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Cotton FJrm-Mlddlimr, l-10e
Sales Yesterday,
150 Bales.
Honey rules ia fair demand at 8 per
cent. Local securities continue steady.
The cotton market clojed firm yes
terday. Sales 150 ba'es, on a bat is of
9 l-16c for middling. New Yoik spots
closed steady and 1-163 higher; mid
dlin, 9Jcj futures firm: 8r.tember,
9.229.24j. A leading New York ct
ton circular lays of the future market:
'The feeling has been quite firm,
with an advance of 45 points very
well sustained. European advices
were better, and at the South an ex
cellent demand was reported, with
limittd supplies, at prices in some
cases abeve the limit of this market."
At New Orleans yesterday spots
were firm and Jc higner; middling;,
fljs; futures eteady ; September, 9 ISj
At Liverpool a ft.oi businee waa re
ported in spot rottoan at hardening
ra'es; eaies, 12,0 0 baits. Middling
npland?, futures very s'cady;
September, 5 15-64 J. I i the general
market there are no features of n.t?.
On hundred brls anp'e?, 2 cits
braD, 823 rls banging, 372 pkgs bason,
12 pkga boots and shoea, 102 bu corn,
153pgs cheese, 200 sks erffee, 1 car
cotion, 1621 eki cot c n teed, 110 pkgs
dry giods, 20 pkjjs egg', 640 brls flour,
6S7 biles hay, 2 pkgs liats, 37 lid orgs,
59 hd ca'tlc, 51 lid hors:s and mules,
50,500 feet lurnher, 122 pkg-i liquors.
144 brls mml, 10,415 bu rat?, 7 brls
onion, 32 bila potatois, 8 cars pork
s!dp, 72 btls Bogar, 416 pkgs tobacco,
2500 bu wheat and 15 brls rice.
Ths following shows tho amount of
grain received, withdrawn ana 111
store by reimlar elevator', es reported
to tbe Merchants" Jixcni.nge jeswjr
day: Whet received, 459 bu; with
drawn, 148 i bu; in ttore, 2007 bu.
Corn received, none; withdrawn,
75 bu; in store, 1907 bu. 0ts rc
' r.e!ved,6209bti; withdrawn, 6417 bu;
in store, 190,211 bu.
joiKf i7. NoitTOSi
9 Madison St., MempblH, Tens.,
. awpricaw rorroN.
Monev in sood demand at 8 per
cent. Tbe Clearing House repait is
as loliows:
Monday, S-Umbir 20'h, J155,
889 90: tttil lat week, $215,587 94
same wek in 1885, 1140,829 t5; same
week in 1884, $8,608 33.
Monday. September 20th, H
781 42; tool last week. 78,550 88;
came week in 1885, $60,614 52; tame
week in 1834, $16 177 31.
New York ght on all p ints, par
buying, i r remiuro s uling ; New Eng
land demaud, J dii count buying; New
England signt, t discount; JNewur
leans, t uu count Doytpg, pareiiiug,
Bank of Cmoierce..l4G bid, 149 asked
First NaHor a! 160 bid. 165 asked
prman Bmk 195 bid. 20 ) aeked
State Na'bnal 145 bid, 150 ask(d
TTninnamt riat)tere..l.-0 bid. lfiJ a ked
Mercantile Bank 135bid,137Jasked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernaudo 100 bid, ... esked
lTomn 75 bd. 80-asked
Memphis Ciiy V02J bid, 105 aked
Peonies 80 hid, 83 asked
Phoenix 98 bi.1,100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vand rbilt 2 bid, 26 asked
Arlinoton 35 bid. ... BEked
Fac:ors 20 atktd
M. & O. R R. shares. ..36 oid. ... t sked
M. & T R. R. ebnres...45 bid, 50 asked
M. A C. console, 7t' 119 bid, ... a?ked
M. & L. R. lsk. m. 8e..l05 bid, ... asked
Miss. & T.R R. CS.A...111 bid, 113 aeked
MiM.& r. R.R. cs.B..10!i bid. 103 aiked
Tenn. wts. tar. D Oi) bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wrg. sr. E to J..83 bid, 85 asked
Bhelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Disr. 4, 6s 97 bid, 98J .Bked
Tax Dist. 64 104J bid, 1054 asked
Mem. Q ebond.-i 104 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water binds 97 bid, ... aeked
Hanener Oil Works b d 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil ti ust f.4 bid, 56 asked
Pioneer Cotton Wills...25 bid, 30 tsked
Mem. Stnr.Com. C0...IO6 bid, 110 asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid, 80 aeked
NiwYork, Sp'ember 20. Meney
n call Dctive a. 49 por cent., closing
at 5 ptr cent. Piime mercantile
piper 45 per cent Sterling exchange
tjuiet, but steady, at 48 1 i for sixty
day bil s and imt lor aemana.
Bond? Government bonds were
dull, but strong. State bonds wers
dull and fcfcadv.
Stocks-The stock market was x
tremely acivp, the snles being the
la'gest lor any dy lor maoy monms.
The trading was sccompsnivd by a
sreat deil of excitement at times, and
piicts wtue throughout quiet but
fevertsK Akhoiieh tho aivance
seems to be entirely c"e to the devel
opmen'a m Rjadiug, that s ock today
failed t j reach the highest rrice at
tained on Sa nrdav. and finally closed
bnt a r-ma'l trac ion aove tbe final
figure of Ust week. This etotk also
assumed a Fecondary place in the
dealing), Lackawanna comitg to the
front ou heavy purchases by inside'S
which was helped by rumors of en id
crease in t';e dividends in const qu -nee
of the pesf nt heavy eurcinfS of the
rocd. West' rn Union was also a chief
feature and rumo a of a se't'ement
with tbe Baltimore and Ohio were
again reviewed. The Vanderbilts
were all notably s'rone, and Lake
Shore wss par.fcularlv active, there
beirjg cms derable t ading in it. The
Giargers nero lemaikabli' quie
aithongh thera vm a spurt in Omaha
just after noon. TIm pu?cbaiing was,
to a large extent, entirely new buying,
and altln Uffh there wre heavy reali
ing sale) during th.o day, the demand
was so great tba.. tunrkeed aivat,ces
were mde over the whole list, iteaa
ine. Like Shore and some otheisof
the trunk line ttotks were cold
heavily for foreign acrount at one
time, and rncitic Mail wts Broken,
The recorded transnc'nns are prob
ably much below the actual business
done. 1he sales of the first b'ing
liroer than the fleet two hour! on
Saturday. The opening was strong at
advances over the clcsing figures of
Saturday, rangicg from t to 1 per
cent, the la-tr in Delaware and Hud
scn and Canada t-outhem, while
Lackawanna, We-tern UuionandTtxas
Pacific were up 1 per cent. each. Ia
the early dealings tbere was cons der
able iircguiarity in pri s, wUich,
however, disappeared towa d noon,
mncn everj ttnug moved np in uni
son. Lackawanna advanced sharply
in tin ttjrcoon, aw.mpinied by
Western Ui ioi a: d Omh, but the
break ia Pscifio Mail checked the gen
eral advance for a short time, trir.nth
it af erwerd recovered hm s mely.
