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Cotton Quiet Middling, 8 7-8e-Halea
Yesterdaj, 50
Money in good demand at 8 per
cent. Local securities are s'eady aad
tending upward.
' The cotton market yesterday closed
quist; middling, 8Jc; talef, 60 bales.
At New York Fpots closed quiet;
middling, 91c Futures steady; fr-'ep-t'mber,
9.079.08c. Of the future
;, market a leading New York circular
tajs: "It has been a nervous mar
ket all day, with numerous fluctua
tions, mostly on a lower level, in some
1 C'ses showing 5 to 6 points decline.
Easier Liverpool end favorable crop
report) irdacel selling during the
early portion of tbe day. There was
subsequently a firmer tone Rnd trie s
went back to last evening's level on
all txcept September optionp. Timid
fhorls covered on tbe reaction and a
slight new long Interest wascraatid.''
At New Orleans spoHwere steady;
middling, 8Jc; futures Bttady; Sep
tember, 8 728.74c.
At Liverpool a good business was
reported in cotton; miJd'inu, 63d;
futures va-y, September, 5 8-64d.
The Minchester Guardian of yester
day says: "The market is firm and
rates are hardening. This doej not
arise from auy noticeable increase in
tbe demand, but is mainly the result
of an endeavor of producers to secure
recompense for the advance in ro'ton.
There has been increased activity in
the cloth department, thus giving re
lief to the more pressing sellers, who,
however, g-nenilly accapted Friday's
rates. Thcra is a poor demand for la
d a and China suirting. Some re
cently impending orders have b.eu
concladtd.fr quentlyin favor of sell
ers. A moderate business has been
done in the smaller foreign markets.
Dhooties and jacoceta are steady.
' Printing a-d cttier finishing clotna
sold moderately, srfllftts accepting pre
viously declined offeis. H-avy goods
are quiet. Ia the export yarns market
sellers find difficulty in securing even
a moderate buune s. There is an im
proved icq airy for home consumption
at Friday's bull prices."
The gancMl market is without fea
ture. Egsea?y, 10170. Other arti
cles unchanged. .
Twenty-rjine brla apples, 15 pkgs
butter, 750 rlsbagKing,3(3 pkgs baron,
948 j.kgs boots ana shoes, 2000 bu
corn, 31 pkgs cheesy 38i eks coffe.
2 cars cotton, 21 0 sks c at:n seed, 500
bdls cotton ties, 123 pkgs dry goods,
HO pkgs eggs, 1300 brls flo ir, 5ul ba'es
hay, 103 pkgs hata, 9 head bogs. 112
bead shtep, 37 tie id cattle, 1 pkg lard,
103,000 fett lumber, 158 pkgs liquors,
35 brls meal, 13 kegi tails, 2000 bu
oats, 25 brls onionp, 72 brls potatoes.
7 cars pork sides, 113 tr's eugar, 494
pkgs tObaCCJ.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchant' Exchange j es'tmlay:
Wheat received, norm; withdrawn,
1468 bu: in store, 4S85bu. Corn re
ceived, 1631 bu; withdrawn, 1350 bu ;
in store, 12,961 bu. Oats received, 8239
bu;, withdrawn, 7501 bu; in storo,
167,793 bu.
9 Madison St., JHcmphls, Term.,
A M KKICA Nt'Ori 5T,
Money in good demand at 8 percent.
The Clearing House report is as fol
Wednjsday, September 8th, 1241,
300 C9 ; thus far this week, ?G40 289 05 ;
same time lasf. wack $1)0,059 99; same
time in 1885, 447,008 70; siune time in
1884,1237,230 06.
"Wednesday, September 8th, $89,
347 40; thus far th's week, $237,615 91 ;
same time last week, $204,823 91 : sime
time in 1885, HOG 633 81 ; same tims in
1884, f71,805 05.
New York sight on all points, par
buying, J premium selling; New
England demand, i discount tmying ;
New Englaud sight, i discount; New
Orleans, t discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce. 14(1 bid, 149 asked
First National 150 bid. 155 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
State National ...145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planten..150 bid, 153 asked
Mercantile Bank....l35 bid, 1374 asked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... aked
Hernando 1C0 bid, asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 10" bid, 105 asked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Phienix 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... aked
Vanderbilt 25 bid, 28 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
M. and C R.K.sharwOW bid, ... asked
M. & T. R.R. shrs 45 bid, 60 asked
M. & O. consols, 7e...lT.) bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 8s...l05 bid, ... aaked
Misfl.&T.R.R.C3,A....111 hid, 113 asked
Mies. AT.P..R.c?,R-10!j hid, 103 aeked
Tenn. wts. sur. U 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. m. E to J..83 bid, 85 asked
Shelbv Co. 6i. -10S bid, 110 asked
Tax. Dist. 4, 6?, 97J bid, 98 asked
Tax. Diat. (is 104 J bid, 105 J asked
Mem. G.is bonds 104 bid, ... anked
Mem. WaW bonds ..97 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid. 65 asked
Am. Cot Oiltrunt...57 bid, 58 J afked
PioueerOoMen Mills 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.8tor.Com.Co..l02 bid, 103 a?ked
Mem. Gas stock -75 bid. 80 asked
New York, September 8. Money
on cll ea-iy Bt 3(i)0 per cen'., closing
5 per cnt. atked.' Prime Bier-untile
pap3r4S5 pprcant. Stalling exchange
a ealv a1 481 J fr sixty day bills and
48tJ for dtmand.
Bone's Government botr's have
been dull and quotation for the fours
are j higher. Ktats bonds have been
dull and firm. Railroad b?nJs have
bien quist and firm to strong. Ttie
bnainesi, wbi. h was rather heavy and
dull in the forenoon, showed much
more activity and strength later in the
cay. The sales for tbe day were
$906,000. They were well distributed,
bot no feature ol Interest, f inal prices
generally show adva ices, hut forsma'l
frictions onlv in a mijoiity of case.
