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What Wu Seem bj the Way-Plenty
of Deert aid a Heap
Dirty lad Ian.
looiaaaroaputci or thi irriiL.I
L' AhGiLts, Cal.. September 21.
Yoar cormpor dent left Memphis on
the morning of the 13th by tti Kan
aaiCiy r;ad, and arrived at Kansas
City, after a pies snot trip thr, ugh tha
brauiful Spring river country tf
Arkansas and craia fields of Mijionrl,
t 8:40 o'elcck Taecday. Alter a abort
top at thia thriving and progrrtaive
city, dorir g which the Timet office and
other ptiLti of in' e eat were visit d,
the Atchifon, Topeka and Banta Fe
ex t rees was, bra-ded, and the lore
urney to th Weat fairly commenced.
Tbe e is hot little to Inttreat tbe tonr
1ft or sightseer in Kansas or Colorado.
The country is rolling prairie land,
very productive, nt very morolonoua
alt-r the first few hours There ia no
break in the scene until the Baton
mo:mt. Ins are rezebed. lleie tbe
wt'nle lace o tbe country changer,
lidi scene of riitturetqne yrat.deurl
presented which baa but few equals
even in tha co.ntiy (if nature's
marvels. At the old town of
Tiiidada'i cx'ra engine liitded on
bthinl the tr. in, and tie atcsnt op ttie
ito'intnin cimm rc;d thiopgh the
olit B. ton pa t, the amir utgat. way to
New Mexico. Tb scent hew pre
sent d was grand beyo' d dtscription.
Hemmed iu y mounta i s on everjr
ai 'e, in some p'aces reina thousands
of leut aliove on one tVe, lure of vtg
e a ion and compwed of anlid lock,
on Hie o har rcu'ilul grefn pssturen,
wif hen!s ol cattle ped efully grazing
bv the side of a sparkliug nt cam,
Which dashed down tho moun'flin
aide. Here, tar, the genuine Mexican
fl'Bt came int'i prominence as a
feature of the landscape. Tie Mexi
can, by the way, ia a queer animal, a'
inmts pit turn que ai liis constant
. companion and In 1 mate, the diminu
tive ai d t'emure "burro,'' or donkey.
Bom properly b long to this region. I
BU;ipose. At auy rue, they appear to
"li iu," ai the paying is, aal go to
m ke p the peifect picture. Hut to
re'utn to the trip up the Baton. The
higher y u aswnd the tteeper !;
c ms the gade. In s ime places it is
OV'U 200 Kit to the mi:e, and it re
quires all tbe power of the two en
gines to crawl up tbe incline. Al
most at the summit, and just before
the tunnel iirtacbid, in a beautiful
valley and sr.rr jinlei on all sides by
tie "everlasting hiilr," is thebojse of
"Uncle Dicir," tbe uldeit inhabitant
of the m untaltia. It is a two ato-y
"adobe" structure, plaster d on tbe
outside, and p ejents a very homellku
but raiher lncongmoua appearwee
Ju-t after pHBsirg Uucle Dick's, a
abort halt is ma 'e. The windows and
doora of tho ciiB lira cloed and every
thing is madfl ready fur tbe rasgjgo
through tbe Ki'on tucne'. Thi-t tun
nel is over 2000 font in leng'h, blasteJ
on'. of solid rock, and is justly coa
aiddretl oue of tbe greatest engine n
ing txploils of the ceu.ury. If the
asceat was alow and rather tedioir,
the rote down into .New Mexico more
than (Onpeueaed the weary and
u try vaswngera for the delay.
With a shiiil wliitte we started down
thi mountain side, lusbli g at an ap
parency rcckleas rate around pieui
pico , down Inclines and over Ir. stlet
in a manner well calculated to came
thebairof tbe small bay to i he and
the ueivous woman with the baby to
clasp ber offspring to her brearit and
silently pray for the end fo come, li
came at ie s , at Baton, where we bad
dinner at the atieKoc alio h ur of 4:30
o'clock p.m. Fr.iui Bat n to Lai Ve
ges the lontft ios t' riip.h the a I moat
liuiiilefs grazing la di of New Mexico,
s.l ed "Veas. During the evening
the rdchea of tx-Saua'cr Dortey and
Bo i Iogersoll were paused, as was also
the famous Maxwell grjnt We tad
' lott about two hours, and c mRtquent
ly did nut re ch Las Vegas until 0:30
0 cl ok p m , wbers we changed sleep
rs, and in a sho t tiiim were en loute
for Albuquerque, which p'acs we
rvavhed b .at, 4 o clock on the nu ru
ing o! Thimday. Here the country
again change-. We rasai d our flint
1 di"i town rf any s sta about 7:30
o'ciwik a.m., ana Lad a large crowd
oat to eo tbe procession pas. They
ranged themioives along the iilatform
and turned out of their hcusea to watch
tt:e train go by. .bout thn oiily thing,
1 tbould eay, that oudirs to break ihn
dreary smeno;S .f thmr monotoni us
and wnrtbletin existence. 1 would re
mark hoie that 1 h ve looked f.iithfu'
ly and larntstlv for the band
anma It dun bv and the lovely In
dian midden, t ut so far have no; d s
c vtred enythiinj tb.t ll 'ed the bib.
