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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, September 12, 1886, Image 9

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Cotton Quiet Middling:, 8 7-8o
Sales Yesterday, CO
Money in good demand at 8 per
cent Local securities are steady and
tending upward.
The cotton market yesterday doted
quist: middling, 8Jc; tales, 50 bales.
At New York ppots closed dull;
middling, 9Jc. Futures qniet; Pep
tembtr, 9.C(i9.07c. 01 the future
market a leading New York circular
-says: "Aside from a little trading in
January there was a general ind ffer
ence shown toward all options and a
very flat sort of market throughout.
Liverpool was rather discouraging and
the average desire seemed to bs to let
themakst alone. At a fractional de
cline the close was dull and epmewhat
At New Orleans ipots were firm;
middling, 8"c; futures steady; Sep
tember, 8 73S.74c.
. At Liverpool epota were firm end
in fair demand; midJ'ing, 5 3-16d;
futures quiet and ettady; September,
5 9-0id.
In the general market hog products
are strong and actiVeFand a shade
higher. B.icon clear rib tides, 8'
8Jc; clear rib sides,' pork, 7J7Jc.
Mess pork, 111 SOffill 75.
Two hundred and seventy-three brls
apples, 80 sks bran. 95 rk8B butter,
1005 ris bsgBjirg, 3!0 pkgs bacon, 8
pkgs boots and shoee, 4000 bu corn,
110 pkgs cbeefe, 32 sks coffee, 7 cars
cotton seed, 4HS tks cotton seed, 15
pkg3 dry goods, 9 pkes epgs, 830 brls
flour, 599 bales bay, 591 pkga hats, 15
head bops, 50 head cattle, 13 head
horses and mnlcs, 12 pkga lur.l, 25,000
feet lumber, 20 pkgi liquors, 23,855 bu
oats, 300 brig ooioup, 150 brls potatoes,
' 8 cars pnrk sides, 21 brls sugar, 3300 bu
wheat, 122 brls rice.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
Wheat received, none; withdrawn,
1258 bu; in store, 3G27 bu. Corn re
ceived, none; withdrawn, 162 bu:
in store, 10,603 bu. Oats received
4335 bu ; withdrawn, 6381 bu ; in store,
172,189 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.,
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
The Clearing House report la as fol
Saturday, September 11th, 137,940-
69 ; thus far this week, $1 ,055,369 40 ;
same time last week, $!)41,1U9 67 ; same
time in 1SS5, $884,080 74; same time in
1884, 417,837 81.
Saturday, September lUh, $55,
' 811 83 ; thus far tb''s week, $370,115 08 ;
same time last week, $370,944 74 : same
time in 1S85, f 413,393 87 ; same time in
1884, $119,022 41.
New York Eight on all points, par
baying, premium selling; New
England demand, j discount buying ;
New England sight, discount; New
Orleans, discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce .140 bid, 149 a?ked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantewu.150 bid, 153 asked
Mercantile Bank..135 bid, 137 asked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
'Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home - 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 asked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
'Phoenix 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
VanderbilU 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
M. and C. R.R. ehares.36 bid, ... asked
M.& T. R.R. sbrs, 45 bid, 50 asked
M. & O. consols, 7s.. .119 bid, ... asked
M. A L. R. 1st m. 8a. ..105 bid, ... asked
MiM.AT.R.R. cs,A....lll bid, 113 asked
MiBS.&T.R.R.cs,B..101J bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. I) 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J..83 bid, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6a. - 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6s 97i bid, 98 asked
Tax. Diet. 6s. -104 bid, 105 asked
Mem. Gas bonds 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds 97 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid, 65 asked
Am. Cot Oil trusti.,.57 bid. 58 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem. Stor. Cora. Co.,102 bid. 103 asked
Mem. Oas stock 75 bid, 80 asked
New York, September 11. Money
on call eaBy at 46 Per cent., closing
at 5 per cent, asked. Prime mercantile
paper 4 a. 5 percent. Ste ling exchange
quiet but steady at 481$ for sixty day
bills and 4S1J for demand.
Bonds Government bonds have
been dull end Arm. Slate bonds have
been dnll and steady. Railway bonds
have been dull and trenorally firm.
The sales have beon $990,000, and of
this amount East Tennessee consol
receipts famished $137,000, wilh a
quiet aud steady business in the issues
traded in. Tracing in the active ia
eu s was genera'ly frm, but fical
prices show irregular changes, gener
ally for fractional amonnts only.
Texas and New Orleans, Sabine Divi
sion, gained 2, at 105 ; New York,
Lackawanna and Wes.ern lost 2, at
Stocks The stock market showed
more animation than on any previous
day of this week, and there was one
hour of fairly active irading. The
Btatemeot of tbe New York Central,
which was specially favorable, helped
materially to produce this result, aided
by the successful settlement of the
diflicullies under discussion at Chi
cago and renewed purchasing for tbe
account of the Chicago people and
London. The Wabaih was the special
feature in the transactions, as were
also Canada Southern and Michigan
Central. The trading in the la'tar
stocks was accompanied by talk of a
dividend, and it was reported that tbe
Vanderblts were heavy buyew. St
Taui was bought largely by the Chi
cago people and it wts the leader in
the speculation today. Chattanooga
was remarkably weak, especially
toward the clore, but in this nspect it
is an exception. The market was
etrotg from the opening to tbe close.
The openiDg was tame hot strong, and
while first prices generally showud ad
vances of Irom I to per cent., Omaha
was up j and Missouri Pacific down f.
Trading, thoogh Arm, was quiet,
until after 11 o'clock, when tbe
buy ng gathered fjree over the whole
trade, and was esp'cially roiiceahle in
St. Paul and Canada Southern. Liter
the market settled down to the usual
dullness, but remained firm until tbe
cloee, which was at or near the best
prices cf the day. St Paul furnished
30,215 and Lackawanoa and Lake
Shore over 10,000. Everything on the
active list is higher tonight, but for
fractional amounts only, Canada
Southern being first with j per cent.
