hi d buim.iet'on in bis old
ae. Dyer county will ao nht a'ong
and give the Democratic t cket, from
top to b.t'.om, a splendid Democratic
majority, and cur friends throughout
the State can reat rssured ot it.
We have sid noth i g of Col. Rich
ardson'a speech in th "mans moot
ing," or Senator Mi Do well's reply, but
ic is generally c rceded by thote pres
ent that tbe Colonel was mashed as
fl it as a flounder.
Frllow Dtniocat ! stand by your
patty, its nominees aod its orgauizs
uon. lie Had No More to Nay.
Washlng'on Critic: "Frank." said
the I resident, sharply, fioin behind
hiB newspaper.
"Here, responded bis wife, answer
icg to her name.
I see by thia paper that one pho
tographer got b x'v of your nena'ivej."
, hat a correct"
"And anot ler eeve n'e9n."
"Accurate ega'n,"sh j replied, count
ing n ber ti tiger.'.
'Sven'v-seveT ia all. Frank""
"You are tiui'e clever In addition,
Grover. Your mathematics has cot
bon neglect', I sre," and there was
just a little ulgo oa the smile she gave
tiim i
"Permit me to ramark, Mrs. Cleve
land, that I don't like it. It strikes
me as ratner t.o much of a good
"Ah. Indeed?" very r areas tically.
"Well, luppoae now, for instance, that
Instead of giving t loess men ssvents
seven negatives atter I bad married
yon, I t at given yon ju-t one before 1
msriied von. then wbut? '
"Um-nm. he gruated. scratching
his chin. "Una, Frances, I take it all
back. You are tha Pieiident of the
Uni'ed Ktatee, and I haven't a word to
From me Land nf Lessons.
An old eltiien of my town and aa old
druiilat, aatd to me today tht ho had loss
boon look r ( for a liver medicine that woeid
take the rlece of oalemel, producion all of
ila aoott efTtota and none ol lta bad, Iniori
ontooiiftilutlflnal effaota. After a thnronah
trial he hud foand It in Dr. Moeler'a Lemon
Klixlr. I bave aoltl, aa you know. Inrse lola
of lhe Klixir einoe laat annua, and never
aolil a liver medicine lor bitiousceia. eonail
lation and dieeenei reiultinij from there
oautatht pleed the peotile aa munh aa
Lemon K.ixlr. bend me nine doien i ono.
Druaeitt, Jaaier, t la.
To Dr. H. Moxi.it, Atlanta, Ua.
bold bv druomta. W nu and ll.OOper
bottle. Prei'iued by 11. Moiley, M.Wv At
lanta, Ocoraia.
And Kept for Several Days at a Hew
ark, 5. Hotel-A Remark
able Story.
&iw York, September 2. A special
diepetch from Newark, N. J., tells tbe
following remarkable srory: Several
weeks ago a beautiful Southern woman,
accompanied by he r brother, artived
in tbis city and took rooms at tbe
Ho'el Bristol. Tbe sis'er was abont
25 yars old, a decided brunette, and
a pe-fect type of womanly beauty.
Tbe brother was well dieseed and gen
tlemanly in bis manner. Tbey came
from Savannah, Ga., to sell a piece of
property in Arlington, which they
jointly owned. The eale was made
and tbe b .-other and sister received
$20,000 and divided tbe money, each
taking one-half, and In place cf back
ing tbe funds they kept tbem in their
trunks. The day fullowirg the sale
the eiet?r told her brother tbat she
was going to Uacket etown on a visit.
Tbe brother agreed to rem Ma at tbe
hotel until rhe returned. The young
woman BDOnt a day in the country
and reached Newark (bout sundown.
She wanted a hack to take ber to her
hotel. She met a hacknwn named
Henry Breed tint and entered his
hack. She displayed a well filled
pocket book at tbe time and paid her
fere before entering tbe vehicle-. She
did not reach tbe Bristol Ho'el that
night. From ell that tan be learned
tr.oz her to a Newark hotel and kept
her there several days until tbe land
lord ie'Ognised him and sent him
about bis businees. The fellow bad
been spendirg money very freely, the
smallest bill be exhibited being a
twenty. Capt. Donovan, the lai diotd
of the Neaark bete', bad just dis
covered who tbe man was when
tbe girl's brother entered the hotel,
and mutual exp'auatiocs followed.
'1 he two men immediately rushed
up stairs to the room occupied by
Sueedn and bis al.'eged w fa. Ti e
sight that met their eyes was s artbng.
