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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, September 19, 1886, Image 9

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fimce m cohmerce.
Cotton J Kigher-MiddliDg, 9
Sales KesterUaj,
150 Bales.
Money rules in fair demand at 8 per
cent. Lo'a'. securities continue eteady,
The cotton market closed firm yes
terday and 1-lGc bicher. Sales 150
ba'es, on a bar is of 9 1-1 0j for mid
dling. New Yoik spots closed very
firm; middling, 9 516c; futures firm ;
Septtmber, 9.189.20o. A leading
New York cjtton circular lays of the
future market: Besscnably cheerful
account! from abroad and the strong
statistical position for the weeketimu
labd a covering demand, and the
merket was firm throughout, with a
gain of 4 to 5 points, veil sustained.
October appeared lo be pariicular'y in
favor, operators taking back the recent
talpfl freelv.
At New (Wears yesterdsy spots
-were strong; middling, 9Jc; futures
imgulnrj ttptember, Of.
At Liverpool spots were firm, fa'r
demand; ca'ca, 80C0 biles. Mid
dling, 6d; futures quiet ands'eady;
Seuteuiber, 5 14-64d.
Iu the general market pork is Jo
lower; clear rib tide bacon, 8jS8iJc;
clear lib s;de bulk pork, 7j8e. Com
lc higher; white, 51c; nTxed, 48c;
Ircm levee or det ot 5c per bushel less.
O.her articles unct asged.
On3 hundred and eight brls arples,
411 pkB bntte', 871 mils bagging, 169
pkgi bacon, 638 pkgs boots and shoe',
-598 pkgsc!.ese,249 pkgs (try goods, 19
pkgs epg', 609 balec'hay, 41 pkgs hat,
70,000 feet lumber, 82 pkgi liquors, 50
br Is molaisa?, 25 keys uails, 5C00 bu
oat?. 2il brls onion', 39a brls potatoes,
4 cas poik Bides, 260 brls sugar, 131
pkgs tobacco, 1500 bu wheat.
0 Madison St., Memphla, Tenn.,
American coirour,
Mocev in good demand at 8 pr
cent. The Clearing House report is
as lollows:
Sa'urday, September 18 h, $155,
514 59: total tnis wet-k. $1,017,181 14;
tctil lat weik, Jl 055,569 48; same
'week in 18S5, $S15.508 08 ; same week
.in 1884, $384,147 03.
) BALANCES, ' j . ,
St'urday, September 18tb, $89,
110 30; total Ibis week, f434,867 73;
total lest week, $370,115 08; tame week
in 1885, $336 018 19; tame week in
1884, $76,458 S3.
New Yo k sight on all p ints, par
buytu?, premium selling; New Eag
lacd demaad, dif count buying; New
England sight, J discount; New Or
lens, J discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Cimmerce..l46 bi', 149 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bunk 195 bid, 20!) asked
State National .........145 bid, 150 askrd
Union and Plan ten-..IftO bid, J53 a ked
Mercantile Bank 135bid,137Ja:ked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home 75 b d, 80 asked
Memphis Ciiy 102 bid, 105aiked
Peonies 80 bid, 83 asked
Phoenix 98 bid,100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vandrrbilt 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 35 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 atked
M. & O. It R. shares. ..36 aid, ... naked
M. & T. R. R. sbnres...45 bid, 50 asked
M. & C. consols, 7f 119 bid, ... asked
Ttf. & L. R. 1st m. 8S..105 bid, ... asked
Miss. &T.R R.cs.A...lllbid, 113 asked
Miss.&T. R.R.cs.B..10l J bid, 103 asked
"Tenn. wts. s?r. D 91) bid, 93 asked
'Tenn. wts. str. E to J..83 bid, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Dist. 4, 6s 974 bid, 98 J isked
Tax. Dist. 6s 104 bid, 105J tsked
Mem. G s bonds 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water binds 97 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works b:d 05 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust' 54 bid, 56 asked
'P.oneer Cotton M ills... 25 bid, 30 tsked
Mem.Stor.Com. Co...l06bid, 110 asked
Mem. Uae stock 75 bid, 80 a-ked
Nw York, Sfp'ember 18. Money
on call quiet at 4C pur cent , closing
at 45 per cent. Prime mercantile
paper 4(5,5 percent. Sterling exchanga
cmiet, but steady, at 481 for sixty
day bil's and 484 for demand.
The weekly bank statement of the
Afsociated bnks shows the following
changes: Reserve, increase, $48,050;
leans, decrease, $324. 2C0; specie, in
crease, $932,800; legal tenders, de
crease, $868,800; deposits, increase,
J 63,800; circulation, increase, $46,800.
The banks now bold $7,6S2,125 in
excess of the 25 per cent. rule.
Bondt Government bonds were
dull, but firm. Suite bonds were
dull and steady.
Stocks Trie stock market again dis
played morn activity and eirtngth
than for a long time past. Reading,
as was to bs expected, was the prime
feature in the trading, but, unlike tbe
remainder of the lis', it shows a small
net decline a, the end of the day, al
though in the morning is price
touched 35, the highest yet reached.
There was nothing new in regard to it,
excepting the acceptance by Mr. Cor
bin of tte presidency, which appoint
ment meets the full approval of the
strest. Thera was much more interest
in the other ftocks,- and Western
"Union, Jersey Central, Texas Pacific,
Lackawanna and Lake Shore were
features in the tradirg. Texas Pacific
was bougbt largely in the aftatnonn
for foreign acc uat. The Vanderbilts
were conspicuous in the afternoon,
and all the coal stocks participated in
the advance upm tbe general tm
proved outlook for tbe coal trade. The
market opened itrong, first prices be
ing generally J to above the final
ngues last evening, but Del
wa e and xlud-on was up 11
R ading. 11. and Jersev Cen
tral 1. The succeeding trading was
active, especially in R ading, Western
Union and Lackawanca, but prices
were feverish and irreaular, though
generally s rorg. Reading, howevir,
a'ttr touching 35, dripped 1 per c n'.
In rx any eases the highest prices oi
the day wre fetched in the laiter prt
of the hot hour. An irreguUr but
genera ly mm market eucsetued unnl
toward the close, when prices again
moved r.p, the market clcsicg strong
at abont the best figures reached.
