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A Sensation Caused by Col. Young's
Evidence-Moderator and
Brethren Shocked.
iBrlOUL TO TBI imiL.1
Locistilue. Kt.. September .11.
The Converse case laxt night was ex-
citins. Col. Bennett 1 outlays exam
cation was continued. The Court
ruled tbat tbe witness might be acked
lor ram es, but need not give them
only at discretion. Dr. Daniel then
' nrecsed his question, and asked wit
ecss to sive the camea of any he hid
heard reflecting upon tte veracity of
tbe accused. Uol. lourgs answer
tuads a stir. Us testitiod that hs
could give a thousand names. Ha
could give 300 right here in Louisville,
lie then named Dr. T. D. Witbtrspoon,
Dr. Pratt, Dr. Bodinger, Dr. Saunders,
Dr. iiirboar, Dr. Uiacken, Dr. Ulan
ton. Dr. I can, Res. 8. M. Keel. Ir
win, and J. C. Malloy, most of these
beina rrtsrit.
Dr. R. P. Fanis, of St. Louis, testi
fied to the bad reputation of defend
ant, ilia crosi examination con
" anmed most of the day. Dr. . W
- T?.l I r.f V.ntniVv. IIA taetiflArl
to tbe Dad reputation both of the pa
per and its editors.
Preebytery adjourned at 2 o'clock
till Monday, when the prosecution
will continue examination oi lis wn
The Saltiest TeetlmoaV Tel Intro-
aureu. ,
Tjwirviii.k. Ky.. liDteinber 11.
The siltiest tist'mony y.t heard in t! e
Converse trial was mm given Dy vo.
Bennett If. Young, a pillar of the
chnrch in th! city and a business man
of high standing. Ool. Young testt
fis.l at lust 1 nimbi's session and tbe
Presbytery did not adjourn until after
11 o'clok. Col. Yonng is president
of tbe riesbyterian Mutual
A'surance fund and he said
it was undoubtedly understood
that at tbe time tbe receipt) for the
Rev. Mr. Mosely's assessments passed
between the parties, the Converts
nad leiegrapuio Koowieugej mm jur,
Mosely waa in a precarious condition,
Paaains to the reputation of the Oon
verses and their paper, Col. Young
made a sweeping statement that be
had heatd a thou:and people say it
-was bad.
After a call for names, and a torribly
tiresome discussion, tbe witnecs ex
ploded a bomb in tbe court by naming
nearly all the ministers tbeu present
and connected wita ine inai, in
cluding, also, Col. Thomas Bullett, the
attorney for tbe Converses, and Dr.
Malloy, the moderator.
Immediately there was a sensation,
bat Col. Yonng stood firm, and said
he could cite instances if tbe Presby
tery insisted.
Dr. Fa-ris, editor of the Si. Louit
Prttbytctian, was tbe next witners, but
his teetimony didered little from the
rest. He said tbe papei's reputation
was bad. -
At this morning's smlon Dr. Fair's
was again placed on the stand, and
went through a lipid examination in
regard to tbe relations of their church
papers to tbe Chritlian Obtervtr, but it
was hard to see anything in this quis
ling by pol. Bullett that bad a direct
bearing On tbe case, except that Far
ris agreed with Woodiow on evolution.
At noon the Trt sbytery adjourned
until Monday morning.
Bids Invited by the NaT Depart
ment for Their ConatrneUon.
Washington, September 11. By
this evening's mail advertisements are
sent to the press by the Navy Depart
ment inviting propoBsIs for a variety of
work and material in connection with
the new navy. Amtrioan shipbuilders
re invited to submit proposals for the
TfaonfilRrctlbffOf 0no crultor of about
4000 tons, one of about 3700 tons,
one heavily armed gunboat of about
1700 tons, one light armed gunboat of
about 870 tons and one cruiser of
about 4400 tons.
Proposals may be divided lati four
c'asses. and may be divided under
either lirad as follows:
For tbe construction of the hull and
machinery, including enginrs, boilers
and appurtenances, complete In all
respects; for the construction of the
hull, complete in all respects; for the
construction aud erection on bosid
the vessal of engines, bd'era and np
purlenam'09, complete in all rwpec's;
lor the construction of bull nccurding
to the plans snd specifications ap-
proved by the KeuroUry of the Navy,
the contractor to put in engines,
boilers and appurtanauces of any do
s'gn which he may consider mors
smtsb'e than these called for by said
Elans and specifiia'ion,not toexceod,
owever, in weight nor in the ppace
to be occupied that allotted in said
plans and speciflca'jons, but no cuch
proposal win oe consiuerou unies ac
companied by full and complete plans
and rptciflcationa of such engine?,
boilers and appurtenance;, and a satis
factory auwautee of the results of the
same if adopted. Every successful bid
der will be required, in twenty days
after the acceptance of his proposal to
enter into f irmal contract for tho per
formance of his work, and to give a
bond therefore, with sufficient sure
ties, and with a penal sum equal to
one-fourth of the amount of bis bid.
