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A Fart-tr Uearlm rwtpoDetl Until
Maidaj The Prisoners la
fnirinn Tlx... October 1. The hear
ion tl ths motion f or a new trial in the
.... nl tha seren condemned anarch
ies nndraenUneof d'h lor their
M tieipstion in tie bar market
ilaoehmr, was commenced before
Jadge Gary, in the Or minal Couit,
thii morn'DR. Capt Blade, on behalf
I the condemned men. oflerod an af
i.it which dt cUrcd that Special
w.ii.rl Heurv L. Rice, who aammoned
early a 1 oi the panel from whicn tbe
in obtained, had made a re-
Kk it a merchant named Favor,
ii WabsbaYenm, tithe effect that
ha "knew his bu:iues." and was ao-
lo,.tinor men who would hang the an
arehlsta. Tbe attorney asked that M r,
..., and a man nimtd SteTfa?
al-.nn'rl he aammoned into court and
eofHtioued as to the alleged remark,
h Hiita'a Attorney wea-ed enr-
.. that the e iiin. f n the defence
' . . 1 - L. 1Ia.a, i ,.tnm Milk.
SIlODIu maae nuuu auvpa.i.JUD w vu
utflraiDf fining blra oi thi-ir far
poee to attack an r.flicer of tbe crniri.
Tbe Court replied to Capt. B a k
that there was io date Uticaed to tha
affi davit. The Court also said there
ntp mlmtloiMinii orhl pro
eee iuieb, .ud overruled tb motion to
anrrm jH the perrons name l.
f ne ronufo! fur the priswerj then
rfad ihe mo ion fr the new trial,
wh!ch h airwdy tei-n p'iiiti d. This
embodied an affl ia.t bv T. J. Mi ritan
t, tie moot that ha bad heard Jur.:r
Duiker decla.o uliortly af ertl.e hnv
maikot meeting that t ie wLo'o crowd
f anaulhll tfl OtljIlC t be lllUJKi (1. An
affidavit by Michael Cull wan alao read
t,i iIih efl.et that Juror AIhdih had ex-
prepaid him oil to thu i lliant In about
iha same language). An allldavit by
t, A. Ktevens was i-laj read, wbicn
.( tul t int Mr. Favor, a merchant, bad
told Mm that Rice, the deputy, hid
mil that "Tbe anarchist wnld hang
at sure as death." The nldvit3 oi A.
I'. Love and Orriti BU.snom were
then read, declaring that they had
inn tha witneeB (Uilmer) in a Haloon
on Vn B uen air. et before and after
the bomi thrown... Tola allldavit
wan o impeach thluier, who swore be
taw Bcnaubelt ihnw the bomb. The
m.l.,vlt of the Indianapolis la'oon
keeper, J. P. DeLuce, was then read,
tiling tb fact of the presence of a
mtrcr "ua striuicer in bin place a few
days before the bomb throwing, who
intimated that irounie wouia occur id
Chictuo. Mr. Zoieler. oni of the de
iendant's c lunsel, made an ailligft
t!iit Juror O ile had taken notes dur--rlng
thu trial, which waj cintrury to
The prisoner wero in court during
tha forenooa. Ther all showed the
flacta of their imnr'onmnt. ttpies,
,. Schwab and Fischer especially had
'rv whits fans
tap. B ai k rtfad to the Court ex
true a I r jiii Mute's At'orury Qrinnell's
cli sing auuruee itia inry, criiiiitBiny
oiiB'. ha ttrintd t l o'llrctlatioV. anil
nrilawf.il t rsiot-il of it. Asals'ant
Hutu's Att'ny Walker read eevHral
affidavits on biha'f of the prosecution
whi h were filed this marnina in te-
ply to those previous y pes.tuted by
. the attorney lor the drfm dan's Capt.
John Carney, cblwt of the Evanston
piliie, disposed that M cial Cull, of
KfaiiKt u, who In bis fll(lvif a lignd
tiiHt iuror Gi o. W. Adams to d bim
pii r to tho.tria! that the drfondants
all orght U hang and that tbey were
btggirH In th s couctiy who ouuht to
be shot like dog, is worthless char
set r unw ir.hy oi belief, iheafll
Aavit of Juror Adams Is nls ) givtn. It
s mply denits waking tbe remarks at
irltmi'ed to til in in the htariug of
Wir iHtd Cull. Juror tfenkeir denii'd
falg in the preset en of Ihos. J.
M )rsn that Hp s and the rest
ought tn hang, b it adnii s that
he had au oplni in formed
before the trial, though he had nuver
-xiTt8it)d it. Albeit P. Lover and
O nu 8. Bl.B'om, palntrri1, lu'niatied
aindjv.ti to the SiaVa Attornsy this
tm rinng repndialiug the sworn state
men b given by them lo Holomon H,
Zjisler renrJing the witness Uilme',
i d addinif they had bnen ra d for
iin.MiU't thtttanitt out of a 100 cherk
drawu on tbe International Hank by
Mi'S-is. t omon A . is'er in favor of
L uii f . Koiitb. Th'iy s a'ed they r
cive't S30 anb rut nl the said check.
