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SATl'ttDAY,MEPmiUER 11, 1880
1K619H. The leaders of tbe Republican party
ea that every issue on which the
ta:ty aj originally ionnded and on
which it trinmpbed has been settled.
Tby have eko discovered that a
paity canoot live on its past record;
tbat it does not deserve to live unless
it keeps abreast of the progressive
eplrii of tbe age; and of late the Re-,
publican leaders have been hunting
for aametbinK to take the place of war
italics. B'aine ii trying to make the
tariff question the aole istue in the
next Presidential election, Blair
proposes the Blair bill and prohibition
as the signs by which the Republicans
can conquer in the next Presidential
contest, and in California the Repub
licans have planted themselves on tbe
old Knownothlng platform. A week
g tbe Republicans; held a Sate
Convention at Los Angeles and
nominated candidates for Gov
ernor, Judges and ether offices,
nd in every put of the
feta'.e the Republicans proclaim:
"We've got an American ticket at
last. There isn't an Irishman, a Jow
or a German on the ticket We ha 1 a
pretty hard time putting tho kibosh
on that Dutchman Weil ; bat we gat
there jast tbe tame." The convention
land a clean sweep of every man lorn
unJcr foreign tkias. Tbere would be
no significance to tbe nomination of a
ticket coin ported ol alt Americans but
for (he fact that the Republicans have
boasted that "Amoiics is for
Americana" and Hint foreigners
we e defeated solely becauas thty
were foreigner?. The Republican
parly was the outgrowth of
Knownothlng principles. It had its
birth in fanaticism as intense and un
reasonable as tha prejudices which
culminated in tha Native American
party. Oat of the fragments of that
dissolving bigotry and intolerance
sprang the organizttlou which in Cali
fornia boaita tbat it dm neither
Iiishmen, Jew nor German on its
ticket." Like its predecessor, it mingles
religious intolerance with nee an
'tlpalbioa and challenges the vote of
the people of California for an exclus
ively American tlckot. In this con
.try men should be elected to office be
case they are qualified Americans. It
must be confessed that in every elec
tion there is too much talk abont the
necessity of nominating men to catch
the Irish vote, the German vota, the
Jewish vote, the Italian vote and the
neuro vole, and too little inquiry abaut
the Amorican vole when all or s A mer
le ns. It does not couapot with the
genius of our institutions to urge tbe
elect ion ot foreigners to office because
thty are foreigners. But now that the
Republicans have levived Knownnth
inglsm and oppose the election of for
eigners to office for the sole reason
tbat they are forelgnors, tbe Demo
cratio party will again inscribe on its
tanner, "Civil and Religious Liberty,"
ant see to it that no man shall be de
nied his rights as an American ciiissn
on account of his religion or his birth.
KKUI.tHD'a tkoi bi.cn.
England's trembles with Ireland
form a heavy burden for a nation t
cany. Long JeuiandeJ, tbe claitrs of
the Irish' people are now u ged with
pertinacity, a peiKovornnce and a
nanus of power that make it impoHib'e
to rcftiHi the demand, yet an adminta
(ration I.m in power Uin', dors refuHe it.
Bunnah s but half conquered, the
active drcoits keep the who!e country
in a state of war, and Kngland ins to
snd more and more soldiers there.
The policy that hu driven Alexander
from tha rule ol Bulgaria Is diametri
cally opp h d to tbat of Kngland, yet
Germany and Austria are found to be
countenancing Rursia in ennying it
-o l. The Afghanistan trouble still
remains open, for Russia GihIh pre
tense for refusing Anally to settle
the b uadaiy. la addition to
all tb'a, comes indicatirns tf a
trouble of greater piesent dan
ger than them a'l a rsvo't in
India is threatened. For same months
pas'. unpleaaut Indie a ions have been
o wet vol of a spirit (f opposition to
Knulish rule. In April last discon
tented ryots held la-go meetings In
the presidency of Eorgn', in antagon
ism to British rule. It is a new thing
for the natvei actively to intorot
themselves in public questions; the
moving cause niw is tha instigi
tioos of Russian agents, bent upon
promoting discontent and insurrec
tion among tho people, and in that
manner so occupy tbe attention of tbe
12 glish that the Russiii s can occupy
s icO trrr.tory as they choose nonh ol
A'gVan's'au, euttlini? tlir-mselvia in
lucualuin fcrtrrBtos that would be im
rnu'tra'rle, thus ontiuitg K glish
occupa'ion to tho line of the Indue.
