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FRlVi! Ifi'iWv MIV KV
1WJ1 AtllUO.3 UiU
German-Americans Ordered Oat of
Genuanj Ihe Sputiisti lu- .
Dcm.is, September i3. Tbe Most
Rev. Baahol )aiew Woodbck, D. D.,
Homan Catholic Bishop tf the i)ioce e
of Ardah and Col macrons, bis is
sued an address to tho people and the
tltry of b ed.oc b?. Tte Babop la
ments the preeut spir iu;tl nnd tem
poral wan t of bis piople and the enf
fdru.(!8 end opp.'es.in of the pcor H-a
aieo tpehls witti puiii ot the prevalence
Slid iruWtil vt BrCiCi SOfieiiuS B) f e-
qiunt y cLdcuitud by ue cuurco
aod tspie 8th liar lot tlie p.nc and
lutuie of Ir land. "God aona, tbo
adui63 tetLr. s, "can tea tof these
clouds and auoll the tempest. Mran
while, we exuoit car opposed peopld
to bi st ll j a ieijt, wLim uiian evry
lawful msana to prevent thenmlvis
a'.d tUtir owe, ana we wsra iheir op
pregicrs of ihe aixcuut they must rea
der to God." 'it.eBelup then con
jut ea ah to observe tue golden law if
ctiiirity, Dut wa us tue people against
tao ' revolutionary p,iut,u!is of B.'ir.t
sac etiee.
"If," he edta, "the day of national
freedom tee-in to approach, the pe
pie a s:ns may cau:o its advent to
be deferred. Eveiy crme will not
on y ue us.d aa a 1 a'ltument bf Ir
iauu'a oneiuiL-B f r rolu inx to a coid
ner let uht; l al will also redder ihe
pejple nnoiihy tf Gd'a help."
Ti Is It tbe Confluent.
Lisdox, S.-pteraber 23 - Lord Sulis
buiywiit go ti the Continent on Fri
day, and air. Chain btr.aiu ou taur-
dy. 'Ihe laittr w 11 be accompaaitd
by iiia tm.tr,er, Kit-car J, v. no wul re
iLain with him until CLrlttmaa.
Belfast Itlntir Seuteuee.l.
London, Septt mber 23 Joan Na'r
ney wu sen enced ycsieiday at Htl
fjtt to one year's iinpritoiiment a
bard tabor, lcr lijting and ts aultinx
tua .once :u ina'j city.
A Pulley ol "Sheer Barbarity."
Dublin, September 23. The Free
man' i Journal, commenting on the
Marquis of Salisbury a npcech at St.
AIdmis jei'erday, Fayo it should show
te I iiti faruitn thit uadtr tbe jiuite
ot extending peasant p'optie o sblp
in I'flnnrt, ia rtv.-alid a tried lor
driving tha tenants to pure! ase on tae
undloicl t?niB.
Uniltd Ireland stys: "J he govern
ment's prt-teutatti ui!e leaves no mis
take about a complete charge from
a f ol cy of exan iaion and inqui y
to a policy ot suetr din canty."
Americana Urderrd Out uf Gennnuy
Berlin. September 23. Two Ameri
can rit zenn of German birth upintd
Sc-Jtuiat and Stuhr, who fave been
si.indinK sttveifcl weks on a visit to
(heir old home in Kiebi, Ho'ttdo,
nave cefn ordend by tbe German
Gcypiramer t to leave the Empire by
ise em oi uctxDer.
Gloomy Oallook for tbe Iron Trade,
Beblin, September 23 Kublow's
German trade review reports iha' 'b
nn'iiitied depretson in tbe iron
trad", ef penally in railF, Is due to hot
Jii.HiBii compmitioo, and tna'.tbe oat
lock is eit emely gloomy.
The Span Inn IannrKenla. . .
Madrid, Sjp'erxiber 23 Gen Villa
Cami a. the lttHc'er of Its SuudRv'sin
enrreciion, has b.'en arr. s:td. He was
found conttard in a mi!l near Mob i
jK A fug'tive r bel lieutenant wai
ldei t fled and arretted is ha w-'B in
the fct tf purchailne a railway ticket
tt Caaip-ozaloB. 8tventy-ihrte ii the
iDfiirt-u'g, who have been honttd
down ia d.ffxrt-nt parts of tbe kins
d m by the loyal troipn, a rivfd as
pritoneis in Madrid this morning.
A vky interesting "Talk About
Brnltt," hv Rvsitir Johnson, in tbe
Oc oher Wide Awake, coaveys uncb
information in a bright, aitr.c ive
mmnir; and the many admirers of
Sophie Way will find "Tha Gyg-y
Koukey" one cf her best.
How to Cook "Wm, ia t);e sur
gevive titla i f a book how in rresc
preja'td f-y Mie. J. R. Bentir. Ttero
ure oleot ot coik boons row in the
market, bu: this one is exhaustive.
snd clj.imit) lave torrti feiiurcs fhat
will lnase i! esuacially viluab e for
couimjn use.
Mb'Brs D, Lothrop A Co. beg'n
tneir new em-B t romn e, "Tho
Round World Snri.s," witl The Full
filature of a Man, by Ju ian Wsrth,
Tte fcinil vrlums of tbe series will
he The Grafenberg People, by the well
known and popu ar preacher of Brook-
Jine, the nv. Keuen Tnomss.
In tub Full Staturb op a Man,
lifeetory, pablitbsd by D. Lo:brop &
Go , the Bubj-fct of ncn-atrnrtanca at
cnurch by people of bojhII tueius, is
inciuentHiiy aiscussed. audeome piain
iratha brought out that will strike
borne to a good many teadere. The
inry throughout is a strong one.
