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The Fresidentto Opealnir Address
Ihe Labor and Prohibition
Questions Discussed.
Niagara Falls, N. Y., September
8. Aepeiial maetinn of the United
States .Braw. ra' As ccwtiou is in- er-s-
sion bere today William Milts, the
president, gava tb.9 open njj adurefs,
. which was confined to a hurried ru
view of the purposes and detires cf the
association. Phi t of the address dealt
with the labor antation as respects the
brewers. He claimed that taere was
now and had always been greater har
mony between employer and men ec
traced ia 1 rawing than ia any other in
dubtry. He tad: "I recommend I hat
a special committee be appointed by
this convention to take into consider
ation this subject in its relations to
the brewing industry and report at the
next annual convention, or sooner if
pocsible, to (ha era that while dili
gently purbuk g our chosen bianch of
manufacturing, we may at the same
time Ui hfully d s lmrg.i our du'ies as
clt;zna interested in tbe growth and
prosperity of our .Republic and tbe
progrestive improvement of the con
dition of its people."
The report of tbe Board of Trustees
reviews tbe prohibition question in
Kansas and Iowa, and the attempts at
leg 8laticn on the subject elaewbere.
The joint report ot the "Vigilacca
and ruoiicafon" Uommittee was re
ror ed bv Mr. Honry Clausen, of New
York. It is stated that during the
past yen- tue Publication Committee,
in conjunction with the V.gtUnce
Committee. (aua:d.to be prepared,
piintad and diatribu'ed en a;g egits
of 45,000 copies of addresses and es-
88 y a intendtd to lLllaerce publicopic
ion favorably to the brewers' inter
ests. The report adds: "During the
past year mny appliui'iors lor docu
ment! have been received from per
sons living in Ueorg a and Virgin-a.
From our coiiMfpondeuts in these
States we learn thttt the success of tha
prohibitory movement ia ma'nly due
to a desire on the part of the ruling
party (Democratic) to keep the colored
Eopuliition within certain moral
nunds. It is claimed that for an exclu
sively white population Southern D m
ocrats would not dream of passing such
laws. A diBCUHsion of ther qnattioa
oa the batia of p-.r.-oiml and indus
trial liberty wai entirely impossible
because, aa one of our correspondents
whites, tbe advocates of tbe laws in.
variably answered all such arguments
by claiming that thrse measutej
were intended to retrain only the
"black man." Such logic is beyond
our comprehension. Tons it seems
that the grta'er the dnpravity of a
population, the tji eater a'so tbe need
of control. Prohibition and local
option do away with all control,
leaving the liquor traffic practically aa
free as it would be in the absence of
any laws on the subject but far mora
dangerous to socitty, on account of
the immorality inseparably cinnect
ed with the constant recurrence of
law breaking. .
The most interesting part of the rr
poit of the Advisory Committee, which
was read by its secretary, Mr. G.
Thomann, ia thft reiaticg to the al
leged adulteration of ma t liquors.
The report goes into a d scns;ion of
the temperance school book question,
which it treats with acme vigor.
'Through the influence," it eayp, "of
the prohibiten element, a compulsory
temperance education law was pasted
in the fallowing Sate before the be
ginning of the yetr 1885: New Hamp
shire, Vermont, Michigan, New Ytrk,
Rhode Inland; and in 1885, Pennsyl
vania, Massachusetts, Oregon, Ala
bama, Maine, Kaneas, Nebraska, Wis
consin, Missouri, North Caroline.
The mere introduction cf text books
in our public schools and the spread
ing of proper views on the abuse of
alcohol would probably find no ob
jectois among the liberal brewers;
nay, they would concur in and awist
such an educa'iooal niovt raanr. It ia
evident, however, from the ac
tion and tenor of its advo
cales, that the whole movement is
controlledand manipulated by biltaie;t
prejudices. Undtr tbe tbin dieguiEe
of a public educational need and of a
scientific presentation of the subject
such extreme statements were made
that piaitically the; amouote i to false
hoods. Tbe Uni ed Stites Brewers'
Asfcociation, through iU proper officers,
investigateu tbe matter. Many of the
text books wera procured a'ld a corre
spondence 'Wi opened relative to the
subject w;.r,ii trustworthy members in
the'Slatfs where tuch bjoka were
used, with a view ti taking compre
hensive action in llH matter at some
time in tbe near future. The conclu
sion arrived at from a thorough re
view of the p-oreediegs and a careful
verueul of this correspondence is that
np to the present time the resultant
evil is not eo great as the former in
formation ssemed to indicate. General
ly fpeaking, the errors were cot so
elaring as to demand vigorous action.
Many of tbe schools have not fully
complied with Ihe law in its spirit,
while otheis have tacitly ignored the
provieions of the act. It would not be
safe, however, to allow the matter to
take its own course. It is hardly
probable that the Prohib.tionists wi 1
permit the law to become a dead let
ter." Scarlatina from Milk.
