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IT -'
It will b ssen by the reorU of the
discaBHon between Patterson end
Phelan at Bjlivar on Tuesday tbat
both repudiate the AmlancJie,nd that
the deciflive issue of the canvass is
which of the two Congressional aspir
ants most emphatically rejects the ut
terances of the tabooed journal. Aifar
as the repudiating contest has gone it
meet be admitted that Phelan has the
decided advantage. Patterson holds
tip his bands and plead ntfy expreisia
the hope that he is not to be caised
with the odium of a good will
which distills d sease and death on all
that cluster under the shade of this
gorgeous TJpai tree. But Phelan seems
to regard itj utterances as fatal as the
bnath of one of Mahomet's succets
on, which was so foul that
the inrecta wh'cb floitad around
his head fell dnad as the birds which
attempt to ting in the groves of Java.
The piideof thisi two Congressional
aspirants is most commendable. .We
shall watih tie war made on the An
lanche, f jr which we etill cherish the
affection a father feels for his waywaid
son, with deep interest and keep
our ro?dcH pcs!el get high upon
the fenco, raise cur bat and cheer
on the men who seem t) prefer deitb
to a life made respans ble for tbe
damaging vagaries of aa erratic news
paper. Tflis War on the Avalanche
may be a delwhtfu' paitimc .'un for
Phelan and Patters on, but it is death
on onr friend Doak, and now that he
has been ehamefiilly forraken by his
accomplice, we tender him our hea t
felt sympathy and the assurances of
our dist'ntuiBhed consideration, as he
sits moody and glua in bis tent,
musing on the mutability of huinjn.
grandeur and the ingratitude of C)n
greseional a'pi rants. The stiuck eag'e
didn't mind being struck, but it
grieved to soe that its own feather
winged the 'fatal dart, and Dk
in gacing at tha darts that have pierced
his able and nob'e bosom, eadly
points his ind ex flrger at the feathers.
"We always take aides with the under
dog in tbe fijht, and la this cruel and
wicked war on the Avalanche we ate
for Doak. A buxom, prttty wlo was
in the habit of making her ugly,
diminutive huiband get under the
bed when" tlis fine looking school
teachsr visited the family. The wife
detected the husband on one occasion
peeping and rebuked him, when
he indignibtly exclaimed: "As
jonsjas I h've (he spirt (( n m'n
witiiu me I wl 1 perp." Oar abused
neighbor intends to peep; he
has kect down his salety valve
long enough; be has within him
a spirit of manhood that mnBt have
vent or explosion. Two against ono
is unfair, and if Doak will tackle
and putveriu Phelan we'll mop
the pavements with Patterson
and show the world how two irate
editors can make things hum when
defending tha dignity of their profes
sion. The negro convert who,
having swallowed nn unpleasant
amount of water whi'e undergoing bap
tism, loudly announced that "soiin
body was going to hi drowned along
of this yor foolhhntss," and some as
pirant for Congress is goln j to be hurt
in wairing tipon newparer3. Phelan
and Fa'teraon mast be taught that
they cannot pntdown the "Great and
Good" Avuhncht. II they succeed in
crashing it, those weeping Alexanders
wi 1 . strike at hlglior game, a
bigger newspaper to conquer and
turn tht-ir attention t the
"Old Reliable" ArraAL. A com
mon causs must avert a common
dauger. LH ui up and at 'em, Doak.
