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New York Jobbers and Commission
. Men Generally Satisfied With
Their Prospects.
New Yohk, September 6. Tbe 1 ima
Bays: New York merchants, jobbers
and commission merchants are gener
ally satisfied with tbe conditon of
trade. Business is picking up and
shows in mo?t cae3 a very decided
improvement. Buyrra for tbe fall
trade have been and continue numer
ous, and in many kinds of business
very late houts fcave to be kipt by
einployi-ia to pick cp and forward
the goods ordered. The long arrays
of boxes and cases piled up in front of
butincsi houses down town and await
ing their turn to fce carted off give
strong ocu'ar demonstration of a buy
season. Inquiries among mercnaats
corroborate the testimony of the mute
witnesses. A noted feature is in the
increase of orders from tbe South and
Southwest. Toey are ordering from
there not only large quantities of goods
but they are auo demanding the finer
grades. Diy gooes men say the out
lock for the fail trade with them is un
usually bright. In tbe way of wholeta'e
transactions the week jost closed bas
b-en tbe largest of tbe season. Mer
chants from tne West and South have
nearly finished their fall buying. On
ly a tew of then were left in the city
yesterday. Their places ars being
tasen by merchants from lees remote
sections of the country. The States of
Ohio, Indiana, Illinoip, Michigan,
Iowa. Wisconsin and Minnesota are
largely represented by the merchants
now in the market. Almost without
exception the merchants are buying
freely on account of the better oatioox
in tbeir businees and firmer prices of
goods. Prices for general dry goods
are sufficiently firm to inspire confi
dence. Wholesale clothing houses re
port business better than for many
years past. The moat notable increase
in demand is from tbe South. Mer
chants estimate this increase at fully
33i per cent. Toe demand for cloth
ing in the Western States is also re
sorted eoodL . Boot and shoe houses
say: "faking it all around, there is
more doing tbis season than at any
time previous for five years."
The wholesale hide and leather
trade reports business brisk at about
Ola prices.
Dealers in tbe glassware and crock
ery trade feel very comfortable over
the outlook lor trie tan ana winter.
There has been no extraordinary de
mand for goods from any section, bnt
tbe tendency all ever is toward better
buying and increased consumption.
In the iron trade the one report is
that business is flourishing. Manu
facturers are busy: there is a brisk de
mand ardgood prices prevail. There
is no indication of a b e boom, but a
big boom, said a leadirjg iron man
yesterday, is not wanted. When trade
10 guuu wa luu Krap uur mine Birouuy
employed up to their limit, and then
we are content. That is tbe case now.
We bave a bu-ine ss that is remunera
tivea business that we believe bas
come to stay. It does rot partake of
the boom character, but rather is qu'et
and on a solvent basis, it is not to bs
ephemeral aud pass away as
bnoms do as soon .1 as they are
firet discovered. Present prosperity
is going to last. The leading com
panies report la'ge Inquiries for next
year, ana at tne oiiice 01 one leaning
mill director Saturday it was stated
. that nearly or quite all cf the steel rail
manufacturer.!, locomotive and general
machinery builders now have not only
enough crdeis bookd to keep tbem
busy all this year, but enough as well
to insure well into 1887. Big orders
have been refused within the last
week for reils. "The pig iron trade
was never bet er ttian now," were the
. words need Saturday by a mana'e in
that Hue. O her related industries
are repoited biiik and remunerative.
Tbe ircn, steel and metal trades gener
ally are working now in perfect nar-
mony. There is no catting of rates.
There seems to be enongn and more
than enougn lor an to do. Large
orders for rails may have to' go to
x.uKibuu w uo u ou, uwra uero
lUDuitmuiiin ....,,,,..
lama r-i si rm annni ca t .1 a - ne r tnan s
the crowded American mills can turn
out the product. Hard ware will be
, cheap and abundant, and the volume
' of business promises to bs quite as
good ss laBt yea'B. Prices bave reached
a level which dealers claim to bs as
low as that in England. There is no
Erospect of a rise. The state of affairs
as put a check upon production.
Manufacturers say they intend to go
The wholesale grocers quote trade
better than it bas been at this season
of the year in a long time. The to
bacco and cigar business holds its
One of tbe most extensive dealers
in watches in Maiden Lane said yes
terday that the watch aad jewelry
trade, which is tbe first to be affected
by hard timer, and tbe last to come
up, is in a better condition than it bas
been for many years. Inquiry among
the leading representatives of the
business shows a very encouraging
state of things.
Great Bxeltement Prevailing
X neve lrfLredo.
Galveston. Tix.. Sente hot 6. A
New$ Laredo special (aya: ireat ex
citement prevails in Nuevo Laredo.
