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od. and
in. :
(.Cotton Quiet Middling 8 7-8e-
58. i Sales Yesterday, 250
) or i Bales.
Money ia good demand at 8 per
cent. Local securities are steady and
tending upward.
- The cotton market yesterday closed
qnht; middling, 8c; tales, 250 bales.
At New York spots closed firm;
middling, 9c. Futures firm; r'ep
tmbfr, 9.149.16c.
At New Orleans spots were firm
and l-16c higher; middling, 815-16c;
September, 8.85c.
were firm and in
ing, 5 3-16i; fu
tures firm ; September, 5 12-64d.
In the general market bog products
are very strong at advancs and tend
ing higher. Mees pirk, $11 50Q11 75.
Bacon clear rib sides, 88,3; clear
rib tides, pork, 88g3. Eggs, 16j.
Coffee is strong and huhtr; common,
.flj-odOJc; ordinary, 10Jllc; prime
,R'o, 3212Jc. Other articlrs un
changed. I . IMPORTS.
Ore hundred and ninety brls apples,
3 pkes but'er, 410 rls begging, 165
pkgs btc.in, 419 pkas boots and shoep,
500 bu corn, 230 pkg cheese, 4
sks coflVe, 20 iks cotion seed, 197 pkg)
dry Roods, 10 pkgs esgs, 200 b-ls flour,
412 b'les bav, 33 pkg-i hats. 50 bead
hops, 68 head sheep, 11 head cattle, 2
: fiead aorsss nnd mules, 638 pkgi lard,
18,000 left lumber, 123 pkgi liquors,
,2000 bu oatc, 51 brls onions, 217 brls
potatoes, 7 ears pork sides, 150 brls
pork, 50 brls sugar, 316 pkgs tobacco,
5 brls rice.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tcnn.,
Money in good demand at 8 per cent
The Clearing House report is as fol
Tuesday, September 14th, $158,
700 95; thus far tbis week.f 372 291 89;
same time last week, $398,989 56; same
time in 1885, $283,134 74; same time in
1884, $156,039 23.
"bW lntures steady;
iiliLv At Liverpool spots
lnd iir demand: midd'
JF Tuesday, September 14'h, $57.937 10;
a . i i .1.:. i eioa u.no. -
tnus inr mis vcoi, ;?ioo,ioi uo, .auiu
time last week, $148,368 51 ; sme
time in 1885, 108,000 55; same time in
1884, $26,024 34.
New York sight on all points, par
buying, preminm selling; Ne
Eugland demand, i discount buying;
New England sight, discount; New
Orleans,! discount buying, ar selling.
Bank of Commerce .143 bid, 140 anked
Fin-t National -ISO bid, 10 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
State National ..M5 bid, 150 asked
Union and Dantow-lfiO bid, 153 uskn-J
Mercantile Bank..135 bid, 137 asked
Bluff City
Home -.
Memphie City....
Planters ,
100 bid, ... aakcd
100 bid, .... asked
75 bid, 80 asked
...102J bid, 10') asked
80 bid, 83 asked
98 bid, 100 asked
.....107 hid, ... asked
25 bid, 26 asked
, 30 bid, ... asked
, ..... 20 asked
M. and O. R.R. aharea..36 bid, ... asked
M.& T. R.R. shrs 45 bid, 50 asked
M. & O. consols, 7b... 110 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. lot m. 8s...l05 bid, ... aeked
Miss.&T.R.R. ch,A....111 bid, 113 nuked
Mi6S.AT.R.R.cs,B10liJ bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid, 93 BBked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J -S3 bid, 85 asked
Bhelbv Co. 6s. 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Dist. 4, 6s, 97J bid, 981 asked
Tax. Dist. 6s .1041 bid, 1051 asked
Mem. as bonds. .....104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds ..97 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid, 65 asked
Am. Cot Oil trasti...C7 bid. 58 afked
' Pioneer Cotton Mills.. ..25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.8tor.Com. Co.102 bid, 103 asked
Mem. Gas stock. .....75 bid, 80 asked
New York, September 14. Money
on call loaned from 51 -to 10 per cent.,
closing at 67 per cant Prime mer
cantile paper i'ii pr ont. Stalling
exchange steady at 481 for sixty day
bills and 4811 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull but firm. State bonds dnll and
Stocks The general disposition this
morning was tt take such profits in
stocks as the existing prices ailbrded ;
at the same time there was a wide
spread feeling that some B3tt of reac
tion was due and realizations through
out the day kept prices do wo, although
the undertone of the market was
strorg. The market juft after noon
advanced sharply upou baying by the
Chicago paity aiid the foreigm-rs, but
the advance was net jnaintained and
the selling for the rest of the aiternoon
cau?f d a alow but steady depreciation
of values. Trie news of the day was
most favorable, the only element
against the market being the lack of
aitrifiiiont among the managers
at Chicago in dispnted points.
A J lienor was started at one
time that the trouble regarding bal
ances in the old pool had heon ue clec',
which materially helped the grangers.
Litdon buying wai principally in the
Southwestern, and there wai rontid
' erable purchasing of Union Pacific and
Sin Franc sco stocks for Bs oi ac
count. Toe market was firm to stroDg
at the opening, a majority of s ocks
showing advances over the closing
prices of la-t evening of from i to j
per cent. There were some few fur
ther slight advances in the early trad
ing, but the market soon gave way and
price" were carried djwn small frao
tioLsbalow the opening, and durir.g
the remainder cf the morning hour
fiuctiatjd with'n narrow limit-", nocn
prices generally showing slight de
cline'. Purchases by Chicago, Lmdon
and Boston then rallied the market
nharply, and prices attained ihe high
est racge yet ehowr, but upon a ces
sation if buying the martet bec ;me
quiet and pricei resumed their slow
and ttndv decline, closing havv.
Sa!e, 27 r,2Sl shares; St. Paul 43,93d.
