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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, September 08, 1886, Image 7

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Cotton Qalet and Lower Middling,
8 7 Sc Sales Yesterday,
50 Bile.
Money in g:od demand at 8 per
cent. Local securities are steady and
landing upwatd.
The cotton market yesterday doted
quiet and J J loer; middling, 8Jc;
eale, 50 hales. At New York spots
closed qiiet and Arm; middling, 9J
Futures doll; September, 8 13i).14c,
Of the future market a leading New
York circular isajs: 'It has been
more or le s of a liquidation market
all day. Bisippointad in Liverpool
the bulls abandoned all attempt to
revive strength, and finally com
menced selling out recent invest
menls, under which tbere was a break
of about 4 or 5 points and the closo
Blow. Spinners have bought fairly of
'Spots, bat no export demand pre
At 6ew Orleans spots were quiet
and steady ; middling, 8Jc; futures
dull hut tteady; September, 8 74
At Livr. ool spots were firm and
in good demand at 1-ltJd advance
middling 54; futoreseasy; Septem
ber. 5 9 t4d.
In tbe ge npr.)l market eggs ara easier
at liQtjlse. inner articles unchanged
Sixty five brls apples, 5 pkgi batter,
700 rls b.'gjinc, 2D7 pkgs bacon, 114
pkgt boot and shoes. 2000 bu corn
0 iikits ohfes, 2'.)1 tks coffee, 2 cars
cotton seed, 151 pkgn dry goods, 2 pkiis
eggs, 27a brls Boor, 1400 tales hay, 13
pkga nits, 24 beal tiogs, i:to hta
aheep, 50 head cattle, 19 tuad l.O'S
and iuule, 918 r kes lard, 12,000 feet
lumbnr, 34 pkgs l'quorj, 5 keg) nails,
13,010 rm oata, lU oils potato)', l car
pork s'rtBf, 204 ore eugnr, B4 pks to-
' Iuccj, 500 bu wheat.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
fee Sleicnants iixctiange yesteiday
"Wheat received, non; withdrawn,
none; m store, b'oi bu Uorn re
ceived, 2630 hu : withdrawn, IG'.tO bu
in store, 12,600 bu. Oata received, 13,'
522 bu ; withdrawn, 6200 bu ; in store,
157,117 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenu.,
Money in gooH demand at 8 per cent
XQi Uioanug liouse report is as lol
Tuesday, September 7th, 921 8,'
500 57; thus fa' tins week, 5:!98.9S956
same time lasi week, $313,411 08
corrspondirg time in 1886, $348,497
71; r-o; responding time in 1884, $181,
no ao.
Tuesday, September 7th, 195,078 07;
Thus far tVs week. $148,268 61; same
time met week, $135 887 61: corres.
ponding tmo in 1885, $127,605 42;
corresponding tima in 1884, $57,528 75.
New York eight on all points, oa
buying, i prern'om selling; New
England d?mand, discount buying.
New England sight, J discount; New
Orleans, i discount buying, par soiling
Bank of Commerce .146 bid, 149 asked
First Nations 150 bid, 155 asked
'German Bank ;.195;bid, 200 asked
Mate National ..145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planten..150 bid, 153 asked
Mercantile Bank....l35 bid, 137 J asked
Bluff Uity 100 bid, ... aeked
Hernando 100 bid, asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 aeked
Peopiei 80 bid, 83 asked
Phoenix 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters -107 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt- 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors .. 20 asked
M. and C. R.K.shares..3(l bid, ... asked
M. A T. R.R. shrs 45 bid, 60 asked
M. A C. consols, 7s. ..119 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. lt m. 8s... 105 bid, ... asked
Miss.&T.R.R.cs,A....lll bid, 113 asked
iaiua.xi.K.K.cs,rj..iui bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wta. ser. n 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J.83 bid, 85 asked
aneiDV io. ti. -wh bid, no asked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6? 97 bid, 08 asked
Tax. Dist. 6s 104 bid, 105 asked
Mem. C4ks bonds 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds-. ..97 bid, ... asked
Hauauer Oil Works bid, 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust? 55 bid, 56 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills 25 bid, 30 aeked
Mem.Stor.Oom.Oo-102 bid, 103 asked
Mem. Gas stork 75 bid. 80 aoked
Nbw York, September 7. Money
on ctll lotned at. from 5 to 7 per
cenr., closing nt o per c nt. aeked.
Prime mercantile piper4 5io per cant.
Stealing exchange qniet but s'ea lynt
Mr sixty day bills and 484 for de
mand. Govarnmtnl bonds have been dull
and tt a'y; SUto bonds have been
dull and steady to Ann: railroad
bonds have b?en dull and Ann. The
salrs grejrated $741,501. Tbera was
no conBpiiuius'y act vo issue, tut a
Wrll di tainted thongh quiet business
in those traced io. Final prices gen
erally show advances. Sonth Park
flritsrw 4 at 79; Houson ar.d
Texa, Western D vision, coupon off, 2
at 104, and the L ke Erie and Westtra
in comes 5 at 28. Another large
amount oi gjld was received today
fro u Earope. Money worked easy at
607 per cent , and the earnings re
port ad cmt nua to show handsome
gains. Toe only onfavcrab'e items
were tha reports of a heavy fallura In
Boston end a defalcation in liar ford.
'J h feeling on the street was not si
confident as f rr tbe putt few davs. the
result being a dull and featureless
Sticks The leading room traders
actively ha named tbe prominent
stocks and there was soms celling of
the Vanderbilts and grangers for Lon
don account. The meeting of tbe
general mnagera tt Cuicagi a tractel
considerable attention, and there is a
disposition to await the reeu't. The
opening was steady this morning,
first prices in a majority of cases being
unchanged from list nigbt's float fig
ure. Paciflj Mail showed tbo widest
-difference, being up g percent. There
was very little feature in the early
trading, prices in the general list be
ing comptr.uve y steady, althoujh
there ws a heavv undertone, and
Northwestern, Omaha and Pacific
Mai', followed later by St. Paul and
Lake Shore, displayed decided weak
ness in spots There was a fractional
aivance in Pacific Mail in theaf'.er-
nroo, with a general better feeling
mnngnont tne Put, and the
market finally closed about steidy
at a Bhao'e nnd.r tbe opening
prices. '1 he day's businecs was 163,491
sbJies. jLake bhore showed the great
eat activity, i's sales amounting to 23.
