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Of the Lake Shore lload at the Town
of Lake -A J-arrow Ed
cape. Chicago, III., September 11. Tbe
war against the Lake Shore luiuroau
Company in the town of Lake has
broken ont afresh, this time iu a new
and dangerous tnBnupr. The latest
method ia thd n;e of explosivep.snaan
attempt to dt etioy th property of the
csmcaay might have involved the lose
of li'e. A ie momen's before 12
o'clock last night JaniBS Calvin, the
night opia or, wasauiiHK in iue tu
Dal tower of the Like Bhoie Company
at the intersect on of the main and
BtOck vartln t asts. The t)wer is
thirty feet high and in it is machinery
by which trie switches, signals and
gates for a long distance a'ong tbe line
of the roai are tnrned. Calvin wis
alone in the top of the tower and bad
noticed noth ng unusual, when he was
suddenly startled by seeing a column
of smoke arise at one side of the struc
ture. It was bright moonlight, so that
he was aware cf the nature cf the
cloud, and in an instant his lit'le room
was completely filled with a blinding
smoke wtJict almost euttocated him
Calvin started to rash down tbe stairs
to investigate the cause of tbe unusual
phenomena. As he reached tbe land
ing below
took pine, and at that moment Calvin
saw the figure of a tall, slender man
dart, away from the building. The
inan ran west toward Iho slock ytrds
and wai loet in the labyrinth of cars
which cover the the t tacks. At this
instant an explosion occurred. Calvin
was thrown to the ground with ex
trims force and his bat was blown off
his head through a window. .Such
Wis the lorce of trie explosion that a
number of tooU were lifted from the
floor and crashed thrcugh the win
dows. Calvin did not lo:e coneciouf
neae, and a'tar pulling himself to
gether rushed out on the tracks. Offi
cers Donovan and Ccslello were on
guard at the time at the Koot street
crossing. They heard the detonation
and ran to the tower, where they
found Calvin terribly frightened.
Then a search of the tower whs made
and it was rewarded by the finding of
a twenty inch piece of shattered gas
pipe. Close to it was a package of
something, which looked like cotton
which had been soaked in soma kind
of dark liquid. Smoke was coming
from it and bright sparks were thrown
off. A bottle containing what is sup
posed to be an a. id was picked up
near by. The door of the signal tower
was f jar, and tbe dangerous explo-ive
ha 1 been thrown oa the fhor. Tee
TBX noosK.
In the cellar are the bait erics need
for the electric signals. There were
100 battery cells in the room, and of
these thirty-four were bioken. Not
only this, but tbe pneumatic tubes
a so used in the signaling were torn
and twisted and the whole system was
utterly ruined. It will take thousands
of dollars to repair the damage. When
daylight came another search was
made for more explosives. There is
a little shed at the it ar of tbe tower,
Iu this a small bundle, supposed to
contain another explosive, was picked
np. It was wreppad in paper and
tied with a b'a( k cord. It was eoiked
in some substanca and was laid in an
old mattress. The police were afraid
to open it, and it was removed to the
town ball. Calvin had only been in
charge of thi tower a lit'le while,
baring relieved William Nev'ns.
What makes the attempt more das
tardly is tbe fact that the ontward
bound passenger train, No. 12, was
due at the town a few mitutes af;er
the explosion occurred.
is that the wreckers hoped to blow up
the tower, and when the pasengr
train came along to throw a switcn,
and thus the train would have plunged
into the mass of frngbt cars that line
tbe side tracks. The explosion would
have done greater damage had the
d:orbeen closed aftor the package
was ignited. There were also other
attempts at destroying propeity on the
Lake Shore road last night, one of
which was auccjssful, ttiu other re
sulting in tho arrest of the man con
cerned in the affair. About 8 o'c'Ock
last Liirht the L ike Bhore road re
ceived from the Illinois Central a train
of twen'y-eight c?rs. Whi.'o these
were bsiug Uken ovar tie Koot street
crossing a switch was thrown sfier
about hall the cars had passed, cauring
a general wreck. Fifteen of the cars
were derailed, and a though no lots of
life or serious damage resulted, the
contents of the cars were bidly shaken
up. Aboiit midnight John Fagan, an
ex-switchman of the Lake Shore road.
was snestedat Forty-third ttreet just
as he was about, It is charged, to throw
a switch, with the ptkposxof derailing
a train drawn by engine No. 532. Tbe
arrest of Fagin was made by one of
tbe Pinkerton officer?, who ate still
guarding the Lake Shore tracks at
that point, tbe prisoner being taken to
the Harrison Street Station and locked
ING His explanation of the affiir is as fol
lows: la company with a man named
Murphy, who is also an ex-Lake Shore
switchman, he was walking along the
tracks, and claims that neither of
them noticed the approaching train
until it was eo close to them that tbey
were separated by if. He says that
when arrested by the Pinkerton offi
cers he was looking under the train as
it passed to see if any harm bad come
to Murphy.
