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Cotton jalet -Middling, 8 7-8c
&aleg Yesterday, 50
Money in gxid demand at 8 per
cent. Local securities are steady, and
tending rrpwatd.
The cotton market yesterday closed
quiet; middling, 81c; tales, 60 bales.
At New York spots closed quiet;
middling, 9ic. Fututea dull, but
steady; ceptmber, 9.079.0Sc. Of
the future market a leading New York
circular says: Stimulated by some
improvement for the day at Liverpool
' and a little nervous over the small in-
crease in the percentage of condition
shown in the official crcp teports, the
shorts were s ightiy alarmed at the
' out;et and bid the market up some 6
. pointr. No new demand tame in,
however, and about half the advance
was lost, and the clcsa proved quite
At New Orleans spots were quiet
and fiim; middling, S-c; futures
quiet and steady; September, 8 76
8.77c. .
At L:verpDol spots we:e quiet and
unchanged; midd'inz, 53d; futures
quiet and et.ady; September, 5 10-64d.
In the gsaer.ll market hog products
are itrong and active and a shade
high;r. Bacon clear rib tides, SJ
91c; clear rib tides, pork, 7Jc
Mackerel firm and higher; half bar
rel No. 1, 55E0.
S xtv-six brls apples. 886 rla bug
ging, 217 plm bacon, 836 pVgs boon
- and f hoes, 500 bu corn, 5 pkgs chees,
2C8 tks ccfl'-e, 2 cars and 250 eks cat-
ton seed, 197 pkgs dry goodB, CO pkgs
eggs, 504 brls flour, 354 bait s hay, 36
pugs hats, S head cattle, 3 head horses
and rau'es, 121 pkg l'qucrs, 30C0 bu
oats, GO br s onions, 316 brls uotatof s,
3 can pork sides, 31 br.s sugar, 183
. pkgs tob. ee.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, witl drawn and in store
by regular elevato s, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
Wheat received, none; withdrawn,
none: in store, 4885 bu. Corn re
ceived, cone; withdrawn, 1258 bu;
in Btore, 10.S25 bu. Oats received 12,-
690 bu ; withdrawn, 8:107 bu ; in store,
174,235 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis Tenn.,
Money i i good demand at 8 per cent.
The C.eariLg House report is as fol
lows :
Fridav, September 10th, 5147.
113 85 ; tlus far this week, 8917,428 77 ;
same time las' week. 804,656,16 jsamH
time in 1835, i717,640 30; naine time in
1884 J 362,691 35.
Friday, September 10 b, $35,
'037 93 ; thus far tVs week, $314,333 25 ;
same time laet week, $329,625 31 : same
time in 1SS5, 344 767 31; same time in
188 J, $102,519 76.
New York sight on all points, nar
buying, premium selling; New
England demand, J discount buying .
New England sight, discount; New
Orleans,! discount buying, par soiling
Bank of Commerce .146 bid, 149 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 ashed
' German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planterc.150 bid, 153 asked
Mercantile 3auk....l35 bid, 137 Baked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando , 100 bid, .. asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 asked
Peoples .....80 bid, 83 asked
Phoenix 08 bid, 1C0 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vanderbiit 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
M. and C. R.R. sharee3u bid, ... aaked
M. A T. R.R. shrs, 45 bid, 50 asked
M. A C. consols, 7s... 119 bid, ... asked
M. A L. R. lRt m. 8s... 105 bid, ... asked
Miss.&T.R.R.cfl,A....lll bid, 113 asked
Miss.AT.R.R.ce,B..101 bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wta. eer. 1) 90 bid, 03 asked
Tenn. wte. ser. E to J..83 bid, 85 asked
fihelbv Co. 63 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Diat. 4, 6?,...".. 97 J bid, 98 J asked
Tax. Cist. 6s 104 bid, 105J asked
Mem. Gas bonds 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds-... 97 hid, ... asked
Hanatier Oil Works bid, 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trusK..55 bid. 56 ai-ked
Pioneer Cot'on Mills 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.Stor.Com.Co102 bid, 103 aaked
Mc-m. Gas sto.;k 75 bid, 80 asked
New York, Peptmber 10. Mor.ey
on c;l loaned at 57 percent., closing
Sfr 6 percent. Prime mercsctile paper 4
(a 5 per cant. Ste lirg exchange eteady,
but qtret at. 48IJf..r sixty dsy bills
ami 4S4J f r dtnixnd.
Bomis -Government and State bonds
are dull pnd steady. Railway bonis
have been qnut and genra'lly firm.
The trai tactions ihougb disYibired
among a lare riumb'jr of is u?p, were
for sn insignificant amount in each.
The bneintsi of the day was J802,C00.
Final figures show trilling chances
which are about eqaallv div'ddd.. be
tween gains and losses. IIrlein regis
tered sevens are up 2J at 134J; Sriota
Valley fi'sfs, 5, at 65, end Kansas Ci ty
pnd Nor hernt!lariod8ixes,4at 76.
S Paul cotsals are down 1 at 130;
New York Central conpors sevens, 3
at 134; Ohio and Mississippi cons jle,
2 at 118.
Stocks The stock rairkettirs morc
ine again relnrsed ir.to extreme
dullness, witti no feature
whatever, ftuciun'ions being
for frem J to J per cent., snd ncoa
figures about the tame as those of tbe
openirg. In the afterncon, however,
a batter feeling prevailed, principally
due lo the confident e that the Chicago
convention of maasgers wou'd ti rally
harraon'z all the intetes's involved,
their action in throwing out dispu'ed
qnes Ions end working for agieetneot
tn more important issues meeting
with the approval of the s'reet. The
principal movement ws in Canada
Southern, which was bid up by nom
tiaders. New York and New England
was heavy on reports of celling by
Boston ptrties. Tbe coal stocks weie
extremely dull, excepting Lacka
wanna, ia whxh there w no move
ment of importance. The market
(ont'.nues toebi.w no eign ol outside
interest and trans ut oos ar still con
fined to purchases and sties by the
room pro eseiinals. The business of to
day f(.o:supl34,925sbare8. There were
ouiy two stocks in which the trading
was more than 7000 shan s, Lacka
wanna 24,970 and St. Paul w.th 19,605.
The busintsj in the remainder of the
list was well die ributed, but snail.
