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SATUBDAY, I : StEPT. 25, 188B.
ROBKRT L. T AT LOR, of Wuhlngton.
JAMES rHELAN, of Shelby.
Democracy means republic a gov
ernment by the people, for the peo
plea fcrm of government in
which the anpieme power is in the
banda of the people, and diiectly ex
ercised1 by them constitutional
representative government. Frmnded
on each principles the. Democratic
piny cannot die and the repablie
live. It bat crushed out every organ
ization that has confronted it. For
nearly a century it has been the Sul
livan amncg political sluggers. The
issues which created the Kepubliran
parly bave been settled and the people
ba ve drifted back to their Dermal per
sitnn as Democrats, and in a few years
the IVpublican party will be con
s'gned to the tomb in which has
rotted every organization that has
condonled the unconquerable Do
mocrvy. In the l.st Prc-sidei tial
election Blaine carried Maine by a
. majority of over 20,000. Thecflltial
vnte of tbe recent election shows
a Republican majority of only
8!)78, and a plurality of only
12,860. In 1884 the Republican
plurality for (iovernr in Septem
ber was nearly 20,000, and the majori
ty over all was 15,000. Even in Maine
the Republican party is on the wane
"growing f mall by degrees and brail-
tifnlly Iee." In the South the Re
publican party has ciumblod into
nothingnee. It has no organisation
in Georgia; it is defunct in South Cur
oliua; itaimunts to nothing in Ah
liama and Misaieslppi, and in North
Caroline, the S.ate which was to be
. transferred to the Republican parly,
the organ za ion has been disbanded.
There Is no Republican party in the
South, where it once ruled and ruined
by disfranchising . tbe white taxpay
ers and enfranchising the inorAnt,
non-taxpaying negroes, led by car
petbag robbers. It was never founded
on any fundamental principle, rave
the principle ol public plunder, pf mc
cutlon and wrong. Its existence in tbe
South was inspired by no demand of
the pecp'e. It was without use
fulness. It conserved nothing thnt
was valuable and suggested
nothing new that was not
dangerous. It took no ho'd upon t'je
popular heart aid never sought that
for which alone paities are desirable
tbe public good. Its reason for ex
istence was simply that it might rob
tbe con mon treasury under the forms
of luw, and it has gone the way of all
bodies of plunderer?. It has been
tried and found wanting. The history
it bas made is a blot upon the annals
of the ccuntry. It !h a reooid of oul
' clal corruption, of political violence
and deception that has rarely been
-equaled since the -world began. It has
refit ced npon the whole land, North,
South, Eaat and West, and it is very
gratifying now to realize that it is
finally being ended by the will of the
sovereign majority. The Republican
party is undoubtedly, so far as the
Bouth is concerned, In articvlo mortis,
and the death cf so pesti'ent
an organization will not be mourned
by any one who is a patriot. Here
in the Tenth Tennessee CongretBional
Distih t it is flickering like a candle in
the socket. Rut with the ides cf
. IS oven, ber the filtering l;ght wi 1 be
snuffed on1. James Phvlnii is going
to he e'ected to the Fiftieth Congress
of the Uni'od Slates from this dis'rlct
in November. The Democrats carried
this distriit iu August and they will
increase ttioir lmjority in November,
for the puty stands as one man in
support of PnetBD, nd he will be
elected b a d c give majority.
A iuventlon and the inert ased in
troilin ti 'n of machinery iccreass the
: supp'y if human necessaries, man is
able to satiety his wants with h si la
bor. A family that d'gs the ground
with poiuted sticks has t J work long;
' give thura a plow and a reaper and
thi y could grow aa much grain with
half the labor. If moat of the inert ass
gained by the plow be taken away
from them for the privilege of nsing
it, they will be little better off than
btfre. It With all the appliances of
machinery men wcrk as long as he
fore, t'icv will produce so much that
tlnr will ni t be work enough for all
of them. Such is the view now taken
by many thtnkrrs, and these propo e
t limit the time during which ordi
nary work is carried on. In England
and fata ly in New York, storesand
fa t Tie.- are clomd and the ordinary
wo k o' t '.o week st- pped on Saur
diiy t u ion. A prop silica Is low
mad- in New York to suapeiil wo V.
tnS.itu diiy the whule day. The trades
nA- nt have, to some extent, confined
cho1 d yV wotking timo to tight
hours. In Kriglantl Sir Juhu Lnbb. ck
has pr. jun'd a bill f r Parliameutaiy
action, providing that sloiei of
've'y cla s, with the exception of
tavern", refirsbmvnt bouees, tobic
coninU' Hhopssnd news agencies, are
to be closed not later than 10 o'clock
nn the evenings of Satu.diys and hull
day.', at d not later thaji 8 o'c ock on
the evenings of every other day ol the
week. Wlaue any uhop Is found open
ef.i r the hour at which it Is icquir.d
to he clo ed the oic ji icr is liable to a
Hie of 5-Bay $'-'5. (Jhemi-ts and
drunuhis will not be liab'e to a fine
'or -applying medicites after the hi ur
eppiln'ed, but they must cot keep
their chops widely open after the
hour.f named. Many emp'oyers op
pus auy shortening of the hours of
lator, hni wleu they reduce the wages
of labor on the ground that tbe sap
ply is beyond tbe demand, they give
to tbe workman an irresistible argu
ment for shortenirg thsbonrs of labor.
