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Cotton Steady -Mlddllmr, V 1 4e
Sales Yesterday,
800 Bales.
Money rules in active Remind at 8
per cent. Lo:al sec unties continue
The cotton maiket clo:ed s'eady.
Bales, 800 ba'es, on a bat is of ts
for middling. New Tik spots closed
steady aud l-16c higher; middling,
Jc ; futures firm ; October, 0 229.23c.
A leading New York cotton cir
cular says: "Considerable effort from
tje bear side to force the market was
no iced and assisted by lesi strength
at Liverpool than expected, and free
Southern offerings, a couple of points
were shaded early in 'the day. A
comparatively 'general demand, how
ever, very fairly absorbed the supply,
and Ut in th4 day a renewal o! b jy
ing on Eattarn account infue.i qnile
decided firmness, doting the market
well sustained at 2 to 3 points above
last evening."
At New Orleans yesterday spots
were (asy; middling, 9 5-16c; futures
quia' and firm; Oc'ober, 8 98i bid.
At Liverpool spots were firm and
in fair demand; middling, 6 7-lGd;
futures quiet aud steady; October,
17-64d. '
The general market is devoid of
Sixty-nine btU app'ea, 550 roils
bagging, C5 pkga bacon, 847 pkp.s boots
and shoe-, 2(J00 bu corn, 7 pkgs
chotse, 235 nag coflVe 2 cars cot' on
seed, 1328 sk- cotton setd, 334 pkgs
dry goods, 27 -pitas epc, 1150 tills
flour, 74(i balea hay, 28 pk s hit',
16 hd rattle, 400 pkg hrd. 48,000 feet
lumber, 20 pkgj liquors 2 br!s mo
laese, -655 keps mile, 8003 bu oas,
489 brls onions, 186 brla pota'oe?, 4
cars pork sides, 25 brls pork, 283 brls
sugar, 373 pkgj tobicco, 2500 bu
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and io
store by regular elevator', as leported
to the Mtrcbantb' Exubange jester
day: Wheat received, none; with
drawn, none; io store, 1015 1"U.
Cora receivtd, 825 bu ; withdrawn, 912
bu ; in stole, 8019 bu. Oats received,
1821 ba; withdrawn, SCO bu; in store,
172,052 bu.
V-Dally-Quotations of Cattoas
Oil Trams aad New Tort Ii.
mrbaDK Stocks rt open to tlieae
umhiin, m mj emcr.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
Monev in ac ive demand at 8 pr
cent The Clearing Houjs repait ii
as follows:
Thursday, Sept-mbsr 30 h, $2(16
006 67 ; thus f this wek, $707 184 51 ;
same time last week, $578,693 25 , ianin
time in 18S5, 169,739 Yd; siroe t me in
1884, $160 692 81 ; t til for September,
1880, $4,281,872 45 ; total f jr Sapteruber,
1885, $1,700,455 41 ; average for 7 years,
$2,569,203 00.
, Thursday, September 3fHh,$64,589 22 ;
thus far tbis we?k. $252,432 91 ; tawa
time lust week, $152,091 31; same time
in 1885, $142,454 38 ;rame time in 18S4,
$121,948 88; tital for September, 1886,
Jl.504,335 48; total forf-'eDtetnbtr.lSSd,
$1,318,23645; averago for 7 years, $740,
865 00.
New Yo'k sight ou all p ints, pur
buyintr, premi ira sailing; New Bog
land demand, J difciurt buying; New
England sight, I iJiseour t; New Or
leans, J di-count baying, par selling.
Bank of Cjmmerce..l4G bi't, 149 anker)
First Na'inua1 160 bid, 165 ssktd
Grrman Bink 195 blc', 20 ankerl
date Nauorai 145 bid, 150 asi'd
Union and Planters.. 150 bid, 153 a ke t
Mercaati.e Bnk 135 bid, 137 a-ked
Bluff City
Memphis Oiiy
..100 b.d, ... asked
...101) bin sued
, 75 b d, 8l)sstml
..102 bid, 105 a ked
80 bid, 83 asked
...107 birt, ... asked
25 bd, 26 asked
35 bid, ... at ked
20 atktd
Arlington ......
Facets .I,...-..
M.AO.R R. shares.. .36 Did, ... asked
M. & T. R. iR. sbares...45 bid, 50 asked
M. & C coopols, 7i 119 bid, ... aiked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 8s..l05 bid, ... acked
Miss.AT.KR.cs.A...lllbicl. 113 asked
Miss. 4 T. K.K. rs.B..10i4 bid. 103 asked
Teno. wts. sjr. D 90 bid,93asked
Teon. wta. st-r. E to J..83 b d, 85 asked
Shelby Co.6s 108 bid, 110 arked
Tex. Dim. 4, 6j 97 J bid, 98 aeked
Tax Dist. 6j MM bid.K6i asked
Mem. Q s bands 1(14 bid.... stkail
Mem. vVater b inds 97 bid. ... asked
Ilinauer Oil Woiks b d 65 anted
Am. Cut. 0.1 tiust ?3 bid, 64 askfd
PmnnPT Oulfnn Mills .. 25 hid 0.(1 .itul
it ' 1 JU . hJbUI . VAUJ, 'W U1J, Jill, BHfTtl
Mem. Ga stock 75 tid, 80 a-k'd
New Yobc, September 30. Money
on oil loaned atbWIU pr cent..
doting et 8 per cent, asked. Pihne
mercautufl piper 4(aio per cent.
Sterling exchange dull aol unchanged.
uonds uovernmcnt bonds have
been dull but vt ry strong. Btati bonds
nava baen dull and sir adv. Kiilrrad
bonds have been du'l and genera'ly
firm, but wi h ut fea ura of anv kini".
Toe bu.-inessamouoted $1,253,030.
Canada 8 beru seionds furuiehed
186.000. Prices followed closely tbe
nuciuRnons ia toe snare marke . and
were firm in the morninc. hut vinlded
la'ter in the dy. F.nal piicej show
irregu'ar cbangts. but declines are toe
more numerous. Jers?y Central con
vertibles li st 2. f 117: Nnrt.hwnat.orn
debemuresat 112J;und Indianapolis
T k ...... A . .1 CI .t ii. r
ucuutur nuu opringnem income Iras'.
receipts 2, t 37.
MOCKS iiin trariBadtinra ot iha
S eek Excbaape t nlay were the small
est for Hoyrav in two weeks. This
may have beou caused bv the fact
tl:at todiy ig a Jewish hoi day. Toe
Vanderoiltj wira nyHm the s ipcial
features, especiallv in the early trad
ing but a'ter t"i
that there was no divideLd on Lake
Whore, Casada Sou'htra or Michuaa
Centra', thoss Blocks were cold fresly.