Al th- In ima I have so far seen are
di git t ugly dirty and incorrigible.
IttygAir, and if there Is auythii g noble
in the "injun" cbaractir it is hidden
a ) doei ly that it will never hi di cov
ered by tbe casual cbs?rver. Batti
resniue. We we;e now in "arid and
tice'en Ailsona" (a a givde hooka),
aeiow wh cb "la j s bre king the tlrst
iaw n oi civil ttun." 1 1 l" t this last
vxprtri ii ir, in ii rai r.iBii ioioer, auu
am comeiiuoi-itiv i;ot r.'Biionsib.e for
r.) WopS'fd throuwdi a nnuiherof
t wns, the roincs i f abich I have lor-(iolt-ii,
and won d unt have iuon nf
trnir exi-tepcc, but for tha co.'.sidera
lioa uf t'.io railir ad cotupuny in uail
ii'gi.pa bnrJ with lh) nxmoo'ihe
pluce ard nun ber of unlet to 8 n
Kaniaro pa nted iberpnn. This was
thii (uly tvii.'iuco thut th.'io was a
town anyahere Hioutid. 'Iheie
wore ro h;use', io paonle, only
a eirle iri-cc and a Bigr ard
eoini tines a wator laik. Dining
ths 'nv we p sud through soma
laa bVaand ra ly in tho nftert.oon
rosTd U o fo:,.iuer tal divide 1
know i uRi the I'ot.ti r.rrtal d vide,
b ciiu.' th- o v.s t b'c lin bo-rd n
l ooinii'g tbe 'a a, a d tiiuooureo of
t Vim 8'Mltli, v.lnrri. tticro were any,
now id-ai'gida' d limed wrftwa-d to
tlie Va ilic. Ai during tho afternoon
it was tnei um, . and, vac'.ua, dioia
tlon until t'rey brnuti weary of
looki' g at a l.nn)Ka;ie that toui
nienred nowhere and ended in spae.e.
During t o aberuton no iHB8rd lla!
brock, 3'Uiatol eoiti.' tilteun mtUa
from lire fumoua pet i lied forntif
Arion and t i.o gruodenui n of tbe
Oolor-'do. We did tot rt p over to
vieit them, sh the merenry was tiyiog
o reach the up n.tch in tee thoi
mometer ai d t me whb proirg. Dur
ing the nivht Peach Spriuns, Ciinon
Diablo and F'ag"alf wire paKsed ami
the -"Neidlrs ' wore reached at 7:30
o'clock Friday morning. Here
we crrsnd tho Uolon.dj river,
and wera in te firet Hate
of California. A strngir'g first in
intro :u tn n to Ca ib ri ia is t ot calcc
laled to irn.re s the vnior favo ably,
lotbe tira: jl. c , it in hot; the In
diens war very I tile clothirg, and
tlia bttlo U more ' holely than r ehir:-
oa" (eicat-e tbo chestnut), so that
very little 'S leu to the imaeinalion.
This is (he edge cf tbe Mojave de-erf,
ond a tnoie dtsolrts place it ia hard to
conceive of. Tbe rnn through lh
deceit wis mtde without incident un
til Baretow was teacbid. Here pat
tenners for Sou'bern California change
rare. A rapid ran through a cn
staotly improving conntry brings tha
visitor to Han Bernardino, the flrtt
considerable town in Sjuthern Ca'i
forola. A abort ttop and another rua
if ten mimtes ti d ws are a. Ci lton.