Let us double shot our canoots with
polysyllabic aljsctives and expletives,
even call them pa'allelopipadons if
the exigency requires such a diro
alternative, and eoou the belligerent
couple will be retreating in disorder
. and confusion to the rear and our
triumphant banner will proudly fl oat
from the ramparts of the vanquished
It should be the fixtd policy of the
"cotton belt" to manufacture the cot-
tan it grow. It has begun, as the
Eist originally did, by making the
coarser kind of goods, and so miccess
ful has It been in the line of manu
fac'ure tikon up that the East frankly
acknowledges that, when the railway
comes to their rescui by diecrimioat
ing rates in their favor, the line of
manufactura the South has adopted
mcut be conceded to it, for the East,
unsupported by some ou'e'de aid,
cannot compete with the Boutb. Ia
not this full assurance to the Kout'i of
anccess when it shall extond iti line of
work and extend the co npi tition to
the finer goods? It is clear to demon
stration that if the Ivst cm nuke
money so fir away from where thecal-
ton is grown, the South cm mi ka still
more, owing to its opportunities for
obtaining its choice of ro ton at trilling
expense for transporla'ion, in a oil
mate favorable to tbe basinets and
with more favorable lab r couditiors
than prevail in the E st. The profits
mido by the Eastern mills the pun
year, with all its depression, is Bulli
cicnt to stimulate Southern enterprise
by showing what pria:s hang within
its reach. SrmUtreeCt, in an artie'e
uoon New Eoglund cotton mill divi
dend?, st iles that "profits are unniit
takably larger than they were last
summer;" tlint Fall River shows es
pecial gain; out of twen'yCve corpo
rations furnishing returiifj, twenty
three are dividing more money than in
1883; eighteen others have bIiostd
relatively larger earnings than in the
corresponding periods of lait year.
Mradtlreet'i has a Ub'e of fifty
nine corpoia'.ions reported on; twen-t;-nine
of them have distributed
larger dividends than last yew up to
tble time, twenty-two tbe same rates,
and only eight bave paid lets. Not a
'ew concerns that paid no dividend
laat year are making net profits this,
though the profit is still small as com
pared with 1883. Demand is real on
ably active, consumption heavier, and
profits have increased. Thanks to
the high tariff system, it has to be
sM-d that "the export movement
cots a very small figure, so thai tbe
future of the cotton mills of the
United States is bound np almost a'
together in the succesi tf the general
industry at home." The South re
quires a tariff that will help it to work
up its own raw ma'erial, ios'ead of
exporting it to enrich Mincbefter and
Oldham, and to send abroad, instead
cf cotton bales, bales of manufactured
cotton goods.
The feeling that the employment of
convicts in manufactures, in competi
tion with American labor, is an in
jus'ice, is sp-eadiog wide and far, with
the result plainly coming, as it has
already come io some State, Unit tuch
an application cf convict labor muit
cea e. The great difficulty in putting
an end to tbe villous system lies in
tbe difficulty of determining, if the
presaut syttem is abolished, what eball
be done with tbe convict. He must
net be main'ained by the State in
p ire idleness. The most practicable
p'aa hitherto tried, is to let him to
work on the public roads. We have
been trying this plan in Memphij with
the chain gang, and we fiud the re
sults of the utmost value to the com
munity, without injury to anyone.
At present onr roads generally are
neglected. The railroads show us
whst good means of communici tion
can do to rouse up trade and inciease
cotnmorce. Good public iods can
not do all tbat railroads
accomp'isb, bat they make
the railroads more accessible,
and therefore ttiey open their benefits
to a wider extent of country. Good
roads favor lecai interchange of com
mo litter, ducreass tte farmer's ex
penses and add to the value of his
Und. They promote social erjj lyruett
and kindly neighborly feeling by facil
itating mutual visiting and aiding as
sociation for publio objatts, and also
tbey increase iutulligenue by bringing
families and individuals into more in
timate t ssociatlon. To do away with
conviet labor that injures honest labcr,
and to secure good publio roads to the
State, are two object i well worth labor
jng for. '
WAa Muamr oiutLite.
When the course of commercial
events bring about trade depression,
among its fint effects is a fall ia the
wages cf labor. When reviving busi
ness ushotB in better times wages are
tbe last to riBe. Sucb, it Is agreed,
are the usual rcsu'ti, and it is unfor
tunate thet it should be ro, for the
decrease of wages seriously adds to
tbe embarrassments of trade, A cu
mulated capital g09B largely into stock
and other investments, that add
ncthing to existing wealth. Money
paid in wages circulate?. It is not
the men poieession of money that
makes trade brisk; it is the circula
tion. Money paid in wage! quickly
passes from hand to hand. The better
the working people cai live and dress,
the more lively is tbe roureo of trade.