Mexico, this evening over the arrival
01 three wounded soldiers who have
jost returned from a fiht which the
government troops had tbis morning
near sauce, mirty miles distant, with
revolutionary forces under the com
mand of the notorious "El Coyote."
The ngnt toot - piace about sunrise.
The government tioops were worsted,
having two men killed and three
wounded, besides several cavalry
horses ehot. Volunteer companies
are being organized for tbe protection
of the city.as an attack is momentarily
expected by the revolutionists. Rein
forcements of eighty soldiers are on
the train from Monterey, which is due
at 8 o'clock p.m., bat it is apprehended
that El Coyote will catch and destroy
the railroad before the train can get
in. .It is reported over there that a
larseanmof monevin thnnnnt.nm honsa
has bsen sent to this side forsatetv.
Inquiry at the United States Custom
ilousa shows that only a few thousand
dollars bare piseed over, and that by
I private individuals. It ia therefore
probable the report was started to do
away with tbe temptation oi tbe rebels
to join Coyote's forces in order to bave
a Land in tbe plundering of tbe Cus
tom House, wounded soldiers, wlio
have returned from tha flu hi,, renre-
sent that Coyote's forces bad a lot of
, extra arm, and it is Bnpposed that he
I expee'ed to be joined by a giod many
i rotn when he got in'.o Kew Laredo.
-; It n;ay be that Cjjot only intends to
make adenptrate onslaught to rescue
two men now lying in jail condemned
to aeatn lor pariicipation in a JUexi-
can tuocal train robberr Bsveral
Tears sine. Co vote was in rommind
of tbe train, but the forces now under
Itodrtitatx, alias Uoyote. are hardly
enfficient or strong as to ye under-
taie an aiucK on so large a city.
Tbe Weekly Summary oflli.'
r'a Beyleer."
Chicago. September 6. The Farm
er' 1 JifiUw in this week's iwue will
print the following crop summary:
The frost which prevailed through
out a portion of the corn belt during
one night of the past week caused
very Utile damage to the growing corn.
The reports indicate that while the
drouth and continued hot weather se
riously icjured tbe general prospects
oi torn, it accelerated toe riut-niag 01
the grain, and in -sections cf Missouri,
Karsas, Iowa and Minnesota, a portion
of the crop bas euffii'iont'y matured to
be berocd daoger irom irosr. The re
ports in iicate, as a whole, that the corn
crop will be oat of the way of f ort
within fiftesn days if not attacked
prior to then, and a large proportion
of tne crop cannot De eouously men-
aced even now. The general pro;
peers for tbe output of con show no
marked improvemebt. Tne tenor of
the reports from all tbe Siates
except Obio, Indiana, Michigan
and Minnesota continue to predicate
a short crop. In the four States
named, the prospects continue favor
able for a full average yield, whiles
majority of the counties estimate the
yeiid at from 45 to 00 per coat. Re
ports from one balf of the counties
would indicate a general average of 62
per cent. Twenty-six Ooio countits
fftimate an average of 61 per cent.
Kansas. Miesouri and Wisconsin give
the promise of about one-half tbe
usual yield. The reports indicate that
tbe pastures are rapidly drying up,
although in portions of Illino s and
Iowa lata rains bave served to renew
the grass somewhat. Early planted
potatoes are generally good, tut late
planted are poor and in many districts
a nat latiure. Toe nogs are generally
reported with only scattering cases of
cnoiera as yet.
A Gloomy View of the Kx-Preal-
deal' Conatilua.
New York. September 6. A Boston
special to the Philadelphia Prat of to
day, says: An old friend of ex-Presi-
dent Arthur, who has jnst returned
from a yirtt to tne distinguished In
valid at New London, says the ex-
resident maintains at ail times a
forced cheerfulness, and still manifests
the liveliest interest in current events
and leading political questions of the
day, discuwing men and measures
with all his old time keenness, yet he
soon tires, his breathing becomes
shorter and an enforced ret ensues.
tie naa lost nesn until ne is tbe mere
shadow of his former self. The robust
physique and florid countenance are
gone. He feels the change bitterly
ana expressions ct sympathy ere very
cneerlng to mm, and these are on-
stantly ponring in from all sections of
tbe country. Mr. Arthur reads the
newspapers with the grea'est avidity
and any paragraphs 0! a foreboding
Kina aoout bimseit makes mm de
pressed and onxlons. lis attendants
exercise continued care regarding the
contents 01 pip9rs taken to mm.
There is little doubt that bis illneai is
a confirmed attack of a dreadful mal
ady, and that the inevitable result is
only a question of time.
Care of Sprain.