Norfo' k and Western general advanod
21, ti 115; Utah extension firsts 11,
to 861 ; Lake E'ie and Western iu
comfs2, to 30: Iodianrp-ilia, Deraiur
aud Springfield incomes 2, to 34 ; Al
bany and usjuebann consolidated
sixea fell 2, tj 122; Chicago, St. Lou s
and New Orleans fives 4 par cent , to
Sto-ks The market daring the
morning hours was one of ihadulie-t
for many days, and with the excep
tion of a ri ght improvement in NbW
York and New England, wtaabsjlutely
wiihout feature Tbe ita'etnent rt
tbe Western Union, however, wai
favoiably renaided on tbe street and
buying il that st:ci was specially
brisk just af er noon, reeu'ting in a
natural advance in its price. The
Cuicxgo people aleo took bold of S.'.
Paul and it responded quickly. The
oat'ook for tbe formation of a p r
mment pool is cotsidered good.
The mo t marked movement of t're
day. howevar, was in Missouri Paiili',
wt icli was spurted up about 2 per
cen cn th bright prospects for the
stock in consequence ot tho ecali"g
down of tin lutcireitt on $7,0u0,000
b iidsto4per cent , which is slid to
be equal to 1 per cnt. on the stock.
'I he general u arktt responded to the
iuipaiie i fealing ou the srveral special
ties nam"d, bot was qui t thiouxlnnt.
It e Ixindon ulemeht lid veiy little in
the market today. Loaning rate for
both stocks and m. ney were easy.
The market opened ab ut tt ady, first
priuts showing slight (hinges only
from the closing figure of y steid iy,
ahhoUgh Delaware aud Hud ion w
down f per ceLt. Ths business
wai unusually du'l up to noon
and an advance of 1 per cant,
in Nw England was the on'y move
nieiit in trices, but Wfsti-yu Uuion
was mived up lap'dly af er 12 o'clock.
St Panl followed and ther were also
sharp advances in Mi Sitiri Pacifijsnd
St. Paul and Duluth, the g-ineral
market being firm ti ttror g and clos
ing at alou' the best figiirfs reached.
Tho day's businets was 141,828
shores, S-. Pa'il the only active stock,
its ea's reaching 27,185 sharea; Weht
em Union was second wilti 19,978.
Tbe result of the day's bus ness w is a
general advance throujh iut tie list,
Mis our i Pad tic being up 11 per cant ,
buc the others for fractional a iiountj
T'ie to'al sales of etocki today were
141,828 snares, including Delaware
a.id Western, 5730; Erie. 6931;
Lake Shire, 810; Missouri Pacific,
3000; Northwestern, 9100; Ohio and
Ms?iesippi, 4000: t. Paul, 27,lu5;
Wetttru Union, 19,978; Noitntra Pa
cific, 3134.
0. 8. 3, 10014- . coup, 126Vg.
coup, 111). Pacifio 6 ot 1895, 125.
La. itami'i, 4b, Miiaoort, 6a, lOOJ-J.
Cent. Pao. lsta, lHr. Den. A K.U.liua2J.
leoARHVV.l-ts,81. Km teoonda, 115.
M.K.AT.,aen 6.t,4.North. Pao. 1U,116M.
North. Pao. 2'U.1U1. .N. Western eon., HI7.
N. West. deb. 6a, loa. St.L.B.K.Gen.M, liit
8t. Paul, oon., VM). St.P..C. A P. lata.llH.
T.P. land granU.M.T.P. K.a.eieou 67St.
V. P. lata. 1UV4. Weat Shore. KU.
Tenn. 6a, aot'uit,in5.Tonn. 5a, aet'iut, 100.
lonn. 3a, aet'iut, 78.
Adama Expreaa, 140. Morrl4 E.,offd.,H0.
Allegheny Cen... Nashville A C, 6814-
Alton A T. 11 , 31. S. J. Central, 53.
A A X. H.,i((1.. 85. Nor. A W., nfd., 44'4.
American Ex., 1(K5. Nortaern Pao., 28.
B. O. K. A X. 60. Northern P. pfd.,tiO.
Canada Pao., 65. 0. A N. W., llii'i
Canada Sou.. 45M. C. A W.W pla.,141'4.
Central Pacific, 4. N. Y. Central, 11014.
Chesapeake A 0 , 8 N. Y. C. A tit. L.,t' .
C. AO.,ltpfd, 5'4.-.N.Y. C.A8t.U,p.,2i;4
C. A O., 2d pld., 'JH. Ohio Central, .
C. A A., 141.1 Ohio A Min.i 25H.
C. A A . pld., lfio. 0. A Mi.. pfd.,
C, JJ. A Q.. Ontario A VcL. lt)-;.
C, St. h. A N. V., . Oregon Nav., II ii.
C, St. L. A P., 13 Oregon Trans..
C, St. b. AP.i.,3i. Oroiron Iuip..2liV4.
C..S. 4 0 .27. Pacific Mail, 58V
C.& C., ' Panama, 98.
Del. A Und. 100. Peoria. 1). A R.,201ii.
Del., L. A W., i:v!. Pittsburg. 157.
Don. A Hio 3j;-4. PullmBU P. 0., 138.
Erie, Keadini, iti'i,
h'rio rf'i., 75. llook Inland, lMVa.
Kait Tenn.. fi. 8t. L. A 3. F..
East Tenn. pfd. 14. tit. h. A S. F.,p.,S'.''4
Fort Wavno. 148.
Hannibal A St Jo.,-
U. m. Jjlst. !'.,.
U. A St. Jo., pfd., C. M. A St. P.,p.122X
liarleul. S'lll.
St. P., M. A M., 114.
Houston A T., ?4
Illinois Cen., 134
Tnd.. B. A W..-10:.
Kanr.ns A T., 32.
Lake K. A W., 10.
Lake Shore, mi.
Lou. A Nash., 4;"i'i.
Lon. AN. A., E3S.
M. A 0. first pi.,.
M. AC. pld., -.
Mein. A Char., 36.
bt. r. dr Uuinha, l' j.
Ton. Coal A Iron,.
Texaa Pactlio, 14'.
Union Pacifio, Ptira.
U. S. Express- fi.
W.,St. L. A P., i!.
W. A F. Kx., 126.
W.U.Tel., 68',.
Colorado Coal. 28!.
Homestake, 18'4.
Iron Silver. 18..
inioa. ifln.i oi.
Min. A St. L., 20'.
vim. A M. li.ptd,44'4.untano, 2o.
Missouri Pioilio,lUH.Quioksilvor, RM.
Mobile A Ohio, 15. Quicksilvcr.pld, 22.
