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OCT. 1, 1886.
KOBERT L. TAYLOR, of Washington.
JAMES PHELAN, of 6helby.
w". L. CLAPP.
Wa obierve that frequent reference
if made j oat now to the prediction ut
tered by the flnt Napoleon, that Eu
rope would become Cossack or repub
lican. Today strides are making to
ward! both one and the other. Rev
erence for monarchy la dying cut.
England 1b ripidly outgrowing respect
for monarcbs who "can do no wrong,"
and conreqnen'ly cm accomplish no
right. Fiance baa cleared ber mon
arcbe away and is now bundling her
princes alter them. Bpaniatde revolt
and cry out f r a republic. Italy li
const an t'y liberating. llelgiutn
catchra repub'ican influences from its
neighbor, France. Holland la slow,
bat gives signs cf discovering the ose
lessnesi of kings. Denmark i appa
rently on the eve cf revolution against
lis absurd King. Acntria has her at
tention engaged in annexation, but its
partner, Hucgary, gives signs of in
creasing libeia'iam. Germany is
still onder the influence of
the unifka'ion of the empire,
and will di-turb neither Hisuoirek
nor "Wilhelm, but when they are gone
the preset t progress of socialism there
gives signs of certain change; the
band ot power there has bscometoo
heavy. Bulgaria would be happy if
it could steer clerr of monarcbs ind
prinefs. Russians cling to "the right
divine" to govern wrong, and the
Cr-ar is sacred in their eyes, and Itat
siais the world's center f mlachlef,
but the existence of nihilism bIiows
what avo'cano is burning bsneath
the iurface. Eustla is hastening
toward a ri petition of the horrors of
tbe French revolution a century ago.
We bave received a report of tbe
president of the Yasoo Levee Board,
Col. T. W. Whits, which presants
various facta cf much Interest. From
its page wa extract the following:
The levees bad not barn cons dered
ufflolsnt to withstand a flood like that
of 1882, bat this year the ifss wj
from four ti seventeeu inches higher,
yet surprising success a'.tendad the
efforts made to protect the levee, the
expense was $50,COO. The president
recommends the construction of a
telephone line along the levee, so aa
to secure rapid intelligence of breake,
etc., in future floods. The light top
ping work done, though generally
with narrow base and steep slopes,
resisted the water remarkably well,
but trouble arose in places from
aloughingot the rear t lope. Tendency
to slough was more maiked where
light basking of new toil wai
placed on the rear elope . of
the old levees, the efloct of want
of cohesion between the new
and old work, the new material slid
ing off, involving also existing work.
Some sections, completed Just before
high water, stood perfectly well, al
though fresh soil had been pat on the
rear slope; the quantity of new over
old work proved sufficient for stall
ity. Where a thin prism of new ma
terial Is to be applied, it is best to
place it on the river side. If there is
a standard slope the water will sus
tain it in position. At the junction'
of old and new levees leaks were pre
valent, and greater precaution is re
quired in making such junctions than
the usual one ol extending the muck
ditch up the slope of the old work.
The new levee is principally composed
of "buckshot" material, not having
been subjected to water pressure be
fore the portions built with wheel
barrows ware porous, tbe water pars
ing quits freely through, and a libef at
" help by tacks wai applied. Projecting
old levees at the lower junction with
new work, retarding the water fliw,
made tbe water in the pocket between
the old and the new line rise above
the normal flood plane, and came near
going over tbe levee. A crevasse five
miles below Friars Point came from a
negro cutting the levee from malice
toward the negro oscnpant of the land
behind it. Ia previous instances the
bed cf the Lou's vil e, New Orleans
and Texas railroal proved of sorvlce
in protecting from flioda. The per
nicious Influence of the St. Francis is
seen in the sudden larite increase of
the flood elevation j iet belore its cul
mination. The avowed intention of
the Mississippi commission to clote
up the outlet at the bead ot the 8U
Francis, and to levee the front of that
basin, is a work much do:irjd. Presi
dent Whits adds: "I cannot escape
tbe conviction that a great misfortune
to the riparian iiitaresis of the Misils
sippl Valley has resulted from ths di
vided counsels among our Congrea
aional Repressntativfs as to ths cor
rect neis of the corom'sslon's policy in
other matters pertaining to the river
improvement tbe effect of which is to
destroy any present hope of this con
summation, and render its ultimate ac-
comp'Uhment a matter ot doubt
The first effect ot such leveeing
would probably be to eleva'e
the flood piano at Memphis and in the
npper part of our district, but ma'e
rially relieve ni from Austin down. It
would alsoraduce the flood plane to a
condition of regularity which would
enable ui to realily tei how to resist
the water effectually, and I am con
vinced would ultimately ma'erially
lower all flood elevations on our
front" Capt Eads asserts that the
confinement of flood waters between
the levees will lower the elevation.