Baltimore American: In a recent
paper we called the attention of our
readers to the value as a diet of milk,
which more than any other article of
food ia consumed by a greater number
of the population, from the new born
babe to the adult np to the age of
fourscore and ten in every sphere in
life. The necessity of cara in the feed
ing of anima's and the care cf the
product of the cow after its pajeage
into the hands of the da'ryman and
thence to the consumer cannot, there
fore, ba too strenuously insisted upon,
and every re traint npon it distribu
tion in t:ia purest state should be m
eialcd upon by legr.l restraint, by the
medical proits ion and by the pub ic
at large, and tbe severest pon'sliment
meted out anhiFt tbe carelessness and
adulterations of dea'ers in the artx'e.
We allude to the tubject again to
notice the fact that a remarkable out
break of pcarlalina in certain streets of
London h?s bciii directly traced to
milk furniibed from a single farm. In
a similar investiga ion a few years ago
a contagious fever was shown to have
been originated in a dairy farm where
the milk pans were washed with wator
taken from a contamina'ed cistern.
The disease was found only in those
hou ea on rertain elreeta which were
supplied with milk from this farm. In
the more recent instances srarlatina
has bean traced by Dr. Klein to one or
two cowa which were found to have
diseased ndder?. The milk was af
fected with the germs of disease in the
process of mrlking aud then became a
vehicle for spreading it from house to
hou;e. Dr. Klein succeeded in pro
ducing tho disease artificially byln-
ocnlating four calvf s with matter taken
from the cowe. The calvee manifested
all the characteristic symptoms of hu
man tctrlatina.
These f icts. which ara tint In a con
dented form in a London letter to &
nice, enlarge tbe scone of Drevioua in
vestigations of sanitary experts ia this
field. Milk is shown to ba not only a
diteaae cariier, but a'so a germ multi
plier. 1 lie son s on the cowa were not
considered senom at the dairy farm
yet minute ptrtic'es from them com
municated the disease to a large num.
oer ot lamiiies. itus see tin to be con
elusive proof that milk i sr:od me
dium for the rmiltip'ication of the
germs of a contain -jus disease.
A case ia also jus', rc-portsj of milk
poisoning at a Hotel at Long BwncH
N. J., on the 14h of Auar st. Aboil'
forty peisons were taken violently
s'ek. Doc ors were summoned, and,
atter prampt ana vigorous treatment,
ail were declared out of dinger except
Mi's Georgia Coulter, daugtiter of the
proprietor of the Coulter H imp. Miss
Coulter is still confined to her bed.but
her condition was much improved the
. . : mi i I.. .
iibai evuiiiug. aub iuiik waaauppucu
by the deiler who supplies the Ocean
Wave Hotel, where thsra was eiraiUr
trouble about ten days ago. S'eps
have been taken towa:di prosecuting
we dealer.
President N.rvln Ureen'a Quarterly
NlMteuient to I lie Director.
New York, September 8 President
ixorvin uraensaorattted the niloiuog
quarterly statement a, tbe directors'
meeting of tha Western Union Tele
graph Company today : Surplus July
1, looii, !f l.auy.ooo. The net reventn
of the quarter ending September 30 h
iontant, bfs-d npon nearly completed
returns for July, partial returns for
August and cs iuiating the business
for September, will be about $1,200,
000. Aild surplus Ju'y Its, as above
J4,3uu,;i3. lotat ja.aU'J.SW, from
which appropriating for interest on
bonde, $ 123,615. Sinking fund, $.0,000,
Total, tl43.615, leaves a balance of
, The gross earnings from current land
service on commeicial inoisawes con
tinne to show an increase, and would
be very tatisfaotory but for the gre&t
amount cl tiurineej tjjing done be-
tween tho large commercial centers
without profit, if not at absolute loss.
Ine cable business under the prevail
iog low rates has increased largely and
it is confidently hoped thft the busi
ness will soon reach a volume tbat will
yield a revenue equal to any ever be
fore earned, aud permanently eiUblish
cnejp cable service, ina fcxecutive
Committee rf commend tbat no divi
dend ba declared. Ki spec. fully sub
mitted, N0RVIN GREEK, President.
Tlcllim of KrroNene.
PiTTBiii'Ro, Pa., September 8. The
residence of L. L. Mathews, cbeck
maeterat the Iinperiul Coal Minus,
Montou', Pa, was destroted bv fire
la-t evenir.g, and his wifa and two
year old child Utally burned. The
fire originated, it is supposed, by Mrs.
Mathews attempting to start a tire by
the use of carbon oil, ai a loud ex
plosion was luard. When the neigh
bors arrived tbe structure was in
tl a tries aid the soreams of the woman
inf-ide could be heard. She, with her
child, were gotten out, tut they were
horribly burned, their clothes 'being
almost consumed. Medical aid was
summoned and all possible dons for
the sufferers, but without avail. The
child died shortly bef ire 7 o'clock and
the mother followed an Lour later,
breathing her last in tirrible aony.
We Caution All AgnlUMt 'I hem.