980 shar-s, Ijickawanna 17.900. and St,
Paul and Western Union were third
and fourth, each w.th over 15,000
snore. 1'rices are generally lower to
night, but for fractional amounts only,
mating being down percent, IN end
wt stern per cent and others small
erfraxtionp. The total sales cf stocks
today were 153,491 shares, Including
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
17,900 shares; Erie. 7480 'Lake Shore,
23,980; Northwestern. 7135: Pacific
Mail, 8?0; St. Pan", 15,600; St Paul
andUmabs, 4710; L oionFcitic,300U;
Weetern Union, 15.080; Northern Pa
cifio pre'erred, 37cO: Oregon Tiaas-
continenta', 3125.
V. B. S, 10014
Ha, eoup, liU.
4.. Annn.
lib. mnn. is, n:-,. ail. soon, 01, iwyt.
Cant. t'no. 1st., 114'i. Den. A H.a.Ut,li)'i(
l)en4R(JV.Uu,H4. Kru aeoondt. 115.
M.K.AX.,iion.68,M',.Norih. Fo. InU.llS,
V .1. D.. 1 . lull XT 111
N.Wt.deb.6a, lutl. St.L.S.F.Oen.M, 1UHH
at. r aui, con., iju. st.v.M. a. r. u,viz.
T.P.Iuodcranti.M.T.P..R.a.uooa bTSi
u. f. lata, 1J4'4. v ott brjore, iinti.
Tenn. (w, aet'iiii.Ke.Tean. 6a, aet'iut, 100,
lean, a, eot'uit, W,.
Adami Ezpreaa, 140. MorriaA E.,offd.,H0.
Allegheny (Jan...
Alton AT. 11., 3).
Nashville A 0., 68.
N. J. Central. 55,
A A T. H., rid.. 85.
Nor. A W., pfd.,44'i
an hi., It
, lUi.
JSorrriern Pac, a 'A.
Northern P. pfd.,6'..'i
C. A N. W., W.
C. A.Wpta.,l41,
N. Y. Central, 110.
N. Y. O. A St. L.
B. O. H. A N
Canada Pae. .
Canada Sou. ,45Vji.
Central P.inifio, i2'i
Cheaapeake A 0 , 8
C. AO.,latpld, 15.
C. A 0.,2d ptd.,J.
C. A A., 141.
C. A A i rld.. 100.
C.,B. AQ..138.
C.St. L.AN.O.,-,
C, St. L. A P.i 13
C, Kt. L. A P. p.,'ul.
C, 8. AC .27.
C.A C, M.
Del. A iluil., 100.
Del., I., A W., i:t0',.
Den. A Uio U., M1,.
Krie ntl., 73.
Kaet Tenn., .
EaatTenn. pld, 14H.
u ast.b.,p.,zj
Ohio Central, .
Ohio A Miat., 25.
0. A Miaa.. pfd.. 9
Ontario A Went.. 10
Uregon Kar., ll ;)'-,.
Oregon Trana.. 32.
Orcjron Imp., 20.
Pacific Mail,
Panama. 9H.
Peoria, D. A B.,9,.
Pittbar.r. 157..
Pullman P. 0., 137.
Heading, V.
Hook la.und, WV,.
(it. L. A 8. F.. p.. S'Ai.
Fort n ayne, 14iS.
Hannibal A st Jo..- C. M. A St. P.. 94
II. A St. Jn., pfd., - C. M. A St. P.,p.l22.
Iiarlem. 0.
St. P., M.A M., 113,
St. P. A Omaha. 41.
Houaton A T., ?t
Illinoia Cen., 134.
Ind.,B. A W., W4,
Kanaaa A T.. SVi.
Lake K. A W.. lu.
Lake Shore, bTJH
Loo. A Naah., 45.
Lou. AN. A., 62.
M. AC first rt ,-.
M. AC. pfd., -.
Mem. A Char., 30.
Mich. Cen., 81M.
Min. A St. L..
ion. coal & iron,.
Tias 1'aoifio, 14.
Union Paeifio, 5i .
V. 8. Bxpreaa- 62.
W.. St. L. A P..
W'.U. Tel.,':iiiM.
Colorado Coal. 28.
Homealake, 19.
iron buyer, ID).
Min. A St. L.lifd.44V4.0ntnrio. 25
Miaaour! Pcifio,llil.(iai,kailver. 8.
Mobile A Ohio. I.:. t)ui.ikailvr.pfd, 22,
M. L. S. A Wm. Kou'H Paoifio, .
M. L.6.W.,pld,8Sutro.7.
IjOkdos, September 7.-4 p m. 0 n
sols 100 15-10 for money and
thPi amount. Lnitd States bonds, 4Js,
11.5J ; carsUver, 4,5.d per our.w.
Paris, 8sr!ember 7. Three per cen.
rent 'P, S3! 6m tur lue account
bank clearings.
St. Liuib, Mo., September 7. Bank
clearings, StJ,2l.B71; balances, 1558.
Boston, Mass., September 7. Ex
changes, $10,273,427 ; balanooe, $1,358,-
Baltiuork, Md Sentember 7.
Oearingj, Jl,710,i2; balances, $283
Naw York. Sptembsr 7. Ex
change?, $84,609,872; bilauces, J3,-
PaiLADELPnrA. Pa.. S nfember 7.
CleaHng, $8,567,650; balances, $1,-
040, UlO.
riTr..n T . . C ... I . 17
asvx'iawn uauKi uieaungf t jday were
The local cotton markot opened
eay, and oloseJ quiet and jj lower;
middling, s;c. biles, 60 Dales to
YesterJav. Monday,
Ordinary 74
Uood Ordinary.... 71 8
Low Middling 83 8
Middling 81 0
Good Middling.... 9t 9J
Middling Fair 9J 10J
fair. Worn. Nora
HaurHis, September 7, 16S6.
Stock Sept 1, 1886 ... 4,009
Kecei ven to-day 21
Received previously... 185
Shipped previously.-..
Home consumption to
Stock running acconnt
Thus far this week 102
Thus lar last week.
6ince September 1st.... ,
M. and O. R. R.,
M.&T. R. R
O., O. & 8. W. R
Wagons and other sources..
