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VOL. XL VI NO. 212
A Proclamation by the Mayor-Con
tributions Siill 1'onrlng la
From All Quarters.
Charleston, S. 0., S ptember 8.
Yesterday a prominent architect and
builder from .New oifc, who
passing ttrouph tho ciiy, ir Juiced in
a stroll through the Etratta and took
occasion to examine some of the
heaisrf mortar and biick. "It seems
to me, be said, "that a food deal of
the destruction in Charleston is due
to careless and imperfect work
have noticed in very many instances
that the mortar used m the construc
tion of dwellings heie is of a vtry in
ferior kind. In some huUnces there
are hardly any traces cf lime and
cement. Bricks which ere laid in that
kind of nioriar will not rmnin to
(tether in any violent soock. Tbe city
cuvbttobave an tilieial to inspect
building material. There are buildt-rs
nottnlyin Charleston, but all over
the world, who will take advantage of
people and use cheat) material. I have
noticed several brick buildup
standing, the walls of which
are put up with an inferior
kind of morUr that will not hold
bricks together, and that is the kind
that I suspect bas been need in many
of the buiidiDgs tbat have been shat
tered. I notice a gocd deal of this pe
culiar kind of mortar all over tbe city
in the heaps of debris. 1 don t mean
to say that houses built with proper
moriar would have s'Oid the shock of
tbe earthquake you had in Charleston,
but 1 am ceruiu tbat tbe detruct on
would not have been eo great."
Things are settling do wa in Charles
ton, and the alight tremor of earth-
qutke wbicn is lelt once or twice a
day attract) li'.t e more attention tban
the rumbling of a passing wagon. La
borers are at ork in every direction,
clearing aay tbe masses or fdilun
brick and atone, aud there strumous
efforts made to protect the injured
buildings from tbe expected rains.
Everywhere there are signs of a restor
ation of the normal condition of
things, and business is trensae'ed juat
as usual.
Tbe Kelief Committee, wl-ich wa
organized last Saturday, is at work and
, has now provided accommodatiocs iu
tents and in huts for over 3000 per
sons. Besides this, tho Subsistence
Committee is in full swing and is serv
ing out today ample rations of meat,
bread and sugar to all worthy appli
cants. Tbe plan is to make the dis
tribution hereafter upon the recom
mendation of the clergymen of the
different denominations in tbe city.
Subscriptions continue, to come in
very freely and the aggregate is now
about $1(0,000. Tbis will g a long
way toward relieving the preeeot dis
tress in the city, but it is only a drop
in tbe bucket in comparison with what
is required to make Charleston what
it was a little more than a week ego.
May; r Cou teaay hci itstied procla
maiion t) tbe people of the city, in
which be says:
"I have this day returned to my
loved city amid the widespread deto
laticn. Its homes shaken to their
foundation?, many of t-em ut
ter y wrecked, and few without si-ri-
ous injuries, and I find many of ycu
my follow citizens, with your Oh. rand
loved families living and sleeting ei'
under frail shelters and some under
tbe sky. with the recent tenibl
calamity aud its awful tuspense still
lingering in your minds. Amid the
rains of this far reaching and terib e
calamity 1 am profoundly thankful
tbat so much of life and propeity has
been spared, and I rejoice tbat the
same forlitude ar.d heroic patience
that in tbe Iraet of God and His Piovi
dence bss always characterized this
people, ia now their stay in tlm time
in dire trouble, and I am thankful to
add that in 4. his past week of disss er
the good order and he'pful co-opera'
tion of all clanees of our citiz jrs has
conduced to the maintenance of the
public weal. It is inspiring to heboid
amid these grave difhcu'tiea the re
sumption of uie busimsi life of our
city and the quenchless faiih cf ir
peep o in tii future. Tbe opeu ix
chongee, banks and leading bouses in
all departments of business, tho unin
terrupted commerce of railroads,
steamships act! sailing fleets, and the
ready v.li6rva-, the busy workshops
ana usual routine ot all tns avocations
anl employments of our citizsrs pro
claimed that we are a'ready going for
ward to a new fu'urp. That future is
based on work, not idleness, and I
call on every one to seek work in
every way possible. Although the
snua'ion is critical, it is not insur
mountable. It demands from every
citizen in our midet calm judgment,
the broadest charity, a resolve de
termination in word and act, an unfal
tering trust in God, to tide over tbe
unparalleled calamity that has unex
pectedly come npon u. This disaster
tbat reaches every borne and every
part of our city can only bs met
and overcome by tbe moral courage
and the united effort of the whole peo
ple, ibe immediate and serious duty