M. L. S. & W 64. South Paoifio. .
M. L.S.AW.,pfd,88.6utro.7.
London, September 8. 4 p.m. Con
sols 100 13-10 for money and 100J for
tho account. United States bonds, 4s,
129J; United States bonds, 4H 113J.
The Btninnt of bullion withdrawn
fsom tbe IUnk of England on balance
today is 50,000.
Pabis, September 8. Three per cen.
rentes, 83f 40c for the account.
St. Louis, Mo., September 8. Hank
clearings, $2,918,818; balances, $711,
150. Baltimore, Mi., September 8.
C earlngs, $1,833,409; balances, $213,
638. Chicago, 111., September 8. To
day's associated bank clearings were
J 8,375,000.
Philadelphia, Pa., September 8.
B ink clearings today were $8,087,678 ;
balances, $993,118.
New York, September 8. Clearing
house statement: Exchanges, $31,875,
697; balances, 45,056,814.
Boston, Mass., Septmber 8. Clear
ing houee statement for tiday: Ex
changes, $10,084,085 ; balances, $1,300,
The local cotton market opened
qtiitt and clona l ijtiitt; middling, SJc.
bales, 60 bales to spinccrj.
Yesterday. Tuesday.
Ordinary 7J 7&
Good Ordinary.... j 7J
lyiw Middling 8J 8
Middling 8. 8
Good Middling.... 91 Hi
Middling Fair 9 iij
Fair. Norn. Noiu.
.Memphis, September 8, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1,18m!...... 4,009
Received to-day 41
Received previously... 200 4,250
Khipped previously.-..
Home consumption to
Stock runnii'g account
Thus far this woek
Thus fur last week
Since September 1st
M. and O. P. R
M.&T. R K
M.&L.R. K
K. 0 , 8. & M. R. R
Wagons and other sources.,
Thns far this week l?g
Thus far lut week .M 457
Since September 1st 423
New York soots opened qu'et and
easy and clo;ed qtret. Midd ing 91c.
Salee, 449 bales. Quotations were as
Yesterday. Tawday.
rdinary 6 68
Good ordinary. 8 8
Low middling. 8 131 0 8 13 16
Middling.. 9 9
Good middling 9 11 16 9 11-16
Middling fair.. 10 5-16 10 5 16
Fair .-10 15-16 10 15-16
Now York futures onened easy and
closed stealy. Sale, 80,400 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows:
Yesterdav. Tuajdm.
September...9.07(ol 0.08 9 13;.i) 9.14
October 9.12& 9.13 9.14$ 9.15
November...9.143 9.15 9 14 . i 9 15
December... 9. 17( 9.1S 9 17(i 9.18
January 9.2"(7 9 24 9.25
February 9 33 9.34 9.32(9.33
March 9.4 1 (4 9.42 9.4iKS 9 4 1
Apiil 9 4!) .i 9.50 4S 9 49
Mav ..9.57(3 9 5('.u 9 57
June 9 65$ 9.60 9.(t(S 9.6ri
July 9.72(5 9.73 9 7V.fi. 9 72
Ac gust.
The NewOr'etis spot market opened
qu'et, and closud iittaily; m:d
aing, 853. Sales, 50i). Quutatiou
were as lollows:
Yesterday. Tuesday.
Ordinary 7 7
Good ordinary 7j 7j
Low middling. .. 8 715 S 7-10
Middling Kj 8j
Good middlint...i 9
The New Orleans future niarkt
opened steady and closed stradv.
Halef, 10,400." Quotations Wsre sb
follows :
Yeotrrdav. Taesdnv.
September.. 8 72 8.74 .8 74 8 75
OctobHr..... 8.69 4 8 70 8 70 . 8.71
November- 8 68 8.69 8.69 8 70
December - 8 71 8.72 8.72(-.-l 8.73
January 8.81 8.82 8 82 8 83
February... 8 92 8.93 8.93 8 94
March - 9 03(o 9 04 9.03 4 9 05
April 9.13 9.14 9.13 9.14
May 9.23 9.24 9 23 9.24
June 9.33 9.35 9 33 n p.31
July 9.41 9.42
daily port and interior MaRKare.
Tone. Hrn;8 lieo. Stock.
Galveston ensy. 815-16 4,313 19,59(5
N Orleans, quiet. 8j 440 15,101
Mobile .... easy. 8 j 9 2,696
Htvannah. quiet. 811-10 1,907 11,141
Caarl'ston quiet, 88 401 5,117
ViTilm'ton. atealv Sj 81 314
Norfolk.... quiet. 9 89 2,98
Paltimore qtAa'y 9 8,447
New York quiet. 9J 102,24'
Ronton quiet. S)j9
Philad'a... dull. 9S 1 5.057
St. Louis... quiet. 8 49 9,135
Augusta... steady S j 90
Receipts at ports, this day, 1880.. 7 336
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.. 8,803
1886. I 1885
R'ts U. 8.
Ex. Gr. Br
R'ts Sept. 1
For'so Er.
o m
144 761
Decrease in receipts this year,.. 17,279
At noon: a good business was re
ported in Liverpool spo's. Sle, 12,
000 bale of .whii:h American 10,4011
bales. R ceipta, 8,000 ba'e', of which
Atmrcin 1,000 bales.
Clo-iing quotations wd-e rs followi:
Ordinery, 4 3164; good ordimry, 4
9 161; low middling, 4d; good nod
dling 5J 1; middling uplands, f31;
miildling Orleans, 5jd.
