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Rus?ia triamphi all along the line.
Tbe European powers that their eyes
to the certiinty that when Russia has
subdued the email powers that are in
its way it will begin to threaten the
larje once. To stive off present diul
culty is all they aim at: the future is
left t3 blind chance. Alexsnd
mast abdicate bfciose Raseias) de
sire', and Europe looks on belplesf,
BUrnarck recommends. Alexander to
abdicate, although it is thought likely
mat sncn an act win cause civil war
in Bulgaria, and Turkey la preparing
her armies far coming event;. The
London press regards Germany and
Austiia as pledged to neutrality
whatever Russia may do with Alex
ardsr, yet Austria can hardly
avoid war ' if tbe trouble be
comrs more serious, while tbe
people and srmy officers of Germany
re indignant at what is going oo. As
usual the people tee dangers the gov
eminent! are blind (o. The London
Timet eays significantly that Ger
many and Austiia are probably con
ecioui of inability to prevent the Rui
alaa advance. If tbis bs correct the
peace of Eirope hangs on a thread,
Trie London rott expects no peace as
long as the wroag wrought by Ruraia
remains unavenged, while the Newt
regards Bulgaiis as already prat t cally
Russian province, and tbe (lironicU
pronounces Bismarck the creator of
tbe present situation, which is worse
in the Balkans than ever. The fact it
tba'. the advance of tbe democratic
spirit in Europe has alarmed all (he
arbitrary powers, and they are banded
togHber to put down the advance of
mind by harsh and stern deeds
of mere power. Bat the world
luoves onward, and swords
and cannon will fail to
stop the march of popular sentinel
and the demand of justice. Active
measures are not looked for at pre?'
ent, however, f s winter is approach
ing in the Balkans and spring mus. be
waited for. Russian doings in Bui'
garla have the conquest of Turkey
and the seizure of Constantinople ss
their ultimate object. This Austria
must resist, or her possessions will be
in peril, and England mast opprse
RuBtla obtaining a footing on the
Mediterranean, or ber means of ac
cess to her Etst India provinces is en
dangered. The prospect for the fut
ure is ominons in the extreme.
The South has tndured a Northern
invasion, and now the North is grev
ing over Southern Invasion. Tba
spinner there have found it impose!
ble to.competi with the Southern cot
ton mills in certain descrlntlona of
good, and now tbe iron Interest is
complaining that Southern iron is be
coming dangerous rival. Tbe Phila
delphia Record atates that Southern
p'g Iron seeps arriving and maintains
its hold up in their market, so that the
faot that Alabama can bring its iron
to Pennsylvania and sell it in competi
tion with its own iron "is now no longer
disputed." The Jfccortl adds: "The iron
piled upon our wharves is a cold faot
which convince the most incredulous
Gradually, the South is making head
way for all its products in the markets
of the Noith, the East and tbe North
wrs'." Who would have prophesie I
ten years ago that a Pennsyl
vania paper would have pub
lished such an acknowledgment?
But Pennsylvania's troubles are
not at end yet. Movements are in
progress In tbe Birmingham district to
begin the production of Beseemer
steal. The great part of the ores there
are not sui ed to that product, but
huge d?pos'ti that are, superior spec
ular ote and manganese, He in the
neighborhood of Cartersville, on the
Eit and Wtst Alabama rdlway, and
etH'l pails are now oonsiriic'.irg.
Specimens of tbe Caiterjvillo iion
have breu examined b Pennsylvsnia
expe ts, who were in Ignoraoc of
where it rame from, and tbey pro
nounced it tuperiw to the LaHe e'u
perierioo. Ia ton months tbe p-o-prtttor
of t' e works now construct ng,
Mr. D.ba-delaben, exptcts to be turr
ir g o it 3C0 'ocs of Beseemi r pig daily
at the new t wn of Brtsemer, which s
near Hiun nphnm.
Tim ANtisrAwr rkfitklh-akn.
Tbe protective tariff iMmocia's who
assise i the R-pablicrns in defeating
tbo tariff reform to which Demncreti
were 'lodged, have been repudiated
by iln peoplr. Every IVmccrat who
vo'cd io the Hou e of Iprwecta ives
giiht the cot.sid. ration of tlo tar fl
H I y Mr. Mcrrsoi, f.om the Ways,
B'ld Mo. ns Committee, ia trj irg to jv
pease ti e wra h wl,i,:h his taiibUst
ness 1ms pnmked. Mi nt ol t em will
fuil tJ set uie rn iinlo'semrnt by arc
numlrn'lon. O.i Friday 1 st the Do
m cracj of the Siith Congress onal
D atri t of A'n imna repudiated the
lion. John M. Maitin becauss be
vo ed against the consideration of
Mirrison'a t rff bil'. A fee nohy
niaiufuctnnrj bout Bi'iu'nghuii in
duced Martin to bt-liovo that
thfl prople we'e c'amoring for
piotec'ion, ' but he has dis
covered tint tbe lab:r!ng classes,
the LoncBt yeomanry of the bills and
bellows, who ask no p'otect oo, have
no ubs for a prcteclive Democrat.