Tbeie wes egsin he ivy selling in the
lest boar, wLich caused rea tions in
seme s'otks. and hiid 0 hers down to
tbe prices airoady attained. The mar
ket closed barely firm. The ncoroea
Biles for the day wie 626,9)1 share.
Lactawanra, 82,215; Reading, 62,315;
Western Union, 51,153. Ihe most
notable advarc s were: Wes ern
Uuion, 2; Latktwsnna 2J, and Texas
Pacific If: Railroad bonds were
quie'. Sales, $ 1,316,000 Prces were
firm and strong during the fi st hour,
but afterward ba ely held their own,
and in a few cs;s declines were made.
Tbe total sles cf s o ks today were
C20,851 shxres, including Caoada
Southern, 7324; Osntral Pa cific, 3298;
DMawara, Lackawanna and Wesrn,
82,215 Delaware and iiud on, 13,775;
Denver and Rio Grange, 3J95; Erie,
52.4SO; LakeShor -, 42,137; Louisville
and a nviiif, 7i80; K.isai ana
roxBP. 24.410: Mnou'i P-ciflc. 5051 ;
Norihestern, 0890; New Jers'-y d-n-tral,
12,730; Ni-wY.-k Ctral, 8055;
Ouio and Msiesippi, 623; Ptific
Mail. S4.9Sd; K admc 2,3i5;b'. rain,
26,285; St. Faul and Oin.ib, 14,950,
Tex. s and Pacific, 25C07; Uuion Pa
cific, 14,89. Wet-rn In.on, Bl.lM;
Waba-h Pacific. S525: Northern Pa
cific, prxfeirfld, 6681; OrHgoa Trans
continental, yi'U. tiosii g quoiauous;
V. 8. Ss, VXCi. 4k. eonv, IZT'i.
i'A, coup, 111. I'acifio.ijs ot lbti5,
La. BtPmyMa, 79. Minourl 6s, 10.
Cent. Pac. lata. 114 Den A R.U Ut. Ul'4.
Den A K (W.Uta, 8l';.Kne aecoods, 116.
M K AT.G n.C, W!4 No'tn.Pao lrts.HS'i.
Nnrlh P.). ila. lir'Vfa. N Y ARIflrn nn.. 141.
N.Weat deb.5. 110. St L.S V tien.M, m
tt Paul eon., 1W. bt.P.,(J &e lfts, l'iu
T.P.landrant9,55. T.I'.,R.O.excou.67
U. P. lets. 115H. V est Shore. 101JS.
Tenn.6i, lel'mt, 106. Tenn. b. aet'iut, 102.
leno. M, iei uii, i.
Adama Exnreaa, 140. Morris A E.,offd,140.
Alleghenr Cen., . Nunhville A C, IW'4.
AltOD AT. 11.. 35. N J. Central 6UW.
A. AT. 11. r.fd.,fO. Nor. A W. pfd, 'Mi.
Iin.r Mil K T.. KM,. nirThf.ril PSfl..
B. C. R. AN &r. orthern P. P d. 61.
Canada F.o , 67Ji 0. A N. W., 11. ,
Canada Boa . C. A N. W. pld, IV? i.
Central Faoitlo, 46S. W I. Central, 114.
Che;ep:akeAO.,8U N V.C. A St.L.,V.
C. AO. It pfd, 1 H. N Y,C.ASt.L.,p, 123.
C. A O. 2d rid., 9. Ohio Centra', -.
0. A A , 141H- Ohio A Miss., :SY,.
C. A A. rid ,160 O A Mix. pld. W -
0. O a U 137. Ununo wear., ajyt.
C, St L. A N.O., . Oregon Mav., 107!.
C. St.I- A P..13M. Oreon Trana., 'Al.
C6t.LAP.pfd, U'i. Oregon Imp., iH.
C.S.AC.. 34. PaciBo Mail, 6-.
O. A C, Panama, 98.
Del. A hud , I'fona, U. X 31.
Del., Ii. A W., 137. Pittbur(t. 151!.
Don. A Rio G , 3234 . Pullra.nP C, 141.
Erie, S)!4 Reading, 34.
Erie rfd, 77M. Knok Ialand, 127.
East Tenn., 0. ml.xb. r.,s.
Bast Tenn. nia. iy. di ii. d.c. piu, o.-,.
Fort Wayne, 146 tt.b.A S.K. 1-t p, 112X
Hannibal X St. Jo .v. m. s. t r., tw.
II A St. Jo , pfd, . o.M.4St.P,.p,12.
Harloin. 25. St. P., M A M.. 117W.
Houston A T., Si St Pauli Oiuah,
lllionis Central, 135j.St Faul A O. PlU, 111.
Ind .B. A W.,14'4. Tnn.CoalAlron,58.
Kansas A T., 3354. f exu Pacin 11.
Lake E. AW, It. Uuion Paoiflc, 6034.
Lake Shore. 91. U. ti. Exp u, 62
T.nn A Nu.h . 111. W.. St.L A P.. 'IIVa.
Lou. A N. A. 57. W .St.L A P p.. 3SX
M. A r. 1st pld. . w.r Kii3i,
M.AC, soconda.-. W. U. Tel., 72.
Me-n. A Char . 37. olnra lo O.ial, 29!i.
Mich. Cen., 86K. ll.ime Stake, 18.
Mm. A St. L., 22 Iron hilver. 190.
Miu. A8. L. p'd.46. Oniari.i. 25J4. . , .
, P.nlfln 11 17.' Oiiuikailver. f.
Mobile A Ohio, 154. Quicksilver pfd., 21M
M.li. H w., w. ?oum i-uoiuo, .
M L S.A W. pfd, 3K.6utro, 7.
London. B-r.t'jniber 20. 4 nm
Cons ils 1001 f r money and 100 15-16
f r the r count. United Siat s Bonds
4i, 130J.
Paris, 8s,mhrr 20 -Three per
cent, rentes, S Ir tue account.
Naw Oblbaks, La., fiip,-nifr 20.
Cleariogi of the banks, $751,680.
Baltimore, Vd.,. 8eiiteraber r0.
Cleuiings, $3,337,836; balances, $1'31,
Philadsi.phia, Pa., September 20
C'eirings, ,U2,306 ; balances, tl.WJ,'
St. Lcis, Mo., 8-pt ruber 20.
Bank cieauogs, ,U.'U,r.'J; Daiaaces,
$660,237. .
CmcAGd. Ill, Ren'mnber 20. -To
rixy's a-Rociated bat,k dealings weie
if J,7 16,001).
