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Banning Comment Regarding the
Latest A'otflg and Those
Who Boj Them.
"Yes, ouht to be pretty good
judges of character, if a man tiny be
Biz ii np by the books he reads," siid
one of the clerks in a lending Main
troet book store yesterday even
ing as he made a handle of one of
llerht-rt Hpencei's works, one of John
Stuart Mill, a new edition ot Joephu
and a handsomely embodied copy of
the Revised New Ttstauiant for the
Ai'PtAii man's Sunday reading. "A
man may be in one mood today and
another tomorrow; he mty feel like a
novel now, and something good and
olid, such as these, at another time,
but he always has a preference for
ome one line of books. Occasionally
a customer has a round abint.way of
letting you know what he wants.
Stop a minute while I wait on the
young in in with the large air and tha
sm dl lef s over there, lie is one of
The customer asked in a careless
BO't of way if they had received any
new works on political economy, and
wass iown a ulioU full, but quickly
ran tiia eye ovur ttiPin and tnrneJ to
ark if Marion Crawf rd had anything
now cut. H a curiosity sti hVl he
anked lor something recmt hy Hugh
Con "ray.
"Hb'a dead," soluiunly answered tho
"Well, say," the customer asked In a
Btio wlii p r, "do you keop the 1'ulu-e
Ga:dte now 7"
.Receiving an ancwer in the nega
tive he looked about him in a con
fustd sort of way for a minute aud
then departed empty handed.
"I have to gj through Unit same
thing a duzon times a day," said the
clerk wearily, as ho came back to
whore the newspaper man stood."
Konie.imes they will paw over the en
tire labile of periodica s, read away
bard for two or three hours and then
ask for something they know we don't
get. It makes me very tirod. Of
course it is understood that anyone
may come in when he pleasea. hunt
about for something to read, and if he
seoe nothing to strike bis fancy, walk
out. But it is the chronics I am talk
ins about ; the mon who make a daily
habit of that s jrt of thing and never
buy a book or a paper. Talking about
fmptra, now I can give you an idea of
he trouble some people cause us.
8e that case of pigeon holes there.
We clean . about $0 worth of papers
ont of it every month that are a dead
lws. They are ordered by partita
who ak na to pat them, down on the
regular list and save one or more
papers for them, and never pnt their
nouns in the door again."
"(Sell a good many paper backs,
don't yon ?'r
"Yes; they go a good deal faster
than bound bojks. When the thing
waa t tatted the Beailde Library waa
all the go for a loug time, but every
publishing house lu the country now
gets thorn out. Home of them are
very attraotivoly printed and others
come in all sorts of shapes, but if you
will notice the titles fw of them are
solid." The man who likes to read a
good book as a rule wants to keep it
where he can lofor to it or read It
again. Home men read by fits and
starts. They will devour a dcnn or
two books, and then perhaps we will
not sea them again for months. Others
come in regularly four or five times a
year and get twoor three volumes at a
'Do yon notice any improvement in
the pnblin taste?"
"Yes, I do," was the reply. "I
have been a bock clerk in Memphis
all my life, aud I notice a decided
chango for the be tor. A great many
more people read b joks now than ever
before, and they aie b.tter posted.
Tho moment auy new wok creates a
furore in the Y.m there Is a run on it
hure, and many of the opinions I hear
are good onou,li to put in print. Take
Colli d Had for instance. 1 1 waa all we
could do to keep a supply. Then Mr.
i.imM waa in b g demand, and ao was
its immedia o succpaKor, Lhr. Claudiut.
When Progmt and Pmnrty tiret cumo
out we ordered only a few, aa we had
not been able to roll a dozen books a
year on political economy. But they
were every oneengagod before they ar
rived, and wo bad lo order them by
tho cr load, ti be a litt'e expressive.
Translations of the great Russian nov
elist Toletot go like hot cakes, and the
sa'e of Halammlio l as been simply phe
nomenal. It is f xpenalve. too, an only
oro firm rmbliehen it, and then only in
biiiirdr. J)r. Jckyl and Mr. Uyde hes el-
read v bean read hy liunilrmts. talk
ii-g about Honry George and political
economy, we luve one customer who
Imb a very sweet tooth for tningt of
that k.nd.
I'll venture to say we rell more of
thit clarsof literature to Boitou Smith
than to aII our othnr ens omera ts-gth-r.
He will walk in now and then,
run his eye over the shelve, look be
tween the covers of two or thre, pick
out one without muuh lota of time.
ak how many we have of it and then
oMor ttie whole tupply.
No, he don't read them all. He
ghes them away. When Progreu and
i'lmrty tirtt camo out he bougLt
twenty at a clip. He evidently be
lieve lU.my Ueorge to be a prophet.
