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! ,
THUfiSDAT, I t SEPT. 80. 1886.
EOBBRT L. TAYLOR, of Washington.
J. . M0NTKO0NIC0'. ,
r J. W. ALLEN.
ft- W.L. CLAPP.
- R. A. ODLUM. v ...
KUarrioi or kites im.
Tb failure of Congress to provide
" for the paytaent ol the eateries of the
Biver Commission for the coming
year bad raised a doubt u to whether
-the work would not be left unattended
' .to, but the commissioners have patri
- otically determined to proceed with
their labor?, whether Congress, pays
them for tbeir services or no'. The New
Orleans Picayune says that at tbelr re
cent meeting in Ntw York the com
missionerj rt solved at once to com
pic te their labois at Plum Puint and
at Providence rcauh. What bos been
done at three places has proved most
valuable, and t ut for the failure of tie
latt Congress but one to make any ap
propriation fo continue the improve
ments two of the worst places in the
river would have been cleared of their
impediments. Both time and money
have been lost by the delay,' but the
CommlKfiioners have decided at onci
to proceed with their oporat!ons in
both those localities; also to prot.ct
the bead of the Atchafalnya wlure it
connects with Red river, to as to pre
tent fdrther enlargement of that dan
. gerous outlet. The works in progress
at several oi tiie Harbours ol river
' tow jib will be proceeded with. Some
necessary levees will also be con
structed. The resumption ol the work
' of the comuiiaeion with a $2,000,000
grant a1, tbeir disposal is a gratifying
TlOtt. "" On Tuesday next a convention of
the American .Shipping a oil Iotlmtilal
.Association will meet at Pensato'a,
and the. Board of Trade there say
1 there 1b promisa of a large' assembly.
. An invitation wai sent to our Mer
chants' Exchang?, but - no one has
been fonnd to go as a delegate. Mem
phis has great interest in the project,
so warmly advocated by the (southern
ports, for buildinjr' up a solid and
prosperous trade' with Central and
' South Amerlqf. The Mississippi river
, . will, by the-labors of the River Com
mission, be prrt In good navigable con
: " dition, and a flouriebing Scuth Ameri
can 'trade with New Orleans wonld
. 'icg a large amount of business to
". ' Memphis. . Plainly, this . qaunlry
ought not despairingly to abandon lo
" ' . England and Germany a trade
- for which its neighborhood Rives
it facilities so superior to theirs
Among the topics to be submitted to
the consideration of the convention
are the future channels of our Qulf
ports trade; inducements to seek mar
kets in South Ameli a; the extent to
wh'ch Ct n'rdl American trade caa be
developed J the Tehuaatepeo ship rail
way; the bearing of tropical trade on
pub'lo health; Mexioo; ship building
in the Gulf poita; Congressional aid
to ship building ; is protection for the
agricultural p-oduct of tbe Gulf
8titss required? A dincuBsion of these
topics cinnot but be u eful in aroue
ing public attention to the means of
extending openings fcr tbe surplus
supplitsd our agriculture and manu
ac tares.
A few years ajto Canada undertook
increase its prosperity by adopting.
(- the protective system. Tnat syatem
'' consist! in collecting taxes from one
, ' portion of the people to increase the
profits of anoihor, aid it is ol ioterest
to know how it is operating in CanaJa.
"That country, having a smaller and
.-. . kiss wealthy popu 'avion thin our, the
. plan- of taking from one to enrich
4 anoiher , devebpes it' eflscts more
- rabidly limn with u, and its expeii
v' ' f noe is1 therefore of value to us as in
di,ra!iog what, in the long run, will
eoeur among oaisolver. Tbe St. John,
New Bruniwick, correr-ptmdeut of the
Now Vork Herald has given some of
thi n suits, as supplied to him by
Canadian iiusiners people and public
men. He fmod a nniveraal desire
itl the maratime provinces, tx
prcesHd as munh by Conecrva
tivts as Llbeials, for a treaty
, with tho United 6 a es by which
wciprocd tr 1 ) nny modify thetflecls
of protwtion. The itost prominent
man of Piiueo Ednr.!n Island, Mr. I..
