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SCJiDAY, t t OCT. 8, 1880.
ROBERT L. TAYLOR, of Washington.
JAMES PHELAN, of Sholby.
R. A. on HIM.
Tbe Bulgarians hive Usually been
considered an apathetic race, too much,
like, tbe Turkr, inclined to cry Kitmet
and remain ptBilve. Alexander must
hate bad power about him, for be evi
dently "woke them up" from llreir in
difference. They answer tbe bull inn
Czar's brutal repre if ntati ve,Kaulbre'a
arrogant demand', wilb a manlinwa
that ia admirable. The pro-pie, in tbe'r
wot't;Dg, nud the Minister at their
duties, alike let tbe Czar know that
miKbty ab he !?, they will neither b
elavos to 11' power cor puppets to bia
will. And, apparently, tfitir manful
attitude, the abtenue of all abjeitneu',
the evorn to dus'.end to servility, lira
shown Kma'a tint it bra firmer mtUl
to deal with than it counted upon, fur
the arrogant Koulbara linn received a
bint that be was g ing beyond (he
linos cf round policy. It is fleas'ioii
to see the Hungarians, the con d try
men of the preat Kossuth who them
selves have felt so bitterly the pressure
ol the heel of tyranny come so frank
ly and earnestly forward In behalf of
Bulgaria, llus'la will yet have to lrarn
that tbe nineteenth century has laiaod
a Bi'irit in men's bosoms that even all
its power cannot allay. .
List Sunday thousands of hearts
were beating with fear lost before tbe
present duy of rest arrived they
should be the vie ima of convulsion
such ai man has novor yet known.
Today everything is parking as usual,
oo catastrophe has occurred, the b!ue
sky and tbe smile of boaveu are still
over u. Fears are bauiaheci, but
ought not they who have been the vic
tims of a foolish man, having little in
formation and, less judgment, to take
themselves to fault fo-1lielr nharn of
the fully? If dupes bad cot 'swal
lowed Wlgglus's story what would hit
saying there would be an earthquake
mount to? Any human ass can pre
dict a catastrophe, but bis bat-so
would go for nothing unless gullible
m'nds gv importance to what was
tbe babbling of more half knowledge.
The value of quack pills and mixtures
lie not in the packages containing
them, bnt in tbe money eensolesi
credulity pays for them. So all
the weight (here was in Wig
gina's say-so lay in tbe gullibility
of the silly fishes who opened wide
their mouths to swallow bis Immense
fa'sebood. Will the swallowers re
frain from bolting bait, and creed
book aiid all, the next gigantic fabri
cator that oemts along oflttrs for their
consumption? We Bay don't do it
again. There wera men of education
and men of sconce aeeuriug readers
in the newspapers that Wigging's as
sertions were fa'se, yet these men of
cultivation and knowledge were met
with unbuHi f.tind the Chatter of a char
latan ilka Wiggins was received as
it wb sacred as oradei from the holy
bhrjkinali. Thosa who followed, like
the condemned ones of Israel, the
false prophet, and diabtlieved the true
ones, thould take care in tbe future
don't do it attain. Gocd Christians re
paid God as inll iitely wUe and good.
DiJthetoitof religious fright exhib
ited at many of the roliglous meeting
last week show trust in these
attributes? Tbe child threatened
with dinger ceases its cries and for
gi ts te'ror when its father takes it iu
his arms, and its mother gives the gen
tle woid ai.d the tender kiss. I) d the
, frantic (creamtra and the frerried
etiets out of lnf t week show that child
like confidence? "Perfect lovo cast
etb ont fear." Last week's history
shows there is a Bad coming short of
perfection. There is too much super
stition remaining In this nlnottoath
century, where tbeie should bs true
religion, and t)o much ignorance ol
natural fads all ought to be acquaint
ed with. Well ! superstition and lg
t(,r.'nce have given their devotees a
a'rtrig lciion tb's lnrt week. They
bad tetter open their eyes ard exer
cise lluir minds, and so escape such
irnpisitioim in the future. Don't do it
We have met Ueroniir.o and be ia
on re, a:id we hava b'gun to settle
Indians upon lands that ire held
individually ts Ihe whitos l.o'd thii
land'. We have, therefore, reaton to
exptct a great reduction ef our acoue
toined l .di. n troubles ; but our Cana
dian neighbors, on the contrary, ard
experiencing troubles from the red
men tiny were f.rmerly frea from,
They have rt cent' put dowu tbe ria
ing of th'J I o If breed Indiaus under
Kiel, hu. iu the same Northwest conn
try Suskctchewan new trouble has
arlH'n. In conaeqmnce of a quirrel
with the Gros Ventre Indians, the
Blood Indians are wasting a large
s'rftch of country. Over a hundred
whito settlers have already been re
ported kllltd, aid a vast auiouct of
prop'ftr desioyfd. The two true
have Lad a fight; tbe Bloods were tli
victor, and are conreqntntly more
arrorant and atrgreasive than ever, and
they hve a ways been a fierce, un
managalle tribe, and have given the
Dominica Government much nneasi
ntss. The outbreak is the more for
midable as the country is wild and
withont protection, and on tbe
very verge of winter there is very little
chance of sending out an expedition
to protect the scattered settlers, whose
situation, their wives and little ones
exposed to Indian cruelty, ts d (.truss
ing to the last degree. Tbe Canadian
P iSo railroad may alao be in dargar.
