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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, September 26, 1886, Image 2

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It'ontlnued from Flrat Pae.l
him who is inclined to lis'en. After
entering tha rhureh w looked round,
wed icto silence by the msjest'C
peace and quiet c( tue atmospuere:
not a aounJ irora tLe omsHe world
broke in on its rem bo. The soltf ned
eunlipht ctreamed through the stained
b'sbs and burned upon ttie pavement.
Ttie tiny mote) a ttiey danced glitter
ing brclc and forth acemed ins'inc
with spirit It was indeed a houee of
pmyer. Ttieie are five other princi
pal CDUrcnes in iuga wen wonn
ookins at St. Paul. HU Jaconets,
8.. Marlin, wh'ch ia situated upon
the bigbt at tue norm eid ol the
city, fjte. Croix and St. Bartheltmy.
St. Faal was founded in 9C8. The
hanrlaome Gothic cboir wis built in
1280, while the nave and additions
were completed in 1528. In 1813 tbe
tower, with iti set of chimes, was
tr.i a eonics of great annoyance to
soiiip, and Rreat pleasure to otherr.
One of the piiccipal hotels stands
yery near it, and all night long,
unis you aie used to It, you are
liable to be awakened at intervals
of every seven minutss by tbe
lttt'e tbmklir.g s jund creeping forih
from their la'.nc h1 roam. Toe chitu
lug of thete belli is twtfetand low;
el 8ten minutes pant the hour,
they tinkle out sleepily two or t!:rse
notisas if uncertain win tb r ti ake
up wiite aw. k or n t, then overt ome
with deep fall i:.t . i i:ente, hut nt the
qtiartir they rspeat tho ilr.t thm
no e end add several othera to them,
ami yul stop abrupt'?, afmid of bi
caught too livelv it tlint time ol nigh',
giin, at the end of archer seven
in nu es they whisper f.iith their tiny
tinkle ami retire euly f. r utvoo mora
Iiiirmtes, lioever, whmi they egalu
burnt forth ripen the htlf luiur,
with loulor tinklinga than before.
Ti e Church of t. Jacci ics
waH foondtd by ll'pl op li ilderin
I in 1011), but it was li whetl, in its
urvnt f riu, he'ween loM and 1MU
i aam st dohui uu euiuce in rave
Gothic style c f architecture. I s walls
a:e weatler Btainau and biu ol
it i carvings havt) crumbled off, not
withstanding the gnat care taken if
(ho whnle edifice. The interior has
bten richly restored since 1830 Its
fine itained gUts window, especially
of the choir, are well worth a viat,
and I erjoyed them intensely. As luck
would have it, the sky was cloudlets,
or nearly sr, the day we (aw them, so
that our view was brightened by sun
light. A cloudless skv
over Liege is rare. St. Martin, Sto.
Croix and St. Barthelemy are very
much of a lampiiesp, as to
Btained g'aa?, carved wooden figures
and rich altar pieces, paintings, etc.,
but in Ht. B rihelemy there ia a font
In brotae. cabt in 1112, by Lambeit
Talrrs. This toau'iful work r.Bts on
twelve oxen and is flgurod over with
re h Is of John the llnplict preaching,
tlm baptism of Christ in Jordan, Peter
haptitingCornolius the centurion, arid
Joun tho Kvangeliht bapt'zlr g Oruto
tho philosiphrr. The bronz Is most
artis ioa ly wrought. In connrrtion
with churches, and while near the
tubjact, 1 mut spef k of a luspltal f( r
childrm here tailed "Hcspital ileB
A' glaie." If was fnnndud in the
year 1014 by English Jesuits, tVio land
Laving been purchased ths year be
fore. The first prior was Jean Geiaud
Thompson.' They iutended It to h a
college, an'l it waaT such tlf.f.l fl303.
when it teased to be a college, and
subsequently oame t) bn need as a
concert hall. Then in 1811 the con
cert ball suffered a snub by being
turned into a breeding room for
silkworm. It was agniu in danger
of lulling still luwnr in thfl social ec tie.
In the lovely month of May,-and
in fie yar o: IMJti,' It csme vttiy near
being ured ai a prison, but was never
so need or rather m'aosed. Then
again, until alttr tbe year of 18IHS, ih's
poor old Saint, was en p'oyrd as a ha
iacks,then it became vacant and rested
to for sometime. Finally in Novem
ber, nf 1880, it was converted into a
hospital for the little nnfe. At laet,
attar so many yean of i tr (e and hard
snips, it has won restful dtjs of percs
ami qnie'. Like a-i old man, it turns
to the little ones for its j y ar.d lean in
Hie wane of li'o. Tl-e other day we
vent up tho hill
and it la quite a cliu.b to got to thorn. We
took toysand lllustra'ed papeiswitli us.
How profupe'y their little DemrcNtio
fa'es were wienthed rbont with smiles
at H'ght of 10 nunv little mysterious
looking parcels. We flrht went from
cnt to cct, having aomethipg to each.
A Uvt of the (ccupants tat up and re
ceived tlit lr little remembrances in
t'K-ir treriibllng, wanted tandp, tbe
otl era merely opened their eyes to
give us a glatce, then slowly clo'ed
Item sga:n and pa'd no other atten
tion to ue. Af er distr.butirg all our
ttio tif.ll tbe ronvahactmt and the
pick, no walked away to cue endtf
the room and watched the little ones
sporting each his riches to another.
