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1 he Laws of Their Country Mast Be
Upheld and Berpected Austria
and Geimany Stand bj Them.
Sofia, September 30. Gen. Kaul
bsrs today received a deputation of
prominent Bulgarian", who callfd ne
on hint to endtavor to induce bim to
wiudr:w or modify bio tiicalar. Tb
-daiutatioQ wai composed of 114 of
tbe most respected aal influential
-citizens of the Principality and w.
beaded by Dr. Von itchetf, who a?Ud
as SDcktsman. He Biattd t Geui
Kaulbarg that the circular bad sur-
Eriaed the Bulgarian peop'e, and asked
iua to reconsider come of the Rus
sian d.niBudp, part'cu'arly that for a
pcs'ponemniit of the elect om two
mm'hg. Tbe nation was anxioun,
Dr. Voultcbcff co;tinnfd, to epetd.ly
se'.tln the choice of a Prince to occupy
the Bu'g'riaa throne. Ia addition to
that modification, the dector said the
people desired Rossis to withdraw her
demand for tbe immediate raieirg of
the 8' ate of fciege and also the demand
for the instant rJese of the prison
ers in custody f t complicity in
the cjup d'etat. The continuation
of 'the state cf siege was the
only puatoEty the government
hat for tbe pre solvation of
pesc which the reU of Enroje de
sired ta wr!l as Bulgaria. The Bui- f
garians, te ievinz that the Uzar nad
no df Hire to prolong tbe criti , begged
Gan. Kaultars to telegraph to Liw to
h. sea tbe ctoce of a Prince. The
conttituticn atipu'attd that the Grind
Bcbratija ebctdd to select a m'er
should meet within ens month after
tbe elic iocs. In regard to the libe'a
tion of the rolitical priconerp, Dr.
VoultLbeif Bnidthat it would bi a dan
gerous precedent to establish, to liber
ate, without trial or punirhment.thote
responsible for such a momentous tct
ai tbe deposition and kidnapping of
Prince AW-xancJer, bs-sidts ba ng con
trary to the laws wbiih were the tale
guards of the coun'ry, Besidee, if tbe
' prisoners were released, as demanded,
the pro-rahi ities were that the people
would kill tbem in the street3, such
was the popu'ar indignatipn againtt
the implicated m- n. Tbe government
tbouitbtthe impiitontd cflicera should
be tried first and subsequently offered
clemency. In orclua on, tbe deputa
tion auured Gen KaulWs tbat Bul
garia was thankful to the Czar
for his put protection, bat
maintained that the Jaws of
the country mnst be respected.
No other Ministry tt an that at pre ent
in power could ixtiicate the country
lrom its crisis.
Gen. Ktulbars in rrply paid that
tbe Bulgarians koew very well that
the Czar had their prosperity at hear. ;
but, be added, tbey mutt confide in
tb Czar and ra ry out bis wishes.
Dr. Voultcheft interrupted Gen.
Kaulbais at th;s point and said: "If
that is all yon bave to say, we will le
tire." Tbe deputation then withdrew.
The Bu'garian Ministry have de
cided to pos'pone tueir reply to Rus
sia's note d minding as conditions of
tbe Czir'a rotection the raiting of the
state of siege, the liberation of the po
litical prisoners and the freedom of
all paities to vo's in the elections fur
members of the Gtaud Sjhraoje to
choose a tow Prince. The Mmisteis
are not -willing to fhtly refuse Russia's
demands and bave resolved to depute
and instruct some cne to enter into
negotiations with Gen. K'ulbars, with
a vi-w to fiading some other method
of tettiemtnt between RufBia and Bul
garia. Will Not Allow Intfi-rnreBee by Any
Niuiiie tower.
Pjsth, September 30. Prime Min
ister T sza, replying to interpolations
for the govern imnt in the lower
House of the- Hungar'an Parliament
today, ssid that Austru-Hungary in
tended to prevent any single power
from establishing a protectorate over
Bulgaria. "We waut independence
anions the Balkan States," be con
tinued, "without having any covetous
designs toward any of them. No com
munity of interests exist in tbe Bil
kans. The Austro-German alliance
continues, guarding tbe mutual condi
tions of existence without endanger
ing peace. Au tro-Hungary will not
allow any tingle power to nsalse armed
interferenca in Bjlgtria. Austrj
Hungary earnestly intends following
this policy during these critical times."
The Prime Minister's assertion that
AuBtro-Hungary would not permit any
foreign power to es abliah a p o'ecti.
rate over Bulgaria, was loudly ap
plauded. .
