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Bj a Member of the Memphis Cycle
Club -An Iuteresting
"Most delightful vacat'on I ever
spent," said "IJ.ctor" Kchircr, ol la
Memphis 'Orcle Club, vesttnlar ta o
leaned atTeetiorately on the esd-ile of
his polished Victor find "orated
about the trip from which he hid re
turned a few hours before.
"Tell m abaut it," laid B5ine of the
boys who were tratVred about him,
ami jus to hear how he managed hia
five wekv wni elira tup in Ohio.
"Jly cvclrmeter there raads 903
miles, ai voa will tee." taid the ."Doc.
tor." "I triad to Re', in thirty-seven
miles more to make it an even Hurt-
sand, but had a lady with me and
couldn't do it very well. Pret'y good
for a h'tle over a mocm. I tnink."
The bojslagretd witb him ihat it
was mote tbau good, and pressed him
to tell now be uu it
"I left here on August 21st with
John Skates, cf Paducab, and went by
train to Clatksvtlle, Teon., where we
had fine times prtMptcting about the
country. We toDk tbe train tbere and
went to Cinciiina'i. Leaving Cincin'
nati together at 5:20 o'clock in the
morning, we wheeled to Mechanic
burg, a distance cf 114 mihs, arrivirg
tnera at 7 :fU o clock in the evening.
We stopped twerity miautes for
breakfa t, twenty miuu'cs for a wa'ir
melon, an hour and fifteen minutes
for dinner, balf an hour at Yellow
tipringe, and one hour and forty min
utos at btrisgbeld. fckatos left me
then, and took a train for Niagara.
Spending tbe niche at MecbanitsburK,
I left at 8:15 u'c'ock tbe next morning,
leaching Gallioti, eighty-three miles
away, at 6:10 o'clock p.m. I made
several stops, the last time being about
two hours, and nearly tbiny miles of
tbe rcute lay over ground when tbey
call nigger tops in that part of the
country. I left Uallion at 9 o'clock
tbe next mornintr, riding by
way of Mamfiild, Worcts'er
and Mateillon, sixty seven mjlee, to
attend tha whei-ltnatiB' meeting there.
Tbe next day, Tuesday, we rede to
Canton, wbete we enjoyed arcyal
. spread.. The entire patty, sixty-seven
in number, lelt Cant m at 4 o'clock in
the evening to ride ti Alliance, dis
tant twenty miles. I felt in eplendid
shape, the road was in fine condition,
and tbe weather delightful. I was de
termined to do something for Tennes
see and put in try bt lick?. I suc
ceeded, after a hard fight, in- gattirjg
the lead, and made tbe entire distarca
in two hourd and two minutes. They
gave me the horua and tied blue rib
bons all over my machine. After a
parade, a touting: party of. twenty
seven left Alliance and rode to Ra
venna, gei tir g there at 1:30 in tte
evening. Tbe rnad was sindy and we
took our time. We had dinner at Ra
venna and twenty-tbree left for home.
Only four remained Winter of Ports
mouth, Coons of Ci'iton, Wetter of
Maseilon, and myself. We rode by
way of Kent ti Cuyabcga Falls, then
to Akron, tbe total for the day being
sixiy-eight m'lee. At 5 o'clock the
next mo nirg we rode to Canton and
Alasaillon, fo' ty-3tven miles, and after
a good ngbi's rent I spun away alone
for Wheeling. I covered eighty-nine
miles that day, etoppiog at Cadiz until
next morning, when I jesumed my
trip, reaching Wheeling, twenty-nine
miles fuitbor, at 10 .o'clock in the
aorning, having made tbe dis'ance in
a little lets liiaa tbree boura, I re
mained at Wheeling three days, and
th'.re I saw the pieuif flt pavemett I
ecc.'untered anywhere, it was made
of fire brick, and the Mayor told me it
coat aL zo a square yard and las'ed
better than anvthing tbey bad tvt-r
tried. From Wbfelirjg I rode to
Colnmbns, where I tcok tbe train for
tbe first time emce leaving Cincinnati
I left it at Athand and
made several excursions about the
neighborhood. One of my trips was a
very rapid one. I roda three and a
half milts through sand, over two
hills and six tailroad track", in twelve
minutes, the t'me being taken by a
dozen watches. I took the train at
Ashland for Cinciona'i, whete I again
met Skates. As I told you, be went
to Niagara by rail, there joining the
L. A. W. touring party. Tbey went
by rail to New York, thence by steamer
to JNorloik, tbence by rati to Kich
mond and to 8'annton, whence they
wheeled down tho Shenandoah Vat-
ley to New Marker, thence via Maa-
sanetten Mountain to Luray Cave,
thence to Harper's Ferry, where the
party broke up. He afterward visited
Wasbington, and came back to tin
cinnati. where I met him."
"How much did your five weeks and
thousand milfs cnat yon 7
"About f 125. leaved a good deal
by stopping at liague hotels, and I'll
tell you tbe Ohio bicyclers are the
most hospitable set of fellows in the
world.. There was a crowd of them to
meet and ride out with me at every
A Lover' Quarrel and What Came
or It.