Naw York, September 23,-Oaring
hounn stat-ment: bxcharge, 1-'J,'
800,272; bilan,-a, 5,100,22n.
Boston, Mass., Ke tenb-r 20.
Clearivg': H.xcangis, iU.yuH.uie
balances, $1,236,091 R,te for mo ey
3J per cent ; txcrmnse oq New York,
DflOC discount nn (1000.
Boston, Mass., September 20 Tlie
followirg table, compiled from special
disp.itcnes to tne roil Irom tne, man
ager nf the leading clearing houses in
the United S ates, lav. s tbe grofs ex-
changrs tt tach point f .r thtuhe week
ending September 18, 1886, ai com
pared with the corresponding week in
New York, f 5fi0,366,037 ; ire, 22.8
Bo 'too. $73 203,823: inc.. 22 3.
Philadelphia, $56,4i 5,202; inc., ll.f,
Chicag ), $51 827,000; inc., 17.&.
St. Louis. $16,372,590: inc.. 27.3
San Fiancisco,$144148U;inn.,18.1
Baltimore, $13 104,2.3; inc.21.1.
Cincinnati, $10,(0 .0,000: inc , 19.8.
Ptteburg, 7,512,i67; iic,15,2.
Kansis (Ji y, 5, 68,405; inc., 48.6.
Louisville, 4,2tt3,31 7 ir.c, 33 2.
Npw Or ea'ic, 5 385,800; inc , 15 7.
Milwaukee, 3,932,8iK); inc., 27.7.
Omaha, $1,285 840; inc., 70.5
Providence, $4,299 900; inc., 0.1.
Minrepolic, 4,17,0!)0 ; in"., 59.8.
Clev. land, i 2,657,574; inc., 30 8.
Denver, 13 538,387.
Detroit, $3 226,214: inc, 13 2.
Columbus, $i 261,263; inc , 59 3.
Hartford, $1,414 393; inc., 1.6.
Indianapolis, $2,428 r2 ; inc , 76 3.
New Haven, S1,V10.079; inc., 23.7.
Galveston, $1,89.1,041.
St. Josph, $1,153,470; inc., 63.1.
Memphis, $1,( 00,050; inc., 22.6.
Portland, 805 000; ire, 8.2.
Peoria, i 783,061; dec , 27.4.
Worcester, $944,389; inc., 10.8.
Spiinettuld, $868,221; inc., 19.5.
Lowell, $573 099 ; inc., 49 2.
Syracose. J535,t 05; inc., 8 7.
Totals. $884,834,499: Inc . 21 9.
OuWae of New York, $294,468,662
inc.. 19 7.
Ga'veiton and Denver not included
in totals.
The local cotton market opened
Arm and clocedflrm; middlirg, 91-16c.
oaies, i- u rja e, ail toexport-s.
Yesterday. Sitnrday,
Ordinary ,
Good Ordinary.,
Low Middling....
Good Middling.,
Middling Fair...
9 1-16
i Norn.
9 1-16
Mxiipbis, September 30, 1886.
Stock Sept 1, 1886.... 4,009
Received today 474
Eeceived previously... 1,756
Shipped today 243
Shirped previously 1,804
Homo consumption to
date 2,047
Stock zonoiog account 4,192
Import. .
Thus far this week 679
Thos far )at wetk 421
Since Sip ember 1st 2,230
M. and C. R R 32
M. A T. E. E. 84
L. and N. R. R 17
MAL R.R.R 100
C..O.AS. W.R.R 14
L., N. O & T. R. R 22
K. O , 8 dc M. R. R 17
M. B.&B. R.R. 1
Stealers 137
Wag ins and oiher sourct s 60
ToUl 474
Thus far this wek 632
Thus far lai t wet k 490
Since September, 1st 2,047
L. AN. R. E 243
Total 243
New York s piti opened firm and
closed st ady and 11 tic higher. Mid
dling, 9js. Sales, 154 bales. Quota
tions were as follows:
Yisterday. Satnrrdav-
Ordinary Ci 6 11-18
Good ordinary. 8J 8 1-10
Liw m'd.iling 8 15-16 8J
Middling.- 93 9 5-16
Good middling 9j 9 1116
Middling 'air-.lO 7-10 10
Fair 11 116 11
New York fu'ures onened auietsnd
firm and closed firm. Salvs, 83,500
bales. Tbe closing quotations were as
9.18 9.20
9.21 9.22
9 24
9.31 9.32
September...9 22f$ 9 24
O tober 9 25 9.20
Novembt r...9 27(a) 9.28
Deonulsdr... 9.2K 9.29
Jnary 9 35ial 9.30
February .4iH) a 44
March 9.51 9 52
9.39 9.40
9.47 9.48
9.55 9.66
April 9 60 9.61
May ..9 68 9.69
9 63 9.61
June 9 76 9 77
July 9.84 9.85
9.71 9 72
9.79 9.80
spot market
The New Orleans
opened firm end c oied firm and Jc
Mitrier; middang, 9c. Haies,750 ba'ts.
Quotat ons were as 1.1 owa
Y sterdar.
Ordinary 7J
Grod Ordinary 8
Low Middling 8i 8
Middling; 95 9t
Good Middling 9 9
The New Orleans future market
ore ied itnady aod closed steady,
Sales, 21,200 bales. Quotations were
as follows:
Yisterday. Saturday.
r-'eptemf er .9.18 bid. 9.UO
October 8.93 8 94 8,87 8.88
November ..8 87 8.88 8.80 8.81
December ..8 88 8 89 8 82 8 83
January ....8.97 8 98 8.91 8 92
February ...9 07 9 08 9.01f) 9 02
March 9l7ta918 9.11 9.12
April 9.27 9.28 9.21 9.22
Mar 9.37 9.38 931(a) 9.32
Jun 9.47 9.48 9 41 9.43
,uly 9.55 9.56 8.49 9.51
Tone. Kec. Prices Stock.
Galveston fi-ni. 5,599 91-18 38,830
N Or eane. firm. 2,471 9 6,014
Mtbile.... nom. 2 8 3 811
Savannah, firm.- 6,097 813-10 28,534
Char 'eton s eady 2,53 8! 12,418
Wiim'ton. firm. 645 8J 1,509
Noifolk.... steady 649 91-16 3,061
Baltimore quie' 9 4 204
Nw Ye rk steady 9J 102,912
Boston .... quiet
Phi art'a... firm Of 7,019
St. Louis... firm. 324 9 8,132
AntiU ti... steady 546 9
Receipts at pons, this day, 1886.-17,098
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885..24,744
consolidated htatkmknt.
1886. I 1885. I 1884,
R'H U. 8
Ex. Gr. Br
Ht ck.
R'tsSept 1
For'gn Ex.
