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Cottoa Flrm-Mlddlinc, 8c-Sales
lestcrday, 150
Money rnlea ia fair demand at 8 per
Cent. Loral securities continue steady.
The cotton maiket cloied firm yes
terday. Salts 153 ba'es on a batis of
9c for middling. New Yoik spots
closed firm ; middling 9.5-16c; futures
barely steady j September, 9 ll9.12c.
A leading New Yo k c.tton circular
gays of the future market: A generally
unfavorable construction placed upon
the foreign advices induced selling out
by nr any longs, and the market went
ofJ 3 to 4 points, closing or.ly barely
At New Orleacs ycstetdjy spots
ware firm and la biher; middling,
9c; futurjs irregular; September,
At Liverpool spot! were firm, good
demand; ta'ts, 10.0CO biles. Mid
dling, 51d; futures easy; September,
5 1 3 64d.
In the general market ezas are easy
at 13c. Otter articles unchangtd.
S venty-five brls app'e'. 1075 rolls
bepgir-g, 203 pkgs cbot se, G75 sks cot'on
Beed, 100 brlt cottoa seed oil, 3 pkgs
rv mods. 19 pkgs egg', 570 brls Hour,
74'J biles hay, 2 pkgs uatp.Clhd cattle,
22 bd lni88 and rnnles, 3C0 pkgs lnrd,
12,000 feet lunbo', 32 pkgiliqucrs, 760
kev s naiis, 3250 bu cat, 3 ca-s poik
8!dt. 105 bils sntcar, 85 pkgs tobacco,
2100 bu wheat, 13 oris lise.
Tli9 following shows the amount of
r.-nn i-auivDl wiriulrAwn and in
store by regular elevator.', as reported
to tbe Mcrebantb' fcscnange jes-ier-dav:
Wheat received, note; wilh-
A,aiir KQ3 hlT in tta-.e. 3034 bu.
Crrn received, 1023 buj withdrawn,
655 bn;in stare, 9031 bu. Otrs re
ceded, 9333 bu j withdrawn, 13,220 bu ;
in store, 189,444 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.,
Ilocev in good demand at 8 per
cent. The Clearing House repait is
es follows:
Tr'dav. SeDtenibar 17b. $163,.
fi02 15: thus far this week,$861,GG6 55:
game time last week, 1917,428 77 ; same
time in 18S5, $729,703 95; same time in
1884, $314 221 90.
Friday. September 17th, $78,.
626 60: thus far this week, 1315,757 43:
eame time lest week, $314 303 25 ; tame
time in 1885, $29j,791 94; tame time in
1884, $58,700 01.
New Yo-k Bight on all p ints, par
baying, rremiara.siiliug; New Eng
laod demand, J dircount buyiDg; New
.England sign, t cisconni; iw ur
leans, J discount uoying.parsewng,
Bank of C)mmerce..l46 bid, 149 asked
First NaMocal 160 bid, 165 ssked
German Bank 195 bid. 200 asked
8 'ate Natioral 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Pluntere-loO bid, 183 a-ted
Mercantile Bank 135 bid, 137 jacked
B'.ufi City- 100 b d, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... gsked
Horns 75 b d. 80 asked
Memphis Cny 102J bid, 105 atked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 ssked
Phuoix 98 bid,l00 ssked
Planter 107 bid, ... asked
Vandtrbilt 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... aeked
Fac:ors 20 atked
M. & O. R. K. shares. ..38 oid, ... ssked
M. & T. R. K. shares...45 bid, 50 asked
M. & C. console. 7s 119 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 8S..105 bid, ... 8ked
Miss. &T.R.R.C8.A...111 bid, 113 aeked
Miss. & T. K.R. cs.B..10l J bid. 103 aked
Tenn. wte. s;r. D 90 b'd, 93 asked
TenD.. wts. etr. E to J83 bid, 8a asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Diet. 4. iis 97 bid, 98 tsked
Tx ist. 6s 104 J bid, 105J asked
Mem. G s bonds 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water b nds 97 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works b'd 65 asked
Am. Cot.Odtiust 54 bid, 65 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mill?...2o bid, 30 tsked
Mem. Stor. Com. Oo.l062 bid, 110 asked
Mem. Uas stock 75 bid, 80 a-ked
Nkw York, 8'p'ember 17. Money
n call eaty a: 4(a)5j per cent , closing
at o per cent. fnma mercantile paper
45 per cent Sterling exchange
quiet, but steady, at 481 for sixty
day bu s and lor demand.
isonat 'aovernment bonds were
strong, but dull. Scate bonds were
dull, but tteady.
Stocks Reading stocks again en
gaged the largaet amount of attention,
sales' being nearly one-third the
amount dealt in, and it was the most
active day at tb Stock Exchange for
many weeks. Its net advance, con
side nrg the state of the maiket for a
long time back, h phenomenal. The
baying begun at the opening and
every etory that has ever been circu
lated in regard to the Reading road
wes brought cut; but it was reported
in the afternoon and received that the
difficulties bad positively bfen ad
justed, and the tales toe last two
hours were enormous. Iradingintbe
others of the list was active, and the
general good feeliog wns established
in everything except Noitbern Paciflo
preferred. Oregon Transcontinental,
l'aciflo Mail and Peoria, Decatur and
Evansville. Western Union was the
leading feature outside of Reading,
and it advanced materially during the
day. The crargets, with the excep
tion of t. Paul and the Vanderbilt',
were comiaraiively quiet, bat all par
t'cipated in the advance. There wai
some Loadrm buting of Union Pa
cifis and the Sn Franci-co eharep, but
the action of the Northern Pacific in
repard to the lease oi the Oregon
Transcontinental and the resolution to
build its own branch bees, continued
to have an adverse influence on bota
of tbe i tucks, and they recorded a ma
terial decline in the face of an advanc
ing market. The upward movement
today, whiie rapid, was subject to two
or three setbacks, and the market
finally c'osed on a reaction rather
heavy, but close to tin btst piicej
reached. The opening was firm, first
Jiricfs in a majority of cises beini
rom j to j above the final figures of
last evening. A well distributed busi
ness followed, but prices were sluggish
until toward the end of tbe firat nour,
alter which they advanced smart
ly. A reaction jest after noon
occuried, but the advance es
soon leeumed, and about 2 o'clock
tbe b'fit pi ices of tbe day were
reached, slter which realntions car
ried everything but Reading back a
small fraud m, and the market closed
heavy. Salei. 443,844 shares. R-aJ)l)g
furnished 113.939 shares. AVeiteru
Union 44 414, followed by Lacka
wanna, Union PaiiSc, Lake Snore,
Oregon Trn'.contineLtai, Canada
Sju hern, Northwestern. Northern Pa
cific preferred, E'ie acd Kansaiaad
Texas in the order named. Canada
Southern is up 1J; Sin Fiancieco pre
ferred, i ; Reading, 4 : and others frac
tional amount). Oregon Tramconti-
nental is down 1J ai d Ni.-r.hera Pa
cific pi ef erred $.
