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Sketch or tbe Loup; and Useful Life
of a Prominent Citizen
of Jackson.
Ja(kso.v, MifS., September 13. The
old citizens tf this community are
bowed in sorrow at the news of the
death, of. D'. J- J. Tt ornton at Pesa
Christian. He lived in the neighbor
ing tvwn of B andon iroin his early
manhood un'.il of the close of the late
war, nhere h3 waa encajrui in a luoia
tive practice ct Medicine, he beiru
tho mott eminent pbyEician that evir
lived tht re. He was a member if
what is kt own as the Secession Con
vention of 1SUI, and was one of two
nliuirfss'd to tign the ordinance of
seceseioa, bat as (toon an the war be
gan he was amor g the first to volun
teer in the Southern cauc. He or
ganize and cooomandad as colonel
the Sixth ' MifB'teippi regiment,
G-v. La wry bein major of
the same. He and Gov. Lowry were
both w unded at tbe battle. of Shiio,
soon aft-r which the regiment wai re
organized (or tne war and Dr. Thorn
ton re elected co'otel. But still euf
ferirg from bis wound he loon re
signed, when the Governor succeeded
him us colonel. He whs a mnn of de
cidtd force of character, of eroinsi.t
ability, but mode3t and unassuming.
He, too, toik a deep Uteres in the
geteral welfare 8nd development of
the S:ae, tut more partuu'arly in her
educational interests. He has ben
one of tho trtute.es of the Slate Fe
muie Co'ltg9 at Columbus since its
organizition, and the h'gh degree of
prosperity and euccesa it. has alieidy
at ainwd is due in great part to the
wsi course's and tuperior executive
ability if Dr Trnroton. He. was the
devoted friaud and trut-ted adviser ol
Gov. Lowry, and in ehort, was nearer
to him than any other living man.
The Governor would have bestowed
upon him any political preferment in
bis gilt. He once tendered him a lu
crative position in the line of his pro
fusion, but he modestly declined.
Gov. Lowry leaves tonight to attend
hie funeral at Pa s Christian tomor
To Reacuea Prisoner In Waliisti.n
Territory Two I.lvea Lout.
Portland, Ork., September 13.
Tne Ortgonian't Spokane Falls, W. T.,
special give) particulars of a double
trsger'y wbich o currsd oa the 17th
inbtatit in Grand Cnnlee, ha'f way be
twetn Spokane Fulls and Okantgao.
A man named Paine committed
mtrdtr in Misjouri sevrral years ago,
wes ten'enced to ham?, but made his
escape and tame to VVaahiogtoa Tfi
ritory and fettled in Okan:gn county.
His whereabouts bosaras known and a
requilsiiion WBStentto Spokane Falls
and placed in the hands of Jack Hub
bard, a constable, to eerve. He to -k n
denu'y name 1 Faikin and left Sun
day morning for Poine's piece, ICO
inres distant, si cure! ratte witneut
trouble and placed bacdculfs on him.
He aeked to bid f .uewell to his wife in
see ret, wheh was granted, and the two
officers and the priaocer started on a
buckboard for Spokane Fal's about
noon. ;J.ownrd dusk a son ol ivine,
agid 25,comiugon horseback overtook
the offlc;rj and began fiiin? from a
Winchester rifle. The third idiot hit
his father, who died in ten minu'es
n'tir. Tha officers letorned the fire
with revolvers, but the range was too
shon. . Tne filth sho' s'ruck Hubhtrd
in the chin and be fe'l to tbe ground
dead. Faikin then whipped tha team,
but went rnly a ohort dittance when
one of th hordes fell dead from a rillo
wound. Ycung Paine made bisetcapr.
Tbe old man, at he was dying,coufefsed
to Faikin thut when he bade good b re
to his wife he to d her to tell their fori
to rescue him, evtnif he bad to kdl
the t fllcer 8.
Whntlhpy Will lie I.ibe-A Detailed
Acconot of Leading Features.
Washington, September 13 A
circular to the naval architects h -s
been iesuid by tbe Navy Department
respecting tbedes:gns advertised last
week fcr two armored vessels of absut
COCO tons cirp'acement. It embodies
in detail the lotdiuon to which those
who submit designs must confjrm.
The des'gnmus; In a substantial im
provtmtr,t on existing deiipns, end
uuimproved copies of vfM known de
signs will receivi no wrnderation.