Ttiey exchanged nla things, played
togttber on the fl or, lHiighed, and
crowed ai d talked, but. there siere no
dHHgiemen't'. Thisn that could walk
round g there d around the d'tleient
c t, joining in ih quiet enjoyment
of tha pi or liitle fellows who couldn't
be bo'fterniip, for wai.t of strng'ti. lo
o:.e tf i be nnuller tots there lay at hi Id
ei wnited away in fare and b.idy that
at lir t we t ok it to bn an iufaut. A
nu so had laid it was gutting balt.'r
Iromatevere illnesn. 1 went up be
ei'te i'B vrntlleand ftood Lra mumer t,
leaning over the child. The s i i oi
lier fice wti drawn tightly ovtr the
b mo-, the cheeks we'emtikt n, the lips
c uuprpfBrd and s i th n Hint tre teeth
could bw plsiuly d icemed through
tluiit. Hh.t ly on her li ft side and
beutht d heivi y. Her right arm at d
land wire expostd up n the little
C'ltii.tt-rp ne. JUotli bend and erai
were etiKC utc'l to a p t able decne
As I a ord tl e o the tinv hand nas
e ow y lilted to gmnt me. It ok it in
b tt i'ii liutli ol mire iiiul hold it to
warm hut v. ry to ui it wes rs slow
ly w t.ilrawu and it feil limplv ujon
lLioc'oi'g 1 jiii ki'd out u CliriHt
macard that ste l o.l broiight aui'-ng
tt e n. any ithi r ibit and, retnrntiig
to theen-k little otte, I plrc-d it in her
bund Ucon t'iii she Howly cpi)ed
lier eyes at.d wearily scanted tl e crd
tors'ver 1 s coude, then iritd tasmile,
Inn li e elT nt was toi much, aid the
dropped lis ra d and clutfd her eyes
iu i a d. I'efently she raieed her ut
ile h tnd to n.e and inished the ra ti
iolo nine, a' the lame tine ninrnur
ing ht r tfieiiks. She had a br.ve lit
tle heart to at erupt to unite in pain.
The sini e seemeu likeanea-ly oblit
cia'.td iu predion cf a pa sed joy.
Althcugh throughout tbe winter
mouths and well into the spring the
fci'athor is b ak aud d s r Rl, and the
r incouoea down almcst iuctsaai tly.
l.uiafets not to the Liegeos, who
goes about his tlhvrs cf ti e heart and
lb" etnniBcb, chleJfly tie latter, with a
etolid indifference to the weather that
la most amusing. It is a kind of Mark
Tpley, not the smiling, graceful s nt,
bui. heavier and more serious. The
trra tion from a cold, cheerless, de
i rpsirg condition of weather to one
of balmv air and pleasant skies is
short, bat the latter part of
snrng and tbe whole summer
time is one long length of gloii
ous days. The sky it seldom
without a fugitive cloud or si, but
they feem to be set afloat lo accentu
ate the limpid blue above, and to tx
quisite'y do the old gray hills rear
tut re sparpe'y covered crowns in re
lief, that one is forced to stop by the
way and admire the effect. These
crwDS are s'ngularly fringed off by
an irregular row cf attenuated treua
which reaemb'e inveited feather dus
ters. My eyt s wandered up the slope
and I drank in thirstily the beautiful
scene, bat when they finally ludgU
among the benches of those trees, 83
aeiio-comio looking, I laughed aloud;
hut as I looked longer and more stead
ily, I realized a pathetic perconality
standing alone and bare, and my heart
went out to them. Of the people cf
Liege 1 shall sty something la'.er on,
by viitus of more gnoeral intelligence,
come first. The following remarks
may eontain suggestions pleasing
to i ome of the inhabitants of West
Tennessee. Ktch and every dog,
brgs or small, of all agep, of ail
kit ds, works assiduously for Lis
living. There is no vsgrant canine
c asj heie, but etch dog is txpcctd to
d Lis duty with a will. They a e
generally harnetsed to sma'l Iwo
wheclid cart of ''the butcher, the
.biker and the caudle slick iuk r,"
lorattime so hirnesaed as to aid the
Dim or woman in running the ve
hicle, but generally they do Ml the
pulling and shoving alone, and t'.tty
are s i earnest ihout Uieir work, so fml
of nervoui , spiir gjr vigor ; such a bnti
ners like atid ttiithfiil air iiobscsvh
their nioveiui nta us ' they glide over
th favcuiont or tug ti.eir z'gz'g
c ur. e np un inclined tt ebt. liity
strain eveiy muscle to iti utmost, f.e
qtioutly tieejdrg up a berkirg the
wt He. Tuny do all of . this withnii'
urging. As a rule, owing to the b id
trealmetit they i.eciive at the hands tf
ihunirBh-r or mistress whem they
serve so faithfully, they ere very ill
ttufcr. u, aud in consequence are
d omtd to wear the canine abomina
tion, a muzzle. They are eet to work
at to early on age, and burdtns
given them to haul h out of
all proporiiou to their str90gt!i, that
their legs tre bowed and their poor
littlo baiks Bwbyed. AIhuv of them
have been so cruelly treated that their
bodies are twisted out of uli tlnpe aud
the pcor.old fe'lows go shninbling
bIoiip over rough streets In this most
pitiab'e etate. When iheytu n their
mrzzles homeward after a day's woik,
and their work-days are long, and they
have no voice in the affalts of man to
hetttr matters, it is ai much as the
driver can do to keep along with the
cart, even by fast tunning, he having,
in frequent c isus, to add Lis weight lo
Hut ol tbe cart ia order to keep up
with his filing steeds.