In New York, on Thursday Jat, a
tall, elegantly dressed woman of about
30 years, wbose person lairly glittered
with diamonds, was arraigned in the
J e Hereon Market Police Court on a
charge of eiand larceny. She was
Victoria, Countess de Heerdt, of Hol
land. Tbe complainant in the cese
was Mile. Adrienne Bergeron, eques
trienne, formerly tbe most famous
bareback rider at the Cirque Imperiale,
in Patie. The prisoner is wealthy,
dathing, accomplished and etrikingly
handsome. She b3long to a noble
Eoglieh family, and has been married
to tbe Count de Heerdt, a. rich and
distinguished Hollander, four years.
A remarkable story was brought
to light by the iuve'.t'gition. Mile.
Bsrgeron last winter met with aa
accident which compelled her to retire
from the circus lor a time, and filled
tbe Paris papra foi- d jya with accounts
of her c ndition. A horse which she
was tiding stumbled and fpll.jiutaa
she was performing a difiicnlt feat,
and then rolled ovc- on her as she lay
on the ground. Waile she was re
covering from the accident she was
introduced to tho Counters. The
latter seemed fascinated with the
young circus rider's beauty, and
evinced a strong ir.toreet in her wel
fare. She showered presents and
good advice upon her, nnd succeeded
in finally attracting the young girl's
affections. Adrienne egreed to ac
company the CounteBH on a proposed
tour of the United S:ate3 and Aus
tralia. They started for New York on
tio bteamer La Normandie, and ar
rived here September 13th. TheCoun
tss', who has ben here before, took
Adrienne to a French hotel, whera
they engaged Tcoms. Shortly after
arriving here Adrienne quarreled with
her protectress, and, becoming heartily
wearied of her bargain, left her and
took lodging ;n West Thirteenth street
She left her trunks, containing her
r:ding titbits nnd valuables cf till
ftriiit sorip, at f.e hotel. When she
eent an fxpreasman after them the
Counters tefused to give them op
until eue was paid 00. Adrienn
sent several times with the earne re-
eult. Monday ninht the Conntees
visited her friend snd remained with
her until 3 o clock in the morning, trv
ing to induce hi r to accompany ber to
Australia. Aorienne declined, and
again demanded her trunks. TurBday
night the fait equeniiienno visited the
police heaaqtianers and told ber etoiy,
An otneer was detailed to tetve a
summons on tbe Countess, bnt she
only laughed at it and tote it into
shreds before the of tier's face. She
wes then arretted. The Justice de
cided that the caee wrs one for a civil
couit and dismissed the charge.
Which Will rut an r.pd ta All
111 Feeliac Against
Mr Geo'ge Q. Dant was on the
streels yesterday morning, looking
none the wcrse fjr the little fiacas of
the evening before, There was an ap
parent disposition on all sides to let
the matt; r drop where it was. Mr,
Dent bad a mutaken idea that the
published rt-pirtsof tbe difficulty were
warped by n a ice, out iron tne ioi
lowing, whi h was te:eived from him
by u mutual friond yi s'erday evening,
it anoears that the nfla r is at an end :
"Deab Sir Your note to me of this
rate concerning the diilimlty between
Col. R. F. Looney, his ton and myce'f
was leceived and contents noted.
appreciate your friendship both tor
Col. Looney and myself, oa tccount
ol the stiong iriemlBhip wbicn ex
itted between ycu, Col. Looaey and
mv father during b;a lifntime. and re
cogt'ize your right to advise me in the
premises. Without going into further
details about tbe matter, I will say
that I concur with your view that I
bad no right, as the editor of tbe Mem
phis Republican, to bring before tbe
community, thtough the columns of
my paper, tbe financial afiitirs of Col
Looney. I was wtong in doing so, and
regret that I was ovettaken iu this
fault. The truth is that neither by
newspapers or any other method of
publica ion should tte purely per
soual affairs of any one be can
vats.d beiore tne public, and as
von say that Co!. Looney end bis
friends ate willing to let the ma'ter
rest, 1 hereby express my purpose to
do to. in this lite we are all prone to
make mistakes, this probably being
tne cate witn me mora si than witn
many others. I am always willing to
acknowledge a wtong and in so far as
Icanrepa'ran it jury. The account
of the Appkal of this dp.t-. numorting
to give the facts concerning the per-
ronal encounter between Mr. T. V
Looney and myself, is incoirett in
many substantial particulars. I know
that you will uadets'and the injustice
done me, and like an honorable man
as jou are, 'right the wrong.' I
leave this mat'er wi'h you without
futther comment."
Mr. Dent's reputation for cou'aee
hue never been impeached. II
always finh's back and too often hits
n et, but in this case be was unfor
tunate enough to moet a man who
wai tco quick for bim, and didn't set
io. his work in time. His letter fully
sta'es his posilion as to tbe ur.icle in
the Republican, and after so stra'ght-
forward and manly an acknowledge
ment of error tbere will b3 few who
will not be mere than willing to over
look it. We admired George G. Dent
because of his noble father, and now
because ot nimseif.
A SfibcoalraclorFltesaBillorCnin
plaint in the It. N. Court. .
Pittsburg, Pa., September 25.
This afiernoon J. II. McLeety, of this
city, and Charles P. Crosby, of New
Yotk, attorneys for Wm. P. Vanaken,
a resident of New York, filed a. bill of
complaint against the Creson, Clear
field County and New York Short
Route railroad, to recover $7-1,000 for
work done as a subcontractor. Vcn
aken aiks for the appointment of a
master to take teKtimony and fix his
compensation. Tbe court is aleo
aeked to dec'are null and void a mott
gage of $750,000 made by defendant to
toe American ioan and J ruet com
pany, of New York, and to require the
la'tsr corporation as tr'iBt'O of tho
road to cancel ali cf the same indebt
edness riow recorded in the counties
of Cleat field and Cambria.
