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Cottoi Higher - Middling, 9 l ie
Sales Yesterday,
850 Bales.
Money rales in active demand at 8
per cent. Local securities continue
The cotton market closed steady
and lc higher yesterday. Sales, 850
bales, on a basis of 91 o for middling.
New York spots closed firm; middling,
9 7-16c; futures barely steady; Sep
tember 249.25c.
A leading cotton circular says:
A quick demand again prevailed for
near month?, with an advance of 9
10 point), and sympathy to the ex
tent of 6 paints on the dietait op
tions, the market ru ing pretty strong
during the greater por ion of the day.
Jast at the close there waj a fractional
weakening under heavy hammering
by the large bears.
At New Orleaas yesterday spots
were firm and J 5 higher; middling,
92c; futures steady; Sep'euiber, 9c
At Liverpool spots were active and
hardening ; nrddliog, 6J1; futures
firm and 5 Old higher; September,
5 M-64d.
Ia the general market Ing rma's
again experienced a decline yes'erday.
Me s pork, $11; clear rib side pork,
7(37Jc. Lwd choice , ke'.tle in
tierces, 8 3 8 jo.
One hundred and forty five btli
apples, 2 0 oka bran, 20 pfgs batter,
334 rolls bagging, 228 pkgi bacon, 477
pkgs boots and shoe , 6824 bu'orn,
1070 pkgs cheese. 2ti9 ska collie, 2
cars cotton, 4k57 ski coiton seed, 183
pkgs dry gwds, 16 pktrs egg', 2133 bris
flour, 200 b ilea hay, 102 ha cattle, 92
hd horses and mules, 62 pk.-s lard,
103,000 feet lumber, 130 pkgj liqurrs,
422 bris m'81, 600) hu oais, 5 brla
onion, 10 1 bris po'atoe, 7 ca s pork
sides, 3D3 brlj sugar, 536 pkgn tob;Cco,
aOOO bu ww', 72 bris rice.
The following shows the amount of
(Train received, withdrawn and in
store by regular elevator, ts reported
to tbe Merchants .Exchange yetter
day: Wheat received, 406 bu ; with
drawn, 466 bu; in (tore, 1015 bu
Corn received,! -57 bu;w thdrawn, 2411
du; in store, 7764 bu. ota rece.vea,
2220 ba ; withdrawn, 7219 bu ; in store,
173,190 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.,
Money in ac ive demand at 8 per
cent. The Cleaving lion a a report is
as follows:
Monday, Saptembsr 27th, $160.
37 69; same time )at wek, $155,
889 90; same fine in 185, $140,831 8S;
same t me in 18S4, ?lJ3 280 23.
Monday, Septsmber 27th, $80,
37 37; eatne t.me last wee, $45,-
781 42; Bame time in 1885, $21,210 80;
same time in 18:S4,S3o,0J 83. -
New York P'gbt on all p lots, tiar
buyine, 1 r.:remi;im siding: Nw Eng.
land demand, di count buying; New
JMigland sight, t cisco'ict; iew Ur
leans, i discount buying, parsell.ng.
Bank of Cjmmerce..l46 bid, 149 npked
First National 160 bid, 165 sski d
German Bank 195 bid, 20,1 nked
State Na ionai .145 bid, 150 aski d
Union and Planterr-loO bir), 153 a kert
Mercantile Bank 135 bid, 1 37 J a ke J
Bluff City- 100 bd, ... asked
Hernando -100 bin, ... rBlied
Home - 75 b d, 80 asiced
Memphis Cuy I02ibid, 105a-ked
.80 bid, 83 asked
Planters ...
107 bid, ... asked
25 bid, 26 asked
-8o bid, ... asked
M.AO.RR. shares ..-36 aid, ... asked
M.AT.R. R. shores. ..45 bid, 50 asked
M. & C. consols, 7i'...H9 bid, ... akod
M. & L. R. 1st m. 8s..l05 bid, ... asked
Miss. 4T.RR.C9.A...U1 bid, 113 asked
Miss.& T. R.R. rs.B.101 1 bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. bt. D 90 bid,93asked
Tenn. wts. aer. E to J-83 b d, 85 asked
ehelby Co. 6s 103 bid, 110 ar,kd
Tax. Diet. 4, 63.; 97i bid, 98J aeked
Tax. Dist. 6s 1044 bid,lC5J asked
Mem. G bonda 104 hid,... arked
Mem. Water binds 97 bid,.... asked
llanauer Oil Works b d 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil tru6t9...57 bid, 581 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..25 bid, 30 f sked
Mem.Stor.Com. Co-106 bid, lWaskcd
Mem. Gas stosk 75 bid, 80 a k-.d
New York, 8 p'ember 27. Money
on call sc'.ive at e6 J per cent., clo -iug
at 56 pi-r ceut. Prim" mer
cantile paper 4(S5 per cent. Sterling:
exchanga unchanged and weak at 481
fjr 60 day bills snd 484 for di-nund.
Bonds Government boods were
dull and steady. Stats bonds were
dull and strady.
Stocks Stocks showed Isfb activity
than the average of last week, but
New York and New England sprang
into first pises in the dealings, its
sales being nearly twice tho e of any
other stock. The trading in this
stock overshadowed in interest all tbe
mt of the market, and the Etreetii
considerably puz.Wd for the rat sou
for tbe deal. It is "on" in Boston, as
we'lashrre. Tin generally accepted
theory is that tha Manha'tan Elevated
road isseekirecmtrol b-ta of it and
the New York City and Northern, but
that the dttai's are n t yet ready for
publication. Toe sitck mad an ed
vanes cf nouly 6 per cent, today,
part of which was lost in
tbe last hour. Toero was conpidtr
able strength d spiny e l by many of
the specialti.s, which served to help
the general market materially. Tt.ero
was considerable selling tf long sto: k
iu the morning, bu1, ttie purchases by
foreign homes maintained ajlrm nn
deriooe until the la t honr, when a
conob'ned and vigorous a'tack was
made upon tbe whole list. Trie open
irg was raiher heavy, Pacific Mail,
Union Pac fie and Omaha being down
1 each, while ttse chunges in the other
active stocks weio for inngnificant
amounts, and abont squall v divided
between gains and lcBsea. There was
an active trading in the early dealings,
and Ihs market was weak, especially
New Jersey Central and Western
Union, but the extraordinary strength
of New Eagland soon rallied tbe litt,
after which the market was compara
tively firm until tbe last hour, wen
the bears raided the list, and every
thirg was crried don to the lowest
of the day, with tbe exception of New
England. Tbe mark it closed weak.
Sales were 422,051. New England ag
gregated 80,205, Reading 46,133, Erie
45,620, and Western Union 32,040.
The fioal prices almost invariably
show material declines, to which
New Eagland and Pullman Palace
Car were conspicuous exceptions,
the former sh -wiog a gam o'
3J pir cent and thn latter 1. Jersey
OeLtral lost 2, WeUern Union 1 J,
Union Pacific 1, Lackawanna 1 g,
Kansa?and Texts and L ke Shore,
eacb, 1; Erie and Bt Paul, eacb, 1J:
Cit-veiaod, Columbus, Cincinnati snd
Indiat.apo in 1, and others fractione.
