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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, September 05, 1886, Image 9

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Ctitoa Quiet an J Unchanged Mid
dling, 9e Sales Yesterday,
60 Bales.
Money in good demand at 8 per
cent. Local securities are s'eady and
. tending upward,
In the cotton market tbera is little
doing. The clore yesterday was evy;
middling, 9c ; ales, 60 bales. At New
York yesterday epots closed steady,
middling, 9 3-163. Futures steady;
September, 9.119.12c. A leading New
York cotton circular tajs: ' Pablio
advices from Liverpool tended to con
firm the chances of a flarry on Sep
tember options, and our market re
sponded with a firmer tone. Some
34 po'nts were gained and main
nine a 10 in) cioie. uusiuesa was
light, however, end did not appear t
extend beyond roim traders settling
np for thu wtek Dy goods of c-.m-
ruies'oa bouse?, thero wee but a mod
erate request s usuil to Saturcny,
but the dtliverie", f f eedotu of pre
vious reports: With jobbers there
was more dome, an a very gooa at
maod wis present."
At New Orleans, spots were dull;
miaming, tt&; Mturei eteady; Sep
tember. 8 72(il8.73o.
At Liverpool spots wre steady at
full prices; middling. 61; futures
tfad : Sro'ember. 5 8 (I4d.
In tbe general market hog products
sre firm and hivhtr; cVar rib sides
bacon, 7J7ii; clear lib fides pork,
" KsHi; la'd, ti-jrcs, 7J7ic; choice
kettle, Hlcmttfte. . utner articles ao-
One hundred end cinnty Iris apple",
122 pkga hotter, 270 rls bagging. 115
pkg bacon, 691 pkgi boois and shone,
2500 bu corn, 263 pkjts ohefse, 775 tki
coffee, 2 cars cotton eted, 31 ska cotton
seed, 140 pkg dry goods, 23 pkss
eggs ioo bru tiiur, 414 tuaa nav, 83
pkga hat", 28 hd rat le, 169 pkss lard.
36,000 ft lumber, 66 pkgs liquors, 10 brie
molasses, 20 kes mi s, 6CO0 ba oats, 4
cats pork tides. 25 hrln pork, 191 brls
sugar and 12 pks tub ic3c
The following allows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange jestwday:
Whet received, non; withdrawn.
1250 bu ; in store, 6 '60 ba. Corn re-
oeived, 597 bu; withdrawn, 702 bu;
in store, 3743 bu. Oats received.
19,777 ba: withdrawn, 6123 bu; in
tore, 138,083 hn.
Honey in good demand at 8 per cent.
ins Uiearlng Mouse report is as fol
Saturday, September 4th, S136,-
-1351; to'al tia wek, $944,169 67;
total las; watt, $shs,H75 76; corre
sponding time in 1835, $815,403 94;
coiTesponding time in lb&t, 62i,-
Saturday, 8eptemHr4'b, $41,319 40;
total this wek. $370,944 74; total
last week, $:9n65314; correspond
ing time in 1885, 240,884; corre
sponding Urn in 1884, $165,424 33.
New York sight on all points, par
baying, t premium selling; New
England demand, i discount bovine :
New England sight, i discount; Now
Orleans,!; discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce .146 bid, 149 asked
First National 150 bid. 155 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 anked
Wtate National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantere..l50 bid, li3 BKked
Mercantile Bank...l35 bid, 137 aaked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Herr.ando 100 bid, naked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis Uity 1UL'4 uid, 10 1 aeked
Peoples 80 bid. 83 anked
. Phcenix 93 bid, 100 &ked
Planters .107 hid, ... cuiked
Vanderbilt. 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors ...20 asked
H. and O. R.K.ehareen36 bid, ... aked
M.A T. R.R. ehre 45 bid, 50 eeked
M. & O. consols, 7... 119 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 8s...l05 bid, ... aeked
Mise,&.T R.R. C3,A..... 11 1 bid, 113 aalied
Mi88.&T.R.R.Cf,B10 i bid, 103 asked
. Tenru wts.ser. )) 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J..83 bid, 85 asked
Sholbv Co. 6s. 108 bid, 110 askod
Tax. Diet. 4, 6?, .... 97 J bid, 98 J asked
Tax. Dint. 0s 104ioid,105i asked
Mem. Gfis bonds Iti4 bid, ... asked
Mem. Watfr hondf...97 bid, ... aeked
Hananer Oil Works bid. 65 asked
Am.Oot. Oiltrnst', 46 hid, 47 wked
Pioneer Cotton Milie....2' bid. 30 asked
Mem.is(or.Com.Oo..lOJ bid, 103 asked
Mem. Gas sto 'k 75 bid, 80 asked
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.,
New Yofk, Septsmber 4. Money
cn cail asy, rniicg hoaa 6 per cent,
t) 6 per cent., closing at 1 per c-nt
asaeJ. Prime m-roaQtile pper 4 '&5
per cent. 8ia lirg exchange s'eaiy
at 481J for sixty dy bills and 484 for
demand. . - -t
The shipments of legal tanders for
the week from New Yo k banks were
$l,M)f.OOO. The receipts at the banks
ol 1 egal ten d ti s w ?re $6 15.0C0.
Bank 6ta ement Toe weeklr ctite-
ment of the apforfatid banks shows
the following changes: Reserve, in
rease, $13,276; iiaos, dfcrnase, $3,
226,600; specie.increase, $1,676,200; )e
.gal tenders, decrease, $2,523,200; de
poti's, decrease, $3,441,100; circula
tion, inctease, $78,900. The banks
now hold $6 920,425 in exoess of the
25 per cent rule.
Government and Sta'e bonds were
dull and tt'ady t;-day. Ra!lroad
bonds were dull and generaliv s'ealr.
Toe total sales today were $802 000.
Snms' large blocks of West Biioie
changed hands, tbe total business in
thfss aggregating $168,010. Final
prices show trrpgoUr cbariKer. A'lan
ticand Pacific fii-fti ar up 1 1 et S! ;
Lake Erie flrrt', 1, at 98, and tbe in
comes 2 st 22. Indiana, Blooming
ton and Western lirss lost 1 at 97;
Louisville, New Albany and Cbirago
fl'S's, 3 at 111 : North M asinri fire's,
2 at 114, end Toledo nud Ohio Cen
tral firsts, 1 at 96.
Stocks The stock market again re-
taper d into Ihs doll and toilets atate
in which it has been every day thii
wm azcepi r no ay. mere wai no
interest in the trading except in 8t.