The three cruisers muse be completed
within eighteen months, and the two
gunboats within twelve mont hs from
the execution of tbe respective con
trrcts. Tbe department, having in view the
construction of two armoicd vessels of
different types of about 0003 tons dis
" placement each, also invites tbe tub
miesion of designs from naval or ma
rine architects, from engineers or me
chanics of established reputation, all
reputable manufacturers of vessels-,
steam engines, bjilers and ordnance;
and especially from all naval cona'ruc'
ors, steam engineers and ordnance of
ficers of the navy having experience
in such work.
One of the proposed veasels is to be
an armored cruiser, and the other ai
powerful an armored battle ship as
can be obtained on the abovo dis
placement The requirements of tbe
department are laid down in a circu
lar, which will be furnished to those
Interested on application to the de-
Eartment, or ti tbe naval a' t aches at
ondon or Taris. The designs sub
mitted will be carefully examiaod.and
one of each type will be selected for
purchase, provided it can D9 ouiameu
at the price mentioned in the circular
and otherwise conform to its torms.
Designers are at liberty to offer any
design denied by them mot desir
able, whether onnformirg to the data
prepared by the drartment or not.
The designs must, however, conform
ti the coudi'ious ramel iu the act of
Congrs or they will not be consid
ered. Therears rsfolloas:
"Two sea going double bottomed
armored vessels of about OJOO tons
displacement, detigoed for a f peed of
at least sixteen knots an hour, wiin
engines having all necrssiry appli
ances for working under force draught,
to have a complete tdrpedo outfit and
be armed in the meet efiective man
The attention of all steel manufsc'.u
rent of the United Haes is invited to
the requirements cf the Navy Depart
meet. In tbe way of armor plates
and heavy gun forcings, for the proee
cution of work authorized by Corgross
and ty ars invited tJ speciiy, in
competition with each other, upon
what terms they will enirnife to pre
pare for tbe production of and pro
duce the lorgmgq and armor piaie re
onired for niodxrn ordnance and
armored tlIS. Bids are invited for
supplying the department with about
1310 tots of steel gun forsiinKB, of
which about o-S tons will do
for guns of six t inches caliber,
70 tons of gnns of 8 inches caliber, and
012 tons lor caliber between 10 indies
snd 12 inches (both inclusive) ; Also
about 4500 tors of steel armor pistes,
to be of the best material and inanu
facture. shaped accurately alter pat
terns to fit tbe form of each veesel for
which intended, and of tuch s'zes as
mar be required, varying somewhat
as follows: 20 feet by 8 feet by 12
inches tbick, 171 feet by 0 fet by 17
inches thick. Ill feet by U fdet by 6
inches thick. There will also be
thinner pistes. The uaual guarantees
oi good faith and timely performances
are reqnlred to be submitted with all
Doing, at Headquarters nnl Frep
aratlona for the Big I'nrstde.
St. Louis Itfpublican: Queer applies
tions are sometimes received at the
headquarters of tbotieueralCjinmittto
and some of them are not capable of
a correct interpretation by tho ordi
nary mind. A postal card was receiv
ed yesterday which routained tbe fol
lowing from a rural town written in a
wonderful band: "Please send me a
flew names of Fureans Hoo keeps
Private Boarding bouses where tbare
wont Bee but 2 or 3 Biarders and
oblige address to,"
There are plenty of rooms and board
ing places registered at the head
quarteiBof the (Jenersl Committee for
conclave week, and there lis not the
slighest foundation for the repoit that
there will be a scarcity of accommoda
tions. Five thousand persons can
s'ill be accommodated at from $1 60 to
$i a day, and the committee really
his mora places registered than can
bs filled. The abundance of accom
modations has made tbe prices very
low and visitors may depend upon be
ing well cared for at veiy reasonable
rates. There is even considerable
room left at the large hotels. The
committee expected an immense
crowd and mads its arrangements ac
cordingly. tJuartera were secured yesterday at
the St. James for Paleetine Command
err. No. 27, of Paris. PL. which will
come with seventy knights and twelve
All the hotels have attreed fo keep
their tables np to the regular standard
during conclave week.
Word was received vesterdav tbat
Apollo Commandery, No. 1, of Chica
go, ill., wonid be here with aUO
knights, fifty ladies and a band of for-ty-twopieces.
They will be quartered
at the Southern.