New Ereland was exain a'tive and
compirauvely steady, ihongh it shaiei
in the advance ntltie morning and the
decline of the tirnoon. S:.Pnlwas
mn-'h mrre actite tnan rjsual of late.
but its fluctua'ioDS were sma'l and of
li'tle sienificance. In the afternron
Manhattan tmd Maoitoba advacced
sharply n hesvy trairg for those
ttjckB. Pr'ces at tbe opetiinii were ir
regular, differences rsngii g from i to
per ceLt. There was tome hesitation
aod feverishnets in the firtt few min
utes, bnt the market soon brctme
stroi g tbroughout and sn cinlinued
uctil noon, btfo e which time the
highest prices of the day weie record
eo. Tha market became quiet tl.tr a
reattiou, and was generally heavy un
til the la-t hour, when relaxations
caused an iocrass In toe amount of
businees d rie and a decided increase
in trices. The market cloeed quiet
but weak, at tbe lowest ngoren ol
the day. The businees ws 399,-
n) snares, New i-njland lurnished
46,520 and St. Paul 42,349. Final
prices were almost invariably lower,
t e only exception being tne V ander
bills, V. V. (J. and 1. being np 1 per
rent., but Lake Suore. on tbe other
hand, is down 11. Central Pacific 1
Jereey Central 11 and Ksnjas and
Texas 1 per cent.
The tutai S'les of s'o.ks today were
99,044 shn-s, including Cucada
Boutbern, 21,746; Dataware, Lacka
wann and Wes.trn, 19.500; Dsnvtr
ai d It o Gnrda, 417o; Erie, 21,19o
Miacouri. Kannan and Texas, 19,560
Lube Shor.-, 27,702; L-.uibviHe aud
Nahville, 7345; Michigan Central,
7224; Kanha-iari conond t'd, 261
Northwtsterr, 8810; New JeiSry Ci-n
tral. 3651); N"W York Central. 6115
Pacific Mail, 6830; K ading, 29,650; St.
Paul. 42,380; S . raul end OtnBha, 14.'
360; Texas and Pac.fic, 9765; Ifn'on
Pauific, 64.TJ; Wtstern Union, i0,16&
N. rthern Pdcific prtferrid, 5167; Ore
gon end Transcontinental, 3820.
U. 8. 3, 100. 4, coup, 129.
cuup, 112H. yueiSoMof lio,126.
La. (temps, 4a, 7KH. Mirwiurl 6s, V0.
Cont. Pac. Ibu. llV. Den.& R.U.let., 122.
Den A K.W.I. ten). Krie (crouds. 116
M K &T.Gn.i, Noith.l'ao. lte,
Nor th . Pac. 2il , WVi. N . Weitorn con . , 14 Hi
N.West deb.&. 1IWJ4. St L S.F (icn.M, J(ti.
6t Paul con., 1.10. St.P.C 4P.l8ta.12u.
T.P. land grants, 53.T. P., R.U.elcou, OS.
U. P. IstB, 1154. Wert Khore. MJt
Tonn.lid, eet'mt, 106. Tenn.5.i. tet'uit, 1110.
Tenn.Sj, sel'uit, u'i.
Adams Exprass, 140. Morris & E.,offJ,U0.
Allentinny Cn., .
Nashville Jk C 65
Alton ic 1'. 11., yi.
A.AT.H. rfd.,0.
Amorioan Ex., l'"!
11. C. K. A N,55.
Canada Pao.,6S4.
Canada Kou.. 56.
Central Pacific,
Che!p ak 10.,
C. & O. 1 t pfd, V'4.
C. & O. 2d pld,, liyt
0. & A , 142S.
C. & A. pld . 160.
0 U St Q.. i:ir.
C.,8t L. M.O., .
C.6t.Ll-F.prd, 33.
C. S. & C. St.
!. &C.,dl.
Del. 4 Hud , 106.
Del.,L. AW, 137W.
Den. k Rio (J ,
Erie. 'ioi.
N. J. Central. 61.
Nor. A W. pfd, 4.
Northern Pao.,2.
Northern P. p d. 62.
CAN. W.,.117.
CAN. W. pld, 14114
N.V. Central,.lllH.
N Ti.C. A St.L...
unio tentra', .
Ohio A Miss., :Si,
O. A Mis. Did. ito
UnUrio A WeM.,21i
irecon nav., iui'y.
Orojon Trans., It:;,,
Oreson Imp., Z1..
Pucific Vail, blit.
Panama, V&
Peoria. U. k E., 29.
Pittsburg. 152.
Pullintn P C..1U.
Readina. 36Vi.
Erie itd. 78.
Kock Island. 126
new casi ienn.. icy. n.u. a. o. r.
12V. St. h. AS. v.,nyi.
Newt.Tenn. pfdJH. ot h ft B.K. pld
Id, fH'i,
Fort Wayne. 146
Hannibal & St. Jo -H
A St Jo., pfd, .
.C. M. A ft P.. 95.
St. P., M. A M..117H.
m.a oi.v., n. 11.
Houston A T.. 35K St PaulA Omaha. 51
lllionis Central
myt.St J'aul AU. pld, 112;4
Ind .11. A W.,16.
Kansas A T.. 35.
Lake U. A W , li't.
Lake bhnre, 9uj,.
Lou. t Nasa . 50J.
Lou. A N. A., 55.
M. A i 1st pld. .
M. A C. recoods,
Me". A Char . 39.
iann.uoaidc lron.tu.
Texas Paoifi",
Union Pacific, 61'-.
U. ti. Exp ess, 58
W., SUL A P., 20.
W .St.L.AP. p.. 36.
W. F. Ex.. 123.
Colorado Ooal, W4.
II L.-t 1..
Mich. Vea.,wyt
Mm. A St. L . 20. Iron Kilvnr. 2IHI.
oya. uuuiD num. ii.
Min. A St. L. pld. 45. Ontario. 25.
Misiou'i Pacific m-'i. Ouicksilver. RM.
Mobile A Ohio, 16. Quicksilver pfd., 25Va.
m. u. o r , oj. ooutn faoiuc,
M L S. A W nfd.MX. Sutro, 7.
London, September 30 C ncolo 101
lortjo u monev and (tie account. Unit
elSt t-s boud-, 41, 1143. Tne bul
Ii n in the li nk nf Kiwlunl dcreaed
208,000 durinu tht past wrek. Tne
piopition of I he J! mk of Eogland re
serve to liability is now 41 per cent.
' I'arih, beptmDer au. Three per
cent, leutee, 82 fr. ncfc0j fi r tbe ac
count. Ttie weakly Btat ment of the
Bank of Fiance shows a decrease of
8,100,000 f'aurs gold, and an iotrease
ot 1,725,000 Iraccss'.iver-
New York, September f0. Ex
c'mia, $117,619,149; balancee, $4,
267,231. Chicago, Irx , Peptember30. Asuo-
r'and liia cltdiings tolay weie $8,.
Sr. L'lnis, Mo., Sipt?mher 30.
Ba;ik cleiriDBS, 2,ol ,100; balances,
tun fill.
Baltimore, Md., September 30.
Bank dealings, $1,711,7-2; balances,
Philadelphia, Pa., September 30
Khi k rleiribgs, 49,516.538; balances,
f i,ib&,'J3.
Boston, Mass., Ret tembcr 30.
Clearing tIoncn s atemeRt: For today
sicianiri s, u,oa,aoi ; Daiauces.Sl.'
115,759; for th mon h-eichan(iej,
$293,732,766; balame?, $36,44)984; for
the earnx tnuntn in 1885 exchangee,
$266 507,638; balances, $35,968,065.