Mr. Z m'er BA'd ib t his firm Rave
Hmhh such a clmck in payment for
tui vues a a prva e dutc ive in loot-
ugu Uiltuei'u whuriabou a on tue
f .t il night, but not f ir tha pu-pioe ol
bnvi o t"s:imo y.
Ci pU BhctU'g d tbeC urt o g ant
s pos p inemoitt of thu argumeii s oa
Um mo io i when all tie aUldaviU bad
beu u ad and put iu as a pan of the
lecon4, but Judge Oaiy declined to
.grant It. Flna ly lie a journed rouit
nntd 'J p ra., at wbioli time lie i aid he
w.iuld givn bis dec a'nui ou the matter
of os V oi emeut At 12 p.m. Judgo
iay r.iked f. t tht pa t ol tlw record
rfornnii to the eximinaii.& of Mr.
I);nKir as a juror. Mr. Sdomon
haudtd hi in tie record, which, he
po?edd to took over fur bis own
"Dj'S yaur hon'T grant ns further
Hum to piepard alll.iavita rarc'ing
C ill'd r pu aliou ?" ankt d Capt. 151-ck.
'1 n im ti'Hfou f r grunt ngfu ther
in-1 r tl I in an nlhiJaVit on that eub
iect.' Haid the Cm rt.
Accraiiooi deal more talk abont
iirodmi'ii: mora couiradietiry ill
dutitt. t'aat. 1! ecc aaked whether
tb argn-t. cut could go over till next
'lw.bnit cniiait ti that," the
MntuV M oriiBV auid.
Ti v C i.rt e'usl t) grant the con'
I miinc, an t M-. a .ck t ok n ex
i 'ptMn. The Oiitraiii nuiie an a'gn-
liif 1 1, iflyii g h I a t a light, u answer
t. imp-ac mi i llUlaviti UlHd by the
S'. in V A orr or. ui t e prcposd to
wi'ii-" ili i it.n tl . c f tliut right iu Ihe
his'h r c ur
Oil I. I! ck tb 'n bpgm the opening
a tfiini ( t o i the u ntiun for a new
t' .sl. II (Iu o tdhnifl'f p r''calar
ly 1 1 1 o H'g i went (or the Hmtn madi
by t ii Ktate's A'tor ey, whii h, hn
ci iruo 1, ua im;jropar a'td r ilcniut d
t ' lcv a wniii imirms on on tin
nnrs i f I'm J l y. Hi Cump nod
t mt Mr. O'irite i l ad tolj tiie jury
l;a' lb-" police h'id i civt-teJ bo nbs
in tiiM rity of th caro eulliivorit to d
nrny it atd that he believed ibtt tha
luviits wera alitcd tt the
1 v s of t .e jn-ors. He 1 also
.t bjrtot. d I" the sU e;i cut made in the
jir netico i f tliK lury Hint ih counsel
f nh i ilu'cu e bd alu.ittvd tint Mr.
Intlum'- argument wi uurn'wrri
be Tha s a cmo t, Ca.it. Back
c'ui in ;l, l al pn diic d en iijpr asion
Diion t'.t.' j it j pn'j ad c si tu bis di
et is,
Tiie causa' 1, during the rou-e of
l f pewi', was tebuktd by the Court
i une ins n- for making a wrong
Ht e niiit ruijec;ing a ruling mads by
Ch t. i! sck dwelt at length on to
poinU flrs that the 8' ate Attircey
introduced into nil cioamg arganinm
tubstantive matter not reloired to tr
vioosly daring ths trial j second, that
ttie STiaenoe soomiuea or vue prux
cution was defective in failing to prove
who the principal was. Uapt. uiaca
ha d that the evidence to bs suffie ent
aRaiatt tbe a'ceraories should have
ben so unmisiskably against tbe prin
cipal as to secure bis convict on nia
be been present ia court. The senior
counsel for the acarcl.is's bsd not
concluded when the court adjourned.
Kn ther hearing was deferrea nn:u
The Braaa
la B1ae tbe
TilE ill riOIl L CAPITAL.
The President Coin and Bnlllon In
tbe Treasury Special De
livery Extended.
T n u n lnv... i Tl.. rtt
Edwsrd bilomon, husband cf Lillian
RufsbIL who wasarrea'ed on tbe 23d
of September for bigamy, on complaint
ol bis nrit wite, Ully urey, cams up
for hearing yesterday. Ti's imony
was given tbat wben be was fir it taken
into custody SolemoB admitted tbat
he was married to Lillian Russell in
New Jersey, and said : "Anyhow we
went through come ceremony." It
was showa, However, that he 1 ad also
said at the fame time that when he
married Lil ian Rassoll be was an
tware that his first wife was living, as
e had neither seen nor tieard from
h.r let several yearr. Mr. ujiomcn
wan remanded. nndlnil the a nvol
from tbs United btot-s of a i nnib r f
witaesss, whose tttmlance hua bet n
Bocurfd. Tbe aanifctrata refused Mr.