The Lake 8hore officials when they
heard of tbe attempt to blow up the
signal tower were great y exercised.
Supt. Amsdon immedia'ely went to
Fortieth street to make investigations.
The officers of the road knew nothing
of tbe circumstances only what they
had heard from meager reports. W. H.
Mcintosh, chief of the detective force
of the company, this morning said
that up to yesterday the attempts to
destroy the property of the company
had boen confined to points at some
distance north and sonth of the Forty
third street yards. The police had
confined themselves to a surveillance
of the points at which these attacks
had been made and the signal tower
had been left entirely unprotected.
Mr. Mcintosh further said that he was
sure he knew who had committed the
outrage last night, and that he would
have them all under arrest within ior-ty-eight
hours. lie has sent out all
the available men under his supervis
ion, and a determined effort tr appre
hend the perpetrators is now heirg
made. .
tThe f'blcatro Annrchisfk.
Chicago, III., September 11. The
sympathizers witli the condemned an
archists held another meeting last
rrght at We6t Twelfth Street Turner
Halt to express their indignation at
the conviction of their fellow red fhg
adherents and to raise money in aid of
their further deftns?. Between eight
hundred and one thousand people
were present, ihey were Of rrnans al
moft exclutively. Some twenty-five
or thirty women were amoncthenum
ber. Wilh Great nnaMujity tbe crowd
applauded the mrst violent utterances
of the speikerj ti e moat heartily. Tie
temper ol tne crowd es more than or
dinarily excited, and there were mo
ment when the reporters nreeent
thought their necks were not much
safer than tooee of the convicted an
archis's. The collection taken up net
ted '.)o.
When the meeting broke up a part
of the crowd le t the lull singing the
' Marsciuaies, an cflorti to squelch
tuem proving vain.
An Inrldmt to Break the Jfonolonj
of iba tresltlr in'. Experience,
Pbobpict Hocse.Adibondace Mock
tainp, September 11. The most as
tonishing incident of a somewhat un
eventful day was the receipt of several
telegrams asking u rreeiJei.t uiev'
land had really been fchot and if he
was much hurt. Editor Butler, cf.ttae
Buffalo Xewi, asked for an Immediate
answer to this rumor. From the
Weitern Union office. New York,
came an inquiry about the President's
condition, and this evening a similar
dispatch was received from Pla twburg,
from Dr. Ward, who had reached that
point on his way to h s home in Al
banv. As Mr. Cleveland was in tbe
eojoyment of pe-ftct hea'ta, acd ro
accident or barm had bt fallen him, of
course only one answer could be
made. What pczz'es the ptople here
is how such a rumor was sat afloat. It
could hardly havd had its origin iu
this vicinity, lor no such absurd state'
menis were sent out from the tele
graph office at this inn, and no did'
path of anv such tenor wvs sent from
the only other telegraph office in the
neighborhood that at Paul bmith e,
seventeen miles away.
Tonight the President treated tbe
members of his household to trout
captured by himself this morniug.
Auother hunt will prorjahiy occur to
morrow, the fuigesiion cf the Presi
dent to that effect having been eagerly
snapped up by the Bportemwi at the
inn, and dogs and guides lir.hw.ta
collected lor tee snort. Mrs. t-ieva'
land and Mrs. Foleom both devoted
the morning to (tripping bah am
boughs, a corgetiial task in which
they were asiietrd' by Miss Cutler, if
Iiotton, and Miss Duncm, of B.th,
Me. Tbe stripping' are used for fill
ing pillows, which, being redolent
with the cuor ol Daisam. are supposed
to poesess sootbiog and even healing
powers. The- laaies here have saU
several barrels of tie bluff in thico
pound packages through tha mails to
their mends. ihiee pounds win
about fill an ordinary sack and afford
head rest to persons who like that
siz 3 of pillow. This afternoon the
ladies all attended a reading at tbe
camp of Mr. Theodore S. Woolsey, on
tbe opposite shore ol the lake.
l ure of a Bpralo.
Mackdok Ciktib, Wivm Co., N. Y.,1
Fobruary 28, 1885. J
Some years ago I badly sprained my
stomach picking cherries, aid have
suffered greatly ever since. Nothing
has been so beneficial a Allcotks
Plasters. They entirely cured me cf
that trouble. I have also been arau t
cd with a lame ankle, but these Plas
ters soon enabled me to wa'k. I rec
ommend them whenever I have an
opportunity, as I have found them
very useful for over ten year?. All
cock's Piasters have always done me
tbe greatest service, and 1 am every
day more and more convinced that no
household abou d be without them.