The lncal ottm market opened
s'eady, and clnafd stesdv; middling,
9i;. 8 kb, 800 baits, 450 to exporters
and 350 to spinners. ,
Yesterday. Wednesday,
Good Ordinary...,
Low Middling ,
Good Middling...,
Middling Fa.'r
Mxmphib, Beptemiier 30. 1SS6
Stock 8fpt. 1, 1880 ..... 4,009
R-.csived todty 1,248
Ktceived ptev.ouely... 10,116
Shipp'd today 590
Shiuped previous'y .. 4,4J9
Stock ronoimj account
Thus far tbis wpk
Thus far la t week
S.nce 8tp ember 1st -
. 7,265
, 1,913
, '353
. 100
, 5,02!)
M. and C. R. R
M. & T R. K
I,, and N. R. R
M & L. R. R. R
C, O.A8. W.R.R
K. C , 8 & M. R. R
M., S & B. R. Ii
Wagons and o.her s.uras.,
Thus far this week
Thus fir lait week
Since S pttrnber lot
M. A C. R. R
L. A N. It. R
C, O.&S. W.R.R
Total 590
New York rpots optno i sleedy, and
closed steady asd l-16c higher. Mid
dlioar, 9o. Sales, 1315 bales. Quota
tions were aa follows:
Yesterday. Wednesday.
Ordinary 6 13 16 6 1:4-16
Good ordinary. 8 3-16 8 3-18
Low middling. 9 9
Middling 91 9 7-16
Good middlinK'9 1316 9 13 16
Middling fair.. 101
Fair lift
New York futures opened quiet and
steady, and closed arm. Salfs, 73,200
bales. Tbe closing quotations were
as follows:
Yesterdav. Wednesday.
October 9.22 9.23 9.21ft 9.22
November- 9.30Y4 9.28 9.29
December. 9.36 9 37 9 34 9 35
January..... 9.43 9.44 94U 9 42
February... 9.52 9.53 ft 51 9 52
March- 9 61 9.62 9.59 9 60
April 9.69 9.70 9 68 9.69
May 9 78 9.79 9.76 9 77
June 9.87(a) 9 t-8 9 85 9 86
July 9.95 9 96 9.93 9.95
August 10.0010.02 9.9910.00
September 9.19 9 20
The New Orleans spot ma'ket
opened quiet, and ciored ersy. Mid
dling, 9 6 10c. Sa es, 1100 ba.is. Quo
tat'ons were as lei owa:
Ytsterdav. Wednesday.
Ordinary... 7 316 7 3-18
Good Ordinary ....7 15 16 7 1516
Low Middling 8 13-16 8 13-16
Middling 9 5-13 9 5 16
Good Middling. ..9 9-16 9 9 16
The New Orleans future market
opeued tteady. a' d c'osed quiet and
firm. Salee, 8700 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
Yfsterday. Wednesday.
October .... 8.9S bid. 8.95 8.97
November. 8.87 8 88 8.86 8.8S
Dacember . 8.90 8.91 8.89 , 8 90
January.... 8 99 8.98 8.99
February... 9.10 9.11 9(8 9 09
March 9.21(a) 9.22 9 18io) 9 19
April . 9.31 9.33 0.29ft 9.30
Mar 9 41 9.43 9.:9 9.41
June 9 62 ) 9.53 9.50 tiid.
j'uly 9 60 9.62 ....
September W .....
Rec. Piitvs block
4,794 9 59,714
5,943 9 6-16 40,244
181 9 4,534
6,347 9 1 16 47,426
4,4(il) 9 33,795
1,378 9 6-16 H,103
1,185 9 8 547
H 3,6 1
6059 87,639
243 9 8 50!
47791 8,466
N. Orleans
Mobile ,
Norfolk ...
ew York
Bof ton
St. Loui?..
Augnnta ..
Receipts at pone, this day, 18S6..25.644
Receipts at ports, tins day, l8ttoZd,3
R'ti U. S.
130 857
Ex. Gr. Br
. 43,161
St ck
For'jrn Ex.
358 961
i JJ97.Hf,N
282 346
392,9' 9
Decrease in reteipts tuts year ...48,959
At noon: Liverpool spots were
firm, fair demand. Sas, 10,0(10
batep, of which Ameiiran 8100 balea.
Receipts, 9000 baits, of which Ameri
can none.
Closinu quotations were ai follows
Ordinary, 4Jd;gond ordinary, 4d; low
middling, 6jd : good middlint,5 1 l-16d ;
middling uplauds, 6 7-16 J; middling
Ur f an, ojd.
T The pricei'are airen in vmre and 6 itht
thwi: 4 63 meant 4 63-64d; and 5 01
means 5 1 bid. 1
At nnon: Liverprol fu'ures wire
steady : Ojtobur, ; September, 5 26
5 21d; Stptember-October, 5 17
ft 18d ; Oi toner-November. 5 105 lid
Novembar-Dtcember, 5 09J: December-January,
; January-Febrnaiy,
; Februaiy-Marob, 5 lOd; Mrcb-
April, 5 12J; April-May, 5 141 ; May
June. .
At 2 p.m.: L've'pool futures were
qui t aud n teady; October, : SeD
lembrr, 5 24i, buyfrs; SeptmbFr-Oc-t
iber, 6 18d, valu ; Oc'.oher-Novembr,
5 lid, sell.-n; November-llecembtr,
5 09d, fellfrs; Diicember-January,
5 09J, sellers: January-Ftbrua,
0U9J, sellers; february-aiarcii, 5 lOd
snllers; March-Apiil, 5121. tellers;
Aprd-May, 5 lid, bajers; May-June,
At 4pm.: Li vnrpool future were
qiiut aod tteady; Ujt5ler, 5 17d, bny-
era; Septetnb r, ; September-O'-
t.ber, ; Ocxber-November, 5 lOd,
vaiue; November-December, 5 081.
value; DecembHr-Jannarv. 6 0SJ,b;1I-
eri; January-f t brunry, 5 usd, sellers;
Feliruarj'-March, 5 091, Buyers ; Marcb
April,5 lid, buyers; April-May, 5 13 J,
buyers; May-June, 5 161, S:llerF.
Cornmal-Standard, $2 202 35;
pearl, $3 253 35; roller, $2 45.
Hay Choice, from store, 75c; car
loal from levee or depot, $12; prime,
fiom store, 70; car load from levee
or depot, illll 60; prairie, from
store, 50c.; tar load from levee or
depot, $7 50.
Cobn From etore,while,51c ;mixed,
48c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 46c; in sacks, 49c; mixed, in
bulk, 44 jc; in sacks, 47C .
uats ifom atoe,wutte,36c; mixed,
35c: from letae or depot, while, in
bulk, 31J0) in sack, 35c; mixpd, in
bulk, 30c ; in sacks, 33c.
Bran rrom atore. 70(7o3; from
levee or depot, $12.
Flour From store, No. 3, $3 ; fam
ily.$3 50; cboi.e,t3754; fancy,f4
4 25: extra fancy, $4 304 60; patents,
$55 50.
Bbans Navy. $2; medium, $1 50
1 75; common, $125; German miller.
$1 201 41.
Kick Louisiara. 4nj5ds: Caro'ita.
Oatmeal In half-barrels. $3M3 25
from store.