Solomon's rcq ust for a redact on o!
VtlM a l.ibel hull Aanlnat Hie "Hull-
way Keiitr.n
Bt. Ixiom. Mo.. Octr.b'r 1. Tlis li
bel auitnf W. Ji. Bhattni k tf Cino'n-
rai. gwnoral paisenger agent ol tha
Ohio and MiaeiRsippi rallied, agiliiH'.
the editors of the Jhttlway Jlegler, oi
this iitv, f jr $)0,().iO ws given to thu
jury today. The pliimiff alleges that
the dnfendanta publ'shed in their
journal cert .is libelous clmrRe'
imatnst mm, amont mner wirgi oimn
that of appropria ing tils empioyerj
money and dim ting it to his priva e
use and of compelling thn brokers
haiidlltia- his tlckes to divide th.ir
corumisions with him. The yidenre
taken ia tbe ctae fai ed to eubstantiate
the churgf b 'I he jury rtiumed a ver
dict in favor of the plainlifffjr $4000
Betwetn 'Fascball and IVbossan ParfiS-The Bluffs and All
Other Grout ds Too Small for the Monster Tents.
N. Williams A Co., of Main stnet,
have the Whm$ ana uaama o:
Thomas Hood, a book that cannot
giow old, p rvad d as it is bv a spirit
1 11 at IS tO US luUUU 111 ll uiniiro buu
that U always young Hie spirit of Wit
and hnmnr that nerdindts to laiuhtr
In its prueent sulse this volume forms
one of the "T avBler's Series," from
the Dress of O. P. Putnam's Sons, of
New York. Piloted in attractive,
form, it is j net such a hoik as a traveler
ill noil solace in buu p:cihj oi
lau (liter.
Thb Slorv of tbe Nation 8orIer from
t ha nrrui cf (4. P. -Pulnam, of New
vwir,:i steadily ga'niog upm public
lavor. me volumes niro ay nsueti
have so much eiojedfd the promlfio
of Ihe imblishers aud tbe expectaiian
of reading pn.iple as to place tbe ser es
at onos on a h'gh level a one of the
matt useful now going through the
prese. The volume lates. to hand,
The Ifidory uf Spain, by Edward Kver
ett and Hunan Ha e. ii full of tlmt
Fort of sympithy l h the suVjec' tbat
ii always a guamntea of ol se itnij
aud perhaps chss obirrvation. The
authors naoe the avolatiou of the
Hpaaihh nation frrm tbe e rlisot be
ginn 11 gJ, following each euocessive
stage in a moi velons growth snd de
velopment, aud a subsequinuy mar-
Telously rapid deciy. No nation af
fords o many lessons f.ir the states-
matt, end no (illiur ptop n are so to
trastlng or romantically colored
Step by nlop through the centuries
those ltusous are unfoldud in this vnl-
pme, so att'ac ive in its ores?, r.acovir
and ilim:ratiiiH We cjumiecd th'e
Sflriea of tbe "Story ol the Natlots" to
oduoalor.1 espec ally.
Washimotom, October 1. The Pre s
ident has appointed tha following
named postmasters: At Co'nmtu',
Kas , Walstine E. Eddy, vice Hugh V.
GiVitai, suspended ; G'eenfixld, lud.,
N bleP. Uowaid. jr.,yhe Heurr C.
Msr.di, retignad ; Barnesville O., John
W. Hmgley, vice Samuel H. Piper, re
signed. Land offices have been established
at hdin and Sidney Heb. XOO
land office at Biyfis d, Wi., has been
rpmfwpd ti Aahlai.d.
Wm. Halslev. of O eveland. U., baa
been appoint! a special agent of the
Indiaa Commissioner Atkins left
tbe cny this aoming fjr his home
in Tenuexee. He is not expected to
return for tome weeks.
Oca. Hllea's Report.
Washington. Octobr 1. Tbe cn
imul renortc f Gen. Miles is still in
thu hatids of the President and has
been the su' iect of a brief conference
tdav between himfelf and Sec ratary
K'jdtot , DUt It is unuersiooa ina-. n
line of acmn hai yt been decided
upon in regtra to mac por i n ri-iai-i'g
to tin surrender cf G ionimc.
While tLe text oi the eport 1 1 no' yi t
a?;;s llile I-r umicn ;;n, h n a.n'iii
th.it !n roipect 'o that matter, uon.
Viilpsdo Lotein'mn nimseil tome
wificii'u of tho authoritUs and that
bis granting ol (onditnms whcia-t
nnw underetfol to to even more1
1 he al thin ht.s 1 eretofora been enp
p eod, is aiuhj ct of emhanasm nt
niid pi'tf ieiHy. tviinoui'sayiuK"" i"
pinphuic trm, it is githerjd kcdi
Uop. Mtitss n unuaouut expiesuns
un the subjfct tbet the kgieeiuerit w.s
mad that the lives of the. prisoners
hhmld he spared and that t.ey should
be removed at once from Arisona.
