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.. wawt.mp. war-
ii In receipt of a larger,
lected stock of CASSIMEEES,
tioas,) thai was aver ihowi
Iteck comprises the choicest
aid most d arable goods In gentlemen's wear.
19 Samples and Prices on
who have left measures.
Kemphin theater.
p- . Joiirg Baoots, Manager.
heater Crowded frem Pit leue.
To wltnen the initial performance of
And all oiher ieo tares a grand suocess.
than.. Fri. and 8at., Sept. S3, Oct. 1-2
ohael Strogofr, the grind spectacular pro-
ction. ftlorday, Oct. Lima brans.
rs. Florence Fin'ey Moore
Saturday, Oct. 23d, at 3 P.M.
hOW8 Two Jersey Cows and On Heifer,
i i win sell at t. A. JUiN a ,'()
ABLBS, tin Monroe street, without ro
ve, atlzo olook in., on
k Jersey Cows. giving milk and in calf.
po, a iloifrr. All well b ed and of the
Bt milk and butter familiei.
terms: Cssh, or sixty days' city accept
rces. K. w. JjUu
iittlo used, and in gond condition.
T Cheanjon south sideof Vanoe street
I lNHeetwest of Wellington street, 50x
feet. Apply to W. fl. KOtjKKS.
Apolv at. tn Front street.
H A Oh -Ilfrses. harness and license at a
bargain: part oasb. and balance in
mtoiy payments.
inctuire at run. 73 monroe ureei.
JlilCK RESIDtNCK Of six rooms, with
modern improvements: No. 4&J Khelh
tat. Apiily to A. C. Treadwell, Exeou-
f , Wo. 11 union street
HB lea-e 'and fixtures of the St. Elmo
Hotel. Me-idian. Miss. Twenty-live
umodioui rooms, within three minutes
Ik of the Union Depot; largo sample
ira on the street next door; now doing a
d business and popular. Can be had at a
rgain if apphed lor within the next thirty
ye. Apply to Charles Elmire, proprietor,
iTui'ac, miss.
UN Lot of tin, suitable for roofing Also
a large lee box. At Uabay s, 4tW ehel by,
MATERIAL In the storehouses and
ate Building, occupied by II. Ijow-
Jiros. ; must be removed atoaoe.
JUMH KE1U, liuilder
EAT COTTAGE Of six rooms, and lot
zuwnl. 04 Uean avenue. Inaulr. on
alAP-One second band ROCK AWAY,
nearly as gooq as new, at im unun St
' J one uinlni-room Bet. .
.' One Kitchen Set.
ns possession or nou'e at once,
vy. it. la UMPi , barklnsvllle, Ala.
one thoroughbred Running ilorse: fee
. One Trotting Hone: fee. SID. One Jer-
Bull: fee. I2.S0 Foa Sal-30 Humes.
Ililch Cows, 15 head Butcher Cattle, Pu
bic ana newtou-atana runs. Homes on
(tare, 15 per month ; Texas horses, Ills iter
leiepnone iuei-.iri ntmat.i.tw:
PRIGHT PIANO Good as new, aheap
lor oasn? or will exchange for hoard
fHrcss K 'tH. Anneal office.
Apply at this office.
ITUATION By a young man 24 years of
sges had lour years experience in bust
s ; has no bad habits an-i good reference,
ll country ana oity. Salary no uject
iueof O. B. PARKER,
No. 25 Main street.
"iPSITION In a wholesale orrrtiilaro.
i tin.... - n. n 1 1. I ..
intd with the business. Good references
nisMd. A mod'rnte salary expeotod
Ire." B. R., care this office.
UREK GOOD BOYS-Not afraid to work
to learn ihe tmnets trada. Annlv
impbis Metal and M ood Manufacturing
nrany. eto. S4H mftin street
VERYBODY Tn call nnd t th !
brated Gtpsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Tniid
et. near ropier.
TUATION A first class cake and bread
baker wishes- a good situ .tiun. Addraa
C, A ppeal oflice.
-best besutllier in the ma ket. Free'rom
subitince injurious to the skin. Lady
nts wanted. Can make rnm 12 to $-iU
week. Address M viu. tELla, 447 W
dclph street, Chicago.
OOMS-Well turnifhed
Linden street.
rooms, No. 81
ANTED Ladies, local or traveling A
wonderful entirely new soeciaitv for
es only ; Si daily easily msde; no photo,
painting; particulars free. MKs. ii.
XLK, Box 443, Chicago. III.
OSITION-By a lady as musje teacher, or
aiu uwa jfiuusuDiiurvB uuaiian orancaes
airy expected, moderate. Good home de-
q. Aaoress ' leaoher, t;olombns, fltisB.
"AH An intelligent, earnest. man to rep
L resent, in his own locality, a larra re.
nsible house. A remunerative salary Ut
it .nartv. nteaay position jteterencee
hanged. A merioan Manufacturing iijuae,
ar.sy M., n. r . :
08ITI0N By a man thoroulhly conver
sant witn an tne oetuus i.ausiness.
oxnert accountant and book keeper. lln
laptienable references. F. w ., tois office.
AN To do honsewnrk and drive car
. riave. Ap ply to 303 Lauderdale stroet.
OSITION In a country store ; A 1 rofer-
encefl. Addrws N. J., this office.
IU ATION By a roust man of business
nnd office experience, and one who knows
io wora. n . this nmce.
J5ITI0N A practical farmer wnnts a
position as manager on cotton planta
or stock farm. Ad. M., 57 L'ndei St.
"AN To run engine and file saw. Alfo,
. a good sawyer, one need apply nn
tbey caji rire best of roference. Call at
iicuuing k Hannah's Saw Mill,
r Just above Hope Oil Mill.
'lESMEN In every State in the ! ion
,o represent a PAINT til ANUFACTUR
I KSTAbLISilMENT having several
'lALTisa thatare popular and easy sell
Can be handled alone or in conneotion
i other goods. Address TUB WM. B.
XJUPARTSFor front room, with dress
iag room, southern exposure, in private
ily. eonven ent to bnsiness. Address X.
