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IIihmui to
is in receipt of a larger,
tions.) thai was erer shown
stock comprises the choicest
and most durable goods in gentlemen's wear.
JQ- Samples and Prices on application to those
who have left measures.
-u-SL Jo'irH Biiioii Manager.
Open'ng end the Krent of tne Season,
.alar. THMly ! Wlaliy
,!, Hfi. 7, as .! S,
i And Grand Wednesday Matin.
v Irr., tvilson an rankin's
Headed by tha Aekcwledcd Leaders In
Comedy. GkOKGtf WILbtlN aud CARL
RANKIN, with Their Entire New
Compan;, Introducing
The Oreateat of All Musical Novel liei.
The POLUSKIBROH.'. with Their Marvel
ous 'fri-k I'Rmel ; Jrrn 11 art, '-amey Pagan,
J. Monk Io le, and an Army ot Utber Celeb
litiea Too Numerous to Mention.
Thursday. Fri- ayand 8-turrtay, Sent. 30 h
andUct. 1st and 2d-MICHAtL ftTKOGQ-r.
Mrs. Florence Fin'ey Moore
Saturday, Dei. 23d, at 8 P.M.
A linivnnn RTilVEIlMISE At Snr.
i XI rounded Uill, Arkansas, the best cotton
region in that State, eUh'y-five miles frrm
Memphis and fiftv ml es troia Little Rook)
on the M. and 1.. R. R. R. Apply to
No. 11 ADAMS hT.. Memphis Tenn.
Also, several Stock Ranches In Grand
Praine, Arhan.aw.
MRS. JOHN R. MILES will take a diss
in Instrumental Muaio. For terms
apply at 89 Adams street.
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and hrlck
layer. Telephone 8HH. THOS. Ol'HBTNH.
LOT Cheap, on sonth side of Vance street,
150 foot weet of Wellington atrret, 50x
210 feet. Apply to W, B. ROPER.
; At 266 Johnson Avenue.
)0NY One bay mare pony, 7 years old;
stylish and eped.
H. G. CAMPBELL, 38 Marti-on St.
Apulv at 7ft Prnnt Street.
IHACK-'Hiraea, harness and license at a
bargain i part cash, and balance in
monthly payments.
Inquire at No. 75 Monroe street.
BRICK RESIDHNCK Of six rooms, with
modern improvements; No. 4U3'hlby
treet. Anily to A. C. Treadwell, Execu
tor. No. 11 I'nlon street,
TUR lea-e and fixtures of the St. El no
Hotel, Mcidian, Miss, Twenty-fiv
commodious rooms, within three minutes
walk of the Union Depot; large simple
room on the street next door ; now doing a
good business and popular. Can be had at a
bargain if apa'.ed lor within the next thirty
daya. Apply to Charles Elmire, proprietor!
Meridian. Miss.
IN Lot of tin, suitable for roofing. Also
a large ice Box. At Uabay .4i enemy.
OLD MATERIAL In the storehouses and
Senate Building, occupied by B. Low
enstein A Bros.'; mut be removed at once.
Applylo wOttM-RElD. Builder.
NEAT COTTAGE-Of six rooms, snd lot
200x44, 54 iiean avenue. Inquire on
CHEAP One second hand ROCK AWAY,
nearly ea good as new, at 101 Unb n at
One Dining-room Set,
One Kitchen Set,
with posseasion of house at once,
W. R. LAtt'UN, barkinsvllle, Ala.
BOILER-60-H. P. toiler", tested to 160 lba.
water pressure, will sell ohean Apply
at . SPKER'8 GIN. .
VV one thorougbhn d Running Horse; fee
120. One Trottimr Horse; fee, 110. OneJer
ey Bull : fee, S2.50 Fob Sal.n-30 Horsee,
8 Milch Cows. 15 head Butcher Cattle, Pea
eocks and Newfoundland Pups. Horses on
Suture, 15 per month ; Texas nr rsea, 10c per
ay. Telephone JOSEPH BUHNST, 852. .
UPRIGHT PIANO-Good as new, cheap
lor cash; or will exchange for board.
Artdreaa K M. Appeal office.
SMALL OFFICK-Second ttory, over No.
4 Howard's Row: water and closet: will
make excellent steeping rooms; price 112 f 0,
, 8 M. McOAi.IiOM, Telephone 243.
LARGE HTORE First floor au. r
with side and r-ar ntrane oa. nil
and J 03. Main street. Pcitesaion Uct,.rrlai.
or sooner, it reijuired ....
Offices, No. 2XU rSemmd at. '
' Booms for light housekeeping, No 87n Pop
lar atre.t. over drug ato e. A'p'- 'o
JR.B. SN0WDKN or J. L. 0"OM.OK.
88 Mailt '0'i -tree.
TTINE OFFICES-65 Mud son straet, next
l to viarenqou note',
. B. M. KSTr!, V Madison St.
mHREE FLOOR8-i;'8 nin street: good
J- lighti with er w !nut elevator; front
and rear entrance.
OOMS-Well furouh;d rooms No. 81
Linden i treat, .
00MS-At 860 Washington strest, third
nouse east or urieana i treat.
TJ0U8E Corner Thornton and Alabama
XX streets, newly painted, in good repair;
tan rooms, oellar. two good olitarne. desira-
able front and back yards; on line of atreet
ears. . James wciNmar. 33 nooeson ht,
HOUSES On and near Walker avenn,
on Elmwond street oar line, fro the
1st September, several houses, from two to
eight rooms, in good repair. Apply at. 36
Union street. JOS. LENOW.
X?ESIDENCES-Nos. 68 and 70 St. Martin
.JLV street. ApTTfiii 'No. 70 St. Martin ft.