In this lesDtct Gen. Miles Les, it is
said, gcr e conttary to ti e well under
itood winhe of bis surerior.', which
action amoun's practically to dijc bs
dience of (irrics 'lha enly renson
siigg' sted f' r this cours -,in the absence
of any satis'act try statement on the
point from Gin. Miles, is iha fear that
if he did not S'cnre the prismers In
this nay they wunld make terms with
arid surrender themselves to the
Mexicans. This would have rendi red
tbe termination of the campaign ac
paientlv d'screditable to the Ameri
cans. In this it ate of affairs there
Boenis to be no hiog which tbe an
Ihoiiiiescan do fur the punishment
of tbe pri oneis except to keep them
reimanently ai prisoners of wur.
Even should ttie e vil authorities of
Arinina demand them for trial, with
tho most positive proof of murder
realy fi r presentation, the hands of
ihe udmiuistrat'on w nld be tied.
iViita All tbo FreHlincsN of Burlus aud tho
Odr aud Fragrance of New Mown JSaj,
uUMlilU With All the Pmp a ad Splendor Surrouud-
lng Ihe Greatest of Fart lily A iriUHement Enterpriser, Or
And Commission Merchants,
260 and 2G2 Front St., Memplils, Tcnii.
PflMff TP To Creafc a New Era In Amusement: In the I
uUialflli Month, and Provide the People With What
They Sever Saw Keforc.
Entire, Complete, Whole and Undirided, Transported From
to Seventy-Fire Feet Long.
rCoining Pr ci. ely an It Eihibitod Before Enthualastio Thoifandt In ths Oraat Cities
of New York, Phil' lo'.iibia. Bislon, Baltimore, Weihington, K'obmond, Chicago, Cincin
nati, Nashville, Pittabarir, Loainri.le and Kaniaa Citr. aad where it Was vi.ilted ana M
travdgantly Tndor'cl by Loading Statesrr.en, Ju.lgo, Lawyers, Doctorr, Repreecntativei ol
National, Sate arJ Foroicn OoverninonU, and Even by tbe Clergy.
No. 321 Second Street Memphis, Tenn.
rFlne Btooli.-R rBtyIlaili Turnouta.Ti
WholesaleGrocers, CotFactors
Vr Vlli Me, i KM w- " r " - " 1
vpyTC.yf... iijjM.iwMHiftiimiaianimiiiimiiiia, aiaiwi;iii,aiminni w wwjjih w u. m
M , rr. - , , ,i(tvC'lXTVi, J ts v , 1 i '
Iv' ,'1,V, " 1 V,''M!W i SEfH MJAnMAI. HESRY FKANH. JOSEPH Fit:R
lrds yfaM AtliiMMtWi' 291 Front, sireet! Opposite Cftrtnn T1ne.
- in t r it ii
gtZI i,n n,.i, .elb.
ICarlr Uaaktir Harrlnffas.
Iiri Ion ftnrielv: Hfnie two Qimkers
could marry -tnat Is, aud remain ia
the lociety the r'tis wtre required
t afenil a moving ana piiDitoiy an
nounce their Intention ot being wed
ded. A conimitt-u was then apoln'ed,
which iunlitutad inquiries ti
disover, anoiig olher things, whether
tho oiau was iu a position to marry,
and whether he wai free from the
claims of any earlier sffoctlon. They
also laqu ruJ into the st it of 'a s
htaltb. u I wtmiher his reltti ns h d
any ohjcclion to his n arrying, and If
nut, if ihoy ow reason 10 object tot! e
wifs be had chiSKU. A comuiittue of
women ma Je similar inquiries renam
ing the tirl, end were very part cn
lar in Bxaniialna whe'hsr she
had evt flirted unwlselr,
or otherwise aiUo ndui ted hetstd'.