Total 21
Thus lar this week 128
Thus far last week 418
Sinco September let 423
New York spots onnned steady, and
closed qu et and firm. Miild'ing,
9Jc. Same, 1244 taiep. Quotations
were as follows:
Yesterday. Monday,
rdinary 63 65
Good ordinary. 8 8
Low middling. 8 13 16 8 13 16
Middling 91 91
Good middling 9 11-16 9 1116
Middling lair- 10 5 18 10 5-16
Fair 10 1516 ' 10 15-16
New York futures opened auiet and
closed dul). Sales 43 200 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows:
Yesterday. Monday.
September... 9 13fa 9.14 9.15(31 9.16
October 9.14(4 9.15 9.18$ 9.19
Novemoer...9 14ia 9.15 9.1 8( 9.19
December ...9 17CA 9.18 0 20 at 9 21
January 9 24( 9.25 9 28 9 29
February 9.32( 9.33 9 30 9.37
March 9 Vm 9 41 9.43(a 9.44
April 9 4S 9.49 9 51 9.52
May 9 56 9 57 9.58 9.f9
June 9.64 9.05 9 06 9.C7
uly 9 71 9 72 9.74
A o gust.
The NewOrleans snot market oDened
dull, and closed quiet end steady mid
dling, 8,0. Sales, 700. Quotation!
were as follows:
Yesterday. Monday.
Ordinary. 7 7
Good ordinary 7 7
Low middling.. ,. 8 7-16 8 7-16
Middling. 81 81
Good middling...9i 91
The New Orleans futnre market
auun a uui w luauitDii 1
opened qiiet and steidy and closed
quiet, but steady. Sales,
yuouuons were as follows:
Yesterday. Monday.
September.. 8 74 8 75 8.76 8.79
October..... 8 70 8.71 8.74 8 75
iovemoer- B.tiWn) 8.70
December. 8.72 8.73
January 8 82 8.83
February... 8.93 94
March 9.03 9 05
April 9.13 9.14
May 9.23 9.24
June 9 33 4k 9.34
&73 8.74
8.75 8.76
8.85 8.86
8 98 8.97
9 0(i i 9 08
9.17 9.18
9.2S 9.29
9.38 9.40
9 45 9.47
& .
N Orleans.
Mobile ....
New York
St. Louis...
" "0,0'io
t, 14
Receipts at porta, this day, I8W..0 493
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.. 8,710
Tone. Prices
firm. 81516
quiet. KJ
oom'l. 8J
steady 8 1-10
stead v 8j
quiet. 9
quiet. 9J
quiet. 9
quiet 9)9
dull. 9
quiet. 8i
nom'l 8
1886. 1885. 1S4.
R'ts U. 8. . !
p'rts4daye 20,565 25,434 17,557
Ex. Gr. Br 3.83S 4,571 7,131
Stock 170,049 146,013 115,707
R'tsSapM 32,370 48,182 32,048
For'gn Ex 15,819 13,158 24.UH
l- . ..... I, ,
At .neon: Liverpool spo'a were
firm; gool demand. Sales, 12,000
bales, of which American 9700 bale.
Receipts, 11,600 bale, of which Amtr
lcan 6000 bales.
Closing qurtations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4 3 16d;good ordinnry, 4
9J0i; low midJling, 4Jd; good mid
dling 61 i ; middling uplands, 5jd;
middling OrleariH, 5 J.
Manchester cloths steady, fair de
mand. Yarns quiet, fair demand.
Tlie prim are given in pmx and 64(wi.
Omk 4 63 means 4 63 64d; and 6 01
meant 6 1-C4d.l
At noon: Liverpool futures wore
qoieier; September, 5 lid; September-October,
5 06; October-Novem
ber, 6 02d; November-December,
5 Old; Dduember-Jannary, 5 Old;
January February, Febrnary-March,
5 03d; March-April, 5 05d; April
May, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
very quiet; Seplembai, 5Ud, eelltri;
September-OcUiber, 50 61 sellers; Os-tober-November,
6 Old, buyers; November-December,
6d, buyerj; Dt-cemher-January,
5d, buyers; Janu-ary-Fubruary,
5 Old, tellers; February
March, 5 03d, selern; March-April,
5 05d, eellers ; Apiil May, 607d, va'u .
At 4pm: Liverpool futures were
easy; September, 6 (Wd, sell-
era ; tsoptem ber- October, 5 C4d,
Duyere; uciorjer wovemher, 6d
buyers; November December, 4 6 Id
buje s ; December-January, 4;63d,buj
ere; January-February, 5d', sellers
Februay-March,602d. sellers: March
Apr 1,5 04d, sellers; April-May, 5 OOd
at iurr.
The 'o'lowinc is the record of bids
and offers at ih9 Ca'l Brnrd of the
Merchants Exchange yesterday
. ' CORN.
No. 2, white, spot, 43Jc bid : Sep
tember; 43Jo bid : N i. 2 Snot 42c bid :
September, 4Jc bid; October, 43jc
w.kju; iov:moir, 4ajo aaied.
No. 2, white, O jtober, 30c bid ; No. 2.
spot. 29j hid; Sjptember, 30c aeked;
uc ooer, oic asked.
No. 2. red winter, sno' 7fir? bid :
beptember, 75o bid; Octob.r, 76o
bid; iNovember, 77o bid.
Spot, $2 25 asked : 6eDt:m'oer. S2 25
asKou; year, f l 10 asked.
8pot. $11 25 r.id. $12 asked : R 'nteni
her, til bid, $12 o. f. asked: October.
$11 50 bid; November. $11 50 bid.
$12 50 askeh'year. $n 50 bid. J12 o. t.
The followinir onotatirtns ara tha of.
nciai quotitlens of tha Merchants'
Uobnmkal Standard. $2 352 40:
pearl, $3 403 50 ; roller, $2 60.
Hay-Choice, from store. 7580o:
car load from levee or depot, $13 50'
14: prime, irom stora, 707oc; car
loal from levee or depot. $13: prairie.
from store, 50c; car load from levee
or depot, $8 50(a,9.
Uobk r rom8tore.wbite.53c : mixed.
62ii, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 48c; in sacks. 62a; mixed, in
bulk, 46j : in sacks, 49a.