When there are more men wanting
work than there Is work tj give we
may not kill off tbe superfluous men,
but we can shorten the working day
and so give work to every man that
wants it
A BHEDT roi BUIftARi'Kt.
Increasing manufactures in Mem
phis are causing many to ak whether
shops and factories that from oolse
pestilent; vapors, dirt, or otberways
are source of discomfort or damage to
their neighborhood, must necessarily
be submitted to. A case Bier vs.
Cooke tried in the Supreme Court of
New ' York, throws light npon this
point Bier was tenant of a hours ad
joining Cooke's planing mill and sash
and blind manufactory. He com
plained of the noise, vibration, smoke,
steam, vapor, cinders and soot from
the concern, inter! ering with his com
fort, etc. The mill bad all the modern
appliances to reduce those nuisances.
but notwl hstandlag the Court 'gave
the p'aintiff dam'ges and enjoined
the defendant, Cooke, from continuing
so to operate bis mill as to make
steam, Biucke, toot and cindors a nui
sance or annoyance. The Court laid
down that there were various incon
veniencies in city life that were una
voidable and must hs endured,
yet protec'ion is given by
the law against carrying on
business concerns so ss mate ii ally to1
injure properly or health or cause
physical discomfort. The owner or
occupant of premises has ro exclusive
property In the air, but be can de
mand that it shall be free from gase?,
vapors, emoko, cinder i a ad matter in
jnrious ti enjoyment, health or com
fort; noise and vibration come under
the same rnle. What disturbs repose
or substantially interferes with the
comfortable enjoyment of neighbor
irg premises will bo held as a nuis
ance. The tanant who sufTars the in
jury must be the complainant, tbe
owner only whre the nuisance pre
vents the renting of his tenement.
The subject is one of much intereet to
both uianu'aoturing establishments
and occupants of dwellings; to one
there is a warning, to the o'.her a
Bource of rallef.
That tbo white man BtU everything
(o work, Is a remark tint has often
been made by negroes and savages,
and now the white men of New York
have dt cided that the Niagara river
ahpve the falls must do its ehare of
wcrk along with othv tLluys. In ao
cordance with a law of New York
State just come in'o opera ion, the
Niagara Tunnel Company will cut
tunnel from the gasworks alorg the
bank of tbe river to carry off the waste
water fiom tbe mills. Oporationa are
soon to brgln with room for 157 mills,
each with 103 feet front. The dredg
ing of the river is now going on, by
which viasols with. grain and other
commodities can roach the mills'. At
Minneapolis, Minn., tha falls of St,
Anthony .have made the place wealth
by grinding wheat into U jur for it, and
now Niagara is to be supplied with
employment in a similar manner,
Thete will be a large oltv built up in
timo, Vblch may be called Flourtown
As the manufacturing will be done np
the river, the beauty and eriovmont
oi tiie lulls wia not tie interfered with
but the becsuien will carry on their
grinaing mere as usual.
Eal4 aad Mo of lb Oraaalift-
Mona Homeward Bttaitd.
St. Louis, Mo., SaptembBr 24. So
far as public busineis ii conenrned the
Droerammo for the twentv-thlrd tri
ennial cor.c'ave of the Knights Tern
par Wis finished yesterday. The
closing lecept ons were held laat night,
the most notable be ng that of tiolden
Gate Commandery, of San Fnncitco.
This morning the various hesdqu ir
terj are being stripped of their decora
tions, and every departing train Is
crowded with departing Knights and
their friends. Thousands have al
ready gone, but o her thousands still
remain. These latter spant tbe day In
viewing the sights of the city and en
joying steamboat exclusions on tbe
river. Tonight the local commauderie
and thoee remaining of the vait
ois will hold recep ions. None of
fiarticnlar social importance are on the
let. The only public events of tbe
evening was the parade of the Flam
besu bnt'a'irtn and a few minor re
ceptions by local commanderies.
Al Montreal-Wnlr 800 la Hia
Pnrne Urn He Lett.
Hartfohd, Conn., September 21.
George Bartholomew was hesrd from
today In Mnntred. As far as can be
learnt d the mlaidvcs con aiued no
facia ot public Interest. Frieuds of
Bartholomew say that under the great
preivurn that was nn him at the time
of his flight he would have died had
he (stayed here. He mda the utmos'
exertions to pr tcct throe whose
fund ho had Ukcn. As the matt r
is studied over, it is found tht he
gave the Chartt r Oali Lite Insurance
Comrany $15,01 0 in bonds, which he
Slid were wcr;h 70 cents on tbe dollar,
and gave the llolyoke Water Tower
Co r.pmy sicu-ity Ir all the money
he lie il ratcived from it, and also
curtd other cr. d to a as far as ha
could, where be hud wrongfully appro
priated fundc. although the securities
were not really negotiable. The con
dition of the Un on Mauufacturiutt
Company has not yet been fully ascer
tained, but ii is believed the
concern ones about $;U0,000, which
would wipe out lliBBto. k. but loave
notes worth a laro part cf their fucs
value. Moet of ih-ne have I is ind me
ment. It is known to his fr ecds that
he o-l to, k iotm with him.
lrnc W. Brook s, of Torrington. who
has boi-n aii oinied rue v. r of the
Chaiter Ojk A'ti Insure nee Company,
gave buid in $.fi0,000 today and
i f c i n in the treatment of neuralgic
aflVc iniia than anitlnog olse I have
eve.- used,
V. B. NllIIilWAV. M. D .
MonroarllU, 0.