Eluzt's Last Words.
Paris American Regiiler: The papers
are full ol reminiscences of the late
Maestro Liezt. Almost tbe list words
which the grest cemporer uttered a
few hours before bis death, while
awnkening from a state of lethargy
that had lasted for hours, were: "Qui
vientau theater?" "Au revoir, Tris
tan 1" And suddenly jumping from
his bed, be exclaimed excitedly (in
German): "They are pursuing me;"
then ca'micg down, he eaid to Lis
faithful servant, Mischko, likewife in
German: "Oh, this ia Miechko yes,
yes you are Mischko 1 Don't ha an
gry with me for talking thus Incohe
rent'v; you see I am sick!" And he
let the servant put him to bed again
very quietly, after which he only mur
mured a word now and then. Tbe
an intelligible word heard was "Tris
tan 1"
The Canadian Ilpny at the Indian
Paris, September 24. The National,
commenting on the remarkable dis
play of tbe products of Canadian in
dustry at the Indian and Colonial Ex
hibition in London, asks why, cf the
JC20.000.0C0 worth of goods annually
exported to Canada, 8,000,000 go to
England and only an insignificant por
tion to Franc?. The article con
cludes:, "Though the French feeling is
(till vigorous in Canada, tbe business
connection of that country with Eng
land is tco close to ba suddenly
snapped. But when Franca is ready
to welconr e Canadian commerce to
such an extent as will comneneate
Crfuadi for the loss of ber English
lustoiu, tbere will begin an evolution
in that country, so dear to France.
and whose motto is 'Canada for tbe
Umzdian?.' "
Een If Ton Bay a Doaea
common poroui platert which yon ean fat
or a long at dt oi in unep jonn arm
gista you have merely thrown away your
money, for una Benson'f Cupoine Pluter ia
worth them all. The reaion ia this: Ven
aon'a ia the only poroua plaatar in tbe market
that ia honeitly snd skill fully made and sci
entifically medicated. Others are no nors
than nominal imitations of Benson's. They
are cheap because tbey poSKesa noneot the
inxreriienta whioh render Demon's valua
ble. The latter are prompt to act, pleas
ant to wear, and cure in s few houra ail
ments which othera will not even relieve.
.? W'J'o are especially warned against ao
called "tapaioin," "Capsicum," " Capu
cm, or "Copsicine " plastora, as worthless
srticlea Intended to deceive. Afk lor Den
lon s, and look for the " Three Sauls" trade
mark and tho word "Capcine"ut In the
M l EL
For tne Kansas City, Wjandotte and
Jiorthwestera The Missis
sippi Commlssioa.
Work cn the Karsas City, Wyan
done and orm western railrca-J is
rai-idly progrets'.ns under Mr. Mattin
Kelly, of this city, who is giving it bis
jiersonalaitantion. Mr. Newman Erb,
who was in the city yesterday, says
that the company has jost ordered 11,
000 tons of s'eel rails from Joliet, io
bs delivered at tne rite of 1000 tons a
week. The order is for erough to loy
the track of tho entire line in the
Slate if Kanpaj.
The HllroHt CommlKlon.
Jsckeon (Mi's ) Slate Ledijer: This
body bas bst n in seesion dining the
week, and has promulgated tariffs on
tbe Mobile ard OMo and the New
Orlears and Northeastern rai'rotds.
They have a'so approved the exit-ting
tariff of the Alabama Great Southern
railroad. They have now passed upon
every railroad in tbe Slate, with the
exception of the Louisville, New Or
leans and Texts, Yrzoi and Missis
sippi Valley, and Canton, Aberdeen
and Naehville, which roads are, by
rrason of the maximum fixed by the
Legis'atura for them, beyond the
jurisdiction of the commission. Their
information aa to the rato, fgpeoia'ly
those' of tho Mobile and Ohio, that
road hav'ng rt fused to file any of its
"specials," has necessarily been very
limited ; but if any injustice has been
brought about by their rulirgi tbey
will correct tbe Batna as soon as it be
comes apparent to them.
Tbe n-t'B on the New Orleans and
Northeastern have een changed but
little, and were adinstad with a view
of ptevent'ng, in tho near future, the
difctiminaiion practiced by that road
ega'nst Meridian.
The merchatts of Vicksbmg and
Moridnn have evince! a lively inter
est in tbe actions of the Commission,
and have not haen slow to recognizs
the fact that their conclusions might
prove an injury or a blestiag to tuiss
The Queen's Nnerch Cloning the
Seaalon Until November 11th.
London, September 25. Parliament
was prorogued today until November
lltb. Following is the Queen's speech
ctodog the session:
MyLobdsand Gentlemen I am
glad to bs able to release you from
your a-duooB duties. My relations
with foreign powers continue to be
friendly. The mutiny of a portion of
the Bulgarian army has led to tbe ab
dication of Prince Alexander. A re
gency has been established, which is
now administering tne suairs ot the
Principality, and ptepara ions are be
ing made for the election of a succes
sor to Prince Alexander, in accordance
with the provisions of the treaty of
Bsrlin. Ia answer to a communica
tion addressed by the Porta to the
signatory power, I have stated thaf,
so fires this country is cmcerned,
there will be no infraction of the con
ditions guaranteed by treaties to Bul
garia, Aesuiauces to the same effect
nave been given by the other powers.