Oats t torn store, white. 40c : mixed.
37c; from levee or depot, white, in
bulk. 354c: in sacks 374c mixed, in
bulk, 32 jo: in sacks, 35c.
Bran from stire. 75(5)8ijo: from
levee or depot, $13.
Flopr From store, No. 3. $3: fam
ily. $3 50 ; chol. e, $3 764 : fancy. $4
4 25; extra fancy, $4 304 50; patents,
$55 50.
Bsanb Navy. $2; medium, $1 50
r5: common, $2 25; German millet.
$1 201 40.
Rics Louisiana, 453; Carolina.
Oatmeal in liall-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Ob ack bes Soda, extra. 4c: soda.
treble extra, 4jc; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 74c ; gmger suana. extra.
5c;einger snapx, treble extra, 6c; aa-
.irieu itimoie", vo.
Cbackbd Whbat In half-barrels.
$4 2? from store.
IIomikt and Gane From store.
$3 153 25.
Kansas Citt, Mo.. Sontember 7.
Wht-ut weaker; N'. 2, red. caih. 62
(i2c; October, 63i(a-ti3g3; Novem
btr, 65c bid. Corn etiady: No. 2.
Mali, 31 Jo bid; October. 3;i4o bid:
November, 3433IJ". Oita nomical;
25c asked.
St. Loins, Mo., September 7. Flour
Ul; XXX, $2 302 40: famil".
$2 55('2- 65; choice, $3 103 5;
fancy, Si 4o3 55; extra fancy.
$1 703 85; patents, $1 204 60.
Wheat furly active, bat easier and
lower. The market opened jo lower,
ruled steady for a time, but latur weak
ened and declined Jc; reacted sliirhtly,
out cioeeu weak ana closed Jjc lower
than yes erday ; No. 2. rad. cash. 77c:
September, 77c; Oct ber, 78j793o,
closed at 78178ic; November, 80 j
tsiic, ciosea at bus, uorn very dull
d lower, closing 1c under veaterdnv:
No. 2 mixed ca-h, 364c; October. 37
38c, clrs'd at 37 jc. nominal ; Novem
ber, 381(2)W8c, closing at 39c. Oata
dull and eaale', closing at K"ic lower;
No. 2, mixed, cash, 2526Jc; Septem
ber, 25c; October, 261; November.
26ic. Rye stead, 60c bid. Barley
eslected. iiay about steady : nriirie.
$79; timothy, $.012 50. Flaxseed
eaey; fl U 'J. Bran ttrmer; 4SJ(..;.49c.
v ' je aiu mi midi 1 rJvyllVe
Corn meal itrady, $22 06. RaceipU
Flour, 8000 brig; wheat, 41,000
tm; corn, w,vw du; oatu, 25,000
bu; rye, 1000 bu; barley, 13,000 bu.
hbipments tiour, lOOO brls; wheat,
3000 bu; corn, 28,000 bu; oats, 11,000
Du: rye, none; parley, none. .,.
Afternoon Board. Wheat easy and a
shade lower. Corn jc lower. Call jo
Chicago, III., September 7. Tha
trading waa l'ght in wheat tarouhoat
tha session and the tone wis easier.
Early in the forenoon, October rose to
78jc, bnt foil off quite steadily on
dull cables ti 77 9-luc; rallied a trifle
and c'oeed at 1 o'clock at 77c. The
feeling wai easier apain in the after
noon. Corn kept following the gen
eral courss of wheat and declined
steadily a full cent until October
reached 41 jc. The warm and fine
growing weather aasicted in the de
pression. Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat fuirly active and easier, closing
Is lower. Sales ranged: September,
75J76je, closed at 76Jo: October,
77 9-1678tv closed at 77 Jc; No
vember, 7i80c, closed at 79Jc;
May, 87J'oW7jo, closed at 87jcr No.
2 spring, 7575ic; No. 2 red, 76c
Corn weak and lower, closed jj under
yost?rdav; cash, 39j40Jc; Septem
ber, 3!J4rj3, olod at 39 1116c;
October, 41142jc, closed at 41 7 16c;
November, 4.'J433. closed at
42 15-16c; May, 46j4"lc. closed at
4o. Oata quiet aud easer; cash,
25j25jc; Septomber, 25 5-10c; Oc
tober, 2rt i20jc, closed atl6Jc; Mav,
32j3 Jo, uloeed at32jc. Rye quiet;
No. 2, 69l Barley dull; No. 2,67,;.
Flaxseed firm; No. 1, $1 0SJ. Re
CHipta Flour, 14,000 bris; wheat, 85,
0OJ bu ; corn, 424,000 bu ; oats, 203,000
bu; rve, 4000 bn; barley, 71,0vX) bu.
Shipments F.our, 2,000 bria; wheat,
30,000 bu; corn, 133,000 ba; oats,
188,000 bu; rye, 2000 bu; barley,
39,000 bu.
Afternoon Board Wheat, corn and
oils clo'wd a shade tasior; Octob. r
wheat, 77 ll-16c; corn, 41Je; oats,
2(iJ .
BtTTBR Butt irine,12j13c; cream
ery, 22'6i; dairy, 1018o; couniry
butter, i516c.
Chkksb Prime fla's, 8 Jo, nominal;
New Yo'k fairtory, 9s, nominal; fall
cream, 11c; Young America, 1314c
Hoa Prodccts MepB pork, fll
11 25; sugar cured htms, 13J14u;
breakfast bacon, 8J10c; clear rib
8'das bacop, 7c ; bacon shouldms,
7jc; bulk pork clear sides, .73c;
clear rib sides, 7 Jo; shoulders, 6jc;
long clear, 7c.
Lard -Tierces, 7j7gc; half-barrels
and kegs, 7J7Jc; choice kett'e, 8J
Fbrhh Mbats No. 1 beef, 7c ; Mut
ton, 7c; hind quarters of beef, 8 Jo;
lambB, $2 503 50.
Pocltbv Chickens, $12 25; old
hens, $23.
St. Louis, Mo., Saptsmb:r 7. Pro
visions firm except pork, which ru'ed
lower at $10 75. Lard quiet, $0 75.
Bulk mea's s'eady; lojte lots un
changed ; boxed !ot long clear, $6 75;
short lib', $0 85; short clear, $7 10;
Bc n, thm: lng clear, $7 457 60;
short ribs, $7 50; short clear, $7 75.