"Tac girls" will ba ftlad to know
that a ne book tspec ally foriheoo,
ny tae popuur wn er, Mies Annie
Ryder, ia pom to b puhlube I by D,
L'-thn.p & Co. New Beery Morning
will bave brigbt, strong, treru quota
tions carefully selecied. and will doubt-
lesi.prove a piou'ar as rhat racy lit-
tie v.iume, uoia Up lourMcadt, Utrlt
For a Giblb' Room is a betutiful
volume anttBu up for tbe elder daugh
ters of the fami.y, on wbom devove
me pretty lurniBDims and f atrhnsh
ines oi tbe house, the entertainment
of company end the providing of
recreations for thejonrger brotbers
and enters ana their iriei.dF. A boot
every young laiiy wil want as soon as
sue Btes it v. L,otnrop Go., put
Mr, A. W. Hcsmkr, the crtittic
lacd cipe photogoiprier, whose "Oon
cird Va"ey," "F.a:g Rock" (Cowiord
Rock), and "St. tue of tbe Minute
Mtn," have bscome fo well known in
connection with the recent illustrated
edithn of Ihe Minute Man, a bnilad ol
Tbe Shot Heaid Rouad the World,"
by Margaiet Sidney, is now making
negatives of historic and picture;qas
points in and around Concord; these
pictures will accompany several Con
cord articles which Margaret Hidney is
preparing for tbo Wide Await mega
zine. Th American Antiqdarian for
Eeptembar npecs with an excellent
article on "The Texiile Art in Piebii
toric Archiology," by W. H Holmes,
whi-h ia illustrated by f ur very gKd
ruts, which atord in exce le' I id,- of
the triuoiphs of early man. The first
psp;-r on 'Tne Tibeio-Burman Group
of LiiigmigfB," by John Avery, is u
moit , interpstirg tontrihut oa to
philolrgy. "Anc fnt Inclo-u:e ia
tbe Miani Valley," by 8. II. Buckley,
ard "The Apai'he-Yumas and Apnclit
tfojms," by WMicm F. Carbusier, .
co Vndet'w fara;a of the luubjr,
the detriment, beinp. very full an I
iiuw 'u.x- uuallv inie8tit)n. F. H.
R veil, LbMago, p l 1 thsr.
John P. Morton & Co., of Louie
ville, have done a good thins; for set
t era in Florida by publishing Florida
Fruit and How to Raise Them, by Helen
Hare urt, in which ifce author tlivei
full instructions le'ppct rg tbo cnl
tivatioa and care f fr iic trtes and
fni'ta adapted to tho s- il aid climate
of F.orid ard adjicxt 8tne'. The
book will hi valuable not only ti the
' xocrimced fruit g oirfr but of almost
ineptima'o'e value 10 ttirt ns making
nowbomps in Florida nnd the for
SmtV. For sale, by Msnaford, on
Main etreet.
Tir fbsino chapters of the terial,
"A Willful Young Woman." opera
the O t rher number o! Casscll'i Family
Magazine, and we er a'ven a meat e-x-ci'ing
Ei uat on. "Oar Co-npvrative
ncuic ar a How wo Arrsrgid It" i-r a
brcez iketoh by Il-iiry Fr th, whicii
is fo loed by acarefullv prepared n
ser to the qnes ion "Wny Should a
Girl Go t9 lUlfgf ?'' Thewr tir of
tuis paper aru?R ceoaib'y in favrrrf
a - college education for giih, and to
mo?t muids h-r srgumeats will prov
conclusive. Th "Family Djctoi"
givs some servicable hioU aboat ihn
enre of tbe hair, and ti cr in the face
of tradition by raying thai it should
not bbrushid tro violently with a
hand brnsh. The "Curiosities ol Los
ing and Finding" a e amnsiogly cet.
foith by a writer whoee ntme 1' r,ol
iiivtn. 'An illuetrated paper detcribee
t.,e beautica of the Lrwer Taauoes,
and wa are civei ihs fir t of two pa
per by Win. HuiigiiB. D C.L., F.R &.
on the "Pao cirapby of the Heavens "
Anorl e' edifying trticl- describe
"Ihe Advocates Libra y, Elinbiirh,"
and t'e-e is a short pnperou Tun
T, im Fcrmer," b aa American, and
one who haievidertly had experience
in the Lone 8 or fctit3. Agiodlynum-
ler ot sncrt s onea snd pre ry, to
getfarr with hints as to fii-hioo from
London and Pari", end a full "Qi th
eret" make cp this 11. tar e : ting num
per. warei ra bis it
Importaut Beiiorta ia lie Made A
Very Interellair Neaalon
LoriBviiLf. Ky.. feptember 22.
The Timet retorts the hftv-riihth ar
nual council of the Protestait Ep rc
pal Chuicbof the Dire Re of Keotacky
convened at t-t. Paul's Church in th s
city thta morning a-, 10 o clock The
seision will be ooe of great irn re
aa, e, an it preced b tbe ceneral Epis
copal CoutiC'l, which will mcetinChi-
cago, Uctobcr Utrj. ft testant Ep'sro-
Dai wora n KeuuiCEy nas never b-.en
n so II vumhiog a condition as at pres
ent, aid ths u'm s; br.rmosy prevails
ttrougbout tbe rliore e Many pleas
ing ttepsof odvancement have beea
mace in various direc ions duur.g tae
past yew, n tably among c lored tev
Ele. Toe r-'perts which will tie made
y Rt. the Kev. Bishop Dudley of the
yesrs pregres wui De lull el encour
agement, end will shoe; a marked in-
cieae ia mpmbe s ,ip
ine mr-eting ot tte council wib
orema with divine services. After
sinitiog a iiymo, a prayer tnvokir g
ine aivme rue sing was ciiered hy
uaan rnieK. men uiiiwed ths
singing of a hymn and prayer by ths
bishop. The aemhlag roe and rr--
ntdd the Apostles' Creed, a'ter which
the cbo r tang the UKhh nymn.