The totilea'es of stocks todav were
134,925 shares, including Canada
Southern, 4000 shares; Delaware,
Lackawanna and Weet-rn, 24,970;
Erie, 3200; Msaiuri, Kansas and
Texas, 3945; Lake Shore, 3242; Louis
ville and Nstivd!e, 3300; Northwest
ern, 5250; Peoria, Decatur aud Evans
ville, 3000; S'. Paul, 19,605; Western
Union, 5980; Ntrthern Pacific, pre
ferred, 6760; Oregon aud Trans xnti"
neaUl, 7055. Closing quotations:
U. 8. S, 100U. 4i. coup, 126.
it. coup, HO. Paoifio Of ot 1M&, 125S.
La. Umre, 4s, TS Mltaoart, 6t, 100J-J.
Cent. Pao. ils,WA- Van. A H.(l.lt,l2). .
UenARHW.l.Ui, ). Eru tecundi, 115.
M.K. AT. ,en.6..Vi. North. Pao. laU.llfl.
North.-Pao. 2J,liiHi.N. Westorn oon., 142
N.Want. deb. fa, low. St.L.S.F.Gon.at, 1WV4
St. Paul, con., 1:J. St.P..C. A P. Isu.IlU
T.P. land grant,54,.T.P..K.O. ex con. 674.
U. P. 1U, 1U. West Shore. WVA
Tenn. 6a, 6ct'M)t,irv T0nn. 5s, (et'oit, 100.
lenn. 3a, tet'uit, TS.
Adftm'n Expreia, UU. Mc.rrli E.,offl.,140.
Allegheny Cen., . Nashville A C, 9
Alton A T. 11 , 31. H. J. Central,
A A T. U.lPW.. W. Nor. A W., pld.. H.
American Ex., Norttiern Pac, 2S.
B. C. H. AN., 50. Northern P. ptd.,W,'4.
Canada Pac. C. A N. W., w
Canada Sou., 4U;2. C. AN.W,, pla..H2.
Central Pacific, iX-' N. Y. Uentral, 110.
Chesapeake AO ,8 N. Y. C. A St. U.,V.
C. A O. Jstpfd, l.r!.4. N.Y. C.ASt.L.,p.,21J4
C. A O., 2d pld., a. Ohio Con'ral, .
C. A A., 111. OhioAMin.,25,'4.
C. A A , pld., m. O. A Mlas.. pld., ft.
C, 11. A Q., 1!6'4. Ontario A West.. 19.
C, St. L. A N. O., --. (iregon Nav., 1 V4.
CSt.L. A P., 13. (Iregon Trans.. .
C, Ht. L. AP.p.,3.".X.0reiinn Imp..2iH.
C.,8. AC..27. Pacific Mail, "!,.
C.A C, 60J. Panama. 98.
Delf A Hud., 100 Peoria, D. A E.. 303,.
Del., L. A W., Pituburg. 151
Don. A Hio U., 3oi. Pullman P. C, 138.
Erie, 836. Koadini, 2f. ,
brie pfa., WA. Mock laiand, 126VS.
East Tenn., 0. St. L. A 5. F., '&)'A.
East Tenn. pfd. 14'. St. L. A S. F.,p..W.
Fort Wayne, 147. St.L. A 8.K..Ut P.112V.
Hannibal A St Jo..- C. M. A St. P., WA
H. A St. Jo., pfd., C. M. A St. P., p. lit.
Harlem, 2M. St. P., M.A M., 114.
Houston A T., 35. St. P. A Omaha, 43'-;.
Iliuois Cen., 134. Bt.PanlAO.pfd., 112.
nd., B. A W., li Ten. Coal A Iron,5o6.
tansaa A T.. 324. Texal Paoifin, 14.
.ake E. A W., tt. . Union Pacific, 56.
,ake-Shore, 8S'i. U. S. Express. 62.
iou. A Nash., 4o!. W., St. L. A P., 19J6.
iou. AN. A., 55. W.,Bt. h. A P.,P.,3.''J6
M. A C. first pi., . W. A F. Ex., 126.
M.AC. pfd..-. W.U.Tel., 6756.
Mem. A Char., St). Colorado Coal. 2.
Mich. Cen., 82J6. Homestake, IS.
Min. A St. L., 20. Iron Silver, I'M.
Win. A St. L. pfd, 42. Ontario, 25.
Missouri Piuc,ni?-g. Quicksilver. 5!6.
Mobile A Ohio. 15 Uuicksilver.pid, 226.
M. L. S. A W 64. bouih Pacific -.
M. L.S.W.,)lii,as.Sutro.7.
Lokoon, September 10. 4 p.m.
Consols 100 13-16 for monev and 100 15
16 for tbe account. Bar silvt r 44d .er
Berlin, September 10. The state
nient ot tbe Imperial Bank cf Ger
many shows a decrease in specie of
8,80i',000 niatks.
Paris, September 10. Thres per
cen'. rentes, 83f &2J1! for the account,
New Orleans, LA.,Seoiembr 10.
Clsarins of tbe banks, $762,693.
Baltimore, Mo., September 10.
C earings, f 1,933,198; balances, $239,
304. Chicago, 111., September 10. To
dav's associated bank cleatinga were
Philadelphia, Pa., September 10.
Bank clearings today were $7,416 222;
balances. $1,196,037.
New York, September 10. Clearing
house stttement: Exchanges, JSO,08,
416; balance, J4,188,S33.
St. Louis, Mo., September 10. Bank
cleirines, $2,769,701; balance', $35,
254. New York exchange, 2550.
Boston.Mass., September 10 Clear
iiHs, $10 022,733; balances, $1,414,203.
Monev 4J5 per cent. Exchange cn
New York par to 10c prem;u:r.
The local cotton market opened
quirt and closed quitt; middling, SJc.
balo?, 50 bales, to epinners. ,
Yeeter.lay. Thursday.
- 8j
Good Ordinary...
Low Middling
Good Middling...
Middling fair
Fair... Nom.
Miufhis, September 10, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1,1880.-... 4,009
Keceived to-day UJ
Received previously... 301
Shipped today
Whipped previously. ..
Home consumption to
8tock running acconnt
Thus far this week
Thus far last week .' ..
Since September let
M. and C. R R
M.&T. R. K.
L. and N. R. R
M & L. R. R
C, O. & S W. R R
L., N. O & T. R. R
M,S. &B. R.R
Wagons and other souices.