U. Davie", in a speech made lavt wo?k
in No v Urn swick.t's d an ex raison
wlvch is riaRingthMiigh Canada, lie
eai'i : '1 for o ie would vote for ref eal
and b et vera nee of tr.e uaion without
a moment's I rwitulion," lather than
b i wi'bont tto d. sired tresty. l.ond
epp'mi o greeted t lis du-laration,
ehowing that a diviat'on from jirolii
bition whs va'ued more than the
anion rf the Canrdian piovinces.
Could aoythirg be mora expressive?
rrir.es EJwaidi Ia'aud bitterly com
; plaiao thit she is coinpel'cd to buy in
Oanv'a a' li h piieex, while Canada
buys l:t leof her. Nova Scotia's ex
ports la t year amounted to f 15,302,
o7S, of which tbo rest of Canada took
hut ?!,271,3(i2. Tho two provinces im--porlfd
to tho value cf 14,316,G45,$12,
OX),C00 of which ' came from
0iiH(la, n ml at high piotection
pricts. Tho rest of the Dominion
take jiijlecf Prince Elitards, xc?pt
offtjre, ths rst tf Canada contrib
, , ,. oting but 8 cents a head to tbe popu
' atipnr;whAjt forces the pioplao.
, buy from it to the amount of $7 a
bead annually. New Brunswick bad
a number of ehoe factories; under the
tariff they have disappeared, and Que'
bee and Montreal have got the busi
ness. These provinces could buy
tbeir shoes cheaper at Lynn, Maes.,
and could pay for them in their own
products, but protection forbids, and
money has to be paid for tbe dearer
articles. The tariff at first, as usual,
stimulated new . enterprises. Three
sugar refineries and a cotton mill were
ex'ended. bnt one cotton mill has
passed away. The Nova Scotia iron
and steel workr, formerly prosperous,
is now winding up, and a new one
t taried on protection stimulus is in
difficulties. Protection has ruined tbe
coast trade, and St. John, formerly so
prosperous, is now declining. Tbe
heavy and cheap products that could
be taken to tbe United Slates will not
pay, because protection prevents
obtaining return freight. It is
the inju'jr dons' to Nova Scotia,
New Br ur s wick and Prince Ed
wards Island that makes them desire
to leave tbe Canada union, expecting
that as independent provinces they
ocu'd make satisfactory terms with
the United States. Boston is tbe real
capital of these provinces, and with it,
rot Quebec or Montreal, they desire
t ) do business and bave intercourse
'When you get down to their boitom
tbough's," says tbe Herald c rre?pond
ent, "it uiejns free intercourse with
the United States, and if you scratch
a Liberal deep enough you find an an
nexalionia'," bectu'.e Boston is their
natural market, which, they spy, they
must have to prosper, but the tariff
deprives them of it. So it ever is, pro
tecii'jn Is artificial, it destroys natural
tin Jencii s and relations, but In the
end nature will conquer, or ruin will
be the cor sequence. Money is taken
from there three piovinces to fill tbe
coffers of Montreal and Quebec, and
those provinces aie sick of tbe one
sided business, for tbe protection they
were aesnred would bring them pros
perity is ruining them.
As we write it is earthquake day,
but our desk remains steady at pres
ent, and the plaster upon the wal's
still rt tains its hold, and we expect
that when tie midnight hour strikes
quiet and order, will -still prevail and
tbe doomed cities of the South retain.
ttieir' steadiness and equanimity. Mr.
Wiggins has apparently become
alarmed at the damage bis earthquake
has done before the day appointed for
its ravages, for be moved its horrors
di wn among the folks in South Ame:
ici, in a communication he wrote to
tbe Atlanta ContiitiUion, and in' his
general retraction published in the
New York Herald. Man must have
obtained a great control over nature
when ha can move an earthquake
away from a vait district where earth
quakes are not popular, but it is
hard., upon the . country to which
the visitation is moved. 1 With
all his explanations and retractions.
Ur. Wigitins did not withdraw the
"ettr;al smash" be predicted; hsonly
removed tbe scene of its operations.