before us is tbe protection aud succor
of the houseless, the sick and tbe in
digent, the uufoitunatts snd tbe help
les that crowd around us. As the
Executive of the city it is my duty to
create an organization looking to bat
tling with the diflerect problems be
fore us, and as I have to ast at once, I
have therefore initiated this woik by
asking services of some of my follow
citizens in a worihy attempt to organ
ize such plans as will mitigate the suf
ferings and distress so universally sur
rounding u, and which threatens
such serious consequences to many of
cur people. The plans will be ex
plained if found in any way waLt'mg
in completeness a? the work pro
gresses. In this effort it 1 a rourne of
great gratitude to us to know that we
are not grappling with this utspeaka
bio disaster alone. Tho sympa
"thy of this whole union cf
Sthtas has touched us deeply and
the epan'aiieons giving of practical
and speedy aid in this, our struggle,
shows that the large and true heart of
tbe people of this gr'at(country btats
with us now, as it will thereafter. In
this hope, and cheered with this
promising future as a part of great
people, whose he'ping band is out
etretchel ta u?, let us turn manfully
tiourheiitageHnd.es many times in
the past, on tbis spot work out, under
the bleesing of God, a new future for
our now shattered but dearly loved
The effect, cf the great shock of
Tuesday night on the animals of the
city was marked. All those who have
come to the city from tbe country eay
tbat tbe pl;ght of the ho ses and other
animals there was pitiful in tbe ex
treme. Toose which were stabled en
deavored to break their bond-, and
failing, etcod in tbeir pent houses,
trembling ard shivering in agonv of
fear. The hnrees cMithed out their
d stress in unm stakab.e language,
hi,.', the cowl Towed ia a mort pittocB
manner. Those of the animals that
were at large 11 -d through the woods.
Tbe cows andtheep came huiriedly in
from the fields, laidi'ovvn in a circle
nod filled the a;r with the'r moans.
Tbe cLickms went to roost long be
lira cVk ar;d rankled citstsntly for
Bjtio lime preceding the shock.
Today was cheer'rg and hopeful.
Tbe butchers were at their etalls with
their usual dieplay. No attempt hr.s
been made ti advance prices. There
was quite a falling oft in the number
ol outgoing passengers t)day. Tfiis
was owing t int II y to the action of the
railroad cmcla.s and cf tbe city au
thorities. It was found that a large
number of colored rersons were at
plying for paes's which they used to
make excureioas to the country. Free
traisportation will be given herea'ter
13 tnote women and children omy
woo nave no homes or shelter here.
has appointed a Boirdcf Engineers
and Architects with Ci. W. H. B;x-
by, United (state t Engineer Ojrps, as
chairman, toexmine and report upon
dangerous buildings for removal. Four
coiotei miinta nave died Ircm ex-
prBiire todiy, and one man.
mere was srma rain today but the
weataer lonigbt is line and clear.
Mayor Otuitenav is working enei
getically ar.d is ably seconded by the
lecal lis l I committee lleiseubdi
viding the city into cielricts. and with
tne aid oi clergymen of e.llshhdesof re
lidious belief, carefully distributing
tne iancs remitted to him. Money,
and plenty of it, 1b urgently needed to
meet pressing wants. A eeneral feel
ing of insecurity prevails and the resi
de, ts camp in tbe open lots and alons
the battery, as we las on the borders of
Kutledge street lukes.A foul. sickening
odor arising from tbe Assures in the
streets and the open sewers and inlets
pervade? tne nty. There is a latent
dreed of sickness and the mo.-t ener
getic efforts are biing made to c'nar
the streete, etc, of the debris. The
receipts so far turned over to the com
mittee of ralief amount in the aggre
gate to $110.737.
Scheme fr Rebuilding Charleaton.
New York. September 8. At an in-
furmal meeting held in Now Yoik to
day of several prominent businesi men
of Chariest n, 8 C, aud a portion of
he committee appointed by the Cham
ber of Commerce at its recent meeting
f r the rrlief of tbe Charleston suffer
ers, the preliminary eteps were taken
toward the organization of a trust com
pany, with the principal office in
Charleston, and with brf.nch offices in
all the large cities in the country, for
the purpose cf raieing the necessary
funds by subscriptions to its stock for
tbe rebuilding of the ruined portions
of the city. The money is to be loaned
on bonds, secured by mortgage on the
property, lmwoved. at a per cent, in
terest, 'f
Liberal Contributions at Louisville.
LouisviLLit, Kv September 8. The
Louisville Beard of Trade vo'ed $1000
for the Charleston sufferers today.
$1200 additional wai given by individ
ual donation".
Toesday night, she in her fright,
attempted to call her brother. He
was frightened himself when he
beard her whisper his namo.