The Kev. Liwretca Guerin. rector
ti et. Jouu'8 C-burt'li as Uayor,
preached t!e opening sermon fr.im
aiah xxxii, ve'se 20. It was a fine
eflort, and wis lsned ti with rapt
attention by the congregation. Fo
lonirg the smn?n was tee celebration
of 'he r-o y eommnnion.
Ibe Council then adjourned titbfl
Bit, ail chapel, where tue real bnsin'Si
oltha niten-ig ai coxmu ced. Hsu
oo iruaiey op.-na.i the meeting with a
short a id'eec, which wanfollowi d by
preyer. ins ejjuunitte-j on uredeii
tials whs appointed and tnai'e their te-
pirt. A ricev was th .-n taken for
dinner. A. 8 o'o'o.k the Counc 1 will
asfpmb e. a d will corauiencs thi
evening s-o.i;on by eltttinj a st'ere-
tay t nil the vac-ncy c.a-ionsd b
tedfu hof the lme R v. Dr. L P.
Tachiflelv. A re idnrit of L'misviKe
wiuiu all probability be tleoedti
iha' pontiou. Mr. Geo Alreunarrd
as temporary sretary durint t in
rro uidk sen ion. At the tvtntr g a s
ei. n r. j ii. m rny, sicre;,py of th
buud-iy St h' ol B ard, will niaki his
report of ti e nrigres of tba Sumlnv
school during the past year, and the
i 11 V . ..." . .
am it w n 03 uiBcuesea at i-nuti.
TteR'v. II A. Robinson will deliver
a slio t addrfsi ou tae "Dutin oi a
Supriotendent." The Rev. Eiwant
H. Ward, lector of Cnrist CPnrcli.
L-xington. will follow in aa addrrsi
on the "Duty of a Rscior to tbe
Sunday School. Aft-r piaver the
meeting will adj mm until to
mrrrow morning.- Thaie wcri a'mut
thirty members of tbe Council preset.t,
teverat naving oeen uuavoidahly de
tained at home by eii koefs and ofier
causes. A large number of the mem-
bus of tbe church and quite a num
ber of the viti'ing clergymen wer in
et enilanre. The meeting wai very
larmonioas ibroitghouf, and it is
thought some good work in the eiu-e
ot rtiigioa will ba done at this session
Teuehlas; Cerenianlea at the lletae
rr Confederate Teterane.
Richmond. Va.. September 2
This afternotn at 5:30 o'clock an inte -
eeting evoni occmred at the Confed
erata Soldiers' Home Tbe home is
just beyond tlie citv limit', ia a baanii-
ml grove. Four or fivj hundred oi
tne leading scietv people were trnth-
cred thern under the cans to Bee Ali'B
Winnie Divi. dauirnter nf tha t.
President of tbe Cjnl'ee'acy, intes'cd
win inn Daoge ol meiubBrship of K.
E. Lee Camp.of Which She has recenily
h-n msJ. l..
uJTiuoer. of
i'il'B iravis was COru in KchmODd
inpoundof the guns that thundeiel
aeainst the canitil of the
States, and ou thi-i aocount aha bes
bean cal.ed "Ihe daughter cf run Cm.
The txercise were r-iuuple and in
formal. Geo. Charles O.Andnrann nf
the Volunteer K'ata Infqntre-. ard
nisi. liiomn II. B andopl of Oonfed-
erate aitillesrv fame, esrortnrl Miat
Davis to the borne. Cp. John Max
well, on behnU of the R. E. I.re Cajnn.
presented to her the badef. S!ie ac
cepted it gracefully, nuking a re-
eporse t f a few words it almost in
audible i tone of vaice. After visiting
thev-riotis cottagrsand shaking bancs
wi:h tb. old vatoiaus, Mss Davis re
turned t) the city.
Onr Baby's first Vesr,"
v Ma'ion Ha'laud, with pther viua
le info'mation: f-rtv-eiaht tmi-n hoilr.
S:nt free on receipt of 2'ccnt otimn.
Addrtsi R?ed A Carnricki Mtreantlle
Exchange Building, New rbrk City.
struck dy immm
Oil Wells Ignited by the Fiery FInid
ut LIuia-Ddftase at Other
Lima, 0 6eptemblr
& Madison' o l wjI'.
rvo. l. w
Brack by lijhtning tt 7 o'clock tis
morning ard the fi e coiumunicsted to
tw &UJ barrel tii:k'. whmh bms
and the oil sprosd cvsr th1" s uthf-r:i
part of the city, endanierlngihcus.n 'b
oi aorars wortn ot property. .Nichol
son's larye tank across the itreet from
Lal-iron s Wadisan s well ws alvo
Btru-.k and 200 bBrre-ls of ril was
cor.Bumel. Tmreis fnuninett dau
gerof 'hi fire fpreaiiing f) the other
wei'a ana ejaarnenng tbe euti-e citv.
joon. itie tint is ,tll r(gig,
nd it is beond the power of
the fire Drpvtment to cbeclr
itspngieis. Mrs. Htnrlerson, s an 1
fng in tbe tiotirway ef her home
necr tbe brt will r-tmck, ws ft'uck
by a siray bolt at d killed. The Holo
oil wtli No. 2 wis ignited, but fu tber
aamage was averted by ttarirg oottn
tbe liif.
Rpoils of damrg by liihtning at
seveiai p arej .in ibis vicinity liavj
ben lectived. At B i ff on the
Easeriani Wettein Jfa'row Giniie
railrokd depot was st ucfc by ligh.
ning and tota)!y d-Btruyed.