Ia both tbe communications men
tioned above, he still speaks of "tbe
eirtbquake" of the 20.b. As a pre
dictor Mr. Wiggins is plainly a failure,
but, if we may Jndge by tbe amount of
piety he has brought into activity
among the colored people, he would
evidently nukea first-cla's missionary
fjr the interior of Africa. We with
the missionary sjciotles would unite
in sending him there, deeper in tbe
interior than L'v.ngstore ever went,
so deep tb.it even Stanley could not
find biin. Civilized life can dispense
with Wiggins and his atrociously play
ful predictions. ,
Oa Track of the Nearro Baplit, but
lie Acaln Escapes.
IsraouL to thi ArraAL. I
BirJinoium, Ala., September SO
It turns out that tba rapist, for whor e
pursuit the Pia .t mines' bloodhounds
were telegraphed for last night, really
was the Shelby county negro, Neely.
Some origiral pursuer of tbe negro,
hearing of his inquiry of tbe way to
Gadeden, went there to flod his trail
again. Early yesterday morning,
while ttdliog the Town Marshal bis
mhsion. he saw tbe negro coming up
street. Neely also saw him, and turning
the corr.er, mace for tbe wood?. Sev
eral meu followed and almo-t came
up with him, the Marshal firing at
bim flvo times without effect, but he
escaped to the mountain. Several
pquaJs of men kept up the hunt, and
tijis afternoon one man found him
lying in a bed of leaves and fired a
single barreled Bhotgun at him, but he
aimin gt away.
Teleg arms ctme from Atlanta today
annOonviug the arrest of a negro an
swering the decr ption of Joe Wright,
wbo is wanted for killing Peter Ware
In re Satuiday night.
Mew Mtloilve tor lluinbi.
Pai:is, September 29. Gen. Boulan
gr, desiring to secure from the gov
ernment an appropriation of $25,000,
000 for new t'xploiivrf bombs, rec ntly
invi'e 1 the ltmlget Committee to wit
res tbo experiment he was carrying
o i in priv.tc. The experiments were
made with a mom-tor mortar, designed
as a typs f r tbe destruction of fortifi
cations The mis-iln thrown explodes
with exceedingly destructive eltect.
It is cha god with a rw exolo'ive, of
whrsu composition U.'n Boulanger
and his aociates alono pessess tue
Urn. NIiiIIhh at Lent-cam orth.
I.kavknwokth, Kas., Septtnibtr 29.
-G.du.Pnil hheridao ariived at Fort
I.eavn worth tod ty and will present
tlit) medals swardei to the successful
contestants iu the riff a team tomorrow,
lie will rtmtia at Fort Leavenworth
until Friday.
i'ro.t ! Bllcblaan-
EastTawmk Mrcii., September 20.
ll-ay frokt here last night damaged
what gaidtm truck it could reach.
Tbe Wel.h Harp Baxelta.
London, Sfptember 29 In the
Welsh Harp Regetta, Uihs andTeemer
will st. ri at tne scratch, Uaojm will
hi allowed three seconds; Lee, five;
Ten Eyck, six; Perkins and ltubear,
eight ea-ii ; Ne eon, ten ; K itt, thir
Ufn ; and Godwin, l'eaxce and Follet,
Appointment! Changes la tbe Bales
ad Regulations of tbe Civil
Service Masonic.
Washimotor, September 20. The
President has appointed tbe following
named postmasters: At Knox vine,
la., I. N. Davis, vice William Jtt. Uract
dock, suspended; Washington,' Pa
James B ady, viae J. S. stocking, sus
pended; Poit Townsend. W. T., Gao,
H. McNsmar. vice W. U. U. Learned
sns) ended: tola. Kts., John E. Ire
land, vice Cvrus M. Simpson. resigned
First Ats stint Postmester General
Steveneon left the city this morning
for a three weeks' vi:lt to his home, in
Bloomlndon. III.
All Presidential appointments of
postmasters msde daring the months
of October and November, 1882, hav
ing been confirmed at tbe following
session of Consrets. there will be no
expirations of commissions of PreBi
deutial postmasters during those
months in tbis war. There will be
boweer, :08 expirations during tbe
coming eseion of Cocerers.