The unorecedeoled succors and mcit
of Kly'a Cream Balm a real cure for
catarrh, bay fever and cold in tbe
head has induced many adventurers
to p'ace catarrh medicines bearing
some resemblance in appeal ance.Btyle
or name upon the market, in order to
trade upon the reputation of Ely's
Cream Balm. Don't be deceived. Buy
only Ely's Cream Bdm. Manv in.
your immediate locality will testify in
hiohpRt onminonHnt.'inn of it. A nar.
t ele ia applied, into each no-tril ; no
pain ; agreeable t j use. Price 50c.
Wliconnln Republican.
ManisiN, Wis., September 8. The
republican Mate uonvenfon was
called to crder by Chairman Taylor, of
the State CetiW.l Committee, at noon.
The Hon. J. V. Quarles, of Kacine,
was elected temporary chairman, and
M. A. Thayer, of Sparta, secretaiy.
Mr. Quarlos made a abort speech, dar
ing tbe coursa of which the nnmes of
Gov. Buik, Mr. B alns and Gen. Lo
gan provoked cheering. After the ap
pointment cf the usual comuiUtce3 the
convonti.ined to 2:39 o'clock.
The conv- ntion re-aasemblod at 2 :30
p. in., when the Committea on Per
nuneot Oruaniziiioi reported. Jere
miah M. Ku k was renominated for
Governor by acdaraation.the delegates
rising f iom their seats and giving loud
cheets. The Governor was led to the
chamber and returned thanks amid
great enthtifiaam.
George W. Kyland waa nomiated for
Lieutenant Governor and Ernest G.
Tom mo was renominated fcr Stcretary
of Stata by acclamation.
A Horrible Death.
Chicago, III, September 8. Rich
ard HorT, jr., 20 yesra old, whose fath
er is a mernbsr cf the firm of Flanna
gan & Hoff, pork packer.', and em
ployed ia the hot killing room, was at
the tcrapinfr table tbia morniDft and
reached forward to releaas a c.ircaes
that had stopped oa the incline plane.
This brought lis Ions; leather apron in
the way of a rapidly revolving wheel,
and it waa raught between tbe rim
and aa endless chain which the wheel
carried. He was flung np to the ceil
ing ana lorcea seveiai times through
a narrow aperture. Ilia head was
found beatan to a jolly arm all his
limbs br.ken wbtn the lifelets re
mains wore removed.
Found Head In Their lleda.
Chicago, III., Sfp'embir 8. This
forenoon a man and woman were
found dea l In their beds at. No. 310
Twenty-sixth streets. Tho indications
nra that they have, beon dfad at least
two days. Nothiig ia known as yet
who ttie pa'ti'fl are, and it is not
known whether 'bete is evidence of
foul play. An investigation ia in
Later. The bodies wf re found lo bs
thoea of Jobn Enrght and his bride of
a week. It was f'ind that they had
been suffocated sy coal gas esiapirg
from a cook st3ve.
Roae Polytethnle Iualllnto.
Indianapolis, Isd., Saptmber 8.
Dr. MenderjhH,of the Snientifls De
patttnent cf the Hgral Service Bureau,
and who spent th-ee years in organiz
ing the Polytechnic Department of the
old University of Jajan, at Tokio, has
accept d the presidency of the K jee
Polytechnic Iaetiki e, at Terra Ha ate,
lad. Dr. Mendtnhxll succeeds the
late Dr. Charles E. Thompson. The
school was fouided by the la'e
Cbauncey Kose ind is in a most
flourishing cnditiin.
IaregMgatlon American Citizens De
tained in Prison Over a Tear for
Speculative Purposes.
Austin, Tx., September 8. The
action of Gov. Ireland in the Arra
saurs case is bringing to public atten
tion ether Mexican outrages upon
Ameriian cit tins. A cotnplamt cornea
from J. B. Wood and L. U. Gatkall,
who allien in substance, that in Au
gust, 1885, they were arrested by
Mexicans on the Lsgoan ranche, in
Low.r California, (Mexico), on ac
count of the sudden disappearance of
one J. H. llaiieon, tbeir friend, who
employed thtm to mind h'S ct le,
and who, they eayfewent tj San Fran
cisco and did not rfliurn. At the time
of the complainanta' arrest, tbe Mexi
cans, they ray, began to sell, kill and
en' Hanson's rattle. Oae Mexican
even claimed Hanson's property tad
another said llimon "would winter
in hel1." It ia aileseJ that thee
Mexicans doubtless know what has
become of Hanson, who had had
much trouble and had been im
prisoned for the purpose, it is assert
ed, oi extortiug non-.y from mm.
Mexicans had shot at him several
times and once wounded him severely.
The complainants apprehended that
tbe object of their arrest was to con
vict them of Hanson's murder and con
fiscate their property. The Mexicans
baveliHdto frighten them so as to
mane mem urey.K hu and Uite toe
country, but they would not scare
and are siiil in jail. The comiilain-
autssay: -vve nve bten held one
year and fifteen days fir no ether
reaton than specu'a ive purposes on
me part oi tue tnieving Mexicans.
e have written to our Consul at
J, j par and gi.t Iwj or three letters
from him. whan we first came down
here, but he will not answer our let
ters any more and tbe courts have
done nothing in our cjse." Their
complaint cavers fifteen pa;es of fools
cap paper citing the mockeries of
Mexican coutt', their harsh treatment
ia j il, and tbe tauutsof tbe Mexicans
that they will pav no attention to the
appeals ot tbe prisoners to tbe United
States Government. II tneon loft absut
150,000 worth of property in Mexico.