At B-aver Dam tbe L;k Eri and
Wes'.ern ralrokd depjt wai badly
ditmaggd. AtSpicervi.le Chac. Uoov-
r's tarn w.i8 chs'roycd, ai.d m-iny
ba ns and outhoiiier Mi reported to
have btea destroyed iu tbe v cir;ity of
I saw her itrolliiw by tho sen,
A sweat, a "liy anil winnime miss,
And u the ilyly (lanced t me,
I threw her stealthily a kiis.
She looked around, tho wlnaome mijs,
"Jffl?:? i0.?? .:5P,dH"J
pr.-iuf eye ngre morg V9 0(01
esnondina to my wafted kin
bhe waved her handkerchief to ma.
We'ra married. She'd no more a mist,
And oft I ask myaelf in trier.
Why did I throw that latal kim?
Why diilhe nave her handkerchief?
Bititun Courier.
Took Hit Wife fora Iliirirlnr.
Dknvbr, Col, Sep'embsr 21. II.
B. Whitttmorj ar othis wife fatally at
an early he ur tbii n-orning, attlii ir
rat.ch, near Golden. Mr?. Wbitte-
more got up djung the tught to
chtnge her fla'ir el undo clothin?,
wbiib wai uncumf rriable. Whenr.-
t'roisg to bed her husband wo.'e,
ai d, supposing she ws a bnrgla'.fired
at ber twee, one hall en'e;ii;g tho
left eide of the neek, tbe otter iho
right choulder. The woman c it not
live. Tbe husband is cr.iaed with
We Caatlon All Aeraluat Them.
Tbennmecedeu'ed tuccnrssnd merit
cf Ely'd Cieatn Balm a rial cure for
ratarrh, bay fever aud co'd in the
heal tia3 induced many adven'urers
to pil e ewUrrli med cices tearing
some retetnb!anoe in appsa ance, Btyle
or name upou tue market, in order to
trade upon tbe reputation of Ely's
Cream Btlm. Don't be deceiv-'d. Buy
ot.ly Ely'd Cream B.lm. Manv in
your immtdiii locelity will ttst'fy in
h'gh's: commendation of it. A par
te'e is applied info each no tril; no
p.tin j agreeai'e 1 1 ns. Prxs 60c.
. Tom MarahHll'a Beat.
Kentuckian-Citizen: When Ihe Hon.
Tbomaa F. ftlarsh-ll wts holdinir
d be in tbis county with Gen. John
t3. Breckinridge in the 8eo t-Piorcs
Pracidnrtiil campaign in 1P52, a very
tarn looKing eievote" ol Bacchus it.
ter u ted Mr. Man-hill, 8 tying:
"lom, don't you remember when
you and I we'e in tli- watcbhouse lo
geiner t Lexington?''
Mr. DdarahHll cava ihe intruder one
of his peculifr. sesrehing looks, and,
wi n touch enecuveceiP. said:
el', 1 do t'.ank tnv (i d from tbe
boitotn of my beait tl at it I ever knew
you I have fnmott-n you."
V e buve oil- n thruitht of tbu ronlv
and felt trial Ui treRtOat blurring that
coniu dc tin apv Human wm'd re tho
alnliiy to for,jit unn'e s-int people.
MoaIc-I What li It?
A 1 armkts, Firac'le nerve f .od that
ill SJper.'tde Biixulams aid ner-
v.nts. it ton ains not a aiop of med
icine, s'lmnhr t ra'ccrho'. atid U ihe
only tliii g k,;owa thst will recover
Vr m and riirious ext au4i:'n, kiliilie
thirst; for Bluobnl drioU, opium, e c j
liives a vigorou? appetite, lefreshina
Blec p, and is invalua-jlo t j the bia n
work-r ana t n,tn en II, r,n z in huv
f ,rta him inrv uc na(8, es it recovers
everything caneed hv ov,'it-kitg the
tervoue syBie'o. Moxie Ne-ve Food
a a d"lici: tn heve ag, end is for salw
by lea ;irg ilrucraist.-.
Lonisville feme n I.
FotiDt'atbr s C3ll'r walls and build-
ings subject tJOVerffiiv should been
Btiuctetl with Liu:svUie Cement. It is
the standard.
n n
If a I I
' perfect substitute for Mother!
fRhfil. Invaluable
ui m vnoieri tnrantura
pre-altfeetod fooa fur Dys
aad Teathln. A i
peotloa, Conaumptlvea, Convalescents,
renvoi nutrient in u wasting Diseases.
neqwires no ooosinff. uur llook, Ths Care
and Feeding of Infanta, maliwl rr.a.
Non-Kesldent Xothe.
No. 6ifi4 In the Chanoory Tourt of 6hclhy
uounty, ienn. jono i. rtuiinivi. will
Inm Dunn 1 raliue et al.
It api earina from the hill which ti aworn
te in this raua that the defendant!. Toney
Trahus. A. K. Trine". Jonn Tmhua. AH, II.
Tbueand ChriilineTrabuear r9!identof
MiMoun; Mri. .1. H. lieynoldi ia a reaident
Texaa; Alra. c. w. Mem ia a refidentoi
tsew Vork, and 'hat Mra. U. 1.. sfive and
Mre. c). I, Stu'ears re'tdenti of Louisiana,
and that the heln of Kohert irabue and ol
Alfred A. Hyde are unknown, and their
names and place! of residence are unknown
aal cannot be aacertained alter diluent in
quiry, said unknown nelra are made par
ties defenoaot herein on aocount ol their in
terest in the loutb half of a loto'laml de
creed to John X. Witlins, J. W. Trabue and
A.A.llyde by tbe Brat unancery Court of
Memphis, March 18, ltH7, the an me fronting
TiirlftO feat on the welt side ef Walnut .tr..t.
this suit beins brought for th partition r
sol for partition of aaid lot.