Vienna, September 30. Diplomats
here believe that since tbe return of
Count Kalnosky, Aur'rian Minis er of
Foreign Affairs, from Pesth, Austria's
attitude gains. Ruseia'a occupation of
Bulgaria is mora pronounced. 1 his is
partly accounted f r by the belief that
Austria fears tba. if Bu'gaiia is occu
pied by Russia, King Milan will be de
posed in Servia, and 8arvia and Bul
garia will be both Russian zed. This,
it is argued, wonld caaee disorder in
Bosnia, and probably a conflict with
Mont; negro. (
To Loot are In America.
London, September 30. Angus
Sutherland, member of Parliament
for Sutherlandehire, will soon start
for the United Sates and Can
ada, whera he will Inc urs on tbe
crofters and form Highland leagues.
Mr. Sutherland is the son of a crofter.
From the Austrian Capital.
Vienna. SrDtembar 30 The Reich
stag assembled today. Ia tbe Lower
House Deputy Heilsberg asked Prime
Minister Von Teafa whether the gov
ernment was disposed to characterize
positively as idle inventions tbe
rumors to tbe effect that changes bad
taken place in tbe relations between
Austria and Germany because of Ger
many's support of Russia in Bulgaria.
Tbe Ntue Freie Prem cays: Bis
marck's greatest connivance cannot
destroy tbe elements of antagonism be
tween Germans end l'anMavi6tn. Ma
terial interests wi 1 assert themselvep,
and Germany will ur.t be willing that
Russia aha.l some day compile tbe
whole of Asa and tius be able to
place the greatest now: r in the world
at tno disposal oi ransiavism.
The AimnsHin of tbe Blkhop of Madrid
Madrid, September 30. The trial
of Father Caye and Galeote, the asses
sin of Mgr. Iquierdo, Bishop of
1MaYfit ta nmppfcrlimr in tha cilv. Im
mense crowds surr .und tbe Palace of
Justice, in which the Irial is being
nnti.lnMerl fialunta insists that he
wts justified in the murder of the
Bishop. He dtcla'es tnat ne nas
twice tried tocon'mi'MiHde in prison
Bulgarian Knenl the Conduct of
Huns fa.
Sjkia, September 30. The Regency
baa posted nt ticea of the elections for
the Grand Sobr--nj, which ia to elect
a successor to Prince Alexander. Gen.
Kau bare, the Rusdan special agent,
threater s to have tbe not ces removed,
Th te pie feM.t toe conduct of Rus
ei in demm ing as ibe price cf ibe
Czar's protect on the liberation of po
litical prieonr., tte raising of the
state of siege and freedom for a'l par
tits to o e In elecing tbe Grand
Sobranj It is believed tba1 a rupture
between Bu'g-ria and Ruseia is im mi
rent. Heported Lana;ncar rather Cnnt-
Dublin Ssttembtr 30. Father
Cantweil, a Catholic pro'-t, is reported
to have U'ed tbe following Ungnage
while arldieaing league meeirg
yerte'd y:. "Sparing a landlord who
unju3'ly evicted a tenant Ik straining
to ibe utmost limit the crder which
tells us riot to murder any individual.
S ill i: always is morally wrong to com
mit murder."
De Freyrlnei'a Strong Language.
Pams, gjptsmber 30. Tbe Paris
newepapere warmly indorse tbe firm
nets of De Fieycinet's languaue. Le
National eays: "We bave no concern
with Tripoli and will not go there.
Oar interests lie in Euypt and no
wbeie else, and we shall enforce our
rights." De Freycinet arrived at
Montpellier today and was enthusi
astically received by tbe people.
Dangers to Which the Pope I
R' me, September 30 The Vatican,
in a circular to Papal Nuncios at for
eign couit, portrays the dangers to
wbich tbe Pope is expotei owing to
freth pereecutions preparing and to
tha r.iuntepairt whicQ the govern
ment Gfives to agitations agtumt the
Holy See.
Denprrate t lxhlina at nelfdHt.
Bklpsst, Fentamber 29. There was
desperate fighting today between Pro
testant and Ca hoiic workmen at
Barbour's foundry, this city. The po
lice interfered, when tbe fighters
joined fi rce, btoned and routed the
police. Cavalry was summoned,
which charged npen aid dispersed the
mob. Scores of rioteis and teveral p
licemen were injured.
Military Pickets Attain on Duly.
Bmfabt, September 31 The mili
tary pii kets who were recently with
drawn from tbe disturbed districts in
this city have again been placed on
duly to prevent another outbreak.
Cable Flashes.
London, September 30. Sir Regi
ra'dHan'on bus been elected Lord
Mayer of London.
Lou d ok, September 30. The Eng
lish fieh rg eiunckf, which were se zed
at Havre, nave been released.
Berlin. Sen ember 30 Edwin Ar
nold is ill. He recen ly underwent
tn cperation for inte nal abcees.