Lickawanua G,fc40, fo'lovrtd
by Kansas and Texas, O.egon
Trarscon'iuental, Union Pasino and
Canada S mthern in the order named,
each cf which furnished over 10,000
sbares. ' Almost every thing on the
active. list is lower, bnt in no ca-e for
more than 'rac i nal amounts; Omaha
common being down f , Westrra Union
and others sma'ler fractions. Ca
nadian Pacific was a notable excep
tion, shoving an advance of J. The
business in railroad bonds was some
what mora widely dU'ribated, but the
total transactions, which foot up $1,
328.0C0, are nearly $200,000 less than
those of yesterday. Paces sympa
thized with the trading in shares, and
were irregular throughout the day,
final changes being generally for insig
nifirant amounts. Northwestern reg
istered debentures rose 31, to 1081, and
Southern Pacing of Calilornia fits 2,
to 114
The totil ea'es of stocks today were
277,781 shares, including Canada
Southern, 11,985 shares; Delaware,
Lackawanna and West rn, 26,540;
De aware and Hudson, 4470; Erie,
6850; MiHsmri, Kansas and Texa?,
17,530; Lake fchore, 9175. Closing
quotation s :
0.S. St.imi. 4. eoap, 126K.
Hit, ooup, liU. Paoifio 6 ol 1896, 126.
L. lUmpi. it, Hiaaoari, 6), 100.
Cent. Pes. IiU,114. Ien. k K.a.laM.U).
DeniRUW.l.,2. Em i.onndi, 115.
M.K.AT.,Uen 6a.M. North. P.O. lali,115.
North. Fu. 2da,101!4.N. Western eon.. 141
N.Weat. deb. Sa, l(f.'B.St.L.S.F.G8n.M, llltlH
St. P.ul, oon., 128. St.P.,C. k P. lau,117K
T.P. laud grnti.M.T. P. . R.G. ex enu. 67H.
0. P. lata, IR'i. Weat bhore. 101.
Tenn. 6a, aet'mt.inil. Tenn. 6a, aet'mt.lOO.
lenn. 3a, aet'mt, 78.
Ad.ma Eipreaa.UOS. Mnrrla E.,offd.,li8S
Allegheny Cen., . Nashville A C, 65
Alton A X. 11 , 32. N.J. Central, fa.
A A X. 11., nfd.. 8(1. Nor. W..pfd..45.
American Ex., 106. Northern Pao., 28H.
B. C. K. AN., 60. Northorn P. iifd.,iilK.
Canda P.O., 67v. CAN. W., Wt.
Cand.Son.. C. A 8. W ptd-.m?-..
CentrallPacifio. 44V N. Y. Central, llV.i
Chesapeake A 0 , 8X N. Y. C. A bt. L.,t.
0. 0.,lar.pfd, 16. N.Y. CA St.L.,p.,2fX
0. A 0.. 2d pt'd., Ohio Central. .
C. A A., 141. Ohio A Mia., 2.
C. A A . pld., 160. 0. A Mis.. pld.,
C, B. A ft.. 136. OnUrio A West.. 19-Jji.
C, Bt. L. A N. O.. -. Oreaon NaT., 108'4.
C.St.L. AP., 13'4. Oregon Trana..M)i. -C,
8t. L. A!P. P..33M! Oregon Imp.,!ifl.
C, S. A C. . 28. Paoifio Mail, 57K-
C.AC61K. Panama. W.
Del. A Hud.. 100 Peoria, D. A E., SlJi.
Del., L. A n.i VMl'i Pittsburg. 151.
Den. A Rio Q 'iVt. Pullman P. C, 139
Erie, 3:1. Reading, 26H-
trie ni l., Hock Ik. and, li".
KastTonn., 6. St. L. A i. F., SOTh
Eaat Tenn. pld. 14. St. L. A S. P.. P., 61Tf.
Fort W.yne, 147. Bt.L. A S.F.Jat P.U4
Hannibal A St Jo.,- O. M. A St. P., WA
H. A St. Jo., pfd., O. M. A St. P.,p.l2:!!4.
Harlem, 2:10. St. P.. M. A M., 114.
Houston A T.. 34. St. P. A Omaha,
Illinois Cen,, lf5. Rt.PaulAO.pfd., 11'.
Ind., B. A W.. 17. Ten. Coal A Iron,57.
KansaaAT..33 Texaa Paoifio, 14.
Lake E. A W., 10. Union Paoifio, 68
Lak. Shore, 88. II. S. Expresa- 62.
Loo. A Nash., 4t'4. W., St. L. A P., 21K.
Loo. A N. A., 50. W.,St. L.AP.,n.,37
M. A n.-first pi , . W. A F. Ex.. 126.
M. AO. Pfd.. -. W.U. Tel.,67i.
Mem. A Char., 37. Colorado Coal, 28.
Mich. Cen.. 84. Bomeatake, 18.
Min. A St. L, 21. Iron Silver, 185.
Min. A St. L. pfd, 46. Ontario. 25.
Missouri Psoifio, 112. Quicksilver, 6.
Mobile A Ohio. 16 Quicksilver. pld, 21.
M. L. S. A W,, 62. South Paoifio. .
M. L.S.AW.,pld,W. Sulro.7.
London, September 144 pm.
Consols 1002 for money and 10013-16
for the account. Bar silver, 43d per
ounce. The amount of bullion gone
into the Bank of England on balance
today, 15,000.
Paris, September 14. Three per
cen'. rentes, 83f 60c for the account.
New Obleans, La., September 14.
Clearings of the btnkf, $1,222,299.
Boston, Mass., September 14 Ex
changes, 12 290,760; bilancee, $1,722,
753. Baltimore, Md., September 14.
C eariugs, $2,123,440; balances, $228,
5:6. St. Louis, Mc Seplember 14. H ank
nieanngs, $3,Ooo,l3o; balances,
Chicaqo,1ll., S?ptmbrl4. Clear
ings of t ie asiociated DauKa today
Were 99,122,000.
Philadelphia, Pa., Srn'ember 14,
The bnk clea-irgi tody were $8,590,-
4)7; balances, $l,2U4,oUo.
Nkw York, Septerabar 14 -'Clearing
house statement: lxcliacgej, $S8,7b9,'
003; balance, $4,198540.
The local cotton market opend
quirt and closed quiet; middling, 8Jc
bales, 20 bales, o: wnicn 60 to export
era and 200 to f pinners.
Yesterdav, Mondav.
Ordinary 7J ' 7
Good Ordinary.... 7 7i
Low Middling 8 J 8 J
Middling 8J 82
Good Middling.... 9 91
Middling Fair 9, 9j
Fair Nom. Nom
Miuphih, Seiibomber 14, 1886.