The Yasoo basin presents similar con
ditions to those of the Bt Francis, and
catting off the overflow on our front
into tbe Yasoo river baa greatly ameli
orated the conditions of the Tensas
basin below; similar benefit may be
looked for by a similar treatment of
the St Francis. Toe present grade cf
three feet over the 1882 water ia none
too high, and fonr feet above Tenter's
Landing. An upward tendency in all
oar grade lines ia desirable. Experi
ence teaches ns that our safely lies in
securing a wide margin between for
mer high water marks snd the tops of
oar levees. Too much care cannot be
taken in prepuing the ground before
erecting new work; the rear aipe
water abould bs drained; banquettes
should be plased in tbe rear at bayou
or channel crowing?, and stumps and
logs bs removed. ,
MEBTa). We mentioned two or three days
ago ths tucceseful introduction of
brick as a material, not only for city
bidewalk, but for paving the central
portions of tbe street at llloumington,
III., and its adoption at Decatur and
Jacksonville in the same State. We
flnda's) that the flouruhlng city of
Steubenvllle, O, has had th's pave
ment for twj year past, and Charlis
ton, W. Va.,lifs had it on its prin
cipal street for fourteen years, where
it tits stood ths test of heavy wear.
At Steubenville twelve inches were
dug out below the surf ice, then, our
account states, "they cavored the top
with sand for a time, and now they
bave tbe finest pavement in the world.
Steubenville hs a contract to
pot it down at 83 cents per iquare
yard. This price includes tbe bricks,
the oilier materials and tbe work of
laying. Hslglaa blocki cos1, from
$2 50 o $3 par tquure yard
and asphalt cost about the
same. It can bs taksn up and re
paired without any trouble." In
Charleston white fire brick is pre
ferred, and baa stood tbe test pf four
teen year' woar, it wearj round, and
does not chip at ths edges ai tbe red
bricks do. Tho Bio jmlngton account
declares that well burned red brick is
quite satisfactory, but the white is
probably preferable; both are put
down edgeways. The testa of fif een
years at Bloomington and of fourteen
years st Charles'on, W. Va.; are cer
tainly sufficient to prove that a pave
ment lo cheap, and declared to be o
durable, at well as smooth and com
paratively noicelese, is wotth consid
eration. The New "Orleans 1 Timet
Democrat favors its trial in that cily.
The Board of l.evee Commission
ers for the Ytno Miss. Delta at a
meeting held at Clarksdale, ordered
an is us of f 50,000 debentures A
survey was ordered to ascortnln, what
repairs or new sections to the levees
was required; to repair damages and
build or rebuild levees where necesea
ry, on the hoard's approve1. A prose
cution waurdeHd where a man had
cutaleree. Aeeosssd value of lands
were declared as follows: Lunoia
county 25 lercenr. higher, Quitman
county 10 percent, big her,Tallahatobie
10 per cent, higher, Coahoma county
25 per cent, higher; Leflore county,
and Yasoo county unchanged; Sun
flower 30 por cent, reduc ion, Desoto
county 45 per cent, reduction. For the
purpose of equalising the asieesmenU
of the New Orleans and Texas rail
road with tho aspersed value c f lands in
Tunici county, Itn assessments were
reduced 20 per cent,, and for the same
purpoee in Coahoma county a'so 20
per coot., makli g a total of $300,OCO
for Coahoma and $120,000 for Desoto
county. Two repair forces were or
dered to be set to work, a'so an iaaue
of $100,000 bonds. A committee was
appointed to confer with the Wiisie
sippl levee commissioners, to ascertain
whetber a comprct can be arranged
to maintain tbe levees in Coahoma
county, below Ilaihpuckana, until
the boundary line bs determined.
Alto to ascertain the right of way and
damages for llendr ck's levee..,, j
Died From Apoplexy. '
St. Louis, Mo.. September 30 --The;
odore C. Tracie, late United Htates In
ter al Kevenne Agent ia Kentucky
and Tennessee, who registered at tbe
Lindell Hotel on Wednesday evening,
was found dead in his bed at 6:30
o'clock tonight, he evidently having
expired from an attack of apoplexy.
A valine containing camples and an
order book showed that he was a trav
eling salesman for the Hartley, John
son A Co. liquor houaa, the Old Times
Distilling Company ard the Eelipre
Vinegar Works, all of LouiHville. An
inquest will be held tomorrow.
As ( art for More Throat nd
Brown's Biionchul Tbociiks have
been lhonn,thly tested, and maintain
their good reputation.
Indictment for Mnnalnusbtor and
Naw Yokk. Sentembor :!0 The
grand jury of Kings comity at their
regions today tndicted the following"
Supervisors Gallagher, Larkin and
Carrol), for alleged Trregu'mrit es in re
lation to the billed Plumber Wil'lami
fjr work done in the courthouse while
they hd charge of it.
Ea-Niirae Charles M. Kdgorton, for
mans'anghter in tbe second degree in
tralding to death Patrick McUarty, a
patient ia the Flatbush Insane Aey-
Have used Tongallne in cases of
neuronic nead.trbe with success in
al mist ever v intUnce. aithnnoh aime
of these were of long standing and of
ujibv I'uunipanme ens'acer.
O. I). HOKTON, M.I)., Cincinnati, O.
'"I of Ihe rrrmtdrot'a I'nrlr.