The demarcation of tha Afghan fron
tier has advanced to within a few
miles of the river Ox up. In view of
the approach of winter my commis
sion bas been withdrawn, but
tbe information tbev have obtained
will be sufficient for the determination
by direct negotiations between the
two courts of that portion of
the ircnti-r which still remains un
marked. Gentlemen of the House of Com
mon!), I thank you for tbe supplies
you have voted for the requirements
of the public sarvue.
My Lords and gentlemen, I have di
rected the ifsuef of a commission to
inquire into the circumstances which
appear to nave prevented tbe antici
pated operation of the recent acts deal
ing witn the tenure and tbe purchase
of land in Ireland. I have observed
with much ratiefaction the interest
which, in an increasing degree, is
evinced by the psop'e of this country
n tbe weitare it tbeir colonial and
Indian fellow subjects, and I am led
to the conviction that tbere is on all
sides a growing desire to draw closr,
in every practical way, the bonds
which unite the variout portiocsofl
my empire, i tave authorized com
munications to be entered into with
tbe ptincipal colonial governments
with the view to luller consideration
of matters of common intereet. I pray
that the b'esnngs of Almighty God
may to witn jou.
Baptising In tbe Obion River
Obion Weddings, Revivals and
Martin, Tbnk., September 22. A
gco l na.y (f our citizens attended
tne baptizing at trie turnpike Dridge,
over Obion river, la'.t Sunday, when
there wme ntteen persons bapt zed.
Mr. Joe Carleton, who haa been
quite sick, is onvBleecent.
There was a brilliant double wed
ding at Gardner today Mr. Seward
Hail to Mies Emma Gardner, and Mr.
Scott Hall snd Mis? Ellie Gardner.
The Rev. G. L. Ellis officiated. The
church was beautifully decorated,
darkened and illuminated. Mr. How
ard and Mr. Hall are couslrs, and the
two Mies Gardners are cousins.
Mr. Barbee and family, wbo have
been keeping boarding house her,
moved last Monday to Gardner. We
wish them success iu th-ir new
Little Rutb, infant dauahter of Mr.
and Mrs. Neal Lovelace, died Friday.
They have the sympathy of the entire
lne protracted meetincr which has
been in progress for teveral weeks at
Gardner closed Sunday nieht with
forty odd converts.
On the Indiana, Bloomlngtoaa and
Western Fireman Hilled.
Springfield, O., September 25. A
bad accident ocenred at an early hour
this mornint on the Indiana, Bloom
ington and Western railroad, one mile
beyond Laura, Mfami county, O.
Fassenger train No. 2, going east, col
lided with freight train No. 15, wreck
ing the engine and completely smash
ing the bangagecar. Fireman Dillon
waa instantly killed. The engineer
jumped and saved his lifo. A num
ber of passengers were eeriouely in
jured, but it is not thought any of
them are fatally hurt. Wrjcklpg
trains have gone to the scene of the
accident, A number of Knights
Templar, returning from the Sr. Louis
conclave, wore on the train. A dozen
freight cars were badly wrecked.
fSnlmoribe for the "Appeal"
Oar Trade wlih Pluius and
To the Editors of the Appeal :
Memphis, Tens , September 24.
We notice with surprise you remark
tho appearance on onr et eeis of a
merchant fr'tn West r aice, and an
other from Tbaytr, -Vo , ai a subject
of congratulation 8 mi e. ;iim,eut.
The welcome arrival of thes-j gontlo
men is no new thii g hre, and we
think it may re snfeiy s'ated in many
lines our msrkct cont-ols the trade of
that section; we have lnd eight cus
tomers in these two towns, about two
yeara, and often moie; btaidee ncorcs
who ship to these point? fjr interior
planes in Missouri, as n ell cs at every
Brut. on on tne rsinu. a map Between
there and bprinBtieiu, some seventy
five miles beyond ; p:incipal points on
both 6 ilea the toid, in ih- kiteiior,
ottsn bitv miles aiBtat t. and at rail
road towns on the St. L. A 8. F. R. It.,
com norm ana omn ri fpnnetieirf.
The New Unyoxo.
Rates 12 50 to4 per i'y, according ti leci-
ticn Ol runms-
APIlowell, Ark JUSnow.Tenn
8 Woodson. Vs W J (loud oar. Tenn
A M Marye, 111 B J Hornor, i, V
A r lloweli diw. Arc mn it r. Allen, (ia
W K Ureen. Ark
Osc.ir l)vis, Ark
Mrs J 11 Slater, NY
II II Washhurn, Mo
M R Bucksbaum, Md
L V But'er. Miss
ii Jiueway, D U
M I. Iluilnins, La
W (i Leo. Vs
OCMead, M If
L 11 Jonrs, I.a
Mm IVntt, Misa
Z T While, Miss
J Robinson, Tenn
R Moray, N Y
James Moore, Misa
R J iiKuros, !