Letter Carrier Page Washington.
KDT AGCNTS-Ocr agents have had
sueta wonderful aucoess selling Mrs.
pbeli'f Combination Skirt sad Bustle
io clearing (150 a month), that we make
'pecial request for all agen s who want
oady, money making business, to send
ip for tataloaua. Alan.: Knrniahing
is. Addreis . H. Campbell k Co.. 4.W
t Randolph Street, Chicago, IlL
'TTON 6EED W A NTEn. Hulls an Meal
forsale cheap at iLOBB OIL WKtS.
U 4 T THAU . ... - .
nr muii-a fluantity or stove pi
oachinery. scrap iron and old car whi
-y. scran iron and old ear wheel..
oois waiieaoie iron t;o Kt. Louis, Mo.
MAN To take an oee and repre7enTa
manufacturer: aso i.er w.ir. .maij
isi required. Address, with scamp,
uox (ll. et Acton. Mass.
W LBS. FKATUEKS Hi, hart oa-h
V'Vr pr-ee paid by GA BAY. Memphis.
KVr.OIy TO KNOW That" i will
thirty iays for II 60.
"43 Main frcet.
P 001 D,?,njV ER-For ra,t oTeT
hange. jUULFORi), Jewe r, 2tH Mun
trrpn A tF .tV BYltiVTT.V. iff
more varied and better se
this seasom's laiporta-
In this market. The
designs, finest textures
application to those
rounded Hill, Arkansas, the best cotton
region in that State, eighty-five miles from
Memphis and fifty mi es from Little Rook,
on the M. and L. R. R. U. Apply to
No. ll ADAMS ST., Memphis Tenn.
Also, several Stook Ranches ia Grand
Prairie. Arkansas. ..
C. J. 8CI1KRER. Burgeon Chiropo
dist, 211 Main street. Sixteen years
rantioe in Memphis. Charges moderate.
Call and see him. Office hours from 8 a.m.
to 5 p.m. Cnndays Irom 9 to 12 m.
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick.
layer. Telephone HK8. THOS. Cl'HBINH.
A jTULKY COW Red sides, white trine on
J.VX back, snlit tn ears: & years cm; a1) re
ward. Mrs. Matthews, 210 Tennessee street,
TTORSES fne large bay hore, shoe offol
i.X left hind font, and one light bay bnrso
with one white hind lont. wui pay fs re
ward ou their return to zib ropiar street.
COW On Monday, 28th instant, from 228
Union street, one milch oow, white
without anyd stinot coloied marking; tips
nt boms sawed off and have been bored for
hollow horn; probably 8 yenri old; giving
milk. A liberal reward will be paid for her
return. A. Ii. iKbAUW JULL.
September 27, 1886.
TV ATULK F-om 300 Madison street, on Pun
1L day, September liith, a grav horfo
mulo, about in'i hands high, with letter II
on left bind hi", ana a lump on lett jaw
none, ana snoa an round. teiorn to u J
McHale and ke rewarded. 300 Madison bt
lI ORSE-Froml2fiBealo street, on Satur-
i i. aav, August zntn, a Uaht sorrel horse,
white in lace. A liberal reward tor bis ro
turn to MKS 1). M AACK, 12H Heale.
"VTICE, newly furnished rooms, with very
L near narn, at w. nf i;onrt rt'eel.
TJLEASANT, unfurnished front room, with
J. board: terms retsonable; 87 Court St.
UOOMb Pleasant rooms for gent
LX with comfortable table boari ; also, day
boaraers wanted at S4 roniuioc street
. . OOMS Furnished rooms with board
I 121 Court street.
OT. JAMES HOUSK-58 Adams street
O Board and lodging, 15: day board, tl-V),
TTfLtGIBLEROOMS-Withanoerior hoard
JJj two blocks from Gayosn Hotel. 453Sholby
TESIRABLE Rooms, furnished "rnnfur-
XJ nisbed, single or in suite, with board, at
72 Madison street.
BEAUTIFUL front rooms, single -or en
suite, furnifhed or unfurnished, with or
without board; ptjer rooms, 104-106 Court St.
ROvVJS With, or without board: terms
reasonable. ij 14q. MADtiON ST.
ROOMS One .large front room wil
eopy and-one rg back' loon
larg. dresaing-rcouit acadiu, there as s
ith bal
oom wita
larg. dresaing-rcom, avndM.tberg -as good
san ne touna in tne oiy..
75- PflTON ST.
TTOUSE-No. 83 Fifth' street, Chelsea,
J L A pyty next daor. -
( COTTON -'FFICE-Anply to E. M. Apper-
son ac fo an.iaa trom street. .
D M. McCOMB, 370 Adam s
LJUUM Nicely furnished front room, every
J.M convenience; at lri Madison etroeu
rpHREE ROOMS-In a private family,
-a- convenient tn Business; cheap to a ro
iipie party. Adores ai., Appeni.
IJUUM ueMrablo largo furnished room
1 V without board ; centrally Ii cated : suit
able for two young u.en. Reference required
Address J. L. Ii., care Letter Carrier No. 3
C NEW COTTAGE:-In mst healthy and
aeiraoie vart or city, at siu a month.
Apply to
Nn. 318 Front Street.
a tv. K MtUKts first Boor
and cellar,
XJ wit
th side and rearentranoes.Nos.3Cl
and 303 Main street. Possession Ootoberlst,
or .ooner, it required.
Offices, No. 20 Second St.
Rooms for light housekeeping, No. 376 Pop
lar street, over drug sto-e. A' ply to
88 Madison street.
T7TINE OFFICES-65 Madison street, next
J-' to Viarendnn Motei.
B. M. KSIES, 35 Madison St.
TUIRKE FLOORS 398 Main street: good
X light; with or without elevatur: front
and rer entrance.
T "I OUSES On and near Walker nvenne
JT1 on Elranond street car line, from the
1st Seutember. several houses, from two tn
eight rooms, m good repair. Apply at,
Union street. JOS. LENOW
T OUSE-220 Washington 8'. : 7 rooms and
Ll bathroom. Apply at 133 Poplar St
No. 1M Main Street.