Baltimohk, Mo., Septmi.b.ir SO
The funeral of tho late Joseph Neal,
maternal uncle cf President Cleve
land, rook place today from hla late
residence in this city. A large throng
omuuui-s in mis city, a large trrong
gathered, expi ciing to see tue Presl-
d 'tit. Vlllt h a .11,1 Mnnaa-
Alfred, Close Uaon Hla JJeela, Slakes
a Flae Imprealion-Politics -!
Other States.
laraciAL to thb irruL.l
Pcaor, - Tew., September 30.
Great numbers of people bgan com
ing ia early thta morning Irom all
points, and Purdy put on a gala day
appearance. Members of both par
ties formed a procession ol abont 600
and maxthed out seueral miles and
met the candidates coming from Sa
vannah. The speaking was beld in a grove in
tbe yard of tho Hon. John V. Wright,
where some 2000 ladies and gentle
men were oomfortably seated. Bub's
speech today was a splendid effort, and
it was manifest it found lodgement
dep down in the hearts and m nda of
bis bearers. It was ths be Bt speech
that has been made in this canvass,
creating a better impression. A prom
inent and influential lady declared
that if she hsd never been a Democrat
be'o'e, abe would be one af er bearing
our Bob today.
J. W. Porviance Introduced Alf in
henckome style, who proceeded as
usual, bnt rtade a decidedly fine
speech, and h a f lends and Demo
cra s ftlfo spoke in hgh terms of his
able effort, and D.mucrate only re
gretted that hia fine talents were not
engaged in a bit'er ciue.
A etiikintt coincidence was that at
the head of the prnct salon today were
tbe two brothers Eppe, Jim and John,
one a Democrat and the other a Ke
pub'iean, ard the two Dillons, Will
and Frank, Democrat and Republican
I rot hers.
An accident occurred this evening
near Bethel Spiings, in which Col.
Thomas H. Payne, Stale Superinten
ded of Education, was seriously
though not dangerously wound) d on
the head, caused by turning ovtr of
a bngiiy. He is etiil up acd may not
eutler much. Bob Taylor ana several
otlu rs were with him, though none of
them were hurt. It was a narrow es
cape from a fearful accident.
rongraalunal Nomination!.
Jsrrey City, N. J., September 30.
The Democrats of tbe First District to
day nominated John W. Westcott for
St. Paul, Minm., September 30.
Tbe Democrats of the Third District
today nominated Judge John L. Mc
Donald for Congrees,
LTNCiniuRo, Va., September 80.
Kciirhts of Labor, in convention last
nighr, noxinttted Joseph B. Page for
Congress in the Sixth District
Cmnton. III., September 30. Dan
iel Yoorheei, of Decatur, was romi-
nated for Congress today bv tbe Dem
ocratic Convention of tbe Fourteenth
PniiADiLPHiA. Pa.. September 30.
The Democrats of the Third District
today (renominated the Hon. Sam J.
Randall for Congrees. There was no
opposition. "
8t. Louis, Mo., Septi mb?r 80. The
Republican Congressional Convention
of the Twelfth Congressional District
nominated J mine U. ti. J'itcnerlor
Congress yesterday. " . ( ,
St. Loui$, Mo., September 30. The
Prohibition Congressional Convention
of the Eighteenth Illino s District at
Eat S. Lonis today nominated W. 11.
Moore for Congrt as.
New Yohk, Septsmber 30. The
Demncra's of the Fourteenth Conirtcs-
modbI District today nominated Wro.
lit Htahlnecker for Congresp. Mr.
Stahloecker lias already served cne
term in Corgrees.
St Louis, Mo., 8eplember 30. J. K.
Cummins was rominatrfd for OunpHss
todiy by the Eighth Republican Con
greaaional D'Btrict Convention. Tbe
present incumbent and tbe Demo
cratic nominee is John J. O'Neill.
Dih MoiNKt. Ia.. Senteanber 30.
The Greenhackers of the Sixth Con
gressional District t'.day nominated
Dr. Nelson, of Mobaaka county, for
Cnnarers. Tbev intend toTnaiotmn a
straight Greenback ticket in opposi
tion to ths fusion nomination already
Cleveland. O.. September 30. The
fallowing Cnngre slnnal nominations
were made today in Ublo: Marin A.
Foran, by the Demorra's of the
Twenty firs', District; William Doreey,
ry tbe .Ueniocrau ot tbe Twentlotb
D strict; W. II. Phe'pa. by the Demo
crats of the Eighteenth District.&P!3
Nominated by liiiocrals for Gov
ernor. Worcebtkr, Miss,, KepUmber 30.
John F. Andrews, of Boston, was nom
inated for Governor by tbe Democrat !
by acclamation. .
Wlicontln Women' Nnflraa; Ao
eloilon.. Milwadkee, Wis., September 30.
At R icine today tbe 8 ate Women's
Suffrage Association, at the instance of
Susan II. Anthony, decided to besiege
the next Legislature for woman's suf
frage in municipal elections, with the
underatandiog that such legislation
should be repealed if found impracti
cable.' Resolutions were adop'ed con
demning the ao'ion of Judge Biunell,
ofO.hkosh, for h;s decision in the
John Kerwln cae. Kerwin was
charged with assaulting a beautiful
young girl of Neenah, who aubsequsnt
ly killed herrelf. - He was let off with
a three months' sentence.