For Saturday there Las been a very
good demand and movement by agents
as tbe result of new business wnicb,
with deliveries on old orders, gives a
large total of sa'es. Jobbers bave
been active and a very latga trade is
in nrogre's.
Tb totil ra'es of stocks today were
159,876 shares, including Canada
Southern, 5050 shares; Delaware,
Lackawanna and Wes-t-rn, 10,100;
Erie, 3640; MlRsniri, Kanea and
Texai, 7635; lake Shore, 10,010;
North Wfstern, 8765; New Jersey Cen
tral, 3G60; NewYori Central, 3315;
S Paul. 30 215; St. Paul and Omaha,
8352; Union Pacific, 3300; Western
Union, 4400; Wabwh Pacific, 6690;
Oregon and Trans ontinent.il, 3000.
New York, September 11. The
weekly bank statement shows the fol
lowing clianuea: i;e3trv, inrreasp,
$713,050; IraDS, decrease, $1,474,800;
specie, increase, $2,901,100; legal ten
ders, decreaee, $2,248,300 ; dopo-its, de
crease, $243,400; circulation, drciease,
$121X1. The banks now hold $7,034,
075 in excess of the 25 per cent. rule.
U. 8. 3s, 100K 4, coup, 12T.V.
44a, coup, lm'. Pacific 6a ot 18. 126.
La. atampa, 4, 784. MUionrl, 6s, 100.
Cent. Pao. l!t,l)4. Deo. A R.G.lat,l2J.
DeniRHW.l-U.S21,. Kri seconds, 115. -M.K.AT.,Gen.6,5.North.
Pao. laU,115V.
North. Pao. 2d,liil,.N. Western eon.. 142
N. West. deb. 5s, lotSt.L.S.F.(en.M, M
St. Paul, eon., )2n. St.P..C. A P. 1iU,120.
T.P. land grants,64i.T.P..K.Q. ex coo 67.
II. P. lts, M. West Shore. 101.
Tenn. 6s, set'mt.lWj lenn. 6s, aet'uit, 100.
Tenn. 3s, set'mt, 78.
Adams Express, 110. Morris E.,offd.,140.
Allegheny Con.,. Nashville A O., 65.
Alton A T. H.. Hi. N.J. Central,
A A T. H.. pfd.. 85. Nor. A W., pfd., 44.
American Ex., 1UU. Northern Pao., 28.
B. C. H. AN., 50. Northern P. pfd. ,01.
Canada Pao., 6V. C. A N. W., 116.
Canada Son., 47'. C. A N.W., ptd..l41.
Central Pacific. N. Y. Central, 111.
Chesapeake A0-, 8. N. Y. C. A Bt. L.,$i.
C. A 0., 1st pfd, Jo. N.Y. C.A8t.lj.,p.,21
0. A O.. 2d pld.i 9. Ohio Central, .
C. A A., 141. Ohio A Miss., 26.
C. A A , Ptd., 160. 0. A Miss., pfd., 91.
C, B. A Q., 136. Ontario A West., 19.
C, Bt. L. A N. O., -. Oregon Nav., 166.
O., Bt. L. A P., 13. Oregon Trans., S3.
C, 8t. L. A P. p.,33. Oregon Imp., 28.
C.,S. AC.,27. Paoifio Mail, 57.
C.A C, 61. Panama. U8.
Del. A Bud., 100. Peoria, I). A B., 30.
Del., h. A W., Ml. Pittsburg. 151.
Den. A Rio O.. 30. Pullman P. C, 139.
Erie, 33. Reading, 26.
Krie pfd., 75. Hock Island, 126.
East Tenn., 6. St. h. A 3. F., 29.
East Tenn. pfd. 14. St. U. A 8. F. p., 60.
Fort Wayne. 147. Bt.L. AS.F..lst b.US
Hannibal A St. Jo.,- C. M. A St. P., 96-.
a. oi. jo., piu., j. m. tx ob. r.tP.it-Wy
tiariem, di. r., m.t xii.
Houston A T.. 85 St. P. A Omaha,
Illinois Cen., 134. St.Paul AO.pfd., 112.
Ind., B. A W.. 16. Ten. Coal A Iron ,55.
Kansas A T., 32. Texas Pacific, 14.
Lake E. A W.. 9. Union Pacific 57.
Lake Shore, 88. U. S. Express. 62.
Lou. A Nash., 45. W., St. L. A P., 20.
Lou. AN. A., 55. W.,Bt. L. AP.,p.,37
M. AC. first pt.,-. W. A F. Ex.. 126.
M. AO. pfd.. . W.U.Tel., 67.
Mem. A Char., 38. Colorado Coal. 28.
Mich. Cen., 83. Homestake, 18.
Min. A St. L 20. Iron Silver, 180.
Min. A St. L.pfd,44.Ontrio, 25.
Missonri Poifio,112. Quicksilver, 5.
Mobile A Ohio. 15. Quicksilvtr.pfd, 23.
M.L. S. AW.,64. South Pacific -.
M. L.S.W.,pfd,88.Sutro.7.
Lokoon, September 11. 4 p m.
Consols 100 13-16 for money and 101
for tbe account Bar silver 43Jd per
Pabis, Seplember 11. Three per
cen'. rentes, 831 52Jj for the account
New Oblbans, La., September 11.
Clearings of tbe banks, $784,252.
Baltimore, Md., September 11.
C'earings, $1,895,389; balances, $247,
671. Nsw York, September 11. Clearing
house statement: Exchanges, $83,971,
335; balances, 13,261,551.
St. Louis, Mo., September 11. Eank
clearings, $2,973,653. For the week,
$18,550,944; balances today ,$5,682,9 47;
for the week, $3,818,542.
Philadelphia, Pa., September 11.
