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ISO DAT, t I SEPT. 26, 1890.
10BERT h. TAYLOR, of Waanington.
JAMKS P1IKLAN. ofBhelby.
" Tbe lelf soffident confidence with
which we talk oi wht we will do to
moirow, or next yer, and how tbe
lame of our achievements will be
Landid down to future cen'urles, has
aomethirg absolutely abanrd about it
when we consider oar obliviousness
of I he origin and futnre of tbe race to
wbich we belong, and onr absolute
igro-ance cf wbat the globe it, around
which we creep as flies upon tbe dome
of St Peter's. This ball goes on bur
tying through space, we know not
whither. We know of its motion
s round tbe son, but are in the dark s
to the prcgr'89 it makes, together with
tbe cun and its s'ster planetr, through
spree. Oa we go at inconceivable
spred amid the vast expanse. We do
not know that all space is ai:k, and
tomorrow wo may enter whi r all will
be thungsd acd man 'a whole destiny
aesnme a new phaec. We know no
more about the interior of this globe
tlan we know oi tbe coming spaces
it will travel through. At tbe center
it may be more solid than the ada
mant, or it rosy be fire whose energy
surpasses si! we have dreamed if beet
How possible, at any moment, changes
of tbe it 01 1 astounding nature may
occur we can judge by the eaitbqaake
that has just spread such wide con
sternation. Ai nature shows .itself
kindly as uttiul, the soft night wiud
le blowing, tbe solemn stars are g zing
like awful eyes upon us, the bright
moon gilds tie surroundings with ia
diant bet uly. How peaceful At
that gentle, tranquil moment, a har
rying roll of tound is beard under
foot, aaof legions bas'enlng to accom
plish some hgh deoiee. Bat a moment
bas paused, and in that moment tbe
fluit mewecgors have done their work,
and spires, domes, temples and edi
fli es are shivered, and a noble city
lira a ruin in tbe dustl Such an oc
currence is fitted to check our confi
dence in tomoirow, next year, and
future centurits. To those who see
o infinite concclousnrss in the uni
vtrae, the uncertainty of where we
are and whitber we are hastening
carries with it a hopelets g'oora that
often . disposes to suioide. To him
who sees goodliest united with infinite
power, the sense that all is under the
guidance cf a loving Father takes
away any apprehension, frr "shall not
the Judge of all tile earth do tight?"
. A man by the help cfmaohlnsry
produces many time,- occasion
ally hundreds, of 'times, mors
than ho ' did ', by his ba e
bands. Mike him work rs much ai
when ha was without tools, and nec
tswily many individuals will have no
work, or much less than their necessi
ties require. Wbeie luch is the ens',
the laborer alnrst ceaies to ba a con
sumer. Ha can buy.little, aud the ab
sence of his custom yet more devotees
tb supply of work. Rags ai.d the
meant st clothing are worn, and tbe
quality of (cod eaten becomes lower
ai work is wotse paid. In Iceland the
maw of population is down to the po
tato point; if the potato crop fails
there is nothing lower to fall back
np'n, aid there is famine. Tbe food
of a poople shows wbat their wealth
is, snd in ' one peouliar ins'auce we
Bad the food of a p:ople deteriorating,
although statistic' aos (ay tbe poor are
better -off than formerly. IaFraicj
the people are eating the flesh cj
horse?, mules and asees more aud
mora every year. A duty is paid in
Pais on all provisions that tsnter
thete, aad thus conect statements sra
obtained.- By the latest report we
loam that there Ins been a great aim-
meitttion in ths consumption of
horse flash, which it r s'ng every year.
Ttie total quantity of this delicate
viand taton last year was It, 831, 200
kilcs, and ths increase oa tbe year
was 337,928 kilog. (A kilogramme Is
beat to and oae-llftb pounds ) We
have not the figures for the amount
whioh was palmed of! for something
else. The aveiuge price wis Od per
kilo for tbe horse and 7d foraiHesand
mules, wh'co. it 6 andS cants a pound.
Such a fact is this dewrvei the atten-
t oa of a phl'osopher.
Willis we ave been full of tym
I by aad leady with assistance f.r
liiri.abnola Sue. Cons-, and China.
t!.o Indii ns at our own doors havenot
b't u brought to ths bleisiniis of Ghrii
t u.iM. Tin law bin been ba'sh.
ml njmt Ce to the Indians is no
hiiiun; client! d and wronged, what
a pin- icl idea hs been imparted to
tie Indian ot a religion that com
muiu'.s :lnt it be judged by its fruits
Hi tri the iralid lave baen to 1 im. At
hng'h, at l Ai la'e day, we have
iroaise that tome justice shall ba
within Ind'ai reach, and eppor
lunity given him to prove that the
amabcod God has imp anted in every
hurmn boinir is cot at sent iu the In
dian Tow ard the sources of tbe M.biIs-
aiui)l Oiibawavs have ju&t buea ret led
on a pln that will givd opportunity for
emerging fiom tbe depn anion cftrib.l
influences. I m tea i of the land being
a common that a'l c mid neglect, each
heal oi a family ia to have his own
100 arcf, w.th kocso and implements,
others eighty and forty acres, the lat
ter tx each orphan." This givej the
Indian"opportutitr. WlaJ many In
dians have doue as farmers shows
there is trie capacity if there is the
will. This is just where faitLful,
kiod'y and lovely Infloences are re
quired; after no long neglect this effect
upon the wilt is' wbat is now wanted
to make the matter a success.
la Hlrhtan-A Child Hilled and
tloluar lojarea tx a Fall
. Insr Tree.
