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The Beenlar Monthly Eeport for
Intuit r Hill. Fun.
talne & Co.
The following Is Hill, Fontaine &
Cj.'b report ci the condition ol tha
co'.ton crop for August:
Crop Hvport far Ad Butt.
Herewith is submitted our regular
monthly tepoit, showing the condt
the 8 of the itrowinp; cot'on crop in the
Memphis d strict, which embiacpg
'NVect TVnuerseo, North Miaiienippi,
.North Arkansas aod Aorta Alabama.
The repdrt is msda from 3 10 responses
ti letters of ir.quir, Kent oat Augnit
28tb, the rcpiiea to wtiieh bear average
da'ff cf September 1. The weather
-daring August has not foat-n tba most
fa voi able to coUjd, allhotuh a large
majority of oar correspondent"! report
it much more favorable tliaa lust year.
Tne wet weather which pievalled in
June left the plant in p:or condition
to withstand a droutb, and U o warm,
dry weather which extended from
early in July to about the middle of
August, earned mat rial shedding and
thi ra is a ernnral coinn'amt of
injury to the plant through jut (he en
tir d s net vara inn cjuso, lotteiuor
with met, which s alao generally c nv
pla ned of except in Misfiaaippl, where
the outcome of the crop is ooied m"t
favorably, beasonahlu aliowi-re full
during Um latter part of Anguet, and
tuera lias boen a msrked improvement
in the crop since that period. Tne
plant in reported rs being unusually
Heavily fiuited, and in a majority of
casei id retaining itipqusrea aod bulls.
Of the 310 reipiDHxa, "L'O report the
crop in better oondii iou tlian last year,
which is a fair index of the bright
prispecw for a full average yield with
in the district. F.cking his begun
in some fw localities but will not be
come general throughout the diatrict
Dutii about Hepiember 18. Notwith
standing the d mango repotted, thu in
dira'iona are that with fair seaeona
and a late Host the yield of thia district
will excel d ttiote of the past three
" Weather. 88 report tv e weather
during August as having been
favo able lo: c ;ttcn aod 10 report
it unfavorable; 40 report it more fa
vo:ablo than lust year, 0 les favorable
and 2 about the s tine.
fruiting, etc.'M report the plant
as fruiting well and retaining its
(quarts and bolls nnilli not so well.
Condition of tlic Crop 3i report the
cop in Rood condition, 8 (n fair con
dit rn and 0 in poor condition; 42 re
port .1 in better condition than lart
year end 6 not ro good.
Picking. None report picking 88
having commenced, but will bui'ome
general about Hiiptembrr 20lh.
yiytiry to the Plant. 40 report some
injury to the plant from drouth, shed
ding and rut t and 8 report no damnge.
. Wtatlur. i(J report the weather dur
ing August as having b en favorable
for cotton ami 0 r port it unfavorable:
60 repoit it more favorable than lait
year, 4 lus favotable aud 8 abjut the
Fruiting, c 70 report tho plant as
fruiting well and lo aiuiug its squares
and boils and 2 not so well.
Condition of the Crop. 42 report the
cr.ip in goud condition and 3 J in fair
condition ; 52 repoit it in bettor condi
tion than last year, 2 in not Bi good
and 18 about the came.
Picking 8 repoit picking as having
commenced, an j it will became general
about Sai t -mbor I5:h.
Injury to the Plant. 44 report injury
t the plant (r im drouth, nheduing
and lust and 27 iej ort no damage.
Weather. -H leport the weather
durinK Augntt as having beenftvor
able for co ton, and 78 report it un
favorable; 72 r port it more favoreble
ibaa hi t yi ar, 32 lees favoiable and 18
abou. the aame.
Fruiting, etc. 02 rrport the cr jp as
fruiting well and returning; its iquarea
and bolls, and GO not so well.
Condition of tiie Crop. 40 report the
crop in good condition, 00 in llr con
dition, and 10 in poor condition ; 02
report it in butler condition than Inst
year, 10 r ot so goad and 14 abont the
Picking 02 report picking as hav
ing CMUiimncei, aod it will become
gar eral a'n ut Bep'omber 15th.
Injury to the i'lun.lOG report injury
to tba plant from dtoath, shedding
aod runt and 10 report no damage.
Wtatlwr. 32 report the woatber
during Augutt as hav'ng been favor
able f r cot ten, and 30 report it un
favorable; 42 tepoit it mora favorable
timn last year, is leas luvor.tbla aud 8
about ilisnn-
fruiting, etc. 48 repoit. the p'uit
ss frui ing ell snd training iti
fqMRrn a id b la i nd 20 not so wall.
Condition of the Crop 0 report the
cr p in good coLdiuon, 38 la (air con
dition mi 1 4 in pi or coi dition,
Piling 2 repoit picking a having
cimti'ttuced and it will become gen
ki fbout September 2Cth.
Injury to the Plant. (i4 leport irfury
to 1 1. h plant l orn dr. nth. shedding
at d rust, a id 4 report n dnmaae.
AunRi.aATa-310 khi'onnk.s.
Weather. IHi) report the weather
('uritii! AuiruHt as hxviug been favora
bly for ni.iton and 130 rvpoit it unfiv
nrMe; 214 rinit it in- r favorable
t ai last yi ar, DO lata favorable and
30 aoir the g nm.