Iirma of Mewa from the Hepmrt
moala. Wasiiinuton, September 30. The
President today appointed John Mc
Lean, of Cali'orula, to be interpreter
to the United States Consul at Kana
gawa, Japan.
Mir. Cleveland and Mrs. Foleoin
have gine to Buffalo, N. Y., for a visit
of tea days.
The Comptroller of the Currency to
day authoriaed tha First National
Bank of Downe, Kas , to begin with a
capital of $50,0ti0.
The Secretary of the Interior has
under consideration a propoaition to
allow certain tribes of Indinrs in the
West the privilege of utilising the
grits upon the surplus lands of their
reservations by allowing tfcem to Uke
fattle from neighboring cattlemen to
pasture, the Indians lo herd and caie
for the cattle, and leceive a fair aud
ju t compensation therefor, but no
white men will be allowed upon the
ree?rvht ons. It is probable that sn
order authorizing ceiMin tribes to en
ter Into contracts with cattlemen as
outlined above will soon be ietmed.
The ordej- cf the Secretary of the
Navy, changing the Washington navy
yard i'lto an orduauce foundry, goes
into effect af'er to-day. The heads of
ths bureana affected by the order have
bean ioetructed to make the liert ar
rangements possible for the transfer of
such buildings, machint-ry and tools as
are needed by the ordnance hiueiu
and the removal of the lejt. The or
der baa not beta modified farther
than that tbe yrds and docks depart
ment will not bs moleited, and Civil
Ergineer Menocal, who is in cbarga of
that department will retain his resi
dence and continue op duty. Some
necessary nt finished work in tbe
steam engineering department will be
completed. All tbe employes in tbe
ether bureauo, numberirg about 200,
are ti be discharged ibis evening.
Doubt'e s the maj nily. of those dis
charged will be re-employed at soon
as the oidaance work is well nnder
way. - ' , m ,
And Declares Hloa to Be a liar on
Kverjr Con at of Iho Carefully
Crcpared Indlelment.
Baltimobe, Md; September 30
Tbe Sun has a long letter writ'en by
Jeflereon Davis from Bean voir, Mis'.,
dsted September 23d, lo Col. J. T.
Scharf, of Baltimore, replying to Gen.
Wm. T. Sherman's so-called repnrt
to the War Department, and which
the Unit d States ordered to be
printed as "Executive Document No.
36, Fo ty-eighth Congrers, Second
Session." Davis says: "A continu
ing sense of tbe great injus ice done
to me and to the people I reprtsented
by the Senate making the malicious
Bss.ult of Gen. Sherman a public doc
ument and giving to his dander the
importance which necessarily attaches
to an executive communicttion to tbe
Senate, which has recently caused
the request for a reply by me
to be pressed ith very grfat
earnestnets, for ths reai-on I Lave
decided to furnish my reply to
you for publics ion." Mr. Davis t'len
pr. cceds at gr.-at length to dispute
and deny the charges brjUiht againit
him by Gen. Shermfin, in which he
dtc'art s he did all in his power to pre
voi.t the war, and did not peek the
Font of Chief Extcutive. Hasiya:
"For all the acts of my puM c life as
Pmldtntof the Cai.fedfrates StatfS
I am reeponBipla at the ba- of bistiry,
and murt accept her vtrJict, which 1
aba 1 do Without the leapt apprehen
sion that it w 11 be swayed from truth
by the malicious fulHel ooils if Gen.
Sherman, even when s'emped as au
'Ex-Doo' by the United Ktates Sen
ate." Tbe chief statement that
Mr. Davis objects to i that
made by Gen. Sherman in 1884 be
fore the B air Post G. A. R. that he
(Sheiruan) . bad a Wt er in Divis's
writing to the effect that Davis would
tarn Lee's army against any State that
might attempt ta secede from the
Southern Confederacy. Davis con
cludes bis Utter ss fol owa :
' 1 have in this vindication, not of
myself only but also of the people who
honored me with the highest official
position in their gift been compelled
to group together instances of repeat
ed falsehoods deliberately written and
epoken by G an. Sherman the Blair
Poet slander of myself, tbe defamation
of the character of Gen. Albert Sidney
Johnson, the jisparagement of tbe
military fame ot Gen. Qian, and tbe
shameful and corrupt charge
against Gen. , Hampton. I have
prepared this examination and
exposure only because the Senate
of the Ukited States baa given to Sher
man's slander an indorsement which
gives it whatever c'aims it may bave
to attention, and of power to mia'ead
in - the future. ' llaving specially
s'amped the statement aa false, having
proved its author tq i b an habitual
slanderer, and not having a partisan
secretary to make a p'q$ tpc. ibis, no
tice of a personal tirade, which was
neither sn official rapoit nor record
made during the war eo as to entitle
it to be received at the cilice cf arch
ive?, I submit it to the public through
the columns of a newspaper which
ditcountenancad foul play and mis
rep reeentaih3n .