The Canadian Indiana, as cur Iadiaus
have done, find themselves crowded
in by the whites. They thiik tbey
have now reached the lest ditch, and
are dispera'e accordingly. The mis
sionaries bave found dire nfent
na'urally arising. Aa the Indians ara
driven further bick, they bave grown
morose and If ss acceseiule to persua
sion. They feir that tbey are doomed
to extinction, a feeling (hat makes
them recklesr. What hrrrid barbari
ties may bs perpetrated before an ex
pedition can be cent cut in tbe spring,
who can loll? The white policy
toward tbe Indians has always been
of a temporary, make shift character.
There hat been no wide, far seeing
system provided for a state ot tbings
that baa now arrived, by making pro
vision far the civilization of the In
dians, with tt err own rights, property,
and pemonal proied'on from the law.
The consequence of neglecting wise
aud timely measures is low, unfor.u
nctely, but too apparent.
Tbe l.nl Ir. Jrvlo Keller.
The Ari'iAL hai already announce j
the duah of this brilliant yonog nun ;
hu' nt the request of those nearly al
lied wi(h the h ceased we give addi
tional partlcu'a'S ai to his death and
nnr further es'linate of his tharacter.
The deathbed rceni, whinli occurred
at Hot Springs, Ark , on Tuesday last,
has been repoit'd to us as a whole
drama of pathos The deceased was
veiling, bandsomn and accomplished.
God gave him a onasMve intellect, and
bnteath bis ample brow lay a capa
cious brain comprehensive in grasp
and which did much mighty thinking
His language wan ornate, his style
terse and bsautiful, and in convoca
tion be was voluble and in
tow tin ir. He wns one of those
ex'raordinary cre4iors who leap in.o
manhood without ti e prol alien of
youth, for be was eminent in
bis profession by the time be
reached his majority. No wondi-r
bis father, Dr. James M. Keller,
and bis mother, Mrs. Kally Ptilllips
Keller, made him the idol of thiir
Kves, and worshipped bim as a bright
particular star whose radiance was
destined to grow in splendor log af
ter ihev bad crumbled into patlntc
dirt. But, "whom the gods love die
yonrg,"and the tun of Dr. Irvin Keller
went down ere it reached its nom,
but it sunk axid the prophetic
splendors of an eternal dawn.
Nevor ws there a death scene more
nathetio thnm his. Mo man ever
had greater inducements to live; but
y mug as be was he was a philosopher,
and he met the luta whii h his knowl
edge as a phyeiciiin to'd bim was in
exorable with the courage of a hern.
He summoned the family and bis
friends to his bedside, aud (aid (o Dr.
Ueotor : "I am about to pay that debt
which we all mast pty sooner or later,
but I eball do so ika a man;" and
doa'b In all bis triumphs never
mocked at a scene to pathetic,
eo rgonlalng in its heartbreak.
Farewe I. noble Irvin. We know you
In infancy. In childhood, in boyhood
and manhood. Your life wus a poem,
a perfect star, ai.d tbe loyal hearts
that loved you are bleeding, but they
11 evor be harps tunea to
the sweet me'ody of remem
brance. Death has cut short your
career. xou hava lelt untin
lshed the beautiful pyramid you
were building to yonr fame, but like
the lightning which leaves more pic
turesque the shattered thur, death
has not destroyed the eymuutry and
br ghtneas of your life. Heaven gave
vou everything out tim to accomp
lish a great uiisdon. You "U'shed,
the met1-or of an hour," and the rinrk
ners your death hascna'ed tells of ibe
brlliianci of the light that has forever
gone out. Whiledropping tia-s ever
yjur R'ave, the syrmatbiei of yonr
loving (Hen 's will be lavished upon
the fattier and mother you loved
more than all the world beside. With
CHUtious and reverent hands your
friends will lift the veil of thtt stricken
sanctuary. The whole South sympa
thies with the I ither and wile whise
gnlah love lighted op with joy hi
early borne, aud is tbe mother of one
of the mo it talented sons that ever
lived so beautifully and died si sadly.
Atlhtt IIolTinaa lion. New York
Proiuiarnt Hea l'rtnl.
New Yobc, October 2. The com
mittee cn the Irhh Purliementary
Fumhgave a' banquet to Justin Mc
Carthy tonight at the Hoffman House.