Berlin, September 30 Severe frosts
prevail throughout Germany. In
BhVarii heavy BLOwfalls are reported.
Dublin, September 30. The Earl of
Nortbbrook is in Uitter making a per
sonal invesiatiou of the land ques
tion. Paris, S. pteaber 30. China in
t-nds to issuo a loin for 150,000,000
f.r tbe construction of railways in tbe
Melbourne, September 30. The
.IrqiM says the )a et French opera-
lious in tbe New Hebrices indicate
permanent occui ation.
London, September SO The eteaai-
er Suflo k is a total wreck. Her cirgo
is washing ashore and is being rescued
by wreckers. Three lhruaad bags of
the cargo bave been saved.
Of One of the Largest Wholesale
nillinrry Firms In the West.
Chicago. Ill , September 30. The
firm cf A. S. Gare- & Co. confeseed
judgment in favor cf the First Nation
al Bank this morning for $1)7,000. The
firm rccupies one of the finest blocks
on Vabah avenue, at tbe c.rnerof
Adams etrest. and nai bee a carrying
on a wholestle buineR ia millinery
and fancy go-ds. The firm during tbe
forenoon made ai aisnment of its
entire s ock to II. J. McFarland, and
its large e-tebl shment was at once
closed. The liabilities are placed at
$760 000. and are owing almost entirely
to Eastern bcu:es. Ibe aests are
roughly estimated et $050,000. Sx
mon'hs ego, in tdditicn to its whole
sale depaitment, tbe firm opened a
larce retail dry gr.ods store, n was
surmised in bu-ineas circles that the
firm W' s pressed, but the failure did
not appear to be anticipated.
B!"w tha luramcr hrpcids nontly
W hile parteboa'd bitllo wage J;
Bcnr e ne minded, fo intently
With the (r ime wo wereei'trnfrea.
Ah 1 he seetutd a queenly beauty,
Kit to win a aud'a rcgiirdi
(I fomota p'tnor' duty),
Aa the captain dea t the earda.
An T gazed their pictured faces
Mirrored liaoK lier iwimeftill,
All confuted were kin.8 and acei
Minglim in a wild quxdrille
Till, aa from enchanted distance,
Came her pure and cultured tone
(Scorning all my weak 'itance),
"Diamundf, truuips; I play alone.
Blew the autumn breeze! gently,
At we Hat upon the tands,
While the billows impudently
Cast their spray upon her hands.
Ah I she sremed a goddess, surely,
Proper theme for tuneful barda
(QUncing downward so demurely),
While sty Cupid dealt the cards.
Then Itnldln tender fashion.
While the aes looked on and smiled,
Bow my stronr, consuming passion
Thoughts of other maids exiled.
How I lored to madness nearly ;
But she spake in cultured tons
(Scorning my two thousand yearly),
"Diamonds, trump; I play alone.
Straight I rushed to dissipation,
Mrdlj trod its widest range;
Then 1 turned to speculation.
While my luck was wondrous strange.
Thousands upon thousands piling.
Naught my onward course retard!
(Yielding to my fond beguiling),
O odd ess Fortune dealt tbe oarda.
o o o
Yes, I saw her at th ang'e
Of the staircase baiting Drown j
Ehe'a a lovely th oat tostrangle,
And her cheek is showing down.
Did yi'U say she looked? Appealing?
Well, I'm sorry, 1 must own
(There has been another dealing),
"Diamonds, trump; play alone. '
Rafe In Fort.
London, September 30. The Britie h
atftdmer Avershire. fro-n New Orleans
August 14th, via Newport News, for
Antwerp, was loweu inn rsimnuia
by tbe steamer Weatherby (British)
from Newport Newe, September 2d,
for St. Kazaire. before re tiorted as hav
ing lcet her propeller blades, and was
piOCJtUlUg uuuui nan.
IMvldrnd Declared.
Niw York, Sep'ember 30. The
f tV,a VanrlarhiH rnnila nipt tn.
day and declared a dividend of 1 per
cent, on New York Cmtral for the
past quarter, ar.d decided not, to de
clare any dividend on Lake Shore or
Michigan Central.
"Onr Baby's First Year,"
by Marion Harland, with other valua
ble information; f.irty-eigbt page book.
Sent free on receipt of 2 cent stamp.
Address Reed & Carnrick, Mercantile
Exchange Building, New York City.
Horrible Harder of a Tonne Woman
The Logan Family Slayer
Other Crimes.
Fabmington, Mo., September E0.
A trntal and horrible murder of a
young woman named Annie Veatb,
daughter of a respectable old German
naxed Peter Veatb, was coxmbtf d in
Ste. Genevieve ceunty, a bo it sixteen
m lee from this p'ace, ye.-t;rJay.