Tta prices are givrnin jxneeand f4!u
thus: 4 63 means 4 6361d; and 5 111
tnin 5 l-6hf.l
At noon: Liverpool futures wer.
quiet; September, 5 09: 5081; Septem-bt.r-Oet
ibor, 6 05 ; 5 Old ; Ot-ber-Noveinber,
5 01 ; 5 d ; Novembrr
Dei:emler, fi; 4 63d: Djreniii-r-Jaiioary,
, fannar Febrnary, Feo-rii'iry-Viarch,
, Maich-April, 5 Old;
April-May, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures wi're
wefk: Sep'ember, 5 08;l, eellf r.- ;
Seplember-October, 503il sellrrs; Oc-tober-Noveaiber,
4 63d, buyers; November-December,
4 6ld buyewi D.
ctmi er-.Tanuary, 4 Old, buyers; Janu-e.ry-Febrmry,
4 62d, buyera jFdbrua'y
March, 5d, value; Merc'i-April,
5 02d, telltrs; Apiil May, 6 Old,
At 4pm: L'verpool fot'irt s were
easy; September, 5 08.!, sell
ers; September- October, 5 03.1,
sellers; October November, 4 63d,
te'lers; November-December, 4 02d,
f ellcra ; December-Janunry, 4 62J, sail
ers; Jauunry-Febtunry, 4 03d, seiltrj;
Fibruary-March, 6d, vilue; March
April, 5 02 J, value; April-May, 5 04d,
The following is the record of b!dj
and oners at the Call Board of tbe
Merchants' Exchange yesterday :
No. 2, white, spot, 44c bid; Sep
tember, 4 ic bid, 45o atked; October,
46jo atked; Novenr er, 46s asked.
No. 2, spot 42c bid, 43c asked; Sep
tmbe, 42c bid, 43) asked; October,
42Jcbid, 43b askad; Novembtr, 42o
No. 2, white, spot, October, 31c bid,
33c asked; September, 31c bid, 3'c
asked; October, 32c bid, 83Jo r.sked;
November, 32Jc bid, 33Jo aeked. No.
2, spr.t, 30c a-kd; Saptember, 30j
rsked; Oct"bsr, 29J bid, 31c asked;
November, 3'Jc bid, 31 jo asked.
No. 2, rad winter, epof, 75Jc bid ;
Ssptembc-r, 75 J 3 bid; Octob.r, 76c
bid; November, 76a bid.
Spot, $2 25 askei; September, $2 25
asksri; Octotitr. $1 25 aiked; Navem
ber, $i 25 avked.
Spot. $11 Ml; September, $1150
bidi O.tober, $11 50 bid.
jikf.au! itrt.
Tho f dlowing quotations ara the of
ficii quotitioni o( the Merchants'
Oornm sal Standard, $2 352 40;
pearl, $3 i'K'3'i 50; roller, $2 69.
Hay Choice, from store, 75f0!:
car load from levee ot depot, $13 50
14; prime, from store, 707ic: car
load fiom levee ordapot, $13; ptairie,
from store, 50"; car load from levee
cr depot, 8 509.
Cons From store,white,53;; mixed,
521, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 4Sc; in sacks. 52c; mixed, in
bulk, 40't: in sacks, 49a.
Oats From store, white, 40c ; mixed,
37c; fr m levee or depot, white, In
hulk, Itfijo; in sacks 37Je mixed, iu
bulk, 32Ji;: in sacks, 35c
Bhan From stire, 7580c; from
loves er depot, $13. v
Flopr From s'ore, N. 3. $3; fam
ily. 13 00 ; choi e, $3 7fi4 ; fancy, $4
4 25; extra fancy, $1 304 50; patents,
$55 50.
Beams Navy, $2; medium, $1 50
1 75: common, $2 25; German millet,
1 201 40-
Rice Louisiana, 4 5c; Carolina,
Oatmeal la half-barrels, $33 25
from store. .
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4 Jo; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; (ringer snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
Bar ted lumblee, 9o.
Cracxed Wheat In half-barrels,
$4 2 from store.
HoMiMT and Grits From store,
$3 153 25.
Kansas City, Mo., September 8.
Wheat h;g( er; No. 2 red, rash, 62c
bid; O.Mooer, Ctn bid; Novembtr,
6'4c. Corn strongr; No. 2, cash,
32Jobid; October. 333 bid ; Novem
ber, 35Jobd. OaU nominal; 21cbid
St Loris, Mo., September 8. Flour
tte'dy; XXX, $2 302 40; family,
$2 5x2 t5; chotre, !?3 103 25;
(accv, $3 453 55; extra fancv,
SI 703 85; paten's, $4 2vVi)4 60.
Wheat lower on Ligher consols, an i
the decree in visible supply caused
an ea:ly advance of but f.isid oil',
ie:overinir, and cl s;ng 1 c a'love
yes cr.lav ; No. 2, r"d, cush, 77e: t) t-be-,
7S5(lo79jf, closid at 79(79c;
November, K0881jc clowd at sijt:
Mil j-December, 8'.'J(" 8:!c ; elated at
83t!, nominal. Com itull m-.d loir
early, but recovered and t !nR,-d tinn
on reports of a coming cold wave;
No. 2 inixnd cmh, 3" . October, 37ji
38j, c' d at 37,'.38c bid; Novum-b-r,
38)39.-, cloaiug at ".Ou lid.
Oaie No. 2, mixed, rash, 225jej
September, 25; Oitobtr, 25-; No
veinber, 2;l;c. Rye dull; 50j bid.
Barley duir and unchanged. II iy
ro'hing doing. FiaxB.ed weak;SI 04.
B.-sn firm ; 49e. Crn meul tjajr, $2
(!?2 05. Receipts-Flour, 40.000 brla;
wheat, 67,000 bu; com, 14,t00 bu;
oat, 24,tNM( bo; rye, nono; barley, 17,
00) bu. Sliipmeuto Flour, 90(H) hrls;
whent, 21,000 bu; corn, 10,000 bu;
oats, 10,000 bu ; rye, 20U0 bu ; barley,
1000 hu.
AflcruuunJioarik Whsat strong and
l''ta higher.. Cor,a firm, but dull.
Oa'f nothin doicg
CuiCAqo, III., September 8. Tbe
wheat m..rxtt ruled only f .irly ac ive
today, but wa itcaiy ou moderate
buying and closed f . action illy higher.
The smount of wheat on ocea'i res-
sage, showed a .decrease of 1,200,000
bushels, which, tjgetber w th a slight
d c i:ie in foreign securities, eeived to
t cession a ! gUtly llrmer feeling Tbe
market cl so jo.IiigliHrcrianyeBterilay.
Corn ruled eaui r at the oponiniiaiid
fold efl J, but nlied ctn reports cf
colder wta;li-r and rs'iuistrd i mailer
rcesitjti. and closed ic liinher than
ytsterday. Oats ioled very ett ady,
ana trices snoweu little chsni!
Flour quiet and' : unchanged. .Wheat
qu et ana eteaoy, cu sing c higher.
