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VOL. XL VI NO. 220
Op the $15,000,000 3 per cent, bonds
included in the 1421 tail, abont
$1,000,000 are he'd to ie:ute Na'icnal
Bmlc emulation.
Thh BiHimore ard Ohio Railroad
fompany has g'ven notica that thfy
wili meet the Tiunk Line cat to
"S.uthi ra points tn Mend ay.
Tbe Bulgarians rejeica that the Bui
gamn auvetion hae aesumei a more
intercEtr nil. cbaractor. They think
this tends to avert the danger of an
armed occupation.
"Gladitone, in an iot'rvievat Bru
fli s, Btyslrs h'a'.'h baa beengreaily
benefit ed by hia soj mro ia Gerroaiy
Regarding the laid bill, he (aid b.e did
not think the struggle would serionly
begin until tbe next session of Parlia
Ths liuiesriaa t) pa l 8 8'e fnnons
to know what candidate for tha Bui
gariun throne would be acceptable to
tr Poweri Wire proceeding t3 tbe
, e'ec'im of Prince Alexander's 8U:ce8-
eor, t'aty are unwilling to choose
candidate whom the Powers might re-
, ject. .
Silt Charles Dilkb it 's ennouncrd
in ti r writer nublh life as the editor
of a London neXspape'. Bu: his p
per will i caret ly te ab'e to ccrapt t
with i's rivals ui!ets in the iLterpiti
cf jonrna'Utic success he sitka Lic p
eona' feliciis and publishes full c-
ronnli of those cnter'aining ccanda's
that he biuiB-1' cra e.
Ixcxndiabiks Frida n!gh' viited
th9 Joshua Height) Methcdiet Camp
Meeting grounds, and set fire to the
frame co'tgee, of which there are 250
ia the.g'Ove. Aboul a d a a were
destroyed nd a larpe spate in the
grove was burred away. Frfiy rueu
and women turned o it with buckets
at'd 1 att'ed with the flimes. The less
ii heave. ,
Iue expert nee ol Ubarlestjn goes
to show tra' tbe certain and immedi
a'e effect of ta thquakes ia to raisa
.a?. A fac t cf f-uch eigrifienre
sbou'd not be overlooked bythore Re
publican B'a e'irifnth tareenxkut to
catch tbe lavor vot1, unUs?, of course,
they are tt o tbt r ugHy committed to
a pro pct've tariff to favcr en thquakes
ta fie inttres'8f f Amercer! labor.
Tpk Xew York World say : .'JSome
entcrpriung migaz ne ehonld now tb-
tain war arte'es f orn Gerjnimo. It
wiuld te io bad to let the gnat
Ap chwertnd oo RtirMnly." But
imcaz're wa' atic'pg are invr'ably
wiitt-n lod-s'roy araebndy's miliary
reputation, and Geto-itm is uotc
quainfd with any Ameuraa army
g-ne al tbt has any military repu a
tipn to d8tr y.
Bbady is s veroou Maiione and bis
metloJp, and is bitt?rly opposed 'o
Gaine, declaring his fix'-d puipif-e t
exhan. t every buiorab e -eff rtto dt
f at hie I'lentior, ard giving name) of
other it II icnlidl par'y leaders who
will d) lkew;s Brdy lavm the
e'tc io i of a colored man 'to Corgrrsa
sire j he has himftlf failed of nomina
tio i hy what ho receives to have
been dnn'iciry and treachery on the
part of Mahone.
William H. Parksr, the Aunricai
Minister t Cc.ie i, tororts ti tan Sec
retary o' S ate, under date of Anguit
2d, th.t tha cholera U tt II lagirg
throughout C w. No leliab e ft ti -tics
are k p', but it is rBti;catd t1 a1
500 dieda.ly iuttde fie wa li cf Seoul,
and that to far 12,000 bava diet1.' Ia
Chsmulpho about twenty deaths e'ecur
dai y ia the email G rn viJug.s. No
forfigcers have jet been attacked,
tith r in frfoul or Obemuly bo. The
dieeass is (aid to be worst in the coun
try thai in Seoul, but this the Minis
i ter can ba dly believe.
. Thbrb ere few m- n in Shelby cour
' ty to wel qualified l it active and till
ing service ia the St jta Sjnatess Mr.
Hugh L. B-inkley, whote anaoonce
m?nt appesr? in another .column.
.Here where h s life Lai been spent be
is univtisilly popular, a fact which
would of itsslf make him a f rtnidab'e
candidate f ir any office within the gift
, ef tbe people. Bat tU experience in
large tflairs, bin intimate acquaintance
with pub Ic men a ul tteisurep, give
him a positive s'rengih wUich is para
mount to a claim. Full cf energy,
wi'h br ad and liberal vbwe, he u
well fitted t reprtsut a great com-
onercial uty like Memphis, and b e
nomination would receive the euthu
fiiisiic euiprt of his pry.
" Thi Eeenuig Star rei'erales i's belief
that Stcreta y Manning has been
ten4?nd the Austrian miesion, with a
flew to eoiurirga Beltlementof the
silver yu:stion in tlis ccuatiy, by
efficing a comhint'iin bttween Ger
maty, Austria and Ku j-i for the
maintenance cf a bimetallic currency
on tie bisis of tho Latin Union.