French papers announce tn uprising
in Northeastern IndU iu f.vur of Rur
e'un iuvasi n. Kntive princes are be
coiuing unreliable; one of emiauuee,
D.inlopp Sinn", is reported to be in
ciive eppoeitiou to the Brt'sh,
l ml o her princes s joining
w th him, with the object
c,f cting oil the bat id yoke cf the
doouicetr'ng aod anogaut Kng iah. It
will thin be teen that the prreent po
sition of Kmj'acd is one of s rious
trouble, with indications of coming
1 tlicultits tbat nny try the utmost
sraogth cf 'hi Knpire. That the
t r.ceedicgs of Rnwia and its rvidei.t
enmi'y t) Kugbind are bound to entail
war in the end, the Eaiilieh people
ialy rfcoguia?. Now that Roaia. is in
alliance with Germany and AuB'ria,
;6iich aprotpect constitutes a aitiuthn
of tho utmost gravity. Old England
has umny and great faults, but the is
tbe stauncheci. defender of freedom in
Europe, and ai (gainst Russia, free
dom's mortal foe, her prospects can-
net be regarded without a goad deal of
sympathizing anxiety.
Al'QVryr riBR LONN.
The New York Chronicle announces
tbe loss by firs in the United States
and Canada, during tbe month of Au
gust, as being "srone than ever."
Tbe average lire losi in August
amcunU to about $7,000,000. Tbe
files of the Chronicle, my nothing
of the many fires unrecorded, which
amounted Lst month to $13,000,000,
of wbich $3,000,000 was by f jrett fires.
Leaving this amount out, the loss by
ordinary fires is $10,000,000, a serious
increase over the average $7 000,000.
Lies by firs during tbe eight months
of the present year has reached $7o
600,000 against J05,tO0,O0O daring the
corresponding months la-.t yeir, a fear
ful increase, especially when it is re
membered that three ont o! four fires
originate in carelessness or neglect and
could be preventedif a propir motive
for preventing or decreasing them
bi found. Oarelessntsi and negligence
are ccstly things to the American peo
ple. If every firs requiring the fiie
engines to be called subjected tbe oc
cupauts of the burning' promises to a
legil investigation, a sufficient motive
would be found to exercise carear.d to
avoid nrg'igonue.
A itreat many years ago a schomo
was proposed, not to raduoo the amount
of taxatl'jn.but to remove the tax on cer
tain arlicVs and phce it upon ethers.
A caricature appeared en tha subject,
which represented a poor, wearied out
fallow with a he ivy burdea upon his
back, which the government adminis
tration was busily engaged In moving
coasto rest upon his ehouldera, say
ing as they did so: "Have it any
where yoa please, bat you mutt carry
it." This is hoar tbe silver men serve
tbe country. First there must be sil
ver dollar, because the people were
crying fir "the dollar of our f itbers."
But so far from crying for lbs dollar
lumps of metal, the people called them
"pot lids" and would take no more of
ihem than they could help. Then the
metal burden was changed to the form
of silver certificate, and as thsy were
not eagerly gorged, small notes in circu
lation were called in to force the circa
la' ion of the dollar. The dollars will
not circulate, however, and now small
notes are to be restored, but they ara
to be silver certificates. "Anywhere or
in any form you pleaso, buttilver dol
lars in dlpguise or out of diegaise you
must carry." The small silver certifi
cates, $1, $2 and $5, tbe Treasury is
nearly ready to issue in exchange for
silver dollar deposited tit them.
These certificates will ba convenient
and save pocket material by re
lieving the poople of the mieery of lug
ging heavy "pot lids" about tbelr per
sons, but the certificates wdl be worth
no more than the silver they repie
sent, and when that goes down tithe
bullion value will bo worth 71 or 72
cents oi the dollar. As long as we
mint $24,01)0,000 worth of silver every
year into dol'ars, tho certificates will
leave tbe silvar trouble just where it
is, and tbe more notev put out the
mo e notes, or silver dollars, will
g'avi ate back to the Treasury. If
thise cettitlcAtes do not relieve the
burden cf retaining tons upon tons of
silver dollars in tbe Treasury, ingenuity
will no doubt invent aims other
s hemo for forcing the silver dollar
upon tbe people; the shape of the
burden may be changed, but thn
poor, wearied public must not be al
lowed to leave oil' carrying it.
The Pliyelt-Une Nllll Jslacnaa tha
Mature r lltloxl'a AHtirilon.