MiCEDOlt ClSTJE, WlVHB Co., N. Y.,l
February 28, 1885. f
Some years ago I badly sprained mv
stomach picking cherries, and have
suffered greatly ever since. Nothiog
has been so beneficial a Allcock'a
Plasters.. Tcey entirely cured me of
that trouble. I hive also been aflli.t-
ed with a lame ankle, but these Plas
ters soon enabled me to wa'k. I rec
ommend them whenever I have an
opportunity, ai I have found thera
very useful for over ten years. All-
cock's Piasters bave always done me
the ereatert Btrvic?. and I am evorv
day more and more convinced that no
household shou d be without them.
ense or Tellow Fever at ltw York.
Nsw Yokk, Septembsr O.-The 1
health, cllicers found Jajt nisht Grant
n e tm .
uoiaen. a nreinan on the Atlas stHm
er Alvo, a offering from VhIIow fever in
Et. Vincent's Hospital. The eteamer
came in last Week from a voyage to
me w est louies ana eoum American
ports and Golden, who is a Scotch
man, took - board at No. 321 West
street.' Saturday he was taken ill and
by Sunday niubt the characteristic
symptoms of yellow fever had devel
oped. The health officer removed him
to St. Vincent's Hospital, where he is
now lying. The steamer, hospital and
boarding house have been disinfected.
New York has scattered cases of yel
low fevrr every summer. This is tbe
firet this year. The health officers do
not foar that the contauon will sproad,
proiessing to Deueve tnat it can never
again obtain a loothoid in New York
Tn Voltaic Bslt Co., Marshall,
Mich, offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bklts and Electrio Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debility, Loss of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illustrated
pamphlet in sealed envelope with full
particulars, mailed free. Write them
at once.
Foully Murdered.
St. Louis. Mo.. Sentember 6. Mrs.
Bell Blake was killed at her home
near Glen Elder, Mitchell county,
A.aoeas, oainraay aiiernoon. The clr
cumstances attending her death strong
ly indicate murder. Aaron Blake, the
tatner-in-iaw 01 the woman, who wai
the only person at the house at tbe
time of her death, says she was killed
while attempting to mount a horse.
she being thrown and dragged and
trampled to death. But every indi
cation goes to Drove Bhe was foully
murdered. Her skull was crushed
over tbe left eye and at the baw, and
numerous ether wounds about the
bead and arms, but no lniariea halnw
tne waist. An inquest was held and
Aaron Blake, tbe father-in-law. in held
for murder. The hujband.and brother-
in-law, a. A. Blake, are also in custody.
ArthbUhop raroell'a Creditor
Cincikhati, O., September 6 The
creation 01 Arcnoisnop rarcell met
yesterday niternoon ana paised a reo
tion catliog upon the trustees of the
assigned property to begin tbe nav-
rnent of rents on church property to
the value of $1,000,003. Tiie trusiees
promised to look intj the law about
tbe ma ter. A resolution was a'ro
passed railing upon the trusiees of St.
Joseph's Onmetory to prevent Arch
bishop Elder from presiding, attend
ing or voting at tbe meetings of the
trustee". Accompanying the resolu
tion was a deiuaul upon all Irish
churchmen lo br.alt away from the
secular domination of the Catholic
The Condemned Bomb Throwers
Speeches by Mrs. A. It. Far
sons and Others.
Chicago, III., September 6. Three
thousand socialists and their sympa
thizers took tbe tiain for Sheffield,
Ind., yes erday morning to attend tbe
picnic given by the Socialistic Pub
lishing Company for the purpose of
raising money for the defense of the
condemned anarchists. Prominent
amor.g tuose there could bo seen Gen.
Parsons, brother of A. R l'aisone,
Ferdinand Spies and others of the
former leadors. The father of Oscar
Nee bo and Dr. Ernst Schmidt also
attracted at ention. Admiring crowds
gathered around Mr?. Parsing and Mrs.
Schwab, both of whom talked loudly
and defiantly of anarchy, present and
to cme,
Aftar speeches by French and Ger
mans a song was sung to the tune of
the Marseillaise with great enthusiasm.
When .Mrs. A. R. Parsons stepped to
tne iront sue was greeted with ap
plaup. She was as pronounced as
ever in her speexli, bitterly denounc
ing the whole proceedings of the
"If," said she, "thee men are hung
it will De ioui murder. II they are
hung and yoa people before me do
cot resent it powerfully and so that it
will ba rememberad for many years to
cone, yon are unworthy to be called
mn. In the words of Thomas JeflVr-
aon.that were quoted at the hay market
on max nutoric mgat: 'Kesistance to
tyranny is obedience to God.' If
the men who have ground you under
their feet for so long are not tyrants,
who are ? If your late action has not
been obedience to God what bas it
been? When the conviction of our
glorious martyrs went abroad, all over
tbe world, King and Queens clapped
their hands, and why ? Would they
have done so on hearing of the c
vio ion of any ordinary murderers ?