Thejtrticle asserts po:tivoly t!at tbe
appointment has beea left to the
decision of Seer, tary Manning hims. If.
Serreutr B-yarJ, when questioned
oa tl e Bubjest toirght, eaW : "I bavo
no knowledge cf Mr. Munnicg'a desire
to go tLere, 1 Lava to knowledge of
any fropoji;ioa to sand bim there,
and I have no knowledge of any cir
cumstenjes pointing in that diric-tion."
P0KT l UP,
11 at ig Outaaili'tl by Smaller YachU
A Cake for Johnny
Nswpcbt, R. I., Sip emStr 18
T ie a ht race prov d a nios- dia
ap'rtinar.atr.ir and d' generated iow
a fighting mate tbe result de
paaoii g larg ly on a t in citchi g
cipfu'U of bre re, and to add to
tre ai otnoly ot th t whole aff.d', the
firit das-cup wai Droh ihly wan by fe
K iflish cuter Glata, whe oily
luptf Hon BDy hing Ptifintt tb
shallow Ameiicin fk mmiug dii-hes
ha all alonir been predicted
nion her ability to get out
in a rice wi'h them in a
stiff wir.d; ftirtberflco'P. the grott
'grejhonnciB o' the -a," both En
gnah and Am-ricm, werdnntfooted by
iha s t aller fellows. At the la t uij
ment thH judgps decided upo tne
B.ock Inland coursi itstcia of the
s iw and p'g'd c u se. The Puritai
croe'd tue Manic g li e fie, at
10:L7:18 t.'- e Gtlale at I0;2i:35, tnl
fio Mayfl'wert 10:3.i. The inl k pt
fjllir g and fil ing ui til it ai alar st
ad 'i-3 calm- Th Puri an 10'inded
thefl-Bt In yt 12:88.7; Maytljwet,
1:30.32; GaU'ca, 1:47.S0. linf ing
on t'.e g' c jnd etie cti, tbe Puritan lo t
g'OU'id to eevcra1 of the b tie ftd'ow,
a id was owoauled by the Ga'Kt a.
The stiai g r was th9 fir t t) round
the Weil I-lad st.keboi. All
thi o htri were from iwo to fle
mi ei anert', aiKi tbe im at thh
writing, celtner at Wes 1 lasd nor a
itiefibis, IB ob ainable a' midn'g it.
Oommrdor.' Giiry itiV8 thi iirobab'e
winm rs, eubject -o cla ins of foulr, of
which tnre Wiire teve-al, ts follow.-:
Golaiei, Striiizir, Gi'au audCisde;
ella. 'Jhv Cnlibedm t a dnrknets,
b"twceu the hours of 8 hlJ 10:30
4:15 P. Jlf.-The Purit m has a e'if Lt
ba t and to tbe win (ward pocito.',
cUsdy pnshed by thj Miytltwir
T. r Oa'at a is ia line anil f r to tie
fr.uthwnrd. Tbe wind c .1 1 nued to fll
an t hai heenad ai calm for pome
horns. Th -S'Doil yachts bunged Po'i t
Jud.th end g t s ime wind, with tht
n suit th t n ey lrd t e b g tl ope by
s-vtral roi'oi. At 'at i-pr, tie
Gla'.ea baling had the be t of pni
tioi. ws tiv mle. khad of te
Pur tan ard Ma ttiwir Tnere ia to
time limit to t'e iace. At bt it
ca- not bi tinmhed f ir Bevernl hours
yet. Rpontd Pu itin romiir in
t w. DarkLe-a shut, ou! all fut'ier
Ihe Rice in Detail.
TI e f H-wi.'g bu le'inB give ai ex
cellent i 14 ot the race as s en from
vantage point) on shore:
Newport, R I., S;p'enibr 10
10:15 .n. Toe wind U blowing n rth
by weft, tw n'y mi es an hinr, but is
gradually dying oat. The day is clot r
and pleaiaot i'h pro-ipc b of a food
r-ce. The yichti w II mr; at 11
r.'. lock a.T. Tne yacht ra!e for the
0itz9'scnp. in wh'chi''e Mylloer
Pur an atd G ate are ente ed, U
r.re evnt rf t d-y in these wtere.
Th re Hre fonr p ize', mi ra h f
li mners. I r nloops aud r n ti rs ot
71 ien md oe", f r flps and tut eis
over to ata unatr 71 teet, a lr
Bl'0,"and fcliooriers urd-r bi ftt.
e Now Yo k Yecut Cl'ib. The
ro nee te tr'anjrnlar and ubout ta ty
five miles long, 6tartinz from tbe
iintvnt tt'e tfrei, ton's Reef liirt't
ship. The folUwicg i, a list if th
orm ret tore:
Scdinonem-C t ,r a, Montiuk, Bach
em, Miranda
Jjiret Cibbs SIoipi Msyu jw-r, Gal
t a, Pti'itao.
Second Cass Slorpi Bedouin
l l etis, S tanger.
Tnt'd U asa Bljops tudjrtlla,
10:30 A.M. T ie yaihtu a-e at tbe
sorting p.nn', r-'ai f ir 'he eiuml
The course n to Roct Iiluni. A'.
