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Four Interesting Events At Sheep
kead Baj l)pu of Dew
drop Soles.
LouiBViLi-i, Ky., September 14.
Tte eecor.d daj's ineeting of the Lou-
: : 11 - T-l a". I i r ii -
latins iu;k7 uuu iiiu a bidh'i at
tendance. The weather was cliar and
the track doBty. It ai a day lor fa
vorite. three out of four winning.
Fir$l .Race. Mile, purss $3 0, j-75 to
second td 25 to third, starters:
Acaria, llnclti Dan, Barring, Tuisy,
Panama, Tattoo, Kalata. LoDgway,
Ligsn, Bonr .MjBh, Uamuleton and
Dancing! Kid.
Pooling. Panama, fl7; Toi y, ?8;
Dancing Kid, f 7 ; Held, $25. .
Pan m a got off first, Lig&a second,
Uncle Dan third. Tatto was fi fct at
the quarter, Lipan first at the half,
and Unci Dan lirxt at the throe iiiar
ter etre'ch, doming into the home
s'retch Panama took the lead and held
it to the flninh, winning eily ; Topy
second, S; ur Maeh third. Time 1 :4rJ.
No mutnels.
Stcond Hoc. St. Leper stako, two
milee. Only two started, Liwia Clark
and Sir Joseph, with L. Jonea and
Went, 118 poundseacb.
Pooling. Sir Jsojh, $20; Lewis
Clark, $5.
Citric led the first mile, with Sir Jo
soph nnder a pull. Sir Joseph wtnt
into the lead on the nor on J mile and
retained it to the iin'hh, winning
easily. Time 3:4(iJ. Nomiilualp.
Third Race. Theie xere fouitoen
starters, ihree-qnartnis of a mile.
Sellirg, pnrsa flOD; f 100 to second and
."0 to thirt. Hinrtois: Nora, Varica
tin, Violin, Kenrob c, Kmma John
ston, Pat Sheedy, Bonnie Blue, Logan,
KevenR, Joseph K , Archbishop,
Caru, Figao, Thundfcrgust.
Pooling. Kinma .1. hmoii, $1!5; War
rcntou, i'l'l; Kennehen, $7: lield, $25.
Warreiitoa led oil by a length, and
they came all bunched into the
stretch and tan under the string: Pat
Sheedy first; Nora M. second, Joseph
R. third. Time 1:17. No mntuals.
Owner bought in his horse at $1505,
an advatica of $105 over entered price.
Fourth Race. Uronght out eleven
starters; distance cf five furlongs.
PtiNM-, $250; $50 to second. For
maiden two year olds. Sartors:
Linda Payne, Queen Alfonso, Overton,
Minn' sot j, Vupioia, Lombard, Wi th
row, Lady Mac, ll;oadhtad, Lileth,
Miss Might.
Pooling. Field, $25; Lombard, $22;
Linda Pa; tie, $18.
Lorn' ant got ( If Brut, length and a
balf in f i out of B mad heed second;
Linda Payne came first on the turn
for home with Lombard Bocond. Lom
bard wou after a drivm? finish ; Linda
Payne second, Mini Hight third.
Time 1:0). No mntnala.
Over the h''iliil liny Course.
(fiiKKMiiKAn Bay, September 14.
In the first race, for nil ago", one mile,
Teiie Doe won by eight lengths; Ks
trella second, Millio third. Time
Scond Race. Sweepstakes, for tbrr o
year olds, one mile and one-fighth.
Peekikill wen by three length;
O'Fnllon vecond, 1 lie Bourbon, third,
a line 1 :5tlil-
Thbd Race Handicap swiepsiakej,
one milsandthrbB Biitoenthe, Editor
won by two lengths; Valet second,
B nnttto third. Time 2;M.
Fourth Raw Tlie Great Ka'tcrn
handicap, fur two year olds, with $5000
added, i f which $1000 Hnd 20 pit cent,
of the s ek-s to pecond, and $300 snd
10 per cent, ot the stakes to the third;
thne-quariers of a mile. King Fox
won hy hall a length from (Jonna
maia. who was two lengh's ahead cf
Lttrfdo. Time 1:15.
Fifth Race. For three year o'ds and
over, selling allowances ; mile and a
quarter. Lrneft won by a lergth ;
Ring Ueorge at cond, Florence M. third.
Time 2:101.
Sm'IA Race. For three olds and up
ward; eevin furlongs on the turf.
Moon won by a loi g h and a half from
Bay Ilebel, si C3ud, Fawn thir l. Time
Nil by Win llin Yorkshire Rnuill.
London, 8?pt'inher 14. This was
the fir. t day of the Dunci-ster Keploin
b.ir meeting. The race for ihe grtat
Ycrkshire Handicap was on by Mr.
W.I Auroii'h four yimr old by colt
Solby; la ird IS luinoro'ii five year o'd
bay il.lv liuliyd waa ate 'lid, and Mr.
J. LowiherV four year old curs' nut
colt Kina Moniii trh th!rd. There
were s x etaitre. Ti e other slur. cm
were Hr H. Jurdine's eix your old
brown gelding U.O'iibauk, Lard Iir.nl
ford's three yuar old bay colt Fetter
Btoue and Mr. Abiiir.,toii'j uix vear old
cl eettiut hoisi) Bon Aider. The bH
tir k before the fct irt was 3 to 1 Hgainst
rc!by, 5 to 2 annimt llelimls, 2 to 1
sgniiiHt King Monmruth, lOtol e.x'h
aguii ttt Ciieinbsnk and Ketterstone,
ai:d fit) to 1 ngn riB' Bon Abler. Hulby
won by a !rngth; three lengths ho
tween second and third. Tiuu-1-3:10
The reo3 f-'r the Cliamiiague s'nkiH
resnlted tu a dead bat between Li rd
uttlaud's bav colt Pan not ech iff and
L rd Ellsmoro'a bay coll Urandison.