Hkid City, Mica., September 25.
V terrific thunder storm commenced
at 4 o'clock yetrdy afternoon aad
lasted until 9 pm. Cbrietopher Ca
bers barn was struck by lightning and
consumed, together with tbe season's
crops, involviug a loss of $2000, on
which there wns $1100 insurance.
The Grand Rapids and Indiana rail
road bas a bad washout balf a mile
north of tbe depot and tbe track is
nndei mined for balf a mile between
Reed Oily and Crapo. On tbe Hereey
river tbe flood carried away every
thing. Giogericb's dam, north of
here, was washed ont at 9 o'clock and
tbe rush of water cleared away Mor
ris & Martin's and P. A J. Pittner's
dams in this place, and the dam at
Horsey ia alio gone. Tbe Flint and
Pere Marqnette railroad bai a number
of washonrs east acd west rf here.
Their bridge, about two milts erst,
has been moved out of position, be
tides damage to tbe itonework from
refllrg foundations. At Copley's
lightning struck a tree, which fell on
a houre, killing a child and badly in
juring i's mctner-natnes uoknowo.
The lots in this scc'ion ia estimated at
$ 100.0CO. Trains wdl be delayed Sev
eral days.
Tbe Treaty Hoporlrd From Ottawa
Hoi keen at tbe Mate Di'
inrlmrn(. Washinqtok, September 25. Tbe
tate Dtpa'tmeitiuthoriie8S'ill very
earnestly insitt '.hat no such tretty is
that just pub ixbed at O.tawa h, h ever
been seen in the Department, What
ever bas been ruggeetari as to a treaty
on this subjec, tothlrg in such
d-finite form has been considered
here. There is naturally some feeling
that this all- ged treaty lias bean given
out iu Cauai'a before even the rough
d aft nf it bas been submitted to our
State Department. It is supposed tbaf.
the proposed reconbtrnt t on of the
treaty of 1818 aud of 154 i iu sub
B'ance a propesition submitted by
Lord t?a isbury'a Government tbrougti
Sir J. Ferguson to nur Minister in
London, ana by the British Colonial
Olllie forward) d to Mr John Mac
Donald, the Canadian Premier, for bis
suggestions. 1
oiganlanlloa of Lighthouse lilt
trlot. Wasfiimoton, September 25. Tbe
Lighthoiife Boari bas reorgan'zsd the
Ninth, Eleventh and Sixteenth Ds
trict" to as to include Lak4 Michigan
and Green Bay within the limi s of
tbe Ninth D trict, and including the
teiritorv between Cairo and the mouth
of ths Mirsisippl wiihin tbe limits of
the Sixteenth Dittilcr.
Three Per Cent. Kereiveil.
Washington, September 25 Un
CJlled three per cent, bonds to tbe
amount af $',10,500 were received at the
Treasury Depaitment today for re
demption. Land Caaa Werlded.
Washington, Sptcmher 25. An
impiitRht esse a fleet! rg the Pueblo
land) of the city of Mouterey, in Cali
fornia, which hat been pending in the
General Land Office for several years,
his baen decided by Gommistioper
Sparki in favor bf the ci'y. Commle-
eioner t-parks bra also instructed tbe
local land cfllcers in New Mexico, in
the ciseof certain Nave jo Indians.
who have long occupied canon iu
tbat Territory, that the lands em
braced within the area of Indian eet
tiement weie excepted from the grant
to tbe Atlantic ind I'aciflo Railroad
Company, and hai directed that tbe
application ot tee Indians to make
homestead entries oa such Ucda ba
Charlettoa Danua VS,0OO,000 to
Chablsston, 8. 0., September 25.
All wes quitt here last night, but
there wen two slight shocks, accom
panied by detoatiors, at Summer-
Today pas'el without incident and
without shocks The weather con
tinues fine, with no indicntions of the
usual Beptemb'r gale. Tbe govern-
met t engineers sent here to inspect
the damaged buildings estimate tbe
moneyed valua nt real estate damaged
by the Mr hqmkeat from $5,000,000
to ta.ooo.oco. .
Natl FMtoriea ImwmI.
riTTfnoHG, Pa., Sep'otnb r 25. The
rail factories of Oess, Cock & Co.,
Jones & Laugh in and Shnenbe rger &
Co., wuli h were shut down oil ac
oi untofths exUtlng prices, will re
sume on Monday at tbe Ama'gamaUd
As ocintion'a rcale, with 100 machines
in operation. Tub resumption t l work
Is the cau-e of great rejoicing among
the wi rkmen.
Ulnhonae aad Coramlll Bnrnel.
lIMOliLTOTIi irraiL.I
Niab State Line, Miss , September
25 About 9 o'clock yesterday morn
tng the large ginning rsUbllshment of
Thomas Fox (nf this city) in MlsslsMp
pi, near the! State line ciught fire,
together with all farming implements
anil .tirhf. Ital.fl nt rnltnn mnA VM fn
tally des royod. It was a very large
Kin, vmuo'i n' ?"tuvAr, nuu unvi iivj iu-
surance. The loss ia very heavy, com
ing at this utaionof the year, whon
on tbe eve of ginning a big crop, wbioh
Is very fine In that seotion.
A Cotton t'waiprcaa.
Holly Springs, Mirw., fep'ember
25 My old friend, Dr. L. A. B.,
dei.t'8 , drtw $750 in the LouiBlana
LoUry in the September drawii g.
Our town is on a big boom over a
cctl.in toiiipresi. zir.