Decrewein receipti this year,. ..42,501
At noon: Liveipool reported good
on in us, rales Hardening, tales iz.
OHO bale, of which Ameiican 9700
biles. Receipts 9700 bates, of which
American none.
Closing quotations wers as follows
Ordinary, 4gd ; good ordinary, 4jd
low middling 5d; good middling, 6jd
middling uplands, 51d; middling Or
lt an, 0 5-iOd.
f The price art givtn in ptneeawl Githt,
thus: 4 63 meant 4 03-64d; and 5 01
meant 5 1 bid, J
At nnon: Liverpool futures were
ou et: September. 5 165 15d: rep
tember-October, 5 10d; October-November,
5 065 05d; November-De
cember, 5 045 031 ; uecember-Janu
a v 5 04d: JanUBrv-rebroarv, 6 04d
February-March, 6 06d; March-April
: Anrit-Mav. .
At 2 p.m.: L'verpool futures were
stexdv: Sen'ember. 5 15d, Sotdember
October, 6 lOd, sellers; October-No-vembar,
506d, tellers; November-
Decembrr, 6 04d. selers: December
January, 5 04d, tellers; January-Feb-
iua',5 04d, s-llers; february-Marcb
6 06d, tellers; Marcb-Apiil, 6 08 J
eelhra; April-May, 6 lOd, sellers.
At 4pm.: Liverpool futuns were
very s'edy; September, o lod, buy
ers: Seo'ember-O.itfcbsr. 510d, buyers
Octc ber-November, 6 06d, sellers; No
vemhei-Uecember. 5 04d. buyers; i)e
ceiiibBr-January, 5 04 J, buyers: Janu
arv-l-fbruary. ' 6 05d. buyers ; ebrn
ary-March, 5 06d, snllers ; March-April
5 08d, sjlltri; April-May, lOd, buy
The following Is ths record of bids
and offers at the Call Board of the
Merchants' Lxcbante yesterday:
No. 2 white, pot. 43c bid : Snptera
br, 43c bid; October, 42o bid; No
vember, io aKed; tbe year, 41c
asked. JNo. 2, epor, 42c bid; rieptem.
ber. 42c bid: Octoher. 42c bid: No
vemberi 42c bid, 43c asked ; the year,
40c atked.
No. 2. spt. 28ic bid. 30c aeked
September, 28 Jc bid, 30c asked; Otto-
.1, , . 1:1. I 1 I
Del, zuc uiu; xmvouiuer, out uiu,
No. 2 red winter, spot, 70c bid; Sep
tember, 7CC Dia.
Spot, $2 05 bid: Septembsr, $2 10
bid, $2 15 asked ; the year, $1 80 bid, $2
Spot, $11 25 bid ; September, (11 25
bid: October, $1125 bid; November,
$12 bid on track, $12 asked on track.
Tha fcllowfcK quotations are the of
ficial quotations of the Merchants' Ex-
char go:
CORNMAL-Manuorn, $2 32 40;
pearl, $3 403 50; roller, $2 60.
Hat Choice, from stor, 75c; car
load from levee or depot, $13; prime,
from Btore, 70.'. ; car load from levee
or depot, $11 6012; prairie, frcin
store, 50c. ; car io..d from levee or
depot, $3
Corn rtm nore,wnite,5le :mixed.
48c, from levee or di-pot; white, in
bulk, 46c; in racks, 49c; mixed, in
bulk, 44 jc; in sac, 41 jc.
Uats From atote,v inte.a.c ; mixed,
36c: from levee or depot, white, in
bmk, 32c; in sacks, 36c; tnixtd, in
bulk, 30c; iu sacks, 33c.
Bran trona store. 0(45c: from
levee or depot, $13.
Flour From store, ao.3. J3: fam
ily. $3 50; choi e, $3 754 ; fancy, $4
25: extra lancy, V J4 00; pateuts,
$55 60.
bkans wavy, f-; medium, $1 50
75; common, $i 25; German miller,
$1 201 49.
Kick Louisiara, 4ac; Caro.ica,
CC8a. .
Oatmial in liaii-Darrels, $3(03 25
from store.
Crackers Pod, extra. 4c: soda.
treble xtra, 4s; lemnti crackers, ex
tra, 7c; lemon cream crackers, treb'e
extis, 7Jc; ginger Bnapp, extra, 6c;
ginger 8 iaps, treble ex ra, 6c; assarted
umblis, 9c.
Crackid wheat 11 liaii-oairois,
$1 25 from store.
Hi'miny and Grits -hom Btoro,
$3 15( 3 ?5.
Kansas City, Mo., September 20
Wheat tirrxier; No. 2 ted. each and
Septembur. 621c; Ost ber, 63c; Nc-
vembur, 64c. Cora custi dull, futures
higher; No. 2 cah, 31c bid: O to
ber,3232Jc; November, 33c bid. Oa s
no quotations.
Ft. Louis. Mo.. Septerabsr 20. Flour
ftf ady end unchangrd. Wheat active
and irregular. Tie market opened
weak,a'd o lower than Saturday's
close. Tut re was a ti' avy demand at
thte figures, ond prices advanced jc,
frill off auain l reacted, and tiiaily
doted lo iiigber tt an Saturday;
No. 2 red, cash, 74$(i4n; September,
74jc; October, 74i7ft", closing at
76jc: November, 76877ic, closing at
77ic;Mav, 87888Jc, cksing at 88jc.
Corn doll, but ri'Ui and hiitiHr,cloring
iWiis over Saturday; No. 2 mixed
Ciish, 358358fl; Septembir, 35Jc; Oc
tober 3riii:; November, 3637c, c'os
ing at 36sc bid; Mar, 42c. Uitsua'i
bnt firm, and tgc higher; No. 2
mixed, cash. 26c; October, 25So bid ;
November. 2688 Did: May, 32c. itye
s eany, 48c. Barley, 4070c, according
tiqnauty. nay prairie, r ouioia ou;
timothy, $1012 0. Flaxseed steady.
$10"). Bran firm, 60;. Corn meal
tteady, $2. Root ipts Flour, 4000 brls;
wfcear, 4,uou bu; corn, ad.uuu du;
oats, 13,000 bu; rye, 2000 bu; barley,
21,000 bu. Shipments Flour, ll.OoO
brls: wheat. 11,000 bu; corn, 12,.
000 bu; oats, 0l)t)0 bu; ;rys, ICOObu;
barley, none.
Afttrnoon tsoara. Yi neat easy ana
a t hade lower. Coin weak and K5J0
lower. Oats easy.