Paul and for a short time in New I
Jeraey uentraL The earning of the
Northwestern road reported today,
were may up to me expectations, and
ths, with tbe persistent balling of the
granger stocks from Chicago, enabled
them to hold the advance established
yesterday. New Jeisey Central moved
UP Charclv DDOn rumors nf a naar hull
" 5? SKT
There was an evident disposition as
usual on Saturdays of late to wait for
tbe back statemect, which on its ap
pearance was somewhat disappointing,
and a perceptible heaviness overspread
the marker, but diatDDPared later.
Firat prices showed irregular chances
mig mcrning, put the tuflerer-cea were
forama'l tractions only either way.
There was considerable irregularity
in the early dealings, bat the
market was doll and fluctuations
email, noon figures being not
materially different from tbo
of the opening. Friers then Bagged
off percepiibly until about 12:30
o clock, When the movement in Jetsev
Central was started and the remwinder
of tbe lift leiponded slocrly. Highest
prices were geneia'ly reached in the
early pait of the last hour and were
held until ihe ck sc. which wes dull
bat firm. Closing piicss chow irregu
lar changea, out they are for Iractiuns
Tne to!al sales of Hock? today were
110,122 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna a id Western, 80C0; Erie,
4455; Mie-muri, Kansas and Texas.
aioo ; Laae oncre, auo; r.orLh western,
7700; New Jersey Central, 6295 ; St.
Paul, 26,155; 8t. Paul and Omaba,
o; weet.rn union, 301?.
IT. S. Si. 100M 4a. iin. lM
Oil, coup, 109. Paoiflo 6i ol 1896, 125J4.
anana. .
r . . . ..- . - ......
Cent. Pas. lits, U4!. ben. A K.U.lata,i2).
lieniRMW.Uta.8UVi.Kru second.. US.
urn. stamps, as, ioxe. inissonn. OS. luuv
M.K.AT.,aen.6a,H6. North. Pao. lsta.H4K.
M,.h D.. 'M - Inl V ur , ijii;
N.Weit. deb. 6a, 10.St.L.8.F.Gen.M, IW
dl. r aui. aon.. l.-u. h. lara.!.
i.r. tana granis.M'Vi.r. tt.u. excou Co,
II. P. lata. 114U. W..I InlU
Tenn.6, set'int,105',.Tenn. 6a, eet'wt, 100.
Adami Express, 140. Morrlf E.,offd ,139.
Allegheny Cen., ,
Naahrille A 0., 6.
N.J. Central. 85!X.
aiiuu at A u-i
A AT. U.,pfd..85.
American Ex., 1W.
ai u. rti II on
3- a.,
Nor. A W., pfd.. 44.
Northern Pao.. 275.
Northern P. pfd.,654.
CAN. W., 11.
C. AN.Wplu.,142.
N. Y. Central. 110.
Canada Pao.,65S..
Canada Boa., 443 H
Central Pacific, ii'i
Chesapeake & 0 , 8
C. 0.,lipfd, 1574.
0. A0..2dpld.,.
0. k A., 141.
C. A A Pld., 155.
N. Y. C. A Bt. h.,Pi.
N.Y. O.A8t.L.,p.,2lH
unio central, .
Ohio A Mias.. 2i'A.
O. A Miss., pfd.. 9".
U..1J. 130.
Ontario A Wt.. WU.
v., oi. u. a n. u., --. uregoa nn no",.
C. St. L. A P.. 13. Oreron Trana.. XIU.
v., nt. it. at r. P..M. urexon lmpm,
0. , 8. A 0. . 27. Paoiflo Mail, "!.
nun Razz T ..
Del.AHnd .,VXH Peoria, D. A H., 2S.
Del., t,, A W., HVS. Pituburx. 151 H.
Den. A Rio 0.. 31. Pullman P. O., 138V4
nrie, neaaina , zo4.
Krie pf ., 74H. Rook lsand. 126.
KaatTenn.. 6. 6t. L. A S. 9.. JUM
East Tenn. nfd. UW. Ht. L. A S. V.. n.. SHU.
ion wayne, ms. Bt.ii. o.r.,u r.ui
nanninai x oi jo., u. m. a si. t
H. A St. Jo., nfd.. CM. A St. P.n. 122
Harlem, 230. Bt. P., M.A If., 1)3.
Roaaton A T.. t&
Illinois Cen., 1M.
Ind., B. A V7.,
Kansas A T., 31.
Lake K. AW., II.
Lake Shore, 87H
Lou. A Naah., 46&
Lou, AN. A., 64.
H. AO. first Dl .-.
di. r. a. umana, 7.
rt.ranidtu.pra., liu.
Ten. Coal A Iron.&i.
Xexaa 1'aoillo, 144
Unlon Paetfle, 654.
U. 8. Hxpreis. 63.
W.. Bt. L. A P.. IK.
W.,Bt. L. AP.,p.,34X
M. AC.'pfd., -. W.U. Tel.,66W.
mem. 4 Char., 36. Colorado Coal, St.
Min. A St. L., 20. Iron SiWer, 189.
Mill. A at. L.pfd,44. Ontario, 27.
Missouri Paeile.luW.Quioksi War. 6.
Mobile A Ohio. 14. QuieksiWtr.Dfd. 22.
m. L. a. w 83. eouth raciuo,
M. L.S.W.,pfd,87. Butro.7.
London, September 4. 4 p m. Con
sols 100 15-16 for money and 101 for
the account. United states bonds, 4'
1299. There was withdrawn from the
B.uk of Eog'and today 100,000 of
bullion for BMpmint to America.
Paris, 8ep'ember4. Three per cent.
rontae, 831 'ilia for the account.
Baltimore-, Md September 4.
Bank c earing9. $1,824,287: balances.
Philadblphia. Pa.. September 4.
hum cieannfpi today, )8,319,4UJ; ba!-
anis,iti, 143,43.
New York, September 4 C earing
Housa eluterneut: Exchancw. $75,-
ia,oi6;; baanci,a.9j5,140.
St. Louis, Mo., Septembsr 4. Bank
rlearina, $2,750,085: for tb wek,
$ : 8,449,3i'5 ; balance today, $704,601 ;
ior the weeK, D,iy3,830.
Boston, Mass., Septembt-r 4 Clear
ing house statement, for today: Ex-
cbanwe. $10,086,474 : balances. $1,188.
2i6; for the week. exchBnae.M.$01.8t'.-
313; balances, $7,957,609; foMhesame
wees m i exchaukea. $37.9J.13:
balances, ,&tt,irp.