, "CTtJUSE-S-aSWilslilpglon 8 .J-feflniggnd
i j.xrFDTo"g. Atpiy at i r-epiarBW
tw J. At
No. 10 Main Street.
No. 2'0 Main Street.
No. 2ii7 Main Street.
Apply to JAMtS LKK, Ji.. 4 Mndisqn St.
FURNISHED HOUSE-434 Vance atreet.-'
Afl'lv on premises.
ROOMS On large front room, with small
room and large closet adjoining, unfur
nished, at 3ri8 Vnc street.
R00M8-Tw furnished or unfurnished
rooms at 40 Madison atreet.
ton Exchange Building, single or In
' suits, on very reasonable terms. Building
heated thoroughly by steam. Elevator run
ning from b isement to attic. Apply to
HINRY HOTTER, Secretary.
T- E8TDENCK-34'2 Vn etnieX
XV Apply a' :4 Vance atreet.
LEG ANT newly lurniahed rooms, bath
room, etc. Inquire at 116 Court street.
RESIDENCE From Oct. lat, elegant brick
residence, No. 108 Waahington st. For
terms apply to No. 716 Main atreet.
S TO RKHOUSES-The three new first-class
Klorehonsea on Shelby atreet, next north
of tbo Uayoso Hotel. Terras teaaonable.
p, 7ct qQison atreet.
CHOICE OFFICES On cecond atory Oo
enpied for many year by Dr J. W, Nel
son, Dentist, oornerUnionand Main streets.
Apply at 3 Union stret. JOS. LENOW.
DESIRABLE ROOMS-SulUble for light
kousekeepinr, N.corSec'ndand Market
1 street; cotton-room and office; terms
moderate. Apply to
HOUSE-NO. 1i,2 Robinson street. 6 rooms,
in good repair, sood oistern water.
M V E RS A SN KKD, 310 Second at.
1 vae square rom Peabody Hotel,
more varied and better se
tbls season's importa
In this market. The
designs, finest textures
tJORSES fne Urge bay horse, shoe off
i oi ieri Bina loos, ana one neat omj
horse, with on white bind foot. Will pay a
liberal reward on their return t 218 Poplar
. i.i. .t niruulBil
K sTULE Sorrel horse mula. medium sis,
IVX shod all round Left the stab' about
T p.m., September mlth. Liberal reward for
hia riturn to rytp'u il and F- C".
TV fVLK FromSIO M.Hi.nn itreat. on San
iY-L dty, Sptmbr 19th. a grav hors
mule, about lo4 hands high, witb letter 11
on left bind hi "".and a lump on left jaw
bone, ana abod alt round, heturn to u. j
McUale and be rewarded, 890 Madiaonst
ii v iwtl ruiu lio iio nirvvv, vu l'blui-
13. dar, August aith. a licht sorrel horse,
turn to wHS 1). H A A"K, law Hen'c
nulla m mue. n iinoral rn-iu i'i u. Q'
T3O0MS Pleasant rooms for grntlemen
LV with rnmfortnble table hoiri; also, day
binrdere wanted at 44 Pontotoc street
, OOMS Farauhtd rooms with board .
121 Oourt sirre.
At 4 Mrke street.
QT. JAMES IIOUSK-S8 Adams street
t..i iloBrrl anri loilging, go; day bosrd. It,
LIGIBLK ROOMS With superior board
two bl jcks troin (rayoso Hotel. 4.',iMielby
TPVliSIRABLE Roorr.a. iurnlshed or nntur
J riii-bed, single or in suite, with board, at
72 Madison street.
BEAUTIFUL front rooms, alnsle or en
suite, furnished nr unfurnished, with or
without I'Qird: otaer rooms, 104-U' outtst,
O'lVS With or without board: termi
reasonable. 140 MA Dlf-ON Bl
OOOMS On laa front room with bal
cony and on lam bock room with
larg dressing-ream, and it hers as good as
can be touna m tne city.
n rrxroN ht
Apply at this oBlce.
T"O0MS Gentleman and wife wish to en
I V aarm two nioalv furoiahed roou,a. with
board, in a private iaraiiy; permanent if
suited, neierenoes cxcnangeri. Ador'sa
K. J. K , this office
nOOK Apply at E. M. Apperson A Co.'s,
v . .to. r root "ni'T,
VT Apply t 17 Conrt strest.
ENGINEER A colored man to rnn sta-
ttonsry entine. Ad J. h . this office
' ITUATION-By a young man of bnsineas
and office experience, and one woo Knows
now to worn. n , to is omce
POSITION A practioal firmer winta a
A. position as manager on cotton planta
tion or stock term. ah. m.. by b'nae tt
U'VERYBODY-To know that the Pine
LU Mattress will cure asthma, rheuma
tism, bron hitls, insomnia, nervousness and
nay lever, camples ran be seen at
46 Nor'h Court atreet.
It K AN To run engine snd file saw. Also.
IrX s good sawyer. None need apply un
less they oan give best of re'erenoe. Call at
liennini a xUnnan s naw Mill,
Just above Hnre Pit Mill
OCCUPANTS For front room, with dress
J ing room, southern exposure, in private
tamti?, eonven ent to easiness. Address A,
eare Lttier carrier uave wamttgton.
LADY AGENTS Our agents have had
such wonderful aucoesa aalline Mra.