An Augusta, Ga., telegram of la-.t
month, ruferiing t) the doing of the
mills there and the consequent stop
page of wages paid fur labor, says:
'The monthly wages paid the 4000
operatives fiat are now idle amounted
to about J50.0C0, nearly all of which
was expended in this city, and the
abstraction of this amount of mouey
from circulatioi will have a serious
effuit oa local trade." The re'ai'er
at homo first feels tin oflect?.
then the producer, the manufacturer,
and the wholesale dealer. II $50,000
a month be invettoi in stocks, it lies
comparatively do id; paid out to 4000
workmen it circulates rapidly and pro
motex business. The money docs not
lie'ti.n the b inker's vaults; like the
blood in the veins it passes through
the whole body, distributing vigor to
every organ. This aspect of wage)
has not racelved ths attention from
political economists tlut its impor
tance merits.
miner catanibophen.
If Father Miller were alive now he
would find plenty of events on which
to reason that the end of the world ia
near at band. For a canlury or two
various prophets hud pointed out the
yenrlSSlasa period of strange ar.d
disas'rous event. The two first fig-
ur. s of 1881 added togethsr make 9,
so do the two las'. Two ()'s are two
times 3 times 3, and that is enough to
condemn any year to initfortune and
ca'auiity. By aa extraordinary coin
cidence, tbe years following 1881 have
been matked by a aeries of disas'rous
natural occurrences. Cyclones, hur
ricane, thunder and lightning, haii,
flood and earthquake have all com-
b ned to allliot old Mother Kvth and
to distress her children. The United
S ates bns had its share of the torrors
and f.italitks that have arisen from na
ture's convulsions, but the Charleston
ear hquake has proved the crowning
horror wi'l It be the lost one? That
event has been a most unwelcome
revo ntion to us. When we retd cf
dreadful phenomena occutrirg at
Kialiatoa. in Spain, in Greece and
elsew here, we were prompted to thank
God that our land among other blcts-
ings enjoyed immunity from such
diras'ers. Tho Charleston visita'ion
i i t. i
uas uuu.b'im ma' consoling assur
ance. We have got bo far as to dig, in
some district', "cyclone holes" for re
tieat from danger. Aro we coming to
a time when we must build our houses
low, abandon to era, steeples, Wash
ington monuments and "Liberty En
lightening the World?"
A Few Local Officers Elected by
the Republicans and Woeelers
-The "GazBtteV Work.
laraoui. to irriAU
Littlx Ro x, Abk., September 8.
From the Arkantu Oazetle'$ special
election returns your correspondent
learns at this writng (11:50 p.m.)
that twenty additional counties to
those telegraphed ths Appeal Iat
nigbt all show the State Democratic
ticket as holding its own mo.t admira
bly in every sec' ion.
The combination of political Wheel
er, Republicans and disaffected Dem
ocrats, who are really the riffafl of
eternity's horde, lucceided In electing
the county ticket ( f Lawreuce county,
and also the Representative, P. M.
Trammel, from Saline county.
At Plnrnmerville, Conway county, a
fr e fight occurred, after the polls
were c osed Monday night, and the
box contiining tbe ball- ti overturned
in tbe general melee which followed.
Tbe light! were also eetl glimmering,
and wneu order had been rescorrdand
the votts picked ui Iroiu th flier, it
wai discovered tha'. somi-body had
ben " oolin' wid dat box," and that
100 more ballots wero in tbe receptte'e
than thete were voters in the town
ebip. Cmoll D. Woid, a caodidnti for
Circuit Judge cf the Tenth Judicial
DiUiic', and one ot tl.e youngest oiii
c'ala of that na'ure in tbe S:ate, is
elected bv a handsome majority.
W. B. If istins, the obnoxious Sher
iff of Mieslfsipni county, and who we
a candidate for le-olection, was de
feated by W. S. Nays. .
In this couoty Ha'n O. Wil
liam", Democratic candida'e for Coun
ty Uleik, received the smallest majori
ty on tbe ticket, 800. The other can-J
niria'es gat majorities rargiog from
1000 to 1200.