That lha voura ooovle ha1 not sum
cent miaus tjmiry upon was not
considered in ibilf an inniporfb'e
br, for the lorlety, not having the
tear of Malthua befcr Its eyes, bad a
fund from which grants ctild bs
made twrd furnishing. In very
early times the parties were expected
tobs accoinpimed by their parents,
or at loABt 1 1 brins duly sluned and
wi'neesed aB'.n's from them, when
thy utiended to (announce their
inteotioo ' ffotliiu tnarrleJ, but ibis
was soon KiVHii up. 0.1 a date fixed
tho nrti. H wo n renii red to attend
another mtiii",whn, alter thy hsd
stntd thy wmo s ill in the same
ni nil. and if the commlt'ers of in-
nuirv hail rcoiried favorably, pwmis
aten to marv was fo'tnally rIvud, and
a day for the nuptials fixed, 'liters
was ai unnrjacli to a loruui rera
inoiv al ths nedtling. Attar
a neriod of worship neutrally
sllrnt-'tho irLMird la;r atwd
uo and to ik i a :h otbef for Iwt'er or
ora; a cert tl a'e rpcoiding ths fact
was thea an 1 eignol hy a nuniDMr
of witn.HS. nvor IwstliaQ twelve;
tlieu chips a few friends tnlaht be
m ivi'd tn Bpeulr, but if no silent wor
ship was resumed as calmly as if noth
inK of nipur auce had jilft taken
pine. Fox never lost en oppor:unity
of inir.rf( ni on his followets the im
portaiics of hsving inarriagrS duly
witr.esed and legmterfd, lor verr
ear'y in the history of the society aa
event o;riirr(d which showed the nf
cuwity f rthi'sd' tails. In E ialaod,
tinUs the p rerti have married ai
ci'dii'g to i.iw, tho children are. as
every one knows, illejiitlninto. Ttio
primitive Qttlers iu rather aa
a k ward tlx, fur their confidences
ou'd notnl ww them to be manned at
church, mid thre was in tho.ie duys
no byway t) matrimony.
Flash i mi in their pearly sheen,
Fr tn the glorious coralline,
Run Hi o o te th untarn'shed!
Whits alike the back ant frrnt.
Yea, by the frngrant FOZODONT,
May hoivuty's moath bs gsinlshcd !
Doings at tbe i reaaarj Department.
Wahhinqtok, October 1. Tho
United 8 ates Treasurer today issued
the fo lowing rjo ici in regard to the
i sue of $1 silver certificates: Owing
to the treat d -msnd for other denomi-
ii t' oris ol uotfK, the Treasurer ol the
Uuitm s ales is unable to aoppiy i
nnUs except In small amounts. In
rrdor to Buticfy, as far ai powihle, His
public demands, it has been dei id d t
furnish from this utfice these notes In
surt.s of $1000 ti each bank making
application, snd at the suns time de-po-i'iog
that sum with the Assistant
J nasuter at New Y. rlf. Upon ncH.ipl,
of the cert.fh'ate of deposit a like sum
will t forwarded at tbe expense ot
tbe hanks making application. In
order tot duct ai equitable distribu
tirn, aa faris possible, applicants w.ll
ohttin tbose no'es in ths order in
ah'.cti deposits are made at thesnt-
treasury at New York until further
i ot ci. No second appl cation
will te granted until tbe sup
ply cf roit s ia adequate to all
demandf. The maximum amount of
these certifli'at-'S that th Treasury ran
furnish daily w.ll not exceed $m,uuu,
snd it is suggisted by the Aoi g
Trtaiurer that it willbe well forba iko
to tscertain thiough the r New rS
rorresoudeoti tue probable line
wben they will rerttivu the (-hipm-nts
of one, in the oidor in which Ur ponta
ara m.Ue
The tial -o nne executed at the
m nts cf the United 8tat s durirg o p-
temher was f 1 070,06 50, of whu h
$i 810 101) vras in saudard silver dol-
Npt-rlal Drllverr -jmttm Emlandrd.
Wasrinoton, October 1. The ex-
ten ion of tha special delivery aiet-m
of ihH Tost (Ure Depar m nt to hi
posto(lics and to all c'a sea of matter
goes into ellect today.
Coin and Ilullloa In Ine Troaanry,
Washikuton. Oc'obT 1. The to al
gold coia and Million in the Tre sir
HptrmWr 30th w s J242 (100,018, as
romta ed with $:34i0,635 on ihe
31et c( thn previou, month. The lift
gold in ths Treasury after deducting
sold ciit'ticttes in the Tr-au'T. cash.
and in circulation September Suth. wa
'irt.wuii, as comiar u wun i;.
732 283 un the 31it of the pravlom
Tha Onlv Circus Givina Exnmmons n new yoik uuy
"I ehnald liki if 1 1al tiornt to vlait your lantic i exhibition onoe a
,le MMou t i"mo i. .o a. .Kb. to ... no one could d; the ""ffiVl
Louisiana Stats Lottery Co.
nil the MmMv and Quar-
eok dutlnj ths
ei nrn
" W do ereby Certify that tot tuptrvit tht
I arranpemenf for nil tht MontMv ana Uuar
trrly Uraioiw of tht Louiniana Mite Lolfry
I iimvnnv ana tn f)ro mnnngw nnc u.nrui
v.. ... i,. Warned In an hour in your teat than In month frnin bnrl; '
VU V. .
"The oiriMH nroentad by Mr Bvnum realle mi.riti Stt preientl-ui title, and 1 of mors
aetuO Tula, an ua etluoatlonai innuuon lor .a. youm ?uw' i nvuvis invv
forlt." ... .
First and Onlf Show to Visit the Souili Witliimt Cuttiag Its PorfwrmnBciH.
