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The Tear Requested to Show Ilia
Hind Comments of the Russian
: Press Foreign Sotes.
Sofia, September 7. -M. M. Stam-
bulofl audRidoalavcfl a jpeareil at the
Kuesian consulate in this, city today
and in the name of the government
demanded; first, the name of the can
d'ddte I r the Bulgarian throne
whom Rmeia f.ivots; secondly, a
formal promise that Rneda will not
occupy Bulgaria; fiird, that the pres
ent coDttiiutian ba" maintained, the
freedom of Bulgaria respe cted and the
country ailowetl ti niani-ga ita (linoes-
tic affair ; and, f.:u ttily, that if Kussia
sends a Genera1 to Bulusria he matt
act mere'y as a Minis'.er of War, atd
orgBLiz the army under Bulgarian,
not under Unmian ( tlicert. Tnese de
mand! have been t.legraphed ti St.
1 Petersburg and an answer is awaited.
Balgarinn uoblei have joined in a
petition to the Cur. They ask wheth
er Rnssia will allow the Na ional As
sembly to elect a i uere"sor to Frince
Alexander, and whether Russia will
Brant BuUaria a loin. It their de-
maails are not acceded to the notables
; intend to oppose the departure of
Piircs Alexander.
Prince Alexander has twice met the
officers of li s army, who called to
persuade him to remain on the Bul
garian thri ne. On each occasion he
baeouuht them to refrain from op-
poeing his departure. The officers ex
pressed de'p sorrow, bnt promised to
follow the Princb's wish. Prince
Alexander will leave Sofia Septemb.r
Troops fur Bulgaria.
Vienna, September 7. The Ntue
Frcie PretHt says that many tienpsare
being shipp d at Odetsa, ostensibly for
, tne u m:, oat really, it H coi.evea,
la rauiat ss lor action in culeaila.
The Fremdenblatt sate: Prince Alex
ander's abd ca ion was not an act of
self mtr flee for the Bulgarian people.
It was a noble actti avert dangers
? from the country. We hope that the
quts'i:n if euccees'.on will be peacs
lolly and iegaliy settled.
The Presse urges the government ti
pursue a sound, vigoroos policy of
compensation ana to avoid the sui
cidal policy of pulling either Bulga
rian or English chestnuts out of tne
los8ipn tire.
Toe Ntue Frtie Prme says : Austria
does not need to feel any anxiety, as
the is not compelled to approve of
; every Russ;an act. Peace obtained by
: Europe yield rig always to Kussian at-
' manes would be a precarious peace,
and such a policy of yielding to Hus-
; s'a in htrBa'ltrdtmnda would only
encomage her to begin to etrogg'e for
; me greater orjects sue nas in view.
, The Railroad Cloned at Pbillppop.
' Philippopolis, September 7. Sur
prise ij expressed here a; Turkey still
rehiring to reopen ' the railway to
Adrianople, closed dnring the threat
ening state ot attain foilowirg the
deposition of Prince Alexander. The
enforced idleiees of the railroad is
greatly injuring the Ure trade which
uependa on the line of transportation.
The Uoves-auieat'. Policy Approved
London, September 7. The Daily
jxewa appioves ot tne government s at
titude on the Bulgarian question as
explained by sir J. Fergus on, under
foreign Baifetiry, ia tne iiju.e of
Commons je-terdny.
Austrian and RikhIab Interval, la
tan llnlhan.
Berlin, September 7. The North
German (iazttte d eputes the assertions
ot tne JJiitwh press that Austrian and
RuB3ian interests in the Balkans are
onutctiog. -rney can eany be re
conciled if tbey ere conilicting," the
Gazelle sayw, "and to reconcile them is
Uermany s aim. fnnce Bismarck can
unhesitatingly expie s the conviction
that Bulgaria is of no importance to
Germany. As Prince B smarck plays
ins carua ur ta taou witn tne friendly
imper al powers, it is erroneous to sup
pose that any es rangement will arise
between the three empires when the
question of the succession to Prince
Alexander is up for discussion, in as
much as under Alexander s reign no
eomity(exUted bit ween Kussia.and
Austria, although Alexander in a sec
ondary serge ru ed under Russian in
fluence. The (ierman nation shares
in the conviction of its government
that tne events in .Bulgaria do not af
fect the Da'ional interest of Germany.
and that Germany only follows the
right path. There need be no fear of
Prince Bismarck sitting between two
s oolf. On.the contrary ne his chosen a
sure loundatlon and has three stools
for his policy
CommealM or the Kusaiaa Prea..