Mr. 11. F. Fenwicl.'s bay colt Phil
came in a leug'h and u j. all behind
the U':idtr.-i. Air. O. Peikins' bay tilly
Porcelain a'B3 ran. The bet big before
the start was W t j 4 on Panzeischifl, 5
to 1 ngainbt (irard Bon, 0 to 1 agair st
Phil and '10 to 1 agalrst PoicrUin.
The stakes were divided between the
oneisof Pill r.irsclull pndUiandis n.
Time 1:14 1-6.
Tnrhl Race for Ihe Nrwporl flip.
New Yohk, Seplember 14. The
yacht Puritan wai entered today for
the lave for the Cit zens' cup, which
is to be sailed off Newport on Satur
day. The tiaktea and Mnyllower are
alto entered for the sme race.
Dew Drop's llmlti.
i?UKEi'SHBAi) Bay, N. Y., fc'cptcmbor
il. Dew Drop, the famous $.'9.0(10
Dwyer till y , died today at the Dwyer
smi les at thirt pi w e. The exuct cauue
cf lieatli is not known. Tbe vet-:-ri.a'y
BU'g lid and hoiHeiiioii are widely di
Yh.ed in tbi ir opinions. The tilly was
Oil jea'eri'ny inoining fir exeicme,
ai.d et'.er being t, ken to t tin s ab'ea
was j.iven some wnter. Matt Bnrr.p,
tin t uner fur the Dwyir itiMo-,
:i t C:'d thnt Bhe acted iploeriy and
tiii d to imert her wjiolo m-id iu iho
water, llo made su examirntion and
fcur.dhcrto be very ftVer;Bh. Dr.
IvOikhsr , f Now York, was at once
te.it f.jr, b'.i'. was tonnd to he out rf
towi.'. Llis nss;H!att immediately
proceeded to tho esablo and
miiQe an exuniuaioi., B.urH
in the meantime doirnr nil in
his powor lo relieve th'i lily. Pr.
Lockbari'a Hi-.'aat gnv- a hiB ouii.
io;ith?t:be fiby mas Billoring In.m
cer bro e; inul mcn'ngi'.iB, but bin
opir.i-jn v& nf-t con: n i-d in by ol'v r
bo Bemen p;c.t'iit, who th nk tue filly
Lai receive.: nwriul ii juries Ti e
main trauhlo B;cmid to be w th ber
throat, fht bti g uuublo to bw: llov.
A pouH'ce wat applied to ber throat
and other remedies used, but they af
forded no relit f. The filly bore op
well until last night aMl o'clock.when
she becime too we.'k to sUnd and laid
down, suflericg jrt Rory. Dr. Brad
ley, an eminent Western horse man of
wide experience, was called in to con-
ult wi h Dr. Lm khart's ts?istant, and
this morning dtcidt d as a lartieiort,
o b'eed her. Mr. Mike Dwyer, who
remained up ail night, cmsected to
allow the opera'ion. Dew Drop's
dtath occurred shortly after nosn.
In atternptirg to a'ed her
an aitery was actideLtil'y sev
ered, ar.d before tue flow ff
blood could be stopped she died.- The
n;ws fell I ke a thunderbolt out cf a
clear sky among the hcr.'emen hf-re,
snd the Dwyers received many x
pressious of fymp.tby. They beer
ttmir trnnlile DhlloSfiTjllH a'ly, although
the 1ob will be great Trouclea never
come singly, and W inifred, who was
a'so purcbated at the same said by the
Dwyers, has aleo been ailicg for some
time rast with lung fever, and is ex
pested to die at Bny t ine. Win:f ed
is by imported Mortimer, and is a
brother to the great Wanda. The
family has a'ways been a good racing
one, end great thing wore expected
from the colt. Winifred ran tecond to
Dw Diop in the Electric stakes.
a nt co.Misar,
KntlUb Flohlua Bond Itpleaacd
ltulKitrln'a New frenideut
Irli.li Kvieilouif.
Tnunrt.' Ihunlamtinr 14 H .T. Fpr-
guson, Undtr Foreign Sf.cr.tary, re
plying to ic.trrogft'.onf8 iniaenousi
f.f rViiomnna 1 1. i U u f " A f n rtHIl . RtfttAil tVlflt
eleven Eng'Mi ilihiny hoati, which
.-n Lit 1rar nli c ii t h r i I i i i a vi a
"DID Dtl'UU IJJ l let vii ii uniuiiin "
terduy at Havre for violating the. inter
national fisheries laws, had bei;n re
leased. In lanA.rl -. T.:t.n A 1 fl Dl A I. TJ fill.
Alt lUpiU " IIIILU I11...HIIUVI u
dication, the Utdur Secrtta'y said the
government poiteaf i d no oll'idal infor
mation which would justify them in
tttnting that Ihe Czar compelled the
Prince to abdicate, llo, therefore,
could not mtike a similar SBsump-
fnn Wl-a uWrlioalin it fuo Prinpp.