Tha next victory in this (Pulaski)
was a remarkable one end is larirelv
due to the hmcu'ean efforts of the
P'ets of L t in Kock. Especially is
this so of tbe Gazette, which paper did
m'.re to bring euccsi to the Demo
cratic ticket than all ether iilluonces
orahimd. Tbe same can be raid con
cerning tbe Gazette and the State
ticket. That paper entered tbe field
early and rema ned late with the pac
ple throughout tbe entire territory
and tbe truthful pictures it drew of
a 1 opponents of the Democratic par y
have beoo invincible and most beauti
ful to look in on. It hnrjted the influ
ence of the political Wheel in its in
cipioncy and now rests upon its well
earned laurels with ca'm humility.
Tlrs is parenthetcal. and is eiven
only from a deslte to render unto the
mentotious all due credit.
eeialblnc Conccrolnn Col. Bele,
Npuken of far tbe Haee.
Dallas, Tax., Septemb.r C The
reports that have been current in
Texas for several days, and which
have found publication in a number
of Northern papeis to the e& ct that
(Jot. A. li. iieio, principal proprietor
( f the Dallas and Galveston News, bad
been selected by President Cleveland
as Minister to Aust ia and wjuld soon
be appointed to that mission, cannot
be verified hero. Those who are in
the close confidence of Col. Be'o pro
f ss to know nothing if it. Col. R. G.
Low, iiinnnfini editor of the two ra
pe) s, ana win is vice.prendent ol the
publishing corporation of which Col.
Hblo Is prendent, was to Jay Questioned
by the correspondent of the Ieublic-
an. Vol. Liw had beard and read
ttie rumors as others had, but lurther
thiua that he knew nothing. His opin
ion is tbat the report is unfounded.
Austna, having rejected Mr. Keily, of
Virginia, when nroperly accredited to
the court of Vienna by Pie-ident
Cleveland, and the mission having re
mained vacant thus far duiing the
pr -tent idininietra'ion, it did notep
pear probable that any reproenta'ive
wouM tie sent to tuat country during
President Cleveland's present term.
Still, he could not apeak poihively,
is no one could tt 11 what
might spring up between men
who were intimate enough to
fhh, hunt oid rough it to
gether two or thico summers in the
Ad'roodarks. Then there was the
fact that Texas already had one flrst
clafs foreign mits'on, tilhd in the per
son of Ex-Gov. Hubbard at Japan.
and another wou'd be almost too good
to expect, l lie legion of friends ot
Col. fielo in Tex. s generilly, and at
i!i las par tcaiariy, nope tn.it mere is
mere than rumor In the report. He
i t a man that would trace the poei-
i on w itli ad tho accomplishments it
h entlt'od to. lie has also spent sev
eral tunimers viiitlng Europe.
Nmall aiaul Blot at Cleveland.
Ci.kveland, Ohio, September 8
A u Akron special says: A lively war
with several hundred citizens on one
side and a score of Va'ley Road
track bands, under tbe Koadmaster
Delaney, on tbe otber.stirred this city
to its depths this af ernoon. Some
time ago the City Council paeeed an
O'denance givmg the Valley railway
the privilege ot crossing Ash street on
grade with a sw It. h. The provisions
of the ordinance were not generally
known until yesterday, when at'en
tion wat called to it in a published
card. Fearimr thatjthe ordinance might
be revoked, valley road diktats today
ordered that a f irce of meu be set at
work building tbe switch acroes tbe
Etroet. They betn ehoitly before 1
o'clock. Soon several hundred men
nunie to the eprt. b.-lng shoitly rein
forced ry hundreds of ether cit'sene.
Tbe reilioad men stood their ground,
hut the howling crowd closed about
them and in five minutes more, amid
shoutj end cheur, rippvd up ties and
rnils and threw them over into the
Olno caual. For n.oinent it eeeuiei
ih though a riot, would In precipitated
bn cooler heads ii.t'rvened.
Tonight several hundred citiien
O'e eianding gu ird, Rnd arrsngeirents
have hocn made to ring the c;ty bells
and ca'l Hit the wbolo town if n
further aiteir.pt is made to lay the
Thf frillnt'a I'arly.
Sahanac In, X. Y., Sptt-mber 8.