No indeed. It is bscauBe they knew
tbeir own weaknesa and fear our
'rength that they rejoice in thedown
fall ot our heroes. It is your duty,
and I demand of you to echo the
era ih cf those seven scaffold traps by
a counter crash that all this country
will hear, and hearing, tremble. You
know that it is for you and our glori
ous piinciples that those men now
Buffer in their cells. See that tbeir
persecution does not go unrewarded."
The similarity of opinion between
speaker and audiencs was evinced by
wild and prolonged cheering and the
waving of many red flags in the hands
of excited anarchists. No more speech
making occurred and tbe day found
an end with much beer drinking, ac
companied by repetitions of the "Mar
seillaise" and the copious flattering
of red flagc.
A Good Speech by Jades Horg-nn
. Befoie Large Audience.
Blub Mountain. Mis;.. September
1. The Hon. J. B. Morgan, Demo
cratic ncmipee for Oonitraes, bp ike
here last night to a good audience.
His speech was well received. His
discussion of the policy of the present
administration and tbe work of tbe
Forty-niutb Congress was able and
precise, snd left all feeling that the re-
lorm is indeed going on. lie paid li s
respects to the small sou'ed men who
permit petty local prejudice to influ
ence their votes npon great national
i-euee, and just as he reached the cli
max upon this point the earth quaked,
tne uouse rociseu ana tne chandeliers
swung to and fro as if nodding a
triumphant assaut. Surely "traih is
power." DKHOCBAT.
When We Demoralise the Stomach
1)7 eicesaes or lmDrooanoa in antinir. w
oannoi nope 10 escape tbe consequenoes for
any great length of time. The most r ibun
digestion must suooutnb to abures of 1b.1t
imuorUnt funotion. But supposing that ne
hire been foolish enough to enfeeble the
stomach, is tbe damage irreparable? By no
means. The dyspeptic bu oniy to do two
things to insure his ultimate recovery. First,
he should adopt an easily diirontihu Hint.
becond, he should use with regularity and
nersiatanoe llostetter'a Stomach Bitters, the
leading gastrie Invigcrant of tbe age. Tbe
multiform symptoms ot dyspepsia, and the
almost Invariable attendant disorders, bil
iousness and constipation, will assured
oease to persecute tbe sufferer if tbe above
advioe is attended to. Who that hai suffered
the torment that chronie indigestion In
flicts will negleot to take admit. M a
remedy which, if the most positive evidenoo
ot the medioal profession and tbe publlo is
to be received with due oredenoa, is an abso
lute sped do for tbe complaint.
The Locomotive EaKineers.
Scbantom. Pa., September 6. A re
union of the Brotherhood of Locomo
tive Engineers was held in the Acade
my of Music yesterday. At a secret
meeting held in the morning a resolu
tion was adop'.ed expressing Strom
approval of the action of Grand Chief
Arthur during the recent labor
troubles in the Weat and Southwest.
In tbe afternoon a public meeting was
held. Mayor Ripple welcomed the
engineers to Scranton, and addresses
were made by Shannon McGnire,
Congressman Scranton and Grand
Chief Arthur. About 1509 engineers
were in attendance.
Scots' Kmulelota.
Of pure Cod Liver OiL with Hyno
phosphites, is a most valuable ntnady
for consumption, ecrotuia, wasting dis
eaees of children, colds and chronio
coughs, and in all conditions where
there la a loss of flesh, a lack of nerve
power and a general debility of tbe
imOlai. v,
tt 6PEC1AL
Prepared with strict rceartl toPuHJv. Rrfenirlh and
H,.ailhr,ilni.. IT. PiW" llilnic Powdtr coiitaliis
no Ammoiil.l.(nu.,Aliim or 1'hoi-l'hfttMi.lir. Prim's
KitrauU, Vaallla, louioo, ovo., Uaur dellcloiuly.
PRIC BAMG POWOr CO'. CMenjo and St Lai'i
tVlMTCD MlKNTH.Mon and Worost.
VSAtlltU to sell "TUB CHILD'
ID LB " Introduction by K-.J. U. Vis
oent, D.D. One agent bas sold 8 In a ton:
of 6ft people; one 71 in a rillate. of 794 01
new ager.t 85 In I'l days: one ii two secern
five weeks? one to in i days at two diSsre e
tlicss.,jbxperiencs ootnecassarv. Aidreii
VAnnauii u i u,
W DearboiD I'.rett, Chicftio.
The: Appetite
Jlny be Increased, the Pifrestlve orgat
itrcngthened, and the Bowels regulated,
Jy taking AVer's Tills. These nils are
purely vegetable In their composition.
l'hey contain neltier calomel nor any other
Jungerous drug, and may bo taken with
perfect lafety by persona of all ages.