Railrcad bonds participated in the
increased trading, but did not symp'
thize to any extent in thn advance in
prices. Transaction?, $1,843,000. im
portant advances are few ia number.
Atlantic and Pacific incomes were tbe
only specialty ,tt e:i salts amounting to
The total 8 . If s of b:o kstodavwere
443,844 shares, including Canada
Southern, 14,065; Dalawar. Lacka
wanna and Wes ern, 22,970: Delaware
and Hud on, 4110; Erie, 10,760; Lake
Shor -, 19,260; Louisville and Nah
ville, 913; Michigan Central, 45C0;
Jlisiouri, Kansas and TexfS, iu.j;
MUsouri Pacific, 8170; Northwestern,
12,120; Jeis-y C-ntjal. 9937; New
York Cen'rl. 4360; Phu&c Mail, 9290;
Peoria, Decatnr and Evansville, 6040;
R ading, 113,'JoO; St. rant, iH.l-tu; st.
Paul and Omaba, 375U, Union Pa'iiflc,
20.315: Western Union.44.341; North
ern Pacific, preferred, 11,353; Orenu
TianecontineLtii, 1(,290,
U. S. Si, 10OX.
4! i", coup, 111J4.
4h, coup, 127.
Pacific lis oIls'Jo, 126.
La. atnmps,49, 7?. Misaouri 6i, lf0J.
Cent. l'ac. lata. Ui'4. lon.& R.U.laH, 120,'i.
Dan K W.lnts, Hi. Krie seconJi', 111!.
M K AT.Qm.ti, W'i Nuith.l'ae.-liU, llrt.
Korlb.Pae. 2d, lt W .Weaternoon., 141.
N.West deb.5.liin;i. St L.tj.l;' Gen.M, WX
St. Paul ouii., liW.'-i tt.P.,0 il'.lsta, 1'20.
T.P.landgriinta,o3v'J.T.P.,R.U.it cou.W.
U. P. lBts, ili'A. West Bboro, lolji.
Tonn.Gs, tet'int, l(V.Tcnn.f). aet'uit, 105.
Xena. iis, aat'iut, 7S.
Adams Express, 140, Morrin A E.,offJ,lW! j.
Alleaheny Cen., . Nashville & C, W a.
Alton 4 T. 11., S!. N.J. Contral. 57'4.
A. AX.II. ifd.,M. Nor. A W. pfd, ..
American Ex., loii. Northern Pac, 'il'i-
B. C. R. &N.5U. orthorn P. p d. M.
Canada Pao.,li7 C. A N. W., 117.
Canada Sou.. C. A N. W. pfd, WSi.
Central Pacific. 41. N. Y. Contral.
Chesapeake A O., 8 N Y . C. A St.L.. 8; .
C. AO. Mpfd.l. N.Y.C.ASt.bMP,.
C. & O. id, old,, WJ-i. Ohio Contral, .
C. A A , 141. ' UhioAMisa.,'.ir!;.
C. A A. pld , 100 O. A Mir. pid, 4K)
C- b. A Q., 137. Ontario A West., 19)$.
C, St L. A N.O., . Oreiion Kav., WH.
St. L A Poli'i- Oreaon Iran.. 33.
C. St.LA P.pfd, 'H'i. Oreaon Imp., 2H.
C. S.iC. 35. Pacific Muil, 57; .
C. AC..61H. Punama, M.
Del. A Hud , WVA. Ptoria, U. & E., 30.
l)ol.,L. A W., i:.4. Pittsburg, 152.
Den. A Rio G , 31-S. Pullnun P. C, 13i)!i.
r,ne, ii'e. Koauinit, tYA.
Erie pfd, 75. Rock Island, 127J
East Tenn., 6.
St.L. A 6. L,a!4.
KastTenn. pfd. 11. St.L A S.F. pfd, MH.
Fort 1
Wayne, 147H- fct.L.A S.Jf.l.t p. 114,
Hannihnl A St. Jo -C. M. A M. P.. Vti.
H A St. Jo., pfd, -. M.A 6t.P p, 121.
Harlem, 2iS. St. P., M A M., llft't.
Houston AT. ,3V St. Paul A Omaha, 4(t.
lllionis Central, 136. St PaulAO. pfd, 112
Ind.,B. A W..KH. Tenn.CoalA Iron,R7H.
Kansas A T., Xi't. Texas Paoifii, 14K.
LakoE. AW, . Union Pacific W.
Lake Shore, fc'J. U. S. Expiess, 62
Lou. Nash , 48. W., St.L A P., 21.
Lou. AN. A., 58. W .St.L.AP. p.. S;.
M. AO. 1st pfd,-. W. A f. Ex.. 126.
M. A C. sewmds.-. W. I,'. Tel., 68V
Mom. A Char , 37. Colorado Ooal, 28.
Mich, Cen., 84. Home Stake. 18.
Min. A St. L , 22 Iron Silver, 175.
Min. A St. L.pld,46V.)ntario,25.
Missouri Pacific. 112JB.Q"cksilver. 6.
Mobile A Ohio, 16. Quicksilver pfd., 21M.
M. L. S. A W., 63. fcouth Pacific, .
M.L.S,.AW,pfd,l. Butro.7.
London, September 17. 4 p m
Cocsils 100 13-18 f r mnney and 1001
f.r the recount. United 8:atts Bonds
4j, 130; 4J?, 114J. Bar silver.
43 13-161 per ounce. The amount of
bullion wuhdrawa from tbe lUnk of
England on balame today waj
Pabis, Secteniber 17. Three pfr
cent, rentes, 82 i 57 for the acccrunt.
IJNkw Ohleans, La., Septembfr 17.
Ciearirgi of the bank?, $778,370.
New Yobk, September 17. Clear
inKS, ,93,284,837 ; bilancf s, $4,909,380.
Sr. Louis, Mo., Sept-mber 17.
Bank clearings, $2,19,477; balances,
Chicago, III , September 17. A'bo
c'ated bank cleariDgs tiday were $3,
753.C00. Baltimore, Md., September 17.
Bank clearings today ware $2,215,911;
balances, $285,821.
Boston, . Mass., Ser tember 17.