Kulroaa bnds were less ect've
Kales, 1,517,000. Prices werj firm
in th j early part of tbe day, but later
sagged utf iu stmpathy witu tbe share
mtiket, and final clanges wro for
smill fac i. ni generally.
The total s des of s o ks todav were
422,0.1 shnrts, including Canada
Southern, 28J0; Djlawarn, LnckKWan
na and Western, 21,800; Ddlaware
and Hudson, 4170; Erie, 45,620. Lake
Sbori-, 12,0 0; Louisville and Nad
ville,4809 ; Missouri, Kansas and Texa?,
21,700; KorihweHtern, oiOO; KewJei
scy Cmtral. 19,230; Patiflc Mail
20,405; K ading, 46,133; 8. Paul, 22,.
2UU; aui anu uaina, 3438; Tex
and Pacific. 4490; Uu;ou Pacific. 8190
Western Union, 32,040; Wabash Pa
cine, OaO. Cltsing quoiatioub:
U. 8. 3s. 10 4s. coup. 12S.
i'A, coup, 111. Pacilio 0a of 18ij, 126,
La. ttnma.4s. WA. Missouri 6f. l'OV.
Cent. I'm. tKts. lUi. Den.i K.U.hU, 122
venx H'ov.isis.'.u. lrie leoouaa, lit,
M K AT.Gen.fu, 7. NortU.Pao lts. 111!
North. Pac. 2df. 1112. h .Western cun.. 141
N.Woet deb.5. 1UJ. St L.S.K ben.M, liitf,
ci raui con., l.n. t-i.t-.,u ai'.ma, ia.
T.P. land grants, 66. T.P. .R.U.ex cou, tii.
U. P. lsts, ll.VJjj. West Shore, llll.
Xenn.6j, let'oii, 100. Tenn. 6s. set'iut, 102.
Xenn. Si, eet'mt, 78.
Adams Express, 140. Morris 4 E.,ofiil,140.
Allegheny Cen., .
Nashville & 0.. i4
Altou &. 1. 11., 37.
A. HT.J1. rfd.,0.
Ameticnn Ex., 105
B. 0. K.JN,55.
Canada Pae., 67
Canada 8ou..52.
N.J. Central. tilV.
Nor. k W. pfd,
Northern Pac..2i4.
Northern P. ml. 61
v. a . w., HTi.
C. N. W. pld, 142.
Central Paoiflo, 48'.
CheMptuke AO., lVt N'Y.'c. A St.L.U
. X. central,
su.it ina, it 'a
C. & U. 2d pld 11.
unio central, .
Ohio & Miss., 2S.
O. & Miss. nld. Id I.
v. A , lit.
C. & A. pld., 160.
CB t Q., i:H.
C.fit L.iti.O.,.
C.bt.LiP.pfd, 30.
C. 8. Jt C.
(!. A C 62.
Ontario & West.. 214.
vregon nav., nn;,
Oreiion Trans., ;t3.
Orenon Imp., 'hi.
Paoilio Mail, 67.
Panama. Utf
Del. Hud., 105.
Pforia, 1. A E 29
II:.. .1 un '
Den. A Kio G , 32. Pullman P. C, 146,
riLLKUUril. 1 l.
trie, O-Vi. Keadinir. iVi.
Krie pfd, 78. Rock Island, 127K
New East Tenn.. 12. ht.L. A 8. P.. XM.
Nowhl.Tenn. pf i.73. St L A B.F. pfd, M
ion rt ayno, im dv.l...v o.c. im p, ii;i,
Hannibal A St. Jo ,C. M. A M P.. tx?..
H A St. Jo., pfd, . (. M.A St.P,, p, 121
Uarlem. 230.
Bt. P
c?i.r,, i,
M A M.,1164.
IA Omaha, 4'.i.
Houston A T., 36
lllionis Central, 16.
Ind .B. A W..1S.
Kansas A T., &i:'s.
Lake E. A W , 12.
bake Shore, M).
Lou. A Nash., 4tl. -Lou.
A N. A., 54.
M. A ". 1st pld..
M. A C. socuods, .
Me1.. A Char , 41.
Mien. Cen. ,86.
Min. A St. L..2tt.
Ht PaulA
bt raul AO. pi
lenn.CnalA Iron,u,
Texas Paoiflo, .16.
Ioion PaciQc, 60.
U. b. Kxp ess, 6S
W.. St.b AP..2iy'i.
W .St.L A P. p.. 36,
n . r. r.i., i.
W. II. Tel., 72.
Colorado Ooal, 28.
Home Stake, 18.
Iron Silver, 2(H).
Min. A St. L. pld,46,
Ontario, .
Misriouri PAcihn.111. OiiirkAHvpi.- CM
Mobile A Ohio, 1". .(quicksilver pfdo 25,
in. u. o dcu.,o. ooutn raoine,
M L S.A W.pld.iri. Sutro, 7.
Lisdon, Septamter 27. United
Staes bonds, 4s, 130 j ; United Ma es
bonds, 4J, 114J. Bar silver 44 Jd por
une. ihe amount oi bullion wi.h
drwu from the Batik of England on
onui.cs io::ay is Jt ju.uuu. .
Berlin, September 27. The state
ruttnt ol the Imperial Bjnk of Ger-
mir.ys'iows adecreisa in specie of
iu,uu,oou mam -.
11 . n . , nn.
x-AHis, Djpiemrer zi. inrea pr
ccm runics, es'iojcior trie account
Chicago, III, September 27. Bank
ciauiiugs toJay were 8,198,000.
Sr. Louis. Mo.. 8?nt'mber 27.
Bank ele.iioss, 12,462,335; balances,
Boston, Mass., So; tembcr 27.
Exchangts, Sll,tj91,54; balances. 41.-
Philadslpiiia, Pa., September 27
uaiiK iiie.4ru.K8. ny.US7.0 5: balances.
New Yukk, Sertember 27 Clear
inKs; i.xchi.rB $139,029,883: bal
ances, $1,038,7)4.
uAi.ii.MUHi. mu., oepiemner i.
n . . . f, ... .
Bank citrines tcday: $5 1(50(123:
D4iances, $:vJ,iW.
, ,.,-.,, - . .
Boston, Mass.. September 26 The
lollowine I able, compiled from snecial
disp itches to th Pott from the man
ai(er of the leadirgclearinf; houses in
the United 8 ates, pives tbe gross ex
changes at f ach point fnr ihe week
ending Sspteuiber 25, 1880, as com
pared with the corresuondine week in
New York, ! 68 1,722.975; inc., 40 6.
Bo ton, $07,715 851 ; inc., 10 1.
Philadelphia, $59,748,403; ire 45.
Chicago, $50,2(ili 000 ; inc., 20 6.
St. Louis, $14,339 51)9; inc., 5.7.
San Fiancisco, $12 64S,C74;inc, 41.4.
Baltimore, $11,058,593; inc, 1.83.