It must be dutlic'ent in cetiil to
enable th d.-parlment to clearly
aeceitiin its value. The general feat
ures to be emb idied in the d-.'sign for
the armored cruiser are : Hull of steel
(not sheathe d:vita wor.d), with double
botlom, Bjd divided into numerous
water tight cooapsitaiBut, fitted witn
a complete and piwerful pumpii geye
tem, and with tir.anpge and ventila
tion tbrotighout; a ram bow and a
steel armored deck, running the whole
length cf the ship; the boilers, engines
and ammunition rooms being under
neath ; twc-:hirds of foil sail power to
be carried on two or throe
maBts each, with a praletted
top, with one or more machine
guns mounted thereon; four ten inch
gun sfor tte uiaiu bttery,each weigh
ing twenty six and a half tons; ten
rapid firing Hutch kics revolving can
non, and four Gatling guns (one or
more for top) fir tbe secondary ba-
tery ; six torpsdo tubes, one bow, one
s'ern and two on each side; fourteen
torpedoes, each sixteen feet long;
four electric search lights. The ship
mutt be driven by twin screws and
when fully equipped and with all hi r
weights on bojrd, must be able to
maintain 8 nU t f seventeen kno's per
hour on the me-sured mile, fche
must have qunrters for 270 officers and
men, with provisions for three and
water for one month. Her maximum
draft must be '22 f.-et and displacement
about 6000 ton?. The general features
ol the armored battle ship era t be
Bimilar to those of the cruiser. Her
armament is to be two twelve inch
and six six inch guns fcr lh main
battery, and twenty Hotchkhs and
four Gatlirg guns for the secondary
battery. FilLen thousnnd dollfirs
will be paid for each design accepted.
Dedication or New Slonantery.
Baltimore, Md , September 12.
The new St. Joseph Pnssionist Monas
tery, ab rut two miles we;t of this ci-y,
was dedicated this a'terncon in the
presence of fully 10,000 persons. The
original bui'diog wis burned aHout
two years so, and the new building
is on the s.te of the old and is the
largest in the couutry, except that of
the earns order at West Hoboken.
The dedication was by Cardinal Gilr
bons.who made an address in Kng'isb,
in which he spoke of the order and its
objecs. The Cardinal was followed
by tbeH'v. Father Baufch, in Ger
man. While ,F4ther Biusch was
speaking the Cardinal passed through
the corridor sand blessed the build
ing. Amng these wbo prticipatd
were tbe Wry Rev.Thcmu Stefftnini,
proviccial of the order; Father
Cha lea and tbe Very Kev. Constan
tino, first and second conaaltors; the
Eev. F. Lung, director at Mount
Adams, Plt'sourg; the Rev. F.ther
Steppen, director at Duok'rk, N. Y.:
Fathers Guido and Christopher, of
P.t sbnrg; the Rev. Fther Otto, of
the Cjrmelites. of P.ttsbarg, and
Fether Felix, of St. Louis, as well as
many of t"ie clergy of the city. It hss
been determined to remove tbe head
quarters of the order from West
Hoboken to Baltimore, and St. Jo
seph's will bo made the principal s at
of learning. The cew building coit
lie Ktir Eleven Men on Striken
aud Allows but One
Knoufl is already a prime favorite
at Syracuse. The following account
of the firet game be pitched in will
douhtlets be read with interest. It is
copied from the Syracuse Courier:
"Owing to the races, which attracted
a big crowd, there were only 1500 per
sons at the park ye-iterday to see tbe
reorganized Mars and the Oswegos.
All of the new men except Kappel,
who is expee'ed to arrive in lima to
piny today, took part in the cont-st
which resul ed in an easy vic'ory for
the home club. The feature of tbe
game was the wonderful p;tching of
Kiiouff, tbe Stars new pitcher. No
better twirling has ever been done at
Stor Park. The visitors were utterly
unable to fiad the ball and finished
the game w ith but a single hit to
their credit. The hit was made by
Toy in the eighth icning and was
tbe on'y one made on tho O.wegi
tide during the game. Bf sides hmd
irg the visitors down to cne hit,
Knouff struck out eleven men. Only
tix balls were knocked ou side of the
diimond by the O wegop. KcoulT
bis a delivery that is piizz'ing to tue
ba'smao. He stands with bis hack
toward ths batter aod bis head bact
down. Suddenly he swings around
and throws the ball wi h cannon ball
rapidity. When there are men on
bases he changes his delivery to er
ab'e himrelf to watch the bases
clotely. Itietead of bending down
with uis back toward the batter, he
faces the battc. In his actions
Knouff is very much like Sweeney,
ihs oaco fdrr.ons pitcher, and he is
bIeo just euch a bnilt man as the for
mer Star pitcher. He fields his pofi
tirin well and throws well to bases.
Bro'jgbtm ought his cinr.on billB
yestardav in fine s'y'e. He is a i plen
did backstop. The new battery
worked together like ekekwork.
Mi.r', the re flulder and heavy hit
ter, showed the spectators bow tbe
right field gardtn shculd b9 covered
and everyom approved his style. He
ran back nearly to the fance and cip
turedtwo bills tha1: looked good for
safe hits and ciugbt ano her bill for
which he bad to run to right center
field. He aleo mede another diflicalt
catch. At the ta' he maiJe- two fafa
hi's. Andrews plavpd first base as it
ehould be pUyed. Ha is very qu ck
and can go out for a bill end get
bauk t ) bis base in no time. He is a
hard hitt(-r and yfs'erday pounded
out a two b?gier and a single. 1! tt
man, who is a ted haired, ctubby lit
tle fellow, hndn't mucj ta do. but
proved himself to be a greit fielder.