Clea ring housi 8tat6m6nt; LichaDg6Bt
$11,794,303; balances, 1,392,779.
Tbe local cotton irarket opened
firm and doted firm and Jo higher;
middlir g, 9c. Sales, 1560 ha'es, of
which 7o toexporteis and 75 to spin
Yesterday. - Thursday.
Ordinary .. .. 7J 7
Good Ordinary.... 7i 7
Low Middling 8 8
Middling- 9 9
Good Middling.... 91 9
Middling Fair 9, 91
Fair Norn. Norn.
UaupHiB, September 17, 1886. .
Stock Sept. 1,1886...... 4,009
Rtceivred todiy 290
Beceivad pre7:ously... 1,204
Shipped today -37
Shipped previously 1,478
Home consumption to
Stock lonoiag account 4,048
Thus far this week 1160
Thus far la t week 290
Since September 1st 1,554
M. and C. R. R 30
M.AT.R.B 31
L. and N. R. K 12
M.& L. R.R.R 79
C, O. & 8. W. R. li 2
L., N. O. & T. R. R 40
K. U, S A M. R. It 10
M. S. & IS. R. R 2
Stealers 41
Wsgjns and oiher Biurets - 25
Total 290
Thus far this week 921
Thus far latt week 299
Since S?ptember lot 1,515
C, 0.&S.W.R.R 37
Total 37
New York spots opened shady and
closed stfady. Middling, 9 5-lGc
Hales, 743 bales. Quotations were as
Yesterday, Thursday
Ordinary 6 11-10 6 11-10
(iood ordinary. 8 1-10 8 1-10
Liw middling. 8i 8
Middling 9 6-10 9 6-16
Good middling 9 1110 9 11 16
Middling fair..l0 10
Pair 11 H
New York fu'uien opened quiet nd
clrsed barely steady. Sales, 64,300
b ls. Ttje clcsing quotations were as
Yesterday. Thnraday.
September...9.10 9.17 9.11 9.12
October 9.19C) 9.20 9.10
November...9.22(4 9.W 9.19
Iiecembsr... 9.24 9.19 9 20
January 9 3K 9.32 9 27 9.28
February 9.S9 9 40 9.35 9.38
Ma-ch 9.47 948 943 9.44
April 9 55 9 58 9.51 9.52
May -9 64 9.05 9 60 9.61
June 9 72 9 73 9.68 9 (
July 9.80 9.81 9.76 9.77
New York cotton statement for tbe
week ending Friday, September 17,
Net receipts at all United Bales.
States porta for ths week... 71,910
Total receipts to date 120,252
Exports for the week 24,597
Total exports to date 45,164
Stock at U. S. ports 208,986
Stock at 16 interior towns... 17,287
Stock at Liverpool 481,01,8
Stock of American afloat for
Great Britain 27,500
The New Orleans epot market
opened and c'oted firm aod Jc b aher;
midd ing, 9Jc. Ha es, 500 bales. Quota
tions were as M owe
7 1-10
Good Ordinary .
Low Middling ..
Good Middling ,
....7J 7 13-10
....8j 8S
....91 9
H 9J
The New Orleans future market
oreied easy aud closed irregular.
Salep, 18.100 bales. Quotations were
as follows:
Yfs'nrday. Thumlav.
September. 8 9s 9 00 8 84 8.87
October 8.8;u 8 87 8 81 8.82
November.. 8 78 8.79 8.79 8 81
LVceinber .. 8 80 8 81 8 82 8 83
January .... 8.89 8 90 8.89 8 92
February... 81)'.i 9 00 9.0i(Vd 9 02
March 9 09,4 9 10 9.11 9.12
April 9.19 9.20 9 21 9.22
Mar 9.40 9.41 9 31' 9.32
June 9.47 9.48 9 42 9.43
oly 9.29 9.30 9.50 9.51
Tone Bee. Piices Stock.
firm. 3 4')7 9 37,053
firm. 1,829 0J S3.7GG
firm!" 4,400 8 21,043
quiet. 2,012 8 9,503
firm. 227 8 911
steady """i 9 4 244
firm. 2 9 6-10 98,942
firm! 127 9 o240
Mobile ....
Naw York
St. Louis...
Receipt) at pone, this day, 188G..12,9-'6
Receipts a", ports, tbis day, 1385..15.077
R'tl U. S
p'rts 7davp.
Ex. Gr. Br
For'gn Ex.
Decrease in receipts this year.. ..34,205
At noon: Liveipool spots were
firm, good demand. Sales, 10,000 bales,
of which American 7800 bales. Re
ceipts 3000 bales, of which American
none. -
Closing qnoUtions were ai follows:
Ordinary. 4Sd: goad ordinary. 43d:
low middling 5d; good middlinu, 5jd;
middling uplands, ofd; middling Or
lean?. 6 5-lGd.
Manchester yarns and futures quiet,
little doing.
Tlupricet aregiren in ptnccand(it!i$,
thut: 4 63 mrant 4 G3-64d; and 6 01
meant 5 1 6id.
At noon: Liverpcol fu'ures w?re
steady; Snptembnr, 5 135 14(1; September-October,
5 0S5 09; October-
November, 5 045 05; November-Da-cember.
6 03d; December-Janua'y,
5 03d; January-February, 6 03d ; Icb
rua'y-March, ; March-April, ;
Apni-ittay, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
quiet and tteady; September, 5 14d,
sel era; September-October, 5 09d,
sellers ; October-November, o05d,buy
ers; November-December. 503d, sell
ers; Dacember-January, 6 03d, sdlers;
Jarjuary-lebiuary, 5 03d, value; x'eo
ruary-March, 5 C4d, buyers; Marcb
Apiil, 5 06d, buyers; April-May,
5 OSd, burets.
At 4 p m. : Liverpool futures were
o-sy ; September, 5 13d, sellers ; Sep-tember-0
itcbsr, 5 08d, sailers ; Octo
ber November, 5 Ood, buyers; Novem-
her-jjecember, 5 U2d, buyers; .December-January,
5 02 J, buyers; January
Ftbruaiy, 5 02d, buyers; February
Marcb, .5 Old, sellers; March-April,
5 00d, Billera; April-May, 5 08d, sell
Liverpool weekly s'a'-.ement for the
week ended September 17, 1881:
1880. 1885,
Weekly sales 77,000 50,000
OI which American 60,000 34,000
Including for export 3,400 3 900
Inel'g forepec'Jatiou 5,600 1,800
Foiw'df'm ship side 6,800 3,200
Total stock 381,000 611,000
Of which American. 223,000 344,000
Week's receipts 26,000 11,000
Of which American. 11,000 7,000
Tot'l recti nee Sap. 1. 66,000 39,100
Of which American. 30,800 20,700
Actual week's exp't 1,700 0 800
Stock afloat 69,000 22,000
Of which American. 27,000 12,000
Week end
ing Sept. Since Sep
17, 1886. tembcr 1st.