Ciucini ati, $10,2. 0,000; inc . 24.4.
P ttsburg, S8,040,50v itc , 20.9.
Kansas U y, 4,93,579 ; inc., 24.4.
Louisville, 3 092,292 : ice, 9 2.
NfwOr eaw, 319,9(10; inc, 39.2.
Milwaukee, 13,544,000; inc., 9.
Omaha, $3,912,000; inc.. 80.5
Providence, $4,280 4'10; inc., 11.8.
Minnetpolip, f4,13fl,834; inf., 56.4.
Cleveland, 2,874,lti8; inc., 00.7.
Denver, 3 359,754.
Detroit, $3,011,203: inc, 7 4
Columbus, $1,618,758; inc., 13 9.
Hartford, $1,077,840; inc., 13.8.
Indianapolis, $2,709 568 ; inc., 14.
New Haven, $1,084 5K0; inc , 21.1.
Galveston, $1,775,059
St. Jossph, $8.'4,270; ioc., 14.6.
Mempbis, J8SO.I O0; inc., 1.5.
Portland, $930,000; inc.. 2.1.
Peoria, 3903,479; dec, 15.8
Worcester, $835,573; inc., 33 2.
Spiiottlifild, $841,936; inc.,31.8.
Liwoll, $145,838: inc.. 16 8.
fcvraeuse. 534 434; inc., 39.5.
ToUe, $975,113,341; inc., 30.5.
Oulsino of New York. $282 890.370:
inc., 23 6.
Oaiveston and Danvernot inclnded
in totals.
Tbe 1 :cal colton market opened
s'eady, and closfd etesdv aud Jo
b'gherj middling, OJo, Sales, 850
bsl-s, 325 to exporlors and 525 to
Yesterday. Saturday,
Ordinary Norn,
Good Ordinary.... Mom.
Low Middling 9
Middling 9
Good Middling.... 9
Middling Fair. 10
Fair -.- Nom.
Mixfhis, September 27, 1886
Stock Sept 1, 1880..... 4,009
Received today 2,515
Received previously... 5,006
Shippfd today 194
Shipped previous'y 3,212
Home consumption to
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far la t week
S.nce Stp'.ember 1st
M. and O. R. R
M.&T. R. R
L. and N. R. R mi
M. & L. R. R. R
C..O.&S. W.R.R
L, N. 0.4T.K. R
K. O , 8. & M. R. R
M..S. &B. R.R
Wagons and o:her surefs ....
Thus far this week
Thus fur lait week
Since September Ut
M. & O R. R
C, O. & S. W. R. R
Total 194
New York fpits opened firm ar.
closed firm anu 1-lGc higher. Mid
dling, 9a. bales, 6i2 bales. Quo
tauors were as ioiiowb
Ordinary 6 i:4-16
Good ordinary. 8 3-16
Low m:ddling 9
Middling.- 9 7-16
Gool middling 9 13 10
MiddliDg !air.10j
Fair 114
8 15-10
10 7-1
11 116
New Yi rk fu urea opened firm n
closed bartly ttrady. Sales, 70,200
balH. Tte clcsing quotitious were
as iouows :
Keptember...9.24(;r) 9 25
9.10 9.17
,.9.25fo) 9.26
H.17(.i) .i
January ....
,9.30 9.31
. 6 35(0 9 36
9.42raJ 9 43
,9.51 9.52
,9.60 9 61
9.25 -u 9 20
9.30 9.3
9.38 9.:-
9.47 9.48
O0,'.i 0.5
9.64 9.6!
,9 68 9.M
May 9.76 9 77
June 9 84 'a) 9 85
July 9.92 9.93
August 9.97 9.99
The New Orleans
9 73 9.7
9.81(4 9 82
9.89 9 90
9.98 9.99
spot markf
opened firm and c o:ed firm and J
higher. Midiing, 9e. Ha es, 1100 baits
yuotarons were as I 1 ows
Yisterdav. Saturday.
Ordinary 7J i
Hood Ordinary - 8 7i
Low Middling 8J 8j
Middling 9
Good Middling 9jj 9J
The New Orleans future market
opeued irregular, aod c'osed eteady,
Sales, 20,200 bales,
as follows:
Quotation were
9.00 bid.
8.98 8.99
8.03 tad
8 93 8.9
8.90 8.91
8.86 8 87
8.88 8.90
December . 8.9ir.t) 8.92
9 00 9.01
8.90 8 9
February ...
91C 911
9 20!i 9 21
9.30 9.31
9.40 9.41
0.5(1 9.51
9.58 9.60
.ti0f.i 0.0
9.1 9.17
9.6 9.2
9 36 ti 9.
9 47 9.48
9.5 l(u 9 55
Rec. Prices Slock.
7,837 9 48.864
6,t31 9J 30,436
7,071 9J 52,680
4,207 9 28,091
1,604 9 J 5,995
2,159 9 fi,477
I" I 3,690
9 7-10 98,(00
........ 91 7,138
30801 7,542
Mobile ....
Norfolk ...
iew York
Pbilad'a ..
St. Loui?..
Receipt! at pone, this dav. 1886..3;! 824
Receipts a'; potts, this day, 1885..29.880
"JJoId higher.
conholidatkd statkmknt.
R'ti U. 8.
Ex. Gr. Br
12 752
245 055
R'ts Sept. 1
For'gn Ex.
1 15,20:
Decroade in receipts tnis year.. ..47,384
At noon : Liverpool snots worn rl
ive and hardening. Sa'rs 15,000 bales,
of which American 11,000 bales. Re
ceipts, tUOO bales, of which American
4700 hales.
Olosinii QDOtstions were as follows:
Urcinsry, 4 5 Kid; good ordinary, 4jd;
low middling 6 l-10d; good middlinir,
5 7-16d: middlint UDlands. 5 7-16.1
miuaiing uneans, djci.
The vrictt are given in pence and MUm
thus: . 4 03 meant 4 03-64(1 ; and 5 01
meant a i ma.
at, noon : L,iverooo nnnrpH whp
steady at edvjnce; Sjpteoibor, 5 20(
5 22d ; Peplember October, 5 145 16 1 ;
vembar-December. 5 075 08d : Dt.
comber-Janua y, 5 00a5 08d; Janu-
sry-ieuruary. 6 05 iJ8d; February-
March, ; Mnrch-Apnl, ; April-
may, u
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures wore
firm at advance: Si pteinber. 5 (.fli
ers; fc'optember October, 517d, selbri;
Oc'ober-November, 5 lid, sellers; November-December,
5 09d. t elh rs ; I).
uBiuuBr-January, o uuj, sellers; Jau-unry-Februarv,
5 09J, sellers; Febru-ary-Msrch,
5 lid, sellers: March
April, 5 131, sellers; April-May, 5 15d,
At 4 n m. : Livemool fnt nrrs vara
Ai m; Septembir, 5 24d, ssllers; 8ep-tember-0
itober, 5 18t), sellers'1, Oc-.o-ber-November,
5 12d, fellers; Novem-ber-Docember.