Piulthig. rv -JiQ report tha plant
h fniiiiig well ami rtt'i'iiing its
Sipi-r" mm bolls t fid 0 1 lint BO well.
Condition ( the Cop I IS ronrrt the
crp hi I'oin corK'itu i) v.m tn imr cop
di in a id 20 li po.r to-d tion; 220
ieto-' it i ib tier cuidi'inn t'iBn last
jea', "1 no; ajg odnud f O about the
Pukii.g. "d report pi kin as haV'
ms ioiiuj.i lie d unl it will become
Ufiitra t!irnng. ml thu d etrist kbut
ce'euiner .riwi.
Iiijwy to tiie I mil, 2"4 report In-
i'iy n the plai t f nm drouth, ahud
din and ru it and 65 rep' r. no dm-
I'Alallr N'ubbrd by nn I'nltuuwa
Pnic knn Ti r. Siril..lY.lm.' 7 r!KaU-
Sircl ir, a itiiild ergej mmi, who camo
t) ihii city from KaaefB City only ye-
re'nar, wis iaimy n"t) u py an nn
known mm on the lak-t front at th
Innl i t InilinnAKt'A t. 'nfn luitnluht
Sinrl tir hi ya li waa end avcrintr to
pari mo unm who wera ngaurg. 101
policx t'link it will b impottib'e t
arreft h's apaailant as tVey have beei
given no dexr ption of him.
Minlttrr MunBeadeit.
PiTTsBUBn. Pa . Knntnnibnr 7 lis
n. m STMoinl f lnmml i&l in nl TTnllArt
rPA.hvlAl i n Minlr.p. anil V.'itpM. nf
which Dr. E B. Kwing, of Pi'tsbnrg,
:ia chairman, tha iiotod caeo of Rev.
Chail' s B. mvtri. th iol ibitd pav
toi of the Fi tt United Presbyterian
Chnrcr.,of Harlem, aiialoBt the United
Preabyt-riao Nynod of New Voik,
came up tor trial in tbe Unit ad Pres
byterian Publication Building th s af
ternoon. Rev. Pmythe wasu'pended
July 15th, 1885, by the synod for "a
cource of action tending to div.de bis
congregation," and "the manifestation
of an improper p'rii." The case wai
appealed lo the 1H85 General Aeeembly
atTopeka. No action was taken, and
at thu lUmilton, O., late General Ab
eemblv, was referred to thia commis
sion for final ac inn. .
ATarkr HnntCaiiaitr Convention
Hbool Opnd-Peraonal
Mem loo.
fcoaaiaroaDiacE or thi arriAL.I
Maitik, Tem., September 0. Lait
Fiiday morning about 4 o'clcck, Mr.
E. II. Badger and Mr John Coleman,
under the guldanc of the genial and
affable turkey hnnter, Mr. JubeUla'S,
visited the "black swamp," twelve
milea lrom 1 eie. By 4 o'clcck that
evening the hunters had bigaed fonr
wild tnrkeysand several squirrels.
The Martin Iliiih School opened Au
gnH 31st with 165 pupils. Prof. Good
win, the princ pal, Is one of the best
teacbers in the btate.
Tbe County Convention mot at
Dresden Sept-mbcr 1st to appoint
delegates to the Conr-sonal Con
vention, which meets at. Brownsville
the 8 h of Ssplotnber. The d. lega'ea
ware instrncted for the Hon. VV. P.
Caldwell, Weakley county's candidate.
TheeloDgitid pbyiinguotny of the
mall boy and the darky are poei ive
proofs that the melon s a :ou is noarly
Bomi of our citiz ma will tike in the
Chicpgo excorsi'n. The fact that
Maj. fcSangiion will have charge of the
excursion is an as.urance that it wi 1
be successful.
The earthquake wa? fait by some cf
our cit'xttiB, while a great may knew
nothing about it until tho foilowirg
mornine. The shock came at I)
Mr. Bob KiDg, Domccrnt, lato K g
is'or of the ct un'y, but defeated at the
Auguft election by hie R'j.tblican op
poueutjwill conuet the elect on, as
he was defeated bv but four votes.
The young people of Martin er. joyed
themadvoi very much utaaen'ortain
inent given by Jmtice R'dgway, a, his
residence on the night of the 2d.
Mis Kfllo Bu'net, who baa been
hero o i'a visit ti her (trindfither,
.TiiHilr Riilcwnv. ntu-ned lest even
ing to her bomn in raimorsville.
Beef ci'tle are only 13,20 per
pound in this market.
Crops are needinv rain.
Dr. K. M. Nca', lute of Mariin, bnt
now of Union Oitv. was her on a vh.lt
8alurday nitht the serenud rs were
out, discoursing ramie wtlcti was al
most as sweet ei if rendered by the
famout Gilmoro Bind.
A "Norlnl Kay" ( (he Tunug Mac
W8T Point. Mies.. Bentember 4.