The bank clearings today were $8,095,
724; balances, $1,079,983. The clear
ints for the week ending today were
$49,068,327; balances, $7,344,786.
Chicago, 111., September 11. Clear
ing! of tue associated banks today
were $7,344,333. The total clearings
of the week were $50,722,898, against
$46,065,205 for the corresponding week
in 1885, the percentage of increase be
ing 10 per cent.
Boston, Mass., September 11. Ex
changes, $11,147,126 ; balances, $1,274,
193; rate for money, 4 to 6 per cent. ;
exchange on New York par to 17c
premium per $1000. For the week:
Exchanges, $130,901,486; balances, $7,
817,896; for the corresponding week
in 1885: Exchanges, $61,402,200; bal
apces, $7,884,907.
The local cotton mBrket opened
quiet and closed quiet; middling, 8c.
Sales, 50 bales, to spinners.
Yesterday. Friday.
Ordinary 71 7fl
Good Ordinary.... 7t 7J
Low Middling 8 8J
Middling 8 81
Good Middling.... 9 t
Middling Fair 9J 9J
Fair.... Nom. Noru.
Memphis, September 11, 1886.
Stock Sopt 1, 1886...... 4,009
Received to-day 80
Received previously... 394 4,489
Shipped today 394
Shipped previously.-.. 094
Home consumption to
Stock running account
Thus far this week ..
Thus far last week
Since September let -
M. and O. R. R
M.&T. R. R.
L. and N. R. R
C, O. & 8. W. R. R
K. O , S. & M. R. R
Waj ons and other sources....
Thus far thin wAk
Thus far last woak "
Since September 1st
L. 4N.fi. R 367
New York epota opened qmet and
closed dull. Midd'ing 91c. Sales,
404 bales. Quotations were aa fol
lows: Yesterday. Friday.
rdinary 6 . 6
Good ordinary. 8 8
Low middling. 8 13-16 8 13-16
Middling.. 9 9
Good middling 9 1116 9 11-16
Middling fair-.lO 5-16 10 516
Fair 10 15-16 10 15-16
New York futures opened dull and
closed quiet Sales, 27,900 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows:
September...9.06 0.07
October 9.08(3 9.09
November...9.10 9.11
9.0703 9.08
9.11 9.12
9.16& 9.17
9.24 9 25
December... 9.14rok 915
January 9.22 9 23
February u.30 9 31
March 9.38 9.39
April 9 40 9.47
Mav -9 54 9.55
June 9 .63 9 64
July 9.71 9.72
The NewOrleans spot market opened
quiet, and closed firm ; middling, Sis.
Sales, 1200 biles. Quotations were as
Yesterday. Friday.
Ordinary 7 7
Good ordinary. .....7 J 7
Low middling 8 7-16 8 7-16
Middling ...81 8J
Good middling. ..91 91
The New Orleans future market
opened dull, and closed steadv. Salee,
7930 balej. Quotations were as fol
lows: YfRtrrdav. Friday.
September.. 8 7.10 8 74 8 76 8.77
October...... 8.70 8.71 8.71 8 72
November- 8.07 8.08 8.68 8.69
December - 8.70 8 71 8.72
January 8 79 8 80 8.81 8.82
February... 8.90 8 91 8 92 8.93
March -9.00 9 01 9 02(o9 03
April 9.11 9.12 9.12 9.13
May- 9 21 9.22 9.22 9.23
June 9 31fa 9.32 9.32 9.33
July 9.3S 9.40
Tone. I Prices I Roc. I Stock
N Orleans.
New York
St Louis...
8 11-10
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886..10.134
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885-11,207
9 32fW 9.33
9 49 9.50
9.56 9.57
9 64 9.65
9.72 9.73
1886. 1885. 1884.
R'ts U. 8.
p'rts 1 day 10,134 11,207 8,630
Ex. Gr. Br 291 2,572 ' 3,294
Stock 191,100 156,779 120,833
R'ts Sept. 1 64,616 87,000) 66,2:6
For'gn Ex. 20,783 25,642' 36,004
Decrease in receipts this year. ..22,484
Receipts this week 32,251
Same week in 18S5 33,874
Same week in 1884...... 21,395
Increase compared with 1885... 1,623
Increase compared with 1884... 10,856
Shipments this week 27,949
Same week in 1885 25,798
Same week in 1884 18,923
Increase compared with 1885... 2,161
Increase compared with 1884... 9,020
Stock this week 49,757
Same week in 1885 25,384
Same week in 18S4 20,427
Increase compared with T885... 24,373
Increase compared with 1884... 29,330
1886 47,035
1885 61,121
1884 46,065
The New York Financial Chronicle
of September 11th gives the following
figures: Total visible supply, 1,075,304
bales, against 1,107,106 in 1885. These
figures indicate a decrease of cotton in
sight of 31,804 bales, as compared with
the same date i 1885, and a decreaee
of 329,439 bales is compared with same
date in 1884.
At noon: Liverpool spot were
firm and in fair. demand. Sale?, 8000
bales of which American 7000 bales.
Receipts, none.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4Jd ; good ordinary, 4d;
low middling, 4 15-16d; good mid
dling 5 7-16d; middling uplands,
5 3- ltd ; middling Orleans, 51d.
The pricei are given in pence and 6ith,
trna: 4 63 means 4 63-64d; ami 5 01
meant 5 l-64d.'
At noon : Liverpool futures were
steady at decline; September, 5 09d;
September-October, 5 04d ; October
November, 5d ; November-December,
4 63; Dacember-Jannary, ; Jan
nary February, 6d; Febrnary-March,
5 Old; March-April,; April-May,
5 05d.
At 1 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
quiet and steady ; September, 5 09d,
buyers; September-October, 5 04d,
buyers; October-November, 6d, buy
ers; November-December, 4 63d, buy
ers ; December-January, 4 63d, -buy-eis;
January-February, 5J, sellers;
February-March, 5 Old, sellers;
March-April, 5 03d, sellers; April
May, 6 05d, sellers.