Little bus been done by tue mombers
of the Piesident'a rif'y today b.'side
resting comfortably ia tlio shade and
recovering from the fatigue of their
long on nge diive. Toward aundnv n
the Pro ident s guide persuadtd hiiu
to take a trip to Turtle Pond, in tie
belief that a salmon trout or two nvgbr
be beguiled iut o taking the hoik. F. t
on?e Gu'de Crouk's predictions weie
rotveriliel. Trout no longer rise to
tha fly, ar.d trolling wiU continue to
yield unsatisfactory results so long as
tbe wattr is as warm as itnow is. Mie.
C eveland and Mre. Folsom busied
themvelvtsin the afternoon in aflix
ing their autographs to the birchbark
albums of tbe young Indies whose ac
quaintance they have made he:e. The
covers and tbe leaves of the albums
are ah aped like tbe leaf of a maple or
birch, or some other forest tree, and
are bound together at the stems with
a piece of ribbon. Tbey make a sou
venir mnch sought after. Ifthececes
eary arrangemeLtsciE be completed a
deer hunt will probabl take piece
here this week, tbe President and his
friends stationing tbemeelves at tbe
various lakes between here and Baul
Smith's. The guides all say that th s
is a good burning ground and the
President is likely to get another buck.
A fine buck was shot on the opposite
shore of the Upper 8.ranec Lke with
in a plain view of the President's lot
rabin hy Mr. Charles F. Cutler, of
New York, on Tuesday morning.
Tbe Depart pre of Prlace Altiaoder
From Bona.
Sofia, September 8. Prince Alex
ander has signed the deed of abdica
tion and bas departed from Sofia.
A compact mass of people witnessed
Alexander's departure from tha palace
an J thousands lined the route taken
by him through the town. Tbe
prince s'ood up on his cerripge, bow
ing to the people end faying, "Gocd
bye, my brethren." The popuiare
were much effected. Teirs sprang to
many eyee and beaity w'shfs weie ex
pressed for the Prince's soeedy re
tu n. Pince Alexander will g) firat
to Lorn Fdlanke.
A manifts'o wes issued by Alexen
d"f prior to bis departure. It says:
"We, Alexander, P.ince o: Eu'garia,
bing convinced that our depaiture
will contribnts to Bulgaria's libaration,
having received assurance from the
Czir that the independence, liberty
and rights of our cnuntiy shall remain
iotact, and tbat nobody shall interfere
wiik ia internal affaire, inform our
beloved people tbat we recource the
throne, wishing to prove how dear to
n8 are tbe interests of Bulgaria, f r
which wears wi'llng tosacrfhe that
which is more precious to us than life."
After expressing his affection for his
subjects and his heartfelt gra ituds
for tbeir devotion, he say a he will
pi ay Gcd to shield and protect the
country. lie conc'.u 'es by asking the
pe ple to obey the Regency and the
Ministry to tbe end that urder and
peace may be preserved.
Tbe Holder of Ticket Wo. 81.875,
That Drew the Cnpltal Prime
in the LoaUlnna State
Since it was announced that one
fifth of the ticket No. 81,375 won the
capital prize In the last drawing of the
Louisiana ttate Lottery wa? held, in
our citv, excitement Las ran high.
Tne lucky man i.t tbe young b.ok
keeper in the wholesale grocery house
of Comer & Trap p. and yesterday be
was met with hundreds of congratula
tions. "When I saw that I wai pot
aeesor of the rlcht number mv ior
knew no bounds. I at once deter
mined to go to New Orleans myself
and get ibs money. This I did. I
B reiented my ticket to the Lottery
ompany, received a check on the
New Orleans National Bank and ee
cared my money and returned borne,
via Montgomery. Tbe money, $15,-
000, is now on deposit in the bank of
; ooper oi uo. x am etui wttb the
huse of Co.ner & Tiaop, aud have
not yet decided as to my course in fa
turo. Mr. Jones is an excellent young
man, a first cin's butinees fellow ai d
has numerous friends, who are g'aii-
fiod at his good fortune. Annitton
(AJa) Watchman, July 21.