Martin made a most excellent member
of Courier. The Montgomery Adivr
titer says that "all who know him
recogn's bis ability, bis legislative ex
perience and his fitnets for public lit.
A a Senator in the Legislature, dor
ing the darkest period of our bist ry,
lie made a recor 1 wl iih entitles him
to ths lasting gratitude of all good cli
izsrs. His election to Congrats two
year j ago was In exact scoord with the
TnWtlt!rnS Of tbCHfl Wht 1rnn Vl.
patriotism and his capacity for wise
legislation. For some months an op
position to his return has been devel
oped, which it seems was it-org
enough on Friday lat to se
cor bit defeat at the conven
lion held at Franklin Courthouse. M
Mart'n voted against the cocsideri-
tim of the tariff bill repoited by M
M rr'son from the Wave and Means
Committee, and without making fur
tber inquiries, it is more than prob
able tbat but for that vct, be would
today be tbe nomlcee (I the puty
for Representative in the Fiftieth Cor
g ess. He has during tbe present Con
green been ac ive and vigilant, and no
matt.r how great'y others nvght have
desired to occupy tbe seat there would
bave been no change, in tbe Admti
arr'iudgmen', if Mr. Martin had not
given the unfortunate vote against
considering tbe bill eepsclally reported
as a Uiiff measure." A similar fats
awaits the Democrats who s Isted the
Republicans in defeating tariff ref orm
The Democracy of the country bave
no patience wi h those Democrats who
voted even egtinst any consideration
of a measure for the relief of ui
people from tbe oppressive burdens
of a protective war tariff. Tbe pro
tict 'Ml monopolists who thrive at the
expense of the unpro'ect d industries
are howling over the defeat of Martin
But the people ate de'ermined to rele
gate to private lifo.ere.y Demo rt
who favors the taxing of ths farmer
and every other industry for the ben
fit of rich monopolies. Both paries
are pledged to tariff reform, tariff rt
vi-ion, tariff reduc ion. The Secre
taiies of the Treasury, both It'tpubli
can and Democratic, during the last
three years bave recommended a te
vis oo and reduction of the tariff, and
no Democat who vote! against tbe
consideration of a bill having for it
object the reform prom's d Is worthy
of tbe confidence of tbe Democratic
party. The noise of the protective
Djmccrats at Birm'ngbam misled
Martin. Ths noiee of a few protection
Democrats here in Memphis is mis
leading. The people who aek no pro
tection are unwilling to bo Uxed
protect other induBtrita, and tbe fate
of Martin and tbe Democrats who fol
low Mr. Randall will bathe fete of
every Democrat who fivors a pro
tective tain.
etUaa; tbe Bonrd at Ureenvllle
Contract Awarded.
IsrsciAL TO TUB ArPliL.I
Grbknvillk, Miss.. Septenber 7.
Tbe Misatrsippi Leve Board met
here at 10 o'c ock yesUrdav. A roeti
tiou from the cit zens of Bolivar coun
ty to strengthen tbe Ltke Vermillion
evee was p-esented bv Commiesioner
Nugent, and toe chief engineer was
tdrred to advertise for bids on the
Co'. White. Ool. Stovall and Messr.
MtCunnls and Collins, a committee
rom fie npper district levee board
appeare J, and Col. White addressed
tne board, and submitted a nroooai-
Hon to divide equally between the two
boards tbe txuense of maintaining
me xiusnpaciana to meiijiivarcoun
ty line, ine board went Into execn-
tive session, and at 2 o doc Col. W
Percy read a reply, rejection the
propoe uon i or reaeouj tuud in a str
iae of resolutions.
Bids wers opened and the following
comrsci awarded:
Waxnaw levee. L C. Dnlanev.
13 6-7 rears.
Oaiflsu Point levee. Furnell l Knhn.
ii cents.
Longwood levee. Robert Johmon.
1 cents.
Leota levee, J L. Perkins, 121 cents.
Ben Lomond levee. J. L. I'erkin.
12 1 cents.
Eutaw enlargement. James Gunn.
141 cent.
Veiml lion Lake rera'rs. J. L. Fur
kins, V2 cents.
haglo Lake, levee, J. B. Raid, 13
cents. ' '
Miller's front, repairs. A. McDon
cell, 0 cents.
l.aston enlamoment. L. C. Da'annv.
25 "ent.
Lonitwood tooninir. Geo. Arnold A
to , HO cenK
Mrellogorth Mtnte tonventiou of
New York,
1HNG1IAMT0N. Y.. Sentembnr 7.