The PrsbideDt's reception was at
tended by nearly 400 persius, iuclud
ing tbe Grand General Chapter of
Rovai Arch Maions, now hjluirg
convoration in tb!s city. The Presi
dtnt shook bands with them all and
bad a pli a ant word for each.
A do'egation from Lyncbbu'g, Va
headed by Mr. But on, culled on tbe
President today and invited bim to
attend the Mechanical Exposition
shortly 1 be held in that city.
('anon CIS (Ncv.) Hint lo Be Rt
Washington. Septembor 29. Act
ing Secretary Fairchild hts autborizsd
ton reopomogot tbe mint at ta'son
C tr, Nov., as an assay oflics for the re
ctipt of deposits of bullion. This
action was taken on the recommend a
tion of the Director of the Mint and
with tbe fall approval of the President,
it is intended as an experiment, a) it i
raid at the Department that it is
doubtful whether the deposits at the
mint will warrant even its conduct as
an rs -ay office. Its future operation
as a coinage mint will depend alto
gether upon thi extent of its depoeitf,
Mason Call on the rresldent,
Washington. Seotsmher 29. The
General Grand Chapter Royal Arch
Alatons netd a short sesuoa tuts morn'
ing, and in the afternooa cillod in
the White House and were given a re
ception by tho President. Toa'gbt
they were given a banquet by tne
urana h. a. enspter oi toe jj. strict ol
uoiumita at Masonic temple. Aoout
350 ladies and gentlemen attended the
banquet. Senator Dolph of Cregon,
responded to tne toast "Free Mason
ry." "Washinarfln. the Father of our
Country," and "Washineton. the Can
ital of our Country," were responded to
by Isaac L. Johneon, and "The Press"
by J. Soule Smith, of Louisville. At
tomorrows session of the Grand
Chapter the election of officers will
take place.
The Verdict Standi.
Washington, September 29.
Pprouie, the American who was con
victed in British Columbia of murJtr,
and wnose sentence of death was sue
pendei ponding an appeal to tbe
courts at Oitawa, and after to tbe
Privy Council of Gieat Britain, wilt
probib'y be executed on tbe 1st of
October, the day to wbich he was
respited. The State Department has
exerted itself in his behalf, hut hrs
today been informed from London
that the representations made in
Hproule's behalf have not been con
sidered sufficient y weighty to ovjr
turn tne verdict or longer postpne
the sentence.
Tba Drawback pa Ke lined Sugar.
Washington, September 29. Tbe
Treasury Department has iseued the
following circular to customs i Ulcers
in regard to the ra'e of drawba k on
dried refined sugar: On all refined,
loaf, cut loaf, crabbed, granulated and
powdered sugar, stove dried, or c ritd
by O'.ber equally effective process, ex
ported on and after November 1,
1888, drawbar will be allowed at tbe
rate of 2 li0-i()0 cents ter pound less
the legal retention of one per cent.
The abovo rate is proviBloi a'ly estnb
lished in lieu of that exis.iug of 2
82 100 cents per pound pendiug an in
quiry as to what further reduction
may be necessary.
The Civil Service fammlssloa'a Re
port. Wasuington, September 29. The
Civil Service Unmmiueion has been
busily engaged for some time past in
a revision of the rules and re.u'atinns
relating to the civil service and within
a short time it is probable that a num
ber of important modifications of the
existing rules will be submitted to the
President for his formal approval. Tne
commbsion has changed the construc
tion heretofore placed on the law and
rules relating to tbe appointment cf
soldiers to the c'assified service by the
issue of the following order:
"It Is directed that upon any requisi
tions being made by an appointing
Ollicer for e'.egibles to fill any cliesi
tied civil tervice, tbe certifying cfli er
shall certify from the elegible register
from wbich the eligihles are to be
drawn, th names ot all persons wbo
bave a clsim to preference of appoint
ment under section 1754, United S a'es
Revised Statutes; provided, however,
that if there are upon tald register tbe
names cf mors than four persons
who have a cl.im for preleiunce,
on'y four of them shall be ceit tied in
the orcerof their grading. If noon
the register of the State entitled to the
appointment th re are not preferences
claiming eligibles enough to fill the
certification, or if there is upon
said register the names ot no prefer
ence claiming e.igiblea, the certify
ing claes will complete tbe makirg of
the certification by taking trie names
cf preference c aiming eligibles Iroin
the registers nf ether States, taking
care to select from such State register
in tbo ordir of the right of each
tStiteto appointment under the ap
portionment au'horlzed to bs made
by the commission. If upon the
legist st of no State entitled to tae ap
pointment, there is the name of a pro
leronce claiming eligb'.e, and the
name of un h an eligible app; an up
on a State rpgiBter, tbe quota of which
hes been tilled, the iiame rf Bnch
claiming eligible shall be certified "
lo explanation of this action of tbe
commission Mr. Oberly today said
that section 1754 cf tho Revised Stat
ute?, wbich wvs in force at the date of
the passage tf the civil strviie law,
gave (he preference iu appointments
to persons disabled in the military or
naval fo ces of the United States.