He cavers es mu:h ground as any etc
end birexan tbat has been seen here
and is a very quick thrower. In the
fifth innirg he tan nearly to terond
ha e aad stopped a hot grounder.
He t ached out bo far for the ball tat
he fell down. He did no1; got
np ard dust off his uniform be
fore tryiog to throw tbe tunner
out, but threw the bill to first
bace, while rolling around on tbe
ftroucd and got in there in time to put
out iho s'riker. Biltman is considered
the weakest bitter of all the new men,
but he inaieged to get in three bits
yesterday and two the day Jnfor?. Up
to tbe seventh inning not one of the
0:WPgo players bad reached lint base,
the Sta-s bad plajed an ericrlets
game and the visitors hadn't made a
run nor a h t. Andrews made two
hits, including a double, put out
eleven men tnd p'ayed without an er
ror. Bittman got ia three bits, one
put tut, twa assists and one error.
B oughron uut out tn, two arsuts,
one error and no hit. Kooulf, twelve
a-sis;s, two errors and no hiti.
The Record.
A' nnrn oa Tuesday, Auau't 10. b,
the 105th grand monthly drawing ot
tbe Loiv.eiaoa State Lottery took place
nniler the supervision t f Gens. G. T.
Beauregard, of Louisiana, nd Jubal
A. Early, of Virginia. No 08,301 drew
the first capital pr'zjtf 875,001). No.
35,631 drew the second capi'al pr'z,
S25.C00. It ww sold in filths at il
each; one to Henry L-j if, Holbrook,
Mas' , pnid through Adores Exprese.
in Bretjii, Pas8. ; one to B Fiack
Burpee, a Faioon keepr, Nc. 8 Granite
street, Soutti Boston, Ma's., a'so ptid
tbrouuh the Adams Expres; one faid
through the German Bckof Mem
phis, Tenn.; two others paid through
Wed?, Fargo & Oo.'h Bank, of San
Franoitco. Cal. No. 60,849 drew the
third capi tal prizs, 3 1 n,000. No?. 18 325
and 57.815 drew the two fourth capital
pr'z :s of $G0ii0 each ; sold in fifths at
$1 each to parties in Kansas City, Mo. ;
Concordia, Ks ; Montgomery, A'a.:
New Orleans, La ; Fort Monroe, V. ;
Chicago, III., and Philadelphia, Pa.,
etc The next drawing will occur
Tuesday, Octobtr 12. 1886, and all in
formation cm be baa from M. A. Dau
phin, New Orleans, L.
Election to Be Held In tbe Chero
kee Nation.
New Osi.kans, La., September 13
The Time Democrat's Indian Territory
special says: The canvass for princi
pal chief is attra ting general interest.
Harrs Rohbiti Bunch and Joel B.
May.', the candidates of the GeLeral
Na iocal As-embly and the Downing
parties rarp actively, are working quiet
ly but effectively. The main itnue in
tbe campa'gu is the disposition of the
Cherokee lands known as the Cherc
kee atrip. Thess lands are leased to a
cattle company for five years at f 100,000
per year. The lea-e expires in 1887.
It is claimed that the United SlatfC,
having paid a certain amount for (he
strip, is virtually the owner. This the
Chirrrkeca deny. They Py tr at the
question of whether the United States
has paid 'J00,0J0 on occupied cr un
occupied lauds of tbe strip is not now
aniseu', but that should theUnittd
States determine to settle friendly Ic
diars oa the lands, then the question
wtll become an irsne between the two
governments. Then, however, tne
right of pcB50Psion by tbe Cheroktes
will, undertreaty stiuulatione, remain
undisputed over all the strip not occu
pied, whether the United States has
paid a email amount per acre for tbe
privilege of settling Indians upon it or
not. It is announced that Chief
Bushy Head will not be an inde
pendent candidate fjr re-election,
Beautiful and Wealthy, bat Faith
less to the Man She Mar
lied. A Chicago te'egram save: A young
and beautiful la ly,evidently in distress,
descended the brotd stairway in tbe
Leland Hotel one evening last week,
stepped in'o a eab wbich was in weit
irg at tha r'oor aod was driven rapid
ly away. It was apparent from her
graceful bearing and plain but rich
attire tint she was a lady of culture
and wealth. Many rings g'ittered up
on the ilDgors o! the shapely hand
with which she waived adieu to some
body who was standing in one of the
front windows of tbe bote', and one of
them was the plain gold lo rp that told
she was a wife. The cab was loaded
down with beggoge, evidencing the
fact that the ia r and tearful lady's
journey wes a lrng as well us a end
one. rshe wes the wifa of J-mes M.