Stock Sept, 1, 188C... 4,009
Received to-day ISO
Received previously... 815 4,903
Shipped today
Hhipped previously... 1,084
Home consamntion to
date - 1,084
Stock running account 3,879
Thus far this week 560
Thus far last week 102
Since September 1st 954
M. and C. R. R 20
M. & T. R. R. 22
L. and N. R. R 7
M.&L.R.R.R 61
Steamers 4
Wagons and other sources. 25
Total :130
Thus far this week 400
Thus far last week 128
Since Septembor 1st 1,084
New York spots opened awlet and
str-ady, and closed firm. Midd ing,
9ia. Salee, 18S0 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
Yesterday. Monday.
rdinary. 65 6J
Good ordinary. 8 8
Low middling. 8 13 16 8 IS 16
Middling.. 9 9
Goodmiddling 9 11-16 9 1MB
Middling fair.. 10 6-16 10 6 16
Fair ..10 15-16 10 15-10
New York fnture opened quiet and
firm, and closed firm. Sales, 51,100
bales. The closing quotations were as
follows :
Yesterday. Monday.
Septeraber...9 J4'3 9.16 9.08 9.'10
October 9.16 9.17 9.10 9.11
November... 19 $ 9.20 9.12:m 9.13
December ...9.22 923 9.16r5) 9.17
January 9.2V'& 9.30 9.23(3) 9 24
February 9.37(S)9 3S 9 31 9.32
March 9.4"f 9.39 9.40
April 9 53 9.51 9 48'.) 9.49
Mav 9 61 9.02 9.5(1 9.67
Jue 9.09 9 70 9 64 9.(15
July 9.77 9.78 9.72 9.73
' The NewOr ens spot market opened
firm and clngd firm and l-16c hieher ;
middling, 8 15-ltJc. Pales, 509 biles.
Quotations were as follows:
Vpfitftrftaw tfnn U.
Ordinary 7 7
' 1 1:
uiuiiihc y ...... i
Low middiing. ,. 8J 8 7-16
Middling R IS 1il at
Good middling.. ..9 5-10 9
Tbs New Orleans future market
opened steady, and closed steady,
bales, 16,200 bales. Quotations wire
as follows:
Yesterday. Monday.
September.. 8 85 8.75 bid
October.... 8 78 8.79 8.71 8 72
November- 8.76 8 77 8.67 8.69
December . 8 79 8 80 8.71 8 72
January 8.89 8 90 8.81 8.82
February... 9.00 9 01 8 92 8.93
March 9. 10 9. 1 1 9 02() 9 03
April 9 21 9.22 9.13 9.14
9 31 9.32 9.23 9.24
June Ufa 9.42 9.33 9.34
July 9.49 9.60 ...
Tone. I Rec. I Prices I Stock
N Orleans.
Mobile ....
New York
St Louis...
6,732 815-16
3 079
""6 916
3.403 8J
373 81
3,327 81
886 88
. 83 8?
84 9
8 93
110 81
261 8
Receipts at ports, this day, 188614,8(5
Receipts at ports, tbis day, 1885.14,390
1880. 1885. 1884.
R'ts V. 8.
p'rts 5 day 37,107 42,082 35,443
Ex. Gr. Br 12,495 7,281 11,607
Stock 190,200 169,92 137.4S8
R'ts Sept. 1 91,489 118,475 93 039
For'gn Ex. 35,692 33.217 44,737
Decrease in receipts ibis ytar...i'0,ysti
At neon: Liverpool spots were firm,
fair demand. Sales, 10,009 bale',
of which American 8409 bales. R -coiots,
5000 bales, cf wLich American
4600 baits.
Closing quotations wore as follows:
Ordinary, 4J; good ordinary, 4J1 ;
low middling, 4 15-10d; good mid
dling 5 7-16d; middling uplands,
5 3-HI i ; middling Orlt-nns, 5Jd.
Thepriett are given in pence and 64(?ui,
Oiut: 4 63 mean 4 63-G-M; and 6 01
meant 6 l-4i4f.1
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quit; September, 5 115 12d; Sop-timber-October,
5 065 o5d; October
November. 5 Old; Noyember-Dacem-her,
6 015d; December-January, 5 J;
fanuary February, 6 Old ; February
March, ; Match-April, 5 Old; April
May, u
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
quiet and steady ; Septembsi, 5 12d,
eellers; September-October, 5 07d,
tellers ; October-November, 5 02d, sell
ers; November-December, 5d, buy
era; December-January, 5d, buj
ets; January-February, 5 Old, sellers;
February-March, 6 02d, value;
Mfrcb-April, 6 04d, sellers; Apiil
May, 6 06d, va'us.
At 4 p m : Liverpool f atires were
firm; September, 5 12 3, bayera; September-October,
5 A7d, sellers: October-November,
6 02d, buyers; November-December,
5 Old, buyers; Decem-ber-Jauuary,
5 Old, buyeis; January
February, 6 02d, sellera; February
March, 6 03d, buyers; March-April,
5 05d, va'us;- April-May, 6 U7d,
The following Is the record of bids
and offers at ihe Ca'l Beard of the
Meichants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 44c bid, 45c
a iked ; September, 41c hid, 45s a iked;
OiMobor, 42Je hid; Novume', 4.rn!
atke i ; ye r,4 Jc bid ; Ni. 2,i)ot,41 bid;
eptn.ber,4l! bid. 43J t asaed; Octo
ber, 42c bid, 43j at-k )d ; yanr, 40c bid.
No. 2, wbit, ep2t, T3j aeked; Sep
tember, 32Jc wpkeil ; Oc ober, 31c bid ;
Novemb.tr, 32c bid; ytar, 31 Jc bd;
No. 2, spot, 28c hid; O.-tob.-r, 31c
asked; Ncvember, 30o bid, 32ts asked;
year, 28Ja bid.
No. 2, red winter, epo, 76c bid ;
Saiitemb.r, 70s bid: October, 77u
bid; Noverabtr, 77 bid.
Spot, $2 25 Bked ; SeptEmber, $2 20
asked; November, $2 25a:kcd; year,
$2 10 aBked.
Spot, $11 25 bid; SAptem'-er, $11 25
id; O4oer, $11 25oid; November,
$12 bide, t., S12 tsed o. t.
The following quotations are the of
ficial quotations of the Merchants'
Oornmeal Standard, $2 352 40;
pearl, ti 4U3 ou; roller, f ().