It. K. Hrinmea and Harry Wilton are
almost the llrst tj buy the new bcoka
oa they come out. They a'e always
)Kntid btid never let myth ng got
away from tbeui. But if .you want to
get po ntrra about Du Boi'-gobey, Bd
sut Hugi, I'liiiiPB, Ketnllut, ltuuilttt,
Bid. I mid that ccooul you otikhl t) ga
around to the JUt.k id Commerce
nad talk ti Mr. Omlvrg. Jce
Mpicht, jr., ia pretty well posed
in ihfct line, tio, end can
Vive you a p ot half tiour lecture on
any id Ouidit'a workc Nidtt or one
of them ia fr aim 1 of U:1T Bruce
though. 1 In bus g ol inrtn when it
roinoi io Krei.ch t ui a'atiutie, and can
qui te you i (1 a icnc or more of brokit
that will iv t disappointment you. Iaso
Ktvn er Fponde a good dxnl ol bid leie
iim time reading A Wind of VMiiiy
and Ai It II u$ Wiittcn t.Tti two of h a
la'.e't purchne. Judge Greer epende
an occasional hour wi n n novel. He
wik invisb in ids pia so Mm other tiny
of Jr. Imac aud lr. Cliiuiliun,
and w. nt ont witri the hite
Mrt. Hull Maj. Bt-od lias excft'.lt-nt
Int t '.nud li s veidiui ot S'ifomm6o his
told a fcoo i many copies ol that su
perb work. Gen. Patterson, Maj. Mo
Farland, Justice Coleman, Honry
WsUh. and a d.r.n or two others, f
lowed bii If a ', and the Majir waa the
only one, I liave heard, w ho dfltrvd
witti him, Judga U. W. Heis
koll, when ho tftros for light
reading i.t all, buys ssmething
like JM'tliorowjh Taltt, which hs has
juit flnibhed. R. M. ihath ia not
eludying for the stage, but I suppose
Moliere's pUys, of which he got a tine
aet the other day, will help hiui before
a jt'y- Lsw W allace is not any par
ticular au'.horly on the Blair bill t r
the tariff, bit he aeems to pleaae Col.
Jociah Puttewon, who came in and
bought a fine edition of the Fair 6xf
the other day. Charles Stewart is
very fond of Wallace, too, and has
rrad both the Fair God and lien JIur.
R. Maister has jottt laid do an the for
mer, but tben he reads everything,
and, tor all be is ss cjuiot about it, is
as well prstfd ai .any man you will
find in a wak around half a doz
blocks. We got a new book the other
dy calif d Ihm'l Marry, and ut it on
the front counter with the title ex
posed. Tho irt two copies were eold
ti P.O. Bgloy and Frank Dixon.
There may he nothing in a nam, but
Jack Proudflt bought The M'ney Mabrt
the f am9 duy wituout opening it. We
hive bad a quiet run fir two or three
weeks on The Oirton Girl. Eugene Lynn
liked it, for he told me tbe other day
that be sat up all night to finish it.
IxiUiair and the JCmuirer is a mental
mixture which plesaea Alf G. Luther
and J. W. R'.chardson. of Bradttnet't,
likes George Eliot and the revised
New Testament. John McReynolds
has fallen into the line which demands
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, and O. P. Bard
went out the aide door just now with
a copy of the Tinted . Woll.
I won't give him away. He's one of
thess newspaper fellows himsilf, you
know. Mr. K O. Jones hes no tiete
for the frivilons in literature, but is a
sod solid rsader. His last pur
chase was JJnimmond'n Natural Law in
the Spiritual Law. He is well up in
that line fs udy.andcan romenuarer
proving the Iiiblo to be tiua by spher
ical trigonometry than any man you
oversaw. Hevcrul line libraries are
being collected n jw. Newman Erb is
laying, in a very expensive one, and
George BtJne has the miclettf for an
fxcehtnt library. Ladies, you say?
Yes, a grent many of them read, aud
good books, tio. "There were four or
tiveinhera t dav. Mits Mary Est b
bought To'stoi'a War and Peace, MifB
Mary Richardson ordtred Raakin's
works, Miss Laura ProudUt atlected
Pamona, Mis. Kernau bought Mrs.
Miller! works, aud 7he. Forrester) waa
selected by Mrs A. D Gwynneand
Mrs. K R Montgomery. Cone in
acain," the yourg man concludd aa
he wmt off t ) wrap up Puck on Wheel
tor a ro'emn looking man in a Prince
Albert coat, "but d n't give me away."
Fair liitor of the SoVth, thr iloU
llm ranched our Inmof t benrti,
Wjlb wrack nd terror of tht tout
AinU thj hoinei and iiinrti.
Where leatermurn In pride end mirth
Thou Iftt'nt heaiile the eee.
Now troubling on the trembling earth
Thou 'rt deep in miierr.
Choer ui, twoct litter or the Orar !
Once face to hue ai foee.