Hi re the tan Diego and lower coast
contingent left and iheiunfrLoi
Aige'es corrm nctd In about tn
hour the fi rst aign cf the city wire
ohai-rved tbe tall eUctric light misti
with thiir burners 1 ke miniature
mi.ons-and in ten minut a we are at
the depot of the raetrjrolis of Sooth
em California, af.er a journey of five
days and nights continuous railr.ad
travel. Of the beau'iei of tbii fairy
city, ita natrve'ona g'owih, something
of iia business prrspects and its social
features I will reeerve for another let
ter, when I am better rrerareo' to do
tbeiurijtct joat'ee. w. o. I
Heaatorial Qneallua.
fooaaaspoaDiaoa or ths ifPiiL l
Toons, Tknm., September 27.-0 1
Pa urday, the 25th tnstant, tbe Hon.
J.efo Nor men t, U. A. Miller and Mr.
W.T. F. Thcmpion, Democratic ct
dhlat'S for 8njst,r. Bepreten ativa
and F!o t?r, fr. m th s county, ad
dresBid a fair audience upr.u ti e po
itif al isines of the d.iy at tt is p! ce.
They were oppos d ti the Biair bill
and in favor cf a reduction of t:io war
i ariff, and plcdgi d themselves cot to
vi te for any man for United (States
Ke-ator who was in Javor of tiro B air
hill ai.d who doe? no', fav r a re
duct:on of the war tarfl. They nird
a fine impres ion upon the hfernrs.
Cul. Nornient in the editor of th B .li
var Jhilltlin, hi d is the only meml er
of liiw newspaper fraternity in West
Trii:ne.ce3 who Ii.h bten for.d wit'i
anomicaticn t lii, year. To appoint
an editor in Tenmsnoo to fill a Ftdial
position la ontire'y out rf thu quos
tiin. Corgns'tniiaud8Hni,toi8 want
tl em to "whoop" up the Democracy,
you knoiv, wl en they bee '.ma ai.d
dutea for re-e'entioc. Col. Norment,
Mr. Miller acdl'apt. Tbompton w.llbs
tbcedby large uiajor.tus Itiaro
i orted they a i 1 1 be oppoied by r o c lib d
Independent D.mocrats. lla'demnn
Deinr.ciati will smuggle hard t retain
tbe mine of the tanner Democratic
county of Tcnue.soe at tr.e coming
November elect on.
Too n ia located on the line of tho
Illinois Central rail oad, seven miles
north of Bolivar and t-vuntj-oi e miles
sout'i of Jack son, in a r.ch sue
lion of farming country, aid con
tains h pleaant popula ion of about
2)0. There arj f mr dry goods and
grocery stores, one d.u t tt ore and two
saloon;, one steam mill and gin. The
educational facilities are goi d, thtre
being a large and commodious acad
emy with an average attendance of
fb iut fifty f cholera. Two new and
b-antiful cbiircbos, which are gems of
architectural beauty, have been
erected in the t ut year or two, which
epak volumen cf pral?e in favor of tbe
. i . i . .i
uumauiy, luura ry ni;u BDierpr ui
her citiin s, Many b antiful and
'asty realdencca baveb.en built which
would ornament a ct y. Mesnrs. Mer
cer A McUla'bery aia Ara rsin a
Bradford are tbe leading firms of the
&'ace, a-ddo a erfj bn-i' e if. Dr.
ueka'lr, tbo leading phys'c'an and
drugttist if the town, is an extensive
cot on buyer. Ov-r 20C0 ba'es nf the
fleecy staple is ablpped annuallj.tuOitly
to the Memphis mark t.
Tbe crops in this localty are good,
though the cot'on has bean dzm
eged aornewbat byMlie tuit, Your
correspondent ha recently p:sed
through portions of Liiiderdale, Hay
wood, Madison and Hardeman coun
ties and found th' crops genera ly
good. In many i laces, eepec ally
in Lauderdale and Haywo d c un
ties, be observed a gieat deal
i f attention is b-lng pa d to tbe
raining of gra-eis and fl'e sock. - It
ia thought that tho farming lonimnn
lty la in better cendidou geneially
than for jears (a t.
Miaa Lela, the cbarminii ("aijgbter
f f Co'. T. 13. Mercer, wilt enier the
Brownsville Baptist Uollogo today, for
tbe prrscnt term.
Mra. Frank McG'athcry and Mrs.
Lura Bibtneon are vi itiog relativts
in Corinth, M s1.
Miss Fannie Wan en, of Bilivar, Is
V s ting friends here. rip.
The niudjr r Fh.vlolaay itnrt lly.