6 nee then she bas gradually
regained ber voice and now talks with
perfdet fluency. She says that ehe
was almost delirious with joy when
she found tbat she could speak. Her
vc ic w?s low and ner turoat sore for
thre days, and she had trouble in
finding irords to express her
thoughts. It was much like learning
a new tongue, except tbat Hie knew
the word but had f jrgotten how to
pronounce thorn. City pbyeicians are
oeepiy interested in ttie cise. Their
explanation is that the recovery was
uue to intense mental excitement.
Collection at HI. Lou I.
St Louis, Mo., September 8. In
the convention of the National Tele
phone Association, now in session in
this c ty, $245 was collected for the
benefit of the 'Charleston eaithquake
suffertrs, and was for warded to the
Chief Committee today. The sale of
b.ixes for the Thursday night perform
ance of the Thompson Company ben
efit for the sufferers by the eanhquake
at Chaileston t diy netted $270.
Relief JHeaMirea at Detroit.
Detroit, Mich., September 8. At
the call of the Mayor a c;t z-ns' meet
ing wa held at the City Hall today
noon to take steps toward helping the
sufferers by tbe eerthquake in Charlee
t n. In ten minutes 1135 wt,s sub
scribe!, and a Subscription Commit
tee, cocsiiiing of Gen. Aler, Mayor
CliHUibnlain and four others, was ap
pointed An address ti the peciP!e
fins oeon issued by the committee ask
ing further mbsciptions tj tbe fund.
IuQtmdiatoly $1000 was sett to the
Mayor of Churl-ston.
4on trlli ii Houant Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, ()., S.npiember 8. FLur
boxes were said at auction on 'Change
todav for an exhibition of Ma't Mor
gan's battle pictures fur the benefit of
tbe (.-Uarleston suneieis, and produced
Tne Enrluquiike t'elt at Sen.
Fobtland, Mi.. Settembfr 8.-
Capt. Clarke II. Jewett, of tbe schoon
er George W. Cushinir. thinks that be
experienced on the Lehave banks tbe
earthquake that prostrated Charles
ton. He says that the appearance at
tbat time indicated a high wind, but
All was quiet, when suddenly, almost
without warning, a black wall seemed
to rise on tbe water and a mightT wave
came rolling in that fair.y lifted the
schoaner on iti crest to a bight that
he never before knew a wave to reach.
Then the schooner went down. "I
felt like I was going over a bank,"
Capt. Jewett (aid, "and was buried in
the foam below. Eme ging from this
wave, with fa Is torn from her and
with the crown woik of tbe topmast
gone, tbe schooner encountered a sec
ond wave, but no hing to be com
pared with the first. A terrific gale
followed." A sa lor eats that be hap
pened to loik ahead just as the great
wave came in s'ght. Thete was little
wind, he says, and the tremendous
masa of watnr ahead look so much
like a great hill that he cried, "Break
ers ahtad. Ibe next moment tbe
scbojner, siriking against the eofming
cliff's, wag lifted to the top of the
Wave. Then he comprehended what
had happened.
Col. Balcbelor'H Ollit-ial Riport
Washington. September 8. Col
Bat helor, who went to Charleston to
make en official rpottupon the con
d'tun of sff rj theio, bai returned
ile tays the people have overythir
in their houses that they need. It
tuie tbat frail ar idea, such as vases,
I'lciuree anu 10 King giastes trs
broken, but theee can bardly be con
sidered necefssry. The lrs3 will fail
principally upon the owners of lea
estate a id not upon the people
large, x aid not see any ot tlia pit;
aDie cases oi uisties) tbat tne paper
ten ar.out. ine business section
the city is in ruins. There is scarcely
a brick house in tbat portion of the
town wnicn win nut nave to b
torn aown. uut most oi the peo
ple of Charleston live np in the
northern portion of the city, and near
ly every residence is wooden. Then
buildings remain intact. Thn only
damage they have sustained is in the
lo?s of chimneys and the breaking off
oi tne piaster, making tue walls look
iees even ami pretty tnan ttey wsre
before. There is no reason woy the
people boou'u not toturn to these
nouses: there is no danger. No one
was killed in a bouse during the earth
quake, but all who died were killed in
the streets. Ho one wes killed by
wooden house, but all the dead came
to fiei end through the falling of the
btick stores and warehouses. It would
te a good thing for Charleston to have
a ttorrn and niakethe people get into
tneir nouses, as tor the woikiuir
claeses, the eaithquake is a benefit to
tnem, lor it provides them with nlentv
or won at nigner prices tnan tbe)
weie earning ueiore.
Bob and Alf Bendy for the Opening
of the Campaign.