'the Htale anti-8aloon Rapub'iuaa
C nvention for the appo ntment of
delegate to fie National Convention
o be Held In Chicago, mnt hera t d.v.
O ily e gh eea o of tbe sixty conn
lies of tbe Hiatd wtre repie.eutod, and
ti oh In tbe liumudiatn vininlt.v nt
Jiirgriatnion. iso wed known Re
pub ican figures in tbe list of do'egates,
which, ii ilut d, is wore than balf made
p of cit xaos of B iiirtiamloi and it 4
neighborhood. iSeveral of tbe dole-
ga es t.re c e gymen. Aftrroraanlz
Ing aplatform was adon'ed. the aeonnd
jolnok of wt ich is as fjilows:
iV'YtrK. fa t hialnrv hum nmvmA
h it tli ouly tilcient eourotsof poiiti-
i lower aie t jeiwonronteiUblished
ar it s, and ilieio is no rase on record
nere auy reiorm has been an.
aninllHhml bv a Benarita nnrt nron i.
ized fur that pu p e except as It com
bind wiih mhrs Wo. tlierefore.de-
nund of Uio R'-nub Irhii niiriv. to
llich WO arn pioud In mikimalnilin
alleki-nce.tliat it slia 1 Uk alirm and
douleJ Btaul in fvor ot temperance
nd agiinst the salooa. and that whan
n power it shall a loot ant nf,
measures for the retriciinn, and, at
tbe earliett possib e moment, for tbe
ir h b.ti nuf the liqu-r tratllc.
I lie p uttorm a'sa favnm ihi mill.
mission of a constitutional amendment
reiauva io nqti-r selling to the people
i me entire Ma'ei ami Inm1 nnHmi tn
tbe several oun' it. A itnmmittiM
ppiintud for the UUrontn nrmnt.uil
the names of t: e dleBHtos ti rnre.
ent the HUte at Cbieami. vhich ur
agieel to. acd the convettion adjourn
ed sins die.
Among the nanus of the deleca'es
are theae: Jul:e Noah Davis, ex
Ptets a ter Uoueral T. L (Jamee. L. A.
Meicher, of tbe Alba iy 7v ening Journal,
tn t Rev. Lyman A'biti.
r our fill Expimioa or Natnrnl Umn.
KuoittiK, 1a., September 6. -By an
jxploficm of nHtnr.l eas in a sixty
foot well, being dng Ave miles from
u ir?w,' i"-,t,")"-v' 1Ul rT Miller was
k l ed, John Hope probably fU ly In
jurd and Hou er McMahoa and Chaa.
. ,uk.l,0,,,f r;u y bnmed. Miller wa
frightfully burned, tbe skin over hla
enure body peeling off in a few mic
n ee f er tbe explosion, which was
ensed by tfikiDfi a lluht,lU
tie wH. r
The G'alatea Badly Beatea After an
Exciting Race The Race
la Detail.
Niw York, September 7. This has
been the greatest yach'ing day that
New York bas ever eten, and another
day of glory for Boston for her latest
and piettiest product of naval archi
tecture. The sloop yacht Mayflower
nas won the nrst race ot tbe interna
tional aeries against a poweful an
tagonist, the British cutter Galmea.
With a steady whole sill bieeze from
tbe southward, permitting eacu to
c rry all their tight sails the Galatea
was beaten Vim. 4i)r. acuai time,
or 12m. 2s. corrected t me, tbe May
flower having given 38 feconds t'tiie
eIloance, according to ths New York
Yacht Club ru'es, under which tbe
race a'e sailed. Tbe contest wrs
eminently fair for both yachts, loss-
mucn as nan tne course sailed gave
almost all windward woik, while the
other ha'f was with free
sheets. Although the cutter
was defeated she has shown
hcrse'f to be a faster yacht then the
Generta in a light bratze and on that
may be verv hard to dtfnat in a s'rox g
breiz", and a seaway. I, hts been a
day of excitement, euch as is seldom
seen in Mew York. From dawn to
dark, ftfl oat or astor. in hotel, club
or '(Jbange, tbe "yacht race " was the
leading topic of cenversation. By 10
o'clock la tbe morning tbe tboucaids
wno were going to witness tbe roco
had embarked and were s eaming
down trie bay ottbe rend staoilB.y
Ridge, L. I. Tn'ere lay the two tjpei
of clipper craft, rady f r the grand
marine tournament. A nundr.d sail
cf yachts surrounded them, some at
anchor and some uader weigh, but all
eaxor to be on the move. Ten o'clock
was ice time set ior tne sur hnr uo
to tbat hour a heavy veil of htze hung
ovtr tbe city and harbor. Not a
breath of wind etirred ths
f.iliage, while the sun shone
fl rc ly down, as if to mo.k
til euorts of the yachtsmen. Messrs
Koblnton, Cba e and Cahoone, the re-
g a commuie,on board ottbe Lack
enoai k, alter pa sing tbe sailing cr
dt rs to Gen. Paine end L eut. Henn
on board their respective jaidt, in-
s'lucted both to get undrr Weiifh Bid
gi t in poeition for a prompt start when
a ure zi ome. At 10: at) a I git
b eeze from a little etat on south came
s taward, clearing away the baze and
rippling ilia wateis of the bav.