S.tuated on Hie tattteru boundury of
City county ai.d b v cqud d stunie
from Columbus, Wst Point aud Aber
deen, and overlooking tin Tombigbee
river is, perhapa, the moet costly tesi
deuce ever eroded in the Stite of Mia
elasippl, ovtnd atul occupied tolely
and alone t y tne genial, ug neurt a
Capt W. L, Vcung. Ma y wne tbe
ulad htarts made uy an Invitation to
atleml one of theso ' social" days at
the Yonng mansion (Waveily) on
KeDteuiebr 3J. Among the ladies were
seen Miss Ivniise Muluro of Mtaik-
ville, Wi s Helen Minge of Mobllo.
Mieses Conine aod Mary D. Bvkes of
Aberde n, Mis-:es Trotter ot V:n-on,
Miea-te Ynunir. Wettb.ook. Foindex-
ter, M s. Fit's atd her iovely daugl.-
ters Mieses JNulta fcim M( ggie ot watt
Point, aud a hist if others whoee
tames were not given. Suffice ta Bay,
to one who bs evr attended one of
the e m htrirg at Waverly.it would
be U'eltis to attempt to dt scribe, and
to ill 84 who have never attendo J.otir
humble advice is, be su e and avail
yourself of the first opportunity.
O. 11. A.
IHnllonnl Telepbono Amoclnllon.
St. Liuis. Mo.. Seoember 7. Tbii
moriing at 11 o c'ock the National
Telephone Exchange Association
began their cooveutton in tne main
arlor of tbe bootbern note', inai
huildins is filled with delegates, in-
teretted eloctr clans and camp fol
lowers, such ai supply mon, etc.
About 150 del-gates are prMient, rep
reentirg neily eviry t-tate. Tne
Kxeeutive Committee, cmsiating of
O. N, Fay, president, ex-officio mem
ber; Jan. Biglerot JNewDuign, . x ;
Henry Met.gorof r t sburg, ra.; u.
K. Cutler of New York, aud R. M.
Billeyof William port, Pa , met this
morning and consiJered the conduct
of the convention, deciding to meet
and have stsstons from 10 o'clock a tn
to 1 o'clock p.m. and from 3 o'clock
P.m. to 6 o'clock r.m. daily. C. N.
Fay presided this morning. The first
business was roll call, addresses of
president and report of secretary, and
diecuwion on chanson to tne c metitu-
Uon audiuieaof tie avocation, left
over f-orn thu last met ting. September
10, lt-8), at lYwidonce. Tne papera
wi.lbe taken up tomorrow.
Trrmnnt Elertlona.
Wurnt Rivitn JriNcrio.f. Vt.. Son-
tetnber 7. Althouuh this is an off
yeir and there are no questions ol
nniilin rnlii v nf a vorv lincortAn-
natur to be decido I by today'a e'ect
Unit, it is evid' t tha . both the Ro
pu blir an and Peru, cratle parties will
poll a vote largriy in exceaa oi uiai
liauallv ouHt.in in t ft vea. The rela
tive strength cf lim tao triniiial par
ties in the Stdo. 8 exhibited iu pre-
1 ' . . ! I I
vicim e ecno-'S, romati a iincnangHa.
Thu main ir.me lor the Republicans
involve tho electloa of a United
Stlfa S'liunr tn nii'CBfd Mr. Ed-
niuods. The IVmocrnt c ninnagors
are niakinu B'renuous llirts to poll a
luri'A nnrlv vil Tho n arH three
tirkeia in iho field, via: The R"publi-
rnn, inn is)rur ratio anu me i roinui
tion. The illices to be tilled aie
(invitrmir nun. a i n nf Cnnuffiju
Ireaaurer, Auditor end cocietary ol
Pnrnrllnna Mllbnrj.
London, Peptetiber 0. It is re
potted ti.ht Mr. Parnell hai come to
terms wit i the ir ivernmf nt and that
he has arranged to withdraw that part
oi lus 'and bill wb;ci r-dat tt revel
unt:on in exuhanae for the govern
ment's acreutance of the part relating
to Hie BtiepciiHcn of evictions. I ar
bament will, it ! thought, in con-e
q nonce of lb s rdj urn on September
The I I re Uw for Annul.
Naw Yobk, Sjptember 6. The New
York Commercial HMtlin'n evimate of
tne fire h aaln the Uniiod State and
Cnadt fcr August ia $13,0C'0,000, cr
au per ten', above tne u ui August
avergi. Foft fires are est:mat(d at
$3,C0O,000 The Bulletin remarks that
tte fientei indicate th- country pre
f -is 't tins out of thi frying paa icto
thi fire.
All the Candidates and Their
' Friends on the Ground and
Hard at Work.
liriouL to ma apmal.1
Bbowksvilli, Tknn., September 7. .
Tbe convention t) nominate a Demo
cratic candidate for Coogrcss in tbe
Nin'h distr'ct will meet here tomor
row. Alnady tha tt reels preeent a
lively appearance, many delegates
having arrived on ihe af'ernr-on trains.
Carthel, Pierce, Lutta, Caldwell and
B nd ae on the gronnd busy at work,
and G!aa will arrive tonight from
Ripley. The convention will be culled
lo orcer at 1 o'clock by F. J. Wood,
chairman of the Congressional Execu
tive Committee. As thera are several
knotty questions, no'ably tbeCrockott
connty problem, where iheie are two
delega'iooB, which will have to he de
cided, it will likely n-quire all day to
tiled a permanent organliation, and
the ballot'ing may not begin befo-e
Thursday morning. Tonight's trains
will bring in large a iditions to the al
ready crowded ho'.el and hoarding
bousec, while many will come through
the nouiitry from Lauderdale, C:ockett
aod Dyer countus.