Chicago, 111., Sptmbfr 4. The
asraciatnd baok cleatinei t dav were
u,iL7D4ii; lor the wetk, ?U0,80:',6L'4 ;
ior tne correeponmng wtek la-t vi
$47,174,85S, an incrft'e of 88 8 per
cent. For Aunet. 1886. tie clfcri.os
wera $222 5C0.3G9. aciiuet $178,296.04'.!
curing the mn mon'h In l8o.
The local cotton market opened
eaiy, endclosel etey; middling, 9a.
bales, ou bales to spinner).
Yestor.lar. Fiidsv,
Ordinary 7J 7
uoou urdinary.... 8 8
Low Middling 8 8
Middling 9
Good Middling.... 9J 9
Middling Fair....10 10
fair.. Morn. Horn.
MaiiPHia, September 3, 1886.
Stock Sept, 1, 1886.-... 4,009
xeceivea to-day 34
Received previously... 104
8hipped today
Shipped previously. .. 294
Home consumption to
date ,
8tock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
M. and C. R. R
M.&T. R. R
L.andN.R. R
C, O.A8. V7.R.R
M., 8. 4 B. R. R
Wagons and other sources..
Thns far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
- 7
New Yorkepota opened steady, and
cloed steady. Midd lng,93 16e. Salee,
630 ba'es. Quotations were as follows:
rdinary m 0 9 16
Good ordinary. 7 15-16
Low uiddiing. 8
Middling 9 3 18
Good middling 9
Middling fair..loJ
Fair ,loi
0 9-16
7 16-16
3 16
New York futures opened stt a iy and
elosed steady. 8ales, 51,000 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows:
September ...9 11(3 9.i2
October. 9.13 9.14
November...9.14 9.15
December ...9 16 9.17
January 9 25
February 9.33(5) 9.34
March....j....9.40 9 41
April 9 49 9.50
Mav ...9.56 9.57
June ....9.64 9.65
July 9 71 9 73
9.09 4
9.11 9.12
9.14ft 9.15
9 22 9 23
9 SOlo, 9.31
9.38 9.39
9.47(a 9.48
Tha NewOr'eans spot market opened
uuu, buu ciosa auu; middling, 8io,
Hales, none, notations were as (ol
io ws:
Yesterday. Friday.
vsruiuary.... 7
Good ordinary 7J "j
-Low middUng. .,. 8 7-16 8 7-16
uiddiing ...8J 8
Good middling...9f 9f
The New Orleans future market
ortened steady and cloeed steady. Sales
n , rs -TV .
iouuu vaoiauons wre as loliows
September.. 8 72 8.73
October..... 8.68 8 69
November- 8.67 8.69
December . 8 70 8.71
January 8 80 8.81
February... 8.90 8 91
March 9.0UH 9 12
April; 9.11 9.13
May 9.22 9 24
Juoe 9 33 4) 9.34
July ,9 41 9 42
8 71 8.72
a et 8. tits
8 65 8 66
8 68 8.69
8.78 J 8 79
8.89 8.90
8 119 9 01
9 10(t 9 11
.1 9.23
9.31 9.32
8 1516,
N Orleans.
Hi .
New York
9 7
9 r
St. Louie...
4 8H9
Receipts at porta this dav. 18S66 69
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885... 6,228
9 55 9.56
9 63 9.64
9.71 9.72
. 1686. 1885. 1884.
R'ts V. 8. T. "
n'rta lday d,669 6,228 3,704
Ex. Gr. Br ;
Stock 168,7z0 139,813 111,893
R'ts Sept. 1 18,b74 28.976 18,795
For'gn Ex 9,249 7,037
I, crease in receipts this year,.. 10.4U2
Receipts this week..,
Same week in 1885
Same week in 1884 ,
Increase compared with 1885..,
Increase compared with 1884..,
Shipments this week
Same week in 1885
Same week in 1884
Increase compared with 1885...
Increase compared with 1884...
Stock this week
Same week in 1885
Same week in 1884
Increase compared witi 1885...
Increase compared with 1884...
J 886
.21 897
The New York Financial Chronicle
of September 4th givts tbe follnwinir
figures: Total visible supply, 1,097,297
bales, against 1,138.212 in 1885. These
figures indicate a decrease of cotton n
sight of 40,915 bales, ns compared with
the same da e in 1885, and a decrease
of 375,356 bales as compared with earae
aate in iss.
ai noon: xaveroool sooti were
reported "full pr c-s aro paid." Sales,
8000 bales, of which American 760O
balm. Kcceipts, nooe.
Olosin? qui tatiooa were as follows:
Ordinary, 4 316d;cood ordinary, 4
O-lftl; low middling, 4id; good mid
dling 531; middling uplands, 6Jd;
muuiiug urit-ans, 0 3 161.
r The prices are given in venae and 64(Aa.
thu$: 4 63 meant 4 63-64J; and 6 61
meant 5 1-6W.
Ai noon: iiivernool tntures were
steady; Septi-mbr, 5 08d ; Septtm-
brfr-uctmer, 5 "03d: October-No vem-
ber,4 63d; November-December, ;
Ddcemuer-.Tanoary, ; fanuarv Feb
ruary, ; Febrnary-Warch, 5J ; March-
Aprn, oi'3j; April-Mar. .
At 1 p.m. : Livernool future? were
nrm; eepwniDJi, t 08i, buyers: Kep
temher October, 5 08d, buyers j Oi'to-
Dtr-i(ovemofr, 4 oiM. buyers; JNo-vera'ier-DeMmber.
4 633. ee!hr.4: Dt-
cem'-er-jaoaary, 4 03d, te'luri: jAnu-
ry-jbnnry, 4 OUd.buyeis; Fcbrua-y.
March, 5 03d, va'u-; Mcrc'i-ADul,
ouia, vaiue; April-May, 5 Ood, Imj
Th9 following isthsreeord of bids
and oilers at, tha tall B, ard of tho
Merchants' Exchange yeettrday :
No. 2. white, spot, 43c B9kd : Spd-
temrter. 4340 t.10. jno, 2 spot 42c bid;
September, 42o bid; October, 43Jc
atkjd; iNovimocr, 4Jc aakei.
No. 2, white, October, 30c bid ; No. 2.
soot, 29 j bid; September, 30c asked;
uc.outr, sic 6sneo.
No. 2, red winter, spok. 76c bid:
Saptemritr, 753 bid; Ottob.-r, 76c
bid; AJViinbtr, 77o bid.
Spot, $2 25 askei; September. $2 25:
ytar, luaaKea. ,
Soot. $11 25 hid. $12aiked : ftfDtem.
ber. $11 bid, $12 o r. asked: October.
$11 50 bid; November, $11 60 bid,
$12 50 asked ; year, $11 50 bid, $12 0.
t asked.