Sales raneed: S-ptember, 752(a.7(il '.
closed at 76o; Oct iber. 77 H-10
78 3-16 -, closed at 78 3-16c; Novem
ber, 79.J8i l-16f. closed ai 80c;
May, 87Jri7Jo, Mosfd at 87go; No.
spring, 2 76J76Jc; No. 2 ed, 77c.
Corn opened ensy.1 1 1 lower, bu. ral
lied and closed n higher than yoter-
rtav; crsb, 39j40Jc; September,
3!iJ40c, closed at 40c; October,
4lj4)Sc, closed at 41 go ; November,
4-'B43j!, cloied a'.' 4 Jo: May, 46J
4(ijc, eloped at 46 11 16c. Oat s eaily ;
casb, 25J.t; September, 253a; Oc
tober, 233fti, cosed at -0(,c; No
vemofr, 27j('iV-'8j, do edat yj; Mav,
32J3 2c, clwed at32Jit. Rye quiet;
No. 2,49'. Barley dull; No. 2.673,-.
F.axsetd s'rady; No 1, $1 0S( 1
IJecdots Flour, 17,0iXI br's; wheat,
13,,00;)bu; corn, 6831X);i bu; oats,
248,000 bu; rye, 8000 bu; barley, 125.-
010 bu. Shipments Four, 61)00 brio;
wheat, 800(1 bu; corn, 1(0,000 bu;
onto, 333 000 bu; rye, SPOD bu; bar
lev. 42,000 hu.. (
Toe b a d held ro r.ile nt.on so?
s'o'j toiNy, adj mriiing hi c iiihi tjnonce
of the holding of the Iiliuo:s Sta'.o
BrrrsR Buttritip,1 2 j 1 ! cream
erv, 22' (it; dairy, ltititylSj; coun'.ry
butter, 1510c. 1
Ciibhss IMine fla's, 8Jc, nominal;
New York factory, 9c, nominal; full
cretin, 11c; Youug Amenta,, 1314c
Hog Pkoducts Me"8 pork. U
11 25; suiter cu-ed hin'S,'13114c;
brrnkfast bacon, 8j10c; ylear rib
S'dus bvon, 73c; bwcon shouldnrs,
7t'c; bulk pork clear suit, 7J::;
clear lib sides, 7J'.; shouldari, 6gc;
long clear, 7c.
Lahd --Tierces, 7J(a 7Jc ; haUJRarrels
snd kegs, 7j7ic; choice kolt , 81
Frrsh Meats No. 1 bef,f, 7c; Mnt
ton, 7c; hind quartets of betf, 8jn;
lambs, $2 50;lil3 50. V
Poultry Chickens, $12 25; o'd
hens, $22 5'J.
St Lodis, Mo., Suptemh r 8 Pro
visions strong fcr hog products and
Reneially hiatier. Po k, $10!)011
Lard $6 75. Bulk mt-a's in giod de
mand; loote lots lorg clear, $6 75;
thort rib, $6 75; sbott clea', $6 95;
bnxed long cletir, t6 80; short ibp,
$6 90; short clear, 17 10. Bacon
strong, long clear, $7 50; short ribs,
$7 60; short clear, $7 80. Hams. 12)
13?. Butter unchanged. Egns firm,
Chicago, III., Ssptember 8. Mess
pork opened easy, rallied 1530o and
closed s'eady; cash, $10 15 10 20:
October, $10 05 10 27, closed at
$10 2510 271; November, 9 871
10 O.'J, closed at S10 02J. Lard steady;
esh,$730(7 35; September, 7 22
7 35. ebved a' $7 307 32c Octotier,
$8 676 65, closed at $6 62j6 (15.
Hhort rib sides steady; cash, $6 75.
Boxed meats s'endy; dry ealted
rhnuldoM 876: short clear sides,
$6 90'l 95. () i the Produce Vlxcharge
b'Uter ruled firm; creamery, 1722c;
dairy, 1317c. Egw, 12l3ic.
Copfrb Oommon,919Jr!;nrdinarv
1010c; prime Rio, lljl2r choice
to fancy, 12133; old govHijtnnont,
24'u; Cdj'loa, lH22e. 1
boAP Chapman's Hope so.ip, un
wrapped, 44Ja per pound. .
Salt $1 25 per barrel; eaeki, flrie,
$1 451 50; coarse, fl 151 2n; pork
els, bloarthed, 2i7;; car-loada from
levoe or depot, 6c cheaper.
('ANDtitfl Stacks, nli sizos, In boxes,
palls and barrels, 89.
Candles Full weight, 9 1 On
Cannkd Goons. Etc. Prions perdoz
en: Pineapples, 1 401 f.0; peaches
2-lb, standard, $1 35l 55; secoiuls,
tl 101 15: tomatoes, 2-lb, eian lKnl,
$1 25! 35; 3-1 b, $1 151 30; straw
herrien, $1 35l 40; rajitjerriav
$1 151 25; blackberriett, $1
1 15; ereongages, $1 001 75;
pears, $22 25; plums, $1 60
1 70 ; aparaguo, $2 6'K --H ; preen corn,
$11 35;greeo peas. $1 5516i; cove
eymers, fuil weijrht, 1-lb, $l(.:il 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, -1-lb,
65c; cove oystura, licht weight, 2-lb,
f 1 : condonned milk -Cmwn, $5 5')
5 75 ; E.iglo,$7 51 7 75; Daisy, $4 75.
MoLAsnas Louisiana, common to
fair, 1825c; prime tocholce, 28:i5:;;
syrup, 2440c; common to fair, 20
25c: prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 8234c.
Tobaoco Common. 11-inch, 271
28'j; other grades and styles, 3&385c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 26 per case; R. R., $9 60
(10 25; Gail 4 Ax's, $8 75.
Sugar Pure white, 6jfiJ; off
white, 6J6cj yellow clarifird, 6J
(iir; open kettle, 66c; refined A,
6J6Jc: trranulated. 67c; pow
dered, 7171o; cnt loal. 71;48c.
Powder Kegs, $1; half kegs, $2 25;
qutrter kegs, $1 25.