Speculation is nf 3 as to the lesnlt,
each candidate's friends claiming the
nomination of their favoriUs. The
nipj'.'rity rule will unquestionably be
adopted, and so the convention miy
not last longer than Thursday night.
Pierce's friend claim that tno'r can
didate will tutor the ring with fottv
Ibiee if he gtU the Croiktt vote,
with additinna after the flret ballo',
and that his nornioa ion is beyond ah
queetioa; but thsre are othtrs who
c aim that Pieice iati tevi r leach the
nere eary vote, even undr the ma
jority rule.
The friends r I Haywood's gifted son,
Bond, claim that his chances are grow
iog blighter every hour and that ho
will socure the iiomimrion. -
There will be 150 votes in the con
vention, with seventy ODe necessary to
a nomination. Coming down to a fine
point tbe altnalioa seems ti ha tho
fl ild aiainst Pierce, with tbe otlda dt.-
cidt dly in favor of the field.
A largftt'idienci wi nesied iheo:eia
of Mikado at the opera hoaao thia even
ing. It was a marked nucceca
Falnlljr Sliot Ilia Wife.
Buffalo. N. Y., Feptombcr 7
John T. Oliver, aged 63 yeew, a ca
p-inter, shot and latally wouncoa n fl
wife, Mary, on Penniylvania b reel, at
8:30 o'clo k thi-i morning. Oliver and
hit wife had cot lived together for
over a year and the woman- rejected
a'l hia efl'irls at reconciliation. Th'e
morning Mrs. Oliver and her mother
were out walkmg when 01iv-r etepned
no bnhind his wife aud fl ed, tho bull
entering at tbe b sj of the fcra:n.
Oliver wai arrested and made a state-
tr.entti the effect that he Intei ded to
kill bis wife and hinnelf, bu1; that he
cruld not raise the hammer ol the
pistol for the si C'ind ehot. Ilia rt us n
for th act is that sh9 wou'd nat live
with t iin.
Created Utnuloe urpilac.
D van. N. II.. Ssntomber 7. Tho
failure of C'loutman & Btigham, sho
manufict'ireH. created emutne sur
prise tu Farmingion, where th i firm
manufactured their shoes. Mr. Clout
man was rat' d as being woith at leitt
1500,000. lie employed a very large
nucflb.ii ti operatives, ihe ecop is
worth $750,000. Mr. Clou'man aaid
this morning that eveiy dollar he nr
hia wife pofseesed Is aligned 119
honea when the creditors meet that
such arrai gements will be made that
the Bhop will be kpt running aoa tne
operatives kept employed. Mr. Clout
man pat in the convenHoa that nomi
nated Cleveland and Hendricks, and
wns one of the committee that notified
thosi goatlemen of their ncm natiou.
Fatal Accident.
IaniANAi'OLis, Ind., September 7.
This alternoou, while a foroe of men
were engine 1 in tearing down the old
Young Men's Christian Association
building, prepata ory to theereo ion of
a Dew one, the springing of an inside
wall tnrew dowu an upper nor 01
jdeU upjn which were twenty-one
workmeu, t reclpitating tnem an 10
the floor below, about twonty feet.
All of the men weie more or lesi in
jured, bot seven wt-re caught in the
debiis, and had to be ex ricated. Of
these it wps found that f uu wero
dangerously, perhaps fatally ir jured.
Thev were: Albeit Schumacher, of
JuoclaiM & Schumacher, contractor?,
ekuli fractured; B. Dorleth, collar
bone broken aud internal iniurieS'.
HeiTV Miller, loir broken and internel
injuries; Oliver Warren, hip crushed.
Tue other severely iijured were:
Henry Schumacher, lev broktn; Lew
Fisher, tclp wound; Gus Altxtiider,
spinal iijury.
The Largul 1'lnnier la tbe Noulb.
Sioce the doith of Cj!. Elward
Richardson, of Mis iteippi, Mr. C. M.
Neil, ol Tine lilt: 11. Aik.. is porbaps
tha largest cotton planter in the
South. He was born in Alubama,
and ia only 38 years of aje. In 1800
he went to Araan-ai pennihss and
went t work on a farm. He ia now
president of the F rat National Bank,
of Pine B.ufi, and has 12,000 ai res of
cotton in cultivation. 11 ota three
large etorea and a r.ilroad twenty-six
miles in length, all cf which riirs
throngh one of h'a planiationi. He
Is now bu-lding auoihtr roiX forty
milos in length thrjugh bis pltnta
tlntie. Neil's wealth .a fet'inatcd at
C'oDr.mrd 10 Adultery.
8lt Lakk, Utu, Sept-iubor 7.
John Q Cannon, first cotiDBellor to
the presiding t it-hop of the Mormon
Chuich, member of the b'st Legisla
ture, nu'inberof the City Council, and
son of George U Canncn, made pub
lic coufeekloii in the t.tlitrnaclo yes
terday of t'diihery, and was cut oil
from l lie church, ou motion of his un
cle, Angns M. Cannon, prea'dont of
the Hut . Tha city it full tt specula
tions why nich extreme mi azures
slionld be taken, the prevailing opin
ion being that adultery wjm roulesed
to avoid pioserution fir polygmny or
unlawful cohabiUtion, adultery bsing
no crimo in this Terri'ory.