I was a great sufferer from Dyspcp.Ia
and Constipation. I had no appetite.
rx-came preatiy tiemmaiea, ana vvus con-
lumlly amtcted wun tieauocue ana Dizzi
ness. I consulted our family doctor, who
prescribed for me, at various times, with.
out allowing more man temporary reiicr.
t finally commenced taking Aytr'a fills.
In a abort time my digestion and appetite
piy bowels were regulated, and, hv the
Hme I finished two boxes of the Pills my
tendency to lieadnches had dlsapcartHl,
and became strong and well. Darius
41. Logan, VV Unjil6'ton, 1M.I.
I wn trnnbU'C, for over a rear, with
Loss of Appetite, and Ucncrnl lH-Mlity.
I commenced taking Ayor's l'illx, and, be
fore finishing half a box of this medicine,
my appetite ami sircngui were restored.
c. u. tiam, uaubiiry, ooun.
Ayor's rills are tbe best medicine
known to me for rcmilatlnir the bowcli.
and for all diaeasea caused by a disordered
Stomach and Liver. I suffered fur over
three years with Headache, Indigestion,
Sim constipation. 1 nau no appetite, and
svaa weak and nervoua moat 01 the UiJ
three bozea of Ayera Fllla, and, a7, tt)
lame time uniting myscir, 1 was cem-
pletely cured. Aly Olgestlvo organs ara
now In good order, and I am In perfect
kcaitn. railp Lockwoou, lopeaa, Kaus.
Ayer'irilla have benefited mo wonder
fully, t or months 1 suucrcu irom lnul
jcBtibn aud Headache, was rettlcsa at
Dlght, and bad a bad taste In my mouth
tvery morning. After taking one box of
AVer's rills, an these troubles disap
peared, my food digested well, and my
neep was rerrcaaiug. xiuury v. xiein-
Hienway, Bocaport, Mass
1 I was enred of flat PQea by the me of
Ayer's Fills. They not otih; relieved ma
it that painful disorder, but gave me Id
treased Vigor, and restored my bealtik
ouu Lazarus, ot. gouo, n . B. t
Aycr'o Pillo
counterioits are maue in Bt. Loan, Mo.
0- II Hi
ATT A UTTa T Twrri
Bel tlieCJennlne Arllele Theareat
Eopnlarity of " Wilbor s Compound ol Ood
iver Oil and Lime" has Induced some un
principled persons to attemnt to oalm off a
simple srucie 01 ineir own manuiacturei
but any person who is suBenng from Coughs,
voias or vonsumpuon. sliouia be careiui
whers they purchase this article. The re
sults or its use are Its best recommendations ,
and the proprietor bas ample evidenoe on
file of Us rreat sucoess in pulmonary com
plaints. The Phosphate of Lime possesses a
most marvelous hralina power, as combined
with the pure Cod-Liver Oil bv Dr. Wilbor.
It is prescribed by the medioal faoulty. Bold
11 y A. 11. tviLBoa, Chemist, Boston, ana
Curo Dinoares of
Elcrses, Cattle. Sheep
In tine for over 20 years by Farmers,
MocKorocucrs, uorso u. it., &o.
Used by U. S. Covornment.
Houoted on Rollers A Book Mailed Free.
Humskreya' Med. Co., 109 Fulton St.. N. T.'
3 specific No. a o
it umu :ai wtiftin. Tha onl miMMtawfnl Mtnd far
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness,
nd PnisiLration. from ow-work or nLhsr mo
91 pftrviat, orA Ttnlisvnd largv tUI powder, for 94,
Kouj BT lHUMil'TH, or ni pontpjiifi on rtxwipiui
prtOO. Hlalplsrf!' alMJsmMU., iuw wmnm m., . I
1ELTH IN WKA1.TH.-Da. B fl.
Wuv1. Nuts isn Ruts I'mvyiiv.
agnaranteed speclle for Hysteria, Dlssl-
uvBB, vuuruiNtiDWi ifta. ierToui neurai
gla, Headache. Servers Prostration, caused
by the use of alcohol or tobacco i Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Beltening of tbe
Drain, resniung in insanity ana lea lag to
misery, deeay and death: Pre mature md
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power in either
mt involuntary Ijosmi and Spermator
rhea, caun J by over-exertion of the brain,
self-abuse or overindulrenoe. Kaon box eon-
tains one month's treatment. 11 a box, or
six noxes for so, sent bv mail prepaid, on
reoelpt of orloe. We enarantce tiix Boxes
to sure any ease. With each order received
by na for six boxes, accompanied with II,
we wilt send ths purchaser our written
guarantee to refund ths money if the treat
ment does not effect a cure. Ouarantees
Issued only b a. HKMK.alKT A 00., Vrug
gists, Memphis, Teni.