New York, September 8. Coffee
spot fair Rio firm; options. 10 15
poists higher and ac'ive; skips, 47,
500 bans: September, 9109.15c;
October, 910c; November, 8.95(!")!"c;
December, 0 1 ; January, 99.05c ; t eb
rnary, 9 05o; March?) 10(.i)9.15o; April,
9.15c Sugir firm and moreac.ive;
centiifagal, 5c; Barbadoes, 4Jc; An
tigua, 4c; Maitinique, 4c; fair to
good refining quo ed at 4 11-16
4 1316c; refined qit'et. Molasses quiet
and unchanged. Rice 11 m and de
maud fair.
A rrLBS Apples, $1 50 2 50; dried
apples, 2J3y per pound from store.
Dried peachtt.j, 2J"c from store.
Veoktaiilrs Onio'.s, J3 fmm
store. Cabbsae, f 2 50; per hf ad, 8lCc ;
t 75 Irom levee or depot r-r crte,
Krsut, brla, $5; half brls, $3(5.3 25.
Garlic, 400c per 100. Turnios, 60'
pr btiRhel.
Frdit Oranges, LonWrtr:'- cjmi
nal, $6. Lemons, $7 50(58 per,
box. BnnKnas, $l8 ptr bunch.
(Joconnnts, 15 per 100. Pnannt Vir
ginia, 7 :; Tennosece. farmcr'a stock.
34c; ttineted, 2c higher; shelleil,
10n. Almondn, lKH0c.
Raiins Iondon layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $275; California, ; Imperial,
$3 604.
Picklk8 In jars, pints, 95c; qnart,
$1 50 ; half-gallons, 275 : gallone, $3 75;
lofe, barrels, $8 507. half-burred,
I) 75 4; n:ixed,barreiu,$10 50; mixeil,
ha 'J barrels, $6.
Potatoes New, $1 2E1 50; North
ernttock, $1 752.
Cider New York, $0 507 per bar
re), am $3 754 per balf-barrel ; Vin
egar, 10 per gitllon.
Pecanm Texao, 8i0c for small to
medium, 1014cfor laige; Arkansas,
Fihh Mackerel, lmlf-bsrrels, No. 1,
$4 755; No. 2. $3 f03 75; No. 3,
33 25; 10-lbkil. No. 1,90c; No. 2,
75 1; 15-lb, No. 3, 6Jc. Dty herrings,
tamily, 25.) per box.
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,! 6c ;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12u,
Gams Game tlh, 111L'c.
EiKis-Ejsy, lii17c.
In Ciir loud lo'e: Pi line crude cot'on
seed oil, I'Oij; off crude cotton saed
oil, 2223c; prans rumniHr yellow
cotton eted oil, 35 30c: oil sum
mer yellow cottonseed oil, 3l32c:
miners' summers yel'ow cotton o-eti
oil, 3235c; prime summer h te cot
ton seed oil, 3"c; choice cooklne yel
low co' tin seed oil, 37o ; prime co' ton
seed moil, $15; of! cotton seed meal,
Hides Dry Dint, 12(u16c; dry
salt, 1012c ; green salt, 7lSjc ; green,
56c; deer skins, 1518t:, Beeswax
firm at 21c; tallow, 33 Jo.
Clear tuS wahm), 3136j; gr.-a:e
wool, 2320 ; Bttrry ool, 13'ji 18c.
St. Louis, Mo., September 8. Vo:d
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., September 8. Putro
loum quiet; s. w., 110, 7Jo.
PiTOiit'Kd, Pa., Septembers Pwtro
hum dull but. sienly. Tbe market
opened at 62c, rdvjnced to 0 'e,ard at
1 o'clock p.ui. 02Jj is bid. Tbe i'ii ly
fi'odiH'li'in ( I toe wastiltigton htilil
1 is ii'.creatol to 20UO barrtla since ys
twrday. ,
Whihky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 505; redinlillel goods fioin
85c to $150, according t) proof; rye,
$1 75.
St. Lonis, Mo., September 8. Whis
ky thin, $1 10.
CmcAfto, III., Soptombor 8. Whis
ky steady, $1 15
Cincinnati, O .September 8 Wliis
ky ft' ady ; f ales of 49 barrels of fin
ished good on a 1hhm of $1 J0.
Bahoino Jalo. 2 lbi, 8c; 1 lbs,
7jii; 1 lbs. 7c. Flax, 8 lbi, 71c
Tiks-$1 101 15.
Naiis Common, $2 202 25; steul
$2 352 40.
Cattle Ohoics to i xtra corn fed,
9C0 ti 1050 lbs, none rscoived; g'od,
none received ; choice grass cattle, 3J
3c:good, 2i3ic; fair to medium,
2Jf.2c; scaHawacs, llc.
Ho(is Cboice,4J4o; good,3j4c;
common, 33Jc.
Sheep Choice, 33c ; medium, 2J
3c; common, $11 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4 6c.
Kansas CiTY,Mo.,Soptember 8 The
Live Slock Indicator reports: Cattle
Receipts, 25' 0 head ; shipments, 1'05
head; g-od corn fed steers st'org;
good grass raags steady; good t)
choice, $l4 60; common to medium,
$3 303 90; stockors, $2 302 75;
feeders, $2 803 30; cows, $1 502 60;
grass range 1 et-ri, $2 253 25. Hogs
Receipts, 7544 bead; Bhipmentr, 273;
market weak and lOo lower, closing
weak good to choice, $4 554 75;
common to medium, $4 104 55;
greasers and pigi, $2 504. Sheep
Receirts, 390 hral; shipments,
none; market steady for good; good
tocholce, $2 403; common touiedi
om, $1 602 25.
Chicago, III., September 8. The
Drovers' Journal report: Cattle R
coipts, 11,000; head ; shipments, 3503
liHsil; makKt '(Ic. lower; shippirg
ste- rs, 0.0 to 1500 lbs, $3 255 16;
Btnckors a'ld fo'.'drs. $2t,3 25; cows,
bulls and inixod, $lt; bulk, $3
2 35; throQKh Texas cittlecow,$l 75
2 25; Hte-r., $2 753 10; W eetera
ranger' t w;n tivs a-d half breeds,
$2 0 (."3 (Hi; urnrs, $i 502 75; win
tereil Tixhim, $2 753 15; Northern
raitgern, $2 55; Dakota, 10;X) to 1192
lb', $2 0)3 60; 413 KsiienR Tex
anc. 1101 to 113(1 lbs. $3 503 C5;
01 Kr-ip-as, 2Hr..fl, $3 50; 99 Wyo
tii 1 r.g 1153 H a S3. Hoas-R-icoiots, 18,
t.ii0nnd; (tbipinonts,4(HX) head ; 111H--k-t
weak, cloaiua fi(;l()c lower; roiuh
ami mixed. $3 8il4 75; packing and
shipping, $l7ofi5 05; light, $3 75
4 75;tkiiH, $2 403 60. Sheop Receipts-,
5IKX) heAii; 6hipmiuts, 2.'00
heal; maiket 11 slude lower; ua'ives,
$2 3 75 ; Wi s ern, $3 40 13 60 ; Tex
Hn, $1 7"(;3; lambs, $44 60.