Campbell's Combination Skirt and Bustle
(some oieariog giro a montni, tbat we max
thia spaoial tequest (or all agen s who want
a steady, money making buainesa, to send
stamp for catalogue. Also, Furnishing
Gooda. Addre-s E. H. Campbell A Co., 484
West Randolph btreet, thioago, 1IK
j loraaie cneap at ulubd oiu wukhb
C100K An experienced whit cook: Kn
J gliah, Germsn or Swede; wages, fl per
weex. Apply wttn reierencea to
OCRAP IRON A quantity of stove plate
O machinery, scrap iron sndoldcarwhcela
St. Louis Malleable Iron Co., Ht, Louis, Mo,
A MAN T take an office and represent a
J.i- mannlaeiurer; 0 per week; small
oapltal required Aldress, with stamp,
Box 70, We't Acton, Mass,
SALESMEN In every Slate in the U Ion
to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
Spioialtibb thatare popular and easy sell
ing, tar, n oandlod alon or in connection
with other gooda. Address TUB WM. B.
innn LBS. FEATHERS mhst cash
lJ'J pr.ee paid hy GABA Y. Memphis
TjtVERYrOTiY TO KNn'-That I will
nest 'h rty l.i i- tor fl 60.
H Main areet,
L'J G01D SILVER-Foreash or ex
change. MULFORO. .lewe er, zS4 Main
817 and 819 mill?
N. Second St,A W YAlnV
sLurur-ACTtrnxns or
Special Notice to Shippers.
Misnuirri no Tennkbrki Railxoad Co.,1
Memphis, September 3, 1886.
THE eomp'stinn of the Yasooand Missis
sippi Vi llsy R.R,, (rom Jackson. Miss.,
to Greopwood, Miaa , OPtNS OP AN Alj.
RAIL LINE, without break of bulk or trans
fer of freight, to following named points:
laano City, Kden, II. lnke, Jood
Hope 4. In. Mllpavlllc. ajbarblerwrd.
Tell a I a. Krlrw, 4'rng;r,NliloD, Rlelsisr
Nasi, Qreesiwaod.
Shipments "to landings near these points
should be made to nearest station namd
above. Yout business is respectlully so-
jioueu over via m. and i. Aoaii. a. ireianfc
reaches lu destination the fol'owing day of
.-,; . I . T L'UIUD
I General Freight Agent.
w. enrdlBtty reroai wima
wnur i. u tti.baM mr,ly
tap loeaswt aaewaa
mi ami. ,.
. i
"Wait. f
aki., .1 tm mty mm u
wre obi a, is
AiU a Lbk,
Hudioa. 14. Y.
Sold by Dniggliti,
riu si.re.
For Sale Engine and Boiler.
OK HORS POWr K-Nearly new. Also,
Zjt i ..nL.,,. L. L.I.: ....II. ak.lt.
log, tools, J, Applv ti, iir'a titress
tuojt. houowam a w,
The Democratic Candidate for Con
gress In This Diatrlct-A Man
Of and For tho People.
Col. Merrill's lttUr in tbo Courier
Journal of Wfdneid.y: His (James
rneiaa's) lamuy nave lor many years
been leaders of Ddtnncracy. The
earliest anc-wtnr in tbe Uni tea States
was a Op'. John Phelan, who partici
pated in the ba tie of icegar Uiil aod
wai di Wen out of Ireland at the point
of the bsy ontt. A lint al dt acecdant and
nces'or of bis was a brother of Jatues
Phelan, B shcp ol Oswy, which was
iceeanaom oi lnotcai Hatler, a dis-
UDgnthtd soldier committed to the
tower by Cromwell f jr fighting in the
rebellion. The father cf the nominee
was James Pnelan, Confederate Mens-
tor irom aiiesistlppi, whose trotter,
Jonn u. rneiau, was Attorney gener
al of Alabama, Speaker of tbe Iloute
of K-) reaootati vea and Supreme
Judge of the 8tate. Oce of Judge
msiaii's sons, iv.iu 1'helan. was re
cently Alabama's Secretsry of
btate. The family, though lash, have
a i men oi ncoccn b ood tiirouatt
tbe pie9er.t Jim Phelan's crnd
mother the lonrce from which comes
their striking bulldog tenacity of pur
pose. It is a bnppy comhiuntion tbe
warm, rica l BUblool wtnb impels
oue u int Utidnte ol D 8 Irienua aud
hia honor, aod just enough ot tbe
biotch to mate dim s it-k. On hU
mo'te.'a title he U rlttsd t) tbe
Mootef, of A nbaina, one of the lead'
ing fiimLies of theboiith. Au aunt iB
tbu wile of Gov. O'Neal, tow tie
Governor of Alabama If there is
any;hing in blocd and time is much
in blood, though nothing in eaiDtv
tit'es-Jim Phelan is of tLe bts!. And
one of the most pronounced in the
country wbat is generally known as
"a people's map." Us whs bcra that
way, aud comes honestly by it through
heredity. He is one of tbe kind
whom, from boyhood, everybody re
ferred to as "ihe Judge," and wai
called "o'd Jim" before tie was ten
ydvrs of ajre. His pet feet bimplkity of
obaracter and lack of aQVct tion are
the qualities wbich attach hi friends
to' his penonal foituces. To see him
walkaloDg the street, the "pro" of
bis wool hat "stt diggin' upward" (cot
turned up) at an angle of about for.y
degrees, one would take him for a
young farmer who hed iuet driven a
load of corn to town and was hunting
a purchaser. Tall, atuular, and fur
thest removed from the dude, be wears
his clotbea as if other hands than his
own hsd adjusted tbe watdiobe.
Toe Appeal says "he comes dan
gerously near tbe borders of
genius," and I imagine he was more
urprisid than anyone else to
hear it. W. D. Hoael's says there is
no such thing as geniup, but I prefer
the only sersible definition of that
quality, to-wit: That genius is energy.