The bacqii'-t rcom was trimmed with
Irish and American flags, and Irish
harps, compost d of evergeens. Toasts
were responded to by the guests of
the evening, and by the Hon. Thrs
I.. Jaiute, Chuncey M. Depsw, Wm.
Di-rshein ef, Richard O'G jrman.Gov.
Abbett, Wtiittdaw Rwld and others.
rrraenled Wlihaa lllnmlwatcd Ad
drcaa. Naw York, October 2 The mem
beis of the New York Municipal
Council of the Irish Nati nal League
Sreaentej a beautifully illuminated ad
roBS 10 Mr. Juhtln MoOartby tonight.
ButiiMi ricfcina t'p at Vhnrleataa.
Chahi.wtok, 8. C, Oi'tober 2.
Thero huve been no shocks here to
day. At Hummerville lai-t night there
weio bovi ral revsrberations, but no
peiceptiblo earth tromcri. The
weatuer heie tcday is cool and allphtly
cloudy with a Iroeb noitheatirly
brei e. The thermometer at 1 o'clock
registered fit". Everybody ia busy
and bnroueps is picking up every day
The community generally regard the
ditluibai cca at an end.
Mori nary Keporl.
Mortality report for the week end
ing Saturday, October 2, 18So, at 6
o'clock p.m. ;
Nam. 8.x. Color. Cam. Death
lnfj 8ndor.
Juna LnRAiKr.
Cora l'Hiham
Annie Konivl.
Hiiriih Moher...
h Font nine ..
Llllie llolmiin
C Lemon
K M ll(,ey....
Katie ntanlcy
InlJ IStrtnll...
8 Ni-haloli
1) TboiKrn..
John Huiiivaii
Kiiw llilVor....
Harriet lime,
L llrown
A M t'ubert....
ohol. infantum
ooiik brain.
iMintin. fever,
lein ile
hdro eei h.
iiit ilehility.
cot i d
(oiig hert.
dyi nlery.
natural cautea
Distribution by Wards First, 6;
Second, 0; Third, lj Fourth. 0;
Fifth, 3: Sixth, 1; Seventh, 2; Eighth,
4; Ninth, 2: Tenth, 0. City Hospital,
I. Still born, 0. White, 15. Colored,
t. lotat, iv.
The Disease In Canada-Kentucky
and Minnesota Quarantine
Aguliint Illinois.
Wahiinotom, October 2. Commis
sioner Coleman, of the Department of
Agriculture, today received the follow
ing communication from lie Chief In
epector of Stock of CanaJa, touching
the condition of Canadian cattle:
Domain or Caium, Dar'ror Acaicub-)
Toaa, Orrwn or Ishmi.tob or Utuck.
Mumial, bepteinber 30, lftijC.J
The Hon. Norman J. Coleman. Commii-
iioner of Agriculture, Washington, 1. U. I
Bin I notice by newapaptr reports
that tbe qnestiou of pluciug an em
bargo on cattle enuring the United
Hiaies from CaoaJa is being d scutsed.
Kuowiog, as I do, that Canada is en
tirely free from pleuro pneumoLia, or
any other ontagioos disease cf
ctttle, and that everything thbt
was capable cf carrying tbe
disease from contact with in
fected animals in qua-aotine bas
been destroyed by burning, inciudirg
ttie catile, sheds, tenets, feed, ciothiug
and bgs, as well as manure, to
trace of the disease tau possibly bave
escaped ou:s:de, and since it j chsc jv
ery no animals bate betn permitted
t j leave ths quarantine, u.r will they
bs eo long as there ia tne li atp sji
b!e danger. I am glad to learn from
Dr. fca'uioii that he intends vUiiiog
thequa.aatine with me on the 10. h oi
Ootobor, when I wilt give him every
oopor. unity of judging of our system.
In Ibis connection, may I suggest
that it might ta isfy tlie tattle nun of
the United Slates if you were to send
aquaiilied ve eriuaiiin to remain at
(Quebec cattle quarantine permauently
or lor eome months, to wtiom we
would give every la'ility for knowing
tbe condition of liet.lt a of animal iu
quarantine and in toe Dominion gen
oially, as much so ai if he were one of
our own inspector?.
Humbly tuountting the above sug
gestion for your consideration, I have
the honor to be, sir, your obedient
aervatit, '
D. M. MoEACURAN, Chief Iniector.
Quarantine Avalti.t Illinoi.
Louihvills, Kv., Oct.ber 2. In
consequence of the outbreak of plenrc
pneumonia in the lare st ick yards at
C Li. ago, the StBte toard of Health
bas issued the following prou amatiou :
Bowliku Qaaix, Kt., October 2, 1836.