Mutt Aeeept Members Without Re.
(ard to Raci Color or Pre
Vion Condition.
Boston, MAfs, September 30. In
1876 a ruptu'e occurred be
tween the American and En
glish grand bodies of G od Tem
plars caused, es c'aiuied by the
English, hy the question of the admis
sion of colored people into the order.
Since then there bave been two later
national Courts, one mainly Ameri
can, the other mainly Englieb, each
having branches. Overtures for the
reunion of the two sections resulted
in a conference in this city
during the present week between rep
resentatives of each section, at which
the matttr was fully discussed. It was
decided no applicant tor membership
could be rejected by a lodge on sc
count of race cr color, nor could
lodges deny visitations 'on such ac
count. Several other, matters were
dlscuased and harmonious action was
taken upon them ell. .
Tea Years in the Penitentiary
Portland., Me., September 30. To
night Casper -William K. Goujd was
brought into ths United States Court
room to plead to iudictments against
him charging him with misappropri
ating fiir.ds ot his bank. He waived
the reading of each of tbe indictments
and pleaded guilty to each. The pris
oner's face expreesed not the slightest
eruothn as the District Attorney
moved for sentence. Judge Webb
then sentenced the prisoner to ten
yeais in the State penitentiary at
A Contested Will Case.
New Yobk, September 30 The ar
gument in the contested will rase of
the late Francis Pares, who lefc up
ward of 12,000,000, wae br gun toduy
in the Kings county Surrognts Court.
It Is contested by his grandchildren,
who be cut rll' altogether. The grrund
of the contest is nidtn influent e.j
Death of an Old Tennenee Darky.
BrtANTPORii, Ost., September 30.
Andrew Lucas, colored, died here this
morLing at the tuppoted ace of 128
vea s. He was bom in (Uvry in
Tennessee and wai Gen. Jecksjn's
servant. , '
northwestern PaMoaarer Rates Re
St. Paul. Minm.. September 30. A
V. II. Carpent r, general passenger
agent of the MUwauxee roau, ten
graphs that the proposed reduction on
all Northwettsrn roads to 3 cents p -r
mile will take place October 15h. Ihe
through fare from St Paul to Chicago
is fixed at t IX 60 first class and 9 sec
ond class.
Until j arianrdrrla the Firm Degree
Nkv Yohk, September 33. IVsco'.l,
the leader ol tho "Whyo gai-g," was
this evening found guilty of minder
in the first degree, he having killed
his mistress, Beezy Cerrity, in an
East Side tenement some months ego.
Londok, September SO The Bud
gett Committee has rejected the. pro
posal of M. Sadi-Cariet, Minister of
Finance, to abolish extraordinary
Tke SU Lools Brewas and the Culca
goes to Play foi the Champion
ship of the World.
JebomePabk.N. Y., September 30.
J'irat" Jtace. 8-ven furlongs. Her
bert won by a heal ; Grenadier sec
ond, Stonebuck third. No time. No
betting was allowed, cansii g great dis
content among tbe crowd.
Second JCace.Fct ' two year olds,
ttnefonrtbs of a mile. Rebellion
won by four lengths; Pa'asnl second,
Nellie B. third. Time 1:16
Third Race. Mile and a half. Wick
bam won by length and a half ; Heel
and Toe sscond, Rupert third. Time
Fourth Race. Mile and three six
teenths. Valet won by a leng h and a
half; Sipphier sec nd, Editor tbiid.
Time 2 :05.
Fifth Race. For tbr e year olds aod
upward, three-foui ths of a mile. Marsh
Redon won by a neck ; Hopeful sec
onHf Pepa'us third. T,me 1 :J7.
Sixth Race Hurdle race, mite and
three-fourths. Burr Oak won by two
leoRths; Endover second, Palanca
third. Time 2:37.
Enlrlev, Welghte and Pools for the
Ijatoula Kaees.
Cincinnati, O., September 30. Fol
lowing era the weights and entries for
tomorrow at Latonia:
Firti Race. three qnsrlers of a
mile. Bille Wilson (1)5), $2; Rul
BucW113), $12 Lord Cl fden fl03).
$2: Winder k (108), $10; Blue H od
(95), 1 1 ; Nora M. (100), $8; Peaco k
(110), J 3; Mounra u Hu ge (10), $4;
skobeloff(liO), $9; Bonita (105), S 6
Kalatta (ilO), ri; Sis Ilimyar (105),
Second Race. 8eveD-ighhs of a
mile. Essie B. (10(i). $7; War Sipn
(107), $10; Ligan (105), $10; Arch
bishop (9,1), $4.
Third Race. One mile. B'g Three
(93), J12; Wsmrgton (107).$!); Santa
Aniia Bslle (9l), 0; KighflLht (108),
$15; Dawn of Day (111), 16; Kensing
ton (108), 5; r-urpnte (90), $2; Uncle
D n (00). $3; Mmarnh (99), $5; Pink
Co' ran e (108), $17; Bb Swimm (108).