It la. therefore, ordered mat the make
their appearance herein, at the Courthouse
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on
or Keiure the bit Monday in November,
ItiSo, and plead, answer or demur to com
plainant bill, or the same will be taken for
confessed lie to them and set for bearing ex
parto; and that a sxy oi tnia order be pub
iahed on re a week lor four iifceaeivo weeks
In iha lUemi'hH Aiaoal. This Wih du nf
Hopteinbor. 1WM.
A copv Attest :
S. I. McDOWELL. Cflerk and M.iat.r.
B y 11. F. Co'emm, Deputy 0. andM .
j;mlll.r,Ji, T. -Hoard on the Hill,
Jirs. II. C. Howard, 2nd Washington
Park. Rooms lurge; location dolighlful.
Convenient to ears to Manhattan J'eech,
Onney Islacd, Long Beach and Central Park!
alio to aoe jora piacee oi aaiuseuieot. 1
Twaoc y "aw.
f 1 "ft n
I 1bIL1II III llll 9
Sore Eyes
Tlio eves are uKvnys in s;mp:uliy with
Hie hotly, and nfl'urd ail orr!!i'iit Index
of Its couilil.'wn. Wlieil the eyes decoiue
, :i'.i, nml the lids Inflamed and sore, It It
an evidence that the system !.,s lee;me
disordered by Scrofula, for u In. h AVer's
Sarsupaiilla U the best known ivnudy.
SiTiifnin. wlileli tirodureil a nainfiil In.
fiaminaiiou In my eyes, eaiiM-d me nuieli
niileiin fur 11 niiniher of , ai. Hv th
ailnee of :i pliyau ian 1 ennitrn need takini;
Ayer's Sarsapni-ilia. AIM' u-iii Una
lueoicine a Miort tune I wa completely
Sly eyoa are now in a spkii'liil eondiilon,
Him i inn us well llllil mien:' as ever.
Sirs. William Oite, Concord, X. H.
For n number of yean I w as troubled
Willi a humor ill niv evov. and was unaldu
to (, lit jiii any relief niilil I comnienei d
ll-lll' .yel s ur:li:il llla. 1 his iin ilii-ino
lias elVeeled a eoniplete cure, and I believe
It to Im tin; best of IdiMul puriiicrs.
C K. I'plon, Nashua, N. Jl.
l-'rom ebililliiMid, and uulil wiihln a few
months, 1 have been iilHielid wild Weak
and Sore Eyes. I have ned for these
complaints, with lienelleial results. Ayer'a
."sarsaparllla. mid eonsider il a treat lilooil
purilier. Mr. C. I'liillipMiluver, Vt.
I auiTered for A year with iiiflammn
tinti In my left eye, 'I'liree ulcers formed
on tho ball, depriving ine of ni-lit, nml
causing Kreat iain. After tryim; mauv
oilier remedies, to no purpose, 1 was linally
Induced to use Avcr's Sarsaparilla, and.
By Taking
three bottle, of this medicine, have been
entirely cured. JIv Mirht lias I i w..
Btored, and there is no ugn of iullamma
tlim, aoiv, or uleer in niv eve. Keuditl
T. lion en, Suar Tree lUdt'e.'cihio.
JIv daughter, ten years old. wm srtln,l
Willi Scrofulous Sore Eves, Durtnir the
last two vein's she never saw Ihditof any
kind. I'livsieiiins of the liiirliest stiin.llnlr
exerted their skill, hut with no permanent
mccess. On tho reeomniciiilation of
friend I purchased it bottle of Aver' Snis.
aaparilln, which, niy clHiigliter coiiimeneed
taking. Before alio bad used I lie third
bottle her aiirht was restored, im.l sl.
now IimiK steadily ut a lullliaiit li-lit wllh-
ui pain. ller cilrn Is piiini,'..!,, li- l..
Sutherland, Evangelist, Shclhy City, ivy!
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Trepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer It Co., Lowell, Klnai.
Sold by all DrungliU. 1'rlce $1 ; ill bottle, $j.
ViTCAPlTAt. PRIZE, 7S,000.-va
Tllrkete only fflt. Nharea In propor
Louisiana Stats Lottery Co.
" Wm do Wertby Certify that im mvervi tht
arrangement for nil the Monthly and Guar-
Drateingt of the Lovieiana Stnte Lottery
Company, and in fiffmos manirie and Control
le Drama f ihemm lm, and ( the lame are
cotilfiirtcil tcira AommIu. tuirnt.n. anil iu nnnA
..:tk i -li i
Company ft ue Hun ccrolrn7e, ictrA iie-aimilta
of our tivnaium alturited, in itt (iifoerlife
mcal." Cornmtenlonei s.
Wt, tht undtrtitned, Bantu and Banket i,
mil pay all t'rinet drnm in Tht Loninaat
Suit Lotteriet vhieh may 6 t waited ul oi r
1. H.OUI.KlBT,Pr!M. I. (fsfl Baah,
Jl. W.KIt.BKKTH.PreM.NInte Nnt'l Bh
A, BALDWIN, Pres. Hat. Bit,
Incorporated In 180 for twentr-flve yaata
by the Leaialuture for Eduontional ur.d
Caaritable purpose with s oaidtal of !,
000,000 to whloh a reanrvo fnnd ol ovr$,W,
UOO haa lino been added.
By an overwhelming porvlai vole tla
franchiewaf made a part of the preaent State
Conatitntloa, adoptod beoejiaber 2d, A,D.
The onlu Lottery ever tottd on and endorttd
by the people of any State.
Jt neper tcalet or pottponet.
Its erand Hlngle Nnmber Draw.
luss take iilaoe monthly, end tha
Kxlrnnrdliiarjr Draw inns reiinlarly
every Three Months Innteacl or aeml
anunnPy ns heretofore.
October ia, lsiN8-i7tb J ontbly Praw
inir. CVl'iTAS. VIZ1ZK, ji7r.,5().;v.