Mo. 2' Main Sireet.
No. 207 Main Street.
Apply to JAMES LEE, J a., 4 Madison St.
tfURNISHED HOUSE-434 Vance street.
1 Apply on premises.
"DOOMS One large front room, with (mall
XX room and large closet adjoining, unlur-
ntshed, atdna Vanoe street.
DOOMS Twe furnished or unfurnished
x-V rooms at io Msdison street.
BSIDENCB-342 Vance street '
Apply at 334 Vance street.
LEGANT newly furnished rooms,' betk-
Inqnlre at 116 Court street
RESIDENCE From Oct. 1st, elegsnt brick
residence, No. 108 Washington it. For
Hrui apply to jo. no inain atreet.
STOREHOUSES The three new first-class
Storehouses on Shelby street, next north
oi tne uayose noiei. terms leasnnabie.
o i tnaaison street .
CHOICE OFFICES On ceoond story, oc
cupied for many years by Dr J. W. Nel
son, Dentist, corner Union and Main streets.
Apply at 3 Union street. JOS. LENOW
DESIRABLE ROOMS Suitable for light
housekeeping. N.cor. 8eo'nd and Market
street; ootton-room and office; terma
moderate. Apply to
HOUSE No. 162 Robinson street. 6 rooms,
in good repair, rood cistern water.
M VERS A SNEfD, 310 Seeond st.
CpURNIsHED RU0MS-At5fl Monroe it.,
I1 nneaonwra rnm Penhodv Hntl .
Olio Schwil!&Co.'s
Removed to 308 Front St.,
Between Monroe and lladison, Nearly
Opposite Poatoffice.
Koch's Pat. Store
WHEI.VIJffl is adjustable to meet any need
or business. It is cheaper than-old style. Can
be put up hv any one. I urqualV,! fur
Pautry and Uvok Mielvea. Address
KOt II A. It. CO., Mfr
aal JIAIN NT., PEOUIA, ILL., or.
Sliumona UardrTMrt.,bt. Louis.Mo. )
THEIR FOKLWlta liui't.
Smith, Hamilton and Fire Uaknowa
Whites and Blacks dominated
for the Leglslatare.
, The Republicans had. a three-ply
convention at tne Exposition Building
Sesterday the ont to nominate i
ocgretsmaa for the Tenth District,
the second, two btate Henators and
five Representatives, and the third to
select a notorial Representative for
Fayette and Hardeman conntiev, and
a State Her a tor lor rayetia ana Upton.
The Congressional Convention was
called to order at noon wita ho dele
frafes, of , Which 47 were from Sbelby,
10 Irom Tipton, irom xiaraeman,
ad 16 from Fayelte.
On motion R U. Ridesut, of Shel
bv. w made temporary chairman
and J. II. Bandera, ot Hardeman, tem
porary secretary. '
Committees on Credentials, Perma
nent Organization acd Resolutions
were then appointed.
Mr. O. G. Deut, chairman of the
Committee on Resolutions, reported as
follow: '
We. the Committee on Resolutions
mott re -pcc:f ully tecommend the adop
Uon of toe following :
Jietolved, Toat tbia convention here
by adopts the national and State plat
forms oi tne rt"puoiitan pariy.
lietolved, further That eard in fa
vor of the paesiifM of the Blair educa
tional bill by Congress and euch acta of
legislation ai will protect tne laboring
inter statl ina cauntry. Adopted,
By the report of the Committee on
Permbnent urg-inizatnn, John 1
Ltin. of Favelte. wai made permt-
nent chairman, and J. W. Boyd, of
Tipton, permanent secretary.
The chairman and secretary were
then escotted to the chair, and the
ball formally onsntu.
T. F. Casaella moved th:t the candi
dates be required to come forward
acd pledge themselves to the platform
I. F. Norris objected, that some ran
didatts were absent and, therefore.
could nnt pledge ihemtelves.
The Chair dncided that any delegate
might vote lor whom be pier sad
whether he bad pledneJ himself or
T. F. Casell3 appealed from the de
cieion of the Chair and was eeconded
bv Green K. Evbdb.
The question was put and the Chair
man sustained.
Gen. W. J. Smtih moved a recm
sideration. Lie thought every man
who wanted the indorsement 1 1 the
Republican conveniion should be u
quned to pledge himself to the plat
torm jiitt adopted to the - Blair edu
citioual bill and legiilat on . in favor
and for the benefit of labor. It ap
peared to mm that me. convt ntion
had not understood the motion. Ha
did not want to make sn issue Kith
the Cceir, but he firmly believed that
nn delegate on tne mor wanted to sus
tain aoy man who declined or failed
lor auy.reason to pledge himself.
The Ct air did not see aoy na;on for
the tempest in a teap hk If there wai
anything in all the discussion, if a shif c
vsa? aimed at some man, hj did not
Iclow It, It was uot Republican for a
uKiorry to attempt to throttle tne
minority, l'.y tbe adoption cf the
platform the convention had not oily
pier'g'K :tseit out its cand'Uatep.
I. F. Norris sxid tho lion. W. R
Mcore, who nu-de the best Repreeen-
tatie tt 19 dietnct ever hi3, was nom
inatod wten he was fifty miles away.
J m Blaise was nominated when hu
Wis a tboufand miles away, and all
he had to do when tbe platform was
taken to him was to get on it with his
two b g fet.
G. II. 8 rickline said that he was
willing that candidates who were not
P'est nt might be pledged by tbe dele
gate ru'tmg mm in nomination.
I. F, Norris orated for an hour or o
long-r, aod was finally cut fhort by
the Chairman, wbosaid all the other
de egitea wanted to make speeches.
He wound np by Baying they warred
to keep (he Dcmocra's from fctulling
the liatiot b:x by voting lour or nva
ticke'e at a time.
T. F. Cas ells callel attention to the
f.:ct ihat the candidates were cot re
ouired to pledge tbtmjeives.
, G. G. D; nt ttionght tbe whole thing
was wrong, ihe Uba rman bad not
made any ru ing lo appeal from. He
had simply intimated his intention to
ruio in a certain way Btionld a ceitiln
cortiniteoov arue.