Tha Cholera Kerord.
Komi, September 2 . A quarantine
Lib bem estthiistied against all pur
so! s trom H.inliu a. 8inca tho last ra-
p in there have been 5 deaths from
cholera and HO new caees of the malady
reported in liiigltii. Throughout all
the rett of the kirg lom 150 ilea' In
fiom the d Brteso aud 33 new cases
were leperied.
VtENNA, Sptooiber 25. Fifiom
doaths from cholera aid 38 new ernes
have occnired in Pes'.h, Hungary,
since ttie lar-t r; n ,rt. Two deaths aud
4 new casrs weie reported elsewhere
in llur gury.
New York Itry Wood Market.
NkW Yoke, September 25. The He
rtai d of agents was of improved pro
portions for .Saturday, with a good
vnluo e ot buii no s rrporttd as corn
pitted or laid out For mens' wear
goodn of all kitdY tbe mariet for wool
ia It HuncioK tnnsic iocs, and buyers
are adding to their atqeks mote largely
ttaa they are wiling to admit. Flan
nels and blankets are having more
attention, and of the former stccka are
runsing very low.
Disappointed Dewocrafa at Nabvllle
: Repnbllcana Paying- Poll
Tax for Negroes.
ri'LSKi, Tenn., September 25. Tbe
largest crowd Pulavki evr sw assem
bled today to hear tbe joint discussioo.
Bob was escorted to town by an im
mense procers;on. The speaking be
gan at 1 o'clock p.m., Rjti opening.
He made one of, if net the b 8',
epeeches of the campaign, chaining
ths attention of all and captivating
Republicins and Democrats alike by
bis magnetic manner. II s srray of
facts as be pasted from one point 'o
another were overwhelming. It was a
new arrangement, but not less an
impressive presentation of facts as
hitherto brought out. He was at bis
best, and made R-publicanism wnthe
under his excoriation of its com Be for
twenty years ia rioting and debauch
ing tbe government of our fathers.
Alt was introduced by J. U. Morris,
and ecsayed 'to deal beavy blows
against the Democracy, who,
he charged, bat violated ah
tbe pledges ma.'e to the people,
and he boaited tbat the Republican
party bed voted awey mil i',ns of
aciej of tbe public dour am, claiming
that thy wera jui'ihed in doit g so.
He charged that ths Democrats bad
tpposed appropriating monay for edu
cation bicame they did not w'si to
educate the neroee.
The brothers epenk at Lawrancs
burg Monday.
I'oMiitlariictorj Ticket at lnhville.
NHitviLLB, Tenn , Beptemb'r 25.
The Dt-mocratio Coauly Cotivemion
f ir the nominttion of a Legislative
t ck t, eloped its labors here this morn
ing after a two days and on a idght
Bt shIou. Tlie wh'sky and pohib tion
element being about qu illy divided,
the ri Bu't was tbe s-loution ot a ticket
that meets witu univereal con
demnation and that stands
no show of election. It is
composed ot Thomas J. Stowey and A.
L. Mima for tho Senate, and Eli 'f.
Morrir, Allen G. Hall. Alfred Dong
loss, G. W. P.ay and W. M. Dale iur
the lower house. Of thtse gentlemen
ihrje arj pronounced whisky
men, and a mj rity of the others
are not pledged ei her way,
t-o great was the dissatiefac
tioo with the ticket that Hall bas
already withdrawn, and ,t is rumored
that Morris, Poay and Mims will fol
low suit, besides the Democratic Ex
ecutive Committee is called to meet
Monday, at which time it Is hispered
the action of the late convention will
be repudiated and a firat clas ticket
Itepuhllcnn Momlnallona Pajiag;
Foil Tax for tha Negroet.
Chattanooga, Tenn., September 25.
Th Republicans today nominated
Dr. V. J. Kennedy, of Soddv. for
Senator, defeating ex-Senator Caw.
Ibe Republicans tonitrbt ratified the
nomination of Gen. Wilder to Con
gress. The meeting Wis net a success
in any reipec'.
Tbe Democrats are so idlfied ard
stronger than ever. John B. Nicklin,
me Democratic nominee lor alderman
at large, de6'ioed to accept tonight on
account (f businees. The R pnlili
cans . 'palgbt rrarched ibrut 500
negroes to iha Ci y Pegiattr's office
and regieUred them f r te municipal
election as if tbey wtr theep. Tney
have bought about 1000 poll tx rt
ceipts, and the committee stand in tbe
olUceaod deal out the ticktta cs tha
negroes apply.
NATIONAL league.
Washington, Si Bt. Lonls, I.
Washinoton, Sepfember 25. The
Liu is Maioons were defeated by
the Naiionals today in a very ted oos
and unlctert sting game. The home
club won tbe contest in tbe -first i li
ning on errors bv Glaaacock, Denny
aud Boyle, and two baggers by Hinea
and Keig The visitor! found gre t
difliculty In ba ting Shaw, and saved
them-elvcd horn being whitewashed
in ths fifth inning, when they earned
a run on a three begger by Seery and
a eacr.tl :e hit. Tbe game was called
in tbe ruidd'e of ths eighth inning on
account of daikoess. Score:
St. Louis 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-1
Wnsbingion 3 000000 3
Philadelphia, ll Chicago, 4.
Philadelphia, Pa., September 25.
The Chioagos were all broken up over
their all night ride from Pituburg,
and their playing this mcrning was
devoid of Its usual snap and vim. Er
rors were mcdo in nearly every in
ning, tbe Pbllies earning only three of
the eleven runs ecorad. Will ameon
relieved Fiynn iu ths seventh inning.