Gov. Ireland, in reply, slates that
he is si ad to eet this statement, but
tbe complainants sbould appeal to the
btate Department turoutiti ttio Gov
ernor of Caliiornia, in which State
they claim a legal residence.
Misj Minnie Maddern's leading
man tor caprice trie coming seaton
will be Wm. Morri", one of the hand-
someat young men on the stage. He
is Known aa Mantell s Double.
Thb thiee sirls who dance under the
big parasol in the Mikado ballet in
Around Oie JCerM oho wing only six deft
limbs enc.wd in blua ticht?, are real
ly sietera.. Not eta;e Bisteis at all.
In this, her final tour of America.
Mllo. Khea proposts to present to tbe
public a series of plays by tbe master
minds in the fields of dramatic litera
ture, in a manner seldom eaua'.ed on
the ttage.
It is eta ted as cne of the rep son a
why Mrs. James Brown Pottor would
mnke a nrst class star, tbat in one
mom of her flat on Washington square,
sew York, there ara Bixtv n:r;raita of
herself in various characters.
It is said that Mine. Rhea fairlv
worships the memory of Rachel, and
that she is one of the most cons'ant of
the many vigitora who make pil
grimages to the dead tragediennes
grave in the Jewish quarter of Pere la
Chaise. She rarely goes tbere without
leaving a memento of her visit in
tha shape of a bunch of flowers.
Emma Abrott b?glns her eiehth an
nual season in Moutrea1. The compa
ny now embraces in addition to Mhs
Abbott, Mile. Alida Varena, a young
Ameiican prima donna, who has sung
witn greht success in Italv and
Fiance; Lizzie Annanda'e Mao Va-
ttte. I'inando Michd nn. A. Montn.
erifln. Wm. Piuette. Wm. liroderink
and Walter Allen. The repertoira is
more brilliant and extensive than
U3ual, embracing, as it dope, "Car
men," ' Cardinal of Venice," "Crown
Diamonds," "Luorc zia Borgia," and a
grand revival of Emma Abbott'a great
success, "Paul and VirxinU." The
company vis ts California in January.
New York t'lothinic Mnnnrnclurers.
New York, Spptember 8. The Ex-
enntive Comrriittoo ot the Clothing
Manut'aciurero' Association todav re
ceived a lormul notice from the Arbi
tration Committee of District Assem
bly No. 49, Knights of Labor, cotify
ipgthem tbat their piopos.tinn hits
been accepted and the strike otlicially
declared oil' in the two factories where
the trouble began. The ninmilac
tmers ttien by a resolution declared
tbe lockout at an end. The men are
to co to work today as individuals.
The non-union men will be retained
by the maauficturers. This is de
feat for tbe Clothing Cutters' Union.
Much feeling exists among the union
men against the District Assembly,
who, they declare, hut sold them out
in the fame way as the Progressive
G'gir Makara."
e .. ..
Propiim! with ttrlrt rvirfl to PiirltT, fftronfrth (in1
IlfAlthrulneM. Dr. I'l liVtt Hiliinn- I'owdcr cmitnliii
no A m moil in. Mnu', A him or 1'honpfi Pr. J'ri-'
Kxltm-tH Vajillla, Lt-uioa, etc, flavor dvUcloualjr.
Pennyroyal Pills.
The Orlvloal and Only C'ennlus,
bal and slwars Reliable. Uawareof wortlr-
- Imitations. Indiaponsabtc to LAI1I tM.
A-i. joat MruKKlal lor ot.liiicbeater'
F.nstli "and Uko no otksr, or inoloso 4s
(stamps) to ns for partioalhrs taiRTTiafcj
ri-lurs mall. lAPat. bl.
rltraier s hemlrAl 'o., I
l.I sisdlaaa Nqasra, rhllarta., -
aTKAUBioppllsa by UlflJ. U.UUODWU
Ut, . L .
vs aoi.sstia aieai., hotiob, nan
Ther Appetite
May bo Increased, the IHgeative orgat
Itrengthencd, and the ltuwclj regulated,
!y taking Aver'a rills. These rills are
aurely vegetable In their composition.
I'ucy contain ncl!ier cakimel nor any other
Jau-crous drug, and may bo taken with
perfect safety by persons of all ages.
I was a great sufferer from Dyspepsia
and coustipxnnn. i nan no appetite,
became crvatlv debilitated, and was con-
imitly alllU-ted with Ueailacue and Dlzzt
De5. I consulted our family doctor, who
prescribed for Die, at various ttoea, with
out anonllug more man teniporarv relief.
I finally commenced inking Aver s 1 Ills,
lu short time my digcttiou aud appvtita
my bowels were regulated, and, bv the
Mine l niiMieiiiw o ooxesnr nu-e ruts my
tendency to iieadaohes had iliapeart'd,
and I boeunia strong ami well. Uiirlua
. LOB Wmulagton, iel.