Ba'es, 469,693 sbares Rraiirg was
most active, its salts being 77,510,
cUse'y followed bv Lsckawanna with
68,3i0; Texas Pic fie, 39,915: Lake
Shore, 3250, and Western Union,
Ji,(0). xtie otner pnmiuentlv active
stocks were Jersey Central. Erie and
8'. Paul. Almost everything is bisber
tonigot, tne cniy conepicu ms excep
tions being the San Fiaocisco stock?,
tbe preferred showing a low of 1 per
cent. Ths coal stccks showed the
moet marked a ivancts, the Delaware
and Hudson being np 2, Lackawanca
Ik, and Jersey (Jerrtral Lake
Shore is 1 higher. Micbign
Central and the remainder
fracti -nal amountr. The bnsinest of
the week amounts to 11,987,636 share,
pgainst 989,766 for the previous week.
All the active stocks show marked ad
vance, the gan in R-adirg being 7J
per cent.; Canada Sou hern, 4J ; Luck
awanna, Louisviile snd Nashville
and Delaware and Hudson, e'hri;
Je sey Genual and Union l'acluc, ii
Runoad bonds were agiin corapaia
tivilv c ive. the siles amounting to
$1,818,0C0. Of this amount Atlanta
and Pc tic incomes furr;iined $466 COO
and Texas Panifiu incirafs S293.CO0,
Thnre vi ere no spscial fca'urs to the
trading:, except the tro bonds men
tioned, prices being teneially stehdy
thrcu.h ut the day Th nusioe.sa
for tha w(-k ioK bxn 8,241,800,
agiicst $5,159,000 for tbe previous
The total sles tf s o ks tadav wern
4H.9.691 shxri-e, including Canada
Southern, 9S90; D'awar Lack'
wanna and Wes'frn, 68,320 Delaware
and Hud on, W.019: Erie. 18.0C0;
Kar sas and Texap, 7740 : - Lake
Show. 38:250: L'uisviUe and Na b
ville, 6075; Northwestern, 40:9;
New Jeis y Crntial. 46l; Odio
and Mtrsissippi 7955: Pacific Mail,
S995; R adins, 57,610: 8. Paul 1,6560;
St. Paul and OniHhH,3,9,-,8; Texos ana
Pacific, 9,915; Union Pacific, ll,8i0;
Wtstern sTnioo, 31.065: Nortliern
Pacific preferred, 12,143: Oregoa
Tranecontinentil, 16,630. Closing
U. 8. 3s, 10lrX.
t'v, coup, in.
4a. Bonn. 1271:.
Pacifi0tiof 1M8,126M.
T.. ilnnK.k Wi. Mifunnrl Al. 1(0.
Cent. Pao. lsr. lllU Den. A R.li.hti, 12(
UenJt K w , lata, Bi;3.r.ne gecoadn, 110
M K A T.G-n.6j. W. North. Pao. UU, 115i!i
North. Pan. 2d(. 102. N. Waatnrn (inn.. 141.
N.Wedt deb.5. 110. ft L ti.F tten.M, W
bt Paul con., i:il. M.c.u r.lala,izu
T. P. land grunta,5t). T.P.,K.(i.excou,U7i
U. P. lata, 114-X. West Hhoro. -.
Tcdd.Oj, tel'uit, 1fVi.Tcnn.r), ist'nit.lOO.
Tenn. ii, aet'mt, 71.
Aitmi Expreaa, 141. Morrla i E.,offJ.H0.
Allenbeny On.
iNaanvtiie a v., k.
N. J. Central. bH'4.
Altoo Jl T. H.,34.
A. 4T.H. pfd.,fft.
American Ki., luti.
B. 0. K. A N,50.
Canada PactiV.
Nor. & W. pfd,
northern Pao.,27.
Northern P. u d, 61,
V. A N. W., US,
Canada Hon
C. A N. W. ptd, 142.
N. V. Central. 113.
N.Y.C. ASt.L.,:.
Ohio Centra1, .
Ohio A Miaa., 47.
O. A .Mix", pld, W
Ontario A Wat., 19.
Oregon Nav., 109.
Orenon Trmna., 33.
Oreaon Imp.,
Pacific Mail, bVA.
Panama, '.18.
Peoria. 0. A E., SKVi
PullmnP 0.,Wi.
Keadlna, 3!H.
Koclc Island, 127!;;.
Ht.L. 8. F.,31'4.
St L A 8.F. nfd. 64.
Central Paoillc, 44,'i.
C. AO. It pfd, 1
C. A O. 2d nfd 9.
O. A A , 141!.
C A A. pld , UK)
C B A U.. 137.
C.tit L. A N.O., .
u., Ht.k. A r., l Vi;
C.St.LA P.vtA.W,.
V. O. A V.. M
C. A C. 62X,
il. A ilud , 103.
il.,L. AW., VM.
m. A Kio ii , MX.
Erie pfd, i7.
Kaat Tenn. ,8.
Kaat Tenn. pfd. U'A.
Fort Watno. 146
Hannibal A et. Jo .V. Al. x t
C.M.A8t.P,.p. 124M.
St. P., M AM..lHi'-?.
St Paukt Omaha, t',1'4.
St Paul AO. pld, 113
Texaa Paoifi-, 1fi'4i.
Doion I'aoificrtl'i.
U.S. Eip eia,62
r.. ar--'.
It. A St Jo .pfd..
lliiriom. 2.
Houston A T., 3V
lllionia Centra), 1.
Ind .B. A W..17H.
Kansaa x 1 .,
Lake E. iW J.
Lake bhnre, ).
Lou. A Naeh . 48.
W., Bt.L A V., UYf
Lou. AN. A., 52.
M. A 1st pfd. .
M. AC. aoconda. .
W .St.L.AP. p.. 37;
W. A F. Ex., 12o.
A F. Ex..
W. II.
Tel.. 6W.
Mem. A Char , 37.
Colorado Ooal, 2S
Home Stake. IS.
A St. L.,21
iron Silvor. 2UU.
Min. A St. L. nfd.41;1. Ontario,
"Miiaou't Pacific. 111. Uuit'kailver, 6.
Mobile A Ohio, (juickailrer pfd., 21.
M. L. 8 A W.. 6I. h.mlh Pucifio. .
M L S.A W. pfd, V3. Butro, 7.
London. Seotmher 18. 2 n.m.
Consols 100 13-16 ff r money and 100J
for the recount. United S:at;s Bonds
49, 1308 ;4Js, 1142.
Paris, SeWemher 18 Three per
cent, reatts, JJto&Uc for ths account.
Bbsmn, SeptesHtar 18. The state -
msnt of the Imperial Bank of Ger
many shows a decrease in specie of
6,40,000 maikj.
Baltimore, Md., Sectemher 18.