Nickell, of the firm of Murray
& Nickell, 38 South Canal
street, and had just then bade
farewell forever to her husband. Her
dettinntion was the nearest railroad
depot by which she could rooneet put
thousands of milts between herself
and the strain n acd sir.cw wbich she
was leaving lohind. A ehort time
before the occurrence they had both
been itsndicg in room 21 of the L
land, whore tney h- d boarded for the
pact year. A few ehort sad words were
spoken and then the stern facrd man
beid his band, and with averted face
bade his young wifa goorf-'y. the
ws alone for some moments before
she started, acd as she was about to
leave her apartments a ftout, t quart
built man stepped up to the door and
harded h er a document of tome kind,
which, the un'oided, locked at, and
then sighed.
"Ah, yeF, I knew this was comitg "
It was a notice tha'. proceed:ngs lor
divorce had been commenced in tbe
Circuit Court by her husband. Tbo
bill had b?en suppressed for two dnvs
in tbe Circuit Court The coait offi
cials were dumb, in fret the utmott
pains teemed t) have been taken to
eecura the moettstrirger.tstcrccy. The
fi -m of wbich Nickell is the junior
partner runs an extensive drug manu
factory in this citv and aho owns a
large drug mill in St. Lavs. He was
married eeveral years ago to a lady
from whom it was faid tte also ob
tained a divorce very ihortly, after
which he married this present wife.
This Btory, however, is mot empbati
caliy denied by Mr. Nickell, who ws
seen by a reporter this aft?rnoon.
Mr. Nickell is a tall, sern-feat-ured
man of 40, with bright e)ea
and dark, well 'trimmed moostache
aod bead. His face torched
nervously and his eyes g ami a'rr.ost
savagely when tbe leporter mentioned
the object c f his visit A', first he re
fused point b'ank to give any infrr
mation and threatened legal proceed
ings if anything was published about
the matter. Finally, however, he
said : "My former wife and myself
lived tho grea'est harmony and were
only separated by death. She died
ten years ego."
In some further conversation it was
learned that Mr. Nickell bid taken
the proceedings for divorce cn the
grcuncs of infidelity and incompati
bility of temper. The couple bad been
three years married, but for some
time had lived very unhappily. Some
time after their domestic troubles and
disagreements bad begun the fact of
his beautiful wife's unfaithfulness
came, it is alleged, with the mrst con
vincing certainty under his personal
observation. The lady, as well as bs
ing porse;83d cf g et wealth and
beauty, belonged toaf 'iuilyof high
fUnding. Her father, who has been
for Bome years dead, was a highly re
spected citiz n of St. Paul and former
ly fihed the effioe of treasurer of that
city. Mr. Nickell met bis wifd in Chi
ef go throe yeers t go, where she was
visiticg soma friends, and shortly
afterward be gan the brief marital life
which has just ended so miserably.
They Are Aot (li.rrj.
There is one thing nobody ever re
grets that ir, the day they first adopt
ed Parker's Tonic as their regular f am
ily medicine. Its range is so wide
and its good effects so sure, that not!)
ing else, except good nursing, an
needed in a great majority of cases
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praine rnranii.
I do not bollcvo that
Aycr's SursnpunllH has
an equal ns a ruincdy
for .Scrofulous Hu
mors. It in pleasant
to take, Rives atrcngtli
and vigor to the body,
ami produces a more
permanent, lusting, re
sult than any medicine
I ever used. K.
Haines, No. Llndalc,0.
I have used Ayer'S
Sai snparilla, in my fam
ily, for Scrofula, and
know, if it Is taken
faithfully, it will
thoroughly eradicate
this terrlh'lo disease.
V. F. Fowler, M. D.,
Greenville, Tenn.
For forty years I
have suffered with Kry
slnclns. I have tried
all aorta of remedlet
for my complaint, but
found no relief until I
commenced using
Avar's Sarsnparllla.
After taking ten bot
ties ot this medicine I
am completely cured,
Mary C. Ameshury,
Itockport, Me.
I have suffered, fof
years, from Cutarrh,
which was ao severe
that It destroyed my
appetite aud weakened
my system. After try,
luir, other remedies,
and Rett ing no relief,
began to take Ayer's
Sttrsnparilln, and, in a
few months, was cured,
Susan L. Cook, 009
Albany St.. Boston
Highlands, Mass.
Ayer's Snrsaparllla
Is superior to any blood
purifier that I have
ever tried. I have
taken ft for Scrofula,
Canker, and Salt
lilieum, and received
inrich bcnellt from It.
It Is good, nlso, for a
weak stomach. Millie
Jane I'eiree, South
Bradford, Mass.
Canker, and
Can be
cured by
the blood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prcprtd by Dr. J.C. Ayer fc Co., Lowell, SfaM.
Price ! alx bottles, 5.