We now love bailor for I he fray;
Yea, pit warmer glowa
That from to ouler marge! came
Our huge Swamp Angel roar,
A"l round lhr well kept linei the flame
. Of tight raged evermore.
Our war holt bore flcroe maaiage then
Among thr towere and walli,
And Sumter gave back fierce amen
With eraahing cannon balln
Hut, (iod be praiaeil I on wingi of peace
Came amlling from above
An Angel, who bade combat seals
And itrife g.ve war to love.
Bo now we give aa thou wouldit give
Were oura thy da of i
And ong mar our great tin Ion live,
And long mar all men know
That heart to heel I, in jo or pain,
'though all the green earth quake.
We bear Iove will atand the (train
And naver bend or break.
Jotrpk I. 0. Clark', in X. Y. Journal.
A Trunk Sljalery at Toledo.
Tolkiio. 0., September It, This
forenoon a trunk arrived hy the
Wheeling & Lake Erie road from
Ballevue. which exhaled so horrible
an odor as to drive the baggageman
from his cost, it was placed on tbe
platform and the police authorities
notified. Scon after their arrive',
E. Wilson, who had come on tbe Lake
Shore railroai, arrived ' with a
dray and presented the chock
for the trunk, lie waa lmmrdiateiy
arrested, and the trunk opened, when
It was found to contain tbe body ot a
woman packed in hay, Wilson and
the trunk were then taken to the
police station, where tbe coroner ex
amined the body. It waa that of a
woman about 20, much emaciated,
partly dre Bed In underclothing of the
finet-t niulitv. Wilson is a school
Uocberof Itha-a, 0 , aud last winter
a atudent ot the Toledo Medical Col
lege. He is held on a charge of grave
robbery, lie refuses to Ulk.
The Pbllaxtrlphla Murder t'onsplr
mrj. Philadki.piiia. Pa., September 11.
Frank Glasmacker, the shoemaker,
who, it was alleged, had been singled
out as the victim of a murderous con
spiracy, tod. y rfoneetod the pnblica
tion oi a statemotit in which he de-da-en,
with r'gard to the charee made
by George I.lims against Barbara
rr.Htmor. (morse Eogard and. Win.
Oonrad, ti tbe ell'oct of accusing them
to have onspired against hia life, that
ho does not believe bun in trie least i
that he hps known tbe accused per
sons for many vears and i' rlrmly con
viuced of their honts'y and friendship
for him. and that ha will bear tett.
mopy to ttndr goad charae'er and rep
utition bofore anr routt whenever re-
aueatod to do bp. Glasmacker added
that he believed the whole affair a
farce, and that he was torry that his
fr.end Barbara Pressmor'a name had
been conincted with 1".
Neatenoed to tho IVnltenllarjr.
Indian l poms, Inp., September 11,
The Journal' Covington Hod.) spec
ial teportatha'. Arista Glover, who waa
Implicated in the swindling transae
tions of Indiana township trustees
during the summer of 1885, was today
sentencrd to two years tn the pentten
tiary and until one cent for having ac
cepted a biihe of $3,500 in connidera
ti in of ipsuirg townehip order to the
amount of $10,0i:0 to Davis Bros, and
it. u. l'oiiard, ot (Jbtcago.
Heavy Fire at New Or Wane.
New Oiu.kans, La., September 11.
Ti e building occupied by 0. Lazard fc
Co, maiiU'ac'uters of gentlornen's
clothing, corner of Canal and Peters
stroet, was destroyed by ll'o today.
The U us it et mated at J50,t)0J. Fully
4)iiaranliue Agnluet Mllosl Halaml
NbwOkikanh, La , September 11.
Tha Uoa'd of Henllh tcdav missed
rtsolut:on removing the quaiantino
roc e ik I y esia'olmried asainet Ulloxl.
From the Laud of Lcmods.
An old eltiisfn of inr town and aa old
drungiat. a.iid lo me today that he had loag
benn look rg for a liver medicine that woald
tnke the place of calomel, producing all of
ui goou riiectj and' none ol ita bad. iniuri
onaoonal'tullonil efffcta. Alter a thorough
trial be hud lound it in Dr. Motler'a Lemon
Kliiir. I have aold, aa you know, large lola
ol Hie Kliair ainoe Uat aorint, and never
aold a liver medicine for biliouaceia, oonati
patun and diteaaea retulting from there
oauaia that plaaied the people aa muob ai
Lrtmon ivililr. hen a nie nin itntnn at once
.... Pruggiit, Jaaper, Fla.
To T)r. H.Mnci tT, Atlanta, Oa.
Bold by druggiata. !S0 cenU and H. 00 per
botUa. I'rerared by II. Moiley, U.U., At-
laota, Georgia.
the joi.t mm
Between Messrs. I'helan and ratter
son Notice of Election for Con
stables and Magistrates.