Peculiar Incident of tbe
quake at Mnvannah.
New York, September 8. A Savan-
cah special to the Timet says: A
strange incident of last week's earth
quake shock ia the recovery of tbe
power of speech by Mifs Mnmie
Martu?, daugoter of a letirel officer
of the regular army. At the clo-e
of the war her father win put in
charge of Foits Pu'aki and Jackson,
below tbis city. While at the fjrmer
fort tbe daughter, then a britrht. in
telligent child, had an attack of the
meninuilie. which left her voiceless.
The best m dual ekill was obtained,
and the father took his afllicted child
traveling, but nothing did her any
gcod. She was dumb, but had all tbe
other senses. During the excitement
of the first earthquake shock last
Knoxvjllk, Tknn , September 8
Tbe joint canvass between the two
brother candidates for Governor, Alf
and Bob Taylor, opens at Madison
ville, tbe ehire town of Monroe coun
ty, tomorrow. Both gentlemen are in
tbe city tonight, and are besieged by
their respective mends. They are
both in good trim. Bob ispr-rlicularly
anxious for the fray. They were both
interviewed on the subject of the can
vane, and agree that it shall be on i
high plane, and entirely free from all
personalities and unpleasant re-flec
tions. They will confine themselves
entirely to the discussion of State and
national politics.
To Justin McCarthy on Ilia I)r
( parture for America.
London, September 8. A farewell
bannubt was siven to Mr. Justin Mc-
tartby this evening, prior to his de
parture tor America. Mr. l'arne 1
presided. In a speech Mr. Farnell
said that Americans would welcome
Mr. McCarthy as the foremcst Irieh
n an cf the age, and as a most truthful
exponent of the Irish question. Great
uruain s nrsc duty, be said, was to
give ehtect to the principles upon
which ber own greatnesi was based
namely, rule of tbe neoule bv the neo
pie aud for the people; and aleo, if
sue pleasd, to guarantee fair p'ay to
tne rrteetant c immunity in Ireland,
tnougn ue oouoteo tbat there were
many whi feared that the Protestants
wouid not have fair play. A msjor.ty
of the Liberal pir y had supposed
toe ii inn dui, and lie boped wit j
weapons if legality to enable Ireland
to Inks the position for which God hud
destined ber.
Mr. McCarthy, in reply, said he was
not going to America cn a political
mission, but merely to pay a friendly
visit, as he wns extremely fond of
Americtns. Fifty-five guests were pres
ent including great many ladies.
Mr. Farnell in proposing Mr.
McCarthy's health, paid that gentle
man a warm tribute lor tbe fearlets
mauner ia which be bad risked bis
bigh literary reputation during the
pest eight yeais by espousing the
ceuse of bis countiy's freedom. It
was a good thing for Ireland, he said,
that men like Mr. McCarthy would be
willing to me their energies and tal
ents in her bahalf. - Irishmen were
deeply grateful to him,
and - the Americans and
the Irish patriots in . Ameri
ca would we'eome him as he deserv
ed. Continuing, Mr. Parnell said tbat
the question between England and
Ireland, or rather, of Eogland and
Ite'and, was rapidly coming to a solu
tion under tbe guidance of the illus
trious Gladstone. As Mr. Botcher bad
said, it was an extremely simple ques
tion, namely, the right of Irtland to
be a nation. If Bu'gsria'a rght to
nationality was admitted why was
Ireland's right nat adtnittea7 He
baliave d it wa-i because the people
failed to uuderatand tbe bearings of
the ones iocs. Tbey reemed to think
that "Ireland a nation" was
a fort of treasonable expression.
But he saw nothing treasonable in it.
Tbe fact was, England wanted to maUo
Irishmen Englishmen, but (Jod bad
made them Irishmen and the speaker
ventured to think it would ta-k all
the gininnof Churchill and Salis
bury to make them anything else.
rLiuuhter and cheers.l Mr. IVrnell
Baid that, although he did ni.t deny
that it was England's du'v to take se
curity for the welfare ot Prott-nlarit-
ism in Ireland, and he believed
that Ca'bolics would cheerfully (ive
reasonable eunrantee. therefore be
considered that ber prime duly was to
see that the principles ol the rule of
tbe people by tne people and for tbe
people should have effect in Ireland
equally wita England. Cheers. In
cot elusion, be said there was nothing
to fear from the Tory government.
He wes confident tbat the I ieh que -tion
would eoon arrive at a happy and
peaceful if sue. Prolonged cheers.
When Mr. McCarthy rose to respond
he was warmly greittd. He graceful
ly acknowledged tbe compliment that
had been paid him, and promised
never to abandon the cause of Ireland.