The following quotations ara the of
ficial quotations of the Merchants'
GoBHifBAi (Standard. $2 35ra)2 40:
pearl, $3 403 50; roller, $2 60.
Hat tihoice, from store. 75fa80c!
car load from leree or depot, $13 50
14; prime, from atore, 70(76c; car
load from levee or depot, $13; ptalrie,
from store, 50c; car load from levee
or depot, 1 8 5t)9.
Corn irom store, white,53o: mixed.
62j, from levee or depot; while, in
bulk. 48c; in sacks. 52c: mixed, in
bulk, 46c: in racks, 49j.
Oats t rom store.white. 40c : mixed.
37c; from levee or depot, white, in
bulk:, 35s; in aarks 37c mixed, in
bulk,32i: in sacks, 35c.
Up.au From stire, 75fi83c: from
leree or depot, $13.
Flour From strre, No. 3. $3 : fam-
ilr. S3 50 : Choi e, $3 7ftfo)4 : fanev. Ufa
4 25: extra fancy, $4 304 60; palentf,
t5fo!5 53.
BBAJtsNary, $2; medium, $1 60
1 76: common, $2 85; German aiUet,
1 201 40.-
Rica Louisiana, 4 5c; Otrollna,
56c f
Oatmbal In half -barrels, '$3 25
from store. ; - 1
Cbacxibs Soda, extra, t ; soda,
treble extra. 4 Jo; lemoa arackera,
extra, 7c;f lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jo ; ginarer si pa, extra,
5c:trinirer snaps, treble': a.6o: as
sorted fumbles. 9o.
Crackio Whxat la alf-barrels,
$4 2i from store.
Homixt i abd Gsrrs- '.''ram store,
$3 153 2l
Kansas Citt, Mo., fiptember 4.
Whest lower; N. 2, red. cash. 621
bid. 63io asked ; uotoror, o. ic ; Nov
ber. 651o bid. (vote asled. Corn auie
33ia asked; NovemVer, 34Jcbid, SJo
asaeu. una numuw, uu mug,
St Loms, Mo frptember 4. Four
quiet; XXX, SOt?-! 40; fsmily,
$2 55tf.2 65; cico, f3 ioJ 25
fancy, ff 45 55; extra fancy,
$S 703 85; wtents, $4 204 50,
Wheat fairly acive, but e.sier. The
market oriened weait and lnw'.
recovrf d, ruled unsettled to tbe clnee
and Jniahed under yesterday: No
2. red.
cseh,f7ia!' benteniber, 77J
77c, closed at 77c; O.tibe', 78J
79p, closed at 79Jo November, 8'j$
8lc, c!oed)t 8lJ(!n. Corn qu t
but firmer. f The rcsrket orient d h
lower, Jmorvd f ji, i aed efl alln
and cinredmfo nistur than vesier
("ay; No. t mixed cli, 3723(c
Peptembe, Sijo bid: October, 38
onj -j e OMDg at doiwc; JNovemb-r,
iyi(a3ajt, oioting Bcwjc Uita dull
anu eaaur, c:osidk rn'tc lower tnan
yeaterdsy; No. 2, mixed, easb, 25
L'ojc; tHpiemncr, iuje. ujtobfr, stijc
November, 27. Rye itwu) , 5(io bid
Barley neglected. Hit dull ; praii i,
i-r tw; on; nrnoin.'. $.u:hjh 7,
Flaxseed Uady.f I 06. ilrsn firm. 48
Cnra meal lower, $2i 05. Receipt
Flour, 3000 brls"; wheat, 82,000
bu; com, t.a.uoo fiu; oat-, 5i,m)0
nii; rye, sum on; farny. m.ooa ba
enipmearsj iour. ouwr.rU; wheat,
17,000 bu; roro, 27,000 lu; oat?, 2000
ou; rye, juuu ou; oaney none.
Cuicago, III,. Septeriler 4. The
market ruled dull all rounl today. The
cable advises qui ted dul acd easy
matKe's ana tte weatntrr , broad uu
Bt-t1 lod. Tha indications iu wbeat
poiated to a rather laren .ncreare i
the visible supply and the eling wa
tath-r easy. Prices fluctnatal witnia i
sma'l range and c'osed about Ja lower
loan yesteray. uorn open ad wea
and c l'-wer,.but rlied jo on good
buyii'g by sberU, eased oS and c osed
io hioer tha yesterday. Cats were
uns it fed and easy, clo-ina Jm! s lower,
Flour dull and uncbanaed. VVneat dull
and rkv. Sales ranged : S.-Hember
75ta7fVle1 cloed at 753 j; Octiiber,
77j(3i77i -,cloeed at779-IOc .'November,
yjiujw -ioe, ciosa a-. U v-iw; May,
8B.87c, riosed et 87c; No 2
soring, (67iiic; No. 2 red, 77c,
Corn opened I weak but rallitd and
do ed steady and ic higher; oasb
40401c; fleDtember, 39,4l'n,
cloiwi at 40c; October, 41
i'tc, cloeed at 4 in; woToratwr
42i(A434o. cloed a'. 43k; Mar. 405
4 1 (to, closed at w I0-luo.uats quiet aud
ea'y; rash, 25o; Bepteuabcr, 25fr
-coir, clceod at 2!jc; O.'tobe', wi(c&
2c, cosed at :6gc; ilay, 33 Jc,
cioeea at L'USB. Kye skw; a. a. 4U
Barley eteady; No, 2,581c. Flaxseed
alow; No. 1, $1 09. Recipte Flour,
u.utK) t.rs; wh'at. bu; corn
393,000 hu ; tat", 18a000 bu : rra, 9000
tn; barley, 84 0iObu. Ktilpmonn
Four, 6,000 hrlr, wheat, 29,000
ba: corn. 132.000 ba: ca's. 192.000
ba; rye, 2,000 bui bar'ey, 23,000 bu
BcTTiinButtrioe,12J(rtM:c : cream
ery,22CniC't oairy, 1618j; coun'ry
burter, lb(a)Ur.
unBKHB r. imfl fla's. 8c. nominal
New York fni-tory, 9i nuruinnl : full
creim, 11; Youug Amerira, 13ffil4c
Uoo Products Mes pork, flloft
ll a; euirr cuied harrs, J3K)l4c
breakfast ba'on, 83(S10c: clear rib
e'dw b.tsoii. 7J37Jc; bacon Bh"uldi8,
' 4v78c; bulk poikclear sides. 71fl)7 i
Clear rib side!, 7(?!7J-; sbouldeM, 6
c; longrieRrBifnWc.