Horrible Hnrlr la tbe Choctaw
Fort Smith, Ark , Saptember 11
A horrible murder was committed last
eveoiog a 6 o'clock near Scullyviile,
Cbottaw Nation, by Lewis Bun owe, a
half breed. Burrows had a quarrel
with Wm. Morgan, a white man, abont
70 cents, which he claimed was owing
him from Morgan's nephew. Angry
words followed, and Uurrows, becom
ing enraged, raised a sharp ax he had
at hand and struck Morgan on the
shoulder with Buch fo:ce that ihe
blada cut into hia body and s. lit his
heart wide open Morgan d:ed in
stantly and Borrows was orrested by
a deouiy marshal who was rear, lie
was b OJgtit hera this nftt-rinon and
lodged in the United State3 jail, whee,
witn twenty-one other mu.ilcrars, he
awaits trial.
I'liconrHKfiiiriit for Ike Feeble.
Bo long as tha fail ins embers of vitality
are capable of being rokindled into ft warm
an J genial glow, just so long there is hope
for tbe weak and emaoiated invalid. Let
him not, therofore. despond, but derive en
couragement from this, and from tho further
fact that there is a restorative most potent in
renewing the dilnpidnted powers ot a broken
down system. Yta, thanks to it! unexam
pled tnio virtues, Hostettor's Stomach Hit
ters is daily reviving strength in tbe bodies
and hope in the minds oi the feeble nnd ner
vous. Appetite, refreshing slocp, the acqui
sition of flesh and color, are blessings at
tendant upon the reparative processes which
this priceless invigorant speedily initiates
and carries to a successful conclusion. Di
gestion is restored, tbe blood fertilized, and
sustenance afforded to each life sustaining
organ by the Bitters, which is inoffensive
even to the feminine palate, vegetable in
comr-osition and thoroughly safe. Use it,
and regain vigor.
Chinese KvsmHuk the Law.
Washington, September 11. Col
lectors of Customs have been notified
that several Chinese laborers who
landed at Atlantic ports some time ago
in transit for China had not yet quitted
this country. To insure tue govern
ment against a violation of the privi
leges conferred by a pi si overland to
San Franc's :o the Oollec'ors have
been directed to adopt a system of
numbaring each past so that the
Chinese can be moreiesdily prevented
from remaining in this country.
We Caution All Ag-alnat Them.
The unprecedented succots and merit
of Ely's Cream Balm a real cure for
catarrh, bay fever and cold in the
head has induced many adventurers
to place catarrh medicines bearing
some resemblance in appeal ance, style
or name upon the market, in order to
trade upon the reputation of Ely's
Cream Balm. Don't be deceived. Buy
only Ely'a Cream Bilm. Manv in
your immediate locality will testify in
highest commendation of it. A par
t cle is applied into eachnotril; no
pain ; agreeable to use. Price 50c.
Nix Persona Drowned.
Chicago, III., September 11. A
special from Nashville, Tenn.. says; A
letter from Fountain Run, Ky., gives
the particulars of an accident near
that p'ace by which fix persons last
their lives. A party consisiing of the
wife and child of Boy Turner, two
eons of John Nelson Turner and two
young men named Hood were fording
Green river in a wpgon when the
hone became frightened and ran down
stream into deep water. The wagon
urset, and f s none of the occupants
cnuld swim, the entire party were
Subscribe for tbe "Appeal."
Two Colored Licentiates Ordained o
the Fall Jliuislry Sermons
and Addresses.
The Presbytery cf Memphis held ils
II. 1 meeting at aiasoo, beginning Tars
dy night and closing Friday ciuht
No phasanter placjcuu'd have been
sekced than Mason for its siitincs. It
has lotg been noted for tiie iutelli
gence and hospitality of its cit zfns.
Nobody w;ll be surprised to learn
that the Preebyteiy was well enter
tained in every way. Tbe Mason
people know how tj en'.er.ain a wes
bylery. Pasbjtfrian prtachers are
proverbial lovers of good eating.
They are good judges. The trntn is.
all preachers are fond of gcod eating;
so are lawyers and everybody else.
"We can live without poetry, uiusio and
We can live without conscience ; we can live
without heart;
We can live without friends; we can live
without books;
But oivilited man can't live without
The good ladies of Mason had made
every preparation with lavish band
and fine taite for their guests. There
wai also moral and spiritual and intel
lectual entertainment at Mason.
Tee opening eermon patched by
Rev. F. L. Ewing waa a fine discourse,
delivered with great power. His text
was "lie ready always to give an an
swer to every man that aaketh ynu a
reason ol ihe hope that is in you. ' 1
reter ii', is.
The Rev. Dr. J. L. Maitin, cf Mm
phis, wan elected moderator. Ii ia
sermon Wednesday night oo "Prayer"
was a masterly and finished produc
tt n, such as he is capable of giving.
Dr. E. M. Richardson preached an
excellent nnd edifying ttermoa Thurs
day morning on ''The Power of the
By the request of the Young Men's
UhriHtiaa Associa'ion of Mason, Mr.