K K lias. Mo
J II Uillhouse.Tonn
A N McCallum.lenn
A J Fronch. ftli"S
rni in ey, Miss
R b Home, Ind
R J 11 eh ton, Tern
WH Powell, Tenn
O M Uennis, Miss
(1 Holibins, Wigs
KJ Blood, Ark
W K vs ill,,,,,,,, Ky
C R Wood. La '
T M Shirley, Ls
O "assioaaie, Ohio
F M Uarrs, Mo
DPl'billipaAw, NY
II Johnson, Mo
1 M alorgfin, Tenn
R L Campbell, Tenn
A M Nunce, Misa
J S Benoil, Mtaa
L B Cone. Misa
W L bonntatr, Ind
L II Anderson. Ind
L K Bailey, Tenn
RHUote. Miss
O J Barrett, Misa
Alf Perry, Ark
Phil Loague. Ky
K lloinan. AH
ti S Risley, La
u uarpenter, Uhio
A Hflct -hr. Ohio
A K 6ilverhorn, Mo
ins. W it
II G Rice. Mo
C B dray, Tenn
J J llurk.Miss
J U Hmith, Miss
T B Casey. Miss
6 8 Johnson, Tenn
Mr Kobln'on Aw, Ky
Misa M Robinson, Ky A I' Murphy, Tenn
R (J Brown. Tenn
A ood, bng
H U i owie, Kng,
B K Lewis. N Y
JI J Riymond, N Y
F M 8hold n, Ga
B Peterson, Ala
'1 W Finlay, Minn
JW hpenoer, Mn
C Bla.-k.Ti.nn
W K Miller. Os
C L Lvnch, Ala
u w itorry, mo
B Ladd. Tenn
E A l.cvett, Tenn
11 D Brown, Mies
T K Williamson, Mies It W .1,-ncnon, Miss
T O Mnrtm, Ark U P Hicks, Ala
K J 1'earsou, Ala ah cuionu, ienn
a j tiOTeit, icnn.
Unatoii's Hold.
W. H. BISGUAM MiNsoia.
European plan. Knlargid anil refurnished.
rrlota accnruing i mo snu loca
tion of rooms.
lTATatum, Tenn F 0 Simpson, Ark
Mrs F G Simpson, Ark G T Black. Ark
WKMoCracken.lenn (i J Pritchard. La
R Lambert, Ln L Withorington, 'Icon
11 11 sullen, Tenn J ,; yf. ronn
N II Jones. Tenn J W X Browne. Tenn
S C Webber, Ark B Bingham. Tenn
W K Green. Ark. O bavis, Ark
M I) Kell.r Aw, Ohio A Lamhcth, Tenn
W B VanKirk, Mo H Rojeworn. Ill
F Hansell, Mo KF Patterson, Tenn
W S Graham. Tenn T K DefTrev. Mo
J Gates, L.N O A T Ky w m Ucmp, Ky
J L McKee, Tenn W M Dempf, ky
J Adams, Vs 8 M Harris, Misa
J W Cook, Ark GWJonea, Misa
J T Hillsman. Tenn W C Strickland, Tenn
J P Trimble, Ky R K Craig. Ark
Mrs J M Munch, Ohio G Mullinix, NNAMV
P Murphy, SNAVlV KSChapinan.NN&MV
E P Rowell, NNAMV T P Chambers, Ark
H Banks, Ark G Finch. Ark
L I) Manor, Tenn 1 L Smith, Tex
A Clark, Ohio M Solomon, Misa
N Rosenberg, Misa Mrs Lombard, tails.
Poabodjr llotrl.
0. B. GALLO WAV A CO PaorsiSToaa.
Rates ti 60 snd 13 per day. according to
aits and locution of room Sueolsl
ratss made.
T Downey, Mo B McCauley, Ark
J M Da? gett. Ark J B Stuart Aw, Als
M A iooboy Aw, Tex P S Simioa, Ohio
J White, Tenn WFKolmer, NY
Mrs McNabb Ad, Ala A J Vincent, Ind
W Honker, Ark Leo Kroll, Ark
J B White, Ala S II Holding, Ohio
RHEdmunds jr.Tenn E R Scott. Tenn
J (i Bates, Mo Ike Morris, Tenn
J F Gear, Mms 1' T Drillin, Ky
W M Cosgiore, Pa C Goodwin, Md
W 8 Kinkead, Ohio E'L Anderson, Ohio
Misa M Newton. Ark
nirs L u 1'euse Jtr, rex
Misa Pease, Tex
J P Jonei, Os
T Hirsoh, Miss
John Jennings, 111
E llarkina.N V
8 Weill, N Y
W P Urnir, Pa
J K Penn, N Y
H W DeWart. N Y
J J Hayes, Aw, Misa
M L llaiiJolph, Ls
Mrs J Craig, Ls
F L Arinrtrong, Ls
E Wliit noro. Tonu
F (I Jor.cs Tonn
S Starling. Tenn
L White, Ky
J llurke, Miss
A J Me-ord, Ky
1) Hcidelborg, Pa
J II Leni, Pa
.1 ,M (looilloir, Tonn
B Allen. Tenn
W S Thomnson. Mo
B Hiwh, Misa
C SCIiaa, 111
IU llnrriaAw.Tenn
L P Pitdior, Mo
(1 II Ingerson, Tenn
11 II Truly .t, Miss
K A Simpson, S O
W lUldwin, N Y
D Storking, La
Mrs N K liandy.Tonn
Mi.-- M bti iid, Ls
R (i Pryor, Ohio
J r-innnor, Mia
T U Yuneoy, Tonn
W llarnot t, Tenn
Mr U Id-tnith.Vo.Miss
J V Murphy, Ohio
Joel .lohniton. Ark
J V Urownn, Tex
K B Cash, Tonn
W F Tu)lur, Tonn
II Lnngst IV, T nil
W Cxiinon. Tonu
P W l-'.y, Tenn
J A Demo, Tenn
W S Uoodwyn, Tonn
W ll'incock, Tenn
II L Onion, Tenn
M Manning, Ala
W U .Moore, Misa
" Coleman. Tenn
E Kwine. Tonn
J L Watt', Tenn
R I) (Soodwyn, Tenn
W L Surcriso, Tenn
J J Dtilioeo, Tenn
E Willctt, Tonn
UP While, Misa
T ti :ii IU V
J II Poslon, Tenn
0 Met) Hamilton, MissJ I' Maxwell, Ark
Aliss M Maxwoll, Ark.
