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Many Wonaded A Premature Up
risinj? From Britain and
the Continent.
Berlin, Sjptember 24. A train
laden with (iermaa soldi rs returning
home from Strife bnrg and Alsace, after
having completed' their three years
set vice, collided mith another train
near the Berlin depot today. Three of
the soldiers were killed and twenty
were wounded. The collision was
caueed by the misplacing of a switch.
Fight llctwe.n vollee akd -Moon,
Dublin, September 24. The police
last night ) an down and surprised a
party of moonlightera at Feale bridge,
county Kerry. A fight ensued, in
which one cf the moonlighters was
shot 6ad and six were taken prkon
era. The affair has caused much ex
citement throughout Kerry.
Liter partit ulars of the Woonlight
-encounttr in County Kerry chow that
three constables toward midrjigut hid
concealed themselves a short distance
Irom the Ft ale bridge police hut. Not
long after the cnneiables wera in hid
ing tbey noticed the moonlighters ap
proach. Tie constables ordered the
moonlighters to "Halt, in the Queen's
name!" The mronlighteis replied to
the summons with a volley from their
rifles, aimed in the direction whence
the summons came. The police then
fired buckshot at the moonlighters,
who were in plain view of the cfllcen.
One of the moonlighters fell. He was
not instant y killed, as at fiift reported,
but v as ba ily wounded. The others
turned and fled. The police pursued
them, menacing them with threats of
ehootirjg, and succeeded in overtaking
and manacling fix, who, with the
wounded man, were taken to jail. The
police then began fconring toe coun
try for the other, of whom they have
arrested twelve, and taken them to
Sunday's Cprinlna Premature.
Paeis, September 24. Senor Sorilla,
the leader of the Spanish revolution
ists, in an interview published in the
Figaro, says hut Sunday's uprising was
premature, and dei lares that in the
revolt which will tike place at' the
proper time many of the generals in
the Spanish army will support the
Demand, the Expulsion of Zorilla.
Pari?, Septembar 24. Spain has de
manded from Fiance the expulsion of
Ruiz Zorilla from French territory.
The French Cabinet today discussed
the demand and separated without
being able to agree as to the propsr
answer to make to Spain. It was re
solved to snbmit the matter to Presi
dent Grevy.
In -Honor- of the ttarman Prince.
Mktz, September 24. A grand
operatic peif .rmance was given in
this cit" in honor tf the presence of
Crown Prince Frederick William and
party. Prince William, Prinre Regent
Albert, ot Brunswick, ana tne Urand
Duke of Baden, were in the party
Fraulein Sofia Neuberger, the well
known German-American prima
donna, took a conspicuous part in the
performance, and her singing was
greeted with great applause.
Italian Bark Struck, by Lightning,
Vienna, September 24. Lightning
today, struck and set fire to the Its,
ian bark Nicola while she was being
laden with benzine, at Flume. Eight
men periened in tne names.
Sew British Minister to Turkey.
Constantinople, September 24. It
has bean finally settled that Sir Wil
liam White, now British Minister at
Bucharest, will succeed sir fedwaid
Thornton as Bp ltisti Ambassador here,
Sir William White is considered a
strong diplomat, well versed in East
ern arJairs, and able to counteract Rus
sian intrigues with the Bone.
Explosion of Fire Damp.
Berlin, September 24 A dispatch
from Essen announces that an explo
sion ot tare damp occuned in a coal
pit nrar Scbalke, today, and that
lorty-tlve persons were killed and
sixteen injured, most ot toe latter be
ing in a precarious condition.
Moo uracil t Jd ! t ! to Admiral
Vienna, September 24. The column
erected to the memory of Admiral
Baron Von TegelhoB, at the entrance
ti the Prater, wes unveiled today by
Emperor Francis Joseph, in the pres
ence of an enormous assemblage. The
Imperial family were ad present, ac
companied by most ot the nobility,
all the Cabinet Minuteis, the Vienna
mun.c pal omciais and court nobles,
the resident diplomats and delegates
irom tbe ditteient branches ot tne
Austrian army and navy, and a num
ber of officers who alto served under
Admiral Tegelhoff. There. were pres
ent also several deputation irom lor-
.Inn sinnntaMAH Kaa 1 A am 4Via waat nrY .
course of people. In his ceremonial
address, the Emperor declared that
tne column was dedicated as a memo
rial of the great deeds of Admiral
Tegelhoff and the navy, and said he
hoped the name of Tegelhcfi, now
honored in this public and formal
way, would always inspire Austrian
in the fature to deeds of patriotic de
Lia Brothebs, of Philadelphia, the
mated medical publishers, have issued
the first number of the Medical Book
Aeicj. a auarterlv devoted to the dis
semination of sound medical litera
ture. The first number is lair promice
of what are to .follow, and atlords a
-very clear and intelligible idea of the
latest and best publications on medical
art and snreical science. Everv rjro-
grer-aive doctor should get the Medical
jsook jewi.
