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Cottom Firm Middling, 8 7 8e
Sales Yesterduj, 150
Bales. .
Money in good demand at 8 per
cent Local securities are s'.eady and
tending upward.
The cotton market yesterday closed
firm: middling, 8Jc; tales, 160 bales.
At New York epota closed firm;
middling, Oic Futures firm; hep
timber, 9.169.17c.
At New Orleans spots were firm
and l-16c higher ; middling, 9c ; futures
Steady; September, -8.828.83c.
At Liverpool a larjzs butiness was
reported in epots at advancing prices.
The sales were 18,0C0 bales, the larg
est on recard sines November 2, 187ft,
when thy reached 40.0CO balsa. Mid
d'ing advanced yesterday l-16d, ti
51 3, for uplands; futures were firm;
September, 5 14-64d.
In the general market bread-.tuflfa
were ea'-ier.
One hundrfd and twenty-one htla
apples, "57 pkgs Diem, 185 sks coffee,
I car ccttoa s-ed, 1219 tka cotion seed,
49 pkj4 dry Boot's, 19 pks wgi, 935
II ls flour, 300 bales hav, 60 head
caUle, 150 he?d horsas and raulfs, 75
kj?3 lard, 48 000 feet lumber, 43 pkgj
liquors, 273 brls moal, 2'K) kegs nai s,
3000 bu oal, 34 bris oninnp, 375 btls
potatoes, 2 cars por eidea, 2;t br's
srjgar, 210 pkgs tobatca, 1500 bu
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
"Wheat received, nor.e; withdrawn,
none; in store, 3027 bii. Corn re
ceived, cori; withdrawn, 255 bu;
in store, 9055 bu. Oats received,
13.583 bu; withdrawn, CGG5 bu; in
Btore, 193 823 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Term.,
American corrosr,
Money in good demand at 8 per cent,
The Clearing House report is as fol
Wednesday, September 15th, 11 83,
138 66 ; thus far tbi wek, $555 433 55 ;
same time last week, $040,289 65 ; same
time in 18S5, $399,839 79; same time in
1884, $201,607 51.
Wednesday, September 15'b, $54.
17522; thus far this week, $190,603 20;
same time let week, $237,615 91 : same
time in 1885, 103,881 18; same tiraa in
1884, $34,532 13.
New York sight on all points, na
tmying, premium selling; New
England demand, discount baring ;
New England eig'it, J d'sconut; New
Orleans, I discount baying, or selling.
Bank of Commerce .140 bid, 149 anked
First National -..Mil) bid, 105 asked
Germnn Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
Btate National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planters-ISO bid, 153 asked
Mercantile Bank....l;i5 bid, 137 J askod
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, .... asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102J bid, 105 asked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Phoenix 08 bid, 100 asked
Planters -107 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 30 hid, ... asked
Factors 20 asked
M. and C. R.R. 8harr..3 bid, ... asked
M. A T. R.R. shrs 45 bid, 50 asked
M. A O. consols, 7s. ..119 bid, ... asked
M. A L. R. 1st m. 8s.'.. 105 bid, ... asked
Miss.AT.R.U.cs,A....lll bid, 113 asked
Mies.AT.R.R.cs,R10l4 bid, 103 aaked
Tenn. wta. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. 6tr. E to J ..83 bid, 85 asked
Bhelby Co. 6s- 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. DiBt. 4, 6, 97J bid, 98 asked
Tax. Diet. 6a 104 J bid, 105 J asked
Mem. Gas bonds 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds-... 97 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid, 66 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trnnti.,.54 bid, 56 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.8tor.Oom.Co.102 bid, 103 asked
Mem. Gas stock. ...75 bid, 80 aaked
New Yobk, September 15. Money
on call wai quiet, ranging from 4 to 7
per cent., last loan 4 per cent, closing
at 1 per cent, asked. Prime mercan
tile paper 45 per cent. Steiling ex
change unsettled; bc ual rates, 481)
for sixty day bills and 484J for de
mand. Bonds Government bonds were
dull but firm. Slate bonda dnll and
Stocks Stocks recovered the strong
tone noticeable on Monday, and witti
the exception of a small period of the
morning, during which there was tome
depreciation in values and another
.hading off in the h-a1; bou', the mar
ket was strong throughout the Jay.
There was very little feature in the
mornicg trading, although the buying
in Union Paciti,: continuod aid gran
gers were promineritly active. The
announcement was made just before
noon that the managers had signed
the pooling arrangement at Chicago,
which materially aided the bullish
feeling prevailing. Money rule! lowur
for the day, ard a reduction in the
posted rates for s'erl:ng exchange bad
8)me slight effect. The open
ing was dull and tpTitless,
but about steady, first pieces showing
insignificant changes ftom last even
ing's closing. Prices in the early trad
ing were snmewhat irregnlar, but
Union Pacific and Reading were de
cdedly strong. The market yielded
later, and the lowest prices of the day
were recorded nt the end of tie ti st
hour. Then piic.-ia moved up steadily
throughout the list, the highest prices
being generally attained about 2
o'clock p.m. The market yielded
slightly in the lpst hour, but rallied
toward the close, which, however, was
hirelv fteniv. Sa'es 24!, 4.19 shares:
K tading 40 010; St, Pirn1, 30,000; Lake
Shor, l.iokawana, Western Union
and Uijion Fac'lic, in tli ordt r earned,
fiirniified ovt-r 10,(i0!) G.cb. Final,
prices in the active list sliow i'reimlar
change of per ooct in Wtsera
Union to declines of small frasiiora.
Reading, howeve-, is np 2 p?r ceat.
Railroad bonda showed less ic.ivity,
tb basinets amounting to on'y S981,
000. Piices were firm throughout the
day, bat final charges are generally
for fractions.
The total sties of stocks tadav were
271,419 shara, including Canada
Southern, 7675 shares; Delaware,
Lackawanna ana Western, 17,178;
Erie, 6450; Kansas and Texa', 7675;
Lake Shore, 18,450; Missouri Pacific,
3130; Northwestern, 14,400; New Jer
sey Central, 7680; Peoria, Decatur and
Efansville, 5810; Reading, 42,640; St.
Pan), 30 000; St. Paul and Omaha,
9750; Union Pacific, 12,625; Western
Union, 12,760; Northern Pacific pre
ferred, 3725; Oragoa Transcontinen
tal, 7925. Closing quotations:
v. s. u, my, 4, coup, 12
coup, IW'A. Pacific ua oi la6, 126.
La. lUmin, it, 79. Mitaoori, 6i, 100,.
Cent. Po. iiu, 114. Den. k R.tt.laU.ISOJi.
len4KiiW.l,t,80. Em lecondf, 116V4.