Ads ice to Mot hers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Srrup
should always be used wben children
are cutting teetn. it relieves tne little
sutlerers at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relieving the child
lrom pain, and tne nitie cneruD
awakes as "bright as a button." It is
verv pleasant to taste. It soothes the
child, softens the gume, allays all
Eiiin, relieves wind, regulates the
owels, and is the best known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty-
nve cents a bottle.
t'oal Miners Federation.
IitniANAPOus. Ind . September 8
The Federation of Coal Miners con
tinned its seseion today. The report
of the Committee on Resolutions was
the principal subject discu'sed, and
exteLded debates werd had on several
top'ef. The commi.teo recommend
that the per capita tax hi notchanged,
and this was agreed to. It wao also
decided that it was inexpedient to
p'ace additional organizors in the field.
A resoluticn was adopted favo ing
arbitration in mtchine mining and
urging tbat tbe wages of machine
miners ba equal zed wiin ttose ot pica
A resolution favoring a unioa with
the International Trades Un-on of tbe
Un ted States and Cantda was adopted.
The question of uniting with the
Knights of Labor provoked a lengthy
debate, and resulted in the unanimous
adoption of tbe following:
Hetohfd, That we are opposed to
mingling with the Knights cf Libor,
and recognize no oran ration ss being
capable to deal with interests cf
min rs and mine laborers oi tne unit
ed SUtes and Territories but tbe
Miners and Mine Laborers' Na ional
A resolution, providing that no ofii
cr of the Fedtra'ion Bhail hold oflics
in sny other labor organization,
caused protracted debate aud an ad
journment wis tlken without reach
ing a votcn
A lriigftlt' (story.
Mr. Isaac O. Chapman, druggist,
Nowburg, N. Y., writes us: "I have
for the past ten years eold several
gross rf Dr. William Hall's Bahnm for
the L'inge. I can Biy of it whet I
cannot say of any other medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak of
it but to praise its virlmw in the higb.
nit manner. I have iecommnded it
iu a grent many Cisas of whooping
cough, with the happiest elleets. Jl
have used it in my own family for
manv vears: In fact, always have a
tioltle iu the medicine cloaut ready fur
Trxaa rrolillltlonll.
Dallas, Tkv , S.n. ember 8. The
Proribittun State Cnvention today
put iu nomination a full SUte ticket,
heided bv K. L. Dohoney for Govern-
O". One of the plenki oi the platform
denounc e the Democra'lo party for
ncminuing a salmon etump speaker
for Oovernor of a Chnetian people.
Lsnlavllla t'otaeal.
raaPARi ton noose.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
ingHBuliect to overflow should be con-
. ' f.l. 111- . . . 1 1
iructetl Willi JjOUIIVIUO vriuruu, it 19
the standard.
"ranter Edmunds Hare.
Brm.iNGTos, Vt., September 8.
Two hundred aud five out of 240
towns have uiadx returns and the re
sult shoKs tbat Edmunds is ecu red
of re-election by an overwhelming
SEPTEMBER 9, 1886.
Of Their New Departure In the
Method or Callleg Bonds Tbe
Folic; to Be Continued.
W AeHiNOTOK, September 8. The
Treasury officials are pleaeed with the
success that has thus far attended
their invitations to holdeis of 3 per
cent, bonds to surrender them for re
demption. Of the $10,000,000 included
in this new form of c dl, about $1,030,
000 have been presented for redemp
tion. The purpose oi the new depart
ure was to obtain bonds for redemp
tion from individuals and corporations
willing to convert them into each to
use in more profitable inveetmente,
and thm obviate the necessity for
calling bonds held by rfatLnal banks,
thereby forciog a surrender cf national
bank currency. The bonds redeemed
nnder tho Treasury invitation we:e
surrendered by parties other than no
tional barA. It is not expected that
the entire $10,000,000 will be sui
rendered within the time specified,
but whatevi remount is thus preient
ed will save tbe bonds cf the bauks to
that extenr. It is propofed to con
tinue this policy cf inviting the eur
render of 3 prr cent, bi nds,, and it is
pr ibable that a rule will be adopted
nndr which the loldera of tuch
bonds moy presnt them at anytime
and have tiitm redeemed, with ec
crusd interest to the" day of redemp
tion. Ball way Mutual Benefit Association.