l dckly the two contestants and tbe
immense n til a of steamers of all
s a os from a twent v foot launch to the
three decker Graud Republic c'ue tared
about ine ttiruog point. Ins rrnar
aiory wnistie screecned out its wrn
Ing at 10:45, and ten minutes later
came one for tbe start. Both yfclits,
carrying tne same Bill, mainsail club
toi sail, lib and lire stavsai 1. bad been
maneuvered into good positions, and
down tbey came for the imgirinarv
ine Demean ine Juckenback and
buoy 1 bearing east from her a quar
ter of a mile away at a five knot gait,
Ue Mayflower apparently abead aod
ilo e to the judge's boat; not close
enongh, however, for with a twist of
her long cutter Capt. B ideford shut
tbe haodsome Galatea into wlndwa'd,
ceiwseo ins Micneuotcn Dow and
ber rival, aod cioKsed tbe line a sec
ond abead, amidst the wildest ap
plauee. Mr. Henn. ia a vachtinsr
cuoiuuip, who a scat iet ram j onan
er cap, stood In tbe comoanion
hatchway, ber husband standing on
deck, cool and confident Cap'. Stone
steered the Mayflower, with ''Joe
hlUworth at bis elbow and Gen
Pine near the wheel. The official
art was: Galatea, 10:56:11; lluy
flower, 10:56:12
Mr. Lloyd Ptwnlx. of the achoinnr
Intrepid, leprtsmted the New York
xacbt Ultio on board the Ga atea
Lieut. Henn said he did not care to
bave a representative on board tbe
Both yachts s'ood across the chan
nel on the starboard tack and begun
meir i awe ior me Ammlca's cud
ackingc:oe under tbe Lona- Island
shore at 11:30, the v made a stretch
ovar for Siateu Island. The May
flower held the windward p sitlon
and with tbe last of ths e b tide
under ber leeboom she manpgd to
kexp it and beaa i "outtootlnir" the
caiter at once. Hundreds watched
the flrsttf the battle from the htiuhta
of Forts Wadsworth and Himiltoo.
At ll:U ttieUalatsa set her lib Ion.
sill and at 11:12, the Mayflower lacked
close under quarantine, the cutter fo!
owing suit a minute Inter. Tbe breeze
was frsher,iug every moment and the
pre specs loranoerace were encour
aging, ibe iag iet of accoinpaoj
ng tfamers made trouble for the
yacbts at limes und tbt-v had to be
rtiaeed away by ths udina' boat.
wn o tne Maytuwer tacked to port at
11:Z1 octockabe bad tort LsfayetU I
under hur lee omrter. whl'n t)m f)a.
latea was yet under tort Wadsworth.
Tbe Boatoo sh opcr ssed herhnw fn lv
a quarter of a mile to windward three
miuu'cs later aod left, steadily In-
reaaingher lead. At 11:1!) oVIock.
when tne Galatea ttuaed to nirt n,A,
buoy 10, the sloop was leading her by
thrte fjnrths of a mile. The flood
tide had jnet begun to make and
Cup'. Joel Ellswonn, who pilcto.l the
Majnower, was wo'king it for all ho
waa worth. Cant. Pam Gibson, nllot
the (Jala'ei, was also doino his
best in thii direction, but the cu'ter
w. s not. tqual to the occjb on. He
ually "split Uiki" with the sioon and
going about at J 2 '2D held the port
tacks while the Mayflower made two
and gained by the operation fully
alf a mile. Bo'b then made short
bonds for buoy 8J the first t ming
poin, the Mayllowei f.tching around
fir-t at 1:01:51 tmd the cutter at
07 :07. Tbey wore u rested with a
erfettt ovation of whistles fiom tba
sttfnding steamers ai fuiy flew away
witn siieets etarwu ior tuny o. The
Mayflower passed it at 1:18 tmd the
Gaiatea at 1 :25. To buov 8 the May-
flower had already beaten the cutter
mtnutea and 17 seconds From here
i the "outer mark" Sandv Hook
Unlit-hip the conteat was extremely
pret y. The Maj flower slowly bat
surely outfooted the cutter, and lack
ing ior the ou or mark at 2:27:u0,
came grandly along to it on tbe port
tack. As she "squared away round
a lew minutes later and
herb;gba lroa topaiil bloesimed out
of its tops, the wnibtle eeienade that
waa given iur could be hea d for
miler. The official time i f the turn
ing was: Mayflower, 2:35.02: Galatea,
:41.30. Buth made a splendid incurs
as tbey rounded the lightship. To this
point the Mayflower uad cow beaten
the Gala'ea nine minutes, twenty
seconds, as ahe was fully two miles
away when tne latter snua ed away.