M.K.AT..tien6,9iVK.Norto. Pao. liM.llC
North. Pao. 2d,im'4.N. Weatern eon., 141H
N.Weat. dob. 5, lOSr.St.L.S.F.Gen.M, MX
St. Paul, oon., 131. St.P.,C. k P. 1U,12U
T.P. land ranti,54. T.P..R.G. ex con 60.
U. P. lxU. 1U. Wot Shore. Wt.
Tenn. 6s, et'mt,l0fi.Tenn. 6, aet'uit, 100.
Xann. 3, (et'nit, 7'J.
Adama Expreaa.UO. Morrifi E.',offd.,138K
Alloghsny Cen., . Nashville k C. 65.
Alton AT. 11., 30. N. J. Central,
A k T. II., (J.. H. Nor. k W.,pfd..45!4.
American hi., lui. Northern Pae.SSj.
B. C. H. k N., 60. Nortborn P. tifd.,blS.
Canada Paa.. 67K. C. k N. W., VP.i
Canada Hon., ViV. C. N. W ptd.,H17J.
Central Pacitio, Ui. N. Y. Central, UVi.
Cheaaiieake JtO , N. V. C. k fct. L.,.V.
C. k 0.,lmi)fd, If)!'.. N.V. C4St.li.,p.,21
C. 0.,2ditd.,SH. OhioCcniral, .
C. k A., 141. Ohio k Miai., 26,-.
C. k A., ptd., T. 0. k Miss., tfd.,
C U. 1.16'i. Ontario & West.. li)?.
C, St. h. 4 N. O., -. OrtRon iar., W.
C, St. L. A P., 14. Oregon Trims..
C, fit. h. ;P, p..34'4.0rooQ Imp.,
C.,8. 4C..i7. PaciCoMail. 57.
C.k 0., HI. Paaaina.
Del. k Und.. lOO1 Peoria. D. k E., 314.
Del., L. k W., tui'f. Pittiburir. 151 4.
Den. A Kio U.. 3l. Pulhuun P. C, 1S94
Krie, 335i. Re iilinu, 28'...
trie pf i., 77. Kock lfiand, 126,.
Eait Tenn., 6. St. L. k . P.,
Kat l enn. pfd. U. St. L. S. F.. p., iVi.
Fort Wavno, 147K. Bt.L.ii S.F..Ut p. Ill
Hannibal k St. Jo.,- C. M. k St. P., VC,.
11. k St. Jo., pfd., - C. M. k St. P..P.124.
Harlem. 2:M). St. P., M. A M., 114'4.
Unutton k '., X.. St. P. 4 Omaha, 4Si
Illinois Cen.. 1S5 St.PaoUO.pfd., 11.
Ind., 11. 4 W Ton. Coal & Iron,5oJ4.
Kansas 4 T., 3:). Tt xas I'licifin, 14S
Lake K. & W., 10. Union PaoiOo, S.s;.
Lahe Shore, U. S. Express. 62.
Lon. k Nash.. 4i.'i. W.. St. L. 4 P.. 2VA-
Lon. 4N. A., 5ii. W.,St. L. 4 P.. p., 37
M. 4 U. Brst pi , . w. s r . Ex.. vm,
M.4C. pfd.. -. W.TJ. Tet.eS'ii.
Mem. 4 Char.. X. Colorado Coal. IVA.
Miflh. Cen., 84 Homestuke. 1S'.
Min. 4 St. L., 21V. Iron Silver, ISj.
Alia. 4 St. L.pfJ,4-S.Ontnrio. 25.
Missouri PsmtiOtll2)4.Q'iicksiiver. 5.
Mobilo 4 Ohio. 1 ';.. Uuicksilver.pfd, 24.
M. L. S. 4 W 62. SouibPaoiflo,-.
M. L.8.W.,pld,!W. Sutro.7.
Loxdon, September 15. 4 p.m.
Consols 100 11-16 for monev and
10015-10 for tie account. United
States Bonds A', 12tM, ex-coupon
Bar s'lver, 441 p ounce. The amount
of bullion gone into tbe Bank of
England on balance today, 10,000.
Paris, September 15. Three per
cenr. rente?, 85f 55j for the account
St. Locis, Mo., September 15. Bank
clearings, $2,774,244 ; balances, $543,
186. Boston, Mars., September 15. Ex
change5,ll,720,129; balancee.f 1,611,
923. Baltimore, Mn., September 15.
C'earings, J2.050 3G3; balances, f 217,
030. Chicago, 111., September 15. Clear
ing of tbe asiociated banks today
were $8,234,000.
Nbw York, Ssptembar 15. Clar!ng
house statement: Exchange?, 'J7,001,
835; balances, $ 4,493,493.
Philadelphia, Pa., September 15.
The bank clearing! today were 48,647,
073 ; balances, $1,1 40,065.
The local cotton market opend
quiet and closed firm; middling, Sic
Sales, 150 bales, of which 100 to export
era and 50 to spinners.
Yesterday. Tuesday.
Ordinary 7J 7 J
Good Ordinary.... 7J 7
Low Middling 8j 8J
Middling 8J 81
Good Middling.... 9 9i
Middling Fair....- 0J 9
Fair Nom. Koin.
MsiiPHia, September 15, 1336.
Stock Sept. 1,1 880 ... 4,009
Received to-day v213
P.eceived previously... 954 5,170
Shippod today 300
Shipped previously 1,084
Home consumption to
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since Septamber let
M. and O. R. R
L. and N R. R
M. & L. R. R. R
C, O. & 8. W. R. R
L., N. O. & T. R. R
K. C, 8. & M. R. R
M., S. & B. R. R
Wagons and other Bources.
Thus far this week 790
Thus far last week 128
Since September 1st 1,384
L. & N. R. R-
Total 300
New York spots onnned quiet and
easy, and closed firm. Middling,
9c. Salen, 1459 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
Yesterday. Tuesday.
rdinary f, ti
Good ordinary. 8 8
Low middling. 8 1310 8 13 16
Middling.- 0); 9
Good middling 9 11-16 9 11-16
Middling fair-.lO 5-16 10 5-10
Fair 10 15-16 10 15-16
New York futures opened firm, and
closed firm. Sales, 70,700 bales. The
closing quotations were aa follows!
YeRterdav. Toeiday.
September...9.10 9.17 9 14 9.16
October. 9.19 9.20 9.16 9.17
November...9.21(i 9,22 9 19 9.0
Docember ...9 23 9 24 9.22 9 23
January 9 30 9.31 9 2tfiVa 9.30
February 9.38 9.39 9.37 9 38
March. 9 46 9.47 9.45
April -9.55 0 53 9.54
May 0.63 9.64 9 61 9.62
June -9.71 9.72 9.69 9.70
July 9.79 9.80 9.77 9.78
ThnKewOrlens spot market opf.ncd
firm aid closad firm and l-16c biirher;
middling, 9b. Sales, 500 bile?. Quota
tions ivere as follows:
Yesterday. Tius!ay.