Ih fly's Knroprnu Hotel.
Corner of Adama snd Main itreeti. Rooms.
50o, 75o and tl Per day ; Ameiicsn Plan,
9'i per day.
First classRestiurant in the Hotol.
J. M. DU1FY (10 years with Peabody Hotel),
PKenrna.Mo W V Joyce, Tx
F A Holmes, Misa W Roherts, Misa
OW Cox, Tenn C Davis. Tenn
E M Murray, Tenn J A Wine Aw, Ala
K M Jones, Tenn W II Drown. Ind
F A lievens, Tenn S J McDonoll, Tenn
J P Smith, Mo I) Stevens, Tenn
J P Bethel), Ark W P Llewa-, wo, Ls
Mrs V J Cator if.Tei C Quonle, jr, Tonn
F Turner, Vt P J Dunwoll, Ark
A E Atwater, Misa H Adams, Mia
OWII srris, Ky HSM organ , Ten n
0 U Venablo, Tonn II Hooey, La
T Burrs 1, Ky.
Fallnrc In WI1UI17.
Rkadino, Pa., September 25. Sam
uel Buck, a liquor dealer and distiller
ol this city, failed today. His liabili
iea wete over $10,000. The issets
consist of valuable real enta'e liere and
the stick 01 a lante liquor store.
1 -mtr 1
110 Ainiiiulila.l.lina.AlMntirl,li'l'Ii ' j'!'-'rl ''!''
Eilracts, Vanilla, Leinoo, t'W-. aror dfllclously.
1 $ I
Sore Eyes
ino ryes nrc always ;, sympathy with
tho body, and srT.ird :m rxcilirnt Index
of its comlit.Vn. M in n tho ryes l.rcome
weaK, ami tin- litis lnil;iini-,l Und son-, it ls
nu PVliliiico tiiut the systi-ni li:is become
iiKoruercu ny scmruUi, for hi, li Avor'a
barsapanlla in the best known remedy.
Semfiiln, wbleh produeo.l n jminful In
tlniiiiiialliMl 111 my eves, eatiM-d mo miicu
snilering for a iininlier of vrars. Ilv the
n.itiei-oi n iiiiysieiau i eoiiiineiiccd taking
Ayer's Sar-tiparillH. After uiinc this
uieuiL-iuu a .luon diiio 1 was completely
My oves are now in a splemlhl condition.
ton iui s i-ii mitt siron iih ever.
Mrs. William Uap'o, Conconl, X. Jl.
For a mmilier of years I was troubled
with a Iuiiiiui- in my eves, and was unable
to obtain any relief until 1 commenced
tlsin;.' Aver's .Sarsaparilla. This medieino
UH1 t lkcted II eomplete euro, mid I believe
It to 1(0 UlC best of lilood Kuritlers.
-'. K. I'liloll, Xaslut:!. X. If. . ,
From childhood, and until within n few
tlionllis, I hnvu biH-n alllirted with l-,.lt
and Sin-o Kyes. I h:ic Used for these
complaints, Willi beneficial results, Aver'a
Sarsapai-illa. ami eonsicl.-r it n irr, i(t
puriller. Mm. C. l'hillips, (i lover, Vt.
I atlflcred f((r a rear with loft inonn.
tlon III m v left eve. 'Tim-,. nl. niM .., ,.,. I
on tho hall, depiivimr mn of slcht, und
causing great pain. After trvhig nianv
other reiiiiHlies, to no purpose, fwas fliiullv
Imlueed to uso Ayer's Sai sapurilla, ami,
By Taking
three liotlles of this medicine, linvo boon
entirely cured. .My sidil lias been re
stored, nnd there Is no iKn of liilbimma
tlon, sore, or ulcer In mv eve. K,., 1,1
T. llowen, Suirar Treo Kiik-e-'Dbin.
Mv dauuliler. ten veai-s old a. ni,.t.t
wltli Scrofulous Sine Kves. lurlng tbe
ast two years sh never saw Ittit of any
kind. Physicians of Hie liii-be-i ttti,ii,,r
exerted their skill, hut with no permanent
success. On tliu recommendation of a
friend I purchased ti bottle r a.i V Vtn
stiliarllla, w hich my daughter eoimiieneed
ittKing. itcrore she had used the third
bottle her kight was resioied. mid she can
How look steadily at hl illlant li-ht with.
out pain. Her euro is complete. AV. K.
Sutherland, Evniigi'lU, Slielhy city, ivy.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by rr. J. C. Aver & Co.. Lowell. Maui.
Bold by all Drugglaia. Prlco (1 : alx bottle ti.
Dlt, 1). S. JOHNSON'S
Mo. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main snd Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established In 1860.1
DR.JOnNSON ia acknowledged by all par
tiea tnterasted ss by Tar the most auo
eeaaful Khvaician In the tra(iiMntr
or secret diseases. Quick, iiermsnent euros
guaranteed in every ease, male or female.