Mas. Oliphant is writing a series' of
articles to appear in The (Jentury dur
ing the coming year, describing some
of the celebrated men and women of
-Queen Anne's reign, including the
-Queen, the Duchess Sarah, Dean
Swift and Daniel Defje. Mrs Van
Rensselaer, who has recently written
about American architecture in The
Century, will contribute to the same
magazine a reries of papers on some of
the typical English cathedrals, to be
illustrated by Mr. Joseph Pennell.
Gen. Adah Badiau is to write a
a series of "War Stories for Boys and
Girls" for the coming year of tH. Kick
ola. They will be panoramic descrip
tions of single contests or short cam
paigns, each one treated separately, as
a eubject complete in itself, and the
youthful reader can overlook the two
armies and view the battle field from
the becinnina to the end of the strug
gle, but with the advantage of having
every movement and charge, every at
tack and maneuver, carefully ex
plained to him.
Fukk & Waqnalls, of New York,
announce The Buddhitt Dut Bcoh. pre
pared by Laura C. Holloway. It is a
ccmpilation of dishes used by
Bud&bistB in KnroDe and the East
interspersed with exDlana'ions of the
religious convictiors of this great sect
regarding loods. The work will
arouse general curicsity, and ba of
value to vegetarians of whom there
are la'ce numbers in this country,
Mrs. Holloway writ's with authority
on this subj et, having been for some
months in Budahi.ts' homes in Eng
land and Prussia, where she nj wed
tne advantages ot an unmixed vege'a
nan diet. Tbe bcok 13 a quaint bro wn
and-wbite conceit in parchment cov
ers, rrice, ou cents.
Tub story of Michael Davitt as told
bv himself in Leave From a Prison
Diary, is one that no fair minded man
can read without being moved. It is
a tale full of the pathos of pereoDal
and netional suffering, told with tbs
earnestness of truth and tbe convic
tion of an honest purpose lor his
country's welfare and naDoiness. Mr.
Davi t is the father of the Irish Land
League, acd has bsen and still is the
persistent advocate of tbe treedom 01
Lis country and the reh ase of its people
irom tne curse and balelul influences
of landlordism. Every American
wno desires to be intelligent as tome
land and labor svf tem of Ireland and
home rule as the most serious of
her grievances should read these Leaves
From a Prison Diary. Thev are well
printed and farm No. 2 of Ford s Na
tional Library, and are Bold for the
very small sum of 25 cents. ManEf jrd
has them lor sale.
The Southern Bivouac leads eff
with a delightful paper on some out-of-the-way
watering places. Will Wal
lace Harney concludes his paper on
"Orange Culture." A Northern soldier
draws a striking comparison between,
the campiigns of Gen. Lee and Gen.
Grant. Ool. EabBit W. Woolley has
an important paper relating to Gen.
Albert Eidoey Johnston's purposes in
fkhting tbe battle of Shiloh, and Co'.
W. Allen reviews Gen. Lonfstreet's
account of "Lee s Invasion of iVary-
land." As a war iue the October
Bivouac is probably the best ifsue of
the magBsfne. But, aside from these
war papers, the magazine has much to
interest the general reader. "Bono
Barcalde" is a charactsr sketch of un
usual merit; Col. Nicholas Smith has
a bright paper, entitled "My First
Conquest;" Maurice Tnomp-on writes
of ''The Kingfisher" in his fnost
cbarmirg style; G. C. Conner has a
very timely paper on Mexico, end
Mariner J. Kent gives a true his ory
of what is called "Bee a La-.t Boem.
Cal. A. S. Colyar, of Nashville, de
scribes the recent changes in the Mu
nlcipal Government of Nashville, and
Walker Kennedy tells what has been
done in the way of leform in Mem
phis. The poets are, as usual, well
The October Eclectic offers great at
tractions to its read are. Sir John Lub
bock has the place of honor in a dif
Quisition on the "Study of Science,"
and this is well supported in the next
paper on "Baateur and Hydrophobia,"
by Prof. Ray Lankeeter. One of tbe
greatest men ever produced in Ameri
ca, Alexander Hamilton, is d'scussed
by A. G. Bradley, and the well known
critic, Ueorge fcatotsbury, has some
thing to say about one of the Scottish
intellectual giants, Christopher North
the founder of Blaclwood Maaazine.
Gold win Smith's- paper on the "Uapital
of the United States," will be read
with interest. Other leading papers
are Alex. H. Japp's "Some Uncon
scious Confessions of De Quincev,"
and a very readable paper by Sophie
Weisse on tbe great German Histo
rian, Rurjke, with reminitcences of
Berlin from 1884 to 1886. Vernon
Lee, under the head of "Perigot,"
contributes interesting notes of the
dramatic in literature and art, and the
author of Joltn Halifax, Gentlemm, has
sometmng to ray on the always sug
gestive subject of money. The poems
and shorter paperj are of marked in
terest, F. T. Palgrave's ballad of "Pau-
sanias and (Jleomce being specially
Their Relative merit,, a, Dlscusaed
by Lieut. Ilcnn.