T. 11. Kice, ot Memphis, delivered an
addrisa on Thursday night, which
trade a fine imp!e:s:on and was well
calculated ti encourage the young
men who have recently organized their
Some very, important businesi was
transacted by the Presbytery,
Mr. L. W. Curlis, a member of the
Jtirst rresbyterian Church, was re
ceived as a candidate for the ministry
and repaired at once to Clarasvil:e to
pursue his studies.
Two colored licentiates, Thcs. Mac
lin and W. P. Lloyd, were ordained to
tbe full work of the ministry and ar
rangements were made for their in
stallation at an early day. These two
students were t'uined at the institute
at Tuscaloosa, Ala. The Presbytery
examined them for several hours. The
examioetion was not only satisfactory
but would have done credit to any
young man. They are well posted on
all the leadicg points of theology.
Their sermons were well ptepare'd
written sermons, delivered with
freedom and earnestness. Tbe Pres
bytery stands convinced that Tusca
loosa Inttiute is doing a great work
for the elevation ol theolored race in
training such preachers as Maclin and
Floyd. The great need of the colored
raca is intelligent pieacbera.
Due attention was also given to the
subject of home m saiooe. Ia the
past two years tbe Prisbytary bai been
giving Bpecial attention to the "River
field." The Rev. J. F. Floyd has been
laboring in that field for more than a
year with marked success. The Lee
Line has shown bim appreciated fa
vors in going up aad down tbe river
to his appointments. It has been de
termined by the Presbvterv to send a
colaborer with him to assist in devel
oping that promising fie d.
The First and Second churches, of
which Drs. Daniel and Boggs are pas
tors, respectively, have volunteered to
support the additional evangelist. The
remaining cbuiches of the Presbytery
havo become responsible for Mr.
Lloyd's support. Tbis is the most
agsressive work of the Presbytery,
and perhaps the most promising.
Tbe Bihvar Church has secure-! the
services of a paster. The charge
made vacant by tho death of D.-. V.
O. R'chardson will, it ia hoped, soon
obtuin the services of a pastor, and
then the enfre territory covered by
the Presbytery ot Memphis will be
well supplied with preaching. The
next regular s'sdon ot the Prcn'aytery
will be held at Germsntown.
Threatened Ilrenk In r'nnt Hnnntl
l-rrlghfe nt est. J out.
St. Louis, Mo.. Senteinber 11. The
threataned break in east bound
raffs now seeniB inevitable and the
tkirmish has actually beun. Yester
day the ronnsylvania placed a b o.k
of tickets in the hands of tcalpers
with the natural r.'tult cf deducting
the commission from the already low
rale round-trip ticket to Cincinnati
no iv eellirg at $12, or $7 one way, and
to Indianapolis at $10 for the round
trip, or $3 one wav, and it is undei-
Btood that proportionate cuts are being
made to all other points JKast between
St. Louis and Biliimore. The Balti
more and Ohio will naturally be com
pelled to meet this cut. and with tbe
si rained relations existing between
that company and the Pane sylvan l .
it is said an open b-eak is certain to
OM ur unless the objectionable tickets
are withdrawn, and should tbe Balti
more and Uhio till into line the fee
Line cannot keep out. The opinion is
expressed that tbe war will not extend
into the trunk line territory, bnt will
be confined principally to Cincinnati,
Indianapolis and local traffic; but
once inangura'ed it will not stop tbis
side of Baltimore.
A dross ExiiKgerallon,
Beaton Globe (Dera.). September 3d:
A serious phase of slavery is being re
vived in tome factions ol tho oauth.
It consists in taking advantage of the
ignorance of the negro, Inducing him
to bond himself for a eiven time under
contract, and then holding him prac
tically as a slave, through the penalty
of foifeiting alt his wages if he leaves
before the contract is executed on his
part. Through tbe co-opera ion of
employers who secure help under tbis
system, tbe negro who leaves his em
ployer finds himself under the pres
sure of a boycott to severe that his ex
istence is practically choked off.
While in one sense such sarvitnde is
voluntary, it becomes nracticallv in-
volnntiry when employers conspire to
black litt an employe who fiods his
condition into'eiable, and is even will
ing to forfeit the wages ho has earned.
Mudified i radices of thin kind have
long ex'sted in our New England fac
tor cs, but emplovers dare nut faiher
ihem openly, and the New England
workingraan is intelligent enough to
appeal to tbe law for redress. Iu the
B iiith the employers openly advertise
the black list in the prominent papera
and wara all other that the boycott is
rn. it is t be hoped that the investi
gition into convict labor authorized
by the last Congress may be made to
reach these abuses, and that if they do
not a special ccmmHtee will bo p
nnintnit. whnQA Investigation will ink
in ail factories wl eie cot.treeti tt at
are null and void in egu.ty ire en-
fnrnpil nnrt ftll f:)r!T!fl nf iivlnn rial
contracts, which beome slavery in
L! ' t I kn
Subscriptions to Ihe N.w Factory
Drnih of u Old ( Hiseii.
farceur, to Tin iiTtAi..!