By a Sjadicate nf New York apl
(alists Projected Improvements
' Xevr Furnace.
lariotALTOTui irriiL.I
Birmingham, Ala, Septembers.
A thing of incalculable iuiDortancs ti
the mineral intere-'si f Alabama wa'
effected today in the closing of a deal
by which Mr. Jolui tl. Inman and as
socia'es, of New York, aud Messrs. A.
.M. Shook aid JNathamul Baxter in
vod d a million dollars in tbes ock of
the Fratt Coal. and Iron Company.
ine money is to ue stent at tbe pro
jected town of New I'.ttshu g, between
this city and the 1'iati miu. s, on Vil
lage crwt-k. An officer of tt e company
fninishes tbe folowing pa-tic u'ais:
Four bast furnnevs, t uch wirh fi.ur
Whitwell stoves aud three blowing
engines, and pstinia ed to make 150
tons of iron a day and hasij Bis einer
siiil works are to ba built, throe new
era! mines will ba opened, and be
twetn 800 and 1000 oveus be added to
the company's cok tg plant. P,eii
dent Enoch Enslcy. Mr. T. T. Hilla
man, of this plac, and Mr. Napoleon
Hill, of Memphis, retain an Inteioit in
ttie company. They aud the present
purchasers own nineteen twentieths of
the slock. Mr. Ionian has been here
since Monday night, bringing the deal
13 a conclusion.
noah cowi.ry,
a man nearly 80 years of age, fell for
ward on the sidewalk this afternoon,
on bis way from town to the northern
suburbs,. The men who went to bim
some niinut'S after, found him dead.
It is supposed heart diseate killed
bim. He was . Mex'can and Con
federal soldier.
attempted murder.
About 5 o'clock this morning a white
a man named James Head, said to bs
an ex-convict, went to the house of a
negro woman named Maggie John
son, on the south Bide, and upen her
refusal to lot bim in, broke open the
door and entered. She attempted to
rut bim out aod hit bim with a poker,
fe knocked ber down and when she
got np shot at her three I imee. Tbe
thud shot hit her in the breat-t.
wounding her critically. The chances
now, however, are that she will live,
Head escaped.
ThelVratt Deal,
Birmingham, Ala., September 8.
One million dollars of the stock of tbe
Iratt Coal and Iron Company bas
been cold to John II. lumanand
otbeis, of New i ork, and Nathaniel
Baxter snd A. M. Shook. The com
pany has the largest bituminous coal
mn.es in tbe world. Nineteen
twentieths of th6 s'ook is owned be.
sides tbe partios named, bv Enoch
Ensley, T. T, llillman, John H.
Inman, Nathaniel Baxter and A. M.
Shook, of lenneseee. Tbe company
touay aotermined to expend S1.00U-
000 in the erection cf four furnacos
and Besiemer steel works at the town
of New Pittsburg, six miles from Bir
mingnam. lutee more coal mines
are aleo to be opened. This assures
to the Birmingham district within a
radius of ten miles, twenty large hot
blast c.ke 1 urn aces, eeven of which
are now in blast, one repairing and
twelve in process of erection. Besides
these, the Pratt Company will also
maka asteel experiment with $2,000,
000 capital at tbeir new town of
Bsssemer City, ten nrlea south of
The Concrcwtlonal Convention
tho Xlnth Dl.lrirt.
lariotAL to thi ArriAL.I
Brownsville, Tknn., Srpteiubor 8
The Congreisional Conventioa fir the
Ninth LH.-trict was called to order at
1 o'cli ck p.m today, with F.J. Woide
temporary chaimun, and W. C. Kely
temporary secte ary.
Cinirai'teea on representation, o -ganizition
and credentials were p-
pointid and a r uins ni imeea mm
utes taken, after h ch the committees
The Hon. J. M. Coulter, of Gibsin,
was anpointil perinitu nt rhairuian.
and Me-srs. 11 F. IVivk, of I'ycr, and
W. C. Kelly, oi Li i)?oii, secreiariee.
The last Guberoational elaction w i
adopted as thi oasis of rrprer-entt
moo, and the follown g VJtcs ailon-nl
Crockett, 14; Dyor, 15; Gihson, 32;
tlavwooil, lit, t,u !-rd.il, l,r; Iao,
4; Oo;on, 25; and Weakley, 21; total,
A res Dint ion lamenting the death of
General B. r. Viva bam was unani
mously carried, and the app untnient
of his widow to the pottoflica at
Naahville lecommendod to Fretidoot
Adjourned till 7:30 p.m.
Opcnlnat or the Ml. l.oiiln KxpoNlllon.