Wiibhba, This Boaid has received
information thut contagious pleuro
pneumonia now exists Kirnng the cat
tle of the Sta'e ot I liuoi", and that
there Is couit nt danger of tbe impor
tation cf this disease into th s
Stale from that Stat); now, therefore,
be it known, that the Mate B mid of
Heaith of Kentucky in tbe ex-rcisa
of the authority couferred npon it by
hiw, hereby issues its proclamation of
quarantine against the Slate of Illi
nois, and warns and prohibits any and
allptranns, corporations and compa
nies sgainbt bringing any cattle of tbe
bovine species mio this Scate from
the above named Ht-.te except in ac
cordance with the fol'owlog rules and
First. A That the owner cr ship
per of catt'e from the above named
State shall, before importing into Ibis
Stats any cattle for any purpi ss what
ever, forward to the secictary of the
St ite Boa d of Health, at B iwiing
Green, the following evidences that
such cittle are free from dUeise and
receive fiotn him a permit for ship
ment, A certificate i f health, s'gni d
by the Stats Vetaiiuarian of th. t State,
or by a veterinaiy idsoector of ihe
United StV.es Bateau of Animal In
dustry. B AfUdavit of two disinterested
citizen that tbey bave known tbe cat
tle in ques ion fur a peiio.1 of three
monihs piior to Ihe date of shipment;
that they nave been bealtny and ex
posed to no contnf ionB dieease, and
that no cont'gous disease is
known or believed to exist in
the counties f. om which they camp.
0 AlUJavit cf the owrer th t his
cattle are the Identical cat'le described
in the foregoing affidavits and certiQ
cites, and that, such cattle will be kept
aprrt t orn all other cattie for a period
of ninety days afttrreaclilrg their des
tination. D Ceitiflcete cf tbe County Clerk
of said count? or other corresponding
otlicia. that the parties making such
afli lavits are responsible citizens cf
Bifh county.
oecond. Ho railway company doing
bnMness in this S ate shall re reive f r
shipment into the S'ale any cattle
Irjiu tbe above named S'ate nnlofs ac
com) allied by the af ores id permit.
By onlor f the b rd.
H. Mi CuaaAi K, M. D., Praeideat.
Heoret irr.
HlnneaotA )iiHranlad Agfilnat
St. Paul, Minm., October 2. Gov.
Hubbard bas i'sued a proclamation
cstabliehiog a quarantine against Illi
nois cattle during tbe continuance of
the epidemic in that Srate.
Openlaar Addrraa by Ir. Hair
Tamarrow I'acnltj.
The Memphis Hospital Medical Col
lege hegina its scsoion tomc rrow with
tbe most fbt'ering pre speits. The in
dicttions are that the a'tendmee will
be larger than ever before. The open
ing address will be delivered at 11
o'clock a.m. by Dr. R. B. Maury. The
new facuby is a f illows:
F. L. Sun, H D., professor cf prac
tice of medicine.
A. G. Siida r, M.D , professor of
ophthnlni'iloiiv and otidogy.
E M. Willef, M.D., professor of
clinical medicine aud d siaes of the
chfHt. .
W. B. Rogers, M D., prifessor of
surgery aud anutumy, and dean if the
facu ty.
A. trakine, M.D , pioffS'or of ob
sietrics and disese of cl.ildrtn, and
secretary of the faculty.
R. B. Maury, M.D, trof-sjor of
dineares ol women.
T.J. Orcffurd, M D., professor of
B. G. Herring, M.D., prifessor of
malma meJica end thtrapeutits.
A. M. Wes', .M.D., protestor of
chemiHtry, trxicnlouv and hvsieno.
S. A. Rogers, M.U., demonstrator of
Eienrelon Ralea far the Travcilvra'
lnbu urral Local Notes.
All the ia hotels leadins into
Memphis have mr.-e l to s ll tickets
at one tare f r the round trio on ihe
7th instant, when the Memphis Trav
elers' Cub will have a graad reception
aud a banquet at nigh'.
All of the railroads bave given re
doced rates to the Ab rdeen air,
which promises to be tne b st ever
given there. A great deal of inttreet
ia taken in it. rmre and all over North
Mississippi and Alabama. .
General- Passenger Agent J. .
Lockwood, of tbe Kanets City, Fort
Scott and Gulf, announces that, com
mencing October 1st, a line of first
class coaches will be formed, wh eb
will be run d ily, b.tween Kansas City
and Bristol, It-no., via Chattanooga
and KnoxviMe. Leaving Kansas City
at 6:45 o'clock n m., the trein reaches
Memphis at 10:40 o'clock p.m. the
next night, Chattanooga on theMlow
ing noon and Bristol tt 8:50 o'clock
The Huo'Rville, Ala, fair and
races begin October 12th, ar d contin
ues five days Tbo management an
nounces tba. there will be a magnifi
cent display of farm, garden, c'airy and
field product', big show in tbe art,
floral, nvchaniial and n iacellaneoos
halls, music by good band?, extensive
exhibition of fet'er doge, pointer dogs
and fox bound', fine taddle horses,
fine harness borsee, line draft horaes,
fine jacks and mu e., and exciting
BiwT UAB.NU.tf.