Chicago. III.. September 0. There
was a fairly active speculative trade in
wheat today. The feelinv was some
what nnsirt led. The opening was
weaker and c lower, intluer.ced by
the easy tine of foreign advices, to
gtther wiih an expected large in-
creaee in tne vwuie Bnppiy. rue
mirktt opened i(ic lower, tbe de
dice bringing out considerable long
wtieat. Alter tne Udober optl ;n bad
touched 74c good buving set in, which
caused sn advance of Jc, but tbe visi
ble sapplv rrpoiti showing an in
oersiof 3,670,000 bnsliels caused an
caier feeling, and the market closed
at 1 o'clock at 74 . Ia tbe afternoon
ths maikat was steadier.and advanced
is. The tiadicg in com was only
moderate in volume, nitn an unset
lied feeling. The opening was weak,
but a good shipping demand caused
ftiir buyir g by shone, and an advance
of c, but became weak again on
estimated large receipts for tomor
row. The closing was at about Satur-
day's Hume. Oati ruled steady, and
c'fS.d a shado higber. Flour quiet
and unchanged. Wheat active
and unseltled, closing Jo Ligber
than Sa urday.' Sales ranged:
8ptcmbt-r, 72j73c, clced at
731c; October, 7474jc, closed at
74c; November, 76(a)76 ll-16c, closed
at 76 7-16; May, 84(i84(j, cl sed at
84 5 16c; No. 2,Bprirg, 73i73Sc;No.
2, red, 74 Jc. Cnrn unse.tled, but
c oBsd at sbont Sa urday's iignres;
cah, 37(rl38c; September, 37J37Jc,
c'osed at 37r; October, 3H39o,
closed at K8jc ; Novembi r, 4040 9-16c,
closed at 40 5-l0c; May, ntwme,
cloeed at 45 l-lOo. 0ts eteady, clos
ing Jc h'guer; cash, 25Jc; Septamber.
24c; U tobsr, 2SJ"oc, cioseu
at 25 Jc; Novembor, 2727c, closed at
27o;May; 31J315s. closed at31c.
Kye quiet; Wo. 2, 4jc. parley easy;
No. 2, 571c. Flaxseed steady; No. 1,
$1 08jl 08. Receipts: Flour,
12,000 brls; wheat, 74,000
bu: corn. 250.000 bu; cats, 101,-
000 ba; rye, 6000 bn; barley, 59,000
bu. blnpments: I'lour, io,uuu Dria;
wbeat, 84,000 bu; corn, 293,000 bus
oats, 134,000 bu; rye, 3000 bu ; barley,
76,000 bu.
Afternoon Board.-tbe clrslng prices
were as follows : Wheat September,
73Jc; October, 748n- November, 76c;
May, 84Jo. Corn September, 37u;
October, 385c; Novmiiber, 40,c; May,
45c. Oats September, 25c; October,
26 Jc; November, 27jn; My, 31 c.
Botter Butterine.1 21 3c ; cream
ory, 22(a:26n; dairy, 1618c; country
butter, 1516c.
Chee'B Prime flits, 8c, nominal;
factory, 78c, nominal; full cream,
Una Products Me's potk.tll 50
11 75: eugr cured hams, 13Jl4c;
breakfast baron, 8j10c;- clear rib
sides bacon, 8;8Jc; bacon shoulders,
8c; bulk pork clear sides, 8jc; clear
rib side, 7J8cj shoulders, Vi7Jc;
long clear, 7 Jc.
Laro-fiercer-, 7!7c; half-barrels
and kegs. 88Jc;choue kettle, 8J
lOaiHit Mkjtb No. 1 beef. 7c: mnt-
tan,' 7c; hind qunrters of beef, 8c;
lambs, $2 503 50.
Poultry Chickens, $23
St. Louis, Mo., September 20 Pro
viainna dull, nnamttltd and lower. Pork
very weak, $10 50. Lard eaey, $0 60
6 65. Bnlk meats decidedly lower:
lnraa lots am tlesr and si ort rib,
$7 20; short c ear, $7 50; boxed lots
lonir clear. f7 25: elmrt ribs, $7 37;
shoit clear, $7 50. Haion etsv; lm.g
clear, $7 87; tlVrt nbs,J7 857 87;
ihrri Oar, $8 12Ca3 2'r- Ham steady
at 1213c. Bn'ter quiet and steady;
creamery, 2125c; liary, 10fe20o.
Exgs strong and higher at 1213ij.
Chicago, III, September 20.
Mes pork rultd veiy irregular; the
market opened 510j lower, followed
by a fnrther decline of 1517s, rallied
4042c, receded 2li30c, and closed
tttady. In the afternoon tbe market
was again a shade firmer. Lard ruled
10c loiter on the regular board, but re
gained near'y all ci the decline is the
afternoon. Me perk active and ir
regn'ar, closing at about the sarns as
on Saturday; cash, $9 90; October,
$9 67j10 15, clrwed at $9 87,9 90;
November, $9 65(?10 05, clcsed at
$9 80(i)9 82. Lard staler, closing 10c
lower; cash, $7 207 25; September,
$7 2(!7 ?0, closed at $7 30; October,
$6 J246 35, closed at 16 12J8 15.
Short rib sid-s weaker and 1520c
lower; cash, $() 95. Boxed meats
steady ; dry salted shoulder, $0 12
6 25; short clear sides, $7 25(V7 30.
Butter s'eady; creamery, 1525o;
dairy, 1319c; paiking stock, 88Jc.
Kg, 1616c
Afternoon Hoard. Pork Spp'ember,
$9 ix; Octoher; $9P2,; Novembor,
$9 87 J. Lard Siptember, $7 25; Oc
tober, $3 20; November, $6 12.
UKO eatlEN.
Corrii Common, 9J10c; ordi
nary, 10jllo; prime Ho, 1212o;
choice to fancy, 1313c; old govern
ment, 2425c ; Ceylon, 1822c.
Soaf Cbapman's Hops soap, un
wrapped, 4(r)4c per pound.
Salt-$I 20 per barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 351 45 ; coarse, $L 101 15; pock
ets, bleached, 2J(7o; car-loads from
levee or depot 5c cheaper.
Candivs Sticks, all sisef, in boxes,
pails aod barrels, 8(i9c.
Candles Fill weight, 910c.
Canned Goods. Ktc. Prices per
doi-n: Pineapples. $1 40ra)l 60;
peaches, 2-lb, standard, $1 851 65 ; sec
ond, $1 101 15; tomatoes. 2-'b
standaid, $1 25(.M 35; 3-lb, $1 151 30;
strawberries, $1 3.ri(.M 40; rasiiberrles,
$1 15(.!126; hiackherries,$10tll 15;
greni gices, $1 tiOOM 75: pears, $2
2 25: plume, $1 tkl(" 1 70; separegua,
$2 00('C.I; SMencorn, $tl 35; green
Sea, l 6f(2)i do; cova oysters, lull
weight, 1-lb, $11 10; covo oyeterj,
full wiight, 2-lb, $1 751 85; cove
oysters, light weigtit, 1-ib, 65a; cove
oyiters, 1'ght weight, 2-lb, $1; csii
denied milk Crown, $ 605 75;
Eagle, J7 50(?7 75; DaiBy, $t 75.