While the mother of the young wom
an was abtent at a neighbor's and tbe
boys were at work in the field eome
onewetitto tha honce, rnu dered her
and threw the body in a well, where it
was found by the hmily. Some of
the furniture era were were opened, as
if robbery was the ot j- ct of the mur
e'er. A (ramp who hidb?ea to the
honse earlier and had asked for some
thing to eat is supposed to be tbe mur
derer. The otticers are now on his
track, and should be be cau bt and
brought to this vicinity he m ill doubt
less Dy lyncned.
Liable to Be Lynched.
Steblvillb, Mo. September 3
Wa'Uce, the alleged mnrderer of tbe
Logan firmly, mail; the fallowing
statement lost Sunday in regard to the
accneation egainat him:
"Ua the night the crime was com-
no tied I was there at Cub;. I wa in
the babit of visiting the wife of Sim
Vaughn, a coloied woman, and went
out tnat night to tee liar. I got there
on the midcight train and went to her
houce and knocked, rsbe told me her
husband bad gone to Rolla and I went
in nnd staid a while and finally left, to
go down to my father's. I got as far
as the rai road crosiing and met
Vaugban. I aeked him where be bad
been and he laid to Holla. I to'd him
I wss going down to my father's and
he told me not to go. He had been
there ar)d bad get into bad trouble and
did not want me to tell be had been
out that nigbt Ue gave me $20 to
leave there and not tell I had Feen
him. Wednesday I went to the city."
Last Sunday evening Yauehan was
arres'ed, but tbe officers eojn became
convinced that Wallace's story was
taise, ibat vaugban is innocent, and
be a as released. The murder cjbb is
now btinginvestigated by the grand
jury and witnesses who raw Wallace
on the trail going from St. Louis to
Cuba, and these who saw bim at tbe
la ter place on tbe nieht of the murder,
have testified to these facts.
Mr. Logan's brother arrived today
from Caliiornia, and will do all in his
power to fix the crime on the guilty
Tbe excitement in the county eti 1
continues, and it is thought by many
that the muderer will ynt be taken
fruni tbe jail and lytcbed.
Carried Away While tier Hnabaad
New Yokk, September 30. A special
from Colioes, N. Y., says: Superin
tendent wneeier, ot bt. Agnes Ueme
tery,,on the outskirts cf the town,
lives in a houe in tbe cemetery. Last
night about 9 o'clock Mr. Wheeler
was in bed bleeping, but Mrs. Wheeler
was about the Louse. There was a
rap at the door, which was opened by
Mrs. Wheeler. Four men immedi
ately pouueed upon her and carried
her through tie cemetery. Although
she screamed with all ber might ter
husband did not bear ber. Wnen the
end of the cemetery was reached, the
men tied her to a feme. They then
demanded that she tell where the $100
was hidden wbich her husband had
received from the pastor cf Sr. Aanes
Church, but she refueed to tell. They
threatened to bang her, but she firmly
refused to give the information. Then
the men left ber and weut to the
house, which they searched thorough
ly, but did not find tbe money, and
the men left. The woman's Bcreams
finally attracted the attention of neigh
bor farmers. They found bir tied to
tbe fence and insensible; Mrs.
Wheeler was carried home and ber
husband awakened.
Confessed to Arson.
SKOwnioAN, Mich., September 30.
Alfred Hurd was arrested here yester
day. Ha has con'eseed to the burn
ing of Frost's and Laughton's build
ings. He lived at Laugiloo's. llurd
was suspected Satuiday lirat, but
Langbton thought it itnprsiibie tbat
be stiould do it. Herd is but 10 years
cf age and not veiy iDtilbgmt. He
will be taken to tbe Norridgewot k jail
today. Laughton and Front lived only
half a mile apart. Detectives etrnct
lo have the whole btuinefs cleared up
shmtly. It is now sta'cd thet a woman
will come in as an accomplice if not
the init gator of the firing of these two
buildings. Sensational developments
are eip3Cted within twenty-four
Petition for Rnbearlns; Benied.
Staunton, Va., September 3?. Th's
morning the Supreme Cai t of Vir
ginia, sitting here, banded down the
papers in the case of T. J. Culveriue,
who etands convicted of the murder ot
Lillian Madieoo at the Old Reservoir,
Richmond, Va., with tha indorse
ment that tbe petition for a rehearing
is denied. This remands tbe case to
tbe Hustings Court, of Richmond, by
which the time will be fixed for the
death penalty by hanging unlcsa Ex
ecutive clemency interposes.
Joseph Will Remain In Pilaon.
Chicago, III., September 30. A
dispatch from Ottawa, III., received
this morning, conveys tbe informa
tion that the Supreme Court has de
nied the application of Attorney
Richberg for the releaee of Joseph (J.