St. Pbtebsbubo, September 7. The
is owe vremya advocates the formation
of a Bulgarian regency which eball
entoy the confidence of Russia and in
herit Prince Alexander's right to gov
ern Eastern Roumelis. The same pa
per di'cueses the union of Bulgaria
and Rnesia, and descants upon tbe
advieability of a "temporary Ruesian
military occupation," and refers to the
policy 01 Kussia attorning material
snpport to the new Bulgarian govern
ment without intetfering in the inter
fering in the internal affairs of the
countiy, "eo as to harmonise Bul
garia's foreign policy wit'i Russian
ran-biavist interests. ' ".Bulgaria as
vassalage to ITurkey," adds the Aonoe
iremya, "would atlord convenient
condiiions to real;ze the above combi
nations if Russia bouiiht or obtained
by pother means Turkey's suzerain
iignta in Bu naila "
The 8'. Petersburg Gatette (German)
snvs the most eanitahle .nlntinn nf
the Bulgarian prolilem would be for
Kussia to occupy in iiulgaria a position
similar 10 tint occupied by Anuria in
Bosnia and lierzegovinie, the powers
coneentipg, ss in Austria s case.
Ihe t'cnr'a Krply to Prince Airxan-
RusrcuuK.Ssptembjr?. The Czar's
reply to Printe Alexander's litter of
August 30 h was not made public here
until ye;t?rday. It raised a storm of
popular consterua'ion and indigna
tion. Man v officers of the army advo
cate resistance if Russia forcibly de
poses Prince Alexander against tbe
will of the people.
A Montrel failure.
Montreal, Qi'kbkc, September 7.-
Tbe liabilities of Leopold E. Isaacs,
the absconding tolmrco morcbant 01
this city, exceed !?1G0,000, with prac
tically no Hseets. It is stated that sev
eral forgeries arid other swindling
schemes nave hma brought to light
and that step3 will be taken to secure
.Isaacs s extradition, lie is in Phila
delphia. I)iM-uftinic the Earthquake.
London, S.-ptenibsr 7. The cable
gram sent here ftoni Washington con
taining the views of Maj. Powell on
the causes of the Cnarletton earth
quake was reed at today's session of
the geological branch of the British
Science Association. The meeting
was crowded by scholars anxious tr
hear the contents of the cablegram,
and the dispatch provoked a lively die-
Seaaallonal Keporla or Trouble la
Northern India.
Parts, September 7. The Journal
det Debate puhlithes today a sensational
report about an alleged uprising of the
reople of Northeastern India agunet
British rnle and in favor of Ruoeian in
vasion. The repnitsays that a num
ber of Indian princes have followed
Dbnleep Singh's example in joining
Rnstiaand in exhorting the people to
throw off tbe "ha'ed English yoke."
The Journal det Debate says that grave
event) are immni-i.t in Central Asia
Troop, for Ireland. ",'
London, Peptember 7. Tbe S cond
Battalion f toe Grenadier Guards em
barked fit Woolwich Wy for Ireland.
Britten Import, and Export..
Losdon. September 7. Th returns
isened by the Board of Trade show
that the import decreased during Au
gust, as compared with last year, 1,
490,000 aud the export increased 250,-
Nntpeeted of Treachery.
Simla. India. Set timber 7. The
Indian troverrmtnt euspect that Dbu
leep Singh prompted the composition
ana circui.fon ot tnestumous proc!a
mat ion recently iseued thrcughoui
the Pnrjap calling on the netives to
rise ud againat Brit'sh authority and
help Kauai a take possession.
Accept theUlft.
Edinburgh. September 7. TheTown
Council of Edinburgh have instructed
the Lord Provost of the citv to cable
to Mr. Andrew Carnegie, of Piitabarg.
the thanks of Edinburg for his dona'
tion of $250,000 to fcund a free library,
ana an accept woe ot tne gilt.
BriflHb Trade. I'nlon f oati-swa,
Hull, September 7. The Britith
Trades Union Coogresi today resolved
to urge lae government t increase
the numb?r of fc'ory intcoc'.ors.
Tbe. resolution ears that the various
seta passed for the benefit of the work'
ing man and woman of Great Britain
are becoming a dead letter and will
b?come practicably obsrlet? urile!s
tbeir operation be more closely super-
v B?U.
RiiMalan HI Itary Haneiivrr.
St. Fktebsbdbo. September 7. The
Czar, Cztrioa, Czarevitch and the
Grand Dukes, accompanied by an im
posing military suite, started today for
weina ana Warsaw ti witness the
forthcoming army mineuvera.
Cholera Iteturn.
Rom', September 7. Choleia re
turns for Italy: Feirara, 22 cases, 11
deaths; Putjgnans, 19 cases, 18 deal hi;
San Marco, 18 cases, 8 deltas; other
aiBir.cs, 08 cases, 21 deaths.
Fatal Accident.