ICMi.tKiOTIfhets t FIn! ivurI.Hi-t'c-iieli.,in.
In t-'fSttis, Iu
i Capital pvite
1 (ui-o..i! prir.o..
1 CijiitHl tinr.o .
3 Prilled ot J, iHti
5 Prineaof Eisfl .
10 Prima of llKI'i ,
in I'riti-a 04 He)
l"i friaua ot 300
3ii Pnoof
.VO I'ritosof M
IDOtl Priics of 2ft
V Approximation priiea ol (l'
9 Approximation priies of ','i
9 Approximation prliea of ftl)
I V ,0, 0
lo.'Ji 0
l! ,0. 0
W.U 0
l,l 0
iP,l'W (I
iifi.ia 0
1967 Prltei, amounting to..
i6,64 0
Application for rate) to elubt ihould be
maile only to th otSeo of the Company at
Dew Orloani.
For further information write clearly,
liviti! (ulladdr.n. POS TAIoriJS, Ki-
firoja Money Orderi, or New York Eiohonne
n ordinary loiter. Currency by Expreai (at
our exi'eoiei, aoi.'reaaeu
New Orlonua, 1 a.
Wanhtnsrlou. D.
or at A West Court St., Jlemplil, Testa
Make P. 0. Honey Orders payable
and address Registered belters to
Slew Oalsans. in.
AaK root retnllor for Kie OrlsinoJ (3 finne
' " Bewareof Inilutlons. s
Kens Geaalae aaleae awariug thlaBtaaap.
atade In Button, Uoairraaa snd Laca. Best Calf
fiTtn. uneiueiieiiiii unww
hiiUy, Ctiinfort and A inxnr
onoe. ApoHtalcardB.'ntCo
nswlll brliin you informa
tion howtoKi'ttlilsSho la
soy btiae or Territory, a.
J. Hcanfl Co.;
41 jjncoin tn.
ThM ebon stands higher In the estimation of
Wearers than any oihor la the worlil. Tliou.
sands wbowasrltwlUteU you tlie news UyoU
ELVrt catarrh
Cream Italmr
Gives He ief st
once and Cure!
t ATAKhll,
Ifny Fever,
or l'onder, FreiF tM
from I n J a r 1 o u ft 'it
Irug and Cflen
siva odors.
A partieU Is applied Into en"b noatrll and
la asreeable. Price Ml eenti st I'UiriaU
ht ma'l. registered, flOcents. t!ircul9rs free.
iLi" bKOls., liruiuis-s, Oneno, N. i.
I!t A al -i.
7rMM DrWR til
i.vov.'. . 1
lutual Life
IlICUAKU A. ?rtlTKl)V, rresldoiit.
The Largest, Strongest and Cheapest Compuny in tho World.
The Planters Firo and
efllee la f'oiniMn, llullitlnir, Jin. 41 Mud I nob Ntrert, iiiilil, Tenn.
1. T. POBTER, Pre. I . I Jr.. VlrePrM. 1 1. II. ITU See'
n ll'iTH, AliHni Nfcreiary.
D,K.Mr,!RH-S H.BH0OKS.OI Breokn.Neeiy iC.. ; R. L, O'.'KFIS. ef Pil'ard k Coffin
1). T. I'ljUTKK, of FotUr A .Vaorsni Joll' OVKhiTON lJs.. J. 0. Mll.LS, J. R. '
OoUW lK,it J. K. Ucdwin 4Co. J. M. ti KiDB A R. of Ooodb.r 4 Co i
tommenccd Ratlnr.Hla Ih7. nnnrm fmut, Over Hair a Million
., , w.lir lrllly le.lrl.
Alio Bepretentt the Sr-aiKorui,n Fiat, of bprinalitld, Mate. Oicobou Huaa laat'SAWca
Coai-iTi AlotHTiiN Citv, oi Chattanooga, Tenn.
f -.,.,(. nan I i, I'Jil '
. -l '
0. 0. HKIrT.
J, T, Ffl
; l.r. ,- T .Ti -S.. . .
olesale mm & Coffou Facte,
SStt lYnat Strft, SScssaplilfl, Ten
Cettea eonilmed to u will have oar enreful attention. We esrry st all timei a wU-
aaleeted atook oi
Staple & Fancy Grocorios, 'W wes, Li'Jcrsjcbacso & Clrjin
xv. t itowimu.
31 anil ilft iVFadiMm
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DKl'XKKiU 174 Adaiui St.., Mtsinphl
Iron and
-JT ..Jilt'li A .,i'i.'('i'",T:
ii -
Jtt .(
s ll(jmc
rlt- Mills k
Honne S i
- iS
f rfts
i. ,,.vm wtil sv l 1 1 at t f
BnlKlliiitt r llnisiJl laJW,Jaa
wart. a-Liv vr: w ir-"-
Oeneral miTtMliJ
tHuceeori In this lnnrtmert to JOHN MANOHUB.)
aarWrtte o for infnr'nntlon on AN'V 11IINH In o'lberllnn
Cotton Factors and
SOCw-SOS Front Hi., Memphln, Texan.
IM, Ffllflll & 88.
Cotton Factors, Commission Slorchanb,
Mo. 116 flenth Main tit,. Hi, oula.
Manufacturer of Alabama Lime,
39 Union St., Memphis, Tenn.
, (sawta.
Jloaa a. ejalllvaa,
232 and 234 Frosi
utntvrxrM aia
Mr. L M.
BAIN IT devotes hit whose time to
Jto osr obarge. ..Cottes yVarebooae.
Insurance Co.
Marino Insnranco Co.
lUaniilaoturor'a Airenti tor
Daniel I'ratt 4'ulloa Oliiit,
miili:y, smith a co..