Thns far this week 299
Thus far last week 713
Since September 1st . 594
New York spots opnned qu'et and
cloted quiet. Midd ing 9jr- Salev,
852 bales. Quotations were as fol
lows: Yesterday. Thursday.
rdinary - 6 (
Good ordinary. 8 8
Low middling. 8 13-16 8 13 16
Middling.- 91 9t
Good middling 9 11 16 9 11-18
Middling fair- 10 5-16 10 5 16
Fair 10 15-10 10 15-16
New York future opened qu'et and
firm, closed dull but steaiy. Hale-,
47,3110 bales. The closing quotations
were as follows:
Yeeterdav. Thursday.
Sertember.. 9 07 9.03 9.03(3)
October 9.11(9.12' 9 08f3 9.0!)
Novemlier...9.13'a 9.14 910m) 911
December ...9. 16 a 9.17 9.13W 9 14
January 9 2l( 9 25 "9.210 9 22
February 9 32m) 9.33 9.29,'i) 9 3J
March 9.40( 9.37(3) 9.3S
April -9 49(.i 9.50 9 6 9.47
Mav 9.56 9.57 9 539.64
June 9 64$ 9.65 9.61 9 62
July 9.72( 9.73 9.08(a) 9.69
Kew York cotton atatement for the
week ending Fridav, September 10,
Net receipts at all United Pales
Statee ports for week 42,577
Total reetnpttAo date 54,342
Exports for the week - 11,243
Total exports to date 20,512
Stock at V. S. ports 183,479
Stock at 16 interior towns... 15,866
Stock at Liverpool 432,0.0
Stock of American adoat for
Great Britain 23,000
The NewOrlens spot market opened
quiet, and cloBed qsiet and firm ; mid
dling, 8jc. Sales, 450 biles. Quota
tions were as follows:
Yesterday. Thursday.
Ordinary 7 7
Good ordinary 7J 7i
Low middling. ,. 8 7-10 8 7-16
Middling -...SJ 8j
Good middling...9l 9J
The New Orleans future market
opened dull but steady, and cloned
quiet and steady. Salee, 8100 balei.
Quotations were as follows:
Yesterdav. Thuradav.
September.. 8 76 8.77 8 70(3) 8 73
October..... 8.71 8 72 8 68 'i) 8.69
November-8 0S 8.6!) 8.65 8 60
December - 8 71 8 72 8.6S a) S.69
January 8.81 S.82 8 78 8.79
February... 8 92 8.93 8.89 8 91
March 9 02 9 03 8.99 9 01
April -. 9.12 9.13 9.09 9.11
May- 9.22 9.23 9.19 9 21
June 9.32 9.33 9 2!ltt 9.31
July (..) 9.41 9.42
daily port and intrrior markbts.
Tone. I Prices I Roc.l Stock
N Orleans.
Few York
St. Louis..
4 633
" "6 84!)
-t ady
Receipts at porta, this day, 1886- 9.001
Receipts at porta, this day, 1885.. 11,334
consolidated statement.
R'ts U. S.
Ex. Gr. Br
R'ts Sept. 1
For'gn Ex.
Decrease in receipts this year. ..21,411
At neon Liverpool spot) were
quiet and unchanged. Sale", 8000
bales of which American 7600 bales.
Receipts, 13,000 ba'e?, of which Ameri
can 5300 bales.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinery, 4d;gord ordinary, 4$d ;
low middling, 4 15-16d; good mid
dling 6 7-16d ; middling uplands, 5 jd ;
middling Orleans, 5Jd.
Manchester yarns (teady, fa'r de
nutid. Cloths dull, limited inqu'ry.
The price are given in pence and 64t Jm,
Ihut: 4 63 meant 4 63 64f; and 5 01
meant 6 l-64d.l
At noont Liverpool futures were
Siiiet ; September, 5 C8d ; September
ctober, 5 03d ; Ottaber-November,
; November-December, ; Datem-ber-Jannary,
; fanuarv February,
4 631; February-March, 5d;l Match
April, 6 02d; April-May, .
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
firm; fcep'embet, 5 09d, buyers;
September October, 5 04J. buyers; October-November,
5d, buyers; No-vem'ier-December,
4 63d, buyers:
cmVer-January, 4 63J, buye's; January-February,
51, Ballets; Februaiy
March, 5 Old, buyers; Mtrcb-Apnl,
5 03d, buyers; Apiil May, 5 05d,
At 4pra: L'verpool fut'ires were
quiet and i-teady; September, 5 lOd,
bujeri; September October, 5 5d,
buy; October November, 5 Old, buy
ers; November December, Sd, buyers;
December-January, 5d, buyeis; Jauu-ary-Febiuary,
5d, buyers; Februaiy
March, 6 02d, sellers; March-April,
5 04d vaue; April-May, 5 06d, buy
ers. Liverpool weekly statement for the
week ended September 10, lO:
1886. ' 1SS5.
Weekly sales 63,000 47,000
Of which American. 51,000 35,000
Including for export 6.S00 6,200
Incl'g for spoliation 1.700 800
Forw d f'm ship side 3,700 3,300
Total stock 432,000 554,000
Of which American. 269,000 376,000
Week's receipts 39,000 12,000
Of which American. 19,000 7,000
To'l rec.sinceSep.l.. 41,000 28,100
Of which American. 19,800 19,700
Actual week's esp't. 5,100 32,000
Stock afloat 65,000 20,000
Of which American. 23,000 9.000
Week end-1
ing Sent. ' Since Sep
10, 1886. teiuber 1st.
ceivkd. This Last This Last
Year Year Year Year
M&CRR.... 35 20 47 58
M&TRR... 73 205 88 242
L&NRR... II 10 33 10
M & L'R R R 45 130 51 141
C.OASWRR 8 5 9 21
LfNO&TRR 10 47 20 53
KCS4MR1! 12 ft 18
M.B&ARR 17 II 19 9
Miss, river... 45 318 54 347
White river. 11 73 10 80
St.Fran river 28 28
rk'sas river 6 7 2
Wagons, etc 30 250 45 30o
Total 290 1,113 391 1,309
M&CRR... 24 21 3
M & T R R
L & N R R... 275 15 531 . 15
C.04SWRR 39
M.B&ARR 2 2
Steam's n'rth1- 177j l'JJ
Steam's s'uth 1 1
Total 29!) 19-J 591 211
The following iethe'record of b'ds
and offers at tha Ca 1 Btard cf tLe
jleichants' Exchange yesterday:
Nn. 2, white, spot, 44c bid; Sep
tember, 4 lo bid, 45e ajked; October,
451c aked; November, 16c asked.