Jackhon, Miss., bp'einber 11. At
the adjourned meetii g i f ciiizeus Wt
night, the Committee of Canvassers
rep jited euDscnpiioris io me capital
atock of the propited cctton and
woolen factory largely in excess of tho
amount anked from tne eit zens, nhich
amount is guaranteed by the capital
ists cf the cmnty.
A rew'utlon was tdopied to hold
public moeticgi on the second Mon
diiy in eve-y month to disems niat.ors
looking to me general interest and de
velopment of tne city.
Mr. II. O. Dixon, one of the oldest
and most prominent eit zet a of the
county, died yetterdiy at h;s late resi
dence, four miles northwest of Jack
son. He was a public spirited mnu
and a leadirg Granger, having been
treaanrer of the Sta'.o Grange for a
number of years.
Tho lor ft protracttd dro ith wes tat
minatetj this after nocn by a fine ruin.
Report or Its Opermioua lor the
Past Year.
Washington, September 11. Oar
roll D. Wright, Commissioner of l.a
bir, today submitted lo the Secretary
cf tbe Interior his report uf the opera
tions of the Labor ISurtau for ti e year
ended June 30, 1880. 'lha Commis
sioner says: -"Tte special acents of
the bureau ara now actively employed
in the field work conneeted with con
v ct labor, slrikea, dittr.bu'ion, and
women workers of srat c.t'ej. The
Investigation relating ti lnbcr, wages,
etc., of the railway employes of the
United States I l ave dt lav ed until
some portion of the fort e "of special
agents can be re ieved from lltowork
on which it is now eogngc-d. From
the fact of the late crganization of the
bureau in 1885, you will at once see
that it is impossible ti submit at
this time the matter censtituting the
second annual report if this buieau.
I am in hop's, however, by vig
orous service, to be ab'e to submit
the results of tha inv.-stiga-tion
relating to convkt labor, and
perhaps to strikers, before the expira
tion of the present calendar year, and
those relating ti the other invest g -tions
authorized at the p oper time in
1887. By this couree th annual re-
Eorts cf this bureau after tbis year can
e transmitted contemporaneously
with the repor s of other bureaus and
cover tbe operations of fiscal years.
The bureau has been put on a very
stroDgooting through tha gonerous
actiou of Oongrers in making appro
pria ions in accordance with my esti
mates, and the oAVe now sUnd in a
pesition to perform its w.rk thorough
ly and promptly.
I do not believe that
Ayer'a Snrsaparillaha
an equal as a remedy
for Scrofulous llu
mors. It is pleasntit
to t:ike,glve strength
and vigor to tho body,
arid produces a mora
permanent, lasting, re
sult than any medicine
I ever used. K.
HtiineB.No. l.lndiile.O.
1 have used Ayer'i
SainiipitrillH.lnniy fam
ily, for Scrofula, and
know, if it Is taken
faithfully, it will
thoroughly eradicate
this terrible disease.
W- F. Fowler, M. D.,
Greenville, Tenn.
For' forty years I
have sull'cred with Ery
Hiticliw. I have tried
nil sorts of remedlel
for my complaint, but
found no relief until 1
commenced UHing
Aver'a Sarsaparilla.
Afler taking ten hot.
tics of this medicine I
am completely cured,
Mnry ('. AmcHbury,
ftockport, Me.
I have suffered, f0f
yenix, from Catarrh,
which was so severe
that it destroyed my
appetile end weakened
niysysleiti. After try
ini; oilier remedies,
and getting no relief, (
began to lako Ayer'a
Canker, and
Can be
SaiNiipiitillii, and, ill a
few iiioul Ii", was cured,
Susan I,. Cook, Uift)
Albany St., Huston
Highland, Musk,
Ayer's Sarsaprtrilln
Is superior to anv blood
purifier flint 1 huvo
ever tried. 1 Imve
taken it for Scrofula,
Can k or, and Mult
Itheiim, nnd received
iniii'li benefit from It.
It Is good, also, for a
weak stomach. Mllllo
June 1'circe, South
Bradford, Muss.
cured by
the blood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Pnpsnd by Dr. J. C. Ayr & Co., Low,!!, Mau.
Price SI i six bottles, S.
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 6279, R. D. In the Chnncery .Court of
Shelby County, Tenn. Jiime, Keilly,
. guardian, etc., ?. Mary McCarthy.
It apiiearinKfrom bill worn to in thiieauio
that the defendant, Mary McCarthy, is a
renidontof Franklin county, State ol Ohio,
and a non-roaiileot of the Slate of Tennei
eo :
It ii therefore ordered, That he make
her appearance herein, at the eourthouie
ot Shelby county, in Memphin, Tenn., on or
before the Brtt Monday in October, 11W6, and
plead, answer or demur to complain
ant', bill, or the tame will he Uken for
eonfetsed a to her and tet for hoarine ex
parte: and that s cony of thia order be pub
linhed once s wrek. for (our i.ceive
week,, in the Meoiphii Appeal. Tnn 4t!i
day of September, 1KA A oopy attet:
8. 1. MeDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Deputy O. and M.