II. UU. . .lU HIM'HI I ' " V w . . v. ,
he said, was due to a mutiny
on 1MB pari 01 me uuiKdrmu uiuiy.
A e IKa mmn (ma Kn ITnJnr Kwprufnrtf
added, the govornment w. uld dtclir e
tolay before the Il iuss the neg itia-
.... i . . . ..j . i. r.. .
lions in progress relative w uio x-u.-earian
ciU s, fur the rons:n that pub
lielty would serve no good purpr.se,
but, on the contrary, might do harm.
The regency cf Bulgaria, ha said, were
I mowing cor su ui.onai luruiH, unu an
the partits in the country, appear de
termined to cooperate for pnce.
The Cholera lu I Inly.
Uomt. 8?rjtmber 14. The chokr
returus from Italy riiice Ihe but rep rt
me: Jorro uei Ai.niin zua, id new
ctse?, 3 deaths ; Sm Marco in Lamis,
12 new ciisrs, K deaths; a'l olbor in
fected dltt'ii.t?, 55 new cases, 25 deaths.
npiiirtnOs KvaeiiAiion i f Fitjpf.
Pabis, r-'eptcmbcr 14 The Rrpub-
Uijue Francaite stn'cs that tbe Sultan
demands the evacuation of Egypt by
the English, and tnut Hutsid suppor.s
the Turkish d mtds.
FJrrlluK Irlth Tennul.
Dublin, September 14. Lord An
neslov has issued 100 ejectment notices
atminet lenantsou his tstetes in County
Down. The lemurs are Buffering for
moniy, owing to the luteins of tueir
A Cathollo Pi lent Neut to Joll.
Gai.way, September 14. Father
Fahey, ttie Catholic prieut whowai
ycotcrdtiy sentenced to six mouths
impr.Koiiiiiint on achargaof having
made a threat against the owntr of an
ettiito from which one of the priest's
pnrbhionuis at Woodford had been
evicted, was todav removed fiom
Woodford to the Galway jail. Ihe
people are greatly excited over the
pnett's iuipiieonnient.
NllunKon In Hulgiirla.
Con-tantinoplk, September 14.
The powers, replying to the Toite's
proles' airaiiift eny foreign occupation
of Bulgaiii!, declare tha'. ther will b
vo foreign in'crvi ntiou In Bulunria.
Hus.iia gives guaranues to ttiat e(l :tt.
New PrtKlilrnt llecleil In Uulifrirln.
Sofia, September 14. The Sobrauje
haaehe'ed M. Givkt.fl Preeidout. it
bus a H) appointed a c jinmitte ti A aft
a reply to the adJiees of the govern
ment to dt vise and submit meueurcs
rohitivo to tho statu of siee which
tho ciontry ia iu and for B 'ttlemout nf
Prince Alexsndet'd I roperty in the
country. Tho Sln'o wdl rurcbase all
thin p'opeity frr $100,000, r.tainicg
$200,000 nf this turn 1 1 l-quid He the
Prlnce'a. indu'otodne e to f.ie Nati"ni.l
B .nk. Th b year's bndgi t av for $10,
OOO.th'O. Ihel'o'ta ban lr.fo!ined the B".lga
ii'ti gevcrnmeut that Turkey nccopti
Prince Alexander's abd;cUion o:id
prom'HjB not to occupy l!i!gria so
long aa the country is quiet aud law
and order are prtsoive t therein.
The I'uwera lo Ihe I'orle.
Constantinoi'I.k. September 14.
All the powes hove replied f.vor
Bbly to ttie Poite's circular. Tliey
avree thnt there shall be no mi'hii'y
ocenpation of Bu'garia. Consulur re
ports fiom Sofia annouuee that Bul
garia and Roumelia havo made an
agreement to avoid any action that
might lead t) fore;ga iutervention,
Mlulmer torn Mailed for Home.
Const ANTiNopi.B, September 14.
The Unhed Siats Minister and Mr?.
Oox life toi'ay for Now York on two
months leave of absence. They will
spend a few days in H'ichareet. Mr.
King will be charge d'atlairs during
Mr. Ucx a absence.
(ivriiiiiu Sile lu France.
Pakih, September 14. A Cherbourg
paper report) the arreet noiir there of
sovera' berinan Sdis r.to were travel
ing diiguisvd as pries'.s.
lu Ilia Dear Old Dayn.
We differ in creed and politics, but
wo aru a unit all the i-ruih on the de-
Birnblencas of a fine bead tf hair. If
you mourn the loss of thin blessing
and criiHinent, a bott'.e or two of
Parker's Hair Ibdeam will iiuike you
loon as vou dul in the dear uld davs.
It is worth trying. The only standard
oo cenui artii.le fur ttie iiair.
A ( omproiiiUe l.uohnl Tor.
PiTr.Mii iiG, Pa., September 14. The
Waire Committees annointed bv Hie
Western (.law mauufai turers " mid
workmen met in joint conference heie
this merring to r.rran'te a B'jule of
wiuo icr ttie criiiuing year. ro avroe
n cnt b. d beeu rtn -liecl a' 2 o'clock
th a i f erimon, but a compromise is
looKtd lor 1). fore an a 'jonininetit.
Skm) fo: cHtalogne of the Memphis
no pra' nruicui Via lege ueljrej at
teadii'g lccturo? elsewhere.