-iiik kixu or ll;mfBlu,
iksiliinu Ltrrtn.
HlaMcnrril n Poatnlatlon In Full
How He Ahlinra l.mocrry aud
Halt a tlie Nulld Mouth.
The fol'ow'nh is a copy t f the lettt r
which war riit n, wiih. u? solic tt
tion, by P. T. Bnrnura, tbe humbu -girgehowmi-n
ami furnifh d to the
Associated I'r s?, bir whicu it was
printed in all (he leading joornnla of
ihe North, Kai aud Wes', wiih a view
to defeit Mr. Cleveland for the Pr.si
de'xy. It oec3sio;i''d a great denl of c.om
m -nt at the ima and aroused a great
deal of hard feeling Jnd justly, tor.
It i-i piir.t d withiut commenr. It
speaks fo' lbclf and .8 u Bamp'e of
pure, unfduli'ratei bigotry which
Southerueis wil not or cannot swal
low. Tbe Ba'nmn Show a part of it
(the gre a'er pnrt is in the North), i
now South, and the men r-f the South
h ive a cl.ani'H t show Mr. Barnum
that they Btill have hearts, sculs end
' "Briilgepirt, Cono., November 2, 1684.
"Editorlof Tribune, New York :
"I own a'out 200 dwelling houses,
several coMly pub ic builoins?, and
consio'erable leal estate in this floor
ishinn manufairturing city. I pledge
myself ti cell all I poesess here for
one-quarter lets than its present ac
knowledged value if the Democrats
elect the President. Every taxpayer
and every wo kii gman and womao
will find buiniss permanently palsied
if the .South 'gets into tbe saddle.'
It will estahiiah free trade, get pay for
its slaves. -r d obtain pensions for all
rebel s Vdiers. .
(Sisned.) P.T.PARKUM.'
New Hempbla TbeaSar.
The attraction the present week at
the Theati-r will be tbe little comedi
enne Liza e Evanr, who will appear
all the week, if eluding Saturday ma
tinee. She will open tomorrow (Mon
day) night in her comady, Sea Sandt,
wtiioh has ncelved very favorable no
tees frunj' the preen of other cities
The play wi 1 be produced With spe
cial ecenery aud all un cianiual ( ffeet",
the set for the I ghthouee scene being
particularly (in?. Incidenial to tbe
play Miss Kvaua and her comedian,
Steve Oo'ey, will introduce a spirited
medley fmra the Mikado, the mueic
and dancing being a decided feature
of the piece. Miss Evanj his been
tuccrsstully btanirg for the paet three
season'. Sue is very petite and pretty,
with a b ight, expressive face and
graceful figure. She , sings prettily,
(a-ces eice hntly, and altogether is
quite plei-aing. The. repertoire for the
week will hi as follows: Monday,
Tuesday nnd St'urday matinee, Sea
Sandi; Atdn" day and Thu slay,
Fogg' Fern; Fiiday and Saturday,
The Uulpril 'Hip.
Barnum'a Big; ( Irena.
Tbe Barnum-London United Shows
will make us tiret tour through the
South, commencing with this city.
The Kg'e.atiou will a rive tumor ro
mon.iuK in four sections, corsis'iog cf
fifty-two tare, and will bring a com
plete outfit, the sime as has tifeii ex
hibited iu tbe largest cities of the East
and West.
President Hidden bas detailed a
mounted pol.ee force to precede
U e g and s n et pageant. His Honor
has alto aa lgoed ten oflijcrs to act in
cn junction wi h the Pinkerton force
employed by the mauagers of tbe
bIiow. The parade will proceed
through the principal thoroughfare,
lav ng the show grounds at 9 o'clock.
Toe tents will be pitched upon the
Toboggan greunds and all the neigh
boring lote. As it r quires from ten to
twelve acres of land for the Barnum
and London shows to exhib t, this h ca
tion has teen selected as the most ad
var Ugeou-r. Regarding tbe perform
ance, the o lowing from the Topeka
Journal will b lead with intere t:
P. T. Barnum's Great London Cir
cusfS arrived Sur.dy and theel ildien
and rmaU boys and grown people, too,
are happy. This aircus is certainly
the largtt that has visited Topeka for
a long iim. The tents are piiched
between Ninth and Tenth avenues
and between Jt-fiVrson and Adams
The main menagerie tents cccnpy the
block square, whde the inner tents,
contain n the aide shows and hows,
are ecat ertd around on all the availa
ble ffround nhiainable. The me-
nagkrie was even finer than in for
mer ytars, an aggregation ol splendid
rpeci'mer s of hone, tigers, panthets,
leo,vrde. hyena, bears of all deciip
tions, s iced cattle, herds of elf phan s
and camels, sea lions, hippopotamus
rl.irurorn d other iutercstii 8 ani-
mals b 'Imr ehown. They are in exeel-
Icut condition. Jumbos skeleton
and ires rved hid. is et etched ovr
a ainmtnn fr ine. n ade accordins to an
exact likents'of the body of Jumbo
when alive Tne eke'etm looked al
most aa lame as the frame woik of a
g od idzed home, and was timely ar
tini'attid at evprv ioint. Anions' the
nat rral cur iositins to please the little
nuns, are a babe e'euhant. the lion,
leopard a-;d panther whelps, the
lepardf being only two days old.XO
Itnrte'a tiba-w.