T. F.Os jells lnnmed tbat the Uhair
bad made a positive ruling, backed it
np with a speech and put it to tbe
The Chairman said thtt was true.
Tbe question was again put, and
the Chairman was snowed under.
T. F. Cauels moved that tbe rnlea
of the House of Representatives be
adopted for the convention. Carried,
J. M. Phillips nominated Zachaiy
Taylor, and moved that he be nomi
nated by acc'amation. He pledged
him to stand by the p'atform.
I. F. Norris said he had a better
man to nominate, bat he was afraid it
would require about four eets ot lunga
like his to-c mvinca the convention of
it. He alluded t) Gen. R. F. Patter
Wild yells for Taylor cracked the
roof. He came forward, and becari
by saying be was ready to stand on
whatever platform his party adopted
in convention assembled. Whether
he wes nominated or not. be wau'd
sbow bis love ior the patty and his
appneiation of what it had already
dooe for him by striking Democracy
tbe hardest blows possible.
T. F. Casiells reones ed I. F. Norris
to withdraw bis man.
The request was declined.
J. W. Vernon, white, moved that a
rising vo'e be taken.
this motion was withdrawn and a
vote by counties was taken.
Tipton gave Tailor its solid 10
votes, Hardeman gave Taylor i s solid
7 voie, Fayette gave Taylor its solid
18 votes; Shelby gave Taylor 43, Pal-
teison 4 votes. Total Taylor, 76;
Patterson, .
Tbe nomination wan then made
nnanimous, and Gen. V. J. t'mith, of
Sbelby and A. A. Boyd, of Tipton,
were appointed to invite the nominee
to the platform. He thanked his fellow
cit. jns for their renewed expresrion
of confidence and esteem, and prom
ised to whoop 'em up.
Tbe Shelby C'onnlr Convention.
The fcheluy County Republican
Convention was at once Cillei lo order
by Jt II. R;deou who announced its
pun oe.
Gen. W. J. Pmitb, icG-cha:rman of
the Jiietutive Commi'tos, came tor-
ward sad told the delega'ei what they
had to d".
On motion T. F. Caslls was msde
permanent chairman, L. H. Fieldo
secretary and I. F. Norris sergeant at
On motion it was decided to nom
Id ate candidates viva vore.
. G. H. Strickline nominated the
Hnn. T. W. Brown for the Senate.
I. F. Norris nominated one "who ha
been a Republican from the incipiency
of the psrty to data." He referred to
the Hon. T. A. Hami.ton.
. O. Tjler, with a dazzling array
ol Ivory, nominated Gen.W. J. Hmitn
tt. a. Kideout spread the eagie
winas far John C. Hook, who declined
however, to allow his name to be
need.. .
A vote by wards and d'stricts was
taken, the result being Brown, zo
Hamilton. . 40; Smith, 24. Two or
tbree of tbe delegates changed befo
tbe result could be announced, Smith
and Hamilton were then deolared lb
nominees, Brown receiving 22, Hamil
ton 42, and sin tn 24.
Nominat ons for the Lower Houi
were then declared in order. -I.
F. Norris nominated W. i
W. J. Smith nominated J. W. Ver
non, white.
T. A. Hamilton nominated J. M
Grillin. white.
G. G. Dent nominated John Ppeak
J. Hawkins nominated R H. R:d
out, colore 3.
J. Moore nominated Bowden (
Tate, colored
1. F. Norris nominated J. K Bige-
low. white.
J.Smiih. nominated Greon K. Evan
G. H. Strick'ine nominated Joe
Piekeritig, whi e.
I. F. Norris nominated T. AV
T. A". Hamilton got up and named
list of iho e whom he denied the con
ventton to nominate.
-F-rsf Ballot. Fields 30. Oriffia 3
Rideout 37, Pickering 25. Vernon '20,
Spoaku 20, Evins 18, Brown IS, Tatu
n. first tour nonliia'ed.
Stand Ballot. Vernon 21, Speaks
io, iae&, Jsrown 2. No nomination
Tat withdrBw.
Third Ballot Speaks 30, Vernon 12,
crown i. speaks nominated.
Gen. Williauson announcd W. J
Smith, T. K Ca-sellp, T. A. Hamilton
R H. Rideout, T. W. Brown, M
Scriikline, W. A. Fields. J. AV. Ver
i.on. Green Evans, W. R. Moore and
T. J. Lathnm as a committee to receive
Co . Alf Taylor on October 15th.
Outside Nominallona.
J. 0. McCarley, of Fayette, was nom
inated lor t-enator Dy Upton and Day
ett' c moties. 1
W. H. Boyd, of Fayette, was" horni
nat'd for Floterial Repreaehtstiva
irom rayetw and Hardeman. ' ; "
Of Familiarity to HI a Wlfe-rTbe
Wonnded Man Bepr(ed
, Iteatlna; Kaey. a
Charles Sellers, who kerns a grooarv
store ana Doarjmsiinuse oa me cor
ner of Main and Winchester atteeU
was stthbed in a dillicultr in iront o
his plac of bu'-ioefs a little after 8
o clock Sunday night. It appears t'lu
two railroad men. Walter Milliken
a- d H. E. VVbitesides walked in'o the
grocery, and th-t firmer becoming, too
. : . : . i . v. i . , .
i luiiuar iu His ufuaviur towa'u ifirs.
Sellars, was ordered to desist by her
husband Mrs, r-ellars, mother in'er-
pojed and, pusbing the two men out
of the dour, closed and festmed it
Oite ot them ra-ed SelJari to come
out, and when he leached ilum, with
his wueand mo her clinging to him
wasttal)b(d and fell back bleeding.
Whites des aod Milltken wer- both
arrester!. The former admitted doing
tne culling, dih ciaimein tnat it was iu
eelfd f -nie He said Millikno merely
put t il hand on Mrs. Sellara eh juMer
io a pleyful way. nnd .that
tbe Sellers family got mad
and pat tbem out. ' Charles Sellarj
fo lowed us and put h's hand in o bin
side pocket, a 1 if to draw a weapon,"
said Whit-sides, "and I i ut him."