Fourth Race. Toree-quart' rs of a
mile. Katie A (99), $5; Lin a Payne
(09), $10; Mary Poiter (99), 2; Vio-let'-e
(99), $2; Nel'iie O (102) $7; Cat
cuita (102), $4; Catalpa 102), $4;
Galatfa (107), $2; Griaette (114), $18 ;
Wary (114). $30.
Fijlh Race. Three-quarteis of a
mile. Bamurg (100). J6; Brnadhead
(100),' $4; Dubme (113), $6; Ritrbt
Away (103), $14; C'airion (106), $3;
Jaubert (1C6), $5; Frster (110), $10;
Terra Cotta (113), $17; Goliah (114),
$5. ; -
ewmarkal Racer.
' London, September 30, The race
for tb Grand Duke Michael stakes at
Newmarket today was won by St.
Miiin;r MephLto tecjnd, Lisbon
third. '
"The Newmarket October Handicsp
was won by Springfield; Sootilia sec
ond, Cimbuemor third. There were
e'ght starters, and Melton was the
favorite. ', :
Little Rock, Ark., September 30.
In tbeV"me of ball between the Little
Rock Association nine snd the Ath
letics, of Hot Spring, today, at tbe
latter place, the Association wa ked off
with tbe plume by the score of 7 to 5
in favor of Ihe Little Rock boys.
Chicago Wins From Washington.
Washington, September 30 Poor
bate running on the part rf Gillieau
and their icability to hit Flynn safety
when men were on bases, lest the first
Same ol the eeriest the Chicagcs to
ay. On three occasions when the
bases were full, a base hit would have
wen the game, but it wes lucking. In
the fifth Inn, ng, with three men on
bases and one out, Farrell sent a long
fly to Ryan, which was accepted. Gl
ligan, who was cn th rd, had plenty of
time to beat tbe ball home, which
would have tied the sco-e, but be re
mained s eadfsst to ibe base, to
the dirguat of tbe large crowd
pr. sent. The game was cilled while
the visitors were at the bat in the sev
enth innicg on account of darknesr.
Washington 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-1
Chicago 0 0 0 2 0 0 -2
Boston, O; HanHaaCily, I.
Boston, MAfs., September 30.
Brilliant fielding and hard hitting
characterized ihe Boston's play today
in their contest with Kansas City.
Stemmyer pitched finely, while Whit
ney was hit hard, although scattering
until the lest two innings. Myer
played a great game in tbe field and
at the bat. The fielding of Morrill and
Nash, the fiae throw of Johnson and
two home runs, were the features of
tbe Boston side.
Botton.......,........0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 2-5
Kaneas City 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11
Philadelphia Defeated by Bt. Louts
r" Pmt.initi.PAiA. Pa., fientemher 30.
Sr. Louis defeated Pbiladelpbia today
by bard hitting, Strike, tbe new
pitcher of the home club, being pun
ished badly. The visitors fi sided
rather loosely, and none of ths Phila
delphia's six runs were earned. The
local p'ayera could do noihing with
Healy s delivery, except in tbe sixth
inning, when they obtained three
double baggers, after chances had
been given for a b'ank. The only
fielding error of the home club was
Bastian's failure to stop a ball thrown
by McGuire. McCaithy pitched tbe
last inning for Philadelphia. Darkness
put a stop to tbe game at the end of
the eighth inning. Score:
St. Louis 0 0 2 1 0 1 4 0-8
Philadelphia 0 1 1 0 0 4 0 06
Kxrltlns; Uaine at New York.
Nbw York,' September 30. Today's
game of ball was ti e best played and
the moEt exciting eince the home team
returned. Smith, ot New York, was
on the score card to pitch, but Presi
dent Day bad secured an injunction
and prevented Smith from playing.
Connor was presented with a band
some gold watch and chain for bis re
cent home run. Fully 5000 people
were present. Score:
New York ....2 000000 2-4
Detroit.... 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 13
Baltimore Easily BereaU Louis
LocisviiXB, Kv., September 30
Tbe Batiimores defeated the Louis'
viiles t iday in on uninteresting game.
Both clubs hit hard but the vitilora
out fielded the home team and wen
Loiraville 11000000 13
Baliimore 00310041 9
Nt. Louis Wins la a lose On me.
Sr. Louis, Mo., September 30. To
day's game between the Browns and
tbe Metropolitans was a brilliantly
played contest. The closa ecore and
eharp fielding made it very exciting.
The Mets bit a gocd deal harder than
the champions, and but for tome very
cos lv erro's wou'd bave won. The
weather was to cold and disagreeable
that many persons left belors the
game was ended.
St Lou's -0 0200100 03
Metropolitan.. ..1 1000000 02
Pittsburg BhulB tint Brooklyn.
Pine noi.0, Pa., Septembrr 30 The
home learn shut out their meat
dangerous competitor (oreeiond plsc,
ihe Brooklyn club, this afrernoon,
thereby consideraoiy ctrengtbeoing
their bold oa ti a' p leilion. Tbe ame
was one sided from tbe start, and
af.er the se-ond inning it wfeon'y a
queet on of bow ba-jiy the vieicors
would be beaten. Morris pitched oue
rf his most effective games, while
Porter's de:ivery was poucdsd all
over the field. Attendance 1800.