If the Packers of the Enterprising
City by tbe Lakes Are to Hula
tela Their Trade.
Chicago "Iil.. Sentembtr 24.
Mesnrs. Peareon and McUbeeney, of
the Live Stock Commie-don, which has
been investigating pleuro-pneomonta
in this ci y f ir tbe paBt ihree or fonr
days, bad a consultation this forenoon
witb tbe ofBaals of tbe Stock Yard
Company. It was learned that the
conclusion reached was that all beef
whxh pasted tbe proper inspection
and was pronounced to be not diseased
might bB sold. The Live Stcck Com
mission intimates that it fu'ly expects
that within week aquar.tmergr.inbt
Chicago beef will be declared by tbe
Sta es of Iowa and Wisconsin, and that
some such action is contemp'ated is
evident by tbe preienca in the city of
officials from th re State.
At "the (onferencu between mem-
beta of the Livestock Oommie-im
and tllicia'sof the Stock Yards Com
pany this morning Mr. Pearson sunt
to tbe stock yards reprexentatives that
the commiHStoners had decided to kill
all the cattle now in the Ptcouix and
the Shufeldt diotilleries-over 2U00
head and that on postmort-m tx
am nat on all difea ed catile wou d be
cremated and all boalthy cat.tle so'.d to
the highest bidder. Preaident Shei
man, of tbe S ock Ya da Company, re
plied that mil ioi s of dollars would be
lo-t to ttie packing interdsts of Chicago
If tbe fepo t went out to tbe woild
that beef from tiie infrcted
diatilleries.whother healthy or not.ws
being thipped from C dcaiio. .M'.
Pearson tlien lniormea tne neiu enuu
that tbe State only bad $19,00 witb
which to comnansatB the owners of
hea thy cat le, and that if none of the
healihv beef was utilized the Stats
would be at an expense of at leat
double that amount, lie then s:ig
gested to tbe stock yards men lbt
ibey buy up the healthy btef and help
the c riimtBrloners out ol trieir anem
ma. He ta d the commiesion would,
of - course, exhaust tbe appropriation
already in band. No decisive answer
to the nroDoeition was given. The
commissioners) late tbii afternoon beld
a conference w th Dr. Salmon, tbe
Un ted S a'es Veterinarian, Dr. Cas
well, the State Veterinarian, and tne
veterinarians from Wise rosin, Michi
gan and Iowa. Dr. Salmon said that
he had b?en in telegraphic communi
cat on with United States Ooinuiij-
(ioner Coleman, of the Department of
Agricnltuie, who had auihorzed- a
continuance of the quaiaoiine at the
expense of tbe government until it
. i. , . i . i i ii
Bnouia oe aeciaeu vuai u upon iuu iu
make of the carets -es. Dr. Stlmon
eaid he was author s d to d uble the
Quarantine force now exiating, which
would cost the government aoout J87
per day. The quaran'inH t rice would
con si t of twenty-nine rlepntiea
two during the day and four during
the night at each ot the lour distil-
IuwIa. an,) Ha. ar tha IF.rvAV form
The Commissioner dechitd to detail
theextra fo ce. Excepting 400 head
of cattle owued by the fell bints Uom
pany, of which Nelt-on M.rris is una
ideut. the maiority i f the 3000 en;-
mals under quHranitiie belong t) men
depending on their two or ihrce cows
tor a living, wnenine news or me
extension of the Quarantine reached
them tonight thev wre ihoiough y
aroused. They sy ti e State win tie
ohliped to de.it' oy all the beef, add, as
only healthy cattle will be appraibed,
tbe quarantine eit i sion is a cousi ir-
acy to spread the disease as lar ai pos
sibls among the quarantined cattle be-
foie the slaughter takts place,
Tcleirana From lr. Salmoa.
WAfliiiNOTON. September 24 Com
mlsdoner Coleman, of the D.par m nt
of Agriculture, who Bent Dr. Salmon,
of ttie BuredU of Animal Industry, to
Chicago to ascertain if the disease ihtt
has broken out there is pleuro pneu
monia, received by telegram today tbe
following report:
''There is no doubt the catt o d s
ease here is pleuropneumonia;
amhorities find muc'a diflicn.iy in
dealing with it. Sever ty five thous
and do la s worth cf cattle ar o b
slaughtered and less than $50,000
available in State appropr a. ion
The department cannot pay l r
the diseased ca'tle heie, be
cause the State law requi es
their siaugh'er without comie.si
tion. I bave offered for the department
to meet exoeuses of ilaughier, ex
captiug coii'pooiation of owners, die-
Inlectrng, aud also to make an insp c
tiontri supported distnc s. i) you
approve of what I have done? The
St.ta Commif-ei.in is now arranging
details ot slaughter." Commisnioner
Uoli man saut tne following rep y:
"Te.egram received and your action
approved. Ycu are also autbo in d to
take any et -ps deemed ntceeary and
expedient to st 11 lurtber coi.flrui your
diagnosis and sa'isfy the most exact
ing tl at tne diseass is typical pleuio
Ta ta th Rorlbwtnt Make Nneceaa-
fnl Traailca Wlia ladlaaa.