Keoent eases of lionorrhes snd Syphilii
cured In s f -w days without the use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary Bynhilia, the last yea
tige eradicated witbo'itthe use of mercury.
Inyolunsary loss of semen stopped In short s
timo. Suflerera from linpolency or loaa ol
sexual powers reatnr t free vigor In s few
weeka. Victims of aelf-sbuse and exceasive
yenery, suffering from atiermntorrhes snd
losaof physical and mental nower, speedily
snd permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the Diseases of Women, and
cores guaranteed. Piles snd old soros cured
without the use of caustio or tho knife. All
consultations strictly cnrfldential. Medi
cines sent by ei press to all parti of the
SHrWorklngmen enred at half the usual
rates, uuioa nours trom a o clock
a.m. in
o'clock p.m.
1). S,
M'wtof tl)H tiiaMWMn which iilll u tmaulti nil (imorlKm.
allycauwMl hy atliHonliirvilroiiilititiu of thn LIVER
Fur all uoiuiilmtilMof tlim kintt, mu;li run Tortnility uf
tbn LivHr, ItiliouMioHs, Nnrvoun lytiiinirv, IihIiicpii
tion, lrrt'ularity of till) littWfllit. Ooum i put ion, l-'Utu-ItuuT.
Kructniionn mul biirniiig of the tttmievli
ItloiHly Kltti
on Lino jtHJinimrii f, itiinnniA, Miliaria,
, Chi Hit miJ Fovnr, KrttHkUiun Fnvcr,
bnforo or afUir Fuvunt. Clironfu Oiur-
rhuta. Lohk of Amp'titt. lletwiat be. Foul Hrenth.
lmwiilnntluH im-uloiitnj to JniaiM, H.-nnna-(Iomii
I'ninrv Il'iukache, Ao.t Aa. STADICER'B
AURANT1I m InvHluHbtf. It not Miiavn
f. r ail (lisiiRMM. hut will CURE all dinaiG of
tlm LIVEff, STOMACH an" BOWEL8. !l
rliniiKOM tliu cominHXion trout a nitav, yollow ttiiKit,
ta a viidily, tittult liy color. It entirely ruinoviM
itl ioiuy niirit. It in one of tha tittt Alitrauft
unit I'ariwr th Jllotxl, CUtd M fl vulwdte Unite.
l-W Hnlc liy till DrutrfrMjl. Prloe tl.OO per bottle,
C. F. STADICER, Proprietor,
140 SO. FRONT ST., Philadelphia, Pa.
MKAII'll IH WtiAl.tSI. lla. it. (J.
Wist', Nshvs to Baits TasiTsasr,
stnsrantcsd steel flo for Hysteria, Dirti
ness. ConTulslonss, Fits, Nervoni Neural
sis, Hoailaohe, ferT0Vi Prostration, oaused
By the nss of alcohol or tobacco 1 Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Bo'tonlci of too
Brain, resulting in Insanity snd loa-'lnato
mls.ry, decsy snd death : Premature md
Age, Barrenness, Loia of Power in either
i; Involuntary Loassa snd Spermator
rhea, can.. 1 by over-eiortlon of the brain,
aelf-sbuas or overlndnlgenos. Kach box con
tain a ons month's treatment, (1 a boy, or
six hoxea for IS, sent by mail prepaid, en
reosipt of Dries. Wo anarnntca Bis Iloies
to ours any esse, Witn ssoh order received
by ss for six boxos, accompanied with II,
ws will send ths purchaser onr written
guarantcs to refund ths money if ths treat
ment doe "0t effect a ours. Guarantees
Issned only hv a. HKKKKB.T A OO., Drug
gists, Memphis, Tenn. 8
A yoat iBtntlnr for Km Orlirlnal 83 Hko;
llcwsroof Imitations,
HotlBOennlne anless txiarliig IblsHtsmp.
xlsdo in Button, Oonirreu nnd Ims. BtttOOt
foci'W unoxoeiisninmra
biiitv , Comfort Mid Apptar
once. A postal card sent to
us wilt bring you Informa
tion how to gcttliti Shoe la
d tuts or ssrnwry. gj
J. Heans a Co.
SI unooin ot.,
Till sbue stands hlirher In thesstfmstlon of
ITsarers than any other In Uki world. Thou
sands woe wear It will tell you Uis rosuwn U you
PURSUANT to sn eieoutlon laaued Au
gust 6, 1N86, from the Hupreoe Court ol
Tennesaes, on judgment rendered by aald
Court, June 1(1. in favor of J. L. Kpper
snn against W. B. (ialhr sth snd J. M.
rowlkes, comprising the firm of W. B. lsl
Sreath A Co., for one tnoussnd snd eishty.
nine dollars snd ihtv.flv n.nta IglllWl Kril.
I will on
Halnnlny, October a, WHO,
in front of the Courthouse door, in Shelby
county, Tenn.. sell to the blghett bidder lor
cash the following doioribed tract of land In
the Taxing District of bhclby county, In
Shelby county, Tenn., to-wit: Resinning at
s point on the south line ol Union street,
M4 feet oast of s four (4) foot alley; tlun.ie
east on and with south line of Union streot
'M feet to s stake; thence southwardly, at
rlKht snelos with Union street, 1H feet to an
alley; thonoe with said alloy westwardly
'M feet to a stake thence on a lino per
pendicular to Union street northwardly 1HD
toct to tie point of beginning, being snme
lot conveyed by W, II. talbrnath to A. V in
cur o by docd registered in Shelby county,
Tenn., In book ll'dl, page 1U7, and same balm
the east half of lot convoyed by K. Lane t
M. L. Meacham snd W. II. Halhieatb, by
dncd in book 01, page I'Jl. of ths Register'!
ollice ot Mill county. Levied on as the prop
erly of W. U. Ualbreath to satisfy saiJ ex
ecution. W. 1). CANNON, Phoriff.
liy jtiHK .1. -vusiix, lie puty ShoriQ.