No. 2. spot 42o bid, 4'lj asked; Kcp
trrber,42c bid, 43j aed; Octobrr,
421c bid, 43satk;d; November, 42c
bit. .
No. 2, white,, epr-t, 31c 1 iJ, 23j
ar koil ; September, 31c bid, 3:'c atked ;
Ocober, 32c bid, 33Jc naked ; Novein-bt-r,
32jc bid, 33Jj asked; Nn. 2, spot,
30c a-k d ; September, SOcesked; Oc-tobt-r,
2!Mc bid, 31c asked; November,
30c bid, 31 Jc asked.
No. 2, red winter, spo, 75Jc bid ;
September, 75o bid: October, 76c
bid ; November, 76c bid.
Spot, $2 25 asked; September, $2 25
asked ; October, $2 25 aikod; Novem
ber, $2 25 aked.
Spot, f 11 bid ; September, f 11 60
bid; October, $11 50 Lid.
The following quotations era the of
ficial qnotatiens of the Merchants'
Coenmral Standard, $2 352 40;
pearl, $3 403 50; roller, $2 60.
Hat Choice, from store, 7ftS0c;
car load from levee or depot, $13 50
14; prime, from ttore, 7075c; car
load from lewe or depot, $13; ptairie,
from store, 50c; car load from levee
or depot, $8 609.
Corn Fromstore,white,53c; mixed,
52c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 48c; in sacks, 52c; mixed, in
bulk, 46c: in sacks, 493.
Oats From etore.white, 40c : mixed,
37c; frvm levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 35c; in sacks 37 Jc mixed, in
bu!k,32Jo: in sacks, 35c.
Bban From stre, 75S0c; from
levee or depot, $13.
Flour From store, No. 3, $3 ; fam
ily. 13 50 ; cboi e, $3 754 ; fancy, $4
4 25 : extra fancy, $4 305)4 50 ; patents,
$55 50.
Beans Navy. $2; medium, $1 50
1 75: common, $2 25; German millet,
$1 201 40.
Rica Louisiana, 4(u5:; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Crackbes Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra. 4Jc; lemon crackem,
extri, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c;Kingor snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sarted lumbles, 9j.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$4 2 from store.
Homint and Grits From store,
$3 153 25.
Kansas City, Mo., September 10
Wheet steady ; No. 2 red, cah, 63c
bid; October, Oljn; November, 65Jo
bid; May, 75Jt. Corn sleady; cash,
3223 bid; Octjb-r, 33e bid; Novem
ber, 34 J 3 b'.d. Otfts nimitia1, 21Jc
Liverp ol, September 10. A lead
ing weekly grain circular eays: The
piospects for the Uritls'i crops are not
improving. Heavy rains have fuller,
ds'aying the harvest and depreeixting
the qua'ity and condition. Wheat
citgofs oil' cOAEt are ttendy. Several
have (hinged hands aid a number
have bern wi hdrawa. Sals have
been made on passxge at full prices.
At today's market there was a thin at
tendance. A quiet feeling prevailed.
The demand for wheat was nnderate
rnd prio s were unchanged. Rad was
si ghtly in buyers' favor. .There was a
fair basinesi in flour ft unchanged
tates. There was an average inquiry
for corn, and 'he ea'ds show a s ight
ionp ovement in prices.
St. Louis, Mo., September 10. Flour
quiet and steady; XXX, $ 2 302 40;
family, $2 55(2 65; choice, $3 10
3 25; fancy, S3 45g3 55; extra
fancy, $3 703 85; patents, $4 20
4 60. Wheat opened higher, but de
clined rapidly, cloFing at the lowest
prices of the day, JJc below yesier
day; No. 2, cash, 76i);76;c! O.tjber,
78)79c, closed at 78.1c; November,
Si'3;a81c, clo3ed at BUji: December,
2J833, closed at 82Jc. O tn dull bnt
huher, though closing bslow hist
prices ; No 2 mixed, eaih,37 jc ; October,
37j(338c, cl(sd at37j3 bid; Novem
b r, 38J39o. closed at SSJc bid ; May,
43jj433c, clow d at 4 'So ssked. Oats
steady but dull; No. 2, cash, 25 Ac;
Ojtober, 25c bid ; November, 263c bid.
Rye, 4960r. Barley dull ana un
nbenged. II ly unchanced. Flaxseed
slow and weals fl 01J. Bran easy,
50 Crn mealet-adv, $22 05. Re
ceiptsFlour, 3000 bils; wheat, 64,000
bu; com, 41,100 bu; oat, 32,000 bu;
rye, 2100 bu; barley, 6,000 bu. Ship
ments Flour, 91X10 brla; wheat, 2000
bu; corn, 10,000 .bu; oats, 000 bu;
rye, no: e; barley, 1000 bu.
Afternoon Board. Wheat weak and
ra c lower. Cora eaty and a shade
tower. Oa'g dull and unchanged.
Chicago, III., September 10. The
publication of the government esti
mate for September as to the probable
wheat )ield, declaring trat the output
would exceed that of last year by from
80,000,000 tn 9 1,000,010 bushels, plao
inn tt e ptobab'e tital yield at about
436,000,000 bushels, had a beuiBh
effect on tbe market, and the latest
trailing figures were about a under
yesterday. The earlf feeling wai
etronsr, and October advanced to 78 J j
on good baying, but fell oil tteadily
after the publication of the govern
ment report. The market closed at 1
o'clock at 774c. but fell oil in tbe after
roin to 77 9 16c. Corn was dull nod
moderate'y steady thioughout, owing
to the poor showing made for the
growing crop in the government
report, and ihe latest figures were
about tbe same as these of yes'erday.
Oats were dull and "asy. Flour steady
aud unchanged. Whtut opened firm,
hut rereded and cloned a Elude easier.
Sales ranged: September, 70J76jc,
closed at 76Jo; October, 77i78jn,
closed at 77Jc ; November, 79J
80je, closed : at 79c: May, 87
87jc, rlos(d at 87 c; No. 2
spring, 7676Ac; No. 2 red, 77c.