Lard -Tierces. 7i(o 74c : half-bnrrols
and kegs, 77ic; choice keite, 8J'
1 rush Mb ats No. 1 beef, 7c; Mut
ton, 7c; hind quarters of beef, 8c
lambs, $2 503 50.
St. I.ouis, Mo., Saptsmb r 4 Pro
ns.ens nuift hut irareral v s'.pkiiv.
Po'k, 10 75. Lord, nrm na Balk
mea s ebont etea'ly; loose los linii
clear, $J75;slinri ribe, $6 75; thut
clear, $((95; boxed loti long e'ear,
Jo uo; short nb, SO 6r); short clear.
IbV). Bio n, fir, ii : ling clecr and
hort ribs, $7 37fS7 45: Bhoit c'nr.
eo(n7 70. liatns Arm, ifi;ijo,
ISiitier, s'eidy; rremery, 2UfVJ.)
dairy, 1018c. Egirs firm, ll12c.
Chicago, III., Sptmber 4. Mes)
po-k aclive, 2530n fculicr early, re
roituH A 'ih? In nnil l ,dlJ .liadir
$10 25 ; Oi to'iir r, $10 10 10 42' elod
at $10 3i; Novornbor, $10(10 27,
clrsd a' $10 1710 20. Lard steady,
Z4oc lower; t'.sb and r-ememhKr,
7 6(l(7 52 ; October. $8 75fi)6 77.
November, $0 0;KS,6 62. Short rib
eids steady; cssh. $6 02JCrlB 65
Boxed mrats stuadi'r: dry sa'tod
honir'erj, fij0c; shott (lHorsidon,
$8 90'l 05. On the Piodnce Ex-
rhanee bnite: ruld steady, creamery,
1(JZL'C; Dairy, 13(Wltt!. KgjJS, 13C.
Ooffeb Oominon.919c:orlln9rr
1010o; prime Rio, ll(12c; choice
to tancy, l(i413n; old government,
2425s; Ooylon, 1822c.
Soap Chapman's Hope soap, un-
wrppod, 44a per ponnd.
oalt $i h2t per barrel; eacKR, nnn.
$1 451 60; coarse, $1 15 1 20; pock
ete, bleached, 27c; car loads from
levee or depot, 6o cheaper.
t AwniiM etioKs, all sixes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 89c.
Uandles Fall weight, vv&ws.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per doz
en: Pineapples, ti 40vt)l t0; peacbea,
2-1 b, etandard, $1 351 56; seconds,
$1 101 15 ; tomttoes, 21b, etandard,
fl 251 35; 31b, $1 151 30; straw
berries, $1 351 40; raspberries,
$1 15W1 25; blackberries. fir
1 15; greengages, $1 60(31 76;
rears, S22 26; plums, Si 60
70; anparagus, $2 60(5)4 ; green corn,
$11 35;green pens, $1 55 165; cove
ysters. fall weight. Mb. $11 10:
cove oysters, fall weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 86; cove oysters, light weight, l-ib.
65c; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lh,
tit condensed milk Crown, $5 50
5 75 ; Eagle,$7 61 7 75 ; D jlsy, $4 75.
AloLASfiBO ljoniBiana, common to
fair, 18 25c; prima to choice, 2835c ;
syrup, 2440c ; common to fair, 20
25c ; prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal, (ancy, 3234c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, ' 27
28c; other grades and styles, 358rc,
Snuff Garrett's, 110 85 per case;
Kalph's, 110 25 per case; ti. it., $9 60
10 25.
Huoab P.ire white, oj(n)Hit: otj
hito. 626Je; yellow clariH-.d, 6J
6Scopen kettle. 66e; refined A.
6J6Jc; arrenulated. 67c; pow
dp'el, 7J7c;cnt loaf. 78c.
Powder Kfgs, $4; ball keir. $2 25:
quarter ke$a, $1 25.
New Yobe, September 4. Coffee
pot fair Rio dull; options a shade
lower aales, 43.250 ban: BeDtemker.
99.(c; October, 8.9fi9; November,
ueceEioer anu January, s.bOfai c ;
Febttary, 8 858 90c ; March, 8 f0
ot. ongar anu and ra'ber wtak;
refined dull ; cabas, 6 3-166ic Rice
Applbs Apples, $1 502 60, dried
ariples, 23o per ponnd from store.
If led peaches, 2;$3a from store.
Vbobtablbs Onions. JS from
Aore. Cabbage, $2 60; per head, 810c ;
i io irom levee or depot par crate ;
Garlic, 4060o per 10a Turnips, 60c
per Dasnei.
Fbdit Oranges, Loniaisco nami
rial, $6. Lemons, $7 508 per,
box. Bananas, $l2 per bunch.
Cocoannts, $5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7c; Tennessee, farmer's stock.
34c; roasted, 2o higher; shelled,
lOfl. Almonds, 18 20c. .
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 604. .
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; qnarte,
$1 60 ; balf-gaUons,$276 : gallons, $3 76 ;
loose, barrels, $6 607 ; half-barrels,
$3 754; mlxed,barrei(,$10 60; mixed,
haU'ltarreiR, f.
Potatoes New, $1 2E1 50; North,
em .took, $1 752.
Cideb New York, $6 6C7 por bar,
re), and $3 76 I per half-barrel ; Yin
egar, 10 per gallon.
Pecans Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 10 lie for large; Arkansas,
3 fie.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrnls, No. 1,
$4 755; No.2.i$3B03 75; No. 8,
33 25; 10-lb kit. No. 1, 9 Jo; No. 2,
75:; 15-lb, No, 8, 60c Dry herrings,
family, 25o per box.
Walndts French, 12o; Naples,15c ;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12o.
Poultry Chickens, $12 25; o'd
hens, $23.
Gamb Game fish, ll12c.
Eoos-Firm at 1718i.
In car load lo's: Piime crude cotton
seed oil, 26c; off crude oolton seed
oil, 2223o; prime rummer yellow
cotton aced oil, 3536o; oil sum
mer yellow cotton seed oil, 3132c;
miners' summers yel'ow cotton ned
oil, 3235c; priutsaummer wh'te cot
ton seed oil, 3'c; choice cookinu yel
low eoltm r-end oil, 37; prime co: ton
sed meal, $15 ; oil cotton seed meal,
Hides Dry flint, 1216c; dry
salt, 1012c ; green salt,78c ; green,
56c; deer skins, 1517c. Beeswax
dull at 2021c: tajlow, 33o.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, Ho per gallon.
Cleveland, O, September 4. Petroleum-,
w., 110, 7c.
Pittsbdrq, Pa., September 4. Petro
leum dul but steady; opened at
01 So, advanced to 61 Jc, diclinedto
61 c, bat recovered at 1 o'clock this
atlerioou to 61jc.