A running Bide catch by Wood wis
tbe fieldiug feature. Score:
Chicago 2 0000001 14
Puiladelpbia....l 3 1 0 0 5 0 1 11
Hew York, S Kaaaaa t lly S.
New York, Sptemler 25. About
1100 spec'ators wucested the game of
hoc ball hero today between tbe New
York end Kansas City club. The
game was poorly played and uninter
esting, and bad to Co called in the
seventh inning on account of ciaik-ne-s
The local ilaers could not
bunch tbeir bits, and the game ended
in a draw.' (-core:
New York a 0 10 0 1-3
Kansas City 0 1 0 2 0 0-3
rhllailrlpbla, Ot Chicago, 0.
Philadelphia, Pa .September 25.
The llav of ttie Phillies in the g ma
with Chicago this afternoon has tiever
been excolied ia this c ty a, lenet.
Fergueon was in great form and his
support was btl'liaut. Andrews ac
cepted eight chancer at cn'r, only
two of wnich werecf the "machine"
order. IU spoiled nt least thrt-e trip
les by rraki"g jumping catches. Fai
rat'a first bus play was a'ni tf the
senfaiinal order. The champions
played a gcod fielding game, but, their
errois were generally sly. In the
eighih inning, Gore del,ber.tely kick
ed the bill out of F.rrar's band and
considerable time was con-umed by
Anson'a endeavor to cl ante the de
cision of the umpire, who had dec'ar
ed Grr out. Tbe Phil ies baited Mc
Cnrmhk freely. Sunday ind Ryan
were the only Clicg'.iais to see
secorid. Score:
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Philadelphia 2 0 10 10 10 5
liodtoa.lti Detroit, I.
Boston, Mart., September 25 To
day' game of baseball iu this city be
tween tbe Detroits and Bostons was
the best and m st exoiting contest
witnessed on the grounds ot the Bos
ton club this teason. Tha batting was
heavy on both sides,, and it was the
tuperb fielding on bah sides tbat pre
vented a larger score, of sale bits. The
gma abcurjded in brilliint playe.
The home club played with unusual
spirit and fairly earned tttir victory.
Attendance, 2084.
Boston.... 0 00000002 2
Detroit 0 0000001U 1
Lanlvlllea,7; Metropolitan, I.
Louivillk, Kr., Saptember 25.
Louisville turpr sed the stm.ll crowd
gathered to welcome tliem home by
winning a game today from tbe Mets
Tht fea'ur.s were Browning's batting
and Nelson's fielding. The game was
called in the sevouth inning on ac
count of darkness.
Luiville 2000320 7
Metropolitan 0000010 1
Plltoborsr, Di Athletics, I.
Pittsbubq, Pa., September 25. The
first same of the first series between
the Pittabur clnb and the, Athletics
was won by the former this afternoon.
The playing was listlees throughout,
and tbe game tiresome and without
any brilliant fea urea. Attendance,
3500. Score:
PitUborg 3 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 05
Atbletfc 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-1
For Purther Delay in the tiiily or
Water Demanded by Ilia A'e
ceailtlea of ilie People.
To tha Public.
Wten it b?cime appirent,s!x weeks
rgo, tint i' wai tin duty cf the Waler
Company 1 1 abdmion all idea of a sale
to the ciiy, and wi liout delay provide
aoqilia'y machine y fjr itnproving
' he pressure, pending iha conbtruc
tion of new nrd ioer'ui engines, de
eigoed to be ample for at ha-t twerty
yerrs, I left at once oi that mis-dou.
Conferring with our cnH ilting engi
neer, Mr. Hermany, of Louisville, he
went to Now York and bnd the rare
tood iortuno to find a Worthing oo
pumping engine in tbeir shops, just
finished and rea-ly for shipnent. I ,
wa built for a N. ithern city not r?ady
for it and Ih-y decided to let us have
it. Without the h S3 of an hour a
written contrait was made, by which
they are obligated to have the pom; s
in successful optration by October ltt,
niving a prt siure of tixty pounds. Iu
'tb.3 stiongest terms I urged the imp?r.
aJve nereseity for bas f. I expe:ted
them by tbe 15tti oj Septem
ber Hearing lothing from
them I w.ote rna wired
daily till two days ago, when the ccn
ftss on came that on subjecting them
ti the lequired tst they developed a
defect tbat would require two weeks
to remedy. Nothin dming my six
jearV connco ion with the water sup
ply has been ' so distppointing and
discouragirg. Worthiogton is one of
the la'g-st and mo-t reliable builders
of pumping engines in tbe world: and
oa whom can reliance be placed it not
on such a. firm?. A telegram just re
ceived from Mr. llHrmany suggests a
eoit fi r damages hut like tbe good
people of Memphis, it is wat.r, not
damage?, we wain. While certain re
lief was confidently expected by Go
tobar 1st, we oannot n-wlook f r it
earlier ihan'lhs 20th.- We have not,
cor will r6tfJi estimate money in our
effort! to improve the pressure. Prr
haps it is proper I should
explain that -our pumrs are more
than ample for pumping all tha
wa'er, ana much more than ths city
is ming, but a portion of them, the
old ones, cannot safely resist such a
pressure as is required to eupply high
localities The new Worthing od wi 1
pump from the rmeivcir, wbich tho
oldpampican ea-i y keep euppliid,
with list than half tueir present labor.