New York, September 24. Lieut.
Ilenn raid to a Boston Globe reporter
yesterday: ' 1 am perfectly satisfied
that I have no chance with the May
flower in any breeze in which the
can carry her topsail, and I want to
Bee what we can do with her when we
come down to three lower sails.
did not have much hope of b9ating
the Mayllower in light weather, 'lhe
Mayflower carries 9000 feet of canvaes
to my (XX). The Mayflower has only
lit) tons displacement, while the
Galatea displaces 154 tons, conse
quently I have only eeven-nitths the
power and bave to displace once and
a nan as mucn water as she does, so
it stands to reason that I cannot beat
her in liebt weather. I am convinrnd
of that, but what I want to see isjwbat
she will do in a breeze. I think tbat
the Maj flower will bave to shorten
sail before the Galatea does and that
lean carry a working topsail when
she will have to come down to her
three lower eai's. In tbat case we
will be more on an equality as regards
onving power, it 1 cannot win then
I cannot win at all. lhat is wby I
wanted to race to Bermuda. Your
sloops are fine vessels, but I do not
tninc tney can carry their enormous
spread of canvas in ocean cruising. I
think they would have to shorten
their spars. They would then be
very ama vessels and 1 wou d be car-
Tying the same canvas as thev."
uo you trunk the center board
will gain in favor in Eneland alter
there races ?"
' I can't say as to that. You have
learned a lot from us in the last few
years. If one of our crack cutters
had eome over here quietly a year
Detore tne uenesta came over she
could have taken the cup without a
doubt, but there was a year's delay
while tbe matter was being talked
over, and before the Genesta came
you had built the Puritan. You drew
ideal from our rig and methods of
ballasting and I hope I have got some
good ideas irom your yaciits. 11 1
had known tbat the Genesta wouM
challenge for the cud. probablv the
Galatea would never have been built.
I should not bave built a boat so
much like tbe Genesis and for the
same purpose. If I weie building
one cow I should make her two feet
and six inches wider than the Gala
tea." To BeArgncd Heat Ffldajr.
Cmrkon. III.. Snntpmher 24.
Judge Gary decided this morning to
hnnr tha aro-iimant. fnr a tiAV trill in
the cae of the condemned anarchists
next Friday.
A TltnnHnw ftltA.n
May purify the air, but nothing except
Ll 't 111 V'T : 11 f- iL. ...u
x win puriiy but iiiumu
filled with npfflpctfid topth. and rercue
those f.tithfal servants of mankind
fiom utter ruin before it is ton late.
Don't neglect to try it. You will be
surprised and delighted with its results.
A rialn Truth Plainly Spoken by Mr.
Abraham Hewitt, Who Thlaks
Be ft 111 not Be a Candidate.
New York, September 24 In con
versation yesterday with a Tribune re
porter Congressman Abram S. Hewitt
eiid in regard to his candidacy for
Representative in the Fiftieth Con
grots: "1 cannot siy as yet whether I
shall be a candidate or not. There
may be conditions under which I
might accept a renomination. I do
not really see tbat there is any reason
why 1 should go back, however. I
bave been there twelve vears eadeav
oring f do what I believed was for the
general good, but when I contemp'ats
the result of my wor k I am forced to
admit that I have been a failure. It
really seems that I have no ictluence
"To what do you attribute this re
Bull?" was asked. "Is it due ts the
ignorance of members as to the real
needs of the country ?"
"Oh, well, I do not like to call it
ignorance, replied Mr. Hewitt. "Of
conn e there is more or less ignorance
manifest when it C3no.es to dealing
with the greater questions which per
tain to business aiid commercial ad
vancement. But, in my opinion, this
condition of things is largely due to
individual jealousy of leaders. Eich
one appears to be afraid that the other
will reap some personal advantage if
certain propositions are Carried lor
ward and hence this clashing of in
terests. Now, it is all wrong to con
tinually advertise the "Democratic
party as absolutely in favor of free
trade, it is not a free trade party,
and in its platform it declared directiv
that while it favored the reduction of
taxation, it did not propose to inter
fere with any business which bad not
yet outgrown their necessity, but there
are many branches of business in
which piotection is no longer needed
and to which the imposition of duties
upon raw material is a, positive
injury. I did what I could to secure
a reformation in this direction
but finding it to be impossible to se
cure action upon any bill which un
dertook to regulate dutiep, I finally
piepared a measure dea iog simply
with tbe ad mi Diet rat ion of the cus
toms laws. This bill was unanimous
ly approved by. the Committee of
Ways and Means, but Mr. Mortison.
the chairman, insisted upon attaching
it to bis bin involving a change ol
duties, and Mr. Randall did precisely
the same thing in his bill. Tne result
was tbat it never reached the House
and never had consideration as a sep
arate measure. I was powerless to se
cure euch act on, but I think that the
Speaker might, if he had been so dis
posed, have done much to insure ac
tion. He is a man of eminent intel
ligence and judicial fairntss, hut he
seems averse to taking a positive part
in shaping legislation. So far as I am
concerned, I had to confess tbat I
lacked the influence and energy nec
essary to force action npon a measure
which all parlies agreed ought to have
been passed. It is in consequence of
wis latiure cnieny tnat 1 am com
pelled to recognize the fact that mv
day has passed and that the commer
cial interests of New York ought to
have a repreeentative of more force
and greater ability to acnieve results. '
In the Dear Old Day,.