5 09:i. buvers: rWn,r,.
ber-Jiniary, 5 09.1, buyers; January-
reorunry, o uaa, Duyers; iiehruary
March, 5 lid, sellers: March-April.
13d, sellers; April-May, 6 15d, sell
The following quotations are ths of
ficial quotations of theMercban's' Ex
change. 11KKADKTUFFN.
Cornmeal Stndord, $2 202 5
pesrl, $3 25 3 35 ; r.iller, $2 45. '
lUv-Choici, from store, 75c; car
load from levee or depot, $12; prime
from store, 70-. ; cr load from Jeveo
or dc;ot, $11(V11 50; piairio, from
store, 50c.; car load from levee or
depot, $7 50.
Corn From ttore,white,51c :mixed,
43c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 40c; in sacks, 49c; mixed, in
bulk, 44 Jc ; in sacks, 47,c.
Oats From store,white,36c ; mixed,
35c: from levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 31 Jc; in sack, 35c; mixed, in
bulk, 30c; in sacks, 33c.
Bran From store, 7075:; from
levee or depot, $12.
Flour From store, No. 3, $3; fam
ily. $3 50 ; rhoi e, $3 764 ; fancy, $4
4 25 : extra fancy, $4 304 50 ; patents,
$55 50.
Bkanb Navy. $2; medium, $1 50
1 75 ; common, i 25 ; German millet,
1 20! 40-
Aits lAumiituai, iiv2. , varu.iLii,
uatmbal in nau-Drrets, isj
from store.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
trebla extra, 4Jc; lemon crackers, ex
tr, 7c; lemon cieam crackers, treb e
extia, 7Jc; gingef snaps, extra, 6c;
ginger sjps, treble ex ra, 6c; assort ad
jumblts, 9c.
Crack tD Wheat la bait-barrels,
$4 25 from store.
Hominy and Grits -From store,
$3 153 ?5.
Kansas Citt, Mo., September 27
Wheat quUt ; No. 2 red, ca.b, 6tc bid ;
October, 61 jc bid; November, 64c
suited. Coraweik; No. 2, rsshtle;
Ojt .ber, 30Jo; November, 31, c. Oa s
steady ; 34 : csh.
Et. Louis, Mo., Sep'embsr 27. Flour
quiet and atealy; XXX, S-' 35(?2 45;
lam ly, $2 602 75; choice, $.i H
3 20: lancy, fi 40'i3 50; ex ru fancy,
$ 1 00;o,3 8j ; patents. $44 35. Wheat
active, but ersier: ihs market opened
a tr rls ur.di-r Saurttav's la es- tieuros
and declined jS ); pricea la er in the
siBiion reacted and recovered IWJc,
and nlod firm io lower tl.au
Saurd.y: No. 2 red, cash, 73J73it:;
October, 73i74Jc, closing at 74Jo;
November, 75J70lc, closing at76jc;
May, 86J87Jo, cursing at 87tJ. Com
qiiu'. but liregular, closing at Jc
i.igher fnr near iutnres and lc Itiw- r for
May; No. 2 mixed, cish, 34)34Jo;
October, 34J(34Sc, closiig a;. 3i.i;
Xovetnir, 33Sb3jc, cloaigut 35;.';
May, 40J40j.', clotig at 40jj. ots
s'eady, Ji t.iittitr; wo. 2 m'xed,
cash, 2c3201c; Oc ober, 25;s;
November, 27c tskod; v.ay, 31 j
live quitt aod abjut steady,
4Sjc. liiriey veiy dull snd nomi
na ly m clianged. Hay qniet; prairie,
$8 10; timothy, $10 5014. FUx
seed lower, $103. Bran sieady, 51n.
Cnrnmoal steady, $2. Rec ipts Vlour,
300tr brU; wber, iO.OOO bu; coru,
39,000 bu; oafs, 14,100 bu; rye, 3000 bu;
rarity, 53,000 bo. Shipments Flour,
lu.OCo bils; whtst, 1S.000 bu: crrn,
7,000 bu ; oats, 3000 bu; rye, lt'00 bu";
Lmrley, lOl'O bu.
Afurnom Hoard. Whrat 4iim and
il3 higher. Corn firm and z
niguer. Oatstay and io lower.
Chicigo, lLL.,Ssptemoer27. Thers
wes a fair amount cf specu'ation in
the giain markets today, accompanied
by a heavy, depresnd feeling and a
still lower range of prices. The No
vember options sold down to 74 c on
on the regular board, which is tbe
los-eSi point yet touched by thtt
option. The la'eBt figures of the day
Were Jio h g'ler than inside flume
and HLOut Jc under the clocing tigii'ei
of Saturday. The visible supply re
port dieclosed an Increase of somewbst
mora than 2,000,000 tiU'hels, which
had a wtakening effect. The recaipts
continue qui'e liberal and exports
light. No. 2 spring. 72172Je; No. 3
fpring, 05J65,5; $, 2 red, 73c;
N i. 3 re(t,68701.". The fiue westlier
and larger estimated receipts, together
w:th tl, weakoefs in wbeat, csnsed
a farther decline of go In tl.e price of
torn, followed by a rally of jc, the
market cosing, Jc under StiirJay.
No. 2, 30 Jc ; No. 2 yel'ow, SGJo ; No.
af. Jc. Oa s ruled dull and heavy, bu'
t rices showed little change except for
May delivery, which rargel if lower,
bu; rallied acain toward the close. No.
i rye s Id st 4848Jc. No. 2 liiriey,
54.ifni.55c: No. 3 barley. 4753c. No,
1 fhxieed wetk-r under frse
offerinas, cloiing a', $1 06 Flour
continues dull, without any notice
alio ctiarge in prices, lue rango
of p ices oa tbe roauhtr claciug
at 1 p.m. was ss follows: Who t-
Sepetnb-r opened at 72 Ec. ransned
72725c, clo i-g at 72c; October
ouentd it 722c, lang d 725G)732c,
elosiiig at 73o: November opened ar
7Mc, ranijed 7457.- if, clcsing at 75c;
December rpeuod at 77c, ranged 76j
74", c os cg htytiiirt; May opened at
831c, rangea 83(I?,83a, closing t 8 c
Uoro ."-eptemiier opened at 3tic
rangtd 305t';3ti , c'osiag at 30 ; Octo
ber oponedst 3 ifc, ranged 36!ir(3'
closing tit 30?:; Novnmb r opened ot
38Jc, ranged 38s(i?38jc, closing at
38cj DHumbu opened at3KZc, laccGd
38i''9J?, closing Ht 39jc; May rponed
lit 4.12c, laneed imua;h,. c ohuic a
431c. Oats-b'ep'ember ooened a
25c, ranued 25f 2S 1 1. clesiruz at 25c:
Octobsr opened ht 25, ranged 252
s jg c closing aiojc; govern tier opened
at 2HJ'!, ranged 162(31202 closing
at ojc; . My opened at 31 J. ,
ranged 31i31ic, closing at 3lk
Afternoon Board. Prict s showed
vy little changs on the short after
noon session. The followimr were the
cio-ing prices at 2 :3U o'clock p m.:
Wheat September.- 72fio: October.
ixovemoer. 75 l-l(ic: Mav.