Bank clearings today were $2,127,438 ;
balances, $284,699.
Nitw York, September 18 Clear-
inehouse statement: Exchanges, $90,
206,152; balances, $4,453,216.
Sr. Louis. Mo.. Sent-anber 18.
Bank clearints, $2,366 59.; balances,
$148,427. For tbe week- clearings,
$16,372,590; bilancep, $3,081,406.
Philadelphia, Pa.. September 18.
Bark clearings for Wav were $10,-
246,123; balances. $1 298,731. For the
vi eek clearings, $56 405.202, balances,
Chicago, III . September 18. Awo-
c'ated bank clearings for tha day were
$ 8,231,000; for the week. S51.827.C00.
The corresponding week laht year,
$44,110,000, showing an increrse of
ii. o per cent.
Boston, Mams.. Sei tember 18.
Clearing honss statement of today:
Eichanges, $11,508,736; bslancss, $1,
269,852. Kt4iemnt for the week:
Exchange, $73,203,823; balances, $S,
628.456. Sima week in 1885: Ex
r.hargw, $05,438.231 ; balances, $8,-
Tht Inrnl nnttnn markaf nnnnprl
firm and clored firm and l-16c higher;
middjirg, 9 l-)6o. Sales, liO ba'es, of
which 100 to exporters acd 50 to spin
YfrRlprHnir. Fridav
Ordinary 7 7J
Good Ordinary.... 8 7J
Low Middling 8 8J
Middling 9 1-10 9
Good Middling.... 91 9
Middling Fair...... 9J . i
fair. jNoui. jMom.
ilxMPHis. Senterabar 18, im.
Stock Sept. 1, 1880.... 4,009
Keceivcd todiy 202
Received previously... 1,554
Shipped today 289
Shipped previously. 1,615
Uomeconsumntinn tn
Stock ronning account
Thus far this week 102
Thns far lat week 86
Since Stflember 1st 1,756
M. and O. R. R 38
M. A T. R. R. 64
L. and N. R. R 4
M. A L. R. R. R 03
M. b A B. R. R 5
Stearxers 13
Wagons and o.her s urcis 25
Tctal 202
Thus far this week 289
Thus Jar lavt week 307
Since September lit 1,804
M. & C. R. R ioo
L A N. R. R 180
M., S A B. R. U 9
. Total 289
New York rpots opened firm and
finned vary firm Mi4llir a ai if.
------ J - ".. ua.uultUK, 9 ITIUU.
Sales, 703 bales. Qaotatiors were as
Yesterday. Fridav.
Ordinary 6 11-16 6 11-10
Good ordinary. 8 1-16 8 1-16
Low m'ddling 81 81
Middling. M.9 5-16 9 5-16
Good middhug 9 11-16 9 1116
Middling fair.,.10i 103
Fair u n
NewYcrk fu'u-es onnnpil firm ami
clrsed firm. Salep, 43,300 hales. The
casing quotations were as lollows:
Yeaterdav. Friday.
September...9.18((t) O.'-'O 9.1(i(i 9 17
October 9."-il(.r) 9.22 0.1!) 9.20
itoveniDer...w.a( v'"iiy .
Decsnjl?r... 9 24l4i 9.24'a .
Jaoajary 9 31fi) 9.32 ) SUA 9 32
Februery 9.39( 9.40 9.40
Maicb 9 47(0 9.48 9.47(S) 9 48
April H.5i(.i) 9.56 9 55(i) 9.58
May 9 6:1(5) 9.61 9 64& 9.65
Juno 9.71(i0 9 72 9.72 9 73
JUiy v.i'J& VW .S0(u) 9.81
The New Orleans spot market
opened and c o-ed strong; middiinir.
9ic Ha es, 300 ba ts. Quotations were
as 1.1 ow
Good Ordinary 71
Low Middling 8J
Middlrn ,91 9
Good Middling gjj 9
The New Orleans future market
oreied barely steady and closed ir
regultr. Sales, 22,400 bales. Quota
tions were as lollows:
Yesterday. Friday.
September 9.00 8.08 9.00
uciooer ij . 8.s;n 8 87
November. .8.80 8 81 8 780 8.79
ucemDer .. j(n) 83 s 8 81
January . ...8.91 8 92 8.89(5) 8 90
February ...9.01(4 9 02 8 99 9 00
Much 9.11 9.12 909(0, 910
April . 9 21 9 22 9.19 9.20
Mar 9 31' 9.32 9.40 9.41
June 9 41 9.43 9.47 9.48
july 9.49 9.51 9.29 9.30
Tone. I ReclPriciel Stock
New York
9 1-18
4 214
v yf m
9 5-16
St. Louis...
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886..18,4U7
Receipts a1, ports, t'lis day, 1885.. 15,0 37
R'tj U. 8
p'rts 1 dav..
Ex. Gr. Bf
764,6 $
R'tsSept. 1
For'gn Ex.1
Decrease in recoipts this year ...34,855
At noon;! Livernool snnta were
firm, fair demand. Sales. 8000 bah s.
of which American 6700 bales. Re
ceipts 2000 bales, of which American
ijuu Dales. ;
Closing q iota Mods wera ai follows:
Ordinary, 4jjd; gold ordinary, 4Jd;
low middling 5d; good middling, 6jd;
middling uplands. 51 J: middling Or
leans, 5 5 16d.
Manchester yarns and futures auiet.
little doing.
Tht price areaiven in vtneeandfAlhu.
ihut: 4 63 man 4 03-644; and 5 01
meant 5 1 Old.
At noon: Liverpool fu'ures wre
steady; September, 5 135 14d; Sep-tember-October,
5 075 08 i ; October-
November, 5 031; November-D.-cemv
ber, 0 Od ; JJecemrjer-January, 5 01'd ;
January-Februa'y, ; February-
inarcn, 0 uia; JUrcn-Aprii, ; April
May, .
At 2 p.m. : L'verpool futures were
quiet and steady; September. 5 14d,
set era; Soptember-October, 5 08d,
buyers; October-November, 6 041,'eell-
ers; November-Uecember. 50d, buy
ers jDacember-January, 5 02d, buyers;
January-February, 6 03d, Sillers; February-March,
5 04d, buyers; March-
Apiil, 5 06J, buy era: ADril-May.
5 08d, buyers.