Ordinary 7 1-J0 7
Good ordinary 71316 7
Low middling.. ..8 9 10 8$
Middling ...9 8 1510
Good middlinK-...9j 9 5-16
The New Orleans fntare rcarket
opened steady, and closed steady.
Baler, 16,800 bales. QuoUtiona were
aa follows :
Yeaterdav. Tuesday.
September.. 8.82 8 S3 8 85
October....- 8.78 o 8 80 8.78 8.79
November- 8 76 8.77 8.76 8.77
December - 8 79 8.80 8 79 8.80
January 8.89 8.89 8 90
February... 8.99 9 00 9.00 9.01
March - 9 09:4 9.11 9.10 9.11
April -. 9.20 9.21 9.21 9.22
May 9.30 9.31 9 31(4 9.32
June 9.40 9.41 9 41 9.42
July 9.48 9.40 9.49 9.50
dailt port and intirior markets.
Tone.) Reel Prices I Stock
61 81
2,774 8
104 SJ
3 046
N Orleans.
Haiti more
Few York
St. Louie...
Receipts at porta,
Receipts at ports,
this day,
this day,
18S6.. 9,761
R'tS U. 8.
p'rts 6 day
Kx. Gr. Br
R'ts Sept. 1
For'gn Kx.
36 699'
Decrease in nedpta thU ytar...31,135
At noon: Liverpool reported large
buaineiP, advancing priefs. Sales,
18.000 bales, of which American 14.60J
bales. Receipts, 2300 bales, cf wiiieh
American 2300 ball s.
Cloiing qurtiitions wore as followo:
Ordinary, 4J.1; gord ordinary, 4jjd ;
low middling, 4 15-10d; good mid
dling 5 7-16J; middlirg uplands,
6Jd: middling Orb anp, 5 5-161.
The irrictt are given in penct anrf 6i!h,
Ihiu: 4 63 wiibi 4 63-6W; and 6 01
means 5 l-64f.l
'At noon: Liverpool futures wore
s'eady at advaoce; Sep;einbnr, 5 loful
5 140 ; tseptember-Octoher, 5 09 5 0-d ;
October-November. 5 04d ; November-
December, 5 03d; December-Janpaiy,
ooait; January Jfebinary.5 03d; ton
rnnry-March, 5 03d; Ma'ch-April,
5 07d; April-May, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
aniet; Septumbei, 5 14d. sellers: Sep
tember October, 5 08d, buyers ; Octc-
bet-ovember, 5 04d, value; Novem'
ber-December, 5 03d. sel.'ers; DtCi'iU'
lier-January, 5 03d, sellers; January-
hebruary, o 03J, buyers; Jtebrua'y
March, 5 05 J, sailers; March-April,
5 07d, Bellers; April-May, 6 09d, sell'
At 4 p.m : Liverpool fatires were
li m; September, o 141, selera; Sup
tember-October, 6 08J, sellers; Octo
ber- .November, o (13a, sellers; Novera'
ber-December, 5 02U, selleis; Decem
ber-January, 5 02d, sellers; January
Fbruary, 5 03d, sellers; February
March, 5 041 buyers; March-April,
5 06d, buyers; April-May, 6 08d,
The following is the record of bids
and offers at the Ca 1 Board of tbe
Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 43c bid ; Septem
ber, 43c bid; October, 42c bid; JNo
vem'er, 43a aked; year, 41c asked;
No. 2,8,-ot, 42c, bid ; September, 42c bid,
October, 42c bid, November, 42o bid,
43u atk.d; year, 40c aaned.
No. 2, white, epot, 2.8c bid,30c aeked ;
September, 28Jc b.d, 30a aked; Oc!o
ber, 29o bid ; November, SOc b'd.
No. 2, red winter, spot, 76c bid ;
September, 76o bid.
Spot, $2 05 bid; September, $2 10 bid,
$2 lSaskeJ; October, 100 brls sold at
$2 10; year, 1 80 bid, $2 asked.
Spot, $11 25 bid ; September, f 11 25
Vid; O. tober, $11 25 bid; November,
$12 bid o. t., $12 rsxed o. t.
The following quotations are the of
ficial quotation.) ' of the Merchants'
Cobnmkal Standard, J2 352 40;
pearl, $3 4;,'3 50; roller, J2 60.
li av iiioice, irom store. 75c; car
load from levee or depot, $13: prime,
from ttor, 70c; carload from levee
or dopnt, $11 50 12; prairie, from
store, 50u; car load from levee or
depot, JS
Uobn Fr mstore,white,503 ; mixed,
47o. from levee or depot ; white, in
bu'k, 45c; in sacks, 4Sc; mixed, in
bulk, 43J;; ; in sack?, 46Jc.
Oats From etore,white, 37c : mixed,
36c; from levee or depot, white, in
hulk, 32c; in eacks 36c mixed, in
bulk, 30c; in sacks, 33c.
Bkan From store, 7075c; from
levee or depot, $13.
Flodb From store, No. 3, $3 ; fam
ily, $3 60 ; choice, $3 754 ; fancy, $4
4 25; extra fancy, $4 304 60; patents,
15W5 50.
Bkans Navy. $2; medium, $1 60
1 75: common, $2 25; Gorman millet,
$1 201 40.
Rica Louisiana, 453; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
6c; ginger snapa, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted jumble. 9c.
Cbackkd Whbat In half-barrels,
$4 2) from store.
Hominy and Grits From store,
$3 153 25.
Kansas Oitt, Mo., Septomber 15.
Wheat lower; No. 2 red, cah, 62 Jo;
October, 65 ! bid; November, 64c bid.
Corn higher; No. 2 cash, 321c; Oc
tober, 3njc; November, 34Jc bid.
Oats nominal, 241c bid, cash.