83 6-16c. C rn Sep-tember, 30 7-10c ;
OctDber, 30 15 16c : May, 431c Oats -
September. 27c; Ojtober, 25lc; No
Vfmber,263; May, 31Jj. Ksceipts
tlour, 15.0U0 bris; wheat, 75,000 bu;
corn, 18H,C00 bu: cats, , 147,000 bu;
rve, 1000 bi; barley, 43,000 bu
Shipments Flour, 21,000 bris; wbeat,
20,000 bu; corn, 51!3,000 ba: oitp,
14i,000 bu; rye, 2000 bu: barley.
05,000 bu.
O i the Produce Exchnnee but'cr
nlei firm; creamery, 1626c: da'ry,
12(-t18c: puking 6tock. 71(" 8ic.
EfgB, 10l(i.Jc
Bcttor Bnttrine,12J13c; nrosm-
pry, za.il'6?; dairy, 16(18c; couttry
butt.ir, liifVKic.
lioo I'hoducts Mess pork, $11;
suij.ir cu-ed hams, 12Jl3c; break
fast bacon. 83folOc: clear rib
ide bacon. 81(a'82c: bacon shoulders.
72c ; bulk pork clear sides. Tic; clear
rio ei(lei,78Q7Jc; shoulders, 6;c;long
clear, 717jc.
Lard Pierneo. liOwlc : h lf-barrelo
and kegs. 7Jf)7Sc: choue kettle. 81fii
Fbbhu Meats No. 1 beef. 7c; mut
ton, 7c; hind quarters of beef, 8jc;
lambs, $2 50(3 50.
Jt'OULTKY I JhICkODB, $2(3)3.
Cheese Prime flats. 8c. nominal :
factory, 7J8c, nominal; full cream,
Pirn Feet. Barrels. $10: half-bar
rels, $5; krg', $1 75.
St. Louis Mo., Feptomber 27 Pro
visions dull at. d i teady. Pork, $1025.
nrd eany, $0 20,,t) 25. Bilk mfats
bout steady; lnr.BS lots l'n cle.r
snd short rib.,$7 ; sbort e'ear, $7 25;
box-d lo's easier; long clear andshoit
it 8,7 10; shoitt l 'Kr,S7 25. Jiai on-
long cloir and sli .r, ribs, $7 02Jt5)
5 ; fhnrt e'ear, $7 25. Hams steady,
12tnjl3ic BuittT dull but s'eadv;
rroamery, iIIC";-ic ; cia-y, W.v:.
yg quiet,
I'iiicaqo, III., SeptcniLer 27, Tn-
t's'oub were less active, ruled irregu
lar and averaged lower. Mess pork
kept within a range of 20g2.jc, and
clcsed in the latest trading at about
Saturday's figures. Lsrd ni'ej a trifle
higher (or September delivery. M rs
pork September opened at $9 47 j,
ranged $9 359 65, cloed at $9 45;
October opened at $9 47J, ranged
$9 36Qi;9 55, closed at $9 45; Novem
ber opened at $9 55, ranged $9 47J0A
9 60, closed at $9 55; January opened
at $10 45, ranged $10 37J(S10 47J,
closed at $10 42. Lard September
opened at $7 35, ranged $7 25, clewed
at $7 35; October opened at Jtt 20,
ranged $8 15tt 20, clewed st $6 17J;
November opened at $'i 12, ranirtd
16 1C6 12, closed at $6 10; January
opened at $0 17, ranged $0 17,
closed at 16 17. Short ribs Septem
berjopened at 0 95, ranged $0 95, closed
at $ J 95: October opened st $6 95,
ranged $6 95, closed at $0 95; January
opened at $5 35, langed 15 35, closed
at $5 35.
Afternoon Board. Pork Septsrobf r,
$9 47; October, $9 50; November,
$9 57 ; January, $10 45. Lard Sep.
tember, $7 30; October, $j 15; Jan
naiy,$617. . UR4MEKIEN.
Coffee Common, 9J10c; orJi
Dary, lOlff lOJc; prime U o, lli123;
choice to lancy, 12J13)c: old govern
ment, 24(D25c ; Ceylon, "l822c.
SoAi- Chapman's Hops soap, ua
wrapped, 4(Hlc per pound.
Salt-$I 20 per barrel; sicks, fine,
$1 351 45; coarse, $1 lOftl 15; pock
ets, bleached, 217c; car-loads from
levee or depot, 5c cheaper.
Candihs Slicks, all sizsp, in bcxes,
pails aud tarrils. 8(S,9uV
Candles Fall weight, 9j(?!l0,.
Cankbd Goods. Mtc Prices per
doz'u: PtneappWs, $1 40f.i11 50;
peaches, 2-lb, s'sndard, $1 35(nM 55 ; st c
ond'. $1 10(3U 15; tonmtoes, 2-'b
s!andaid,$l 25(.Y 1 35; 3-ln,$l OSx 30;
strawberries, $1 35(M 40; rasuberries,
$1 151 25; hjackberries, $1 lX)(o.l 15;
gieei gages. $1 (kVl 75; pea-e, $2()
2 25: plums, $1 o0(M 70; separcgin,
$2 00(rM; trs'n corn, $11 35; gieen
pea?, $155165; cove oysters, full
weight, 1-lb, 90cf$l; cove oyftt-r',
full weight, 2-lb, $1 05W1 K0; cov.-t
oytto-H, light weig' t, 1-lb, 65c; cave
oyners, ngnt we'glit, lt), fl; con-
den-ed milk Crown. $
auv, ii mna;i to; imiHy, ji ,o.
M.las'as Louit-atin, common to
(a r, 18(ii)2 ic; prime to choice, 3040c;
syrup, 2(!40c; common tr fair, 200 i)
25.t; prime to cbnicB, SOf'.'JGo ; centrif
ugal, fancy, 320i,33.
Tobacco Ciinmon, ll-inc1!, 17
28c; ottier grades and stylef, 3;0385i!.
Snuflf farrett's, $10 85 pr cHe;
Ralph's, $10 25 por ram; R. R , $9 0
10 25; Gail A Ax's, $8 75.
Suo4r Pure white, lJ(.?6Jn; off
white. 6lC'?Mn: yellow clar,tld. 0r,ii
die; open keitie, 661c; refined A,
t(Jc: sranulat'.d, 6jCi71c; pow
dered, 717j; cat loaf, 78.
Santos, September 25. Co (Tea
Receipts during tbp week, 68 000 org' ;
purchases for the United State. 30C0
hags; clearances for the United S atee,
2000 bags ; slock, 140,000 bags.