Js'bw Oklcans, La., September 8,
The war tieiween the doctori as to
whether the disease at Biloxl was yel
low fever or not rages as warmly ts
ever, although the sickness has di ap
peared. Dr. Holt, president of the
Louisiana Bjard of Health, one of the
expire who pronounced it yellow
fever, made a lorg speech before the
b aid yesterday tu which he severely
liaudled the pnysiciai s of the opposi
t on. lie gave a complete diagnrs's
of tbe casts, declaring tbat the two
a ck persons who had died with tbe
fxver bad diet with black vomit and
that their bodies tamed yellow aod
pieseited o her evidince that con
firms the yellow fdver theory. He de
clared that Biloxi pbysiciats had
made only aeuperfi.ul and carders
extmiratioa of tbe cases, bat he
made in a his on to the report ot Dr.
Godfrey, of tbe Uoit.d Bates Marine
Hospital Hervics.
D. Godfrey arrived here from Bi
'oxi y enter day. He adheres to tbe be
lief that the uisease is not- yellow fe
ver, but he gave the Mayor f Biloxl
tde alvice of Surgeon General Hamil
ton, that the convalescents should be
kept under tupervision for six days,
and all the pnciu ions tikon to pre
vent a spread of the dista?e, after
tiii'h quarantine end other restric
tions could bt abol shed. Popular
and medical circbs are still divided as
t the clnrarter of the Bilcxl fover.
Whatever it wa, however, it is ended,
is there sre no new esses and the tick
are well aitain.
A Drnnkfu Hnrbrr's Hurdvrotta
La Gyonb, Kav Sep ember 10. At
trie fair be nn held here this nt'Urnoon,
Grant Ogtltn, a barber, while intoxi
ctted, in a b rule-inn maout-r accosted
a stranger named West tier man. After
h tw words Ogden drew his revolver,
firirg at Weuthrrman. The bullet
took elicit in tbe skull of Chariest?.
Smith, a crpcner. Oden then find
a second shut into the crowd, which
t .olt etlort in the thigh of Rice Hou
cerlord, a merchant ot Rn vender). Ark.
both are eerioudy irjursd. Mob vio
lence agninst Dgden is threatened,
lie is under arrest.
rntMlt; Nhnt by II U Hon.
Atitkns, Tksn, Kepteuibsr 10.
Rasf Buckner, a farmer living four
ruihs f om here, wasshot in the breast
and povib v fatally wounded by his
sen. No further particulars at this
Tba Praia or BoMMtont,
Like the famous article itsa f, is in
almost ever; body's mouth. Tlb peo
ple know tbat it frest rves as well as
beutifies the tech. Hence it is the
standard Tooth Wash of tbe period.
Tbe People Retnrning to Their
Houses-Effect of the Rains
Relief Measures.
Cuarlimtoh, 8. 0., September 10.
The night passed quietly. There were
no shocks in tbe city, and with tbe
appearance of the sun this morning
there were renewed tvges uf activity
in tbe work of removing tbe debus
and an increased disposition on the
part of the peftple to return to their
nous s. Mayor Ciuitenay hrs sent
the following dispatch today:
lion. W. W. Coroorin, Washington, D. 0. :
. Five thousand dollars received.
Only the loftiest sense of duty and
citizenship cculd prompt your noble
deeds. Charleston, with one voice,
hono s tbe American citlz n who ever
ris s to the height of his privilege
and of whose bcunty it m9y trulv be
said: "Tbere is no wider in i'.""
. The ra'ns of yesterday have just be
gun to tfftct the sha'tered walls, sev
eral cf which fell t' day.
Throe slight shotkt were folt in
Summervllle yet.terdy.
Roiif committees are at work dis
tributing both provisions and money,
and their chief cor.cern is to prevent
the falling of relief to unwert y per
sons. Two handled and ninety t;nts were
received today from the Gover.or of
New Jersey. They were accompanied
by hie private eecrotoiy and an officer
ot tL Quar eroiastei's Department.
Oae hundred and tdxty-eix tents have
aleo bosn th'pped fom Ohio. The
coinmittte, wim many thank i to the
American people, au'horize the state
ment that they have tents enough to
mefta'l prees ng needs.
No shocks bave been felt lo lay and
the streets are unu-.ually lively.
Not much is ttirriog today beyond
evideccs everywhere of pu'ting things
in shape again. The Board cf (survey
is busy at work and has recommended
that se viral buddings be pulled dwn.