Rrmnerd, Minn., September 21
ins northwest Indian Commiaion,
wh eb bas been treUiiiff with certain
C'rippeVa bands for removal ti the
Whue J-.anb Reservation. nanheJ
hers tonight, having secured treaties
wi h the Leech Lake, Crosi Lake,
Wmneb g a ch and WtntiO.k Point
bande. They cede Iher lands to
be Bold fir a civilization fund
and agree io remove to While Eartn.
The Governiuer t is to eetablish them
with a hounn and a Block cf imp e
uients lo each head of a laruiiy on I till
acre'" of lai d; e'eh male over 18 not
the heal nf a family, to have e'ghty
acres and nrultr 18 for y iicr-e; also,
each o phan chi d fortv ac!a
and eich unborn child to
have forty acres, 1 !'e ceded
lauds era to be sold. The tin b r will
be fold in one acre tracts and the ag
ricultural lands in 100 acre lots to the
h' ghost bidder in sealod proposal".
This work, if L'oniiress ratiliea, will
wipe out all the vsst lodiau rt-acrva-tiors
iiortii of the Northern P.icilln
railroad, excepl at White Earth,
and will open more tbi.n :0H)
square miles of land to setiloiuont.
Tiiecoiamieaion think they have ac complished
even more than the friends
of the Indians anticipa'ed. Tl.ey g
to St. Pul ton ght, a:,d them e to lhe
Lake Snpt rior tribes and to toe Mille
Lac reBurvalion.
Brat Inn Horld'a Herord.
Caawr miwvn.Lit, Inu, Sep. ember
24. Whit't ker, uf Cliic -g i, in a bicy
cle race ega nt tin e, made 0,1 n il. s
in 6 hours 3 minutei and 60 records,
baatti g ibe world's r( cord by 1 hour
7 minutes an4 1 fe ond.
THaanday'a (Jala at (orpua hriail
Oalvbston, Txx., Seplenibe- 5(4. A
sve al from O upon Chriatl r-a.f-: T ie
gale of yoeteiday reached a vei c ty ot
s;xty miles an hour. Tbe tide came
np rapidly, auhmering tbe lower po'-
tion of the town, flooding the central
whan ana driving several nsbiog
vachtt and nuaran ine boats h'Bh on
the nb .re, wnere they now stand. Tbe
weitt er was ple'sant today. A tele
gram from Victr ria tonight saya t int
so lar as can be learned no tom-Her-
able damaite required from last main a
gale. C'ommunica ion wi h Indianola
s not yet tecovered.
PAF1BS FOB th em
Taa Free Tae af Ilia aad Hia Wife's
Nanw-Wkat Ha Haa lo Bay
a bant Iba Cable.
New Yobk. Bentember 24 John
W. Mackav hts returned to New York
after three months ot attemp'ed living
in the wilds of San Franc sco, and is
ttaying at the Hotlman House. K mr
or five deep indentations traverse his
high lirehead, i bowing tbat tbe up
holding of a hundred or two millions
of dollars Is by no means tbe eaey task
that it is currently reported to be.
Sitting in his handsome c flics in tbe
.Bank of Nevada ycbterday he received
a reporter.
"I know of absolutely nothing to
tell you," he said. "1 bave beard cf
no settlement in 'he cable war. It is
going on the same cs ucud, I gates
We are giving a better eervice tban
( ur rivid and we are gttting plenty of
'It bas hern fiwsf sted that tie sud
den change in the utt ludo of .Vlr. Bhii-
nett a paper toward tha Ooulr's meant
an amnesty cf some kind in-the cable
"Oh. that d v) not eigriify," eaid
Mr. Mackay with a smile. "You know
how liable newapapers are to do
strange things. I do not think tbat
indicates anything at all. Mr. Bennett
is not running hia rewpaper."
Tbe reporter insisted t'aat Mr. Ben
nett's orders regirdingtbe handing
cf Jay Gould and things of that sort
wt ra pretty ehsrply obeyed on his pa
per, and a flop of tne nature rot d
was not very hke'y to take place with
out a lesaoo.
"Well, I have not seen Mr. Bennett
for over a year," said Mr. Mackay,
"but I know of no reason for believing
tbat there is any news in tbe cab e
world at present. As for me, I get too
much newspaper notoriety, I do not
seek it, acd I do not rike the way
some ol the papais make free with my
affairs and tt.ote of my family. My
t o boys are abroad ge t:ng ready for
cilUge. My wi e has received mucb
hospitality and has tried to repay it in
kind. And I havs gone on qu.etlv at
tendirg to business here in ihe West
ern wo, Id, which I love and where I
feel at home. Some of tbe things
which have been printed about us are
outrageou. It would keep me busy
writing letter cf denial if I noticed
them, which I do not."