In this view be is a genius. He is a
thorough business man, a man cf af
fairs, successful aud eminentl uracil-
ca', as his canvass for Congress has es-
. LI .1 l fill , , I . . .
ttui stioa, .us biuiuv icruirrfi, Oi llie
district, having heard of him as a
graduate at home, and afterwaidtf the
great German Umveisty of Leipsic,
when meeting face to fac at first con-
8!d red him a ptradoz "aspiiitanti-
tne icaiiy mixu ' la uerraanv ne
took tbe degree of Doctor of Philoso
phy tbe vcungect foreigner who
ever took a degtee at Lsips c. Aod
yst he hid never "bet-n to Yur-up."
He timply went to Europe a South
erner and came back an American
one of the bast educated in the Stats.
He is a hard and laborious student and
is preparing tbe history cf Tennessee
for the Commonwealth aeries now
being published by Houghton,
Mi til in & Co. He will an to
CoDgrtsf, not according to what
is (or as feveral vears ago) Mr.
Watteison'a ideal of a genius of the
present sb e, to wit: a bellerverfeller
in high heel boots, soike tail coat and
stovepipe hat, but as a heavy weight
champion. As a popular hero aod
ideal ce will attract at once more than
the recognition usually accorded most
new memDers. as a worker in com
mittee, I predict that he willttPD to
toe front at a bound-a plain, blunt
man, who loves his friends, and tbe
kind that his friends delight to honor.
His qualities as a s a'.esman must ba
yet ttsted, though he has accomplished
enough to give an earnest of ths
future. II s faculty of remembering
names Is remarkable. A prominent
Fayet:e politic an says he knew the
name of amojt every man in that
county. The tame chiracterittici ttiat
won the workingmen of the city won
tbe hearts of the country people.
Some cf tbem bad remarked that cs a
but aber ageing bim they said Jim
Pb elan was more like a firmer than
any man in Memphis His friends
claim that he made no single mistake
during tne canvass, though several
times he went contrary to their ad
vice. Toey taid he was dating too
much, bot the result justified tbe au
dacity. His methods are peculiarly
like guetrilla warfare. His attacks
have been surprises, and so far irre-
s stinlc. As an organizir butrei-ulte
epeak for themselves. As a n an be is
iflablosnd pleasant, lond cf banter
ing tit f i lendi, with whom he is an
id.l. Onn night in a calooD, in a crowd
of workingmen who were bsiettirg
him with Joke and jett,,a jrreat. Hi
iolly I'ithmau git off on him an anec '
dote that brought down tbe'ceillngV
rno an s repiy was tT'liana mm one
on the eat" in the u'most good humor.
and with manner aod urimire that
redoubled tbe hilarity. He has a neck
among friends of pul ing th-ir b- arj,
or staljDin tbem with the thumb, or
slftpp ng them on the shoulder in a
familiar wav wbich does not bteed
conttmpt, for he knows everybody,
and wito everybody he is iilin
Jim." I hold that one mU't have a
kiodly ratute to win the po, u'ar
heart. No one can, for snylcng hof
time, sustain the arts of a df mag gue.
He will be off h'a guard her
make a mistake there will fail in a
few months and fall.
Jim Poelan, now about 9 years of
age, has groan up ub tbe young
men of Memphis, and they all believe
in him. Though recognized as tbe
young men's candidate, be is equally
popular with most of the oldettaud
most influential merchants, busice s
and professional meo in the city. At
first it was claimed that bis competitor
would command tbe support ol what
is known here as Front K w. But
Front Bow knew itielf better.f. r "the
old boye" stuck to him ss eamwtly
atd worked as ardently for him as
any oi the younger element. He
atiikstohis friends with atimiable
enrcity, and very properly nofcti
of them the same ucselfljh fidelity
and devotion In return.
Judged by iti froita, Mr. Pbslin
may claim that his joint difcuis'on
wnn Uol. Patterson wa as great a tri
nmph as any msn, yenrg nr old, in
any Mate ever acnieved. in fret, 1
rarall tne History ol tbe stump from
Mains to Texas, and find nothing any
where to match it. Consider a young
man til tea ageici tucu a man as Col.
Patterson ; considrr ths odd against
him on ata'ting ou and wbere have
we hid anything like it ? lie nils
ths utmoet out of every public
ana pereonai leeue mat ws
spiung during tve cicrass. Waim
hearted nd impulsive, his voice in
conversation is t gentle and melodi
ous is a womtn's a voice that melts
and sinks deep don mtithe heart
of tbe listener, wboss friendship he
would conciliate. Asa public deb .tor
it is clear snd diiticct, needing only a
email measure mors i f cu t vat'oo, or,
better still, the school of practical rx
I eritnee, to give at all times, ss it gen
erally bas, the proper tone and mcdu
lation. When stirred up to respond
to any reflection on Lis ptiva e cr par
tisan, consistency, tbe tone adopts a
leady sympathy, tbe sound seming an
echo of ths sens, and eye and vuce
and gesture set in unisn together.
It is then hs clinche his flits, drops
each partially itta ths month of its
rorresponding pentaloons pocket, and
punctuates his sharpvet points by
withdrawing them alternately with
the foiefinger itickirg oat stiaight aod
etifl' and thrust forward at the audi
ence as one should do in tbe set oil
hr.ng who coin nanus, and ore at a
time, a couple of pUtol irtj the
crowd con'ronung hiui. It is in Inci
dental and mtchanical g-eticu-'ation,
and entirely unetuditd
(if, iiu'eed, he has ever thought
cf it) and very exortaeive when an.
compaoied by the ti e atou-ieii In the
dark gray eyes tlasbing from beneath
tbe beetlirg brows. Ooe marked
fea'ure of tie oratory is the unmis
tikable caodcr the manner evin ir.g
the most thorough conviction the
ucafiected earnetnees r f Ihe speaker.