Rio Ds JANEiRO,S.Dtember 27. Cof
fee regular first, 4950 Mis ptr 10
kilos; good second, 4350 reis. Re
ceipts during the week, 109,000 bsgo;
purchases for the United Slate', 13,
000 bags; clearances f t r the Unit d
States, 34,000 bass; etock, 144,000 bag',
New York, September 27 C.'flee
spot far Rio quiet, llju: op'ions
10(fi)15 points higher snd more active;
ernes, n,ou oaira: ui'insr, .3.)(m;u.!H)c ;
November, 9.759 80j; Doc-mher,
9.709.75c ; Janimry, 9.65(9.70c
February, 9.65(ii,!l,70; March, 9 0c
April, 9.75c. Sngr dull Bnd nominal
lair t' good r. ll.iitig qu ;ted 4j(CitJ4ir!
uneti ouiet and easv: s'nniin-d A
6(3)5 9-16 : ; cut loaf and crushed, (Ijf.i)
O 0-l(ic; powdered, (I 3 10:fc01n: granu
lated, 5 15-Hie. Molnsses dull and
nominal. Rice quit t and steady.
Havana, September 25. Owing to
the fitmni'sa of ho'd.ns, tho saloi dur
ing the week were unirupoi tai t, be
ing ronfined to los wanted t:i com
plete cargoe. The market elcscd
quiet and steady. Mola sei sugr
regu'ar to good polarization. $1 02-lft?--goid
pe' quintal: Muscovado, fair lo
goon rani ing, ;u to uu , ti tooaz; cen
trpfima'. 92 to 90 po.'ariaatlon, $2 37
(ni-' o.'j. Mocks in warehouss at II.
vana and MHtsnzs, 2000 boxes, 405,
000 bags and 7700 hoKgheads. Re.
ceipta for tlie week, 383 boxej and 334
hiK. Export! during the week, 16,
500 bug', all ot which to the United
St it .'.8.
Ai'I'ihs Arp'es, $1 50(3,2 60; dried
ppiej; l'4(rt).ii) per pound from store.
JJrld pfho', 2(Vt!.!j3 Irom store.
VEaKTAiii.iis Onions, $3 from
s ore. Cabb 'go, $2 50; Per bead, 9 lOo ;
$1 75 Irom levee or depot per crate.
Kraut, tins, SO; hi.lt brl, $3()3 25,
Garlic, 4060i! per 100. Turnips, COj
per riuinei.
jHttiT urganes, i-oiusiana, nomi
nal, $6. Ixiim ns, $7(n7 60 per box.
HHiiansp, l bwnv 60 per bnrch.
Cocoauntx, 5 pur 100. Peanu's Vir
ginia, 7c; Tennessee, farmer's stock,
34c; roisted, 2c higher; shelled
10c. Almonds, 1820.
Rai'Ins London layers. $3 40: lay.
er.J, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 5(K54.
Pkklhh In jars, pin's, 95o; quarts,
$1 50 ; haif-gsllons, $2 75 ; galions,$3 75 ;
loose, uarrois. s-u ou(. : naii-barre s.
$3 75;?,4; rnixed.barrels. $10 50; mixed
nan Daire'R, jit.
Potatoih New, $1 25(31 60: North
ern i-tack, $1 75(71)2.
- Cider -New York. 10 60(W ner bar
rel, snd $3 7o(S)4 per half-barrel: vine-
gir, 10o purgation.
X'bcans ifxas, H(n)10j fjr small to
meniu a, iumiio tor largo: Atkantas.
liHif sinckprol, hRlf-barrels. No 1.
$5(,5 50; No. 2. $1(34 25; No. 3, $3 60
(1(4; HMD Kit, JNO. 1, UUC, JNO. 2, 75c i
15 lb, No. 3, Cjs. Dry hernnirs. fam
ily, 25o per box.
W a lnut.i trench, 12c: Naples.l5c:
Grenoble.", 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Game Game fhh, ll12c.
Kas Dull at 14c.
In car load lots: Primn crude
cotton seed oil, new. 28(3W0c: off
crude cotton saed oil, old, 24f3
26a; prime summer yellow cot
ton seed oil, 3(j(jt)37o; off summer
yellow cottsn seed oil, 313Jc; min
ers' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
3'l35o; prime summer while coton
sed oil, 35c; ch'ice cooking yellow
cotton sed oil, XlvdAOe: oiituo cnttnn
SHtd meHl, $14 50(V4l5; off cotton teed
meal, $1314.
Baooino Ju(p. 2 lbi. 81c- 13 lhs.
7; 1 s, 7c. F ax, 81b j" 0j:.
Tiks-SI 101 15.
Nail CoDunion, $2 2ifZ2 30; steel,
$2 40 y2 5 ).
Clear tub washed, 3130,t; grease
w.'ol, 23(i)20c; hurry wool, 1318c.
St. Ix:i im, Mo., September 27. Wool
Z, T V i ' iir V- U V
2.'(j2oic; combing, 24';2oicj low s.n 1
sc'ivcatliirn pr cei; mdiuin clcthinir,
coarse, 14!22c; fine light. 2025c;
heavy, lo(jic; puce, I7(3)-Mu.
Coal Oil Prime whit, wlmltsale
lot1, 11c per gal on.
Cleveland, O , September 27. IV
troieuin qu ei ; S. W. 110, 7c.
PiTTHiiiiRU. Pa , Beptember 27. IV
t -ileum steady ; National Trau-.it cer-
tili ates opened at t.ic; cs d st
C4; highest, 64c; lowest, ri3.
Whisky Straight K'ntucky lioar
bm, $1 605; rer.ietilied g-rnds from
86c t $160, according to proof; rye,
Chicago, III., September 27. Wh'a
ky quht, $1 17.
St. L'Uis. Mo.. Sfntembsr 27.
Whisky firm, $ 1 12.
Cincinnati, O , September 27.
Whisky acive and firm ; sales of 1043
liar re s of bnisued goods on a basis of
$1 12.
1,1 IS SlUt'K.
Cho'ce to extra ccrn fed cnUle, none
received; good, none received.
Grass Cattle Choice, 313c;
good, 2J3Js; fa r to medium, 21
2c; scillawags, l(.i)ljc.
Hous -Choice, 414o;goo.l,3j( 4c;
common, 3(3)31e.
Sheep Choice, 31(j3Jc: medium, 2J
3c ; common, $(U 50. Choice
lambs, per pnund, 4j4ie.
Kansas Citv, Mo., September 27.