"I suppo-.e yu siwthe statement
in the Paris Neva to the effect that
Mrs. Mackay and you were to be
enemies for evarmore because you
would not buy a $150,00) plate for ber
iu E -g'antf ?"
Ye', and what tronnense that is.
The editor of the Morning News knows
better than that. I am surprised tbat
he should allow such stuff in his
paper. There is no reason on earth
why I shou'd purcba e a home in
England. ' My biv-iners interests,
pleasures, Labits end tr endsbis ail
call me to tbe. Weitern world It is
we 1 enough ti travef'iri' Europe, but
for eteady living tbe United States are
vood enough f jr me."
Mr. Mackay suddenly developed a
distaste for beiug interviewed. This
shut off the fount of information at a
vory delightful point and compelled
rhe reporter to leava w.th on y half
the loaf.
With 111a Brain 1'relrnSlua; From
aa Italy Wound.
London, Saptember 24. A sensa
tion has been produced by the an
nouncement of tbe di.-covery of a
myster ous tragedy in a compartment
car. The discovery was made last
evening but w.s not made public
until t day. When the 6 o'c'ock train
from the city oa the underground
railway arrived at the Queen's Fold
r tat ion lai-t eveidng, a new.-boy' no
ticed blood dripping from t'ie com
partment of a first class carriage. He
raised an alarm and a gentle
man was f und lying on Ihe floor of
the compartment, lie was uncon
scious and blood as flowing freely
from ha head. It was found that on
his forehead there was a deep wound,
four inches in lorig'h. This bed evi
dently been made with an ins rument
sharp and heavy. The scalp was not
only cut ch ar through, but the skull
was crushed in and the brains were
pro rnding. On the man's person
were found a go d watch and chain
and some finger rings, Lone
of which bal been disturbed,
but very little money. The man wai
at once conveyed to tha hoephal. He
is still unconscious, and his condition
is precarious. It has been learned
that hia name 1b Mori'za Fischer, and
tbat he is the head of toe house of M
A. Fischer it Co., foreign agents, of
No. 35 Carter Lane, E C. Tbe pol'cs
have aa yet been or able to gain a clew
to the nauee of Ihe murderous attack,
or to the identity of his assailant or as
sailanta. Tbe Etsbih Dlatrlet.
(sriouLTo tiis trrtiL.
Jacxbon, TNN8'ptemli-r24. The
candidates for Congieea addresxed the
people of Mad sin c unty today in
this city. Our fellow townsman A.W.
Campbe 1 carried ti.e iroad by Bt rm,
and will crry the i oaurjr lorn rrow
in the primaries by an overwhelming
niajori y. Large p enarations are
niaKii g to leceive tho Toylor hrotheis
on O tuber 1st. Fully 15,(h0 leople
wdl be preeen. All the roads are
offering excu sion mvUb.
In Danger of Helua Lynched.
Lirrua Rock, Auk., Si pUmber 24.
Much exci eui' nt prevails in Hooe
county, Arkansas, over the abduction
of Mies Mairgie Bashier by Edwaid
Bowman and a aompani n. When
tbe abduction became known a t ossa
was organized which pmsued the
abdnc'ors and finally reached them.
Theie is talk of lynching ihein.
Tbe Lord Lieut'nnnl Sot Wrleomed.
Dublin, Sept- tuber 24 At a uieut
Ing ol tbe Cork C rpor.itlon tn l,".v au
address of welcome, t Ihe L-rd Lieu
onant of Ire ard sb net t'ived.- The
seventeen Nate na ist memtiers com-jl-ined
that the Vicrov's firs' ect
wai to cause the anet of Fa lu r Faliy.
Manoiilr OnlrmilHl Anniversary.
Pun ADhLPUiA, Pa., Stfptembir24.
Tiii-c ntonnial nn versary of the
ind piM d i ce o the Rigl.t Worship
ful Ur. nd Ixdge ot Free and A cepted
Mksiuh of Pennsylvania wai cele
bta ed t lis t.veniug at ttie Academy
of Muii. Many well known Masses
were present from othor States,
Bat Nothing Tangible Has Tet Come
of the (Tarry What Our (ilon
center FUh rmen Say.
Washington, September 24. The
treaty witb Canada, which came in
an Ottawa dispatch of the 23d iait.,'
has no foundation in fact, so far as
the alleged details arast ted to lave
baen auomitted to P s dnt Cleve acd
andSacreUry Bayard and agreed ncoc
Nn negotiations for any treaty
with Great Britian on the pirt cf the
ULitcd States have bfen entered upon
since the convention which was laid
before ths Senate at its last sesiion.and
was left unacted noon. It is witbin
the limits of poidbilitv, As-istant Sec
retary of State Porter "says, tbat a prc
ject for a suggested convention.amend
atoryof the treaty of 1SI8, may bave
been forwsrded by the B i ish Colcn
ial Office to the Canadian Min's'ry for
suggestions, but no credence is at
tached to the statement purporticg to
give the text of its provisions. Tbe
lurther statement that modifications
of d tail havn been telegraph d in
cipher by Sir John A. Macdonald to
the Brtith Minister here is purely
imaginary and untrue. Tbe liriti-h
Amtavealor does not teceive instruc
tions or suggestions from, co'on'al
Ko Treaty Submitted to Canada,
Ottawa, September 21. The Juurnul
thia af ernoon publishes an interview
with the Minister of Fisheries, in
which be says he does not know of
any treaty iu the couueof uegoriation
between England and the Uiited
Katep, and tbat, at ar y rate, rone has
been submitted to the Canadian Gov
Denial Ihe Tmlh or Ike Report.