Sheriff Cannon yesterday gave no
tire that be would hold elections on
the 22.1 instant to fill three vacancies
the County Court and two in the
ranks of the cmttables. The death
of Juit ice Chamberlain Jones, of the
(Second District, and the reMgnetions
of Justice Quigley, of tbe Fifth, and
Galloway, of the Fifteenth, leaves va
cancies in theme districts; the death of
Constable Victor P. Gallina, of the
Fourteenth District, and the resigna
tion of Constable Garvin, of the Fifth,
makes the election of two constables
necessary. Candidates are plenty.
epeablaff Tomorrow Bight.
The joint debate tomorrow night
between Messrs. Phelan and Pattereon
is certain to attract a big crowd. A
great deal ot interest is felf, and
numbers of influential men, for tbe
tint time in their lives, will make an
effort to be elected delegtcs at the
primaries next day.
Henry J. Lynn for the Ntnle Neuate.
To tho Editore of the Appeal :
Among the various camps that I
have ho-ud suggested as suitable per
fo's to repreaent this county ia the
Sint) Senate, none strike me so favor a
b'y as that of Homy J. Lynn. He is
fuilv competent, scrupulously honest
and thoroughly acquainted with ev
ery want of this growing community.
He is in perfect harmony witli our
city government, aad a flrttcUfB busi
ness mau in every particular, and the
convention will make no mistake in
nominating him. x x.
MKurius, Bopterabor 11, IBM.
I'helan and Fallerauuat Noiucrvlllr.
' iBriaiAI, TO TH APPgAL.l I
Somkkviixb, Tsn , September 11.
Tb a Hon. Josiuh Pattercou and Mr.
James Phslan spoke to quits a large
audience here yesterday..
The c invention whicti was held to
cominato a cendidtte for County Rep
risentative and to selectrdelogates for
the Congressional Convention worked
rather slowly and it was late before
the speaking began.
Mr. Phelan made the opening speech
and surprised his ht arers by his easy
address. Complimentary remarks
made in an undeitine were uttered all
over the bouse. Those who thick Mr.
Phelan cannot speak can't tell the dif-
feronca between an orator and a dumb
mau. His words were choice, scholar
ly and fluent. On account of limited
time he omitted much that he would
have said, though he announced that
he intentionally did not go into those
details which would be moat properly
discussed before the people at large.
His sneech showed in every sentence
lb at bis intellectual attainments cover
alarse area of ' practical knowledge.
Tbe skill w.th which he handled hia
argument end the lucid manner in
. . i . a j 1. 1 ui i : . ;
WLilcii ne aenoeu uim puuucai ptaiwuu
won tbe crowd.
From a careful insceetion of tbe
delegates it is found that the delega
tion from Fayet e is almost a unit tor
Mr. Phelan. Mr. Patterson has some
warm friends heie, but they are
la gely in the minority, and what
there ate will not be in a po
sition to do him much good in the
Convention. His speech was rather
the ingenious speech cf the lawyer
than a liboral di:CUF!on of political
issues, except when be became too
liberal and got ultra. With the poii
tiventss of bis ut'erancessand warmth
his paliti al standpoints Bhou'd bave
been more clearly defined. The
Colonel has a sly way of entbosing
bimself and hesrers sometimf s when
there is not much to enthnee over.
Wlih his course clearly denned he
would make a rouaing speech. In
tbair sprechee here Mr. Phelan showed
a broader and mo e liberal view of
the political issues before the people
and alluded to a few of the worst
evils which aVoald be first attended
to. Jno. S. R. Cowan, of Moscow,
was nomina'ed to make tbe race lor
Representative. He is widoly known
and ia veiy popular. It s generally
conceded ti.at he will be elected if
anybody cou d bs. It will be a bitter
fight if he is beaten. tcito.
A Change far tho Belter.
To the Editor! of the Appeal:
It ri.iiuiros but little sharpsighted-
nesi to see that politic, or rather the
methods of candidates running for
oflice, are becoming virtually tbe same
as what tbey were in the bo called
good old limes, via.: joint discussions,
which havo this advantage that the
betl man will have the beet chance of
fitting into oflice. By the following
t will be teen how easily the above is
proven. Go to a meeting; you listen
to one candidate, then the other; be
fore the second candidate has finished
bis f peech your mind is fully made
np aa regards the brightest, .the most
liberal minded and who is most likely
to hold to his promises to the people.
look at tbe other p an. A Democratic
or Republican meeting is called, and
cortain mon are boomed by their re
spective pa ties for an oflice, naturally
alter having contttbuted enonghsoop.