Ou tbe bed was tbe almost nude b dy
of the insensible woman. The bro her
at once knew bis sitter atd could hard
ly govern bs rage. The ut fortunate
Woman wes nnder a physician's care
at tbe ho'el for three days aft.-r the ex
posure; then she was strong enough to
be removed. Bef oie the It ft ehe told,
ss well as she could, tbe whole etory.
She described ber trip to Hsckeits
town and ber return to Newark. She
engaged Sneede to t ke her to tbe
hotel, and paid him in edvaoce. She
was exhausted, and after getting ioto
the hack aeked Nre. ds to boy her a
glaess 1 1 wine. She draok the wine,
and all tbat she remembers at te r that
is the hack etoppir g snd pu'tinj a col
ored man on the box and taking a seat
beside ber. Sie drank tbe w ne and
wa qiite confident that a locg ride
followed, but she became to sleepy
tbat she was
She next rea'is-sd tbat shs was lying
on a bed, and that some one as p j -ing
ber with drinks. She ats nothing
for dys, and was tortured witb a
bnrnitg tbiret. It was several days
before the 'ady recovered her rea oa.
Her pocket book was found under her
P'llow, and the money wes jubt $170
short. The woman raid ehe remember
ed, in a vague sort of way, giving eome
man money at various time, but she
does not .remember receiving any
change. Whenever a drink was offer
ed she was asked f r mmey, and she
mechanically took a bill from her
wallet without looking at it or know
ing lbs denomination. Tbe third r'ay
alter finding his slater the brother took
ber away and they s'arted to
gether for Savannah. Sne. ds this
morning trembiirg'y admitted tin
truth of the stoiy. He will be
wathd an il tbe return of the
brother frim Savannah, when he will
doubtlo-s be a-reBtsd. The tames of
the woman snd ths brother ere at
FTeesnt withhe d by the authorities,
t seems that Sneedo sent the, wom
an's satchel to F. W. Munn's livery
stable, at No. 74 Chestnut s'reet. This
ta'chel cou'aired tbe money received
in thi sale ot the Arling'on property.
Serde did net know tbat a', tbe time.
Toe satchel was restored to the
brother thrcurh Caor. Donovan. It
ha1 cot been disturbed. ,
Positive Cure for Piles.
A .Al'&
For naleby ell drnaralnta. .
Ko. 17 JetTersoH Street,
(Botween Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
lEatablished in 1860.1
1 .R. JOIINSON ia acknowledged by all par
U ties interested an by fnr the most.ano
eesaful pbrnieian in the trearmentof private
or secret dueaaes. Quick, permanent cures
guaranteed in every oaae. male or female.
Recent cares of Gonorrhea and Byphiha
cured in a f w days without the nne of mer
cury, ohanire of diet or hindrance from
bnaineaa. taoondary 6yrhilia. the laat vea
tiiie eradicated withoitthe uae of mercury.
Involunaary Iom of emen atopped in short a
tiito. bufferers from Impotenoy or loss ol
aexnal pwers reator e to free viaar in a few
weeks. Victims of aelf-abuae and excessive
enery, suffering from spermatorrhea and
loaaor physioal and mental newer, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular attin
tion paid to the Dieasea f Women, and
enrea innranteed. Pi'es and old sores cuied
without the use ef caustic or the knife. All
eonsullat'ons strictly emfldential. Meili
einea sent by expresa to all parts of the
eo,",'ry- .....
Wn.Vln.... at half the nsnal
ratea. Cffioehoora from 8 o'e'ock a.m. o i
o'cioctp.m. D. p. jDunavCT, m.u
soi3 isaaa.
SPvsniv perfect soubstltut Mother's)
mllf. Invaluable In Oholera lp(ntum
and Teething:. A pr-tlgtd Jbod ftr Dyn
peptlos, Consumntlwi, Convalescent,
l'erreot nutrtont In ail Waetlns Dlaeneee.
Rwialrve no oooklTH. Our Hook, The Car
nnt Feeding of Infants, mailed free
DOL18EB, OOP p ALII Si CO.. Boatoa, lta
I. K tcojsr &co.
Kear.the Corner of Desoto, Memphis, lena.
. vaBt' -. .-i
Woods &
Buggies, Wagons and Harness,, l
Steam EnglnaH, Machinery of All Desrriptlonti,
'Tried in the Crucitle.