Rlene ia the Public Hcboola.
louaaaaroNDaxca or TBS ArrSAL.l
' Pardih, Mies., Soplembar 28 Asa
teaoher in the public cchoola of Mia
ifsippi I would like to Rive my in
dorsement ot the position t. kn by
our Superintendent of Pnblio Etuca-
iton, Prof. PreHion, on the cotnpuLory
In r iilnctiou li to our public schools of
ceitaiatexc to.kson physiology and
The atady of phys:oogy bat alwajs
been rmbrared in our pub.lo school
curriculum, and applicants f.r the
poa tion of tescher mnft prove that
tiny have a tboroug'i at d tomptehen-
ivu anoa lodge it thu oraucn oi
i t thu
cieneri tieforn a prrtilli'itn of nuahtlca-
lion is a 1 ,WrU thuD.
A knuwledie of thva'olcgy nces
la-ily unb'Hces a knowledge of the
law of hygiene. It nut, why tearh
physiology? Let a ilou'i get couiph-
I'tifl ftiibroniiulilve nt lh Ncni la
KeKalna a I Htwtoo.
Bohon, Masi., Semember 28. The
numbers of the iiibo- rnmittte ot the
Comm tt'eon Foreign Halations of the
United 6Ut a Henaie. uktheted at the
Treniont lloure at noou today to con
It r on the prel iiiinanei of thouiveti-
gallon in.o t; e njlierv nu.snon in ac
tordaici With t'.e reto.ution raaied at
the !a t aesHicn. .Seta or Oiorge.
KdmnndH, cbairiiiao, pieei led. Tbe
other member.' oi the i-ommitiee are
Kenat'ri John T. Mi rtan of Alaoama,
W. P. Frve of Maine, W. M. Kva-ti ot
New York, and Eli taulbbury ot Dola-
Sana'or Mdinmu!s suid: "We shall
consider tne tii herv 0'ieBt on in gen
era', but Iirv nut, yet dedded as to
tbe order of i r c.dure. Wbeiher our
h-aringi shall be public or private is a
niKtt-r for cot sob ration. There is
nothing mora tt at I ran give on thu
buoj-Ht at p-eaeiit "
ClUXiKl) HIS 1M)
Well Ha II u Hnar-Tha Tfouil
Mitn Who IMil Hut Nulrlile.
Bukku-o, N. Y., Kipfember 28,
E. Tioabridge, f (UvjUind.
young mau mho daappwel at Ki
rgara Falls, leaving a notefayicgho
in end' dto romiii t suicido, was ar
reted in Biillalo tnii morning. He
chimnd that when h left the hotel he
fully in'endr-d to V toh him!elf over
the fills, but thht be changed his
mind and caum to Bulla'o in the hope
oi getting work.
Subfccribe Ur'ttie wAppeaU'
Chicago Firms to Retnra to
Ten Hour Rule Gen
eral Votes.
CincisnjlTt, September 28. Fcrsev
era; days the railroad switchmen
have been taking iteps toward an in
crease of wages. Tt.ey are now paid
$1 00 and (2 per day. Tbey have not
In all rases made definite demands,
but have raked for an ircreaee with,
out indicating precisely bow much.
Tois aft rnoon tbe matter culminated
in a strike of the Cincinnati, Washing
ton and Baltimcra, (he Ohio and Mie
s ssippi and the Cincinnati, Hamilton
and Dayton twitchmeo. The strike
waa not general, but It nay tin so Dy
tomorrow. The Cincinnati, vfashi'-g-too
and Ballimo'e train, freight and
passerge.-, were all tent out on time
t dy and tha c )mpany do. s not feel
trouoled at-oot the sitnetion. The
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis ar d
jh cigo r ad offered ti 10 per day to
b'ir men, and no strike has yet begun
there. Tbe Cincinna i 8 uthern bs
also made an ofir to their men of a
alight Increase and it is p s-ible tbey
ninvraveno tronoie. All tne roatiB
ars having be ivy bntdnees, and a strike
ue'. now woold l)i oppreB,ve.
Miurk for an Increnaeof Wngra.
Kifur Ynnir Kintpmher fft. Tc '"a
frniulit flint u mnetal n,tliM will n1-.
cur of all the fevers and pr. ts i en
tin :-.lnvnrl In nrlrit.triiY fttfinpfl 111 th'A
city. A numb r of shops are ou. on
a Binae aireaay. ia several ptac s
Dou-Unlon men have men bred.
'I he ui.'n domand an increaie of i'i a
we k e-cb.
Io Ktluru to IheTcn Hour Ptan.