The following is the record of bids
and offers at the Call Board of the
Merchants' Exchange yesterday:,
No. 2, white, spot, 44c bid; Sep
tember, 44c bid, 45s aiked; October,
45 jc asked; November, 46o asked.
No. 2, spot 42c bid, 43c asked; Sep
tmber, 42c bid, 43j asked; Octobnr,
424c bid, 43o asked; November, 42c
No. 2, wbite, spot, 31c bid, S3o
a? kod j Sentember, 31c bid, 3?c aoked ;
Oclober, 32c bid, 33 Jo asked; Novem
ber, 32 jc bid, 33J 8 asked ; No. 2, spot,
30c askHl ; September, 30c asked ; Oz
tobfir,. 29 jc bid, 31c asked; November,
30c bid, 31 Jc asked.
wheat. ,
No. 2, red winter, spot, 75 jc bid ;
September, 75 je bid; October, 76o
bid; November, 76c bid.. '
Spot, $2 25 asked ; September, $2 25
asked ; October, l 25 asked'; Novem
bor, $2 25 asked.
Root fll bid: Bentpmher. 11 Kfi
bid; October, $11 50 bid.
The following quotations ira the of
ficial Quotations (if the aarnhanU'
Cornmeal Standard, $2 352 40;
pearl, $3 403 60; roller, $1 00.
car load from levee or deptt, $13 50
14; prime, from store, 2U76c; ear
load from levee or depot, &3; prairie,
from store, 50c; car load from levee
or depot, $8 509.
Corn From store, white,53c ; mixed,
52c. from levee or depot; while, in
bulk, 4Scrin sacks, 52c; mixed, in
bulk, 46c: in sacks, 49c.
Oats From store.white, 40c : mixed,
37c; from levee or donot, white, in
bulk, 31'je; in sacks 37jc mixed, in
bulk,32Jc: in sacks, 35c.
Bban From store, 75S0c; from
levee or depot, $13.
Flour From store, No. 3, $3 ; fam
ily. 13 50 ; choi e, $3 754 ; fancy, $4
4 25: extra fancy, $4 304 60; patents,
$55 50.
Beans Navy, $2 ; medium, $1 60
1 75; common, $2 25; German millet,
$1 201 40.
Rice Louisiana, 4 (,5 3; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store. '
Obackbrs Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; ftmon cream crackers,
treble extra, 71c; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; dinger snaps, treble extra, 60; as
sarted fumbles, 9o.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$4 25 from store.
Homint and Grits From store,
$3 153 25.
Kansas City, Mo., Saptember 11.
Wheat lower; No. 2 red, rash, 62c
bid; October, 61n bid, 641c afkmi;
Nov-mb(r, 65je bid, 6jc asued; Corn
weaker; csh, 32o; Octjber. S3u; No
vember, 341c. Oats nominal, 21jc
bid, 2 lie HtkeJ, cash.
St. Locih, Mo., 8eptomb?rll. Flour
dull; XXX, $2 302 40; fam
ily, $2 55fl2 65; choice, $3 10
3 25; fancy, $3 453 55; extra
fa,npy,fci 703 85; paitn's, $1 20
4 50.;, Wheat active, but weak and
low-r. Early ia the eession prices ff il
oil but later r. covered partially
and ciojed firm, though l(;i ja lower
tbaa yestnnlay; No. 2, cash," 70c ; biep
tember; 7li(a0 closed ut 76c bid;
October, 771778c, closed at 7Jc;
November, 7tj79j closed at 79j
7ijc; May, 90j903c, ciu8ed at ,H,iCi
Corn weak snd lower, cIcBing JrJe
under yesterday ;No. 2 mixed, cash, 37c;
September, 3(il'5)36jc, cloted at 3ujc ;
October, 37378o, cicsad at 37 J 1 ; No
vember, 3838a, closed at 38Jc ; May,
42 j421c, clos dat42Jc asked. Oais
weak and 1 jo lower; No. 2, nvxed,
cash, 25255c ; October, 25 jc hid ; No
vember, 26jo; May, 31j32o. Rye
firm, 50c asked. Barley very dull
and about unchanged, IIy eteady
and unchanged. Flaxseed firmer,
$105. 15 an steady, 4949Je. Corn
meal, $22 05. Receipts Flour
3000 brls; wheat. 48,000 bu; corn, 27
000 bu: oat", 25,000 bu; rye, 2000
bu; barley, 6003 bu. Shipments
Flour, 13,000 brls; wheat, 43,000
bu; corn, 151,000 bu: oats, 6000 bu;
rye, none; barley, 1000 bu.
' Chicago, III., September 11. Tho
grain markets were all Wtak and low
er. Lirxe receipts of wheat, an esti
mated increase in the visible supply,
coupled wifi fine weather and the
prospects of liberal receipts next week,
shook the confidence of holders.
Prices, however, fluctuated within a
narrow range and eloped c under yes
terday. Corn developed increased
weakness and ranged lower, touching
the lowest figure since tbe July bulge.
Tbe weakness was attributed to in
creased receipts, weak foreign markets
and tbe decline in wheat October
declined to 40 jo and closed at 40gc.