The candidate rats, speaks a few
words, says he is a solid Democrat or
Republican and is loudly cheered, be
cause the meeting ia compoecd of the
followers of one paity only, or very
few of the other party, who
hoot at him and whistle. How
oue aided this latter plan looks, and
how partisan liko. Once more, take a
meeting where a joint dh(usion by
the candidates from both parlies is
going on, Republicans and Democrats
mingle fneiy. the vIhurs of lnth can.'
didutea can be teen by the lame liirht.
and ninny votes that would be want d
on an Ignorant but rich candidate are
thus saved and cast for the moat intel
ligent Candidate, who is likedy to hclo
his cctintry more, no matter t what
paity lie belongs. Much more could
be said on the above suhjo't, but as
your space is too valuabl 1 will cloae
and sinmit the above to our intelli
gent voters. Truly youis,
C. A. D
Well fleaaed Willi Ulnae.
longRiaroaugNca or thi irrni,.
Toulon, Tknh., September 11. The
people in this portion of Haywood
county were gnatly rejoiced at the re
nomination of the Hon. P. T. Glan. of
Ripley, to represent the Ninth D s'rict
in (Jongreas. liilo frank P. Bond,
oi mis county, was ttie lavorite, Uol
(llas was second choice, and the con
vent ion did good work in nominating
G'tt if Bond could not be choeen.
Col. Glais has undoubtedly made a
good, energetic and intelligent Con-groat-man,
nd his cervices noed some
rtcpgumuu. n was a very graceful
and proper thing for the convention
to do to renominate him. Hav
wood's gifted vouna son. Frank P
BoEd, bin a brilliant future and will
be heard from again, even if defeated.
Snbscribu for tbe "AirpeRl"
no Danger of fever.
o Maya Ike lenneaare State Board
r Health.
Dr. AVirt Johnson, Si cretary of the
State B ari of Health, wrote Dr.
Thornton yesterday es follows: "Our
inspector at Biloxi telegraphed us on
the 8th insttnt that all the cases of
fever were well; that the wotk of d b
infection bad been most thorough and
complete, and all other sinitarv meas
ures bad beeu carried out. H ex
presses the opinion that there is no
neces:ity to continue our quarantine
of the infected district. We have re
plied that we deem it best to keep
those who have been exposed under
survei lance notil noon Sunday next
(which will be the tenth dy since the
lest case occurred), when, if no new
case occurs all restrictions may be re
moved." Anniversary of the liattle of Horth
Pol a I.
Baltimore, Md., September 11
Ttie celebration of the anniversary of
tbe battle of North Point during the
war of 1812 is now a thing of tbe
pat and will bs known bo more by
tbe defenders of Baltimore at that
time. But four of that baod of patri
ots "sra left in Baltimore. Geo. Bow,
ag d 82 ; Jos. Morf rd, 91 : John Pet i
cord, 01, and Nathaniel Wa'ts, 91.
Simuel Jennings died nearly a year
ago. The survivors will be tendered a
dinner at the llo'cl Renuert on Mon
day. The Grgnd Army of the Re
public will adopt the 12'h of Septeni
br as "Grand Army Day," and will
obvrve Monday by a parade and
camp fle.
Even If Ton Boy a Dtiaen
common poroua pl&ntera which you can aet
tor a aong at any ' I tne lineup joiio urug
giste you have merely thrown away your
money, lor one liennun a iipcino riaaior ia
worth tlmm nil. 'I he rnaaon ti thia i Uen-
aon'a ie (hoorily porous nlaflter in the market
that ia honeitlv and skilllully mad and aoi
entifically medicated Olliara ao no n-nre
than nominal iinitiitiona of Benson a. They
areohenp beoauae tboy pofxeaa none oi we
ingredientj which render lienaon'a valua
ble. Tha latinr are oromnt to act. pleas
ant to wear, and cure in a few hours ail
ment! which others will not even relieve.
1'he publio are especially warned against ao
ealled "Captioin," "Capsicum," " Capu
ein," or "Capsioine " plaatera, aa worthless
articles Intended to deceive. Ask lor lien
son's, and look lor the " Three Seals" trade
mark and ibo word "i-apcine ' cut in me
The Window Ulnaa Worker.
PiTTHBUBo. Pa.. S.-ptember 11. A
joint conference of tbe Scale Commit
tees of Window Glais Ma-uficturers
and Workmen has been called for
nexi Tuesday, when another attempt
will be made to arrange a (ca e oi
waires for the ensuing vear. A mem
ber of tbe Glass Workers' Union gave
it ni bis opinion this cfernoon that
this conference wonld result iu a com-
piomiss, and that tho fires would be
started in all tbe fac ories west of the
Alleghenies bafore the 1st of October,
niaaalroua Railroad Collision.
Milwaukee, Wis., September lk
A collision occurrnd this morning on
tbe Burling'on snd Northern railroad
at Pot'sl, III. Two engines and Bey
era! cars e e wrecked. Train Dis
pitcber Hyde, of LaCroese, and eey
eial paesengsts v. ore injured.
The Genuine hat Trade Mark and crosaed Refl
Lines on wrapper.