Paris. September 7. Five men were
killed and seven irjurd today at
Luceville by the burming of a steam
Parnell and the Laud Bill.
London, Sep'ember 7. The govern
ment will give Mr. Parnell two days
Dexi wees ior tne discussion of his
land bill.
Irian National League.
Dublin, September 7. At the foit-
rdghtly meeting of the National League
to day Mr. yurien announced that
30OU had been received fiom Amer
ica rince the last meeting. Mr. Kenny.
in a speech, sad: "Oa no condition
will we allow our fellow couotrvmen
to be thrown into the rradstde duiinz
uio comicg winter, we will opposa
such attempts by all lawful means,
and thes fa ting, we will resort to
other means, which cnnot poesib'y
fail if Mr. Parnell's bill provts sac
cess'ul." The Rev. Dr. Leahv. of the Catholic
Diocese of Dromore, whose illness was
announced yeeterd-y, is sinking.
Police Leavlus Ilciral.
Belfast. September 7. A number
of the county police who have been
here on riot duty tiave departed for
their regular stations. A body of oth
ers will be dismissed homewards next
British Parliament.
LoNDON.Sectembtr 7. Intliellnnse
of Commons this afternoon, Mr. S?x-
ion, gave notice thaUbe wonld aneirion
Sir JVlichsel Iiicss-Beacb, Chief Secre
tary for Ireland, as to the truth of the
statement that a reporter in the em
ploy of tbe British Government bad
been following Mr. Michael Davitt in
his trip through Michigan and had
taken down his speeches in full.
Sir J. E. Gorst. Under Secretav for
India, stated that it was not true that
the government intended to impose an
import tax on cotton gaods into India.
sir J, ferguson, Under Foreign sec
retary, replying foi toe government to
interrogato ties, stated that the govern
ment possessed no information tend
ing to support the rumor that tbe
members of triple alliance contem
plate the partition of Southeast Eu
rope between tbem. Sir J. Fergneon
denied that ths government bad de
cided to abandon the Island of Port
Siiccraaful t'loaeor the Aacbe Cam-
Chicago. III. September 7 Th
Inter-Ocean' i Maricopa, Ariz, special
says: Gen. Miles makes public the
successful cloBe of the Apache war in
the following telegram, dated Fort
Bowie, Atiz. : "The hostile ApachfS
surrendered on tbe 4th to the troops
in the field as prisoners of war. I ar
rived here last night with Geronimo,
Natchez and three others. Cant Law-
ton brings in the remainder. All will
be shipped out of the country about
2C03 miles east. I am also movinz all
from Fort Apache in the same direc
tion." St. Lonie Brewing Trouble..
St. Louis. Mo.. September 7. The
troubles betweon the striking union
brewers of this city and their former
employer Las tken an intere.-ting
turn, and tbe anion men find it diffi
cult to supply their demand for bier
wninn is not boycotted by some one
or other. The onion has bovcottad
bter brewed by the firms against
which tbey are striking, and the latter
refuse to sll to tbe saloons who svm-
fiatbize with the strikers. B er made
n other cities and by firms pspuler
with the nnion is tbetefore iu great
In tho Ilear Old nay..
We differ in creed and politics, bnt
we are a unit all the pame on the da-
siraolcnoes of a fine bead cf hair. If
yon mourn the loss of this blessing
and ornament, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hair Balenm will make you
look as you did in the dear "Id days.
It is worth trying. The only standard
50 cents article for the hair.
Mrs. Wiksi.ow's Eootrinii Svm'p atimild
iJwayl be tiled fur children teething, it
gootbei the child, loftenii the tuton, allayi
.11 ptin, cnrei wind 'olio, and it the bent
r.uied ior ditrrhea; 2rc a buttle. I
For the Port of Memphis The De
tails of Geronlmo's Surren
der to Gen. Miles.
Washington, September 7. The
following appointments were made
today: Thomas F. Tobin, of Tennes
see, to be Surveyor of Custmi for the
pi r; of Memphis, Tenn.; Thomas C.
Manning, of Louisiana, to be Kovoy
Extraordinary and Minister Plenipo
tentiary to Mexico ; John Driyton, of
Pouth Carolina, to be Consul of the
United Statu at Tuxpan ; Charles H.
Himontn, of Ci arieston, M. C, to be
United S atvfl District Judga for the
D strict of Sou'.h Carolina.
GerODliuo. surrender.
Washington, September 7. The
following telegram, confirming the
pries dispatches, was received at the
War Department tlrs morning from
Gen. O. O. Howard:
"Fort Mason, 8m Francisco, Sopt. 7.