Section 7 of the civil service sc. pro
vided that no person thouldbsem-
p'oyed or promoted in the classified
tervice until be had passed an exam
ination or bad besn shown, to be ex
empt therefrom. But it also provides
that no preference right conferred by
.1 . . l t j . .
iui buuuuu oi me eiaiuio airraay
quotea should be taken away.
Taking the two stc'ions together,
tbe commission concluded that when
a person showed that he had been
bonorably discharged from military
service be had a right to be preferred
in the enrtiri ation for appointment to
a uiTii uuico in ixe ciasoiucu serviuc
When tbis applicant s came came be
lorn tne appointing tlucer, tnst c liner
bad no discretion, bnt under the law
was compelled to appoint him. '1'here
was no competition, aid the competi
tive idea was destroyed.
Thereto, e the commisiion had come
to the conclusion that the twosta'utes
taken t gather established two classes
ot competitors honorably discbarged
soldiers and sailors and persons who
had rrdt been so discharged, and tbe
construction above given was placed
on the law. Its effect wonld be to
cause the names of fonr soldiers to be
certified at ones to the appointing offi
cer, thus affording a fair competition
between them. It has re-established
the idea of competition in that class
of eligibles and destroys the discrim
ination against other persons whose
names were sent up with that of the
soldiers, tut who stood no chance of
appointment and were credited
with one certification. Commissioner
Oberly also sad that the om
mission has under discussion i
new rule for the regu'ation of
promotions in the classified service,
Tbe law poii.ivulv f orb dj promotion
in that service, unlets the person pro
moted has pit sea ai examination.
There bad never ytt been an attempt
mado to .rovdo such ruler. The
commission 'hud in contemplation a
set of rules to govern promotions
which.would l e aoplinnblo uii'ormly
to all departments O e of ilie.n
allowed the d of a bureau to re
qnest tne elimination ol any pers n
who hid been nppointeJ wanout ex
aruina iop. ami h d been promoted
since the civil service law hul gone
into effect. A failure to nacu an
Quired standing iu tbn examination
might nsu't in the reduc ion in giadn
of tbe person examined or hia dis
miFsal. Mr. Oberlva'so said that it was in
contemplation to arrange a definite
schedule of dales and places for hold
ins examirati ,n-i in the variru i St.it s,
thus relieving cindidaies of the d6ubt
and frequent loig delays wbich bare
heretofore exiueu. lue rommusioo,
he added, had decided that it was not
wire or economical to appoint exam
ining boards from officers now ia the
civil s rvice to eximine and gra'ie
app'icanti in ea;b H'ttteand Termory,
us suggfs'ed by tbe National C vil
Ferviue R firui League. Instead of
thie. the boinl wouid tubjo.t to ih
President for his approval a plan to
reduce tho number of departmental
examiners in this c ty from fourteen
to six, and assign them entirely to tbe
duty ot going over tne examination
papers of applicants from all parts of
the country and grading them, thus
insuring a uniform rating.
Tba Stats' jUrltL Iadefialtel?