Mis cellars said she knew White
side1, hut did not korrw Mi'liken, who
treated her io a very insulting man
ner. He walked up and put his era s
about nr men, saying, "How ere you,
Fanny?" She ordered him to let her
alone, and her husband an rem on
eiraiRu witn tne man. iney were
finally put out, and dared her husband
to follow. He rushed oat without a
weap n of any kind, and was instant
ly slabbed bv Whiteside;, whi was
about to stiike a second time when
she held np her hand and begged him
nA'. .i, ,A ,i. t. F, . .i
walked away. The wound was an
ng'y one, tbe blaie penetratins Sell-
ars's side several inches and cutting
mo uver.
At a la'e honr lant night Sellars wss
reported to be resting easy, and may
recover. ' (-
Chbw ' Drummond's Natural
Tobacco. See that two tin tags are r.n
ine p ug. dod'I take anv imitation.
Mild and el-g nt.
fliies ukace LiEWBLLYW Wl II rewiima
. r ...
ber class in elocution September 27th
ror terms, etc.. call at JNo. 89 Adams
s net ti er 3 o'clock.
Miss Cabiiib M. Keating will re-
sumo her classes in musio (piano sn 1
vocaij on tr.e nt oi uctober next. F r
terms, apply at E. Witzmann & C.n.'a.
Second Btret t.
x'hb Herbal Chill Cure, the hnst
tonioand ariti-perludio known. A oertain
and sure ouro for ehiils. Prioe tl per bot
tle. Send stamps (or circnlara. An ..(.
eronne gixen. Address John 0. Rocker.
Lynohherg. Va.
G. W. Millbb & Co.. Patent AbVimIob
Fire Proof Roofers. For durability.
qualed by none. Used on wood, tin,
ron. Ie.it and travel roof. Nr. fi.ri
Madison street
Man? mo'hers are nnabla tn nnran
their children. Ia moh cases the hnst
ubttitutto be f jund Is Mellln's Foo-1,
prepared after Liebig's firmula, which
has proved to correspond physiologic
ally with mothers' milk.
LbMoYNK IxSTITUri will rnnnen
Ottober-lth. Piof S:ele will return
from Europe soon after that dntti.
The other teachers Will all be present,
including Mr. StevenF, of the Boyb'
Industrial Department, from tho first
Thk "Exposition Unl verselle de P. rt
Culicaire" awar d ilia highest tum
ors lo Angostura Bitters as the most
fliciciouH stimulant to excite tbe ap
petite and to keen the digestive or
gans in good ordir. Ask for Iho gen
uine article, manufactured only ly
Dr. J. G. B. Siegert A Sou?, aud la
wars uf imitations'
How I r was CU;brtem'!'
. terdai. x : :
A Couipetitlve Drill la Which the Su
penor Company Lost Through
Incompetent Commanders.
The celebration cf the annivainary
oi ine uay when tna eoiancina ion
proo'ena Ion was givea to the world,
Drought a lare concourse ol colored
people to Mea ph syeeterday, asmany
ss 6130 ot rangers being present in the
city to asiist in tbe frstiviiies arranged
for the occasion. Twelve o'clock was
the hour announced for tbe proces
sion torn. ve down Main strte", but
long netore tna. hour crowds ot col
ored people arrayed in holiday af ire
ttroDged Main street and tbe
principal thorongfares leading in
to it, and Court Square was
packed with them. Abont 1 o'clock
tbe sound of music coming from tbe
direction of Beale, announcrd the
coming of the precession, and scn
the curb was lined with epic at ra.
The parade was in tome measure dif
appiinting. It embraced th Mem
phis Zouves, ths Langsior, Riflo, of
Nashvlle, an atilley company, a
fable Goddtss of Liberty sitting In
ftate in a hark, two weg'ns
cintaining thirty-eight little rirla
d ensed iu whits and decoratod
with tho mttiunal colors, and a
line of cirrieges cintaining dbtin
guishe 1 to'oreu ci'Izens from tbia and
other c.t e. After marching through
the piincipal streets the pio -onion re
paired to the Citizena' Pa k where, at
4 o'clock p.m , a competitive drill was
held in the preserceof at least SOilO
colored poop e t.f both sexts and a 1
aeee. The judgrs selec'ed Wr-re Col.
W. G. Cur.ey, of Nashville, Colonel
comma'idiug tbe Fire t Tennetsee
Regiment, anil Li utenants Lutin
Clapp and Kellar Ander, on of
the tjliickrs iw Guard. The tompi t
ing companies were tlie Langst-in
R (ljs of Ntstiville and ths Memphia
Z .uaves. The former conipauy was
the fi st to appt ar on tbe Hale", and as
th y n. a fhed into view ti the lively
music of the band they weie wel
comed by the nudieme with loutnl
and round of applause. They did not
preneiit a vey a tractive appearnune.
Their uniforms are of tbe fat'gue or
der, and ensihtad of light blue pints
act' daik bluetoa'san ci ssomewh-vt
the wt-ra for w-r. Under the terms
of th contest inepectiin ws waivrd
or they wou'd have eotlV-r d se
verely. The dril was without iro
gtamuie and each raptaiu com
manded his company at his own twee
will, putting them turugh such evo
lutions as eu t d him, the judges tak
ing note busily of the go at j ou pletss
allair, aod they were kept hueiling.