Well Known Journalist Who litre
Made Money by Matrimonial
Philadelphia Timet: A number of
New Ycrk j lUrnalints dave married
rich mives and have enj yed, atd do
enjiy, the ireidin aud eam which
th-ir vaetly improved eircuinetincea
allow. They .have net a 1 bten ra1
a'ied. Not a few are among the ; ros
perous of their calling, bo thtt it uuy
be reaionably supp eed that they
Wrra drawn to their partners
by otber tbaa monetary coasidera
tiors. The most conepicusus of thesj
ib Wbitelaw Iteid, wtiose wife is the
only riuughter of D (). Mills, etti-mt-d
to ne worth snvwnere between
$15,000,000 snd $.'5,C00O0O. The an
tecedeuts of the millionaire were
humble. He began, it is said, by
keeping a small Uveru ia one of the
Westcbester towns, went to California
us an aiginimt, and by energy, i nter
pr'se and tiood luck made a great for
tune. Uis daughter, according to
her intimates, is a very sensi
ble, kind hearted, e timiible young
woman, and Bhe and her hes and are
reputed t be devoted to one another.
Her itfluence on him is described as
having been ex'ellent, which is fortu
nate, since be became a Benedict late
iu life, when cne's wnys end habits
are ordinarily fixed. A, the editor of
the Tribune was thought ta have prop
erty valued at $500,000 befcr j mar
riage, be should no: bo mispecled of
ine.ro fortune hunting. But be bad
fift-3ne eh;.re?of the newspaper stock
mcritaged, as is generally baheved, to
Jay ii mid, which he could notreleas".
llis wifd received $1,000,000 fiom her
father ai her viedaicg portion, and
the, as tbe story goes, most generously
gave ber liege balf o! it to pay off that
claim, He mm t have deeply appre
ciated the g'fr, for it placed Liui in aa
independent position, which he had
r ot for years eDjuyed. The bulk of
the Tribune Bharis are now owned by
the Koids and tbe Miliars, so that th
newspaper is ktiictly held by the two
wumn.Aw KhiD.
Iteid, in bis days of poveity and
strugitle, was exceedingly industrious,
one of the hardest workers in Wash
ington when he was correspondent of
tbe Cincinnati Oatelte. And be was
bIsd very capable, and won bis way to
distinction. Since hs baa grown very
rich tis takes things leisurely, although
he still looks very eharply after the
Tribune' interests in the business and
editorial d j artmunts. He consideis
himself puolisber at we l es editor.
and he is credited with being an
excellent financial manager. lie is
considered practical t5 hio finger tips.
Of Siiotch extraction, he underatanda
the wrrth of monty as well rs when
bo could earn only filteen or twenty
iloilii'H a week. JNo man, it 'h said.
relishes more what money will pur
chase or has a greater adm ration for
money kings, tla is net robust; he
cimes of fragile ttoik, and tis prestnt
wealth enables him to save himself.
When in town he has lately spenthis
r umuiers at Millbray ,his father-in-law's
fine estate, near A'amodst, Cat. he
gives about fcur hours a day to the
office and eix or Btven to society, for
which he has a weakness shared by
few members of his profession. He
durives much p'e sure, I am tod,
from the fact that D. O. Mills is more
lik-ly to be mer t:oned rs Whit;liw
Ke d's futber-in-lav than he is to be
mentioned e s 1). O. Mila'd sor-in-law.
That is certaialy a rifturul nil proper
pr de.
John ll&v, who, oftur being Pies'
dtut Lrncolu's private secretary and
pnsjing some vtars iu diplomatic ser
vice in Parie, Vienna and Madrid, en
ter d j lurnaliBU), regularly, on the
TVifiunein 1S70. He did lome excel
lent work there and as much liked
in the t tike, but cmfineineut and la
bor told ou his by ro means firm
health. Hu enjoyed sociability and
general toclety much bett:r them his
I'esk and late hour.'. Hence it is not
surprising when be had an oppor
tunity to marry a very rich and
handsome sir, M 83 Clara Store,
daughter of Aiunsa Stoae, of Cleve
land, who col lone sicca committed
suicide fivm temporary derangement,
Mint lie Simula avail himsoll ilierecf.
Such a temp ation must be hard to re
a st. Ought, it to bo resi-.ted, indeed ?
ii ay s heai! li r ai not been improved
by wtdioik n ir has bis industry. A
very clover, li.teiesting writer, he hts
applied bimsvilf very little to manu-scrp-
making during thepa;tteu years.
Many pereons pionoucc him lazy;
out he is not well, arid his fallu r-in-law's
tala'e, involving Be veral milli ji.b,
which he mnr.ages, occupies, of necis
Biiy, a giod deal cf time. He Beema
to lie Buffering from a kind of ruelau
chol a, which is a distinct disease,
though he mav hsvo physical ailmoi.ts
aa wed. The.i'eo Lincoln, on which
he has b?en engaged for years with
John C. Nicr lay, also a former secre
te ry of the great President, advances
witu remarkable slowness. Some per
eoii b doubt if Hay will over finish
lis pait of the work becaiue
he ia so dilu'oiy. Iucapnoity for men
tal labor is one of tbe accompaniments
of uiclanehollia. Perhaps, if he bad
not mariie.i a brtone, he would not
have fallen into bis present condition.
We are all disposed to got morbid o
casiocally when we have excise!
lo'iMite. A larga astured income it
lable lo bo detrimental to con
tinuous exertion. The eneigy of
the men who marry foitunes
is teldom increased thereby.