Hams firm, J2VIc. Butter, quiet
and unchanged. Eggs steady; 11
12c. I
Chicago, III., September 7. Mesi
pork act ve and easior; cash, S10 10
10 15: October. $10 1010 27 j, closed
at $10 1211015; November, 10 024
10 124,cios9d at $10021005. Iard
unee'.tled and ei-sier ; casn, $7 257 30;
September, $7 207 30,cloaed at $720;
Octoher, $8 67Jtt 724. closed at
$6 6216 (w; November, $6 506 624
Short 11b sides steady; cash, $6 65
6 674. Boxnd meats firm; dry salted
fuou'der, oj6c; short tleer sides,
$6!K)S95. Butter tirm; creamery,
li23c; dairy, ;jle. tgits, 13c.
Afiernom Board. V.rk lower; Oc
tober, $10 05. Lard lowtr; Septem
ber, $7 20; October, $8 55.
OorPBB Common,9J9 to ; ordinary
1010Jo; prime Rio, 11 J 12c; choice
to fancy, 12j13c; old government,
2425c; Ueylon, 1822c.
Soap Chapman's Hope soap, un
wrapped, 444io per pound.
Salt $1 26 per barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 4DM1 10; coarse, $1 151 20; pock
ets, bleachod, 2j7c; car-loads from
levee or depot, 6c cheaper.
Candiks Stacks, all sizes, in boxes,
pans and barrels, 8!M.
Candlhs Full weight, 9J10c. "
Cannbd Goods. Etc. Prices per dos-
en: 1 ineapples, Si 401 CO; peaches,
2-1 b, standard. $1 35 1 55: second?.
$1 101 15 ; tomatoes, 21b, standard,
$1 25l 35; 3 lb, $1 151 30; straw
berries, ft 3a I 40: raspberries,
Si 151J!6; blackberries, II
1 15; greengages, $1 60 1 76;
pears, $22 25; plums, $1 60
1 70; aiparagus, $2 604; green-corn,
$11 35; green peas, $1 65 165; cove
eyeters, full weight, Mb, $11 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 ho; cove oysters, ngnt weight, l-ib.
65c; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
l : condensed mil Urown, 15 Wl
"5 75 ; Eagle,$7 617 75 ; Dilsy, $4 75.
Molassbs Louisiana, common to
fair, 18 25c ! prime to choice, 2835c ;
syrup, 2440c; common to fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 30 33c; centrit-
ngal, fancy, 3234c.
iobaoco Uommon, li-incn. 271(n
28c; other grades and styles, 35(86o.
SnnfT Garrett's, $1C 85 por case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per rase : R. R., $9 60
10 25; Gail & Ax's, $8 75.
O0GA a r uro white, eiC'ryiio; off
white, 658ic: yellow clarifid. 61
(iic; open kettle, 6tijc; refined A,
86Jcj granulated. 67jo; pow
dnrHd, 7j7jc;cot loaf, 7j8c.
I'owPBB Kegs, (I; hall kegs, 12 25;
quarter kegs, $1 25.
Nbw York, September 7. Coffee
sp t fair Rio firm, lOjjc; options, 10 20
point) higher and loss active; sales,
1H.250 baits; September, 8 909c;
October, 8.758.95c; November, 8.70
8.90c; December, 8.768 90j; Jan-
uary, 8.758 90c; February, 8 80
8 85c. Sngar quiet and steady ; r? lined
au'et; extra C.SJnin; wbiteextra O,
6J5jn; yellow, 4j(";5Sc; mould A,
66 l-10c confectioners A, 6Jc:
standard A.S 'Jl-ltfc; cnt loaf and
crnehod, (ij0 5-16c; powdered, 6j
OJ-;. Molasses steady; demand liht.
Applrs Annlos. $1 5032 50: dried
apples, 23jo per ponnd from store.
Dried peaches, 2i34a trom store.
Vbgbtablbs Onions, $3 from
store. Cabbage, $2 50; per head, 810c ;
$1 75 trom levee or depot per crate;
Garlic, 4060o per 100. Turnips, 60c
per bushel.
t bcit Oranges, LouiManx nomi
nal, $6. Lemons, $7 50 8 per,
box. Bananas, $l2 per bunch.
Cocoannta, $5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7jc; Tennessee, farmer' stock.
34c; roasted, 2Jc higher; snelled,
10c. Almonds, 1820o.
RAieiNs London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 76; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
PicKLBS In lars, pints, 95c: ouarte.
$1 60 ; balf-gaI)ons,t276 ; gallons, $3 75;
loose, barrels. 10 00(4 ; can-barrels.
$S 764 ; mlxed,barrels,$10 60 ; mixed,
na't aarrtda, W -
foTATOBK Hew, l 26 1 50; Worth-
em stock, $1 762.
jina New Xork, $0 60 7 per bar-
SEPTEMBER 8, 1880.
el,ati(r$J764-per half-barrel ; Vin
egar, 104 per gallon.
.- PiCAaa Texas, 810o for small to
medium, 10 14c for large; Arkansas,
3 5c.
- Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$4 755; No.2. i$S 603 75; No. 8,
$33 25; 10-lb kit, o, 1, 90c; No. 2,
oj; io-o, no. a, oac my tierrings,
lamny, -oj per dox.
Walnuts French, 12c ; Naples,16o j
urenouiee, 10c rnueris, 12c,
Gamb Game fish, ll12c
Eoos-Kisy at 1718o.
cprrua heku pkoihitdts. ;
la car load lots: Piime crude cotton
seed oil, 26c; off crude col tori seed
oil, 2223c; prims aummer yellow
cotton seed oil, 3530c; ofl sum
mer yellow cottonseed oil', 3132c:
miners' summers yellow xotton seed
oil, 3235c; prime nimmer wlrto cot
ton seed oil, 35c; choice cooking yel
low cotton teed oil,37o; prims cotton
aeod meal, $15; ofl cotton seed meal,
$1314. ,
Nbw Oblbani, La'.', September 7.
Cotton seed productaacarce and firm ;
prime crude oil, delivered, 252(lc;
summer yellow nit, f. o. b, 3839c;
cck- and meal, $19 5020 per long
ton, f. o. b. .