We differ in creed and politics, but
we are a unit all tbe same on the de
sirableness of a fine head of hair. If
you mourn the loss of this blessing
and ornament, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hair Balsam will make you
look as you did in the dear old days.
it is worm trying. Tbe only standard
ou cents article lor tbe nair.
Granted an Attachment.
AnrlrAW.1 nf ilia finnrama Tfinrt aa
granted an application ol Charles
irawiora ior an aitacnment against
fhA nrnnartv In thia Kota t tl,n rthar.
ter Oak Lila Insurance Company, of
Tf A I m ,1.1 ,
jiaruora, uonn. urawiora obtained
the attachment to recover 1538 paid
in premiums.
Ncott', EuiuUlou.
Of pure Cod Liver Oil. with Hvdq
phosphites, is a most valuable remedy
for consumption, scrofula, wasting dis
eases of children, colds aud chronic
coughs, and in all conditions where
there is a loss of flesh, a lack of nerve
power and a general debility of the
Prof. Chs. Ludwig Von Seeger
Profeimr of MrdtCMne at tit Royal UtHvtrniy;
Kmg lit of the l vi I Austrian Order of ihn Iron
Crown: KnuAittiommandrrotthm Hoval .Vnn.
ink Order ui JtabMa; Knight at the Koynl
Pnutian Order of the Jiid EagU; Clirvalier
of the liegton aj Honor, i,tc., Arc , fays:
honld not b, confounded with the hord,
of traahy oure-lli. It ti in no ien ol th,
word patent remedy. I am tborouahlr
conversant with Its mod, of preparation,
and know it to benotonly a legitimate phar
maceutical prouuoi, Doi alto worm; ot the
high oommendations it has received in all
parts of the world It contains essence ol
Beef. Coca, Quinine, Iron and Caliiaya,
which are dissolved in pure genuine Span
ish imperial Crown Sherry."
Invalnable to all who are Ron Down, Ner
vous, Dyspeptic, Bilious, Malarious or af
flicted with weak kidneys. Jteware ol
Her Hajeatj'a Favorite Coametle
ui jeer in.
Vied bv her Roval Hithnetke Prineeuol
Wain and the nubility. For the Skin, Com
plexion, bruptions, Chapping, Roughness.
l.O0. Of druggists. .
J.IKBIO t o.'a Genuine Syrtip ol
Mitnaparllla is ruarantead ai tha beat
fjarsaparilla in the market.
ami Sulaaof otbom Llhrit
VefJu, Table. Chain-
TlrSlr Pat aaa T Anenai
letter Presses, Cabinet
ladies' Fancy Desks,
Kinent Goods and Lowe
Prloea Guaranteed. Oataloi
ir . Poataw 4c Mo poetry
Tf ,T . T AND Bail, 1 BBaTHIXT,
a guaranteed ipecifio for Hysteria, Disii
aess. Convulsions, Fits, Nervous Nearal-
Eia, Headache. Nervosa Prostration, caused
y th, ns, of aloohol or tobaooot Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Battening of th.
Brain, waiting In insanity and leading to
misery, decay and death: Prematura mil
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power in either
: Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, eaust i by ovet-eiertion of the brain,
self-abus, or overindulgence. Kach box coo
tains on, month's treatment. II a box, or
SiK boxes for 15. Sent bv mail nranalri. An
receipt of tirioe. We txurante, Six Boxes
to our, any ou. With ,aoh order received
,7 us rorsix Doxes, accompanied with II,
WO Will Send tha Burofeaaap nnr written
guarantee to refund th, menev If th, treat
ment doei not effect a cum. Guarantees
issued only bv HKNKKjfcy AGO., Drug-
i0u, uiciii i-uiii icon
JKil)Kirjt,(. Y.-Boardon the Hill,
Mrs. 11. C. Howard. Waahinirtnn
Park. Rooms large; location delightful.
Convenient to oars to Manhattan lieaoh,
uoney uianu, uong ueacu and Central rarxi
alio id &w York i-laoes of amusement.
f I
Sore Eyes
The eyes are always in syininithy with
Iho body, and a.T.nil mi t-xiH-li ut ImU-x
of ils conclit.". n. Win n tlie.ryos become
weak, nml tin? IIJ iiillaim il unci son?, it is
nn evidence that tlie syii-in has Income
iliot'tlereil by Scmfiiia, fur which Ayer'l
Sursaiitirilla Is the bet known rvim-ity.