The committee has encaged seventy-
five carriages and sixty horses, with
the prlvlleiro of fifteen more for the
psrade. The members of the Grand
Commandery will aa in the carriages
and tbe division commanders will be
on horseback ; all others in the parade
will be on foot, except the members
of the mounted commsnderles. The
members of the Uraod Encampment
are expected to bs at the Walnut
street entrance of the Southern Hotel
at 8 o'clock on the morning of the
parade, where tbe carriages will be in
waitino for them. The horses will bo
for the non resident officers of the
parsde ; the resident officers are ex
pected to furnish their own horses and
have boon ordered to supply them
with a uniform style of trappings.
Louisville Commandery, No. 1, of
Louisville, Ky., with a band of fifteen
pieces and sixty-five knights, has
been located at No. li'-O Lucas
Toots will ba erected at the Fair
grounds for the uso of tho commnnd
erien taking pait in the displsy diills
on Charity day.
The dii'l corpi of Louisville Cum
manderj', No. 1, through its represent
ative, Mr. T. C. 'limbnrlnke, tendered
it services yts'erduy to drill at the
Fair grounds on County day. I', irf
said ttint this is the finert drill coipi
in the world and t' at i's evolutions
will attract geutMl admiia!ion. A
tent will bo elected for its ue. Kach
commandery will lu allowfld thiriy
minutes f jr drill. The following com
niainlerics have entered: Louisville.
No. 1; Detroit, No. 1 ; lttpor, No. i, of
Indianapolis; Dion, No. 2, of Minne
apolis; De Molay, No. 12, of Louis
ville, aud St. Bernard, No. 35, of Chi
ef m.
It Is expected that Detroit Com
mandery will have 150 Knights in
A proof was received yesterday of
the lithograph line of march aud it
was Keneial y adudred. Copies of it
will be sent 4it once to all the com
nmnder.es in the United State.
The General Committee has in press
a book that will bs ut great value to
every visitor to the city during con
clave week. It will contain all the
generel orders of the parade, the
names of all the visiting commanderins
and their location, the names of olli
cers and aids, and a vast amount of
general information about the con
clave. A copy will be sent to every
commandery, and each Knight will be
given one on bis arrival here.
No Head for Bimlnees.
"John," said the wife of a Dakota
settler when he came boms from atrip
to town, "old Bill is dead at last."
"Well, that's good. I 'lowed when
I turned him out in the pasture
the other day tlmt if he didn't
die 'fore winter I'd have tosboot bini.
It don't pay to keep a hoisa when it
gets as old and feeble m be was. He
'peard extra weak this mornin'."
"Ob, he didn't die that way. Same
Chicago hunters came along and shot
him by mistake for a buffalo."
'Shot him, hey ? Well, thst's tfame
smart. How much did you get for
"Why, I to'd 'emit was all right;
tbat we wantod him to die."
"ureal thunder, woman, don't yon
knownotbin'? Why in biases didn't
J'ou tell 'em he wa our family buggv
10 s, and worth 1!)0? Great snekei!
It seems as if women never had no
bns'nees 'bout 'em anyhow. You
miuht jint as well i f told 'em that be
was a blooded bow, and that yer hus
band was C iiintv ISherifl. and sot 5100
nf good, houeet money." EttcUiiM
Sknd for dialogue of the Memphis
lio'prai aietucai uoiiege belore at
tending lectures elsewhere.
Minister Cox Coming'Horae on a Far
loagb, Owing to III Health
-British Cabinet
Banuie, September 11. The North
German Gazette pronouncs untrue the
slatement attributed ti Trincs Alex
ander and extensively published here
tbat ono of the reasons for his abdica
tion was the fact tbat all the membe's
of the triple alliance forbade him to
carry out the intention be had formed
of executing the leaders in the coup
d'etat. The Gazttte denies that the
Prince resolved upon any executions
and iaa that tbe powers ad viced him
in the interest of peace not to allow
any executions to be kfhc'ed, for the
reason that if he permitted them be
would incur the danger of retaliation
if a fresh political outbreak, which
was possib e acd even imminent,
should occur.
The Brlllah Cabinet.
London, September 11. Tho Cabi
net met this afternoon and sat an hour
and a half. Ihe subjects under con
sideration wsre tbe Bulgarian question
and Mr. Parnell's land bill.)
Canadian Labor Uureau.
Toronto, Ont , September 11. The
Afati, tbe government orgun, an
r. ounces today tha". tbe Dominion
Government intends to proceed at
once with the matter of tbe establish
ment of a bureau of labor statistics at
Ottawa, and tbat tbe government will
no doubt appoint a commission of in
quiry composed of men interested in
the labor question, to gither informa
tion and make snggestions based on
their practical experience as working
men so as to enable the Ministers to
ascertain tbe exact nature of the work
that should be performed by such a
bureau in tho Dominion.
Death of a Noted French Explorer.
Paris. September 11. M. Saleillett,
tho Frenchman explorer, is dead.
JMInlafer Cex Coming Home on at
Constantinople, September 11.