CniCAOo. Ilu. 8 p'embir 28. The
etiiement is agnin made that larg?
ptckinir house tl:mi a-, tho U..lon
Stck Yania have derided to return
to the ten hour iu'e on October 1st.
A rne.riii g of the employee will be
held tonight (o consider tbe mailer,
dud a itiike is deemed inevitable. '
The Blollon Denied.
Naw Yobk, September 28. JuJge
Churchill, of the Supreme C'onri, to
ddy denied the application of the 280
bondholder secured by the JlltO.COd
diviaional mortgnge, held by tbe Far
mer's Loan and Trust Company, upon
tbe property of the Bankeis and Mer
chant)' Telegraph Oompauv, between
tbit c'ty and Washington, for leava to
oe mado parties defendant in tbe
ac ion pending to foreclose tbe mort
girg4 in which an appeal is to be taken
upon the judgment ot forec'osure and
sale entered in July laet.
Ia tha Dear Old Daya.
We dlfl'or in creed and politics, but
we are a unit all the same on the de
sirableness of a fine head of hair. If
yon mourn the loss of this blessing
ana ornament, a Dome or two oi
Parker's Hair Balaam will make yon
look as you did in the dear old days.
It ia wo-th trvino. Tha only standard
50 cents article for the hair.
Louie by the Storm Iu flleblaan.
Ried City. Mich. September 28.
Loe. fiora Saturday's rdn s'orm will
foot upaard of $200,000. At Curry,
Mich., lightning itruik a tree, which
foil on a bouse occup ed by James
Barrows, killing his child and injuring
his wife Coris. Oable'a burn, near
Miisaukee Junction, wrs ieited by
Itghtn ng Suodty night and totally
d8lroyed with it contents. AtHr
zey the dam rnd brdgi were earned
ont and Ila'l & MnuLing'a sawmill
dan aged. Jhe rarlnad tracki were
bndly wa h d utall through tbis part
of the (ouotry, but have been tep nea
u r. fflii remmert.
A Dollar Well Invented Bailds a
Tbe German Evans Ileal Lutheran
Lucas Chuicb. near thi corner of
Rrnadaav and Walhridaa avenne.
Toledo, 0 , remained unfinished for
tbe lack of funds. Last Saturday Mr.
receivrl 15001) for one-fifth of li ket
iNo. 77,V2, which diew tbe second
cnpltal nriza of $25,000 in tbe Loiniaoa
8 a e Lottery on July 13th. He is a
Wi bar, pa tor), and will loan at a low
rate trim xoutu to the new cuurcn,
which but for thi? a'd would remain
nnfl l.htH fnr loolr nt fnnH H in
tailor, 70 years old in thi couotv
twenty yr bus supported a Urge
family, is very popular wbere he lives
ana the peoptu tnete rejoice witn
him In Mb good fortuue. Toledo (O.)
Blade, July 27th.
Granted a Divorce.
Nkwi'obt, R. I., September 28. In
the Supreme Court, ibis morning, the
divorce, suit of Ella O. Uur bU'tvs
Henry A. Hurlburt, jr., of New Ycrk,
waa heard, and a decree was granted,
ro one appearitg for the deiendaut.
The chargis were neglect to provi 'e,
extreme cruelty, ii temperance and dt-
And All I clilug and Scaly Skin and
Scalp Diseases Cured by
pSORIASIg. Krama, Tatter, Ringworm,
l ijienen, i-rurinm, nmni uxaii, aiiik
Crust, bandrutr, ll'rbori', Baker"', Grooers'
and Waiherwon;n,i Jtoh and mrtrf npemet
of Itohina. llurnlri. K al. I'imi.U llniiiura
of tha tfktn and eoaln, wirti lura nf Hair, nre
romtivery eureii hy (.liTtcua, the arent Mtin
Cure, and Cu icuaa euar, an eziiursite Sain
Beautlflor, Mlern-lly, and Cuticura IU
boi.vknt, the new II loud t'uriflor, internally,
wnto iiuyauiant anil a l other leuiediea lail.
I. John J. Caao. D.D.8 , bavins practiced
dentintry in thru county for thirtj -fli-e yt an
and being 6 I known to thuu'ml here-
aiiiHiii, wiin a new to help any who are ar
dieted at I hare been fur the pant twelve
year, tett fy lht the Cr TictiRA Kaumnm
cured me of V"riivia. or Mcnly Skin, in
wilt days, a tcrlhedectora with whom had
con ill ten gavo me no ne'p or ennomnietnont.