Hat Choice, from store, 7580s
car load from levee or depot, $13 50
14: prime, from .tore, 7(i(a)75c: car
loal from levee or depot, $13 ; prairie,
f om store, 50c; car load from levee
cr depot, 18 509.
Corn From store,white,63c ; mixed,
52n, from levee or depot; while, in
bulk, 48c; in sacks, 62c; mixed, in
bulk, 46c; in sacks, 49c.
Oats From store.white, 40c : mixed,
3ic; irom levee or aeoot, wnite, in
bulk, 351c; in sacks 371c mixed, in
bulk, 321c; in sacks, iftc.
Bban From store, 7580c; from
levee or depot, $13.
Flour From store, No. 3, $3 ; fam
ily. 13 60 ; choi. e, $3 754 ; fancy, $4
4 25: extra fancy, $4 304 60; patents,
$55 50.
Beans Navy. $2 ; medium, $1 60
1 75 ; common, $2 25 ; German millet
$1 201 40.
Rice Louisiana, 45c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 41c; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 Jc ; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted tumbles, 9c.
Cracked Wheat Iu half-barrels.
$4 2i from store.
Hominy and Grits from store.
$3 153 25.
Kansas City, Mo., September 14
Wheat Quiet : No. 2 red. cash. 63c bid :
October, 64 Jc bid; November, 65c bid.
Corn quiot; No. 2 cash, 31 Zc bid: Oc-
tobir, 33o bid: November, 34J3 bid.
Oats nominal, 241c bid, cash.
ti. Louis. Mo September 14. Flour
quiet, but ttcadv ; XXX, $2 302 40;
lamily, $2 552 65; choice, $3 10
3 25; fancy, $3 453 55; extra
fancy, $3 703 85; patents, $1 20
4 50. Wheat dull and easy; the mar
ket opened Jgis loirer than yester
day, tall on jc, rained tc, iuied weak
a?ain. and closed 1 jfR lower than yts
riav; No. 2 red,oni, 76c; Heptrniber,
70J:; Oitiber, 77J77c, cloeiog at
7 Jc; November, 7!l''i79'!, xilosiug at
79?c akud ; Miy, KVywii, closing
fc'Jgc. tJorn du:l, weak anil lower,
citsing 1 'i gc lower: No. 2 red, cab,
37c; October, c&lCi)"lr, c'rwing at
37J:; ovembr. j(jsic closing at
;iSc: Mar. 423cCi'13c bid, clos n at
42iu bd. O.tts dull but steady; Nn. 2,
ni xed, cash. 2525Jc; October. 253c i
Nov-juiber, 2ia bid. Rye easy at 48
48J r. arl-y almost nfg.ected ; pr cei
nominal. II y active and unchangnd.
F.aiseed steady at $1 01 1 05,
Bian easy at 49c. Com meal
steady at $2. Receipts Flour, 5000
brls; wheat 51,000 bu; com, 28,000
bu; oat, 11,000 bn; rye, 4000 bu;
barley, 11,000 bu. Shipments Flour,
6000 brls; wheat 7000 bu; corn, 10,
000 bu ; oats, 16,000 bu ; rye, note ; bar
ley, none.
Afternoon Board. Wheat about
steady. Corn Jc h:gher. Oa's un
changed. Chicago, III., September 14. Tbe
wheat market staited in at 77Jo for
Octrbar this morning, wh'ch proved
to be top figu-es for toe day. The ca
bles were dives ed of their war flavor
and selling was quite free throughout
the session. The market, however,
kept within a range of lc, and
closed at 1 o'clock jo under
the Ltest figurts of yesterday.
Ii the afterncon ' trading was
very dull and prices showed litt'e
change. Corn wfs quiet and essy,
closing a shade lower without any par
ticular feature having been developed
in tbe trading. Oats closed a shade
firmer. F.our steady and unchanged.
Wheat qu e: end easier. Sales ranged:
Saptember, 7--'.J70c, closed at 76c;
October, 76;6i 778 closed at 77c; N
ypmbsr, 78 U-ie79 l-16c, clrsed at
78 13-16;; May, 8ti80jc, closed at
8ul.-; No. 2 spring, 76 Jc; No. 2 ted,
76 jc Corn early declined J , rallied
on e-fmit e smaller receiDta and
finally ckmed JeuDdor yesterday ;c-sh,
391c; September, 39l3953, clo-i d at
39 7-:6c: O.tober, 4( S41c, cloredat
40 jc; November, 41J42Jc!o?ed it
42c; Mav, 45j40c closed at 45Jc.
Oats firmer; cash, 25 js; September,
25Jc; Octobe', 26j'.tUc, c ceed at
t61c; Mav, 3!J3rt. cl:sed ar; 32c
Rye quio ; N 2,481c Bailey d ill;
No 2. 6"lc F.axsenl st?acly; No. 1,
$1 08 1 Ufc-ipts-Flour, 15O0Obr's;
Vfhtat, 95,001 bu; cor.i, 382,009 bu;
oat, 191,000 bu ; rva, 4000 bu; barlev,
86,0.10 bu. Shipments Fiour, 70(H)
brie; wheat. 70 000 bu; porn, 2C3,000
bu ; oats, 231,000 bu ; rye, 2JO0 ba ; bar
ley. 46.0U) bu.
Afternoon Board. Wheat 6teaily;
Octlb r, 77 ll-10c; May, 83 5 1 i.
Com B'.taly; October, 40Jc; May,
Buttrr Butterlne,l 2 jl 3c ; crenm
ery, 22' 6 1: dairy, 1018i; coun'ry
butter, 1510-.
Chbkhe P.ime fla's, 81c, nominal;
factory, 718. neminal ; fojl cream,
Hoq Products Mess pork, til 50
11 75; sug'r cured hams, 13J14c;
brakfast baeon, 8j10c; clear rib
S'des bacon, 8f(a8Jc; baccu shoulders,
82c; bulk pork clear sides, Sic; clear
ho side), 88Jc; sbouldera, 727c;
long clear, 7 jc.
Lard -Tierces, 7J7Jc ; half-barrels
and kegs, 88Jc; choice kettle, 8
Fresh Meats No. 1 beef, 7c; Mut
ton, 7c; bind quarters of beef, 81c;
lambs, $2 503 50.