The drilling of the Langstm Rifl s
was very.pcor and elicited lo en
thusiasm ; tbe r manual, was )ai(ged,
their marching irrega ar. and their
enti e ' work Iroe and amateur
ish. They were, however, c m
pared . with what followed, well
othYereJ, and this foaturo stood
them ., in gordjitead when tl e re
s lit wes summed up. WhentheMeui
hts Zouaves ina cbed on the field
their appeaiaoeje was Ihe signal lor a
tumultuous shout that cams from 5C30
throats, all chejarlngtn' nnison, aid
men stood ip and waved their hats
while tie women clapped iheir bauds)
and waved thjlr handktrvhlefs. It
WdB a recttion that nimt have had
an inspiring effect on tbe Z .uives. for
thy depoit'd tlemeelves in trua mil
itary style,end as tbey marched past tbe
grant) stand in their hnulponid and
well kept uniforms they presuttd a
line appearance, iheir uniting sur
pa s-d that it thnir cjnipeti'orj in ev
ery p;uticular in marching, in the
manual and in soldierly he ring. Yet
they Inst the dr. II througn the blun
ders ot Ihoir oflicers. Tho m.ig s
agreed to gauge tbe mer ts of tho two
companies by the pauciiy of errors
mace, the company making tho leaet
number ol errors to receive the
award. Under this teet the
Memph'B company fai'ed. They
put up a Detter luuividnai and com
pany drill thin the Nashville com
pany. Toe manual by the numbers
and without tbe numbers was de
cidedly better. Tho Siine may be
said of the Brgnmnnls aid wheel
movements, and o! their general an
Eoaranc. Tbe comu irioned officers
tiayed marked incompetency 'snd
erst their cmiptny tho dull. Ihe
captain. M. G. J.mcs, made fifty can
aire errore,esch captain s error being
eqniva'ont to live individal errors. The
Ii ut-nant) wero lilt e better. Among
the m- h. noticeable errors ( f Capt.
Jones was his nmieiion, in ulmo't every
lcstince, to call his guide in platoon
movements. The ssme nuy be stid
of the i eu'enante. In commanding
platoons right cr 'eft into line wheel,
tbe crp ain would siy. ' proceed wilh
the march" instead of continue tbe
march, etc. He frequently gave com
mands to rear marcn l.om lours
and fiom halt. Ii company or pla
toons right or left-about he would
command forward march, instead of
calling bis guide. His commands
right and left front Into line and on
r'ght and left into line were incorrect.
ttot did he at any time properly drees
bis company. At tne commaud pla
toons right or left wheel, the lleuienr
aits failed to bait or diess their pla
toons, in platoons rlgbt and left into
Hoe wheel, the lieutenants would halt
their platoons, and give the command
ight or lelt ure-s, Instead ol ine cap
The commi'rioned c nicer jwera con
tinual ynromptingand talk'ng to their
men. ihe first sergeant made tbe
error of almost continually calling the
These are among tbe prominent er
rors ccorrd against the Memphis com
pany, their tt-ta' numbar ol err rs
footing up 3"4J againat lKPjj by the
angs on Rifle-i. Ttiat sjH of com
nianding will kill any company in the
world, and the Z naves are lo be com
mie rated in luvii g been s 1 badly of
ficered, when they themselves nut nn
to goid a drill.
After tbe dulling a sham baffle and
dreBS parade were g'veo, at tbe con
clusion of which the large concourse
filed out of the grounds.
Ihe day's lertivitiea were cone naed
by a picnic at E tival Park, where
dancing and general hilarity was tbe
rder ol the evening.
Kfoxlc! What In II?
A barmlees, simrjle nerve food tbat
will sanercede slimti'ants and ner
vines. It contains not a drop of med
icine, stimnlant cra'cohol, and is the
only thing known that will recover
brain and nt rrotis exhaustion, kill tbe
thirst for alcohol driuke, opium, e'e :
gives a vigorous appetite, refreshing
sleep, and ii invaluaole to the bia n
worktr and those suiter, hi in any
irm Irom nervonsneis, es it recovers
everything caused bv overtaking the
nervous system. Moxio Nerve Food
s a delicious beve'aga, and is lor sale
by lea ling drugaint'.
P. M. Stanley, funeral director and
embalmcr, 55 Miidison street.
1886. r
Tailor and Importer,
WIT PALL STOCK hi now complete. The Largest, Choicest and
Host Varied 1 have ever offered Jo Memphis, coaal.tlng of all Us
PANTALOONS In r"t variety, all of the LATFVr UEMICNa,
Introduood by tbe Leading Importers of Rngland, Kranoe and Ger
many. I wish to snake SPK4 IAL nRNTlux to my cusiomera and
the publlo to call and Inspect aay StAUNliriCKMT ITOCIa. at my
Cor. Second and Jaffirton
Wllaon Hankla'a Mlaalrela.
Judged by tbat safest of all testa,
popular approval, the reopening of the
New Memphis Theater last night, with
Wilton & Rankin's Minstrels a the
rard, may be voted a genuine surces.
Tne house wes not only packed to
overflowing lorg before the cuitain
nee, but upward of 2i0 were turntd
swaj. The audience seemed in an
approving mood. Almoet every num
ber of tie piogiamme waa encored,
while o il favoriiei like Wi'sou and
Rnnkin weie recall d again end
again. The cc nipauy nowetnbracts
fun r go dend meu, George Wilson.t-a'l
Rankin, Rarnt-y Fagan and.Joiry
Hart, all of writ: in were warmly ri
tsived, especia ly the former two", wno
were greeted on their appearance wi h
a etorm of applati'e that lasted fu ly a
half a minute. Of the merits f the
bill it is euHijiPiii to lay that it is in
lerebting from btginnir g to end, ai d
while sme of tne old eesentials of
mios telev are otnitttd, new features
are intiodmed that more than in
pe sate fir the absence of the tradition
al bitijoiet und the d'erepid old song
s'er. The Poluski Blethers are
acroba's ot uncommon skill,
and the muvcil con'rilmu. t a
cf 'ho Paranob's ate prl ahlv i t the
ts ion tit" f mii'Vlir a' r-tlini-H c f
thebil1. Tri' yiatU'ht t ie- i.nbl c la
vir ins ei.t'y "'Mi w e 11 vr t iutM re
called. It wtMil-l lie vain to attempt
lo doeciibe tho '-. Ti-ey must be seen
tnd heard to bi) appreciated. They
make music out of Btooe and iron and
emvert brooinatiika into trumpet.
Akcgo her the Wibon & Rankin
mir.st'el p?r(ontntic is an nj -yable
performance and Wtl merits tne lih-
eial public patronage it received lu-t
night. '
t'lrcssll Cunrt-Katea, Judge.