Hay is io clever, so amiable.
bj entertaining that it Is a pity he
should keep himself as secluded es he
does. He is still an a tive member of
Boveral clubs here, but he latoly visits
them. His old test of company has,
far the time, becuiue extinct. Hun
dreds of bis f i ism's would bsd slighted
to toe the former 1 glit in I is eyeB, the
foru'er smile on his fu j. He has, in
dd, alttred. Cau wea th bs legard
ed as the tiriBe?
IlirilMAs's SON-IN-LAW.
Kiel ard C. McCoruiick, who mod
to be a journalist -he was eiig ged on
the Fvenhxj Pit m. niol Senator
Tmirman'B daughter, and journaliam
ha' not bothered h!m since. Sa'iriral
fo'k, wi,o once called l.im D.ck Mc
Co niii k, now leltrlohini as Sei ator
Thurmau's son-ic-'aw. He lives at
Jan:aice, Lmg I laud, and amu es
himee I i h polit cs, heirg an ardent
lv publican. H4 lelievis that bis
behlili is rii.t verv g .od. My opinion
Hihuta lich wife is not cinductve
to any man's health, purticularly if he
be a jjurnalnt.
Will am Henry Hurlbert,. a tlw
ough BjbemiHii bv teiupsjamiiiit,
went owr to England' alter tbe Bale of
the Hr,;i(f wi,.h he had been ed
itor and noiuinaily proptietor, and
found a wife, who though an Amiri
cau, has long livtd abroad. That she
ba money it is needless t3 ev, eince
ntbDdy mquaiuted with liuilbert
would suspect blm of marrying with
out rem ptenniary inducements.
He was ntar U) yean old at the time,
and, at such an see, the heart is
not iipcep'ible, nor dees the
imagination easily take fire from
the other s-x. The ehowy but
shallow jiornallit has seen a great
deal ol ti e wont sides of life, and is a
genu're cynic. He h.a no faith in
aayihinr. catnra'ly, from his observa
tion and intiosoect un, and he ia con
vinced that selli-hness is tbe source of
hnmHU action. His wif , a Miss Tracy,
I brieve, is said to he a fine and
agreeablo woman, who.pr-'cumably.is
not the ns jiidjfe of nien Hurlbert
hasoft'n il'daied thatLiDiIon is the
onlv phi' o for a (rentltmau to live, aud
he hai talcn up his aVed-r there.
A Child's Suffering
From Erxciua-Eani anil Ncalp t ov
er rd With livaba aud Mores
Cured by t u.lcurn.
My llttlo 'on.iiiied eixht reari, hl been
alHic'IcJ with Kcieina o' tlit ioalp, and at
t uiei great portion of the body, evr ainoe
he u t yrara d. It bean in hi eara,
and exitmli d to bii acalp, whioh became
corered will 'calu und aorea, and from which
a aticky tluid l oured out, oauting Intenae
Itching pud iitrea. and leaving hit hair
matte. I and lifolesi. Under' eath the.-eacaba
Hie akin rw, like a iileoe o( beefa'eak.
(iraduallr ihe hair eume out and waade
atroyed, until but a email natch wna left at
the back i f the brad. Myfriendain Peabody
know how uit little bny haa auOored. At
night be wi.uld arratch his head until bia
Sillow w.11 covered with blood. 1 used to tie
ia har.di behind him. anil in many waya
tried to prevent h'a aeratching; butitwaa
no U'e, ho would icratoh. 1 ti.ok him to trie
ho'iiiial nn i to the brat lihyaicians in Pea
hndy with' ut auroeia. Abuut thia time aome
friend. lu had bonn cured by the Ccticcba
lU:r.uiK.-i, prevniled upon me to try tbem I
began to u- theui on the 15th ot January
last. In -ercn mnnlhi every partio'e of tho
diseate w:i removed. Not a apot or acab rr
mnina on hia tcalp to toll the elory ol bis
auLTering. Ilia hair has returned, and is
thick and eirung, and hi- scale as sweet and
clean h any child's in tha world. I cannot
layenouvhto express my grititudo (or this
wondoriul euro by ihe i'uticur Kkukdiks,
and nirh all eiluilarly afflicted to know that
my statement is true and without exaggera
Octobers, 1SS5. - Poibojy, Mass.
I have seen Mr. McKay's boy when badly
afiected iviltt the Eciaiua. He wis a pitiful
sight to look nr. 1 know that he has tried
our bout phyniciuna, nnd did all a father
eonld do lor a sutforing child, but availed
nothing. I know that the statement) he has
mude you as regards the curing of his boy by
your t'DTii ia HmmiiKS are true in every
particulor- WILLIAM J. McCAKTHY,
;) Foster Cilreot, I'eubody, Mass.
Sold everywhere. Pries: Cciicura. 50o;
tl. Prepared by the PottkbIikcq and Chku
ical Co., Uoston, Mass.
Send lor"Uow lo Core Skin DI ensea."
PIMPLES, Blackheads, Skin Blemishes
r I "I and liaby llumors.me Cutioura Soar.