Receipts this week 48.360
Same week in 1885 43,408
Same week in 1884 39,695
Increase compared with 1885... 100
Increase compared with 1884... 8,665
Shipment this week 47,255
Same week in 1885 38 878
Sme week in 1884 35,805
Increase compared with 1885... 8,379
Increase compared with 1884... 11,450
Stock this week 6',8(!2
Same week in 1885 34 974
Same week In 1884 24,317
Increase compared witn 1885... 15 888
Increase compared with 1884... 20,545
1880 73,015
1885 94,291
1884 84,458
The New York Financial Chronicle
of September lSlh gives the following
figures: Total visible supply, 1,025,527
bales, against 1,105,472 in 1885. These
figures indicate a decrease of cotton in
sight of 79,915'bales, as compared with
tbe same date in 1885, and a decrease
of 371,747 bales as compared with same
date in 1884.
The following is tha record of bids
and offers at tbe Call Board of the
Merchants Exchange yesterday:
No. 2 wh;t9. spot. 43c bid: Ssntem-
ber, 43c bid ; October, 42c bid ; No
vember, io aked; the year, 4ic
asked. No. 2, spot, 42c bid ; Septem
ber, 42c bid; October, 42c bid; No
vember, 42c bid, 43c asked ; ths year,
40c asked.
No. 2, spot, 28Jc bid, 30o asked;
September, 28c bid, 30c a iked ; O,to
ber, 29c bid ; November, 30c bid.
wheat. .
No. 2 red winter, spot, 76c bid; Sep-
temoer, ic oru.
Spot, $2 05 bid; September, J2 10
bid. $2 15 asked; Octobe-, 100 bls
eold at $110; the year, $180bid,$2
Spo $11 25 bid ; S.ptemb'r, $11 25
bid; October, $1125 bid; November,
$12 bid on t'tck, $12 asked on track.
The following quotations are the of
ficial quotations of the Merchants' Ex
change: CoRNMEAL-Standsrd, $2 352 40;
pearl, $3 403 50; roller, $2 60.
Hay Choice, from store, 75c; car
load from levee or depot, $13; prime,
from store, 70..; car load from levee
or depot, $11 6C(?12; prairie, from
store, 50c; car load from levee or
depot, $3.
Cohn From atore,white,51c:mixed,
48c, from levee or depot; white, in
bnlk, 40c; in sacks, 4!c; mixed, ia
bulk, 44 Je; in satks, 47 Jc.
Oats From store,hue,37c; mixed,
3Gc: from levee or depot, white, in
balk, 32c; in sacks, 36c; mixed, in
bulk, 30c; in tacks, 33c.
Bran From- store, 70753j from
levee or depot, $13.
Flour From store, No. 3, $3 ; fam
ily. $3 60; chol e,$37f4; fancy, J4
4 25: extra fancy, $1 304 50; patents,
$55 50.
Beans Navy, $2; medium, $1 50
175; cr.mmoti, $i 25; German mille-,
$1 201 41.
II ica Louisiana, 4 3c; Caro:ioa, ,
5 6 j. '
Oatmeal In balf-birrols, f3(;;3 25
irom store.
Crackers Sods, extra, 4c; soda,
tretrie extra, 4jc; lemon rrckers, ex
tra, 7c; lemon cream cracksrs, trtb.e
extra, Jc; ginger siiaps, extra, fic;
Bingr s laps, trableex ra, 6c; assort jd
nation h, yc.
Crackko Wheat li half-batrols,
j i L'o iroin s ore.
Hominy and Grits -From s!ore,
$3 15(' 3 25.
Kansas City, Mo,, September 18
Whoat steady; No. 2 red, r.ah, 62c
bid; October, 62Jc; My, 731' bid.
Cora lower: ev 2 cash, Silo: 0 'to
ber, 31 131 5c ; ovember, 31c. Oa s
nominal; 24J o bid, 24 Jc asked ctsh.
St. Lours, Mo., September 18. Flour
Htady snd uncbaDgrd. Whtat active
but weak; trees ruled rav dnrinu
mrstof the sefsion and losed io
'Oter tn an yesterday; Mo. Z red, unsu,
V41(4sc; hentemoer, ua Did; Ucto
ber, 745fa75Je. cloeed at 743o; No
vember, 76,771( jc, cl.ised at 77c
May, 87Ifi!88lc. clts;d at 88c Corn-
The maraet opined s'eady, but eased
off j 'a Jo, reacted near the clote and
fi nit lied Jc higher than etteiclayj
No 2 mixed, cash, 35 jc: Sentember.
34c bid; October 3535S. cIosIob at
35jc; November. 36J36Jc, closing at
3U4c; wav, 4U(a4lia, clored at 4i jc
Oats firm but dull; prices closed (jic
higher than yesterday; No. 2 mixed.
cash, 25J25jc; September, 25c bid;
Oc ober, 25J' 25jo; November, 20jo;
May. 31 ic. JKye urmer. 4c. Uarlev
dun and unchanged; price ranged
4070c, according toquality. Hay dull;
prairie, S7E0M9 00; timotbv. fl0(i)
12 tO. Flaxseed steady, $1 0' Bran
firm, 50c. Corn meal steady. $2. Re-
cuptt Flour, 3.XX) brla; wheat,
ai.ijuj du ; corn, si.uuu trn : oats. 10.
0;i0 bu; rye, 2000 bu; barley. 16.
COO bu. Shipments Flour, 50(10
brls: hat. 9000 bu: ccrn. 4000
bn;oats, lOCObu; rye, none; bsrley,
CntcAOO. September 18. The tone
of the opening markets on 'Chang i
tins moraing wen even weiker than at
thechsj last night. October wheat
opened fairly stxadr at 74c, sold
sparicgly at 74i74Jc, and went
straight down to 7-1 jc, with every in
dication of making a still further de
cline. November com opened at 40Jc,
and fell to 40i40c. Receipt, are
still hravy, today's beirg 167 cars of
wneat, .iou cars ot corn aud 140 cars oi
oas. There were over 20,000 fieuti
hogs at ths yards, which made a
hiavy pork msrket. Before noon
wheet was hammired down to 743c
Tiiere was free soiling around this fig
ure, l be market lt-r picked up to
74 So, when a local trader covered 200,
000 or 300,000 bushels of shott wheat.
The la ter poition of the ssssion was
slow and nearly fea'.urelesr, the ma'-
Ket closing at near y lusme ngure.
JNovemDer corn crapped to uuic. but
subs quently recovered to 40J-0. Flour
quiet and eary at uochangod prices.
wneat tair.y active ana easier,
cloeing jc under yfS'erdav. Sales
ranged : September. 73j(ri73 Jp, clored
738c: October, 74374 13-1 c, closed
at 743c: November, 76J76ja, cloeed
at 76 6-1 6c; May, 8484c, cl ued at
84 3-lOcj No. 2,spriig, 7373c;No.