Byrne & Pate. Sol, for comrl'nt. tun
ft nipifnu owm Hlrt New Ort(i
Desks, Tables, Cbaili
Book Cases. Lounge?
letter Presses, Cabinet
ladies' FancyDesks.et
rrioes duriintMt. CutAlO;
free. ot ic ho pontoaj
rinel i.ooo ana lxjw4-
TT BUT riBKVB K w vnmm
guaranteed iieclllofor Ilyitaria, Uii-
en, ConvulBien-c, Fit,, Nervoui Neural
la, noadache, Nertc- Prnttration, oaufed
r tha one of alcohol or tobacco t Wake-
fiilnea,, Mental Ilepreicn, Ho'toning of the
Brain, roaultins In insanity and Irn Ing to
niery, decay and death; Premature d
Asa, Barronnem, Loa, of Power in either
! Involuntary I.i'e and Spermator
rhea, obum i by over-eiertlon of the brain,
elf-abuao orovtrindulaenoe. Kach boicon
tin one rnorti. treatment. SI s bos, or
nil bose, for ti, em b mail prepaid, on
receipt of orica. We euarptitre Sis Bosoi
toonre any rue. With eaoh order received
by ui for aix bozel, accompanied witi- 11,
we will tend the purobar our written
saararrx-e to rofund the money if the treat
ment do "0 elf'ff a core. Onaranteel
iaaoed only hv a. HKNKKKX It UO.. Drua
giits, Mempbii, Ions.
C -j -rrst.
Tho Planters Firo and
II lllce In Com puny 'a lliiildlua. Xo. 41 MmlWon Streel.'.MrniphU, Trnu.
. T. FORTES, Pre. I J No. llVr.KTOK, Jr., Vlee-Pres. I J. 11. M.VITH, Ner'y
II. II I Alt K, AaaUlnnl Nwrelarr.
UlltllTlilci-s H.llKOOKS.ol Brooks, Neely 4 Co.: K. L.COtFIN, orDillard 4 Coffin
D. T. I'OHTKR, of Porter k Vncrne; JOHN OVKRTON. Ja., J. C, MII.lS, J. K.
UUDWl.V, of J. It. tied win A Co.: J. M. 0 KlUBa 1(. of Uoodbar i Co. ;
fouimfsrnl IliiklneaN Iu ism. l.o I'mhI, liver Half Million
Iwellinmi Fanerlnllv liralreil.
Also RuprescnU the Spaixiirtsi.n Fiaa, of
lotii-AKv; M"CriN
39 Union St., Memphis, Tenn.
0. 0. BRI5.
. T. FAR6AS0
ThoIC3rJo Grccers & Cotton Factors,
SS9 Front Street, Memphla, Ten a.
Oettea eoBilgaed to as will have oar earefal attention. Wt earry at all tlaisi a wsU
eleeted Hook ol
Stspl8& Fancy Grocorie8,Win38,Liquor8,Tobceo& Coin,
4ml will M mm 1,a l,ori(
.11 and :0 adlNon
Irwa and
Britsa fj?
Saw-Bills, -r - , '' ,iF!;!TIM""l"Wl, ' v'"l.
BnlldlaaiV,. JJtjJJKS
(Bocceanori In this lopartment to JOHN M ANOGUE.)
rwyitenn tor tntnrmalion nn ivt i
, Rioceuorg to POBTEBTATLOB A CO
Cotton Factors
J, L BAILEY & 00,,
2P 2La HT K 23 S s
30 Secoiul Wired, 3ffiiii.I.is.
J Mltnri'ilK. Pil-nin. Hrlvn Wall.. Iron, t.i-i.l an I Itona Pll'n. lint KItIht". flloha. K)n
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
Front at., Memphis,, Tenn.
HILL, FOSE & 60.
Cotton Factors, Commission merchants,
5fo. HG Bonth Ilaln St., St. Tonla.
Manufacturer of
TILE, FIHK C&aUr, 11AI1C and F1UK 1IKICK, Et(
U. aavla.
Jaha a. "alllTuw.
Wholesnle Grocers, Cotton factors
And Commissisn f-'srehantt,
232 and 234 Front St, EoapMs, Tens,
Mr. L H. ILAEt IT darotei his whole time to the weUhlpi and tale of 'Jl Cotton estrutW
Jo pox ohsrs... Cottea Warohonie. WaiUaitoa itxeaU
Marine Insurance Co.
eprinirtleld, Man.; OKoimiA Hovs I.nvaik
City, o tnattanooa, lenn.