Corn eteady, veitti Ur trading; csh,
40c; September, 3!S40c, closed at
39c; October, 4U41Jc, closed at
41Jc; November, 4:M42 15-18c, closed
a- 421c; Mar,46j46c. closed at 463c.
Oata steady; cash, 25j.v, September,
25J251p, clrssd at 25Jc; October,
2oi';6jc, closed at i.6Jc; November,
27; May, 323 1c, clobt'd at 32c. Eye
dull; No. 2, 59. Barley quiet; No. 2,
67c. Flaxseed staaily; No. 1, $1 (9.
Receipts Flour, 90(H) br's; wheat,
78,00) bu; corn, 274,000 bu; cat?,
18,000 bu; rve. 7tKX)hn; barley, 61,
0 !0 bu. Ship'meuts-F.onr, 8000 brls;
wheat, 78,000 bu; corn. 335,000 bu;
ra's, 231,000 bu; rye, 35,000 bu; bar
lev. 49,000 bu.
Afternoon Jloard.Vfhett weaker;
S'ptJinber, 76jo; Oct b r 77 9-16c
Ci.ru easy; September, 39J-; October
41 1316c. Oa's week; September,
25Jc; October, 26 5-16 .
St. Louis, Mo., September 10
Prcv'sinns matk t s nrg and hitih
er; good j ,btiin bUHinass in perk;
active demand f'T dry salt meats.
Pork b'eher, $11 25. Latd steady,
J6 75. Bulk mi-a's loo'e lots-lorg
clear and ehort rib, $7 20; short
clear, $7 50; buxd lota ling clesr
and short lib', 3 7 35; short clear,
7 65. Bacon 'ong clear, $7 87$;
short ribs,$7 87J; short clear, ?S 25.
Hams very firm t 13rtl3Jc. Butt-r
unchanged: crtawry, 20'23c; dairy,
1018c. EgnB firm at 12j.
Cuicaqi, III., S.pt. 10. Mess pork
active ar.d etrt niter; prices rdvaiiced
2025c cn n' a' delive ies aad closed
at medinm flu-s; c'sh, $10 50
10 55: October. $10 50 10 02 j, closed
at fl0')10 621; November, $10 30
10 57J. clcsei at $10 4510 47$.
lird quiet and J5c lower; cs:i,
$7 2i); September, f7 22J; October,
S6 608 65, clneed at $li Willi 6.1;
November, $6 50. Sbcrt rib sides
steaty; cish, $7. Boxed meata etrr.uv;
dry ea'ted ehouirlers. ?6 1246 25;
shoittlfisr sides, $7 207 25. Ititter
firm; creameiy, 1623c; dairy, 12j
17c. EgKS, li-fI4(!.
Afternoon Hoard. Pork !oer; Ssp
tem'ber, $10 50. October, $10 52J.
Lard easy; September, $7 22; OUo
$6 571.
Bcttr Bntterine,12J13c; cream
ery, 22 ?6o; dairy, 16 18c; country
bntter, 1516e.
Chee-si Prime fla'a, 8Jc, nominal;
factory, 7J8c, nominal; full cream,
12c. ,
Una Products Mow pork, til 25
11 60: suear cured hams, 13jl4c;
breakfast baron, 8j10c; clear rib
sMes bacon, 8l(Sc; bacon shoulders,
Tjc ; bulk pork clear sides, 7 Jc; clear
rio aides, 7jc; shoulders, 6ic; long
clear, 7Jc.
LaRD-Tierces, 7J7Jc; half-barrels
and kegs, 88Jc; choice kettle, 8J
Fritsh Miats No. 1 beef, 7o; Mut
ton, 7c; hind quarters of beef, Sic;
lamb $2 503 50.
Poultry Chickens, $12 25; old
hens, $202 50.
OoFMCommon,9j10o: ordinary
10J10jc; prime Kio,ll12iC; choice
to fancy, 12J13c; oldgovernment,
2425c; Ceylon, 1822c.
Soap Chapman's Hope soap, un
wrapped, 4j4Jo per pound.
Salt $125 per barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 451 60; coarse, $1 15 1 20; pock
eta, bleached, 27c; car-loads from
levee or depot, 5c cheaper.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 89c.
Candlk8 Full weight, 9J10c.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per dox
en: Pineapples, Jl 41V3U t0; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 S5l 55; seconds,
$1 101 15; tomatoes, 2 !b, staudard,
$1 25 t 35;3-lb, $1 15 1 30; straw
berries, $1 35l 40; ranpberrios,
$1 151 25; blackberriea, $1
1 15; f reengages, $1 601 76;
rears, $22 25; plums, $1 6tK'
1 70 ; anparagns, $2 604 ; green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $1 65165; cove
oysters, full weight, Mb, $11 10;
cove oystors, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
65c ; cove oysters, Unlit weight, 2-lb,
$1 ; condensed milk Crown, $5 5(1
5 75; Eagle,$7 51 7 76; Daisy, $4 75.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 1825c; prime to choice. 2835c;
syrup, 2440c; common to lair, 20
25c : prime to choice, 30033c ; centrif
ugal, fancy, 3234c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27J
23c; other grades and styles, 3586c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per rase;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 50
10 25; Gail & Ax's, $8 75.
Sugar Pure white, 6j6c; off
white, 6S6c; yellow clarified, 6J
6gc; open kettle, 66c; refinod A,
66ic; granulated. (J7Jc; pow
dered, 7J7ic; cut loal, 718c.
Powder Kegs, $4; half kegs, $2 25;
quarter kegs, $1 25.
New Orleans, La., September 10
Coffee very firm and holders asking
higaer prices; Rio crgoe, common to
prime, 8llc. Rice iu good de
mand. Suuitr quiet but steady. Mo
lapses nominal.
New York, September 10. Coffee
not fair Rio firm, lOJc; options 16
20 points higher and active; sales, 43,
0(K) bags; September, 0.259.30c;
October, 0 159.30c; November, 9.05
'.).20c ; December, 9.059 1 5o : Jan u
9059.15c; February, 9.109.20c;
March, 0.109 20c. Sugar firm, de
mand fair; molasses siwar, '.lie; cen
trifugal, 6ie; refined st-wdy ;,'C," 4
4l; yellow, 4l4jc; off"A," 5 3 16c;
cut loaf and crushed, Ci0 5-16ct
powdertd, 66ic. Molaeses dull and
non inai ; 50" test, 17jo. Rice eteady
aodin fair demand.