St. Louis, Mo., September 15. Flonr
dull and weak; XXX, $2 352 40;
family, $2 60Ji2 75; choice, $3 15
3 25; fancy, $3 453 55; extra
fancy, $3 653 80; paten s, $1
4 40. Wheat gent-rally weak and
lower, but closed lJllcbelow yester
day; No. 2, cash,J51c; October, 76;
76jc, cloeing at 76c bid ; November,
78(ii79l2, do ing at 78Jc aked; De
cember, H0.8iijo, closing at 80Jc
aked, Coin weak and lower early,
but recovered somewhat, closing 'i c
below yt-sterdny; No. 2, mixed, caiti,
3(l37c; O-tober, S(!l36Jj, cUsing
a'.SOSj; Novemb-r, 87j37ic, closing
at 371c bid. Oats easier; No. 2, cash,
2525c; Ootuber, KJj bid; Novem
ber, 26c bid- Rye lower, 48 c Bar
ley qiiet and uochanger). Hiy steady
and unchangad. Fiaxsred steady,
il 01 1 05. B'an etpad, at 49ic
Cornmeal -etcady, at $22 05. K
ceiptl Flour, -KXX) brla; wheat, 47,
000 iiu; com, 18,(00 bu; oat, 10,000
bn; rje, 4WK) bu; barley, 0000 bi,
Shipmeuts Flour, 10,000 brla; wheat,
10.000 bu: corn. 23.000 bu; oate. 9000
bu ; rye, 1000 bu ; barley, none.
AjUrnoon JSoara. neat lower bat
firm. Corn weak and a shado lower.
Or s steady and unchanged.
Chicago, III., September 15. The
markets all ihowed weakness today,
and prices cloeed lower for tbe entire
speculative litt. ioreign advicrs
noted wheat auu ana easy, witn
weather trenerally more favo
able, and this together with an ex
pected free movement in the North
west, led to fr.e selling, and cons dur
able long wbeat came on the market.
The amount of wheat on ocean pesaage
showed a decreareof aliout l,2C0,0uO
bnshew, but the announcemant had
little apparent effect in anstaining
prices. The market closed Jc loer at
1 o'clock than yesterday, and declined
lc adlit onal at the af ernoon ats-fion.
Corn ws weak and heavy under
liberal otl'erings, and closed nearly lc
under yesterday. Oats were dull and
cloed about c lower. Flour qn et
and easy, but not quotably changed.
Wheat fa rly active but weak, closing
8c ur.dir ye-iterdar. r-a'es ranged:
September, 74j7SJfi, Hosed at74jc;
October, 75 15-167t;r;, closed a
76 3-16c; November, 7T'j78Jc, closed
at 77Jn; May, 851Kio, dosed at
85 7 163; No. 2 spring, 74J74jc;
No. -2 red, 751c. Com weak aud
heavv, closed i lower; ciah,
38J'3Sc; September, 38J39J'.
closed at 38c: O tober, ;9j
40,i. closed at 39 15-16.;; Novem
ber, 41J42c, cloied a' 41 5-16c; -Mav,
45 l-1645ijc, closed at 45 ;. Oats
dull and WfaS, c'o"irg J lower; rash,
251 e; September, 25 :HtV.'i-25o, clcsed
at 25 ,116s; Ostobor, 2ii( f,jp, closed
at:61j; Mav,3l 11-163:J 1-I6i;,chtcd
at3U, Rye dnll;No. 2, 4s,. Bai
ley quiet ; No. 2, 67j("",'St'. F.axsued
steady; No. 1, $1 iK- R.-c-ipts
Flour, 19,0110 brls; whuit, llti.OOJ bu;
corn, -100,009 bu ; oatf, 150,00(1 bu : rve,
4000 ba: barley, H'4.0n) bn. Ship
ments Fiour, 17,0(X) hr.'a ; win at, 4!-
000 bu; corn, 274,000 b.i; r.a's, 150,000
bu; rye, 4000 bu; har'ey, 6".,tlil0 bu.
Afternoon Board. At the afternoon
S'siion grains again ruled weak and
ulo?ed a snade estin'.- Tim foliowinn
were the 1.4iet tr.uiing prices at 2:l!0
n'cloik: Wheat Si)teiuber, 74
11-ltlc; Octob r, 75 15-16c; May, StJo.
Corn September, 38 ; Ociober, oOJc;
Mav, 45Jc. Oats SeptemlM', 25 1-lOcj
October, 26 l-16c; May, 31J?.
Brrran Bntt3rlnp,1213c; cream
ery, 2i'.'6i; dairy, 16ISjj coun'ry
butter, 151C3.
Chkksb Piime fla t, 8Jr;, nominal ;
factory, 7j8c, neminal; full cream,
Hog Propucts Mohs pork,?ll 50
11 75; suur cured hims, 13-i14c;
broakfaet baron, 8310c; clear rib
sides bacon, 8j(i85c; buccn shoulders,
SJc ; bulk pork clear sides, 81c; clear
rio side-), 88Jc; shoulderj, 7J7Jc;
long clear, 7jc. ,
LaRn-Tierces, 7j7c; half-barrels
and kegs, 8SJc; choice kettle, 8jj
Fbksh Msats No. 1 beef, 7c; Mut
ton, 7c; bind quarters of beef, 8 jo;
lambs, $2 503 60.
Po oltby Chickens, 23.
St. Locis, Mo., September 15.
Provisions weak and unsettled. Pork
lower, $11 60. Laid weik, $0 60
6.70. Bulk mfats lower; loife lota
lorg clear, $7 50: elnrt rib', $7 60;
shoit clear, $7 SO; boxed lots long
clear, $7 60; short rib, 7 60; short
clnar, 47 87J. Bacon du 1; long clear,
$8 12JW8 35; short ribs, $8 25; ahoit
cli ar, $8 758 87J. Hams, 12J13Jc.
Enns, l l(a)12!. Bitter cr.'aaaery, 20
25j; dairy, 1020c.
Chicago, III., September 15. Mesa
p3rk unsettled, closing 2o30c lower;
cash, $10 8-5; Octohtr. tlO 8(1 11 25,
closed at $10So10 87 ; November,
ill) 6i10 82i, closed at $!0 57J
10 00. Iard wtaker and 20('25c
lower for the more deferred fuluies;
cash and Septembe-, S-7 20: Ootolier,
$i356 67, clrs d at 3,-)0 37 ;
November, $ 256 27. Suort rib
sides steady; cssh,S7 35. Boxed meats
quiet and Hteadv; dry ?ii ted i-houUleri.
$6 126 25; short clear siden. $7 25
7 30. Butter firm; creairoiy, 20 25c;
dairy, 13Cai8,ij packing s'eck, 7f"'.8u.
Egaa, 1516
Afternoon Board. Pork: Sptemh-.'r,
$10 87; October. $10 90; X ivnmber,
$ 0 05. Lard : September, $7 20 ; Oc
tober, if 6 35; November, tfl 25.
Coffer Common, OijWlOJr); or li
narr, 10llc; prime Kin. 1212a;
choice to fancy, 1313v, old gsvorn
ment, 2425c; Cevlon. 1822(,.
Soap C'hnpmao's Hope soap, un
wrapped, 44o per pound.
Salt -fl 20 per barrel; pai-Vs, fine,
$1 351 45; coarse, $1 10l 15; pock
ets, bleached, 27c; car-loads from
leveo or depot, 5o cheaper.