The following ia the bon-iurvcalen
dar for Tuesday, September 28ih i Noa.
H012, Lou's Fru vs A. Kohlhry ; 85113.
J sephine T. Hardin, admlnistratr x.
vaJohnUourt; r53, P McUay, vs-
Mr. W.T. Miller; !)U18, Telix Uiyd vs
F. 0. Vegan!s A Co. ; H01t, Ue Hav.
rnsvsF. C. Veaanir-o A Oaj iKV.O.
Jesse Houston vs F. C, VeganlzoA1)
Co.; 1021, R. J. Johnion 8 F. C. Ve
ganxoA Co; it 22; Taylor Line vs
F. O. Veganlzo A Co ; 91)23, D. Une
gn, vs F. O, Veganiso A Co.; it 24,8.
Nelson vs ' F O. Veganixo & Co.;
9026; John Roliinsoa vs F. C. Vegnn
ito 'A Co. : (102(1, Simon- Snowdon vs
F. tX Vegnaniz.; 9 27, Alf Vangh vt
t. U. Vegnanxit H 11 rush Light
Company vs Planters' O.I xtiUj UD30,
i. hi Cook for use, t va WoodrufT
Lutoher Company : 9033, W. J. Nash,
vslt. L. Dauiol; 'Mm, Charles Nich
homvs Henry Wakr; 9038, F. O.
Reneke vs Motes Williams; DiKift, Mol
lis Wells vs Charles Wells; IK) 1(1, Au
gust Suhone vs Geo. Fishie.
Ths rem-.inder of Ihe non-juty
ca-es will ba called in their regular
order tbe next four dajs of this week,
Criminal Court-linlioar, Jmlate.
Calendar for to-dny: G, Folix Ltng,
murder; 2, lla'nev SluC-iy, assault to
mu (lerj'J, Hick Weil hers, assault to
Yetterday Gto. Lewie, a'ias Thomns,
p'eaded guilty to petit larcmy and
carryings pistol, and was uiven eleven
mon lis and twenty-vine days f r petit
larceny and f'O aud sixty days for
carrying tho pi tol. Jun Bal ey, for
larcsny, six monlhs in County Work
The fotlowirg transfers were filed in
the Reg's'cr's 1 dice yester.lay :
W. M McFerriu to Jam s H. Brown,
Tenth District, 7 J Bcre; c insideiatiun,
T.A.Lamb ail wif to Jam's A
Hughes, lo s 23 and 24 of Lamb's sub
division of phi t c f lot 811, Willo Wil
liams subdivision j consideration.
Absolutely Pure.
This nowdvr cover varies. A marvel ot
parity, strength and whnl'romenees. Mors
eoonomical tbnn the ordinar; kinds, and
cannot be sold In oompetition w-.h the
multitude ol low test, short weight elotr or
Phosphate powders. tsoUl only wcaa. nom
Buiao Pttwnaa ln..u! '. r-t-
Rockbridge Co.. Va. High nn in the
Virginia mountains. Picturesque surronnd
Ings, extensive and beautilully shaded lawn,
tias, electric bells, and all modern improve
ments. Two daily mails, post, telegraph and
express ofSoes on tbe premises. Table tbe
very best. Luxuriously furnished rooms
sui erh band of uiusio. Hend for illustrate.)
pamphlet. Charges moderate. Open for vis-
tors, June isttj. nnirrt: inmnimii,
an d rcMtone. R. T. WIL K ' MMHN . IWa n
Crab Orchard Spring?,
of the out-Ine. anil A'-coiniuodationa char
aiteristic of this lintel durins Ihe itast three
rears, hulj bo fully uinit.tinneil tins season,
kxcurslnn ticketa to Ihe M-rtDgs bv the L.
and iN. Railway are good via Louih villo, both
going and rettirniiia. to prnorcd on Drat trair
suoreeifing arrival in Loutvilio,.
w r. it KANT. Pren-t J. u. hi Pi it. Hun t.
tn mi f.Mn Phlln irlphs.
lit! Aafflli' llf lU.iaaarV.
Mimphli, Tinn.
Special Notice to Shippers.
MuMiaairri axn TgnKasaaa Ran aoin Co.,
MenipLis, September i, HWi. J
nPHP completion of the Yaioo and Missis-
-m. sippi valley U.K., frn
Ol'KNrf I P an ai.fl
RAIL LINK, withoutbreak of bulk or trans
fer of freight, te following named points:
Taaoo City, Krien, II. Lake, (aood
Hope t.ln, WllcavlIlP, Nbaeklrrord,
Tebula. Helm, Crnaer,Nidoa, Kialsssi
SbipmenU to landings near these points
should be made to nearest station natned
above. Your business is respectfully eo
licilod over the M. and T. Knad, a. freiaht
ronchos its destination the ful'owiny Uay oi
delivery utonr dopo. A.J. KNAl'l',
Uoneral Freight Agent.
Book of all ItiseiiHPg,
Cloth &Cold Binding
111 rag.., ollk Hlr.1 Kagmlai,
n in en rat it.
MBT OF l'ltlNl'It'.M. NOH. ccnwi
Frvi-ra, t'onsi-Ntinn. Inllaiiitnatinna...
Worms, nutin t-tntir. iril nlic...
I 'rvllig Colic, nr 'IVothlng of liilanta.
Iliarriira. if t'lHl.hun or Ailull.. .....
llyMcnli-ry, tlriiiiii,;. HilimiH L'tfltc...
Clmli-re Mtirbua. tintitiiig
f'oimlia, tlol.l. Iliimrliilia
t-urMlu1n, T'Hitliat-lic. l-'ntn-a-li
Ili-atlni-ht-., Sirk lpnila,-h. Vrtifffi.
.It IV
I b V aalat, ltllt"lla Slolll r.'ll ?i
"itniirriaift. r ln luliil crlodM alii
W iiUv. ton l'r..(tiM. I'uvloiU i
i'ronv, Coutth, PiHtcuU Hn'itlh'-iu 'tl.