Heal Estate 4 sent,
AAD lT. 8. CO.inilSSIOXEIt,
981 MMn, Bear HdUo, Memphis.
At thM BBMOO tMtrlv ma fMMida to M amtf
ortof tonio. IKON wtn Into altDtwt crmr plip
Bow's vTwonpuou tar Worn wba Md buiidinc apt
For VenkueH, l.nxxlluifr.
J.PCTBT, J'll-., u iia r
tha otilr lrtm tmdiriiin thai m nnt
nit Iniurlsiin.
It Knrirhvn tho lilnod lDwlMnrtiics the
CityHiteiUt HrHtorca Apprlito, Atila lispntloa
U d(6 not Mnrkon or injure th (mm)i, oaoi Kead
acba oc produce cunKtiptiun xAr iron wuirimm Uo
Db. O.il. Binklky, ft leadiac phjsicUntrf Bprln-
flfld, Ohio, My:
'Brtiwn's inm Bitten hi tbomnrhlT t mdi
cine, I u it in my iirctict ami finti itii art ion
enli all other fonnn of inm. In weakntiw, or a Uw hw
dltionnf thB.V!"tru, Hrnwn'd Iimd Btttom te unuall
a poditira neotWMty. It i all that ia oUuned fur it.
Dm. W. N. Wat ma, 13)9 Thirty-aeonnd Htroet,
Oeoryetowo, I. C, aayt: " BrwnV Inm Bitten t
tlielt'itio of the agn. Nothinc better. It create
Appetite, firon Htreutb and improves digUua,,l
Oenntne hM ftbove Trmde Mark andomeuM rwl line
on wrMr"' nHt viur oiiuounij uy
Forty Years a Sufferer from
"FOR FORTY TEARS I have heon a rto
tlm to CATABRU-throii-fourthii of the tlm
TRILS, Tha diicharrei were so offentiv
that I boaitat to mention it, except lor tha
rood It oiaj do come other sufferer. I hve
ilient a roung reriune irom my earninrs
during my forty years of utfering to obtmn
relief Iroui the doe torn. I hare tried patent
niedioinei every one I could learn of trom
the tour oorner of the earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (57 yean of aire) hare met
with a remedy that haa cured me entirely
made me a new man. I weighed 128 pounds.
and now weiph 14i. I uaed thirteen bottlei
of the medioine, and the only regret I have
ia, that being in tne Durable wame 01 me I
miv nut have influenoe to lirevail on all ca
tarrh lutfereri to us what haa cured me
tlainn'g Pioneer lllood Ronewor
"No. 267 Seaoni street, Maeoa.Oa."
"Mr. Ilenrr Cheraa. the writer of the
ahove, formerly of Crawford county, now of
Macon, (la., merita the contdonce of all in
terested in catarrh. W. A. II I IFF,
" tx-.Miiyor ol jnaoon.
Union's rionecr lllood Itfinewer.
Cures all Blood and Skin Dlaesea, Rheuma
tism, Hcrolula, Old Sorea. A perfeot boring
If not in your market, tt will be forwardod
onreoeiptof price. Small bottlea, II, large,
II 7S. , ,
Kaaay on Blood ana bum viaeaaea maueo
Slnnon, uorcir.
Rrt-CAPITAL IKI7.i:, 7(1,000 -ru
Tlickcts only Mi area in proiior
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
" W da herein trrtifu ihnt ire aiiperviM tht
arranaemmf fur all the Monlklv and Ounr
terlv Vrmeinitu of the J.ouinitim State Lnltery
( unipany and in p'ruon mnmitre and eontrul
the IhaieinQK them" If", and that the tame are
enndurted with kane'lu,airnen, and in (rood
faith tamirdall yartiri.nnd tee nut home tht
lumpmilro une tliut rtinrate, rcirn jac-imuei
of our tionaturen atta'hed, in if ndctrtin-
M. t(.
fimmlasloner a.
We, the wndeninned, Bank and Bnnlrra,
teilt pay all Prixee drawn in The Louiriaia
State Lotterict which may be preeenttd at or
J. H.OGLGKRT.Pre. Ntl'l Bnnh.
J.W.lilMIKKTll.Prea.NlaloNiil'l lib
A. BALDWIN, I'rre. B. U. Sat. II h.
Incorporated !n l'JOHfor twenty-five years
by the Liiia!aturo for Kduoatlooal ar.d
Olinritahle pDrnotca with a capital of 81,
Wrfl.OOO to which r. rervo fund of overlW,
CiiO haa sinoeboen nddecl.
By an overwhelming pot-nlat vot Ha
franchiHe was made part of the prennt Stale
f'onttitutioa, adipUi.l Jjocoinber 2d, A 1).
The only Loltrri r rated on and endurmd
by the people nf ami titnte.
It net-er tealte or pottponrt.
ft Grand Niule Nnmber Draw
Inn label plitre uioiilhly, nnil llin
Exlrnordlimrr DrnwIiiKH regularly
every Three Nonllm Inalead of aeml
nnunally as lierelotoro.