The Live Sock Indicator reports: Cstllo
receipts, 855 head; ehipmots,
none; shipping acd grass range cHtle
Bteady: fat botchers' and feedivg in
g'od demiud at a s-iale stronger
pric:s;good to choice, f4f4 60; com
nnn fo medium, $3 403'.)0; stockius,
$2 25tt2 80; fei-dem. $2 90(3)3 60;
corn fud, $1 50(i2 50; gra's ragn
sties, $2 25(3,3 25. II ;gs re
ceipts, 3208; rhipiuen's 536;
the marAtt opened stady, but
closed dull and weak; good ti choice,
$t 5tV4 05; common to medium,
$4 25W4 45;gra str. and p'g,l 80(.o
4 20. Shep receipt, 79; shipments',
none; market quiet: po nl to cho c,
2 50(33, c 'Hum n 'o niH.Miim, $1 tOOi
2 40
Cinr.u) '. Iii., Si't ib(.ir 27. The
Diorciis Jimrnul irpO't-: Ctile re.
csipts, 90 o bend; thipments, 10110
iiead. M.irkt 1 w, iMiiiiuon, nnk-t ;
shipjiing steors, 950 to 1500 lbs, 340f3)
4 90; sockets and feeler.', $2(.r.J40;
cows, hulls pnd mixed, $1 40(.n3 15;
bulu, $2 302 70; throtigi Texts ca:
t'e quiet; cows, $ly(i)2 50; sheers,
$2 6u(.i)3 15; Western ranker weak;
miiivea Bnu na i-nreeus, S3(.ii3 70;
rows, 2 3)rf2 90; Wyoming $3 70;
Wyoming half breeds. $1 35, Montana
half-breeds, $3 10; Montans, $3 S5:
UakolB,$3 25. llv)g-re eipte, lll.COO
head; shipmonti, 40)0 head; market
s'eady; rough and mtied, $3 70(4 60;
packing and Bbipping, $4 50(34 85;
light, $3 60(3)4 60; skirs, $2 25(3,3 50.
Soeep receipt?, 4000 head; ship
ment', 1000 head; marke- steady;
natives, $.,(3t5; Western, $3'i3 6l);
Texans, $2 40(5)3 ; lams, $1 604 70.
The Droverr Journal special cabU-gr-am
from Lmdou quotes very heavy
supplies. Values coutinue weak, best
American steers selling 11 jc per lb.
New York, September ' 27. There
jus been a very fair general demand
for assortm'nti of all classes of goods,
end more doing in soma instances.
Agfnts have advanced the prices of
l'epperel and Androscoggin wide abutt
ing , 3 per c-fut.
(J. I.onln ninl iV')- orlrHna Anrlioi
l.ln-l!.N. MaH-UAJKOST. LOUIS.
City of Vicksburg,
i)n Ab! master. iisWilEj
Will loave the Klevalor BliNUAk, tioit.
2(ith, l tl . in. For freitbt or passima anply
C. I.. Hall. Pnm, Act. AU KTOHM. Hui'i.
HI. I.oiiU nmi IVi-w Orlrnnis Anchor
I.liif-V. H. M1I-C1IK0 4BT. LOllla.
Belle Memphis, h7Tt
flo. Baker master. W?i5EJ
Will leiva lha ICIovatnr I'DKHDAV, Soiit.
2Mtti, at 5 p.m. For Iroight or asssi;a apslr
O. t,. Ham . Hni... A't. A D S1)'. . H VI . a'i
For Helens, Terrene, Arkansas City, Uroan
villa unci Vickf burir htonuier
It. IS. I'OWfll
Vlckers muster.
Will Irava the Klavutor TUKsDAi, rei.t.
2Hth, at Iu a.m. For freight or iiansageaiii.lT
C. I,. Hai t, , Pnn. Art, A 1) STOKftl. Kn.'t.
NI I.oma mill ,rw Orlt-nna Arrlior
Mnn-I'.N lrl,lllf(jR HEV, OHLKANS.
City of Natchez, JtZt
U. K. ilixby ma.Ur.5a
Will leave tho Klrviilor WUUNESUAY, Sept.
24th, at 10 a.m. Fur iroigntur imPKnae apply
!. t,. IIai.i,. l's AVt.. A n ST. Ill M.'-ve'i.
MemiihlR. Print IoIdi and Moiuiilit,
ninl Oarxoin FarAirt 4'orupnu.
for iialana. Ulon.lule, Friara Point anil al
VY Londinga Steamer
TaiiicN liee, rZ
K. T. CLAOOKTT ".Master.
Will leave as above on EVERY MONDAY,
WEDNESDAY and HID AY at&o'olook.
For Randolph, Fulton, Osoaola
iandioss BUamar
and ay
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. Tha boats of thi
Una reserve the right to paaj all landings
the etptain may deem unsafe. OfBoe, No. t
Madison at. JAMKS I.EK, Ja., Sup't.
Arkansas UiTcr Tk't Co.
K. B. Nmith master, AlWXil
beavea Memihli bvery TUESDAY, alii v.m
11. 0. LOWK. Aient.
Offieo. No. fl MiHIsnn t Telephone No S2.
Ttui.i!s nmi VIcliHiiurg Packet ton
nam V. M. nail Line.
Fur Helena, l'oneoidia, larrone and Arkan
sas "ity The elegnnt passenger stostnei
M. R. L'liMk...mastai I W. V. BianKer..,clerk
l'rns lmr.tllo
For Concordia ami all w iy landings.
Tt'e t-teamor
A. L. Cummins, Must'r I Lew Prieo O erk
lituvesTUK-DAY and BAXURDA Y at 5 p.ir
For aonoral iiiftirmatton apulv al
No. 4 Maduon street.
TOHlf OAPR. Pnn'r Airont. Telephnne M.
The !St. Francis Klver Trnnsnortatloi
Co.'l Fin Uide-W heel U. B. Mail HUama)
O. K.Joiilin master.
at R o'olook, for Murianna, the Cat-Off, tn(
IntarmodlKte landrnr.s on bt. Franoil river
The e,,(nin reserves tha rljrht to ra)s al
I an dip k he doo.a
10. JAB. LKK, Jr.,
. Jo. 4 M(nl,(,r st.
So ,i-1ti .I,
.',1 em jili is .V White Kiver l'kt.Co
tor Inreiiilon, Ii.-tiiIU It lull,, tin,
Are, Ailitunta, enrey, Newp. rt, JacksoD
port, linteville 'ml nil Way Lunuir n,
MIK. Clllt'HAN W, n
. O. Polt:ll maator.
Will leave tVERY WhDNEbDAY at5p.ru.
rtk. a i. it t: it r a sit , ,rr
Albert B. rjuiilh mater.iJiaC
Will leave r.VHKY tiAUIRDAY at 6 p.m.
Throuah rates iven to all points. Freisht
ronsiicne.1 to tlia Mowpbia anj White Kivr
r-aekei Lo., at Aieini.uis or lerrcne, will bt
forwarded promotly. For voneral informa-
tion a,M,ly 'at olfle Nn. 8 AUdi.o,
call Xeierbone ia. II. C. LOW
n St., ore
iS, Al t.
Arkansas River. -.Joa Pities, 5 p.m.
8t. Francis Kivar....ED Fosran, 5 p.m.
St. Louis Bills Msxpma. 5 p.m.
Vickbur D. R. Powill, 10 a.m.
Friars Point .Jias Lai, S p.m.
Near Orleans City or Natcbk.10 a.m.
Osoaola ..CoiHOHA, 6 p.m.
While Kirer Cliriisiv, S p.m.
Arkansas City Kati Adams, 5 p.m.
Arrivah. City of Vicksburg, Vifkg
burg; Kate Adams, Arkansas City;
James Lee, Fnara Point; Jce Prters,
Arkaness Ci'v; Coahoma, Osceola;
Chesapeake, Tiptonville ; C.ty of Baton
Kongo, New Orleans.
Vepartnret City of Vic keborg, St.