Chackkds Soda, extra. 4c: uriHe.
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon crackers, ex
tra, 7c; lemon cream crackers, tn-b'e
txtia, 7Jc: ginger snaps, extra, ftc;
einaer S'laps. treble extra. 6c: assortad
jumbbs, 9c.
Ckackid Wheat la half-barrels,
$4 25 from store.
Hominy and GaiTS-Fiom store.
$3 15(V)3 25.
Kansas Citt. Mo.. September 30
Wheat higher: No. 2 ed. cb. 6; 'In
bill: October. 621c: May. 721o bid.
Corn steady; No. 2, caso, 3lc bid;
Oct her, 30jc bid: November, 31 jj
bid, May, 3i Jo bid. Oa snominal.
fT. Louis. Mo., Pepteinbr 30. Flour
stealy; X, $2 35 2 45; family,
$3 wit3 io; cnfice, u.ty.t'Mi
iu'.cy, j3 40.il 3 50; ex'ra Wnr.y, $C0
3 8J; patents, 14(,4 39. Whtat act
ive and firmer; llio mallet opened
week end dtclintd IC''., tbe fesiing
gradually improved, nud pri'-es nrar
the close adv.ncd eharp'y, rlos ng
la higher than yo-terdwy; N't. 2 r,lf
cush, 73j74ic; October. 73.7.c
closing al 74c: Novemttpr, 7fij.7(lj,
cloaing st76jc; May, K6i874i:7 cas
ing at 87Jr. Co-n fir.iy autivo aud
r.egnlar; th" nrarket ojicoed steady,
butto n d clinsd Jc; prices Kdvancod
io near the close, and finished J(SJ
lower than yesterday: May ml
steady throughout, and closed ic hiab
er; is o.z mixed, cish, S3iS4ic;
tr ber, 3334c. closine at S3,c
November, 3535c, clo'io(t at 35J
bid; May, 4040r, closirg at 40
bid. Oats firm and 1c h'trbor; No
mixed, cash, 26jc; October, 26)c; No
vember, iiiai Mar. 814a bid. Ky
steady at 481c. Birley steady ; prices
ranged 60a.b74C. according to quality,
Hay active and firm; prairie, $9
10 50; timothy, fll(413 60. flax
seed weak at $1. Bran ea'V at 49
b ie. (Jornmeal easy at SI VWflH 5,
Re. lpts Flour, 2000 brls; wheat
11,000 bu; corn. 13,000 bu; oats, 16
000 bu; rye, 4000 bu; barley, 14,000
bn. Shipments Flour. 40u0 brls
whrat. 16 000 bn : corn. 4000 ba ; oaU
2000 bu; ) ye, 4000 bu; barley, 10C0
Afternoon Board. Whf at ersy ard
a shade lower. t)oin firm and to high
er. Oats steady and about un
Cuicot, III., September 30. The
opening figur a for wheat were the
lowest currti,t during the daj. Ti e
cfiVrings were la'ge at tha opening in
tne apparent expection ot a contmua
t on ot yes erday's fceavy tone, b Jt the
buying orders consume! all Ilia one
irgi and the advance from the opta
ioa was 0'iit steady. Novemb 't do
1 very s arted at 74jc, rose to 751 J on
the r gular setsion and forged up
76 s in the atternoi n, but needed
Irrm cutde figures. The witriika
tenor of the table news was oce of t'io
reasons a s;gned for tha sherp buying
toward the c'oe ol the moroinz s
sion an 1 on th afternoon bo ird ; No. 2
epritg, 2i('i3c: No. 3, spring. Mile
No. 2, red, 74v, Nd. 3, red, 0 i7lc.
1 Here was leas intori st tlian rjiul in
com. The marker kept within gl
end'cloit da shail" firmer.R(ceipt3 w-re
fdir l ere hut light at other Western
rtoiuts; Sso. i, ch, 3tJe; Ho 3, .o
Nt 2. yellow, 37c Ttiere was a 111
eral speculation u rati and pnenj
averaed lower; No. 2. ca-h, ai" 25c
Tie small craius ruled steady; No 2
mf, 48c; No. 2 bar ey. 6ti(o)5tiJr!
N 3, 4565c; No. 1, llaxteed, 1 01
rionr wes qunert unotageii
The following shows tin rarge and
clcsiiis pncoa on the regular oeggioo
arliourniiig at 1 o'rlock p.m : Wlua
Sep emb r opened at 726c, ranged 72
73Jc, clo i: gat 72J(t; Untober opened
ut 7ijo. tang-d 72J73Jc, closing at
loin November opened at tH
rauaed 7417.' lo. clneirg at 752c; Do
Cfmher rpaned at 76J3, ranged 7nj
771c, c os't:g t77n;May opened a
84 Jc, ranged 8";83jc,cloeirjg at 83;c
Utiro r-ontemher oiienpd at , dttjc
rangtd 36J36ji. closing at 36t Octo
ber opened at 361c, ranged 36136ie,
closing at 3t!lo; Novemb r opened
at 37ic ranged 37j't:t8Jc, clodng at
61:: Dtinniib ropareilnt 39c, laoged
3939Jc, closing at 39jc; May opened
ut u jc, raog"d iJi'&iJlt, closing at
4jjc. Uals-bep'emoer opened at 24
rangpd (24ie, clrsirg at 24jc
Octnbsr opened ut 24.-, rangad 24
L'tijc ciosintiatoc; iNovember opeatd
at 2(ijc, tanged 26i263, closing
at zbtc; may opened at 31 li
tanged 31i312c, clnsirg at311c. Re
ceipts Flour, 16.0C0 hrls; wheat, 60,
000 tu; corn, 195,000 bu; oats, 139,
000 bn; rye, 1000 bu; barley, 64,
ooo cu. Miipments iiiiur, lO.OOubrla
wheat, 93,010 bu; corn, 258,000 bn
oats, 163,000 bu; rye, noce, barley
30.000 bu.
Afternoon Board. The market' a'l
rilled firm. The, clot-inn figures at 2:30
o c oi k p m , were a follows: Wheat
October, 7it f 3 ; Nove-nbar, 758c; Da
cmioer, 77jc; May, 84ic. tjnru Oc
tiher, 30 7 16c; November, 38 3-10c
Oecember, 39li;; May, 43Jo. Ois-
Oitoher, 24Jc; November, 26 3; Mjy,
31 7 io.1.
BrTTRR Buttrine,12113o; crenY
ry, 22(a 26i:; dairy, 1618c; ciuatry
butter, lflriyloc.
HiiQ Pkoducts Mea pork.tlO 75
11 ; BtiHrcuied hitrne,12Jl2Jc; break-
last oai'on, BJO'Ji'io; clear rib B'da t a
enn, 8 5 81c; bacon sh;u'rf(-is, 78"ic;
bultc pork clear sidee,78c; clear rib
nmei, 7J7jc; shoulders, OJc; long
clear, 7Cj 4c.
Lard Tiercnp, 7J7 jc ; half-barrels
ad kegs, 7J"3c; choice kettle, 81
Frbsh Mkats No. 1 beef, 7e; mut
ton, 7c; hind quarters of baet, 8jc;
lambs, 2 503 50.