Poultbt Chickens, 1 23.
St. Louis, Mo., September 14
Provisions active and strong; prices
rnlfdgBnorally higher. Por higher,
$11 85. Laid steady, $6 75. Bulk
meats about etetdy: 'oi-elorg clear,
7 60; thnrt ribs, $7 00; shod clea-,
$7 90; boxfil lots long clear $7 70;
short rib", 17 75; short clear, IS. Ba
con active and strong; long char,
S8 371 : hrrt ribs, $8 37J8 50; short
clear, $8 75. Hams, 12Ji31c. Egas,
1112 Bnttr qu'et but firm ; cream
ery, 2025j; dary, 1020c.
Chicago, III., September 14. Mess
pork unsettled, closing at yesterday's
tigiues: cash. $11251130; ()ctol-r,
$11 25i 175, clostd at $113j; No
vember, 10 8011 321, clesed at
$ 0 87J10 90. Lard steady; es!i
wnd Seuteniber, $7 20; OctoDer, S(i (10
!5G2'. Sr-nrt lib Bid-s fi.-iu; omh,
$7 -15 Boxed meats steady; dry ea'ietl
ehoultieiM, $(i 12J0 25;" shoit (hrr
sides, $7 257 30. Butter Qfui: crenin-e-y.
1424c ; daiiy, 1420j. Egs, HiJ
Ajicrnoon Board Pork weak and
low'rtr: Octobar, Sll 10; November,
$ 0 70. Lard eteady; cath, $7 20;
November, 16 671.
Copper Common, 9j10Je: ordi
nary, 01!lc; prime Rio, 1212.d;
choice to fancy. 13131n; old govern
ment, 2425c; Cevlon. 1822c.
Soap Chapman's Hope soup, nn
wwpped, 41.41c per pound.
Salt $1 20 par barrel; eacks, fine,
$1 351 45; coarse, $1 101 15; pock
ets, bleached, 2Jftj7c; car-loads from
levee or depot. 6c cheaper.
Candies t-ttoks, nil sizep, in bcxps,
pails and barrels, 89.
Candles Full weight, 9110c.
Canned Goods. Etc. Prices per doz
en: Pineapples.fi 40 1(0; peactrefl.
2-lb. standard, $1 351 65; seconds,
U 10l 15; tomatoes, 2-lti, standard,
$1 251 35;3-lb, $1 151 30; straw
berries, $1 351 40: raspberries,
SI 15 1 20 ; blackberries, l()
1 15; greengages, $1 60 1 75;
pears, $22 25: plums, $1 60
1 70; asparagus, $2 604 ; green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $1 65 165; cove
evsiers. lull weight 1-lb. imi iu;
cove oysters, full weight 2-lb, $1 75
1 86; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
ttoc: cove oysters, ligbt weight, a-ir,
$1 : condensed milk Crown, $5 50
(o5 75 ; Eagle,S7 51()7 75 : Daisy. $4 76.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 1825c; prime to choice. 2835c ;
syrup, 2440c; common to fair, 20
25c: prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal, lancy, 3Z(aa4c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27
W, otner grades and styles, 35(ai8dc.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per rae: R. R., $9 60
10 25; Gail & Ax's, $8 75.
Sugar Pure white, -fij!!; off
white. 62()lc: yellow clarifitd. 6400
61"!; open Kettle, 66n ; retined A,
6j02si granulated. 6i7c; pow-
der. 7i7c;cnt loaf, 7!'a8c.
Powder Kgs, $1; half kege, J2 25;
quarter kegs, $1 25.
Nk Orleans, La., September 14.
Coffee in fair demand ; R!o cargoes,
common to prime, 8lli(c Hii(iar
quiet but steady. Molasses tt:aiy.
New York. Ssptember 14. Coffee--
spot fair Rio itrong, lOjc; options fair
ly active, opening 510 pointi highfr,
c'oeing with the alvance lost; eahs,
02,500 bags: September, 9.95c: Octc-
ner, y.wwi 95c; November. 9.8.r)(!iuc:
Decnmber, 9.809 95c; January, 9.80
9.95c; February, 9 809.95c ; March,
9.809 95e; April, 9.95 10c. Stignr
firm but quiet; refined eteady; extra
O. 6J5 7-16s ; mould A, 66 M6c;
off A, 61c; powdered, 6 3-1661c.
Kice in moderate demand.
A ppt.M A nnlna fl F.(V3it F,0- ftrinil
apples, 2t31o per pound from store.
Dned peaches, 233 jo from etore.
"ITvri k nf tTD Hntiina tt (rftm
store. Cabbage, $2 50; per bead, 9 10c ;
i vo trom levee or depot r "r crar.
Kraut, brls, i; half brls, fii3 25.
Garlic, 40(i)(j0c per 100. Turnips, 50c
per unniiBi.
Fruit Oraaires. Louihian." nsmi-
nal, $8. Lemons. $77 50 per
V.r.-v V.tnarynu CI F Tin r.f - Kn n .li
Cocoanuts, $5 per liMi. Peanuts Vir
ginia, lie; lennessee, larmer stocK.
34c; roasted, 21e higher; gbelled,
10c. Almonds, 1820c.
Raibins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 604.
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; quart',
$1 60 ; half-gallons,$275 ; gallons, $3 75;
loose, barrels, $6 60 7: half-barrels,
$3 75 4 ; rr ixed,barreia,$10 60 ; mixed,
hait karreia, $6.
Potatoes New, $1 251 60; North
ern Etock, $1 752.
Cider New York, $6 607 per bar
rel, and $3 751 per half-barrel ; Vin
egar, 101 per gallon.
Pecans Texas, 810o for small to
medium, 10 14c for large ; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$55 50; No. 2, $44 25; No. 3,
13 604; 10-lb kit No. 1, 90c; No. 2,
75c; 151b, No. 3, 65c. Dry heriicg?,
family, 25c per b;x.
Walnuis Frencri,'12c ; Naple?,15;;
Grenoblts, 15c. Filberrs, 12c.
Game Game fish, ll12e.
EtiQ8 Ea-y, 16c
In car load lots: Prime crude cotton
seed oil, 26c; off crude cotton seed
oil, 2223c; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 3536c; off sum
mer yellow cottonseed oil, 3132c:
miners' snmmers yellow cotton 8ed
oil, 3235c; prime summer white co'
ton seed oil, 35c; choice cooking yel
lowco'ton reed oil, 37c: prime co ton
seed meal, $15; ofl co'.toi seed meal,
New Orleans, La., Sctptswber 14.