"To Adjutant General United States Army,
Wathtuf ton, 1). U. :
"Gen. Miles hai r turned to Fott
Bowie with Natchez, the eon nf
Cochise, Geronimo and Lis biother,
with three other Apaches, all as
prisoners cf war. The surrender is
unconditional. Capt. Lawton is fol
lowing tbe remaiudtr of the hobtiles,
thiity-six adults and three children in
GeDcal satlsfiction was expreesed
at the War Department upon the re
ceipt of the news of Gnronimo's sur
render. Great praise is bes'owed upon
Gen, Miles far tbe excellent conduct
of the campaign. G.in. Crook's work
is not forgctten. It sud tbe result of
uen. iiiojx s campaign was ot gie,
value to Gen. Mi'es, aud the latter has
tub tat.tialiy followed the plan nut
lined by his predecessor. With
imreasod forces it has been possible
to guard every water hc.le, and
effectually dofeat any a'tempt of the
nottues to return to their reservation?,
Gen. Drum, Actitg Sccretav of War.
was in good spirits alter the'receipt of
t?ecHic:ai aitpa'ca onnrm'ng the
press reports of the suiiendor. lie
said that this Wis the end of a war
rnnning, with brief intermissions,
through tweiiti-nve ve;rj, and lien,
Miles deserved credit for his v'gorous
weir. Uapt. Lawton bad aleo Uietin
guished himself as a gallant officer,
and his pursuit of the hoBtiles under
advee conditions and hardships was
thoroughly commendable. Tbe Act
ing Secretary was not prepared to sy
what disposition wonld be made nf
the captives, but certainlv, be said.
nettling would be dine in the matter
until the Presidents, wishes were
known. The original' dispatsh had
been prcmptlv transmitted to the Adi-
ror (lacks f ir tho information of the
Pres. dent, and until he had been
heard from the Indians would be held
in onfinement at Fort Bowie. Ariz.
Other officers of the department were
especially gratified at learning that
Geroninio's surrender was uncond:
tional. Tbe opinion prevails in some
quartern that the Indians will be
transferred to the custody of
the Interior Department for
' .l&UTTj RUU (limb UOIUU1UIU
and his lieutenants will ultimately be
surrendered to the civil authorities of
Ariz -na and put on trial for murder,
with a result that would require lltt'e
eff irt to guess. An officer of high
rank, however, inclines to ths belief
that the President will never consent
to surrender Geronimo to the civil aa
tboritus, but will order bis trial bv
court martial if it ehonlrl be regarded
as proper to try him at all. The tamo
olli ter raya that the sttcce&ful ending
of the campaign would be cf inesti
mable value ti the Territory of Ari
zoos, ti the hostilcs had eo ravaged
and harried an area of rich country
200 miles square as to render it unln
l abiUble. -
Railway Sertlc NniiiHl neneflt A.-
Washington, September 7. The
twelfth annual convention of the
United States Railway Service Mutual
Benefit Association began its regular
ssesion here this morning. There was
a large attendance of members. Fiist
Assistant Postmaster Genera . Col.
Stevens.m, was introduced to the con
vention and made a very pleasant ft 1
drees of welcome. Tne president, Mr.
Butricks, then made his annual ad-
drees. Tbe secretary, Mr. Baughman,
in bis annual report, which was read,
stated that during the poet year to' 128
had been pa:d out for benefits, 151
new members had been admitted, fifty-one
had been dropped and there
were four deaths. The remainder of
he morning session was taken un
with a dieensaion of the svetam of
graded assessment'.
Short In Hi. Account, and Stint I dk.
Habtkobd, Conn., Septmber 7.
Thomas F. Plunkett, president of the
Ur ford Silk Company, and treasurer
of tbe Union Manufacturing Company
of Manchester, has disappeared, lie
was in New York August 3Ut, and
has not sines been heard from. Resig
nations of his offices recently found
indicate that he has gone away, and
has not met with foul play, as was
feared at tiret. A receiver was today
appointed for the Hartford Silk Com
pany. Mr. Pinnkett was a piominent
cit'zan and a director in a bank and
other companies, and his disappear
ance is a great Bhcck 10 his friends.
NnlMoriltA Tor tli "looAaTT'
rrnrnmt with strict mount to Piirtfr, ffnirth sn1
H.-eltiitnln...!.. lir. l'rliH-'n Piititnrf ruwtkr ctinialns
lie Animotiia.Utiie.Alum or rho.itiat.. Iir. I'ri'-n's
Kllracts, Yaoilla, btuiou, eUi., llavor dtllclouiiiy.
PR'CE BW1NB PCWDrR Cf.' ChlcitjB ami St. Lsm&
WMIl I CU to sell "TaB CII1I,I"
IB LK " Introduction ky He-. J. H. Vi.
cent, D.D. One eont has sold 6 Ins ton:
of 674 people; one 7J in BTillaie. of 7!H (is
new agent H6 in 10 dars: cue ' two sicoeni
sire wee st one 40 In 3 dsys at two diffsrel'
timol. uipenen cotnecasssrv. Aldr.il
0AryJ5LLOW. (L't'd.