I was tmiiiiu s;, for over a vear. with
Loss o( Appetite, and (ieneral l)etlllty,
I eonimeneed taking Ayer's rills, siul, bo-
roro niiisiiiiig nair a vox or mis meillclne,
piy niH'tl(o and BtrciiKth wero restored.
L. u. ciui-a, uauuury, toim.
Ayer's rilla are the best mrdk-lne
known to me for regulating the bowels,
and for all diseaes caused by a disordered
Momncu uud l.lver. I sutlered fur over
three years with Headache, Indigestion,
and Constipation. 1 had no appetite, ami
was wcuk iiim nervous ino-it ox the tlrj&i
ihreo boxes of Ayer's rills, and, tl )
luino iimo (lK'iinir inysen. i was com
plelrly cured. Sly uigestivo orcans are
Dow ill good order, and I mil in perfect
k.....iti. in. ill., i -r i... V-
Ayer's Tills have benefited iro wonder
fully. For months I siillcied irom Indi
gestion aud lleudiu-lie, whs restless at
aiidit. aud had a bud tuMe In mv mouth
avery morning, AfUT tuklmr enc Imix of
A .vers t'lUs, all these ti-milih-s 1isaw
pearra, my rooa aigusieu wen, ami my
neep was rerresniup. ui-ury i. llcia-
licuwuv, Itouapurt, turn.
I waa cored of tba PIVs hy tbe Due of
Ayer's Pills. They Dot only relieved me
if that painful dimorder, but gave me lu
treimcd vigor, and mutored my bealia.
oyu i.azarus, oi. ouuu, n. is.
a ntli. .-
askl baU
i tiOloea m WaaVaM.
Forty Tears a Sufferer from
"FOR KOHTY YKARSIhavoboenaTlo-
tirn to CAXAKHH-threo-fourihs ol the time
a aufferor ftom KAt-'ltllt'l All Nil TAINS
1K1UH, Tha diaaharnos were so offensive
that I hesitate to mention it, except lor tho
Rood it may uo some other sufleror. I havo
spent a young Icrtune from my aarninns
uuriuif my torty years of rut ennir tn obtain
relief Irom the doctors, I have tried patent
mediolnes every one 1 could lenrn of Irom
the tour corners of tha e:irth. with no rolief.
And AX LAST (57 years of aire) have met
with a remedy that bas cured mo entirely-
made me a new man. 1 weighed lat pounds.
and now weiffh lUi. I uaed thirteen bottles
of tho medicine, and the only recret I have
is, that hcin In ine numme wains ot mo 1
may not havo influence to provail on all oa
tarrh sufferers to use what has cured me
(Julnu's i'loneer lllood Kcnewor
"flflNRY CHBVB8,
" No. 267 Sejoui street, Macoi, tia.'
'Mr. Henry Cheras. the writer of tho
above, forinorly of Crawfrr l ciunty, now of
Macon, Ua., merits tho eonhdeni-e ot all In-
tereetodin catarrh. W. A. .
" Kr-Mayor of Maoon."
Guluu's rioncer Blood Kenewcr.
Cures sll Blood and Skin Diseases, Rheuma
tism, Korofula, Old Sores. A perfeot Bprinf
It not in yonr market, it will bo forwarded
on receipt of price, timall bottles, tl.larsro.
tl 75.
Assay on lllood and Skin Diseases mailed
Harnn, Wvorcln.
Arid Irou J:arlh.
Tiudb JUnK,
Ti n do
ill ark.
For l)'sprpsla,till dsrangcmenls
of the Diteative Organs and lb
fAvor. Skin Diseases, Cuts, II urn a.
Scnltla nnd Hrulaea. ACIU IIIO.X
EAIt'UI la a apecific.
Rheumatism, malarial Dlsor
dera. Chronic Dlarrhons and obm
tlnate cnaeo ol lllood Iolaonlng,
yield without fall to It wonder
fill curative power.
Aak for free paiuphlot, to be had
of all dealer or aont, poalpald,
from the A. I. IC. Co., mobile, Ala.
At Wholi sale by Van VIeet & Co.
Wikt', NlRTi AUD llKAta Tssatmsit,
a ruarantrod spooino tor liyataria. uiaii-
noas. Cfinvnlsionas. Fits, rtarvont nsnral-
ria, lieadaobs. Worc-a Froatration. raofsd
hf tho nes of alcohol or tubarooi VV'ako
fulnoas, Montnl Dopraagion, tiitttnoins; of tha
Brain, resulting in insanity snd lox ins to
miporjr, decay and death; i'reraatnre d
Asc, uarrennoas, In-fa oi Power in either
.ex: Involuntary Lossos and biermntnr-
rhra, rnr. i ht over-exertion ol tho brain,
self-abuse ororrrlndnlKeDc. Each boi con
tains ono Diontl. a trratnient. Ii a boi, or
six boses for &r, sni l v mail prepaid, on
receipt of price. Wn caarptitre till itnxes
to cure aoToa-9. With each order roioived
by nslorhix lioitt, aceoiupsnied with tl,
aa will aund th tinrrthaer our written
fosronta to refond tho money if the treat
ment dne not efleflt a cure. Guarantees
laand naly h a. KVNKEHI 4 UO.. Dm
Kiat.. Memphis, Tenn.