Kkwtox, X.J. JNo. J.C'ASb., li.W.a.
Your l"l'Tlci Rnartotaa iarlormd i
wnoderful cure lint aummor on one ol our
ouatoniera, an old g-ntlemati of TOyeara of
age. who cutlere with a'ear ully di-lro ninii
eruption on hie head "d tace, and who had
tried an remeaiea ana iioctor t . no nur-
poe. , J. t . bill I d A ISO.
Textrkana, Ark.
mii hi: tvuKiicRi'tiL Ti;r.
II. K Carpenter, Ilenderaon, N. Y., cured
of raoriaai. or L.oroitv. of twrntv ir
tanding, t.y Cuiki ra Knumiaa. The moat
wonur.riui core "ti loi-oni. A duati anlul ot
anvlea fell (mm him dailr, Vhyaioiani and
on irienna idoui ni ne lauat ule.
8old by all drnirgiara. Price: CrjTrcrRA.5
cental ltKn.vNT, $l.i I); Koav, 1S5 cents
PTrri llai'O Ami t'liKxiOAr. Co.. Doamn
Maae.Send for "How to Cure Skin DiteRHea."
DT A MTIFY tho Complexion and r-kln by
ufc,rcu uaioatlie Ct'TICfSA ?OAP.
Arlilim vaeka.Weak Harka.
Pain, VI evlrne.i and InSnnmat on
if tlie hirtneva, Mi'oting Pnirs
through the l.oina. Hip and (Side
Palna I.ii'k nfs-raaiith and AcUv.
ity reliev il In en ailaipa
an i aptedily cured by the a'mlrnrat ai.
aMlu PlMatair, a , original, eleiant
and in 'allilile antidote l pain and inl.ui
tnaiioo. At drugiat, Wi Ave fr" 11 .HI or
po-ltra fr of ! ir limg auaU toeani
!,!'., ttvalaa, Mau.
Bttwetn fastball and lYboggan Tarts The Bluffs and All
Other Grourds Too Smitll for the Monster Tents,
ijinl Hi DAI lis
nnKtlTTIf11 ,Vitl1 A11 t,,e Frcatlineai or Spriug and the
uUiiilllU Odor aud Frugrauce ofXew Mown Ilay,
PnFlTWf1 1,1 Il'V8 Entirely aad Royal Magnificence
uUriUlllX llilli All (lie Pomp and Splendor Surround
ing the Greatest of rartlily Ainurtement Enterprises Or
ganized Iy the Iilng of showmen and the HCLEU OF THE
nnf f T fin To Create a Wew Fra In Aranaements In the
UUiiilllU South, and Provide the People With What
They Never Saw Before.
Entire, Complete, Whole and
to Seventy-Five Feet Long.
WComlng Vricifely as It Exhibited Before Enthusiastic Thonaodi In the Great Citlea
of New York, Phlli lotpbia, Bolton, Balilraore, WaliiJxtnn, Richmond, Chicago, Cincin
nati, Nashville, Pittsburg, LoaUvi le and Kmiaa City, and Whoro It Wa Viaited and Ex
travagantly Indorceil by Loading Statesmen, Judues, Liwyera, Doctor;, Representativei of
National, S'ateand Foreign Oovernmen'.i, and Even by the Clergy.
The Only Circus Givinj Exhibitions (n New York City
"I should like if I bad time to visit your eigantlo exhibition once a week during the
whole leaaon i tbore ia so uiuoh to see no one oou d do tho Yw AttD BEBUUEB.
"Mor. can b. learned in an hour In your tenU than W .jh t.
"The circus pronleil by Mr Ba-nnm really merits its pretenrlouJ title, ani Is of more
aotual value as an tduoational institution for the youth of ''' y nf rnwaiirr r nw"
for it." . IIENRi W. iiUNUirJIiiiLUW.
First and Only Sliow U Tlslt tbe South
Head the Vouchers From Bullronrt Mm nnd Poabla Will Be I -
pel led I.Ike Dew Before the Horning Ban.
"To Pennsylvania Railroad contracted to and did transoort over il road, fr rm New
York to Waahington. ra tars of the B num. aad Condon Showa, and has coatra:ted to re
ceive on Ootiiier 2, 1W t A'exandri, Va., on the e"ioloion of your fjouthern trip, the
same numbor of oars, vis , o3." JOUiS 8. WILSON, Geo. Freight Agent.