The shipping demand was good and
vessel room was tsken for the Urge
total of 950,000 bushels. Oats also
rnled weaker and closed lower. Flour
steady and unchanged. Wheat fairly
active and lower. Sales ranged: Sep
tember. 75570c, closed at75gc: Octo
ber, 76J773, closed at 77Jc: Novem
ber, 78J79l3, closed at 78 Jc; May,
SOJ'iBsesc, closed at 8'.ilc; No. 2spring,
75j76 jc; No. 2 red, 76 c. Corn mod
erately active'nnd weaker; caBh, 391c;
September, 3i)39jc, closed at 39c;
October, 4(ij41 Jc, closed at 40jjc; No
vember.41 3423c, closed a'.41Jc; May,
45j40Jc, closed at 45jjc. Oats dull
and weaker; rash, 24 c; September,
24j25c, closed at 24Jc; October, 25J
01c, Closed at 5?5Jc ; Mav,31j31c,
cbeedat 31jo. Rye slow; No. 2, 49i
Barley quiet; No. 2, 57 Jc. Flaxseed
steady; No. 1, $1 08. Recsipts
Flour, 12,000 brls; wheat, 81,000 bu;
corn, 294,000 bu; oats, 191,000 bu;
rve, 7000 bu; barley, 73,000 bu. Sbip-ments-Flour,
22,000 brls; wheat. 82.-
000 bu; corn, 360,000 bu; ools,258,0O0
bu; rye, 3000 bu; barley, 1,000 bu.
BrTTER Bntterine,12j13c; cream
ery, 2276.r-, dairy, 1618c; country
butter, 1510o.
Cheese Prime fla's, 8J0, nominal ;
factory, 7 J8c, nominal; full cream,
Una Pbodccts Mecs pork, fll 50
11 75 sugar cured hams, 13j14c;
breakfast baron, 8j10c; clear rib
sides bacon, 88jc; bacon shoulders,
7j7c; bulk pork clear sides, 7J
7jc; clear rib sides, 7j7o; shoul
ders, 78Jc; long clear, 7 j7jc.
Lard Tierces, 7 J7jc; half-barrels
snd kegs, 88c; choice kettle, 8j
Fbksh Meats No. 1 beef, 7c; Mut
ton, 7c: hind qnarters of beef, 8jc;
lambs, $2 503 60.
Poultry Chickens, $12 25; old
hens, $22 60.
St. Locis, Mo., September 11.
Provisions active and generally strong.
Pork bieher, $11 37. Laid firm,
$6 75. Bulk meats strong ; loose long
clear and thort 'ribs, $7 20; short
clear, $7 50; boxed lots long clear
$7 25; short ribs, 7 35; short clear,
S7 62J. Bacon strong and 12 jc higher;
long clear and short ribs, $8; short
clear, $3 37. Hams slightly easier
at 12j13c. Batter firm: creamery,
2023o; dairy, ltM20e. Egns steady
at fl12c V,
Cniciao, III., Sept. 11. Mess pork
firm ; prices edvanced2025c on near
duliveiies, receded a trifle, and closed
Steadv; cash, $107010 75; October,
$10 65010 87, closed at $10 80
10 82; November, $10 42jt0 70,
closed at $10 0510 67, Lard steady;
cash, $7 20; Sentember, $7 207 22:
October, $6 67j0 65, closed at $6 57
6 00; November, $0 406 42. Short
rib sides strong; cufih, $7 15. Boxed
meatx eteoly; dry failed fhonldera,
$0 12j6 25; short clear sides, $7 20
7 25. On the Produce Exchange bnt
tor ruled firm; creamery, 1723c;
dairy, 1217c. Eggs, 1314c.
Coffee Common,91103: ordinary
10110o; prime Kio,lll121c; choice
to fancy, 12J131c; oldlgovernment,
2425c; Ceylon, 1822c.
Soap Chapman's Hope soap, un
wrapped, 4J4c per pound.
Salt $1 20 per barrel; socks, fine,
tl 351 45; coarse, fl 1!1 15; pock
eta, bleached, 27e; car-loads from
levae or depot, 5c cneaper.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 89c.
Candles Full weight, 9j10c.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices perdos
en: Pineapples, Jl 40 nil (0; peaches,
2-1 b, standard, $1 35 1 65; seconds,
tl 101 15; tomatoes, 21b, standard,
fl 251 35;3-lb, $1 151 30; straw
berries. $1 35 1 40: raspberries,
tl 1-51 25; blackberries, $1
1 15; arreengagee, $1 601 76;
pears, f22 25; plums, fl 60
SEPTEMHEIl 12, 138G. r
1 70; aoparagus, $2 604; green corn,
$11 35;green peas, $1 6516; cove
ysters, full weight, 1-lb, $11 10;
cove ojsters, full weight 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight 1-lb,
65c ; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
fl; condensed milk Crown, $5 50
5 75 ; Eagle,$7 51 7 75 ; Daisy, $4 75.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 1825c; prime to choice, 2835c ;
syrup, 2440c; common to fair, 20
25c: prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 3234c.
Tobacco Common. 11-inch, 27
28c; other grades and styles, 35 85c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per caw; R. R., $9 50
010 25; Gail & Ax's, $8 75.
SnOAB Pure white, 6J6Jc; off
white, 6t6Jc; yellow clarilied, 6J
65c; open kettle, 66e; refined A,
6J6Ic: granulated, 6J7c; pow
dered, 717c; cnt loaf, 78o.
Powder Kegs, $4 ; half kegs, $2 25 ;
quarter kegs, $1 25.
New York, September 11. Coffee
mot fair Rio firm, 11c; options fairly
active and about 10 points higher;
sales. 45,250 hairs; September, 9 50c;
October, 9 409.60c; November, 9.30
9.35c ; December, 9.309 35c ; Jsnu
ary,9 309.35c; February, 9 309. 40c;
March, 9.359 40c; April, 9.40c. Su
gar stsady aud quiet ; Muscovado, 43c
Molaeses steady and quiet; 60 test,
17 jc. Rice firm ; fair inquiry.
Applks Apples, $22 50; dried
apples, 213c pnr pound from store.
Dried peaches, 2J3o from store.
Vegetables Onions, $3 from
store. Cabbage, $2 50; per head, 9 10c ;
f 1 75 from levee or depot pr crate.
Kraut, brls, $i; half brla, $33 25.
Garlic, 4000y per 100. Turnips, 50c
per bnehel.
Fkdit Oranges, Lonlniani nomi
nal, $0. Lemons, $7 60S per,
box. Bananas, $!2 per bunch.