Abont twenty years ago I discovered a little toro oa mjr check, and the doctora pro
nonnced It cancer. I have tried a number of physicians, bnt without receiving any perma
nent benefit. Among the nimbor were one or two ppecinllats. The medicine tney applied
was like fire to the sore, causing intense pain. I saw a statement in tho papera telling what
S. 8. S. had done for others similarly afflicted. I procured some at once. Before ( had used
the second bonk tho nclgtbora could notice tbat my cancer waa healing up. Hy general
health had been baa foi tvaor three years 1 baa a hacking cougn ana ppit b!oct contin
ually. 1 hr.d a severe pain in my bream. After taking six bottles of S. S. S. my cough left
me and 1 grew etouter than I bail been for Btjvcrul years. My cancer liae healed over all but
a little spot about the size of a hnir dime, and it Ia rupidly disappearing, i would advise
every one with cancer to givo ti. S. t. a fuir trial.
Hits. KAXCY J. McCONAUGHEY, Airho Grove, Tippecanoe Co., Ind.
Feb. IS, 1880.
Swift's Specific is enllrely vegetable, and seems to cure cancers by forcing out the irapu
ties (rom the blood. Treatise on Hlootl and Skin Disuaaes mailed free.
T11U bVYlFT SPKCU'IU CO., Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ca.
GoMbaiim Bros
Manufacturers and lTliolesciJe Dealers in
No. 344 Main Street
A ws-NKKr irpoiaj PPI,1'A'I MrV.
TONGA Is a product of the Tonga or Friendly I
IslandX where it haa long been used ua a vul-
nnhln nmedv hv tli. nntiv
C?w pvrvWwo 18 compound of Tonga with
JVW-jVAVWVt other inirrerlienla whose cur
ative properties have been thoroughly totted.
wftfVwo 18 tken taUimany, and pro
V U.V0vVWvv duces no unpleasant effects.
It contains no Opium or Morphine
Ai A. MELLIER, Bole Proprwtor. 7W and
All Cotton Covered by Insurance on Seaworthy Vessels c
in Ginhouse. Sacks furnished to responsible parties.
124 and 120 POPLAR
Z. N. BSTErt.
S. S.
rldesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
Nits. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street. Memphis, Tenn.
ro. 331 Second Street Memphis Tenn.
aasrSlzxe StooU.-n lew-S3 1 y 1 1 asa lx Ttxriioiata.-w
Cotton 3F"5a,o"to:Eo,
ISTo. tSOO Front Btret. s Mmplia Tewiw.
is w mm a mi a h jr." i a
Old Stand, No. 0 Union St., Mimipln's.
Cornei' Adams and Second Sts.
(S A It It Lie. Wear prepared to furnish new work lroin latest denmns on shoa notioe.
In every reapeot and to aive entire satisfaction.
Wa solicit your patronage and rqnest that you oall, examine our stock, prices, etc..
before purchasing oltewhere.
LaU of J. b'. Day A Son. Lat, of Meacham
j. s. nT,
360-362 Front Street Mom-ohis Tenn.
liS vEj. OS' Second St. Memphla.Tet.-n.
m "4
I . TV. '.
Unrivaled not only In facill'fes lor hiahest lnstrnction In Lanaungos, Music, Art, bat else
in loc.tion . helihfnlnei, hoaie eon'forrs and training.
TKRMS PKft ANNUM Payable Half In Advam-e Be'Td, Bedding, Vaih!n(, Taitioa In.
English Mudies, French. G.roinn. Vocal Music in Claw, 2UO
lor particulars, apply to bUfKRIOR.
Memphis Term.
p(eMes decided and murkfid curttive prnertiear
in lilwtumatic rVeurnltda. aud a!oln AluseulAr Bbao
mninm. WaLTKit Coua, M. U bt. Lonia, Ala,
Have tested TovoALrnc in several eases of Nasi,
ralgi. It bus Riven nm perfect tuitinfacttiin.
O. B. OaiRANDKU, M. 10.. Fairbmy, 10.
JTave mud Tonoaijkk In Nenralsia and Inflasa.
matory KlMHimatiam. with the very boat reran.
J. N. Paok. 1. D., Vanderouok,IB,
Am ftmiTintwl nftptr tMtinff it. th.t Tosaiuaa
A Ilorton. Iit of llniley CoTlngtMl
Chickasaw Itoawortar
AlAIilllrACri uriano vaanana m
nstnes. Boilers, Sawmill,
Iiradlord Corn and lwlseat Mill
. . n ivn nvima ra
Cotton PresvB, Cotton Uln.
SbnJllns, Pnlloy, m.
SPECIAL NorCKW are prepared to OU erden.
on snot: bU, fof the eele. raud Mtxlnra Si.ial
Wrong"- - Hall. We earry in atnek over
Two Hundred Aaaorted Ma-a.
a-ar Herd for Catalnsme and PrW-Hst.

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