Mackin from the Juliet penitentiary
on a writ of habeas corpus.
A Drngalst Drinks Carbolic Aeld.
Omro, Wis., September 30. F. E.
Henry, a prbmineLt drugiiist, took a
drit k cf carbolic acid, in mistake for
beef extract, this morning, end died
in terrible agony ten minutes after
ward. He was 35 years old and leaves
a wife aad two children.
At Cblcaao lias t ainted Considera
ble Belny In Construction.
Chicago, III., Sej tmber 30. It Is
said tbat the dhpnte between the
stone cutters and the atone n.asons
and bricklayers has already resulted
in considerable delay to buildings in
course of construction. An exten
sive bnilder and contractor said the
effect thus far has been fo stop tbe
work on a large number of s'.ruttnres,
and unless the matter was eetiled,
the work on others wculd be discon
tinued. Tbe senior member of one
of tbe largest architect firms in the
citv said be was glad the fight was on.
as it would result in breaking tbe
combination among the cut ttone con'
tractors and bring about reasonable
prices lor all cot stone work.
gnbncrlbe for the "Appeal"
If the Liver Ixy Qll I Q
csmes torpid, if the r j gLaO
bowel are eonstipatctl, or If tbe atomacfc
rails t 9t ji its functions iroperly, DW
Ayer't II , They are Uvai blc.
Fori, "W "tars I was a rt n to Liver
Coiiit 1 consequence of which I
utliM i J General IX bf k- and Indt
gi'sti4 . i wye boxes of Avcr's Pit
restorl I t ' to perfect h sli. W. T.
Brljjlitney, Ilrndorwm, W. Va.
For years I have relied more cpeaj
Aver'a rills than unythlug else, to
. Regulate
my bowel. These Pills are mild In action,
and do tlielrwoi k tlmrou-bly. 1 have axed
them with puil rilW-t, lit cases of Hlieu
niutisrn, Kidney Trouble, anj IvsieuU.
U. F. Jliller, Aitluboroiigh, Maa.
Aver'a Pills cured mo of .Stomach and
Liver troubles, from which 1 had suffered
for years. I consider them the best pills
made, nnd would not ln without them.
Jlorrls Oiatea, Downsvillo, X. Y.
I was attacked with Itilioua Fever,
which was followed bv Jaundice, and was
o dangerously ill that niv friends de
spaired of my recovery. 'I commenced
taking Ayer's Pills, and soon regaineil ra?
customary strenirtli and vigor. John V,
Pattisyn, Lowell, Nebraska.
. Last spring I Mill'cred greatly from
troulileaonie liumor on my side. In spit
of every ellort to cure this eruption, it lo
creased until the llesli became entirely
raw. I was troubled, at tbo same time.
With Indigestion, and distressing pains In
The Bowels.
By the ndvlco of a friend I befrnn taking1
Aver'a l'ills. In a short time 1 was free
from pain, my fund digested properly, the
aores on my body commenced healing,
and. In less than one month, 1 was cured.
Samuel V. White, Atlanta, (ia.
I have lomr ucd Aver'a Tills. In my
family, nnd believe Iheni to be the best
pills made. S. C. Dardcn, Dardeu, Miss.
My wlfo and little grl were taken with
Dyseutcry a few d:ivs nijo. nnd I lit once
beiran giving tln m smnll doses of Aver'i
Pill, thinking 1 would call a doctor if the
disease beeninn any worse. In a short
time the bloody discluirorci stopped, all
pain went awny, and henltli was restored.
Theodore Kslin;,', Uichmond, Va.
Ayer's Pills,
Prepared by Dr. J.C. Ayfr Si Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Dialers In Medietas.
Copartnership Notice.
TUB undersigned li'Te termed a copart
nership, ilatinu lrom the Hih instant,
nnder tho arm name anil style of DEAN A
LILLY, for the purpose ot conducting a
Wholesale offee, Tea and rptce business at
216 Main street, Lee Block, Memphis, Tenn.
The butine'S will beconduoted atlUI Poplar
troet unt l the iimc inery anil fixtures at
the new stand are couip'-leit.
Memphis, September 2U, W.6.
Wn.t.riM Dian.
John Lilly.
Coffee Roasters,
20 Main St. (Lee Block)
MnHol the UiswiMie which lMli:tmMikluUaiorwiii.
all; cauwtd b a diminli'n tlcomlition or the L I V fc H .
ior ll ouliililuints ot this kinil, ui-b u 'lorpulity of
the Lior, Hiliousnmw. Nervoon DvspBpslm Iwtian
tiua Irrottularity ot the Uuwels, Ouust iplioli, 1' lalu
leucy, Kracutiona and burning of the Btoiuaeh
(som. tliiiHS oallod lliartliiirn), Miaaiua, Malaria.