Head the Vonchera From R1I-ohI Men and Poul.'a Will Be !
pelUd Like Dew Before the Momlna Nun.
n , i i, nii...j .h.ImaI. Ia .nil AA fpsninnrt Itvur 111 road, from N.W
v-.v ;.? w:MJ..,n. r.U tarn of th. U nnin and London Showi, and has oontra-tod lo re-
tame numb
the Drawing themtrlvrt, and Ifttw tht tamt art
randucttd wild Aon'v. faintrM, and in good
faith loioqid all fiartirt, nnd ut authontt tkt
Litmpunv to une rut. cemncnie. whi. uc-..m..-j
of our tignaturtt attached, m U tuttertut-
The Laks Shore and MiehUan Souihorn K;'r?ir5yPflr otn Freight Ae
d, d.llweriname at CUicano .lAMHS. Asi t. uen. rreiam Ate
Vananialone) a.
ert over Its
Tb.Ml.nourl Pftoifio Railroad tay: "Vet.tlr, we aje to tr.n'port na nt Barnnm e eart
to Kinea' City." A ,lK,lli a. in'iuminiiv.
tw. r-in'p..lfln Railroad ayt: "We are t tike of ynni-eyt out of Kunea? Oity."
A. 8. ST1SUU1.NS, Hon. 'liohet Ag.nt.
. . m.. a :.a.ij ..n M.fflr.)ili UHilrnad (nvj! "Wa are to rooeive from the
MlMonrl PaViS,.. nl F.. t -out!, 0 of B .r.mm'i eare. Oetob-r lt. Jo be trniiporJed by nt to
u 1 .1. .h . .n .ha. to ih Loiinvil I. nd NanhvlMo Hllroa1 on 0tol)er4;h."
" M. L. BEARU ANT, (Jen. freigot Agunt.
TteLonlTll!eand Nnphrille: "Wehaie cmtraot.d to . trnepwt a rjf Bnrpum't eart
M.phle, toiu. .... number -IoILdUSU. FUMA..t"M
CAPITAL, $4 000 000. DAILY EXPENSES, $7C00.
. Larimt ami r.iahat Amntoment Enterprise on the Face of the Globe.
Trinle Clrout CoiuDunT in Three Bia Rmsi. Hum Elevated Rtane for Olympian Garnet.
two Immense-Double Monarerlet of Wild and Trained li.asU.
Mammoth Museum of Livina Hum m Wondert.
Grand Roman Hippodrome With Glorious Kooo".
Doora Opin at ia:30 and 6 p.m. rf foimancea at 1:30 and 7 p.m.
Wm iJ, iMJm(Marf. Ranks and Banktftt
A.7 nil Prim draten in Tht Louitiaha
Statt LotUritt whick may bt prttented at mr
S. H OOLENBT.Prea. Im. Sat'I Hallll.
A. BALDWIH, Pres. N. 0. Kat. BS.
Incorporated In U6Sfor tweoty-fiy yea a
by the Leffielotare for Kdueatlonal ar.o;
fli-ariljihla nnrnnilagwitri a oauital of tl .-
000,000 to which a reserre fund ot OTerJSW ,-
000 baa sine, been itiaua.
By an ovorwtiolE.ms popaiai tow i'i
franoli i wac made a part of the preten t Stute
Constitution, adopted vecemaer aa, a. v.
The only Lottery ever voted on and tndorted
by the peopfe oj any AUile.
It never team or fiwrp.nt.
its Grand Nlusle Nnmber Draw-
Intra lake ulare monthly, and tba
Extraordinary Dmnlnts rranlarljr
every Threti Mouths inatead of aeuil-
annually as heretofore.
October 13, 1SH6 107th Monthly Draw
100,000 Tleheita at PI vo Oollars Eaxilt.
rraetsona, in iiihm, in
JUMBO-' Law at Llfend Qaite aa Natural
The PolUhod-Ivory Boned Articulated JElxET0N
Only Elephant Skeleton on Exhibition Anywhere.
GIA.NTSl"urnilonikl con",o, the B""a,t M.,n aut
Ia Wonderful Performances.
A TiTCl5Th6 ffe''Iont e"1 Di'trened Compan'on of Jambo.
1 Capital vriia..
1 CapiUtl priio...
1 Capitol priie....
S Prises ot 9nlKsi
- 10,000
... 10,01
... 10.01
... 30.IH
... 30,01
. So.U
... afi.ft
aflr.ii jlb. iamr
r-irNl with ftrlet rrffirrt to PiirltT, Rtrnirth nnd
llrallhtulnf, lr. I'rit-i'n niktnc I'owtlor intatr
no AHimontn.I.ttm', KUxtn orl'htitti'hattMk lr. I'rifrai
ksumcU, Vtutilta, Lemon, etc, tUvor dolU'loiuly.
PttfCe BAKING PQWDm CO, CNcav and St LrtZt.
Reopens October 4, 1886.
PUHLS prepared for "Ihe Art Plud.nts'
Le.aue," nl New York, or any other
first class art school they may dosire to enter.
HEarutar, TKBIH.
tl Prir.es of 2UI0
10 Prises or 1000
SW Priies ol M0.....................