Kvery evening, about 8 o'clock,
there pas es beneath my window
just stico a case. They rome d cull
ing down the s'.rtet, with a bop,
pkip and jump over the uneven
crossings, dewn grade and upgrade,
and to on at just such a rate of speed
each evening The dog is very small,
baidly measuring mere than a loot and
a quarter from the ground to the
plane of. his back. Tbe vehicle is a
tidy, sing, raters cait, a wcodea cov
ertd box set upon springs, axle and
two hi els, a"d upon the top of this
Itn the a'tendant, a youth oi goodly
wtight. in this fashion thev come
gliding down tbe street with a rapidi
ty simply marvelous, liie poor ctee
turei live on most meager fare, goner
ally pieces oi s'ale bread gath
ered hete and there from gar
bige caus. When the bread is
very hard it is put to
soak in water for a while before the
drgsarsfed. On my way fo and from
a inond'a house I noticed at a pat titu
lar corner two little dogs, evidently
vpg'ant, tnd the first I had seen herj
of that claiB. Morning after morning
I ftuddthem tbeie, and generally one
wis leaning agsinst the lamp poet and
teemed heavy hearted, while the other
roamed aronid in a light besit d way.
One was smooth and yellow coatnd,
and he was extremely droll. lie
would sit blinking at the morning sun,
and the features of his fa e we e
pluchod and drawn aud lie carried
his tail between his legs. I folt
he must be pe?uiiiiBtlcaIly inclined
in mind, ilia friend and confident
was shnygy and grizzly, lie was a lit
tle fellow, but bis b tiring wsb bold,
lie litild his Uil akft and sillT.-d at
very pair of trousers tl a', pasted, tier
deigned to pay at ention to a whistle
or a cluck. I felt he tnuit be opti
mistically inclined ia mind. S me
kind soul had placed etraw within a
gtaticg, against the upper half of a
basement window, and tLere they
made their bid. Often at night ia
passirg t y I felt impelled to light a
match to tee that they wete all light.
I invariably found them snugly bur.e l
togt tter Iu the ttraw. They were al
wnys to ba Been Inseparable, and they
forever wore the aauie expressions cf
sadness and gladnw. Their relation
ship was tiu y human. Durit g my
absence in th winter a friend wroti
me that they bad disappeared.
the u idiom
is a cross between a (irman and a
yiuncbinan. lie hps, as a mle,
all t.f their bad qualities. Us bus a
few cf their good cuds to leave n them,
lie apes ei her the Parisian or the
Londoter, but only in their itylis of
clothing. His niMiners are all his
own, peculiar to himto f. At hia meals
he ;s vorv skillful in tue use of his
knifr', d ing the sword swallowing act
with tach mouthful of f od. Of the
useo ol the fork he knowa nothii g,
txiept ptoba'oly to lo;k npon it
es a piece of unnetetnary ornamt nta
tion at dinner. He ij skilled In
other ttrargo u'es of the knife;
with him it takes the p'ate of tue
sioon as well as (he folk, aad he
serves food from toe d'sh ia common
to others and hionolf by ail of iti
broad b ade. There is still another
apt etismg act he is guilty of, and that
ts the pi.uring cf the drainlngs of bis
glass of boer luck into the bIbbs from
fie li'tle shallow cap, in which it
stands, and then drinking it, Thf re are
many other actions of a like natuia
he is ia tue habit of practising, biv. I
shall give no mote. These evidences
olaneut re lack of the decencies of
lif are tot a'oce peculiar to tbe manly
svx. Ah! no. Thegut.t'esex-ni'rc'a
the pity shows the tame aptitude for
trie u dicinciei of life that character
ise! her liege lord. At beet.the prowss
oleaingisuct the most refined, but
when ius wilfully turned into a plo
ws f shoveling in a certain quantity
tffoodiua giarfn time, accompanied
by the mauers that chataclerixs a
hog tn a trough, thsn 1 say throw opeu
tue II od gates of war and peeti'eoce
and sweepinto oblivion such practices.
Thus far I have spoken tolely of the
bt tte r ( ? ) clastrs. For fie po ir fellow
wto baa never even had the fact of his
be tig human recognUed, I have eu-
f reme charity and heartfelt t-ympathy.
Ia pretends to nothing, except prob
ably tbe supremacy over his fallows
la physical strength, and a childlike
desire to be thought the beau of his
neighborhood. The rutieness of the
Liegeois upon the street, especially
evinced toward strangers, is nearly
insupportible. Their daughters out
stare men in public pUce. They
are even encouraged in soch be
havior by their mothers and
fathers. Their social lifn bas many a
dark spot npon it. Of uch are the
nch governing line. Vutne Uks
1 s stand upon a much lower plane. It
i wi n the poor devil in tbe field
helping toward bis d oily brsad, and
with Lis wife and child'en at home.
But to return to the higher grade
again. Tbe women, young aLd old,
have a point of vantage in tbelr feet.
I never see a pair of tbem but I think
(traightway of ths remark ascribed to
an Irishman in describing his duck,
"All hell couldn't thrip Lim np " I
have never before seen such a ntiform
ity in enormity among fe'.
Hamelhluar Abnnl the fablie Men
and Well Known anwya M'lio
Jtn-ie Colunibln lauiuuv.
looanESPONDinct or Ta ippial.1
Columiiia, Tkkn., f-'ep'.eriiber 23.
The caiiiliditea for tiovernor tpoke
Iihio yesierdiiy ts 5100 ppople, uuny
(f them iadies. They t oth t'id wel',
htr. Bob earned the rrowd w.th him.