Mo3t ot tb'5 iliHtii'if efi w inch iiiiiict mtmkma aro uriffiu
ally c.itmul by a tiidiirttf rtJ coiiiiiUou of the L I V fe R
jVnr nil cuinpluiutd ut thin kind, hticll iu) Torpidity of
the Livor, liiliuUiiiwa, Ntrviw IyR,pr.i. IndiKoa
tiiH, irrcrul:irity oi ili-xel, Cuubiipjition, Klitu
li'iioy, Kraut-alums tid Imrmug of the Ktomach
(iMm 'tiioi cjtlU'd Hejarthnni), MiAiinia, Alnlaria,
Jlloody l-'iiii, C'liilis ami l'evtr, Break hone Fever,
Kxhautiuu bufiira or aitur Fevers. (JItrunto Di.ar
rluea, loin oi AitiMjtite. Uoadacuo, ion! Breath,
IrrHifuliiritira inckU'iitui lo 'eniali, Bfrii'
dwn Paint, n.ckache, Ac., 4o. STADICER'S
AU RAN Til U InvalualJlft, It to not a iwuiacea
for all di-M'o-o. Imt will CURE nil dl bah set) ol
chatWHH the) L-otiiiilDJiiiiii lrmn a waxy, yellow tinge,
to a ruddy, hudtuy color. It entiruty cumuvea lw,
Rlnomy Mpirits. It ia on of tb btt Alttrattret
uifl I'urijtert of tH iitvotl, and ft n aludbU Umic.
I cr fciiln by nil Druggist. Price SI. OO per bottle.
C. F. STADICER, Proprietor,
HO 60. FRONT ST., Philadelphia, Pa.
WieT". Nirti awn Bmin Irsathsxt,
a guaranteed speoine for Hateria, Dirai
ness, Convulsioo'e, Fits, erYou Neural
gia, Hoadache, Nerrc-a Priwrration, eeuted
by the use of aleohol or tobaocoi Wake
fulness, Mentnl Doprefslon, Soltoning of the
Brain, reiuttlng in insanity and leading to
misery, decay and death: Premature " d
Ago, iiarrenness, Loss of Power in either
: Iovolantary Loasei ard Spermator
rhea, can.. 1 by over-exortlon " the brain,
self-abueorov rindulgence. Kanh box con
tains one moiitL'a treatment, ill a box, or
six boms for i', seni bv mf.il prepaid, on
reoetpt of nrioo. We iruar.'ntie bix loxes
to cure at,y cafe. With eaoh ordor received
by us lor tlx boxes, accompanied wit. tl,
we will send the purchaser our written
Kuarfti,tvo to refund the money tf the treat
ment doe ot effect earn. Wnaranteos
ind onlT i. ti-KNKKJW 4 CO.. Urug
gists. Memphis. Tenn.
Arid Iruu lCnrlh.
Tiuus JIabk.
For Djrpcpln,all derangemenls
Ol lb DIccatiT Organs and tha
J.lror, Skin Ulicaui, Cute, Burns,
Scald and Krulnea, ACID IUOtf
JEAIITU la a aporlflc.
Rheumatism, malarial Disor
der, Chronic Dlarrhsna and ob
tlnatQ ensos of lllood Polsonlna;,
yield without fall to Us wonder
ful curntlre power.
Ask lor free pamphlet, to be had
of all dealers or sent, postpaid,
troan the A. I. K. Co., mobile, Ala.
At Wiioleonlo 1T Tan Ylpot & fn.
Congressional Convention.
Ts.nth DiaTHicr r TanxasaKS.
Feiitember 7. lti'.
THE Convention of this District wP! as
semble In Ihe city of MEMPHIS, at the
KXPUMUON lll'll.UINd. at 12 o'clock in.
on fRlDAV. SKPl'KMBKK 17, m, for the
purpose "( nomlnatltua candidate for Con
gress. The various County Committees will
pie.se lake notice and select thoir deleeales
accoiilinglv. taking as a busis ot apportion
ment the Democratic Con gressionnl vote for
1K81, electing on delesale tor each UK) votes,
and one deleaats for each fraction of Ally
votes or over thereof, llv order nf the coin
uiitlee. C. A. PTA1M1ACK, Chairman.
K. W. Dai tist, Secretary,
Tjffc H',M'IATI'. Sudden, Sharp
f'iJ and Nervous Pains absolutely an
fl nihilaied by the Cuticuua Anti-
V Pain Plartkr, a perfect antidote
Jk to pain and inflammation- New,
original, infallible. At drugrl'tw. 25o.
aa"iwi uwuuiiKiuren ti
Doors, Suflh, UUnit, DreiHed Flooring Celling:, Weather-Boardlne.
Cjpresa NhiiiKleg, Laths, Etc
VZ?JEjnW? V',iaa'llr",,i H nT """ill the Sooth for 81 ing orders promptly.
Fif2k?.',a.r1 '111lll8ldln.'BteP mWand Cypress ShinKlea s speoialt?i also, S rarnisg
Lambsr of all dimensions. We make the Wholesale Business a special feature. Orders
solicited and promptly filled.
7o. 124 Jefferson Street MezaBhls. Tennessef
. j
SLED6E BEOS., of Como, Miss. F. M. S0RFLEET, Besldent Partner.
w ea 0 0 1
Kan. 3S6 and 358 Front Street JfaraphJa Tenn.
Wholesale Grocers
r ocers & Cotton Factors
No. 393 Main Street, Ga,joo Itlorlt.