'irti'i ;! pooed-tUted,
!,!. h'-mi I'"
Jacicjon, i Mirh ,, Seprember 29 A
Card t) Has Publm; ,bome weeks ego,
after the holding of a .ttits fair haJ
beeoabandoneu, waconeluded to have
a Stato d,"ili andtpncatnpment on the
13tb, 14th, lotb, and 15th of Oc ober
next. ;.We arranged a programme and
everyjincaivagampntQBt could have
own expocieu was ireeiy given ub oy
tbe cit zuna cf Jackson, to enable ur
to guarantee tbe ' premiums offered
and expenses incident to the success
ful carrying tnrougD ot tbe enterprise.
We bave, after a full conference with
the various companies composing the
Mississippi National Guards, deter
mined to prs pone tbe drill and en-
cimpment indefinitely, as the time
heretolore determined upon will not
meet the convenient e of many com
panies who desired to attend. The
time being at the beginning of
the busy season, many c fli
ers and men cou'd not leave
their business and employment. We
deBire to extend our sincere thanks to
our friends f or the generous aid of
fered, and hope at come future time
we may be enabled to arrange a splen
did drill and encampment, one which
wt 1 anord pleasure and recreation to
all wbo mar attend. Respectfully,
Br W. L. BiiKirux, Secretin.
There is much disappointment ex-
presied hero at the postponement of
the drill. It is stated that there were
but four competing companies entered
fcr the drill, quite a number of other
companies having entered end after
ward withdrawn on account of the
rearons set forth in theabove caid.
Mr. Miles Hardy, one of the chief
managers for the leeees of the peniten
tiary, died today from hematuric fever.
I am convinced, after testing its
virtue in exceedingly severe and ob
s inats cawe, that T ingaline possesses
decided and marked curative propel
ties in rheumatic neuralgia, and in
many instances of musruiar rheuma
tism. WALTEB COI.ES, 11. D ,
Bt. Louie, Mo.
Jealon7 Causes a aboatlaa.
NkBUNKK, Mien., September 9
Mis Louis Routilard was shot by
Joieph King t 1 o'clock this after
noon. Jealousy is aligned as the
ciose. Both are resided of this
p'ac. King is a widow?r wiih two
children. Mrs. Ronillard is said to
have been receiving tbe attentions of
several men for some time, King be
ing one of tbera hence the jealousy.
She is the mother of five children.
It is Baid tr.at . she cannot recover.
Tbe shoo'ing was done wiih a large
sized revolver, the ball entering tbe
lelt breaht and lodging in the shoul
der. King wtiB arrested and is now
in cuttadv.
Ksilrond Brabemen Ileiannd an In
Clivkland, O.. Sfpteml er 20. Tbe
brakemt-n on the New York, lVnrsvl
van'a and Oaio railroad have de
manded an inc ease in their wages
rom $1 75 to ?2 a day. Ibe managers
cf the road bave been given until Fri
day noon ti make an answer. If tbe
demand ia not met the men will strike.
Toe yard brakemen at Yourgstown
were recently yiven an advance, and
the men at Sharon and Sbarpiville,
Pa , are now asking that tbeir wages
be increased also. They. too. will
sirike Friday if they are Lot granttd
the increase.
Manias; KM! Barae
Bamwi. Mich.. September 29
The tire in the plauing mill latt night
at Wilmington is supposed to bave
been caused by a spark from the fur
nace. Tne planing nuji. dry kun and
several thousand feet of lumber were
destroyed. The loss is estimated at
f 15,000; insurance about 5000,
Flashing in their pearly sheen,
From tbe glorious coralline, '
See those teeth un tarnished I
White alike tbe back and front, -Yes,
by tbe fragrant SOZODONT,
May beauty's mouth bs garnished I
SEPTEMBER 30. 1886.
Co-operate With lhe Bureau of Anl
mal Industry Investigations
Still tiring On.
WASHINGTON. Sentpmhar 90 Th
Commissioner cf Agriculture received
t day tbe following letter from the
uovernor oi Illinois:
Btati or iLMNors, ExaroTivr. Okfici,
braraOFiALD, III., bept. 27, 1886.