The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad transported na of voor ears over its
road, delivering same at Chicago 1. 0. J AME3, Ass t. (ion. ireight Agent.
Tbe Miasoorl PaoiBo Railroad saji: "Yes, sir, we a'e to trnport oa of B irnnm'a cars
to Kansai City." A. EMERSON, Uen. Freight Agent.
The Union PaoiBo Riilroad rays : "We art t tike OS of jwrwi ynt of Kansas dry."
A. A. STEUBINS, Uen. Ticket Agent.
The Kansas City. Snr'nnueM and Memnhls Railroad rays: "We are to receive 'rom the
Missouri Pacific, at Fo tcoH.S' of B.imum'a cnri". Octolir lt, Io ho transported by us to
Me:LDhi, and thea delivered to the Louisville aad Nashville R'ro 1 on Ojtober 4rh.
,V . - . M. L. BEARtiANT, Gen. freight AgDt, ...
The Louiavillo and Nashvlller "We have o intraot.d to tr.inaport B3 of Barnum's cars
from Meiopair, being same number transported bv ns from Lou sv lie to NkshviHo in June
lt." A. BROiDDUd, Ass t. Uen. Freight Agent.
CAPITAL, $4,000,000. DAILY EXPENSES, $7C00.
Largest and Rioheat Amnsement Enterprise on tho i'nce of the Globe.
Triple Ciroua Company in Three Big Rings. IIin.e E ovated Stage for Olympian Games.
Tw Immense Double Menareriea of Wild and Trained Beasts.
Mammoth Museum of Living Human Wonders.
Grand Roman Hippodrome With Glorious Races.
Doora Open at 14:30 and 6 p.tn. rorfortnancea at 1:30 and 7 p.m.
JU31IB0Aa Ur( " uhai Qa,t & Natu"'-
The Pollshed'Ivory Boned Articulated SKEIiETON
Only Elephant Skeleton on Exhibition Anywhere.
A-jNT Interntion,J Congress of tha Biggert Men Alite.
The Most Marvelous Troupe o' Ssmi-Barbario K,A.BS
In Wonderful Performances.
jJjJdE- Affectionate and Dl' tressed Companion of Jambo.
V yriails of Intensely Intorestlna and Startling Features Collected at an Enormous Kiponca
Trained llorats, Dors, Pits, Ponies, Lions, Titrers, Panthers, Bsars, Hyenas, Leopards,
Camels, Elephant), Monkeys, llirda, and Even Reptiles.
100 Startling Acts and Furious Races.
300 Phonomenal and Daring Artists.
11 Acts Going On at the Same Time.
1000 ISeer Features and Wonc'erful Attractions.
Containing Over a Mile of Rich Objects and Raro Failures, will Leave the Grounds a
at (trior It ss.au.
sarEveryboy Banal J Cue Jt, as It Will Prove a Ravalatlon, and Olve Those Who Can
not Afford to Pay Kinen i roe kiaUibitiuo of Aniniala and Costly Objoeta Tnan Is Contains
In the Tent of Any Other bhovr.
Btt-NlXT:r.X OPIIN neXS of Wild Anlinels, vith a Keeper in Eaoh. AUordol
Elephants. Anlali In Le.iah. Camels and Kleiihanta Harnessed to Chariota. A Iioten
Kinds of Music, iaclu.ling Fu I Military Hands, and Myriads ot Rare Foatures. Routo as
Follows: Leave Grounds at 8 a.m.; down Beale Street to Second Street, to Conoori Street,
to Main Ftroet, to Vauoa Street, to thow iroumla.
srAdanlawlaa Kveryihliatr, 78 -ool bililren l aslrr Wee, I'ml".
For the aacommsdation nf thoae wishing to avoid the arowds al tbe wagon aa ofTroe has
been established at M. Wl.llaiiua'a Bissak Nloro, attt Jtilsa Street, where reserved
numbered Uoketsean be bought afthe regular prioex and admission tlcketa ai tha asual
slight adranoe, en tho miming of the show.
IflliY, OCT. 4
Undivided, Transported From
Without Cutllag It Perfuruiouees.
" ' , r
Manufacturertj and Wholentvle Dealers In
No. 344 Main Street Memphis Teun.
Or ocers & Cotton Factors,
Jfex 80a Main Street, Gay Block.
JN0.8.T00F. B. L. McGOWAN.
Wholesale Grams and Cotton Factors
And Dealers In Levee and Kallroad htippllts,
No. 374 Front Street Memphis. Tennessee.