Hack to the northward cme the great
onus oi steamers witn their Ire eht
enthnaiastie admirers. The M-
flower, with her big balloon jib
topsail bellying out in the now strong
hrtex, came horsing by buoy
8 on the homestretch at 3:34
just as the Galatea was passing the
point, ot Bandy Hook. Tbe lattsr
passed the baov at 3:46 o clock, and
both angling over to po t came rrandly
u'iwq to tne nmen on tne nooa uae.
Findinx that tbe spinnaker would
draw, Lieut. Hen n ordered it set
starboard at 8:15 o'clock. Capt Sione
nnding tne cutter overhauling biro
fo'.'owed suit and set tbe Mayflower'
spinnaker four minutes later. Wba1
a grand sight that finish was only an
eye w toess can' tell. It was tbe grand
est marine spec'acle ever aeen in New
York Bay. Surrounded bv nearly
ouu steam and sailing cratts, tbe May
flower came teaiioir along through s
narr w path of water aod croseed tbe
iiuio j hub amia ine nnngoi guna.
ecrsech of whistles and waving of
acres o' banting and handkerchiefs.
The Galatea received a hearty wel
come when she arrived, and when tbe
judges told Lieut Henn tbat he was
r eaten 12 minutes 2 seconds h
'aaghed and ehcuted back:
toourht it was balf an hour." Three
c been a and a tigtr were given bv the
yrcnisraen tor tbe gallant little Inah
man and his cbarmioK wife. Both
yrchts proceeded to their anchoreee
uu xjt muge, xne next couieat win
IT T T : 1 m. . . . . rn
be settled on Thu saay over a courss
twenty miles to windward or leeward
starting from Handy Ho k ligbtsh p
Aaala Clunrtered at Pronpect Hbiiae,
Pb osi'Kcr House. N. Y.. 8rp'ember
i. in-ir tcreo days' carriage onvi
en led when the President s tarty
drove up to the log cibiu once more
pt noon to-lay. Tney left tbe Stevens
Home at Luxe I' acid at 8 o'clock thi
mining. The first few miles lav
t trough the forest and the ride at that
honr ot the morning we, of- course,
di'igbtful. A pack of hounds in full
pursuit cf a deer crossed tbeir pith at
a uistaco, and tbe reports ol r iles
'w minutes later ind ca'ed that the
anima! bad taken to the water and was
I 'n eiht of the hunters. Upon en
terlng Sracao Tillage the parly
crore to - tne womnop ot lax
idermUt Miner ' and Mr. Cleve
land and D Ware left directioziS for
fie mounting of the luck he a Js wh'cb
tbey secur.d in ths hnLt of last week.
A buntarbad lust left the skin ol
b a:k bear for mounting that bad baen
snot near rani sojitb's. Asiewttw
moiitbs uiuat elapse b-tfore the Presi
dent's buck will be ready for shipment
to Washington. The day's journey cf
tweniy-stven miles was en sled In
abont five hour. Altogether tbe par
ty nave travelled H mi cs since Itav
iug here laet Stturdiiy, and they re
turned very well I atisflwl with their
journey. Mis. Clevchnd and ber
mother, Mrs. Polsm, wer esprc.ally
ebtrmid with the views bbtained in
V I ming'en Notch in the vi
c nity of tbe ca caln, the la'ter
beltg sort . of a CtAiil
mountain wterfjil 000 feet in hiirht.
aic:rdirg tostatemer,to. At i's bottom
it is totally provided with dim and
sluices to toe flooded with water fo
the payment of 60 cents. The cascade
was not in operation, owinat to the
scarcity of water, but there is reliable
autoonty ior tbe s'a ement that tbe
caecaue is a gusner in ne spring and
i i ...
early snmme-. Dr. Ward will b
compelled to leave the party and ri
turn to Albany on Friday. President
CI- velacd may remain a week longer.
The Brighten Powder Exnloeloo
Cmcsoo, Iu,. Motemer 7. The
inqcest was resumed today over the
remains of Carrie ' Earneworth, tbe
fl st victim of the' Brighton powder
expio.'ion. unorirs veneraeyer.en em
ploye o( the Laflio A Raud Powder
Company, testified that tbe msgazine
mraa entle f.. KIaaIt vmnrjOAM O.m. .1... 1
rontatnrd abutlUUU pounds of biehlv
explosive powders at the time of the
Augutt Earaswo- th said be unloaded
powder at tbe magazine about six
weeks ago, tut would not swear tbat
it was dyi ami'e.