Tbe Hon. S. S. Cox, United Stntos
Minister to Turkey, is about starting
ior home on a furlough, owing lo ill
health. Mr. u. 11. Heap, eecrttnry oi
the American Legation, will corduct
the sflaiiB of the office during Mr.
Cox's absence. Mr. Heap will con
tinue the negotiations for a new tariff
treaty between the United States and
More Armenians are going to the
United States to be naturalized. The
United S o'es Government bas not yet
replied to the protests of these Ar
menians, whese American citizenship
Turkey refusos to recognize.
Cholera Betnrns.
Rove. September 11. The cholera
returns from Italy since tbe lest 10
port are as follow h : rut'goano, 10
new cases. 10 deaths: Ravenna, 21 new
cases, y deaths; Veuice, 4 new cases, 3
deaths; all ollur infected diotrlcte, 40
new cases and 16 deaths.
What They Live on In Saxony,
In his report to the United States
Government Consul Tanner says con
cerning tbe food of tbe Saxons:
Here, as everywhere else in Saxony,
among the poorer classes, was that all-
prrvading smell ct couee. Conee is
the universal beverage in Saxony.
Coffee and bread, bread and coffee,
the bread dry and the coffee black
and bitter, three limes a day, with an
occasional potato boiled for dinner,
frequently makeup the sum total cf
a family's subsistence f -r a week at a
time. Sundays they have a ball pound
Of meat, but u tns lamiiy is not to 3
large that half pound is divided be
tween two dinners.
Horse meat la extensively consumed
by the laboring class, the prices rang
ing from 4 to 5 cents per pound. l
can a'so vouch for the fact that a law
cumber of dogs are annually killed (or
consumption. Dog meat is pub'icly
exposed for ealo in the maikots, and I
am informed that many well to do
peop'e frequently eat it in preference
to mutton, and the fuel that it is sold
at from 1 to 3 cents per round more
than boree meat would eeum to bear
out this fH'ortion. "Roast dog ami
diimplincb" is ficuuently advertised in
the paper j by keepers of reetaursntJ,
and the Chemnitz papers contain a
weekly statistical nccount of all the
hoises and dog killed for consump
tion in that city, Dog meat is sup
pc Sid to pnsrejR a curative power in
ens s of pulmonary complaint', and to
udgs by the nnmur ntiouilly killed
u this tieiifhbuho jd. the diecate
must bs widespread.
The Ilaml In I.ttrialnro.'
The lato Franz Lie, bad a hand to
which the hand of fato furnished a
Eoor companion. Long, sinewy, flexi
'e to a degree, the digits were actu
ated by a set cf lloxors and extensors
as tire! em aa steel, and it was a nimble
note which escnped their touch as
thry pounced up and down tbe key
boa rd.
"Here is her hand." slchs young
Portens, addressing himself to some
delectable lines penned to him by the
incomparable Julia. "Here is her
hand, the agent oi her heart."
"Lverywhere we go." declared one
young divine, waxing eloquent over
tbe omnipreicence of the Deity,
"everywhere we go we see the foot
prints of the hand of God."
'1 he hand of Dr. Johnson, habitually
raised in defense of Church and King
and the morals of humanity, should
have been, if one wore to chime, in
with the idealists, a Bturdy member,
long and strong snd masterful. But
we knew that it was not, and tbat,
grimy and feverish as it habitually
was, it was more oftn than elsewhere
at the Doctor's mouth, where his teeth
played fearful havoc with the dirty.
ragged nails.
It used to distress the bnglish laities
of the last centurv wolully when they
went down to Tunbridge Wells to
meet the great and good lr. Kichnrd-
son to discover tbat he was only a
little, fat, pudgy old man; that the
band which shielded the spotless
Clarissa through all her perils and
urongni ner, iiuany, 10 a riurapnani
and virtuous end, was a puff ball of a
baud, nestling comfortably on the
good doctor's paunch.
Apprerlatea tne Pamphlet.
Lincoln, Nan., September 11. Mr.
John Fitzyersld, President of the Irish
National Lengus of America, ba
shown his apprec'ation of the value of
tbe Hon. Mr. Gladstone's pamphlet
ou the Irish question by ordering
10.C00 copies of it for circulation
among tbe b ague hnnchrs.
A Juvrnlle Female tiarleuder.
Omaha et: On the northi ait cor
ner of TM i tenth and Farnsm, in a
damp, dark, dieary cellar under tbe
Merchants' National Bank building, is
a saloon run by Frank Yedlik. It is
tne res rt ol tbe lowest classes, and
vile obscenity and disgusting profanity
are to be heard on every baud. The
head bartender of tbe ettablihment is
a little 12 vear old girl, Yedlitka's
daughter, who has been priased into
service by that worthy ou motives of
economy, 'the child is encaged there
ths better portion of Ihe dy, dealing
out b-er, whisky and rum tj the men
who frequent the place. Shi's rather
small and slight, and the suht of the
little thing carrying a big "tchooner"
of beer almost ball as large ts herself
wou'd he ludicrous were it not disgust
ing. Pay after day she is compelled
to woik in these dingy quaitern, lis
tening to the prof iniiy au.t obscenity
which ther p'evail. O.x'fl in a while
a drunktn bum wi:l amuse himself
taunting the chi'd And asking htr vila
tnd insulting quehtior.s. 'Ihe g'rl is a
remnikahly bright, preity end intelli
gent child, but she is growing up
amid circumstances of ditgustiog de
pravity. Sjmething ought to be done
The Blew flayoao.