B IB 1
timW Arlifidal
fivfYtn fntiffh, Ttrnnrhtlln, Airtlima.. Indlimatlnnf Vl
ARKKR'8 TONIO without tMny. H hu mn
inuv or tin? woi-t-t cwHi mii'J tn tm it riiir(l fur
Twltunii of the tlinmtanil Iikiksi, iuk) ihiwsi-MHi rlrtln
Ci mi lmpiir til' soil Ani(iiliaunliii. Th fH-lif mid stlcl
nitrKl.Nir ftafiinsit ltwiw, nnl t-lowly ilririitur to tl
ran-. ul in inuntrtUs'ini ovfi lh lr h-lth hy thethrml
ftp of I'AkKKK Tonic, hut h lv In danK'""". Tk :
I tlmo. f'urr whtsn cl-w Ini!-. (iictn nw Ilfu mn i
rwttf t h to tho 4f ind juUriii. $1 t ir4-if irta. ;
ALL psrsons ara hereby warned not
purchase i'erti floats No. tsilor ten shsret
Masonio Temple Stock, issued to R. W. bhel
ton, April 11, 1174, at it has been Inst or mil
aid, and Ihareann led Inr a dnplioate.
B. it. biiKLlO.N, Administrator.
SEPTEMBER 1), 1886.
The Planters Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
fflee la rompaaya BnildiDr. So. 41 nadlaoa Slreet.tHempbla,
. T. jrOKTKsl, Frea. I JN nVKRTON. Jr. VlePrsw. J. H. HHITH. Bee'i
P. II II 1 V ft U l.kl.lmnl MMIr.l.rr '
lllsinilKS-s H.HKOOKS.oi Brook..
11 T UfkUTITU r It...... t V '
QODVilK, of J. R. Godwin A Co.;
J. M Pllll I IDJ
Commenced Bmlaeta in l7. - PI, Over Half Million
wrlllaara Fapeelally l-lrel.
Aiav neirosDu lue oi-msurm.D Mm, of
unrim; auiuKTAiN
39 Union St.,
r ... j. ."rmr:
t. T. IlEtABON. O. 0. HSIIf. R. A. FARKKR. I. L. W00DS0T
J. T. FAR6AS0N & CO.
Xd Front Street, MomphJa, Ten a.
Bed to as will havs oar aarefnl attention. Wtearry at all Uiasiawsll
lelsctad itook ol
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Win
ill mid lift SadiMoit
vw win pptf mm w w
FOUNDRY & MACHINE l)KlT,ltol74 Adani!iSt.,3IemphU
Iron and
II nnse
l-'riinf a A
:.-t tit.
! 1 H H IS 1 'II Lm Rr I fttiMRf .
tSuocesaors tn this lopsrtment to JOHN MAN0UDE.)
aurWrlte n for Infurmntlfin on ANY Til INU In either line.
D.T. rORTEtt.
Sacceuori to PQETER, TAILOB CO.,
ottoa Factors
wwrttrs-vsr -irsn -ar
33G MpcoihI Klroel, MeoiiplilN.
Miiterinls. Pomria, Ortve VVetta. Iron, I.eml
Cotton Factors and
Front St., Hemphla, Ternn.
Cotton Factors, Commission Oerchants,
BTo. HO Bonth Haln St.. flt. Iiil
Manufacturer of Alabama Lime,
chihni v i ,
T.sar VASSW.
TSLE, 1'iKK TLi1Sr,
K. Savla.
eh a H.aalllvaa.
Vf hole sale Grocerz, Cotton ITaotora
And Commission Merchantt,
232 and 234 .Front St., Memphis, Tons,
nwiu ioiH a bid jErrvRMoa.
Hf. L W. HAXNIT dsToUi hU wnole tiros to
i ear cnarse.v.onsa n arsuooss. w n aauiuswn sirsau
N.l i Cn. : R. L. COFFIN, of ntlt.rrf Onm-.
v,,i, V .t'U-l1.U I I r i . . . .T M
J.V. Oi'liDBAR.of Ooodbsr Co.i
Minnstlf Id, Mm. ; uiorqia lions lssi BAUrs
lltv, o' I'Dat'anooas, isna.
Memphis, Term.
Grocers & MM Factors.
js, Liquors Jobiceo & Clcara,
p l.nvM.
t Weiiiiilalii. Te ;n
liar Iron,
lloofi, HstaK
Nhcs Irou
- i "
DEPT. 220 and 228 Second St
.W-.'V ssa aw.sisa.'serrsw aj
nnd Hlono Pipe. Una Kistnrea. (Itnttea. Kto
Wholesale Grocers
a. w. tomlin: wh. benjkh.
Tomlin & Benjes,
170 Main St., Memphis.
Offer speoial Inducements In 0en Bass lei
of our own mnke. at lir Top bucsies ol
our own make, at 1120. All work war
ranted. Call bekire yon buy.
ear- Ilavlns dlimsed of oar entire itook of
Vohicles and the Mnnnfaoturins Depart
ment tn Moaars. TOMLIN a ItKNJKH. we
boapenk for them a continuance of the
paironase su Ions .xteaded to ua.