& Valuable Paten!.
Oitory'i (lloran) i'ora nd Pea Plan,
EAVINO prfeota my Invention, I wtrh
0 ph'oe it bofore tin poblio, ii'tolnlljr
mnnofaclunra. Aa s Cum Planter, Ilia
lirtei;t toowii-otiooa tb drill, diatribaud
tti ifled incuratelr, nniniured, and eorerd
th lima, thareor on man perforinioc tb
work of thr. Tho hv bon oaod is
tbta aeotiou for ovr down rra with per
fect attlafaatloa. ca siv roponiibl uail
jsoniitla. Addreaa
JOHN ii- CANCT.D.ncyrill,
iiarwood ccbdu, Itnl '.
Arkanaa City Kati Adams, S p.m.
Friar Point...-- Jixni Lis, 5 p.m.
0eeoIa.......M..CosiiHA, 5 p.m.
Vickaburs Bklli MiurHis, 10a.m.
St. Louil Citt or Ciiio, tla.m.
Cincinnati......... Durun Stats, S p.m.
WbiU Rivar... Alrirta No. 3. 6 p.m.
4rriji. James Lee, Friar's Point:
City of Baton Roug, New Orleans;
Ooahoma, 0:ceola; City of Vicksbrng,
St. Louis.
Dqiarlures. City of Vicksbti'B,
Vickebnrg; City of Katn Hinge. St.
Lini; Cothoma, Osceola; JiimoiLie,
Frir'a Point; Chickasaw, White river.
ifixila in 1 ort. Uene Macready.
Jlonts Due Voim. City of New Or
leans. Boats Due l). Ksto Ad.-tms.
KerdlpiN VrHtemlnjr.
City of lijton K )tigs 300 pkgs
Citv of Vicktbutg 90 tons mer
ch ndi-'B.
Jms L e 4 bales cotton, 111 sks
seed utid lot sundries.
C ahonu 1 bale citton acd28(.k
t'Uri'KK MllVMKMrN.
Thk City of New Orleans is duo
down luutid for .New Or'ennp.
Tub Alberts No. 3, Capt. a. B.
Kiiitb, is the S .turday packet for
White K ver.
The Lee L'pe packeln timorrn w even
ing are Juiiio Leu, lor Frikra l'oict, aud
Couliomt, for O.icto'a.
Tim Anchor Line packet tomorrow
morning are Belle Memphis, for Virks
buig, and C.ty of Ckiro, for St. Lmis.
Tub Ka'e Admip, Cspt. Murk K.
Cheek, is the United Kttei nmil
packet this evening at 6 o'clock for
Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landiiiga. W. C. Blanker bus cl.urgx
of her ntllcft, assistsd by Low IViceattd
llobt. Ja nieon.
Tits Buckeye Slat-, Capt. II. J. Vin
ton, is tbe parket S.-.tunlay evening at
5 o'clock for CM10, l.ou'sville. Cincin
nati ard all way lnidirgi on t lie Ohio
Kivr. O-oigo W. llvudrit kion and
Chnrles Vinnm are her clerks. The
Hockeye KUto will give cheap rates to
all 1 oin'B Worth and lviRt.
BtmiNEss fair.
Wkatiieb clear and cool.
Ma.i. John D. Adams Ib in the clly,
Cait. Ei Nowi.ani) left by rail yeS'
tcrd iy lor St. Liuis.
Thb Ciahouia departed on time
last evening for Osceola.
Bkckii'ts bv liver yesterday : 5 biles
cotton aiiU n'i sicks soeit.
Tub river here is on a stand, with 7
leet i tenths on the gauge.
Tub Ohl(ktaaw departed la t even
ing for White rivsr with a g lod trip.
Tub Piasa, with bargoa s'one, ar
rived yestetday from tho Ohio
Tub Jamas Lee c'eirrd nn time
lait evenii g for Friars l'otnt with a
good trip of freight and a big list of
pi opie.
Thk Clly of Vickshnrg linHsed down
at daylight yeftotd-.y morning for
Virkshnrg. Hhe dirctiaig d bete 91
to: s oi lio gut and amloil 60 tone.
I nn Will S. Hays will limvo here on
h'r hrrt trip of t:ie re son in tho Meui'
nhis and Vicknburg Irado for VickH'
b ug, Heptuiiiber 2 hor 0 tob r5th,
Ofr-toa Hkimal Kbrvk-r, U. H. A., 1
Memimiis, S ptembcr 8, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 76 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Water. Chango.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOths lOllia
Cairo 8 9 1
Chattanooga ... 2 9 1
Cincinnati.,;,,., 5 7 2
Davenport 2 3 1
I)ubtiitie 3 7
Fort Smith 0 4 3
Keokuk 2 6 I
Helena 8 5 3
La Crosse 3 4
Invenworth... 0 4 1
Little Rock 2 5 11
lOtiisvillo 4 24
Memphis 7 2
Niwhville 4 3 7
New Orleans... 4 2
Omaha 7 7
Pittsburg 5 1 9
Kt. Louis 6 B
St. Paul 2 7 2
Hhreveport 6 1
Vicksburg 7 4 3
nnarr Maa--! and Untha ot a toot
abor iro of tauiai
Cairn, 40 faat. Chattanooia. S3 lt.
Cinoinnati, f0. Davenport, In.
Uubuiiua.lfi. r0rt Smith, XI.
Keokuk. 14. UUna, .
LaCrnaa, 24. Leavenworth, 20
Little Rook, 23. LouliTllle, 2&.
Meuiphla,:t4. New Orluna, 13.1.
Nuhville.4U. i'lttaburg, 4J.