M. JONES, Praaldeot. I. F. PETERS, Vioe-Preaident.
,W. I), r. SATTRTE, PecreUry and Treasurer.
(Nnrccesora lo Peleta wfe Suwrl,)
36 39 and 40
W. M. J0N1S. JNO. K. RPb-ED, i. p. PBTRR3, OKO. AR1TOLP, VT. P. T. 8AWRTK.
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants,
No. 3U Front Street. Tomer of Woiiroe. MempTiin. Tenn.
UIDKBW 8TKWAKT. Hew Orleama. ) ANDREW D. G WYNNE Man ykb
HI GWY1E ti CO.,
Wholesale Grocers, GoiFactors
Cotton Pactors,WliolBsalB Grocers
201 FrontMteet.. Oppowlio flratowi House.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
No. 30& Front ret. t MenipliiM. Ten?
ri)U athuvai..
JSo. 238 Main Street.
THE course of study is extended, thorough
and priiliol, aBoidina superior facili
ties forohtaining a sound busine'S education.
For CaUlr gue call at the aohoolroom or
addross T. A- LKOUIN, Pnr oipaJ.
.IriTTS'n aMKH4i. oi.-
i 1.K- '.3l:l h SL, Waahington, D. O.,
opena October lMh. Prov d a a I rnot cally
useful boinoa. eiliioation. Trrmai Li'eschol
arship. TunioD, boarriing, stationery,
etc., tw-lve wcuks' o. ur'e.l'S. Kor.iirculur
tlreollmldross Martyn's Cnrumrciril College.
The Higbee Schocl
Education cf Ycung Ladies
Beale, Lau lerdale and Jessamine fcts.,
Inrorioratd wish OollBlate Prty.
Fall Term Oppns Monday, Sept 20.
aupTbomurh Friklish and Classic, Course.
(Modern Lmgunges by Foreign Teachers.
nook-koiin, til. ort hand and Type
writing taught.
tichnole ot Art. Music and Elocution noted
for excei tlrn"l ndvitiitiirres.
Special studeLta roceived In every depart
ment. A new and rletrant building will be arreted
during the semnier and tall, wherein will be
furnished a pciou itadv ball, large pri
mary aohooi-roorna, olass-rooma, lahoriitory,
library, gyiunaaium and art gallery, which,
with the elegant man-ion uaed tor boarding
pupils and the wooded pleasure grounds,
will form one nt iho moat complete school
fouadationa in tbe South.
Catalogues ready August ft.
For informarioa addreaa
MISS JENNY M. U1GBRE, Prlnolpal,
Maraphiat lena.
Jefleraon Street.
m Go.
FRANK & CO.-.-
Mrs. Bovles' School
Opens Sept. 11, at 155 Adams St
SPECIAL advantages for ynnng ladies in
Engliah 1 ouree, Latin, German, Frenoh,
Mnaio and Elocution.
Thnroagh instruction bv modern metiodi
Is offend to boys end girls troin primary
classes Ihr avb grammar course. '
DRAWING, Painting and Wood Carving
tanght hy the methods of the oelobrated
Cincinnati School of Design., First succeas
fallv intro-rnced here by Mias Carrie Dea
londo Dnbyna, Prinoipal .Sohool of Art, tha
Higbee Sohool.
Mend for Nperlol Clrenlar for Art
Carl M.Dorster
Leipzig Conservatory,
on tbe 8rst of Septembor. Voice Training
and Vocalisation a si ecialt) . . .
Apply at V. Witimavn k Co.'s, fecona
streer.or O. K. Houck. Main street.
Hr-i Wade's School
For Yobbij; Imllei sinil fhlllre,
Eleventh Annual P-ssio" will begin -
Miss S. F. May's Art Studio.
PUPILS prepared for "Tha Art Students'
League.'' of N York, or any other
first elnaa art school theymay dasire to enter.
Ad mo. B7 wl-"si f treot.
Tulane University of Louisiana.
Formerly. 1M7-1"M, tho University of
Louisiana )
ITS advantages for praotioal instruction in
diseases ot the Southwest are unrivalod,
as the law secures it superabundant materi
als from the great Chanty Uospttal with ita
7(K) beds, and ai.OUO patients annually. Stu
dent have no hosp tnl-fees to pay and spe
oial instruction ia daily given at the bedside
ot Uiesiok, as in no other inatitation. For
catalogue or inf'rruation, addreae
Prof. S. K. CHA1LLB. M. D., Dean.
T. O. Drawer 2o w Orloant, La.

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