JtOS ILK ( ! I . HI 1 : T,
i.oms villi: ( i nnvr,
1IAI11 and FlKUltltICK,U
Tb?a. (llaast.
K. t. Ola: k.
tho welihtnt and sal of sll Oottoa atrmit4
'Jliir !if;"-tf rsesssisauai8?''.j.i 1 ,-.vi'1-', Nnla,
K J.. i T! ..a. J,--.' .1 ' Jlr 1J . " - "" lln iBitwl
ijswbiv Avn urnr? n irawji r ya
WILL bo rpoaod Jooo 1st. This noUd
watorlnir-plaeo is situated six miles
Irom Mint Furnace, oa tho NuhrllU and
Tutealonaa railroad, in Ilickmaa conntj
Tenn. Uaek will meet all trains at Ktaa
and will oonvej ca&iti to sprints at a Tory
low rata.
llor1, $30 Per Month t iTPer bmf.
Sipeelnl KsIm lo f'ainlllea.
Wo inrite all who with to tpond tho most
pleuant soaion of their livee to oome to
liesverdnm. oieoiallr soakers of pleaanre
and health. liood wator and pure air la
Mverrmen, Centrerills. Tenn.
A. DKA.N. Prop'r Oentrevillo llolel.
Kookbndo Co., Va. Ilich np in tha
V irulnia mounuins. Ploioremue urronnd
tnim.extonaiveand hoautilullrehsdad lawa.
H,.s. . leririo hell, and all modern ImproTe
iuen. 1 vn daitr mails, poit, tolssTanh and
ri-o-a oilicm on tho premires. Table tho
ver t.rl. l.murioualy furniahed roojnai
nil orb timid of muaio. Send for illuatratad
painphlet. ( hariea modemte. Open for ls
itora. June lfth. H,il,r.: Alum. VhnlybeaH
end r n-r.fom-, R.T. Wl,KIsf)N.MHn'T.
Anions Uia Northern Lakff.
of Wlsennsln, Mtnncrota snd Iowa, are hnn
drods of delishtlul iilncea where one ran east
the aumuiijr inontha in quiet rest asdenjoy.
ment, and return home at the end of tha
heated term completely rejuvensied. Each
roourrinc senion brum to Ooonomowoo.
C1 W!?)1' l'or Pain, Frontenao, Oko
boji, Mlnni.ti.nka. White Bear, and Innu
merable other charmina localities with ro
niantio names, thouanndi of our beat people)
whoao winter homes aroon either side ol Ma
son and Dixon's lino. Klonanco snd com
fort, at a moderato coat, can be readily ob
tained. A Mat of summer homes, with all
necessary Inlorma Ion pertnininer thereto, it
belna distributed by the Cuipaiio, Milwao
ssa and Hr. 1'acl Kaii.Wat, and wiil be sent
free upon aimlicatii n b lnttr t.i A V. II
Can n tor, tleneral PaJseiger Aient, Mil
waukee, ia.
Crab Orchard Springs,
JJof the ouiMno, nml Hocoinnunlittinni xhar.
n-toriiHioof thi hotnl tlurittir th iiut ihre
raea aki.ll k. T..!!. ....I. 1 .1.1
ruiiii 's miij tiiii.iiniiivu ill 11 ICIIOD.
.irurfliun tioketi tn tha Sirinr h4 thm i.
ancj N. lUilwny nre ool fin LoutHViflo, both
iMinir iitnl rolnrniiiM, tn p roiled on flrst train
ruiocoodintr arrival tu Louisville.
W r ii M r, . . ' K'lVfl Sun'.
No. 17 JeffurMon Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEIU'UIS.
IKatablishod In ltK'iO.I
DR.JOIIN.SON isacknowledKcd by sll par
ties interested as by far the moat sus
oeasful phyaician in the treatmentof privet
or secret dlaeaaes. Quiolt, oeiinunont cur.i
uaranteed in every ciiae, male or female.
leoent OnHeS of lloliiirrima nnd Rt-tibill.
oured In a I w days without the uae of mer
cury, chniiKe ot divt or hindrance troin
busineaa. Wecondsry M.vi hilil, the laat ves
tiKeermlioatod witb-Mtno ue of tnorcury.