Oocoanuts, $5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7 Jc ; Tennessee, farmer's stock.
34c; roasted, 2c higher; snelloU,
10c. Almonds, 1820c.
Raibins London layers, $3 40 ; lay
ers, $275; California, ; Imperial,
$3 604.
Pick lbs In Jars, pints, 95c; qnniie,
$1 50; half-gallons,f275 ; gallons, $3 75 ;
onse, barrels, 16 507; half-barrels,
$3 754; mixed,barrels,$10 60; mixed,
ball 'barrels, $6.
Potatoes New, $1 251 50 ; North
ern stock, $1 752.
Cider New York, $6 507 per bar
rel, and $3 754 per half-barrel ; Vin
egar, 10 per gallon.
Pecans Texas, 810o for small to
medium, 1014o tor large ; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$55 50; No. 2, $44 25; No. 8,
I3 604; 10-lbkit. No. 1,90c; No. 2,
75c; 15-lb, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings,
family, 25o per box.
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,15c ;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Game Game fish, ll12c.
Egos Eisy, 1517c.
Ia car load lots: Prime crude cotton
seed oil, 26c; off crude cotton seed
oil, 2223c; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 3536c; off sum
mer yellow cottonseed oil, 3132c;
miners' summers yellow cotton Deed
oil, 3235c; prime summer white cot
ton seed oil, 35c; choice cooking yel
low cotton seed oil, 37c; prime cotton
seed meal, $15 ; ofl cotton seed meal,
Hides Dry flint, 1216c; dry
salt, 10 12c; green salt, 781c; green,
56c ; deer skins, 1501 8c. Beeswax
firm at 21c; tallow, 33o.
Clear tub washed, 3l36o; grease
wool,2326; Burry wool, 1318c.
St. Louis, Mo., September 11. Wool
active and strong: medium
clothing, 2226o; combing, 2425c;
low and coarse, 1422c; !!ss light,
2)24o; heavy, 1521c; block, 17
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lota, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., September 11. Pe
troleum steady ; 8. w., 7c.
Pittsburg, Pa., September 11. Pe
troleum quiet, but steady; opened at
62JC, declined to 628c, and at 1 o'clock
this afternoon 6. Jc was bid.
Whiskt Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 505; redistilled goods from
85c to $1 50, according to proof; rye,
$1 756.
St. Louis,Mo.,September 11. Whis
ky firm, $1 10.
Chicago, III., September 11. Whis
kytfirm, $1 15.
Cincinnati, 0.,8eptember ll.-Whls-ky
firm; rales of 730 barrels of fin
ished goods on a basis of $1 10.
Bagging Jute. 2 lbs, 8n; If lbs,
7Jc; ljlbs, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 7Jc.
Tie8-$1 101 15.
Nails Common. $2 20(3)2 25; steel
$2 352 40. t
Gbab Cattle Choice, 313c;
food, 2i31c; fair to medium, 21
c; scallawags, llc.
Hoos Choice,414cj good,3J4o;
common, 33c.
Sheep Choice, 313c; medium, 2J
3c; common, $11 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 414 jc.
Kansas City, Mo., September il.
The Live Stock Indicator reports: Cat
tleReceipts, 1257 head; shipments,
nous; market steady for all classes ex
cept grass rangers; good to choice,
$4 1004 60; common tomodium,$3 30
1; Blockers, $2 3002 75; feeders,
$2 803 30;cows, $1 600 2 60; grass
range steers, $2 250 3 25. Hogs Re
ceipts, 3352 head; shipments, 671
head; market opened steady and 5c
higher, cloBed s rong end 15c higher
for good; good to choice, $4 8U5;
common to medium. $4 200 4 70;
grassers and pig, $2 7504. Siieep
Receipts, 250 heal; shipments, 201
head; marketsteady ; good to choice,
$2 503; common to medium, $160
2 25.
Chicago, III., September 11. The
Drovert' Journal reports: Cattle Re
ceipts, 1500 hoad; shipments, 800
head; market steady; shipping steers,
950 to 1500 lbs, $3 500 5 25; stockors
and feeders, $2(d1'i 35; cows, hulls and
mixsd, $1 2503; bulk, $2C12 CO;
through Texas cattle steady ; $2 50
3 5; Wet-tern raogerj nominally
steady; natives aid half breeds,
$34; cows, $j 5003; wintered Tex
ans, $2 7503 40. I logs Receipt',
8000 bead; shipments, 4000 head;
market stronger; rough and mixed, $4
tl 90; pecking and shipping, $4 85
5 20; light, $3 9004 90; skips, $2 40
3 75. Sheep Receipts, 800 head;
shipments, 200 head ; market steady ;
nat ve, $1 754; Western, 3 25
3 55; Texans, $22 75; lambs, $4 25
4 80.
g Store lor sale.
DIIUQ STORE, "5 Cherlei'on arenne, do
lui a Arit-olui Prescription and Drni
STEAMEKS lkatikg
Vickiburr. AaiAXSAS Citt, 10 a.m.
8t Loula Citt or Vicesbueo, 12 m.
Arkaniaa City ...Kits Adiei, 5 p.m.
Frlara Point.. .Jakrs L, 5 p.m.
Concordia UATeao.S p.m.
Oaoeola CoiHoy, ft p.m.
Arkanaai RlrerK. L. Cobb, S p.m.
St.Franoia KiverKo. Fusteb, 6 p.m.
White River Chickasaw, S p.m.
jtrrtrafa. Ed Foster, St. Lonis ; City
cf Cairo, Vicksburg ; City of St Lonis,
New Orleans; Ojeeols, Sr. Louis.
Departure!. City of Cairo and City
of St. Louis, St. Louis; Gayoso and
Freddie Rjbinson, Concordia; Alberta
No 3, White river.
Boatt in Port. Ed Foster.
limit Due Dov h, Coahoma, Arkan
sas City and City of Natches.