Mott 'f the messive front of the Xewi
and Courier building ar.d its job office
must come down, but the t building
contaii ing tbe comp'sing room and
pressroom it pronounced absolutely
safe. There is little room lor doubt
that tbe injury to the ci'y will ex:eed
the estimate of $5,000,000, as every
day deve ops damages previously uu
known, as in the caee of tbe Ntwt and
Courier building for example. Toe
Relief Committee tas ripened a regis
try for mechanics desiring employ
ment wheie clt'zess can communicate
with tbem and make engagements.
After 2 o'clock today tbe Relief
Committee had itsued 21,000 rations.
Canvassers have bosn appointed for
each ward to ascertain who are needy
and d-liverraiions to tbem ro as to
avoid impesition. The total subscrip
tions to tbe relief fun i amount to over
Contribution mt KnoxvlIIe.
IsrsoiAL to tii irriii,.!
Knox villi, Tsnn., September 10.
The people of Knoxville have volun
tarily subscribed and forwarded to tbe
Utiarieuon autUrers about $2000, and
are still contributing to the fund.
Government Inspector nt Chwrlea
ton. Washington, Spptember 10. Super
v's:ng Architect Bell has granted a re
quest of te Mayor ot Charleston (list
Inspec'or Spier be permitted to run-in
in Cbarles on another week totssst
in the work of examining into the con
dition cf damaged buildints.
The Lord Mayor of London, through
Mi o later Phelps, recently offered to
open subscriptions in aid of the
Charlis'.on sufl'erere. Tbe effer was
enmmunicated to the Mayor cf
Charleston and gratefully acurp'ed by
him in bet'aif of tbe homeless of his
ci'y. Mr. Phelps has teen inetrutted
by cable to convey to the Lord Mayor
the grateful acknowledgement of tbe
President of the United 8tits for the
generous action of tbe citv of London.
The Charleston Rrllor Fund at Bal
Baltimore, Mo., September 10.
Tbe Cuarleston relief fund up to to
night has amounted to $27,0' H), and is
still Krowirg. Cardinal Gibbons has
issued a circulur letter to the clergy of
tbe country ordering the taking up of
a collection in ad Catholic Churches
on the 20th lost nt for the rame cause,
and tbe tVistera of Mercy In this city
have signalled their willingness to as
i urns charge of twenty-flve orphans if
Contribution nt Mew fork.
Nw York, September 10. The
Charleston Ralief Coumittee of the
Chamber of Commerce met today. It
was reported by Treasurer Brown that
up to tbe present t;me be had received
snborl.tions amounting to 3?,122,
out of which the Mayor of Charleston
had been paid a draft of $20,500. Since
yesterday the treasurer had received
$7122, which included $5011 from Jay
Oould, $1100 from the Bank ot Amer
ica, $500 from tho United States Na
tional Batik and $500 from Robert
Lenox Kennedy.
BeneOt Irforminee mt St. Louis.
Sr. Louis, Mo., fiopteruber 10,-r-The
proceeds from the bench Is given at the
Olympio Theater by the Thcmpson
Opera Cnmpany for the Charleston
earthquake tutfeics amount lo be
tween J1000 and $1200. The money
will bo forwarded at once to the Relief
Committee at Charleston.
Another Inlerraliuit FrMnrc of tbe
sloronlui-SohlllluK nutter.
New York, September 8. Ernest
Schilling, once couch man for Giovanni
P. Morcsini, later Mr. Morosini's son-in-law
and conductor on a Sixth ave
nue car, quit railroading wry suddenly
today, lie packed his trunk and dis
appeared with it from his boarding
house, No. 248 West Thirty n'nth
s reet. Mm. Agnmont, h s landlady,
raid curtly that the did cot know
wlurd he bed gore. No one e'ss
kuewei'hnr. lleesked the euperln
tendentet the road for a two das'
holiday, just as his wife had FBked the
director cf the Casino fcr a week's vc
cation. Everyone took his d sapprar
ance as vonch ng fcr the truth of ttie
rejiort that he had been paid $15,000
ti maintain a phih snphical equi
libiium. although Starter Moore, of
the road, said that he wou'd tot be a
wbit surprised to cce him turn up for
duty tomorrow morning.