Apples Apples, $1 502 50; dried
apples, 231c per pound from store.
Dried peaches, 23c from store.
Veqetablks Onions, $3 from
store. Cabbage, $2 50; per he ad, !)10c ;
tt 75 from levee or depot r r crate,
Kraut, brls, $1; half brie, $33 25.
Garlic, 4060c per 100. Turnips, 50c
per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, LonlMann nmi
nal, $6. Lemons, $7 5008 per,
box. Bananas, $13 per bunch.
Cocoanuta, $5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 71c ; Tennessee, farmer's stock.
34c; roasted, 2o highor; snelled,
10c. Almonds, 18010c.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $275; California, ; Imperial,
$3 604.
Pickles In Jars, pints, 95c; qnarte,
$1 60; half-gallons,$275 ; gallons, $3 75;
owe, barrels, $6 5007; half-barrels,
13 754 ; mixed, barren, $10 50 ; mixed,
half barrels, $6.
Potatoes New, $1 2E1 50; North
ern etnek, $1 7502.
Cidkr New York, $0 5007 per bar
rel, and $3 7604 per half-barrel ; Vin
egar, 10 J per gallon.
Pecans Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 1014o for large; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No, 1,
$.105 50; No. 2, $44 25; No. 3,
3 5004; 10-lb kit No. 1, 93c; No. 2,
75o; 15-lb, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrinue,
family, 25o per box.
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples, 15c ;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Game Game finh, ll12c.
Eaos Ejsy, 1617c.
In car load lota: Fime crude cotton
seed oil, 26c; off crude cotton seed
oil, 2223c; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 35 36c; off sum
mer yellow cottonseed oil, 3132c;
miners' summers yellow cotton seed
oil, 32035c; prime summer white cot
ton seed oil, 35c; choice cooklnit yel
low co'tin seed oil, 37c; prime cotton
seed meal, $15; off cotton seed meal,
New Orleans, La., Septembor 10.
Cotton seed products ecurce and Arm ;
prime crude oil, delivered, 25026c;
summer yellow oil, f. o. b, 3S.l!)c;
enkt end meet, $19 5001:0 per long
ton, f. o. b.
niDRs Dry flint,. 121010c; dry
salt, 1012c ; green salt, 7Bjc ; green,
66c; deerskins, 1518c. Beeswax
firm at 21c; tallow, 303JC.
Clear tu') wa-hed, 3136c; grea'.e
wool, 23026 ; Burry wool, 13018c.
Philadelphia, Pa., Sejitember 10.
Woul in impr 'vod demand; prices un
changed, but firm.
St. Louis, Mo , September 10. Wool
quie, but sWdy and firm; medium
eloibing, 2202Oo; combing. 21025c;
low and coarse, 14m22c; fine l'gbt,
20024c; heivy, 17021c; black, 17
Boston, Mass., September 10. Wool
active and tinner; Ohio and Pennsyl
vania extra, 32V.33n; XX, 34035c;
XX and above, 3536c; Michigu ex
tra, 310311c; eoinbing and delaine,
35(o38j; unwnshed wools, 19029c;
pulled wo ;1p, 3304O,-.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, if 1 505; roclistillol goods from
85c o $1 60, according to proof; rye,
$1 7506.
St. Lours,Mo.,September 10. Wbie
ky rirm, $1 10.
Chicago, III., September 10. Whis
ky steady, $1 15.
Cincinnati, 0.,9eptember 10 -Whis
ky active ; sales of 807 barrels of fin
ished goods on basis of $1 10.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lota, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, O September 10. Pe
troleum quiet; s. w., 110, 7Jc.
Pittsburg, Pa., September 10. Pe
troleum opened strong at 635c, but fell
cS to 031c on selling to realize. At 1
o'clock p.m.' 63 c was bid. Trading
was active.
Bagging Jute. 2 11)9, 8Jc; 1 lbs,
7Jc; 1 lbs, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 7 jc.
1'ies-$1 1001 15.
Nails Common, $2 202 26; steel
$2 352 40.
Receipts of cattle tbe past week have
been light. Prices were firm at last
week's quotations. Tcday the aupply
of all kinds is very light, and prices
are a shade ttronger. Market bare of
hogs today; piicei firm. Sheep' in
light supply on sale today; prices un
changed. A light supply of lambs
here; prices tirm as quoted; beet
grades in fair demand. Quotation!:
Gbas Cattle Choice, 313c;
good, 233c; fair to medium, 21
2Jc; ecadawaiui, 1011c.
Hogs Cboice,414lc ; good,3J4c ;
common, 83Jc.
Sheep Choice, 33 Jc ; medium, 2J
3c; common, 101 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4104 jc.
Kansas City, Mo., September 10.
The Live $io-k Indicator reports: Cat
tie Receipts, 917 head; shipment,
nono; good to choice, f I 100 4 65;
common tomoJinm,!.'! 30("'4; Blockers,
$2 2002 75; feeders, J2 800 3 35; cows,
fl 6002 60; trM rai'gn s'lira, $2 25
3 25. Hobs Receipts, 5925 heud ; sbip
mentr, 443; gojd, active and 5010c
higher; comuion, dull ; good to cboic,
$t 76(At 90; ('omiiK)ii to medinm,
$ 1 1004 65 ; grsmcrs and pigs $2 70
04. Sheep Receipts, 4('8 hi a t ; ship
ments, none; market firm andstt ve
lor mutton ; good la choice, $i 4003;
common to medium, $1 502 25.
CnicAGO, III., September 10.-r-The
Drovert' Joumd reporta: Cattle Re
ceipts, 4 00 head; phipments, 1000
head ; market for modium JOc higher ;
ehinplDg steers, 9'0 to 1500 lbs, $3 40
05 35; etockers and feeders, $2(i)3 30;
cows, hulls and mixed, $103 10;
bulk, $2 2002 40 ; tluouith Texas cattle
100V20c higher; cowb,$22 25; stoers,
$2 600 3 35; Western rangerj Urinor;
natiw-s aid half breeds, $304;
cows, $15003; wintered Texaus,
$2 700 3 40. S.Ks, 129 Moutanas,
1210 lbs, at $3 90. Hogs Receipt,
14,000 head; shipments, 5000 head;
ma'ket ft ong and 6c higher; rouh
and mixed, $104 90; packing and
Shipping, $4 8505 15; light, $3 050
4 85; ekii h, $2 603 75. Sheep Re
ceipts, 2000 hoad; shipments, 1000
hrad;inaiket steady; native, $204;
Wes'ern, $3 300 3 55; Texius, $2
2 50; lamts, $3 750t5.