'1. red. 74c. Uorn unsetled: de
clined Jc under free selling orders;
rallied andc!osd o lower than yester
day; cash, 37J(S8Sri; September, 87
S)375c, c'osed at 37 Jo; October, 38
o)38J closed at S8 9 16c; Novem-
b r, 3940ic, clofed at 40 3-10a.
Onts eaty; cash. 251c; September, 24
916c; O-tober, 25 9-1025lr, cloed
at 25ic; November, 26j27c, closed at
27c; May, 31 3-1631Jc, clcsed at 31 jc.
Rye dull; No. 2, 48c. Barley easy;
No. 2, 67Jc. Flaxseed easy; No. i
Il uii 09. iteceipts : 1 lour,
17.000 brls: wheat. 61.000
bu; corn. 263.T00 bu; oats. 164,-
000 bu ; rye, 6000 bn ; barley, 68,000
bu. Shipments: Flour, 6000 brls;
wheat. 76.000 bu: corn. 33.000 bu:
oats, 109,000 bu; rye, 5000 bu ; barley,
zo.uuu DU.
BrjTTM Butterine,12J13c ; cream
ery, zao; dairy, I6l8c; country
luttsr, 16(V,16c.
Gheek Crime Hits, Sic, nominal;
factory, 7J8c, nominal ; full cream,
IIoo Prodccts Me?8 pork, $11 50
11 75; augur cured hams, 13j14c;
breakfast bacon. 83 10c: clear rib
sides bacon, 86g,SJc; bacon shoulders,
8c; bulk pork clear sides, 8jn; clear
rib sides, 7:8c: shouldcra, iVOtiin;
long clear7ic.
L,ari Heroes, 7 Jw(jc ; naii-Darreis
and kegs, 8(;r8Jc; choice kettle, 8j
r rehs Meats So. I beet, 10; mut
ton, 7c; hind quarters of bjef, 8Jc;
lambs, $2 503 50.
Poultby Ohickous, -'(.
St. Lourr-i, Mo September 18. Pro
visions dull and week. Pork lower,
$10 75. Lard eaf-v, 16 05. Bilk meat.
weak; no difloreme between pneos of
loess and boxed lots; long
clear and short ribs. $7 40; short clear,
$7 00. Bacon about etoady ; long clear,
S3 12J; rtiortribs, $8 25; ihort e'ear,
$3 50. Hamsessy at 1213Jc. But
tnr easy and uncbanged. Kjigs firmer
at Hjij3.
CnicAoo. III. September 18. A
fair late rest was msniiested in provis
ions all day, but durirg the latUr part
ot tne morning session vaiu-s leu nil
quite s eadily. Ojtobsr pork dropped
down ai low at $9 87 J alter selling at
$107 earlier in the session, and
c ot el at nearlv Intiue ognres. ira
showed little change. Mess pork was
weak and onsrt'led; the market
opened tame and 5(t 7jc lower, rallied
1520c, receded :w4(V, and closed
tame; cash, $9S7.10; October,
$9 77J10 27, closed at $9 909 92;
November, $9 77J(.. 10 10, clcsed at
$9 809 82. Lard-Near deliveries
were steady, while deferred deliveries
were weak and lower; rash, $7 25
7 30: Ssnteniber. 7 ?! iuni,
$6 356 37, closed at $6 35; Novem 'l
uer, to ijinjo zu. Sbort lib sides,
loose, stesdy; caeh. $7 15. Itora.i
meats steady ; dry salted shoulder'.
li l'llll ; alinrr n!
f 7 30. On the Produce Exchange
Imtter ruled easier; creamery, 4
iuu; vMiij, iu(! leu. Jijg, l(j(a):(jj;.
OoFFsa Common, 93101c: ordi
nary, 10jf.il lc; prime R o, 1212c;
cuoice 10 rancy, icM..itK(jc: old govern
ment, 2425c; Ceylon, 1822c.
Soaj Ubapmau's llope soap, un
wrapped, 4J(d41c rer Doand.
Salt-$ I 20 per barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 351 45; coarse, $t 10 1 15; pock
ete, bleached, 2j7c; car loads from
levee or depot, 5c cheaper.
Candiis Sticks, all aisat, in bcxes,
pails and barrels, 89c.
UANDLW fall weight, 910p.
Canned Goods. Etc. Prices ner
dozin: Piueapples, Jl 40(il 60;
peaches, 2-!b, standard, $1 351 55 ; sec
onds. $1 101 15; tomatoeB, 2-'b
standard, $1 2f 1 35: 31r. $1 l,V,iM 30:
strawberrifs, $1 av.iNl 40; raspberries,
$1 151 25; blackberries, $1001 15;
greergages, $1 t0(.i 1 75; pears, s?2(.rt
2o; plums. $1 i(.. l 70: snarrirus.
$2 IttV'f.l: or.ipn pnrn Ir'.AI t , n.un
peai, 1 5il 65; cove oysiers, lull
weight, 1-lb, ?11 10: cove ovetpr.'i.
full weight. 2-tb. $1 75(3,1 85: cove
oysters, light we'g.t, l-.b, 65a; cove
oytters, Tght weight, 2-lb, $1; con
dened milk On. wn, $5 505 75;
E.tg'0, J7 50(-7 75; Daisy, $1 75.
MOlasjas Lonieaua, common to
fa'r, 1825c; prime tochoico,2S:!5c;
syrup, 24U)c; common to fair, 20y.
25c; prime to choice, 30iv3:lj ; centrif
ugal, ranor, .n.
ToiHcio Common
11-ineh, 27
28c; other grades and B'vler, II
ennu narrett s, jiu d pr i-s;
Ralph's, S10 25 per cms; R. R , $9 60
10 25; Gail & Ax's, $8 75.
SrjoiR Pure white, 0$(.?6Jj; rff
white, OjCrOifsj yellow clarified, (!j
8'i; open ke.t'e, 66c; retloed A,
6itije; prnulat'd. ti71o; pow
dered, 717ii; cat loaf, 718.
Nrw York, September 18. Coffee
spot far Kio dull at 11 1; optiois
eady and fairly ec'ive; sales, 70,250
t-airs; Septsmbsr, 9.85c; D.ttober, 9.70
94c; November. 9.609Jo; Decern
ber, 9 (!00 70o ; January and Febru
ary and March and April, 9.009.70c;
May, 9.70c Sugar firm and quiet; re
fined firm. Molaisua tteady. Rice
Api-lis Arp'es, $1 602 60; dried
apples, i3jo per pound from store.