Whiskt Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 60 5; redistillet goods iron
850 10160, acoording taproot; ryo,
$1 766.
St. LouisJMo., September 4. Whic-
ky eteady, $1 10.
Chicago, III., September 4. Whis
ky steady, $1 15
Cincinnati, 0.,Septeraber 4 Whis
ky Q'liut and firm: tales of 799 bai-
rls of fin ehed goods on a bnsLi uf
Bagging Jute. 2 lba, 8c; 1! lbs.
7Jd; llbs, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 7jc.
riHs-$l nii 15.
Naiis Common, $2 202 25; otoel
$2 352 40.
Cattls Choice to sattra corn fed.
9C0 to 1050 lbs. none received: g od.
none received : choice grass cattle, 3
3c : good, 2u3ic ; fair to medium,
f 2jc; seal nai'S, llo.
Hoos Cholco,4i4o ; good,334c ;
common, 3ojo,
Sn ebp Choice. 31(io34c : medium, 25
:)c; common, tl! 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 45c.
St. Louis, Mo , September 4. Ct'le
Rccipt",170 bead ; shipment, none ;
market ti mer cn ail gradts, hut aalua
limiti'd for watt of supply. Hogs Ke
cjipfc', 830 head : thipT.en'n. 3U0 head ;
ma-k'-t II' m; butchers' aud 1jtt hesvv.
$ 85(115 10; mixed pjekin ir, $14
4 80 ; light. $1 KK'04 70 SneeiH-Ke-
coipt ', 3U0 head; shipmenls, none;
inarkat scaly; p.'ices ranged from
$2 25 to $1 SO.
Kansas CiTY,Mo..Septmbcr 4. The
Livetitock Indicator teporta: Catt'o
Iteceipls, 024 headf shipments, none
ou ci tie n org; common slow bik
iinrd tisell; good t choice, $3 (III
4f0', c-imm')u to moJiuni, S3 80
i 8;); Blockers, $2 30(32 76: fneders.
$2 8U3 3J; ciws,l 602 60; grss
rar gi s o rs, a znw,i 26. llos lio
ceipia, 25H5 head; shipments, none;
market tteady; good to choice, 14 65
480jcom:i)onto medium, $ t 104 60;
grcsiers and pig, rjOfVrjl. Sheep
R:ceiits, 99 hral; shipment, none;
good, fl-m s ock quit t; good to choice.
$2 4l3; uommua to medium, $160
Chicago, III. Sentember 4. The
uroven journal reports: Cattle Jo
leipts, only throe car load, total f . i
the week, 4,000 bead; market noml-
rally rtronger; shinplng stefrs, 9 0
to 1500 lbs. $3 205 25: stockets
and feders, $1 653 50: cows.
bulls and mixed. $1 253 25: bulk.
$2r2 41;th.-ouirh Texas cittle. nomi
nal; to we. 60: steers. $3 6ft
10; Western tangert. none fold;
n-tiv aaid half breeds, ti 75375;
wintered irxens.ja 753 15. Hogs
RtweiniH, 11,0'JO hood: ehinments.
2" 00 had; ma ket Blow, closing 15c
lower; rouhaud mixed, $3 i)i4'0;
acaing ana arippirg, $4 77(ii0r&;
gbt. Ir3 75W4 75: "kins. 12 50(3)3 60.
Sheep Receip s, 100 held; ship
ments, none ; market slow and st'ady ;
aives, lexsns. SHaVJCO:
amhs. $4(ni5
No. 5"M, R. D. Chancery Court of Shalbf
fonntr. hut ot lenDeiica Tf. barah
Dl virtu of an InUrli-ontorr daora for
Morrmoa at at
j f iu cnioraa i
lha abnva unii nn tha
i day ot Deoambar, IRaS, M. 11. CO, pa
. I will aall at Dublin anntion. to ttia klirh.
at bidiiar. la troot of tho Clark and Ma
ter'a offioa, enurtbonao ol bbolby oonnty,
Mompbia, Taonanae, on
Mslardny, Septtmber Sri, I8S6,
within lotal hon'a, tha fnllnwlna daiorlbid
property, airuaua la enalby oonnty, Tor
win. to-wit i
N. 'lil-'tM. frontina 24U faat nn iha at
aidooi nhiokBW atrtbya dtpth of
trat, taid lot boina 14 feat auuth of Win
chanter atreat- Bo d at property of tbe nn-
11, wn I eira of J. A. U 'kett.
Part of OOUIiti-T lot '.2S. frnntinr XT faat nn
the n'Tlh lid j oi A action atrnat.liv H.nth
of ItKH let. BjU ai property of barah Mor
rison and others.
Lot 17J, Irontint feet on the aaataide
Main itreet. br lWi feet deep, 74! feet
rih of Auction atraai.
Terma ol Sale On a oredlt of six month.
note bearing intereit( with aecority. ra
il i red : lien retained! redemption barred.
Xhiswth day of Aatut, IKtttt.
.-. I. M10 WELL. Clerk and MaaUr.
"r It. F. Coleman. Deputy 0. and U.
F. U. A C, W. ileiakcil, lolioilon.
itusku .eayisq
Vlfkibnrg ......Citt or Caiao, 10 a.m.
Nw Orleans .Ani P. 8 t.vai, 10 a.m.
Stf Lonls ,....... An iBia Citt, 12 m.
Friars Point.. Jiaas Lis, S p.m.
Arkaasaa City JCati Adam, B p.m.
Oiceola.. aetata Coahoma, 5 p.m.
Arkansaa RlverH. L. Coaa, 6 p.m.
St.Franoia RlrerEo. Foana, 5 p.m.
Vicksburt ..C'r or Virnaiiuua.lOa.m.
Whit River ..Chu I4SAW, 5 p.m.
Arrivali. Alberta No. 3,White tiver :
D. R Powell. St. Louis; City ot
Xatcbez, New Orleans.
Jrporruws. D. R. Powell, Vicks
bu'g; Ciiyof Natche, St Louis'; Al
bert, No. 3, White river.
Boat Due Dotm. Coahoma, City of
Cairo and Anme P. Silver.
Boatt Dm Up. Jamea Iie, Kate
Adams, Atk lnsas City, Kd Foster and
R.L. Oobh.
Ke4elpts Tealerdax.
A'bf rta No. 310 pkgs cundtie1.
D. R. Towtrl! 00 tars merchandise.
This rhtckasan, Cap. I). C. Postal,
io the Wedutstlay packet for White
Ts El Frst-sr, Capt. O. K. Joplin,
oops out Tiuai'ny evuilug for St.
Francis rivi r.