Penifiilii, which pinilii. ed a painful In
flaiiiiiiatiiin in my cm s, eniiM-d me much
nuiiiTiiiK for a nunil.ci- of vears. ltv tlio
advice of a physician 1 commcncrit liiklnsr
AjerN )5Hi-MiiariH.i. Alter ii-imr thin
meilitiuc a short 'iiuc 1 wan completely
My eves are now In a vplciulid condition,
ami 1 urn as well ami sti-onu' as ever.
Mis. William liaye, Coiiconl, X. H.
For n number of years I was troubled
Willi a liuinor in my ejes. ami was unablo
to obtain any reii-t until I comuicucctl
lisin' Ayer's Sarwiparilla. This medicine
lias ell'ccted u compli tc cure, ami I believe
it to he. I lie best of blood luritici s.
C. K. I'pton, Nashua, X. II.
From childhood, ami until within n few
mouths, 1 have been alllicicd willi Weak
and Sore Kyes. 1 liae used for llieso
complaints, with bcin-i'n ial results. Aver'
Sai-supiiiillii, and ider it a i;reat blood
puriUer. Mia. C. I'liillips, Glover, VI.
I nutTered for a year with Inflanima
Hon in my left eye. Three ulcers formed
ou the ball, depriving ine of sl-.-hi, und
cuusinj; (treat pain. After trvi-i manv
other remedies, to no purpose, I w as llmilbV
Induced to use Ayer's Sarsapai illu, and,
Py Taking
tlireo bottles of this medicine, have been
vnlircly cured. My silit has been re
stored, and there Is no siii of tullammn
Hon, sore, or ulcer in inv eve. Kendal
T. Iloweu, Sugar 'Tree Kidge, Ohio.
My daiighf er, ten years old, via afflicted
Willi Scrofulous Son; Kves. lHirtntf tbe
last two yearn she never saw liKbt of any
kind, riiysiclans of ihe lu-rliest MandinJ
exerted their skill, but with no permanent
success. On the reioininendalion of a
friend I purchased a bottle of AVer's Snr
saparilla, which my dan-lilcr coiumcneed
taking, liefore she hail used lhe third
bottle her sight was restored, and she can
now look steadily nt a brilliant light with
out pain. .Her cure is eomplete. W. K.
Sutherland, Kvaiij,eli,t, Shelby City, Ky.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mniw.
Bold by all Druggiata. l'ricu 1 ; six botllt-a, 5.
founterfeits are made in tit. Louis, Mo.
Cream Balm
Gives Re'ief at
onoe and Cures
Hay Fever.
or Powder. Frae
from In J urioui
1 1 a-
jruga auu vueu .j mjr r-r-s n
w, odor.. HAY-EEVER
A partiele is applied into each nostril and
Is agreeable. Price M cents at Druggists!
ii; mail, registered, ho cents, circulars tree,
ELY BROS.. Pruggisis. Oweo, N. Y.
' .11 il "VJil "JTkWraia-
Most of th d.ReiLMri wlni'IiniiiMarnHiikitid artMirigm.
ally oiiurted by a ditwrdei 1 c-trndition if th L I V fc R .
Vnr all (UHiitilaiiitttiif tli ih kind, micti an Turtudity of
the Liver, liilidUinoM, Nitvouh I Hwprtii, IiuIikhm
tioH, IrrHKularity of tbe UowuIh, Uuuitiipfttioii.Klatu
leucy, KruuLatiorui and tturmus if tba Hiomarb
iftomxtinimi called Hwniburn), Minima, Malaria,
tluody Flux, Cbilla and Kevtr, UrttakboDe Ke?r,
bxbauittiou befura or aftur Feira, Chnmlo Diar
rliiBa, Ijoh of Appfttiie. Huadaub, Foul Bntatli,
Imtgiilnnlies lncidmilal tu KemalM, BMnrinff
dnwn Painn. Baukab, Aa.. to. 8TADICCR8
AURANTII ialnvnluablf. It ta not a panaca
f(ir all dlnMM, but will CURE fi.JLfl'-tf ae 9
ohaiigtta the cmnpleiiun frtmi a waxy, yellow Unffe,
to a ruddy, healthy oolor. It entirely remoTea low,
gloomy npirita, U la one ol the l't Atttratitei
ami ruriflrrt of the BUtwitmtd M a mtluabl tonir,
Fur sale by all Druggist. Price 1 .00 per buttle,
C. F. 8TADICER, Proprietor,
140 80. FRONT ST., Philadelphia, Pa.
Pennyroyal Fills.
The Orlarlnal dI Only Cleanlne.
Saf. and always Reliable. Bewaroof worlli.
IcxKlmitations. Indilensable to LAW! KN.