Bloody Flm, Obilla and l uwr. Breaklxme rw.
Kibaustion beloin or aluir or, CJomnio IMar.
Kloomy aplrita. It is oiie of the AUtmtirn
,!,( r.riirr. iff ll.r JiUxl,amd It a palualilt Umtc.
1. r sale by all DniaWta Prtco S 1 .00 per botUo,
C. F. STADICER, Proprietor,
140 SO. FRONT ST., PhllnOelph.O, ta.
Kon-ltehlileut Jtotbe.
No. 6:M-In the Chancery Court of fchcthw
County, Tenn. John T. wunnsvi. rriii
iauiIIOunn irabueetal.
Tt innnrtr. from the bill which S SWom
to in this causa that the dofondants, Toney
Triiliuo, A. K. Traiiue, Joan Trabue. Adilie
Trabuo and Chriiitine Trabue are residents of
Missouri; Mrs. J. II. Keynolds is a resident
of Texas; Mrs. O. W. Htoin is a reridentoj
New York, and that Mrs. C. L. htive and
Mra. O. L Btu-e ar reiilents of Louitlana,
and that the heirs of Robert Trabue and of
Alfred A. Hyde aro unknown, and their
names and places of residence are unknown
an cannot b ascertained alter dilirent in
quiry. Said unknown heirs ars made par
ties defendant heroin on account of their in
terest in the south half of a. lot of land de
creed to John T. Willins, J. W. Trabue and
A. A. llyde by tho first Chanoery Court of
Memphis. March 18, 117, the same frontms
76x150 feet on the west side of Walnut street,
this auit beinc brcuaht for the partition or
sols for partition of said lot.
It ia, therefore, ordered that they make
their appearance herein, at the Courthouse
of Shelby county, in Momphis, Tenn.. on
or before the first Monday in November,
laao, ana plead, answerer m iuouju
plainant bill, or the same will be taken for
confessed as lo them and set for hearinf ex
parte : and that a copy ol this order be pub
lished ones s week lor four successive weeks
in the Mernnhli Appeal. Thutrthdayof
YMolOWELL, Clerk and Master,
By B. P. Coismsn, Deputy O and M.
"To the VICTOR the LAUREL."
Pre-emie.nt In every toehsr quality, tt.
HANAN SHOE Sal become the tecogmtad tlandud
lor line wear among discriminating uuntl.mon.
A irimn Willi llrnl us mid C'onselenec
will drop petty prnl ii"li carelrly picked up
when truth kn(.U lit lln-iliir. Surh un- invilrtl
Hi try ine pair ol " llaimn'a" "loirs. Vit know
the result: everv man who wants I he ln-t nnd
finest Article in the market will become a perpet
ual " llunuu " man.
AUR ANTII in InvnllialJ p. " l Opt a panacea
(..r all rliia', but will CURB all dlsMlsea of
ttie LIVER, 8TQMACH and BOWELtt. U
rhaniios tlio eoliiljoinm lrom a waiy. yellow tlriK,
... . r...i.i l...o).u It nnllrulv renioToH 1'iW.
63 r iiij ns. sl
lutual Life Insurance Co.
. IIICIIAlll) A. MTIIBDV, Frcreldeiit.
The Largest, Strongest and Cheapest Company fn the World.j
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DKP'T.lGOto 174 Adams Memphlr
Brass ssef...-. "-..- "-r. ' . i iiiiirirsi
(Successors In this lenartmentto JOHN MANOGUK.)
-Writ. US for tnfnrinattnn on ANY TiUNH In either line.
Tho Planters Fire ami
or m km ruin.
Ofllre ia t'oinpaay's llnllcllnsr. No. 41 IHadlaon Hltfri, Hrmphla, Tenn.
D. T. PORTER, FrsHs. I JHo. OVKHTON. Jr., VlecPrM. I J. II. NMITII, Nee'y
K. II. HUKTr K, Aaalatnnl Nerrolairy.
DIKKrOKN-P II. BHOOKa. ol Brooks, Neely 4 Co. ; H. L. COFFIN, of Dlllard A Coffin I
1). T. POUTER, of Porter Jk Macrae; JOHN OVERTON, J.. J. C, MILLS, J. K.
UUDWlM, of J. K. Godwin A Co. ; J. M. UnoDliA R, of Goodbar A Co. I
Cominenvs (I Bmlnnas la lh7. a.ses raid, Over Ibilf a Million.
Hwrlllwira FspeclMly tralretl.
Also Representa the Sprihopuld Firs, of hprinirfleld, Mass.; Osoroia lions Inhubahci
CoypAtiv; rVtoitHTAiw City, o ChnttanooKa, 'lenn.