Dnria'a Qrent Interocean Circna will
ext tbit bate Uovember th. It has
had a very eccretsful teason in tbe
East, and is Hire to draw a big crowd
here. Among tie ro-ed performers
with the show is James Robinson,
aid he ia rneof many. lh:s show
p.ya a vis t to Memphis nearly every
imr: has en xUnS've menagerie and
excellent all around thow, and ia quite
a favorite hore.
Paf, reliable, 1 a mlees ad cheap
is Dr Bu l'a Coogb Syrup. Wedotot
tannrlA a I Hta wmi 1 1 1 V.
OCTOBER 3, 186
Interest to Brewers Appointed
Pension Agent at Knoxvllle
Other Appointment?.
Waudingtok, October 2 Commis
sioner Miller, of the Internal Rve-
tusiiurein, today decided a Question
ot great interest to brewers. It was in
regard to the conct ur; ion c f beer bar
rels. Section 3342 of tbe B9vhed
Sa-utes provides that tu?h barr,ls
shall be provided with two rprgot
boles, one of which shall be in the
bead and the other in the aide of tbe
barrel. Manufacturers iu Mareacbu
setts and elsewhere have, however, for
a long time be?n making their barrels
with both Bpiffrt holia on tha aide of
tbe b?rrel. This was dor.e for tbe
s.ke of convenience and with no in-
ention to defraud tbe covemmei.t.
The pra t ce bas be?n tolertted by the
sumor.ues as rot prejudic at to pub
lic Interest. 0 her! brewers bave re
cently, however, complained against ic
as a violation ot the law, and the de
partment, alter a thorough invest na
tion, hts decided that i', mu-t be
s tipped. The Mas achusetis brew ere
ma te a formal requtst that the de
partment pcs'poce act on until tbey
s'ia',1 have htd an opportunity to ob
lan Conirretsioral s-nciion to the
pn dice. Comu issioner Miller no':-
tltd fern teat be 1 - It b: und to en
force the law as it sicnde, and he bad
o authority to crar.t their request for
con-ii i r e n(e.
Aioinliiieula by iUfi President.
WeBfliNaroN, Oj cher 2. Th Pr-f-
ident today app ti'i d Fiank P. Ar
buckle 1 1 he r 'a ntor ot the lacd of
fics at Lunar, C 1.: Col. Fra-ik H.
Shrocktobeieciver o! public mjiey.t
at Limar, Col. He also aopoiotid F.
II Uoiwheity cf Texan, i). W. Bushy
head t.f Indian Territory, arrd Malcolm
McEichin of A kmia', to be apprais
ers of t ie ritfht f way of the Gulf.
Co'orado and S nt Fe Railway Com
pany tnrough tee Indian iemtory.
Pennion Aaent at Hnoxvllle.
Vi ashinqton, O. toher 2.- The Presi
dent bos appointed Joseph H. Wegner
to be Pension Agent at Knoxvill",
lenn., vice laylor, ree'gned.
Admiral tortr Very III.
Washington, Oc oher 2 Informa
tion has been received lure that Ad
miral P irter is lying veiy ill et New
lOrt, thu remit of of aca riage accident
at Melford Springs, Mass., ten days
t'liwncerjr Court Ellett, Jn4ge.
OciobMr term cpena on the 4' h in
stant. Oou't meeti at 10 o c'ock dur
ing the pre-ent term. Calendar (or
Monday, October 4th: inos. 227, Uicx-
e.ie vs Dickers; i7, Mttrinty vs
Armour; 1176, Cross vs Brink-
ley; 1413, Luc.innl vs Enrlins: 1404,
Sneibv county vs M. and T. Bjnk;
15r6, Meath vs Ford; lGtio, D xon vs
Phelps; 1091, Cooney vs Carter; 1700,
Shelby county vs Bank of Commerce;
1728, Brccchusva Morgsn; lboa, Dane-h-
wer va Kraim; 2000, Brinkley vs
Cross 2007, So by vs Fe-guster; 2010,
Chester vb Smith ; 2091), Mason vs Ap-
oersi.n; ZiWi, Kussel vs fierndon;
2461, McClelland vs Sigler; 2499,
Miles vs Greenlaw 2320, Let va Shel
by toubty ; 2U2a, Moiris vs Marqutp.