St. Louis Septeiub.-r 8 The tilrd
season of the Annual St. Louis In
dustrial Exposition was successfully
inaugurated this evening. Notwith
standing the fact that no formal open
ing programme was presented crowds
of people sought a Jimitatice and tl led
the ppaces not. already occupied by ex-
Libit ire. Tbe managemnnt and ex
hibitors have made special efforts this
year to make tho expotition more at
tractive than nsua', and all turee that
they have done eo. Firms from
thirteen different SUtts have placed
oq exhibition artistically arranged
amp'es of their respective induHnoH,
and these, tigether with the local ex-
h lilts, afford a pleasing display. The
exposition will remain open until October.
He nAD not tlept for twenty four
hours, coughing all the time. A dosj
of U. Bull's Cjugb Syrup broke Ids
cough and lie slept quirtly all tiiah.
Wperaliona or the Dow Law In Ohio
Cleveland, O.. September 8. The
City Cauucil of Alliance recently
pafsed an ordinance clcsinir the
saloons under the Dow law, which was
enacted last winter, designating Moc-
uay oi una weeK as ine day lor doting.
Aimmntroi saio:n Keepers oneuly
viola ed the ordit auce and to:!ny lit-
en of them were arrested. Thev are
to have a hearing tomorrow and if
convicted tbey threaten to hold the
lty responsible for damascs to the r
business on account of the passage of
the ordinance. Claims for dainaires in
sums ranging irom turn to $10,000
have already boon filed with tbe Coun-
mis :s trie nrst prosecution un
der the prohibitory pIhuhb of the Dow
law and it is regarded with much in
Eiirumatism, neuralgia and gout are
speedily cured by Salvation Oil, tho
great pain cure.
MaaMMChiiiMtttii I'roliibllioniat.
Worcester, Mass . September 8.
The State Prohibition Convention,
which assemb'ed heie this morning,
is the largest in this State in many
year?, l'.ugene 11. Clapp, of Boston,
was made permanent Chairman. Mr.
Clapp on taking the chair, delivered
long address.
Tbe resolutions adopted declare tbat
the liquor traffic ia the greatest ins'ru-
mentality ot corruption in our pon
tics; that it paralyzes our industries, is
ongbt npon our eociai life, is a de
stroyer of homes and an evil and
curt-e everywhere.
After a recess a vote on the nomina
tion for Governor was taken, and T. J.
Lotbtop, ot Taunton, received an al
most unanimous vote and was de
clared the nominee. Dr. John Black
mer was then nominated for Lieuten
ant Governor.
"Our Baby's Flrnt Tear."
f Marion Harland, with other valua
e information; fnrtv-eight page book.
Sent free on receipt of 2 cent stamp.
Address Reed & Carnrick, Mercantile
Exchange Building, New York City.
Carina Work Burned.
Cleveland. ().. September 8. Tho
River ide Gless Works at Wellsburg,
W. Va , burred today. Loss, J0O,( ion:
insurance, $:!(j,0o0. Three hundred
men and boys are thrown out of em
ployment by the fire.
Lunproro's perfume, Edenis
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet,
Lundborg's perfume, Lily cf tbe
Lundborg's perfume, Marchal Nile
Brooklyn rolilblllonidn.
New Youk, Sptembr 8. The Po
1 ihi'ioni-tl ( f Br.oklyn nominated a
full city ticket tonight. Bjb Hart,
the well known former minetrel,
opened the proceedings with prayer.
The Pralne of Noxodont,
Like the famous article itself, is in
almost ever; body's mouth. The peo
ple know that it priS1 rves as well as
beautifies the teeth. Hence it is the
I'andard Tooth Wash of the period.
HMITII On Wxtnaidav. ttitembar 8.
lH.Hi). at 4 o'clock i ui.. at rtnidonne ul nar-
ui, on Hupiierl'i avunue. John, unit 17
month, ton of Charles and Mary tSiiiilh.
INtw Albiuy (led.) iniri pltaia copy.
Fuiiernl will take iilace from reldnco
Hill (THURSDAY) aflernoon at 3 o'clock.
Frlenda ar Invited to attend.
RUFT-On Wedneadar, SeiitembprS, lHHri,
as 8:ltU o'olook P.in.. at hii reaidnnne, oorner
of MiiCall and Main itrooti, Julia Kckk,
aceii M jeara.
Funeral thli (THURSDAY) aftornoon at
S:3U o'olook from the rcaidenoe. Frlenda
unit aenunlntHnOfl Invtlptt tn nttnnd.
Country More Innuranee Ulvea
Nlieelal attention.