Candibs Sticks, all nizea, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 89,:.
Candlim Full weight, 0lOc.
Oannkd Goods. Etc. PriceH perdox
en: Pineapples, fl 40WI f O; peaches,
2-lh, standard, $1 351 55; seconds,
$1 101 15; tomatoes" 21b, standard,
$1 251 35;3-lb, $1 151 30; straw
berries, $1 351 40; rapberriea,
$1 151 25; blackbnrriea. $1
1 15: greengages, $1 601 76;
pears $22 25: plums, $1 60
1 70 ; anparagus, $2 604 ; green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $1 55165; cove
eyaters, full weight, Mb, $11 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
65c ; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1: condensed milk Crown, $5 50
5 75 ; Eagle,$7 517 75 ; Daisy, $4 75.
MoLAnnm LouiHiann, common to
fair, 1825c; prime to choice, 2S35ri ;
syrup, 2440c; common to f.iir, 20
25cs prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ngal, fancy, 3234c.
Tobacco Common. 11-inch, 27
28s; other grades and styles, 35'i8&c.
Snnff Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per caa: R. R., $9 50
10 25; Gail & Ax'b, ?S 75.
Sijqab Pure white, 6jfij!;; off
white. 656jo; yellow clarified, 6
Ofc; open kettle, 66r ; refintd A,
6j6i; Branulatod. 071c: pow
dered, 717c; cnt loaf. 7Mc
PownKa-K.'gs, $4; half kege, ?2 25;
quarter kegs, $1 25.
Nw York, Saptemher 15. Coffee
soot fair Rio firm, 11 Jc; options active,
niguer anu very ftronif; bbrb, iv,om
baga; September, 10.05 10 15c; Octo
ber, 1010 15o; November, 1010,20c;
December, 9.9510 20-; January, 10
10.15c ; February, 9.95f".l 0.15c ; March.
9 95l().20c;April,9.9.V" 10c; May and
June, 10c. Sngir firm but quiet;
fair to good refining quoted at 4S4c;
refined firm. Molastps nominal; 60
Ust, 17'c. Rica steady and qniet.
Applks Apples. Jl 50?2 50; dried
apples, 23c pt pound Irora store.
Dried poaches, 2J:iJc from ntore.
Vegetables Onions, S3 from
storp. Cabbage, 2 60; pf r be ail, 9l(lc ;
$1 75 (rim levee or depot ir crate.
Kraut, bris, Si; half brls, $33 25.
Garlic, 4060c por 100. Turnifw, 50c
Fkcit Oranges, Lonioinnn nomi
nal. $6. Lemons. $7(i,7 50 per
box. Bananai), $1 0 2 50 per bunch.
Cocoannts, $5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 74o; Tennessee, farmer's stock.
3 4c; roasted, 2c higher; anelled,
10t. Almonds, 18 20c.
Raisin" Ijonrtnn layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; quart,
$1 50 ; half-gallons,t275 : gallona, $3 75 ;
loose, barrels, 16 507; half-barrels,
13 7 5 4 ; mixed.barreiB.flO 60 ; mixed,
ha:i karre:s, $8.
Potatoks New, $1 251 50; North
em stock, $1 75 2.
Oidkb New York, $6 607 per bar
rel, and $3 754 per half-barrel ; Vin
egar, 10 per gallon.
Pkcans Texas, 810c for emali to
medium, 10 14c for large ; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$55 50; No. 2. $44 25; No. 3,
!3 604; 10-lb kit. No. 1,90c; No. 2,
75c; 15 lb, No. 3, 65c. Dry henirgf,
family, 25c per box.
Walnut s French, 12c ; Naples,15: ;
Grenobhs, 15c. Filbert, 12c.
Gam i Game fish, ll12c.
Ikios Weak, 15 16c
In car load lots: Piime crude cotton
seed oil, 27c; off crude cotton seed
oil, 2224c; prime nimmor yallow
cotton sr-ed , oil, 3637e; off sum
mer yellow cotton seed oil, 3l33o;
miners' summers yellow cotton seed
oil, 3335c; prime Eiunnier white cot
ton seed oil, 35c; choire cooking yel
low co!tn eond oil, 37H.i)40:; prime
coiton need meal, $14 5015; oft xjt
toaeocd meal, fl314.
Clear tuh washed, 3136s; gr?ae
wool,2326; Bnrry wool, 1 3 .-18c.
St Loiuh, Mo., S p'.emler 15. WodI
tteady and unchanged.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lota, 11c per gallon.
Fittkiiukh, Pa., September 15. Pe
troleum dull I -nt steady; Nation 1
Tranpit certific.tei opened at 63ic;
clos-d nt 611c; higlus', tljf; low
est, 6 Jo.
WHISKY, WINKM, l.llt ORS, t.lV.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 5('!)5; rnliMtillol goods from
85o to il 50, according tj proof; rye,
$1 756.
St. Louis,Mo.,Sep'.eniber 15. Whis
ky, $1 10.
Chicago, III., September 15. WhiB
ky steady, $1 15.
Cincinnati, 0.,Sepiemter 15 - Whis
ky firm; tales of 7S7 barrels of fin
ished goods on a baaia of $1 10.
Baooinu Jule. 2 lbi, 8Jc; 1J lbs,
7c; 1 lbs, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 7Jc.
Ties-$1 ldr 15.
Na u s Common, f2 20 2 25; steel
$2 352 40.
1.1 VU NT04 H.
Gbari Cattlb Choice, 3.13c;
good, 2jftUlc; fair to medium, 21
21c: scallawaKS. Knillc.
Hogs Choice,41'lc ; good,3 J4c ;
common, 331c.
Sheep Choice, 313c ; medium, 2 J
3c; common, $ 11 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 414c.
Kansas Citv, Mo., September 15.
The Ijive Woe Indicator reports: Cat
tle Receipts, 1372 bead ; shiiimente,
none; elw and weak; good to
choice, $44 GO; gras) rang-t s'e rs,
$2 20 3 25; stock er., $2 252 75.
Hogs KoRuipls, 9810 head; ship
ment-', 9,t2 tieal ; slow and 10c lower ;
ood to choice, $1 754 90; common to
medium. $4 'MOM 0). Sheep Ko-
ceipts, 263 head ; HhipmenlH,nnn ; act
tive to the extoiit of supp y ; good tj
choice, $2 50.