Boats Due (p. James Lee, Ka'e
Adams, City of Vicksburg and It L.
Receipts Yesterday.
City of St Louis 500 pkgs mer
The Chickaeaw, Cap. E. O. r.'stal,
is the Wednesday packet for White
The E l Foster, dpt. O. K. Joplin,
toes out Tueedfcy t veiling for St.
Francis rivir.
The City of Vicksburg, Cnpt. Pan
Able, is the Anchor Lino packet today
at 12 o'clock far Cairo and tSt, Louis.
Ueorga Walton ialier clerk.
The Coahoma, C.ipt. Henry Cooper,
is the packot Monday evening at 6
o'clock fur Ofceola and the upper
bandd. Win. Smithers is in her ollice.
The James Lo, Capt. Thomas Olag
gott, is the packet Monday evening t
5 o'clock for Helena. Friarj Point and
all way landings. Will Ashford is in
her ollice.
The Arkansas City, Capt. II. W.
Brolaski, is tho Anchor Lino packet
this morning at 10 o'clock for Vicks
burg and the beuds. W. II. Pritchartt
is her clerk.
The Gayoso, Capt A. L. Curaminp,
is the packet Mondity evening at 5
..inw . ir..i...,, 1: i .11
way landings. J. C. Wjcolf has
cnargs ot ner clllue.
The R. L. Cobb, Capt E. B. 8mith.
is the packet Tuesday evening at 6
o'clock for all points on Arkansas
river going turougu to fine Jllutf.
Charles Musselmau- has charge of her
The Kato Adams, Capt Mark R.
Cheek, is the Uoited States mall
packet Monday evening at 5 o'clock
for Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landings. W. C. Blanker has charge
ot her office, assisted by Lew Price
and Morris uans.
Busineis quiet.
No cjtton roceivod by river yeslt r-
WEATncn clear and warm, with rains
last night
The river here stands 7 feet 2-tenths
on the gauge.
The Alberta No. 3 departed last
evening for Whits river with a good
The Gayoso and Freddie Robins 3D
cleared on time last evening for Con
cordia. The FA Foster arrived yesterday
evening from St Francis river, and re
turns Tuesday evoning.
VicKenuno HrrM: Mr. John A.
Ilarpman, of Memphis, agent of tbe
underwriters, is in the city investigat
ing the sinking of the old Delta wharf
boat Tna government steamer Osceola,
from St. Louh, passed to Red river
yesterday morning. She is in charge
of Capt. Back Jolly, a well known
Anchor Line commander and pilot.
Gait. Clint Uuurnitiss has re
signed a clerkship on the City of
Natchez to engage with the new cot
ton compress company at Greenville,
Miss. He is visiting old friends in
The Southern Transportation Line
has been reorganized for tbe forth
coming seaaon by the re-election of
Cnpt. M. V. Daly president, Capt
Alex Montgomery and L. II. Brooks
directors, and Gus Mossett secretary
and treasurer. The turn system has
been adopted and the pool system
abolished, each steamer working on
her own merits. The now sgreemont
will work harmoniously and to the in
terest of all concerned in tbe reorgani
zation. Aas'stant State Engineer II. B.
Thompson and John Smyth, of Louis
ville, arrived in the city Thursday
night, having completed the work of
stokiog out a new line of levee at
Desonia, which will be 9630 feet long
and an average height of 11 feet.
They report the bank caving rapidly
at W. G. Wyly's house. They also
staked out a new line of levee at Ra
leigh, in the extreme portion of East
Carroll parish. This is an important
work, and will necewarlly reqnirs
building this season. It will bs 16,650
feet long, with an average lieignt of 12
Office Signal Service, TJ. 8. A.,
Memphis, September 11, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 76s meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab ve Low
Rise I Fall
lOtlw lOt lis
Feet. lOths
Chattanooga ..
Fort Smith
Keokuk ,
La Crosse
leaven worth..
Little Rock
New Orleans...
St. Louis i
St. Paul
Sbroveport ,
l)ar Lino reel and tenthi ot a foot
above aero of i&uie:
Cairo, 40 OA. Chkttanonaa, S3 feet.
Cinoinnull, 60. Davenport, 15.
liuliuque.lt). Fort builtb, XI.
Keokuk, 14. Helena, .
La Crone, 24. Leavenworth, 90
Little Hook. S3. Louiaville, 2ft.
Meinihii,!)4. New Orleana, 1S.J.
Nuhrille.tO. Pittbur(.22.
Omaha, 18. Bt. Paul, 7.
8t. Louit, 32. yiokebarg 41.
Shreveporl, 2S. Yankton. 24.
Louisville, September 11. Noon
River 3 fet 8 inches in tbe wnal and
1 fool 6 icches on tbe falls and falling.
Weather clear and cool. Business
EvansVillb, September 11. Noon
Rivei 4 feet 2 inches on tbe gauge and
Pittsburo, September 11. Noon
River 5 feet on the gange and falling.
Weather clear and pleasant.
Wheelino, W.Va., September 11.
Noon River 1 foot 7 inches on the
gauge and stationary. Weather clear
and warm.
Cincinnati, Septomber 11. Noon
River falling, with 4 feet 10 inches on
the ganse. Weather clear ; thermom
eter 76. No departures for points
above Pomeroy.
Cairo, September 11. Noon River
7 feet 5 inches on the gange and fall
ing. Weather cloudy and pleasant
No arrivals of regular packets. De
parted: City of Natchez, New Orleans,
bt. Louie kt! New Orleana A or ho
Line-1. it. Mnll.-FOK VICKSUURtf.
Arkansas City,
Brolaakl... matter.
Will leave the Klevator Sl'NUAk, Sept.