New York, September 10. There
has been a much improved demand
of anenta 'or all cUs 01 and styles of
woolen and cotton fabrics, and the
trade with j dibars is very large.
Memphis and Virkahu'c Prtoket Couiuny
Th Steamer
Freddia Robinson. r.iQ
lilih Kvn Mmtur.
WILL IcHveTUtS DAY at 6 o'clock p.m.
lor Helens, Kriara Point, HunHowcr,
Malone, Knowlton, Au'trn, Laoonla, Con
rurJia and nil way landinga. For Iraiaht or
paafaatt ai,'ly at oftlcn. No. 4 Madiion atrcet.
K. WALWOKTI1, A rent.
Jdhv Ca n 11, Vnm Agt. Telephone 2:W.
MrrrhniiiN' hiiiI 1'lnulerit' I'mkel,
A. L. Cummina mauler. rWSVt2
Leaves overy Tl'KSDAY nod SATURDAY
at A p.m., lor Uolenn, Kriara Point, Sun
flower, Mnlonea, Knowllon, Auatralla, La
oonla, Cononrdia, and all way landiniia.
ur lreiaht or p.nnae apply to
t. n. SI MH .
1 ,v u
:t'2 Front at.
XKiinphla.Frtair I'olnt ami niutiiiaa
null Oernoln nrri4 l'otn,Hiiy,
For Helena, (ileniiale, Krlan Point and 1
Way Lnodlnai titeamer -
J. 11. Cooper, matter. ...J. W. Buiitlieia.orirk
Will leave ni aosva on every MONDAY,
WEDtitjUAYkaJ FRIDAY, at 6 o'olock.
For Kandolph, Fulton, Oaoeola and W)
Lanainia Steamer
Coahoma, jsHub
E. T. CIKett...inaiter I Piatt Tlhodun...olerr
Leaven Kvery MONDAY, WrUrNKSDAl
and 1'ltlDAV at fi p.m. Thebnntiof thti
linereaerve the right to pnaa all landlnii
the otptiiin may dnotn unaale. (JlBce, No. C
Nadi.nn.t. .IA.MKS l.KK, Jr., Hup't.
1'lie M.KrauclH Itlver Transportatlos
Co. '1 Fine Bide-W heel V. B. Mail tJUemer
11 loMtcr,
O. K.Joplin maater.
wii.i. lkavk n Fin ciiiN svevt
ml S o'otook, for Mariano, the Cnt-09, ant
intermediate landing! on tit. Frenola rlrer
Tbe eaptuin reiarrei the right to rail aj
landlngi he deema nnaafe. JAS. LEG, Jr.,
8ifMr'fltenHif. Offlrtw, No. 4 Madl.nn a.
Ueuipliis and Tlckgbnra; I'ackctCow
panyU. N. Mall Line.
For Helena, (.'onoordl. Terrene end Arte
ai City The elegant eaaenger iteauer
M. K. 0heek..,mater I W. 0. Blanker. ..oler)
Learel Memphli
p.oj., reaerving the right U r all landingi
theoaptain nay deem oniale. For genere
Inforuiatlon apply at office, No, 4 Madlao
Itreet. ' K. WALWOHT11. Agent.
JiiMV flAWB. Pa'r Aant. Telni.hnna if
Arkanfeas Itlver 1'k't Co.
Str.R. L COBB,
6, i. oiuiiuniuaiicit 3w.w
Leave! Memi hli Kvery X UKSDAY, at 6 p. a
a n L' tel.
11. V. r,, AIDIIIi
Oltio. Wo S Mdlnn nt. Telephone No
Me!iipbi8& White Kiver rkt.Co
for t'lnrnnln, Devnlla Illurl,, U19
Arc, Augunta, Hearoy. Newpi rt, Jaokaon
port, Hate.vHIe and all Way Landing!,
Mill, ( IIKHAItaW, rr '
It. C. Fotal matter. rJ.i?l&m
Will leave KVERY WEDNESDAY at & p.m.
HTK. Al.nr.RTANO 8, .ITJ
Albert ll.Biuiih - '"c
Will leave HVKHY BA1URDAY etnp.m.
Through rntna given to nil point. Freight
oonaigned to the Meioiihia end White Hiver
packet Co., et Meuipnia or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For general inlorme.
tion apply at olllce, No. 3 Mnditnn it.,ort
llnll Tnlrphnne "i. IT. O. I.OWK, A't
a Ws t', Ncva am, iintis 1riitmit,
auui sat ed apeclOo for iiyateria, Diiii
nos!, woovalione, Flta, Nervnui Neuml-
Rin, tieadaobe, NnrvC". Proitfatton, caused
y tbe aae of aloohol or tobaoooi Weke
fulnett, Mantul Deprestlon, Bo'toning of (be
lirain, retulting in Intanlty and led Ing to
mitery, deouy end death: Premature . d
Ae, KrurcnnoM, Lot! ot Power in either
InvoluntHry Lotaea end Bpermator
rhea, ea.t 1 by over-evertloa o( tne brain,
lotf-abute oroverindulftenoe. Kaob bog oon
taina one month ' troetiuent. (1 e box, or
ill bniea for IS, nr It mall prepaid, on
receipt of orice. We eonranlva tiii limei
to cure anyoete. With each order received
BT at for ail boiei, eocou,)anied witN II,
e will lend tbe purohuter our wrltteo
gaarantee to refund tbe money if the treat
ment doet "Ot effect a core. Uuaranteel
tatned only h A, HKNKKRT Jk OO.. Drng
gittt. Meaphtl, Tenn.
ALL perioni ere hereby warned not
purciiaael'ortinoate No. Wlor ttnaharel
Maaonic Temple Stock, ittued to K. W. Hhel
Inn, April II, 1874, at it bin been teat or uilf
id, end I have aop lad lor e doplicate.
8. ft. BilfiLTON, AdmiaiiUator.
Concordia ......GiTeso, 5 p.m.