C'r'CArjo, III., September is. Tho
Uro.i' Journal reports: Uanle 1-
ceipls, 7001) head; shipments, 3000
head; market slow ; f"('y, ldtiti Ina,
$i 60; shippiog steerH, 950 to 1500 lb-i,
J.5 -t'Jy o 3 i ; BlocHers ami lOKlers
$2 2"3 75; cows, bulls and mixed
$l3 25; bulk, $2 252 75; tliroui'h
Texas cuttle ttronuer, $2 50('i3 25;
Western ranger fir.n ; niitive a id h II
breed?, $33 75; cows, fl 6l(i)3;
wintered Toxans, $31 Jj5. Siles
171 Mnniaoa Texana, 999 11m, $3 55;
105 Montina, 1164 lbs, $3 15; 242
Wyoming Texan?, 964 Ibj, $515; 174
Wyoming feeders, 1210 lhs, $3, llogs
Roet-ipt', 23.0(H) head; shipmuiits,
4r00 head; market elow, 510c lower;
rouith and mixed, $44 80; ptcking
and ahippiug, $4 8'f'5 10; light, 4
4 85; ekii s, $2 fi()3 75. Sheep
Keceipts, 3000 head; shipments, 500
hial; market strong ; natives, $.'
4 30; Wis'ern, $3 253 60; lambs,
$15. .
New York, September 15. The
general character ot the demand is for
renewal assortments of all gocdj fjr
Fe.Hoenbld wants, with the tone of
tho market very s'oady for cottons,
but showing an upward tendency for
wool gOode, in sympathy with the
advancing prices for wool here and in
Acid Irou JKarth.
Tiudi JUna.
For DyirplA,all derangements
of (lie Il'k(lre Orrnm and Ilia
JLlver, Skin DUpiima.'dili, llurni,
Scald and Hrnlics, ACID IlCO.t
EAIITII ! a elllc.
Rbeniuatlniii, Malarial Uar
4or, CUronlc iiarrha-a and ob.
atlnate cnini of lllnod Poisoning,
yield without full to It wonder
ful curative power.
A all for free pnmphlet.'to be bad
of all dealer or ent, postpaid,
from the A. I. i:. Co., mobile, Ala.
price, Firry cents.
At Wholesale bv Van Tleet & ( a.
"Lcndm" Trcuser Stretcher
Vif fi" Hntnted in Euronn nml Unl-p-l
y t.l St it tin. Soto Aici in
IT . -"t"w mrccmoraioe
er. Takes Ihkk1iik: out oi
fcnn rMtor pintuloom tc
nrifinnl iba(. Only rwUntetf
Stretclier comhininn scrw ret
in couihiotttioD with clmupi.
All nt her? in(rininonfii
Original nl oniy mrtirlifl
lor icrntlni'iiH ftr
fcH-rofH ieouroiy paKod. Frir ftf v riti
nr circular. Aej wonted In evr? ottj,
ArkannaiCitr Knt Aiuai, S p.m.
CoooorJia )atho,5 p.m.
FrUn Point . .......Jiiins Lia, S p.m.
OiceoU ..CiiHOM. J p m.
Yicktbarc City or Ciuo, 10 i.m.
White River Albksta No. 3, 5 p.m.
Arrivali. Janifa Lee, Friara Point;
Coahoma, Oicoola; Bplle Mamphie,
Vickahurn; D. K. Powell, 8t. lun.
Xriiariire. llelle Mempbie, est.
Linn; Coahoma, Osceo'a; Chickasaw,
white river; James i,?e, i-riara
Point; D. R. Powell, Vickaborir..
Boatt Due Uotvn. buckeye Mate and
Citv of lia'on Konxe.
Bonn Hue Li'. Kate Adams and
Reeelpt l'eaterday.
Coahoma 5 ba'es rottm and lot
Jamea L;e 17 bals cotion and lot
1). K. Pjwejl 2lX9 i-kga merchan
dise. FVTl'KK .wovkhknth.
Tub Alb.-rta No. 3, Cap;. A. 13
Pmith, is the Saturday ya'.'kot for
bite river.
Tub Lee Line navk'ta tomnfrow
evening are the Janus Lea fcr Fiiars
I oint ami the UoKhuma ijr incoiu.
Tuk C ty of Cairo, Caiit. Shcn .tt
ner, ii the Arclior Line iia':knt to
morrow raorniiix nt 10 o'clock for
nkHuirs and the lend. J. t. l-.'tou
is her clerk.
Tub Gayos, Capt. A. L. Cnmmini,
is tlio pai kot this tvci'.fiiK n' S o'clock
for Helena, CoivoMlia Htid all wav
lnndiuKa. J.V. yc II nnl LeeCum
mirs are her clerk?.
Tub KuU Adama, Cap. Mark It.
diet k, is the United S'aten mall iv,ckt
lhs evenii'R nt 5 o'clock for Helena,
Arkansas t'.tv and nil wnv laudint:.
W. U H anker Las ola'i:o of her rll'ne,
aaiist'jd by Lew Pii.e and Monia
ucxCKiL m;wn,
l)L'tnNHs3 fair.
Weather cloudy, wilh heavy show
ers. limxii'TS by river yia'erday 2-'
ba oi cotton.
Tub B11e Memidila paEto.l np last
evenir.K t.n St. Luui.
Tub Chickajaw iloort-d laHt evening
for While river with a iscod trp.
Tub Lee Line packets were in and
out on t uie yf storday, w;tl fair trips.
Tub river here stands 0 fet on the
Kii'K1. a fall of -1 ttmihllu lust -4
TiibD. 1?. Powell paissd down lait
eveuira f r Vickibiny. 8ha .dii?
charged here 12b tons freight and
added 40 tons.
Trots of tbe D. II. Powell report
only six faet between here and Cairo.
Trie worst places ate Phillips, liland
30 and llund 40.
Tub Iluckeye Statn arrived at Cairo
yesterday out cf the Ohio rivtr bound
for this plate, and will doubtless be
lound in port today.
riyi:k anu wkatiikk.
Omc Signal Skrvicb, U. 8. A., 1
MaMrius, iSsptember 15, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
nt all atnt ions named nt u meridian
time, which is one hour laatur than
Ab've I-ow
Water. Change.
Uine Fall
Feet, lOths IOUih KHha
Cairo 5 7 4
Chattanooga ... 2 8 4
Cincinnati 4 6 1
Davenport 2 1
PubiKpie 3 2 1
Fort .Smith 7 40
Keokuk 2 1
Helena 7 4 6
La Crowe 3 3 1
Leavenworth... (1 4 1
Little Kock 4 3 17
lxmisvillo 4 18
MeinphiH (t 4
Nashville 2 4 2
New Orleans... 2 8 1
Omaha 7 4 1
Pittsburg 5 5 1
St. Louis ' 1
St. Tanl 2 5 13
Shreveport 5 1
VickHlnirtf (I 4 1
IMnicur Line Feel and tenth, ol a loot
abova loro ot nue:
Cuiro, 4" font. Chattanonxa. t teat.