Young Mr. Brectano, involuntarily
or not, has been the intermediary for
tbe paet ten weeks bttweon M. Moro
einl and bis daughter. Mr. Moroeini
for eight jears has bought French and
Italian novels fiora Breutano. Within
the past ten weeks Mrs. Schilling has
been in his shop almott daily. She
has repeotedly spoken to him of her
love for hit father and her detestation
of her husband. She often raid to
Bnntano tbat she would return to her
father's home if she could, and as
often Brentano repeated whit she said
lo Mr. Moroaini. The old gentleman
was cold at first, altaough he
Boon got into the habit
of walking np to Brentano's shop
every day from his ofiic?. He finally
thawed a little and said tbat he might
forgive bis daughter were it tot for
certain sta'ements sbput him with
which sbe was accredited in the news
papers. Mr. Brentano leaned from
Mrs. Schilling tbat sbe had never ut
tered those s atements and th'.t she
defiod anyone to fix tbem on her. He
convinced Mr. Moiosini tbat they were
false. Tha father, thawit g still more,
although be never broached the sub
ject first, said to Mr. Brentano tbat be
would never see his daughter want if
she showed a repentant spirit.
Mrs. Schilling took tbe bint. She
alfo took tbat 0 :30 o'clock p.m. train
on the New York Central that did not
carry her to a Canadian convent, but
to some remote and isolated spot
where some of her relatives Brentmo
does not know the degree of consan
guinity reside. Mr. Moroaioi as
sure Air. Brentano no later than yes
terday tbat since Victoria ran away
none of h s sons or daughters had laid
eyes on Mrs. Schilling. Tbat was
true. The negotiations look
ing to Mr. Echiliiog's support
if ihe ebowed repn'ance, be
iuu in B'cntano's 6hop, were on
titjued in Vanderpoel, Green & Cam
mings's law office. One day when Mr.
Morotiui c.lled there and le rned that
his daughter was within he did not
entr, but wrote what lo had to say.
Mra. Schilling, baviug taken the first
steps towards a reconciliation with her
f-Uner, to:k the final one and left her
huBbacd. Plet.sed with tbe evident
spirit of repentance, Mr. Morosini sont
the husband a $15,000 check, and now
he disapp'.arfj
Victoria Heard From.
Nkw Yobk, September 10. The
much inquired for Mr?. Victoria
Schilling Iiulskamp has telegraphed
Rudolpn Aronson of tbe Casino as
"Day'on, N. J. To Rudolph Aron
son : . Will report on Monday morning
Mr. Aronson said tonight tbat he
had never entertsined a doubt tVat
Mrs. Schilling would turn up at the
appoint! d time. She was looking and
feeling very sick when she went away,
end " we granted her a leave of abienca
for a week or ten dayp, and the ten
days will be up on Monday."
When asked if he doubted the genii
icenees of the dispatch Mr. Aronson
aid: "No, most cer a;nly not. Mrs
Schilling is very business like.and this
is a proof of it.''
Defrauded Out of Honey lo Search
for Hidden Treasure.
Nkw Orleans, La., September 10.
Dr. Geo. J. Adams, cf Marsacbuset's,
wss imt cd here today, charged with
embrzz t ment by a number of persons
whom be defrauded out of money t
search for a bidden treasure. Adams
claims to have been a practicing
phytic'anin Maaaecbusetts when tbe
war broke on'. He shiulder.d a
musket and joined Compar y A, 8sv
en'eenth Massachusetts Volunteer?.
A poition of tbe command came witb
Butler to New Orleans. In a foraging
expedition, three soldiers of tho
rtgrxont .entered a dwelling on
the Magnolia Pantaton, tweity
miles above New Orleans, on the
light bank of the river, and carried
off some $30,000 in gold and silver,
$1800 of it in silver half dollars, $1000
in dolbra and the remainder in gold.
Being afiaid to enter the city witn bo
much money, on reaching a poraa
grove, about half a mile from the
locks at the canal oppes'te Green
ville, they selected a tree promirent
for its 8zi and some p.-culiarities
abt u ; its appearance wh'ch made it
consp'cuouH. At the foot of this tre
they buried the money aod then took
bearings, ore ot the party beirg a civil
engineer. Each of the three men were
furnished with a copy of this end the
marauders returned to New Orleans
intending to return ait-r tbe wer
and recover the money. His two
companions were killed and Adams
desperately wounded soon alter.
Adams was t k n to a No th
em hojpi'a', and left it par
alyz d and helpless. Whea he recov
ered tbe use cf his limbs (only a
month a.o) he returned to New Or
leans, and at once began to search for
bis treasure. He found, to his ds
may, tbat all the older pecan trees had
been cut down and only tbe young
ones left, and wa, consequently, una
ble to recognize tbe tree under which
tbe treasure was buried. He devoted
himself, however, for three weeks, to
delving for it. A few weeks eg) he
t ok several other parties into part
nership with him, who advanced a
better outfit-forsnrvryingthe laud and
digging for the money, bat, as he hat
unearthed no treasore, bis partiers
had him arrested today.