Hipm Dry flint. 1216c: dry
aalt,1012c;greensalt,7Sjo; green,
66c; deer akins, 1518c. Beeswax
brmat 21c; tllow, 33 Jc.
Clear tuS washed, 313(c; grease
wool,2320;Burry ool, 1318c.
St. Louis, Mo , September 6. Wool
PiiiLArKLPHiA, Pa., September 7.
Wool in improved demaud ; prices un
changed. IVisroN, Mawl, September 7. WTool
steady and firm; Michigan exira, 32c;
Ohio and Pennsylvania extra, 32(4 33d;
XX X and above, 3l3c ; bther grades
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lota, 11c per gallon.
Clbvbland, 0., September 7. Petro
leum s. w., 110, 7Jc.
Pittsiipro, Pa.. September?. Petro
leum quiot. The market opened at
63J-0, declined to 6 'jjo, and at 1 o'clock
p.m. was steady at 02ijc.
Whisby Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 5i5; redistilled goods from
85c to II 50, according taprjof; rye,
$1 750.
St. Lopis, Mo., Scptembor 7. Whlf
ky firm, $1 10.
Chicago, III., September 7. Whis
ky steady, $1 15
Cincinnati, 0.,Soplember 7. Whis
ky in gi od demand ; tales of 831 bar
rels of fin'shud goods on a basis of
$1 10.
Baooino Jute. 2 11)4, 8Jc; If lbs,
7Jn; 14 lis, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 7Jc.
riK-$l K'1 15.
Naiiji Common. $2 202 25 : steel
$2 3o2 40.
Cattlb Choics to'extra corn fed.
9C0 to 1050 lbs, none received; gioil,
none received ; choice grass cattle. 3J
3ic:good, 23Jc; fair to medium,
2j2Jc; scalawaas, lljc.
Hogs Clioice,414lc: ifood.3J4c:
common, 33o.
ohbbp Choice, 3130 : medium. 2l
3c; common, 11 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4j(45c.
Kansas CiTV,Mo.,8optnmbor 7. The
Livestock Indicator reports: Cattle
Receipts, 2 31 head; shinmentp, 1712
bead; good corn fed Bteurs st'ong;
good grass range steady; good to
choice, $ t4 00; c amnion to medium,
3 303 90; stockern, $2 3(K2 75;
feeders, $2 803 30; cows, $1 602 76;
griiss range sioare, $23 25. Hogs
Receipts, 3150 bead;shipmenti, none:
market strong, about 5c higher; good
tochoice, $4 754 00; common to me
diom, $4 104 05; grassers and nigi.
$2 604. Sheep-Receipts. 251 hi 11 1 :
shipments, nono; market rteady lor
goou;gooaio cnoice, in 4'Kii.i; com
mon to medium, $1 5()2 25.
Chicago, III , September 7. The
Drovers' Journal report: Cattle Re
ceipts, 770O head; shipments, 2500
head. Market B'rong and a shade
higher ; shipping steers, 9S0 to 1500 lbs,
$3 405 15; stockers and focdnrs.$2 10
3 35; cows, bulls and mixed, $125
3; bulk,$2 202 50; through Texas
cattle, weaker ; cows,2 102 50 ; steers,
$2 653 16; W cetera rapjerj steadier;
good grades stronger; natives aid ball
breedp, $33 80; cows, $J 31X2 75;
wintered Texans, 2 753 20; sales
Northern rangers, 616 head; Mnntanas,
weighing 1087 to 1310 lbn, $2 8t)3 80;
614 Wyoming Texan, 025 to 1047 lbs,
$2 853 20; 337 Montana Texni,971
lbs, $2 90 ; 268 Colorado Texans, 1053
lbs, $2 90. Hoin-Receipts.14.o00 nead :
shipments. 4000 head ; market steady ;
roui;ri and mixed, :i Ihfr.H K5; pack
ing and shipping, $4 855 10; light,
$3 754 80 ; ski ps, $2 00 3 75. Sheep
Receipts, 4200 head ; shipments, 1600
head; market a shade lower: na Ives.
$24 25; W,a ern,$3 353 50; Tex
ans, 91 7o3 75 ; lambs, $4 205.
Nbw Yoax, Se ptembor 7. The ex
port of dome-tio cotton goods the past
week has been 2736 packauea. and for
the expired petiod for tbe year a toUl
nf 170,620 packages, tomparrd wi'h
154,645 packages the same date lat
year, 115,159 packages in 1884 and
115 189 packages in 1H83. Tbe move
ment of boocL in the execution of or
ders has been of previouj largo propor
tions, but the new demand moderate,
M many buyers were cc.upiud in
wetching the yacht race.
h 0. TYLER.
(Saeceaaora to Eokerlr, Stone A Co.)
lotion Factors
268 Front Street, Memphia.
Leipzig Conservatory,
oa the Brat of September. Vole Tralnlna
ana vorauiniion aapooieur.
Apvlr at K, Wiiamann A
Wiiamann A Co. 'a, ftcood
atreal, or U. Ja,
Uoaok, Mala itreet.
Frlara Potnt....Jiaaa Laa, S p.m.
White River CairnsAW, 5 p.m.
OaooU... .CoAHnm, 5 p ts.
New Orleana... C't NRarOKHANa, 10 a.m.
St. Loula D. R. Powixl,. 0 p.m.
Arkanaaa City Kats Auaus, S p.m.
Arrivals. 11. L. Cobb, Arkarmas
I)rpaTture$. Qsyoso, Concordia ; Ed
Foster, St. Francis river; R L. Cobb,
Arkanaa. river.
Boats in for. Chickasaw.
itonfa irie I,un. Coahoma, City of
Vicksburg, Cit of New Orleans.
Boats Due (p. James L?e, D. B.
Rn-rlpla Yoalnntiiy.
It. L. Cobb 5 bales cotton acd 39
pkgs snndiies.
Chickasaw It bales cottin, 163 sks
ased, 1 cow and 23 pkgs sundries.
Tui P. R. Powell, Capt. Qeorgo W.
Tickers, will ptus up this evening atO
o'clock for Cairo and St. Louis.
Tn Chickasaw, Cspt. K. C. Postal,
is the packot this evening at 5 o'c ock
for White rivor. O. M. l'o.tal and
John Childress are her clerks.