To make others earnest, one mut
hhuselt bs terribly in earnest. At
times', when fi'Bt rising t) ipeak,
Phelan is stricken with "buck
ague," but be gets better es
he goes along, the temporary difli.
dence rather adding to than de
tracting from bis utterances. In pub
lic or private, on the stump or on the
i treet, on the stage cr in ths study, he
is bold as a lion i h respect to bis
conclusions or ths expreesicn of them.
There is nobody who seems, looks or
acts less like ths bulldozer, yet the
devil hia self oouldn t bnl doze him.
His qualities as a leader, the reader
mayiealize from what is known tf
Jim Phelan already, are mat ktd by a
sound, evenly balanced judgment, fer
tility of resource and quiukneta and
clearness ef decls oj.
Three or four vats sco Mr. Phelan
was mar'ied to M bs Mary Early, of
Lynchbuig. Vs., a relative of Gen.
Jubal Early, and I may add, by the
way, teat nil rourtsnip was, , in a
measure, a loreraat ol ihe political
campaign just ended.
iiy nature, instinct, trsining, study.
habits of thought and associa ion, he
is a thorough Democrat -a pait'sm
Democrat, if you pleas.
-' Mi . DUttTZE A CO.
Make an Aeslsrasnent-Tke Stock of
i tVodai o.0 Madlaan Street
Attached Ynlereley.
Charles Duntzemade an assignment,
yesterday, to Louis KSttman, of the
stock pi, liquors and cigars a', No. 40
Madison street, ths tarn a having been
-conveyed lo Char es Dun za by bis
b'Other, Emll Duotzv by deed of gift
dated, September 21, 1B80. The fol-
lowicg lett r accimpai iwd the deed:
MaurBis, September 21, 1386,
My Dear Brother:
With tbesi few lines I bid you a
hearty farewell. I hereby transfer to
jou my whole business nd wish you,
with your Cousin Joonny, very much
lutk. I hope you will at end to it as
punctual as I did, snd wish yon would
ot en the store at 7 o'clcck. Tbe key
you will nod under my wooden chest,
The k"ys to both my trunks and
draweia and door are with them. In
cass you wifh to give op tbe room,
then pick all my thiofts in tbe trunks
f ;r me till I let you know my stopping
place, For the present I go first to
tit. Louis. Hoping you are now glad
to bave gotten lid cf me, your con
science will ray you f ,r it as well as
your Cousin Johnny's. Your brother,
E. Dunlze's liabilities are $1802 57,
His assets ate unknown, bnt will not
extend beyond the stock cf goods
covered by tbe ss ignment. Attach'
mems were levied on the stock yester
day for the following emonnt: Theo
dore Reed for $100 ai d W. J. Limp
for $305 65. The other rrerlitora will
doubtless lsvy today. Mr. O. Dun'ze
had nothing to do with the concern.
and made the as. ignment, beuausa he
did not cars to arsume tbe burden of
the firm of E. Duntzs & Co.'a liabili
The Winner at Brooklyn.
Gravbsimp, N. Y., September 2.1.
Firtt iiace.-Three-fourths of a mile.
Climax won by six lengths; Burch
aecood. Time-1:17.
Second Ract.Fot three year olds,
mile and aneifh'h. Petticoat won by
two lengths; Hermitage second. Pasha
third, 'f lme1 :R8J.
rAiri tec.-For two year olds;
three fourths of a mile. Bessie J. won
by three lengths: Montrose second,
Markland third. Time 1:17.
Fourth Race. Boulevard handicap,
for three year olds snd upward. Mile
aod s quarter, Feiona won by three
lengths; Aretino s.cond,' O Fallon
thid.r.Time-2:Ui. -it r--. v.. .),-,
! iFoflh Race v-For ttitee year olds and
upward. Mile and am e ghtbm 11 in-
iium woo by a neck; hlk wood second,
Mil le third. T,me-l:67.
Sixth Race Toree-quartera of a
mile. Hopefjl won by two hngtlis;
King Aithur ceiond, Fiolio third.
On Ihe Trnca al Hilahton.
Bbiurton Iisacb, L. I., September
23. Firjf Race. Purse, three quarters
of a mile, liellona won by a length
and a half; R-lax sscond, Triple Cross
third.' Time 1 :19J.
&cond7i!(Y.-Keven fu-longj. Agln
ciurt won by half a length; Amber
serond, VVairin Lewis thid. Time
Third Race - Seven furloncs. Wan
dering wno by a length ; Bu tet field
ae-cind, Ventiletion third. Time
1:35. Ceniliiaten paid 1204 25.
Fourth Km. One mile. Hot Box
won by a neck ; Big Ht-ad second, Blus
Pe er third. Time-l:48.
Fifth Race -One mile. Lizzie Wal
ton won ; Eiwer second, Glendon third.
Time 1 :4h1.
Suth Rwe. Seven furlonge, Jim
Douglasa won by three lengths; Treas
urer sec md, Commander third. Time
Lckdboro's perfume, Eden is
Lundbori's perfume, Alpine Violet,
Lnndborg's perfume, lily, of the
Lnndborg's perfume, Marehal Nile
SEPTEMBER 21. 1886.
Clapp, Davis Odium, Alien and IIar
rell Jiomluuted for the
Lower House.
The Democratic Convenli nn (n nnm
ina e a Legis a'ive ticket was called to
truer at 11 o clock yesterday morning
at tne exposition building by S. J,
Camp, Cbairmaa of the Executive
Gen. A. J. Vaughn was made t'm-
porary chairman and J. H. AIsup tern
poraiy secretary.