Washington, September 8 At to
day'd session cf the convention of the
United States Mil trervine Mutual
Benefit Aseocia'iou a graded eyxtem
fordea'h dues was adopted. M. A.
fiuttericks, tbe president, was unani
mously re-elected. The offices of sec
retary and treasurer having been con
8)1 dated Mr. S. K. Biugbmaa, of
Camp Point, II)., the present secret -ry,
was elected s-Jcretary and treas
urer. The following vica presidents
were elected:
First Divison, E. M. Chemplin,
New York City; Second, E. B. McKee,
New Yoik Citv; Third, George M.
Cirr, Richmond, Va.j Fourth, 8. T.
Collins, Jackeon, Tenn.; Fifth, W. F.
Hitt, Indianapolis; With, J. M. Hub
bard, Chicaso; Seventh, George H.
Campbell, St Louis; Eighth, J. L
Wilder, San Francisco; Ninth, W. W.
Allen Bdtavia, N. Y.
The following were elected members
of 'he Board of Directors:
Second Division, S. Collin, Pitts
barg ; Third, F. W. Carr, Washing
ton, D. O.; Sixth, W. H. Howell,
Ga'esburg, III., and G. W. Yonnir,
Cnicago; Seven'b, E. W. Pierce, S:.
Loois: Ninth, John Sirgent, Chicago,
and William Meredith, (Jhicsgi.
The Board of Directors will select
an Executive Committee from their
own numbe s, Tne covention se
Icc ed Det-oit es . ths text pltce of
Anna W. Ammons to Chr'tten Neil-
s n, f .r tbe sum of $1500, 170 feet
front on V aehmgt n street, country
lot 499.
Anna M. Beck et al. to M. J. Ble fl
ing, 10 acres near city fur $789 75.
a. L. Guion to w. n. Brown, lots 0
and 7. south side Union street, $4 0.
J. N. Ford to K A. Parker, lo's 13
and 14. block 10. north sidd St. Fiul
street, F. W. Smith eu'rdivieion, $1000
A l'ai iaiau Horror.
Paris, September 8. A man named
Blanc was recently released from
prison, where he had been confined
for an attempt to murder his mistrts.
Today Blanc forced his way to the
woman's rcom aod cut ofT her head,
which he fastened with tbe long hair
to one of the abutters on the front ol
tbe bouse to the horror of tbe
parsers by. He then committed
suicide wit l a revolver
Even IT Ton , Buy a U.cn
common poroua plasters which souoanot
for a song at anyt f the Cheap John drug
nifti you have merely thrown away your
money, for one Benson'a Opcine Pluter ii
worth them all. The reaon ia thi: llen
jon'a ia the only poroua piaster in the market
that ia honeatlv and skillfully made and aoi
entifloally medicated. Others are no nore
than nominal imitations of Benson's. They
are cheap because they posfoss none ot the
ingredients which render Benson'a valua
ble, 'the latter are prompt to act, pleas
ant to wear, and cure in a few hours ail
menta which othera will not even relieve.
The publio are especially warned against ao
called "Capsioin," " Capsicum,' " Capa
cin," or "Capsicine " plasters, as worthless
articlee intondod to decoive. Ask tor Ben
son's, and look for the " Three Seals" trade
mark and tha word " Capcine " cut in the
Dieaalrouit Frriarut Wreck.
St. Louis, Mo., September 8 A dis
astrons collision between two sections
of a freight train occurred on the Mis
souri Pacifio Kailroad between Bar
ttinldi and Laclede Junction lait night.
Tbirteen cars laden with merchandise
were destroyed, as were also their con
tacts. The lots amounts to $50,000.
Dyeing and Cleaning.
Ladies and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed in any color, also kid glover,
r.stnch feathers and lace curtains by
Lou's Reigel, 68 Jefferson street, Mem
rihisTenmGno J. P. HOIST & BRO.
Funeral Directors,
A Klil.li and complete stock of Wool and
C. MeUllicOosetandCasketa, Cloth-Cov-e-ed
Caskets nd Bur 1 Hobea always on
h " t. aarOraera bv telegraph promptly
61e1. .
To Real L'&tate On uerg and Agents.