1. L. W00DS01
Hi., z Wemolilt,. Tii
. lMtoumii:,
KiOto 174 Adams St Memphir
DEFT, 226 and 228 Second St.
iiiwh in e'ttinriine
o. w. tomlin:
Tomlin & Benjes,
179 Main St., Memphlu.
Offer reclal Indaoemente In Open Bnesies
of our own make, at t(; Tnpluiiiea of
our own make, at 1120. All work war
ranted. Call before you buy.
aw llavlnt dlnroied of onr entire itock or
Vehicle! and tje Manufacturing l'epart
ment to Memra. TOMLIN A UKNJhS, we
beapeak for them a eontinuanc. of tbs
patronage in Ions extended to ui.
Alabama Lime,
i.oi invii.i.k i:mivt,
rtios. Clark,
si. Mm Cla k.
Xm. . Bar Iron.
aa-'i'lW" ' BnIIH
WILL be opened Jan. Int. Thi, ncte4
waterlnr-plac. ii aitnated all miles
from Mtn Furnace, on the Naahville and
Tuaonloota railroad, in Hickman counly
Tenn. liack will meet all tr.una at . Ktn
and will convey s-ueats to tpriiiK, at s Tery
low rate.
Illmril, $SO Per 5f wnf h t 1 Ir Itny.
NpM lMl KatM la t'ninlllra.
We invite sll who wish to rpend the most
tteiuant seaion ot' their lives to co&e to
eavordam. especially seoknrs of pleacnrs
an4 health. Uood water and pure air ia
m'ltltl.KSTOlf BKON.,
Mvorymeni Centrevi'le, Tent.
E. A. DKAN. I'roii'rOen rreville Hotel.
" Hockbrids. Co., Va. Uish np in the
irirlnia mountaina. Tictureaque lurround
Ingi.exteniiveand beautiiully ahaled lawn.
Uai, electrio hell., and all modern Improve
ment. Two daily umila, r.r taleKraphand
expr.aa offices on the premise. Table tbs
very host. Luxuriously furnished rootnil
lurarh band of music. Send for illustrated
Pamphlet. Charges moderate. Open for vis
itors, June loth. Wnlrm Alvm, VhnlyhtaH
and trrr.ione. H. T. W I l.jUSON.Mnn'tr.
AnionK thu orthOlrn Lakes
of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, sr. hun
dredi of deliiihtful places where one can paal
the summer months in quiet rest aadenloy.
m.nt, and return home at the end of the
heated, term completely rejuvenated. Each
recurring seaion brings to Oconomowoe.
WaukcHha, Heaver Dnin, Frontenao, Oko
boji, Minnetonka, White Hear, and innu
merable other charming localities with ro
m.mtio names, thousands of our best people
whose winter homes are on either side of Ma
son and Dixon'a line. Eleanne. and com
fort, at s modorat. ooat, can be readily ob
tained. A list ol summer homes, with all
necessary inloriua'ion pertaining thereto, is
being distributed by tbe Cillctoo, Vh.wiu
isa and hT. l'Atn. Rtil.WAY, and will he sent
fro. upon applicatp n by latter to A. V. II.
Carpenter, tleneral Passer ger Auent, Mil
waukee. Wis.
Crab Orchard Springs,
of the cubine, and accommodations char
siterlstic of this hotol during the past thres
years, shall bo fully maintained this season.
Kxcnrsion ticket to the f orlngs by the L.
and N. Hallway aro good via Louisville, both
going and returning, to proceed on first train
suo.'eeil'ng nrrival in Louisville.
W T. l ANT. IVe.'r ,1. P. KrNi1.Pn't.
No. 17 JoflVrson Stril
(Between Mnln and Front.) MKMI'UIS.
IK.'tnblblied in fS'Xl.l
DR. JOHNSON Isnclinowleditodbyall par
ties interested as by lar the most suc
cessful pnysioian in tho trcatmentof private
or socret dWisos. tjiiicli, porMiannnt cure!
auiirantotd iu cvenr case, mule or 1'eMinle.
Uecent cacs of tlonorrhen and Syphilis
cured Iu a f w days without tho use ol umr
ourv, change of diet or hindrance Iroin
business, t-econdory 1S rhtlia, tbe l:tst ves
tige eradicated witb'itthe u e of incrcuiy.
Involuiisnry loss of tniiien stopped In short s
tiino. ulterers from linpotency or lots ol
sexual powers rosier e to tree vi&or in n few
weeks. Victims of sell-ahuve nml ex j.tiv.
Tenery, sulloriog from stwrmut'ir Imn and
Inssol physical nnd inciitnl imvo r, Hi-lily
and permanently cured. 1 art eul.ir atten
tion paid to tho Diseases of Vt'un ii, Hnd
onres guarantod. IMics and old -ores cuietl
without Ihe use of caustioor the kmle. All
coimull.it ons etrictly col fldontial. Medi
cines sent by express to all parti ol tha
srWorklngmen enred nt holf Ihe usual
rates, C Ulna hours from a o'cinek a.m, to 9
o'clock p.m. 1). iS. J 01 IN SO N , M .