Mulasas LouiEana, common to
fa'r, 182."ic; prime to choice, 2835c ;
syrup, 2440c; common ti fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 3033o; centrif
uurI, fancy, 3234j.
Toncco Common, 11-Inch, J7
28c; nthcr grades and styles, 3jIjc
Hnutt Harrette, $10 85 par eas;
Ralph's, $10 25 por cuss; R.R,$9 50
10 25; Gail A Ax's, $8 75.
SuouR Pure whits,' (lipeja; eff
white, 656Je; yellow clar lled, 6
(i6 v, open ke.t e, 66c; refined A,
6ijiic; sranulat-d. 0J71o; pow
dered, ViQjjju; cat loni, 71mp.
Santos, Soptomber 18. Oo lies
good svrrage, 4650 teis per 10 kilcs,
purchases for the United States, 4000
bigs; clearances for the United S'ates,
2000 bags; stock, 90,000 bags.
Rio Pic Janeiro, September 18. Cof
fee regular first, 6050 reis per 10
kilos; good second, 4450 reis. F.e
ceiptsduring the week, 699,000 bau;
pnrchasis for the United State, 133,
000 bags; clearances fcr the United
States, 82,000 bans; ttock, 71,000 bags,
New York.- September 20. Coffee
spot fa r Rio dull and nominal at
Hi;; optima I5(r25 points lower and
active: sales, 016,000 hais: September,
9c; October, 9.459.56c; Novembsr,
9.35ffi9 65cs December, 9.359.40o;
January, 9 359.40c ; February, 9,30
9.40c; Marcb, 9.3(s9.40c; April, 9.35
(a. 9.40c, Sugar firm and quiet; refined
stundy; a'andard "a," 6 1l-16c; cut
loatand crushed, 6ic; powdered, 61
tic. MoUWBes eteady. line nrm.
New York. September 10. The cof
fee market suffered a further break
th's morning. Up to this hour
nrices have declined 15("25 noints. and
tha feelirg now is haiety steady. In
the wav of tradire there has been has
done, although the dealings reached a
moderate aggregate. Cable advices
from Havre leport a dentine of f. This
had a depressing inllu-noe, besides
ihers is a decided pressure to sell.
Hale", 14,500 bgs t 9.51a for Septem-
ner, u rou lor uuiooer, n.iumi 03c mr
X ... U .. O If.. In. luu l,a. Q IRA
9 45c for January, and 9.35c tor Marcb
Ari'Lis Apples. $1 602 60; dried
apples, l'K),Slo per pound irom store,
Dried peacbes. 2A(a;ilo irom store.
s ore. Cabbage, $2 60; per head, 9 10c
$1 75 Irom levee or depot per crate
Kraut, brls, $6; ball brls, $33 25,
Garlic, 4060c per 100. Turnips, 50c
per bushel.
Fruit Orcanes, Louisiana, nomi
nal, $6. Leinnns, $77 50 per box
Bananas, $1 602 60 per bunch
Cocoannf, $5 per 100. Peanu's Vir
irinia, 71c: Tennessee, farmer's stock
34c; roasted, 2n higher; shelled
10c. Almond, I8(t20.'.
Rai'ins Ix)ndoti layers, $3 40; lay'
ew, $2 75; Caiitornis, ; imperial
$3 50(al4.
Pickles In jars, pints, 05c; quarts.
SI 50: half-eall.ins.S2 75 : gallons, 75
loope, barrels, $0 507; half-barrels,
$3 75'i 4; mixed, barrels. $10 00 ; mixeu
balf-barrels. $0.
Potatois New, $1 251 60; North
ern stock, $1 752.
Cider New York. $6 B07 per bar
rel, and $3 7C4 per half-barrel ; vine-
csr. 104c ner Ballon.
Pecans Texas, 810o for small to
medium, 1014c for large; Aikancas,
r iaii niaciterm, iiu-unrrBi. 1,
$,55 50; No. 2, $44 25; No. 3, $3 60
1 L.UI 1- XT- 1
4: 10-lb kit, Ho. 1. 90c; No. 2, 75c
151b, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings, fam
liy, 25c per box.
Walnut F'rench, 12c; Naples,16o
Grenobles, 15o. Filberts, 12c.
Game Game fish, 11 12c.
Eaa8-Eay at 15c.
In car lo .d lota: Piime crude cotton
seed oil, 27o; off crude cotton seed
oil, 2224c; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 3637c; off summer
yellow cotton eend oil, 3133c; min
ora' summer yellow cottun seed oil
3335c; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 35c; ch ire cooking yellow
cotton seed oil, 37'S40i!; prime cotton
seed meal, $14 50 15 j off to '.ton aeed
meal, $13 1 4.
Clear tub washed, 3136c; grease
wool, 2320c; butry wool, 1318c,
St. Lcuis.Mo.. September 20. Wool
quiut and unchanged.
BAueiftu ana Tit:, err.
Baooinq Ju'e. 2 lbs, 8Jc: 1J lbs
7Jc; 1 Us, 7c. .ax, 8 lbs, UJ3.
Ties-$1 101 15.
Nail Common, $2 202 25; steel
$2 35 2 4').
rr.Tuoi.r.DM ma it met.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lotf, llo p-.r gallon.
reCLEVBLASD, O..' September 20.
Pttioleum quiet; S. W., 110 test, 7i
PlTTKiiuRO. Pa.. September 20. Pi
t .-oleum active and firm ; National
Tianxit certificates oponed at 65jjc
clcs d et 65c; bighett, 66c; lowes
Wbisky Straiuht Kentucky Hour-
bin, $1605; redistilled goods from
85c to fi 60, according to prooi ; rye,
fl 70O.
Cincinnati, O, September 20.
Whisky active, firm; sales of 1835
barrels 01 nnisuta goods on a basis o)
$1 12.
Chicago, III., September 20. Whis
ky steady, $1 17.
St. Louis. Mo.. September 20.
Whisky flrm,$l 12.
Choice to extra corn led cattle, none
received ; good, none received.
Grass Cattle Cho'c, 313c;
rood, 23s; fair to mediant,' 2 3
Jr; scauawafa, 1 . 1 1.-.
llooa -Ohoire,4i4lc ; coo 1.3!4c :
common, 33;
t-BBEP Cuoice, 3i3jc; mecinm.21
(o)3c; common, $Kn)l 60. Choice
lambs, per pnnna, 4)(a;4jc.
Kansas Citv, tJeptembor 20. Ths
Live Stock Indicator leportt: Cattle
receipts. 1148 head; market quiet but
eteady; native shippers, averaging
1270 lbs, $t; feeders, $3 253 50;
cows, $1 602 75; Colorado steers,
averaging 1090 to 1350 lbs, 12 75
3 90; grass Trxscs, steerj, $2 602 75
llogs lteceipis, 3415 head; market
weak and 6c lower for mixed; also 6c
lower for common; choice, $1 65
4 80; mixed pacieis, $1 54 60.