Brooklyn Jockey Club Rare.
Nxw YoBK.Septembsr 10. The first
rai-n Hi Rrnnklvn Jnrknv Cluh
cou ss today was for all ages; five fur
longs. Princess won Dy a necc ; Mute
second, Mona B. third. Time 1:02J.
bmii.l W(i- Onn mile and an piuht h.
Tornado won by three-quarters of a
length ; Ada v. secouu, uaicc in inir j.
Time 1:58.
Z'Ai'rd Race. Fcr two year olds,
tin oe quatte'S of a mile. iMilala won
by two lengths; Feoelon second, Mag
gie Mltcbe 1 third. Time 1 :17.
Fourth iVrrY. One mile and one
eighth. O'Fallcn won by fourleng'hs;
Lucy H. second, Saxony third, lime
1 -Mh
Fifth Race. Ont mile. Swift won
by t n lengths ; Three Cheers second,
Fer.ira third. Time 1 :4ttJ.
Sixth Race. Seven-eights of a mile.
Bonnie S. won by one length and one
half; Tellio Doe second, Error third.
Time 1 :30.
llrlrahton Beach Itaer.
Nkw Yohk, September 10. First
Race. Three quarters of a mile. Ac
r is Mattiu won by to lengths; Bulle
It ntrer sorord. Nunscnse third. 'I ime
1:171. Cerittca es paid $27 25 on
Annie Mania and $5B 05 for Belle
Nivond Race. Tbree-qnarteis of a
mile, result d in a dead heat tetwenn
Mm nia St. John and King 'Bob;
Unique third. Time 1:18 At the
runttl'Ivii-.g Bub won. . Ccruncatts
paid $11 80 straight.
Third Rare. Seven-eighths of
mile. Belle B. won by three lengths;
Pilof second, Banero third. Time
1:3. Certificates paid $75 30
Fourth Rare. Oae mile. Elizabeth
won ty tbrte lengths; Burgomaster
second, Mentr third. Time 1:40.
Fifth Race Seven-eighths of a mile.
Birunmwon by two lenuths; Treas
tirer second, Ferg Kyle tbird. Time
.S'i i(A 1!ir. S.'penlni'haim fill
course. Barry Mann won; Embargo
second. Time 5:16,
SEPTEMBER 11, 1886.
The Crop Generally Late and There
fore More Expor-ed to Unfavor
able Influences.
Nw Obleaks, La., September 10.
The National Cotion Excharge crop
report, made up by C. H. Parker, sec
retary, for the month of August,
based on full returns from all pans of
the cotton ha t av. T .nn..i:
Unction to last year, coUonthis sees n
uu not neany bo good a start, as a low
average prevailed Hnn'no ih. ..i-
mo.DQ- xcePt wst of the MiesiBsipoi
; " uuk, out in tne Atlan ic
States and nearly all the territory seat
01 the Missiiuinni Ihora V,n i .
, rr- w uno moll RU
improvement during tbe whole of Au-
Buoi, uu mo irniiing season bas shown
an advance instead of retrogression
within this area Howeve-, the crop
is generally late and therefore more
exposed to any futare unfavorable in
fluences; on t e other hand, in the
former high rated States of Tex s
and Arkansas and portions of Louis -ana
the plant has snflered from lack
ot sufficient moisture, hi 1 and prairie
lands beirg, of coarse, the most seri
ously afletted, and shedding has been
general. Taken a;tigether, however,
the lots on one side hps been ni ra
than counterbalanced bv the gain on
the other, aod ihe general coed tioi
of the crop is improved. Worms have
appeared in very msny locoii'ies, bat
as yet have done no damage. Libor
is nleritifnl. Tha fmnHlil,.,. ,. ti,
, - vvituiuiu v-i nia
crop, by bate, for the past three
uiuuiuo to n luiiuws;
6(rt. ' Jhriij. July. Awj.
Virginia 8J 80 81
North Ourolina 79 76 84
S-iu h Carolica 75 71 80
Georgia 78 80 84
Florida 01 81 83
Alabama 75 82 80
Tennessee 87 01 95
Arkansas Oil 07 02
M'esissippi ,82 84 87
Louisiaoii 80 82 84
Texas 98 98 00
Av. for tbe belt..83.5 85 4 " 80.6
Av. last yea- 92 07 91
Av. year beore..85 87 80
A Poor Woman's Dmperate Deed.