Ratal, 12 SO to 4 per day, aocordlng to loca
tion of roomi.
R FInk.Tnnn R.T flnrdner. Tex
(1 T Cappleman, Mini W II Wollard, N Y
J Chundltr. Tan J 11 Van Honor, Tonn
CStrAthy, NY C II Karr, Tenn
H W llryvon. Tena J Martin, w & c, Tex
Win Field, DO Min Whitty, N Y
MiKi Knott. NY Mirt Wriabt, Mil
K l Merreli. DO C Cuniubera, 'lenn
J BQulaley, Ky ; D M .Lioinl.l.Tenn
8 Penoywitt, Miaa ' J C i'ritcbett, Mm
F A ileeaifr, i'onn OUhcwia, lena
MM BrowD,Tnn i R N .Milts, Ark,
A C Cole, Ark .J B burnard, Mo ..
F K l'recott. Mo H F Williui, Mo
A r Taylor, Ky V 11 (iilinore, ivy
M (1 Vivnn. I.il fl tt Rune. Lft
ii E Daviclioti, La J I. Carpenter Aw, Ala
miss a iiarieniert&ia i a nuu. urns
T E Bryant. Mini C Burned. MiM
D R Mitchell, Xenn II M Vondig. Tenn
II !), Tenn II M Stone, lenn
M B K relevant, Tonn . B Andiitee, Ark
JO Moss. Ill J K Blake. Misi
O L llrinkloy, Tonn Napoleon Hill, Tonn
II M Noeloy Aw.Tenn .1 l Pinkerton, Mo
R E Shnpion, Mo TEAdSins, Mo
C T RugKloi, Miss t hus Turner, Mn ,
Tho Kobertson,Mlf K KSmilb, Ark
A J Campbell, Tenn L B Ilyorj, Tenn
II J Winter, Tenn J A BilliDgaley, Ark
8 L Clnthrie, Ark R L Field, Tonn , i
WW Wood, Ky J Coyne. T-nn 1
N E Peanon, Tenn O D Soott, Miia
RM Nelson, Mix BT Green, Ala
11 L Boyd, Ala T 0 Collier, Ala
U X Mirlioir, Mo K E hyne, aSo
0 E Woods, Ky T B Dudley &w, N Y
Miss Dudley, N Y Mnste r A Hiulley, N Y
11 J Paddook, Ind L P Hay. Oblo
II linrrison, Ohio I, B lirnham, Ind
PJClark.Iud T B Watson, Misa
Chaa Butlor, Mis) R J Unrdon, Hiss
OA Denton, Ark T K Williain, Ark
A Dixon, Ark L B hems, Tnn
Uaiton's Hotel. '
W. H. BINflllAM MiSAoam.
European plan. Enlarged and refirnished.
i'rioes aooordinc to site and loca
tion or rooms.
Misa MoFadden, MlsaMiss L Pattiin, Misa
RK Simmons, Ark I U Whitehall, Tex
F P Davidson, La 1 L Dunn, Miss
Miss B Barber, Miss C Campboll tw, Misa
J D Lethe Aw, Misa J W Odorn, Misa
W K Maxwell, Miss J E Wallace, Ark
BR West, Ark W E Smith, Ark
RFBettis, Ala J T Allen, Teno
K Jones, Tenn DTHunt, Misa
K N Williams. Tenn J B Leslie, Ohio
T M MoDaniel, Mo L O Oalloway, Miss
UW Terry, Ark W A Briaht, Ark
II P Aubroy, Ark BUMnntKomory.Tenn
W E Tobey, Ark Mrs M S Jay, Tonn .
Mis Jay, Tenn MBJay.lenn
R F Williams, Tenn Win Iv Ellis, Ark
Miss O Hollume, Ark Mrs KS Ellis, Ark
Miss h Atkinson, Ark Mrs E A Davis, (la
D H Kroeger, Tenn C II llalley. Ark
L II Uanna, ienn W F Hainner, Tean
A D Jihnson.Tenn W K Kanfonl, Tenn
P II Lowry, Misa MrsJCnrienter,Miss
M Y Maxwell, Tenn F Uansoll, Mo
Peabodj Hotel.