National t'onfederailoa ol Coal Mlo.
IsniAitAt-oMs, Ino., 8. ptembar 6.
Tue annual mealing ol ihe national
Confederation of Coal Minrra bejjan
bore tbla alternocn. About aevoaty
five delecatf-B are present from Indi.
ana. Ohio, Illinois and Miesoiiii, Jolin
Mcllriile, o: Ubi), was Chosen prest
dent and a number of committets
were appointed. The report of the
eecretatT, Mr. r.vana, wai than read
The reni'rt briifiv ravlows the hlttirv
of tbe federation and claims that it
has exercised km at it fluanoe in bring
iraabjota better understanding b
tween miners and ontra'orr. The
secretary tskee glioDg ground in favor
of the trades union principle and op
pose! any movement looking to amal
gamation as a body with toe Koighta.of
Labor. Tbe treaUMr'a leport snowed
receipts rf about $2500; expenditures
of $1000 ; b ilanc on hand, 0C0. An
other eees on will be bell tomorrow.
liMtiilTS OF LiB'JB.
A Practical Kxrrninlistlon or tbe
PiiTHnuao, Pa., Siptemb. r 7. It is
undfratiodthatat toe National Con
vention of the Knights of Labor, o
be held at Kichrornd ntxc mouth,
changes in tne jr sent laws 'will be
made that will auiom t practically to a
complete rto ganizatiou of the order.
The district plan Iks net proven so
successful is waa expected, for the
rras nthan ia muny p a-es districts
have bee .1 lo nied wbbindietricti, aod
in consequence the local etrsnyth has
ben divided. Ihe great number of
district assemblies b bi m .k s it im
pora ble for the genual olliu.rs, even
with the a-eiicance tiven the Execu
tive Boird at the Cleveland metting,
to keep op with tha bosinefe. Tha
re u't is that impoitatt ma ters fre
quently cannot be investigated
promptly eiough to pruvent di'Sitis
faction. To reinsdy thia it is proposed
ti model after tho government of
the United States; thit ia,
to have State organzdions
and a aupietne or na'iora1. aesembly.
8;ate aisembly, undr the new plan
will I ave contr 1 cf the territcry un
der ther juritd ution, but the ace tf
their t filters will be snhjoct to re
verfal by the General Mujttr Wok
man. Tuus Mr. Powilorly will rttatn
aopreme tontrol, while gaining re;ief
from the routine work that now falli
on h'sfhouldtr '. The p an has teen
thoroughly csnvaieed nit c the ad
journment of tho Cicve'and Cjnvon
t on and there is little t'oubt but lh.u
i'. will be adopted
Dlaanlroni II nil Hiurm la 1'rnurc
Boston, M8s., Sip'ootber 7. A
cable ditpa'cn speaks of a lia 1 storm,
Eccompanied b high wicdn, which ri -cent'v
pteva lcd in Paris audits envir
rnj. it wai mot-tseverp in thetuhirbi,
where itd'str -yiid trees, fruitaud veg
eahles. Luge trcei we-e trrn ti
shreds by tin rai-. The Iosr to glan
and to gan.'eos is eit'rua'ed at Sl.OOO,
003. Tbe B ill d Viocennes has tie
appiciaice uf a for.-s: riddled by cen
nn hn .
Blind, Iiifli-riinK mul llrhlnir, kNii-i.
lively t'nrrtl hy tiilieura.
AWRM bHili with Ci TiCDBi Soap, an
- exquisite bkn Henutitier, un l a ainnle
npiillcaton ot Cc riccin, tbo irreat Skin
Cure, will irift mtiy allay tho inloiee itchinK
nf toe nint muravaloil casool Itcbinc I'ilun
Tblfl troatmeiit. c.)nibiDl with pitutll flopei
ot UUTIciira K.-.(ii.vKXT,thenew UlondPuri.
fler, throe tiuira ior day, to ioulaio anil
ttreDRthon tho bow. In, overourue conttipa
ttnn Dd reiimvo the vttuw, will cure II imi,
Blotdina nnd ItohioK i'iiea whoa all other
remedies aud even iiliysioiani fail.
Iwnt t.kon lor tho 6rt time in my life
with lilind Piled, so stvo-e that 1 could hard
ly ktop on n v feet, i on d various rouiediei
tor three eeks, when 'lie direa-e took the
form of Itching I lira, and growing worre.
l(y advice i f n old gmtleman I tr'o l the
Duticura. One fiiWtmttoli rt lirrt-d th iff-A-1
110 and I w to. m i-ur-d. I wnn to toll tbe
world that in net ol Itching filoi the price
nf tbe Cuti;ca ia of no account. Krmu an
unaollcitei u.trtrr. O. C. KICliY.
Coxcoao, 1J.
I be nntheujoof y tirCuTicUHARanRDiRa
when jou flrht cut thfin on the muruet, aod
know of two m.ioa of l:chin Pile that bave
been cure! by tte use. at my tugicstmn, of
thf-ae r-tnedita. F. N. iHiAKTIN.