Chicago, III , September 10 Mrs.
Frank Conifer, a widow, 25 years o'd,
made a desperate and perhaps success
ful attempt this afternoou to end the
lives of her two children end herself.
Since the woman's hnsb nd died,
biut a year ego, the bas bad several
fits of melancholy. Strange noises in
her apart uents today caused neigh
bors to break in. Mrs. Comfer was
found lying on a bed, and cisped
in her .arms were her children, aged
2 yeais and 7 monthi respec
tively. Upon the Cor r was an empty
bottle marked corrosive sublimate.
Mrs. Comfer wai consciou", but bys,
'erically resisted any i t empt to rave
her fife. Tne two bab?s were in a
stupor. Their mother was soon a
corpse. Tonight at the hosi ital the
li tie ones weie still alive, and it w s
thought had a chance to recover. The
mother has been out of mcney tor
f ome time and eecmod to bave riiad no
Tbe labor aHliiafion rat An auxin.
Augusta, Ga., September 10.
Notice hai b;ea served upon the
operatives occupying Louses owned
by the Augusta facioy that they muet
vaca'e at once, as tbe hcu-es are
wanted fcr operative) who are going
to work. Du ing tho lockout tbe
operatives have been allowed to oc
cupy the bouses belonging to the fac
o ies without raying rent. Every
thing continues quiet and unchanged
about the mill. X)jlyalew hands
ara working in the picker room cf the
Augusta factory. Efibr.s ure etill
biting made to compromise tl;e differ
ence? between tie faHories etd em
ployes Veiyfewof the 3000 bands
nut of employment bave left the c ty.
They ere wa ting an adjustment of the
d fferences, prrftrriog to remain here
idle than to eeek work elsewhere.
Slnunfd by Lightning;.
Watbrtown, N. Y. 8it'mbtrl0.
Edwin Potts, jr., aged 24, wasitstant'y
killed, and his aia.er badly ttunneo,
todsy by lightning, wlrch ttruck their
f ither's hoi ee.
Nw 0xAN8, September 10. Night
Arrived: Annie P. Silver, St. Louie.
Vicksbobo, September 10. Night
Departed: City cf Vicksbnrg, St.
Louis; Cityof New Orleans, New Or
leans. Cincinnati, Sp'ember 10. Night
River 5 feet on tbe gauge and station
ary. Weather fair and cool, with rain
this afternoon.
Locisvills, September 10. Night
River falling, witb 3 'eet 8 inches in
ttie canal and 1 foot 0 inches on the
falls. Business -fair. Weather clear
and pleawnt, rf ter a good rain.
8t. Louis, September 10. Night
River ris'ng, with 0 f-et 5 inches on
the gange. Weather clear and cord.
Arrived: City of Baton Ronge, New
Orleans. No departures of regular
No. mst, R. D. Chanoary Court of Shalbi
Bounty . H. J. tckerly, Adm'r, etc., v.
Mimourl H'tluon, t at.
BY virtua of an interlocutory decrea ior
(at antorad tn tha above cause on th
2Mth da) of JulyilSftti, M. B. 61, par 144,
1 will aell t Dublin auction, to the hinh
at bidder, In front t f the Clerk and Alanter a
ntfice, eourthouse oi She by county, Mem
pbia. Tenn., on
Mntnrilay, Kepleiutjer IS, 1HS6,
within legal bourn, the following dencrihed
property, tituatod in tbe Taxing Diitriol of
Shelby ouurMy, Tenncimce, to-wit:
An undivided to-fittha i'2-b) interest in
and to a lot or latcol of land conveyed by
James Mavdwell to Joniuh L. Wilnon, and
mora particularly deioribed ai lollops, to
wit: Lying on the north aide ot Poplar
treat, in the city of Men i. his, bhrlhy coun
ty. Tennetinee, being part of rubtiivinion
"D" of orisinal C. h. No. tm, and bounded
as follower beginning on the north tide nf
Poplar itreet at a point or i oat. the north
west oorner of a lot corjyeyed by Wa'.t 0.