10:40 oci'-ck the yautits crorsid t ie
li e in tbe f Hi w t g order; ('1 r
Miianda, Galatea, Tneti- and Sachem
10:42 zl.il iiie VLavlloer is l lt-t
crossing tho line. Th G -la ea cresed
thelniMa' ():.i2.10 o clo!. run an
a-. W-.M.i'z o c ock. in Maytl iweris
liiit a m In Datiic.a at, t ie fct ut.
Aft-?r irossinti ttie liae the Ga'atea
set her pp nnakir. Stie bolts to the
windward and n in thn letd. The
eloop a-e n;iw all ia rying c'ub "p
saih, h.illoDn jibn and bimhii- ke e, witn
toeir sti-ets wen ou. xney are ruu
nii)K di'etily f-nm tbe wind. The
Sa hem apparently leade tbe scboo .ec
over th I ne obe ras a Bind s er'.
and ia holding the M randa w 1. under
be' Eteru to leeward J.o h slo uw
and schooners ara runuog toa d
Point Judith.
11 :22A if. The Gdlat a. is in ti e
lead, ths Puritan b eci ui, a I t U to
wudward, and tne Myn iwar isthtril.
in a s u'herty oihciou,
li wa A.Af. Ine yach s havenised
Point Judith 1 fa Bvinu Malion ai fol
lows: Mfljwe', 11:16: Mirardt.
li:uu: li.i-tift, U:IK, hnt tr inintf on
the Miranda jt-'ac1, em, ll:10; Bedou n.
lt:lt: Paiitm, 11:16 Tbe wiud is
fr eh end fiom tb Lorthwett.
NARRAQANSETTPttB S Ptetllber 18.
Tne fol owing ht been rccctivcd by
riomirg riirecns: 11:26 a.m. -T. e
Ptirit.n is giinug. Tbe Gltea is
still in tha lead. Tre sta is smooth,
wind wt-st and fallinr. 11:30 Tne
Mayflrwer is not traininir on the
Galaea. 11:35 Tuo Suhjm is
abre etof th Miranda.
1 ::2 P. M.Ho c lanse hta t.kn
mace in tne tisirtot ot tin yech'B
The Puritan l f nhost to the wind
ward, thu Miyflower next and the
Ga'ot'a iast.
12:40 P. if. Tbe Puritan h gaining
on Hie Wa ata, bit the latter has a
good ead Tne Maytl , war doei no;
seem t) e gaining.
1 :10 P. if. A part of the yachts
have turned tbe s atbra A larg
rljcip which cannot be d'siiaKuitheJ
is in the lead. Tte wind Is ge ting
very light nd the re cniiot be
tin 8hed by diylight unless it fiesh
ers cp.
Pojni Jodith, J.. I . Sjptembar 18,
2 p.m. A sloop, white tn tin wa'er's
elge, whi.h is cunaidetel tho My
fliwer, ioun-1d t'm bu y off Block
Island at 1:24. h neat on port
t.ck. The wiud Beamed to ide out
and t'.ei cnoie soitbwe:t. J he oher
h a'citil.l i.-ot hi m-drt out. The
Meyrlowprieemet to bo hefo-o the
wind and a k oJ ha't hour aha '
2:15 P. .lf.T.ie Mayflower r .nnd- d
tbebti yofl Block Island a'. 1 :LM She
went on the pit tick.
4:8 P. M TheyHchMorenowa'iout
five milea from tho 1 ghtshlp and com
ioir before tbe wind. Ths wind is
now nea-ly north. The Mttvfbwer Is
in ths lead end lee wi dwa d: the
Putftan isecend, the Galatea third.
410 P. -V. Th sloop ttertie pasted
Pi;..t JndtitS:4. - The Gala'eais
t.bout tbre mil a behii d her t nd u
appa'eTi'y tho next boa.
4 P. i.-The Puritan, Galatea and
Vavflower are rca-lv together; wt h
hi Kngluhman wrll ti the ltewar.'.
Gamlanr Drftatfl hy toemeti,
Losdos, September 18 B ach t
da def'.'a'ed Ga:idnr in th urnl'me
mat.'h. The ui j'ch wai f r X1C00 and
te chmi)iun8bi, cf the wo-id.
Eiormons crow of prnpla lined the
banki of tse river. Tne tti't w.s
tna1e at 4:58 o'clock' p m., tre me i
setting awky well toeilcr. .B-aci
iinmedia ly to a slight lead, aid at
t: e Har ami Gattr vab a third cf a
length Hie id, pu'ling tbiity-teven
Stri kes a minute to Gandinr's thirty
ti"e. At tbe creek Onudaur led riy a
th rd of a leng'h. Bach Rpuitei at
the half aile tree. He led by half a
lerg'ti bt t'te Craven Cor.ane b eps
and wai tbe name di-tauce aiead at
Crab Tree. At Hamm rs nith Bech
was three leng-he in frwt. H st'mi
(a Ubinmeis u'th wi8 8:58, Gaudair
Clarion the dist nc in 9:03. At
tiillern Gulaur b gan to doure se his
o, m cn 's lea ', and t Ch:aick
w only hail a lens h behind
By the tiras Ttiorney Co t wa
r ached Gai-taur wat half a length to
front f Beach and at th pnmoimt
Htntion he wes stil eii;l t'y in te l(?a I.