Cotton Baed products icirr e and firm ;
new cruds oil, 28129c; rld,2(lj2c;
summer yellow, 30 9c; rnk-t end
meal, $19 60i'O ;er long ton, f. o, b.
Clear tn'o washed, 313(i3; gr?a-e
wool, 2326; Barry wool, 13'? .-18c.
St Louis, Mo , S.pfember 14. Wool
(tea lyand unchanged.
Boston, Mas?, September 14. Wool
active end higher; Ohio and Pennsyl
vania extra fieec, 33 '.; double ex r
and aSove, 353(3; Michigan extra,
32c S'ock of foreign wol is redncid
and holders very firm under iulluonce
of strong advkea from Loudon.
PniLAr ei.pki 4 , Pa.. September 14.
VVool firm ; Ohir, Pennsvlvania Rnd
Wert Virginin, 3238c; "New York,
Michigin, Indiana and Western, 30
S7c waehed c imbing and de, aine, 3)
fJC 40 ; ; Hi) w.sbed, 33g4(Ki: tinwan:ied
coubing and d laine, 2831n; Eav
ern Oregon, 162(ic; Valley Oregon,
2428c; New Mexico and Coloralo,
petroleum jiakmet.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., September 14 Pe
troleum etealy; s. w., 7Jc.
Pittkburg. Pa., September 14 Pf
trnleum dull tut firm; opened at
62Jc, advanced to Uiljc, and at 1
o'clock this afternoon 03c wai bid.
Toe dally production of the Waging
ton field is 15,500 brl.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 605; redistilled goods from
85c toil 50, according to proof; rye,
$1 766.
St. Louis,Mo.,September 14. Whii
ky firm, $1 10.
Chicago, III., September 14. Wbis
kv steady, $1 15
Cincinnati, 0.,Sep'ember 14 -Whisky
active; rales of 857 barrels of fin
ished goodi on a bugle of $1 10.
Bagqing Jure. 2 h 8Jc; 1J lbs,
7Ji;; 11 lhs, 7c. tlax, 8 lbs, 7JC.
TiKS-$l H'l 15.
Nails Common, H 20Ji)2 25; steel
$2 352 10.
Grasi Cattlb Clnirp, 313c
good, 2ij'ejlc; fair to medium, 2J
24c; scaliawai-'s, K'iH4o.
. Hogs Cboico,4j4lc; good,3j4c;
common, .ii!..ilc,
Sheep Choice, 313Jc; medium. 23
.'!c; common, $11 60. Ctooice
lanioe, per pound, 4J('Tj4Jc.
St. LotTis, Mo., September 14. Ctt-
lie Itec-fptj, 24( 0 he.td ; shipmente,
200 head; market s'rnrgand active;
nitive shipping, . 1 1 56' 17n; bu'ehers'.
$3 504 ; Tex s, !?2 15fr3 05. Hok'S
Heceipte, 3200 head; ehipn.en'B. 10C0
liead ; market strong; butchers' H) 1 'Bt
heavy, !Sl 90.) lo; mixed picking,
t-4 'u(i'.4 tso; llgtit, ifi4 oil.
Chicaoo, III., September 14. The
Droreti Journal roports: Cattle R-
ce p's, 7009 head; shipment?, 3000
lied; market steady early, c'oaing
lower; snipping steers, J3 405 25;
Bt ckersand feeders, $2(Si3 60;"cows,
bull" and mixed, $1 253; bulk,
$2 25ij2 75; through Texas cattle
t toady nows, $22 50; steers, 12 5('
d !. native a-id hall Dreed eetern
ranger', $3375; cows, $! 502 76;
wintered Texans. $2 H0f3!3 45. Hoes
Rweipt, 20,000 head; shipmenls,
4(100 head; market flow, 510c lower;
rouh and mixed, $4 154 90; pack
ing ana snipping, n z:-, ligtit,
$45: Bkirs. $2 70ffl3 90. SheeD
Receipts, 4000 head ; shipments, 1000
nean; market steady; native", $2
3 75; Western, $33 50; Texans,
$23; lambs, $31 75. The Drovert'
Journal' t cible from Liverpool quoted
cattle market glu ted. Prices lljc
lower; bett American, 11 jc dreseed.
New York, September 14. The ex-
ports of domestic cottons for tbe week
have been 4402 t akager, making for
the expired portion of ilia year a toti)
of 175,022 packages, against 157,340 the
same time la t -eflr, 117,048 packages
in 1884 and 117,178 packages in 1883.
The demand of agents hai bsen mod
erate i n usual to Thursday, but on old
orders tbe budnnes has been gootl.
Lmding mkesand desirable.atyies of
ladles' oresi wear, and many cot;on
goods are short of retmireuient and
sub titutes are o'tener than previously
Positive Cure for Piles.
tot sale by all drugglat.
"Londtn" Trouser Stretcher
VM VJ 1'"'P,ed ,n Kh'op. nnd Uni-
-..n.m lorceieoraiee
John Hamilton A Co. Slretch
r. Takoa IkkIik out of
bneeo rosttirea pontlo.,na tc
ori(rinnl ahape. Onlyptentoi
Stretcher combining acrcw m
in co m li nation with chimin
All olhers Inlrinneinenta
Oricir.al and ony Nlrrii-li-!
tor iftuil'meii' iiMA it.
Excross securel pneked. Prlc. f2 6il. Writ,
lor circnlnrs. A-jvt wi-ntod in every -itj
. W. XlllW'HHr a . M..t..n.1l-.
FOR Information about these fearful visi
tations aod other i hrsicul benn-nena
cf the globe see Maiiiv's I'hyhicii. (iit,.(i-i-hv,
a work cf .jtcocdlnif int.-eit for
fi'houla "r general reader. Siieoimrn cupiea
II 20. U.MVKHMrv PUBi lbllINO CU.
19 .VuTar Street, New Vvrk City.
Friara Polnt-...Jinaa Ln. S p.m.
Vicktburc .0. R. Powkll, 10.m.
New Ortoana ....C't or Batoi Rouin.Kla.ni
Whit. River.... Ceiciasaw. 5 p.m.