An jour UrngiKlHt for " JUlnbwter 'a
Essifli- "and take no other, or Inolose so
(stamps) to us for particulars in LRTTia by
return mall. Si."- fAPKst. ejlsi.
ramer 4 hnmlral s o.,
1IHIS MndUon Hqaarfi, Phllada., ".
ATKAUR supplUd by GKO. C.U00DW1N
Wholaaala Aa'ata. Bavlaa, Wms
Aak JOOT ratntler fnr H:e Original S3 Shoe).
- ltwnroof ImlUiHong. - - i
Kone Goaalue aalee. beariug tblsStarap.
Made la Button. Oonrmsf ond La. BcitCnlf
bilit u. Comfort and Appear
om. A iMtAl oarl gtnt to
on will bring you informa
tion how to go t tlila Shoe la
Diuio or iezruwy. ag
41 Lincoln nt
ThU thoe etanda higher In the ration of
Waartm than anv oitn-r t" the WorhL Thou
Toil BELT or K
in. reDerawrii mauvex
rrmJ I I P sQ 'IW1B17 I tUV VHII
eV.W ......1 a . tk m.m
VVVVVK)CBi jfiani. There is no
FOR'x V; mistakeabou- thisin-
. W Tas is . strument th, oon-
nuous stream ol
meating through th
parts must restore
IfltN WOTiLI s
them to healthy action. Do ait oonfound
this with Kleetrle Belu advertised to eurs
all ills from head to toe. It is for the ON 8
peoiSo purpose. For circulars giving full
nformatiion, addr Cheever LlectnnBell
Co., 10J Washington street, Chioag-., ill.
1 1 m
iutual- Life Insurance Co.
The Largest, Strongest and Cheapest Company in the HorM.
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DEP'lIlOOtolTl Adams St., Memphip
Irva aud
aw-Htll., 7- k
j , a
firl.l- HIll. I '"-
aion.fi f.
ttnrk. I
Clentral a
'.ai'.f iWbi
(Suooessors in this lepartment to JOHN MANOGUK.)
ay-Write for information on AN V THINU In either Hn.
The Planters Fire and Marino Insurance Co.
Hire la ('oiiipaaj'a Ilnildlnar, o. 41 Madlaou Ntrrrt, M-iiihl., Trnn.
D. T. POUTER, frM.USO. ovBRTIIH, Jr., Vlce-Prv. J. H. N.TJITII, Hn'j
V, II. 1II . I'K. Aa.l.lant Nrvre-lnrr.
UIKMTOK.X-R 11. BROOKS, 01 Urooks. Neely A Co. ; R. L. CoKFlN. of Dlllard 4 Coffln ;
i). T. POHTKR, of I'oiter A Macraes JOHN OVKHTON, Ja., J. C, MILLS, J. K.
GODWIN, or J. R. Godwin A Co.; J. M. (liul)BAH, of Goodbar ACu.t
t'ommrurtd lluilnra. In IX7.
wrlllnm Imperially Ise.ired.
Also Represents th fipamiirigi.D Fir, of e-pringlield, Mass. ( Gumma lloua Inburahci
('nMi-nav: Miii'tin Pitv. o' Chn t'Rnooga, 'lenn.
I, t. lARf ASOAT.
0. 0. HUH.
J, T. FAR6AS0N & CO.
Ubolcsals Grocers & Cotton Factors!
38ft Front Street, Memphis, Ten a.
Cttei MBslgned to is will bar, our eareful attention. W, carry at all times a wU
aaleoted itook ol
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Winos, Llqacrsjcbicio & Cl.in,
nd will .ell a. T aw b. . I.awk.s.
31 and 3G radiNon
fc.jt j",ls-r tutff am . ll 1 1 fcP fcl
.' ST T ,KSifi'i,l'''i,,,,,i"'wi"vaaUl
aaajuHitia " r '
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
896-308 Front St., Memphis, Tens,
Cotton Factors, Commission Oerchants.
TJo. 11C South Hal n St.. St. Xnl.
Lat, J. T. Lal'rad. A Co.
No. 304 Front street, : Memphis, Tcnn.
"Having retired from the Saddlery and llaraeis bniinesi and opened an office as above.
w, ar, ple.fed to announce to our frienils ana tne punnc seneraur laai we are now preparea
to serve them in our new capacity. Keturnlng thanks for the very liberal patronage ei
tended us in th, eld lino, w, trust to merit and receive a ihara of roar favors in th, new.
W. A. SMITH, Proprietor.
4tasi .nlllvaai.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors
And Commission Uerchsnts,
232 and 234 Front St., Memphis, Tem
Mr. I. I. KAHTIT devoUs his who, time to th, weighing and sale of nil Cotton trwM
4. .k.... U AHl.iaa. Ur Walhi Pialna .
aTV VU VUlilfi VVVWil n MVUViii" " mmi wj mwts -
Bar Iron,
Boiler Iraa
Hoop, Ban
i ana
. J8b Iron
DEPT. 226 and 228 Second St.