LiARTIE? having atdewalka to pat down
L will find it to their luterest to apply to
W. B. LOCKEY, 32 Madison, or shop. W
Socond. Contractor for Stewart' Grano
lithic Pavemont".
Special Notice to Shippers.
Ntajissirrt Ann Tirmsssna Raii.oad Co.,1
Meuiiihia, beiiteinber3, 1SM1. )
THE eomii'ction nf ihe Yaaoo and Miasia
sippi Villey H.H., from Jackson. Miss.,
tn Oreerwm.d, Miss., Ol'KNS HP AN ALL
KAIL. LINK, without bresk of bulk or trans
fer u( freiKht, to following named points!
Taaeo t'ily. Vilrn, II. Lake, ilnm
Hot bin. MilMtillr, Nliarbl-rrl.
rli ii It. Kt-in. ( riiK-r,NlUou,KiiluK
ana, Urvrawuod,
6hiimenta to lindinira near those pointa
should be made to neareat station namtd
above. Your business is respectfully , ao
liottod over the M. and T. Koad, aa fro ant
reaches its destination the fol'owln daj ol
delivery atom depot, a. J. KNAI'P. L
tf antral freight Agent.
WrS -feWM
SorgtLiam IXCills.,
And Commission Merchants,
SCO and 22 Front St., Mempliis, Tenu.
Late J. I. LaPrule i Co.
No. 304 Front street, : Memphis, Tenn.
SEcrlTavina; retired from the Saddlery and Harneaa bnsiness and opened an office aa above,
we are pleased to announce to our friondi and the publio aenerally that we are now prepared
to serve tbem in our now eapaoity. Returning; thanks for the verv liberal patronage ex
tended aa in the old line, we trim to merit and reoeive a share of your favors in the new.
liiugstair Bnildiiig,
322 and 324 Main Street.
Doors, Sash, Blind, old lugs, all kludi of Door and Window
Frniaics, Urachctr, Scroll-Work, Rough and Dressed
Lumber, Shingles, Laths, Water Tanks.
All kinds of Wood Work executed at Short Xotiec.
yos. 157 to 173 Washington street, Memphis, renn.
grocers; cotton factors,
And Commission Merchants,
367 Front Street, : Memphis, Tenn.
iCrab Orchard Water
(VnnlneCmb Orchnrd SaHk in wmled nnrkAirpft
ijilliiii rbb.1i 1BU Grocers
201 Front Stteet, Opposite Cnslom House.
OFFICE-33 Madison fit. (Desoto Hank Building).
.H.ji)CSSCOMB,Prm't. JOS. HRl'CE, Y.-Pres't. J.8.1USCOMB,Sce'r
W. A. SMITH, Proprietor.
Liberil Advanees
860 JFroiit Street, :
Late with J. 'I. LaPrade & Cs
A Remedy for nil DiflpaM of tho Urer, Kid- n
nvjm HUnnntU and llmr?t. A pfwitivem
cm for Oyiinala, tomtt HAOiirise. Hi
cm for Oymnftla, Mteki He
tT-nn eat lfa titan. Ihau 1 tnl iaMkannlnia (F
at iu aii-f ' cm. No p-nulnn Mit so iti in butk.
Rt inan.f i'i-tn
KlHoN N. JonFh. mm-fv i-ouuin Kt. Q
six milea from Frank Ion, Ky., opens 42d Annual Session
Seplember 6, 1HHO, nnder more lArcrable auspices than
for twenty years. The Superintendent and Faculty ive un
divided attention dnrina; all houra of erery day to the gor
ernment and instruction of the pupils, all of whom areor
ranlied into one family. Before placing your son elsewhere),
aend for Catalogue and Circular of Information to
BOUT. D. Al LEX NuperlBtendrnt.
W. A. SuiitlVsVat. Keparator.
Eagle Ellipse Holler Gins.
l'lain 10 Inch Gin, and
Price at Factory. I0 and 8110.
ayvAU kinds of Bins Rcpnirci. Bpeoial
Discount to tbe Trade -rta
SOI aad :l frntt Ht.. Mrmi.hU, Trnel
' -!L " a
on Cousignuient.
: Memphis, Tenu,.

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