B. ac l then stopped rowing and Ga -d
-ur i bt ineit a ied of Iwn leng hs
At Barnes bridge B ach utiain spur d,
and, Koiiig to t tio .t, won by fmr
'envtha. B h's time w 18 minuten
56 s -words. I: wh a f. nr u'ly hard
ra e hrt ugh ut. Tt e wea her a
i b ar and Cjld with 'be iod fro a ti e
northeast. The t'do w8 g od. Be
f lie th Btrt the be ting was five to
oceia favor of Beach.
IlnulKn Oil' tor KuiclaiMl.
Nsw Yokk, Se,.t tubir 18 Edward
HanUn, ihe oa'Rmn, accoiiipauied
bv h s wife, sailed f r Liverpojt i bi-i
mon ng on the steamer Se via. lie
took hia roai tg i u fir, with bim.
DlKaracrfnl Seeoe at a I bnllnuooK
Kcpnb Iran t'uuvrurlou.
lamnui, to thi ArriAL.I
CuATTANoroA, TasN., Peptembr 18.
Tbe Republican" m-t in convet'on
odav to nominate candidate.) for the
L'wisU'ure and e-le t Helena' s t3 the
Cong ejaionel Couveution. Tee ten
' i -n a B'crmy and hoke up in a row.
John 'toe, a woithy vonng men,
a dS. L Hutchics colored, were i orat-n-ted
fur trie LeeWa'ure. Tre sebc
tion of the ltt'er dienraces tne pitty
and is en Infult to the reapecubie e'e
men of the ommuoity. Hut him.
UTil two moii'hi) aire, was a wutd
striker fo' the Dmot r-ti, and Is thor
r ughly rotten. Th nc u.itry repreaeiit
a ives bolted ov, r th aoDoiiitmant of
r)e ega'es to the Ciingrereioiul
OnvenMoa, and a mixd and hv
br il body was aspoin'ed in iregulir
m nner. Gen. J. I'. Wilder will prob
acy be tnti urmite.
Tne et'ike among the 150 men em
ployed in rearchiug tne tunnel of tne
East Tenne-tea road ended today by
thvtr returning to work end Bk"e"-iir g
ti wit ULt 1 Oc a b jr lut f r their p .
A big nel in tha tto k f the
Ro n Irrn Wo ks tat b ea c num
tnatd. G n. Pamu 1 Thomas ps
d nt of ti e Ea t Teocesse", Vi winia
xml Georgia railway, and Vict Pr.'si
dint Mc(4bee were lheUryett pur
chase s. Gen. Trioin boug it 180,000
wnb, wh'ln CjI. McGnie m cued
$10 010. dpt. Chimb rlaia g bblcd
$10,000 of tne etncK. It is unclers nod
tha' par value ws iald t e Cluvel .nd,
O , tar.ie, who comr dled the s ojk.
Bennfor r.ilqnltl'x I.eolnre The
nrelded f lit lil Deail Withdrawn.
larmL to tub irpiAb.l
Narrvili-is, Tbnn.. Sep'emher 18.
S etintr to quit, of Ger.ru i, arrived
liere th s eve iiing and l.ctu-es ionic r
r iw nu temnera-c' , 'or the b 'Oefii of
the Wometi'd Chnejsn Teiupuianco
U ion.
Ewin Cullom, the lit.tlesin of 1)
G F. Culloui, who wan ecaldei yeaifi
d.iym rning, died a n:4i o'clock la: t
evniriK, a'ter ter'ible euffering.
Ann i b" of Ktii(ihti Temdwi1!
leavn tbi 1 1 ltv toiii'irro f ir S . L ui s
trihttndilie grand conn'ave wh'ch
me- B 1 i tha ulic-i next. Mondav.
Hon. C. J. Caldeli toiKy an
no'inctB bis withrirawal from the C in-
greeional rec in tbte-tbetif it. This
ives the fi-ldeler to tne Hou.
Joseph E. Wa h ng' n. -
Mnitioon t'eooty Krpiibllrana Tbe
Democratic ('onKrennlunal Jtaee.
Jacksin, Ten. S-ut-tiiibsr 18. The
R publican if lludi oi county met
m convention tn this ct y to tair, and
elected Judge T. C. Mtiso Ttmp-rry
Chairman. Mr. U. N. Wilson, nf thij
ct', wai eecttd P.rmni,t Chair
men. Mr J ee Ha'oer, of thin city,
was noni'iiat'ci for Uepresen atHe of
MaJidim com tv. Dai Kites weie in
punted to the Cit'g eaeiura', Senatn.
ria1 and Fioterial Co"Vnti nt, which
meets in Lexingou, Henderson coul-
ty,nn the 2Stb inant.
Ths Democia'tcUing efBional lane
in t da i(tbe Eighth Congre-si it a )
District is treating cons der.ble ex-
cnemant in ths courty. 7h pri-
mn-y el-ctioncom a ff on nt.xtSu
urda'. G-n. AIbx. W. Campt'e:!, tbe
to dttr ttateeman, wtoin we are Iroud
to honor, mill tarry tt e county by au
ovirwhilnmig niaj r tr.