Viauua, III.
I have tr ed vonr Ccticcra Rrmrdirs nnd
find them all that you claim, and tbe demand
for them in thia 'ection ia grat
Abuusrus w. collins.
Cuticuba HMKni8 are a rositive euro for
every torm of Skin and Blood Diaoaaes,
from Flmiiloa to ."-crofula. Bold every whore.
Prio-i ii'ricuRA,50 eta ; Sop, li5 eta. 1 K
aoi.vaNT. 81 00. I reiiared by the Poiraa
Dunn and Chkmicai. Co., Botton, Mas!, bend
for "How to Cuie akin Liaeaaei."
ClIM DlnrnlMien, Pimples. Blackheads and
urVlla jjaby Humora. use Ccticcra Soap.
Itrllrvi d In one minute bv
tha new, original, elegant and
In Cut Utile antidote tooain and in-
rUuiination, ihe tuilpiiri An
il fi.m finaier. JMo acae or
nain. or hruivo or strain, or
uougti or cold, or wuaoular weaknesa but
yields to Us speedy, all pawertui ana never
(ailing, pain lleii iatlnar properties. At
druggists, 2So; live tor $1; or of Poller
ISrua atiiil S'ltt-ml'-eil '., Boe-.
Take Notice.
PBIMARY e'ectiona will bo hold at the
usual voting places by the executive
rotnmilteemon for tho several wards and
districts on Tueanay, -epteinber 14th, in the
oity betw-en tne houn of 6 and 8 o'clock
n.in. anil in the cnuntrv bttween tha hours
of Hani 6 o'clock cm., fcr the turpoe of
electing two aeta ot delogatea. une set 01
deleantea to represent the sevoral wards
and districts In the Cong-e'slonal Conven
tion, which la to as'einoie in the city 01
Memphis, at tho Exposition building-, on
Krida. Hentember 17th. at noon, and an
other aot of delegates to constitute a Legisla
tive Convention, which ia hereby nailed to
meet at the anme pi .re on idursaay, Bep-
tomber 23d. at 11 o'clock a.m.
lUlnw will be lound the number of dele
gates apportioned to each ward and district
fur each of the two conventions:
Conarritinl louvenlloii.
Mstricta First District 2 delegates, Reo-
latllVfUUt," '"iti 'wr,
l- L:a U .. . I .1,1 .4- Cnn,1 A
rr HTMB r n at iiiihi.i ihmok1'"''! kwv"""
rr . I .J III IV... 1. lI L'lClk M J:.lK i aonlh
U llll Il i" ls " I lllll "I UIA'II 1 nwMa
S, Kighlh 3, Mnth 2, lentil 3. Total 48.
uranu total, i".
I.rsl'lnllve 'nvriiiloii.
fli.lriVls.-Firs! district, 6 delegates; Sec
ond 4, Third 4. Fourth 3, Fifth 1, Sixth 3,
hetemh 3 Kighlh ft, Ninth 0, Tenth 6,
F.levemh ft. 'Iwel'lh'J, Thirteenth 2, Fuur
tecmtS7, Fiflootth 3, Sixteenth 2, fcovon
teenth 2. li ghieentb 4. 1'i tal. I7.
W'linls. ei-al Ward, 7 delegates; Feennd
13, Tn rtl 31 Fonrtt -II, Fitth il, Sixth U. liev
eothii, Dikh h 10, Ninth 4, lonthb. Xoul,
HI .
tirand total, M.
By order of the Executive Board.
J. CAMP, Chulrisan.
J. 11. Ai.scr, Stcretary.
Tbe following Is a lift giving the voting
plucea in Ihe dilloient lUstricta nnd waiual
1st District Nluwarivilla.
M Kistrict Kerrville.
31 llistrtot Ltiicv.
4th llislric' ' uba.
fall Pistrlct Monahan'a grocery.
tUli District Dilison'a stare aud Balelgb.
7th Bistriet lltirllett.
Hlh lilairiot llrunawick and Arlington.
Hih District Allen A Allen'a atore.
ltlth Blslrlct-Oollierville.
11th lilftrlet Itermantown.
12th Ulsirift-tiakville.
1:4th Disirio llocuel's store.
14th District-South (at of Klit rooiClXV
Iftth District .
ltlth District White Station.
17th District Arnold's eichoolbouse.
18th Ulstticl lluntvn 8'ation.
1st Ward Main and Jackson street.
2d Ward Courthouse.
3d Ward-l) igley's office on Adams atreet.
4itt Warrt-.-w -eoond street.
Rth Ward-Markethouse.
(1th Warn .
7th Ward Solarl troeerv.
"th Ward Corner Poplar street and Carroll
oth Ward .
ih Ward Corner of Main and Calhoun.
Br order or the committee
3. 11. ALsur, becretarr.
on a 'i, lliinl 2. Kou Hi 1, Filth 1. Hix'h 1.
Seventh 1. Kulith.!, Nlnih J, Tenth 3. Klov
onth 2, Xwihth 1. Tbirtoonta 1, K urteentQ
H, FiTieenih , t4tx(nm 1, Beventeooth 1
KiBbUont" 2 TUl M).
n mm,
BiMeTCur Wors Mainfact'o: Co
UriukleTs Ark.,
Doors, Sash, BUndx, Oregaid Floorlnir, CeUIner, Weather BosrdlBd
Cypress KliluftleN, Latlitj, JKtc.