Criminal t ourt-Iobar, Judce.
The fol owing proiretdinus were bad
?'fsteidry : Wm. Allen, for assault and
i t ery, forfei ure on bond; C. B.
hank It-r aod J. ii. D mobue, snreties.
V. A. Boro, Tho.. McGrath and J. T.
We sh wire a quitted of playing base
ball on Sundav. Alonzo Aiken, Ed.
Johnson, Jim Martin, Andrew Hunt
and Lou s Pointer, for larcenv and re
ceiving etolen goods; Geo. Honston,
lor assault and battery, and juouib
Humphrey for apsault and bat ery,
were arraigned end pleaded not guil y.
Geo. Smiley, for larceny, pleaded
guilty and wes given eleven months
and twenty-nine days in the Uounty
Workhouse. The court leaned a writ
of hahecs corpns in If H. Welborn's
c s to be tried next Tuesday.
Calendar lor tomorrow: iNoe. z,
Fizt Wal e: 41 ard 42, Eddie Barker;
, Tohe Kire; 37. Bob Morris; 46,
Loui Hrnri sburt ; 25. 8. lomon Hawk
in J; 26, Samuel Oitnnon.
For October 5th: liar, 1. Snuirs
Morris; 23. John Coleman ; 3, R. D.
Fryse' and Chas. Brbou
. For Uctoberutn: Pios. t, eux iang;
9, Dick Wea hers; 2, B. McCoy.
F.ir Uc'oher 7 h: wm. catu.
For Ocobtr8th: Nos. 54, Alonzo
Aiken: 53. Jim Martin; t2, Louis
P.iuter; 51, Andrew Hunt; 50, Ei
t Irrnlt Conrt-Eatca, Juage.
Non inrv cases specially set for Mon
day, October 4:h: Nos. 6759, A. W.
Raines vs M. L Selden; 8593, Joseph
ine T. Hardin, adm'r. John Cash;
9033, AT. J. Nash vs R. L. Pa"ie!;
91 1, Vempbis .Srir'or vs J. 0. Bell;
9137, Jack Board vs r-olVrd g; 9150,
Taxing D st-lct vs J.U. Uurry; UlOi,
Tax in ir Dirtrict vs J. 0. Gurry; 9152,
Taxing District vs Stephen Dean; 9154,
Txmg District vs ti. uariie;
9155, same vs. J. W. Hudson; 9158,
aamevs John Mergle; 9l59,smi vs.
ii. Morris: Biei.saoie vs. aiiseu eu.
9165, same vs. W. O. Scbwalmeyer;
9166. tame vs. P. Twobig; lb7, Bame
v. John Walsh. The divorce calen
der will he culled for trial Tuesday,
Ojtobar 5, 1886.
Weatern Union.
T lot nf im.tolloarait tnleirrflmn re-
maiairiir at the Wentern Onion Telegraph
Ofliee, New CuUon Kxohange Buildint, cor
ner mamsnn ana peoonu Bi.reei.a. vw
hnun from s to 10:30 e'olock a.m.. and froia
6 to 9 cm. i
Menken A Co, TBIlaynei.
11 nUlll, " o limn ul v.w,
J J K Kera, PamBaumACo,
F W Royaler, A Zuii kor,
J 8 Drake A Co, eo Cottier,
Inaao Bull, Ferd,
eiiin Annie KoborU, penuiB,
Felix Kahin, F W llrode A Co,
Alio 1' Field, Mra T H CludeeUr,
Oeo KEorman, J 8 B A Co,
J M Kennard. Watts A Bros,
Cat.t 8 T Carnea, JaeoO beaiel,
11 lj toh'oj A Cn C VV Hover,
B L, .wenmein A Uro, Morn; V amer,
V P Uti-hinon. Walt Ballard,
Mra M U Smiih, Mra Anne Roberta,
11 Mills, Coleman A Creble,
Roa Morgan, l'ratt Oin Comi'any,
A J Knai.p, O C Sawtell,
Chin (Stow, bmiley, Binirh A Co,
Krb A Co, rVri Louia Bowlea,
B Lowenfletn A Bro, VVm co,
K W Willey, C h Brd A Co,
Mr- F Sinter, N M Jonea.
OW Fruiter, Oilhert Ralne,
Pea'iodv Home, Mr P 1) Jordun,
tieo O Walton, Jno ti tuttle,
Liverroore F AI, Uo',I C, '
L biinpfon, C L Byrd.
IUaebKll Yeaterday.
Ciniinnarl, 13; Ath'e ics. l.
Bostm, 9; Kan as City, 1.
Det oit, 6; New Yc rk, 5.