0. B. GALLOWAY A CO Panpnaroas.
Katos $2 50 and 13 per day, aocurJmj to
aiie and looatloa of room Bpeoial
rates made.
T II n.nnntt. Kt F F Woodall. Ohio
B A Able, Tenn F M Chnnln, NV
n II Knnvnn. Mn ' : Mrs hitson. Tenn
8 W Smith, Ark A K Tucker, Misa
Ml if Tucker, Misa Mrs Curd well, Ark
Miss Uineman, Ark Miss E Uineman, Ark
R llineman, Ark RMPruitt, Ark
LCBalch.Ark Mailer Baloh, Ark
0 E Fulkaion, N Y . J 8 Kavage, N Y
F RenoldJ, N X C Melrose, NY
II T Nash, Tex H PHartey Tex
Miss M Marion, Tex Misi Allie Nssh, Ttx
RCBrlnkley, Misa WSMosre, Tenn
J Urahain. Tenn JBDrirer, Ark
J Mnrria. Tenn J J Uatts. Tenn
J VI Foster, Misa D J Solomon, N Y
J Mayor, H X earn lnte, jr, Ala
GMiibry, Misa E J Scanlan, Ark
N J O'Noil.U'a olrcua R E Semaios, Tenn
Miss LMilliken, lenn Mirs Sctrborough.Ten
W 11 Roberta &w,Mi A C Kirby, Mo
THHtuart, Mo C J Ingorson, Mo
J B Lowry, Pa ' ' "' J P McDonald, Misa
F S Ca dwell. N Y D P Lucus, La
M ! Duncan, Ky . J P Oentry, V a
F W llladdon. Wis A P Snuer, Miss
W (I Hakor, Misa Mam brushy, Ala
D C Monta-omery.N O E K Muir. Xenn
J P Weichardl, La AEUuobansn, Tenn
A T P..lliami. Ill
A Arnniil, lenn
E Harris, Tenn
.1 M Mmon. lenn
J A Demo, Tonn
II Brinkley. Tonn
H Bens', Tenn
II b C:iilc, Xenn
II L Union, 'lenn
A E oiiinns, Tonn
II P Aubrey, Tenn
F. C Horner, Ark
J ti Taylor, Mo
H 8 Snmuuli, Ark
W Clloyd 4 faui, Ark
A B Jimo", Tonn
M Mcsic, Tenn
C WiicKins, Tonn
K llil1, Xenn
U Allen, Tenn
.1 1. U uilj
E U VorRUSon, V
.1 II Vickois, NY .
11 X Kidd, K.y
T II Yancey. Xenn
C D (Hlkrsnn, MlaS
J M Allrn. Misa
K Frank. 14- i
W 11 Mllhews.Ll
(1 W Curtis, Mo '
K W l'nrker, Mo
K M Sliendler, N 1
A t-'eldiicr. N Y
J B Johnston, Ark
W S OiMidnyn, Tonn
W 1 Wilson, Xonn
T A (loodwyn, Tonn
J K Cole, Tenn
T II Milburn. Tonn
J 11 l'ottun. Tenn
II . I. ..II T.nn
J M (ioodbnr, Tenn
1, VI,UI)'UUll, ACI'U . ... ..v."...i.
li ScrniiKS, Tenn J J Dubosn, Xenn
W C Jleuluto. Tenn b Inylor. lenn
W L Board, Teuu C Matthews, Xonn
nnfly KnropeHti Hotel,
Corner of Adamt and Main streets. Rooms,
60o, (30 aud II I'or day: American Plan,
ti per day.
First-nlass Restaurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (1U year" with l'eabody Hotel)
J C Stratton, Mo
8 J Williams, Tenn
I. M Ashs, Ala
II MTnylor, Miss
K Lllsker, Mn
K M Wilson, Ky
W U Adnma, Mo
T M Furber, Ky
R L Conner, Ala
W L Harris, Ind
M T Rul. ton, Ind
E D Martin, Misa
K J Adams, Mini
II Leonard, Ark
W L Bledsoe, Miss
Mrs Murrball, Miss
T F Dullin, Xenn
T L Kinitbam.Tenn
W T Allen, Misa
W W Caruthers, Miaa
8 B Stewart, Tenn
Win Ilaydan, La
J L Oilleside, Misa
W O Mr Leon, Tenn
J K Williams, Tenn
C Arnold, Tenn
, J Bolleu, Tenn
A A Martin. Tenn
w r Anaerson, ua
n w T,.i. Miaa
11 L Jamison, Ind
K L Maynard, Mioh
L T Wilkes, Va
il L Anderson, Md
W M White, Mass
T M Dunn, Ala
W C Luna, Tonn
J V Roitora, Tonn ;
II Cruteher, Ark
J M Koditers, Teen
II C Marshall, Mtsa
11 C Lovoman, Misa
J Vock, Ark .