Hon. Norman J. Coleman, Commlnioner of
jigriouiiurs, n ainmclon, 1). U. :
Dar bia I have the honor to in
form you that I bava this da dnly
signed and accapte d, so far as any act
of mine as Governor of the State may
be necessary to accept the same, the
ruiea suu regulations lor co-operation
Deiween ine united elates Depart'
ment of Agriculture and the auihorl
tiea of tbe S ate of Illinois for tbe sup
pression and extirpation of contagious
plsuto-pneumonia of cattle, with
certain erasures, iuterliueationa
and alterations the.ein noted in
writing above the sigoature of
Dr. D. . Salmon, Chief of
tbe Bureau of Animal Indus ry; and
bave this day forwardtd to Dr. Sal
mon a copy so modified and accented
with irstiuctions that the same be de
livered to you. 1 have retained
copy fcr filing in tlw office of tha Sec
rotary of State of Illinois and have
diteettd that a thiid copy ba prep-red
for delivery to the Boird of Live
b ork Commissioners of this State f
the r u e hu(1 direction. I tnke this
occ.MOi io ex urns my i banks to you
p rsoiiuuy i ji l o Pea ty cjoptratu L
txtnded y ih- Uii ed St ti-e Gov
eminent to our SUt) in the effort to
extirpate what appears h bso pretry
serious tutoreait ot c,on'Hgious pleuro
pneumonia iu tbe city' ot Caiogo
loursvery reep.c lulu,
Washinqtox, Sep emb r 29 The
Co mm BBioner cf Agriculture has re
ceived the following lit er.
Tr Plains, Va., September 9, 188f
Hon Norman J Coleman, Commissioner of
Agriculture, wasuington, v. v.i
My DeabSib I see by tbe news
papers that the Chicago Stock Yaids
people are denying the existence el
nv dise.se among cattle at their
yards. I must beg you to send a veter
lauiuu to tbis section aj eooa as posai-
b e to look after the cisea3ed cattln
thntweru brcugtt herd directly f'om
Ul iciKObtccs yards by Mr. h. T. Hoi'
ten. Ilea-n thit iha d.eeasj exiet,
or that ca.ile are uyiug in three coun
ties, Fauquier, Prime Will am and
Loudon, rriey being catt'e bought in
Chicae?. In tvery lustanca they came
from Cnicago. I have seen none of
ihem. but bear to at maoy of them out
ol each cir load ao r.rugu nave died,
and ottiera are sick, some of our
farmers say from "Texas fever," but
all say the cattle have a cough, wbicu
I know is not peculiar to "Texas
fever." This thinu should be s'oppi
if possible; bu a'l my efforts ith the
viruinia iegis'a'ure last winter (not
being a membai) to supplant tbe
United S ates law as to pleuro pneu
monla were unavailing;.
The Commissioner has sent Dr,
Dyer to Virginia to make an investiga
tion. -
Investigations 81111 Going; On.
Chicago, III., September 29. The
six veterinary surgeons recommended
by Prof, r-aim on lo loa.m.isuoner Cole
man, of the Bureau of Agricultare, for
hoi ointment to a-siut investigating the
pleuro-pneumonia amcng cattle in and
about tbis city, are Dr. Alexander
Murray, Michisan; W. H.Koie. Wash
ington ; M. R Truninaur, Illinois; T. J.
Heir. JNew York; w. Kjwland. Jeraey
City, and J. W. Hawk, New York.
Oommisdoner McOnesnev ta d today
that no dec'sicn had yet been reached
legardiog tbe proposed slaughter of
exposed cattle. Meantime quarantine
is being strictly maintained and vet
erinary eurgeons are still miking in
vest gatious.
Hot Pleuro-Pnenmoala.
Cleveland, O., September 29 A
few dyi ticca it was reported that a
herd of cattle recently brought to
Summiit countv, O., from lows, were
alllitted witn pieuro-pneumonia, thir
teen of the aniina s having died within
adavor two rf a strange disease. A
Leader rp'cial fom Akron tonigbt
stjsthat Dr. Butler, Stata Veterinary
Surgeon, has just made an examina
tion of tbebeid. Lie finds that the
disease is neither pleuro-pneumonia
nor Texas favcr, bat anthrax, a blood
disease, which he thinks was con
tracted in the malarial distiict of the
West before the cattle reached tne
Cbicgo stock jards. He says the
qurantice precau ions already taksn
Will prevent its spread.