100 Prises ot .
800 Prices of IM) .........
SOO Frie.es of 60 ...
1000 Prises of 25 .
Apprtuioiation prises of 87.V)
1 AnnrriVtmartnti .ipi.nA of 5(4) .... 4.50
. I it I Approximation oriae of 259...... H.
' iaaJ- a
Annllnatinn for nlai to fllnbt Should be
made only (o tie offioe of tha Company at
Now Orient's, , ,
For fnrthor Informot.on write rletrly,
fr.ll fssNTAI.KOTHM.Kx.
preat Money Orders, or New York Kxohanae
in ordinary letter. Currenoy by iSxpreM (at
oar expense), adoreeoed
Now Orlosuaa, 1
Or If. A. ItAlTPHIN,
HltalllurlllM I. ai..
or at wen twnri uempaiii
Xab P. 0. MoncT Orders pajabU
antl anurias KepiKleretl Lett emtio
metm 4,rSfini. a.a.
f iirsess'siri
f W 1 To 6 Ii.TB.X 1
OaaruiMe m ,
tl.i MUeBlrWara
K.J Urtooljby ths
W mrrttatlr
atvUaitbebtit ranetl1
Kowb to mb to Gtmanha
febU,aVBlil. Wtf CAM
ksMgiTBU ttftteiBCtkah
HutUoa. N. Y,
Bold hf Drueftstv
rib fi.oe,
Myriad! of Intensely Interostina and Startlina Features Collected at an Enormout E tpente
Trained Horsts, Doits, PUs. Ponies, Lions, Tiaors. Panthers, Bsars, Ilyonas, Leo, ardt,
Camels, lvlophant', Monkeys, Birds, and Even Reptiles.
100 Startling Acta and Furlout Races.
'M Phenomenal and Daring Artists.
11 Actl Uoinc Oa at the game Time.
1000 lew Featuros and WonJertal Attractions.
ConUining Over a Mile of llitli Objeota and Rare Fo itures, will Leae the Grounds a
8 Orlor.ll a.m.
nar-Hre'l'i" '.hall 9m ft. at It Tf ill Prove a Rerslatlon, and GWe ThoieWno Can
not Afford I i IV r a t irsr P:ct fcullikitioa of Anlmala and Costly OU.ott Toan Is ConUine
in the Tonltf fiwr lii-l urShou.
l.rHlVi'xU"M itriflU DIM of Wild Anlmsls. wit't a Keorer In iWi. A Ilord ol
Klei hanU. AnU.ls in Leh. Camel, and Elophants Usrn.ss.d to Chariots. A Dos.a
Kindt of Music, inclu ling Fu l Military B.nds, and Myriadt ot Rare Features. Route as
Follows: Leave Grounds at 8 a.m. ! down Boalo Street to Second St:oet, to Concord Street,
to Main f troot, to Vance Street, to show grounds.
a-Admiaoliin to Everything 75 ot, ChlMrea tod.r 5li, nt.
For the aeeommodation of those wishing to avoid the crowds at the wagon, an o.iloe hat
been established at N. Willi'- Book htoro. H79 M.ln Ntr.t.
numbered tickoH.n be boa.ht at the regular prioe. and admission tickets at tha waal
slight advanoti oa the morning of the tkow.
No. 238 Main Street.
THB course of studs-is extended, tboronch
and praotioal, alfordina eaierior fseili-
ties for obtaining a sound business education.
For Catalogue call at the saboolroom or
address T. A. LKlHilN. Principal.
DRAWING, Painting and Wood Curving
taught by tV'e methods of the oelebrated
Cincinnxti bohool ol uesign. nrsisucrens
fullv lntonced here by Miss Carrie Des
Innde Dobyns, Principal School of Art, tho
Iligbee Sehool.
Mind for Sprrinf C'lri-nl.r for Art
PE1ER8BT1 HQ, VA. The Twenty-second
Inniiul lnRKinn nf this Rchool for Bova
begins the first Monday in Ootober. Thor
ough prepnrations for Univeisity of Vir-
eima, lexuing engineering oonoois anu
VJnited rjtatet Military and Naval Acade
mies; biahly reoommendrd by Faoulty of
University ot Virginiai lul staff of Instroet
ors; situation healthful. Early application
advised, a" number of bomde-a ia etriotl
limitoa. ror catalogue aunres
w. OHDON McCAliK. Head Master.
Carl M.Dorster
Leipzig Conservatory,
on the first of September. Voice Training
and Vooaliiation a si eoialtn'
Apply at K. Wiuuiann A Co. 'a, feoond
atreet. or O. K. Honck. Main street.
Georgetown College, D. C.
Fonxrted 17HH.
fiCI(OOI. open September 9, 18MA. Apply
to President o the Co:lege. ...
THE ws IIOOl. NsvDICIE npena
Sept. 20, 18Sii. Apply to Prol. J. W. H.