On motion the following mmmlttra
oi nueen was appointed on Ureden
tials and Permanent Oronnlaatinn
J. J. Dupot, II. A. Hamilton. J. T.
Lawler, J. F. McCallum, G. H. Bains,
M. J. Blessing. J. T. Pattit. J. M.
Bridley, J. E. Douglass. J 8. Weir, J.
a. xtiataireii, a. x. Mciionald, A. M
Lambeth, I. D. Martin.
The Committee on Permanent Or-
gamntion repotted in favor of Mr.
J. M. Harris ft r permanent cbairmtn
snd J. 41. Bradley, secietary.
Ths commi.tre on credentials in.
ported that no proxies be allowed, hut
each delegation from the wards and
civil (iittricts fill its own vacancies.
Iliey tep nted the list ol delegates al
ready publithed.
The committee revolted the follow
ing order of business:
First Nomination of Senators, two
to oe voted lor at a t'me, and the
lowest man to bs dropped after the
third ballot.
r-ecood The romination cf Itopre
fentatives, five to be voted for st a
time, the lowest to be dropped after
the third ballot; snd (hat a two
thirds' vole be required to nominate.
The repors was adopted and Mr.
Harris was conducted ti the cba r.
He was warmly greetfd by ths con
vention, and made a brief addrtsi in
favor of harmony.
Mr. J. M. Bradley introduced the
fol nwirg, wbirh was adopted :
Whereas, Tfce election of a Senator
In tbe Cungrces of the United r-tates
for the unexpired term of the Hon.
II. E. Jackfou will devolve upon the
incoming General Assembly of Ten
berate; Remhed, That the Demccracy of
Shelby county do present for that pc
sition the name of our distinguished
fellow-citizen, the Hon. John L. T.
Sneed, of whom we may truthfully
alii tm that his exalted personal char
scter, his incorruptible integrity, bis
noble and commanding presence, his
graceful and impressive eloquence, bis
eminent ability acd talent so long ex
emplified in the public service, and
his extensive and profound knowledge
of the political history of ths State
and of the United States, and es
pecially of all tbe important questions
now sgitaUd, qualify bim in ihe high
est degree to aaorn the Senate and to
serve our State in the national
councils with tbe greatest advantage
and mccees.
RctolvtJ. That the iiiMmWa rf
the General Assembly for Shelby
county are hereby instrue'ed to
give their best effoits to secure the
election of Judge Sneed U the United
States Senate. '
Nom nations were then declared to
be in order lor tbe State Senate, two
to ne votea lor at a time.
Mr. S. W. Green put in nomination
Mr. U. J. Lynn, wbich waa seconded
by Gen. A. J. Vaughn.
Geo. J. J. Dupuy nominated J. D,
Sheriff Cannon nominated H. L,
Ffritf Ballot. Henry J. Lynn 115,
J. D. Montedonito Ii5, Brinkley 61,
blank 8; whole number of voteecis',
153; necessary to a choice out of whole
vote OI 1UH. 112: tbereunon Measrsj
Lynn and Mcntedonico were declared
trie nominees of the convention. Their
nomlnat oa was made unanimous.
Calls were made for Lynn, who was
introduced in a lew well chosen re
maiks by Mr. Harris. Mr. Lvnn mada
a brief spsech of thsnks, which wss
recoiveo wun applause.
Mr. Montedooico was called fcr and
was introducsd by Mr. Harris as hav
ing led mi ticket two years ago, and
one lo whom It was limple justice to
give the nomination which he bad
just received. Mr. Montedonio made
bis acknowledgements gracefully and
wss given a rising cheer when he
made bis closing bow.
Gen. Dupuy moved that one Bepre
sentative be voted for at a time, as
otherwise the country might be loft
out, as many t3 be nominated as
might he dtaired.
Mr. Hugh Greer raid the country
was in the minority and their claims
ooght to be considered first. He
moved tbst three candidates from the
country be voted for first.
Justice Moore said he thought Ihe
country should hsve but two Re pre
sentatives, tbe city all the balance.
Another delegate insisted upon
three for the country, to be voted for
at one lime.
Gen. Dupuy accepted the amend
ment, and nominations were declared
in order, the candidates to be first
selected from the country. The fol
lowing were nominated :
J. W. Allen of the Ninth District.
R. D. Goodwin of the Sixteenth Dis
trict. Jm F. Ttrnwn nf tha Fdiirtnnnth
District, W. R. Harrell of the Tenth
district. Dr. D' G. Godw in of tho
Firet District, J. M. Craws of the
Eighth District.
A doien motions were nut before a
ballot could be taken. Mr. Ueo. B.
Fleece ea d if tho country had three
Represenlatives but two would be left
for the city, and the wrrkingmen
would be left out In the cold.
The Chairman decided that be was
out of order, as the convention bad
tacitly accepted Mr. Greer's motion to
se'ect three delegates from the coun
try first.
Mr. iltece I snneal to the conven
The Chair An snneal cannot be
had until after this bxliot.
Mr. Fleece I desire to make a nom-
The Chair Nominations are closed.
Mr. Fleece There were few who
knew that nominations were closed on
account cf the noise.
Tbe Chair Tbe gentleman is out of
Mr. Lsmbeth I move that the
rountry retire and telect two Candi
da' es.
Mr. W. J. Chate I move in lieu of
all other motions that the convention
fir.t receive and vote npon two
country candidates, then upon one
workingmen snd laitiy upon two iep
teaenUtives from the city.
Mr. Lombeth 1 Insist on my mo
Mr. Greer In the Interest of bar-
Tailor and Importer,
u!HTi-rA,:V J'"""" Is now complete. The Largest, Choteeatand
wssvJf-lar J1.? LT? l2Z,r .' Memphis, consisting of ail the
fJAtiN.? In great variety, all of the LATEST IIESICNS,
Introduced by tbe Leading Importer of Kngland, Krano and Oer
VlaTl,'w!1 ake aFKHAl, ISIKNTIO to my customers ana
oae STAMB ""P "X MAuajlwcKN'if aTOC'la, at my
Cor. Second and J.ffirson
mony I move that onlv two be selected
from ths country. I see the city is
not disposed to give ns three.