Chicago, 5; AVah naton, 4.
f t Louis Browns.5; MetropoilUnB,2.
Louisville, 7; Baltimore, 3.
Brooklyn 6; Pittsburg, 4.
Philadelphia ; StsLoo a Maroons,!.
Sorgtium 3Cills,
291 Front Street. Opposite fjnwiom llowwe.
JXTew Firm.
Xo, 3S1 Second fstrect Meiupliirs 5'eun.
arFlue Htoo l..-s wrBtyllah Turnout.-w
Gr ocers & Cotton Factors,
No. 30a Main Street. Gayooo Block.
Woods Swoope,
Buggies, Wagons and Harness,
Steam EngineH, Hatlilnery of All HeserlptiouN,
SLEDGE BKOSof Come, Miss.
Mob. 3B and 358 Front Street Memphis Tem.
Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
And Dealers In Levee and Railroad Supplies,
No. 274 Front Street- - Memphis. Tennessee.
Thursday, Oct. 7th
A. F.Davis, Painter
No. 31 Second.south of Union.
And Country Metro Ituuranea Given
. Nprclal it-ntlofcy
Room I, Cotton Kxohange Building.
t'ftpliM Keitrenentedt llu.OOO.OOO.
-Invitti Correnpendenee and Interview.
Secirity Bank of Memphis
Beem. to be doing rood bnslnessat No.4a
Mn.iiNiin nirtet. It does a general Rank
ing, Hale Deposit, Trunt and Nttvlnux itHtila
buainess. Iu ol&eors and t'eard of Uirecters,
whose names appear in another column,, are
second to none In this section in point of
business and tlnanoial standing.
To Rotl t'btate Owners and Aypntg.
LJAKTIK-) having sidewalks to pat down
i will find it to their Interest to apply to
W. It. LOl'KKY, Madison, or shop, m
Seeond. Contractor fur Blewart'i (iraon
ithio Pavamenta.
Otto SclnviMCo.'s
Removed to 308 Front St,
Between Monroe and Madison, Nearly
Opposite PoitoBoe.
F. M. NOBFUEET, Besideat Partaer,
Special Notice to Shippers.
Mmiuirrr ahd TuNNnaaai Riii-noin Co.,)
Memphis. tSeptamber 'A, lfcUH. i
TBE completion of the Ymoo and Miaaii
aippi Vklley K.R., Imm Jaekeon. Mies.,
to Orpvnod, Miai , OPKNti UP AN ALL
RAIL LINE, without break of bulk or trans
fer of freight, to following named poinU:
Taioo t'lly, Eiln, Ii. Lofcr, tJood
Hope Gin, SlilrdVlUr, Shnchlf lord,
Tcliula. K-lrB,Cru(fr,SllD,KI(lB
Han, Grfeaweod,
Shipments to landings near thane points
should be made to nearest station named
above. Your business is respectfully so
licitedover the M. and T. Road, as freight
reaohes its destination the followiar day of
delivery at our depot. A. J. KN APP,
General freight Agent.
J. F. IIOLST & BttO.
(bucckssobs to a. a. holbt a bbo.
Funeral Directors,
Wi KTi-rffOli aiT 1MPMPIIIS.
nvi www wmaKivii .
AruLL ana oerapieie soc m oi oou u .
M.talho Oases and Caskets, Oloth-Cor- I
ered Caskets aod Unrlal Robes always on .
band, snruraers ot teieervpa ivrouiMNr
Koch's Pat, Store
SHELVING is adjustable te Beet any need
er business. Hiioni''iwM,i',
be put up b any one. l.einlHl fbi
Pautry issmI Hook, hneivee. . Address
KOC;iI A. II. CO., Mtm
841 MAIN ST., PKOBIA, ILL., or, '
Wlwimoww Hardwarsfe.,St. Lonis.Mo.
Kloctloii Notice.
THE stockholders of the Canonic Temple
are herehy notified that the annual elec
tion lor a President and five Directors will
he held in the lomnlo building, on MUK
DAY, OCTOBER 4, lhefl, between the boura
of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
II v. ha ukn. f res uen.
uisouifliiun ui rariuci aiiii.
THE partnership heretofore eilstlng be-twi-en
John Calhooe and B. II. Binlord.
under tbe firm name ol uainooo tD.i i
this day by laetaal nonsont dissolved. B.
H. Binlord having puronascd the interest or
John iralboon will continue the business ai
hen tcfore. under the firm narae (jt M.U.
p. u. imrvivi.
C. B. BRYAN & CO.,
A LL reasons H.sirus of seeurinc rro
Xi una K-lifil(- inraaee, ww.
eat Hnl,, on rilN HoUbKrj, can be so
oommvdoted by aoplyiag to the
Hanters Fire and Marin 3
AI H imaiaea ht., njnpbl, X '-

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