Poulthy -Chickens, $23
Cukk-e Prime fiats, 8jc, nominal
fac'ory, 7J8c, nomii.al; full cream,
Pun Fket. Barrels. 19 5010: half-
barrels, $1 755; kfg-,$l 75.
St. Louis, Mo., September 30, Pro'
visions-very dull and iay. Pork, H0.
Laid lower, $5 9i. B ilk meats nearly
steady loosa 1ms: lonr clear and
short rib?, 10 90; short clea
$7 30; boxed !oe: long clear and shitit
ribs, $8 8, ehoit cler, $7 124. Bacon
nrm 'ona? wa-, 7 40(7 4-): shnrt
ribs. $7 3717 40; shirt clear. $7 60
7 76. Hamj etsady, 1213ii-. Kuiter
firm, creamery, 22(5)25 j; dia'V. 10(ift
21c. r.ggs steauy, J3a,
CntCAOO. III.. September 30. Pro
visions ruled dull and uneasy. Mess
pork declined 5(a7jc, and closed at
yesterday's figures; cish lota sold at
9 i(o9 30. iheie was more pressure
10 tell lard and prices declined 10
15c, cash, lota selling at 55 956 10,
ana ciobpu at o no. CDort clear aides.
t7 107. 15. Mess pork-September
opened at 9 25, ranged 19 209 80,
closed $9 30; October opened at f! 25,
ranged I'J Z0(i9 :0. closed st 19 30:
Novemher optned at 19 80. ranaed
f 9 209 37J. closed at 19 37J ; January
opened at ftuaj, ranged S10 i.hw
11 4.', Closed at LO 40. Lard Sep
timber opened st $0 41 ranged ft 95
6 40. cloeed at 5 95; October
onentd at 35 97 j, ranged $5 8" J6,
clo-el at $5 95; Novemher onened at
$5 92, ranged 15 9i'6 95, closed at
oiij; jannary opened at V n,
raneo JOfeO 10, closed at Hi 05.
Short libs-September opened at S 6 75,
ranged J6 75, crs.-d at $1 75; On'o
ber opened et $6 75. rr(rd J6 75.
doted at6 75; January opened at
oau, la jgpd 5 30, closed at ?)30.
un tne Produce .xnhanire taut'or
ruled firm; creamery, 626o; dairy,
15'a20c; puking stock, 718Jc. Kge,
Afternoon Board. Pork October.
$9 30; November, $9 35: January.
10 41. Lard October, $5 95; No
vember, $5 94; Januatv. JH 071.
Short rib s des Oclobtr, 16 70; Jan-
nary, $5 3;' J.
UllOt KlilEft.
Cokfsb O riuion. fll10c: ordi
nary, 10110Jc; prime Ro. 11212)i:
ctioicato fancy, 12j13J(!; old jiovern
mont, 2425c; Ceylon, 1822c.
boAi' Uiiapmau a lions so.in. un
wrapped, 4j'!41o per pound.
Al.T-l 20 pir barrel; su:ks. uip.
fl 35l 45; tow e, f I 10fa)l 15; r"t'k
ets, bleached, 2',7b; car-loads from
evee or ilepot, 5c cheiper.
Uandii s h'icks, all sirsr. in be xes,
pails niid burrIs, 8C';9.
;anoi.B9 Kail weight, 9JIW10".
Cankkd Goods, Etc. Price per
dozitn: Pineap)Us, SI 40:1 60;
peaches, 2-!b, s'andard, $1 351 55 ; c-
nn,l, CI MVAA 1R. Inn,.l,u 9.1,
shmdatd, fl 2.V. I 35 ;3-lb, $1 151 30 ;
strawbotrics, $1 35()140; raspberries,
$1 16126; b'ackberriea, f 1 001 15;
greengages. $1 601 75: pearp, $:.()
2 25; plums, $1 601 70; ssparrgm,
$2 60 1; sreen corn, fll 35; green
peas, $1 65 1 65; cove oysters, full
weight, 1-lb, 90cfl; cove oyster.-i,
fall weight, 2-1 b. $1 651 80; covs
oysters, light weight,- 1-ib, 65s; cove
oytters, light weight, 2-lb, $1 ; con
densed milk Crown. $5 605 75;
Esg'e, 7 507 75; Daisy, $1 75.
Molas'as lxtuitaca, common to
fair, 182!ic; prims to choice, 3040c ;
svrup, 2t:40c; common ti fair, 20
25c; prime to choice, 30035c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 3233tt.
Tobucco Common, 11-Inch, 27J
28c; ether grar'es and s'vlee, 3'85e.
Snuff Barrett's, $10 85 pr rs;
Ralph's, $10 25 per caw ; R. R , $9 10
10 25; Gall & Ax's, $8 75.
Sdor Pure wbite, CJ6!; rff
white. 6ir)6ic: yellow clarifipd. 61
6i; open kettle, 66c; refined A,
66e; arnnlat?d. 671c; pow
dered, 717j3; cat loaf, 7jSr.
Niw Yobx, September 30 Coffee
spot fair Rio nominal; options 15
25 prints lower and fairly actve:
sales, 30,250 bass: Octibsr,9.709 80j ;
November, 0 &t (u U.Uc; Uecember,
9.4c9.60c; January, 9409.45c;
tehruary, 9 45(a9.65v, March, 9.40f)
9.50-; April, 9.50c; May, 0.6lfa9.55c.
8ugr qiilwt; csiitrifogal, 6 1-ltic ; Tri
nidad, 324c; rlineii it sedy ; ennfer
ti' nors' A, 5 13-165Ic; cut-loaf and
rrnsbed, dji; granulats.f, 5 15-16.
Molasses dull.
iioi'SKllOLn hv eriA i N
Ai WEs Anp'es, $1 602 60; dried
aoplej. H3j3 ppr pinnd (rom store.
l)rid peHciie, 2i;ii3 Irjm store.
KdKTAULKs Unions. 13 Iroin
s oir Cabb ge,$250;perlieid,910.:;
$1 75 'rom luvee or depot wr crat".
KrMit, brla. $8; half brl", $33 25.
Garlic, 40,60i) por 100. Turnips, 50j
per biuhei.
1?ruit Uriianps, l.oiii-ina, nmn-
nal,.$6. I' ui na, $77 60 per box.
Bunaiiap, $1 60(ii)2 50 per bunch.
Ccoaiint?, 15 pr J00. Peinu's Vir
ginia, 7jc; Tnnessie, farmer's ftock,
34c; roisted, 2J.i bigtier; rhollud
10c. AlimrdJ, 18W20..
Rai-'Inh London layers, $3 40; lay.
rr, $2 75; Caliioruie, ; Impetiul,
J3 5l)(n 4.
Pickles Io isrs. pin's. 95c: oiiaits.
$t 60; ha f-gailinp,2 76;galloiis.$3 76;
loo-e. barruls, 56 ft0(u7: ha t-hair.ds
$375'ri4; inixed, barrels. $10 60; mixed'
naii-baireiR, fti.
1'otatoiih New, $1 2o0dl 50; North-
emetock, $1 752.
Uli)KR-New York. SO W per bar.
rel. and $3 7S4 per half-barrel : vine
gar, 10jc pergliOD.