Pitteburg. 2 4 0 4 0 0 0 0 2-12
Brooklyts 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
NoTronblefor Clnelnnallto Win.
Cincinnati, O., September 30.
O'Hari's wild and iatfllec'.ive pitching
lest tbe gt me today. Toe Cincinratia
gave a m'Btrab'e exhibition in the
tHd. O'Brien hit; a finger in toe
fifth inning and Ribin3on took his
place. Darkntg put a itip to the
game at tbe end of the eighth inning.
Cincincatl ,.2 1 3 0 3-2 2 25
Athletic 0 0031130-8
Accepted Ihe IiHllenite.
St. Louis, Mo., Septtmbr30. Pree
ident Von tier Abe, o( the S Louis
American Association Ba-eta 1 Club,
has received a letter f'om President
A. Q. Spalding, of ihe Chic-go Naton
al League Club, accepting the formei's
challergi to play a series tf nine
games for tbe chauipionthip of the
world, the winners to take the total
gross gtte receipts for the entire series,
four of tbe games to be played in Cbi
cogo, four in St. Louis, and the ninth
on neutral ground.
Restrained From Joining Another
. Club.
Naw Yobk, September 30. Presi
dent John B. Day, of tbe New York
Baseball Club, through his counsel,
has obtained an injunction from the
courts restraining John F. Smith, tbe
left handed pitcher of the New Ycrk
club, frr.m joining tbe Detroit club or
any- other club except that which
President Day may designate.. Presi
dent Day claims to have made a per
sonal contract with Smith which i 1J
gilasd binding for the reason of 1887j
The Burke-Demptry JHolch l'ost.J
San Frakcisco, Cal , September 30.
The glove match between Jack
Burke and Ja k Dempsey has been
pottponed until November, Mayor
Bartlett having refused today to
grant a licence for it un'il after the
State eltcioES bave been held. Tues
day next Burke will leave here for a
tour through tbe interior towns, lit
will offer to give a btned amount to
anyone who stands tip before bim five
rounds, Marquis of QueensQu-y lules,
with toft gloves.
Featherweights Fight Ten Rounds
Minneapolis, Minn., S-ptembtr 30.
Tommy Warren and Tommy Dan
forth, featherweight pugilist?, fought
ten rounds for the American chum
piooship before a large audiecce at
the Washington Riok tonight. War
ren's weight is 116,' pourdsjard Dae
fonh's 1-4. It was a ha d fought
battle and was declared a draw.
Have a Hard Time Welling a Brceae.
Mabbi.ehkad, Mass., September 30.
Tbe wind is light from the noith
eat. The yacbts wi l not race today.
At 0 o'clock this morning CaDt. Stone
boarded the Mayflower and her colors
were hauled down and she was ont of
commission. At 0:15 o'clock her sails
were set and a few minutes later she
sailed out of the harbor.
A Steeling at Boston Representing
0,00 Work logmen.
B)STon, Mass., September 31. The
Union Ca d League met in Faneuil
Hall this aiteraoon, Mr. F. F. Dough
erty as chairman aud Cbaa. O.Wilkins
as secretary. About 130 delegates
were pressed representing forty-four
organizations of trades unions and
Knights of Labor; with a membership
of over 00,000 men. The convention
wss harmonious throughout. . The
principal work consisted in forming
the nucleus of a union rf tbe league
men in each ward of the city and
throughout Suffolk county. . Three
delegates In each'wa d were empiw
ered to call a meeting of union men In
their wards to si L et a committee it
interview allnominets for pub'ic ot
fice With a view t aecertain the'r
views on tbe labor iisues of the day.
If their v.ews were Lund favorable and
a plethe secured that three views
would be backel by their votes, they
ehonldbi supported, otherwire not.
An Exf cutive Cjmmiltee was ordered
appointed by tbe permanent orgtnizi
tion f t a later dat. It was distinct y
understood that the organization will
be permanent and that its objects, as
above stated, will be strictly enforced,
ijie convention adjourned sine die at
Will Hot Concede aa Ad ranee.
PirrsncBo, Pa., September 33.
Prominent coal operators, interviewed
today, declare that they will not con
cede any demand of their miner for
an advante in wegee, as tha market
will not justify K If the men ins st
upon an incwass, the nines will he
closed down indefinite'y. At present
esrly 7000 miners are employed iu
the river mines.
O i .
Imprisonment Tor Life.
Romnkv, Va., September 30. John
C. Bowen was today convir ted o' mur
der in tbe first degree and sentenced
to impr'sonment for life for the kil -ingof
Frank Heutwil on April 29th
Heavy Cotton 8ale and Very Fro
plllons Weather. .
Pin Bluff, Abx., September 30.
Cot'on is coming In pretty freely this
week. Fifteen hundred b lcs have
been eo'd in this market up to date,
commanding quite fatis'act ry prices
ti the farmers. The weather now
is pleaeant and propi'ious for
harvesting. The late ra'nv have
injured tte cr.t'oa cr-p, but there
ia to doubt of an average
crop in the Icwpt Arkansas Valley if
the wenther contint ea favorable. It is
estimated O a'. 75,010 bales w.li be sold
in this maikct. '
Large Increase or Republicans in
In Ciltant Couuiy.