Tug Coahoma, Capt. Henry Cooper,
In the packot this evening at 5 o'clock
for Osceola and tbe upper bends.
Wm. Smither is in her ollice.
Thk James Leo, Capt. Thomas Clag
go't, is tie packot this evening
at 5 o'clock for Helena, Fiinra Point
and all way landing. Will Achford
tiM charge of ber ollice,
Thk Anchor Lino steamer City of
New Orleans, Capt. A. J. Carter, will
pass down tlin mc ruing at 10
o'clock for New Orleans and all inter
mediate poiuw. Archie Woods is her
clerk. .
Tub Ka'e Adams, Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the 1' rutin! States mail
pack it tomo row evening at 6 o'clock
for Helena, Arknnais City and all way
landings. W. C. Blanker is in hor
RirsiNKHs fair.
Wkathkb cltar and warmer.
The Ed Foster cleared last evening
for at. Illinois river.
Tub Bi-.ckoyo S'ate will be the next
packet for Cincinnati.
RgcuiiM'g bv nver yos'orday, 1(1
bales cotton and 153 sackB seed.
TflaQavo'o departed lust evening
on her tint trip in the Concordia
Tue river here stands 7 feet :
tentlis on the gnugo, a fa 1 cf 2 tuutb
in the laat 14 hours.
Tun R. L. Cobb arrived yestjrdav
morning Irom Arkan-iu ilver with
bales cctton and 30 p ckages snndrien
She returned hint evening with a big
Tin ClJckapiiw arrived yPHtenl
evoning from White liver wi'h 11
bales co! ton, 153 sacks lead, 24 pack
agos siinilrie. Mie rcsbipped 6 baits
(O ton a lerrono lor isow Orleans and
rctorns this evening at tbo nsual hour,
A Cairo special to the St. Louis
Globe Democrat ol Mondav sava: Pilot
Hum ltiisio-, of the W. F. Nisbet, re
ports 4 fn t and 0 Inches at Liberty
6) at O01 s Island and 6 feet at Apple
Ureuk. I u terday morning the I'.. M
Nortin ai below tha bar at Apple
Creek, with her tow above, while the
SidneyDillon bad one barge aground
and to below the bar. lhare is
foet on P l ip's bar and to Memphis.
Uetwoeu t ho Anchor Line and tbe
Tencostns r.vttr pakit', the Mascotte
and Urn's n, the peoplo betwoen M
Lonli and Cape Girardeau enjoy the
advantages of having two boats per
day each way. As those packets are
all lighting one another, reducing rates
beyond all rearon, the possibilities of
money making are regarded as exceed'
ingly fcllm.
Ofkici Siok AL SsHvrcs, IT. 8. A., 1
MxMPnis, Septembor 7. 1 p.m. i
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 76 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
y ve Low
Chattanooga ...
Fort Smith
La Croane
leaven worth.,.
Little Rock
New Orleans...
St. Louis
St. Paul
Daagsr l.lna Feet and Unthl ot a loot
above aero of gauge 1
Cairo, 40 feet.
ClnctinnH.ll, V).
puliuque, III.
Keokuk. 14.
La Crosse, 24.
Little Hock. .
Memphis, M.
Niuhville, ill.
()mnhn, 1H,
Ht. Louis, 33.
Bhreveport, M.
Chattanooga, 33 (eat.
Davenport, In,
Fort Hmlth, 12.
Helena, .
Leavenworth, 20
Louisville, lift.
New Orleans, 13.1.
Pittsburg, U.
Ht. Paul, 7.
Vioksburg, 41.
Yankton. 24.
Evanhviixb, September 7. Noon
R.ver tailing, with tt feet on the gauge.
Pitthbdbh, September 7. Noon
RivHr4fct4 Inches on the gangs and
ris'irg. Weather clear and warm.
Cincinnati, Sop'einber 7. Noon
Rivni 0 Inot llincbos onthe gangnand
falling. Weather clear; thermomoter
Whukumo, W. Va.. Septomber 7.
Noon RiVfr 2 feet 7 Inches on the
gauge and falling. Weather clear and
warm. ,
St. Loom, September 7. Night
River lining, with tt fet 0 inches on
the gaiiite. Weather clear and warm.
No arrivals of regular packet". De
parted: Bulls Memphis, Vickabnrg.
LouinviLis, September 7. Noon-
River falling, witn 4 feet 1 inch in the
canal and 1 loot 11 inches onthe (alia.
Bualness good. Weather clear and
warm. Doparted: Obio and Deeoto.
Cairo, September 7, Noon Rivet
0 feet on tha gauge and rising. Weather
clondy and warm. Arrived: City of
New Orleans, Ht. Louis, 7 p.m. ; Jay
Gould and barges, St. Louis, 11 p.m.
No departures.
Office, 599 Mala Street,
First Door Boats, of Inglnehoase,
sarStrlet attention given to all bualnetl la
rasita to uu oar.
For Uickman, Cairo, St. Lenta and all Way
Landinrr-Ta lerant ateamer
I. IS. l'oirell 'izfTSt,
Vlokera maater, abtvS
mil leave me aieiauir ruis 11AI, tieut.
Hth, at p.
n. for Mreigbt or paaaatre applj
P. Aa'f. An STi'HM. A ir't .
t;. ii. tir.r.
St. lMut and hw Orieatral 'Anchor
A. J. rrti.F. rr, ul... d
Will leare the Elevator WBDNKtoDA I. Kept.
i. , 1. ... 1 1 1 vuiv,vai,ii.
For fraifbto aaiwe apply
. fit't. AD KIVHIM. Aa't.
"in, ei lu a.m.
v- ii. inn, Pax.
Hrrrhnnti' nnil I'lMnlera Parhrt.
a. Li. viimmin.... maater.
Leaves every TI KSDAY aed SATURDAY
at 5 p.m., for lli-lena, Friara Point, Sun
Bower, Malonea, Knowlton, Australia, La
oonia, Concordia, and all way landing,
ror freight or paaaage apply to
T. H HIMk a n,. m Front t.
Maiihlii,rlar Polau a ad aeaabiua
aU MiKla Pacta. tonpanj,
Forllelaoa. ttlendale, Friara. Point aud all
Way Landing-Steamer
Tarn cm jLcc, r-a-ilj
J, ll. Cooper, u.MVr....J. W . Smiitien.oiera
U" ' above on every Mow HAY.