1'kcans lixus, 810c for small to
medium, 1014c for large; Aikansas,
Fih Mackerel, half-barrels. No. 1.
$55 50; No. 2. $14 25; No. 3, $3 60
(i4: 10-lb kit. No. 1, 90c; No. 2, 75c;
15 lb, No 3, 65i Dry herrings, fam
ily, 2,tc per box.
W ALNDT4 r retieh. 12c : Naplop.l5c :
Grenoble', 15o. Filberts. 12o.
Oamk Game fbh, ll12c.
Eoos Steady at 1516o.
In CBr load lots: Piime crude
cotton seed oil, new, 2830c; off
crude cottm saed oil, old, 24
26 i ; prime summer yellow cot
tm seed oil, 3l37Jc; off summer
yellow cittin tead oil, 8133c; min
era' Biwimr yellow cotton seed oil,
jj(ajjo; prime lummer white cotton
s-ied oil, 35c; chrice cooking yellow
cotton seed oil, 37J40.t; prima colton
n d meal, $14 5015; off co;ton teed
meal, 13I4.
Bagoinq Jute. 2 lb-t. 8Jc 13 lbp.
1".; ij i' b, c. nax, u ibj, 91 .
Ties SI 10f.il 15.
Nail Uomiuon. $2 2?2 30: steel
Cletrtub washod. 31363: urease
w oi, lm(2)'(jc ; butry wool, 1318c.
St. Louis. Mo.. September 30
Wool quiet but firm : medium cloth
ing, i6i; cjinbing, 24251s; low
and c..arae, 14 a22c; flue light, 20
zoo; ceavy, ittzic; Diicit, I723i
Bostos.Mahs., Veptembsr 3). Wool
active; Ohio at,d l'ennavlvauia extra
lie -ce. 33 341 ': XX, XX X ard ab ve,
35(36c; Michigan extri, 3232Jo;
tilled wools, 30(43c: double extra.
Coal Oil Prime white, wiiuleaale
lot, no p?r gai!on.
PiTTsmiBO, Pa , September 30. Pe-
oleum dull and firm: National
Transit cert'll ates opened at 623c:
clrs dat 62 Jc; bigheU, 62Jc; lowest,
WniSKY Straiabt Kentucky Bonr-
bin, $1 50(25: redistilled mods tram
85c t $150, according to proof; rye,
11 0(O)U.
Sr. Lnuis. Mo.. September 30.
Whisky firm, $i Vi.
Chicago. III.. September 30 Whia.
sy qoior, ii it.
Cincinnati. O.. September 30.
Whisky B'eadv: talea of 68A liarr' nf
noisotd goods on a basis ot $1 12.
. w-
ii v iiecH.
Choice to extra corn fed cattle, none
receivea ; gooa, none received. .
DnAfUi tATr.v Pttnloa Ql 0 1
. w...a , V u V I V U, W,UU,
i?nod, 2j3Jo; fair to medium, 2J
2Jo; scjllawdjs, ll)r. -
1 loos - Ubotce.41 W41c : Crood.3l(a4o :
common, Jtwatc. .
n . n .
Shkep Choice, 3131o: medium. 2i
3c; common, $11 60. Choice
lambs, por pound, 414jc,
Kansas City, Mo.. September 30
Tbe Live Stock Indicator lepotta: Cattle
recelpts,ll.r)& head :b-hiDmenls.nnnn :
l est quality steady and grass range
weak; good cows and stock. r and
f.edois firm; good tocho'np, J44 60;
common ro medium, $3 3l'(oi3 90:
Hookers, $i .ri(o.a 75; fieders. $2 80
3 60; cow, $160r-ii2 60; grars range
at.e s, $i 253 iO. Ilcgs-recwipis,
7C50 head; shipmen's, 1 120 head;
nr.arket weak and 6iOo lower, good
i choice, $1 4(i,4 60: common to
medium, 4 154 40; gra ser and
pg', 52 fiOfijH 05. Sheep-ie:eipU,
340 head; shipments, 242; quiet; gold
tochoicp, $2 503; common lo niedi-
m.ji toa L'o.
Chicago, Iil., Sentsmber 30. The
Urovert Journal repoiU: Uatlla re.
retpts, 9000 head;-sbiprneDts, 3000
heal; lancy grades ttearly. otuers 10
(fljioc lower, except Texaiis: abipping
eers, 960 ta 1500 lbs, $3 36 5;
ockeis and feeder.', tfViyj 65;
cows, buns nrt mixed, fl 2Cwi25:
lilr, $2 252 60; ihrougi Texis
a t s Hirongi r; cows $.'2 60;.seesr,
6()(i;3 30; Wrstern ranirer steadv:
atives and ha f-hreedp, $2 754(J5;
rows, $a 40O.2 90; wintered Texuns.
I n 3 45; salts Wyoming. $2 90:
Wtoming Texanp, fifni in- No.
b'as'a T-xanp, if.'l 103 40: IVko a
fexans, $ 1 40 Hi gi e' e p'p. 2300
etd; shipment-, H0u0 htaj : maiket
low, lf20c lower; rough and mixed.
$3 fi54 25; packing and ehipplng,
i inr- i r.i . It .1.1 i i r.r,. . ,e .
I u i, jlKUt, uwijt ; PKlfB,
23 25. Sheep receipts 4000 brad:
shipment, 800 head; Diarko" stea'ty;
natives, $2 25 4 25: Western. $3 40
W3 fi ; l exarje, $2 403 10: lambs.
1'24 70.
TiptonvilU Cguinaii 10 a.m.
Krmrs Foinu... Jamii Ln, 5 p.m.
V'ii'ksbnrc. ..CiTT or Caian, 10 a.m.
OsoeoU . Coahoma, S p.m.
Wblta Rirer Albuta N. 3, & p.m.
Arrival. Ka e Adam, Arkannrs
City; Cheatpeake, Tipt'nville; Ar-ka-i-ai
City, Vickanurg
DrjMirturei K-te Ad'in, Arkan ai
Cn; A knai Cit, Ht. Loui;.
lioal in Port Cbeiapeake.
Boatt Due Down. Coahoma and City
if Ca ro.
Bitot Due Up. James Le acd Al
beita N i. 3
Receipts Toatraj.
Kate Adima 95 biles oot'oi, 1116
skj eeedt 2 hd bones and 83 pkgs
Cbesapraka 6 1 ba'es co tin, 31 bags
seed coti on, 1111 ska seed, 12 hd cat
tle, 7 hd hrgs and 20 pkja sundries.
Knquirer 6 biles cot n, 8 bags
seed cotton and 12 tks seed.
rtlTl au MOTEMEM1N.
Tin A'.bnrta No. 3, Capt. A. It.
Smi.h, is hn packet tomoriow even
ing at 5 oVljt k f jr White nvir. 11. C.
Wil'on ia in ber t llice.
Tin C tahomt, dipt. Henry Co iprr,
is tho packet thii e-enii g at 6 o'cluck
f r OtCrola a id the ipp r bouds.
Wm. Sm ther is in lnr cilice.
Thb Jamea Le?, Capt Tlio. Claz
gett, is the packet this evening at 5
o'clock for Helena. Krinrn Point nnd
a'l wav landing'. Will Aslitoid is in
her ollice.