J, T. riKtABOH.
0. 0. HIIK.
UIioIoSciIo Grocers & Cotton Factor
85S Front Street, Memphis, Ten a.
totUi ssail(B4 to will says osr earefsl attention. Ws earry st all Nrasl wU
. seleoted stock ol
Stapls L Fancy Grecerias, VVinas, Liquorsjob&cea & Clgin
l (nil .III f.ll n law Iks lawnl.
31 and 3G MadlNon
1 .1 Kl iKT-' - ' -i "
J. T. Lal'RADK.
Late J. T. LaPrads X Co
No. 301 Front street,
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
He. II ITnlon HtrovU t t lflcw.pl U. Tenn.
W. A. SMITH, Proprlelor.
-n'AZ. TS.i -
- 7:v'--'-"
Sawla. Jeba B. alll.aa. rnas. dark. M. i. Cla- k.
7boleale Orocere, Cotton Factors
And Commission Merchants,
232 and 234 Front St., Memphis, Tena
1(1. 1. V. XkXStl .Tots. kli wliols tlrn. to th. w.tht.i sad sal. ofjll OoHoa MtrvM
Vs. B Iron,
DEPT. 220 and 228 Second 8t
Marino Insuranco Co.
1. L. WOOStNl
St., s Memvrlifs. T"ii.
Manufaoturer'a Agents for
Daniel 1'riUt oil on OIiih,
Manufacturers of
Pratt Krllpse rimlpr Ulnn, FmI
etrs nnl Win Hnlrrs,
OH to 101 Poplar St., Momph!
esrPratt IteTolvlng-Head Glna nne
qualed. Btook now complete. Prices
reduoed. Correspondenso ano orneri
olioited. Old dins Repaired in First
la a Urd . All work icuuranteod.
Late with J. T. LaPrads A Co
: Memphis, Icnn.
IV. A. Ninllh'H lnt. Separator.
Knirln Eelluse Ilullor (Hn.
I'luin lo-incn uin, anu
Prire at Factor r. tlOOand 110,
. iiiwv kviit ciiTinv rlt'lVFRS
sjarAll klnda of dins Repaired. Special
yisoouni to voe arauo. mei
SSI awl Front Wt., Wrewiials, Tirna
o. 17 Jeffersoi Street,
(Between Mala and Front.) MEMPHIS.
Ibttabiiined in 1860.1
R.J0HN80N Is acknowledred by all par
ties interested as be far tk.
eessful physician in the treat oientof prirata
kir secret diseases. Quick, permanent cures
isranieea in every case, male er ferrale.
J-ent. cases of Oonorrhea and Byphilia
cwr. 1 in. days without the as. of mer
cery, chance of diet or hindrance rroos
bTtslna. Secondary Syrhilis, the last Tea
tia..r4 icated witho'ittbe vs. of mercury.
Invrrlnrn ry losi of semen stopped in short s
tim. (SoiT.r.ri from Impounoy er loss of
leiail r" .ra restor t, free ritor in a few
weeks. Vim ima of self-alius. aad eicssin
venery, sntfo.'inK from aperm.torrbea and
lossof physiea' nd mental nnwer, sneedilf
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to Ihi' Diseases of Women, and
onres ivaranteM. Piles asd old sores cured
without the use of caustio or the knife. All
consultation, rrifl.tly om UJential. Medi
slnes sent by .apt ess to all parts of ths
rWorltinsm.n eared st half th. usual
n;tes. tlliss honr fro m oVUck a.m. to
o'clni-w p.m. P. 8. JQHNHON. M.D.
817 and 8I5 JTrJT !flIC
NjScpond St' liiSSg
woon-woRKiwo MACHINERY
Orrrci Mkwi'iiis Oar Lisht Company, )
Miuphih, Taa, f
BY order of the Hoard or Directors of ths
Memphis tins Light Ceacpariy, mads
July t. lHrtn, a meetina oi th. stoe'holders t'.
said oompany was called to he held on Mon
day, October 4, lHHtl, st ths orttae of the com.
pany, in Memphis, at 12 m., to consider tni
act upon a contract iae br'he hoard ol
Directors with Tar ... District ol bhelbt
county, a copy ot which contract has beet
sent by mail to each stockholder In turthef
pursuance of said order of the Boa'd, notiot
of saiJ meeting is hereby (iron to tbe stock
holders ot said company, and they ar. earn
estly requested to be present, or send proxies
with ihoir instructions as tn the voting of
their stock upon this proposition to accept
or rtjoot said oontmot.
Secretary of Memphis Uss Liiht Co,
Reptember 1, lKHti,
1 PURSUANT to an execution Issued Au
gust I), lKHil, from tho HunreXia Court ol
Tennessee, on indirmont rendcr.d by said
Court. June lrtH, In favor of J L. Kpper
son against W. 11 (lallir ath and J. M.