You luve io.'n u full p. count ia the
da'ly apprs.
Ihio was tho rei ii!ence of James K.
Polk. AVh.n he was ekctod. I'les'
di nt in 1844 he lived in a four toom
fr.m 1 cot agtt on AVeet Main ttrret,
B tuanl iu a handBCimf grove. Dr.
A. L Tillownow lives at the place,
though the bouse is tonstderab'.y en
lprgd. Mr. J. M rsh Mayes'ii rjbi-di-nco
is wheie James K. Polk's gar
den was. At the time Jm-8 K. Polk
wvsehcted President, he was-prac-ti.iiivj
lav with Janes II. '1 horn is,
who was afterwards a member of
Uoi'gr.-8. A. O. P. Nicholsiu, liu -cell
Houston, Terry II. Oabal1, 8. D.
Priip, Natbar.iel Bax er, Gid. J.
Pillo , Woi. G. Flera ng, M. V. Vo r
liees, Walter Coleman and Wm II.
Polk were the lawyers at the bar
whtn JauusK. Pclk was practicing.
His mid Mr. TiiomiVs oIHja was where
the Bethel House cow it-md, aud re
uiaiued until a few years ago.
Tucy have magnificenr, water works
her situated on a hill, M ParnuBseB,
1000 f lift above the towa. Water can
ba carried far above tbe highest
notices in towa.
Ttiey have a 11 ae system of pnbl o
schools here. They expetd f SOOO per
annum on them, 'if the B air bill
should be parsed they can reduce
their sc' oil tsx C'J per cent., and atill
have $12,(00, f4C 00 more thaa they
now have.
Seine of your Memphis lawyers
went fiom itiis place Gee. Gantt,
L 11 E tes, Wm. S. Flippla er,d Jos.
P. Sykep. Yonr candidate for Gov
erio', Rob -rt F. Looney, wpb a lawyer
here, but I believe does not practice
in Memplrs. . Walter Coleman ai d B
U Payne once retidtd hete. Gen. G.
J. Pinow ws for a great macy yeais a
(llstirguiehed c tiien jsf this county.
The i'ii body icrv.int of James K
To k, ias. it stiil living, bu; over SO
years of aje.
Thoogh B:sho i O.ey died in Mem
phis he lived here tor many yens,
a'd had charge cf tbe Epi-coptl
Church wriiht he acted as Bishop,
He is buried ia tbe old PJk Grave
yard, as it is tailed, at 8u John's
Oiuicb, seven mile weet of Co
lnmtdi'. Geo. Catter, of Momphis, is
a'so buried there, a d Gen. Cleburne
WiB, hut Ibdievo he has been re
moved to A k n8s.
A pchoo mato of James K. Pjlk, Dr.
H. P. Jordan, is living in this county.
He is over 1)0 yeasot age and is yet
ct mt, straight a d active.
Tl ey hava two flue female schools
here, the Athenaeum and the Insti
tute. A Memphis Ury, Mrs. Wra Hard'n,
lira very much improved and beauti
fied the old grivavard cn the river
ba- k, where her huebaud ia bnried.
Thete is seme Uik of building an
iron luriatie here; the ore will orris
from Lawrence county. The rai road
inbuilt and runniug wi hin sixteen
miles of Florence. more anon.
Mortuary Jleporl.
Mortalltv report for the week end
ing Saturday, September '25, 1880, at 6
o'clock p.m.:
8i. Color. Oaaa Data.
Thoa Hnnael...
mala white ehol. infantum
mala whlto con. brain.
male white oona lunm.
male white del. tremens.
male whit iljtontery.
mule white dysentery.
male whiU inanition.
male white over dose mor.
male white pertussis.
male white typhoid fever.
ii ale white typhoid fever.
male white trismus oaioen
feuinle white eiinnertion.
female white coiiKeslion.
female white iliarrha'a.
female white iliarrlni'a
teiuale whiti nml. lever,
female white peri cerditia.
female whiU) tiilits meeent.
male ool'eil conirestion.
male eol'ed ooriiosttnti.
malo oul'od ojnsumption.
male (redjuiarNsmui.
male col'odlporiton Lis.
ma e rol'edityphuiil lover.
mala enl'eit teianus.
foinnle coredoonaostion.
female onrodiOODKestion.
temale ooredconsumption.
female ooredconstimption.
femaloit'ored; nature! causes
11 llU'aliin
W it Tat'..
tO Dmiiihatty
11 1 Mnon....
W J UojU
BJ Usidar...
A Boihwiti ...
A K tlnnoook
I Win Adams...
nol'W Milton
i Bohulsr
M MolioDuugh
Lll"T RllPHtlll.
Klrira Nirhola
Nam'T Itriltun
Aiarjr nimei
1K ttw,
Wm Valton...
Kd Kniera
A Yuuna
1 Uube Dud n..
Wm Alton ..
J McVill
M Wrinht
K WaUh
H lliirna
ih Jonna
1 Miller
M Cumuitna..
Inf of L We-t I femiiWvcoredonuriisuius.
leinaieicol eiional. lover.
tFrom hoipital.
Distribution by Wards First, 4;
Second, 2; Third, 0; Fourth, II:
Fifth, 6; ISixth,3j Seventh, 5; Eighth,
1 j Ninth, 4 j Tenth, 3 City Honpital,
6. Still born, 2. White, 19. Colored,
14. Total, 33
t W. D. ORsY. M.I) ,
b ereUry Board ol Health.