Didn't I1mv nneh
Do t.r "Ah! miking tadly yet I
. Yon hive evidemly not ben
l ,llr,w,r.g nay ins ruct ons abmr ta'-
ng ext-reise. . Ptn, k "Yis: I
waked half a mileyiwerday." "Go-d,
You remmter 1 told yiiu tha vou
mutt alwa s have smie oh-ct in view
when yoi waU eo a 1 1 get joar mind
off)our 'rotihlei. I hope you made
y-oti-r.:ay'ii our.ingamatterof bus ness
of some kind." "Yibj I went and
bnuirbt a cemetiiy lot." Omaha
J. E. Mkkds, Unitid S aiet liaht-
houte kjepo , For t'mrcll, Md , eas:
Stlvation Uil cured me oi rhou-
ma'isrn. '
Male Aapl..
r!r c'eaV eaid a father ti hiB
danghter, at bIib appeared cp ,n the
por. n oi n wa on tn.tei in ter tiftli
c.H'innelor mat car, "ir y..u iadulga
iu su th ex:ravRg.u.c i do you think
lu ctirils wi I waili and w.iit for
you?" '"So," inteirupte.1 theo'.d gen
tleman's wile, "cf coiiiee Ibev won't.
bu', the men wil , and that s what we
rams up nere nr. um t D8 isiliy,
John." yew York Sun,
Meet tho Taylori r,b
A'f Both Make (ioou
Spot Chen.
MfeMHEsuoH , Tutu., Siptcmbtr
is. ire tuTjuudingi weri vryaus
ptnii ut t d y f ir the cro-i ami the
pak'ig at WiO-inury. in -re wer-
1500 iu the procession, wlrch went
o i' fire miles to meet fie ctrdidatea
It wis m.duj o4 hcrs?meu a id men
aid worn n in vehicles and two lrge
chtr o s drwa by white Inieee. Que
wfs filled wth tbe commi te-i and la
dies nd th o ber by Pr f. Bel p, of
be .M del H irnial hen o . tbirtv
young ladi a, fiuely a-ia.ed In whitj
and beariug a flag of blue,
with pic ura of the to t r ither.i, on
iu white and trieotner in re t, a id 1 1
word "Bo1)" in whitand the word
'Alrinrad, and "Taylor a le L r
ui ernat.ly white and ion. ' r.oliini
t on" was ia g een, foliwnl by
"Na'iiral Aid for PMucatioa and
Modol isonual cclooli, lb s ca-go
durinc th's or cy ot'ier cAmpaivn
I he demoiirt a Inn todav wab very im
posing and nfl-cttd er a'- credit on
(bat excillent connt. . Gf ihe 3Jt)0.
all seemed to v e together to tea wt-o
ciu'il beit behavo and bet hear. Th
rpeake 8 are loud in thei- prnim of
t o lino order of ti at ehivVr ub psn.
p:e, ana tney win ever gratefully rc
ineaior their eplrfniUcl conr esy
while sexkiiiit in the A' ft grove
Ufa' mo coiiega toaty. non was
m ro ucjd eppropmteiy ny thellin
W. C. H tutou a d he made a b-irii
nmg in bi attack upon tbamiuntaitiB
of berey he has been leveling, hnt
he m-inae) to io a fine ''ay's wcr,
wlicii told tu-ctive y. itt teit nn
st m unmrKed and Ut IxkB wer-i
tettrtban yeeterday, for ihty weM
hecrd, nrderetood and appieulated,
lo lay tint be mate
trd.iy is not putti g it tor fironsr, for
he ia at liianef and knova exactly
now nun wre-e 1 1 Binue
All was iu far be tar plight than f
awvek.hiiu he made one of hisb.st
tffurre, i reatly to ihe firatioYa i n of
im fii-ude. a;.d we l oi f.r la'effjrt
tt Murireo-bu'o on M mday to be et 11
alnad of toJay. Boh ami Alf
were both pleased w th the
t.'aunon p-ople, nd tbty 1. ft giod
impresuoiis. t ut ui-y tnid ii imarlv
tbe same point! aid speoct ei that it
is not nereis n y lo feleate 'he rc-
p rttot te laa few Ha g. The B 1
aisieia p esenti d tie Tiyior i r j hers
e cu w tti a n boqtict, aad eauh
made his rerpoustt
lit Bafff alHilit,
fa!ntlng evetybi df. Bbarokief
hit sal biby, wbioa brought djwn he
bou-H, a;id 'hiy tted thrt hie
tibroi to tht . DfXt . Gi vom r of
Tfiiuts eo, a'.d the aigeuebbge br ke
up tn the bett of It ndijjimr. Tue
brothers cima down to Jartietb ro
tiiis evening aid are ntortite.t
at fhM Hon. J. D, Richards ui'e.