Bradford to N. II. Siout, and which i now
occupied by aid N. U. Ktout; running
the- ca wosiwardly along fa id Poplar street
tert:- (.'()) teet to another point, the north
west Ov.rcer of a lot oonvejed by said Brad
ford to Johnion, an d oorner being, as is
anderstood, about S", feet from the south
west oorner ot paid original lot; thence at
right angles to Poplar street 1K0 feet 2 or 3
inches: ihe ace in a northwesterly direction
about 40 leet3 inches to a atakewhiuh stsnrls
at a point whenoo a line 174ti feet in lrngth
and paralM tn said west line of laid lot
would s rrke the boainning corner: thence
with the last described line to ihe brgiuning
point the house number of said lot being
ol2, and being tr-e same lot oonveyed to J.ts.
Mavdwell by Watt Bradford in It-Mi. Tba
said ennreyanna being reoorded In lteoord
Book 42, pnges 0 and 10.
Terms of Rale On a credit of six mon hi:
note with sood security required. Ibis Au
gust 2T, lKSii.
B. I. MnDOWKLL, Clerk and Master
By U. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and. Master.
UanttJt Patterson, Solicitors. tat
ivTi rnrt rmriTLARS AND PKICES. -
SorgHum itills,
And Commission Merchants,
260 and 262 Front St., Memphis, Teim.
, R-i H-v
- gUH-UtrvcL
Late J. 1. LaPrad Co.
No. 304 Front street, : Memphis, Tenn.
urHaving retired from the Saddlery and Harness bnstness and opened an offlce as aboya.
we are pleiwed to announce to our friends and tbe public aanerally that we are now prepare!
to serve them in our new capacity. Returning thanks for the very liberal patronage ex
tended us in the .old line, we trust to merit and receive a tu are oouiMavorji in t be new .
InngBtaiT Building,
322 and 324 Main Street
(slClKSSOKN TO S. 1.. LF.h), JOBBEK.s OF
Cigars and Tobacco
275 Main Mreet. Opp. Court tnare. Memphis, Tenii.
OFFICE-33 Madison St. (Dcno(o Hank Building).
MI.!DU'SC0MB,Pre8't. JOS. BRUCE, Y.-Pres't. J.8.DULSC0MB,Secj
Dooi-h, Sash, BlindeitMoldiaxs, all kinds of Door and ll'iadow
Frameta, Brackets, Scroll-Work, Bough and DresBed
Lumber, Shingles, L.ath, Water Tanks,
All klndaof Wood Work Executed at Short JVoticc.
Xos. 157 to 173 Washington street, Memphis, l enn.
J. c. Meely.
And Commission Merchants,
ryo. 3G7 Front Street, : Mcm,.hi, Tenn.
W. H. NATlS.
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayrei Block)! "
New and Latest Stjleg Stock. Kew
Tjpe, Jiew Machinery.
Trices as low as aujwliere, Xorth
or East.
Increased facilities for doing all
kinds Lithogranliinir.
Positive Cure for Tiles.
1 lWLZt-
'Manufacturer'sIAgenta tor
Daniel Pratt Cottou Gins,
Manufacturers of
rratt KfllmMnIr Feed
rra nnU fain Vepalrera,
8 to 101 Poplar St., Memphis.
garPratt Revolying-Head Gins nne
quHled. titock now complete. Pnoei
reduced. Corresnondenas ano order
,olioited. Old Gins Repaired in First
lass Orde. AH work guaranteed.
Late with J. T. LaPrada & C
Electric Belt Free
rpO introduce it and obtain agents e wil
r.i.. th? nxt.lxt, dy' iv fret
of charire, in each fount in the U. 8. a lim
ned nomherot our Wer him n opniro Ual.
iirio anrtprnsorr Mnlli. Price 5; a
rositive and unfailing euro for Nerrous Da-
etc. 0.uo Bw&ri pa d 11 ereri Bait w
Congressional ConventionT
Ikntu Disthict or TNKfsiir. .
T September 7. 18S6. J
HE Convention of this Dittrict aa-
on KRI1MY, BtPl'KMBER 17, 186, fo?thi
111..'. , I . yATa t-'ounly Comunttees will
llaasa take notice and select thoir dcierarea
"0(" ''. takinar a basi. ol appi?Uon
S? .ie.Pffi0!' V1? Cnrc.aional vol. fir
Md" mi. i f n? dele!-"t 'r ch 100 votes,
Jot.. ?dele.la' f"ch faction of fifty
xN. y ,,1t. Secr.tar ' Cla'rm"1-
Have Removed to
8E2Q BSOn-KT-n m
KSS'nTj.1 t! n iS" Hoas Furl
lib I
Forial.bjalHrugtliti. y
and oa asir Irmi. f(

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