Osceola ...Coahoma, 5 p.m.
St. Loala ....Bai.i.i Mkmphis, 3 p.m.
Arkaniaa City Jati Adams, S p.m.
Concordia Uat.so.5 p.m.
-4rrieo7. Fwddie Robinson, Con
cordia; Chickisiw. White river.
Departures. Frtddie Robinson, Con
cordia; Kd Foster, St Francis river;
It L. Cobb, Arkansas river.
Boati in Port. Cbickaiaw.
Boatt Due Down. Ccaboms, D. R.
Powell snd Oily of Ba'on Rouge.
Boatt Due Up. James Lee and Belle
RecttlpU YMtrrclar.
Freddie Robinson 87 sks seed, 2
had mules, 1 skiff snd 39 pkgs tun
dries. Cliick?eaw 66 biles cotlon and 20
pkgs enndries.
Tbe D. R. Powel", Capt. George W.
V.cktrs. will natsdovn this morning
at 10 o'clock for V cksb irg and the
Tns Chickasaw, Cap1. K. C. P. s'a',
ia f p'eket tbis evening at 5 o'clock
tor White r'ver. C. M. Postal and
Jjhn Child rets are her clerks
The Coahoma, Capt. Henry Cooper,
H the packet this evening at' 5 o'clock
f-r O.ctola ard the upper binds.
Wm. Smiiheis is in her oillc
The Belle Memphis, Copt. George
Baker, is the Anchur I- ne packet tiid
osi'iiiug at 3 o'clock for Ciiro and Sr.
I.ouid. Al tiiuts n is hercloik.
Tub Gayost, Capt. A. L. Cnmmin?,
is the yii ket tomorrow tvonipg n . 5
o'clock for ComoMlia and all way
points. J. C. Wtc ff is in her olll te.
Tim J.vmes L e, Capt. Thomas Cla?
gVt, is tlu packet t'iin evening t
5 r'clock for Helenn, Fr'ara Piint and
all way landings Will Ashfnrd is iu
The Arch r Line stcamnr City of
Btton Rouge, 0 t. R. J. Whitledge,
will vas3 ilowo this morning at 10
o'clock for New Orleans snd all wity
p jint". William Masson is her clerk.
Tub Kst9 Adams, Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the United Slates mail packet
tomorrow evening t 5 o'clock for
Helens, Arkansas C.ty and all way
landingc W. C. Blanker baa charge
o! Lor cilice.
Bcsinihs quiet.
Weather c'oudy and cooler.
The Ed Font) r clean d last evening
Icr ett. Francis ilver.
Receipts by rivf r yesterday 60 bales
cotton and 87 sacks seed.
The R. L. Cobb departed last even
ing for Arkansts river with a good
t ip.
The river here stands 6 feat 4 tenths
on tne gauge, a fall ol 2 tenths the last
24 hours.
The Chickasaw arrived yest-rdav
eteuiig from Whit river with 00
bales ot c Hton and 20 packag s of stin
diiee, and returns this evening at tho
usui 1 hour.
Tub Freddie R ibinson arrived from
Co.icotdia w.tl h7 eactsof teed, 2 bend
of niulee, 1 (kill' and 39 pecknget of
mod lies, and icturned aain on timo
last evening.
Pad'.xah Nam, Monday, says: The
linden ha I to lighten over tho bar at
Ttulewator yeaterdny, a'id then wai
fgn.niid un l our "r mjieb.'fiie got
tingovor. The delay of rebuild ing
her fte ght u adc her until dark lust
nh'ht git ii g heie, on.i ehe Iff; hliout
9 o'rlnck lor rt Louis. Three ftie.t
HcuitiB now the s'zeof it ot the mouth
of Tra.lewatciy.r Brown's Polnt.thia be
ing the only p';c that seems to ba
bad, ho o bur Bhoa! places having
fO'ir feet r r more. Theie the wa or ia
spread all ocer the liver, with no fixed
ciinnncl. Ihe Mippoejllon ii that
tine will cut out soon and bo bettor.
The Buckeye Stute was laid up above
that bar yettonlay w.tli a good freight
trip and seveutj-line peop'e.
Vubhiii ho Commercial I Itrald yes
turttay 8k: Cipt. Vuin Starr, of the
United Slates mmghoat John H Meigs,
has emplnyed Mr. Wm. Hlinntjon as
chief engineer, end Win. M. M ioie as
chief clerk, both first cIbfs men for
the posi:ion. Capt. Snr hps com
menced tve work of putting tho MegU
iu order for wot k nnd expects (o rt
reuve orders from Citpt. J. II. Wil'ar.',
United r-ta engiueer in cbatgo, to
gt up Vnz o in the inxt thieo weuks.
Cp'. S srr dono most excellent work
in the Yhk o anl Tallahatchie lnat
seism. Assistant United Slates En
gineer II. St. L. Coppee made a nj ru
der of eoundings iu the river in the
vicinity of tho wharfboat, aid ita'es
that the river scoured is ai follows:
Fifty feet from the incline it is 60 feet
deep; 100 feet out 60 feet deep; 200
feet out 70 feet deep; 300 feet out 80
f et deep; 400 feet out 90 feet deep.
nd then grows (hallow as you near
the Lonisiana shore. A distance of 1000
feet from the incline on this side of
the liver it ia only 30 feet deep.
Oppice Signal Service, TJ. 8. A.,
Memphis, Nrpiember 14, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 7b meridian
time, whih is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ah've Low
Rise I Fa) I
Chattanooga .
Fort Smith
La Crosse
little Rock
New Orleans...
St. Louis
Rt. Paul
11 .
llwuKi-r I.loo Feet and tentha ot a loot
above aero of gauge
Cairo, 4(1 fe.'t.
Cincinnati. M.
Itullll'lUO. 1.
Keokuk, 11. .
L.i t.'rine, it
Litfe Kock. il.
Memphis, 4.
Nashville, 1".
St. Lnuia. '-2.
Chattanooifa. S3 loot.
Onvontiort, i:i.
Fort buiith. zi.
lltlcna, .
Lei.venworth, 31)
Louiaville, 2.i.
New Orleans, 13.2.
I'ittrburir, 22.
St. Paul, 7.
Vicksburr, 41.
Yankton. 21.
Shrevsport, 28.