ID Uearboin street Chica.o.
The: Appetite
Jlay be Increased, the Plgoatlvo nrga
rtrongthened, and the Bowel, regulntrd,
y taking Aycr't Pills. These Pills are
surely vegetable in their composition.
l'licy contain nel'cr calomel nor any other
dangerous drug, and may be taken with
perfect safety by persous of all ages.
I was a crcnt aufferer from Dyspepsia
ana constipation, l nmi no appetite,
became greatly debilitated, and wan con.
itunlly ntllicled with Ueatlacbe and DluU
Dens. I consulted otir family doctor, who
prescribed for me, at vartou time, with
out anuniing more man temporary rritet.
I finally commenced taking AVer's rille.
In a fcliort time my digestion aud appetite
my bowels were regulated, and, hv the
Mine I finished two boxen of these Pills mr
tendency to headaches bad disappeared,
and I biam Mi-ong ami well. Darius
M. Lugau, Wllaiitk'ton, 1
I wa tmnbleCa for over a year, with
Loss of Appetite, and (ienecal lieliility.
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tore mushing halt a box ot mis niolielno,
my nppelito ami strength wero restoi-ed.
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Stomach and Liver. I .uttered for over
three years wltn Headache, indigestion,
nd Constipation. I had no appetite, aud
n-iia Mi.lc mi. I n.n-nn. i.ig ft? flu. I irUL
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tliree boxes of Ayer. rilla, and, u tft.)
(sine time dieting myseir, i vua cone
pletcly cured. Jly diiresllve organs sr.
now In gixiil order, and I am in perfect
iealtn. rump Lockwood, l opeka, haus,
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mention and Headache, was restless at
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peared, my food digested well, and my
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Ayer fills. They not only relieved me
)f that painfnl disorder, but gave me in.
creased vigor, and reston-d my hettlto.
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: Aycrfe Pitlb
hmiM ti;
Fortj Tears a Sufferer from
"FOR FORTY YKAR8 I have been a vlo
tlm to CATAHHU three-fourths of the time
a sufferer from EXOKUCIaTINO FAINS
T1ULS. The dischar.es were so offensive
that 1 hesitate to mention it, sicent lor th.
cood it. may do some other suuerer. 1 Have
spent a youn. fortune from n:y earn inns
during my forty years of 'Offering to obtain
relief Irom the dootors. I have tried patent
men loines every one 1 couia lesrn ol irom
the lour oorners of the earth, with no relief.
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made me a new man. 1 wela-hedlznnonnds.
and now welsh 14rt. I used thirteen bottles
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Is. that belna- in the humble walks of lile
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turrh suderers to use what hut cured me
Gaiun's Pioneer Blood Kencwer
" No. 287 Seoond street, Jdsooa, Oa.",
' Mr. Henrv CheTea. the writer of th.
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Maoon, Ha., menu th. eon t Jon re ot all in
terested la oatarrh. w. a. ii" nr. .
" Kx-Msvor of JUacon."
UuIdu's rioueer Blood Kenow er.
Cures all Blood and Skin Diseases. Rheuma
tism, bcrotula, Old bores. A perfeot bpring
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11 75.
Essay on Blood .nd Skin Dlioasei mailed
Nan, Jrla.
For Dyspup.ln,all derangement.
of the Digestive Organs and (lie
I.iTer.Nhlis Dlseaiss, Cute, Hume,
Scald, and Hrul.ea. At'lD IHOK
EAIITI1 1. s apet'lfie.
Rueuuiatlam, malarial Uleor.
ders. Chronic Diarrhoea aud ob.
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yield without fall to It. wonder,
fnl curative power.
A.k for free pamphlet, to be had
of all dealer, or sent, postpaid,
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At WholeBalo lif Vrni Vlect& Co.
MB JEAI.TH IM Weal.l ll.-Us.
W.T', Nibt. sun Vail. Is. 41
K. C.
iliiKTiinuiiiiifl Aea7aai.i,
asnarsnteed speoino lor Hysteria, uun-
oetis, vunvuisione, ciui, neiva, neural
gia, Ileadache. Nervc-s Frustration, canted
By th. use of alcohol or tobacco; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, 8:tnning of th.