Notwithstanding all tte ju t cause for
complaint on account of individual in
convenience, ,her has m t been in
hour whan the fire reservoir or main
sewers wera in the slightest jeopardy.
Regre ting keenly the inconvenience
to tbe public by the delay above re
ferred t I thall be greatly disap
poin'ed it any can e of (ompl'int as
to quantity exists after the latter part
of October. Ia the meantime, we will
give tbe best e viie consistent with
i be safe running cf the preeeni
p nra pp. t J LATH 4 M
Mauriiia, Sautimber 26, 1886.
A Notorloon t rlmlonl Fatally Shot
la Hickman County.
Nabbvillb, Tenn , Feptember 25.
Buck Brown, a character noted ia
ciiminal ciiclos in tins community,
was fatally shit this af'ernoon by a
man named Henry Warren, at Good
rich, in 11 ckman county. The fight
was the result of a trial at which
Brown, who is a mapiairate,
fined Wane a and turned a negro
Jco e. Buck ' Brown is known
as desperate man, and on Monday
next bis trial for murder was to have
taken place in this county, where be
it indicted for the kilting of a police
man named John Arnold, who tried
to arrest him. His trial was set
for the lat January term of
tha Crim'nal Court, but while
waiting for the train for tbis city
at Oentetville, he qnarreled with tbe
Kaeley brothers, wtio were witnesees
attaint! him. A fight ensued, and
B own was shot throngh the shoulder,
but be succeeded in killing one of the
Knsleys and woundng Iha other.
Sines then he was ambushed,
and r'dd'ed wi-h buck-hit
but survived, litis makes the second
time that on the eve of his trial he
wash't. and it is not believed that
he will live through tonight, the bul
let from Warren's pistol having pene
trated tbe b two's and panted torough
tbe srioe.
I nlclde of an Alahnmlnn la ttlrhl.
Grand Ramiw. Mich., Sfptember
25. Chariot Kendall, igrd 02, com
mitted suic de yestf rdav afternoon bv
shoo'inB himelf in the bead. Ho
tood before a mirror in a mom at his
siater'a house and fired. Death wa
inr-tuntaneons. tie was a victim of
dvspepei nd de'pondencv. An
otf t was md to suppress tho facts.
bnfc the- coronor's invesiianiicn r-
vea'ed them th!s aftornoon. Kendall's
home is In Alabama, and he was here
Havi tried Tontrnlino in a most in
iiantable tltxion'oureus of two vears'
tandins. ind that more relief bas
been given ind a longer interval from
pain obtained from Tnntaline than
lr"m a'l e'eo i"t ire nns mm.
J. A. LARBABEE, M.D., LouUrill., Ky.
Kprelnl Aa'nt to the Walllla
Wasdinqton, September 25. The
Indian Bureau is about to send out a
commission, consisting of a special
agent and an Indian inspector, to vie it
the Umatilla rest rvatlon in Washing
tun Tarritrtrv. with a via ta inducing
the Indiana to tike up lands in sever
alty under ths act oi March 3, 1SS3,
The Work of Germanizing the To-lli-h
ProTluceg The Festival
'at llalrentb-Jfotej.
Bkuliw, September 25. The regular
session o: the Rtich'tag wi l be c;n
vened about the middle of November.
Tbe most interest centers n the mili
tary bndget It is expected tht th
eovernmmt will demand alditional
regimen of cavalry anttaitiliery b
Mides a baloon detchmirit. Tbo
2uetion of Sut day net will also be
ealt with. Toe government, how
ever, is unwilling to make large con
cessions to tbe a-alous Babbatarins In
the Reichstag.
The utterances in America of Herr,
Liebknecbt, the socialist deputy, form
a prominent lopio of conversation.
Tbe reports ibat lie bat ttied to inter
fere with American fla'rs, especially
in the cise of Ch cago unerchis s, are
ica'ciiy credited here. -
Ths workof'Germacbsinir the Po
liah provinceais being pued forward
rapidly. N neteen new districts are
being formed and no ethoilmaster it
appointed unless be has coup'e'ely
ma ttred the German language.
At the spot oa tfce e bora of Stern
berg lake where the b joy of the late
King Ludaig wat found, a cross h s
teen erect d, encbcling which is a
beiutiful wru'ti of Alpine rlowere.
Too eplmdid wreatU seni bv B.va-
ritus iu America is now pn served i-i
the chape) of tho Chateau Berg.
lhe Bairttutd fes ival was only a
quilififd sarcrfss. The expense s were
aooiit 300,000 marks, while the re
ciiptu weie 318.C00 marks. But tbe
conditions wer tx:ep.ional. Ti.e
pr sence of Abbe L.tz; gave especiel
eclat t j the occ slm, and a majcr,iy
if tie tupjinuuii rarie a accept id onlv
a snflitiit-nt cum to cover i heir travel
ing, expends aud hotel bil's. while
some ot the performsrs, 1 ke Materua
and tucher, refused to accept any
money wnntaver. itispiobaole that
the rext festival will be teid in 1883,
whea "Percival," "Tris an and
Iiolde" and "The Meht?r S nger''
will ba performed.
The death of Prof. Kirl Djmm, a1.