Pink Bluff, Abk., Septicber 30
An interes ing family came in to day
from Grant c unty. It wes Mr. Tay
lor, who has female tripltte,
eged eleven months, well deve'
oped, atd all of them ted beaded.
Two years ago she had an in
stallment of twin', boye, one cf
whom d'ed. Her family at preeent
consists of nin boys and thrae girls.
The father is a Reoubl can in oolitic?.
A few ruo'esach Re nblicin famlits
like tbe Taylora wonld in a generation
or two revolu'ionize the politic J of
Death of a Prominent Hotel X an In
LiTTLi Rock, Ark., Septonober 30.
News was r c rived heie today fr m
Sabe ha, Kas., of lh dtath at that
place this morning of Mr.' L. J.
Ptemple, prop'lettir of Ihe Deming
Hotel, this city. He lefc heie on a
mission of busine s lait week and was
vUiting relatives when taken nick,
11k is well known to the traveling
pub'ic, having sncceesfully run a num
ber of hotels in different parts of the
Tot Ian for an Injunction Denied-1'
Tho First Case Voder the Law.
Cleveland, O., September 30. In
the Circuit Court of tbe United States
Judge Walker today disposed of the
application of William Tenner, jr., a
ealoon keeper of Alliance, O , for
preliminary injunction to restrain the
village of Alliance from the enforce
ment of tbe prohibitory ordinance
rassed under the Dow law. By refus
ing therestrainicg order Judge Wa ker
held that the court had no j urii diction
to sflord the relief asked; thtt the
Arlinatira rlnaa nnt nnnfliit w'rri vita
l'lUlUUl.v V vvv I'fl vvn sai.v yv.via liiu
Fonrteentb amendment of the Consti
tution cf tbe Unite! States; that the
ordinance does not deprive the ccm
pleinant of bU property; that ftie ordi
nance is only a poiice regulation in tbe
intenst of public mora s and fir the
common good. Judge Jack'on con
tuired in tbe refu a of the applica
t'on. ThU was tbe first caee in Ohio
und;r tbe Dow law, and wa watched
with great int-res'. '
Even ir Ton Bay a Doara
common porous plaBtera which yon oan set
for a long at any i,f the Cheap John draa
(ista yon bars merely thrown away your
money, for one Bonson'i CHpoins PI alter ia
worth them all. Tha reaeon ia this: Ben
son's ia the only porous ptagtor in the market
that it honestly and skillfully made and sci
entifically medicated. Others are no more
than nominal imitations of Benson's. They
are cheap because they possess none ot the
ingredients which render BenBon'a valua
ble. Xhs latter are prompt to act, pleas
ant to wear, and cure in a few hours ail
ments which others will not even relieve.
The publlo are especially warned against so
called "C'apeioiu," "Ciipaicuin, Capu
can," or "Capsicine" platters, as worthless
articles intended to deceive. AaklorBen
aon'a, and look tor the" Three Seals" trade
mark and tha word " Capcine " cut in tha
Business Failures for Three Hontlis.
New York, Sip'embr 30. The
number cf busiueas failure f r tbe
quarter ending with September 30ih,
a4 reported to the Mercantile Agency
of B. G. Don & Co., is 1932 as com
pared with ?173 for tbe thiid quarter
rf 1885, showing a decrease of 241
failures. Tbe l abilities, however,
ebow a considerable increase, amount
ing in the quarter jnt 1 sed to $27,-
suu.iuu aa agamic j.sciwu m me
crrreepondina qcn'ter in 1885.-
, . . . 7. S V I
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayres Block)
N ew and Latest Styles Stock. ' w
Type, Now Machinery.
Prices as low as any where, North
or East.
Increased facilities for doing all
kinds LltbogruDhhig.
BSOOHl.TN.IK, T.-Bosrdon ths Hill,
Mrs. U. C. Howard. 2u6 Wosbinaton
Park. Rooms larse; location deliablful.
Convenient to ears to Manhattan liench.
Coney Island, Long Beach and Central Park I
alo to New York ttlanes of snnss ipen.
Special Notice to Shippers..
Ntasiasiprr aud Taiturssas RAtr,aoii Co.,l
Memphis, September i, l8t. I
THE completion of ihe Yaioo and Missis
sippi V.ller R.U., Irom Jaokion. MisSj,
to Oreirwood, Miss., Ol'KNt LP AN ALL
KAIL LINK, without hre.k of bulk or trans
fer of freight, to following named roints:
Yasoo Clly. Klen, II. Luke, Uood
lope .!, nilrsville, Shschlrrord,
Tenuis. Helrn.I'ruKrr.Mdon, Rising
Shipments to landings near these points
should be made to nearest station named
above. Your business is rospectlullir so
licited over the M. and T. Ilnad, as freight
reaches its destination the fol'nwrn day oi
delirsr, at our depo'. A. J. KNAPP,
General Freight Agent.

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