The Delaware Whipping Vout.
AViiminoton, Dat , Hi pteu.bsr 23.
Fotr ntgrots t nd two wlii'o convicts
wore whipped at Newcastle today.
Thtee of Hie negroes we e given tea
laehes each and another 6vn for petty
larceny. The whites -Harry tSniith
and Frank Hall received twenty
lrshes and weie s'oo l rne hour in the
pillo y for hone stealing. They wore
ai rested in ri.iUdo'phi wi.h thehorte
in ;thflr possetsiou. Kdw.tr.! Burns,
wh'te, who robbed Charles H. ltpy
nolilp, the prori'ietor of ths Ma U
House, on Ju'y 3d, 1bo atooil ono hour
in the piliory. The whipidi.gs wera
liitht and no olood was diawu. Some
100 specta'ors were pn sent.
eu. llostlh.orthe Nalvallan Army.
New YotK, f-'eiitenihi r 25. William
Bo; tb,Geneial of the Salvation Army
in all the world, is expected to arrive
cn tbe steamer Aunana, today. He
will make a g'ntral inspection of his
forces in America.
rni.NciPALs axu teachers at
Jfovel Brick La lug Entertainment
Opposition to Mrs. lforton
School Sutcg.
Sureiintet d-nt Col'irr and the
teache s cf the public echoes held a
meeting at tbe Murker, r-tnet School
Building yesterday aud decided upon
the following aupo'ttonment : -
Smith School, Senior Department
Mrs. Ciockett, piiitcip 1; Miss Bock,
M ss McMahor, M as Lswellyn, Mies
Smith School, Intermediate Department.
MiiS A. O. K ulelhuber, p'tnclpal;
Miss Hid, Miss Nolan, Mies Kennedy,
MissLnsis, Mr. Keiley, Misa Cum
minp, Mine 8 hlemmBr. MiPB Batk.
Leath School. M sa Scud, e', princ'
pil; Mrp. Smith, Mist Conaway, Mii-B
Crigblon, Miss Hsrbf rr, Mrs. Harris,
Miss Hale, MitB Zitonv, Mies Speers,
Miss Sims.
Peabody School. Miss McKain, prin
cipal: Mis Dougherty, M:es Cooke,
MisaTark, Mrp. O'Haia, Miss Tavlor,
MirB Mahler, Mist Buik, Miss Ho -land.
Porter School. MhB B owne, princi
pal; Mrs. Sou h-rlond, Miis M l'er,
Mies Moffett, Mis Summers, M 8.
Merrill School Mies P. II. Beu ?el
hubr, principal; Mifa Thomas, Miss
Oalinph-r, Miss i'o.ey, Miis Shallue,
Mi Dioyfus.
Jijfirmn School. Miss Ashe, pr'nri
pal, Mits Btddie, Mrs 'i'igtio. Mi's
Thomtisou, Mrs. McNabb, Mre. Page,
Miss Shepheid.
Pope School ?l fa Foley, principal ;
Mis. Nevilf, Mrs. Miller, Jrs Hamp
ton, Mies Winte-s, Mirs M'niy.
c;L' e ii schools
Kortrcchl St-Jwol i.r. S mpson, ptin
cipal; Mr. llamilion, Mr. Mitchell,
Mr. T. W. Lott, Mr. Maicus, Mr.
11 vers, VJies Diitkiitson, Miss Walla,
Mrs. Oa'sus.
6'rani School Mr. Biowce, heal
tcBcbt r j Mr. Graham, MissTbom:soD,
Miss Hunter, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Bajon.
Monroe Sch'jo'. Mr. Jan.es Loit, bead
teiuher; Mrs. l!ro:ghton, Mrs. Cae
s ll, Mra. Cooper.
Broadway Schoul Mr. Thomps:n,
had teacher; Mrs. Hooks, Mrj. Set
ths Mrs. Williamson.
Winched'r School. Nr. Turner, bcai
teacher; Mr Fio;di, Mi-s Atkine.
Brick LuylDK Exerriaes.
A Lovel exercise, parlicipated in by
ovtr two hundted pnpi's, took place
at the HUhes Schol last Fiiday eftai
no ;n at 2 o'clock. As the ceremonies
were of an impromptu character no
special invitations wera issued, but a
number tf pattons and friends wste
pres;ct, and were en'.hudatt'c in
prai.-e of the programme pisteente j.
All the pupils participated in the
erection of tie i.ewbuilding, whoso
walls are rising co rapidly and in ruch
fair proportions for their use. Each
insc.ibed a name anil suitable e?nt'
ment on a brick and built it into the
Bolid masonry to be a lasting mem
orial of the occasion. Many paren s
laid britks f r their children, neces
sarily argent, and all entered
tho ouhly into the s; irit of tbe ex
ercise t, which were of an exceedingly
irt-reeting charae'er. The follow ng
is the programme:
Primary classes aieend to platrorm.
"8tadily. t;adily t ten by step,
Up the veeturous buildors go,
Carefu ly planing itooe on stone:
lb us the loiitost templei grow.
"Bee, the fair, blue sky ia brighter.
And nur hearts with hope are lighter!
All the bells of joy aro ringing
And our grateful voices singing.
What is this they teem to savV
This it our building day,
Happy, glad, building day."
Lay Rricks.
Song "dood-bye to Summer."
Intermediate Classes March.
Lay bricks while singing a working song.
"We FerveOor School."
Senior and Junior Middle Classes.