A f w ill vi.nt Nashv lla t in inow, aid
tney will boib bo here at the Joritrn
II us Mi liday, where their f iepds
an call and tee iheui. I is ugg-ateii
by niauy experienc d frenda tint
lecc'tr they begin speaking at 11
o'clcck uteicii appiint:i.eLt, furnauy
end . bvions r. Usui s
The W lnwlern" t'aiidicluln tnr
IE fee Foil ml brimnol,
I arret al to thi ppkil.
LtTTi.a Rock, Ark., Sapteinorr 11.
I. i'. l.-ngiey was inciay n"ini'aed
bv t in Wilde's nrl Knig' t o L li r
if Huh C ngr8iial Us. i c .8 nn
cippcne'it l"i- Jiidgi Roera'Bat iu
C n.tess. L iigley wai id tor of tie
.4riart'Oj Libi:-ulur, iKan 1 of tie
Kid. ids of Labor of tht 8 u c, for a
month or two a"er hit . wtesly
jour.ml ( t'j light, but waa tlepq ed
o C4;bi I eli eke l Wnu lorietBai
edit trial w-i er. He f jruitrly liel at
Arfcadelpbia, , wnert te fjlh.wml
piutcijiug aa an aViCitio , ami later
we bekr frum bim kt lint priuns,
wlitra het'coni eited wit n-ome newi--pn,ier
emer.iria . T.,m.irow he will
piosth lit u.e Krjt Bapii-t (Jtu chef
tbii city, tne ieguir pat r beng
hbsent fiOin tim my. Bio-.i er LiiiK-l.-y
b weil ktowu run, and a proaii
uect Kuinht ot Leber tolu Our ie
porcer tnniat laat he wis io gnod,
end that te wat anjtLing fur a dollar,
ifiataudidacy.wiil be tl litloweigjt
in tne cimpaig j,
Tha body ot an unknown won an
wat fo inu in tue Arkaue s river at
tula point st aa early lour this m ra
uv. ai d the cjioner's jury wis uuabie
t ) d sco vr th p ohkbiaraust of her
death. Sue whs firt n t c d late yts-
terJay afierncon, jutt ibie tide of
Hig Ro-ir, lwo mil, s ahovd the
City, IbtnuK down atieam. an I
it is (-upiios-d tbe b idy cams from up
the river. Se was armirent v about
28 ye rt ot aue. and read evident v
been in tho wa er several days, as de
composition iiad eet in. Putter's field
la now her testing p ace.
Airralrd for Ihe Murder of Ilia
trot hrr-io. Law.
lartaut, tn rat ipr-eii..l
Mi.tiiDU, Mis'., Septen.b r IS
Willjsniiifera was arreatecl toi'av
I'ayetn C lunlionae, Air., cbaigcd
wdh tja nitirdnr of hia hinilii-',r,-lw.
ainei iiar.i-'. The killing owunei
uear leyette-Coiirtlouse aboit 8 1
wfe ;o, while Hams, In company
wiui urai o:uerc, wai in tin ile a
poiunu J(Hr.
KberHai, tt neg'o, tlitd on tbe
train, la wa, dw. t.n at Hav'a Gau.
A'"-, to bAtoot to lila fotuier borne, at
wtiuiiipK AIa. He wai bur el here
uy tneutoaialVilij Kailrjkd Com
pany today
Hold at
liiia Urntlril
Null I
n raa irrrii..!
la., S.-ritoinbi r IS.
The ti-it bale
e tot t n was re-
I't-ivetl lieio Tl
ittiliy frjiu W. C.
Da hazo, cl (Jrte
it. I: wai ho cl
eun'y, wto rt tei
Huotio i to ay to
DmuiiiT & Co.
Ui.l broiil.t V2i
c? rt a. It ff'ailtil
xt niiddliDK.
A B.UTIMOHB nrg y i ,n K-gtcjd to
J,inina yenra n'rtJ a ijuant ty
of Dr. liu I's Cough fc'iW suting tbat
he didn't like to bj wiu., j(,
A a.
BEH1.1N ViitNKiiuA, dnurhter i.f J. T.
and C'lea.uii llrliu, ae-J 12 years and V
Funeral at resiJonoe, nn Nfw Kaleinh
RoiJ, t2:3D o'clock thii (jUNDW) aitsr-
twit e rut: t.r wHA.it.
con run tit.
TIIFSK (100D3 ir Evolusire, and only to
vi iuudu .tour nousa.
THE ARK Mnst Artistic in Deniun. and
havt' ( curolwieJ tbcm direct - can s
sure our i.utriai of every incidi-nUI ad
vant me.
THK AllVANTAUR of an etrly (election ii
o iviout, a it kitmi nutn npiinriunty
nnvor Kain itiiienlel ot huviritf ine
eboice ot a uiatcuiticont aeortuieiit.
FOH f-TRKKT C0STUMF8 Kremrr'n nhow
Jailonniie and tinuml. tla-ra in the uriii
aiMirmed i..M)LIMl DK.SIUNS.
OUR STOCK ( F Dl'.ESS FAI1RIC3 la tnot
e uni'lete nevr be tore equaioit in a'or'
nieiit mid (iiiallty nnl -uei. n. KVK Y
FKCT KREM Ell's SHOW ?nn Shai'e of Dreu nd
lrlminini V fcLV KT uo hnmt ean ai
lro.ivh uii In atiility to match or hir
inunite colurn.