PURSUANT to an execution Iaauad Au
gust 6, l.HSrt, from the Uuprema Court (
Tennossee, on Judgment rendered by said
Court, June 10. 1HHH, in favor of J. h. Kpper
ra againat W. 13. Ualhr alb and J. M.
rowlkea, eompnaing tne arm oi w.jj. uai
Sreath Co., tor one thousand and eighty
nine dollara and eighty-lvg ocDU 111019 85),
I will on
Halunlaj, Oetober 9, 1886,
in front of the Cnurthnune dotr, In Shelby
county, Tenn.. sell to the hlghet bidder lor
cash the folluwing docribed tract of land in
the Taxing Dlnrist of bhnlby county, in
tihelby oounty, Tenn., to-witi Beginning at
a point on the south line ot Union street,
M feet east of a four (4) foot alley ; thenn
can on and with aouth line of Union street
M feat to a stake; thence southwardly, at
right anglea with Union street, 1W) feet to an
alley; thenoa with said alley weatwardly
31 feet to a stake; thence on a line per
pendicular to Union street northwardly 1W8,
feet to the point of beginning, being aama
lot oonvayed br W. B. Ualbreath to A. Vae
enro by deed regiaiered in Shelby oounty,
Tenn., tn book l'i, page 197, and same being
the east half of lot conveved by V. Lane to
M. L. Meacham and W. 1). flalbreath, by
deed in book 61, page Wi, of the Register's
office of said oonnty. Levied on aa tbe prop
erty of W. It. (Jul breath to satiety said ex
ecution. W.i). CANNON, Sheriff.
ly Jons .'. Mason. Deputy Sheriff.
l'onton A l'oaton, Attorceya.
M.vitof tlieillKiliiiliiiliiK l nunkindarvurlgiii-
V'i all o..mi.lmt ..1 itiia klu.l. em-h T,lnlit
ilia ..,.,. ,.., i.,un. FUtu
lV,..'v Ki.icltionii and luiniitig l lite Htoaiftih
iamii-'liin'M olll lliwrthum), Miaama, ailri,
1II.ki.It Klul, I'hllla and hnrir, llmikbone ..Tr,
it"" Ii. ..r .li..r K..v.. Ulmai o l)lr
,. t Api-UU. Ita-U. Il Breatn,
,!.., I'.iiw. Bwaaotae, .. .,. T S?l
l or Ml t' U ln.gita. Price 1 .00 Pr bolUa.
C. F. 8TADICER, Proprietor,
(40 0. FRONT ST., Philadelphia, Pa.
For Sa-9 Engine and Boiler.
OK HORl 1 POWBR-Nearlynew. Alao,
LO snok stack, belting, pulleys, abaft-
rhaniiK U" fmiiiJuiioii (mm a wm. rll lingo,
li a rud.l. heallliy tilor. ll er.tlr..fj ranumai . .
S.in "piriu. It ia oi ol the . Al,.r.
BrWeT Car Wors ' Manuranffr Co
Brinkley, Ark
Doors, Sash, filind?, Dressed Flooring, Ceilintr, TfeatherBoardlnr,
Cypres ShluRles, Latha, tc
owOnr faollltlea are nnaurpaaaed by any sawmill In the South for til in t orders promptly.
Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Ktep Lumber and Cypress Shingles a speoialtv: also, Vramiag
Lumber of all dimensions. Wa make the Wholesale Business a special feature, Orders
solicited and promptly filled.
U. 124 Jefferson Street IlemUMs, Tennesae;
KLEDECEOS.,of Como.ailss, F. M. !f OBFLEET, Real Joot Fartaer,
Mob. 358 and 3S8 Front Street-
Wholesale Grocers
Gr ocers & Cotton Factors,
So. 803 Main Street, Gayeno Illovk.
W. A, SMITH, Proprietor.
s-'HTie. itfu.s-r-tVi
A-NDKKW 8TEWABT, Kaw Orlean.
" Mi
j m&w
No. 831 Front Ntreot. Cor. Fnion. Mempliiw, Tenn.
Filler, ThorntoH & Co
Cotton Factors, Vholesale Grocers,
No. 80G Front afreet, t Memphiw. Tetw.
JNO. 9.T00P. B. L. SIcQOWAN. ' J. 8. McTIQHK. W. G. PATTKS0N.
Toot IcEowan ' & Co.
Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Factor;
And Dealers In I-cvce and Railroad Snpplies,
No. 874 Front Street Memphig. Tennessee.
M. JONES. President. L I. F. PETKR8. Vloa-Praildmt.
,W. D. V. SAWRrK, Pacretarjr and Treasurer.
(Nnrareaore to Pter- Sawrlti,)
36 3S and 40
nmiioi'on.fii 1
. M. JON!1, TNO. K. SPHRI, t. f. PETERS, PRO. ARNOLD, W. P. T. BAffTt'B.
Cotton Factors Wholesale Grocers,
We. 11 Union Street, t : MeiaitlalWa Tenn.