Recitutioo The Builders
"All are arohiteota of fate,
Working in these walls of time:
Some with maasire deeds and great,
tome with ornaments of rbyme."
Briot Luyitig.
Repeating ol sentiments inscribed on bricks.
Scriptural Responses!
"Ezoept the Lord bu Id the house, they labor
in vain that build it," elo.
Prayer by the Rev. L tf. Caldwell.
The Building Committee is as fol
lows: John J ohnsnn, rhai'inan ; Jas.
E. Goodlett, J. F. Frank, W. B. Mal
lory, J. H. fcmith.
County Snperlnlmilrnt Kortost.
It will doubtlets be a matter of sur
prite to most of the rraders of the Ap
I'bal to lo ira thst teveral members of
the County Ciurt will oppose Mrs.
1 lor' on at the January term when a
Hnnerintendent of Public Instruction
it to be elected. When Mrs. Horton
was elected four years ago the county
schools hd run down tn the lowest
tbb. and the sup rintendency, wh:ch
paid only $000 a year was looked npon
as the merest sinecure. Certificates to
Uach were grantel to any aud every
body who wanted them, ignorance
ruled, the a tendance was almost
nothirg and no intaie.it was felt. Mis.
Horton, who badhtoaa teacher, dt
veloptd wondeiful executive abilltv,
declined to it sue certificates ex
cept upon a cartful elimina
tion, held tacbois' institutes all
over the county, personally visited
eveiysnhod Beveral times each ses
sion, took a i active ptrt in the reac
tion of diteoio b in the various dis
tricts, intioduced the latest and most
approvid methods of tetching, and at
last sue; ended in a. trading the atten
tion of thore intertsted iu education
all over tho ISUIo. Superintendent
Paine hat visited the county teveral
times !ately and ha been lavLeh in his
praxes of the tchoilp. Thers are four
nr five aophesnts for tho position Mrs.
Horton now holds, none ot whom have
ever bad any experience. Oneor two,
bo 'eve', ar well educated and de
terve tbe esteem in which they ars
held, but, on the other hand, no word
ol c onplaint ii maJo agsirttt Mre.
Ho-ton, the sole ro:son fo' votins
aain-t her lioirgthn (act t at one or
tte ether tf tbo applicaata has rela
tives in court.
4rho.il Hole.
Thb public Bchonls open Monday.
Several of the priva e schools hava
ten in full blast for a Nook.
Thb attendance fcf tl.e public schools
prjuiBustobe larcer thin year than
ever cefore. The i-etv bulklingB will
all be fully occnpieJ.
Tub public schools (white and col
ored) iu t eF.f h District, on Waldran
and Lane avenue?, will open on Mon
day, the 27 Ui instant. '
Tbb Shelby County Teachera Ree l
ing Circle will meet the third Ssturday
in October to discuss United States
history, the especial chapter being the
discovery of Anien'ca by Columbua.
HoraNionT School will open Fri
day night, October 1st, Bt the Bethel
Buildinir, corner Adams street and
Coare-ton avenue. All boys who
work during the duy srs cordially ia
vited to attend thin school.
Tbe Sneeeaofnl Pifaalon of at
UokIob C'lvaed.
Boston, Mass.. September 25 L tt
night's session rf the Sovereign Grand
Lodge of Odd Fellows did not ciote
until midnight. It was ordered that
after the first of January, 1887, a'l
cantons shall be required to procure
uniforms bafore being mustered; that
efflctrs eba'l be elee'ed on the night
next before the 6tb cf April, and that
clerks report the tame to the tdjalant
of bat'alion and the adjutatts throoiih
tte brigade and divisions to the al-jotaDtg-neralof
the army. Provision
was made t r ths experite of tho de
partment. The report of Geo. Under
woid was tben adoptsd.
The Sovereign Grand Lodge was
called to order at 9 o'clock th8 morn
ing, Mr. White in tbe chair.
A lesolution that the Soveieign
Grend L-dge will not be Ksporsiole
foranydebtfl or cont acts tf Patii
art hs unless authoriz d by the Grand
L-dge was laid oa the table.
Tbe Graod Lodge accepted the
proposition of tho ordr ;n Columbus,
O., to give the second iioor oa Odd
Fellows Temple f the offices of the
Sovereign Gaad Lidgs and a com
mittee of three, in conjunction with
tie grand officers, was appointed to
make all necepstry coutra;tt and re
leasts involved in the removal of the
offices fr. m Ba'timore to Columbus.
A n solution tequ rlng pro f s'.ieets
nf the revised rtluti of she degree ol
Itebek h io bs eubtnit ed to a com
mitter bofcro being published was
Vtriorts ret o"u ions of thanks to lo
cal lodges, the Governor, Ma) or and
ci iz ns wtre ur'animou9!y td.pttd.
Ihe following hgitUtion wts
adopted :
In ieu of cthtr ri g-ilia meinbsrs of
G aud Lodg a may wear a scrr et lib
bon, end niemhcsof Grand Encamr;
ments a purple ribbon. Tne mother
of an Odd-Fellow, a widow aid an un
married B'l'pdanghter wtre madeehgi
b'e to nietiiber h'p in a lodge t f the
degree rA Rebekah,
Cettifiiates of the s cra'aris of the
lodges of tho meuibar'a go d stand
ing mu't actorppany petitions f.r
memberfhtp in aneiicaoipm-nt
The encampmenta r f British Colum
bia now exiting, or lieretf er 1 1 be
rrgato'zed, a-e ra nfl rr;d to the Grin J
Encampment if Wathi goa Tetri
tcry. Bentfi s to dependent relatives ol a
decerssd meniber cannot be paid from
the O'pban Fund.