WIN a iohtim:. tkntu hrand
October 12, IU-lW7th Monthly Draw-
100,000 Tlrhela at Flv ItollaraEaoh.
1'racllnna, In t'irih, laa
1 Capital priie . l 0
1 Capital priie V.WU
1 Cai ital priie . 10, XJO
2 Pr'ieaofMl 12,0(0
SPriieaof Wfi 10,010
10 Priiea of 10.0" 0
2DPriieao M) ' J0.0; 0
100 Priiea of 800 2O.W0
SHOPriaeaof 100 80-0
500 Priaeaof 60 . ?S.0
1000 Priaea of 25 SW"
9 Approximation priiea of tM e.TTn
Approximation pruoa of 600 4,Wi
9 Approximation priiea of 850
1907 Priiea, amounting to... 2t)6.5(0
Application for rntea to club; ahonld be
made only to the office of the Company at
NewOrleana. ., .. , ,
For further information .write clearly,
givin. full addroaa. PONTAI.WOTKM, Ex
preaa Money Orders, or New York Exchange
in ordinary lotlor. Corrency byExpreaa (at
onr ezpeaae), addresaed
Mew Orlana,JLa.
Waolilniriou. I.
or at 6 West our i Wt., BleuiUla, Trum
Make P. 0. .Honey Orders payable
and address liegislered Letters to
St)W Orleana. l.w.
iVoT vi;-;-r,.i llunnt wr prlulwl, turn inhi
TJ"' ,'' "., r)TiHnU.ovr(i Mew.OrV
I v ,. --Vi.nalM.irleaiiflMlieaA Llhnr
. ilf.. ... "--VI. -J 'A . TLI.-
" ' ' ".I nuiin. I. III. 1 T
7" 'TR-w? Book Caiei, Lonnge;
1' 'f;-! totter Preisei.Cabiiiar'
j rKSx Kinewt Uoivin and howm
l)rug Store for Sale.
DRTJfl STORE, 75Chrleaon avenue, do
ing a Irat-claaa Preicrlptlon and Drug
Buxlneaa. Uood reasoni for lelling.. Apply
at WLIndan itreet.
r J j m
The Planters Fire and Marino Insurance Co.
Aire la fompany'a Bnlldiaar, No. 41 Madlwta HlrrvtMfmphla, Tenn.
D. T. POUTER, PrM. I nERTOS. Jr., VliwPrei. J. H. SMITH, See'
V. II. III KT H, Aa.Utanl NrrrftnrT.
DIRI ITORM-S H. BROOKS, ol Brooka, Neely A Cn. : R. L. COFFIN, of Dillard A Coffin 1
i). T. I'tiHTKR, of Porter A Maoraei JOHN OVERTON. J., J. C. MILLS, J. R.
GODWIN, of J. R. Godwin A Co. i J. M. tlniiDB R. f Goodbar A Co.
romrufnrrd Bnalnraa iu IHH7. I.oaara Paul, Over Half a Million.
iwrlllnra Pprlally llfilml.
Alto Represent! the Si-Rixiiriai.D Fiae, of cipringlirld, Masa. ; tlronou Homi Isai a.mci
Conrnav; Moi'aTAls CiTT, ol ChatUnooga, lean.
39 Union St., Memphis, Tenn.
J. T. IARA80H.
o. o. Him.
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton Factors,
ICS Front Street, Memphis, Teno.
Oettea eonalgned t at will hare onr eareful attention. We carry at all tinea wall
teleetod ttook ol
Stapls & Fancy Groceries, Winss, LiquDrsJcbaceo & Clear.
4 nM will mm l,w mm h I.AWMt
W. T ltOWl)R.
FOUNDRY & MACHINE l)EP"ilGOto 174 Adams St., Memphis
taallnara, T " t it" ' 7- C "
'ttealrtL ??r.:&'h-..i
IKON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEP'T, 2!i6 and 228 Second St.
(Sneoeatora In thia lepartment to JOHN MAN0QUB.)
xa-WrlleTiafortnformatlon on ANV Till Ml In yltlier line.
mm mi
BaceosBon to FQKTEK, TAYLOB C0h
Oottoii Factors
S3 Hecisl direct, IflcnipliiM.
M.(."ui.A P,"nn. . liriv. W.ll." Iron" Lad .-I Hton,' Pine. H- KUfr... flloh... Kte
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
XVont St., Jflemjhl, Tenn.
Cotton Factors, Commission Merchants,
ITo. HO Booth Main St., at. Lgl.