Manufacturer! of
I'rn't EellpHellniler Jln, reed
era nail wiui aittairra,
H to 104 Poplar St., Meiiiphb
arrratt neralvlnn-Kosd Gin an.
qunled. Mock now complete. Prioe
reiluceil. CorreMiondonee ana onietl
oncitea. ciil inns Hei.nlreil In Flrn
la s "rd . All work aunranlaed.
l. woodso:
N. I, uowdki:.
tH. T2oti&8sti
Bae Iron
Boiler Ires
Hoou, Baal
'i. - i - i' ' - lisneet i roh
ArmtLMnt "mm Vl Nnts,
Jl II I I V 1 1'. V V I'lvelt.
IE. - . .
t:t .Ktc,
DEPT. 226 nnd 228 Second St
Wholesale Grocors
n. a. oia k.
5 c?o,
St., ie&pMs, fern,
a a a jurittittmta.
the weighing and isle of Ml Oottoa eitrmteJ.
wasnitgtos siru
ml a PR
E as 9-. I M
' yui
WILL be opened Jane lit. Th U uoieat
sratorint-p'sc ia aituated ail aiilee
from AStna Furnace, on th NuhrMIe aid
Tusealooaa rabrnad, in Hickman eoonty
Tenn. Hack will meet all tmina at Jitoa
and will convey (ueila to tpriun at a very
low rale.
Uourrt, $20 Per IHoiKh t 91 Per Day.
Kpec-lnl Knte to f-Htulilew,
We ln ite all who with to ipend the Boat
plriuisnt aeaion of their liven to eome to
lieHverdnm, eapeeially looker of pleaaore
and heulth. Good water and pare air ia
DKAN. 1'
n.en, Centreville. Tena.
roo'r Cenrreville Hotel.
E. A.
" . llockbridne Co., Va. Lliirh np ia tha
Iramia uiountalni. I'lrlurmque iurround
n,.vt.,iv,atid heautilull; shaded lana.
Haa, electric bell, and all modern tin,roTv
menta. Iwo daily no-Ill, pout, telerranh an4
eiprefi oCic on tbe premiaea. Table tho
vorj beat. Lmurlon-l, furniabed roomai
ui erb band of inuie. Send for illustrated
pamphlet. Charaea uiodetate. tlpen forrit
itora. June loth. W.iCh-.; 'im, Ckalm,l
and frwsfw, It.l. V. ,!:i iSi)N.Mn'V.
Among the Northern Lakfr
of Wieoonain, Minneaot and Iowa, are haa.
dredi of drlinhttul placea where one can paa
tbe lummer uionlhi in quiet rent and enjor.
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated term euninl.t! rMiiu.,Bi.j p ...
reourrinr lenion bring! to Oconomeweo,
Wankeaha, Ueaver Dam, Krontenan. (,ko
boji, Alinnetnnka, White Bear, and iaaa
nerabla other eharmltia localities with ro
Diantio nalnff.. tbonannai nt .,. 1,.. .
on and Oixon'a line.
.,.., uV...o ni. ifu cibiinr line 111 aa.
n a line. Uleaanoe and eoea.
fort, at a
moderate eoit, ean be readily oi-
vaioea. a liar, ol auuimsr bomoa. wna alt
neoeaanrT inlorma Ion lertalnica thereto, i
beinf diitributed hy tbe Chicuuo, NiLWae-
(aa AND fcT. Pll I. IlAII.WAT. and will
froe uron anollo.ti. n hv l.ti. tn a ir'
Carpenter, Uennml Peiuei eer Airent. Ml
waukre. Wis.
Crab Orchard SpringR,
T 1?C0LN COUNTY, KY. The excelles
XJofthe euilne. and a,.oinniiMltii.TiM .1...
a -terietio ot'tlila hotel during th psit three
rears, shall bo fully liiuli.Uined thiseeaees.
excursion tickets to the Springs by the 1.
and N. Hallway are good ria Louisvilte.lK.th
going and rolurninv, to proceed on first train
succeeding arrival in Louisville.
W T.HHA-T. frea't. .1. 0. KfVU.Snp't.
So. 17 Jefferson Slrt-cl,
(Detwein Main and Front.) MKMPUI3.
IG.iU.blishedin 1800.1
I JK.JOriNSONIsncknowleil.redhyatlrar.
J..' ties interoaled an by far the moat sue
ceaolul physician in the treainientof private
or secret diseases. Vulck, peciuanent cures
Juariinto.d iu every oaao, iniilo or ten-ale.
Incent oai-es of clonoirhea and !??)-uilit
oured In n I w dnya without the uae of iner
curv, change ol diet or hindrance Iron
buHiiieaa. Kncombiry trt hilis, tha last ve
tiMeeradlCHlod wltli'i'iltna use of tuercuiy.
Involiinaiiry loss of foinen stopped is abort a
timet, buflarers from iiiipotuni'y o-loss ol
seiual pwers restore to ne eteur In a ?vw
weeks. Victims of self-ahu.4e and excessiw
venery, surTering from eimruiM turt liov ml
lossot physical nnd mentiil miner, ipo-dita
nn I t'crmunetitiy cuied, Tnrr mhr uttoa
tlon paid In the Diaoasns ,, i, nan)
orres guaranteed. Pl ea and "PI rorn cnieii
wlthuiit the use of ciiuatlc or ihe ii,tle. All
0niiBU.lt, it una strictly o ir oU.iili,,!. Vrili
cines sent by exp csi to all purt i f the
arWorliinainen cnre.l at huff the usual
ratns. t dice hours from Ho cock a.m. o
o'clock p.m. P. N. JOHNSON. V.I.