"Our facllltloa are nnaurpassed by any sawmill In the South for HI. ina orders promptly,
flooring, Ceilihg, Siding, Stop Lnmker and Cypress Bhlnglos a specialty: also, S ramlaa
Limber of all dimensions. We make tbe Wholesale Business a special foatore. Ortlcri
tolioitsd and promptly filled.
Ha. '124 Jefferson Street Memphis. Tennessee
mi -t-
SLEDGE BBOSof Come, Miss. F. H. NORFLEET, Resident Partner.
Hob. 358 and 358 Front Street Memphis Tenn.
E, 1, JiPPERSeif & m
Wbdesale Grocers & fMon F
" t-iJLAnirit-ta. i
ir Dcers & Cotton. Factors,
So, 303 Main Street. Gyoo Hlock.
4JJD&BW 8TE"Vf AST, Hew Orlwuu. I AHDEEW D. GWTNNB Men fUl
STEWART, ffltllE & GO.,
WholesaleGrocers, CotFactors
WHTW OTttT.E!4yw. t.OTTlWTNA.'
lo. 31 Front Mrcot. fr ITnton. rtmpliln. Tonu.
Cotton Factors.
No. 30tt Frowt mireU 3 Memphis. Tca,
JK0.S.T00F. B. h. MoQOWAN.
Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Facton
And I)clor8 in Lcvcc and irallroad SnppUeH,
Ko, 574 Front Stroet Memphis. Tennessee.
JONES. Prrtidnt.
r r V hit
iW. D. t. tsAWKfB.
30 3S aud 40
!. M. -TflXlH. .TNO. K. SPBK1, f. r. PITTKHS. Ol-iq ARNOtP. W. P. T. BATTR1B.
Cotton Factors, Wkolesalo Grocesrs,
11 1T-Iip Street, z t SlempliU. Tntv
L. P. MULLJ.N8.of laUJ. R. Sodwln A Co. JAB. YONQI, lato olJ. W. Caldw.ll Oa
Cotton Factors & Com mission Hcrchanlo
No. 1 Howard's Eow, Cor. Front and Union, Memphis.
Mftunfactiirera ef
1j25ATT GIN 0.
Manufacturer's Agents for
Daniel I'ralt Cotton Ginn,
Manufacturers of
Frt't Kcllpve l?riil-r fJIna, Feed
era nnd Sn Hopnlrtrx,
1)3 tn 104 Foiilnr St., Mcmphla.
. avPratt Kernlvini-Head dins tine
qunlod. tstock now complote. Prices
reduced. Correspondent! una orneri
lolicited. Old (litis Repaired in First,
lasat'rile . All work auaruntoed.
7holesaIe Grocer
& SAW Ell Cd
I. F. PKTKRB. Vlce-Prwidem.
Feoretary and Treasurer.
Jeflersou Street.
Ill ! 1 3
r u visa mm lq
10TO & 10
Christian Brothers'
MOKD AY, SEPT 6.1886.
For Board, Tuition, eU., ica oatalogue, or
applrto . .,., t,. .,,,
Clara Conway Institute.
Monday, October 4, 1886.
Enrollment Last Term, 822.
ABCHOOL for tba development of Tlor-
. v. I. ... i .nhl. w.imaTilinn.
Thia result is reached br breadth and
thorongbness of instruction and Ibe awaken
In of patient, earnest endeavor. A new
and commodious boarding department h
just been completed.
Ihe department of dress making and mil
llnerjia added for tbe Irat time.
Jn the absence oi tne rnocipai. ""
Europe fcr the summer, catnloguea will b.
furni-hed on application to Mra. h. P. Mor
ton, OA rtaams siren, or mej win u
at any of the city book stores.
rs. Bowies' School
Opens Sept. 14, at 155 Adams St.
SPECIAL advantages for young ladies tn
English Course, Latin, German, French,
Music and Elocution.
Thorough instruction by modern methods
is offered to bnys and girls Iruui primary
classes thr ugh grammar course.
WILL reopen Bert. 13, 1K8A. Located is
a healthful and delightful suburb, ac
cessible by car lines lo and lrom all parts of
city. Instruction thorough, and according
to the moat approved educational methods.
Superior ana trained specialists in iheva
riojs Deportments ot Music Art. Elocution.
Modern Languagea. Soiecce, Classics and
Primary Teaohing.
For further pirticn'ara apply t
Mumphls, Tern.
Deshler Female Institute
iJonrfllnic niil Day ((liool lor Yonug
I.ndlH, Tiikcuuibla, AlHbnmn.
i ll day. Sent. 1, 1SS. Full Faculty of ex
perienced and accomplished teachers. Char
tered institut'nn. First-data in all its ap-
f ointments Hoard, inoluuiov fuel and
iKhts, tuition in eatire Literary Depart
ment, emrao ing Ancient and Modern Lan
guages, with Music, will be furnished tba
entire yenr for H O In advance: the above,
with Art, 52.5. Catalogues, containing fall
particulars, rent on application.
N KLUUBNOV- A.M.. Principal.