Room t, Cotton Exchange Building.
gjrlnvltea Cnrreapendence and Interview.
aud A.M. Will work in the
Fellnw Cm Pa Degree tonight V Y
Heiitember Hiu. at XX
iHiLinv liriiltii r. fr. '
terntllr Invited, inoluding K. A. 'land F.
Vlsiung brothira fra
d. ino hiding K. A.'i
U.'. lit order UKO. T UASMKTT, W. M
Atterit: Doom 0. Traorr, tieoretary.
Herman Mutual Ileuevobnt Society.
TUB membera of the Qermnn Mutual 1!
nevolent Soolety ar herohr re'inentnd
to meft at their hall this (Tlll'RtJDA Y)
afternoon, at it o'olook aharp, to attend the
luneral of their late brother, John Hulf. By
orderot JOHN UKCKEH, Freaident.
John Etote, Heoretary.
Knlglilia of Labor.
AMASS MKKTINO of the Knight! ol
Labor will be held at Knlght'a of Bed
Branch Hull, No. 2tll Main ltrot I.oe IluilH
Ing), at 7:S0 o'olook p.m., THURSDAY,
Bepteiubor U, IKHH, for membera only. John
A. Wright, of the (J en oral Executive Board,
will addreaa tho meeting on very Important
Congressional Convention.
Hoptmnber 7. MHO.
TUB Convention of thla Dlntrlot wi laa
Kembln in the oity oi M KM I'll IK, at the
EXPOSITION DUILDINO, at 12 o'clock m.
on FRIDAY, r-KlTKM BitR 17, lwdl, for the
purpose of nominating a oapdidnto for Con
gress. The varioua County Uoiumiltnca will
please take notice and aeloot thoir delegates
acoonlinglv, taking as a basis ol apportion
ment the Pemoorntlo Congressional vote lor
1HH1. olooting one delegate lor ear b UNI votes.
and one delegate for each fraction of Ally
votes or over thereof. Ilr order of the com
mittee. 0. A. h'l'AINMACK, Chairman.
N. W. Bm-nht, Heoretary.
mm i or
W t r run ltd al)Aoliitily pur
CcMoa, from which tho rxctmi ot
Oil ha boon removed. HhaMthrt
tlmetth 9trnglhotCocoiknxm
with Ptarch, A rmwroot ut BtiKnr,
mid !s thoreforo fur morfionm.
ctit coithiff Uh than cn ant u
cnp. It U dullcloim, nourMitntf,
Btri-uRl ht?iilng, cally dlKut(l
Linu ftdmlrubly ftdniitod fur lnvnl
mi u well mi for permn-. In lionjin.
Sold bj Oroccrt yory w here
. BAKER & CO., rorchester, Mass.
C.B. BRYAN fc CO.,
rbjslclan, Sareon and Aecoocher,
313 Main Street, Nar l iiiou.
Telephone No. rvt.
W. II. BATF.a.
. .T ti
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Arret Block)!
X ew and Latest Stjlon Stock. Sex
Trpe, New Machinery.
Prices m low as anywhere, Nortl
or East,
The United States Government
TlacoH Dr. Priced at tho head of tho entiro list.
(Soo National Doauu or Hkalth 1Utli.ftin Snirirfi-mcnt A'o. C, jmso S3, Wusbitiffton.
1). C.)
The Canadian Government
riaccs Dr. rrioe'n at tho Load of tho entire list.
(floe report to the Coiimikhionku or Inland ItEvrvfii Dpiutmknt, Ottawa (scat of
Kovt'riiuiiilit.C'Hiiitilii, April ili'd, lbdil.)
It is tho purest and Wrongest. Froo from Ammo
nia, froo ironi Limo, freo from Alum, and is recom
mended for general family um by tho lleadd of tho
Great Universities and Public Food Analysts.
Poisons (louhtlnc tlirt truthfulum tif tliU oim wrIUt nnv of tint Cliotnlsta naminl:
I'rof.lt. OUI) NIXIHKMIIS, M. 1 I,. L. I)., H.-llom. Jl..,l.. ColloKy, Now Vol'k.
l'rof. H. 0. V 111 TK, Kluto 'litMiilst,ltilvorltv (Liniii, Atlicns, (in.
l'rof. It. 0. KKDIK, l.ntu l'nvitli'iit Stuto Itniinl ol lli'allli, Ljui.slnir, illcli.
I'rof. II. M. SeilKPKKH, Aimlytloul eiicmist, St. I,o.iIm, M,!. hl
I'l-of. eilAKLKS K. lnvitlirr, Analytical t'liniiK WlHHlinir, W. Ya.