Ottawa, September 24. Inquiries
in olliiial circles fail to elicit any in
fi rrcation relative to tbe statement
tbt the Caradian Government is con
sidericg the draft f a new trea'y be.
tween England and the United S a es
The Hon. G. II. Fos'er, Minister of
Marine and Fisheries, denies the truth
of tbe report, claiming he has not re
ceived any intelligence regerdirg a
new treaty.
The Gloucester . llheriuen India
uaail. Gloucester, Mass., September 24.
Tbe terms of tbe rept rud new recipro
city treaty have causud the utmost in
donation among the fl-hirg induatry
cf Gloucester, and Democrats and Re
publicans a'ike unite in condemning
it. In conve saiiou with a reptrrer,
one ol the largest dealerssaid: "Tbe
new t'eatymears totbirgbut recip
rocity in fiih. If such a treaty shon d
be ratified the fishing industry of the
ccuntry would be ruined and trans
ferred to Cacada. This is juot what
Gloucester flebermen bave been fight
icg ajoirst Reciprocity in fish menns
the gradual deca tence of the fi hing
husiuesa in tbe United States.". All
fiaherrren here say they do not want
to fish inside the three mile limit, but
they do want trading privileges. "We
might just as well aunex Cacad.i and
be done with it," they say, 'if we are
to bave free fish,"
London, September 24. The Mar
quis ol Salisbury has gone to Frame.
Eovia, September 24 The govern
ment intends to raise tbe itite of
eiege ten days before the elections.
BaRLiN, September 24. Prince Alex
ander visited Frankfort today. He
was received with popular ovations.
Madrid, September 24. Gen. Ve
larde's aide bas identified a medical
student as the man who shot the Gen
eral. Liverpool, September 24 Owing
to the depression in the cotton trcde
several of tbe Bolton co ton mills are
runnicg on short time.
Madrid, September 24. Quean
Christina today visired and condoled
with the widows of Count Mira'ol and
Gen. Velarde, who were killed by
Belfast, September 24. Tbe Gov
ernment has deciJed to greatly in
crease tbe garrison at Belfast. The
increased garrison will remain in the
town perrunneutly.
Vienna, 6ep'embBr 24. At Pesth
today forty new canes t f cholera and
nineteen deaths were repo ted, acd in
the other infected districts fire nsw
cases and one death.
Paris, September 24. Tbe Court of
Assizes has acquitted the Socialit-ts
Guesde, Lafugue and Susinl, who
were recently sentenced by default
for using seditious language.
Lindon, September 24 The sub
scriptions to the Portuguese loan are
in excess of the stated amount. The
loan has been placed maiuly in Ger
many, where there is an abundance of
money lying idle.
Paris, September 24 Zorilla, in aa
interview, said that De knew nothing
of the revolt in Spain until be read cf
it in tbe papers. He approved ihe
action of his friends, bat did net ex
pect so sudden an explosion.
Paris, September 24. The Bridget
Committee today, aftar examining
Minister Goblet, agreed to re-es'ablieh
some education credits but decided,
by a vote of 8 to 5, to maintain the re
duction of the worship estimates.
Limerick, Sept mber 24 At a meet
ing of tbe Limerick Branch cf the
Land League today the Mayor of Lim
erick announced that Mr. Abraham,
member of Parliament for Limerick,
was trying to procure the releaee cf
Daly, the imprisoned dynamiter.
Humlw'a I lliniatum.
Sofia, Sept mlir 24. It issU'ed
that the Russian ultima'nm, of whieh
Gen. Kauh a-s is the bearer, demands
ihe immediate raising of the state cf
Beige in Bu'mriri, the liberation of all
political pri8onis, and tbe indefinite
po tporiemeut of the elections fr
members of the National Awnbly.
Hfowever, there are no e'gns of flmch
ii g cn tbe pirt of the Renoy : on the
contrary, the anti-Kueaian feeling in
creases daily.
Lundborq'b pert n me, Edenis
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet,
l.undborg's perfume, Lily of the
Lundborg's perfume, Marchal Nile
A Hunklan Threat.
London, September 24. The Bul
garian Government has been infora ed
that a hr stile ctemrn1 ta ioa st the
Kumian sgenr-y in Sofia agai' nt Gen.
Knulbars will furni h an excuse for
Russian in'erfererco.