ITeWspaper M.tf
VJ'VlWIi'al a,rm,lvt,,rtoC0I1.
r -It eontains lists ol
newspapers and estimates ot the cost of ad
vertising. The slvertieer whi wants to siend
one dollar. Units ln.lt ,tlia Information he re
quires, while (orNhim who will Invest on
hundred thnasandldollari tnradvertiaing, a
scheme Ii Indicated which will meet his
very reuulrsinent, or can b. mad. to do so
by slight chanaes easily arrived si by corre
spondence. On. hundred and tlly-thre.
dttlont have be.n Issued. Bent, postpaid,
to any address tor ten otSii. Apply to GKO.
VKRTISINil BlIRKAl'.lO bpructt. (Print
nm llonae Mnuare . N.w Yorr. b
aaM row retailor for the Orlrrliial 93 Bhooi
rw - Il.wareif linllatlons. - -ItaneOem.lue
anlows bttarln thlsHtauna.
Hade In Buttou, uofyrressanci uua jwminv
cwin. iir.i'.iiwi ... r
orw-e A poatalcanlscnt UB
aswlll bring you Informa
tion iirwtK"t this Shoo la
uf Buue or Territory, st
J, Means A co.;
41 ljncoin m
This alios stands MhVt In th. estimation oC
ask Uieui. . J
Omct Mam-ins Us Lkiht Ciimpanv,).
Msupiiis, Tknh. 1
BY order of tho Hoard ol Directors of tho
Mmnpliis tins Light Coir puny, mad.
JulT fi, IHKil, a mooting ol the (oeholders i
said coinpiiny was culled to I e buld on Mon
day, October 4, 1h"iI, at the olllc. of the com
pany, in Memphis, at IU m., to consider and
act upon a contract mndo by the Itonrd ot
Directors with 'Jnxing District ol Mi'lbl
county, n copy nf which contract litis been
sent by Ami I to each stockholder. In lurihel
pursuance of snid order of the Ucard, uotint
ol sal J iiieelitig i hcroliy glvn totlio c
ttniiinr. nt .ui, I en 111 1. ii o v. and tiiev are unrn-
estlv reiiuesled to bo piosent. or nond proxies
with ilniir instruciioiis as m too om.i
tboir stock upon this proposition to accopt
or reject said cou,fl.ct.)sKplIcnAWi
Kecrctary of Memphis tla Light Co.
Feptoniber I, last!. .
iir:iiHJArntH ririt
And Iron Roofing.
iJi USl.saijkasliea
Flrn. Hind, Wsli r nnl llirhiaing;
rMr. Huitahle for all kinds of bulldlnra.
For prlcos and estimates at faotory r til,
nail on or address
i38 A 140 Main st., and 21 A 23 Mulberry el.,
MKMI'1113. TKNfl.
Headinarten tor Iron Fsno.a and P-..tini",
(inlvanited Iron Cornii o.Tin Hrnfs A i-nve.
No. VM, K. D. Chancery Court of Hhelb,
county. htnte oi lenucssco vs. taia
Morrison et al.
BY virtue of an Interlecntory decree for
sale entered in the above canso on th.
Klh day ot December, 13.45.1 M. 1!. Ml. pae
31, 1 will sell at public auctiVMi, to the high
est bidder, in Iront of th. Clerk and Mas
ter s otuce, courthouse oA bbelby county.
Meuii'his, Tennessee, on '
KnturOnr, Ncplr mbpr 93, tHSO,
within legal hcu'S, the following describtd
property, situated in Shelby eounty.Tol
nessee. to-wit : ...
N. !i, ltf4, fronting 2IS foot on the east
sideol Chickasaw streai by a depth of 14HH
trot, said lot being 7IH font south of Win
chester street. Sold as property of the un
known telrs ot J. A. iiiaou.
Pn of country lot KS, fronting 37 feet i n
the north side of A uotion street, by a depth
of 14sVi feet. Hjld as property of Sarah Mor
rison nnd others. ,,, ,. , ,
l.,, i IVii. fronting S7'n feet on the east (id.
of M iin streot, by 14 t feet deep, "Hi loot
north ot Auction streos. ...
Teruisot tiiilo On a credit of six months,
i.iirinv tntnrett. with sacuiltv. re
quired: lien retained; redemption barred.
This :7th il.iy of August, la).
. I. .111'tit.in t. u I., viera sou easier.
Itv ?t. F. Coleman, t poty C. and St.
F. 11- A 'j. W. Ha'skcll. solicl'ors. '
HrK.V,. . -Hoard on tneuili,
Mrs. II. C. Howard, Vi Washington
Park. Booms large! location dolightlui.
Convonlont to o.irs to M il Italian i;oach,
Coney Island, Long Beach and Central Parkt
alio iu im)W York places of amusement.
Cj. i a t. .v ttostwo,
v : -mtAiias-
vjiwaw .j"iw

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