Concordia .....FRiDDig Robixsos, 5 p.m.
Whit River.. Albikta No. 3, 6 p.a.
Now Orleam..... Cut or Natcuiz, 6 p.m.
Frlan Point.. Jiiiat Lli, S p.m.
Arkaniaa City Kati Adams, 6 p.m.
Oiceola ..CoiH(m. 8 p.m.
Arkaniai RiverR. L. Cobb, 5 p.m.
Bt.Francii KlverKD. Fo9Tin, 5 p.m.
Arrirati. Jame, '.I.es, Friars Point;
Alberta, No. 3, White river: Gayoso,
Concord a ; Coahoma, Osceola ; Belle
Memphis, St. Loni".
Departure. James Lee, Friar
rolut; Coahoma, Osceola; Belle Mem
phis, Vicksburg.
lloatt in I'orU Gayoso, Freddie Rob
inson and Alberta, No. 3.
.B)ifi Due Dcu-n. City of Natcbe.
Boat Due ( p. Ed Foster and City
of iSt. Liuis.
Helpla Ynterday,
Gsyoso 437 sksseed.
James Lee 3 bales cotton and 144
sk s sivd.
Coahoma 2 biles cotton and lot
Alberta No. 34 bales cctton and S
pltcrs sundriKS.
Beds Memphis 00 pkgs mer
chuudiio. riniRK ..'tvEafENTn.
Tjk K 1 FrHtji Capt. O. K. Jopiin,
K'lis on', TutsJay evening for St.
Francis river.
Tun Lee Vr.e packets Monday evon
ing ara Jam e 1 .-, lor Friars l'oint, aud
Coahoms, forOctola.
Thk Alberta No. 3, Capt. A. B.
Hmith, is the (racket this evenirg at
(I o'clock for Write Uiver. J I. O.
Wilt 011 is in hnr ollice.
Thk Gayoso, Copt. A. L. Cummins,
is the pHckot ttiis evenicg it 5
o'clcck fur Helena, (?incor(is and all
way points. J. C. YVycoff and Lse
Uu inniiiB are her cleikr.
Thk K. L. Cobb, Capt. K. B. Sm'th.
is the packet Tn-sJay evtuiun at 5
o'clock tor all points ou Arkansas river,
going through to 1' no Hull, Charles
Mussulman lni3 charge of herotlice,
Tub Anchor Line steamer City of
Naiches, Capt, Horace Bixby, will past
d iwa ti iid ivn ni nt U o'clock li r
New OrleanB and all intermediate
point). John Lingloii is her cleik,
The Fioddie Robinson, Ca t Kli. ha
Kvirs, is the packit thij evening at 5
o'clock for lMous, F.iats Point, Con
cordia aud all wy lsndiuits. Amoa
Day and Bob Jamison are Lcr corks.
Tu Ka'e Adorns, Capt. Msrk R.
Cheek, Is the United Hite mail
nuckit Monday evening at 5 o'clock for
liulena, Arkunsis City and all way
landings. W. C. Blaakcr has charge
of hor olllc.
Business fair.
WitTiikK clear atd warm, with light
rains last night.
Thk river here is on a eland, with 7
feet t tmtbs on the range.
Rkcrii'TS by river yesterday, 0 bales
of cotton and 581 sacks ot seed.
Maj. John D. Adams left by rail
yesterday evening for L ttle Rock.
Tin Port Had and barges passed up
yesterday afternoon for tit, Louis.
Tin Lee Line packets wore in and
out oo time yesterduy with fair tr ps.
Th Gayrsoarrived ye torday morn
ing from Concordia with 437 ss of
reed and returns this evening at the
usual hour.
Thk Belle Memphis passed down
last night for Vickabnrg. She dia
cbargui I ere 90 tons of freight and
added 30 tons.
Thk A'barta No. 3 airived last even
ing Irom White river with 4 bales of
c itm and a lot of sundiies, and re
turns this evening at the usual hour.
Tits Momplrs and Vicksburg Packet
Company stait the Freddie Kohinson,
Ctpt Eustia Kvins, out this evening
to entor the Memphis and Concordia
trade, leaving herd rJatu days aid
Tut Hiltf) s.
Omca SiortAt, Skrvick, U. 8. A., 1
Ma.Mi'His, September 10, 1 p.m. J
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which ia one hour faster thau
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Rise I Fall
lOths lOtha
Feet. lOths
Cniro... ,
Chattanooga .
Fort Smith....
La Crosse
Little Rock
New Orleans
St. I) 11 is
St. Taul
! Man-Feet end tenlbi ot toot
Above lero of gauge!
Cairo, 40 feet. Chattanooga, 33 leet.
Cincinnati,, V). Davenport, 15.
Liuluo,ue, 16. Fort Huiith, ti.
Keokuk, 14. Helena, .
La Ornate, 'U. Leavenworth, JO
Little Kock, 23. Louiiville, 25.
Memi'hii.Hi. New Orleam, li.i.
MMhville,4u. Pittsburg, ii.
Omaha, IS. Ht. Paul. 7.
fit. Louii, 32. Vlckaburf, 41.
Hhreveport, M. Vankum. 24.
PiTTHHCKW, September 10. Noon
River 5 feet 3 inchtscn the gauge and
fulling. Weather partly cloudy ami
Wubkmno, W.Va., Sepleuiber 10.
Noon River 1 foot 7 Inches on the
gauge and falling. Weather clear and
warm. ,.
Cincinnati, Snp'ombe r 10. Noon
R ver falling, witn 5 feet onthegange.
Weather clear and warm; thermom
eter 8i.
Kvanhvillk, September 10 "Koon
River 4 leet 1 incn on the gauge and
fallimr. The Buckeye State is off Flint
Island, and is expected heie today.
Lorjinviiis, S ptemher 10 Noon
River 3 feet 8 inches in the CBnal and
1 ,.;oi ( irchea on the tails and falling.
Wnather clear and warm. Business
Cairo, September 10. Noon River
8 leel - Inches on the gsuga and fall
ing. Weather fa'r and hot. Arrived:
City of Natch, St. Louis, 1 a.m.;
Henry Lourey and barges, New Or
leans, 5 a.m.
Drug Store for Sale.
T-Rt!8 STORE. 75l.hiriei'on evenne.ao-
BaiineM. Uood reaiool for eelling. Apply

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