Drid peat-lies, 21l!3 fr om store.
Yiuetablks (luions, 3 ' from
s ore. Cabbage, $2 50; per head, 9IOc ;
$1 75 from levee or depot per crate.
Kraut, brls. $6; half brls, $33 25.
Garlic, 4000o per 100. Turnips, 6O0
per bushel.
FmriT Organes, Louisiana, nomi
nal, $6. Lernrns, $77 50 per box.
Bananar, $1 502 60 per buncb.
Cocoannts, 5 psr 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7c; Tennessee, farmer's stock.
34c; roasted, 2jo higher; (boiled
10c. Almonds, 1820j.
Raimnh London layers, $3 40; lay
er.', $2 75; Caliloraia, ; Imperial,
$3 50(a!4.
Pickles Ia jsrs, pints, 05c; quarts,
$1 50 ; half-gallons, $2 75 ; gallons,;! 75;
looe, barrels, $8 507: half-barrels,
$3 754 ; mixed, barrels. $10 60 ; mixed,
tialf barrols, $6.
PoTATois-New, $1 251 50; North
ern itcck, $1 752.
Cider New York, $0 B07 per bar
rel, and $3 74 per half-barrel; vine
gar, lOjc per gallon.
Pecans Tt-xs, 810c for email to
mediuaa, 1014o for large; Aikantas,
Fisn Meckerel, half-barrols, No. 1,
$55 50; No. 2. $14 25 ; No. 3, $3 50
4 ; 10-lb kit, No. 1, 90c ; No. 2, 76a;
15-lb, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings,' fam
ily, 25c per box. '
Walnut French, 12o ; Naple,15o J
Grenoble j, 16o. Filberts, l-'ii.
Game Game flab, lli2c.
Eoos Eay at 16c
In car load lots: Piime crude cotton
teed oil, 27c; off crude cotton seed
oil, 2224c; prime summer yellow
dniton seod oil, 3637c; off summer
yellow ootton seed oil, 3133c; mio
era' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
3335c; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 35c; choice cookiog yellow
cotton seed oil, 374(v40c : prime cotton
seed meal, $14 50 15; off cotton teed
meal, U(iun.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, lie per gallon.
Pittsiuiro, Pa., September 18. Pe
t.'olNom active and firm: National
Transit certificates opened at 041c;
clcsid at 66Jc; bighett, 65c; lowest,
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1605; redistilled goods from
85c to $1 60, according to proof ; rye,
$1 758.
Chicago, III., September 18. Whis
ky higher, $1 17.
Sr. Louis, Mo., September 18.
Whisky stronger, $1 12.
Whisky aotive, higher: sales of 1130
barrels of finished good) on a basis o(
$1 12.
Clear tub washed. 3130c: grease
wool, 2320c; burry wool, 1318c.
St. Lor is, Mo., September is. Wool
steady and unchanged.
Bagging Jute, 2 lbs. 81c: U lbs.
7n ; 1 Us, 7c. F.ax, 8 lbs, 9 :.
Tibh-$1 101 15.
Nail Common, $2 20(32 25; steel,
$2 35 a2 40.
Cittle roceints tV e past week have
been moderate. Ti day there is a light
snpp y on sale. Prices firm as quoted.
llogs market bsre today. Trices
firm. Sheep receipts Hg!it. None on
sale today. Prices firm. Demand
quite g3od for best grades. Limbs
none un sr.le today. Demand gooJ
for best grades. 1'r cea firm f s quoted.
Choice to extra ccrn fed cattle, none
received; good, none received.
Uhabs Uattle Uhoice. 3K)3c;
good, 2J31c; fair to medium, 21 r)
2c: scllawBgs, llc.
common, 33Jc
Sukip Ghoice. 313io: me(lium,2J
3c; common, $11 50. Choice
lambs, per pound, 44c.
Kansas City, September 18. The
Live S'.ock Indicator reports: Cattle
receipts, 1083 head; shipments, none;
hipping steers steady ; grass range Ir
regular; stockers and feeders firm;
buUhers' stuff slow; good to choice,
$4ra4 50; common 10 nixl nm, $3 30
oou; Biocers, a i'ot.i ,0 ; leeders,
$i803 40; eow. $1 AiK'i J tiO; grass
range ewers, js zutiJ ;su. Ilogs re'
cerp's, 4100 bead; slupments, 672
lieaa; ct.oue l eavy and a shade h'gh.
er; o hers steady; good to cboioe,$l (15
4 85 ; common to medium, $l 40
4 60; gra8'r ind pls, .:i(,f 4 .
Sheep receipts, none; shipments,
none; market s'eadv; grod to choice
$2 603; common to medium, $l 56
2 2).
Chicago, In.. September 18. The
Diorei' Journal repoit: Cattle re.
ceijts, 9.10 bead; shipner.ta, 0(0
head ; market nominallv steady ; shin
ping steer, 950 to 1500 lbs, 13 40
5 15; sockers and feeders, $2(.i l40;
cows, hnlls and mixed, $1 503 ; bulk,
$2 252 75; througt Txis catle
steady, $2 503 45; Western ranger,
Nebraska Texan, $3 454 65. Hogs
receipts 10,000 head; shipment, 3000
head; market strong; rough and
mixed, $4 10)4 75; packing and shin
ping, $4 80510; light, $3 954 85;
skips, $3 80(i3 75. Sbesp receipts,
1000 head; shipments, 400 head ; mar
kt slow and weak; natives, $24:
Western, $3 20(a 3 45; Texans, $2
3 10; lambs, $44 75.
Niw York, September 18.
As usual to Saturday at this
stason, tte demand of c gents has
b 'en modurit-i, but largo deliveries in
the execution of contract. The active
aud h'gbor prices for wool at homo
and abioad are command ng inert-bhm!
aitxntion; also a idor iiitiu ry for
spring staplo weol fabrics.
St Lonia rikI ht Orlrnna Ai'rhnr
l.taio-l'.N Mnlt-JiOH NEW ORLKANS.
City of St. Louis, .pjv
Jaa. Oeal.tnaator.
Will Irave the Klavator BUNUAV, Sit.
l'Hh, at 10 a. id. l ot Iroiaht nr iiaaaaaa aii,l j
C. I,. II a i.T,. H. Act, Al STOHM. Snp't.
M l.oalaj mill Nrw Orlrmi Anrllnt
l.tu-l . N. MmII.-VUH VlOKbDUKti.