TriBC ty t f Vickr-bur, Cpt. Pan
Ab'e, is ihe Anchor L ne paiket Tues
day morning fcr Vicksbor.
Tub Cjalioina, Cap'. Henty Cooper,
is the packet Monday evening at 5
o'clock for Osceola and tbe urper
bends. Wm. Smither is in her olllce.
Tuk Arkansas Oily, Cip'. II. W.
ltrolaski, is the Anchor Lins vacktt
today at 12 o' lock for Cairo and St.
Louis. W, II. Pritcharit is ber clerk.
Tim City of Cairo, Cap1. Sbon Ligbt
ner, is Ihs Anchor Line pprkH this
morning at 10 o'clct'k lor Vlcksburg
and tbe bends. J. C. Kltou is htr
Thh James Leo, Cp. Thomas Claa
go", is the packet Mondy evening
at 5 o'c'ock for Helena, Fiiars Point
and alt way laidicgi, Wm. Darrtgh
Thh Anchrr Line steamer Annie P.
Silver, Capt. Wm. Toompson, will pass
down ibis morning at 10 o'clock fxr
New Orleans and all way points. I. S.
L-hruer is heroleik.
Thb R. L. Cobb, Cap1. Kf B. Smith,
is the packet Tuesday evening at 6
o'clock ior ail points on Araaosns
river, going through to Pine It nfl.
Charies,Mus9elrnan bas obarga of her
Tns Ka'e Adms. Capt Mark R.
Cheek, is the Unltod State! mail
packet Monday evening at 6 o'clock
for Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landings. W. O. Blanker rai chvge
of her ofBoe, sssis t-d by Lew Price
atd B b Jamison.
BvawiHS qui-1
Wbathib clear and cooler.
No cottom received by river ye:ter
dsy. Capt. Lixyo Whitlow, of Louis
ville, Ky., is in the city.
Tub City of Na'rhri po sed np yes
terday uiormrg for 8. Louie.
Tub Enqulier vtill mnke hourly
tiloath'B sftomoon for Island Uiove.
Tub D. R. Towoll passed down yes-
lerday morning f r Vieksbnrg. She
d snbarged hern 00 tons of freight an
added 25 t me.
TnaGavoHt. fort, A. L. Cummins
will enter the Memphis and Concordia
trade, leaving iiere very tusday and
Satuiday. I. O. Wtcofl' will have
cliarge ot her cilice.
Tub Alborta No 3 arrived yfsterday
morning Irom White uvur with 10
pccka.es of lundncs. At Trrrece she
r-'shipni'd 2 ntw bales of cotton for
New Oiltans. She rtturnod lent even
irg with a gioil trlrn
Nlnlilng of Ibe I.lKbthoiiee Tender
Sr. Iiouis, Mo., September 4, The
Uni'ed t-tates lighthouse tender Ivy,
while making sounding at Turner's
I-iland. ') miles above tins city, tester,
day n'turr.o.in, (truck a snatt aud rank
Iu 12 feetof water. The crew eacaptd
andtavtdthe boats safeard papr.i,
The biat wa valued at $:2,000. Toe
rflloeis tMnk she can be raised with
little d illcultv.
Ntcamboat War on Teuncafiee atlver
(Hole-Democrat, September 2d: A
minor was cu rent la e yesttid,iy
evening to tbe efluct that thirx wes to
be another ml in rati a ti the rennet,
see rlvt r country, tbia time to 2 j cents
p r hnnurr). The ra os (o that nvor
aro now lower than ever known be,
fure. 6 cems per huod'ed. Gjod on
tbrrity places Ihe 19 ilnte coit of
transportation at from 2 to 3 cent) per
bundled. Iho prints aro crnse,
quontly very ema'l. Merchants are
takirg due advantage of tbe reto war,
and are urwaniing ail the g iouspoxst
ble in the sb nt si time. Every intel
liitent river man knows that those
rates, with tbe very aciive competition
now in force, most prove dtsattroua to
Fomeove, end tbe question of what
lino is (o first throw up tha "ipongo"
will probihly be deeded by the cne
who lias the, larger t finances and the
groatir nnmu r ot friends.
OrricB Hiowal Sbrviob, TJ. 8. A.,
Mshi'His, K; ptember 4, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at oil stations named at lor meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Ab'veLow .
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lUtlis lOths
Cairo 8 9 6
Chattanooga ... 3 2 1
Cincinnati 6 4 3
Davenport 2 8 -
Dubuque 4 3
Fort Smith 2 9 2
Helena. 9 1 ...it... 1
La Crosse - 3 7 -
Leavenworth... 6 7
Little Rock 2- 4 1
Louisville 4 9 6
Memphis 8 i
Nashville 8 1 1
New Orleans... 3 6 3
Omaha -
Pittsburg 4 3 11
St. Lonis 1
St. Paul... 2 2 1
Shreveport 1 2
Vieksburg 8 1 1
Hauteur Max Feet and tenths ot a foot
above soro or gauge t
Cairo, 40 feet.
Cincinnati, SO.
Chattanooga, 83 toet.
Davenport, 1.V
Fort Smith, ti.
Helena. .
Leavenworth, 20
Louinvllle, 25.
New Orleans, 13.3.
Pittsburg, a.
Nt. Paul. 7.
Vioksburg, 41.
Yankton. 24.
Uulimiue, lo.
Keokuk, It
La tlroMe. 24'
Little llucK. -a.
Memphis. 3i.
Naahvillo, 40.
Omaha, IS.
Ht. Louis, 32.
Shreveport, 28,
Cinciknati, S'plember 3. Noon
Rivei 6 feet 6 inches on the gauge and
falliag. Weather clear; thermometer
77. .
Evahbtillb, September . Noo n
River stationary.
PiTTHBcaa, September 4. Noo it
River 2 feet 8 inches on tbe gangs and
falling. Weather clear and pleasant.
Whbbuno, W. Va.. September 4.
Noon River 2 feet 3 inches on the
gauge and rising. Weather clear and
LotrisviLLB, September 4 Noon
River falling, with 4 feet 10 inches in
the canal and 2 feet 8 inches on tha
falls. Business booming. Weather
clear and warm.
Cairo, September 4. Noon River
0 feet on the gauge and falling Weather
clear and warm. Arrived: Annie P.
Silver, 8t. Lottis, 10 p.m. ; Ohio, Mem
phis, 3 a.m. ; City of Cairo, St. Lonis,
11pm. Departed: Ohio, Cincinnati,
4 a.m.
erf-hnnm and Plan it re' Packet.