Sheep receipts, 2622: market quiet;
good 10 cnoice. s oo3; common to
medium, $1 602 2 .
Chicago, III., September 20. Tho
Drortr' Journal repoits: Cattle re
ceipts, 10,000 head'; shipments. 2000
head ; market slow and a sbado lower;
packing and shinning steers, 950 to
1500 lbs, $3 405 10; sockets end
feeders', $2 10(Yt 35; cows, hulls end
mixed, $1 503 25; bulk, $2 152 75;
Ihrougti Tex is ra.t!e a shade lower;
cows, $2 253 75; steers, $2 75(.r3 35;
Western rangir, Be to lOu lower;
natives and ha'f-breeds, $34; cows,
: 50:43 90; win'ored Tenuis, 2 10f.1l
50; sn'esof 10761b Montana Texans
si 1.1 10. iiiign rri-eipiM. ii,uuu nenu;
shipment, 4000 head; market slow and
n to lOo lower; rougn and mixed.
ir.i)4 70; packing and snipping,! 1 75
05; light, $3 954 80; Skips, $2 60
76. Sbei'p iecipts, 3000 bend;
Bbipmentss iuou ncuti ; mnrKtt s'ean;
natives, $23 7n : Western, $3 25M
411; Texars, $;!3; lambs, $3 30()
75. The Vtvrer't Journal cablegram
fiom Lindon deno es weak nnrket at
last week's declines; bcrt American
steers sel.ing at llUc per pouud.
New York. September 20. The
demand has benn more quiet all
round, though deliveries l'i x cutiou
of orders aio ennsnming the chlol re-
'ipls of cotton tt'.d wool goods adapt
ed to immed ate wants.
HI. Erisata and Now Orlosiaia tnrhtr
Belle Memphis, k?5a
an. Tlnkar mutsr.AxSMI
Will tha Ktovalor TUK8UAV. 8ll.
21st, at lOa.m. Fur iroiihi or rassni iplr
1). I,. It 1.1, fry's Art. Aiisnini.-'ii'-.
t. Unl anil New Orleans Aaeliar
I.Ibo-V.N. SlaU-CAIHO a BT. LtlUIH.
19. AS. JL'OWeil.
Vlnkrl mutar.
Will leT tha Klsvator TIII8 IAV,bpt.
21st, at 10a.m. For Iraight or rMaia tpplr
O. I-. II i,i , Pss Af't. AD stTnHM. l't
... I
SIinill,Frlnrn f ulnl sod Mompfeui
nml Orooli IWSxtt Vompanr.
VorUalaDB, aiaml:Uit, Frlara Point and a!
way faanimifS dtaamar
J. H. Ooapar, Uator....J. W. BmUUari.olSffk
win it a -vi on arery muhusi.
aaj r.
RID AY, at 5 o'olock.
For Randolph, Fulton, Gsoaola and W)
Aiautttn, a etaamar
K. T. Cla;ett...mKstr I Piatt Rlio.lta ..olarr
Leaves Krerv M'JBUll, munnouAi
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. Tha boaU ol tha
llnarasarv tha rlaht to aaa all landtnii
tha oapla n may Hoe in unaaia. utnea, no.
IH.rtlsonst. JAMKH I.KK, J., Hup't.,
Memphis and Vtcksnnrg Packet toa
pany u.s. man Line,
for Ilalana, Oonoordla, Tarrant and Arkan
sas Oltr Tha alarant rasaanaar itaamar
KATc. ADAMS, raet
M: R. 0hek...mMUr I W. 0. Blankar...ulark
uexes sismpsii
For Concordia and all warlandinfl.
Tha Htanmer
A. L. Cummlna,Mial'rJ Lew Prtro 0 ark
LeaTeaTUK-lMY and 8ATUKUAK at6p.m
For (oneral information apply at offloa,
No. 4 Maaison atraat.
JOHN OARIt. Pass'r Aaent. Telephnna 2VI.
Thn SUFranefs Klrcr Transportatloi
Oo.'a Ftna Htda-W heel V. B. Mail BUamai
O. K.Joplin mastar,
at 5 o'clock, for Marianne, tha Ont-Of. an
InUruadiata landing! on Ht. Francis rlvar
Tha oaptain reserTei tha rlfht to pass al
landlnxl he deems onsaia. jAn. tn,n, 'r.i
Rnnrlnrewwwa. Office. Nn. 4 Maolson St.
Arkansas Rlycr Pk't Co.
Sir. R. L COBB,
K. B. Dmlth....maatar. a ., mt
Laaraa Mami hU Ber TtiERDA Y, at f. p.a.
U. 0. LOWE, A sent,
OSloo, Nn. Madison st. Telephone No, S
KemphiH& White River Ptt.Co
Far ClarsinaaiJ, ussaiis man,, new
Ar, Aaaoaia. Dearoj, riewpurv, j.o.io.
Dort, DalesTille and all Way LandlDss,
nib. s iilt UANaW. . jt -
K. O. PoaUl .... master, JMtSifSBJL
Will laara EVERY WEDNEBDAY at 6 p.m.
Albert B. Hmit h master fiiin .CfWaV
Will leaa itvaiii bsiuiuisi (
ooneiined to tha Mamphii and Whlta Riar
u .1. . mt M.mnh i ftF Tarrene. will be
forwarded promptly. Foraeneral Inlorma-
tion app If al omca, no a mauison et., n
Removed to 308 Front St.,
Between Monro and Madiion. Nearly
Oppoiite Poptoflloe.
Koch's Pat.Sloro
aisaa-I.VI SO Is niilnatnhle to meet ant need
or busmen. It la cheaper than old style, Can
he put up by any one. I'sUilea ftr
I'HBiry ana euss noeiirs. Aauresi
KOt ll A. II. Slfcrs,
Sl HAlX NT., PEORIA, ILL., or,
HlmmsBs Uwrdwr'o.,St. Louis, Mo.
UfAMTPn AUKNTU.Menand Womai
WAN I tU to sell "TUB CHILD7
.1 L U T ti 11.
ID liB lufarvuuobiua nj ih-i u. vie
eent, v. is. vstifiuiBMiuiiv m wr.
ot 674 people I one 73 in avlllaia. of 7V4 oa
gaw aaentsft In 10 days tone u two siooai
site weeks i ona 40 In S days al two diffsrai
tlmai.kAparianoe notnooaaaary. Allmi
" OABnBLL M 0. (L'fd.
40 Daarbeia Itrtat, Chloato.
Arkansas Rlrer....Joa Pariaa, 5 p.m.