Ubarles Hellenbe-c. a former em'
Eloye, tes ified that all the drivers had
eysto the storeroom and went in
wuenwver tney denied, tie never
saw any dynamite stored there. Tbe
jury found that Carrie Earnswortb
-came to ber death from a shock and
irjurydne to the explosion of Lafl n
& Rand's powder maisztne, aod
censored tbe conpsny for sio-ing
dyamite ia their masazire con'rrv to
law. iney recommend that tbe Lake
aulbonties hereafter prevent the loc
tiooof powd r magaznes within tbe
town limits.
Social Science Aasoelattoa
Saratoga, N. Y., September 7. At
the session of the 8 cial Scieonn Aeo-
ciation this eveninvth following o Ul
cers wer e ected: vn sident.tarroil D,
Wrigh', Boston, Mas.; victvpr.sident,
Frai c's Wsvland, New Haven : eeneral
secretary, F. B. Sanborn, Core rd,
maes.: treasurer, inrs. roiuip stoke,
mew xorr.' ioirectors: uornun li.
baton. HcrArte White, Chailes A. Pet
body New York; Washington Gad
den, Columbus, O.; F. J. Kingsbury,
Waterbnry, Conn. ; T. W. niacins n.
Cambridge: G. T. Anoel'. Boston : H.
T. Wayiand. Pbiadelphia: F. R.
Woodward, Spartanaburg, 8. Card
George W. Cobb, New Orleans A
chairman and a secret iry for each do-
partmi'tit were aleo elected. Toe ts-
sociH'ion will meet the Dajartment of
Ueaitb tomorrow.
A Prorealaniel Ileby Hnrderene.
MiLWAUKtB. Wis., Poptember 5.
The fludiug of a dead infant with a
darniuit needle thruet through its
heart has led to a di-cl inure tbat a
regular busiuead of puttieg ta'ies to
death at so much per bead hns been
carried on in this city. Mis Pauline
Mifeltladt, proprietress of a piiva'e
hot-n'.ta .Ada few weeks sgo upon an
taking that the detectives have
accumula'ed c imlDating evidfitce.
She traveled under an atfunted n in e
In M'ltlrgn, out was overhaa ed at
Rend City a.nl brought bank tocUht
Slien'tnieetiid the murder oi ibech hi,
and claims to bave been promised $3tX)
by its mother for put'ing it outot the
way. 1 tie auttiorittes srs itiveet
ga ing the deaths ot numerous other
'fan's bun out of iredloi k suppoeed
to have b e:i put to death by ber.
Kl !! With Hie Wife Meter.
Clkvklanp, O., September 0. Oi
Stturday last it was lonorted that
rrednnck (Suiitb. ncok k-eper ior
lla'dy A Co., powder msnu'actnrers.
at Akroi', O., had lelt town, after fo g
ing a cbecs: for $700 on bs employers.
It w.s Intimated that be bad cone lr
New Ycrk to meet bia wifo'e note -,
with whom he had been intixa'e,
ard who bad gone to New York ostan
sibly oo ImsineRS. A special from Ak
ron savs Mw. Smith today leceived a
le tfrfiom her sitter etatirg that she
and Smith had ssilfd for Demmark.
Kawene Crep Keperle.
Topbxa, Ka., Wfptember 7 In
his repoit the Secie ary of Agriculture
atimatea the total wheat crop of Kan
sas this year at 13,500,000 bushels.
Returns indicate that toe com pro
duct will not fall below 12O,C00,(0)
and may possibly roach 110,000,0.0
eyere quake a. Evansvllle, Ind.
uar a Miocks at Savannah
Veasores for Relief.
CniBLBSTOit, S O., Pep'f mloer 7. A
Ki'i.,earinqoske shock, bstin
nve seconcs, wa-i feit here at 11:42
a uiuck mis morning.
This ba been a quiet day for cs, as
there bas only been one shake since
punuay nignt, and tbat shake tod
waa no worse ttan would be caueed
anywnere Dy the pesdna of a ht avi!
laoen wagoo. Evidently thesubtar
ranean sutostances a-e working them'
i-iycb uut, ana cour Dy hour mo
tnnumis gtvtntothe needs of tbe
preeont and wants of the fntnre. The
appeals of the enlo'ed n iniste'S to the
people of the United States for tbe
means of relief for tbe colored people
n uiBirees was woolly unnecessary.
ine Kenel Uommrtee ireet the funds
at their command as eubecribed for
the benefit of tbe who e community,
at d it ia given out without distinction
oi race, c lor or condition.
Subaerlpliooa far the Sufferer
w York, Seotember 7. Vice
rres dont Jamts W. AU xander, of tbe
Equitable Life Iisnrarca Soc ety, bvs
ieeued a circular in t uctttgtheaiients
i lU I I . . . .
ui tut u-buu an a in a i pr.rw or tne
world to solicit subscriptior s for the
D?n' nt oi the Charleston suflerers.