cbivkd. This Last This Last
Year Year Year Year
MACRR.... 97 98 144 158
M & T R 14... 224 407 312 709
L&NRR... 39 68 72 08
MALRI4R 241 442 292 583
COASWRI4 22 23 31 44
L.NOATRK 71 89 91 142
KC.SAMRR 30 95 3" 113
M, B & A R R 4 40 23 49
Miss, river... J87 084 241 13'U
White river. 7d 193 80 273
St.Fran river 2 0 2 34
Ark'sas river 43 50 2
Wugons, etc 130 510 176 810
Total 11(!0 3005 1554 4314
M & C 14 14 24 3
M&TI4 14... 884
L&NRR... 37 271 1415 285
C.O&SWRR 223 76 223
M.B&ARR 23 25
Steam's n'rth ion 2'JO
Steam's s'uth 15 10
' Total 021 032 1516 843
The following is the record of bids
and offers at the Call Board of tbe
Merchants' Excbanse yeeierda :',
No. 2 white, spot, 43c bid ; Septem
ber, 43c bid ; October, 42o bid ; No
vember, 43o aiked; the year, 41c
asked. No. 2, spot, 42c bid ; Septem
ber, 42c bid; October, 42c bid; No
vember, 42 z bid, 43c asked ; ths year,
40c aked.
No. 2. smt, 28c bid. 30s aeked:
Septemb'r, 28ja bid, 30c aiked ; O.to
ber, 29c bid ; November, 30c bid.
No. 2 red winter, spot, "Gs bid; Sep
tember, 76c bid.
Smt. 12 05 bid: 8 p'eraber. !2 10
bid, 2 15 asked; Octobc, 100 brls
loldarSUO; the var, fl 80 bid, $2
Spo. $1 1 25 bid ; S 'pterubr. $1 1 25
bld:0-tober, $11 2 b d; Novemlur,
$12 bid on treck, $12 aaked on track.
BaEAiiNt vrrn.
The following qnnutnrs are the of
ficial quotations of ths Merchants' Ex
Uornmkal Manotrii, as3 40;
pearl, $3 403 60; roller, $2 GO.
Hay Cho cs, from store, 75c: car
load from levee or depot, $13; prime,
from store, 70..; rar load from levee
or depot, $11 5C("1'2; prairie, from
store, 50c.; car ioed from levee or
depot, $8.
Corn From tore,whilo,50c :mixed,
47r, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 45c; in sacks, 48c; mixed, ia
bulk, 43Jc; in saik-, 4Glc.
Oats Fiom 8toie,wlnte,37c ; mixe 1,
30c: from leve or depot, white, in
bulk, 32c; in Ha.-k. 36c j mixcdi in
bulk, 30c; in tack?, 3c.
Bran From store, 7075;; from
levee or depot, $13.
Flocr From s!-n, No. 3. S3 ; fam
ily. S3 60; nboi e,l3 75(.A4; fancy, $4
4 25: extra fanpy, $4 304 60; pateuts,
$55 50.
Bkans Navy. mndium, $1 50
1 75; common, Si 25; German millet,
$1 201 40.
Rica. Louin"nrn, 45c; Caro'ica,
Oatmeal In half-barrols, ?3ft3 25
from store.
Crackkrs Sode, extrn, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4J s ; himn crackers, ex
trs, 7c; lemon cieaiu crackers, treb'e
extis, 7 Jc ; ginger snapc, extra, he;
ginger snaps, treble ex' ra, 6c; assort 3d
jumblrs, 9c.
Cracked. Wheat la half-barrels,
$4 25 from store.
Hpminy and Grith From store,
$3 15(1. 3 25.
Kansas City, Mo., September 17
Wheat weak; No. 2 red. each, 02Jc
bid; October, 6Jc; November, 64c
bid. Corn lower; N j. 2 csbIi, 31 J
Sljcbld; October, 32 Jc bid; Novem
ber, 3?Jc. Oa'i nominal; 24 i bid
Cfisb. ' '
St. Louis, Mo., Septemb sr 17. Flour
active end flm, but unchanged.
Wheat dull and lower. A weak feel
ing prevai ed during a greater part of
the aeision and prices closed jjc
lower than yesterday; No. 2 red, casli,
74jc; October, 75g763s, cloeed at
75o ; November, 77J78Jc, closed at
77c; May, 68J88Sc closed at 8SJc
Corn ruled weak acd i'sHli closiog
lc lower than jesterday; No. 2
mixed, cish, 35c; October 3530c,
closed at 35je; Novomher. 30i373c,
closed at36jc; Mav,41g42e, cloeedat
4' gc hid. Oata dull but firm, except
for May, which was weak end lower;
No. 2 mixed, cash, 25J25Jc; Oc ober,
258c; November, 26jo; Alay, 358c.
Rye weak, 48c. Iiarloy du'l aod easy;
ptices ranged 4070c, according ti
quality. Hay nnchanged. Flaxseed
firm, $1 0). Brm eiay, 40J50c.
Corn meal tteady, $2. Re
ceiptsFlour, 3'.H)0 brs; wheaf,
3 4,000 bu; corn, 18,000 bu; oats, 15,-0.-0
bu; lye, 2000 bu; bailey, 11,
100 bu. Shipments Flour, 80C0
brls; what, tiOOO bu: crrn, 90C0
bajoat', 20CObu; jye, lOOObu; barl
ley, none. ,
Afternoon Board. Wheat demcral
iz'd. Closing pr'ccs: Saptembar,
74i bid: October, 75c; November, 77 J
77Jc; Decanber, 78Jo aeked. Corn
weak and lower. Clcslna prices: Oc
tober, 35b; November, 30Jc; Decem
ber, 3(i jo atked; May, 41 Jo aeked.
O .ts stesdy.
Bpttbb Butt8rine,12i13c ; cream
ery, 22f26c; dairy, 1618c; country
butter, 15 16c.
CuitB'B frime flats, 8Jc, nominal;
factory, 7i8e, nominal ; full cream,
Hoo Pboducts MeHS pork, til 60
11 76; eug-r cured hams, 13J14c;
breakfast baron, 8j10c; clear rib
S'des bacon, 8 2 (S. 8 a c ; bacon shouldeia,
83c; bulk pork clear sides, 81c; clear
rio sides, 88Jc; shoulders, 7J7Jc;
long clear, 7 jc.