KREM KU'S tllOW in Velvet and Pluh
etrliea an. Movattea tue nioit emuillle
and luarvetoua etTeoia.
novelties oi tne riuueat varietioa
JET I'AUDRES or Drum, Irldement Eiau-
lota, t'aruela II ui r und A.trakan KOcuia
FEATHER TRIMMINuH In a ery eonretT-
aoie tuaue anil coinrjiniion.
KR"M ER'S CHOW Excloalve Nuvelt'ea In
tiei tn 11 at KiToc:i. Rl.b Illrda and
1'. limine.
inbiol lninoLt (Jluaka ami H rpa.
Hlieei'l Wraii for auitiinn near, EN
BKRIDKH th (r-nt noveltlea i d attrandro
WINThR til) IDS. tre ahall oltoron Mon
IN OUR Kid Otova D.partnent tine Kid
uiorea atauo a pair.
Rerouieta ut Uo eves
FINE Tbiue Veldnga at 2.1o a ynrJ.
RICH Chenelta Mar.bouts, In all colon, at
FINK Double fold All Wool Beritea, in all
oomra, al j jarj.
CORf E f 8 at tl 1 , worth 12 50.
FINK "ALL WRAPd, elegantly trimmed,
i i ii.
COLLARS, Fin Linen, at lia. '
NEW JERSKY8. ot ex.el out quality, tl 15.
MoteHtea in all deeartmenia their own j
in p r'Ktioe. r, b.tite r,a lUAt WILL'
irftl in bran oil hnw in a'1 r.
do- in our ProsHiiittkiuR Deii ttuoutr in 0110
week frui at of oriter
MtAU'Iiifc U'yai. Arch haptkii
No. T. F.A A. iM.-Will iuet
in BtHtfd oonvopfition At TiiiieriiH.-
ole, Miionlo Xeoipltt ti-ujnrrow ;
MONDAY evtn n..Hi 7 :'J0 oVIock.'
or dtpnutch of biminiB. ViBiLiuv nnmttan.
ion irHiernniiy inviuxi.
iioraor u. v. iiALLUK, II. p.
JOHN U. liL'JIi, Secret. ry.
And Country filore liianrMaro Jlvpn
Not rial Ilttnilnn, by
UllJJLJlJi. A Ml tilH If.
llnom I, Cotton Ejoha-fte Puitdina.
BB-Invitca Correapnndonce and Intorvlew.
rTIItl1! followlnit woreleceJ llrand Offjo-ra
or me urmi i i.oiie or r. At. a. l , iV'.,
for Ibe Ma'e oi 'lVni'e-aro.iit. .tackano.Tenn ,
mi the lHtli Mi'iaiit: H li. liridlov, i, M
t T . ili i. ..
iiicuii'iiiiii auij., ,.i , .i-uin, l. I. ii,
liiemburu, Tenn. I tl. II Hunter. (1. I. W.
errvvill,'. Tiinn. : IJni P I'nrlinr. II T w
LtMrareo, Tonn i H 0. Holt, Or'd Treaa.
Mibley, Te'in.i H W. Mowlev, (If'd S-'y.
miiKiuo, xeiio : iv. hiid riiin. u L... innm-
Ilia, lonn. Annnin ed onin.ra .lame. N.i.
on, . J. D , Bai-tliitt, Teun.: W. F. Filer,
. ti. D.. llartlrtt.Tenn. : M il Annnn. ,1
K. ttewanl, Sniuerville, Tena. I F L.OIi-
vor, u. j, ., Aloinplila. lean, t si. Tbnmaa,
h. lyier. Mouipiiai J. II stravliorne, (1. f .
Milan, lenn.i Jonn Urad'ey, U b. :.
ALL ro'anna deairnca of leouriiif f
kimI Kvlmhlo litkiirn , at l.nw.
"i". on mim iiuusks, eat be ao
oiimmodoted by applytna to tbe
Planters' Fire and Marine
A 41 etio . ..(. Min.lil. Tonr.
H. ). TOOV
Tri uters,
Ba;.k Coek Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayrea Block):
New nnl luteal -iStjfleH Mock, w
Type, Str Mauhlnery.
J'rlcH ok low an anywhere, North
or Kant. '
L R Davis, Painter
Haa Reinored to
Ni. 35 1 Second, Soath of Union
ALL ptraont are hereby warned not
pu rem-: i efilii- He No. SKI tor t-n abara:
Maeobie Teiupl Ktoolt, iaaued lo It. W. oliel
ton, April II, 1171, a it baa been I at or uir
aid, aud I hive app led tor a -tu t.l inate.
H-t. Il K blA d ru i n i trator.
IiiNiilvP. t I'titntci Adiiilnlntrutcir'H
OfBoe Publio A'liiilniairator, Shelby Couuty
Cmirthou e, Miuipbit, Tenn., bepiouibor
n, irvin,
ri'itJK umloraivneil hav'nir tmnn fltn.ntnt,l
X and ijnuiille I administrator nT tin. A.t.i.
of W.'l. l'ryor, doi-eired. notice ia hereby
(iven to all pr;ona indebted toiaidenato
to come lorward and emtio ; and tc thote
li wnoin aani eeune ia iniiehtml to fi e tboir
rliitua with the Clerk and .Maater ol the
Chan-ery Court, duly prnhnted, within the
time preoribd by li, or the aariin will be
oirever oirreu. juu iaiauuk,
fublio Adiuin'itraror.
new yobk Life Iksdkahce Co.