Ka la-.uh ', ia announced. He was 74
yeais of age. Piof. Djmii tir.k an
active shir j in th stiuttla for hbi;ty
iu Germany in 1848. He was a mem
ber of the Frankfort Par lament of
1848 and joined tbe Gir.ran Repuo
lican party. After tbe dissolution of
Parliament, Herr D,mm returned
to his nttive country, Biden,
and took a 1 adi; nr Dart ia the
f . stirrectioa ia progress there and
later b name presideot of the Diet,
established by the revolution. Alter
the tuppiessiou of the movement in
Baden by tbe Prussian troops Damm
fled to bwi'zerland, and from there
made his way to London, wheie he
settled as a teacher. Later he emi
grated to Aus'ra!ia, married a German
lady and started a boaraing s-.cojI,
which he condacted until be re
ceived amnes'y Lorn tbe government
of Bdan, when he returned to his
native country and reentered the
public service, receiving an appoint
ment tu the direct rship of a collxge.
A new ouera will be produced short
ly in tbe Berlin Opera Heme whic i
his for its title Oerman Marches. It is
a pendant of "Vienna" waltzas. and
introduces grand military ipect culir
tableaux. The concludirg pert on of
the musical programme is tbe ' Fir s
Entry Maa-h," as played when' the
Germaos eotered Paris in 1813.
lhe comedian, Adolf Liak, has start
ed for New York to fulfill an engage
ment at tna inaiia rna er.-
Mr. Cbapmon Colemao, Fjr.t Sec
retary of tbe United States.Legat on at
Berlin, sailed for New Yo'k on tbe
etuamer Falda, today, f om Bremen.
MU(U attention ia drawn to tbe
rapidly increasing number of English
and Ameikau male aud Lmale teach
ers in Germany. Ibe supply gieatly
exceeos the demand. -.
lilKnlNHHAM, ALA. .
ratal Kxprriraent With Blast io
rowdcr New Paper.
leriouL to tbi arrtAL.J
Bibmoham, A la , Sept?mb r 25.
Four foolish negro, s got tnemaelves
bad'y burned by prrj-ctirg withblait
ins powder d- wa at llillman's Station
Thursday. One named Hrnry Alex
ander died Thursday night, and an
o her, Bill Smith, is not expected to
live. They were employed on toe
branch road wbich the Alabama and
Great Soutnern toad is building f orn
Hillman to Morris's mines, on Red
mountain, and wer sitting by the fire
that had cooked their dinner, which
they had jmt eaten. One ot ibeui
tbrew a handful of powder on tbe fi e
and explcded half a can full sitting
near them. Alexander and Smith it
haled the tJ mee.
The firtt issue of tha Negro American,
a respec'able lo king nve column
weekly sheet t nbl shed by a colored
man, appeared today. The salutatory
s signed "Cicero, Elitor." It an
nounce the motto, "Amity and Good
Will," but insists upon a big "N." for
its negro.
Thrown by Ila Yeans? Mother from
a Car WIow.
CnATTANO ga, Tkn., September 25.
A very t-xci ins episode occarred oa
as uth bound East Tennis ee, Vir
ginia and Georgia exoriss train yes
terday, which develops into a great
t-neatioo. A yoaog lady named
Hose, who is prounloent.'y con
nected with lt-adine families
in East Tennessee and Virgir.ia, was
steu to board the train in great, ex
citement. After the tTain etarted she
huiried to the toilet room of the car,
reniHinimt tbee a cocstcetable time.
Bon e of the train bands became sus
picious and placed a elesi watcb on
her, and w re etft-t'ed scon alterward
lo s-e a yom g bby fll from the car
iti now. Tho tram was immeumteiy
stonntd and the infant reoovt rfd. Tbe
affair ia b.ing hushed ou recount nf
the prominence of tbe parties, bat it
naa leake l out.
Wigging lit Frand.
Tiof. McGee, of WaihiDgton. eaye:
"Sin at er tion whatever saouia oh
paid to NViirgins's predictions. Yoa
will remember tbai ho is the serui
man who, a few years ago, predicted a
bnrricune, tl rode, earthquakes, vol
canic eiaptiona, war?, pestilercs and
famine a 1 over tne earta, aud tbat
tbev never came in retponte to his
predictions. His predictions ol that
day were ba?o,1, as his pie tut pre
diction is, on the conjunction of the
principal planets. It pioved to be ab
euid, and will prove to be abiurd
now." But all tbe same, Koko Tub)
is a genuine article and tbe best gum
in tha market, and those who chow it
are philosophic enough to. snap their
fingers ateerihqaakes.
Sox-grlxuLncL Brills,
oa Avcooar or i.uk of
FnnU to Par tbe Owners Procla
mation by lowa'a tioveraor
DUeaae In Ohio.
Chicago, September 25. It is stated
that a delay will occur in the matter
of itimpiug cut the plturo pneu
monia,' caated primarily by the in
stiflic ency of fum's ut the dispotal of
tbe L vebtocK Commis-iion. to meet
the cost of compensating tbeowmrs
for the cattle whicn it r,as been de-
tidstl should bo elanhtered, urjle.;s
the healthy btef is s.:d. An extra
force ol men haa bten dt iltd to
guard the qiiKiaut fei) dittillibs at
thetxponabof the United SUtaa Gov
Chairman Pearfon. of tbe Illiucit
Board of Live Stock Comm'ssioners,
ia'a t lii t no t'ecs on would be made
o 'av, and perhaps !or Several days, as
to when the slaughter of dir-tilltiy
cattle wiil teke pUce. He thouubt
the board wculd hard'y begin the
thughter before thoy could see their
way clear to compensating t':e owners
and disposing of the carcases in a
snisiait . ry rnsnn r.
Proclamation by lowa'a Governor.