P H Weaver. Ind
T L Dutlio, Mo
P M Morns. Tenn
B K West, Ark
II N DaTis, M"
J K H.i.lnall.MilB
J F Williama.Tenn
0 1) (luthrio, Tenn
0 W Newman, Misa
JCium-ls Vanilla, Uiaoo. ete-, nror 0ellolousl.
PmCC tAKINB P0WDOI CO. CWea?r aiti St Uttt
la iaaji V"gajlMi3
i in
eiv "i a
amj tm JaUaSaV !
Veterinary Specific:
Care Disc uaa of
Horses, Cattle, Sheep
In me for over 20 yenra by Fanners,
block urceucrs, jiorse n. it., cm.
Uoed by U. S. Covernment.
Mounted on Rollerj 4 Book Mailed Free.
Humphreys' Med. Co., ICO Fulton St.. S.T.'
lu um ju ye.tra. Tho onl Micwtsfnl remrdj for
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness,
nnrt Froittration, from over-work or other cjiuws.
aft per vitvl, or 6 rial nd larro rial powder, fur f&
Niilu itY Dnt'fHHKiti, orannt postpaid on receipt 4
prio.-'iiiMlar' KMlilMU., 1UVJ kulioa HU, . V.
Forty Tears a Sufferer from
"FOR FOltTY TEARS I have been a tio
tlm to CAT A RRII three-fonrt h s of the time
a, snfferer from EXCRUCIATINO PAINS
TRILS. Tbe discharges were so offensive
that I hesitate to mention it, except lor the
good it may do some other sufferer. 1 have
spent yonng fortune from my earnings
during my forty years of suffering to obtain
relief from the doctors. I have tried patent
medicines -every one I could learn of lrom
the four oorners of the earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (67 years or age) have met
with a remedy that has oured me entirely
made me a new man. I weighed 128 pounds,
and now weigh 14ti. I used thirteen bottles
of the medicine, and the only regret I have
Is, that being in the humble walks of lile I
may not have influenoe to prevail on all ca
tarrh sufferers to nee what haa oured me
Uulnn's rioneer Blood Kenewer
" No. 267 Sesond street, Macon, (la."
"Mr. Henry Chevea, the writer of the
above, formerly of Crawford eonnty, now of
Maoon, da., merit the eonldence of all in
terested in catarrh. W. A. HUFF,
" Ex-Mayor of Maoon."
Gnlnt'g rioneer Blood Kenewer.
Cures all Blood and Skin Diseases, Rheuma
tism, Horoiula, Old Sores. A perfeot Spring
If not in yonr market, it will ba forwarded
on reoeiptof prioe. Small bottles, $1, large,
tl 75.
Essay on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
Macon, Vorf ,
CAPITAL PRIZE, $150,000.
W4 do hereby Ctrtifv hat we tupervUeZth
arranaemenft for all the Monthly and Quar
terly I)ramngi of ths LoMuiana State Lottery
Company , and in pereon manage and control
the hmuingt 4hemelvet and that the eamt
are conducted witkhone$tyt fairneee and jn
good faith toward ail partite, and we author vu
the Company to ue thie certitioate, with foe
eimiUe of our tignaturee attached, in iU md
vertieemente Oommlaeloneraj.
Wit, (lis vndmitned. Bank and Banker,
mill pay all Prita drawn n Tht Louinana
iSAnle ZfOltertes which nay b pretnted at our
J. H.GLE8BT,Prea. Nnt'l Bank.
J. W.KII.RRKTH.Pree.Ntnte Nat'l Bk
A. BALDWIIT, Pres. N. O. Nat. Bk.
Over Haifa Million Distributed.
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
Inocrporated In 188S for twonty-flve year;
by the Legislature for Educational and
Ciaritable purposes with a capital of 81.
txxi.OtKl towhbh a resorvo fund of rvr-'l,.
lin has since boon added.
By an overwhelming, roi'u!. ' '.
franchisewai msdeapart oitho ;, .t Si' .
Cnnatittttios. adopted Decombiii . A
l7'l. .
tlx drtuiil Rlnsrlfl KarnMr nrV
Iuks will Inke place moiillily. Jlnn.
tcalet or postpones. Look at tho followUt
Extraordinary Ouurterlr Drawing
In the Academy ot Musio, Now Orleans,
Tneaday.Sriiteiiiber 14, HHH,
Under the personal supervision and man
agement of
Gen.O. T. Benn reimrd, of Louisiana, and
Uu. Jnbnl A. Kaiiy, of Virginia.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
wNOTICE Tickets are Ten Irollare
only. Halves, 5. Fifths,
Tenths. 61.
1 Capital Prise of. IISU.OiiO 1150,000
1 uran a rnre ol.
1 Grand Prise of.
2 Large Prises of.
4 Large Prises of.
20 Prises of.
50 Prises of.
1(10 Prises of.....