City of Vicksburg,
ia Abla matter, jrtsiJCB
Will leava tha Klevator MONUAV. Mant.
2tlth, at 8 a.ni. For Ireiuht or imuaira apiil j
0. U. II At.u. Paa. Aat. AD STORM, Sur't.
HI. l.onls anil Nrw Orlcnna Alirtiui
i.iif-(i.n. mnii jriiK VIUKSBU R(i.
Belle Memphis, .m
Ooo. Dakar mMrar,VMSSSJ
Will leava tha KlavaUir TIIKSI)-,Y. Kant.
2lat, al Ula. 111. For troighl urijaaanaa arp r
t'. I,, ir Al,t Haaa. A'Bt. AD HTOHM. ,(.
HI. I.unlai anil Now Orlrnua Aurhai
l.liio-U.N. MmII-UAIRU A BT. Lull IB.
City of Natchez,
Will leava tha Klavator MONDAY. Maul.
a)(h, at 10 p.m. For freight or jiaaaaaa apply
n. I,. Ham., Faaa. A.'t. AT) H'PiiMM. Aa't
Himplil,rrlitni I'tilni nnl Mmiliii
Mini aMiMila If aMlni Hointaaar.
for llalana, Ulandala, Frlari Point and al
War Landing! titaamer
TaiiieN Jaee, ejQ
J, n. Ooopar, maiUr....J. W. Sontnara.ofiirl
will leave ai aoova on even MOiVDAr.
WSDNKBDAYaaJ FRIDAY, at 5 o'clock.
For Randolph, Folton, Oineola and Hi)
iiandini HUauiar
Coahoma, rZZi
K. T. ClaeU...maalar I Piatt II)iodea...oler
Leavea Kverr M'JNUAV. WKDN KHUA1
and FRIDAY at 8 p.m. Tba bnata ol thii
lino reserve tha right to vi all landlngi
tha ftaptain ma deem unanlb. (Juice, No. I
madlann at. JAIK.i l.JCM, J., Nup't.
Meuiphls aud V Icksiiqi-g 1'acbet Cob
DanT u. . nan Line.
For Helena, Oonoordla, lerraneand Arkan-
gaa iniT t ha ieHnlpaaaantarataamei
M. R. Chak...maaurl W. 0. Blanker., clerk
MONDAY AND fill) Kbit AY AT 5 P.M.
For ConoordI and all way landing!.
Tbe (jrenmer
A. h. CurntBtna, Maat'rl J. O. Wyi-kuir.ui'rk
Laarea'l I KSDA Y and SATURDAY alft p.m
RaaerTlng tha risk i-t atr tanaisga
the aptniB! way dean nnaale. For nnaral
intoruiatloa apply at offlpe, No. 4 Madiaoa
Itreet. K. WALWOkTH, Ag..
JOHN OARR, Paaa'r A rant. Telephone
The Nt. Francis Klver 1 ransportalloi
Oo.'l Fin SiJe-W heal U. H. Mall
JZd Foster,
V, IVaaJUI'llO UIT(.Ora
at 5 o'oloak, for Marianne, tha Ont-08, aai
Intermediate iandinga on ot. Franoli rlvar
Tha oaptain reaerrea the right to paai al
landlngaha deema oniafe. JAS. LKM, Jr.,
Hnnartntanitanv. Ofnaa, No. 4 MaHiaon at.
r it t...n
Arkansas River Pk't Co.
Str. R. L COBB, hTS
B. B. Smith... .maaUr. S1wrJl
Laarea alemrbit Brery TUKHDAY, at 6 p.r
11. O. LOWS. Agent,
OSW, Na. S Madtaon at. Telephone No. SS
Memphlg& White Hirer I'kt.Co
For (!lar)Bdn, Devalla Hlnlt,, lira
Aro, Augnata. Baarny, Newport, Jaekion
port, Hal teaTille and all Way Landing!,
NIK. 1 Hit UAH AW, ,rrr''
K. O. Poatal F"tJ CTI
Will leave KVKRY WKDN KBDa Y at 6 pTm.
BJTB. A I. BEST A HO. , -tj .
Albert B. Boilth .. - HiiVVWaf
nK'Olr Ua DUIIVII ., Ul fa ft verj akeaaMaaBaaaMHki
Will laita KVmtY HATIIRDAY at & d.
Through ratal glvan to all pointi. Freight
foniigned to tha Memphli and WhiU Hirer
'aoketCo., at Mempbil or Terrene, will bt
forwardad promiitly. For general informa
tion apply at office, No. 3 Madiaon it., ort
tlall TalaphoneM. II. O. 1,0 WK. Ai't.
Removed to 303 Front St.,
Between Monro and Mult ion. Nearly
Opliowite Pnntofflog.
Koch's Fat. Store
mill.l.VIXJ laadjuatable to meet any need
or buaineaa. It la oheaier than old atyle. Can
hn put up bv any one. I'aarqianiinl for
l'nolry aud tiuuk Ktirltra. Addron
KOCH A. II. f Om Mitm,,
All MIX NT., PEORIA, ILL., or,
Miiininn llwnlwurr o.,Ht. I.onla.Mo.
WaaT'. NaavB inn Datm Tasara-asT,
avnaranteea aneniflfl for
Uyaterla, Diiai-
a. ConTalnonrf. Fita. Neivoat Nenral
gia, lieaaaone, nerve"! rroairauon, eaurea
by the naa of aloobol or lobaoooi Wake
fulneal. Mental Depreaaloa, Ha'tening of tba
Brain, reaulting in inaanity and leading to
miaery. decay and death! Prematura " d
Age, llarrennaii, Loai of Power In either
,r; Involuntary Luaaea and fiparmator
rhea, oani. i by over-eaertion oi tbe brain,
leif-ahuaa or ovcrlndulwenoe. bach bog own
taim on month a treatment. II a boa, or
III boiea for (6, sent bv mail prepaid, on
receipt of urioe. W jnemntce Hii Boxes
to onr any ou. With each order reoaivful
by na tor lix boiei, eooom panted with 11,
w will aend tha pnrobaaey onr writaea
guarantee to refund tba moaay If the treat
ment doea "Ot efleot a (tar. Oaaraateeg
iaaoed only bv A, RKNKikT W.. Oru
giaU. Mamphll, lean.
Tni8 DAY.
Vickaburg .C'r or VicgSRDaa, 10 a.m.