Positive Cure for Piles.
For sale by all drigslsts.
Leipzig Conservatory,
on the first of September. Voice Training
and Vocalisations specialty.
Apply at K. Wumann A Co.'i,Becond
street, nr O. K. I uck, Main street.
Olllce, m Main Street,
First Door fc uth of Englnehouse.
aarStrict attentin given to all buiisesi la
SEPTEMBER 7, 1836.;
The Planters Firo and Marino Insurance Co.
Office ia Company! Building, No.
D. X. roaiBB, pre. u. ovr.KTON. Jr., Vlee-Pree. 1 1. U. HMITH. See'y
, .' si. in tk,
1HRMTOKH-S H. BKOOKS. ol Brooks.
lAtiu-Tftl 'it S ,
IMtUTL-U .r ft. ft. .
' - .-..I. winv,
J. M Pill 1.1 . 1 -1
Vontmenrf l Biitlneaa in Ik7.
Alio Represents the 1 8pBiaurin.o Firs, of
miH iTiiK
39 Union St.,
I, X. f AMAflOsT.
0. 0. mi jr.
J. T. FAR6AS0N k GO.
Ulioltale Grocers & Cotton Factoir,
SSfl rromt Stretst, MemphlM, Tentt.
Staple k Fancy Groteries, Wlnei, Llquort,Tflbci & Clgara,
a will salt
.'tl niMl 3G Mad i son
awaw -wew' i m
C eat In as,
Grist- Mills
I mnll
Iwm and m,tJh
Brass gsT .-
aT .:.':tS
- toi-tvr-ycr ft.K MrrA'j.r hwft
p. in 1 1 1 ,."ift.":..
' awJajftjsi,,' njjstn-riinOdl
(Successors In this lenartmcnt to JOHN MANOtiUK.)
r-Wrlte OS for information on ANY TI1INI4 'n itbrllno.
RBeeossori to POBTEB, T1IL0B C0M
Cotton Factors
J. 1. BAILEY & CO,
33G (Second Street, Memphis.
A Materials. Pa mpf. t'rivii WsjIIii, Iron, Ltinrs
mil ttiMTfimr a nn
Cotton Factors and
C-S&3 gynt Pt.. XIcmphLi, Tesuu
hill, mnm & co.
Cotton Factors. Commission merchants,
Ho. HO 0iith ZXaln Bt.. Ot. Is-tulA.
mmmammimnmmmmmmmmmmmmmw is isaaa
aroHivr jl.
Hanufacturor of
Xll.Ee riUK CB.AVV
rnowT TrFTsrrrr.
M. Savlat. Xotaa . ajtslll vnn.
l'ssiasSB HbaM-sae W
Wliolcaalo C1rocerR, Cotton Factors
And Ccraratafiian KerchsRU,
232 ani ?M Front Ei, Hcmphis, 'fens,
Mr. L 9 SAINET devotes his whole time to the weighing and sals of ill Oottoa satntted
Pi or.ohargs.Colten Warehouse, W WashiaaUia streaU
41 MsmIIiiob Hired, Memphla, Tnn.
AtnUlHnl Nrerelnry.
Neelv Co. : K. L. COFFIN, of DIPnr.1 A Cm, .
jeiiaviiniwaiss.i J. 1, mn.Lf, j. n.
ft. it . i mnu t W ,T "
vim v) an wiii.i.i . v, mini
II ft UIIU'IU 1'k'llVU '
l.oNHra Pnltl, Over Haifa
FftnlMllw HmImmI.
tiprincfield, Mass. 1 Ososou Iloua Ixscrahcb
lity.o! mattanoora, lenn.
Memphis, Term.
1. L WOeMOl
Waaerry at all ttassa weJJ.
Lew tie VweS.
WL, 1 tHempliU. Ter n
aws aew
Kioto 174 Adams St., Memphl?
Bar Iran,
Boiler I rem
II oop, Rksh
tnumi srosi
1 flwle.
DEPT. 22 and 228 Second St.
. K. WITT.
utrl HinrtA Pltrn Ohm Fixtnrftiii Olohrtd, Kto
. . X
HlliL (b UUi
Wholesale Grocers
a. w. tomlin: wm, bksjkh.
Tomlin & Benjes,
179 Main 8t.f Memphis
Offer special Inducements In Open Duggles
cl our own maae, at ro iop uuesies ol
our own make, at 111. All work wi
ranted. Call bekrs yoa buy.
snr Having dlspised of onr sntlrs stock of
Vehicles and fie manutaoturmg Depart
ment to Messrs. TOMLIN A BKNJbS, we
bespeak for tbem a continuance of ths
patronage so lone extended tons.