Ilrain, resulting in insanity and Ion In. to
misery, decay and death; Premature "id
Ate, Uarrenr.es., Loss of Power in either
sex; Involuntary bosses and Hiermatnr
rhea, cans I by overexertfon oi tne brain,
elf-abuse or overindulgence. Ksch boxcon-
tnins on. montl. troatinent. Ill . bii, or
six Doses tor so, sent tt mail prepain, on
receipt of nrioe. We uaruntee Hix Boxes
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.naran'e to rofund the money if the troftt-
rr.oni aos not enont a enre. uuaraniees
issued only h- A. XSNKtKT & 00.. Drill
(ists, Memphis, Tenn.
fnvvr.il frtnirti. Prcnchltls. Airtlime. IniitpeKlont
BARKER'S TQNIO wiilwfiit l(-lav. It Imn nirr
Hill OI till1 WO si t u.nl'B (ai IIW lew rs-llll tlj HH a)
flrrtbm of tlio tlirtMatMrid In nit, atxl (ll-'-aw arlfln
rum Impurt ,itnw Aiiililuuitliu. 1 f ! aim
inijriflliifcr ayiiinrt illrtA, unrl n1o1t ilrirtfnir Ui ti
Xn r.wili in nnnt iwx'i nvovei their h'lili Uy Ute ttml
jw 4 if rikr.lH K -isir, Imt i!-Ii.v Ih lUiyToiiri. laitu
l IIiiih. Cure whi-n n(l fli") nil. ' ii nrw llftj ml
ALL rsrsons are hereby warned not
pureos( crtifleste No. Win r ten fhsrsf
Masonic Temple Stock, issued to K. W. bbel.
ton, April I i, 1X74, a it has hern lest or nin
id, and I have sop led lor . duplicate.
B. K.fcilKLION. Administrator.
in in
Arid Iron ICartli.
Tiud. Mabic.
FROM SmmS$ Artificial
I Trade HI ark.) '
Tho Planters Firo and Marine Insurance Co.
flic la Company. Itnlldlnr.
UUDWUN.of J.K.Uodwin AC.; J. M. UOODBaU, or Qoodbsr A Cu. ; bLm son ..!..... e, n '
i i UABUWIt PERKS !' ii I s 7 r m
II w 1 1 i ttara
Also KepresenU the BrRisorisi.D Fir., of
DniLT4i"i i
- - - - - . . a i-niu. wirr si nil a Jill I ion. I
39 Union St.,
0. 0. Blllf.
3sale Grocers & Coif on Factors,
BQ9 Inmt Street, Mcmplila. Ten a.
ied to ( will bar. ear etrefal ettentloa. Ws carry al all Maei a well,
eleoted stMi et
Stipls & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llquorsjeb &cto & Clean
M. T IHMl 1HK.
Hi ami 3G IffiullNon
.aeVBO-JD i
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DEl'T,lUOtol71 Adams St., Memphis
.ra-aaa T? Bar .roa.
BnlM-s J-lt'''Jt.rlfi ::.iV'ist"r .,VJWi)4 Iron
1 ' Irorstc, ,. ,11 till ll.Vil; . ntiin.
XX : 1, ;
(Successors In this lopartment to JOHN MANOUUK.)
rWrlte ns for Informntlon on ANY Til I Nil In .itherllna.
Siooessori to FOSTEtt, TATLOB A COe.
33G Second Street, Memphis.
Materlnls, Pnmiis. KrWe Wells. Iron, bead
Cotton Factors and
89G-S03 Front St., HemphU, Tenn
Cotton Factors. Commission Herchants,
BTo. HO South Haln Ht.. St. Xfnla.
Hanufacturer of
Jattn R.SnlllTan.
17holecalo CIroce
And Cammlssicn f:rch,int3,
232 and 234 Frost
Mr. I. H. KACf IT devotes hli Whole time to th. welshing and sale of 'ill Cotto. sntmsteS
to o.r enarge.. vottea vrarenouse. ui najnisxto. struu
Xo. 41 aadlnon Blrect, Mrtnphl., Tenn.
Sprin.rield, Mus. t Oiokoia llom !.hi'rakc.
in, oi inattaqons, leno.
Memphis, Tenn.
X. L W90DS0.
ti. V. IJOU JIItK,
St., t TCemithU. Tesn
Klo ,E.
' ""Pi'1
1)KPT, 22(i mid 228 Second St.
. K. WITT.
snd Stone Pine, Oas futures, fllnbes, Kte
1 - 1 m
Vholesale Grocers
o. w. tomlin: wm. dbhjks.
Tomlin & Benjes,
17'JMalu St., Moinphla.
Offer special Inducements In Open Ttos.les
of our own make, at fift Ton kns.les of
our own make, at 11211. All work war
ranted. Call before you buy.
WW Having dhp-ised of our entire stock nf
Veil o es sml manuiacTiirnig Depart
ment to Messrs. TOMLIN A we
bespeak for tbem a continuance of th.
patronage so Ion. extomled to us.