200 Prises of.......
fi0 Prises of. ,
. 1,000
800 ..
1000 Prises of.
100 Approximation Priiea of 200...
100 Approximation Prises of 100...
100 Approximation Prixes of 75..
2279 Priies, amounting to...,
Annlieatlon for rates to clubs should t
made only to the offioe of tho Company tl
New Orleans,
For further Information write clearly i
givvnt fall address. PONTAL sOTBs, Ki.
f ress Money Orders, or New York Exohanst
n ordinary letter. Currency by Express (a
our expense), addressed ...
New Orleaiie, la.
Or M. A. BArpniM,
Maahlnarton. D. C,
or at 6 Weal Court Sfu, Metnplila, Teas
Make P. 0. Money Orders payable
and address Registered Letters to
New sirleane. I.a.
Tnia BELT or Re
generator ia made ex
pressly lor the oars
of degeneration ol
the generative or
gans. There is no
mistake aboo thisin
etrnment the con
tinuous stream ot
meatina through tha
. . mn.t restore
; lifrijrrwl'B
....f''.s J.,l
them to health action. Do ht contound
this with Kleotrio Belts advertised to enrj
all Ills from head to toe. It li for the ON i
siecifio purpose. For circulars giving full
nformatlion, address Cheever Eleotrin Belt
Co.. lot Washington street. Chicaf . I'l.
To Real Estato Orrners and Agents.
PARTIES havinr sidewalks to pot down
will find it to their interest to apply to
W. 1). L0CKEY, 32 Madison, or shop. 848
Second. Contractor for btewart'l Orano
iUiio Paraments.
ii Ww
T. B.SIMS, Prea'i, CEO. ABXOLU, V.-Prea't. W. H. KEBKEBAT, Bee'y.
tfatT Country S(ore, Dwelliuss and CJlulionses a Specialty.
tiarLo8se4 Adjusted Proniptly, aud Paid at Bleuipliif.
Buggies, Wagons and Harness,
Steaui Engine, Machinery of AH Description fa,
ssssssssss ss s
For Fifty Years the great Remedy for
Blood PoisonandSkh Diseases.
For 50 m
Vna rc
Btd es-t t -sf k,' -w
Interesting Treatise on'Blood and Skin Diseases
mailed free to all who apply. It should be
, carefully read by everybody. Address
s s s s s s
Goldbaum Bros
Manufacturers mid Wholesale Dealers in
No. 344 Main Street
nasPI,F.l ItKajT
Steam Engines, Boilers and
Tresses, Wood rul leys, shaiiing, Agricultural
and Tlantation Work,
Oorn and
aw We kave the LARGEST WORKS of tha kind In tha fnlted States, and will meet
. piices forsame quality of work, bend for Catalogue, Prioe-Liita
and Testimonials.-
EMU fi ll (ffi
All Cotton Covered by Insurance on Seiworthy Vessels 0
In Ginhouse. Sacks furnished to responsible parties.
124 and 120 POPLAR
8. S.
WLalesale Grocers
Wos. II 1-2 and 13 Union
ipeers Cotton Gin
Iluling from Mulberry
5r Insurance and Sacks free.
fi&r The Largest and only Complete Gin in the city.
BCTBest Tfield. Best Sample.
L&U of J. 8. D&J A Son; Lata of Moaoham
360-362 Front Street Memohis Tenn. '
No. SSI Second Street Memphis, Tenn.
srTlne Btook.-w srBtyllwh Turnowtei.fe
Unrivaled not only in facilities lor hlahest instruction in Languages. Music. Art. but alio
in locstion. hssltlifulnpss, noire comforts and trainm. .v:- tiii. Ir.
TKRMS PKR ANM M-Paysble Half in AdTanre-Bosrd. JeddiBt. Washlna-, Tuition In
English studies, French, German. Voal Music in Classi
for iiarliculars! apiil to tLl'KRIOH.
It never
LM Tails!
ss s s ss s
Memphis Tenn.
vmif APPl.lf'A'l ION.
Tank Work, Cotton Gins, Cottct
JSetw 3Vtills.
- T?iinesee.
W. B. D0AN.
and Cotton Factors
Street, Memphis, Tenn.
to St. Martin Streets
A llorioa. Lato of IUiley k CoTinrtoli
Chickasaw Ironworks
98 Second St. Memphis, TennJ
Vug lues, Boilers, Sawmill,
Bradford Corn and lVlieat JUU
Cotton Press, Cotton tiln,
Shaninx, Pnlleys, l ie
SPECIAL KOTICB-We arepwrared to 811 oidenj
en short notice, for the eelenraUid Mwlisrl Pawol
WNnithi..i.' Fnllej. V, e oarrj In auok o?er
Two Uandred Assorted htt.a. ,
arerHond for rnt1o-i a"d Pr1f-1tt.

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