Louis; City of Baton Rouge, St.,Lonis;
Coahoma, Otceo'a; Chesapeake, Tip
tonville; Ka'o Adam, Arkansas City,
James Lee, F.iats Point.
Boat in Port. J oa Ptte;a a'd Ed
Boatt Due Down.-D. R. Powe'l.
Boats Due (. Be) e Memphis and
Kerolpfai Yeatrrdnjr.
City ot VickHburg-21 bajs seed
cott"u and 800 sks ted.
t ity of Put in Kiug 3 cotton gins,
20.1 boxis tin and U5 boxes pepper
Coohcnia-282 bvles crtton, 139
bug s?ed cctt m and 1208 (ki reed.
James Lee 180 bslts cotton, 3S
bsg; seed cotton, 625 i ks s.ed snd 29
pki;s sundries.
Kate Adumj 121 bales co'tan, 3S
bugs reed cotto i, 425 sks seed and 14
pit ks sutulrli s.
Ctit'gsp''nlse-49 balrs cotton, 36
b gs seed cittin, 1069 tks s ed, IDS
tkB co-n and 10 .k s sundries,
Joi Peter Brought out of Ark.in
oxs livor 109 bales cotton, 13 bgs reoi
cotb n, ?VJ sks s .'ed and 35 fkg-i sun-drio-.
K. (uir.r 7 bi'is rot'oii, 10 bngs
seed cotton ai d 37 sks seed.
Tiik VA Koiler, Capt. O. K Jnplin, ,
is the- packet this ivming at 5 o'clock
for St. Francis river.
Tiik Leo Linn pacta's tomorrow
evr!!iii ,ie Uie Jiitmn 1, o fcr Fr ara
Po nt a id CoAboma lor Osceola.
Tub I'liicUastw, ('apt K. C. Postal,
Is ti e Wnl 'isJiiy pu"tat for Viit
river. O. M. Pootnl a id John Cbil.lress
ars brr cleik?.
Tins Bells Mempbis, dipt. Geo.
Ilaker, id the Anchor LUe packit Ibis
evooin st r o'cluck lor Ca;ro and St.
Louis. Al Simpson is l.er clurlt.
ThkD. R. Powell, (aj.t. Go. V.
Vickers, will pass down this morning
nt 10 o'clock for Virkbnri aud all
way landings. O, M. Berkley is ber
Tub Ancbor Lins steamer City of
Natchez, Capt. II. K. Bixby, will pass
down totnoirow morning lor New Or
leans and a'l intermedials points. Jnov
Lsnglois is ber cletk.
Tub Kale Adams, Capt. Mark K.
Ohetk, is the United States mail
packet Tbursdsy evei.lcg at 6 o'clock
for Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landing. W. O. It aukcr hss charge
of ber oilice.
Tub Job Pet rs, Capt. K, B. Smith,
is the packet this evening at 5
o'clccc tor all point j on Arkansas
river, (?'ing thiongh to Pine Bluff.
Obas, MuHtelnidii has clmrge ol hor
clll'.e, assislod by Kiifus FnKtar.
Bosinkss brisk.
Maj. John D. Adams is In tin city .
Tub Gayos) lies over until rj'
A. Bovo Is the steward ol the CI.. -npeako.
Wbathbr cloudy, villi light rains
lust evening.
Tub Chessnciik i was in and out yes
tcrJ iy with lair trips.
Tub Leo I.'.ue nttcVo's wr i in and
out yesterday with gond trips.
Cai'T. W. S. TiciiBNon, of Aihpott,
Tciin , wai in the city yesterday.
Oapt. P. K. Stahii, of tha United
States .snjgboat John L, Meigs, is iu
the city.
Tub river hoi e ptands 5 feck 0 tenths
on tlm gauge, a fall of 2 tenths in the
lust 21 bourn.
Kucrii'ih by river y tterday, 759
bab-B of colt m, 301 b.igi of seod cot
ton, and 4rl I racks of eecd.
Tub City cf Itn'on Ring passed ur
MtuulHV lor ht. Ji itia. fie
put 0D
bore 418 rackagfs of fre'gbt.
Tim City of Vicksburg listed up
Sumiy niorninir for St. Louis. Slie
dixcba gitd here 21 bags' f end cotton,
800 Hacks of sead and added 15 t ins of
TnB St. Louis Globe-Democrat of Sun
day says: Alt-r today lbs th trles P.
Chouteau and Helena gi 1 to retire
ment for a brief time und then go
South to enter tbe Cjt'oo carrying
Tub Knt 9 Adams arrived Sunday
morning from A'k.insss City with 126
bales tf cotton, 38 bags of seed cotton,
425 sicks ol Bued snd 74 package of
sundries, and returned la't evening
with a gool trip.
Tbb Joe Peters arrived lost evening
from Arkansas river with 106 bales of
cotton, 13 bags of seed cotton,.1!K) sacks
ot tesd snd 35 pickages sundres. She
rflshipped 3 balei of co:tori st Terrene
for Now Orleans. She returns this
evuniug at the usual hour.
WnitKUNO.W. Va., Stitomber 27.
Noon River 2 feet, lOiiiclci on the
gauge and f.dling. Weather cloudy.
PlTTnBUKH, Srfptuuiler 27.- - NdOll
Rivr6 feet I) ii.cbison the ta igo and
stationary. Weather cloudy ond warm,
Cincinnati, S-'p'ember27. Noon
li v. r 5 fnet 8 inci oa on tho gauge aod
rising WtatUer sliowery; thcrmom
eier 81.
EvANHViLi.K,eptembf r 2". Noon
Rivet 2 leet 0 incnes (. u tbs gang i and
s'owly rising. Weather ttady rain;
thermometer 75.
LocmviLLK, September 27. Noon
River 4 feet in tbe canal and 2 'eel on
the (alia and falling. Westhur cloudy
and werin. Business dull.
Caiko, S. pttmber 27. Noon Rivei
5 feet 8 inches on the gauss and fall
ing. Weather cool aud tiireilcning,
with ht-avy ra'n this forenoon. A -rived:
City of Nat hez St. Louis, 11
a.m. No departures of n-nular packets.
t tiik rniLic.
WE, tho ardorciRnoil, hiivint boutht tie
entire budM-ss of ummifcclurinic
F urn it ure, Ma'iroe, Awniinr,'. Tents, to. .
Irom Henry DiHicn'.urn. would rospeetlully
esk a sbro ol jour pairoi :ire. kn..wini! full
well that, irom loinr eip'r ei-co. we can and
will siveentiro mtis'ai'ti.'ii to all w..rk en
trusted to us. Wo will bo ri H.ly at all timet,
to furnish Awninits, Tents, I'uulinn and all
kinds if eiiv..sworl. : mnkeall sindsof tirst
elas Mnttressest reiwir. varnh n-.d make
all kind." of Furtii'nre; r m h' later I'nrlor
fattn, ui.d Uoliver so.ids tre.. of ehu ire. C.ir
pets renovated in the true l'eri;in l)lo. All
work done prompily snd atliv.nu pr.ees.
K. UulleutK-rK A to , '-'31 becond.
i ...

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