NowOrleana Citt or St. Lours, lOa.m
Friars Polnt...Jii Lag, S p.m.
ArkanaaaCity.......KATi Adams, 5 p.m.
Oieola...........CoHi)a. S p.m.l
St. Looli Citt orNiTCBiz, 6 p.m.'
Arkanaai River...... R. L. Con, S p.m.
St.Franoia RiverEr. Fostib, 9 p.m.
Vickaburg. .... Billi Mtrarata, 5 p.m.
Whit Rlvar ....Caicnsw,5 p.m.
jlrritialg. City of New Orleans, New
Orleane; City cf Ba on Roage, St.
Louia; City of Cairo, St. Louie.
I)rarturei. Cny of New Orleana, St.
Louie; City of Baton Rouse, New Or
leana; City of Cairo, Vickaburg; Fred
die HohlnaoD, Little Rock; Alberta
No. ;), White river.
Boat in fort Kd. Foster.
itaito Due Down. City of Vicksborg,
City ol 8t Louis and Ccahoms.
. Boat Due Up.- James Lee, Kate
Adams, City cf Natchea and R. L.
Kerr I pi Tretrrday.
City of New l)rleang-72 brls sugar,
lOOca-ks ale, 15 cases dry goods, 6
balra domeat'o arid 15 cases wine.
City cf Cairr 00 tons merchandise.
Tna ( liickussw, Capt K. C. Postal,
is tbe Wedrifailay rackei 1 .r White
Tus Belle Memphis is the Anchor
Lire pauktt Tuesday morning fcr
Thk Ed Fmter, Cnpt. O. K. Joplin,
jrea out Ttieaciiy evening for St.
Francii river.
Tub City of ViekHbirg, Cpt. Dan
Able, is the packet this tvning at 5
o'clock for ickflhiirir ami the bends.
Ufo. Walton is her clerk.
Tni Coahama, Cnpt. Henry Ccoper,
ia tl!e packet Monday evening at b
o'cleck for Oaroila aud the trpoer
bends. Wm. 8niithcr is in her ollice.
Tim Anchor Lino s'eamer Citv of
Natchez, Cnpt. II. K. Bixbv. will pass
up Mouday evening at 6 o'cleck for
Cairo and BU Louis. John Langlois is
hor clo'k.
Tu a James Lee, Capt. Thos. Clrcr-
gett, in the p ii ket Monday evening at
a o'clock fur Helena, Khars Point and
all way landmiis. Will Ashford has
charge of her ollieo.
Thr City ol 8t. Louis. Cant. Jamea
O Nual, is tbe Anchor Line packet
this morimiK at 10 o'cleck for New Or
leans and al inteimediate points,
Owen U. Cales is hor clerk.
Tub R. L. Cobb, Capt. E. B. Smith,
is the packet Tuesday evening at 5
o'cleck for all point i on Arkautas
river, going thiougrt tJ Tine Bluff.
Ohas. Muabelman is in liBrollloe.
VI..LI, III unjDiiuiii in 1 u
Thk Kate t lams,
Cheek, is W Unit
packet Monday eveni
Capt. Mark R.
tad Btates mail
evenlnir at 6 o'clock
for Holer it, Ananaa Citv and all wav
landings. W. C. Blankor haa charge
of hor cilice, a slated by Lew Price and
Murria Clans.
Biemiss quiet.
No ootton received bv river vfsler-
Tub Ed Foster was the only packet
in port at narc laot evening.
Tub Eatiuiror will make her usua!
trips this afternoon to Island Grove
Tub Alberta No, 1 departed on rtae
la?t evening fer White river, jrrtb
good trip.
Tub river here Htartda 5 feet4 tenths
on tbe gAoga, a 'all of c tenths in the
last twontj-four boairt. ,
Thb Freddie Itibinion departed
yesterday evening fcr Little Rock, to
bs delivered to h
tier owners; at that
Thb City of New Orleans passod np
early yistorday morning for Ut. Louis.
Bh iiifctiargtd here 207 packiges
Thb City of Cairo" piiwsd down
yettarday evening for Vickaburg, bbe
discharged here 1)0 tons of freight and
added iO tons.
Tub City of Baton Rouge passed
down yesteidoy at neon for New Or
leans, with a good trip. Hhe was
drawing sewn feet snd bad to be
lightened over Phillip's bar, where
she only found lis feet of water.
Ths new ferryboat Mark Twain
commenced to make ber regular trips
lo Mound City yeteiday morning.
The John Over on has been laid np
for (he preeent. An applies ion has
been made to change the name of the
new boat to Alice, which will proba
bly be granted.
Tub St. Louis GUibt-Democrat of Fri
day i ays- Mj Krnat, of tbe Local
Corps ol River Engineers, will put a
foice of tOO men at work on river im
provement next Monday week. The
start will be made at Twin Hollows.
Majnn Chapln and John White, of the
II. A. Tyler, arrived yesterday, re
port 6 fiiet c ut to Cairo. The worst
place is at Orient Fields, where 5 feet
was found. At Liberty a six foot
channel was found.
Thb New Orleans THme-Democrat, of
Friday, say a: Mr. II. E. Corbyn,
formerly clerk of tbe City of Natcbea,
has quit tbe river. Mr. John W.
Langlois, who has succeeded Mr. Cor
byn, has been in the service of the
Anchor Line, it may almost bs raid,
for 2 years, for in 1800 he wis the
clerk of the John II. Dickey in the SU
Louis and Memphis Packet Company,
that shortly alter became the Bt. Louis
and Mempiib Anchor Line.
EvANsviu.B,Hptember 18, Noon
River 2 feet 8 incites on the gangs and
Cincinnati, Sen'ember 18. Noon-
River 4 feet on the gange and falling.
Weather clear; thermometer 71 .
WimKMNQ.W. Va., Sopterabor 18.
Noon River 1 foot ti inches on the
gauge, weather clear ana pleasant.
Pittsbdro. Bent amber 18. Noon-
River 6 f 'tt 0 inches on the gange and
stationary. Weather clear and pleas
ant. Louisvillb. September 18. Night-
River 5 feet 7 inches in the canal and
1 foot 5 inches ou the (alls and about
stationary. Business fair. Weather
clqar and warm.
Cairo, September 18. Noon River
f leet 3 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather clear ami cool. Arrived:
My Cho'ce. 8t. Louis, 8 p.m.; City of
Ht. Louis, 8t. Louis, (1 a.m.; Foctaltis,
Ohio river, 8 a.m. Departed : PcctBlue,
New Orleans., 1), a.m.
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