Involunanry loss of i-euicn stupped in ahnrt a
timo. tiullerers frnm tn iiiitt.nov o Ina. nf
sexual p-wers restore to tree vlmir in a few
Wenks. Victims of self -nhuae snd eiceaaiv
venery, suflerinc from apiirmnti.rrbes and
lossof phyaical nd mental imwer, spe'dily
and periiianently cured, i'lirt'ruluf atten
tion paid to the Iliaenvea of Women, and
curea sunranUed. l'iles and old aorea cured
without the uae of caustic or the knit.. Air
coiiaultnt-ons strictly cinfldontiul. Meill
cinea sent hy os press to all purts of (ho
airWorklnsmon cnreil at hslf the usual
rates, t'ttii-e hours from K oVork a.m. lo
o'clock p.m. i;h. Johnson, m.u
-. M Vanadvi-itlaortocon-
'lnVrDTiPiajn,"l, u" operi-
iMitlil lolNl-jonood cr otherwise.
r "- .CT.... 3( ei'O'uma lisis ol
newspapers and ostiiuutos o the coal of ad
Tertisinai. Tnealvnriiserwbowanla to spend
one dollar. On da iullt ,'ne inlorraatlon he ro
uuires, while lorflhiiu who will invest on
hundred (bnuaan IJdollara inr.iulvertlsini, a
Stihenio is Indicated which will meet nls
avery roq-iirmnant. or can bo made to do so
by sllsht chanvna oarily arrived at by corre
spondence. One hundred and Atty-thre
editions have been issued. Hunt, postpaid,
to any addreaa for ton cent. Apply loGKO.
VKRTIHtNil llllUKAIMnMpruoost. tPrint
ln House Kfin.rrt". Kow Vork.
ajk yonr tntnllr-r for Hio Original S3 Nho ,
. lh-wna-nof Iniluiiona .m
Koneaenniu uulttaus baarlng ihl.Hlamp.
Made In button, Uonimias and Lnr. Itfft Oil
iJil I, Ctmtfitrt awl injMar-CWM-s.
A iHwtalcapl anit t&
win airiiiar 7011 inionni..
aliowtoKci tlils Hhoa la
y uiittourl'orrlUsry. (S
t ny. a. rn
si Unrain nu.
IWtUso. J
This sboa staniU hluher In ttioastlmatlnn of
fl-iows than any ollinr In Hi. worl.L thou,
ssfiiVwho woarlt wlU WU yu M fvtws U yui
aak ibiiut. -i
BY order of Hie Hoard ot JUreotors of th.
Memphis (ins Lislit Corepany, inado
July 5, IHSII, a incotina ol the stockholders .
said company wna called to l e held nn Mosv.
dsr, October 4, IKKil, st tho ullice ol Ihe com
pany, in Memphis, at 12 m., to consider en
act upon a conlruct mtvto by the Hoard oi
Directors with Xsxina llirtriot ol Mi.lbj
rounty, a copy ot whicli contract bus heec
sent by mail to ouch stockholder. Jn lurlhel
purauance of anid order of the llonrd, nutiiH.
of ani.l meeting; ia hcrohy aiven to the stock
holders ol anid oompHiiy, and they ar earn
estly reiiueated to be present, or aond proxies
with their instructions ns lo the voting of
thnlr stock upon this propiHltion to accept
or reject said contract.
Hecretarynf Veinphis Uus Liaht Co.
8eptouibor 1, ltwtt. a
ii KAiMtiiAK'rr.Kt ron
And Iron Roofing.
rire. Wind. Water I iKhlalnsr
priHr. Buitabls for all kinds of buildinrs.
For prices and estimates at factors rates.
oall en or addrsss
138 A 440 Main St., and 21 A 23 Mulbsrry it..
Headnuarters lor Iron Fenors and Creatine-.
Ualraniied Iron Cornice. Tin Rcofa & btoves.
No. 6"SS. R. D. Chsncery Court of Shelby
lunty. Mate ol Aonneasco vs. curat!
orriaon et al.
HV virtu of an Interlocutory decree for
sale entered in tho above enure on th.
Kih day ot Docsiuber, 1HHA, AI. 11. 6(1, pe(
S2I, 1 will sell at public suction, to the high
et bidder, in Iront of th Clerk and Mas
ter s otlice. courthouse ol biielby eouuty.
Memphis, Tenneafee on .
Matnrdny, Neplnnltcr 33, ItHS,
within lesal hou'i, the follnwlnx described
property, situated in Shelby oounty, Tei
noaaee to-wit:
N. 1 . lot iil. Irontinir jrg ieet on ine enss
side ot Chickasaw strcci by a depth of UVi
laot, ssld lot beinx 7m test south of Win
cheater street. .S.;d as property of the un
known 1 oira of J. A. Ilsakett.
Part of country lot S2H, fronting 37 foot on
the north aldo of Auction street, by a depth
of UnVa tret. S jld as property of Sarah Mor
rison and others.
Lot ITU. Irontmi a. leei on me esai aiu.
ol Main street, by llSa feet deep, 74' leot
n'n-th ol Aucuon aireei.
Terms ol Sale un aorenitoi six moniua.
note bearing Intoreat, wim seouruy, r
auired; lien retained; redemption barred.
.-. I. MuDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
I'v Ii. F. Coleman, Deputy O. and M.
TJH jMl. W. Hetskoll. solicitors.
KMOOHI.T.N.KI. Y. Board on the mil,
Mrs. U. C. Howard, 2nd WafHlnatoa
Park. Rooms larsoi location delitu'.rs1..
Convenient to cars lo Manhattan Uoaoh.
Coney Ialand. Long Beach and Central Parkl
alio to iNew I or a piaoos oi buiuiuiui.
ii - a .
a . S4ii Ir'lflii'sjiir'

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