Fowlkea, comprising the firm of W. B. Oal
'irrath A Co., lor one thousand and riahty
nine dollatt and (Uhty-uv. o.nts Ulllsi 85),
I will on
Naluralay, Oclnber a, 1SH.
la front of tbe Courthouse do r, In Shelby
eounty, lenn.. sell to the highest biddtr lor
cash the following do'oribed iract of land la
the Taxing Dlptrtnt of rbi lby oounty, la
Shelby oounty, Tenn., to-wit: Keginningat
a point on the south line ol Union street,
K4H feet east of s four (4) foot alley I then?
east on and with south line of lnlon street
M'-', feet to a stake; thence southwardly, at
riant anvlos with Union street, 1WI feet to an
alley: thence with said alley westwardly
M feet to a stake; thenoe oa s tins per
pendicular to Union street northwardly IVt
toot to the point of heainning. being sams
lot oonveyed by W. 11. Malbreath to A. Vae
caro by deed registered in Shelby oounty,
Tenn., in bonk KK1, page 1U7, and same b.inr
th..athall'of lot conveyed by F. Lans
M. L. Meachsm and W. 11. Oalhreath, by
deed in book 61, page ll'l. of the Kegistar's
olllce of said county. Levied on as the prop
erty of W. 1). Ualhreath tn aatity said ex
ecution. ,W.D. CANNON, HheriS.
Ily Jiiiik J. Mabon, Deputy BherirX.
l'oston A I'oston, Attorneys.
And Iron Roofing.
Fire, Wind, Watvr anil I Ulilnlna;
pruor. Buitable for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimates at factory rate!
oall on or sddresi
438 A 440 Main at., and 21 A 21 Mulberry St.,
Headquarters for Iron Fenora and Cresting,
Ualvanised Iron Cornice, Tin Kcofs A Stoves.
Tma liELT or Ho
genen tor is made ex
pressly lor tbe onrs
1 aegeneration Ol
maatlli. throuah tha
..M.. " w.l.- IKI I. .UMi-
them to healthy action. Do bat oonlound
inis witn jvieoirie ueiu anveriiaeu w our,
all lili from head tn toe. It l for th. ON 8
Lspecilio purpose. For nlroulars giving fall
ntormatiton. auaress uneever cieoinc csii
Co.. W Washlns-ton street. Chloair 111.
Crab Orchard Springs,
LINCOLN COUNTY, KY. The .ioelt.n
of the cuUine, and accommodations char
aoteristin of this hotel during the past thres
years, shall be fully maintained this season.
Excursion tickets to the Springs by the L.
and N. Hallway are good via Louisville, both
going and returning, to proceed on Arst train
succeeding arrival in Louisville.
W T. (IHANT, Pres't. J. C. KINft. rjnp't.
' nartect subatltuta 'or an other!
and Taathlna. A nredluusttHl food for Dya
mTHiuauif id ajnoiera inianiun
popTioa, uonsumpuvee, uoniBiBw.ia
Perfaot nutrient In ail Wasting Dleena.a.
Kielree no oooklng. Our liook, Tha Cam
nnd Feedlna of Infant. Dialled ft on.
WILL b. opened June 1st. This noted
watering-place ia situnted six rnilsi
from ;tn Furnace, on the Nashville ana
Tusoaloona railroad, In llickuian counir
Tenn. Hack will meet all trains at ditns
and will convey guesta to sprints at a very
low rats.
Honnl, '0 Per Month i l VfT Day.
Hlttl Kal lo tulll.
Ws invite all who wish to spend the mosl
pleasant seaton of their lives to corns to
lleaverdain. especially seekers ol pleasars
and health, (iovd water aad pur. air ia
liiveryinen, Centreville, Tenu.
K. A. I)KN. Prnp'rt'ontreville Hotel.
Trustee's Sale.
ON SATURDAY, OCT011KR 2. 18!. at No.
Id) Market s'reer, Meaiphis. Isna., I
will sell to th. hlgbi.t bidder (or cash, all
the Household and Kitchen Furniture, in
cluding one Parlor Set. thiee ho, mbts and
Kitchen Furniture, in laid r'Sidenos. 1 sell
ueder trust ded made by Joba ient lo me,
Recorded in bok 31, page5.. is.KegisUr's
oe and by aireo- on o' beneBoiary thers-
atAHtrrACTtnir.iiB oi 'si.feji''
Jt -' ' FOR ' misuikeabon thisln-
. J'' t' ' i strutoent the ooa
I.VV A ,tinuous stream ol
lltiri:,il .IU VI iilTHll'ITV
i mux; v,

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