Bar. J. V. Martin I rise to a nn nt
of order. The committee reported
tbat a two thirds vote waa necessary
to decide a'l question?, and two thirds
hsd not decided to change that report
Wbich. when submitted, bad bn
acopted. He therefore moved that
tbe entire proceedings in respect to
untry candldatas he declared nut of
order. As to Mr. Lambsih's motion
he did not think it sood DemocrAcv
t . . . . . . r .
tor tue c invention to split in two,
The Cbalr Your motion s oot cf
order, as a ballot has already been
ca it u i r.
Mr. Martin Then I lesmctfullv an
pent from the deti ion of the chair.
A vote was taken and Mr. Martin
carried Ms point, the convention get
ting b.ckt) i s original order of bud
Eea. Mr. S. W. Green moved ihnt the
Miles be lusprnded and Mr. Lynn be
dtcVd the lominen f,ir the Thirti-
secot d Senate rial D'stritt snd Mr.
MontodoLico f ir the Tbitty-lhird.
un motion it was decided to elect
two Represantutive from the country
first. Tho g-wtlxuien alretdy men
toned were again nut in nun nation
aod a ballot wa taken.
First Rallot.V. R. Harrell. 114 J.
W. Allen 01. D. G. Godwin 54. J. K.
Btown 1, R. D. Goodwin 22, J. M.
Crews 21), blank 4. Whole number
votes ct 1H8, necessary to a choice 112.
J ustice liatrell was doclated the n mi
nee of the convention and a second
hallos was ordered, or.o countryman
to ba voted for.
6conrt Rallot. Allen 83. Goodwvn
5, Godwin 01), Crowe, 16, bank 2.
Whole number caet lOU.neres arv to a
choice 111, No election. J. M. Crews
Third Rallo.t-K len 73. Godwin 75.
blank 7, whole number tait 155, nec
essary to a choice 102, no nom nation.
toum JialtoA Allen 73. Gtdwin 75.
Gocdwyn 1, blank 0. Whole numb-r
cast 155, necessary to a choici 102. No
Atlh s juncture tha Chairman said
ceitain staioments in regard to Dr.
Godwin'a position had been made on
the floor whioh he desired to contra
dict. Dr. Godwin was called for and said
t wss unnecessary to say why he was
before tbem. It bad b.en stated that
he waa a prohibitionist, because he
was In favor of submitting that Ques
tion to tbe people. If elected he could
not do oluerwlee, because it wss en
grafted in tbe State p'atform, but II
the question was u imitted to the
people, he, as one of tbem. would vole
against it, as he was net a prohibition.
JuHt'cs Allen wss also called for and
a d he was not a prohibitionist and
never was. He took a drink when
ever he felt so diepesed.
Fifth Rallot Gjdwin 70, Allen 06;
whole number osst, 167; neoeesary to
a choic, 112, No nomination.
Dr. Godwin mounted the stsnd, and
thanking Ihe convention for Its sup
port, moved tbat Mr. Allen be nomi
nated by acclamation. Carried.
Mr. Allen expressed bis thanks and
piomised lo give tho whole ticket an
enthusiastic support.
Tbe chair announced that nomina
tions were in order for a Democrat to
represent the lab.r interests In Shelby
Just ce II. Buttenburg nomioated
R. A. Odium.
W. J. Chase nominated Oliver W.
I. E. Douglasi nominated T. J, At
kins. P. J. Kelley nominated Phil Devlin,
Fir$t Rallot Atkins 70, Odium 72,
Vaughn 0, Devlin 12; totil number
cut, 163- necessary to a choice, 10tf.
No nomination Vsughn and Devlin
.Vond fuUot-Odlum 115, Atkins
45; whole number votes cast, 100; neo
etsaiy to a choke, 107. Mr. Odium
was declared the nominee, and loud
calls were made for him. lie said be
bad not solicited a vjte, and did not
C i .br.tlle ?TfM,!AV?1
class', but if elected would do bis best
to sdvaccs the interests of all classes
alike from a Democratic standpoint. t
Nominations for two Representa
tives for ths city proper were then di
ctated to be in order.
lis E. Douglass nominated Dr. D. F,
Dr. Kainea nominated Thomas it.
K. u. Malone nominated II. i.
(i. B. Peters nominated W. L. Clapp.
J. J. Dupuy nominated Ralph Davis,
II. A. Hamilton nominated R. Gal
Firtt Rallot. Goodyear 17, Boyle 12,
Walsh 61, Clapp 83, Davis 69, Gallo
way 4J; whole number caet, 10-i ;
ueceeearv .to a choice, 107. No nomi
nation; Dr. Goodyear withdrawn; -, ,-1
Second Balfol'. Boyle H, Wslsu 04,
Clspp 81, Davis 01, Gallovay 4(1;
whole number cast, 163; necessary to
a choice, 1 107.. No nomination; Bjyle
wi h Irawn.
77iiro! Ballot. Walsh 64, Clapp 81,
Galloway 38, Davis 110. Mr. Davis
was deo'sred the nominee amid the
wildest excitement, and expressed his
gratitude in a short speech of thanki.
Air. waieli withdrew in lavor ot
Mr. Clapp. Mr. Galloway withdrew,
snd the nomination of Mr. Clapp was
mada unanimous.
The convention then adjourned, the
bells chiming 6 o'clock as they left the
The llckel.