Ciav'innuli, W. Davenport, In,
!MOil0,'i. fort Hmilb, a.
'Apkuk.H. Ilolsna, -.
aOraf-e, Z Leavenworth, 20
IHRock,!. Lounville, i'j.
lj;"lihi., :il. New (Irleanii, 13.3.
iMiville, 40. Pitl.hurg, !.
Omaha, 18. Ht. Paul, 7.
Kt.Loul.,12. VlnknburK, 41.
tTireveiiort, iJ. Yankton. 24.
Evansviu.b, Keptemher 15. Noon
River 3 feet 3 inches on tbe gange and
i Pittrbdko, September 15. Noon-
River 5 feftt 5 inches on the gange and
falling. Weather cloudy and pleasant.
Cincinnati, September 15. Noon
River rieingsiowly, with 4 feet (i inches
on the gauge. Wtather raining ; ther
mometer 70.
LouiaviLM. September 15. Noon
Rivtr 3 feet 3 inches in the canal and
1 foot 2 inches on the falls and falling.
Weather cloudy and coal. IIiibIiiohh
Caibo, September 15. Noon Rivei
li leet 8 Indies on the Range and falling.
Weather cloudy and cosl. Arrived:
Buckeye Slate, Cincinnati, 6 a.m. De
ported: City of Baton Kouge, New Or
leans, ti a.m.
lIiirktSU iM'L .i,nicih!lp R'c
r rhiM n:I f i.url f UU iUO tHU.ll t
. erul.r. eJ.viM! V lU o.H!l
, ,oor.il.l " lu I"
tfltol (UjfaerU IDii Uat
durnu of PRIVATE
, Cr rr-ntiit i. wf-tmt It j-imiuj niat icwm is a
.irertiari or "tliet ' H'lewi nml (Htxlui'tLa, amurvi. m.-
- w tti e tfet t rrf 'jannut SpilDi) Krai.ticrii. . ; i.i
..-e 1. 1 if ta Uiiilil'-M o Hiftit. Offcvatf U. i , IV
'H-. flrti-Won Kitf 4ii'mj t.HJii-i vtn'H.
o.if. ' '' Niual tr 4k , fmjli
;ir-((t- niun'-T t 'H.rirtipr. ! 4liro.jf tlr tui ifii.i.
.tu-d SYPHIIIS-,1lLp,,,',,rrf X11
"nit at-i fr.rn Uj. iflrnt, QonOrrhVM.
fJLEET. M'turt hTbitw Acrulfc 'w Hvi't.;,
TVs ant ' ''' inW ill qiilify uru
''f, r I'lrul Utml )) alClmU tw p H 11 VtfVkAl
i i ?riti fu c ui trvi'iu tb"itfiult .a-i-
Jtf witiT (fat Mili fli ti ir.Bt kuovll-K tlilj v. j
-wt.miin'iit (finti io raj r- Wiir -t i i""imlo' "i
-ii 'h it 'r-trtiirjt medi-lrjf tr V ., fiw'
4fp i.'.l' or fiiina Aybiri
C.'oi Guar.!!) ml. Ciwri
-l.au, 'all.il ' l'"tll lj 'W l- lT'VA
t". t -ttt-'iti t ""i-J'-.re i
TrustoeN Sale.
lJtl Murk' t p'reo!, Mpnii'hin. Jn., I
will !! tn tlift htRtipt hidJer f'Tinth, all
tlio HtuctF'l'l aui KitchpD Furniture, in
rludmtr 'iTf Purlf.r Hot. three Hom bets an'l
Kit'-ht'i. I uriiituro, in umi reiiiilenro. I sell
under tr ii'. dft undo by John Zent o uie,
rfoortlod in b'nk pne,rii. in KiKii;tor't
(ittifg, and If Uirj(?tiitn n boriificiHry ther
tiQtu. Li U. iMuFfVKLANi, L'fU4UC
kt. I.oul and Nrw tlrlnn Aaplio
f.lue-l. H. nntl.tOH lUKbblj Kli.
VUy ot nlro,
r.luhrnAf. mnKter.
Will l..v. tlia Kiarator FRIUAV. bout.
17th. t 10 .m. For freiirht or i.afnajw appljr
C. I.. Hu. Purr. Art. UTI ST' IH Vf , Hnp't.
Mtmphil and Virkthar Paokot Cotnpany
Tl. lilaam..
Freddie Robinson. r'Q.
Kll.ha Kvatu Mmter.
WILL luvnvtn Tl'KSDAY and SAT
I Hli.W at o'clock p.m. for Malaga.
Friam Point, tSunflowr, Miilnoa, Knowlton,
Au'tralia, Laconia, Couconlia and all war
lnmlin. For froiilit or pamag apply at
ottice, No. 4 Mudi.nn .treat.
.Tout rRB, Pa.. A gt. Talaphnn 2'ta.
Merrtinnla' and Flnulern l.lue.
For Dolena, Friiri Poiat.Mnlonei, Au.tralla,
Concordia, Riverton, llolivar, liuckridge
and all way l.tidinu. Kteumer
A. Ii. Cummtni, Matter I J. 0. Wyokorl, Cl'k
Leavea aa above every MONDAY and
THURSDAY at S p.m.
Fur freight or p. ..nee apply to
T. II SI VI ,V rii,, yrnt .t,
Heiitl'ft!''!''1'!" l.ilm iiutl aseminis
(I WaetHtln I'nrtiet Company.
tor Ualana. t)iemlale, i"rlnr' Point aud ail
Way Lan jing Btaamer
Tallies tare, jifS-
J. n. Coopar, loi!r....J. W. Kuitiiart.clerk
Will at ir on everv MuNOAY,
WKDNl!Hf)4Yk3l FKIDAY, at he'rlork.
For Itandolh, Fulton, Oierola and Hal
t Lan.ttaji staiiuiar
C'ouEmmiui, jcjdSSt
E. T. Clinrott...iiinter I Plutl It lnlo!...nlerk
Kvory MilMUAl, riUi KMIA X
nd HilllA
at ft p.m. Tho lioiitu ot thU
Una rn.nri-a the richi to Mint li lanilinirl
the oiplain may iloein unnnlrt. tiffiee. No. I
Maiti'nn nt. .1 A M l''S I.KK. .In. nf t.
The Sf.FrancIa KIvpi- 'J ruuHptn-tuttuB
Co.'i Fine Sida-W heel U. 8. K.iil !itanf
SUl Fooler, zfUt"
V. K. Joplln matar,
TI i:niat,
at 5 o'olfek, for Marlannn, tbe Cui-(1B. and
Intor-.ixiiMe landitiK'on ht. Franoii rlvot.
llio ' niituin ro.arwi the riirht to al
lan.lliH.'" he deauii un.alo.. JAM. LI'.K, Jr..