Lard Tiercw,787Jc; hslf-barrels
and kegs, 88jc; choice kettle, 8J
Fkrh Meats No. 1 beef, 7c; mut
ton, 7c; hind quarters of baef, 8Jc;
lambs, $2 603 50.
Poultby Chickens, S23. ,
St. Louis, Mo., September 17. Pro
visions generally dull, weak and un
eet led. Pork, $10 87jll. Lard,
$0 00. Bulk moats loose lota long
clear and shott ribs, $7 40; short clear.
S7 70; boxed lots long cleir and
short ribs, $7 50; shoit clear, $7 824.
Bicon nnchanted. Hams easy at 12
134c. Butter dull and nominal. V.ma
firm at U12c.
Chicago, III , September 17. Mess
pork trading active, wun prices very
irregular, but closed lower; cash,
$10 30; October, $10 2510 60, cloeed
at $10 32J10 35; November, $10 10
10 40, closed at $10 1710 30.
l.ard quiet and firm ; rash, $7 257 30 ;
September, $7 SO; Ostober, 36
fl 45, closed at 16 35( 0 37J; Novem
ber, $0 174G 20. Short rib sides
steady; ' cash, $7 35. Boxed meats
steady; dry salted shouldera, 6J0Jc;
short clear Bided, 71"'7-30c. On tlie
Produce Exchange butter ruled eaiier;
creamery, 17(5(24o; dairy, 1418jc;
packing stock, H8Jc. Iwg', 1010j
Afternoon Board. Pork Sp ember,
$10 10;Cctober. $10 12J; November,
$10 02i. Latil September', S7 35;
October, $3 35; November, $6 22.
CfliCAflo, III., Seplembir 17. Toe
tendency in all me market! today wai
toward a lower range ot prices. Tbere
was a sharp break in prices for wheat,
corn and pork. In wriest trading wss
more active, but large'y on lncal ac
count and prices were lower. Foreign
advices quoted dull and easy markets
and the weather in England fine. Too
expott clearings were light. The re
ceipts at all ptimnry points were
smaller. The marktt opened JJo
1 )wer, sold off 5 and clo;ed at 1
o'clock Jc utdir yeete-djy. Ia the
afternooti tbe market recsded tt addi
tional, and closed for the day ljlja
under yesterday. Corn ruled weak
and lower under very free tpeculative
olleiings. The maiket declined lllc
and clossd 3lc ucder yesterday. On
the afternoon board prices showed
lhtle change. ati ru ed weak aod
1(3 jjc lower. Fiour quiet and un
changed. Wheat aitive, weak and
lower. Kales ranged: Kfjptember, 74
(" 748c, c'osed at7-)ic; October, 75 5-10
7lic, closed at 75a; November, 77 J
773c, cloeed 778c; May, 84 13-16
85Jc, clcsed at 85jc; No. 2, spring,
74 is; No. 2, red, 75c. Corn luled
weak and lower; cash. 378c; Septem
ber, 37j386c, closed at 37 8o; Octo
ber, 383lte. closed at 3813-16c;
November, 40l41Jc, elo:ed at 40 9-
16:; May, 44i45Jc, closed at 45c.
Oa's dull and weak, ranging from i
c lower; cash, 251c; September, 24jc;
O.tober, 25j2tijc, cloeeil at 25 13-16c;
May, 3U31ic, clcsod at 311c. Rye
quiet; No. 2. 48Jc. Bailey slow; No.
2, 58c. Flaxseed steady; No. 1, $1 09
l 09JC.
Receipts: Flour, 16.0T0 brls; wheat,
80,000 bu ; corn, 219,000 bu : cats, 159,
000 bn; rye, 5000 ba; barley, 77,000
bu. Shipments: Flcur, 13.CXX) brls;
wheat, Irt.OilO bu; corn, ltk),000 bu;
ote, 189,000 bu; rye, 19,000 bu ; barlev,
46,000 bu.
Afternoon Board. 2 p. m. to 2.30 p.
m. W hat tick a eharp do.iice, droo
ping off 8 a from the c'ose at 1 o'clock,
and fioiaied at ineide piice. Corn
and oata bith ruled eaay. Mess pork
took another sharp break of roOe,
and finiehed at inaide prires. The fol
lowing are tbe latest oliicia' trading
prices: Wbea September, 738a: Oc
tober, 74 je; November, 75o; May,
841c. 'Corn Se-p'ember, 37Jj; Oct
ber, 3SJc; November, 49Jc; May, 44Jc.
Oats September, 24 jc; O.tober, 25Jc;
November, 27c; May, 3lc.
Coffeb Cnmmon, 9Jl0Jc: ordi
nary, 10lllc; prime lto, I212)c;
choice to lancy, I3l3c; old govern
ment, 24g)25c; CeWon, I822c.
SoAl' vjhaman's Hope soap, til
wrapped, 44Jc por pound.
Salt-SI 20 per barrel; sicks, fine,
$1 351 43; eoaree, SI 101 15; pock
ets, bleached, 27c; car-loivds from
levee or depot, 5c chopper.
Oanpiks Slicks, all aitif, in bcxes,
pails end rnrr?ls. sVittn.
Casdi.ki KnII weight, 9J10c.
Cannhu tiooiis. Era Prices per
doz.'n: Pineapples, $1 ' 40,5U 60;
peaches, 2-ll),s'iindard, SI 361 55;stc
onds, SI 101 15; tomatoes, 2-'b
standai d, SI 2f(-i 1 35 ; 3-ln, $1 15(,j)i 30 ;
strawberries, SI 3."(i 1 40; raspberries,
$1 151 25; blackberries, SlOlKl 15;
greei-gases, SI GO'" I 75; pears, S2(.i)
2 2; plum?, $1 W(" 1 70; aeparguj,
S2 t0( t; sreeu corn, S'l 35; gteen
peai, SI 5F1 05; cove oysters, full
weight, 1-lb, S11 10; covo oysters,
full weight, 2-lb, $1 751 85; cove
oyfctors, liuht weight, l-.b, 6-"c ; cove
oysters, bght weight, 2-lb, $1; con
densed milk Crown, $5 606 75;
Eatflo, 17 50(..7 75; Daisy, $1 75.
Molamiar Lanieana, common to
fair, 1825c; prime to choice, 2835c ;
svrup, 2440c; common t- fai, 20,
25e; prime to choice, 303lt3; contrif-
ugal. fancy, 32(" 34l'.
Tobux'o Common. 11-lncb, S7j
28c; other grades Bnd s'yles, 3i(jS5c.