Alabama Lime,
EI.ANTKlt I'Altl.S.
mt.tit'pttts tfww.
rnt. Vlartt. V. I. Vim k.
oUmm2ms'ii S ssst VaBetCJ
" 7S
tTATERISQ placfs
WILL be opened Jane 1st. This noted
waterinr-plaee is situated sii miles
from Jttna Furnace, on the Nashville aad
Tusoaluona railroad, in Hickman eonnty
lenn. Hack will meet all trains at Jitna
and will eonvey tuests to sprinjs at a vary
low rate.
Borl, 920 Per Month 1 SI Per ttnp.
Kiteclel BtMtea to ranslllee.
Vie invite all who wish to spend the most
pleasant seaion of their lives to come to
lieaverdam,esieciallr seekers of pleasare
and health.
uooa water and Dure air is
. Liverymen, Centreville. Tenn.
K. A. DKaN, PrirJntrevllle Hotel.
Honkhriilv IV V. ii:..v.
... . - w vu., . m, ,ii,u U, ,n ftHV
Vlrainla mountains. lVtorrniue sun-oand-IniS.ejtensiveand
beautitullj shaded lawn.
Oas, electric bolls, and all modern Improve
ments. Two dill I v mi ill. milt. tl.0ra..k a
eipreis offices on the promises. Table the
verv best. Luiurinu.ly lurnished roomst
snrsrb hand nf mosio. Send for illustrated
pamphlet. Charges moderate. Oin for vis
itors. June lftth. Haifr.; Al,m. ClmhUaU
ami iw.io,. R.T.W,CIsAn.M.v?
Anioner the Northern Lakpn.
of Vyisennsin, Minnesota and Iowa, are hon
dreds of deligntlul places whore one can pass '
the summer months in nuiet ret aad enjoy,
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated term ooinulptelv rnii,vnft,a.i ir..k
reourrint season brings to Uoonomowoo.
Waukesha, lleaver Ilara, Krontenao, Oko
boji, Minnetonka, White Dear, and Innu
merable other charming localities with ro
niantio names, thousands of our best people
whose winter homes arson either side ol Ma.
ton and Unon's line. Elegance and com
fort, at a moderate cost, can be readily ob
tained. A list ot Summer honi. with -II
necessary inlorma Ion iiertaining thereto, is
being distributed hv the Chicioo, Mii.wao
bss ftSD Bt. Pftin. KaiLWAV, and will be sent
free unon aenlioaliin hv ltir in A v a
Carpenter, General fasseiger Agent. Mill
nkee. Wis.
Crab Orchard Springs,
T INCOLN COUNTY, K Y.-The eicell.n
XJofthe culfine. and accommodations char
aotoristio of this hotel during the past three
fears, shall be fully maintained this season.
Excursion tickets tn the Nnplnn hw Ik- 1.
and N. Kallwav ara good via Louisville, both
going and returning, In proceed 00 first train
succeeding arrival In Louisville.
w T. MKAVr. rreift't. . . C. KTOO. S,,n
DR. I).
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEM PUIS.
I A-ssful nlivsicimn In thip-.im-Mt..c
or secret diseases. Uulck, permanent ourea
guaranteed in every ease, male or female.
Recent cases of Uonorrhsa and Byphllls
oureu in a i w a ays witnout tne use or mrr
eurv. ehan.e of ill.! nr himt..... (v
ce from
business, beoondarj Syjihills, the last ves-
y eyr-l'l
ottthe 1
iigeeraiucaicii witno-itthe use nfmeroury.
nVOlunSurV loss of .IIIn stltltltetl In ahnrl K
time, tiullerers from imiiiileiiov ar nf
seiual powers restore to freeviyorin a few
weeas. victims or sell -anuse an.letcM.nlvs
venery, sudering from sperinatorihra and
loasof physioai and mental imstr, spe-lily
and poriuiinently cured. Part cular i tt ra
tion paid to the Diseases of Worn, n. un.l
oures guaranteed. Piles and old uns cuied
without the use ofcaustio or the kml'e. Ail
consultations strlotlv flAtin,l,nili,l. M-.n.
oines sent by siprsss to all parts of ths
inginen enred at hnlf the nsnal
ne hours from g n'cli.nlr . m u
rates. I'Diosu
o'clock p.m. D. B. JOHNSON, M.D.
A book of 1(10 pares.