Manufacturer of
inn nRAT.Rll IN
fi.ui; I.I w I VON.
m av wnm kj mm av mn Kir .i
K. Sawlai. jrhn aj.Ha.l.vaar. Clam. J. Cltt' fc.
71iioleaale Orocers, Cotton Factor
And Commission Kerchanti,
232 and 234 Front St., Oempiiis, Tena
M, X. IT. tAIHIT erot hit waoU time to the welthlnf and tale of all Ootto UvUi
i, m. 0lf (nmr. otua Warehoaae. WathiBitoa tUaU
1. L. W00DSOJ
r. 1. JtOUllKi:,
(1. E. WITT.
a. wi tlin: wm. bksjks.
Tomlin & Benjes,
170 Mala St., Memphis.
Offer areola! Induoementa In 0n Dntiiet
of our own make, at t Top kuaiea ol
our own make, at 112(1. All work war
ranted. Call behire you buy.
tr Itarlni dlapoaed of onr entire atnok of
Vohiolet and tli Manofaoturlna Uerart
nient to Meaara. TOMLIN A liUNJhS, we
boapeak for them a oontlnuanoe of tha
palronaxe eo lone eitended toua.
Alabama Lime,
WILL be opened June lat. Thla notad
waterlnt-place it tltuated aiz mile
trom jKtna Furnace, on the Naahrille ana
TutoaJooaa railroad, in Uirkman eonnty
Tenn. Uaek will meet all traina at jKtna
and will convey tueita to tprintt at a very
low rate.
Koaa-4), aO Per Mob Ik ! Per Day;
HimwImI Ratfa f'ainlllm.
We inrita all wbo wiah to apend the niort
pleaaant aeatoa of their Urea to eome to
itearerilain, eaneeially aeekera of pleatura
and health. Good water and pure air ia
Iilrerymen, CentrerilU, Tenn. .
E. A. PR AN, Prop'rCentrerille Hotel.
llnckhridae Co., Va. High np in tha
Virginia mountain.. Piotureeijuoaurround
inn, eiior ive and beautilully ahailed lawn.
Hue, rlei'iric bella.and all modern liiil.r ore
menu, two daily maila, pnat, telegraph and
expie'a nfl'iret on the premise. Table tha
very l?-t. Luxurlou.ly furniahed roomaj
aui erb hand of niusie. Send for illuatratea
pamphlet. Charge" moderate. Open for la
itnra. June Kith, tt'cifm; Alum. ('Kalybtal
and feeetone. R. T. W ll,jji SON.Mnn'rr,
Anions the Northern Lakes
of Wiaoonain, Minneaota and Iowa, are hnn
dreda of deliahtlul plaoea where one ean caaa
the auuiinrr montha in quiet ret aadenoy
ment, and return home at the end of tha
heated term Completely rejuvenated, fiaola
recurring aeaaon brlnga to Oconomowoe.
Wauke.iha. Beaver Dam, Frontonao, Oko
boli, Minnrtonka, White Bear, and Innu
merable other rharmini loealitiea with ro
mantic namra, thoiiaanda of our beat peopla
whoee win'er homea areon either aide ol Ma
aon and Dixon't line. Klegtinoe and com
fort, at a moderate coat, can be readily ob
tained. Ali.t ol aummer homea. with all
noceaaary informa ion pertaining thereto, if
being diatrihoted by the Chicaiio, Vu.vrio
gei jini Br. PiUL KaiLWAT, and will baeo
froe upon appllcatiin by letter to A.V.I
Carpenter, General Fatter ger Agent, Ml
wnukee. Wla.
Crab Orchard Springs.
LINCOLN COUNTY, K Y. The excellen
of thecuUine. and mvmnmodatione char
aHeriatic of thla hotel during the pant threw
fenra, ahall be fully maintained thia aeaaon.
Exi'uraion ticker to the Sprinaa by the L.
and N. Hallway are good via l.oui.vil o, both
going and return in, to proceed on first traia
auoi'eed'ng arrival in Louinville.
W T HHANT. I're-'t .1. C. KINO, flnn't.
'o. 17 JciTtTsou Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPUI3.
' IKatabllahed in 1.W.I
DR.J01INSON la acknowledged by all pay
tlea intereated aa by tar the muni auo
ceaaful phyaician in the treatnientof privata
or aerret dlieaaea. Quick, per manent cure!
guaranteed in every caae, male or leirale.
Recent caiea of ilonnrrhea and Hyphilit
cured in a fw daya without the ue of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
huameaa. becoudary Syphilia, tbe la at
tige eradicated withoMtne upo of mercury.
Involunanry loaa ol't.emen atnpped iu ahurt a
tinio. Sullerera from iuiotency or loat of
texiial p wera reatnre to froe vitnr in a few
weeka. Victimt of aelf-abue and exceaalve
venery, auflering from aperuintorrhea and
loatof phyaical knd mental power, apeedily
and pnnnnnently cured. Turt cular atten
tion paid to the l)lcaoa of Women, nnd
enrea guaranteed, l'i'ea and old mirea cuied
without the uae of cnuntic or the knife. All
conrullat'ont atrictly oonlldentinl. Medi
cine! aent by eipre.is to all partt of tha
trW orkintnien enred at half the uanal
rntea. Ulloohoura from K o'c'ock a. in, to It
o'clock p.m. D. S. JnllNnilN. M.D.