Omaha, 18. frvPaul,1?.
Rt. Louia, 32. Violbburc, 41.
Hhreveport, K8. Yankton. 24.
Pitthbdbh, September 8. Noon
River 4 feet on tbe gauge and station
ary. Weather clear and warm.
Whkicmno, W, Va., September 8.
Noon Uivi-r2(eet 1 inch on the gauge
aad falling. Weather clear and warm.
Louisvili.1, H'plembor 8 Noon
River 4 feet in tbe canal and 1 foot 10
on the fulls and falling. Business g)od.
Weather clear and warm.
F.vanhvii.i.b, September 8 N ion
Rivor f illing Boats are all behinu by
low water. There is 4 feot of wa crat
Flint Ihlu id and Liwit-port.
Cincinnati, fljp'ember 8. Noon
Rivet 5 'eot 7 inc.noi on the gauguand
falling. Weather cloudy ; thermometer
H(i. Arrived: Ohio, Memphis.
Caiho, S.-pt'inbwr 8. Noon Rivet
9 loot on th iiauva and stationary.
Weather cloudy ami w.rm. No arriv
als of renu'ar packets, Departed : City
of New Orleans, New Orleane, 8 p.m. ;
Future City and bargee, New Orleans,
7 a.m.
f.i ; ; 1, l I t ,, N lt"l V V ' I. X If: I l. iK V t.t.Pl't
h ' T' I'l'i'FIt, It. 1 in r. n I v-Ml.Mhrt
10 v 11 j ib
;h-r- 1 1 1 11. r.H.
t j f 1.1 On 1 ' r rMT.iral
v hlbiV 111 I t "I. Il.l-
1 l"m-"
nltr.,1 y fc.ltlr 'MHy
V Till- l.i I rni..K It.
Electric Belt Free
TO introiluce It and obtain agenti wewil
for the ueit aixtv duya dive away, fraa
of chrtrirn, In each oountjr in the tl. rj. a li in
ileil nuuiherot ourUerinmi Klerlrta JmI.
vnailo NiiN,i'Ury Holla. Prine
noaitivo and unfnilinic oars for Nervoua D
bilitr, Vuncoral, j,uiiainni, IutpoUnor,
to. jVll.liO Rawari caiil If vry Bait m
niatniaot'ir do aot arinartl sanoln
Slentrlo orrat. (d-oaa at oac aLKC
RIO illkLT AdlBCY, P. :0. iBoi tUTV,
rooklrn.M. T.
St. Loaata ! New Orlnaaaa Aaarhor
l.lim-U.W. Mull-CAIKU it ST. LOUia. .
City ol Cairo,
Liahtner ..nutir, ggiiiirvr'iii
Will leav tba Elavator FKIUAi, Sent,
loth, at 0 a.m. For IreUbt or jiaaaac apply
C. I.. Hil l.. Paaa. At. AD STOHM. Siip't.
Bt. Loaala aal Now Orleatia Aairbor
I.lu-l. aa. Mall. -FUR VICKSBURii.
Belie Kemphis, tSs,
Oeo. Dakar muter. WV!SiaMS
Will leave th Klevator FRIDAY, tit.
10th, at 10 a.m. For fraiebt or raaaar apply
O. 1.. H i t.. P., Art. AIlS-rOHM.rlnp't.
Meiuili8 and Cluclunnti Packet
For Cairo, T5vanvillo, Lcuiivllle and Cia
oinuati Th eluant ateauiar
ISiickee Sinter Ts
11. J. Vinton ....maater.
Will leave riATll tlPA V , rjc.t. 11th, at S n.m.
For Ireiaht or li,'Rk-e aplr to C. B. Kl!S
SKLU i. F. A X. A., 12 Madiaon at. 11
lihop. No. 'AT.
Mrrrhanla' mill Pliuiurk' Inrhet.
S AY 040,
A. I,. Cummin mg wMtSfihXWi
Leave overy TV K1iaV -d s ATI' tlliAV
at 5 p m., lor Pi'lnnn, t-rtr I'uin-, Sun
tlover, Malonpjt, KnowlnTi..,AuK'.rilM, La
oonin, Coni-ordia, und nil nay landing.
For fraicht or i-iii ipiy tu
T. II SI MS A CO., A'i Front t
XwnurXiln.t-rln' I'niiii imi mt'ioivoi
atnl laaii4.)fk I'taclitH a. 4in(iiuy .
tor UeUna. Ulendaln, Fritn Point a .1.1 all
War LanJinta btaacr
TnmeM lace, jzS
J. II. tlooixr. DiaCor ...J. W. riuiitUera.cierk
Wil leaTt ai aanvo on vry MVNiiAY.
WliDNUBDAYatd FKIOAV. at & o'olnck.
For Randolph. Fulton, Oaoota aai Va
Laudtnaa Hteamor
Coiiliomn, zdzwi
V.. T. CUaett...innatr I l'lutt Itlio.it'...'lertr
Leavea Kvery .MONDAV, W Kl'N KSlA
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. Th bnti ot tbii
line reacrvo the riubt to pna all laudinirJ
tho 0 itiiiiu may ilouin iinanto. ( tVu-o. N0.6
Mmllmn ft. .1 A M KS LI'I'', .la , -ll''t.
Th" st.Prnni'fH Rlvor Transpcrtatloa
Co.'t Fin Hldo-W heel li. K. Mall ritaaiiitr
Ed Foster, dT'
). K. Joflln mnater,
KILL Lbit K MM.ni'ltltt KVEK1
at a o'oloek, for IHarianna. the Cut-OS, aad
tnlrinoiltat landtniTa on bt. Kranola river.
Tti oapUln raaervsa tbe rij'at 10 ; ai
laaillnk' he daitiua vnaaln. JAS. LEK, Jr.,
j.nw.lwlntl.,l. Ortloe, No. 4 Mil lion at
Moici,hlK and Vlcksitnrg I'ackct Cum
pany U.N.Mali Line.
For Helena, Conoordta, Terrene and Arkaa
aa Ulty The alcraut paaanar ituaiLar
M. 11. Uhek..,naJtr I W. 0. nianlur.olark
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Goiton Factors
268 Front Street, Memphis.
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Carl M.Dorster
Leipzig Conservatory,
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Apply at K. VV'inniann X Co. 'a, to?oni
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