Alabama Lime,
poitrr.Ai CJF.WEXT,
I.O V I S I l.t.Ki ! I !U ILYr,
11.4 1 IS and I1UK ItRICK, El
riios. Olarxt.
i J. la k.
t t mi 11 jbji.i v ..
tbiaalnlull Q
mM iuiQ m -vtitg&p Mali' 9
. ColtASa !rieto3'B
St., Memphis,
WILL be opened Jan. 1st. This aoted
waterini-plao. is situated six mil.
We Invita mil arhn lah tn inaiiH lO
pieuent union of tbeir lives to eome to
jjoavsruitm, esreeisiir seekers i pleuurt
od utter and pur. air la
Iilverrraen, Centrevllte, Tenn.
DEAN, l'roi.'rOnirevllle Hotel.
B. A
(, MOTKI., AI.riH ft PHI .(.
Vlr.lnumounuini. l'lcluMngu.iniToand
in.s.exteniiivssnd liesutilullr iheded lwn.
Use, eleotrio belli, end ell modern improve
ments. Two dmlv mnllfl. n.i.t. t.l.....k ..a
ezpr.ss offices on the .remies. Table tho
very best. Luiuriuuly lurnished rooms I
surerb bend ot nin.ici. Send for lllnatraud
Lnaries moderste. Open (or vie.
I tors.
u.irs, June l'.ih. ,,fr,: Alum.
end rrtntnn?,
H. T
'Urn. t .nluAi
A mone th Northern l.nL-pr.
of Wisconsin. Mlnnaml. .n.l r... 1
dreds of dolishtlul pla.'oi where one can I'M
the sumintr UMintbs in quiet rest andonjoT.
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated term coiuvletaly rejuvenated. Kaoa
recarrini leuiin bnnn to Uoonomowoe.
Waukesha. lUavar Il..,. V'h.. nCZ'
bojl, MinnrUinka, Whito llenr, .nd inn--merable
other eharmini localities with ro
mantic, names, thousands of our best nennla
whose winter homes am on UVi. U.
sen and Dixon's line. Klessnce and eom.
fort, at a nioilerate cost, can be readilj ob
tained. A list ot summer homes, with .11
necessary inform. Ion pertaining- thereto, is
beini distributed by the Ckicaoo, Wii.wo
is. iKD 6t. P.ia Rii.wsT, snd will bon
free uuon annllcntl. n hv l.(inr i.i v n
CariHsnter, Uenerol Passetser Asent. Mill
wan see. Wis.
Crab Orchard Springs,
1 INCOliN COUNTY, KY. The excellen
J-Jof theouitin., ami aicnmtnoilations char
atterislieof this hotol durini the nast thraa.
years, shall be fully maintained this season.
Kicursion tiokets to the riprinffs by the L.
and N. Hailway are nod rlii Lmiinrin. hnth
loins end return inn, to iirnceeit on first trata
succeedln. arrival in Louisville.
r.iisAST. Prm'i. .1. o. KTWfi. e-.is
Jio. 17 Jeffernoti Street,
(Between Muln and front.) MEMl'UIS,
IKrUblished la Wi).
DH. JOHNSON Is acknowledged by .11 pan
ties interested as by fur the most sun.
cesstul liysioian in thetreatinontof prlvat.
or seoret diseases. Quirk, netntnnent ours,
suarnnteed in every cnne, nulla or feniale.
Keeent caies of Uonoirhea and ty)ulia
cured in a f w duys without tho use of nifr-
uiiniiKD ui uisi ur ninursnce irnm
heconilsry iSyi liilia. tho last ves-
tlteerndicntcd withMth. use uf mernury.
Involunsiiry los of , amen stKimeit in .hurt a
tlmo. 8ullerers from liiiiiutnnnv n. In., r.1
seiual wers restnr e to liee visor In a few
weeks. Victims of self -abuse snd hxi'vmivo
renery, suSWrln. from siieriiisiurilim slid
lossol iihysioal snd nientnl imw.r, spe-'Mly
and iierinnneiitly cured, flirt i-i,Ur i tt n
tion luiid to the l)i.essos nl U'imiiiii, noii
onres .unranteed. l'i'es snd old Hires cmed
without the use of esuslioor the knila. All
eoniullat otis strintly ooi.fldentliil. Medi
cines sent by eiptess to all I'urta.ot the
a-Worklninon enred at hnlf the usual
rsles. I lllne hours Iroio S o Cork a.m. o tt
oVIurk p.m.
I). H, JOHNHUN, M,l.
nswspaier and eittmstes o the oost of ad
vertising, rue advertiser who wants to spend
one dollar, finds In It , ths information he re
Mtiires, while loiffhlm who will invest on.
bur.dred thnusandtdollars InfadTerttsip. a
trheni. Il I mil dated which will meet hi.
very req ilrsment, or can be uisde to do so
by slight ohans easily arrived at by corre
spondence. One hundred and tfty-thre.
editions hav. been issued, Kent, postpaid,
to any address lor ten ee.is. Apply to OKO.