Alaskan Heal Fishing.
Ottawa. Out . September 29. Since
the first demand for tbe release of tbe
Canadian sealing scLconer Onward,
recen'ly seized by the United States
revenneemter Cnrwin in the Alaskan
tea, was forwardei to rue uoiomai
cilice, Londiin, to be aid tebre tte
authorities at W.sbing-i.n, a suppU
mentary demand htB been made
hronith tbe same i hannel, in wnicn it
is p ii.td out that in a convention
signed at St Pt ter.iburg between K g
land and Rue ia, one of tbe ar iclrs
guarantees to British subjects, from
whatsoever quarter they may a rive,
tbe right to lorever enjoy toe privi
leges if navigation and fiuhirg in t ie
Pacific ocean, or Bny part thereof.
From th's noiat it is argued that the
United States cculd nit bave received
from Rusiia the right to exclusive
navigJl on or fishing or se a'ing privi
leges in tbe Alaskan wat.rj.
Vo Mnnsacre la tba Northwest.
Winnii'ao, Manitoiu, September
9. The suitor of the Fort M-iLiod
Gazette wires the Manitvbian that no
niteia'r iv the Iudiuns bas cccurred
in tt eNori.nte:t as reported. Everj
thin is quiet theie. ibe Blcods are
oo iluir reeeive. lie adds that the
rumor probab'y originated f.om the
killing ot a lew B oot's in Mcn'aua
some time ago.
LoBlsvtlle 'eant.
ntEPARK for xoons.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
irgs subject to overflow should he con
structed with Louisville Cement. It is
th standard.
Special Notice to Shippers.
Miasiaairrr and Tksniihsk Rau.ioad Co.,1
MeuipUis, tSeptember 3, la8ri. y
THE oomp'etlon oflha Yaioo and Mii
ilt Valley U.K., Irnm Jakon. MiM.
to Oreupwood, Miw., Ol'KNS tP AN ALL
KAIL LINK, without break of bulk or trans
fer of fraiaht, to followina named points i
Tasoo t'ltjr. Eden, II. Lake, Uoed
Hope tin, MllesWIle, Shaehleroral,
Tebuls, Kelra,4'rnKer,NIloo,Rlslaa
Sua, Ureea wood.
Shipment to landinica ner ik points
should be made to nosreit station nantd
shove. Your bonineie ta reapeotfullr so
licited over the M. aid T. Hoad. sa freight
roaches Its destination ths foHnwinr dsy ol
asllvarr at our dsjwit. A. J. KN aPP, ,
Oeneral Ireia-ht AtenU
E, Ei. APPERSOfl & GO.
VhoIesale Grocers
Cotton. Factors
33G Second (Street, Memphis.
Materials. Pamna, Drive Wells, Iron. Lead and titone Pipe, Oaa Fiztares. Glohei, BM
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
S98-8&3 Front St., Hemphla. Teiuu
Cotton Factors, Commission Merchants,
Uo. 11 South Main St.. St. Iinia.
Vo. 34 Front Street,
Manufacturer of
SS2 rnowT rrmvrwrr.
Window Shades, Picture Bail
J. a.
Daj Son;
w. n. noNos,
Late pf Moacham A Horton.
Late of 1. S.
360-362 Front Street Memohia Tenn
And Commission Llerchants,
3GO and 262 Vront
LuiigfttaiT Rnllding,
322 and 324 Main Street.
L. i). MULL1UB, ot late J. H. Uodnin A Ce.
otton Factors&Commission Ocrchants
No. 1 Howard's Row, flnr. Front and Union. 3nvini.
o. 321 Second, Street
arOP lae Bto3 awr
& Cotton Factors,
or. Fnlon. rf empliia, Tenn.
Alabama Lime,
mfmpttts tt.wn.
Mouldings and Mixed Faints.
- -
3. W. BAII.CT.
LaU of Bailey A CorinrtoH
. 6omerrUle.
Kt., Meninliis, Tenn.
JAa. YONSB, late of J. W. CaldwoU u .
.........Memphis, Tenn.
tyl m la.; Xa.ria.ovi.taM.-
"v'" "Sii
1. j kmkmm:J

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