L. D. MULLIN8. of lata J. R. flodwln A Co. ' J AS. YONQK, aU of J. W. CaldwaU A Ot
Cotton Factors &Com mission Llerchants
No. 1 Howard's Bow, Cor. Front And Union, Memphis.
M aaafactnreni ef
Memphis Tenn.
& Cotton Factors,
W. A. SmUb't I'at. Separator.
Eagle Eclipse Huller (Jlus,
rialn 10 Inch Gin, and
Price at Factory, SIOO and 6110.
arAIl Kinds oi uins tvepairea. opeoiai
Discount to tbe lrade.-
SHI ana s;t r ronr. hi., insmpnis, irn
, HE & CD,,
Jeflerson Street.
Christian Brothers'
For Board, Tuition, etc., see catalogue, or
"''''bHOIHER MATJRELTAN, President.
Clara Conway Institute,
Monday, October 4, 1886.
Enrollment Wt Term, 822.
ABCI100L for tbe development of rfior
oas, thoughlai, noble womanhood.
Ibis result ia reached, b breadth and
thoroughness of instruction and the awaken
ing of patient, earnest endeavor. A new
and commodious boarding department h
Just been completed.
The department of dress making and mil
llnery is added for the Crst time.
Jn the absenoeof the Prinoipal. who is ti
Europe frr the summer, catalogues will ba
furnithad on application to Mrs. K. P. Mor
ton, 223 Adams street, or thej will ba found
at any of h city booV stores.
Mrs. Bowles' School
Opens Sept. 11, at 155 Adams St.
QPECIAL advantaces for young ladies In
)? English ' ourse, Latin, German, French,
Mnsio and Elocution.
Thorough instruction by modern methods
la ofierrd to boys and grrls from primary
classes thr ugh grammar courso.
WILL reopen Sept. I t, 1KSB. Located In
a healthful and delightiul suburb, ao
ovssible by car lines to and from all parts of
city. Instruction thorough, and according
to the most approved educational methods.
Superior ana traiued specialists in the va
rious Uepartmtnls of Music, Art. Elocution,
Modern Languages, Science, Ciatsica and
Primary Teaching.
For further purtteu'ara apply ta
Mmnphif, Teen.
Deshler Female Institute
JUoarlliic and liny School for lonng
liitillrM, Tiiacuutbla, AlHblluia.
i f)TII ANNUAL SFSSION onens Wodnes
J.J day. Sent. 1, 18i. Full Faculty of ex
perienced and accomplished t6achom. Char
tered institut'on. First-class in all ita ap
pointmtnta. Board, including fuel and
lights, tuition in entire Literary Depart
ment, emirao ing Ancient and Modern Lan
guages, with Music, will be furnished tba
entire year-fur ti 0 in advaoce: the above,
with Art, (225. Catalogues, oontainlng full
particulars, sent on application.
N . KMimNtlf. A.M., Principal.
School of Languages
ISH. Instruction in olass or privata
by lorsons. For term-, addre'l
LK"N LAKDSBKHtt, Hayoso Hotel.
A CLASSICAL SCHOOL of high grade for
Boya and tiirla. Knglish Course, Latin,
Oreek, Musio and Art thoroughly taught;
Book keeping also. Boya titled (or oollega.
For oatalogues address tbe Prinoipal,
ft. F. C'liK-W. Somemlfe. Tenn.
Georgetown College, 0. C.
Fonwderi 17.
M HOOL. open September 9, 1886. Apply
to President of the College.
THE Nl'HOUL ur MalsICIKE opang
Sept. 20, 1886. Apply to Prof. J. W. H.
Lovejoy, M.D., MX) 12th (treat, N. W.,
Washington,!). C.
THE Si IloOI, (F LAW opens on the
First Wednesday In Ootober. Apply to
Kami. M. Yeatman, See'y. oorner 6th and
H. streets, N. W., Washington, D. C.
JAUtSA. UUUIN A, n. J., frost.
Collegiate Institute for Tonng I.ndlca and
Preparatory School for Wttle Ulrla, EM
BLA, P. 0., three miles from BHlilwore,
Md. Conducted by the Sinters of Notre
Dame. Send for catalogue.
Itdgeworth loardi'g
FCUuOL for Young Laitiea and
and I)ay
Kttle Girls.
Mrs. H. P. LKFEBVRE, Principal, So. ti
t'rankllsa btreet, Halllmere, Md. The
J Hi It school year will begin on Thursday,
Bplwnh-r a. 1HHH.
Memphis Institute,
WITH eiperlenced assistants In all de
partments, will begin iu sixth year
Ou September 13, 1880,
at No. 174 Hornando street, formerly Grace
Church. Boys prepared for either Businesi
or College. Discipline firm and strict; in
struction thorough and modern in method!.
Modern Languages a special leature.