School of Languages
ISH. Instruction in class or private
by lessons. For term' , arfdrese
LWN LANISBKK(). Oayoso Hotel.
A CLASSICAL SCHOOL of high grade for
Boys and Uirls. English Course. Latin,
Hreek. Music and Art thoroughly taught;
T1...I. 1r ,.-r.a al.f. ltnc. fi ,1 mi tnl Uff Jk.
For catalogues address tbe Principal,
H, v. i.'HUff, .-ouie'Viue, lenn.
St. Mary's School,
No. SS3 Poplar Mrect,
ME.ni'lHU, still TBPf IHESSEB
AllO i HDINU and Day School for Young
Ladiea and Children, under tbe chxrge
of the Bitters ol St. Mnrj, of the English
Church. Number of pupils limited to 100.
Next school term begins wtmlr alltn.
Memphis Female Seminary
,lciuhr 30, 1N.
Best educational aiivantntea afforded to pa
pilB. Looation Is7ft Linden street.
Memphis Institute,
WITH eiperienced assistants In all de
partments, will begin its sixth year
Ou September i:t, 1880.
at. No. 174 Hernando street, formerly Grace
Church. Bo8 prepared for either Business
or College. Discipline firm and strict; in
struction thorough and modern in methods.
Modern Languages a special feature.
For terms. eto , address or oall on
136 Hernsndo street, Memphis, Tern.
PETERSBll KG, VA. The Twenty-second
Annual Session of this School for Boys
begins the first Morday in October. Thor
ough prepnrationa for University of Vir
ginia, leading Engineering Schools and
United Slates Military and Naval Acade
miea; highly recommended by (Faculty of
University ot Virginia; fu'l staffof instruct
ors; aituation healthful. Early application
advised, as number of boarde'a is strict!
limited. Pot catalogue addresi
w. HORDON MoCAUB, Head Maater.
fi'suixrvBifvw pi:pHTi:xr,
VAMlHi)ll.T IMVEhSirT,
Halivllls-, Trstu. Thorough instruction
in distinct courses of I ivil, Mechanical and
Mining Engineering (Annnsl Tuition ftt),
and in Manual Technology 'Free). Full
Faculty. Extensive equipments and taoill
tieain ilraughtir.i-rnouis.laborator.es, shops
and field practice. Entrance Eliminations
Sept. 11, 15 an dl. For circulars address
WILS M'lLLlAMS. Bnaasa. .
Gsorgetown College, D. C.
Fonrded 17S.
H('llwl.st open September 9, ltMo. Apply
to Preaidentof the Co'lege.
THE (,4'MSMtI, ' MeltlCIlfE o)ena
Sept. 20, 1H8B. Apply to Prof. J. W. H.
Lovejoy, M. D., V0 12lh street, N. W.,
Washington, D. 0.
TUB S llsiOL aF 1AW opens on the
First Wednesday in October. Apply to
Kami. M. Y-atnian, Sc'y. corner eta and
Jf. streets, N. W., Wahfngton. D, C,
JAMKM A. DOONAN, 8. J Prea't.
Virginia Military Institute,
iS in f jll and auocessfnl operation and sop
plies its enlarged course of ayaiematie
Snruction at a cost atuch below that of.
stitutions of like grade in this country, art
catalogues, address
FKANUIH 11. SMITH, hniwinteeoeawj..
Collegiate Institute for Tontiat I.ell-K and
Preparatory 8chool lor a-illls- Wlrlai, EM
BLA, P. O , three miles lrom MaKlssiore,
Jtlsl. Conducted by the Sisters of Notre
Dame, rond for catalogue.
Edgcrvorth 15oardi"g and Day
SCUuOL for Young LaJlea and Vi'tle (lirla.
Mra. H. P. I- FEBVKE, Principal. to. ft
jr'rntiltlin etkres-t, siHllliuori-, Mil. The
XSils school year will begin on Thursday.
Iypi-nilr It. l"hB.
glEntVAt. VEVABf Jl E.M 1'
Tulane University ot Louisiana.
IFormerly, 1M7-WS4, the University of
ITS advantages fir practical inatructlrn tn
diseases ol ihe Southwest are uurivnled,
aa the law secures it superabundant materi
als from tho great Charity Hospital with Its
70 beds, and ai.OUO patients annually. Stu
dents have no hosp tal-foos to pay and spe
cial instruction ia daily given at the bedside
of thoaick.aa in no other institution. For
eatnlogiio or information, audroas
Prof. S. IS. CHAILLK, M. D., Dean,
P. O. lirwr''l. New Or'OH'ls, La.
Positive Cure for Piles.
For sale by all druggists.
"Lontttn" Trouser Stretcher
Patented In Ea'ope and Uni
ted States. No If) AKrnfa la
I antral Ntantsa rnroelebrabail
John Hamilton A Co. Stretch-
Ir. Takes ; I oat of
iiaa restores pantaloons to
original snape. unly patented
in combination with clamps.
All etherr Infringements.
Original and aaaiy atrttctaet
fssr arfaHlt)iaaBai mmtt Rr
Expreaa aeoarely packed. Price ti SO. Writ
tn. al.nnl.r. A .nil vnl.l In ..... aII.
U. W. eUMMWaS B VO., UOTIon.na

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