St.Francia RlmBo. FoaTsn, S p.m.
Vlekaburi....m .Bills Mimpbis, 10 a.m.
St. Louis........ D. R PowiLt, 10 a.m.
Friars Point, .'Jamm Lib, 5 p.m.
Osceola....... ..Coaboha, S p.m.
White Rirar .Cicia8aw, 5 p.m.
Arksnias CIty......KiTa Adams, 5 p.m.
rn'cofi. Kate Adams, Arkamas
City ; James Lee, Friara Point ; R. L.
Cobb, Arkansas rirer; Coihcms,
Osceola; I'aclolus. Louisville.
)7arli(rfi. Pac'olns, New Orleans;
James Lee, Friars Point; Coahoma,
Osceola; Kate Adams, Arkansas City.
Boat in Port. Joe Peters, K. L,
Cobb and Ki Foster.
Hoot Due Down. Belle Memphis,
City of Vickaburg and City ot St.
BoaU Du Up. Chickasaw, City at
Natchei and D. R. Powell.
calpla Taaterday.
R. L. Cobb 98 bales cotton, 6 bag
seed cotton, 328 sks seed, 13 bales
broom corn and 16 pkgs sundrie.
Kate Adama 54 bales cotton, 914
sks seed and lot of sundries.
James Lee .10 bales cotton, 167 ska
teed and 289 ska oats.
t'nahorr.a-'LM bales cotton. 22 bags
seed cjtt-jn, 212 sks reed and 34 sks
corn. -
Tfis Eil Fester, CapU O. K. Joplin,
Is tlie packet this eveuing at 5 o'clock
for St. Franc s river.
Ths Lee Line packe's tomorrow
evening are the Jamm L"e for Priars
Point and Coahoma lor Osceola.
Tin Chickasaw, Capt E. O. Postal,
is tbe Wednesday packet far White
river. O. M. Postal and John Childress
are her cleiks,
Tns D. R. Powell, Capf. George W.
Vickers, is tlie packet thie nioimrg at
It) o clock lor Cairo and rst. Louis, v.
M, Berkley Is tier clerk.
Tub Belle Memphis, Capt. Qtorg9
Baker, is the Anchor Line jacket this
morning at 10 o'clock for Viuksburg
and the bends. A I Simpson is her
Tub Kat3 Adams, Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is tha Un tMl States mail
packet Thursday evening at 5 o'clock
lor Holer a, Arkansas City and al way
landings. W. 0. Blanker bai charge
of her cllleo.
Tub Joe Telors, Capt. E. B. Smith,
is the packet tills evening at 5 o'clock
for all points on Arkamas river, going
tli rou gli to Pine Bluff. Charles Mus
salman has charge cf her olllce, as!st
ed by KufuaKs'er.
gf.ukkal newr.
Business fair.
Wsatiur clear and cooler.
Tub Lee Line packets were in ind
out with good trips yesterday.
Tub Future City and barges passed
up at dark last eventug for St. Louis.
Tub John Gilmoro and barges
passed down yesterday evening for
New Orleans.
Tns rlvsr hers stmds 5 feet ft
tenths on the gauge, a rise of 2 tenths
in the last 24 hour.
Rk-cfiPTS by river yesterday, 208
bales of cotton, 27 bags ot seed cotton
and 1021 sacks of seed.
Tub R. L. Cobb arrived y osier day at
uuuu l..m Aikansaa rlvar with 9S
balis of cotton, 6 bags of seed cotton.
328 sacks of tml and 29 packages ot
Ths Kate Adams arrlvto finnrlav
morning from Arkansas Cftv witu hi
biles ot cotton. 012 sticks of seed, lot ot
sundries and returned last evening
with a good trip.
Pilots from below report good work
being done by the snag bo at Macomb,
and the landing at Ulendale, Miss.,
opposite Helena, clear of snags, and
boats win nave no trouuio m ibuuiuk
at that place.
Tna Paotolu". a new stern wheeler.
built at L?irBvllle, pasaed down to
New Orleans Nunday morning, one
will ply on ths Ohattabooche river,
beten Columbus, Oa., and Apa-
lachico a, F a , a diatance of 317 miles.
Thb Arkansas river packet R. L.
Coi'b has been laid npfor the present
and the Joe i'et rs goes out in ner
place this evsnli g. She is in first
class condition for business, having
been thoroughly overhauled ana
Ovrica SiowAt HbbVicb, U. 8. A.,
Mum cn h, September 20, 1 p.m. j
The following obrervatlons are taken
at a'l s ations named at 75 meridian
tme, which is one hour fa iter than
imphls turn:
Water. Change.
Rse Fall
Feet. lOths lOths lOtha
Cairo ; 8 8 1
Chattanooga.... 2 8 - 1
Cincinnati 4 2 -
Davenport 2 I
Dnbuqus 3 2 -
Fort rimilh 5 4 -
Keokuk 2 3 2 -
Helena 8
LaCroess 4 9 7 ........
Laven worth... 8 3
LttleRock 6 2
Louisville 3 0 -
Memphis 5 0 2
Nashville 10 " 18
Now Orleans... 3 9 12
Oiofha 7 1 3
Put-burg 5 8 1
St. Louis H 6 I
St. Pul 2 8 4
Shreveport 3 1 -
Vicksburn 5 6 4
nn I.I
ab Ta aero of lauio:
Cairo, 40 feet. Chaltanooia, M foil.
Ciiifinnati,80. Diveupon, in.
li,,hniiii. 111. Knit -niitb. 'ii.
Keokuk, 14. Helena,.
I,mrn-e, H. t,aenorin, .
I.HlU RniH. M. LouirTi'le. M.
Meiuphia, M. Ni-w Orleans, U.t.
aslif Hie, 1U. rni-ourif,
..I.I,.. Hi t-t. Paul. 7.
rit Louia S2. Viokburt.4t.
hbroreport.if. tantlon.M.
EvANSviLi.B,8epteiub. r 20. Noon-
Bivei 2 Ieet7 incites uu the gangs and
PiTTsnnBo, September 20. Noon
River 4 feet 6 inches on the rangoand
stationary. Weather clear and pleas
Whbbmno.W. Va., Sflptamher 20.
Noon Kivef 3 (net 1 inch on tl.. gauge
and rmii g. Weather clear snd pleas
ant. Cincinnati, Sp eraher20. Noon
Rver 4 feet 2 inehi s on tlie gauge and
rising slow! v. Weathr clerj ther
mometer 70".
Cairo, S-pt mber 20. Noon Rivei
6 teei 8 iiiclienon the Kansn and rising.
Weather clear mi co l. Arrived:
Belle Memphis, St. Louie, 10 a.m.'
Louibvillb, September VO. Noon
River 3 'set 10 iuctiert i" -he canal and
1 :oo; 8 inches on the talle and rUing.
Business dull. Weather cloudy and,

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