BrltUstrifirayuianlaKulted In Spain
Madrid, 8 pteraber 24. Ou Su iriay
la-t tbe Meyor of M-drd, wi h a nnm
bor of pn icemen, knocked a' the d( or
of the B iti h chap, l and sun mnned
tbe clergyman, on pain of imprison-
SorgrtLTJLixi ilVXilljs,
ment, to leave the pulpit and the co n
gregation to disperse. When the lat
ter protested, the Mayor answered
evasively and pretended tbat tbe
singing of tbe congregation disturbed
ihe neighborhood. The same Mayor
refused to allow tbe reopening of
Protestant schools which were closed
a year ago during the Conservative
Wliich Is to Post pone and Gain Time
In Order to Net tbe W ill
Kew York, September 24. Andrew
H. Green returned to this city, yester
day, frooi Worces'er, Mass. He de
c ined ta say anything concerning tbe
Tildt-n will or ibe complaints of the
nieces of Ex-Governor Tilden itt be
ing removed from Graystone soon
after thtir uncle's death. A lawyer,
who has bad opportunities for learn
ing of the i side hiaioiy of tha Tilden
will qui s'.iOD, but wha refu-ed ti al
low tbe use of his ntme, sid: "This
continued postponement of tbe proba
ble procetdinga ib in linenitha policy
adopted Dy tne Tilden b ystogain
"While they have inteaded to make
a fight for their r gh's ever since the
will was read, ihey tiicd to keep the
matter quiet as loag ss possible. To
d i this it wes nects:ary ti acknowl
edge eervice of citat ou, otbernise ens
picianB wou'd have been aroured.
They telied upon tbe fact that Mrs.
Wniteieey wou d not appear at the
time B(t, and, of course, knew tbat the
will could not bti probated until the
limit of time allowed by law, when ci
tation :s made by publicaii- n. To be
sure, Lawyer Breweter, of Datbury,
has received a power of attorney to
act for her, but bis instructiocs are to
abide by ttie wishes of the T.lden
boys, and join .them in a conteet if
"George H. and Sancuel J. are, of
co'3rje,-anii o:s that eome arrange
meuts may be made by which tbeir
chares shall be ir.cra-ed without go
ing into the couit.', and ihey are work
ing to tbat end. They lave not met
with great success thus far, as both
Mr. Bigelow and Mr. Grrea have re
fused to t eat with them. Another
qui stion that botbtrs them, is whether
one of tbem shall make tbe fiiht and
thuscorfiue the operation i f hec'ause
disinheriting those who make tre
coutf a- t j bimre f, or whether all the
heirs shall j In their issues.
"Many riaaons are aivaocsd why
the will ehould be set aside, but the
one likely t prove the most available
before the courts is H at Andrew H.
Green used undue influence upon the
Governor, end wceu tbe nil) hid been
made resorted to maDy petty tricks
and devic-s to prevent its being
chnrgad. I have it on g od authority
that, a few months before his destti,
the Govrrnor 1 a4 decided on nu
merous cbang'S in the document,
among thun the introducticn of the
names of George VV. Smita and Chas.
F. McLean. Mr. Green, however, in
sisted that there wruld be too much
h.bor Ettrn.'ant noun rr.akiirg the
change, and succeeded in ge.ting him
t3 pO:t; one it."
Tbe probata of the will was pos'
poned agKn yesterd y for a week on
account uf Mrs. Whi eisty's abseccs.
Frearh llemands.
LoNDON.Sep'einber 24 The French
Min ster rendenr at Tamatave haspre-B-n
edtotbe Maagasv Government
au til ima'.um demanding tbe with
drawal of the avprndix to the treaty
of December 17th, the nullification of
the bank era terand te concession of
unlimited terrltrry for French in
eta'lationB at Diego Suraies bay. The
Hovas bave resolved to maintain the
aopendix, and it is repnr'ed tbat tbe
Minister resident is about to depart
far France. Trade in Madagascar is
much depressed.
Raid Imitation Butter for Genuine.
- Cincinnati, O ,8eptmber 24. Four
retail giocers aere arrest d tt.day on
wsrrauts ismed at the instance of
Deputy Food Commissioner Gegban,
charging them with au offeree under
the law which piovide) tbat imitation
shall not be Bold without having put
up a not ce tbat imitation bu ter is for
tale. Analysis showed samples bought
at the different place; to contain fiom
9 to 12 per cent, of real butter. This
is tbe first prosecution attempted
under the law.
Killed by Bnrclara.
Ralb gu, X. 0., September 24
Early hst eveuing A. D. Owef, a mer
chant cf Crassireil, X. C, while sleep
ing up stairs in his store, beard some
one hreaku g in, He ceme down end
raw two men. He wa- fi ed upon and
forty hn k-hot toi k t fleet in h 8 stom
ach. He died in shout an hour.
Exrllement Over Hfalrn Itnaralte.
Salbm, Mass., September 24. It
ha hem discovered that twet.ty
lourda of dynamite cartridge" have
been stolen from a shanty at Gr- en
lawn Csms tcrv. In the prenni un
settled condition of affair here, ow
ing to labor tronble thia fait occa
eions coneiderab'e aiarm.
illy Marnhal Killed.
Marshall, Tkx., September 24.
George M. Tahl-r. City Maishnl nf
Longview, was killed a the Crpitol
Hotel tins iiiorntng in a d fliculty
with L. L and L. W. Teague, father
end son, dtlzens cf Grrgg county.
Tbe dillicili v grww out of the fact that
Tabler, wr.ile tternptirg tt arreet Jeff
Teagm at Longview tuiee munihs
ago, shot b m dead.