Tiia Ciiy otOiiro, Capt She,) Lijdit
tier, is the Anchor Lnia pa. ket
tbie morning at 10 o'elrcK for
V fks'jurgand the tieuds. J C. Elton
is her cle k.
Tim Cncaap.'ake, Capt. W. P. Hall,
having bo jn unavoidably detuned,
will leava tbi-t morning at 10 o'clo ;k
for llabt's P. int. Tip onville and all
way landings. Col. J. 1) Fuller has
ba-a o' her flic , nasis el by B. O
Weathkk .lear nnd plaassnt.
The local paukut-i wore dtt lined yes
terday momiog by fog.
Tub river here is on a stand, with 5
f?tt 4 t tnths on the gauge.
Tbe R. 8. Hays and barges pa sed
doanye tird iy uioinli g lor New Or
leans. Rkcehts by rivar yetrday, 159
ball 8 of cotton, 31 bags of seod and
2226 tacks of seed.
'I he Kato Adnnis airived yesterday
morning from ArkauusB City with 95
ba'es of cotton, 1116 sacks of teul, 2
head of hor ea and 83 package) of sun
dii-s, aod returned last evening with
a good trip. .
Tub Ghe'apeake arrived last even
ing from Tipionville with 64 bales nf
cotton, 31 bags of seed colton, 1111
sacks ol seed, 12 bead i f rattle, 8 head
ofhogasnd 20 packages of sundries,
and leaves Again this morning at 10
o'clock for (he upper bends.
Tna Cincinnati TimeStar of Wed
nesday btb: Commodore It W
Wise, super n endent of the Cincin
nati and Memvhm Pocket Couiptny.
this morning decided te sand a bou
to Meinphia np xt Httiirdsy. The De
soto, Capt. John Jones rommandar,
was lelrc'ed to go. P. II. Meaney
lata receivirg clera on the Ma lion
wluifboa", lilt f ir Memphis list niaht
to accept a bdta on tbe James Lto
with Mate George O intin.
Office Sionai Skhviob, U. 8. A.,
MxMi'iii', Seplemher 30, 1 p.m.
The following ohcervatinna ate taken
at a 1 B'ations named at 75 meridian
t me, which Is one hoar fa.ter than
Memptits tim :
Water. Ciiango,
R BR Full
Feet. lOtbs lOlhp 10 hs
Cairo 3 2
Chattanooga .... 2
due nna'i u ti 1
Dtvrnnort 8 8
DnlnjquB 5 8
Fort bmiih 3 7 I
Keokuk. 3 4 4
Helena 5 II 2
LCro!BH 5 3 1
L avenwortb... 6 7 - 1
L tt'eliock '5 12
Iximsvillo 4 7
Memphis ' 5 4
Naihville 2 8 2
Now Orleans.... 2 8 1
Oniha 7
Put-burg 9 0
8t. Louis 7 4
8t. Paul 2 5
Shreyepoit 1 4 9 ..'
Vick sburtr 4 5 1
Dsinaeir l.lnet-Poet and tenths of a foot
ab to tero of f antra :
Cairo, 40 feet. ChatUneoaa. S3 feet.
Cincinnati, 50. Davenport, 15,
Dubuone.46. Kort HnltA, B.
Keokuk, 14. Helena,.
Lanroare, 24. Leavenworth, 2.
Little Rook, 23. Lonlnville, 25.
Memphis. S4. Mew Orleans,
Nashville, 4. Pittsburf, 22,
Omaha, IS. , Ft. Paal,7.
Ht. Louis. 32. ' Viokbur,41.
Bhreveoort. 28. YaakU,24.'
Whisubo.W. Va., Hupteraber 30.
Noon Kiyer 5 feet 9 incbei on the
gange and rising.
Pittsbur', September 30. Noon
Riyer 6 f eet 1 0 ii chi s on the (taane and
stationary. YVeattier clear and cool.
EyaNsviixa, September 30. Noon
River 3 leet 5 incbet tn the eauea aud
rining slowly. Weatbei theimometer
Cincinnati. Hcn'ember30. Noon
R ver tii'Bt 0 iuelieson the gauge atid
falling. Weather clear; thermometer
Louiaviixic. 8entomhor 30. Noon-
River 4 feet 7 inchts in the canal and
2 eel 5 inches on tha falls and si a-t:ona-y.
Business dull. Weather clear
and cool.
Cairo. SiDt?inber 30. Noon Riyei
leet 2 inches ou tbe gange and rising.
Weather cloudy and cool. Aimed:
City of Caito Ht. Lonlp, 0 a.m.; Eelle
Memphis. Ht. Lotus, v a.m. Lrepartea:
Belle Memphis, 8t. Lonis. 11 a.m.
tont-n vvrir irrldtsff, turn nmC
Jik, Tablet. Chair
Book Gasei. Lounii
letter Preuei, Cabine
ladies' Fancy Doski, A
innit (JtMMlH And inwn
I'rl'jtwituureints-oM). Otttvk:
tnm. i.MtAjrn 4a, ho iMMttJ
EEecidc Bdt free
TO Introduce It and obtain agenta wewil
for th nolt rir.ty days giv away, free
of charge, in each coauty in tbe V: ti. a lim
ited nmiihernf our 4JTinln l.limlni Mai.
VMiiisi sivkNf.iiMfry' Sii.Hie, Price i; a
positive and unfniliiti: cure for Nervous De
oility. Varicocele, tlmissior-s, ImpoUncy,
etc. r'Kl.W Rawurl paid II evory licit we
manmaotar uci act gsserai a ginuin
jlc"tria ourreBt. AM-osi as odo KLIitJ
rHIO HI.T AdVL'Y. P. O. itnw K0.
Brooklyn, M. I.
ft. I.oiiU nml Nfw orlemts Anrhsff
ity ol airo,
Luhtuer mnster, "!TaCHs
Will ICHVn Iha kl.w.,..r VHIIIAk. (lot-
Vl "..l" 'ur iriirht or pusiws prlr
i. irc.i. nm. At P Tiil r . Kop't.
For 0tol, Hales point, i rulhersTll ,
eyoso nd Tiiitonvill Tha new liia
ael pftsflnirvr stes,irr
W. P. Hall msster. J. 1). Fuller clerk
W.V'.US,? !,.",.,b".v nd "H mV polnn,
HV&&1 MONDAY and T11UK8DAY ai
p.m. Ktrtrelithtor r'iin spplron bosr4.
Krmpl,'nnra Fotna tf tui.bi
m.l Oaoooln Pa-fctt Company,
for Ualtaa, Olendulo, Friars Pettrt and al
Way Landiatt tiWajner
James Jace, r-sO
Will lure asabureon EVERY MONDAY.
VYKDNKSDAY and JrHIUAY ato'oleok.
For Randolph, Fnltoa, Osneola an H af
Landiatt Staamer
J. 11. COOPER Mster.
Leaves Krerr MONltA Y, WKUNKSDAT
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. The boaH ol tbl
line reserva the rinht to pass all landinii
the etpiain mar deem unsnte. ('IBoe, No. 6
Msitimnsl. ,1 A V KS l.KK. .Tr , -np't.
Arkan-as Hirer Pk't Co.