Deb Moihb. Ia.. SeDtember 25
Gov. L'riaben today issued the follow-
lrg proc amotion:
Whersas, It bes ctme to my knowl
edge ibht pleuro-pnenmooia exi;ts
among lhe catile cf Illinoi; now,
tlierelorr, i, wi ,i,m Larrabee, Gov-
e-ro' ot tue t-tateol lowa, do tiereiy
forbid ths iiipolta iju into thia Suta
from Illico's of any cattle unlerstbo
Bime be accompanied by a
tenifliati cf the State Veteri
naiy Surgeon cf said State that
stici cat'le aie free from contagious
disease. Iappeilt) all fooicitzent
to aes'st in protecting thia Siate against
the introduction tf that fearful cattle
Dlazae, and especially do I direct the
State Vttaiinary Surgeon and all
aber fTa, constablea and other peace
effiee s and beards of health through
out the State to see that this proclama
tion is obeyed. Signed by the Gov
ernor and attested by the St cretary of
The Cattle Dlaeaae In Ohio.
Akbon. O. September 25. Pleuro
pneumonia haa been discovered on a
fdrm in Norton townthip, Summit
cmnty. Tont eu catile have already
died, ilia dntae is tMlieved to tiavo
b'en imptred f om Iowa - Precau
tions have bjen taken ti pie vent its
spread, ,
The Peculations of a Trnated Clerk
I'anwia Banklac Home
to Suspend.
Nbw York, 8tp'ember 25 The
Mail and JCxtreit iays: "It was re
poited ih's atterno n that the snrpiD
eion of John G. Moor & Co., banners
a d brokere, of No. 78 Broariway, as
announced in the Mail and E-rjre on
Thursday, WrS tte reeu t of lrr.gulan
tiea on the part of a trusted employe
of tbe boute. At M .ore ACj.'s tflice
it was admitted too! such was tbe
fact, but the ntme ot tbe oflendtr was
withleH. It was a'cer'ained tbat
tome ui on tin back tbe firm took in'o
thuiremp oya jou g man aged' 21,
wbo bad up to t hat time reaided in a
We-terncity. He brought with bim
to thi metropolis a novel method of
growing rich with eate and rapidly
id w toout the expenditure of capi
tal. Havina: i,o faith in tbe lise of
s'ocks, he reached theconclus'oa tha',
such of tbe Aim's customers wbo
gave orders to buy should sell
instead, and cn numerous ordeiB
for long account, be gave direciiots
for selling "s"ori" witnout (he knowl
edge of toe firm. Finding tbe market
going against him he left the tity a
few da s ago, notilyirg tbe firm by
le'ter i hat bia "hedging" procats,
wh'c1! hi-d been cani d on for eome
wee ae, had panned out dirastrouely,
ai d that the firm, according to bis csl
culationr, would find themselves short
r-ome 800,000, An examination of tha
books levealed the laot that the firm
has ttiut far sriftaitiHd a loss of clote
onto $IOn,fO. The whoteabou's of
h c nfidemial tlerk are unknown.
'Lite '08 ( occuioned by the clerk's
sptcu tt on falls upon tne firm alone.
Tht-y eip-ct to lesume business in a
few daya.
OprnlDK Iy at Jerome Hark.
.Tkkomc Park, N. Y., September 25.
This wat too first day of tbe au umn
roeetirgat Jeromi Paik. No public
bett.irg wns a lowed.
Ft'rnl Knee. Three-quarters of a mile.
Saxony won by 'lire leng'be; Jim
Donirlasj seiond, E ilian third. Time
1 :17.
'Second Ilace The Nu-sery stakes,
threi-qua Un cf a mile Fererzi
won bv a leneih: Iletviilere B:Conct,
SanH Rita'hird. -11016-1:17.
Third Race Tbe Jercms stakes, for
three rear olds, mile and thief-qner-ter.
Win by The Ba'd by hlf a
length, E'kwood Scond, Mollie Mc
Cirthy's Las-, thjjd. No time.
Fowth Jiace Manhattan handicap,
for all ages, mile and a qnaitr. Wrn
br Elect'ioby six lenstrje; Wickham
lefond, liiu'kstone third. Time 2:11.
iV'ti Xace Selling allowaore?,
seven furlorg Peg bus won by five
lnnsths; Vitch tecond, Petticoat
third. Time-l:30J.
Sixth Race Handicap steeplechase,
the full cou-B!. Hunkra won bv
three lengths; D!sturbance secocd,
no third. Time -5:30.
rn the Beach at Brighton.
BmoiiToit Reach, Sertembar 25.
Fixtt Hare. Three-quarters of a mile.
Bonnie Piiace won by a length aad a
htlf: Be'l Hinger second, I'pcure
tki'd. Time-l:ir.
Scond A'ace.Three-quarters of a
mile. Stocking won by four lengths;
Catcsej seroDd, SpioneVe third.
Time 1:17.
Zi Rmet. Selling allowances,
......til.ll.. Al.m'l 1Vnnl.Vlnif
Arthur by four loDgtha; Burgomaster
second, Ferg Kyle third. Tims
1:30J.. .....
Fourth Race. Selling a'lowanceg,
seven furlongs Jce Murray won by a
length; Jim Brannon second, Ani-ie
Martin third. Time 1:30).
Fifth Race.-Tbree-quart ra of a
mile. Suiter won by four leng:hi;
Wibio Palmer second. Georgie C.
third. Time 1:17.
Sixth Race. Handicap, one mile.
Franz won by two lengths; Joe
Mitchell second, May W. third. Time
Grand Torchllirht Procetuiloir Harta
Meeting: at HuWcIIall.