Snuff Barrett's, SI0 85 pr ias;
Ralph's, S10 25 per caw; R. R , S9 CO
10 25; Oail& Ax's, $8 75.
Si'oR Pure white, 0J6Js; eff
white, 63("0jc; yellow clanlled, GJ
GJa; open keitle, 6GJc; relined A,
6i0je: DnnulBt'd. oJ7Jo; pow
dered, 717j3; cut loaf, 7-Sc.
Nsw Orleans, La , Sej timber 17
Molaaees dull; ket:lo, good primo to
strictly prime, 3.'c ; centrifugals, prime
to itrictly prime, 1020c.
New York, September 17. Coffee
spot, far; Rio, nominal; optiocs
unsettled and deiidedly lower, with a
brisk business. Sales, 100,600 baira.
SeptembBr, 0 659 85c ; ( )ctoher, 9 GO
9 85c; December, 9 509 75o; Jann
sry, 9 459 7fic; February, 9 50
9 NOc; Marcb, 9 659 80o; April, 9 75
9 85c. Sugar active and firm ; fair to
gocd refining, 4j4Jo; refined, firm;
standard A, 585 1110c; powdered,
0 3 16Gc; granulated, U 11-lGc. Mo
leases dull aid nominal. Rice steady.
Apples App'es, $1 602 50; dried
applet, Vj:iju per pound from store.
Dried peaihe-i, 2f,:Ua from store.
Veuktahles Onions, $3 from
s ore. Cabbige,$2&0;per bead, 9 10c;
SI 75 from levee or depot per crate.
Kraut, brls, $8; half brK $3 3 25.
Garlic, 4000c per 100. Turnips, 50c
per bushel.
Fruit Organcs, Louisiana, nomi
nal, SO. Lemons, $77 50 per box.
Bananas, $1 602 60 per bunch.
Uccoannt?, $5 p 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 71c; Tennessee, fnrmer'a stock,
34c; roasted, 21o higher; ihelled
lO'c. AlmDnds, 1820.
Rahins London layers, $3 40; lay
er.', $2 75 ; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Picklbs Io Jars, pints, 05c; qtiaits,
$150; half-gallons, $275; gallons, S3 75;
loose, barrels, SO 507; half-barrels,
S3 75 4 ; mi xed, barrels. $10 60 ; mixed,
balf-bairela, SO.
Potatoes -New, $1 25l 60; North
ern e tcck, $1 752.
Cider New York, $0 607 per bar.
rel, and $3 764 per half-barrel; vine
gr, lOjc per gallon.
Pbcans Texas, 810o ljr small to
medium, 1014c for large; Aikaneas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrols, No. 1,
S5 60; No. 2, $14 25; No. 3, $3 50
4; 10-lb kit, No. 1, 90c; No. 2, 75c;
151b, No. 3, 05c. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25c per box.
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,15c;
Orenoblei, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Game Game fish, ll12c.
Egos Eai-y at 15o.
Io car load lets: Piime crude cotton
seed oil, 27 Jc; off crude cotton seed
oil, 2224c; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 3037Jc; off Bummer
yellow cotton teed oil, 8133c; min
era' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
3335c; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 35c; chnice cooking yellow
cotton seed oil, 37140o; prime cotton
seed meal, $14 50 15; off cotton seed
meal, u(ai4.
New Orleans, La., September 17.
Cotton seed products scarce and
firm; prime choice delivered, old,
20l27c; new, 28j29c; gammer yel
low, 3839c; cake and meal, S19 50
Coal Oil Prime white, wholiKale
lot, 11c per gal'on,
Cleveland, O.. September 17.
Petroleum quiet; 8. W,, 7jc.
Pittsiictro, Pa , September 17. Pe
troleum lively end steady; National
Transit certificates opened at t(4c;
cleB:d at 04jc; bighett, 05c; lowest,
03Jo. .
WHISKY, Wlia:, l,ltlOIIN, KTC.
Whisky Straight Kentucky liour
bin,$l505; redistilled goods from
85otiS160, according to proof; rye,
Chicago, III., September 17. Whis
ky stendy, $1 15.
Sr. Louis, Mo., Ssptembar 17.
Whisky steady, St 10.
Cincinnati, O, September 17.
Wh:Hky flnu; sales of 637 batre's of
finistieu good) on a besis ol SI 10.
Clear tub washed, 313Gs; grease
wool, 2320c; hurry wool, 1318c.
St. Lcui8,Mo., September 17. Wool
Sobto!,Mahs., Peptomber 17. Woe 1
active and strong; Ohio and Pennsyl
vania extra, 33c; double extra and
above, 353Gc; Michigan extra, 32c.
Philadelphia, Pa., September 17.
Wool firm and in improved demand;
Ohio. Pennsylvania and West Vir-
Slnia coarse, 8738c: fine washed
elaine extra and double extra, 37
33c; tub waahed, 35M2c; niedinm
nn washed combing and delaine, iSK.i,
81c; coarse nnwasbed combing and
delaine, 29(?3(V.
Bahoiso Jute. 2 lbi. 8'c: Ij lbs,
7o; U It a, 7c. F ax, 8 lbs," 9 jc.
Tixs-ifl 101 15.
Nail Common, S2 202 25; steel,
S2 352 4J.
Grass Cattle Choice, 313Jr(;
(rood, 2J31o; fair to medium, 2 5)
21c; BCllawiig-i, lMJe.
common, 33Jc.
Sheep Choice, 313Jc: medium, 2
3n; common, $lrxl 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4J(4jc.
Kansas City, Sep'emher 17. The
Livestock Indicator lepoiti: Cattle
lecoipts, 3284; shipments, 1000; mar
ket strong and active, corn fed steady;
gram rangi 10c higher; good to choice,
$44 60; common to medium, $3 30
3 90; i-tockeis, $2 2S(' 2 75; feeders,
$1 803 30; cows, $1 762 00; grass
range ste ere, J2 203 25. Hogs re
ceipie, 7908; shipments, 401 ; market
irregular; choice 510c lower, others
10s lower; good tocftoice.fl 70(" 4 80;
common to medium, St 204 65;
graesers and pus, S3 304 15. Sheep
receipts, none; shipments, none;
good to chnice, S2 503; common to
medium, $1 602 2".
Chicago, Iil., September 17. The
Drocert' Journal repoit: Cattle re
ceipts, CO'O bead; ehipments, 3000
head ; market strong in the early patt,
( liming week: shipping steers, li 50
5 10; h oekers and !eeiler.,f2 ' 6(r 3 40;
cows, nulls and mixed, $1 01):!; bulk.