JiniFrnrifi.iiri','it.,' V p-
AlWVLIll I JllMHenoed cr otnerwite-
r . -- .-.. J it contalni llttt ol
newapapera and eatlrnataa o. the coat of ad
Tertiaing. The aiyertlaer who want, to tpeni
one dollar, Unili In ltithe information he re
quiroa, while lortlhlm who will inveat ona
hundred thnuaandldollart ln?.advertlaing, a
tcheiue It Indicated which will meet hit
every reqolr.inent, or can be irrade to do to
by tliaht chanu enaily arrlvod at by eorre
limndonce. Ona hundred and nfiy-throe
edltlnni have been iatued. Bent, pnitpaid,
to any addroaalor ton oeait. Apply to UhO.
VEKTISINO BURKAir.lijBpruceiU tPrint-
aaat yoOT mtnllcr for V.: Orlirlnal 93 Bhoa.
-Z. - llownmnf Imitation.
Kooe Oonnlue uulum bvarlug thlantama.
tility, Comjort and Amw
otu-e, A iMAialmints nC to
k.ou BitorXrliory. j
41 Lincoln nv
iirtiHatandl higher In theeatlmatlon ot
Tlr.XS , than H J "otliT the world. TIIOU
,a "'uTwUo wSarU wlU tU you tbo na.ua U yog,
aate thaiu. , -
Orrirt MiurmR 0 Lioht Coipaht,1
Mrmhiiih, Tkmi. I
BY order of the Hoard ol Iiirecton of tha
Memphii ) Light Company, made
July f, a meeting ot the ttookholdora .
aid company waa called to be held on .Mon
day, October 4, tnttl, at the office ot the com
pany, in Memphla, at 12 in., to conaider and
net upon n contract inailo by the Hoard ol
Directors with Taxing lriatrict ol Ohelbl
county, a copy ot which coiitrncr hna beet
lent by mall to each atookholder. In lurthel
purauance of aaid order of the Hoard, notiot
of aaii ineetingla hereby given to the atoek
hnldora ol laid company, and they are earn
eatlv reiiueatcd to be proaent, or aend proxiet
with their Inatruetiona aa to the voting or
their atock upon thia proportion to accept
or reioot tald con'ri'c;. .
Secretary of Mouiphia Uaa Light Co,
Pcptemher I, IHSil. .
And Iron Roofing;.
Flr, W.ad. Watfr aael I lnhtalatc
proof. Suitable for all kindt of bulldinga.
For prlcea and eatimatet at factory ra tel.
Call on or addreat
138 A M0 Main it., and 21 A 23 Mulberry it.,
Ileadquarteri for Iron Fenoet and Creating,
Ualvanlted Iron Cornlce.Tln Rrnl'a ASIovet.
No. 5'S1,'ll. D. Chancery Court of Phelhy
county. State ol Tennessee .rt.aral
Morrieon et al.
BV virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
tale entered in the above oauae on the
8th day ot Heceuiber, 1HSS. M. B. W, na
S21, 1 will loll at public auction, to the h h
eat bidder, in Iront of the Clerk and Ma.-
ter't orTlce, oourrhouae ol bhelby county,
Memphis, Ten nee, on
HatnrilHy, rH-iltiibr 113, I'M,
wKhln legal honrt, the following deacrllMi!
property, tltuated In bhelby ooanty, Tai -nesee,
to-wit : .
N. '.lot Si. fronting 21S feet oa the oaft
aideot Chickaaaw atreet by a depth ot MS6
Kot, aaid lot being 74S, feet aouth ol n In
chealer atreet. bold aa property of the un
known telra of J. A. UaeKett.
Part or country lot Vis, tronttng b7 feet on
the north aide of Auction itreet, by a depth
of 14S' , feot. Sold aa property of barah ilor-
'to'fr.mt?.! ro.to.lh. ea-t-'J.
ol Main Hreet. by HS loot deep, il't leot
north of Auction atreet.
Termaol Sale-On a oredlt of ilx tnontht,
noie bearing interest, wiih aocuriry, re
Quired: lien retained! redemption barred. .
Ihiahth day of August, I
l! MoUOWKLL. Clerk and Matter.
Hv R. F. Coleman, Deputy C. and M.
F. II. A (! W. jlelakell. anliclion.
KOlil.Y',f . V. Board on the Uill,
1 Mr.. II. C. Howard, W'aahinaton
Park. Roomi large! '"T""" u","''"i:'
Convenient to carl to Manhattan leach.
CoSIJ Island, Long Beach andCentral Park
adtVto York placet of auiuiomeut.
I.. S -TSoa
l . . : v. "Sv Doauiu. juat.

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