Poston i Poston, Attoraojs.
S . 1 S 1
Sg i sals
i fli
Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Hid! I It I A. MCIUDY, 1'rrtHident.
The Largest, Strongest and Cheapest Company in tho World.
FOUNDRY & MACHINE I)KPT,lG()tol7t Idaius St., Memphir
Irasa and
It oils
fronts A
swa 'i-
tBueoeaaora In thta lepsrtmsnt to JOHN MANOOUE.)
aWWrlte ns for Information nn ANY THIMit in either line.
The Planters Firo and
or nt:niiii.
Cltlesi 1st foiuimny's llnlldlnir. No. 41 Madison fit reel, Memphis, Tenn.
. T. PORTER, PrM. I MKt. iKRTIIK. Jr.. VIo-PrM. J. j. HMITH, Nre'w
r1. II. III IV I'tM, AInihii Ncereiiirr.
UlRF.rrOHN-S U.UKOOKH.oI Brooks. Neely A Co.: 11. L. CoFKIN. nf nil'nr.l .V nr.ffin .
1). T. POKTKK.nf Porter A Macrae! JOHN OV KHTON, Jr., J. C, MILLS, J. K.
aoBWIM, of J, K. Oodwin ACo.i J. M. UnODUAK. of Uoodbar 4 Co.t
t'oiimiencrd Itii'-lness In ls7. I.nts l-nnl.tlvrr llnlf n Million.
Iiwrlllnirs rspecilally Isealrrd.
Also Repreaanta the SeRigiirigi.D Kirs, ol Springllrld, Maaa. i Okokaia Ilous Ixsviuitci
nnenTAiN '
ji. t. riE-iaon.
0. 0. BKIH.
ilslcsrils Grocers
ZSv Front Street, BXexuphia, Ten a.
Itsi aonaign.4 to ss will hay. onr careful attention. Ws osrry at all times a sll
asUeted atook ot
Stxpls & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llquorsjobacco & Clfjars,
nl will p-I nm
ill mul ttG ITndlson
t . ,.U ,'f.s-r w -.
. tvi v - -"-k-...
iai5iMriM f
Late J. X. LiiPrsds A Co.
U i :W.Ti---v;rl.1J, M; vr
iiii'i' i 'i . i -1
No. 301 Front street, : Memphis, Tenn.
-Having retired from ths Saddlery snd Harseas bnslnesa snd opened an office aa shove,
w. srs pleaded to announce to our frienda snd ths public generally that we are now prepared
to serve them In our new capacity. Returning thanks fjr the Tory liberal patronage ex
tended ua in ths old line, ws trust to merit and reoeive s share of your favors In the new.
JVOS. H mul 10 FJilOW BTWKITr. Mmirnin,o,r.
A. Ntliril, I'roprlsilor.
. : x
N. ' '? C U"K -tS-KZJ
V ;"ii-f-Oi-C
. flavlsi.
ionm m. alllvaa.
TTliolesale Qrocers, Co tte a Fat3tor
And Commissicn Ksrcliaata,
232 and 234 FroM St., ElcapJiis, Tesa,
Mr. I. V. RAUff T dsTotea his srnols time to ths welshing and sals of Ml Cottci aitruVU
10 osr onirae. ..Cotton Warehuuia. Wcjlnnaton atxa.U
Bsr Iron,
Roller Iron,
i lloop,rtnB4
rff JL snl
-' 3 " Irosi
,. Nnls,
r V atlvets.
I W ihris
1)EPT, 2L'(i and 228 Second St.
Marino Insurance Co.
1TY, o irnntunn
wnnoga, 'tenn.
L. W00DSOI i
& Coifoii Facton,
Law nm .-w.
. IMlOWDKi:,
Mt.. : SfenipliU. Ten.
ARO & Co
Oil h CO.
Mnnulscturer'a Agenta for
Dnuicl I'rull C'oftoii IJlii h,
Nil 1 1,1 ;Y, KM1T1I A CO.,
Manufacturera of
Prat' Kollpssi lloUer Wins, Ffeil
sirs iinil Win Krpnlrrrs,
OS to 101 1'oiiliir St., Memphis.
srPratt Revolvlng-Ilend (11ns nne
qualed. Stock now complete. Prloet
reduced. Correspondence ana oritors.
.olioited. Old Ulna Repaired in Firat-
laai'rd . All work guaranteed.
Late with J. T. LaPrado A Co
1(1 1 IvA (' n, .'( ' i ( ( ( ( ' .
W. A. KinKhVrat. Nvpnrator.
Eagle Etllpse nailer (Jlns,
I'Uiii 10-liich (.In, and
I'rlcsstFsctorr.SlltOsnd flio.
sor All Vlnda of Olns Repaired. BpecieJ
Discount to the Trad.-
S9i RI,, .ih:i Krone St., Memphis, T
M. J. Cl .

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