W. A. SMITH, Proprietor.
a4-Vr'il' ,t,. !'...;:-7ii
k&MWlImm ESle Eclipse llnller Gins,
ir v..)'jy: :i .u;i t -iyy
vi& JilUAim Plain 10-Ich Gin, and
fiti--$'fl' .-Jfy-y-v SOOTHEBN STAKDAKD PRESS.
i7 SP5I-A P'lll'Sa Vt .-Wi..-Tlla. r.. ... Sana. J .K.I
W. yf'i--: Vi-:. assaj a rncs swsnorri sa s.v.
. i-.,. r .,y e-- ..--,-.... ai.i.isiin s.i-f.si I'm1 i .1 1
Wholesale Grocers, Cot. Factors
TVo. R.1I Front Ntroo? "f.
Fi!iF,linratoi fi So
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocery
No. 30ft Trout rpet. : MeniiftMi, Tsi;..",
Toot Hcfiomn & Go.
Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Factor,
And Dealers in Iacvce and Bailroad Snppllen,
Wo. 74 Front Street Memphla. Tennessee.
M. JONES. President.
W. D. I. flAWRIK,
(Sncaessors SO
30 3S and 40 Jeflerson Street.
Cotton Factors, Wiiolcsalo Groccrr,
Jfo. 11 Uw1(h street, : : MempliU, Tenn.
la. 1). MULL1N8, of 1st J. R. Godwin tt Co. JAB. Y0NUE, laU of J. W. Caldwell k Ot
Cotton Factors &Com mission merchants
No, 1 Howard's Kow, Cor. Front and Union, Kemphls,
& Cotton Factors,
IV. A. Smith's Fat. Separator.
"All kinds of Gins Repaired. Special
Discount to tbe iraje."
SA1 aikI Sfl:t Front St., lMvnmhls, Tons
TTiilon. llniiliiw. Tenn.
. I. F. PETERS, Vioe-PrMldsnt.
BeereUry and Treasuror.
Polers'sV Bawrlc.)
Christian Brothel
For Board, Tuition, etc., see catalogue, or
Clara Conway Institute
Monday, October 4, 1886.
Enrollment Term, 822.
ASCHOOTa for vbe development of vigor
ous, thoughtful, noble womanhood.
This result la reached by breadth and
thoroughness of instruction and the awaken
ing of patient, earnest endeavor. A new
and commodious boarding department h
just been completed.
Tbe department of dressmaking and mil
linery is added lor the frst time.
in the absence of the Principal, who is
Europe fcr the summer, eatnlogues will
furni hed on application to Mrs. t. P. Mor 1
ton, 223 Adams stroet, or tbe; will be found
at any of th" city book store.
rs. Bowies' School
Opens Kept. 11, at 155 Adams St.
SPECIAL advantages for young ladies In
English Course, Latin, Oerman, i-'reueh,
Music and Elocution.
Thorough instruction bv modern methods
is offered to boys and girls from primary
classes thruffh grammar course.
WILL reopen Sept. 13, 1SK6. Located in
a healthful and delightful suburb, ac
cessible by car lines 10 and from all parts of
city. Instruction thorough, and according
to the most approved educational methods.
Superior ana trained apecinlists in the va
rious Departuienta of Music Art. Elocution.
Modern Languages, Soienoe, Classics ana
Primary Teaching.
For further particulars apply ta
Memphis, Tenn.
School of Languages
1SII. Instruction in class or private ,
by lessons. 1'or term-, address
LB"N IjANUWRKHU. Gayoso Hotel. ,:
A CLASSICAL SCHOOL of high grade for
Boys and Girls. Jinglish Courss, Latin,
Greek, Music and Art thoroughly taught;
Bookkeeping also. Boys fitted lor colloge.
For catalogues address the Principal,
R. K. JHEV, tomorville, Tenn.
Filemphis Institute,
WITH eiperienced assistants in all de
partments, will begin its sixth year
On September 13, 1S86,
at No. 174 nernando street, formerly Grace
Church. Boys prepared for eitlior Business
or College. Discipline firm and strict; in
struction thorough and mudcrn in methods.
Modern Languages a special feature.
ot terms, etc, address or call on
j36 Hernando street. Memphis. Tenn.
rjiVEitfK IIKHa K l tltM.
nshvllle, Teiio. Thorough instruction
indistinct courses of ( ivil, Mechanical and
Mining Engineering (Annunl Tuition ti5).
r-nd in Manual Technology .Frto). Full
Faculty. Kitenslye equiouients and facili
ties in dranghting-rooms.l aborator:e, shops
and Held practice. Kntrance Eximinatious
KBi.t.14. 15 and 16. For oirculars address
WILS WILLIAM.'-, Bubsau.
ktEiitonia fimBTnimi
Tulane University of Louisiana,
IFormerly, 1P47-1S84, the Universi'.y of
TTS advantsgea for practical instmctinn in
JL diseases ot the southwest are unrivaled,
aa the law secures it superabundant materi
als from the greet Charily Hospital with its
700 beds, and 20,000 patients annually. Stu
dent", have no hosp tal-fees to po and spo-
cihi insiruciiuii ia uun given . iuo uouciav
of the sick, as in no other institution. Far
catalogue or information, address
Prof. S. E. CUAILLE, M. D., Dean,
P. 0. Drawer 61. New Orleans, La
PETERSBURG, VA. Tho Twenty-second
Annual Session of this 8chool for Boys
begins tbe first Monday in October. Thor
ough preparation for University of Vir
ginia, leading Engineering Schools and
United States Military and NrivM Acade
mics; highly recommended by Faculty of
University ot Virginia; lu 1 1 slnff of inspect
ors; situation beallLlui. lariy application
ndvised, as number ot boarders is slnctl
limited. For catalogue address
W. H0HDON MoCABE, Head Master.
Colletiats Institnbafor Tonnif Iatidlrs nnd
Preparatory School for .lnle Wlrls, EM
BLA, P. 0., three miles from Balilmore,
Mil. Conducted by the Sisters of Notre
Jjnme. rend lor catalogue.