NO. 1 MAI)1M. NTKKfcT, . - . Jl i;nriUN, ti:sn.
R. D. FaivatH, Prea. W. N. Wl uu, V. P. R. J. Black, Caahier.
lJiinu "1 W.D. llethell.T. II. Al'en, W. F. Taylor. R. Dudler FravHer, It. II Snow.
ov den. J R. tlmlwln, . f. Read, W A H'iilluuioii, Joau Uvert jn, Jr , S.I.
DiRii'TDRB. I McDowell, W. M, Wllkenon, it. J. Pluck.
Peneait" received from CO oen'a upward, and Interrnt allowed on rati e remi-annuiilly.
Will buy B"il eell looal tecaritiea, nit a Tiustve, tuortve-, ein., tor tmr. oratl- na rr initi
vidua a II .ve a onnimouioui tnuit f"r tne dapo'lt nf valunhlca fur 'ne hmirlll nl KKnlt
LAK CllSTOMKHS, tree ol charge. Snfe llenimit lloxra lor 'on. Nalna N. eil illy
hitllrlircl. Authnrla ft ie la . k (Jneritl lliaiHlnaT llii.lnv.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
J. K. GOD WIM, I'rea'U J. 1. UUUUUaV Vlre-Pres't. C. If. R4IXE, CashicR,
3E3oarrl of
T, B. TtlKI.RT,
J. M.
wv , n, uirvni
f. M. NKL.S0N, t. B. SIM.-i.
w. n. nu.naiiiiv,i rv. i,
jiimn ittUiuraiiV n n
aevA lMll.ry ml Ihw ntm ot TaieiaBMaaMk TrftBanrita anaawwq Maiwlitf
nwaiaaoate UweMilnl Allaitlti to t1lleMllai.--M
Iry Goods, IMQtions, losiery
Nob. 326 and 328 Main St., MomphiCTenn.
I eromi morn or rtll, tn nirKK tiniinaia i mnra awn una
WK?ITN 'T.11 BhOhK andour
the United Staloa. We are Asnnla for
Teuncsaaee Muuufacturln(f Co.t I'IbIiIh, Drills, Sheeting, Hhlrtlnf, Et
Cotton actors ami
No. Ml Front Street', f'ornpr
T , !i. u a i . . . V . ,'"rr"1 l"t rd In tlie dry at very lo
ratea to tho-e who cleaire to try It. NscrlHl Helra tu all points na kaiiniala
Irtwllnar -nt ew Miiibla.
Dlt. R. L. LAsKI,
I'hysldan, Surgeon and Aevourher,
MhIu Wfreet, Near Imloit.
Telephone No. M.
To Iteal Katute Ownera and Agentn.
LjAHTim havinr aidewalka to put down
X will OnH ir. lolholr lotereat torpplrlio
W. 11. LUC'KKV. :12 Madiaun. or ,... hll
Recond. Contractor for btomrt'a uraon-
Itbio ravemeati.
For Sale Engine and Boiler.
OPT HORRK POWKR-Naarly new. Alao,
Ju t J aoiiikeatack. heltin. tiull.v.. ahi.lL.
iuc, tooli, etc.. Applv to or etMreea
'in tw. nminwA ro.
Corner Adams
H4UHI.K, We are preparej to I'urnUh new work troin latealdeai.ua on nhoti nut Ik.
In every respoot and to alve ontlre latinlnotlon.
Wo totisit jour potronaae and n uue.t tbat you e.ill, examine our itoek, pricea.etc..
ifre i'tirphntnir el.'ewnerr.
And Commission
Jf, 34 and SG Madison street, ncrapljlaj
R. 90DWIH,
c nuuoi
li 1
U. K. OOKFlrf
A. W. N a WHOM
rriooa will oonn-ar. with thoa. of any htm
Commission Mercliai:!
ot Monroe. MeniplilK, Tenn.
Ice Machines in Atlanta, 6a.
T HAVR for aale T0 ARfTrC ICR MA
L CHIN KS, In ferl'eot i omliiioo. Capae
ny, about te.t tor a eaob ior day.
l'rloe leaa then half tbe 0't. Addreri,
. . A Ik Al K, Allium., m.
Notice to Shippers.
Mtariua, 7r.s Pepteiulior 10, 1KW1.
pOMMKNCINU today, Stptemher llth,
Iremht letined to poinl-on Itin M., II.
and A anil I ('. H. K.'n a ill lie r.oeived and
deliveroJ at the K. C..K and M. K. K drpot.
fu-aenirer Iruiu- tin the M , II. end A. 11. li.
will Rrrlve and depart from Uonnt, co.eor f
Mnia and HroHdwav. aa her m t-ro.
I II. HIH.I.IVAM. Stiiierintendrnt.
and Second Sts.
! (
' I .. ' ' " ' : ...,....,.....,.'.....-.. ,.L . - . ..:.,..-...

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