PnTstiufo Pa.. Septemver 25 The
Reonhlicann are oonin the Guhr
naturUI cumphi i hire tcnight wi'h a
torchlight psrad and an immence
moss meeting ict Mus c Hall. Ah'tit
10CO mn wire in the procession,
wtdch traversed through tbe prinfipal
streets end then e.coried the speakers
to tbe meeting. The ball, which baa
a seating rapacitv of 6010, was filled
longtefjri 8 o'clock, acd when tie
speaking begun there wes not stand
ing room. Amorg those who ad
dressed tbe meeting was Gen. Beaver,
candidate for Governor, Gen. Osborne
and Gen. John A. Logan. Tbe latter
did not arrive until 9:20 p.m.. and at
10 o'clock W' S intioiuced to the audi
erce by President Wm. Metcalf, tbe
s efl manufactu-er of thia city. Tbe
appearanca of Gen, Logan created nn
bt unded enthusiasm, and for five
minntes he was unable to speak 4or
the cheering. -
Btanona for Sot Takln f-art In the
Foreign aillon Convention.
Tne pastors, ministers , and repre
sentatives of the Baptist churcbes of
tbis city and vi iniiy, having a desire
to express themtelves in regard to
thtir con-attendance and afiilia ion
with the Foreign Mission Convention
now in s esion at Tabernacle Ohnrcb,
to have themsalvet properly before
the convention and toe public, draft
ed tbe following preamble and reso
lutions, which were submitted to tbe
offlcet s and de'e.atta of the conven
tion, assembled in tbe Jieale Street
Baptist Church Saturday morning,
September 25, 1886: - -..i
Whkbbas, la view of tbe existing
fact that there is a liock tf worshipers
in this city, styled the "Tabernacle
Church," claiming .lo le Eaptuts,
wilh R. N. Couutee, ' pastor; and
wherea, the eaid R. N. Oounteo and
foilowers were excluded trcnl tbe
Bea e Street Baptlet Chorch ft ran un
godly, att weU known ,tO tl e world ;
and whereas, toe excineioa ot tne
abova pariies holds good, - and
ss such they are not re cog
n zed by lhe regular Baptist
churches of the . city; , and
whereas, by crooks snd turns cf
sympathisers, tbe meeting of tbe For
eign Mission Convention wes called to
meet at the said Tabernae'e Church
without the knowledge or onsent of
tbe regular Baptists cf the 'city, they
havins nreviouBlv mar'e known tbeir
intention of holding the convention
in a tm table place ; end, wnereas, tnere
being another reason why we did not
couutenar.ee the meeting was that tbe
many secret societies to which tte dif
ferent pes orr, ministers snd mem
bers are connected with the said
Oountee bat repeatedly, and do now,
wags war npon and brand all mem
bers as being robbers, tb eves, devils
and cot-throat", and that our wives,
daught-rs, sisters and mothers are
nottiing but disreputable women, and
that be did not want these secret so
ciety folks to enter the doors of his
church, mr allow one to remain in or
join his church if, they are connected
with any society; and whereas, feeling
that we have acted right aud wieeiy ia
conformity to Baptist principle and in
keeping with the public sentiment
asatost him, we worild have jeopard
ized oureelvts and membership to
have mi t in the Taberneole church;
therefore, " ' :
. Reiolved, That it is the cense of the
put rs, ministers and representatives
of the city that we are in perfect sym
pathy, in genersl harmony attd in ac
ccsd with the Foreign Mission Con
vention in its Ub r foe Ainoa aid the
cane of the church.
Rctolved, Toat cur action has been
subs rvient to the principle of. the
Baptist cause in this c rmraunity and
in accordance with- pob ic sentiment
in withholding our pPcsecoa from the
said convention.
Resolved, That while we have not
minabd in the meetir g with t&evitit
ing delegates, we ba-vo a warm place
iu our bos ims for the continued suc
cess and harmonious- workings of tbe
Foreign Mission Conventioo.
Circuit Coui-t-Eatea, Judge.
Monday, Sep ember 276b: Nob. Stilt),
Jnr. A. D-iuuie va J. Graham;
89G7. O W. L-a-nn va Woodruff Lum
ber Company; 8071, J- B. Cook, me,
etc., v Union Sto'k Yarrt and Fer-tiliz-r
Cornpanv; 8U80,ii. Hoflbeimer
& Co. va Fred toomp'oa ; KS182, Robt.
Goldaby va Juo. J. Shea; 89H5, M. E.
Thomas ts J E. Mosaa; St88, Jos.
Patter. od vs W. L. Henry; 8990, F.
II. lie akell v Memobis, Birmirgham
and Atlantic Railroad Company; 8991,
United Stit, use, vs M. T. "William
em; 8S98, F. 8. Ljmont vs J. H
Oampbeil; 8SI99. Dan O'Connnll vs.
J E Russell; 9007, Apple & D mna
vnnt va Houston Si Kice; 9011, L,
FritB va T. J. liircbua.
Amelia Coleman to J. M. Coleman,
3 J acres in the town of Raleigh, also
2 lots, No. 3 in block K and No. 5 in
block L, S5C0.
John Overton, jr., to "Mrs. Mary
Kane, part of Lts 135 and 130, east
side cf Kay burn avenue, U0x40 feet,
Overton Bub division; consideration,
a II. and M. G. Qibson to T. B.
Edgington, trustee, secure George
Arnold ia the sum of S2000, 50 feet
front ou Waldraa lymane, by 172 JeeA
deep'.- --i-v ..!,;,.,

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