The report on the journal bavin
b'endspoeed tf and the bus.ness
C03tlu'ied, theGrand Lo ige proceeded
to the inttallat on o! ofliiter.s, which
beitg completed tbe Grand Chaplain
oQ red prayer and the Giaad Lo lgo
adiburred, and the v ry p'.tajHiit ses-
eioa of 1880 was closed.
or the Sculling; Race He Beats Ross
Four Lengths.
Londos. September 25. In the
sculling match today between Wi'-
ltam a aco, of Australia, and Wa'ltca
Rots, of New B urswlck, Ko s was
beaten by four lengths, 'ihe race was
for 50) a side and tbe chsmpionehip
of the world. Beach won the toss
f r position and took the Surry side
of the river. Bmchwastbe favorite
in the be'ting, 85 to 10 being placed
oi him. When the fighal was given
R us was tbe fi Bt away, bat be led for
on y the first six a rok s, when B ach
parsed him and steadily inert ated his
lead until he was two lengths ehad.
At Wa'd-n' Ross spurted and when
Hammersmitn bridge was reached he
drew ti d on B ach. Seveial barg s
got in B anh'a warer and he naa cum
pelUd t cr si Rosb's bow, but he
avoided fiul'nz. The Amlra ian eoou
shot ahead again and tnere were two
lenttbsof open water b.tween him-
te'f and his opponent when the Doves
wes reeched. tie uicieased nis lead
to tbe end. The acs was a proces
sional moit throughout.
The race wts rowtd over Ine ctiam
piontihin course from Puinev to Mott
lake Beech's time was 23 minutts
5 seconds.
It p fore tbe S.'onrta C'lgBrmakera Ar-
ralasted for C'oneplracy.
Bcpfalo, N. Y., Septembpr 25 In
the Uui ed States District Court this
morning John H. Duno, John Doyle,
Edward Battles aad George 8alsraugb,
memhe'S f the Cigarmakers' Union,
of Binghampton, were atrainged on a
charge of conspiracy to injure a c,t -Esnof
the United States in the exer
cise and enjovment of the rinht and
privihges secured to him ny the eon
Btitution of the United Sia es They
phad -d not guilty and were held iu
$1000 bail eaah ti appear at the No
vember term, at Auburn. Toepp c fi)
chargsis they atlempt-d to boycott
non-uni:in cigar msnufacturers, and
the ca- is brought under section 5508
of the R visud bt-tutrs. The ci se is
of vast importance, as, if the construc
tion of this sUt ite, claimed to bt Ihe
true one, is sastaiiud, it will wipe ou;
all boviotting of. non-unoi made
cigars throughout the United Sates
Theory or the Pol Ine In tbe FUehor
London, September 25. Mori z A.
Fischer, tbe gentleman who wai
found ud com eons aud b'eedirg in a
compartn ent car ou tbe Underground
rvilway, Tnursday- evooiug, ops re
mainfd irsonsibie ev.jr sinre and tt 11
lies at the hospital. The police have
framed a theoiy that Mr. Fiath'r re
ceived the wound on his forehead by
coming iu contact with the brick work
Of the tunnel hilo leaning, tr rough
cuiiosity, out of th commitment
window, to observe the oicupints of
the adjoining tompartment wuile the
train WaB at fu'l H eed.
A Surcenalal Revival.
looaKiaroNDEXca or thi ppii..1
Hazkn, Ai k , Siptember 24. A re
vival ol graat inttrtt is ii propria
here, conducted by the Rove. Fnl
hr ghtar.d Daiighetty ; aotit iliirty
live coaveisions to date. The in'ertst
roadies ell classes, and the wholo com
munity is moved as never before.
Kw 1 urk liunli. bblpmenta
Naw VcitK, September 25. The New
York binka shipped $c',79-',000 to the
interior last wek, aitainst receipts of
1149,100. The interior shipments are
more tnan covered by the receipts cf
12,000,000 from the snbireatury and
the impotta ion of $o;0,000 in go d,
making a net gaiu ou holdings of over
$ 150,000.
Labor Party t'auilldate for Coag-rra.
St. Louik, Mo.. September 25. The
Tenth District Luhor Paity convex,
tion nomiuat d t x-Rtpresentative M
J. Ratchfo'd frC;iigres3 la'.t night.
Mr. Ratchf rd has tha pn mise of the
votes of all of the members of tbe
United Labor Party in tbe dittrict,
3000 in number. There are now t lire a
candidates in the field, a Democratic,
a R publican aad Mr. Rat .hford.
mm Homy, oct. 4
Between 'Paseball and Toboggan rarks-The Bluffs and All
Other Grounds Too Small lor the Monster Tents,
With All tho Fresh lies of Spring aud the
Odor and Fragrance of Ner Mown Hay.
Pn MIWP In Its Vast Entirely and Koyal Bfagniflcence
uUMlilll With All the Pomp and Splendor Surround
lag the Greatest of Karthly Amusement Enterprise?, Or
ganized by the King of fehowmcn and the RELEU OF TUE
PflMTUP To Crea, a ew Fs"a ,n Ainuaemenis in the
uUliillllJ South, and Provide the People With What
They Sever Saw Before.