Orrtcg Mgui'iita (las I.ioiit Coupaxv, I
MCMI'IIIH, lrsM. (
HY order nf the Uoard oi Directors of the
Meninhis Has Liu lit Coanans. made
July K, IHNii, a meeting m'he stoo" holders l'.
said company was callcd'to l-e held on Moa
day, elotoler 4, P1U, at Iha ollloe of Ihe corn-
puny. In (Vleinphls, at 1- iu., to consider ana
act upon a contract man by ihe Board el
Directors with laxlng District ol Milb
county, a copy ot which rentracr has heet
lent hy niall to each atooliholder. In lurthai
purr-uanoo of laid order of the Uoad, nutit
ot raii meeting Is hereby glen to tbe atone-
Dolderi ol salil eouipany, anil tney are enrs
estlv requested to te iiressnt, or send proxies
with ihelr Instructions aa to th mtiog of
their slock upon I h protiont'on to aooept
or rcjuot said ooulraot.
Secretary nf Vemphls llss l.iiht Co,
t-epteu, ber 1 , ISMfl.
nilRSUANT lo an execution Issued Aa-
1 gust fl, 1HHH, from the hupreaje I ourt el
Tennessee, on Judgment rendered ty
Couit. June in, IHS'i, in lnvor of J .
ir,. ,, hi ti.turin w. u. i i'p'i-
I u -
ron sgiilnst w, ii. tiamr am s",t ,i .w.
K iw'kea. comprising the II nil of W, It. llal
'ireuth 4 Co., lor one tnoiia.nd and fi.li'y
Mne dnlluia and eiahty-tiveo nti UHWi aft),
I will on
Kauirilny, Oetiilt.r li, IHSfl,
in front ol the t'ourtlo-uac do r, in 'M.Mbr
counts , t e' n.. S' 11 to the Ills he-1 bid ' r lor
caah the following i o onlied inict of l-iid is
Iho Tuxing lii.irlot of frU. Uy county, ia
bholhy county, Tenn., to-witi Kceinniiig at
anoint on the south lino ol V nioi, aircot.
M fretoaat of a four (41 loot alley Hi -B3.
enat on and wiih a-utli line i l"nlon alieet
:il feet roastak"; thvnoo sunthwardly, at
right an. lea with Union nttost, IvH I, ei lo as
ii lie v I llionce with atiid alley .eiuwMrdly
;ll 'eo' tit a stoke! Ihei oe on n line pcr
pendiculsr toLnlon et .- tt north wnr,ll IdH
toet to the point ol bcalnning, helm Mime
Ii I conveyed b W. II. Oiilbroilli to A. Vas
niro by deed reeiairrcd in She hy oounty.
Tnnn., In book Mi, luito l!7, and auietieing
Die eiut halt of lot c n voted by K. Lime to
M. L Mnnrb'im and W. 11. (Iiillocii''. by
Uio'd In book tl. I'n no lli. of Iho Keitiiter a
i lllce of sIH county. Leviid on Iho t rup
ertyof W. U. (Uicr nth t a iti'iy sui t ex
ecution. IV. 1). C'ANNi'S. hcrifl.
l!y JiiHK J. Msmin. Deputy Mhorift.
1'iiston 1c l'oston, Atlorrevs.
ir Tin: r v.-.i v t, m1.-,' ti, m i i "t-tj i
'. t )T . ''"Vn, ft. . ist ifi I ';;'',;
'.'j :,'r"'"' I' M1' a'n i1" ! ' '' ''
iV -r 'T-' .1 .-f n'-u i'b, 1 1 1 VI. nr. l'i r taiikisW
Si" rt""u!''i "w" u t " r'v 'hVt; 1 1 1 w n t r .-1, l''''';JW-'' 1
ZtT strl a.'wli' l .-It iil'iraaf i v,m pll i 1 .'' '-Ig
. '-lu,i u i it t.lj V V - T-t, li i H'ltinw-
No. 5"M, R. D.-f bencery Court of rhilll;
county, Mate of ienceasta vs hu:i,v.
Morrison at al.
B rirtuo of an Interl otitory decree ft
sale entered in tbe shove nana on Oet
Hth day ol Heceuiiier. po-n. M. II. Mi, pure
id, I will sell at publicauction, to the hiab
eat bidder. In tront ol tbe t'lerk nnd Mas
ter's olDce. .urthonae oi c-hilbv ceuaty..
Memphis, Tennessee, on
natnrdny, ept mbcr a!. IMHS,
within legal boa-t, tha following dcrrlne i)
properly, situnted in Slulby ouunty.Tet-nearee-
N. !otfi, Irontlng CI'X feet on the esmi
lidool Ohick.isaw si'i ',y a ilapth of lH
lot, said lot being 71'-. let south ot ivio
cherter street. ru d n properly of the nn-
knr.wn I elrs or J. a., leaked.
Part nf coimt'T lot ,'i.'S. lront'ng 37 feet en
tho north sidd of Suction street, by s dpln
of Wi feet. S .Id as property uf amh Mor
rison ad ottiora.
Lot lid, fronting ST'li fet no tho en side
ot ATain street, by Id), feet ileti, 714 leet
north of Auction street.
Terms ol h'lle On a creilit or s:x montlis,
note beiiring interest, wiq si-curi t, re
quired; lien rot.'cino-i; roiieoiot ou barred.
Tbisl7th d:iy of Annu t, 11-di.
.- . I. .HiiIIOWK; l., c::erk mill .tlnstsr.
11. F. Ooieuian, lieoutvO. and M.
F. ILj i W. HeiskeP. s.illci'or.
iiEAimi AitTi hi nm
And Iron Rooflufj;.
l-'lrp, win., Wnlcr (ami riiclilnlaaz
pr'.f Sttitiiblo for all kinds ef hnililinira.
or rrices end estimates at lact irv ralee.
cll en or address
ftiEur-nrs metal a wood xro co
4.18 A 410 Main it., and 21 & V, Xulborry lU.
Head,U,trters tor Iron Krno-s and Crestlsg.
(iuivauir.ed Iron Cornice,Tin Ucols A Mori

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