For terms, ate , address or call on
Wharton b. jones,
136 Hernando street. Memphis, Tenn.
PETERSBUKO, VA. Tbe Twenty-second
Annual Session of this School for Boyi
begins the first Monday in October. Thor
ough preparations for University of Vir-
tinia, leading Engineering Schools and
inited States Military and Naval Acade
mies! highly recommended by Faculty of
University ot Virginia! lull slaffof instruct
ors; situation healthful. Early application
advised, as number of bnnrdera is strict!
limited. For catalogue address
W. HORDON MoCABB. Had Master.
a 41 II' i' U I ! l . f A K I n t. 9i
fallirlHILT tlNIVKHNlfT,
aalrvUIti, Tenn. Thorough instruction
indistinct oonrses of Civil, Mechanioal and
Mining F.noin.iirinff '.( Annual Tuition J65),
and in Manual Technology dree). Full
Faculty. Kiieniive equipments and facili
ties in nraoghting-rooms.l aboratones, shops
and field praotice. Fntranoe Eximinationg
Seot.U. 15 and IU. For circulars addrasi
pepv.n, WILg WILLIAM8t Bu8At.
MiniriL jaKVABTtlENr
Tulano University of Louisiana.
LFormerly, 1847-1884, the University of
ITS advantages for praetical Instruction In
diseases ot the Southwest are unrivaled,
aa the law secures it superabundant materi
als from the great Charity Hospital with ita
71)0 beds, and 20,000 patient annually. Stu
dents bava nohosp tal-foes to pay and spe
cial instruction is daily given at the bedside
ot the sick, as in no other institution. For
catalogue or information, address
Prof. 8. B. CUAILLK. M. D., Dean,
P. 0. Drawer gfil. New Or'oana. La. .
for ij yeart 3 "' j't Ptiei; nJrf .
, ,,!, 4mui iwBUriMiisea pnii 4 ua
Spermttrho no liupotnoyf
14 UltrffUlt Ol Mir-kbtlt IO Tut- MIOU X0tM, IA ffisV
.irwr, or ottiw oiut-: tid pmduciDi mime a: t
;rwia eflecH' NervoutoitM Seminal KmUiba,
tion by Iraavnu), DimotrM of Malt Detcitvn o ";. Tiy
i.'tlD'a Fiiu(ison Fc, 4vrrtro u rtoian; r; fama:,
iiniitatjo" f 'Am, leoti o Hexual prvwer, r... od-;li
jnarriftacimpr.irTiriiiiruitpf, r tiiorouch'j in p-:.1-wntliaurrd.
R YPHlL IS i,n,iUv"rT oymo
..r-iv n-atej'fruy, tyiVtM; OosnrToe
GLEET. 8triotur OrohUw erm
Tu -n tin J aitnr priaU dlnurt jutflMj narwl
: iirif-ct.lcnt lht ajhy dcinh'virilvt6T;Kwj
v a oeraiti niRM of iae". an. trwtHm th-nnaml jJ5
..Hy apquirwmniikili, Phytt :mni ".nvTinii -Jiia iw.
"XTjinmrtii pcrsonn to roi ir Whir.' ,OJ"na,'-"rt J
sU be fitly f'-tratinnt medulo" priii-tl
naflr bj nit II ttpreaa arajwliW.
andortaken. , - .-..i,
t'on-ultalioin (.oiia. w ? a 1-'X
,.r'- f"aeii!,,Aii4 aorraat -aan r.t'1 ivaa;t-a,
St Ni -ot to any r- --a., W
--ula ba Bv L- an atx-i.
"Louden" Trouser Stretcher
Patented In Europe and Uni
ted PiniCH. mmm
I nll-l NlMioa forcelebrateil
John Hamilton Jr. Co. Stretch
er. Takes bnitirliia; nl of
knees restores pantaloons to
original shape. Only patentee!
Stretcher combining screw roa
in combination with clamps.
All others infringements
Original and oniy atrelcliri
for at-nllfiuen'a use. Bt
iTvi.rAii. aeouralv naoked. Price 82 Ml. Write
lor circulars. Agents wnnted in every city,
U W. WIMHItvw .. ItiwSoai.Maoa
FtiBolveiit tstote Adinliilstrator'g
Sot Ice.
Office PublicAdmlntatrator, Shelby Connty
Pnovtknn.. M.tnithii. Tftnn.. SAhtAtlillMr
fi, 1HS6.
T11E undersigned hav ng been appointed
and qualified administrator of the estate
of W. T. Pryor, deceased, notice is hereby
given to all persons indebted tosaidestata
to coma forward and settle; and tc thoss
to whom said estate is indebted to fi e their
claims with the Clerk and Mastar ot th
Chancery Court, duly probated, within tha
time prescribed by law. or the same will ka
ofrever barred. JOHN JiOAtilU?, y
Publio jPJmiais&aror.

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