Entire, Complete, Whole and Undivided, Transported From
to Seventy-Five Feet Long.
ee-Coniint Pricisely as It Exhibited Boforo Enthusiastic Thousand in the Grant Cities
of No York, PrtiU lelpbiii, Boston, Baltimore, Wa'hiogton, Riohmond, Cnicago, Cincin
nati, Kastiville, PitUbara, Louisi-iile and Knniaa City, and Whoro It Was Visited and Ex
travasnntly Indorsed by landing Stfttejmen, Judnea, Lawyers, Doctor, Representatives of
Nktiouul, S'ate and Foroian 0 jvornments, and Evan by tbe Clergy.
Ths Only Circus Givin j Exhibitions in New York City.
"I should like if I bad time to iit your ciaantio exhibition once a week during the
whole seaeon: thore is ao much to ios no one could do the mo t-r jus: ire in lon time "
"More can be learned in an hoar in your tents than in a month f-om book'."
"The circus presented by Mr. Bn-nura really merits ita nrotenti' UJ title, and ia of mora
actual value aa an educational institution for the youth of he country than even he claims
forit." UE.NKt W. L0MQ FELLOW.
First and Oalj Show to Visit tbe South Without Catting IU lVrforniartceg.
Brad Ibe Vouchers From RnllroatI Meat and Moubi Will Be t i".
pelted Like new Be Torn the Morning Sua.
"Tile Pennsylvania Railroad contracted to and did tranaport over Ha road, fr.im New
York to Washington. r2 cars of the IU sum and London Shows, and has contracted to re
ceive on October ti, 13S6. at A'exandrit, Va., on the ennclu'ion of your Southern trip, tha
tame number of ears, via , lil." JOHiN 8. WILSON, Gcq. freight Agent.
"Tbe Lake Shore and M'chigan Southern Railroad transported 12 of yonr oars over its
road, dliering siue at Chicago " J. tl. -IAMES, Asi't. Gen. Freight Agent.
Tbe Missouri Pacific Railroad says: "Ytt, sir, we are to trnnsport (12 of Barnnm's ears
to Kansai City." ii. A. EVIERiON, (Jon. Freight Agent.
The Union Pacific Riilroad aaysi "We are tj take 9 of yonr cira out of Kunsai City."
A. 6. STKBBIN Sltton. Ticket Agent.
The Kansai City. Sprinsfiald and Memphis Railroad says We are to reoeive rrom the
Miaeouri Pacific, at Fo't .-'out', (IS of Birnum's cars. OctoHnr 1st, to bj transported by nt to
Meu.pb.if, and then delivored to the Louisville and Nashville Railroad oa October 4th."
M. L. biiARU ANT, (jen. Freight Agent.
Tre Louisville and Nashville: "We have contracted to transport SS of Barnum'i ears
from Memphis, being aame number transpor'ed hv nt Irom Lou av lie to Nashville in June
laat." A. BKU ADDUS, Asa't. lien. Froight Agent.
CAPITAL, $4,000,000. DAILY EXPENSES, $7C00.
Largest and Richest Amusement Enterprise on the Face of the Globe.
Triple Circus Company in Three Big Rings. llute Elevated Stage for Olympian Qamot.
Two Immense Double Menageries of Wild and Trained Beasts.
Mammoth Museum of Living Human Wonders.
Orand Roman Hippodrome With Glorioua Raoea.
Doorai Open at 18:30 aud 6 p.m. Performance at 1:30 and 7 p.m.
JXJM1B0A, UrM " L!fo"nd Natural.
The Poliahed-.Ivory Boned Articulated SKELiETOX
Only Elephant Skeleton on Exhibition Anywhore.
Jj JJJf -International Congress ot the Bigget Men Alive.
The Most Marveloua Troupe o' Sami-Barbario .RA-BS
In Wotderful Performancea.
JJjXCE-lle Affeotlonete and Distressed Companion of Jumbo.
Myriads of Intenoly Intorostinrt and Startling Features Collected at an Enormous Expense
Trained llorso, Dogs, Pins, Ponies, Linns, Tigers, Panthers, Bars, Hyenas, Leopards,
Camels, Elephant', Monkeys, Birds, and Evon Reptiles.
100 Startling Acta and Furioua Races.
'AO Phenomenal and Daring Artists.
11 Acta Going On at the Same Time. '
1000 Kew Features and Wonderful Attractioaa.
Containing Over a Mile of Rich Objoets and Rare Features, will Loave the Grounds a
8 Oclnck a. an.
-Everybody Should S-e It, aa It W II Prove a Revilation, and Give Those Who Can
not Afford to Pay a Finer Froo Exhibition of Animals and Coally Objeota Taan Ia Contains
in the Tent of Any Othor Show.
nn-.SIXTfcKN pes UKK.t of Wild Animals, with a Kcepor in Eaoh. A Hord ot
Elephants. Aninala In Loash. Camela and Elephanta Harnessed to Chariots. A Dosea
Kinds of Music, including Vu 1 Military Bands, aad Myriads of Rare Featuros. Route as
Follows: Leave Grounds at 8 a ra.; down Boale Street to Seoond Stroot, to Concord Street,
to Main Street, to Vance Street, to show grounds.
atA-adanienlott to Evervtblnai, 75 Cent"! Children Tinder Klnr, OO Vents.
For the' accommodation of those wishing to avoid the orowda at the wagon, an office Baa
been established at W. WMUma'a Book Store, 7 Main Street, where reserved
umbered tickets can be bought at the regular price, and aduisaion tickets at the usual
slight advance, on the morning of the show.
ajajaasiiyiaiaitt ihwimw iijjji.a."syna.iiiai
j. sw. t mm :v,.'lt..i;

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