VKKTlSINd UllKRAtUll Hpraoast. (Print-
nr House Konsre . New York.
Ask fomr ntallor for She Original 93 Mhoe.
Hon.O.nulu .nlesa bearing t hi. Htamp.
kts4o In Uuttou, Oonirrcas and Laoa. BtttCnlt
Mia. unexceiianin vura
onus. 4 insuiloanl sent tu
nawiit prtiig you inrurma
ilon howtognt thla (ho. la
l any Bleleor Territory.
71 1
41 Uliroin BW,
Thl. aHoe suuxt. htuher tn the estimation of
ll'atirara Uian any otn.r III tile wni-lil. 'I nou
ssndsVho win l will veil ju the reaaoa U yo
Ornni Mcriu. (Is. Limit Coupaht,)
AUHrillH, J SNH. I
Y order of the Hoard ol Directors of tb.
Heinpnls lias Ll.ht uonpan;, niaue
It o 1H.W. a meettn. ol the stoonoiuers ;
Said ooiniianr was calleil to le belli on Mon
dar, Ootiiher 4. iHHil, at the ollloe oi the com
pany, in ol.inpnis, at t in., 10 oonsiusr u
aet Uinn a ronlraot maite hr the Board ot
ilirsntors with Tsxlni District ol Hhelb,
county, a copy ol which contract has beet
sent by mail to eaoh stockholder. In lurthet
pursuance of said order of the Hoard, notiot
of said uiestin. is hereby given tn the stock
holders ni said enmnanv. and they are earn
estly requested to be present, or send proxies
with tholr instruntlons tn to the votln. of
their stuck upon this proposition to aocspt
or reject saw oonlract.
JUJU'.l'll UUSI'tt
Secretary of Memphis tins Ll.ht Co-,
Beptomber 1, 18rt. ,
And Iron. Roofing".
Fir-, vviii.l, Walfr and ItichtnliiK
proof. HuH.ilils for all kinds of buildinss.
Pur nrlros and estipiatas at (actors r. fts&
call on or address
4.38 A 440 Main St., and 21 A 23 Mulberry St.,
nesduusriers tor Iron Penes snd Presttn.
tiaiviiniced Iron rnrnire.'l in H' nfs A Moves.
No. fi"M, R. D.-
Chancery Court of Fholbe
ol 'Jonticiisi-e vs. bur I'll
cntinty. Mate
Morrixon et ul.
BV virtue of an Intcrl' cntory decree for
SRle entered in the abuvo cnuse on the
K'i day ol lioojiiilier, ls.Vi. M. b. Ml, pave
M2I. I will sell at puMionuction. to tlin liittb-
est bidder, in trnnt ol tbe Clerk and Mus
ter's ollice, cnurthiiuse ol hbelby county.
Memphis, ronnesee, on
Miltnrly, Nepltmhrr 1HSI).
Ithin legal hours, tho following de.crllnd
proiierty, sitmtted In Surlliy 0"uut)', il
net)ee to-witt
N. W lot.M, Irontlng 2I' feet on tho east
side ol (.'hlukasaw street or a depth i'f V
lot, laid lot being "i'4 lest s. tith cf W in
dicator street, f'o.d ns property of the un
known I oirs of J. A. (M.ke:t.
Part ot country lot WS, fronting 37 fret rn
the north sidsof Auclii'Ti stroet, by doptli
of U'i'i trot. S 1(1 as properly ol Sarh lloc
rison and others.
Lot 17J, Irontirg 37' festontbe esst sldo
ol Miiin stroet, hi U.i't Icot docp, 71? fool
n'J'tli of Auction street.
Terms nl jSnlc tin a ere iilt or six montns,
note benring interest, wlih security, ie
juired; lien retained; rodetiititiou barred.
inls.itn iinv ot AUitu.i, lew.
, I. .viiiuuw r.L l, uiers nna n'astcr.
Hv TI. K. Cnieman. lieouiy 0. and M.
P. II. Si O. W. Ileiskell. solicitors.
KMiKIKI.rX,V. T.-Ilosrdon tbe II ill.
ilr. il. C. Howard, 'M WashinKton
Park. Rooms large; location delightful.
Convenient to Oitrs to MAnhntten 1'csrtw
Onnoy IhIhuiI, Long Beach and Central Park.
Iso to New York places of amusement.
JitWSFAPER 11,0 b"t, 'oo1' io
r 'It ecuMlns lists ol
I ! tin . rjnw H". "

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