S2 252 70; throng:i Texs ca'tle
stronger; good to choice, $2 503 40;
WeHtern ramreri tirtu; tuitiv-g and
half bresdc, $34; wintered Texan.
S33 50. lloss-receipts. 19,000 head ;
shipments, tOUO head ; market stiong
and 5c higher; ronuh and mixed.
51 10iu)4 80; picking and shipp'ng,
4 755 0"; light, $3 954 80; skips.
52 60(j3 76. Sho-p receipt, 2000
bead; shipments, 40d lieiul; mit-kct
stady and slow; natives, $24;
Western, S3 aiKn .i (10; Xexans, S2 23
3 15; lambs, $4 2n5
New York, September 17. The
money trade hni ben of good propor
tiors, with ronsiderable d.iing in dreas
goods, flannels, soft wcol dress fabrics,
blanket8,nnder wear and all the styles of
knit goods, in addition to a largo bust
nesi, through deliveries on former en
gagements. Tone ol the maiket very
M. I.oma Hint New Urlnni Annhor
lJiio-L'.N.mnill!OH NKW OHLKAMa.
City of St. Louis, LSb
l'.'lh, at 1(1 a.m. Fur traight or jiaMagt apply
O. I,. Ilt.t fane. Art. A I) KTOHM. Hup't.
Bt. I.oal null New Orlrnn Anrhor
l.lue-l . H. Mnil.-KOH VIUKISDUKU.
City of Vicksburg,
Dat! Able niaatar, "WtfwiSSSJ
Will lnav tha Klavator SUN DAI, bapt.
liHh, at 10 a.m. lat Iralnht orriga apply
O. !.. Ham.. Pm. Art. A P STCH M , Hup't.
Memphli and Virkrluira Packat Company
Ilia Staamar
Freddie Robinson. r.IO
Kllnha Krani Maitur.
WU.L leavaavory 1HK8UAY and BAT
II KUAV at f o'clock p.m. for lialana,
Frlnn l'nint, 8unfluwor, Malnna, Knuwllon,
Aurtralla, Lnconla, Oiinrorilla and all way
lamlinn. ' Fur fraUht or pauaa apply at
office, No. 4 Madiron itraet.
Jiin'i Otun, Pnn Airt. Talaphnna 'iW.
ateinphl,Krlrn I'nlnt nl tltttupbit
imI Oaoxoln HnrKni ruiiniy.
For Jialena, Ulendulo, Friara Point and all
Way Landing! Staamar
JameN Xee,
3. H. Coopar, maatr....J. W. BmUhan.olark
Will laava at aova nn arary MurtiMT,
W KDNltBDAYa4 FHIDAV, at 6 o'olock.
For Randolph. Folton, Oeola aid Wi)
Landtnn Staamar
Coahoma, &dmi
E. T. Glagntt...maater I Piatt Hhula...olarl'
Laavaa Kvery MONDAY, WKUNUHbAl
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The bonti of thU
line reaarva tha rlabt to pui all landlnij
the oaptain may doein unanle. Ufflce, No. 4
Madi.nnat, JAMK.S t.KK, J. , Hiip't.
Memphis and Vlckshnrg Packet Co
pany U. M. JHall Line.
For Dalana, Oonoordta, Terrana and Arkan
lat fllty Tha alea-ant paaaaaaar ttaainai
H. R- Chaek... matter I W. 0. Blankar.,clerk
Ijavat Mamphli
For Concordia and all way landlmi.
Tha Meiimor .
A. L. Oummlna, Matter,
Leavea TUESDAY and SATURDAY ate p.m
Keiervlnf tha right to paaa all landlnga
tha oaptaina may Jeera nntafe. For general
information apply at offloe, No. 4 Hadltun
treat. K. WALWOHTU, Agent.
JOHN OAWR.Paaa'r A rent. Telanhone ZW.
The St. Francis River Transportatlui
Co. 'a Fine Bide-W heal U. B. Mail Buaarat
I2d Foster, rC
O. K.Joplln ...matter,
at S o'olook, for Marlanna. tha Ont-0ff. aa
IntarmedUte landioga on Ht. Franeli river
The oaptain retervea tha right to liatt a!
landlnga he deemt nntafe. JAS. LKK, Jr.,
HntM-lntdant. Off. No. 4 Maditnn at.
Arkansas ltivcr Pk't Co.
Str. R. L COBB, aV"m
E. D. Smith.... matter. kJV
Laavet Mamihii Every TyBHDA Y, at A p. at
U. C.LUWK, Agent,
Offlrx, No. S Maditnn Tolenhnne No a
Memihlg& White Hirer Tkt.Co
For t'lnrentlan, Drvnlla III nil,. Ilea
Ari, Angaata, tiearoy, Newport, Jaoktoa
port, llatatville and all Way Landinga,
NIK. lilt UANW, ip" -
ft. O. Pottal matter, TLtSliCja-
Will leave KVKRY WEDNESDAY at 6 p.m.
TK. ALRKRTA WO. 8, . P a
Albert B. Smith " ' ,
Will leave KVKRY SATURDAY at & p.m.
Through ratea given to all pointa. Freight
onntigned to the Memphli and White Rival
i'urket Co., at Meiuphit or Terrene, will ba
forwarded promptly. For general Informa
tion apt ly at office, Nn. 3 Madiaon at., ort
I'nll Telephone II. O. I,()WK, Ar'
WaaT". NlKTI AID lltllK TaiiTKHT.
a guaranteed tpeciDo for liviteria, Dint
nona. ConvijIsiotnF, Ftta, Noitoui Neural
gia, Headache. Nervc-i Prottratlun, oauted
by the one of aloohol or tohaoooi Wake
fulneaa. Mental Depretaion, Soltenlng of the
Urain, retulting in inaanlty and lending to
mirary. decay and death) 1 reinatare .d
Age, Uarrenneti, Loat of Power in either
Involuntary Loatet and &termatur
rhea, o.iu-.- I by over-exertion nl the brain,
aelf-abate orovorlndnlgenoe. Each boi oon
taini one month t treatment. II a boi, or
ia boiea for 15, lent bv mail prepaid, on
reoelpt of Driee. We cuarnntre Six Doict
to onra any oate. With eaoh order received
by ut for tii boaea, accompanied Willi fl,
we will tend the purohaaor our written
guarantve to refund the money If the treat
ment doea "Ot elect a cure. Unaranteei
iaaned only h A, KV-NKICRT 4 DO., Drug
giaU, Memphli, TennJ
UANTTIa AOBNTB.Men and Womtt
Vf All CU to tail "TI1K CHILD'
IB LB " Introduction by Ri-.J 11. Via
cent, D.D. One agent hat told d in a tow:
of 674 people; one 73 In a village, of 754 oa:
new agent 86 in 10dayiiona two aiceai
tlveweekai one) In 8 aaya at two differeti
timet. ZKlPerienoe notneoaaaary, Aldrett
K Dearboia I treat, Ckloaae.