I near. Paid, Over Half a Million.
H. V. IIOU DltK,
Hi., i Iff emiilils. Teim
ARO & Co
, Manufacturer's Agents for
Daniel Pratt Cotton Glua,
Manufacturers of
Pratt F.cllp.x Holler Ulna, Feed
era and Utm Hepalrera,
09 to 104 roplar Si., Mompkl.
rPratt Revolving-Head Gins une
qunled. Stock now complote. Prices
reduced. Correspondenoo ana orders
lolicitod. Old (lins Repaired in First
la s Ord . All work guaranteed.
Late with J. X. Lal'rade A Co
MAHtirACTuaia or
VI. A. NiultU'a Pat. Separator.
Eagle Eclipse Holler (lns,
I'luln 10-Iach (Jin, and
Price at Factory, 10l and 110.
UTAH kinds of Gins Repaired. Special
Discount to the Trail..-,,
IIBI and 89 Front Nt., M.mphla, T.na
run,. Clark.
I. M. Cla: k.
WILL b, opened June 1st. This note4
watering-plao. is situated sii mile
from J-Una Furnace, ou the Nashville and
Tuioaloosa railroad, in Uirkm.n eonnty
Tenn. Hark will meet all trains at jKtn,
and will convex guests to spring at a very
low rat,.
Board, 030 Per Month: SI Per Day;
fcpvrlnl Halws to Famine..
We invite all who wish to spend the most
pleasant sea ion of their lives to eome to
Beaverdaui, ,'peoially seekers of pleasur,
and health. (Jood water and pare air la
Liverymen, Centreville, Tenn.
K. A. DK AN, Prop'r Centreville Hotel.
fjltaRII MOTl.I., AH. If (tPRINtjIS.
Rockbridge Co., Va. High op in th,
Virginia mountaina. Pioturesqu, surround
ings, extensive and beautifully shaded lawn.
Gas, electric bells, and all modern improve
ments. Two daily mfils, post, telegraph and
express ofSces on the premises. Table th,
very best. Luxuriously furnished rooms
suierh band of uiusio. Send for illurtrutea
fiamphlet. Charger moderate. Open for vis
tors, June loth. Yt'ntrre: A'-m, ChalybeaH
and irrr.tine. R.T. W lli'i) jKON.Man'irr.
Anions the Northern Lakes
of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, ar, hun
dreds of deliglitlul plaoes where on, ean pom
the summer months in quiet rest and enjoy
nient, and return home at the end of tha
heated term completely rejuvenated. Each
recurring season brings to Oconomowoa.
Waukesha, Beaver Iam, Frontenao, Oko
boji, Minnetonka, White Bear, and Innu
merable other charming localities with ro
mantlo names, thousands of our best people
whose winter home, are on either side ot Ma
son and Dixon's line. Elegance and oom
fort, at a moderate cost, can be readily ob
tained. A list ol summer homes, with all
necessary informa Ion pertaining thereto, i
being distributed by the Cuioiao, Mn.WiU
i and 6t. Paul Railway, and will be sen
free upon application by letter to A. V.
Carpenter, Ueneral Passeiger Agent, Mi
waukee. Wis.
Crab Orchard Springs,
LINCOLN COUNTY, KY. The eieelleu
of the ouitine, and accommodations char
aHerlstin of this hotel during the past three
years, shall be fully maintained this season.
Excursion tickets to the Snrtnis bv the i.
and U. Knilway are good via Louisville, both
going and returning, to proceed on first train
succeeding arrival In Louisville.
W T. UK A NT. I're.'t. .1. 0. KINO. Rnn't.
Ho. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established in 18G0.I
DR. JOHNSON is aoknowledgedby all par
tios intorcsted as by fur the most sue
oessful physician in the treaimentnf privata
or secret discuses. Quick, permanent ourea
guaranteed in every oaae, male or fomale.
Recent cases nf Gonorrhea and Syphilis
cured in a f w days without the use of mer
cury, otiange ot diet or ninuriiuce trout
business, baoondnry Syi hilis, tbe Inst ves
tige eradicated witbo-itthe use of mrrcur.
Involuntary loss of euen stopied in short ,
tima. rjutlurers from Iinpotency or loss ol
sexual p-wers restore W free visor in a few
weoks. Victims of self-abuse and excessive
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea end
loss of physioal and mentul nowt-r, speedily
anil permanently curod. rurt-r-ular utUn
tion paid to the Diseases f Women, una
onres guaranteed. Pi'os and olil sorcn cuted
without the us. of ciiustio or the k n l to. All
oonsultat'ons striotly conlldciitial. Medi
cines seut by expies to all part of th,
erWorklnginen enred at hnlf tbe usual
rates, lillice uours from 8 o'clock a.m. to
o'clock p.m. D. ti. JQ1INS0N, M.l.