12th, at 10 a.m. For freight or paaiage ml
V. ll. Ill I.I. , nil, AIT, AU BiUKiYl, pup I.
For llolena, Terrene. Arkanaai City, Green
ville anil ViekBburg Steamer
IK 15. loyveV fl
Vlokora mauler, ' m3536
Will love the klevatr TUKsDAY, fcoi't,
14th, at 12 ni. Kor freubt r I'mhabo aiplj
tl. I,. Mali, Pm. Ag't. AiISThHM. Ag't.
SJt. I.cmiIn nti't New Orlenna Anrtiot
City of Vicksburg, vjt
Par Able master, jBr"J
Will Irave Hie Elevator KUNDA1 , tiei.t.
12th, at 12 m. For froiaht or paMaiie apply
O. 1,. llu Ph. At
Memphia au J Vlfkabii't racket Company
The tjtoawer
Freddie Robinson. rQ
Kliaha Kvana Manor.
WILL leave every TUKSU AY and BAT
II KDAY at ft o'clock p.m. tor Helena,
Friari Point, Sunflower, Malone, Knowlton,
Australia, Laconia, ConnorJia and all way
Inmlinjii. Kor treiaht or paiaage apply at
ollice, No. 4 Maditon ftreet.
Jiini 0an, Pa.n A(f. Telephone !M.
MrrrtianU' and Plnntera' Line.
For Delena, Frlara Polm.Malonea,Aunfralia.
Concordia, Hiverton, llolivar, lluckridi
and all way landina ttamer
A. L. Cumnilna, Maater I J. O. Wyokoff, Cl'k
Laavea ai above every MOMJAY and
TMUKHDAY at ft p.m.
Vnr frni.ht rtp n. NIKire anfll v tli .. i.
T. II STMH ( ll , :l2 Front ut.
Montptila, Vrlara Folua Mart Meropnis
anil Oaoeiiln Paokr4 ('mnaaay.
For Helena. Slendale, Friari Point and'all
Way Landinaa tiuamer
Jnmes JLec. zj.
J. H. Cooper, muter.... J. W . fimltheri.eleik
Will leave at above on every MuNUAI,
WKDNKUDAYen J FKIDAY, at 6 e'olok.
Landlnai Steamer ,
(joiiliomn, kis9
E. T. Clairfett...inaater I Piatt Rholei...olerf
and FKIUAY at ft P.m. The boati of th&
linereierve the rlfht to mi all landlna
the eaptain may deem uninle. - UfllneNo. I
Madlnonit. .1 AM l LKK, J,, r -t.
The St. Francis River Transportatloi
Co.'l Fin Hlde-W heel TJ. 8. Mall BteeaaeC
O. K.Joplln ,t;1.!..'..mater,
at B o'clook, forMariaaaa. ike 0nt-0ff.aai
Intermediate landinn on Bt. Franeii rlvar.
Tbe eaptain reaervei the rlabt to pan al
landlnai he deema uniafa. JAB. LKK, Jr.,
Hnnerlnronriee. Offlfte. No. 4 Madlllon at.
Msmphls and Tlcksbnrg Packet Cora
puny U.S. Mall Line.
For Helena.Ooneordia, Terrene and Arkaa.
laa City The eleiant paaienier Iteamer
M. R. Cheek...maaUr I W. O. Blanker ...olerk
lieavea Memnnla
fi. m., reaervlns the riiht to pail all landlm a
he eaptain may deem nniale. For aenerai
Information apply at office. No, 4 Madlaoa
atreet, K. WALWORTH, Aient.
JOHN tiAHK. fa.a'r aaent. reiernnne w
Arkansas River Pk't Co.
Str. R. L COBB, vpm
K. B. Bmlth....maater, aniwuwJ
Leave! Memi bil Kvery TU ESI) A Y, at ft p. a
11. O,
Offlne, No. 9 Madlaon at.
uj tv n, Avent,
Telephone No. S.'
Memphis cV White lMrer TktCo
for Ularndon, Deyalla Blnlf,, DM
Are, Auanita, Bearoy, Newport, Jaokion
port, Hateaville and all Way Landlnxi,
NIK, t lUCKASAW, .trr "
K. O. Poital mait.r, JLieSEJ
Will leave EVERY WEDNESDAY at 6 p.m.
STR. ALBEBTA MO. S, . ,rr a
Albert B. Bmlth mauler JeaH1
Will leave 1CVKKY BA1URDAY at ft p.m.
Through ratea (Iven to all pointa. Frelrht
eonalgned to the Memiihla and White River
Picket Co., at Mempiiii or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For general informa
tion apply at office, No. S Madiion it., orl
Call Telephone 2, H. O. LOW W, Aa't.
Arid Iron Karta.
Tbads Maiis.
It ark
Tot Dyapnla,all derang-onaeata
ol the lllgeellve Organ and lbe
iTcr.Skln Olaoaava, Cot, Uurna
Pcalda and Uruleoe, ACID lit ON
A It MI la a apeclflo.
Ilheniaatleni, malarial ller
ders, Chronic Dlarrhosa and
finals cneee ol lllood Poleonlaa;,'
yield without fall to Ita wonder
fal cnratlye power.
Aek for free pamphlet, to ba had
of all dealer or aent, peetpald,
from the A. I. i:. Co., ITloblle, Alaw
At Wliolpsaln by Van Ylnst A Co.'
A Valuable Patent.
Daary'a (Hem) Cora and Pea PlaaW
HA VINO perfented my Invention, I wlik
to place it before the pablie, eapeeially
maonfaotnren. Ai a Corn Planter, it ia a
perfeet aaooeaa openi the dnll, distributed
the aeed aocnrately. uniniured, and ooverd
the aame, thereby one man performing the
work of three. Thef hava been nied la
thlaaeetion for over a doaen yeara w ah i per
feet aatlitaetlon. Uan five taaponiible tUv
monlala. Addreaa
JOUS a. pANCT.Daneyyllle,
nn JpfvK NOT AI
' m i ftpfl ArliliciaI
ALCOHOL Compouai

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