K. II. Smith uiuri.tr.
Leaves Memi bis Kverjr Til KSll A Y, at S p.i
11. i;. l.utv K, Agent,
OfHnK. No Mmllpon st. Tnlwuhnno No M.
Menif bis aud Vicltnimnr Packet J'o
jiHtiy II. S.AlHil Line.
Fur Ileleue, I'Dtiporilla, Terrene and Arkan
as itv The (iterant tissiengr steftmai
M. H. Cheti... mnster I W. O. EInkor...olcrk
l.i"vt Meniihla
For Conoordin nnd nil wit landings.
'Ihe hie iimer
A. h. Cummins, Mnst'r I Low Prii'o O erk
LenveaTUK'-hAY and HA I'll RUA Y at6p.o
For general i.ilormaiiun auuly at
No. 4 Jiuiliion stroot.
JOPN rtsWH. Po.s'r Ant. Tu,,hini t.
The Ht. Frauds' IUver Tranauortutlus
Co.'sFlno Ui:le-W boel U. b. Mall e'tf.u,mi
Kl Foster, zT'
O. K. Jopttn muster,
al ft o'elook, for Marinnna, the Cnt-03, a.J
luletmeJiste l.ndius on tit. Francis rlvnr
Tho oi'UIn reserves the tirlit to rft al
landlnas he deems untitle, J A 8. LWK, Jr.,
Snlw.;itr.i.l.-I liT.w. Vo. i M.il,.n
Mm)hiH& White Itlver Tkt.Co
Fur tHrndon, Drvitllii llliilt,, lists'
Are, Auvusta, Sosroy, Nowp rt, Jsokson
tort. Uktesrllle nd all War Landings,
K. 0. Postal master, A-.wU'
Will leava KVBUY WKDNK8UAY at 5 p.m.
Albert B. Smith nianter.
Will leste HVKRY HAllJitDAY at 5 p.m.
Through rates given to all points. Freight
oonsigned to the Men phis and White River
Packet Co., at Memphis or Terrene, will bo
forwarded proiniitlf . For general Informa
tion apiilv at office, No. 3 Madison it., ort
Call Telephone Vi. H. 0. LOW K, Ag't.
I I7K, the undersigned, harlng bouiht tha
VV entire businose of ui'iniiUnturlug
Furniture, Mattresses, Awnings, Tents, ate.,
Iroin Henry llitttenberg, would respeottully
ask a share ol jour patronage, knowing full
woll Hint, rout lung experience, we can and
wilhiiive entire satis'noiion to all work en
trusted to us. Wo will be ready at all time
to furnish Awnings, Tents, I'anllns and all
kinds ot onnvss work ; mukeall kinds nfflrst
olnss Mattresses i repair, varnish and make
all kinds of Furniture; reupholster Parlor
Buits, and delivor gomls free of oha'ge. Car
pets renovated in the true l'ersian stylet. All
work done promptly and at living prices.
K. HllUKnlorit V o.,a.tl hrrimd
Pennyroyal Fills.
The OrlKlnetl nntl Only Ueiialste.
Bale and always Reliable. Dewnroot worlls.
ii Imitations. Indisitonsnblr Ut It. Itlla,
i your liruKKlMt r ('(ilnhttalrr'e
Kiiwli "and take no other, or ioolose 4o
(stamps) to us for particulars iNLkriiaby
rnliira mall, w I I list, a fell
rlixilr IiiiiIcm1 '.,
ItaiH MHtllaon Niinare, Pbllwln., f -.
ATKAI! supplied by UiCO. O.UUOUWUf
i '..
WholMitlst Agsan, HiHlon, !
Non-lteaident Notice. ,
No. 5SH1,R. D.-In tho Chsncery Court ol
rihellir County, Tenn. tttate of Tennes
see vs. Sarah .nnone et a'
It appearing Iroin MiorirT's roturn in this
cause that the defendant', Mrs. L. Hall,
Itortio Hull and Hurry Hull, are not te be
found in his county i
It is therefore ordered, That they make
their aniienriinre herein, nt the fonrf-llni,.
of Hholliy oniinly, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
noiore the II rot Monday in Ocolter, lHSii, and
Plead, answer or demur to complainant's
bill, or the same will bn tuken for cnnfMM.nJ
as io them and set for hearing exparte; and
tliHt a copy of this order be published once a
week for four suocesiivo weeks in the Mem
phi' Appeal This id day ol Septsinber, ltfto.
A copy Attest :
8. I. MiiUOWKLL. Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, I). 0. and M.
F 'II. AU. W. llelskail.Nnllnilnrs fm Onm.
Plalnant. f r i
iJ Kal.'I'H IN HKI.TH.-D. K. O.
" aiiT , iiaave iiu lasin AaBATa Car,
agaaranieed stiaoiOc for hysteria, Dini
ness, Ooftvulslcn.e, Flu, Nervoni Neural
gia, Beadaehe. Nervo-s Prostration, naased
by tha nse of aloohol or Io banco; Waka-
luinesa. Mental Depression, Sa'tening of th
Brain, resulting In Insanity and lea Ing tet
misery, decav and death f Pramatnra ,,d
Age, llarrenness, Loss of Power in either
t Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea. oau. J by over-eiartlnn of the brain.
self-abuse or ovurindulience. Each boi con
tains on month's treatment. (1 a bog,
fix boxes for 15, sent b mall prepaid, ea
reoelptof orlce. We suarmtce Six Holes
to our any ease. With eaoh order received
by as for six boxes, accompanied with 11.
w will send th purchaser onr written
guarantee to re fond the money if the treat
ment doe ot effect a enro. ttuarantaea
Issued only bv . KKNKUKT k On.. Drug
gists, Memphis, Tenn.
Newspaper ftm?;
lDVERTI8IN6noe'd cr otheJi's'e
' 111 "" ' It oontitins lists at
newspapers and estlmsten oi th cost ol a i
vertisinr. Tlie advertiser who went' to snood
one dollar. Suds la It the information ur re
quires, while lor hiin who will invest on
hundred thousand dollars in advertising, a
it'heme Is Indicated whioh will meet bis
very rnir lrninent, or can h ma le to do a
by slight ohantfet easily arrived at by cerr-.
ponilauce. one nunarea ana nur-iarea
eililinns have been issued. Sent.
to any address lor ten seats. Apply to 1K0.
VKRTlSINtl lllIRI..t',l!)Sr.Tnest. tPrint-
n HonsehnnrtV . N'w ynrlr
Fositiyo Cure for Tiles.
A Valuable Patent
DnaM-jr'a (llorae) l iirn and Pea 1'l.iss
ler. HAVIKOj'orfertrd my Invention, I wish
ro pluoe it before tr-e pul llo, especially
munutaoiurers. As a Co:n Planter, It ut a
-rlect "access PT'er? th illli, nintribuUd
he ksiI ecccrstely, utilnlurrd, and oovsrd
the same, thereby one man porlorai'ng li.a
work of three. Thot have been used ia
this section lor over a doaeo years witii pe'
fsct stisfiuitlcn. can give retpotstble tuitr
moniala. Address
JOHN U. DANC7.Dancyvi;ie.
Jlaywoed oounty, lent.
For sale by all druggists.

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