Fdgeworth Boardi"g ajid Day
SCHOOL for Young Ladies and kittle Oirla.
Mrs. H. P.LfcFEUVHiS, Kiincipal, Jo. oil
Frauklin Nlroet, fiHlliiiiorr, Mil. The
.-.a. i i . ... : i . . : T.
a.ui .iTiit.ul yvuir will uoaiu Ula auu.iuaji
aaia.kta.anl.a.a. lSt
Georgetown College, D. U.
ronvrsin svis.
THE AfADtlllll! Aftlt HIFTIFI
(tl'IIOOIaH open September 9, lbbtj. Apply
to President of the Co lege.
THE hl llOOL, ur Jtl.mriXE opens
Sept. 20, 1886. Apply to Prof, J. W. H.
Lorejoy, M. D., tKW L!th street, N. W.,
Wahirigion, D. C.
TIIK S- lloOL F LAW opens on the
First Wednesday in October. Apply to
Kami. iu. I -u. M1HII, cen y, l-ui uci v.ia aaau
it xt ,r i,.i.r. . T n
x aireon, ix . i, ,, k ii in gi.tu, v, j.
,IA W A. l.OONAN. S. J , f'res't
i;t Thirc acl Fourth,
nrELiuoof,iful,M Dw prinic rtil .irovt
C3nr rJil form LE?4V 4X4
MT!,erf!i)lt of slf-huw Id jfaih, Ki t-.r:rj' .i ,:i..
.(iretfcarfl.orothtr eanm. nd (irodurlui trui j
icwidc fllrrrtr NVrvftumfM, 8ennn; Kiuim!w& ' '
tr,i Ift dreamt). DuuuMa' lillit, DefMilT--Uta -;.r-
-ftlltWRj l'iniiilraon r-'svee, Ten.'on I" Soowr : Tome ifc
onfUiiion or 'ileM. Ict of ul Powt. 4' , adr
Mrrlse improprr or tintipiy , r thoroujh'r o.
ttnUj eun-tf SYPHlL IS HST1'
,-iruv wa-iicitaj ft,.fu. njKt.-u, GonorrherV
GLEET. Strktar. OraUitf Xenitv. P-V'$
i'i iu nrnloiJierpiivttdiiesBi ukkl etirsj..
It ij wlf-evMt-Dt tht phj b1o1s.d whn ptn ipe:1' .fi'.Tj;
? aerUln clM of diMuea, fcni ti-MtiDg UtiVMCdi ti: ;
.My, oqairti utrmkili. Phyitriton kooT.Mihi fs. .:.... ,
recomraeot' perwni to my er Whe r"rifrifiiu.,
vlil thectty ftctrfltUneDt, dlrtiwi oa 10 tW. It ,,
athI nMf by nktl r oipreM Qwbr-
Cutm GnarnwT 1 Cm4
'3ii etDU. SboaM bti rMd bt d, 4).-ta l ftx.fi
PURSUANT to an execution issued Au-
gust 6, 1886, from the Supreme Court of1
Tennessee, on judgment rendered by said
Court. June 1, leW, in favor of J. L, Kpper-.
son againsi w. u. uaior am enu i. m.i
Fowlkes, comprising the firm of VV. B. Gal-i
Sreath 4 Co., for one thousand and eighty-
nine aollan ana eignty-nve otnu uiucv ea;,
I will on
Kntnrrisiy, Ortobvr a, Isse, I
in front of the Courthouse dorr, in Sholby
county, Tenn.. sell to the highest biddtr lor
cash the following cVcribcd tract of land in
ihe Taxing District of t-b.'lby county, in
Shelby county, Tmn.. to-wit: Heginning at
a point on Ihe south line ol Union street,1
H4S feet east of a four (4) foot alley; th.n;
east on and with south line of I'nion street
St'i feet to a stake; thence southwardly, at
rigat angles with Union street, lf8 feet to an
alley; Ibence with said alley westwardly
:il'-, fee to a stake; thence on a line per
pendicular to Union street northwardly 1H8
foet to the point of beginning, being sams
lot conveyeu dt w . ii. ualbrcsth to A. Vns
chlI'O bv doed registered in Sh.lhv cnuntvJ
Tenn., in book lis), page Hi", and samebeingi
the eart half of lot conveyed by F. Lane to.
M. L. Mencham and W. B. Halhreath, byj
ooeu in dook oi, page im. or tne register s
cflice of Ssid COlintv. Levied nn as the tironj
erty of W. B. Galhrrath to satisfy aaid ex-l
ecutiun. n . v. lAnun. ruerin.
By Jobs J. Mason, Deputy Sheriff.
Poston k Poston, Attorneys.
Trustee's Sale.
J 1-0 Market srreet, Memphis. Tenn.. I
will sell to the highest bidder fur cosh, all
the Household and Kitchen Furniture, in
cluding one Parlor Set, three Hoc in bets and
Kitchen Furniture, in laid residence. I sell
nnder trust deed made by John .ent lo me,
recorded in bonk 81, page 5;i3. in Register's
office, and by direction ol beneficiary there
unto. L. Ii. McFAKLAiND, Xivutee.
I 5

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