'J be best book lor
anadvei tlsertooon
suit, be he experi
enced er otherwise
It contains lists ol
( m - - anadi
newspapers and estimates 01 the oost of ad
vertising. Theadvertiserwhowants to spend
one dollar, Rnds in'it ,'.he Information he re
quires, while torllhlin who will Invest one
hucdred thouaanddollers lnr.adverttsing. a
scheme Is Indicated which will meet his
ei.ry req ilr.ment, or ean bs mads to do so
by si isrbt chanrei easily arrived at bv corre
spondence. One hundred and fllty-tbree
editions have been issued, tient. postpaid,
o any aoiiresslor ten oeats. AppIv to UKO.
. KIMVKI.L L'O., MKWbPAfblll A D
ERTIHINll BIlHKAlr.lnHnrasaii. IPrlnt-
lae Honse Kmur . New VnTk.
gjoi rB retailer for Hie OrlrlnaJ tS Hhoe;
. lif.wnronf Iniluitions.
Kone Oennloe nuleae bearing thlsHtemp.
Uado In Button, Uommes and Lace. Put Cntf
lien, unfftotnivi la ftrr
pUUy, OofltDii ami Ai ipear
Ofv.. A postal oanl sent to)
nswiu pring you inrorma
(Ion how to gel tills Bh.w la
iauy Btatewlerrttory.
mm a Co.;
This mint uuttls tilKnfir In tha ffrtfrnattnii of
Mi- lUit.
Orrirs Mbhpiub Uab Lioht Cnunar,!
MsurlllM. TlFIK. I
BT order of tbe Board ot Plrectori of the
Meinnhis Oas Lialit Oomnanv, made
July 6, lml, a moating ol the stoc holders ft.
said oomiiany was called to he beld nn Mon
day, Ontiiher , 1HKII, at the ollioe of the coin
pany, In Msinphis, at 12 in., to consider and
act uiion a contract made by the Board et
Directors with Tasini District ol tilislbs
county, a copy ol which contrsct has beet
sent by mail to each stockholder. In furthei
nursuance of said order of the Board, notloc
of said masting is hereby given to the stock
holders ol said oomiiany, and they are earn
estly requested to be present, or send proxies
with their instructions as to the voting of
their stuck upon this proportion to socept
or rejeot said oontraot.
J U.I I. I'll UllAl't,
Secretary of Meinuhis ties Liabt Co.
Beptemberl, im.
And Iron Roofing.
Fire. Wind. Water nnd 1 Iwhlnlnar
proof. Huitahle for r.ii kinds ef buildings.
ror prices nav taiiuiates at lactorr r. Ui.
oall en or address
138 Alto Main St., and 21 A 21 Mulberry St.,
ileadunarters tor Iron Fences and Orestlne.
Galvanised Iron Oornioe.'l'in H'ofs AMnfes.
It 12. tie EftiTATJE.
No. 5."SS, R. D. Chancery Court nf phelbv
county. Mate oi lenaessre vs. burah
Morrison et ai.
BK virtue of an tnterl. cntory decree for
sale entered in the sbova ennaa on the
Nlh day ot Decainber, IHS.V M. 11. Ul, pass
321, I will soli at ptiblioaui'tion. to the hih
est bidder, in Iront of ho t'lrrk and Mas
ter's othce, eourthoustl ' bhclby oounty,
Memphis, Tennes'ee, on
Mntnrtlejr, Neptsmriv '1, IHNfl,
within leeal hours, the fcll'iir,. lccrib(d
property, situated in hlitltijr c.lu 'y. loi-
nesiee. to-wit:
N. lot 51. Iron nr 2I'4 feet on the east
side ol Cuickesnw street by a d-pth cf 1 lS
set, said lot boing 71 '4 lost smith of Win
chester street. Sold nn property of the un
known I eirs of J. A. Orkett.
rart of country lot .VS. Iront na 7 feetcn
the north sitln nf Auctinn street, by a depth
of HS' J Iret, H.ld as property ul barah lior
risnn and others.
Lot I7H. fnintirg !I7 feet on the est lido
ol Main strotit, bv lect deep, Tl'i feet
ni'Ttli of Auc'inn streot.
lermsol bsle-On a credit of six months.
note bearing iitrrent. wuh secuniy. re
quired t lien retained; redemption barred.
jlus'iin uavoi ausu-i, iwi.
. I. MrDOWtl. 1,, L'tork and Jl:uiter.
I'v II. F. Coleman. Dnnutv 0. and M.
F. II. A 0. W. He.i.l:nll. soljniiors.
KKOOK1.V5I, !. V.-Board'.n the liill,
Mrs. II. C, Howard, 2i Washington
Park. Honius Ihiko: location deliglnlul.
Convenient to c-trs to Manhattan itaach.
Coney Inland, Lung Reach and Central l ark. I
m J.
! It Mttftw i uncoin
also lo Kew xora places oi amusement.
rusted to bit cm.

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