Nraul Mut llniiK.
Victokia, H. C, Siptenbfr 24.
Judge Gray has rs fused nn applica
tion ti fur her le-ud'e Ppr,;ule, the
murderr r. The executicu is set for
Octcber let.
Texas Fever tn Cattle.
Ma Hsu a li., Mo, September 24.
Tbe Texas fever has appeared in sev
eral hi rds in Salii e conn y, -npp Bd
to bava been brought hire by young
calves shipped fiom Texas,
A Continaed Full Volume of Bail,
teas Hon ejr Somewhat aTasler
Than Lait Week.
Xbw York, September 24. Special
talegrams tJ Bradslreel't report a con
ticued fuil volume cf general business,
th'.uich there have bten lees favorable
advices from several paint'. While
the movement of staple producls from
Boston has been good, it has been less
regular, notably iu dry goods, which,
however, is regarded hb natural after
tbe excepti: nal activity ei joyed of
Ut?. At St. L uii new business con
tinuis to be reported, but thertteof
increase is less than previously noted.
There is a quieter tone to trade at New
Or lams, where tbe predicted earth
quake appears to have ' prevented the
appearance of country buye.-a to tome
extent. The re ail trade at Savannah
has been cbeaktd since tbe late dis
tuibance of the earih, and tbeie re
main of course moch to be done at
Charleston befora the commerce of
tbat city reaches its former propor
tions. 0iog folate failures on the
Pacific copat, bu-ine'i at San Frac
cifco is mora quitt and somewhat nn
se tied. At most other c ties tbe full
volume of c.mmircial traneactiona
already notBd exceeds the totals at
like periods in immediately preceding
years, and in nearly all instances
meets the more cmservative of the
fcopf fut anticipations repotted within
two montr s past.
The Wall si ret t stcck market is ex
cited, and a bull fever prevails, based
on tue se t ement r.f the troubles of
Bsading. Prior s of nearly all active
stocks show a material advance. The
granger storks form an exception, and
the latest edvicts tra unfavorable to
tbe formatu n i f tbe JSortheistern
pool. Trar sactionsof the week amount
to S,400,C00 Bhaie?, egainst 1,713,000
shares last week, and 850,000 shares
the preceding week. Bonds a'so par
take of the improvement, the transac
tions amounting t if 10,033,000, against
$0,5,900 last week. Foreign ex
change ;s strong, advancing on pur
chases of starling by operators in
Tbe increase repor'ed in tbe East-
bound Trunk Line railway tonnage ot
late weeks is reflected in the augment
ed totals of i ail wy earuiegj. These
fo ty r.mds, especially .hose repoited
to Bradttreel's for tne second week in
Septrmber, amour t to $4 0(51,186,
againat $1,077,575 in 185. irom Jan
na'y 1st to dt- the total is $121,560,
000, against $112 300.0,0 last year, a
gain ol over $9,2 0 000, or 8 per cent.
Tbe bani clearings at thirty citiei for
the current wet k viven 'o-lav by Brad'
street's aggiega e $1168,401,116, egainst
S875,171,2St2 las' week and $700,341,
849 in the like ee of 1885. Some of
the 10 per cent gain this week over
last is due, o' course, to the widening
of epeculs-t ve marketin Wall street.
As against 3 8-5 tha inrraass in tbe
clearing? i. 38 per cent.
The lead ng drmstie money mar
kets other tnan New York, continue
for the onort tart somewhat easier
than last week, though at a few the
current condnues to - a d the country
and the demand tends to exceed the
immediate enp; ly. The principal dry
goods ceniera report no unfavorable
features, rotwitoettnding the slight
cbeck to distribution tt tome points.
S ocks of co ton are, light at the in
terior, and wo dens are expected to
advance in pnea du 'ng the next sea
son. Raw wool is remarkably strong,
and pr ces are g,in higher, witb
movement to manufai tur. rs heavy.
The belief appear! g neral tbat the
American clip ia sh rr, and Aurralian
is certainly worth m ra abroad than it
is here. There is less satisfaction
found in the t ne cf tbe grain
market tbau elsewhere. Receipts
at tbe N r hwes have been very
heavy. Export d-mand bas been
checked and specutaiion in favor of
lower figure). Lou'sville reports a
favorable tbaco crop1, with prices
favoring sel era.
Tbe announcement of Licht's esti
mate of tne beet . crop depressed the
sugar market jo on this side. The
visible supply thowa a further ebrink-g-',
it being now 890,695 tons, against
1,009,334 tous at the same date lart
Absolutely Pure.
Thl powder naror Jirlea. ' A uarvsl ol
purity, itreppth and wholcitoineQ6RA. Mora
oonoinical tbas tha oriliimr; kinda. and
cuniiot ba acid In ccmiiitir.o w!;h ths
multituJo ot loir tent, hori woit,ht aluir or
Bhoipbatn powdr. Hold ml incan. Roi ar.
AETNA Phthh Co.. 10i W. 11 t..NwYcrk.
A. F. Davis, Painter
II a Bemored to
No. 85 J Srcond, Souf h of Union
royal mat
V , .. .mil II IT

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