Sllaht Ntaocke at Anaasta.
Augusta, Ga., Sepfemb'r 7. Two
slight snocks were felt here today, one
at il::o a.m. end the other at 4:30
p m.
Kepair or ttie tjovtraneat fiuild
Washikotoh, September 7. A war
ant for $2000 for tne repa'r of govern
m nt buildicgs at Charleston injured
by tlie earllq take was e'gacd at the
liectury today.
Contributions ut Ptalledelpbln
1 hiladilphia, Pa., September 7.
Drexel & Co., t easuters of tLeCbarlts
tnn relief fund, this af ernoon tent the
lotioeUg tel' ersm to Mavcr Conrb
msy, ucarleeton: "ltgvea us tr-at
cat Biacuon to 6 a vise vou that the
Pniladelphia subscrinttons we hold
sui yc to your d aft lor the relief of
j our h m cted people amount, at close
oi ou mess today, to nearly I15,00(
in s mocey nas cone la to us
trea'urera with spon'aifous good
ill, in sums ranging I rem SI to $ Ot 0,
riom many contributors. reDreseutinir
-ii.... -i '
an BiHt'uu4 i i BnceLV.-
urneflt FeiToimance at fit. 1.011I4
St. Loais Mo., September 7. On
Change today boxes tor the benefit of
tue Libsries'.on sun- rera. to be civen
a the Oympic Tho.ter. were so'd at
aucvou Dy oiit.8 uat ie Star, cf th
lhempson Opera Company, and
fetcotd 1050.
Hard Shock at Kvauavllle.
EvAKSVULs:. Ibd.. Seotemb-r 7.
Ha'd earthquake shoe this morning,
actompenied bv an explosion, the
sound waking tbe inhabitants, who
ran, in deehablUe, into the streets.
Freak Shoeka at Athea.
Athbn. September 7. Fresh shocks
of earthquake we.-e felt today in VA
ityaodat Klvrita aod elaewheie.
Seismio rumblings were heard vaster
cay mrougnont reioponnecus.
. ftharsi Sbneka at saraaaak,
Savannah. Ga.. Sectember 7.
Sharp shocks weie fe't here at 4:40
o clock th's afternoon. People raehed
into me streets, nut no damage was
done. Slight pulsations were felt a 1
Tbe ronleat for Concresa, la
Flfih niHtlselppI Dletrlet.
The Forest f Mif s ) RraitUr civ a the
following account of the de'eat of
Messrs. Singleton, Fewell, G bbs and
Keiro, ana tne victory of Hoc. C La
Anderson in the Fif h Diatiict Con-
g esslona1 Coaveuttcn:
Tbe cr airman called the convention
promntly to order at tbe appointed
hour on Fr d y morning and declared
hallo ing in order. The first ballot re
sulted as follows:
Anderson At' ala 4.
Fewell Clarke 25 voteB. Laaderdale
4J. JNewton B, Wnyns 2. Total 12J.
Oibns Y.soo7, Neshoa2. Trul 9
Sing'eton .fa per 2. L9aktf3. Smith
2, 8o'.t2. To alO.
(Jue bundrud and nice ballots were
taken with likts result, when Yazoo
changed from Gtbbs to Anderson. On
the next ballot Nshooa gave Ander
son 1 J and Fewell This condition
of affairs cottinua nnul the 118th
toellot, when Clarke. Wayne and Lau
derdle trantferr.d their en' ire vote to
Anderson, giving bim 221 votes. New
ton added ht r 3 votes 10 Ketrn, giving
utni a total 01 tf votes. Kingieion s
counties ttul 1 as'ing a solid vote of 9
for him.
The result wb announced, ar d all
tbe candidates, tuccesuful aod defeat
ed, by invitit on addressed the coq-
Their speeches were all in the most
excellent taste, end were received
with deafening cheer?, giving evidence
of the utmost Latinony aod gcod feel
ing. Plnnkett'e Whereabonta a Mystery.
Haktvv rd. Conn . Sntemher 7.
Notlitrg has b 'en heard of Tho . F.
liinkHit, who d'sappeared utt week,
he dire'-tors of the Union Manu
facturing Company, of whic1! he was
traturer, today petit one i f r a e
ceiver and one was app inted. Tne
nnmpany is ensg-d iu th mauu
fac'urer of ct I on soo Is. It is not
known whether Puokett las issued
ny i i the oompanv's uaoer. bat as be
ia suspected tf having done so, a tem
porary rc-iverehip was decided on in
order to avoid complications and law
suits. Tne Hanf rd Si k Company, of
which Pluokett was prreiJtnt, is con-
iiered nopeiae sly wrecked. The ex
tent of bis de'alcation is not knowo,
nt about $1 5,000 i f oaDer is tiacod to
bim already, though it my not a 1
have been n go iatnd.