W KPN laSUAY aai FRIDAY, at fto'elock.
For Raodolph. Fulton, Oaoeola and H
Laoiiloea Steamer
E. T. Clnaett...U' im i I I'latt Rhodes ..olerr
Leaven Ktitj M i.NuAY, WKLlNKSUAI
and FRIDAY at tt p.m. The boats ot thU
line reserve the riant to pasa all landing!
the rapinin may doem iinante. Office. No. i
Wailionsf. J AM H.i LF.K, Jr., Hup't.
Tbo St. Francis River TranRporiaiioa
Co.'l Fin bide-W keel V. 8. Mall Steamel
Ed Foster, r -T'
U. K.JorHn.. ,....n:trr,
, K. Joi'lln.. n:trr
at 5 o'elook, for Murianna. the Cnt-Olt, aa4
Intermediate landinga on Ht. Franela river.
The eapUin reservea the right to nasa al
landtnita he deema u
naafe. JAS. LEK, Jr.,
Snnnrinlen.nnt lrrli.n
No. 4 MHinn t.
Heiuphls aud Vlokuburg Packet Cora
pany U.S. fflall Line.
For Helena, Concordia, Terrene and Arkea
aaa City The elegant paasanger ateamer
M. 11. Cbeek...maater I W. (5. BlaiTa.'r'.ToUrk
Leavea Memphis
r. ui.,reervlng therlnht to pasa alilandlnaa
he captain may deem unsafe. For aen.rel
information apply at onion, No, 4 Madiaoa
airool. g. WALWORTU. Aaent.
.UltlN OaW. Pn.s'r A rent. Telephone 'I,
yfMM w e
Arkaiists Itlver i'k't to.
Str. R. L COBB, .ysm.
E. 11. Hiuiih....maater. mLiM
Leavea Menii hit Every TllKSDAY.aifip.a
U. C. LUWK, Agent,
Office. No a, Madlnnn t 'I'elenhone No a.
MempJiisAc White Itiver rkt Co
for 'larnlon, IsvmII Kliifl,, l)a
Arc, Augusta, beamy, Newport, Jackson,
port, Hate.vllle "ii'l all Way Landinat,
nik. uitHANw, ,rr
f!. C. I'ostnl , niasfer.JILliltSSly
Will loave KVKHY WKDNKSDAY at 5 v-n.
Albert II. Nmiih mn.feri
Will loave KVKHY HAlllKDA
Ai at h ii.ui.
Through rates given to all points.
consigned to the Memphis and White Hiver
t'acket Co., at Memphis or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For general inlorma.
tion apply at oulce. No. !i Madison at., ort 1
Call Telephoned. H. C. LOWK, Aa't.
rfeot tsubatltut fur Moth r'ts
Wlm InVrtluttbl lu Chnlaxra Inlnntun
iuudii in
oa TeetnitiKt a pr-niutd rooa tor ys
rfroi fcutrUut in mil Wnttlna pi
KeMMtrM fflO (lOOk tn AT. Otir UmX Thai ftau
and read Inn of Infanta. tuj.6 fr.
DOUBUH, QUO DA LB CO.. Boston, Vivm.
CAPITAL PRIZE, $150,000.
" Wt do hereby Certify hat im uptrvifZth
arranprmimt for nil (A Monthly and Quar
to mi ant and in ptrton wtanaet and control
th lirnwinf themmlvtt, and that th inmi
ar eandteied wit honetty, fairn and in
food faith fouxird all i nrt,and w author
tha Oommanu to un this eirMMrti with ao
tmW of our tienatnrt attaehtd, in ad
We. th sutderstinwrf. Bonis and ffiiaeers.
uiU pay ail 'ru.s drawn in Th Louinanm
Unit Lulttrits wkiak em fre Bresmfeol al our
J. II.OULKNBT.Prmi. I J.. Nat'l Banak.
A. BALDWIN, Free. O. Hat. Bk.
Over Haifa Million Distributed.
Louisiana Stiate Lottery Co.
Ineorporated In 1868 for twenty-Ova years
br the iiealslnture for Educational and
C.inritahle poriKraes with a oapital of 11,.
INKMKO-to which a reserve fund of overtSoO,
OKI has aineebeen added.
By an overwhelming popular vote 10 ;
franchise waa made a uart of the present Hll I '
Constitution, adopted Deoember 3d, A.l
lie .Jrnuii nina;i anmaar nraw.
Bare will latke) ulnae muulhly. hmtnrJ
urtilrt or piisfponcs. Look at the followlta
Dutrlh'illon :
Iwttlta tsKANIS IIIU9IT1I1.T
Extraordinary Quarterly Drawlug
In the Academy o( Muslo, New Orleani,
TurtMlnv.Nritlriiibrr la. 1HNM.
Under the personal supervision and man
aiiement of
Jil.O.T. BennrrKnrU.uf Louisiana, and
Ufii. J ubal A. Knrljr, of Virginia.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
awNOTICB-Tlcketa are 1ta Dollnra
ouly. ualvea, an. t ilths, 4.
Tenths, SI.
1 Capital 1'rito of. Jl.Mi.lsm 1110,1100
1 (I rand 1'nie of mi.iuki
1 Urand I'riae of.
2 Large Priiea of. iO.INiO
4 Large l'rii.i of. IS (
2il l'riios of. - 1,1'K)
Ml l'ri.ea of. -
2il, KO
Iisj Prises of. )
2INJ Prises of.
AliU I'riies of. l"1
1UU0 Priaea of. &0...M.
.epaoi UATioa rRian.
lllO Approximation Priiea of 2H0...
lis! Apiiroiiiuauon t riseaoi !..
luO Appruxiuiation Priiea of 75..
2279 Priaef, amounting to T22,5C9
Application for ratal to cluba should
made only to toe omoe oi in uompanjH
New Urleana. ....
For lurtner miormauon wrue cieariy.
givint full address. rvNTAL MOTKH, Ka.
press Money Orders, or New York Kiohangt
In ordinary letter. Ourr.aoy by Kxpreaa Ut
oar expense), addresaed .
1 Blew Urluaa, Vsu
or m. A. navPHis,
WnhlBtoB. D. C
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