Mr. Henry J. Lynn Is well known
all over the State. He has taken a
prominent pait in a number of State
O.nventioDs and is a member for tbe
H'ate at large of ihe Democratic Exe
cutive Committee.
Mr. J. D. Montodonico received the
nomination for S ate Senator two years
agi snd made a brilliant canvass, lead
ing hs tick: t, which, was, however de
M ' teas Clapp, a member of ths
law flrua tf Clapp & Beard, bas sll his
life been an unswerving Democrat,
and bas taken a 'deep interest in
its welfare, and though he baa not
been very prominent in publio Allaire,
lew men ars more popu'ar.
air. itaiph Davis is just 21 years oi
age, a lawyer by profession and
Memphis, Tinn.
Democrat of Ihe most pronounced
type, bright and energetic. He la
small of s ature.with decidedly auburn
hsir, but he bas a voice like a c arion,
and is no'ed for bis wonderful work at
the polls when his party calls ht sup
port. Mr. R. A. Odium made friends all
over the oonnty in August when a
a ndidate f or C unty Oourt Clerk, and
tt ough the choice of the Democrats
fell elsewhere then, they have desired
ever since to give him a token of their '
esteem snd appreciation of his manly
qualities. He. Hie Mr. Lvnn. la In
thej insurance business, but is a Knight
rf Liber snd very popular with the
workingmen Mr. U. Buttenre u.wha
inir-duoed l,iiu, is .'coked up.uasa
'osder in their runts, and he doclartd
1 lint no man rotild get the came ec
thii8iaft:o support from orgarlz.-d
lahor that Sir. Odium could.
Mr. J. W. Alien represents the
Ninth District in the Cmnty ( cu t,
and represents it well. He is alwaja
at ih' front r.nk when any public ec
terpthe is d scused in tt at body, and
I as broad ai.il liboial ido.s of county
Mr. W. It lfmr-ll, who was 'he
first man nominated, is also a member
of tlie County Ccu't. II s residence
is Gerniantown. but lie ia a'mon as
well known and f qually as popular in
the city as In the cjuntry. Usndsome.
genia", full of-vlgor, and the declered
enemy of frauds snd j ihbery in what
ev. r guiee, be will mae an admirable
Sntldra Death or Mr. N, B. Pleasants
al Blrhstaoud, Va,
On the Oih of this month Mr. N. B.
Pleaeaots, bo k keeper lor G iisuci A
Trezevan', was ma ried to Miss Min
nie Hunter, ths e teemed and acrom
pliehad tontaoo t.f the Strangers'
Church. The bapiy couple left the
lame night for a b-idal trip to Virginia,
tbe brdf groom's bitthplace and
former hime. Their honeymoon wis
rudely interrupted. News reached
hers a few days ago that Mr. P easants
was (eriously ill. Telegrams came yes
terday whh tbe announcement tbat he
was very low. aud last n irht came tha
pad news ol tli death. Tne sympathy
of the entire com noun I -,y goes cut to
the wldowtd bride in herbsieavsment
Building Unroofed
mi Midway
Louisville. Ky.. September 23. -A
CourirT Journal special says: A terrifflc
wind s'orm stiuck Midway. Kv.. thia
evening, unroofing many houaes and
blowing in walls. A negro settlement
near the place is reported destroyed.
No loss of life ropoited.
Heavy Halaa al eialvoston.
Galviston, Tex , September 23.
Unususliy heavy rains have visited
tbls ssctlon during ths past forty-eight
houig The rainfall continues tonight,
but no disastrous results are appre
hended, ss low tides have prevailed.
Further down the gulf coast, however,
a heavy storm seemed to bs ranging, .
as indioated by the followtrg to the
Newt: "TelegtaujB from Indian
ola are to the effect tbat a
heavy storm Is rrglng there. The
wind is reported at fifty miles an hour
aod the streets a e three feet under
water. Efforts are in progress to re
move tbe few Ibhahltants still thereto
higher grcu id. Ihe telegraph opera
tor removed his o flics to a box car fonr
miles this s tie of Icilianols, No less
cf hf i is anticipated, and, ss but little
remains there in the way of property,
no ser'ous damage is likely to occur."
They Are Uol alUlled Tel.
Glaboow, September .23. Clyde
yschtiog circles ars exoited over the
challenge issued by James Bell, of tbe
pn..i r'i,i. v.ti (ii,a i a..
Prk Ysont Club for an International ,
race (or America's cup next Septem-
bur. If tbe challenge is accepted the
Clyde yachtmen will construct a boat
especially for Ihe race. Her tonnage
will be similar to the May
flower's. She will bs Clyde
designed. Oiyde built aod will carry
Clyde skipper and crew. A committee
of Clyde yachting men raised a
guarantee fund of 10,000, the yacht
to be built on the mode) of any ssleoted
American veesel, provided tbe letter's
length be given.
Absolutely Pure.
parity, itrt)Di(h n l ho.comnaiii.
oonouiiraJ tn;it th r ininr; kind, ana
Astnnnt bm mM in mum tifion
vQ in
Boultituds ot Ion iiwt. an-jrl wniivbtalav of
TUtrrtta Pi'R Co., le. V.iM t..Ni.wYcfk
AwlTiSli'-Tt and Wun on.
BIBLK.'' lntred'ietion by Vt.J U. Vin-
W S n I law III aaa i
1 i it m Kin iidU a
w.n. P.O. Og,a.'Mlii" I'd taauaa
efS74 peop'e; on 73 In eMi of TMt on
new as-nt. In inls: n-ie 4 iwo s irors
aiv wal-ai nn 40 in -lay" lwdtff'ol
lixH, Iii'lefi. Botnece' ery. Address
CANShLi CO. 'h't'd.)
to IVwbi in Itrt l Chios go.

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