Lovejoy, M.D.. 00 12th ttreet, . W.,
Wanhing'oo. 1). C. .
TH K 8 .llwOL, F LAW opens on the
First Vedesday in October. Apply to
Kami. M. Yaman, Pee'y. oorner 6ih and
If. streets, N. W Wa-hington. D. C.
JAiwES A. DOONAN, B. J., Pret t.
l.EwK,31filh St.. Washington, D. C,
opens October 15th. Provd-a a irnetieally
useful business education. Trms : Li'e schol
arship. '0 Bnardinr, stationery, etc..
tw-lve weeks' enurse, 15. For uiroular (tree)
address Martyn's Comm. rel.l College.
TruBtce'M Siile.
rV virtu, n? tha In-nlS of a dee I Ot trUS
D ex culo i and delivered to ine a truHee
by W. H . folk and r. 1.'IK, to s ouroin
mrtah niiTina. h.r. n nierLiuiiQU. rocir eu i
ChHttel Bo .k No M. page tOO, of the IWis
tor's offi.-e of She by co'in'v, I will sell at
public ouiciy fo ca h. to the hUhevt and
best uianer, en ine preuiiee, w". rou.
street. Memphis, Tonn., o mmencing at 10
o'clock a.m.,
On Tneadny, Oo'ober 5, 1SS6,
all f te iwrsotial pro: erty locsted therein,
being the entire outfit ot 'he boarding house
of the said M. w VoK ana u. r. roia.
Said property is subject to inspection of pet
sons dis rinc to pnrohese from snd alier this
date. T. R. WAKING, Trustee.
A. M. STonnsan, Auctionetr.
School of Drawing and
4S N. Coart t. O. W. Dalr, Prln.
PROF. DALE, agrsddateof the Rational
(tobool of Kli-oution and Ortory, Phila
delphia, Pa .will receive a limi'ed . umberof
pupils in Osyoi a-id Pst-I l)mwingnd Elo
cution, srbunl Opmx Octobeir IU. Terma
Ressonr-ble. Pablie Readings a Hpeotalty.
The Higbee Schoel
Education of Young Ladies
Beale. Lauderdale and Jescamine fctt.,
Iocorporated wtili 4'i!lc(lnte Prlv
11 .
Sliei lfT's Hale of Groceries, Liquors,
BY virtue of an order of sale to me direct
ed, fnrn the honorable I'haneorv Court
of Shelby county, in oanse Bo 6295, Theo
dore Ked vs ti. Duntie et al., I will.
On ftalnrdny, October , ISS6.
within legsl hours, sell to the hi(hcs bid
ders, for cnh. the stek of Oroeeries. Winea,
'. Minors. Fixtures, etc., of K. llunlie A Co..
et N. 40 Md son atreot. Said st ok con
sists of fresh Impoited faoov g, oes. Bids,
UnwA.A. H..I1 V.n ....;i..l vilhin 1 h tnfl ll.VS
forth entire stock and fixtures, to b sub
mit cd to the Coui t for approval or retortion.
Psrties desiring to make bids will hsv. ac
cess to the i fork by applying to me, or T. b.
Mallnry. IVputy hheriff.
This theStth day of September. If Sit.
W. D. CAN N. Sheriff.
W. W. Ocndwln. L. It. E. Lehman. H. F.
Dix, Myers !Ai Sneed, Miller A Uilbam at
al., Attorneys for Complainants.
Fall Tei m Opens Monday. Sept. 20,
garThoroneh FnKllsh and Classic! Course.
Mwlorn Lungunges hv Foreign fcacheri.
Book-koeping, Si orthaad and lypa-
"beboo Is0" Art, Muslo and Eloeution noted,
foreiceiitionl udvuntaues.
Special student, received In every depart-
"new and elegant bnitding will be err ete4
daring the summer and tell, wherein will bo
lurnt.hed a spumous study halt, largo pri
mary school-moms, el ase-roem, , laboratory,
lihrnry, gymnasium and art gal lery, which,
with the elegunt man-ion us. d lor boarding
pupils end the wooded pleasure grounds,
will form one nt the molt complete tcaoel
foundations in the South.
Ci.talovno ready August 4th.
Knr Information address
MI&5 JESSY M- lilUBFE. Principal.
Ve phis. Te- n.
I1F.UC4AI. ; Attn'. ENT
Tulano UniTersity of Louisiana.
IFormerly, 1M7-1RS4, the University of
ITS advantages lor practical Instruction ia.
disenseaot the Southwert are unrivaled,
as the law secures it superabundant materi
als from tho great Charity Hospital with lU
7ti0 bed., and 3I.0M) patients annually, oia-
...ii t.vai nn hn.n lal.faM ta uav and STO-
eial instruction it dally given at the bedside
ol the t'ok. as tn ao other Institution. For
oatalorue or Inf rmation, atidreea
Prol. S. E. CHAlLLP, M. D. Dean,
7. 0. Drawer Ml. flaw Orloast, La

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