A. L. Cummin master.
La aye a every THKnDAY and CATUKDAY
at 8 p.m., tor Uvlena, Friars Point, bun
flower, Malonca, Knowl'on, Australia, La.
oonia, Conoordia, and all way landing).
i'or freight or p-rnana applp to
T, It KIMn A- CO.. S2 Front St.
HI. l.onla anil w Orleans Anrhnv
l.lue-t'. . MhII.-FOK VICKSBURU.
City of Vicksburg.sw
l Able mastor, fiS!iMJI
Will leave the Klovator TUKlllAY, bept.
7th, at 10 a.m. For freitht or pa'sace appl 1
0. L. 11ai.l, Pass. Aat. AD b'lUHM, Snp't
Bt. Irftnlai and Mew Orlfiana Anrhor
I.lne I'.ft. Jlall-FOll VICKSBU Kit.
Ity of Cairo, rfflL
Iilahtnor matter, atKMarCbia
Will leave the Klevator Sl'NUAi, ,Sei,t.
Rth. at 10 a.m. For freight or pamnge apply
li. ,. H A 1,1. . Pans. Art. All SIl'UM. 8u,'t.
u. I
The elerant stoauier
Ann e P. Silver,
Wm. H. Thompson matora!Jtitf'ia
Will leave the Klevntor tiUNUAV, reiL
6th, at 10a.m. 1'or freiiht or "iage apply
0 li. II il l,. I'aaa. A t. A li S C'Ht M . Air't.
M. latnln anil New Oi-Ichiim anchor
I.ln-lt.N. Wnll-OAIKO 4 61. LUUIB.
Arkansas City, tn.
ilrolaakl... toaster. Ma3
Will leave tho Klevator SUNDAY, Kept.
Mh, at 11 tn. For ireigbt ur ihiikm apply
u. I., rt a i,i,. vnn t. AiiMinm.
For Osoeoln. Ilnles Point, Carmhersrtlla,
Uayoao and Tliitonville The new steamer
W. P. Hall master I B. 0. Miolieil...olerk(
Will leave as above, and all way points,
kauu.iiula, raara, -um aauaaaua,aai
and Spsiooala taeh)t Couiiianj.
For Helena, ttlendale. Friara Point and all
Way Landings Wuamef
JameM JLec, rri
J. H. Cooper, master.... J. W. fimltaers.olejjl
Will leave as aoeya on every MyMOAY,
WKDMlfSPAY aalFRIlAy, at 5 t'olock.
For Bandolph, Fulton, Oioaoli and ft a
Laadlata Steamer
Coahoma, JudSn
E. T. 01anett...maater I Piatt Rlio.liui... clerk
Leaves livery MONDAY, WKUNUHDAl
and a KIUAY at 6 p.m. The boats ot thU
line reserve tho right to pass all landings
the eiptain may ooem unsale. Ofnoe, No. 4
mliaon at.
JAMUS LKK, Jit. , Hnp't
Tho St. Francis River Transnortatio
Oo.'s Fine Blde-W heal U. 6. Mall Hteamer
lid Foster, nKT'
O. K. Joplin master,
at S o'elook, for Marianne, the Cut-Off. t .
intermediate landings on tit. Franoia rh
The Aaptain rwaerves the right to pass
landings he deems nnsafe. JAS. LKH, Jj ,
Hwnn-lr-wilAnt Offlee. No. 4 Maillaon at.
Memphis and Vicksburg Pocket Com
pany U.S. Mail Line.
For Holena, (lonoordla, Xerrene and Arkaa
saa City Tha elosaot passenger iteaiuer
M. R. Cheak... master I W. 0. DUuaar...oierk
Leaves Momihli
r.fci.,resorving the right to pass all landing!
he oltDtain maviiaain nnaaM. For aanaral
information apply at offioe, No.4 Madisoa
treat, hi. WALWUKT1I, Agent.
,1'IIINT fiaUR, Pnaa'r Arent. t'ele),nn .
Arkansas Klrer PIt't Co
Leaves Momi his Kvery TilKSDA Y, at 6 p.aa
II. O.LOWK. Atf.nt.
Offtea, No. S Madison aN Toletihono No. St.'
SIcmi)hl8& White liiver l'Kt.Co
For (ilaremlon, Isevalla III nil,, Ile
Aro, Augusta, benroy, Mewp. rt, Jaokson
port, llatoaville nnd all Way Landings
NIK, 4 Salt 14AnlW. rt -
F. O. Postal maler,.CilOTU
Will leave EVKRY WEUNttiAY at 6 p.m.
Albert II. Btnltli maeterM
Will leave itVKKY UA1UKUAY at & p.m.
Through rates given to all points. Freight
"onalgned to the Memphis and While Kiver
Packet Co., at Memphis or Terrene, will be
forwurdeit iironintlv
For general inlorina-
lion apply at olllce, nn. 9
iladlaon St. i
. ort
Call Telephone ft2. II
O. LOW K, Ag't.
Electric Belt Freo
TO Introdnne It and obtain agentjwawll
for the next sixty days give away, free
of charge, in eaob oounty In the 11. S. a lim .
Ited number ot our Ji-riiiHin Klvwlra Wl
Vanlo aiiannHirv Holla). Prlee trt a
positive and unfailing cure for Nervous De
bility, Varicocele, Kinitslocf, Impotenoy.
ate. tvio.oo lUnard paid if every twit we
mnauiaotare dees aot rinarata a rnulne
siontrlo carreDt, Aiti-ess at oaoe ELKU
n )
CHCY, P.:o.boaCin.
Brooklyn. N. T.
15 ytirt 37 Court rlaf, ao &
woat luootHrill, U QM Dnouon wuj
foruia.of; PRIVAXIr
stail si
(7Ali PO-
fthcrMlltt flfMirftbUM 10 ?.lfe, WXM. UBMIrw tm cw
lurr rcaire, of olhvr d prnliwlaU mm).' Jaav
Kiwing twf Nerfouao, bent ml Kmiuioa
tJotii br drtanu). UlnnrM ? tbt. DcrccUv tJm ". ?tif
-tl(OMy, KllUllrWOO I'M. AvrMl44MtMT learnt
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ienilT curt. BVDUlf.IV omIUvt itvttt ttaO m
IC'! TtVl1 tnm iL jutfot. Gonorrhw
GLEET. RuUrturo, OrobliU. rtu tfit Hsuv;
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gans. There ia ao
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tbrougn tn
them to healthv aof. o
Ihi. wlrh Klaotrle Baits a
ail Ills from head to toe. It li for the ON 8
pecins purpose. For circulars giving tall
nformatllon. au areas uneever bleotnc uelt
Co., 103 Washlsgtoa street, Chtoag", 111.

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