Xeinphlo and Vlrkuhnrtr I'm ket on
mill U.S. Mull Line.
For Helena, t'oncotdia, Terrene and Ariaa.
lai City l'he elrtant puaeoucer eteftmar
M. K. Chea)t...uiaiter I W. V. llluuKer...lerll
Leave! Memphis
p.Ti.,re.nrvlnn thariirht to I'Kfl nil lundlnc)
tliaonplain muyileeiu nnnitfe. For ceperal
Inlorination apply at ofh-, Nc,4 Madiaoa
K. vy ALi "ill u. Agent
PR. Pn.f Ai.-i'iit. Telephone I
Arkansas Kivcr Pk't Co.
Str. R. L COBB,
R. K. fuiith.... master.
Loiivcl Maui hil hvery rl'KSD Ai , al & p.a
U. O. LOWE. Agent,
OM, No H Madlon t. Telaphonw No al.
Mcniiiliis White Hirer L'kt.Co
For lurendon, IIivhII lllnll,, Ilea
Are, Augunta, Soarny, Newp. rt, Jaokoo
port, llate.ville and nil Way Landing..
Niit 'iiit'UAN w, ,rr
K. 0. Po.tal mMir.JIt2!aB
W ill leave EVKUY WEDNESDAY at& p!m.
NT II. Al.nFHTA KO S, .rpfc
Albert U. Smith ma.ter i illaC
Will leave KVKKY HAHUIUAY at ft p.u.
Throueh ratea given to all puint. Freiihl
ronaiwned to the V.empliia and White Kivar
PerketUo., at Meiiiphli' or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For general inlorina
tion apply at oin.'e, No S Miidlmin it., ort
('nil Telephone r''l. II. O I.IIWK.A.'t.
. .' . .. -' .-a
Positive Cure Tor Piles.
For Mle hy all drunl.tii.
l tu'lj.
t'KTIIK I' I'M M HtH'V V'M, i;. I " 1-1 t.M M'K t),
nr M. i ni.'Jt n, Kt. , .'i,,''.'lll'."i'lV
'" ' - '' ;''y i
v 'i l' I " . Vlit. ! i.l luiHih i ,.l ' 'M .. li H UllrtfT .
.r-'ir'l'.;U uv U t.'y In t"-..t.V t 1 ''r't
HNl ft Ili'ul'ifa Ui:' ' tl t 1 i ti , l.y X h-sntM
A Valuable Patent.
Ditary'a (llnrae) Corn mid Pea Finn.
HAViNU perfented my Invention. I wlull
to pluoe it hoforo the puhllo, ..penally
ni.mnlaeturnrn. Al a (lorn Planter, Hit
por loot .ncoen open, the drill, dlntrfbut.d
the seed aocLratcly, nniniurad, and ooyerd
the same, thoruuy one man performing th
work of three. The' have t'oen ujed In
thin i.etlon for over adoicn yearn wirTi p.r
feol (atiafantlon. fan (ire ritipuuilbl. te.ti
moulalf. A'ldraaa
JOHN U. DANCY.Daneyrtll.,
Ilavwon.l eonnl... Ten.
We ronllillf rtrfiimfij4
Touri ntlielwl r in r.ry
k nowit to u tW Ltoaon.Krfa
ui t.lcet,
U linv Inld contl(17t
iMe, ml In tvry 1ft
tiaigiveti utlaUitka.
Aletl A Lhk,
lluJtoii. N. T
Sntd hy Drufflits
IOUItBUANT to an .x.eutlon iaaued An
u.t 6, lNDli, from th. Huir.ina Ciinrt oi
1'nnntiNNAM. on Itlriiriuont roilller.il tT aalll
Court, Juna l", lei, in favor of J. L. Kinier
on axulnat W. H (lallir iilb and J. M.
Fowlko.. eomiirlainc tho llrm of W. 1!. 01
Sreiitli A Co., lor one thousand nnd ei.hiy
nine ilollaia and eighty-live cen la (llliv.i ),
I will on
Nutiirilnv. (IMobrr -J. 10.
In front of the Courthoune dmr, in Shelby
nomil. Innn.. .ell to the hluhe.t hiddtr for
piL.h. the follonrinir itii'erihed (mot of land in
the TnJtinn iitriot of r-h. Hiy counly, in
Hhelliy oounly, Tenn., to-wit: Itrgiiininv nt
toint fin tho aouth lino ol I mon atroet.
14'. ftatoii.t of a four Kifimt u'.ley: th.in.'e
cant on and wilh aouth lino of Union "iruot
:;i'u feet toaaiuke; then'-e auulhwnrdly, at
rii?tit annloa with lh.ion atroet. li'f leot to an
iilior; thenoe with aaid alley weatwanlly
A'., teei to a .take: tlieneo on a ine nor-
peiuLcuiHr to Vnlon atrret northwariily P.i8
:ent. to tlio onint of heuinr.lliff. beinir anilie
lot convoyed by W. It. Ualt.ro.tli to A. Viu
eitro by deed roirialerod in Shelby eounty,
Tenn., In book Hill, loiKe I'.C, nnd .inna beinii
tho eatt hull of lot enroled by V. Lane to
M. L Maaeham nd W. II. H.ilbioiiin, by
deed in bonk fil, page I'.'l. of the Kegistor'a
ctlicaot r ill oonnty. Levied on aa the prop
erty of W. It. llalhreath I" a:itily ai.l ex
aoution. W. 1). CANNnN. f-horiff.
Py Juiix J. Mason, Deputy .Sheriff.
Po.ton 5l Poaton, Attorneva.
TBn r L.1 . " "
ini i -Hi if n .1 r - g
Thinly petfoci ibsiltute iur Mother
ffittu. iTiv.iiiMii'e in cnoiern ini.'intum
an.i Teoiilni'. A i.r...(li.'.u roml Iwr Drr-
Pentlca, Conaumritivei, Conviiloaceint.
eii.ot uutiioot hi ail Wii.tinuc nr,nflea.
tfiulrea no ctKjtlli. tun H'k, Tbei Caro
nnd reoillns ol Infanta, n.mi.d free.
1'dt.rtlKH, OOOIIAI.H OlV B.nloiu Mm
)nz Store for Sale.
Dp.I'O STURE. T"i l?hrr:e.''r n avaou.', do
ing a li r.tola'a Pitserii tbn aud I'm
Uu.laeaa. liood reaioni ur s.liin. Apply
at vSLiadtn a'.rcet.
i'nr..1a jl, I
M'm Bi'iiture.
Wrd enl by the
V'tZrui Cktmlol St.

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