Soil Ithomn, KnMiMtlnA, Mrupi itum.. ,3
f I lilllllltllMl1l. KlH'illiiittlt- I itina 'jy
l''rtr u1 Aw"', ('.nil, Mulnua...,.
rili'M. Itlui't r ItUcitiiifr
'tfrrh. InfiitoiirR, tnltlit. th H-nti
hOIIIMIIf ( (tnull, A toll-Ill .HUM" . .h1r
(nrrnl lit'lillll v.-'siyittl Wunkiwi tftiw
HMiit'v IMniMit !H
iTiom IMitliiy l.tHft
1 rlitairy W rftUiH'rtu, Vittititf Hftl. ,, .ftift
ltHHMr uf (In Ht'nri, ."IHIwh.m I AH
hold by llriiMKihl". or hi. ill
a ly
II IIIIHllllll
nktti. iu
,-i ml of
OUSalUmbt. N.l.
'J'ruhtco'n Sale.
rN R TIIilOA Y. OCTORER 2. 1HSI1. at No.
V7 121) Market street, Uempbia, leen., I
ill sell to the hiahe.t bidder lor cash,
the liouseholu ana Kitchen f arimutei
eluding one fanor .Set, three homo Sets and
Kitchen Furniture, In emd residence I sell
under trust detd made by John .ent In ine,
recorded In bonk 111, page M3. in Register's
ofline, and by uirec'ion o' beneficiary there
nnto. I,. B. MoKARLANl. Tnistee.
M'Mtof lhnlirtirVori n Ii mil nt mini It i nil aruorhii
ally tuiiiP44l hi i1iwintantd('otiilaionnrtli Ll V 1 1
V,,r nil (MiiiitlttiiilHtif lis la I lid. Hili'll AM TuniKlltV
it j f
th laivnr, HiliiiUHMtwH, NiTvitiist DynpHittiift, Imlifft
ietn y, KrucUti.iiiH ml hiiriiuin uf tti hlomarb
(rtmii'tituos) tiftllext HiMrltiurii), Miaitma, Mtlatriav
ItliMHly Hut, V,UU anU l'uvt-r, HntAltlMHW Fxvr.
Kihauftttou iM'fort. op aftir Fovigi, Jlinnie iir
rlxua, lakrtn ol AiiiNitflss, Utwlaclu, Foul Btwiih,
IirrartiliriliiMi lm uleuUl lo i-wtimlt. H.'ririt'K
down I'hIiih. lUikniitm, Ac, Ao. STADICER'S
AU W AN T II m InvuluablA, Jt ta not pwisua
for all di.M.ii .m hut -.ill CURE all !llns6 '
rhaiiKiM tliu (-oiniilnAkiu from a wnxj, yitllow linnu,
to a nuiiiy. htltliy color. It ntirt)ly muiovtMi low,
Ifloiiiny npiriti. It la . ol tbo hett Altmf4
uii't 'isiivifi nf th HtiMxl,amd tt witiuaM Umir.
V ur anln by all DrugglaU. Priue S 1 .00 per battla.
C. F. STADICER, Proprietor,
140 SO. FRONT ST., Philadelphia, Pa.
Omen Miar-Hia (las T.iort Coaraxr, 1
M sui'iiifl, Tiun. f
BY order of tho llonrd ot Directors of the
Mamtthia tias Liaht Con.nanv. made
July Ti, lSSii, a meeting ol the stockholders ti
said company was oallod to be bold on More
day, October 4, 11, st tiie ofllce of tbe com
pany, In Memphis, at 12 in., to consider and
ant upon a conirucr narle by ihe Hoard a,
Directors with Ts -g District uf t-hrlbj
county, a copy ot which contrudt has beet
sent by mall to each stockholder. In lurthos
pursuance ot said order of the Heard, notice
ot sail meeting is hereby given tn the stock
holders ol snid company, and they are earn
estly requested to be present, or send proxies
with iheir Instructions as to the voting of
their stuck upon this proposition to aooopt
or rejeot said oonlract.
Secretary of Memphis lias Light Co.
September 1, 18H6.
Positive Cure for Piles.
for sale by all druggists.
To Real Fhtate Owners ai.il Agents,
uARTIE havinr sidewalks to put down
I will find it to their Interest to apply'ta
1). ItOCKEV, :i2 Mud'Mtn, nr (hop,
Hocond. Contractor,
.for Stewart's Urann-
Ithic Pavement.
MUM. 1
y perfect subatltute ror Mother!
InvMuablo in Cholera Infantum
athln. A Dra.dtaaalsd rood fur gkwv
awl Teethln.,
arftiot nutrfcot in aU Wasting Disease..
nqatrea no cooving. Lrur aooli, The OarO
nnd Feeding of Infanta, mailed free.
For Sale Engine and Boiler.
O K IIORPE POWBR-Nearly new. Also.
ZfCj smokestack, heltinr. nullevs. slutt
ing, tools, eto. A pi ty to or s.Mross
T'HiK. MriinwA v jm uu.
Copart ership Notice.
THE undnrslnnrd ll -ve frriiiej a copart
nership, dating irom tho S h inni.mt,
under tho orm nnitio and flyie of 1KAN A
l.ll.l.t, for tho purpoto ut comlucting a
Wholesale ' oflue. Tea and i-p'rn huMni-ssat
2'fi Main street, I ee Hlm-k, Aicu.phis, Tann.
The hurinc s wil' bo riindiii-ted at l'.il Poplw
street iittt'l the m-c-incry and fixtures at
the new stand aro ouutplftcd. . .
WII.1.IA31 ie:.,
V luruif, Soi tomlior 20, last!.
i aaxew IT tB
aar- ,WaTainT PJS tm
u n. Hi ii iiuii n sx t s-wi-w. a - rrr
Wii.Liaa Igas.
Jons Lu.Lr.
- :. -.Jft.-i t:-a -?
-.., Irr.l t-B lf.rf,'
,r' H i J!''i '.tfj.'!
,".ili I !.;, ;.hiVI
; - wt.: '
, .. i-. .v jo"i j
: --.i
' t' i
i '!

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