AII'IU'L' Ut.... A........... II........ XI...
tLKS K. 1W
l'rof. JAM KS V. HAltetH'K. Statu Assaycr. Host4in. Mium.
lr. EI.1AS II. ll.VUTl.K.V, 11. S., Cliomist t4 tho Doi.'t of ll.-ulth, HriKiklyn, N. Y.
Vrof. CUimS V. 1IOWAUO, M. He, Miarllnir, Mt'dli al Oolli'go, Coliiuiuiw, Olllo.
l'rof. M. DKLr'ONTAlNK, Aimlvtical ehlcmfo, 111. '
J'rtif. K. S. (1. I'AiHtN, l.nto Cluiiiiist Iloultli lH'imilmoiit, Olilrairo, 111.
rnir..H)UM M. ORDWAV, iMiisn. IiiHtitulo ot Todinoloicy, lloston.
I'rof. li. A. WT1THAUS. A, M.. M. 1)., Uiilviwltyof liuftiOo, N. Y,
l'rof. A. II. SAI1IM HliitniiiiilsL Hurtiiiirt.ui. VL
l'rof. JOHN liOllu.ANUEIt, .lr A. M.. M. It., l'rof. Chiiuilstry anil Toxlcoloey,
.uiM'i:n AitMot' nt n n nuririrv. i;incn
I'rofs. A US I
l'rof. (.iEOUtiK K. il.VlibltlU, I'l
ili'liihla. I'll.
Pruf. FETEH OOI.MRIt, Olilcf Cli.miist for tho UuUahI SUUii DcinuUiiunt of Agrl-
, III,.,!,,-, l.-.,ll,l,.MI, .
Profs. 1IKYS A KICK, I'loI'M.OIininiHtrv, Ontario St'linol riiarmaov.Toronlo.Canada.
Dr. JAMK.S AUtUKnlT, (homlstiit'Uiii UniUl SUUw Mint, Now Orlnima. Ku.
l'rof. HDllAU KVKltUA (IT. l'mf. (Iluunistrv. UiiIvhinIIv of Tkxaa. Austin. TxrnsL
l'rof. K. W. UlLtJ.VIll), l'rof. (Ilioinlsnv, Uiiivtsralty California, Uorkeloy, Cat.
i.ii ii.'iiunni'uiv i.i., f.. .1.., 41. I iiil.
Oollcito MtMlU'lno nml Surnnrv. Chichiimtl. ().
ISTKN AVllJIKll,l,iits.OlicMuiKtry,lUtLWrolltwNovnniiiswlck..J.
l.Vi;tvl!.U, I'rol. utiuiubtry uiilvurslty ot I'uiiusylviuua, 1 lilliv
OKFICE Boom I (new) Cotton Exchange llullding: . Telrphone Hi.
Fqnltnblo tr HnahTtlln ...t l7,a
rlh Rrltlah nnU Her.
vawiiiti tn.ariyi an.noo.ono Huoxrlli of Unoxvliln
Union or tJalifornln.
l,l4a,lte rtna Department). 4.1).1
jnirlan Nnroljr Connnr, Mstklna Bonds of Bnrthln.
All tlauei of property intond. Pp.clal Attention ilvea to lniarln Country BUrot;
New York Life Insurance Co.
II. W. i.KATH.
Established in IS 54
257 Main St., Memphis, Term.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
J. It. UODWIN, Preu'U J. M. tiOOiilUK, Vleo-Preg't. C. U. IUINE, CwhleB,
W. ti. DRUCB.
f. M. NRI-HON,
ut uri.irtraaniB-
33oirc9. of Dlrootora.
' T. D. B1MH,
R. T. CdOPKtt,
11. uninn.
r. aoDwra,
r. DUN
11. R. comw,
nrA Bpoaltorr of tho Htato or Tonne. Tmonart Uewral ntenkRfC
"" M (lis. niMMiii aimue la ill)utM.-OM
mnm & cmii
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiory
Not, 326 and 328 Main St., Memphli,:Tenn.
0 i
!w?.V?,.y,...0.r.rAM' Ann wisiter floon in larger iro mors
pOMPl.KlK THAN BVitlt fitOh M. and our prion will oompar wlta thoi. of any souto
la the United falalei. W ar Aienta lor
1eBMaee Manoractarlyj Co.'s
rialiln, Drills. Sheeting. Shlrtluf. EUbj
IjEMMON cftj Ga-t-XjiXa.
Ootton 2
And Commission Merchants,
Horn. 84 niul Q JTatllwow Wtr?et WTcmphftj
NONK 11 ETTEIl VrrT,,,,,!5i "-Ji"
ratea to Itioie who cteslr to try It tepoclnl Hair to oil
I rail I UK out of ttiwiillli.lCj
p. m. patt:

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