FIvanmvii.le. September 14 Noon
R vui 3 feet 5 iiicLes cn the gauge and
Cincinnati, S p'einbe r 14. Noon
R v.r slttiionary, with 4 feet 7 inches
on the gang. Weather c'oudy ; ther
mometer 70 .
Pittsburg. SeDtember 14. Noon-
River 5 fuet on the gauge and station
ary. Weather clear and pleasaut
Wheeling. W.Va.. September 14.
Noon River 13 inches on the sauire
and falling. Weather cloudy and cool.
navigition is entirely suspended.
Louisville, September 14. Noon
River 3 feet 4 inches in the canal and
1 foot 2 inches on tbe falls and falling.
Weather cloudy and cool. Business
Cairo, September 14. Noon River
6 feet 1 inch on the gauge and falling.
Weather cloudy and cool. Arrived:
D. R. Powell, St. Louis, 8 p.m. ; Plaza
nd tow, Memphis, 9 a.m. Departed:
D. R. Powell, Vicksbnrg, 6 a.m. ; Piaza
nd tow, Ohio rivor, 11 .m.
M I.onl. nl Now Orlenn Anrhwr
l.liao-l'.N Riall-r-OK NEW ORLEANS.
City of Baton Rouge .SfiL
R. J. Wbtledge...matcr,
Will le.r. the Elevator WKDNHSDVi'.Seul.
1Mb, at 10a.m. For ireifht or passage apply
0. L. 11 u.. Pns A'irt. AP STOKVT.Xnp't.
Nt. I.onlsj anil Now Orlenu. Anchor
l.ino-l'.K. Mall-CAIKO A til. LOU 13.
Belle Memphis, .SCw
Geo. Uaker inntor.W,!i7li
Will leave Ihe Elevator WhDDJhSU AY. Seet.
ltli. nt S p.m. Fur freliibt or passage apply
O. I,. IUu,. Pass. Airt. AP ST"KM. Sup't.
For Helena, Terrene, Arkansas City, Green
ville and Vivkaburg hteatuer
I. JC. I'owvll
Vlckera master.
Will leave the Elevator IVECN KSUA .Sept.
1Mb, nt In a.m. Kor treight or pnssage apply
r. 1,. Htt.i . Pss. Ar r. aiikii'KM li t,
Moniphia and Vickshti-g Packet Coiupunjr
Tbe Steamer
Freddie Robinson. r?S
Elisha Kvana Ma'nr.
Wlt.l, lenveevory TllKSOAy and PAT
l' It I) AY at 5o'olock p.m. lor Helena,
Friars Point, riunllowor, Malnne. Knowlton.
Ail-lniliii, l.ncinia, Concordia and nil way
Intidlnaa. Kor treivbt or panae apply nt
ollloe, Nu. 4 .Madison street.
John Ca it, Pms Agt. Telepbon. 2"-''.
MrrohMni.' hiiiI I'lnuirr.' I,in.
For Uolera, F'isrs Polnt.Malonea, Australia,
Concordia, Kivcrton, lMtvar, ltuckridse
and all woy limiting. Sttutner
A. L. Cummins, Mailer I J. 0. Wyckotl, CI r
Loaves aa above every MONDAY and
THUKSDAy t 6 p.m.
For freiiht or psssag. apply to
T. H SIIM A (''). S."2 Kfint t.
Hiuihlti,Prlir. Pntni nual M.mplil.
! Oaenxoln PnoUsit Comintoy.
For H.lena, Ulendale, Friara Point aoj all
W.i Land'nra dU.u.r
J, B. Cooper, master. ...J. W. BmHOeti.olcrk
V III I. are aa ney. on .very MtidUAT,
WKDHK31MTaai FK1DAY. t be'olo-k.
For Randolph, Folton, Osceol. ul Hi)
Landtnaa Steamer
E. T. Clagott...mater Piatt ltliods...clerl'
ana fkiuai at n p.m. in. noma or tnu
line reserve the right to paaa .11 landing
the oiplain may deem unsnle. OlDce, No.
Madison at.
JAM Kri LKK, Jr., Mun't.
The St. Francis River TrnuRitorLatloi
Co. 'I Fin. Hlde-W heel D. B. Mall Uam.
0. K. Joplln., inns I or.
at B o'clonr., for Marianne, the Cnt-Ol, ail
IntermeiilHt. laDdltn;i on St. Francia river.
Tbe captiun roserves the right to paaa .1
lan.lli-iitnbedeeiuaunaalu. JAM. Ltf i, Jr.,
Miii.r(iilr.ni Off-n. Nn. 4 Madison s.
McujplilH u nd Vichfiburg Packet Com
piiuy U. S. Hull Line.
For Helena. Itoacnrdl.t. Terrene and Arkao
aaa (.'ity J'ho elcvaut paatengor aUam.r
M. It. Cheek...niater I W. C. Iiltvnkr,..ijl.r
Lenfea Motcphla
p. reiervinar therixht to paaa all landing
the enptiiln may doom unsale. For ceneraJ
lnlr.riuai.lon apply nt ofticj, Mn, 4 Maino.
aireol. if. WALWOHTH. Aen.
.H.IIN O A W H. Pnr Arntit. TilerhotiB ll'M.
Arkansas River Fk't Co.
Str. R. L COBB, Av?$V
K. B. 8mlth....maater, m$ili
Leavna M.uii hla Kvory TIIKSDAY, at j p. at
11. O.LOWK, Atent,
Office. Nn. S Madison st. Telephone No- M.
Mtinihl8& White IMrcr l'U Co
lor i'lnrpiKlon, IlvvnllN Rliill,, lie.
Arn, Auituata, tiearcy. Newp rt, JaokaoB
port, llatcsville and all Way Landinira,
Kill CllllHANlH, w- -
R. 0. Postal niastnr,J:n:.YBy
Will leave KVKKY WlILNlilLAY at i p.m.
Albert U. bmi'h "T
Will leave KVKKY HA 1 1' KIM Y at 6 p.u.
Thrntiith ratea nlven to all points. Freinht
eonslKned to tbe Memphla and White Kiv.r
Packet Co., at Memphla or Terrene, will b.
forwarded promptly. For irenoral Informa
tion apply at olllce, No. 3 Madiaon at., ore
Cull Telephone qj. H. O. LOWK. tv't
Rap W ' i l! a w -a i-scr;
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