Whit River . ALaaaTA No. S, S p.m.
Conoordla Faaopia Robinso,5 p.m.
Vlckaburg ...... ....C't of VimsnCRn, 10a.m.
New Orleani CittokSt. Lou is, 10 a.m.
ArkanaaaClty Katb Aniaa, S p.m.
Friart Point....Jima Laa, 8 p.m.
Otoeola - .CoHoa, 5 p.m.
Arkantat River R. L. Coaa, 5 p.m.
Bt.Frnncit RlverKo. FoaTga.S p.m.
Arrimli. James Lee, Friars Point;
KJ Foetur, 8 . Francis river; Freddie
Kihinson, Concord a; Alberta No. 3,
White river; Bnckeye State, Cincin
nati ; Coahoma, Otceola.
7)j)arfrc. James Lse, . Friars
l'oiut; Coahoma, Osceola; Buckeye
fc-Ute, Cincinnati.
Boait in Port. Ed Foster, AlberlA
No. 3 and Freddie Robinaon.
Boat Due Dmm. City of Cairo and
City oi Baton Rouge.
Boati Due (,. Arkansas City.
Herri pi a Treterdny.
Ed Fos'er-2 bales cotton and 4 bd
Buckeye State 160 tons mercban
dino. Freddie Robinson 512 ekssoed and
lot BuudriH.
Alheria No. 3 13 bales cotton and
lot BUiulriee.
JaniHS Lee 31 balta cu.ton, 500 brls
salt, 6 hd malee, 5 lots tlsh and 10 pkgs
(Jcahoins S hnlcs cotton, -t bf s seed
co tin aud lot mrtilriet.
Tub K l Foster, Capt, O. K. Joolin,
pnes out Tutndny evetiioR (or St. Fran
cis river.
Ths Lee Line packets tomorrow
evening arn the Jatnrs Leo for Fi tars
Point and tha Coahoma (or Oaceohi.
Tim Anchor Line pickets tomorrow
morning are Ciiy of St. Lints (or New
Orleans and the City of Vicksburg
f;r Vicksburg.
Tub Albbita No. 3. Capt. A. B.
Pmitb, ia the pa-ket this oven
inn at 5 o'clock for Wuite river. 11. C.
Wilson Is in her ofllce.
Tub Freddie Robicain, Capt. Elisha
Kvine, ia the packet this evening at 5
o'clock (or Halena, Fr ars Point, Con
rordiaand all way landings. Ames
Day bascha'ge o( lier cilice.
Tub Kate Adams, Capt. Mark R.
Chef k, is the Uuilo.l S'atoa mail psckct
M outlay evening at 5o'clcck lor llelene,
Arkatmas City and all way landing. .
W. C. Blanker has charge oi berctllce.
Tint R. L. Cobb, Cipt. E. B. Smith,
ia the packet Tue.-day evening at 5
o'clock for all points tin Arkansas
river, going throuth to Pine ltlutl.
Chas. Mneselman -tins charge of her
Bt'BiNim fair.
Wbathib clear end cool.
Tub Lee Line packets were in and
out yeiturday with gcod trips.
Maj, John D. Adams left by rail
yeett-rday evening for Litt'e Ruck.
Tub liver here stands 5 foetO-tenths
nn tbe Range, a fall of 2 tenths tbe last
24 hours.
Ubckuti by river yesterday, 54
bales ot cotton, 4 bng of seed cotton
aud D12 sacks ot seed.
Tub Freddie Robinson arrived yes
terday morning from Concordia with
612 sacks ot seed anu lot oi sundries.
Tub Ed Foster arrived from St.
Francis liver with 2 bales of cottoa
and 4 bead of cattle, and returns (gala
Tuefday evening.
The Alhorta No. 3 arrived yesterday
evening from White river with 13
bales of cot'on and lot of sundries,
and returcs this evening at the usual
TrigSr. Louis Republican of Thursday
says : Capt. James B. White, a well
known and popular lower MiFsissippl
and Red rlvtr clerk, was married at
Quincy, III., last night to Miss Camp
bell, a beautiful and accomplished
belle of the Gem City.
Tub Bnckeye State arrived early yes
terday morning from Cincinnati with
100 totH of freight lor this place, and
returned laet evening with 04 bales of
cotton, 70 bales of rag?. 50 bairels of
oil, (100 sacks of oil meal, a lot of sun
dries and a fair list of people.
New Aluany Mijer: The many
friends In New Albany and Southern
Indiana of Capt. J. B. Archer will be
glad to learn that hlH lately discovered
proefsa of making gas at a ra'e as cheap
as natural gts, if not cheaper, is no
longer an experiment, but a complete
Tub Evansville JotirnnJ of Thursday
says : The river was still falling, with
little prospect of a change eicspt by
the cutting out of the channel. The
Pactolus got oir Lewlspott with a
brokon capstan. The captain went to
Louisville to get some repalm for it,
and on his return the boat will coma
along. The Jennie Campbell, which
arrived from the Padncab ways last
evening, left the Idlewild bard aground
at Trdewater with two barges in tow,
the boat and barges well loaded. Pilot
Oatman thought she would get of by
considerable Iightrring. "
Okkicb Siowai 8bbvicb, U, S. A., 1
MKMi'iiia, Soptember 17, 1 p.m. J
The following observations are taken
at a I s'ations named at 75 meridian
time, which la one hour faster than
MeinptilH time:
Ab've Low
Rise I Fall
Chattanooga .
Cincinnati ...
Fort bmith...
L Crease
Little Rock...
New Orleans....
St. Louis
St. Paul
Shrevepott ..
Hanger l.lnc-Foet and tentka of a f.ot
ab re tero of inline :
Cairo, 411 feel. Chattanooga, foal.
Cincinnati,. '0. Iavgniott, 1
Dubuque, lii. l-oilHiuith.il.
Keokuk, II. lleiena,-.
Laoroate, '1. L'",,T,C" li
Liltle Kock, 23. Louiai le,
Memphis. 34. New Orleana, U.2.
NaJ.hville.4U. Pilttburg.lt!.
Omaha, la. Ft. i'aul. 7.
Ht. Louia. 32. Viokabqrg.41.
threverort. 28. laukton.U.
Pittsbubm, September 17. 'Noon-
River 6 feet 6 inches on the gauge ana
stationary, Weather cloudy and plea-

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