Orrtra MRMi'nm Oas Light CourAar, )
Al KUPH1H, Tknn. f
BT order of the Board ol Director of th,
Memphis Gas Light Company, mad,
July 6, lHttn, a mooting oi,the stockholder l
said company was called to be held on Mon
day, October 4, lHrttl, at tho olllcofth. com
pany, in Memphis, at 12 ui., to consider and
act upon a contraot made by the Board ol
Directors with Taxing District ol 8h.lb
county, a copy ot which contraot ho beet
sent by mall to each stockholder. In furthet
pursuance of said order of the Board, notlot
of said meeting is hereby given to the stock
holders ot said company, and they are earn
astir requested to be present, or send proxie
with their instructions as to th voting of
th.lr stock upon this proposition to accept
or rJ,ot said contraot.
Secretary of Memphis Us Light Co.
September 1, 1BH6.
PURSUANT to an execution Issued Au
gust 6, 1HWI, from the Supreme Court .(
Tennessee, on Judgment rendered by tala
Court, Jun 1. lHm), in favor of J. L. r pper
son against W. B. Ualbr atb and J. M.
Fowlkea, comprising the Arm of W. B. (lal
Sreuth A Co., for one thousand and eighty
nine dollat and eighty-fiv otnU (IIUH'J KS).
I will on
Nalnrstay, Ocfobar S, Is)M,
in front of tbe t ourthouse do-ir, in .Shelby
oountv, Tenn.. sell to the highest bidder lor
cash the following doicribed tract of land ia
the Taxing District of bhdby county, ia
Shelby county, Tenn., to-witt Heginning at
a point on the south line ol Union street,
'M feet east of a four (4) foot alley; tli.ns.
east on and with south line of Union street
M feet to a stake; thenne southwardly, at
right aiules with Union street, ltMfeettn an
alloy; thenou with said alley westwardly
;HS feat to a stake; thence on aline per
pendicular to Union street northwardly IDS
loot to tbe point of beginning, being stun,
lot oonveyod bv W. 11. Wiilbretth to A. Vo
caro by doed registered in Shelby county,
Tenn., in book li'xi. pnge 17, and same being
the east hull' of lot convoyed by F.Lane to
M. L. Meachnm and W. 11. ftalhreath, by
deed in book fl, pane 1'.'4, of the Register'
ofllce of nn id oounty. Levied on as the prop
erty of W. B. Oa'lireath to siitMy sai-1 ex
ecution. W. 1). CANNON, Sheriff.
By John J. Mason, Deputy bherin.
I'oston A l'ostini, Attornovs.
We eonltsMy nrommenM
voutil.kUitlml r.mr.ly
now. to H.SM(jMOIftkr.
sold COMM..
,14., ftad la eruty c.m (I
bat given uutlALttco.
Aleatt A Hit,
lluJkti. M. X.
Ho. 5?M, R. D. Chancery Court of Shent
county. Stat, ol lonnesse. vs. Saraft
Morrison et al.
BV virtue of an Interlocutory decree ff
salo entered in the above cause on tb,
Hth day ol December, lHitf, M. B. 'M, l ag,
321, 1 will sell at publicauction, to the high
est bidder, in front of the Clerk and Mu
ter' ofllce, oourthous, ol bbelby county,
Memphis, Tennessee, on
Saturday-, Nl-tnnber 89, 1HHB,
within legal hou'S, the following describtd
property, situated in Shelby oounty, T,i
nessee. to-wit:
N. lot fit, fronting 2ii feet on the east
lideol Chickasaw street, hy a depth n H'-Ki
trot, said lot being Wi feet south of Win
chester street. Sold as property of the un
known heirs of J. A. (lkett.
Part of oountry lot 5iS, fronting 37 feet on
tho north side of Auction street, hy a depth
of Wi feet. Slid as property of Sarab Mor
rison and others.
Lot 170, fronting ST1 feet on the eal sldo
ol Main stroet, by Mm1-, feet deep, 71', fot
nm-th of Auction street.
Terms ot Sule-On a credit of six month,
note benring interest, wilh securwy, re
quired : lien retained; rodemplson barred.
This 27th day of August, l.viii.
e. I. MoDOWELL, Clerk and Master,
"v B. F. Coleman, Deputy C. andM.
F. II. k 0. W. Ileiskell. solicitors.
And Iron Roofing.
Fli-o, Wind, Water and IlsxhtnlnK
liruof. Suitable for all kinds of buililintrs.
For prices and estimates at factory rules,
call on or address
438 A 440 Main St., and 21 A 23 Mulberry St.,
n,lnnrtar lor Iron Fences and Cresting.
tiaivauiied Iron Cornice.Iin Kcoia Abtoves.
M I'urMt. 1
f I Till UAT,.I
UuirutNd a Mm
4 eaiu.airi.iei..
hmM MrMl;bytb.
I'Tini Ckemlesl Oa
c"aodhi SotctbyDraeillt
1 1

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