Fitraeire ttuii HLil.
Lonpon, Srptember 7. Mr. Parnell
as et oipMe i his laud bill, which
coneists of only four clauses. He will
inlrcdune tbe bill tn Tturtday or Fii
day, and will endeavor to obtain a dis
cussion i'f the measare before the dt-
ate on tbe estimates is furnished eo
aa to bs able to p'ess it upon tbe gcv
ernment for consideration. Tt e p it a to
niigbt :a spreadirg in the south ot
"Oar Baby-a Flrat Year,"
r Marion Harland, with other ralua-
in'ormatioD; luryigbt rageboik.
Bent free on receipt oi 2 cunt stimp.
AdJrfei Reed & Uarnrlrk, Mrrrantil
xcbiiire Bttildiug, Now. York City.
And Commission Merchants,
2GO and 2G2 Front St., Memphis, Teiin.
Lata J- X. LaPradc A Co.
No. 301 Front street, : Memphis, Tenn.
-FIavln retired from tba Saddlrrr and Ilaraeia bniineaa and opened an offioe as aboTe.
wo are pleyed to announce tnoar frienili and tbe publis lenerallr that we are now prepared
to erve them in oar new oapaoity. Keturnins thanki fj' the Tery liberal patronage ex
tended ui in the old line, we trait to merit and receive a ihre of your favora in tbe new.
Lan(6(air Building,
322 and 324 Main Street.
I5iltItEl WIRE.
Doom, Sash, Blinds, Wold iagft,
111111U Tf 11
M, B
Frames, Bracket?, fterolMVork, Rough and Dressed
In inker, Miingles, Lalh., Water Tanks.
All kinds of Wood Work Executed at Short Notice.
Nos. 157 to 173 Washington street, Memphis, fenne
8. H.
And Commission Merchants,
Wo. 307 Front Street, : Memphis, Tenn,
Pi-oh (rfUnrt Untn
lUiauuiwiaiu if aici
I Oonnlm Crnb Orrhurd 8alt In ended Mckami
I CAB OaCHtltO " TES CO.. Prop'rs.
iilLiii Facors.Wi m n Mm
291 1 rout Mreet, Opposite ChmIoui House.
OFFICE-32 Madison m. (Desoto Hank Ituildlns).
V. rUNSJOMB. 11. 1, COC1I RAN, J. T1. MrPAVltr, F. M. NKLS0N,
Special Notice to Shippers.
Miaii9irn iHD Ti-(8sitn Raimoad Co,
Meuiphia, beptember 3, ltiW.
THE eomp'etion of the Yaino and Miesie
iiilipl Valley U.R., Irnra Jarkron. Minn.,
o Oreepwond, Mii., OPKNS UP AN ALL
RAIL LINK, with..utbrek of bulkor trant
ferof freight, to following named point:
Tiioo Clly, ran, B. I,k. lnoft
Hpo Mllmt illr. NhKrk l.lortl.
If bill. HeJr.'riiger ,Mlo, KlnluK
uo, Wnrawmxl,
ShlnmenU to landing! near Iheiie point!
thonld be made to neaient itation namrd
bve. iour busmen ia reipeetlully o
lioited over ibe M. and T. Rod, ai Ire iht
reaohea ill dei;'.;iatioa the lol'owinr day ot
delivery at our depoi. A. J. KN APP,
. Oeneral freight Agent.
: fjfwmimr A.Ivmm.
I1K Altony of Mowra.
our authurti
W bim AGENTS S 2iV JE."JS:
dreii I. KLLW00D ZICLL, Pub., Fhii'a.l'a.
Lata with J. X. LaPrada & C
all klada of Door and Window
A Remedy for all DhwAwwof th aL.lver.Kld
tomarla and tMiwela. A iHNiitlvel
tloa. Ihmn,
lleadaetisB. 1
at liiaiir2Ai:i.. No
iDUtDeaaital MilA in tMilat.4
himon Id. jin
n, M'arpa MmlanrlllA, Hy
liz milea (rom Frankfort, K.,'opena 42d Annual Seailon
Srptvmbfr 6, IHH, under more laTtrable anapioes than
for twent fjesn. The Superintendent and Faculty give un
divided attention durioc all hours of every da? to th, gor- ,
ernment and Inttraotion of the puplla, all of whom ar, or
taniied Into one family. Before plaoini your on eliewhere,
end for Catalogue and Ciroular of Information to
HOBT. It. Al LEN Hapcrliil eadent.
(successors to a. h. bolbt bbo.
Funeral Directors,
A1TU LL and eomplete gtoek or weed aat
MetallieJafeaandOMkeW, Olota-Cov
e-ed Omaketa and
or'al Hone always , a
h -A. aar.0rdwt
ht Ulerapk proaatils

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